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What are the biggest wasteful buys that you "probably" don't need? Kevin Brasler, Chicago Consumers' Checkbook's executive editor, broke it all down WGN Morning News Tuesday.

First on the list --air-duct cleaning. Brasler admits that air-duct cleaning is actually unnecessary unless you have a more serious problem, like mold.

"It's nonsense. The little independent research that has been done on air-duct cleaning shows that actually stirring up that dust can worsen your home," he said. "Most of us just don't need to do it."

Amazon Prime, dry-cleaning, and fitness trackers were also a part of the tally. According to Brasler, most people pay for Amazon Prime for the free 2-day shipping benefit. However, since anything over $25 qualifies for free 2-day shipping, the annual $99 membership cost might not be worth spending.

Dry-cleaning is equally as wasteful. Unless your clothing specifies "dry-clean only," other garments can likely be hand-washed or machine-washed, he said.

As for fitness trackers, Brassler recommends just using your smartphone, as the two devices often do the same exact thing.

"I found that when I'm hiking, my iPhone does just as good a job as any other fitness tracker in terms of keeping track of miles," said Brasler.

The next one might be a shocker... it certainly was for WGN's Robin Baumgarten! According to Brasler, certain medical tests and procedures are actually unneeded.

"Not all of them, but experts are finding that about 30 percent of the medical tests and procedures that we buy these days are wasteful," he said. "There's actually a fairly new initiative called 'Choosing Wisely...they're trying to educate people about how you know a lot of these tests are just unnecessary."

To check out Brasler's "50 Things You (Probably) Shouldnt Pay For," go to theChicago Consumers' Checkbook website!

See the article here:
5 things you (probably) shouldn't pay money for - WGN-TV

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