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    DC Everest hydroponic farm pays big dividends in wake of COVID-19 – WSAW - April 1, 2020 by admin

    WESTON, Wis. (WSAW)- Schools across the area are doing their part to make sure that families in their communities don't go hungry, but one in particular is going above and beyond on that front.

    As part of a remodeling project at D.C. Everest, a grow room was added for their agriscience program. They started a hydroponic farm, meaning there's no soil used to grow crops, around Christmas. Just three months later, it's paying major dividends already.

    "We like to call it Evergreen farm.'"

    At the meeting where D.C. Everest decided to shut down a few weeks ago, agriscience teacher John Glynn had a bad feeling about the future of the school's hydroponic farm.

    "The principal said to me, when our faculty meeting is over, we're having another meeting, you and I, said Glynn. I thought for sure he was going to tell me to shut the system down."


    "He said the superintendent was wondering if I'd be able to oversee the operation of this system to produce produce for our families here at Everest."

    The school's hydroponic, vertical, zip farm put them in a unique position to help the community.

    "The zip farm setup is actually fairly cutting edge, said Glynn. In fact there's only three of these setups in the state of Wisconsin, and we're the only school that has one."

    From the LED lights, to the nutrients supplied, to the amount of water used, efficiency is the name of the game at Evergreen farm, and the amount of food they can produce reflects that.

    "In our very small setup we can grow over 4,000 lettuce plants at a time."

    Glynn is the only one in the grow room right now, but before the shutdown, the impressive setup caught the eye of students throughout the school.

    "The attention from the student body was unbelievable, Glynn said. Instant and over the top. Students we're coming in here every hour of the day."

    Whenever students are allowed back, Evergreen Farm will have made a massive difference for Everest families, because Glynn is just getting started.

    "We're going to ramp it up until we're full, says Glynn. So we're going to ramp it up to four thousand-plus plants, and make sure that our community doesn't run short of the produce that we can produce them."

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    DC Everest hydroponic farm pays big dividends in wake of COVID-19 - WSAW

    Working From Home? Heres How To Create A Stylish Home Office In Any Room – Forbes - April 1, 2020 by admin

    Everyone is working from home.

    In September 2019, the Bureau Of Labor Statisticsreportedthat 29 percent of Americans worked from home. Since the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that number has increased substantially. As if this situation isnt difficult enough for everyone personally and economically, working from home has its own challenges, especially if there isnt a dedicated home office space. This is particularly true in New York City, where most of the population lives in smaller apartments.

    Since most of the nation is likely working from home for the next couple of months, its essential to establish a dedicated home office space whether its located within a larger room, a closet or even a nook with a tiny footprint. Heres are the best ways to convert any space into a home office.

    Setting Up A Home Office In The Bedroom Or Guest Room

    A home office in a bedroom.

    While it isnt ideal to work and sleep in the same room, the advantage of having an office in your bedroom is that unless you live in a loft or studio apartment, every home has a bedroom with a door that closes. Interior designer Alexis Rogers ofHome With Alexissuggests most bedrooms can accommodate a workspace with one of three configurations.

    If you have a closet that can be sacrificed, you can remove the doors of the closet and convert the closet space into an office nook, she says. Even if its a shallow closet, having the desk in that nook creates a purposeful workspace while also giving it a separate feel from the rest of the bedroom.

    If youre only going to be working from home temporarily, this might be a smart idea because you can put clothing into storage and then re-attach the doors when you return to your regular office. Not sure where to store the doors? Try under the bed.

    Another option Rodgers recommends is swapping out an end table for a desk, if you have room to do so. This will work out better if you can keep your desk tidy, or if you just need a dedicated place to sit and work on your laptop thats away from the noise and activities of the rest of the house, she explains.

    A third choice is either adding a desk to the existing bedroom furniture configuration or switching out a dresser for a desk. If your closet has extra drawers and shelves and you can edit the contents of your dresser into those drawers and shelves, or if your closet has room for the dresser itself and youd prefer to keep your desk in a main area of the bedroom, use the dressers former location for your desk, she says.

    Then bring in desk accessories. Add a stylish chair, lamp, and beautiful piece of art above the desk. Create a little work sanctuary, and when its not in use, it still looks beautiful.

    Turn A Living Room Into A Working Room

    A home office space in the living room.

    The next most obvious choice for a workspace is the living room. Under the best circumstances, to turn your living room into a home office, consider purchasing a desk and then creating a small work corner.Then consider using a room divider. This can be particularly helpful if you have children because it sets a physical boundary. They also make excellent backgrounds for Zoom calls.

    But if there isnt a space for that, Sara Ianniciello, who is the director of design atWhitehall Interiorshas some strategies for working on the sofa, if you must. Make sure to keep proper ergonomic heights with the placement of your laptop, especially if you are working on a couch and coffee table, she says. This can be done with items that you already have in your home, like setting your laptop on a thick book or box to avoid neck strain.

    In most homes, miscellaneous objects tend to find their way into living rooms. Clutter can really hinder productivity, so Ianniciello suggests decluttering as often as possible. This is something easy that you can do in any room of the house that makes a big difference. A clean workspace will help you stay organized and focus better, she says.

    Then bring in decor intentionally. Candles, plants, picture frames, and art are great accessories to have at or near your workspace, even in the living room. Consider adding things like this or a table or task lamp during working hours and reverting back to normal when you are done for the day. This will help put you in work mode, says Ianniciello.

    Cook Up Productivity By Turning A Kitchen Into A Home Office

    Bring new meaning to working in the kitchen.

    Yuna Megre ofMegre Interiorssuggests starting by de-cluttering your entire kitchen. Clean out your kitchen cabinets, organize them and move anything you can from surfaces into the closets, she says. This is vital not only providing you with extra space, but in decluttering your thoughts. If there is a lack of space in your kitchen, grab a box, and put anything you don't use on a daily basis and move the boxes to another room.

    Then strategize the best way to use the space you have. Don't forget your vertical surfacesyour walls, windows, cabinets, and fridge. These can all be spaces for Post-Its, notes, drawing, and putting up documents you need in front of you when you work, she says.

    But then the question is where to establish your workspace in the kitchen. The best-case scenario is having an eat-in kitchen without an attached family room, explains Raf Howery, CEO ofKukun. Kukun is a recently launched app that allows users to estimate and compare costs of home remodeling, which is something many people will likely be doing once the pandemic ends. If you have an eat-in kitchen and you don't have an attached family room, he says, Use your kitchen table, moving it so that it backs to a wall. You can move it back for meals. Avoid frying during that time.

    Its always possible to use the kitchen island as a desk. However, Kukun cautions this setup can be uncomfortable for your back.

    If that is the only choice in terms of set-up, Alexis Sheinman ofPembrooke and Ivesproposes a few ways to work around this. Whether at a bar-height counter, dining table or kitchen island, clear the surface off and match the table height with the most comfortable work chair you can find. If you have a wood or metal chair, bring a cushion [or pillow] along, she says.

    Accessories are also key to establishing the space. Consider buying a desk lamp. Light can make or break the ambiance and brightness and is key to productivity. If your kitchen doesnt get enough natural light, bring a table or floor lamp. Then, adjust the light level throughout the day according to the weather and time of day, Sheinman says.

    From there, you can accessorize to improve the aesthetic. Make it pretty - a small vase with flowers, a pretty table cloth, mason jars with pencils and pens, etc can make your workspace super fun, shares Megre.

    Convert A Playroom Into A Home Office

    Getting serious work done in a playroom.

    Remember when you thought it would be great to turn that extra room or basement into a playroom for the kids? Are you now regretting that decision? Turning the space into your office might be a great lesson in sharing for them. Luckily, this doesnt require major construction and is simple enough to DIY using The Container Stores entirely customizableElfa Closet System.

    The Home Edits collaboration with The Container Store on ahomework stationis a versatile workspace setup that can be used as a home office now and then for homework likely in the fall. Its worth noting that this set up can work in any room that has a free wall.

    First, measure the wall and then install anEasy Hang, which is available in a range of finishes. From there, choose a shelf to function as the desktop. Then build up with shelves and choose organizers depending on your needs. Utilizing the wall is essential if you dont have a large footprint to work with.

    Products like theElfa Utility Boardcan help keep accessories neat and the desk clutter-free. Color coordinate everything in true Home Edit style for a whimsical look that both kids and adults can appreciate.

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    Working From Home? Heres How To Create A Stylish Home Office In Any Room - Forbes

    Lending hotel was their way of helping flatten the curve – Rochester Business Journal - April 1, 2020 by admin

    Having backgrounds in the health care industry, Silas and Micky Patel said they followed intently the spread of the coronavirus long before it reached pandemic proportions in New York.

    They sawthe devastation in China and then in Italy, and how communities reacted.

    Then they began to see how the pandemic was impacting their livelihood. As husband and wife owners of two hotels on Monroe Avenue in Brightonthe Clarion Pointe and the Hotel on Monroethey depend on guest reservations. The spread of COVID-19 cases brought an abrupt end to check-ins.

    So when they went from a fully booked Clarion Pointe for the weekend of March 13-14 to completely empty because of cancellations, the Patels decided to be proactive and do their part in the fight to flatten the curve.

    They offered full use of the Clarion Pointe at 2729 Monroe Ave. to the Monroe County Health Department, and by March 18 had agreed to surrender control for at least two months.

    We understand health care, and in order to solve this problem, everyone has to contribute and this was our way to help, said Silas Patel, who has a masters degree in health care finance. His wife works part-time as a nurse at Genesee Valley OB/GYN.

    The county announced over the weekend that the Clarion Pointe would provide lodging for Monroe County residents who are not able to isolate at home, perhaps because they live with someone who is immunocompromised or is at risk for other reasons.

    As we find ways to help people during this difficult and uncertain time, it is reassuring to know that so many businesses in our community are eager to step up and do the right thing, Deputy Monroe County Executive Jeffery McCann said in a news release. I am so grateful to Clarion Pointe Rochester and all of our partners throughout the county who are providing critical services and supplies.

    Three Clarion Pointe employees will continue working at the hotel for the county. Others had a chance to stay on but, because of the potential risk of working near people possibly infected with COVID-19, they opted not to stay on during the quarantine process, the Patels said.

    There are 43 rooms at the hotel for use by the county. Persons quarantined will not be allowed to leave their room for 14 days. Meals will be delivered three times a day and the health of the people under quarantine will be monitored for the duration of the stay.

    The Patels said they made sure room amenities like the entertainment system, mini fridge and microwave were fully functional.

    The Clarion Pointe works well, Silas Patel said, because its a single building with just three entrances/exits, so iteasily can be locked down.

    During a remodeling and rebranding last springfrom a Comfort Inn to the newest brand line in the Choice Hotel chaincarpeting was replaced by hypoallergenic stone flooring and drapes were replaced by blinds. Those elements lessen the potential spread of the coronavirus.

    The Patels expect to dispose of all bedding and towels once the hotel is returned to them. It also will be thoroughly sanitized, they said.

    The county has not yet said how much they will pay to use the hotel. Our motivation was not money, Silas Patel said. This virus is going to cross the globe and this is the right decision for the time were in.

    He said other hoteliers in the Rochester area have also offered to help the county if the need arises.

    The Patels continue to operate the 23-room Hotel on Monroe, which is the renovated Towpath Motel. Three current guests are in town because family members are in the health care profession and need help with household duties or babysitting.

    The couple said theyre not concerned that future guests may shy away because the hotel was used as a quarantine facility.

    You wouldnt not go to the hospital because there are sick people there, Micky Patel reasoned. 653-4020

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    Lending hotel was their way of helping flatten the curve - Rochester Business Journal

    Out of the ashes – Church Executive Magazine - April 1, 2020 by admin

    By RaeAnn Slaybaugh

    For Tulsas Memorial Drive Church of Christ, connecting as a church family was never a problem but the facilities told a less inspiring story.

    Built in 1963, this mid-century modern church features a tent-like parabolic roof, with additions in 1973 and 1977. While the church design surely had its admirers from afar, it left a lot to be desired up close.

    For long-time member Laura McCall, the discouragement began in 2014 with the state of the nursing mothers room. Meanwhile, it was common for a leaky roof to invade Sunday morning classes.

    Even so, Memorial was her home. I love this place, Laura said. I love these people.

    Five years later, she took matters into her own hands, intent on redecorating the cry room. Her first call was to Sheila Cheatham, interior decorator and wife of elder Larry Cheatham. They were in full agreement and so was Sheilas husband, who was nearby when they spoke.

    Shortly after, the elders held potluck meetings with the congregation, from Millennials to lifelong members. Overall, they were in favor of remodeling, Larry said. But, many were also worried about how the church would pay for this work.

    Though funding was undetermined, Laura got the elders permission to call similar churches, ask questions about the remodeling process, and get professional recommendations. She also came across an article about Millennial-friendly church design, which resonated with her in a way nothing else had.

    Laura was surprised and delighted when one church called her back and recommended none other than the articles author: Rodney James, a pastor whod transitioned into church building. In fact, Rodney President & Founder of Masters Plan Church Design & Construction had been that churchs pastor.

    So, her next call was to Rodney himself. He was out of town speaking at a conference, but he called her back that afternoon.

    As we spoke, I could feel the spirit moving through our words and hearts, she said.

    Laura recommended an introduction with the elders. By days end, a lunch meeting was planned. When they met, both Laura and Larry said Rodney struck them as experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and compassionate.

    His years spent pastoring a church allow him to see the whole picture, Laura said.

    Gods hand has been all over this.

    Before parting ways, Rodney mentioned a local news story airing the following Thursday. Hed been interviewed about designing space to help churches better minister to families who have children and adults with special needs. Memorial has a very large ministry to these families.

    On the following Wednesday July 24, 2019 Memorial caught fire, burning for hours and rendering the entire 50,000-square-foot building uninhabitable.

    While the church family mourned the loss of their facilities, Laura said that having Rodney already in their corner seemed like a blessing directly from God.

    On that day, story after story on the church fire aired on local news but so did the story in which Rodney spoke about creating space to help families with children with special needs worship.

    The timing was weird, Laura remembers. And we watch for God in the weird.

    Picking up the pieces

    The day of the fire, Cheatham felt perplexed and fearful. He didnt know how to respond to members questions. It helped immensely when the elders and the ministers met that night to pray and ensure the upcoming Sunday morning worship went on uninterrupted. Thankfully, earlier that day, the nearby Eastside Christian Church called to offer its building (for sale at the time) as a temporary worship and Bible classes space. Memorial continues to lease the building.

    To house operations staff, office space was offered up by a member / business owner and his business partner.

    At the individual ministry level, each leader found alternative places to host their events. Some didnt even have to look; a number of faith-based organizations called right away to volunteer their buildings. Except for the food pantry, every ministry continued as if the fire never happened. It wasnt long before a partner of many years, Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, helped in finding the food pantry a home, as well.

    For the long term, elders organized a building committee for which Larry is the chair and a building finance committee. They are working with Rodney and his team on preliminary plans for a remodeled / replacement physical home. Each ministry leader has been interviewed, and their input is reflected in a schematic floor plan.

    Though official plans are on hold pending the churchs insurance settlement, one option is to retain the space under the tell-tale parabolic roof, if the structure is deemed safe by the engineer and insurer. If a complete tear-down is required, the committee will aim to incorporate some of the old structures elements into the new building as an homage to the churchs history.

    But Larry and the rest of the church know that the outcome isnt entirely in their hands.

    Were focused on waiting for God to lead us, he said. All of us look forward to moving into a new home here in Tulsa, and to the opportunities God is preparing for us to meet.

    Follow this link:
    Out of the ashes - Church Executive Magazine

    8 Thought Leaders On How The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Change The American Home – Forbes - April 1, 2020 by admin

    Whether their vantage point is home building and design, technology, or health and longevity, those whose careers intersect with residential architecture agree that this pandemic will likely change how our homes look and function in the years to come.

    Heres the perspective of eight thought leaders on whats likely to shift in the places that we and our children will call home in the future whether were buying, building or remodeling them. Listed alphabetically, they are:

    How will the classic American home change after the COVID-19 pandemic?


    Tim Costello: I dont think you will see any perceptible change in construction soon. However, on the design side, you may see builders add or highlight new design features. In particular, you may see changes that further differentiate a newly built home vs. a used home. Options that could be deployed faster than changes to architecture [include] UV air treatment, indoor air quality monitoring, viral-resistant surfaces and health monitoring systems for homeowners. Changes like these that greatly benefit homeowners and that respond to learnings from COVID-19 could make their way into product offerings very quickly.

    Veronika Miller-Eagleson: Germ-resistant counter tops and flooring will likely see an upswing. It would be good to see improved options for carpeting too. Self-sanitizing door handles actually exist. There could be a huge demand if these systems can be made available. Smart filtration systems for air and water will be a must-have. Smart toilets will be the biggest Christmas gift for 2020 and beyond! Home builders must plan for these now with electrical pre-wiring near the toilet.

    Jennifer Quail: There was already an increasing interest in healthy materials, and I expect consumers will make an even bigger move in that direction, especially when products like antimicrobial surfaces are so readily available. There is a peace-of-mind connection to those decisions that will provide even more comfort than before we all had to shelter-in-place.

    Veronica Schreibeis Smith: Our homes must be seen as a sanctuary. Too often they meet basic shelter needs and minimum code requirements that don't give us clean air or pure water.

    The use of healthier home materials will increase in future design and construction.


    Alex Capecelatro: Consider how many hands touch the elevator button in your building, the doorknob in your home, your TV remote or light switches. We're hearing a greater demand for voice control and to be able to control more devices during this pandemic. With more people working from home, the need to feel grounded, healthy and alert with the help of circadian rhythm lighting, nature sounds, and other smart home technologies will rise.

    Sarah Susanka: Even before the pandemic, Ive been aware that we currently have a missing place for a new functionpackage deliveryand today it is even more critical. We need to design in an area for package drop-off that is accessible by delivery people, but not accessible by thieves.It should be a small room with a door to the outside [and] be able to receive drone deliveries. This room should also include a pass-through to the recycling bin so that unpacking can happen there before the contents are brought into the house.

    Peter Chapman: All those bonus spaces developed in the heyday of big building might better be considered as isolation rooms now. Even with couples living alone, there may be a need for separate facilities for each in case one or the other is exposed.

    Eagleson: A greater need to store non-perishables and frozen foods may come back with bulk goods storage and smarter pantries. Wine and beer storage may become a more common kitchen feature too.

    Voice control technology will reduce shared surfaces and germ spread.


    Dan Buettner:Gardening is a common activity of centenarians because it combines so many elements that contribute to longer life. Sunlight (vitamin D), fresh air, fresh veggies, purpose, and regular natural movement. It's making a comeback in the Statesand we hope this continues. Planting a kitchen garden or even a container garden reaps many benefits. There are houseplants that naturally clean the air and add greenery, which has been proven to reduce stress in people.

    Eagleson: Biophilia will move from trendy to necessary, from indoor plant schemes (including lighting) to green walls, to indoor vegetable gardens, to integrated screens/monitors for nature sounds/visuals throughout the house. Increasing usability and improving design of outdoor spaces will likely see a lot of new development as well.

    Homes will be designed with more space and technology to support indoor and outdoor plant life.


    Buettner: One thing that is key to Blue Zones is face-to-face connections. However, that's not possible now. But one thing I recommend based on my research is front porches or front balconies. I love to see what's happening in Italy and Spain neighbors on their own front porches to connect, many feet apart, with each other during this uncertain time.

    Eagleson: Possible solutions that will manifest during and after this crisis [include] easy-to-use tech, especially for seniors to never have to feel so isolated again. Addressing isolation side effects: Always-on communication options like Zoom, Facebook Portal, and in-home/virtual exercise products like Peloton, Mirror Gym, Echelon, etc. with dedicated spaces.

    Front porches and balconies foster social connection between neighbors.


    Chapman: Weve been moving away from discrete spaces within the home to a more open plan, but its clear that we will need to reconsider the need for more isolated spaces if (and when) these pandemic outbreaks become more frequent. Its ironic that a while back we were proclaiming the end of the home office, as we all had the capability to work from anywhere any time. Now it seems were all thrust back into the 1990s and 2000s as we strive to continue our jobs from home.

    Capecelatro: I think the need for video calls will only rise, and with them the need to design rooms specifically optimized for quiet work sessions. I also think this time at home with increased devices pulling on the network, as entire families stream video and audio content, only exemplifies the need for a world class network highly optimized for the data rates we require today.

    Eagleson: To work efficiently, a home office cant be the dining table or the den; it has to encourage productivity and minimize distractions. Designers have a huge opportunity to think about creating spaces that are designed for teleconferencing, removed from the rest of home to minimize household distractions, including noise control and physical separation.

    Quail: I also believe well see a return to a dedicated workstation in the home. The emergence of laptops, tablets, and smart devices led homeowners away from that business station in the home where the desktop computer used to live but, after two weeks or possibly months of living and working in the same place, the need for a dedicated space for professional hours and a clear separation between working at home and actually being at home becomes much more necessary.

    The need to work from home will spur the creation of more quiet, separate, tech-friendly office ... [+] spaces.

    Originally posted here:
    8 Thought Leaders On How The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Change The American Home - Forbes

    Plea from a mother: ‘I want Hunter to be able to walk the halls one more time’ – Wahpeton Daily News - April 1, 2020 by admin

    Can you hear them? asked Tracy Medenwaldt of Hankinson. My kids are yelling at each other.

    To each other, at each other, its the same noise. Today, Medenwaldt is both mom and teacher, joining thousands of parents across North Dakota thrust into this role after Gov. Doug Burgum closed public schools indefinitely because of coronavirus.

    While trying to talk on the phone, she sent her kids outside to jump on the trampoline and get rid of their excess energy. I have to mark down on a sheet of paper they have their physical education in for the week, she said. Im so glad they can go outside.

    Home schooling could last a few weeks or the rest of the school year. Medenwaldt is betting this virus isnt giving up any time soon and her children will be homebound until the end of the school year.

    She and her husband Aaron have seven children five are pre-school and up. Her oldest, Hunter, 17, is a high school senior, while youngest, Rhubee, is one, almost two. The newest Medenwaldt is days away from coming into the world as she is pregnant and will be induced this week.

    There are events her children are missing out on because of coronavirus Hunter may finish his high school career at the kitchen counter if schools dont reopen, so graduation ceremonies are still an unknown. Oaklee is completing his confirmation, another ceremony put on hold because of COVID-19, while birth of baby No. 8 wont have the typical fanfare with visits from family and friends, or even a big baptism since churches put mass gatherings on hold during this global pandemic.

    Even the Medenwaldt children cant see their new sibling until he/she comes home since children are not allowed to visit in hospitals.

    Medenwaldt said shes saddened by how much her children are missing, especially her oldest son.

    I want Hunter to be able to finish off his senior year, to walk through the halls of Hankinson High School one more time, to say goodbye. I am hoping they get to walk through graduation, even if its June or July. They need to have their big ceremony. Its a big accomplishment for these seniors, and for the parents weve been waiting to watch our kids, we have been waiting for this moment, she said.

    The Medenwaldts are trying to do their part during this period of uncertainty. She has to make more frequent runs to the grocery store since her children are home and they are going through more milk than normal. This provided a unique opportunity.

    The elderly are told to remain isolated since they are at more risk for developing severe symptoms from coronavirus, so Medenwaldt and her daughters put care packages together for about 10 senior citizens in the Hankinson community.

    These care packages included paper towels, toilet paper, small packets of coffee, word book games, anything they could think of to make this time more bearable, she said. Medenwaldt hopes her children are learning to take care of the people around them, she said, that something good will come from this moment in time.

    The restaurant industry in North Dakota has been severely impacted by coronavirus after the governor shut down everything other than curbside, take out or delivery.

    Many restaurants laid off staff. Greg Paulson owns Hotcakes Cafe and Lodging in Hankinson. He opted to keep staff and change his business plan, he said.

    Once the word came down, I talked to my staff. Do you want to keep your hours? Should we stay open? What do you want to do? he said.

    The vote was to stay open. Instead of competing with the other restaurants in Hankinson, Hotcakes, EDJ and Docs Pub decided instead to create a schedule throughout the month in which one restaurants menu is being featured each day.

    Docs Pub was up first Monday, March 23, followed by Hotcakes on Tuesday. Paulson offered fried chicken and already had six orders by mid-day.

    He planned to stay open three hours at night. Typically, Hotcakes was open for breakfast and lunch, but since the restaurant closure went into effect, his mornings have been slow. Thats where hes taken the biggest financial hit, he said. Paulson figures people are more apt to make their own breakfasts, so hes offering expansive items like omelets or specialized breakfast sandwiches.

    Paulson and staff also are deep cleaning the restaurant to remain virus-free. This time also gives him a chance to remodel since he hadnt wanted to close Hotcakes for remodeling. That isnt a problem now since the dining room is closed.

    Business wise, we have the opportunity to refocus. Weve decided to do more take outs with soups and salads. Why werent we doing this in the first place? Paulson asked.

    Hotcakes offers homemade food and is selling items like quarts of fresh soup for $7. Tuesday morning, they had a big batch of potato salad, all made from scratch, Paulson said.

    He is worried about how coronavirus is going to affect his business. When all is said and done, will he still have a business? My fear is whenever the doors do open and everything is back to normal, what will happen then? Paulson asked.

    The News Monitor will continue to cover this public health threat. Look to the coronavirus section on our website for more information.

    Original post:
    Plea from a mother: 'I want Hunter to be able to walk the halls one more time' - Wahpeton Daily News

    With red rocks, views and a full acre of ground, five-bedroom in Jeffco has room to shelter in place – - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Somewhere on the other side of the national emergency over COVID-19, new buyers will move into a rambling 1960s custom multilevel in Jeffco that has features plenty of families wish they had now, including an acre of pretty ground with red rocks and views of the foothills.

    Colorado is at a strange transition point this weekend, heading into a stay-at-home mandate at a moment when Realtors in areas like south Jefferson County are still reporting deals that involved multiple offers.

    Three agents with Red Rocks Team at Your Castle Real Estate, keeping 10 feet between them, showed me 6500 Crestbrook Drive in Willowbrook, a neighborhood of large sites wrapping foothill red rock outcrops at the west end of Belleview Avenue, just as the statewide shutdown was being issued.

    In the past week, says agent Jackie Yost, her team saw one nervous buyer pull a $520,000 listing from the market, while another home at $1.2 million went to contract after full-price competing offers. The winning bidder was locked up at their own place out in California, making a remote bid on what had been Willowbrooks only home on the market.

    Now this one becomes the sole listing there.

    At $999,900, 6500 Crestbrook Drive is a five-bedroom/four-bath plan originally built in 1968, offered by a 20-year owner who works as a contractor and did a asteful remodeling of the kitchen and master suite.

    Thats a super price for Willowbrook, says Yost, who with Todd Houghton and Kathleen Hanvey have a virtual tour up via their website and can arrange for you to get a look on-site after the stay-at-home order is lifted.

    Yost points out that a real showing is the only possible way to get an idea of the views this home has.

    Willowbrook, where all three agents live, is a mile west of C-470 at Belleview, with views and elbow room that belie its good freeway commuter access and nearby shopping.

    Youll see a multilevel layout that has over 4,000 feet of finished space including an eye-catching kitchen update with Corian counters and a hardwood island, an attractive master on the upper level with his-and-her vanities and a walk-in closet, a large family room with one of the homes two fireplaces, and a finished lower level that has guest bedrooms and a rec room with a wet bar and a pool table thats included.

    Yost notes that Red Rocks Team is the top-selling company here, where Willowbrook residents pay homeowner dues of just $350 a year that gives access to private trails and event sites

    When were all back on the road again, take Belleview west under C-470, then west a mile to Colorow Drive.

    The news and editorial staffs of The Denver Post had no role in this posts preparation.

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    With red rocks, views and a full acre of ground, five-bedroom in Jeffco has room to shelter in place -

    Lala Kent and Randall Emmetts Master Suite Is About to Be Lit – Bravo - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Lala Kent and Randall Emmett know a thing or two about renovating a home. How so? There processhas been going on for a very long time! During a recent episode, Lala expressed herfrustration with the remodeling process, saying, Rand and I started our home renovation over a year and a half ago, we basically gutted the entire house. I will never do another renovation again,you could not pay me to do a renovation.

    Amid the homes many new upgrades which includes a new, all-white kitchen, the cutest playroom ever for Randalls daughters, and a master bathroom that is seriously glam is a master suite redo.Working withFlipping Out'sMegan Weaveron the design of the renovation, the room was completely demolished and now features a beautiful gray color palette, a super plush wall-to-wall carpet, and some huge windows overlooking the couple's scenic backyard and pool.

    Now, however, the rooms focal point is going to be a gorgeous built-in gas fireplace. In a video posted to his Instagram Stories, Randall said, Alright, we got the fireplace going in, there we go, its happening not yet, but close! Flanking a humongous, floor-to-ceiling window and two cozy chairs, the rooms new hearth will also feature a TV hanging above. More to see: The rooms private balcony. Now thats luxury!

    Bravos Style & Living is your window to the fabulous lifestyles of Bravolebrities. Be the first to know about all the best fashion and beauty looks, the breathtaking homes Bravo stars live in, everything theyre eating and drinking, and so much more. Sign up to become a Bravo Insider and get exclusive extras.

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    Lala Kent and Randall Emmetts Master Suite Is About to Be Lit - Bravo

    The Ronald McDonald House: Going Back After 30 Years – - March 30, 2020 by admin
    City of West Plains publishes FAQ for businesses, employment and government operations – Ozark Radio News - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Q: Will all business offices and stores be required to close?

    No.Those deemed Essential Businesses (see below) may keep their facilities open (and are encouraged to keep them open) to continue providing essential services and products to the public. Employees may leave home to go to these jobs.

    Non-essential businesses may keep facilities open only to maintain minimum basic operations, such as maintaining the value of an inventory, keeping the site secure, or ensuring that employees are able to work remotely. The Order does not prohibit any employees from working from home.

    Q: What are Essential Businesses?

    The Order provides the following list of Essential Businesses:

    Q: Does this Order require that schools shut down?

    This Order requires that all schools stop holding classes at physical locations within the City. However, schools may provide distance learning to their students. Employees of schools may go to work for the purpose of providing distance learning to their students. Schools can also continue to offer students free lunches for takeaway or delivery, which many schools are doing.

    Q: I am in the business of manufacturing food that I supply to grocery stores and other food retailers. Am I required to shut down?

    No. All suppliers of essential businesses are allowed (and encouraged) to continue operating. This includes businesses that supply food goods and prepared meals to grocery stores and other food retailers.

    Q: Does the Order require that businesses stop work that is necessary to our health care system?

    No. The Order exempts any business that is performing work related to the delivery of health care.

    Q: Can my company continue construction on a health care facility?

    Yes, the Order exempts any business that is performing work related to the delivery of health care.

    Q: Can my company tend to its labs under this Order?

    You and your employees are allowed to perform Minimum Basic Operations on site at your work place, so long as employees maintain a distance of six feet from one another to the greatest extent feasible. If tending to the companys labs is necessary to maintaining the value of inventory, the Order allows for this work to continue. Other than that, your lab may only operate if it performs work exempted in the Order.

    Q: My business principally manufactures, supplies, or repairs cell phones. Can it operate?

    Yes. If your business is primarily engaged in supply or repair of cell phones or other telecommunications devices, then it is essential and may continue to operate under the Order.

    Q: Can landscaping services continue?

    Landscaping services may continue only if they are necessary to protect the safety, sanitation, or operation of essential businesses, such as weed abatement and other fire prevention, tree trimming to prevent a dangerous condition, or clearance of irrigation infrastructure. Landscaping for cosmetic purposes may not continue.

    Q: Are non-profit organizations allowed to continue operating?

    If they provide essential services as described in the Order, then yes they can and should continue providing those services. This would include non-profits operating food pantries, providing housing for homeless residents, and providing other critical services.

    Q: What if some of the work my business does at its facility is essential and some is non-essential?

    Your business can continue to operate its facility to carry out its essential business functions. You must maximize remote work and comply with social distancing requirements at the facility. The facility cannot continue to carry out non-essential business functions.

    Q: I operate a big box store that sells some clothing in addition to groceries, electronics, and hardware. Do I need to shut down the part of my store that sells non-essential supplies?

    No. You may keep your entire store open if it primarily sells essential goods and supplies like food and telecommunication supplies.

    Q: What if I have a cafeteria at my worksite. Can it continue to operate to serve workers who are carrying out work exempted in the Order?

    The Cafeteria can operate like other food facilities. It can serve food to the remaining employees, so long as the employees take the food away and do not eat it in the cafeteria. The cafeteria should follow the social distancing requirements in the Order.

    Q: Is the local government shutting down?

    No, essential government functions will continue, including first responders, emergency management personnel, emergency dispatchers, and law enforcement. Other government functions or offices may be subject to reduced schedules or may be closed as part of the effort to fight the spread of COVID-19.

    Q: I work for the governmentCan I continue to go to work?

    Government employees can continue to go to work if they are designated as essential employees by their employer. Each government entity is responsible for determining which of its workers are essential workers.

    Q: What do I do if my employer requires me to go to work?

    Many businesses are not allowed to operate under this Order. Essential Businesses, as defined in the Order, are allowed (and encouraged) to continue operating. If your work is not an Essential Business, you are not allowed to go to work and your employer is not allowed to require you to attend except to sustain Minimum Basic Operations, as that term is defined in the Order. You may work from home if your work allows.

    Q: I work in a hospital or medical clinic, but Im not sure Im essential. Should I continue to work? What if Im over 60?

    ALL employees of hospitals, clinics, and other organizations that provide healthcare, provide services to healthcare organizations, provide needed supplies to healthcare organizations, or otherwise maintain healthcare operations of all kinds may continue working.

    Both the Citys Order and the Governors recent guidance allows essential workers over 60 to continue working, even though others in that age group are being directed to stay home.

    Q: What do I do about my kids? I have to work.

    If you work for an Essential Business, as described in the Order, you can and should continue to work. Certain employers and community organizations will be providing childcare for employees of essential businesses. You may also employ a nanny or babysitter to provide home-based care for your kids.

    Q: Can bike repair shops continue to operate?

    Yes, bike repair shops are treated as an essential business (the same as auto repair shops) because they are necessary to facilitate essential travel.

    Q: Can my company continue to provide janitorial services?

    Yes, janitorial services are allowed as necessary to health and sanitation.

    Q: Can grocery stores, farmers markets, and other food retailers remain open?

    Yes. Grocery stores, certified farmers markets, farm and produce stands, supermarkets, food banks, convenience stores, and similar food retail establishments are encouraged to remain open to provide food and pet supplies to the public. When visiting these establishments, please help retailers maintain at least six feet minimum distance between patrons, including by providing ample space while shopping and waiting in line.

    Q: If my childs school is providing food or meals, can I leave home to go to the school to pick up the food or meals?


    Q: I operate a food facility what practices should I follow to keep my patrons safe?

    Consult the Howell County Health Departmentfor additional up to date information.

    Q: Can warehouses and distribution centers that supply businesses that ship and deliver stay open?


    Q: I work for an essential infrastructure organizationcan I leave home to go to work?

    Yes. You can go to work to maintain and operate essential infrastructure, including public works construction, construction of housing (in particular affordable housing or housing for individuals experiencing homelessness), airport operations, water, sewer, gas, electrical, oil refining, roads and highways, public transportation, solid waste collection and removal, internet, and telecommunications systems (including the provision of essential global, national, and local infrastructure for computing services, business infrastructure, communications, and web-based services).

    Q: I run a construction company that builds affordable and market rate housing. Can we continue to build new units?

    Yes. Creation of new housing units, including both market rate and affordable housing units, is essential. The Order allows construction projects to proceed and new ones to begin if they contribute new residential housing stock to meet the Citys critical need for additional housing supply.

    Q I am midway through a remodel. Can my construction project continue?

    Yes. Residential renovation projects of any kind that are currently underway may continue if necessary to a safe, sanitary, and functional home. Likewise, residential remodeling projects that are partly completed may continue if delaying completion would pose a safety, security, or sanitation risk to residents or impact the habitability of the residence.

    Q: I have a construction project that will sustain damage if I do not continue work on it. Can I complete the project if it is not related to provision of healthcare, housing, or other essential infrastructure?

    The Order allows for minimum basic operations at non-essential construction sites. You may send employees to the construction site to secure the site and to ensure that it does not sustain damage. You mayonlycontinue construction on the project to the extent it is necessary to prevent damage to the project, e.g. completing a roof or ensuring that there is proper drainage after grading has been completed.

    Q: I have a contractor scheduled to begin a remodel next week. Can I go ahead with this project?

    You must defer your remodel or renovation project unless it is necessary to restore your home to a safe, sanitary, and habitable space.

    Q: Is general commercial construction allowed?

    Unless your construction project is a health care facility, it is only allowed if it is necessary to the operation or maintenance of essential infrastructure, as that term is defined in the Order.

    Q: What if I want to go to work at a physical location in the City and Im not sick?

    Unless your work is exempted in the Order, you cannot go to work at a physical location in the City. You may work from home for any business if your employer allows it.

    Q: Can I operate a business that sells things that can be delivered to peoples homes? Can I shift more of my business to a delivery model?

    Deliveries can continue to be sent to peoples homes, and you may adjust your business model accordingly while this Order is in place.

    Q: My business provides critical services and products for the federal government that we are required to provide on a time-certain basiscan we continue to manufacture these products or perform these services?

    Employees and contractors of any governmental entity may continue to provide the services and products if the governmental entity determines that they are necessary to carry out an essential governmental function.

    Q: Are daycare facilities allowed to operate?

    Daycare facilities may operate, but only if they comply with the mandatory conditions set forth below and only to provide daycare to the children of employees who are exempted under the Order. This includes employees of essential businesses, employees who are providing for minimum basic operations of non-essential businesses, and governmental employees providing essential governmental functions.

    Q: Can home-service workers continue to provide their services?

    Home service workers may provide services to residences if essential to health, safety, sanitation, or the necessary operation of the residence. Generally, this will mean that plumbing, maintenance (to, for example, fix an interior or exterior water leak), pest control, or similar services necessary to maintain a safe and sanitary household are permissible. Purely cosmetic and other non-essential home services should be deferred to minimize risk of transmission. Home based childcare is also allowed under the Order.

    Q: If I operate a non-essential business with a retail storefront, am I allowed to re-configure my business to deliver products to peoples homes?


    Q: I operate a store that primarily sells non-essential goods, but that also sells a small fraction of essential goods like food, or products that allow people to work from home. Can I continue to sell products to customers at my storefront?

    No. Your store may deliver items directly to customers residences. Other than that, you may only maintain minimum basic operations, such as security and safeguarding of your inventory.

    Q: I am a nanny. Will I get in trouble if I go to work?

    The Order allows nannies and babysitters caring for a child in the childs own home to continue working.

    Q: Can notaries public continue to operate?


    Q: Can title insurance companies continue to operate?


    Q: Can auto dealerships sell cars online and deliver them to peoples homes?

    Yes. The Order allows businesses to deliver products to peoples residences.

    Q: My retail shop is not exempt can we deliver existing stock to peoples homes?

    Yes. The Order allows businesses to deliver products to peoples residences.

    See the article here:
    City of West Plains publishes FAQ for businesses, employment and government operations - Ozark Radio News

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