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    Commerical Flooring And Carpet Installation Sydney … - March 16, 2019 by admin

    Welcome to Inline Floors, an established commercial flooring and carpet installation company based in Sydney. Since our inception in 2003, we have worked hard to build an enviable reputation second to none, and have continued to surpass our clients expectations not just simply meet them. With years of combined industry experience, we have garnered an international following by commercial businesses and clients alike. Let us take much-needed time off your hands for a professional and extensive flooring service that includes supply, installation, project management and maintenance, choose Inline floors. When it comes to expert flooring solutions, your business requires the specialists in the field that is, the Inline Floors team.

    Luckily, youve made your way to Inline Floors the established leaders in the field. When youre after complete, absolute and most importantly, suitable flooring solutions, you only should entrust your business with the best. Here at Inline Floors, all of our products are ethically sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that each flooring solutions meets the highest quality standard in installation. This means that youre ensured a solution that works for your business a comprehensive full flooring package that offers durable commercial flooring or carpet installation. Choosing the correct flooring for your office is an important, if not an important task. We believe its about selecting flooring that is not only easy to maintain but is suitable for your company and the degree of professionalism you want your business to emulate. We have an extensive range of carpets and floor coverings from leading local and international manufacturers, which means we will accurately identify the perfect flooring solution for your premises. Either way whatever flooring solution you choose, youre assured one that offers genuine style, colour, and texture.

    We work extremely closing with a myriad of architects, designers, contractors and end users to ensure a cohesive final product one that complements your business premises. Our team will consider the specific application it will be used for, ensuring the material chosen will match the environment of your space. Comfort, cohesion, and stability commercial flooring and carpet installation that is a quality investment.

    Let us build an affordable commercial flooring solution for your business premises.

    Contact us today on 1300 70 70 35 or email any enquiries to enquiries to

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    Carpet & Installation Experts | Denver Carpet & Flooring - March 16, 2019 by admin

    Carpeting is a wonderful addition to any Denver home, especially since it helps maintain the warmth in a room, thereby helping you save money on heating your abode. This can be particularly beneficial during harsh Colorado winters, when frigid temperatures can make it difficult to stay cozy, and when energy costs can escalate.

    One thing to consider, though, is that this type of flooring can get stained over time, and it can absorb moisture, especially if you walk into a room with dirty or wet shoes, or if your pets paws are dirty. So if youre an active outdoor enthusiast, consider taking your shoes off before walking on your carpets, or stick with carpeting in your bedrooms rather than in high-traffic areas.

    If youre ready to browse prices, promotions, styles, and availability, contact the experts at Denver Carpet & Flooring today to get started!

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    Carpet & Installation Experts | Denver Carpet & Flooring

    CARPET INSTALL SALT LAKE CITY – Carpet Installation … - February 7, 2019 by admin

    A lot of people in SLC try these services on their own. We have seen it too many times and unfortunately, it does not usually go as well as planned. That's why we always say: "Let the professionals do it". We are one of the most affordable companies in the Salt Lake valley and we can do it just perfectly. Our services are impeccable and we will do all we can to guarantee your satisfaction.Our quality comes from the way we dobusiness. We have been working in the Salt Lake area for years and our clients know it well. We are methodical and follow all the steps to make sure perfection is achieved. Carpet flooring is not very simple and a poor job may look nice for a year or maybe even two, but then you notice that your carpet is loose and some ends are starting to detach from the floor.

    That's when you know the job was not done properly. Few companies out there will provide an excellent service and we are proud to say we are one of them. We have mastered carpeting through training, practice and years of experience. You may trust us with your installation and you will not be disappointed. Besides installing carpets, we also repair and stretch used rugs so you don't have to replace everything. Luckily, we are near you!You will find below some of the steps we take while installing, repairing or stretching your carpets. It is worth checking.

    We start by removing (when applicable) your old rug. Sometimes they come off easily and sometimes it takes a couple of men pulling them out. You would be surprised by the dirt, bugs and some other things we find underneath old tapestry.Once the removal is complete, we will dump all that unwanted, unpleasant to look upon and smelly old rug far, way far from your house. Just the feeling of getting rid of that will make you smile. As we confirm there are no remains on the floor we start cleaning. All that debris is swept away and vacuumed. The surface must be smooth and free of dust.Sometimes it is required to remove doors depending on the area being carpeted. This facilitates the process and ensures quality. Don't worry, we will put them back together and you will not even notice they were once removed.

    Now that the cleaning is finished and that the doors are not on the way we start measuring. Measuring has to be done precisely. You do not want to cut your new mat a little too short and then have to patch it all over. We also don't cut it too long or too wide because that makes handling difficult during the installation process. Once that's accomplished, we are ready to start working on the Tack Strips or Carpet Grippers. If you are familiar with the terms, that's great! If you are not, these grippers are used to hold the tapestry as the stretching procedures begin. The grippers are placed along the walls and they contain nails that hold the tapestry. This prevents the mats from moving as they are being pulled across the floor.We are finally ready to bring the carpets in but this is just the beginning of our jobs.

    We will lay it all out on the floor and manually stretch it as much as we can. We will then start trimming any excesses. We use a special tool for that. If you are planning on doing it by yourself, take a breather, check the phone number by scrolling or sliding up and call us. We don't want you to use scissors to cut the carpet because we don't want it to look bad. Now that you made up your mind and called us, we can proceed! It is likely that we will be using a wall trimmer. These tools work really well but they are even better when used by professionals in our team! Remember, we are here for you! Other tools will also be used during the process of attaching that first edge.The initial part is complete and now we move on to stretching the carpet (yes, once again) across the floor. This time, however, we will be using another tool called Carpet Stretcher. This tool is a mechanical tool that extends from one wall to another. It has many nails on its head that grab the carpet firmly. There is also a lever attached to its head and when the lever is pushed down, the mat is stretched tightly.Most installations also require seaming the edges of carpets when they meet each other. This is a very delicate part of the process. If not done correctly, the joining of the rugs may become noticeable to the eye. Some common issues with seaming may include not proper cutting and weak gluing. In some installs, we use a seam binder to cover the transition from one carpet to another. Bar binders are most commonly used when the mat joins a different type of floor. These binders are usually made out of a metal such as Aluminum but sometimes they can be made of wood. Some specific tools are required for the task such as a cutter, a seaming iron, seaming tape, hammer, and many others. Attention! If you ever use a seaming iron, make sure you are cautious. Its temperatures may reach well above 400 degrees. Let's avoid getting hurt or hurting someone by always putting safety first and following best practices.

    Now that we know those edges were seamed together and that no one can tell where the rugs join, we can start the final steps of the install. The final steps also require some of the tools that we already used. Trimmers, carpet knives, power stretchers and so on.Looking at the floor is now delightful! We did a great job but there could be some imperfections still. That's why after we are completed, we perform an extra step which is a full verification of the job. We walk around every corner and check if the trimming was proper. We also make sure the edges are all looking good, especially around the vents on the floor. The job is considered completed when it passes all the verification procedures. Salt Lake City Carpet Install will deliver what was promised! You may now enter your house!

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    CARPET INSTALL SALT LAKE CITY - Carpet Installation ...

    Shop Carpet at The Home Depot - January 10, 2019 by admin

    Discover Beautiful & Affordable Carpet StylesThe Home Depot gives you the best selection of beautiful carpet and tile from industry leaders. You're sure to find the perfect carpet for your home with our large selection of carpet brands including LifeProof, TrafficMASTER, SoftSpring, Home Decorators Collection and Platinum Plus Carpet. We'll even help you pick out the right carpet padding based on your lifestyle, location and carpet choice.

    Not sure which carpet you like best? Check out our carpet samples for styles from berber to frieze. Whether you need carpet that can survive stains, stands up to heavy foot-traffic, or just feels soft, we will help you make the right selection of carpet type and carpet style.

    Carpet That Is Built To LastMaking the right carpet decision is important, and knowing that your carpet will last is an integral part to choosing the perfect carpet for you. Our carpet options come with warranties that last up to 25 years, ensuring that your carpet is in perfect condition for as long as you need it. Your carpet flooring is built to last, and we with our helpful Carpet Buying Guide, you can be assured that your carpeting is exactly what you want for as long as you want it.

    Selecting The Right CarpetChoosing your carpeting is a big decision, and were happy to help you any way we can. Our helpful Store Associates are happy to walk you through the process of choosing a carpet and getting it installed. From carpet types to carpet styles, we are experts in helping you choose your carpet for your home.

    If you need further assistance, schedule a flooring measure and our experts will help you get started with the carpet installation process. We will make sure your carpet is installed correctly by assessing and measuring the room where the carpet will be installed.Our professional installers oversee every aspect of the project. From the removal and disposal of your old flooring, to laying your carpet and pad to cleanup and vacuuming of the installation area, we've got you covered.

    Home Depot Service Provider Licensing and/or Registration Information

    Home Depot local Service Providers are background checked, insured, licensed and/or registered. Any license or registration numbers held by or on behalf of Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. are available here or at the Special Services Desk in The Home Depot store. State specific licensing information includes: Alaska 25084, Arizona ROC252435 ROC092581, California 602331, Connecticut 533772, District of Columbia 420214000109, Florida CGC1514813, Hawaii CT-22120, ID RCE-19683, Maryland MHIC No. 85434 42144, Massachusetts HIC.112785, Michigan 2101089942 2101198586, Minnesota CR268257, New Jersey 13VH09277500, Nevada 38686, Oregon 95843, Pennsylvania PA002232, Home Depot is a Registered Rhode Island General Contractor whose Registration Number is 9480, Tennessee 47781, Washington HOMED088RH, and, West Virginia WV036104.

    Shop Carpet at The Home Depot

    Flooring Company | Products & Installation | Carpet … - October 29, 2018 by admin

    Carpet Bonanza is your carpet flooring store. We have served customers for over 40 years and pride ourselves on offering a wide inventory. We are one of the largest flooring stores in Michigan to the extent where if we dont have it, you cant buy it. We are a carpeting company that has decorated countless homes, including those featured in the areas Parade of Homes.

    We offer more than just carpeting, we also offer laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, area rugs, and much more. Our flooring installation contractors have worked with us for over 20 years, so you can always expect quality results. Our company is also involved with organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and National Chamber of Commerce and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    At our flooring showroom, youll find durable flooring options that are kid-proof and waterproof. We understand it can be difficult taking the kids carpet shopping, which is why we offer a play area we call the Kids Corral for our customers children. We go the extra step to help our customers have a productive shopping experience. Not only are we a family-oriented business, but we are also family run.

    Lets face it shopping with kids can be overwhelming and shopping for flooring with your kids may not sound the most appealing. We understand and so we offer a space within the store where the kids are more than welcome to play and even watch a DVD or Netflix. We even have quite the supply of Dum Dum suckers to keep them happy while you shop for flooring.

    Our experienced sales team can educate you on commercial and residential flooring and assist you in selecting the right floor for your home and lifestyle. Give the experienced sales staff at Carpet Bonanza a call at (616) 396-2765.

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    Rhodes Carpet & Installation – Flooring | Washington PA - October 4, 2018 by admin

    Call or Stop

    by Today

    for a Free


    408 South Main Street

    Washington, PA 15301

    Buying new carpet can be confusing. What style, what texture, what color - let us take away the confusion.

    Whether you are ready for just a change in color and style or your carpet is simply old and worn, we can help.

    With options such as hardwoods, laminates, vinyl, and ceramics, we can give you a beautiful floor worth

    resting your feet on.

    With companies such as Anderson, Mullican, and Congoleum we are ready to install the perfect floor for you.

    You want to know who you're going to get your new floor from.

    Whether you need a new carpet, floor, or the installation of these items, we can help you sort it out.

    Find out how.

    Your Carpet and Hard Surface Destination. Everyone needs a good carpet to bring the room together, or a nice hardwood floor. Get something that you can feel good walking on!

    Get personalized, top quality service for your flooring today.

    Call today for your next carpet or floor.


    All Major Credit Cards Accepted

    Interest Free

    Financing Available

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    Rhodes Carpet & Installation - Flooring | Washington PA

    Carpet – - September 4, 2018 by admin


    This page provides technical information on carpet recycling. Given that carpet pad is typically used with broadloom carpets, some information is also provided on carpet pad recycling. By reusing or recycling your used carpet pads and carpets you may reduce overall disposal costs, save landfill space, and help achieve the diversion goals of your city or county.

    For information on AB 2398, the carpet stewardship law and the California Carpet Stewardship Plan, visit the Carpet EPR Program Overview webpage.

    Synthetic fibers make up more than 99 percent of the fiber used by the United States carpet industry. Each fiber has strengths and weaknesses that must be recognized and should influence how it is to be used and constructed. The following fibers, in order of importance, are used in the production of carpets:

    Contamination is the primary reason why recyclable scrap carpet does not get recycled. Some contamination comes from careless handling of carpet during its removal, when other demolition debris ends up in the load. Carpet tack strips and nails are common and serious contamination problems because a piece of metal will tear up recycling equipment. A magnet might help, but not for bits of stainless steel or aluminum.

    Other contaminants that are not easily removed and can make carpet unrecyclable include paint and drywall mud. Carpet must not be contaminated with body fluids, chemical or pharmaceutical contaminants, and asbestos.

    Excessive moisture also impedes carpet recycling. It makes carpet heavier and interferes with fiber-testing devices and other machinery not to mention the potential for moist carpet to contain mold or mildew. Collectors must protect old carpet and pads from rain and snow by using closed containers and overhangs.

    Carpet rolled, with fiber side out, cut in 6 foot widths, is ideal for processing.

    The following websites have more information on carpet collection:

    Recyclers use near-infrared spectroscopic analyzers (aka laser gun) to determine the carpet fiber type because each requires a different processing technique. These analyzers are expensive and are therefore mainly used by carpet processors. The following websites have further information on fiber analyzers:

    Habitat for Humanity, which accepts like-new construction materials for affordable housing, is one organization that may find use for good reusable carpet, although it may require a minimum carpet quantity of about 800 square feet. Habitat for Humanity is listed in your local phone directory.

    CalRecycle's California Materials Exchange (CalMAX) portal helps businesses find markets for materials traditionally discarded, including carpet and pad.

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    Carpet -

    Carpet Installation Cost – Estimates and Prices at Fixr - August 21, 2018 by admin

    How much does it cost to install new carpeting?

    Carpeting is an attractive, soft, and comfortable floor covering suitable for many rooms in the home. Available in a wide range of styles, materials, and depths, carpet is often seen as a warm, inviting flooring surface. While throw rugs can be put down by anyone, real wall-to-wall carpeting must be installed by professionals. The material needs to be measured, stretched, and tacked down properly to avoid wrinkles or hazardous nails.

    While carpeting has a wide range of prices, the average homeowner pays between $7 and $12 per square foot ($63-$108/square yard), with the average installation size roughly 10-feet by 14-feet for an average cost of $980 to $1,680.

    Keep in mind that carpeting is usually sold by the square yard, around 9 square feet, with the average roll being 12-feet wide. While this will not impact the cost of your installation, it does make it more difficult to compare costs with other materials like hardwood. For this reason, prices will be given in both square foot and square yard measurements.

    Like all materials, carpeting has its attributes and its drawbacks, so it may not be right for every project.

    Carpeting has a wide range of associated costs. Some materials, like wool or Berber, for example, may cost more than synthetic options.

    Because carpeting is sold by the yard, the larger the area you are carpeting, the higher your total costs will be. This is also true for the padding2 you choose to go under your carpet since the thicker the padding, the higher the cost.

    Stairs, corners, bump outs, and other irregularities in the installation may also impact the total cost of the installation. If you are carpeting over concrete and need a vapor barrier3, this may also add to the final costs.

    Before new carpeting can be put down, a lot of prep work needs to go into the job. The amount and type of prep is dependant on the surface you are carpeting and its current condition.

    The first step involves your subfloor4. If your subfloor is old or unstable, it may need to be replaced. If your subfloor is made of concrete, it may need a vapor barrier to help prevent moisture from seeping into your new carpeting. If you need a new subfloor, this will be installed by a carpenter. Typically, this costs around $70 an hour at a rate of 2-3 hours work for a total of $140-$210 for a new subfloor.

    Your installer will put down a carpet pad over the subfloor. Carpet pads act as a shock absorber beneath your carpet. They make the surface more resilient, as well as more comfortable. Each type of carpeting has a recommended pad type and thickness. While you may have options, its always best to choose the pad made specifically for the carpet youre having installed.

    The general rule of thumb for carpet pads is to make sure that they fall between -inch and 7/16-inch thick with 6 pounds per cubic foot density. If installing a Berber or other low-profile carpet, however, you will need to use a pad that is less than -inch thick with 8 pounds per cubic foot density.

    Carpet pads can be made of several different materials, all of which have different uses and attributes:

    $0.89/square foot

    $8.01/square yard

    Residential use

    Sometimes sold as pet friendly

    $0.89/square foot

    $8.01/square yard

    Rarely used


    Often not thick enough

    $0.90/square foot

    $8.10/square yard

    Flat rubber

    High traffic areas

    Long wearing

    $0.98/square foot

    $8.82/square yard

    $1.21/square foot

    $10.89/square yard

    There are many considerations that go into the selection of a carpet. While color, pattern, and style are certainly part of the selection process, there are other things to consider as well.

    In addition to things like UV- and stain-resistance, there are also several types of carpeting grouped by how the fibers are presented. Each will give you a very different look, as well as different wear levels.

    High, cut pile

    Flares on the ends



    Slightly lower cut than Saxony

    Level cut

    Set to retain twist



    High, cut pile

    Heavily twisted for texture



    Two or three heights of loops

    Gives a sculptured look



    Thicker yarns

    Earth colors

    Textured loops



    Hard twist fibers

    Textured finish



    Very long tufts

    Open spacing



    Soft and comfortable

    Does not wear well in high traffic areas





    Low cut pile

    Very little twist

    May be level or varied height





    The material that your carpet is made from can influence things such as cost, how long it lasts, its stain resistance, and how sustainable it is. There are many different carpet materials to choose from, each with their positive and negative attributes.




    Resists staining

    Resists fading

    Can crush

    Can abrade

    Limited colors




    Easy to clean

    Resists staining



    Fade resistant

    Stain resistant

    May pill

    May matt in high traffic areas


    See the article here:
    Carpet Installation Cost - Estimates and Prices at Fixr

    Carpet – Before Installation – - August 21, 2018 by admin

    Youve learned all there is to know about carpet, shopped smart, made your best choice, and now its just a matter of waiting for the installers, right?

    You know better, of course. The next step is to be knowledgeable and prepared for the big day when the new carpeting will transform your home.

    Being ready for the installation of your carpet will make the entire process go faster and more efficiently.

    Knowing what to expect and being prepared will also be a lot less stressful on you, your family and your home.

    Carpet installation is a skill that is developed through years of experience, so using professional installers is just plain smart. Also, understanding the basics of carpet installation will increase your knowledge of the process and enhance your confidence in the professionals working in your home. Some of these basics follow.

    This shows the overall layout of the carpet, the correct placement of seams and transitions, and assists them in the preparation and cutting of the carpet.

    While seams are inevitable, its the professionals who excel at minimizing and hiding seams. They call on years of experience and tried and true methods. Case in point: theyll insure seams are placed away from areas subjected to pivoting traffic, and not run seams perpendicular to doorway openings.

    Some carpet styles can show the placement of the seam tape more than others. This is referred to as telegraphing, or peaking, and it is particularly noticeable in low cut pile and looped carpets. A seam may be excellent and considered tight but can still be seen.

    You should keep in mind that, occasionally, additional carpet must be ordered to better match patterns at the seams, which will add to the cost.

    The pros know what to do about transitions. When two different flooring products meet say, carpeting and a hardwood floor its called a transition. Your professional installers will try to match the surface heights of various flooring products to minimize transitions.

    Furniture is step one. Remove all furniture and other objects and materials from the areas to be carpeted. Some installers will move your furniture, but there may be an additional charge for doing so.

    Before moving, youll also need to empty the contents of china cabinets, closets and the like.

    Please consider how your old floor covering will be taken up and disposed of. This can be a time consuming and messy task. We would be happy to discuss removal options with you.

    If you prefer to remove your present floor covering, do it at least one day prior to installation to allow for cleanup and floor preparation. If removing old carpet, please leave tack strips in place and pull the staples out of the floor from the original pad.

    You should know that, in many cases, moldings and baseboards need to be removed for carpet installation. Your installer may do this but at an additional charge and they will probably not be responsible for damage or beakage due to dry or brittle wood.

    Painted baseboards, woodwork and paint may need retouching after the installation is complete. If necessary, this is your responsibility.

    Your existing subfloor may need to be prepared to receive the carpet, or a new subfloor may be required. This is a job best left to the professionals and, again, we can help you with these decisions.

    When carpeting is installed, theres always the possibility that the doors, especially closet doors, basement and bedroom doors, may not clear the new carpet and swing free. Another thing to keep in mind is how the color of carpet affects the apparent size of the room. Lighter colored carpet will visually expand the size of the room. Darker carpeting will seem to bring the walls closer together, and create a more intimate feeling.

    Some installers will remove doors in order to install the carpet and re-hang them if possible. They probably wont shave or cut down doors to insure clearance. You may need to arrange for a qualified carpenter to provide this service after the installation of your new carpet.

    Installing new carpet will produce waste.

    Usually these materials are collected by your installer and left at your trash collection site. Check with your retailer before the day of installation so youre clear about the clean up, if there are added costs to do so, and ask about the plan for carpet remnants.

    Be prepared to be at home the day of installation and be available in case the installation crew has questions. Your presence will insure that the correct carpet is installed in the right areas. Because it is difficult to estimate the length and circumstances of each job, some installers may not be able to give you an exact time of arrival. We suggest you be flexible and keep in touch with your retailer/installer.

    Your installers will use a variety of tools and techniques that can make the work area hazardous. Please make sure that your children and pets are kept out of the work area on installation day.

    We recommend that, prior to the completion of the installation, you walk thru the job with the chief installer. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and be clear on any final details.

    If you are sensitive to odors, good ventilation should be established. Some of the chemicals used in the construction of carpet, as well as the adhesives or hot melt seaming tapes, can have an odor for as long as 48 to 72 hours after installation. So be prepared to provide the room with adequate ventilation.

    Shedding is a natural part of a new carpet. Frequent vacuuming for the first few days should remove any loose fibers from the carpets surface.

    Sprouting refers to small tufts or loops of carpet that become visible after the installation. Use a small pair of scissors to carefully trim the loose fibers flush with the surface of the carpet.

    Finally, if wrinkles or ripples appear in the carpet, it may be necessary to re-stretch the carpet. Please contact us to have this done professionally.

    We want you to be as knowledgeable and well prepared as possible for the installation of your new carpet. It will make that day easier on you and your home and provide you with an enjoyable floor covering experience for years to come.

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    Carpet - Before Installation -

    The 10 Best Carpet Installers in Atlanta, GA (with Free … - August 21, 2018 by admin

    2. J &J Flooring and Design LP

    "Pricing is subject to site conditions and actual selections along with agreed scope of work. All jobs are different so we would need to visit and discuss all of your flooring wants and needs, and any designs usually relating to tile installation or renovations.At J&J Flooring and Design L.P., we specialize in catering to the customers' needs and setting realistic expectations. Consult with us and you will find the professionalism in our character and our finished workmanship. With over 20 years experience in flooring, We guarantee our work with all products and labor performed and supplied by J&J Flooring and Design L.P. with a 1 year warranty. We only use materials backed by the manufacturer that meet the strictest standards in the flooring industry, which enable us to warranty our workmanship and labor by partnering with our distributors and manufacturers.We love the beauty and luster we add to homes when installing the flooring finishes or other features in wall tile design. We are diverse in materials, and sell and service hardwood flooring 2 1/4", 3 1/4", 4", 5", 7", and up, pre-finished and site finished of various sizes of solid plank and engineered flooring; tile (ceramic, porcelain, stone, & glass); carpet and carpet tiles; bamboo, rubber flooring, cork flooring, and WPC and LVT planks and squares. Customers are always satisfied when we complete and leave them with a 100% high quality job! Thank you for taking the time to consider J & J Flooring and Design L.P. If you give us the opportunity to work with you on your flooring project, we know you will be satisfied! Please schedule a time we could meet on site with all of your project information or we can help you put it all together! Sincerely,John"

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    The 10 Best Carpet Installers in Atlanta, GA (with Free ...

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