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    Two five-story installations light up L.A.’s Beverly Center – The Architect’s Newspaper - January 28, 2020 by admin

    The Beverly Center, a 900,000-square-foot mall in Los Angeles, California, has recently installed two large-scale art installations within the iconic street-facing escalators along Beverly Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard. They are the latest work of Pae White, a local artist who grew up near the Beverly Center, and were organized by independent curator Jenelle Porter. In my opinion, said Porter, [White] is the only artist who could make such incredibly beautiful and keenly intelligent works for Beverly Center; artworks that will contribute to the already rich cultural landscape of this city.

    The installation facing Beverly Boulevard,Day for Night for Day,is a light sculpture comprised of over 900 uniquely-shaped pieces of hand-shaped neon. Each element within the five-story piece is color-keyed to a perceptual temperature (warmth) in the daylight spectrum, resulting in a constellation of vibrant hues akin to the many characters of the Los Angeles sunset. The artist referred to the piece as both a kind of magic carpet and an immersive Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lamp visitors interact with prior to and following their shopping experience. The title of the installation is a nod to the citys movie history, particularly the cinematic technique of simulating nighttime during the day.

    The La Cienega-facing installation, Moonsets for a Sunrise,is made up of a mostly dark-hued palette to represent nighttime and the four types of moonsthe harvest moon, strawberry moon, blue moon, and snow moon. Made up of 73,635 pieces of tile glazed in over 100 colors, White ensured that no color combination module repeats anywhere within the entire expanse. The many shades on display exemplify the myriad hues of moonlight, allowing for differing interpretations of the piece from up-close as well as from passersby on the street.

    White was inspired to create the two site-specific pieces after observing the unique qualities of the glass-enclosed escalators and the constant movement they provide between the parking lots and the main interior spaces. In their simultaneous explorations of the phenomenological effects of light, said White, both art installations generate different experiences during the day and the night. The neon of Day for Night for Day offers one kind of experience during daylight hours and another kind at night when its illumination is most prominent. The same applies to Moonsets for a Sunrise, though conversely: the moonlight colors are most glorious in the morning sun.

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    Two five-story installations light up L.A.'s Beverly Center - The Architect's Newspaper

    South Bend’s Bendix Theatre is being converted to esports arena – South Bend Tribune - January 28, 2020 by admin

    SOUTH BEND An estimated $2 million project to convert the Bendix Theatre into an esports arena is well underway with demolition complete and crews already installing new carpeting in the facility.

    Work got underway Jan. 2 and the project is expected to be completed by mid-July, said Jeff Jarnecke, who oversees the Century Center as executive director of the citys venues. After the new carpeting is completed in the next few weeks, workers will then be able to begin installing new oversized theater seats with cup holders.

    The front row seats in the arena will include a tablet holder and all of the 600 seats will eventually include a USB or power outlet, said Jarnecke, adding that an engineering firm is visiting the Bendix this week to perform a technical layout the sound system and massive video boards.

    Bethel University already has committed to using the new arena as home for the esports team it recently formed. Alec Betz, a graphic designer and Bethel graduate, will serve as coach of the new team.

    Bethel will compete in the League of Legends, Overwatch and possibly a third game at both the varsity and club levels with perhaps 30 to 50 students participating at those levels, said Christopher Hess, Bethels associate athletic director.

    Bethel will have a dedicated practice facility in the LAN Cafe that will be developed as part of the Bendix project, and Hess thinks the university could have students using the facility even on the intramural level perhaps five days a week.

    Esports is a rapidly growing sport with more than 170 colleges and universities with varsity programs and an estimated 433 million fans across the globe. Though Bethel is one of the first universities to field a team in the Crossroads Conference, Hess believes it wont be long before others join in.

    Hess said Bethel will only participate in games that arent overly violent or sexual and have a Teen rating.

    Were looking at what other Christian universities are doing, he said. Were trying to focus on games that are more strategic.

    Universities are embracing esports because of the enormous popularity of the activity, which seems to be especially appealing to students involved in STEM fields, said Hess. It will help us recruit and retain STEM students and improve the overall student experience at Bethel.

    Jarnecke said other colleges and universities in the region have also expressed interest in using the esports arena and bids have already been made to host Midwest esports competitions in August and September.

    The project is being paid for by collections from the St. Joseph County hotel-motel tax, and the hope is that the arena will serve to attract considerably more visitors to the once underutilized Bendix Theatre, said Jarnecke.

    And ultimately, officials hope the arena will generate more hotel stays, said Jarnecke, adding that it will also boost the image of the city as a place thats tech friendly and open to cutting-edge ideas.

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    South Bend's Bendix Theatre is being converted to esports arena - South Bend Tribune

    Judy Chicago’s Collaboration With Dior Is Beautiful, but Its Feminist Ambitions Are Questionable – Hyperallergic - January 28, 2020 by admin

    Installation designed by Judy Chicago for Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2020 (Kristen Pelou, all images courtesy of Dior)

    The fashion industry has long occupied an odd place when it comes to feminism, offering women a form of liberation through self-expression while simultaneously setting seemingly impossible, often damaging aesthetic standards. In recent years, with conversations around sexism at the forefront of popular discourse, the industry has become more self-reflective. While initiatives to diversify runways and make changes within the often exploitative world of modeling are valuable, many of fashions gestures toward feminist concerns, such as a feminist protest-themed 2014 Chanel show or fashion publications changing from a focus on dieting to wellness, seem well-intentioned on the surface but ultimately hollow. Fashion is a business, after all.

    The latest feminist fashion experiment comes courtesy of Christian Dior and artist Judy Chicago. Diors creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, commissioned Chicago to create a set-cum-art installation for the iconic couture houses spring 2020 runway show at the Muse Rodin in Paris. The installation, titled The Female Divine, features a huge inflatable sculpture inspired by a goddess figure, a woven catwalk carpet, and 21 banners embroidered in English and French with questions including What if Women Ruled the World? It all makes for an immersive, aesthetically pleasing experience. The political element, however, feels facile.

    Chicago has a certified place in feminist history her 70s installation The Dinner Party made waves for its subversive use of vaginal imagery and its large-scale focus on female achievements, and is on permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. The question of whether her involvement with Dior automatically confers some feminist authority upon the 73-year-old fashion house is a thorny one. Chicagos banners, woven by female students at a nonprofit craft school in India, ask, while positing a world ruled by women, Would Buildings Resemble Wombs?; Would God Be Female?; Would There Be Violence?; and so on. While these hypotheticals may be worth considering, a couture show doesnt seem quite the right place to do it. The models on the runway all fit the fashion industrys long-held standards of youthfulness and slenderness, and Diors couture creations are all firmly in the price available upon request category.

    Chicagos installation is briefly open to the public through January 26, but its undeniable that the world of a Dior couture show remains a privileged one. The questions on Chicagos embroideries posit a feminine utopia a lovely thought, but one that feels a bit too pat given how many women vote against their own interests and how womens rights stand in immediate danger with a Republican majority. As is unfortunately so often the case with politically-minded art, the people who most need to consider the implications of Chicagos questions are the least likely to seek them out. The clothes on the runway, featuring glamorous yet subtle metallic tones and precisely tailored, goddess-like draping, are undeniably beautiful, and its certain that the combination of these designs with Chicagos work makes for a striking tableau. Whether the questions within it will make any difference outside of potentially stirring up conversation in the rarefied fashion world remains to be seen.

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    Judy Chicago's Collaboration With Dior Is Beautiful, but Its Feminist Ambitions Are Questionable - Hyperallergic

    Incorporating nature into our homes and updating our floors on Coast Live – WTKR News 3 - January 28, 2020 by admin

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    HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - Incorporating natural elements into interior design is a huge trend for 2020 and designer Kristie Prince Hale has some great advice for bringing nature into the home.

    Presented by 50 FloorFree In-Home Consultation & Estimate1-877-50FLOOR |

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    Incorporating nature into our homes and updating our floors on Coast Live - WTKR News 3

    Rolling Out the Green Carpet: Chemique Adhesives Unveils New Turftak Range of Synthetic Turf Adhesives for 2020 – PR Web - January 28, 2020 by admin

    The new Turftak adhesive range delivers on the proven results we are known for while vastly improving the installation process with environmentally safe, low-waste solutions.

    KENNESAW, Ga. (PRWEB) January 24, 2020

    Following the successful launch of the new GA3 Adhesive System at Greenbuild 2019, Chemique Adhesives unveils an innovative range of synthetic turf adhesives, called Turftak. These new artificial turf adhesives aim to bring installers into the new decade by increasing efficiencies across the turf install process, reducing wasted adhesive, and doing so in a more environmentally friendly manor.

    The newly launched turftak range of adhesives, are solvent-free in nature meaning they produce zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs for short) and are equally safe to use both outdoors, and in more sensitive environments such as indoor arenas.

    As a proud member of the Synthetic Turf Council, Chemique has provided turf installers with performance-grade adhesives for a number of years. With the new range of Turftak products, we are setting out to enhance and simplify the installation process. The new Turftak adhesive range delivers on the proven results we are known for while vastly improving the installation process with environmentally safe, low-waste solutions, said Mark Waring, Vice President of Chemique Adhesives USA. Across the range you will see benefits like high initial tack, permanently bonds that retain flexibility, incredible shock absorption and fast setting times that work in a variety of environments. The range is perfect for synthetic turf installations from smaller residential, to larger commercial and professional applications.

    There are three new products within the adhesive range and a new application unit that increases install efficiency by up to 60 percent. Turftak 1 is an easy to use single-component polyurethane adhesive that requires no mixing, sets fast, and is extremely resistant to moisture and shock. Similarly, a two-component formula, dubbed Turftak2, promotes complete control over the bonding process eliminating pesky environmental factors such as heat and humidity-a common problem in the industry. Rounding out the range is Turftak-SMP, a single-component moisture cure adhesive that is UV-stable, can bond to wet surfaces, and can be used with Chemiques revolutionary new GA3 Applicator to provide an incredibly clean, efficient, low-waste solution to bonding synthetic turf.

    About Chemique

    Chemique Adhesives, Inc., is a pioneer in the development of solvent-free polyurethane, water- based adhesives and adhesive application equipment. It has fast become the first-choice supplier for a diverse range of industries requiring specialist products.

    Working closely with customers and clients, Chemiques experienced chemists and engineers provide new and innovative solutions to their adhesive and adhesive application needs. With a wide array of products Chemique can offer its solutions to a diverse range of industries, including transportation, foam conversion, raised access flooring, architectural panels, portable buildings, furniture and many others.

    With operations across North America and Europe, Chemique specializes in the development of custom bonding solutions for customers worldwide.

    For more information, visit

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    Rolling Out the Green Carpet: Chemique Adhesives Unveils New Turftak Range of Synthetic Turf Adhesives for 2020 - PR Web

    Coach on Bryant helicopter put "heart and soul" in teaching – Journal Review - January 28, 2020 by admin


    NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) Christina Mauser poured her heart and soul into coaching and teaching physical education at the school where young Gianna and her basketball star father Kobe Bryant were an integral part of the community.

    The mother of three worked at the campus in Newport Beach for more than a decade and helped lead its eighth-grade basketball team to its first championship, Harbor Day School said in a statement.

    Bouquets were laid at the entrance to the campus Monday, a day after a helicopter carrying Bryant, , Mauser and six others to a youth basketball tournament . Everyone aboard perished.

    This loss is indescribable, the school said in the statement, describing Gianna as someone who never left anyone out, was mature beyond her years and had an unmatched work ethic, as is the loss of her father who was a respected and active member of the school community.

    Harbor Day is a private school in the idyllic seaside community where Bryant lived. Mauser, of nearby Huntington Beach, taught and coached at the school from 2007 to 2018, the school said.

    She and her husband Matt taught and coached basketball at the school, which is how they met Bryant, Matt Mauser told NBC's Today" show.

    She had a keen mind for defense, he said, and Bryant brought her on to help coach that skill at his Mamba Academy training facility where Gianna's club team played.

    They called her the mother of defense: MOD, he said.

    She was just an amazing person: beautiful, smart, funny, Mauser said. He didnt pick her because she was a slouch. He picked her because she was amazing.

    At the school, some students arrived Monday wearing purple and gold, the colors of Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers.

    Maria Paun, 81, stopped by to lay flowers at the campus where she said she remembered waiting to pick up her granddaughter more than a decade ago while Bryant waited for his eldest daughter.

    He said, I like your accent, Grandma, she recalled through tears. He was somebody. And I am a nobody. But he bent down to give me a hug.

    The pilot of the helicopter was identified as Ara Zobayan. Peter and Claudia Lowry, owners of Group 3 Aviation in Los Angeles, said he previously worked there.

    In a Facebook post, the couple said Zobayan came to their company in 1998 to learn to fly after taking a sightseeing flight at the Grand Canyon and deciding he wanted to become a pilot.

    Ara worked hard in other businesses to save enough money to pay for training, they said. Flying was his lifes passion.

    Also among the victims of Sunday's crash were Payton Chester, a 13-year-old member of the basketball team, and her mother Sarah, Payton's grandmother Catherine George told .

    We're just sad, I mean, we're heartbroken, Sarah Chester's brother Andy George told the . Its starting to settle in a little bit, but Im still in disbelief."

    Orange Coast Colleges longtime baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife Keri and their daughter Alyssa were also on board, said Tony Altobelli, the coachs brother. Alyssa also played on Gianna's team.

    Altobelli coached at the college for 28 years, won a state championship last season and was named National Coach of the Year last year for his division, his brother said.

    On Sunday, coaches, friends and former players gathered at the baseball field on the Costa Mesa campus where Altobelli had been known to mow the grass until turf was installed. They swapped memories of Altobelli laying down carpet in the locker room, chiding the umpire during games, dressing as a pirate for Halloween and providing endless support to his students.

    He treated his team like they were sons of his, said Jason Kehler, the schools athletic director.

    Nate Johnson, associate head coach, looked around the field and said none of it would have been possible without the man known as Alto. Flowers were laid at home plate.

    This whole thing I joke, its the house that Alto built, because he built it all, he said.

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    Coach on Bryant helicopter put "heart and soul" in teaching - Journal Review

    Opinion: College basketball is getting crazier by the week because of its beautiful chaos – USA TODAY - January 28, 2020 by admin

    Kevin McNamara, Providence (R.I.) Journal Published 2:15 p.m. ET Jan. 27, 2020

    College basketball is not college football. Hurray for that, right hoop heads?

    This college basketball season is getting crazier by the week. So far weve witnessed a season marked by frequent slip-and-falls atop the Top 25 poll, blue bloods losing to no-names, constant shuffling in the deepest conferences and an undefeated start by a West Coast mid-major not named Gonzaga.

    This is the flip side of a college football world that has become boringly predictable. Minutes after a defeated Clemson walked off the Superdome carpet in the national title game, feverish sportswriters installed the Tigers as favorites to win next January. Now theres a shock. Bet LSU and Alabama were tucked closely behind the Tigers.

    College hoops is a different animal, especially this season. While every fan misses the dominance of a Zion Williamson, its impossible to predict what will happen in this wide-open season. Dayton over Duke? Sure. San Diego State an undefeated, number one seed? Maybe. National champion Virginia a bubble team? Check.

    North Carolina forward Armando Bacot (5) tries to grab a loose ball against Pittsburgh during the second half at the Petersen Events Center.(Photo: Charles LeClaire, USA TODAY Sports)

    "People who say the regular season doesnt mean a lot are wrong. You have to qualify. You cant take qualifying for granted, said Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. The top 25 could be a top 50. Theres so many teams that have a chance to be really, really good. In our sport only 68 teams make the playoffs. Its not 80 out of 100 like in football.

    How upside down is college basketball this season? Let us count the ways.

    The fun began back in November when Duke lost a home game to Stephen F. Austin and Kentucky was shocked by Evansville. While the Lumberjacks (17-3) sit atop the Southland and should be circled in red in your bracket come March, the Purple Aces are winless in the Valley.

    When Baylor jumped Gonzaga this week, the Bears became the sixthNo. 1 team in the USA TODAY men's basketball poll.

    Two Saturdays ago Duke, Auburn and Butler all lost after entering the day ranked No. 3, 4 and 5.

    Then theres North Carolina. The Tar Heels are last in the ACC. Not Boston College, not Georgia Tech. Michael Jordans school. The Heels (9-10) lost star freshman Cole Anthony to a knee injury after nine games, but were only 6-3 with him in the lineup. Carolina lost a buy game to Wofford, lost to Clemson in Chapel Hill for the first time since, well, ever and is the least talented team I have ever coached, according to Roy Williams.

    Hmm, talent procurement is the job of the coaching staff so what does that quote have to say about Roy and his staff?

    Who is the favorite to win the national player of the year? Obi Toppin. Coach of the year? Brian Dutcher. If your reaction to those names is a head scratch, youre not alone.

    What will all this unpredictability mean come March and, hopefully, at the Final Four in Atlanta in April? Throw out those assigned seeds and be very afraid if you draw Northern Iowa, East Tennessee State, Yale or some other hungry outfit.

    Its cool for the game, said Notre Dame coach Mike Brey. If you think about March, if you can get in that thing why cant you dream big? Whats happened has been so interesting with the so-called top teams. Its been musical chairs. It gives more teams hope if you can qualify.

    In college football only four teams earn a shot at a championship. You can name a few of next seasons qualifiers right now. In college basketball, you find trouble picking a team to win three or four games in a row.

    Its crazy, its volatile, its fun. Right hoop heads?


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    Opinion: College basketball is getting crazier by the week because of its beautiful chaos - USA TODAY

    Parent Company of Fast Casual Dining Powerhouse, Fresh & Co., Hires National Floors Direct to Install & Maintain Flooring at Over 50 Locations… - January 28, 2020 by admin

    ASTORIA, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 27, 2020 / Fresh & Co. is a New York-based restaurant and meal delivery service with a farm-to-table philosophy and community mindset. The family-owned company, with more than 50 locations in New York City and Westchester, New York, recently awarded National Floors Direct, one of the East Coast's largest flooring providers, an exclusive contract to install and maintain all Fresh & Co. locations, including Fresh & Co., Cafe Metro, Create Ditmars, Kyma in Hudson Yards, Kyma Flatiron, and Elea Upper West Side.

    Fresh & Co. CEO George Tenedios was quoted as being excited about the opportunity to work with National Floors Direct, as both companies - in addition to being mainstays in the New York City area - share similar ideals and look to benefit from each other's mutual plans for aggressive growth throughout the North East.

    Fresh & Co.'s mission, per the company website, is to "create fresh, creative and healthy meals that excite the mind, heart, and palate. Our menu, farm, local partners and community roots are what makes us different...We are committed to connecting people to real food."

    The company has its own farm on Long Island and partners with local farmers to bring fresh, hyper-local and seasonal produce to the people in their restaurants and cafes and through their home delivery service. Since its inception in 2010, Fresh & Co. has become one of New York's biggest and most beloved food service providers.

    Similarly, National Floors Direct, a direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty service, "Brings the Store to Your Door." The team offers white-glove service and visits clients' homes or businesses with samples from their extensive catalog packed with products from the world's leading brands. Guaranteeing the lowest price in the industry by 15% or more, National Floors Direct cuts out the middle man by connecting consumers with high-quality products straight from the supplier. They also go the extra mile to provide prompt installation and ongoing customer care.

    National Floors Direct works with residential and commercial clients and has been involved in several other major New York City projects, including restoring the flooring at Canal Street Market in SoHo. National Floors Direct also won a contract with the esteemed New York City developer HCRE to be the exclusive floor-covering provider for all of HCRE's NYC buildings. This includes prime locations in SoHo, Chinatown, and LES, as well as Flushing, Queens, where HCRE is currently developing a 300,000 square-foot space.

    Learn more about National Floors Direct here:, or learn more about Fresh & Co. here:


    Caroline Hunter

    Web Presence, LLC

    +1 7865519491

    SOURCE: Web Presence, LLC

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    Parent Company of Fast Casual Dining Powerhouse, Fresh & Co., Hires National Floors Direct to Install & Maintain Flooring at Over 50 Locations...

    Carpet One Floor & Home Reveals Twenty Products for 2020 – PR Web - January 28, 2020 by admin

    Like most things today, flooring technology changes quickly and were constantly looking for the new products that will fit the needs of our customers.

    MANCHESTER, N.H. (PRWEB) January 24, 2020

    The flooring experts at Carpet One Floor & Home have examined their wide selection of flooring and chosen twenty products for 2020. These "Twenty for 2020" products represent beautiful classics, trending styles and cutting edge flooring technology. While choosing just twenty products was no easy feat, the ones that made this years list all have unique characteristics that earned them their spot as one of the twenty best flooring products of 2020.

    On the soft surface side, nine carpet styles made the list. The selection represents cozy favorites, trendy patterns and technology that make these products stronger and easier to maintain. The eleven hard surface products on the list represent the best in hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl and tile. Each product is durable and provides natural character to create a perfect backdrop for any space.

    Each of the Twenty for 2020 products can be found in Carpet One Floor & Home stores across the United States and Canada. The cooperative of flooring retailers takes pride in not only offering an extensive selection of flooring options, but also expertise, service and authenticity that cannot be found at a chain retailer.

    Throughout 2020, Carpet One Floor & Home will be featuring different products from their Twenty for 2020 list taking a deep dive into each products unique attributes and inspiring customers with designs, palettes and room scenes.

    A few of the products featured this year are so new that theyre not yet available in stores. We felt it was important to show our customers the new products coming out as well as some of our current favorites, said Terri Daniels, vice president of Public Relations and Communications. Like most things today, flooring technology changes quickly and were constantly looking for the new products that will fit the needs of our customers.

    -Twenty for 2020-

    Innovia Crossroads I in Bedford This casual carpet from Innovia is perfect for an active home. The color variation, also known as multi-flecking is ideal for camouflaging stains and foot traffic. This product is unique in that it is made of different types of fibers woven together. Polyester and Triexta combine to make a durable and stain-resistant carpet. The multi-color natural colors blend with any surface, either wood looks or ceramic flooring. Available in three weights, this product fits a wide range of budgets and home dcor styles.

    Relax, itsLees Little By Little in AncestralA small pin dot is a timeless pattern that thrives in lush wall-to-wall installations or dependable hall or stair runners. A cut and loop carpet provides a versatile and sophisticated pin dot pattern in this Relax, itsLees style. Its Triexta fibers are both durable and stain-resistant. Like all LEES products, this beautiful carpet features Ultra25 protection and a 25-Year No Exclusions stain warranty.

    Lees Studio Pier 5 in CanoeThe perfect combination of fashion and comfort, this Lees Studio carpet features a deconstructed cut and loop pattern that mimics the elegance of nature. Multiple tones create textural dimension, helping this flooring make a subtle, sophisticated statement. Nylon 6/6 fibers will also ensure that it stays stunning for many years to come.

    Tigress Cherish Bagley in VeiledThis soft, blush beauty from Tigress Cherish is luxuriously dense and exactly what you want your toes to sink into first thing in the morning. Perfect for bedrooms or any space where softness, quiet and comfort are required, this nylon frieze looks and feels luxurious. A subtle blush color is a stylish alternative to white.

    Passages by Tigress So Refined in SunflowerThis stunning floor from Passages by Tigress is one of the newest products on the list and will hit stores in spring of 2020. The distressed diamond geometric pairs with a textural pattern for a nostalgic boho-influenced look. A trendy look for a whole space or bound as an area rug, this carpet features fibers that are stain- and fade-resistant.

    Passages by Tigress Bright Future in MarinaThis multi-level loop pattern provides a wealth of dimension in a structured pattern. Subtle variations in color add to the visual dimension while making this a great neutral background for many design styles. Looped fibers are great for maintaining a polished look, and this style is still soft and comfortable. Expect to see it in stores this spring.

    Resista 3.0 Five Points in DuchessWith multiple gray and blue tones, striations and a subtle herringbone pattern, this carpet from Resista 3.0 is a versatile option for many spaces. Made from solution-dyed polyester, this product will maintain its color and resist spills and stains. The classic geometric V shapes can be traced to decors of ancient Rome and Pompeii.

    Bigelow Prestige Rendezvous in BordeauxThis loop linen pattern from Bigelow Prestige come in sixteen beautiful shades from subtle to bold, but its this fashion-forward rich wine color that caught our experts eyes. The luxurious color combined with a sophisticated, yet modern pattern make this an ideal floor for a room that needs to make an impression. A slightly raised rib weave gives added depth and a handmade appearance. Whether its wall-to-wall or bound as a stunning area rug, this wool blend carpet will make a bold statement.

    Carpet Ones Lamu in Taupe BlackFrom Carpet Ones SelectAFloor line, Lamu is the perfect product for those that want to take a walk on the wild side. The leopard pattern is perfect for custom stair runners or area rugs and adds an element of designer flair to a space.

    Invincible XT Vail Court in ViennaThis stunning luxury vinyl plank floor benefits from both warm and cool tones and an interesting variety of natural imagery. The 9 x 27 planks add warmth to a space but also pair nicely with more modern cool color palettes. Invincible XTTM floors are all 100% waterproof and extremely durable, giving you a floor that looks beautiful and stands up to active households.

    Invincible H2O West Barclay in DelightfulWhile providing the utmost in waterproof beauty, this Invincible H2O luxury vinyl floor lets the natural beauty of its realistic wood visuals shine. With a light, natural stain, this floor can brighten a room while still adding the inherent warmth of wood. The 9 x 56 planks and Invincible H2Os Titanium warranty make this a great pick for any space.

    Invincible H2O Highland Springs in Cape ElizabethThis wide-plank vinyl floor comes with a unique variation of boards for a more eclectic look. A perfect mix of cool grays and warm browns, these floors are surprisingly versatile and can complement a range of design styles from cool and modern to warm and rustic. All this combined with the waterproof comfort of Invincible H2O helped this new style make the list.

    Invincible H2O River Knolls Herringbone in Pure BeautyNothing says elevated style like a beautiful herringbone floor. With Invincible H2Os new herringbone luxury vinyl, you can get the look of a custom herringbone hardwood floor with the waterproof durability of Invincible H2O. This neutral shade lets the unique installation shine, but for a bolder look the available colors can also be mixed and matched.

    Bel Terra RevoTile in Carrara WhiteA classic marble look in a product thats revolutionary. New RevoTile has all the durability and beauty of traditional porcelain tile, but its built in backing and click-together installation saves time on floor prep and installation. It can usually be installed over an existing floor surface. But youll never be able to tell by looking at your beautiful finished floor.

    Hydrotek H2O Shelby Lane Walnut in Buried TreasureRich and warm with varying shades of caramel, tan, coffee and cocoa, this waterproof hardwood floor features 7-1/2 planks of varying colors. Each installation is unique, but theyre all stunning. Multiple stains provide interest and character for a floor that will complement and enhance many design styles.

    Mirror Lake Laminate Portside Village in Knights ArmorFrom the new collection of Mirror Lake Laminate, this wide plank laminate is extremely water-resistant and durable. With a wood core, amazingly realistic visuals and an extra strong wear layer, this floor will have everyone guessing if its real hardwood or not. The cool, yet natural tone, highlights the beauty of natural wood grain, color variations and knots.

    Rustic River Monterey Heights in Stampede When it comes to hardwood, each and every piece is truly unique. With subtle board-to-board color variations, this Rustic River Hardwood floor adds rich character, while the neutral tone creates a modern vibe.

    Rustic River Roosevelt Hill in SummerfieldThis red maple hardwood floor is full of character for a casual look that lets natures unique beauty shine. With wide 7 planks, this stunning engineered hardwood floor is perfect throughout a home. The medium brown color of the floor lends itself to a wide range of design styles, from modern to rustic.

    Voyager Soundview in DaydreamIts soft and fuzzy to the touch but this product performs like vinyl. Available in 10x40 planks, this floor is perfect for rooms that need a durable, waterproof floorand a little softness. The tonal gray chevron pattern gives a room a sophisticated look and neutral palette for dcor.

    Bel Terra Fabric Art Modern Textile Medium GrayThis sleek modern tile is perfect for any space in the home, from kitchens to bathrooms and even living spaces. The texture and pattern mimic that of woven cloth, providing a stunning juxtaposition of hard and soft. Available for walls and floors, this tile looks great on its own or paired with other styles from the Fabric Art Collection.

    For more information on Carpet One Floor & Homes "Twenty for 2020" products and to browse a wider selection of beautiful flooring options, visit

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    Carpet One Floor & Home Reveals Twenty Products for 2020 - PR Web

    Inn of the Anasazi strives for AAA Five Diamonds – Santa Fe New Mexican - January 28, 2020 by admin

    The new glass water bottles replacing plastic bottled water are just one detail on the march toward AAA Five Diamonds for the Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi in downtown Santa Fe.

    The 58-room boutique hotel also has submitted a proposal to the Santa Fe Historic Districts Review Board to add a rooftop pool, kitchen, bar and event space at an estimated cost of $1.8 million, Managing Director Lutz Arnhold said.

    The inn during 2019 replaced all mattresses, bedsheets and towels, and a new computer system was installed for staff.

    The Inn of the Anasazi started the year with glass water bottles for all the rooms, replacing the 40,000 plastic water bottles the hotel used each year.

    We do not have a single plastic bottle anymore, Arnhold said.

    The hotel last year had already replaced plastic straws with agave straws, wheat straws for stirrers, and brought in eco-friendly bags and to-go containers at all dining establishments.

    The Anasazi bought 500 glass bottles that are filled in-house with tap water filtered through a Vivreau Vi Tap that cost more than $10,000. Glass bottled water also will be available for sale.

    It is quite an investment initially, Arnhold said. We decided not to forward the cost to the guests.

    Washington, D.C., hotelier Brian Friedman bought the Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi in April with the intention to elevate the luxury boutique property from Four Diamonds to the highest AAA Five Diamonds rating. New Mexico has no AAA Five Diamond hotels or restaurants, and there are only 85 Five Diamond properties in the U.S. The closest to Santa Fe is The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo., which has had Five Diamonds since 1976, longer than any other U.S. hotel, according to AAA.

    We dont know when they are coming, Arnhold said about the AAA inspectors. We hope that 2020 will be our year [to get Five Diamonds].

    The employee count has increased from 100 to 110 to undertake the bountiful changes. The Rosewood Hotel Group remained to operate the Inn of the Anasazi after the Rosewood development arm CTF sold the hotel to Friedman.

    We eliminated printed newspapers, Arnhold said. When you check in, you can download an app to access 4,000 newspapers and magazines.

    Friedman has invested $500,000 in improvements at the inn, he said.

    The Anasazi also has done away with mini shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles and replaced them with pump bottles.

    The hotel bought 500 books to decorate public areas and place in rooms, Arnhold said.

    In March, the Anasazi will add two Porsche electric charging stations available for complimentary charge-ups for hotel guests with Porsche plug-in hybrid models or electric sports cars.

    We also had our best financial year in 2019, Arnhold said without disclosing revenue figures.

    Wi-Fi has been updated and new Peloton bicycles were installed in the gym.

    As we speak, we are converting all the bathtubs into walk-in showers, he said.

    The bathroom remodels started in April, and so far, 13 of the 58 rooms have been converted.

    The inn also is replacing carpeting in all rooms with hardwood flooring.

    Arnold declined to give more details about the rooftop pool and event space plans.

    We want to do weddings on top of the roof, he said.

    The ambition is to complete all of the improvements by March 2021.

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