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    Cost To Paint A Room – Remodeling Cost Calculator - April 11, 2019 by admin

    The average cost to paint a room is $450-650 for a 1012 space, when you hire a professional contractor.

    Use this Interior Painting Cost Calculator to estimate your total price to paint a single room of any size.


    Low End

    Mid Range

    High End

    If you need to complete a small painting project inside your home and want to hire a professional painter, expect to pay $25-35 per hour for labor.

    Keep in mind that painting only one room costs more per square foot, compared to updating a couple of rooms or the entire house. On average, homeowners spend $300-420 or $2.5-3.5 per square foot to paint a 1012 room. This does NOT include ceilings, baseboards, trim, or wall repair.

    At first, you might think that a 1012 room is 120 sq.ft. However, WALL SURFACE is room perimeter X wall height (44ft x 8ft) or 352 sq.ft! So, now you are actually paying about $1 per sq. ft. of wall surface.

    If you include all these additional factors, the total price for one room can be as high $650-1,000+, depending on the amount of additional time and labor required.

    Furniture removal will be an extra $100-150 per room.

    Keep in mind that labor rates vary greatly from region to region. For example, in large cities where the standard of living is higher, contractors will charge significantly more than in less affluent areas.

    This is why it is so important to get free price quotes from 3-4 local contractors, so that you know what the rates are where you live.

    When budgeting, keep in mind the biggest factor that affects your total cost is the area size. If you only need to paint one or two rooms, you will pay the highest price per square foot. This is because a professional painter has to also include the cost of set up, time spent on getting the materials, and other overhead.

    You can get a much better deal if you decide to update a bigger area. For example, if you want to paint an entire house of about 1,700 sq.ft., your price per sq.ft. will go down to about $2.25 2.40 Hence, an even bigger project of about 3,000 sq.ft. will drop the cost per square foot to about $1.85

    Finally, note that all estimates are typically for 8 ft ceilings. If your ceilings are higher, you should add about 9% to the total cost, for each extra foot of height your ceiling has.

    There are a number of factors that can increase the total cost of this project.

    Wall repairs: budget about $40-45/hr to fix the damages.

    Colors: if you want your walls to be painted in darker colors, it will likely take more than 2 coats to get proper coverage and color saturation. As a result, the total cost will go up.

    Special texture: some room designs call for textured walls. These will cost 20-30% more to paint, depending on the texture, because it will require more paint, and more labor.

    Quality of paint: most pros use house brands for both primer and paint, such as BEHR. However, if you want premium colors or premium quality paint, such as Farrow & Ball, expect to spend about $99/gallon.

    Vaulted/Cathedral ceilings: painting a room that has vaulted or cathedral ceilings will cost a few hundred dollars extra. It will take longer and will be more labor intensive to set up the staging for this job.

    Paint window trim: if you have windows in the room, its a good idea to paint the trim around them as well (unless its a natural wood stain). Otherwise, your newly painted room will look strange and unfinished. Thus, depending on how many windows you have, there will be an additional charge of about $200-300

    Decorative finish: an accent wall or an entire room that you want to paint with special texture, this will cost significantly more. While marble textures start at about $5-6 per sq.ft. stenciling can be as much as $8-11 per sq.ft.

    Overall, to get the best look, we recommend repainting the entire room and the ceiling.

    Putting a new coat of paint in any part of the house can be a very manageable and affordable DIY project. Typically, homeowners report spending $250-350 to paint a 1212 room, including all supplies and medium quality professional paint. With careful planning, this project can be completed over the weekend 36-48 hours (including set up and clean up time).

    In addition to saving 60-70% off compared to the cost of hiring a professional painter, you get a big benefit of experimenting with colors at your own pace. When hiring a pro, many people feel pressured to choose the color scheme for a room, and given the myriad of choices, it can be very hard. Once the job is done, some get disappointed with the final look, because its different from what they initially envisioned.

    When you are painting by yourself, take the time to try out different colors. Request a couple of samples and put large strokes of color on the wall, so you can compare them. Also, take a look at these colors in different lighting conditions (day vs night, natural vs electric lighting). This way you will end up choosing a color that will make you and everyone in your home happy.

    Average Interior Painting Costs:

    See costs in your areaStart Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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    Cost To Paint A Room - Remodeling Cost Calculator

    Remodeling the Living Room My Home Remodeling - March 29, 2019 by admin

    When homeowners invite guests and company into their home typically the first thing that visitors see is the living room, or family room, of the house. Unless there is a foyer before the living room, this is the room that many people greet their family members and guests. It goes without saying, of course, that the living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. When it comes time for remodeling projects the living room may also be one of the first room on some homeowners lists that needs to get renovated.

    Granted, there are many ways in which homeowners are able to remodel their living room, but in order to do so a couple issues needs to be resolved. For example, the problems with the current living or family room should be outlined in order to know what is wrong. After everyone in the family has had their input about what should be improved only then should the remodeling take place. But here are some important suggestions to take into consideration for remodeling the living room:

    Add More Seating

    Since the family room is the room which people are typically seating when they come into the house then it makes sense that more seating should be added to the room. Unless you have sufficient seating already there seems to always be room for improvement with this issue. One suggestion to take into consideration for home remodeling is to expand the walls of the living room in order to line them with more couches. After expanding the living room homeowners are able to take advantage of sectional couches to have more seating room.

    Add Home Decor

    Another cozy element to add to the living room during home remodeling is a fireplace and mantelpiece. The fireplace has long been a symbol of unity and warmth for the family, so what better place to add this then to the family room, or living room? Along with the fireplace, though, the mantelpiece is also something that should be thought about. There are all different sorts of materials and construction sets that one can buy which will make their fireplace stand out.

    Add a Foyer

    As mentioned, the living room is the first room that guests enter unless there is a foyer. While home remodeling, one suggestion to use is to add a foyer before the living room. This may change the dimensions of the living room slightly, but the foyer doesnt have to be that big. There are many different dimensions that homeowners use for their foyer, but this is an excellent way to add style to your house for the guests that you have.

    All of these home remodeling suggestions are great to take into consideration for the addition of a living room. Not only will they increase what your home is worth, but you will definitely be proud of what you have accomplished! There is no doubt, though, that remodeling the living room is definitely worth it!

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    Remodeling the Living Room My Home Remodeling

    Cost to Paint a House – Estimates and Prices at Fixr - March 29, 2019 by admin

    How much does it cost to paint the whole house interior?

    Painting the interior of your home can give it a fresh new look. People paint their interiors to revive tired or dirty walls, match a new interior design, brighten a dark room, or to visually change the scope of the area. Because many interiors follow whats known as a color story, or a cohesive color design throughout the home, its not uncommon to paint the entirety of a home interior at one time.

    The average-size home in the United States is around 2,300 square feet, while the average cost of interior painting ranges from $2-$5 per square foot, with most homeowners paying around $3. This makes the cost of painting a home interior $6,900 on average in the US.

    There are several factors that go into determining the final cost of the project. In addition to average home size, you may also find that costs can vary depending on:

    While many painters do charge on a per square foot basis, some may also charge by the room, or by the job. This can vary depending on your scope of work.

    One of the benefits of painting an entire home interior at once is the ability to create a color story or plan the way that the color will flow from room to room, and how to best complement each space with the color of the walls.

    Even if you plan on painting your home in various shades of white or off white, there is still a fair amount of planning that should go into the project to ensure that you get the results you want. Color and tone have a powerful impact on how a room is perceived, so its crucial to take the time to view each room on its own and in conjunction with the rest of the space.

    Color is always the first consideration when painting a home. Most paint manufacturers offer samples to try that can allow you to make a more informed decision. Because light within a room may vary from wall to wall as well as from day to night, try painting a large piece of poster board in the color or colors you are considering. Move the board from wall to wall and look at it for a minimum of 24 hours at a time in each space to make sure you like the color before committing.

    Keep in mind that color can impact the way a room appears in many ways. Light colors may help brighten a darker space. Cool colors will recede visually from the eye, and make a small space appear bigger. Warm colors contract visually, which can make larger spaces appear smaller or more cozy. Combining cool and warm tones in one room - like with accent walls - can visually change the shape of a room, making rectangles look more like squares.

    When you move from room to room, consider your color story, or how the colors will interact. Using complementary colors - colors that sit opposite one another on the color wheel, will create a very dramatic look in your home. Choosing analogous colors, which sit beside one another on the color wheel, creates a more subtle appearance. Monochromatic looks can also be very effective in small spaces, when you choose varying shades of one color to give variety, but without definition.

    Taking initial measurements can help you get a ballpark for the cost of having a room painted in your home. Most painters will take more detailed measurements that take into account the color and type of paint to help you determine exactly how much paint is needed.

    To get basic measurements, measure the length and width of each wall you want to paint in inches. Multiply the length and height together, and divide by 144. This will give you the square footage for each wall. A gallon of paint typically covers around 400 square feet. In some cases, you may need a primer2 first, then a single coat of paint, meaning that you may need one gallon of primer and one gallon of paint to cover 400 square feet. However, if the wall requires multiple coats, this will increase the total amount of square footage required, and therefore the amount of paint.

    You can get the measurements for any ceilings the same way. Trim like moldings or window casements are measured and priced by the linear foot. Measure in inches and then divide by 12 to find the total linear feet you want to cover.

    If you are unsure about what colors will work best in a space, you may wish to hire an interior decorator to help. Decorators can look at your furnishings, the size and shape of a room, and the amount of light it gets to help you determine the best shades for the space. Design services cost around $50 to $200 an hour, and can help you find the perfect colors for your home.

    Before painting can be done, a lot of preparation needs to go into each job. Some of this may be included in the painting fee, while you may be expected to take care of some of the jobs yourself before the painters arrive. These tasks include:

    While it is entirely possible to paint over paint, some colors and types of paint do better over a primer, or a material that prepares the surface to receive the paint. If you are switching types of paint, such as going from oil to latex, the primer can help ensure that the new paint will adhere without cracking or peeling.

    There are a few types of primer, and they are directly related to the type of paint you will use, as well as the surface you are painting.

    Oil-based primers are good for painting on wood and work with both oil- and latex-based paints. They can help prevent stains from bleeding through the new paint. Oil-based primers cost around $30 a gallon.

    Latex-based primers are good for drywall and work with latex paints. They can cover and seal small stains. Latex primers cost around $20 a gallon.

    Shellac primers are good for wood, and for covering major damage from smoke or water. They can seal in the smell of smoke, as well as any staining. Shellac primers cost around $15 a gallon.

    Like primers, paints come in many different varieties. This includes not only the base, such as oil, latex, or urethane, but also the quality of the paint and its finish.

    Each paint manufacturer has a range of different paints, with better quality paints costing more, but giving better coverage with lower odor. Typically, each type of paint will come in a range of finishes such as:

    There are several different brands of paint, each with its own cost range and set of colors. Typically, each brand will offer a high quality and a mid-range paint, and many colors and finishes to choose from.

    Below are the most popular paint brands:

    While many people choose to have their entire home painted at once, you may also choose to have a single room painted at a time. Each room of the home will have an average cost to paint, based on the size and complexity. Make sure to measure your space to get a better idea of the costs:

    This job is usually done by a professional house painter. The painter will assess the walls, clean, and make any necessary repairs or removal of old wall coverings. They will also tape off any adjacent surfaces and cover nearby furniture and floors with drop cloths. Typically, they will apply a layer of primer, then one to three coats of paint, depending on the color and coverage. Once the paint is dry, they take a final walkthrough to inspect and make any necessary touch ups.

    Typically, painters charge between $2 and $5 per square foot, although they may also give blanket prices per job. Some painters may also charge by the hour, with an average range of $50 an hour, with more for specialty paint jobs.

    After your walls have been painted, wait at least two weeks before attempting to clean them to allow the paint to cure. Dust your walls regularly with a soft cloth and the vacuum brush attachment on your cleaner.

    Wash most grime from your walls with a soft cloth or sponge that has been rung out thoroughly and mild soapy water. You can spot clean most walls and finishes with a mixture of baking soda and water. Rub the paste onto the mark with a sponge to work it in, then wipe clean with a new cloth and clean water.

    Always make sure not to rub too hard or to use an abrasive sponge or cleanser, as this may dull the finish, particularly on flat paint.

    Most interior paint jobs are priced by the square foot, at around $3/sq.ft. The average 3 bedroom house is around 1,300 square feet, making the average painting cost $3,900.

    The average cost per square foot is around $3, making the total for a 2,500 sq.ft. house about $7,500.

    Start by moving things away from the walls, cleaning the walls, and making sure they are in good condition. Tape off the trim and edges, cut in the sides with a paint brush, then roll on the interior.

    Painters typically charge between $2 and $5 a square foot, depending on the complexity of the job. The average homeowner generally pays around $3 a foot.

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    Cost to Paint a House - Estimates and Prices at Fixr

    Home & Room Remodeling Contractors Houston || Fiesta … - March 18, 2019 by admin

    Home & Room Remodeling Contractors Houston || Fiesta Construction Fiesta Construction, Houston, TX 2014. All Rights Reserved. PHONE: 832-526-8417

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    Home & Room Remodeling Contractors Houston || Fiesta ...

    Custom Home Builder | Kitchens Bathrooms Basements … - August 24, 2018 by admin

    When youre looking for a new custom home in the St. Charels, MO area, finding the perfect new home can be a struggle. If youre simply looking for a well-built house, you should be able to find several suitable choices nearly anywhere. However, if your goal is to find your dream home, you shouldnt be left to settle. What if you cant find your dream home because it hasnt been built yet?

    Why not live in a house built around your lifestyle and aspirations rather than base your lifestyle on the house youve chosen? When you partner with our custom home builder in St.Charles, MO, you have the opportunity to make your vision of perfection a reality. At TLS Home Improvements LLC, our team of new custom construction and remodeling contractors is committed to creating unique sanctuaries for each of our clients. Boasting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a variety of manufacturer certifications including Moen, Timber Tech, and Trex, you can rest assured that your new home will offer the comfort and protection you need.

    Putting your needs in the hands of our capable contractors means you dont have to settle for someone elses vision of comfortable living. If the houses in your area dont meet your needs, you shouldnt have to make compromises about what you want. By working with our dedicated custom home builder, youll have complete control over every detail of your new living space from the flooring to the ceiling and everything in between.

    Whether were remodeling a section of your home or building a new living space from the ground up, you can count on our full-service contractors to stand proudly behind the jobs we perform. Were proud to have some of the most satisfied home improvement clients in St. Charles County and around the city of St. Louis, MO. Having expanded the scope of our services, our custom home builder experts take an individualized approach to our clients needs to ensure their home visions come to life.

    Building your dream house is, quite literally, making a dream come true. Though the process is a lengthy one, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. At our custom home builder, we go the extra mile to help our clients achieve the spaces of their dreams. Thats why were proud to offer 100% financing through our partnership with AMS Financial. Be sure to call one of our dedicated specialists to learn more about your financing options and get your custom build underway today.

    Contact our custom home builder to learn more about our medley of services. We proudly serve homeowners in St. Charles County and around St. Louis, Missouri.

    Do you need home remodeling services in St. Louis or the surrounding areas? TLS Home Improvement is a leading home remodeling contractor proudly serving customers in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding communities. We are a true family-owned business that takes pride in delivering exceptional workmanship, construction and home improvement solutions to each one of our clients. Homeowners choose TLS for custom cabinetry, deck construction, basement remodeling, and much more. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail has earned us outstanding reviews on Angies List from many satisfied customers. TLS Home Improvement contractors are ready to get started on your next kitchen remodel, room addition, or basement remodel.

    TLS Home Improvements LLC offers dependable home remodeling services in St. Louis that is aimed at improving the quality, comfort, and value of your home. Custom room additions make your living space better suited to your familys lifestyle. Your familys needs may change considerably over the years you own your home. The arrival of a new baby may require the construction of a new room. A career change could require the transformation of a bedroom into a home office through the addition of built-in shelving. Whatever your needs, TLS is here to help.

    We offer numerous home improvement contracting services to help you reinvent the interior, and exterior of your home. Our services include:

    Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail makes us distinctly qualified to take on jobs that other companies cannot handle. Our specialty is doing custom remodeling and other construction contracting services can increase the value of your home as well as making its available space more accessible and useful. Never compromise your comfort; our teams are ready to go to work creating the home you have always dreamed of.

    We are happy to offer free service estimates for all of our home remodeling services, please contact us for more information!

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    Custom Home Builder | Kitchens Bathrooms Basements ...

    Living Room Remodelers in Plainfield, NJ – - August 20, 2018 by admin

    Recent Job Requests for Remodel or Renovate a Living Room Contractors in Plainfield, New Jersey:

    Project Location: N Plainfield, NJ 07062

    Date: 08/02/2018

    Nature of project: Remodel / update a few rooms

    Rooms to be Remodeled: Bathroom(s), Laundry room, Garage, Basement

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Less than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Comment: Remodel 2 existing baths, add powder room, convert 2 door garage to single door, other projects

    Project Location: North Plainfield, NJ 07062

    Date: 07/2018

    Nature of project: Remodel as part of home addition

    Rooms to be Remodeled: Dining room

    Design Preparation: None

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: Remodel dining room.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07062

    Date: 03/2018

    Nature of project: Remodel / update a few rooms

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: More than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: I would transition attic more living/studio space.

    Project Location: North Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 02/2018

    Nature of project: Remodel / update a few rooms

    Rooms to be Remodeled: Bathroom(s), Garage, Other

    Design Preparation: Sketches and/or basic idea of project

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Less than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Business

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: Adding two bathrooms each with two toilets and two sinks. Bringing furnace room and attic to code; plus adding 5 interior rooms. Location is North Plainfield. Two story building. Must convert garage area from storage to active drive through to the back

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 11/2017

    Nature of project: Remodel / update the entire home

    Rooms to be Remodeled: Kitchen, Bathroom(s), Bedroom(s), Living room, Dining room

    Design Preparation: Sketches and/or basic idea of project

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: Less than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: Need the entire house sheet rocked and painted. Total of 2 floors with 2 bedrooms living room dinning room and kitchen.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07063

    Date: 10/2017

    Nature of project: Remodel / update a few rooms, Reconfigure the current floor plan, Remodel as part of home addition

    Rooms to be Remodeled: Kitchen, Bathroom(s), Bedroom(s)

    Design Preparation: None

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: More than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: Our project is mostly adding a master suit, remodel kitchen and some layout changes, smooth level floor on main level (We have 2 kids in wheelchairs and the main level needs to have smooth transitions between the rooms- their room being the biggest problem), new flooring threw out main level and some small projects in both bathrooms- (Replace shower fixtures, solve venting in both baths, re grout small bath and replace sink cabinet) Last but not least, repave driveway and need a new front entry door and deck.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 08/04/2017

    Comment: It is a complete renovation/rebuilding the single family home.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 06/2017

    Comment: Projects involve repair and new floor in bathroom, Sheetrock to hall and stairwell, plaster repair/sheetrocking in living and dining room, light fixture on dining room, general restoration work

    Project Location: Plainfield NJ, NJ 07063

    Date: 04/2017

    Comment: Im an investor who is looking for a contractor to handle the renovations on a flip. The property is under contract and I have access to view the property in detail from 1pm to 1pm this Saturday, 4/15/2017. I will need a detailed estimate broken down by room/sq ft for the renovations.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 03/2017

    Comment: I need someone to come out to my single family home and give me an estimate on remodeling it. I want new floors, countertops, painting the walls (all drywall), new backsplash, new appliances, new lighting fixtures, re-tiling the kitchen, full demo in the bathroom, I want everything ripped out and replaced with new, painting and would like to keep the same layout. I would also want new windows and doors as well.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07062

    Date: 03/2016

    Comment: Full renovation of the kitchen and bathroom. Replacement of floors and walls in living room and bedrooms

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 08/23/2015

    Comment: Water damage in basement family room, bedroom, storage closet, bathroom, laundry room. Water removed, room sanitized, tiles removed, walls cut 2-4 feet from floor. Renovation needed to replace walls, plaster, paint, replace floor tiles, doors, etc.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 08/19/2015

    Comment: Remove wall between kitchen and dining room and relocate basement stair. remodel kitchen/dining to open concept

    Project Location: Plainsfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 07/2015

    Comment: I need an estimate for home remodel, approx. 1826 sq ft living space.

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07060

    Date: 11/2014

    Comment: complete multi- family rehab

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07063

    Date: 04/2014

    Comment: I need an estimate on remodeling a room to convert to a small bathroom

    Project Location: Plainfield, NJ 07063

    Date: 04/2013

    Comment: Investor, looking to rehab. multi family unit to sell. Quick turnaround. .

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    Living Room Remodelers in Plainfield, NJ -

    Green Remodeling : Changing the World One Room at a Time … - August 5, 2018 by admin

    Whether because of changing lifestyles or simply because houses are becoming outdated, millions of North Americans are renovating their homes every year, spending more money annually on renovation than on new-home construction. But renovations can be fraught with unintended consequences like indoor air pollution. How do you remodel in a healthy, environmentally friendly way?

    Green Remodeling is a comprehensive guide. It first points out the advantages of remodeling. Buildings are responsible for 40% of worldwide energy flow and material use; so how you remodel can make a difference. Upgrading furnaces, cabinets and toilets means less fossil fuel pollution, reduced resource depletion and fewer health risks. Green remodeling is more energy-efficient, more resource-conserving, healthier for occupants and creates buildings that are more affordable to build, operate and maintain.

    The book then discusses simple green renovation solutions for homeowners, focusing on key aspects of the building, including foundations, framing, plumbing, windows, heating and finishes. Room by room, it outlines the intricate connections that make the house work as a system. For example, how new windows may affect the structure and mechanical systems of the rooms below, the health of the family and the future of old-growth forests. Then, in an easy-to-read format complete with checklists, personal stories, expert insights and an extensive resource list, it covers easy ways to save energy, conserve natural resources and protect the health of loved ones. Addressing all climates, this is a perfect resource for conventional homeowners, as well as for architects and remodeling contractors.

    David Johnston was named one of the top 50 remodelers in the U.S. in 1990. He developed the first green remodeling program in the U.S. and is creating a national green certification program for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Kim Master is a green building consultant. Both are from Boulder, Colorado.

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    Green Remodeling : Changing the World One Room at a Time ...

    James S. Brady Press Briefing Room – Wikipedia - June 29, 2018 by admin

    The James S. Brady Press Briefing Room is a small theater in the West Wing of the White House where the White House Press Secretary gives briefings to the news media and the President of the United States sometimes addresses the press and the nation. It is located between the workspace assigned to the White House press corps and the office of the Press Secretary.

    The first presidential press conference was held on 15 March 1913 in the Oval Office, during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. Subsequently, through to 1969, communications from the President and general press news conferences took place in various locations, including the Indian Treaty Room, the State Department auditorium, and the White House East Room.[1]

    In 1969, to accommodate the growing number of reporters assigned to the White House, President Richard Nixon had the indoor swimming pool, which had been installed by the March of Dimes for Franklin D. Roosevelt, covered and turned into press offices and a lounge that could double as a briefing room.[2][3]

    In 2000, the room was renamed the "James S. Brady Press Briefing Room" in honor of James Brady, the press secretary who had been shot and permanently disabled during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981.[3]

    In December 2005, the White House announced the intention to renovate the aging Press Briefing Room and cramped press corps offices.[4] On August 2, 2006, the final briefing was held, and President George W. Bush hosted several previous press secretaries at a closing ceremony and there was some hesitation and concern about whether the press would be allowed to return to the White House.[5][6] In the interim, the White House Conference Center was used as temporary location for press conferences.[citation needed]

    President Bush reopened the renovated room in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the morning of July 11, 2007. He held his first formal press conference in the new briefing room the next day, following the release of a report on the progress of the Iraqi government.[7] The modernization cost nearly US$8.5 million. Of that sum, $2.5 million was funded by the media, and the remainder was funded by tax dollars. Each correspondent's seat was priced at $1,500. Beneath the current press room lies the former White House swimming pool that has since become a computer server room.[8][9]

    The most noticeable change to the briefing room was a different backdrop for the press conferences, which now featured a softly lit screen flanked by mock columns, instead of the previous blue curtain. The new podium contained video screens for teleconferencing and multimedia displays. For safety reasons, the trapdoor which provided access to the old swimming pool (a popular stop for visitors) was replaced by a discreet staircase.[citation needed]

    Despite complaints about the previous briefing room's lack of space, the current briefing room has only one more press seat than it did prior to renovation.[citation needed]

    The seating assignments are organized by the White House Correspondents' Association, not by the White House press staff.[10]

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    Bedroom Design Ideas, Remodels & Photos | Houzz - October 1, 2017 by admin

    The fact that bedrooms are personal spaces often shared with another person makes decorating tricky. One crucial tip to keep in mind as you consider bedroom ideas is to forego popular trends or styles in favor of what makes you happy. If there arent any significant bedroom remodeling changes, determining your furniture layout is the first (and biggest) decision you will need to make. Once you've settled on a bedroom layout, take the time to select colors and decor that reflect your personality, but also take into consideration the serene nature of a bedroom. If adding new decorations and furniture isn't enough of an aesthetic change, you can turn your bedroom makeover into a full blown remodel by creating your own master bedroom suite, complete with a sitting room and master bathroom. How do I pick bedroom colors and decorating ideas?Although your bedroom color scheme is often a personal opinion, there are some paint colors that are more relaxing and better suited for your sleeping area. Studies have found that people with blue bedrooms often get more sleep because of the calmness it elicits. Brighter colors may lead to a better mood, but they also might keep you up longer at night. If you have a significant other with opposing tastes, consider master bedroom colors falling within the neutral range such as variations of green, gray or brown to keep everyone happy. Sharing many bedroom pictures that youve saved to your ideabook can be a great way to help your significant other get a sense of your bedroom remodeling ideas.

    If youre looking for feng shui bedroom design ideas, then consider that its recommended you use warm earthy colors to create a welcoming environment, or softer blues and greens to create a tranquil ambiance. Bright colors, such as fuchsia and orange, are too stimulating in huge blocks, so use them as accents around the room to brighten up the space and provide hints of passion, an important part of a romantic bedroom.

    When it comes to bedroom decorating ideas, your options are endless. When nailing down your bedroom design, its helpful to start by tackling the more permanent things, like furniture. Artwork and photographs that put you at ease are a great addition (although some advise against having family photos around, as they can hinder that sexy bedroom vibe), and mirrors are a must-have if you use the space for dressing. When considering bedroom ideas, bedding is always important your duvet and decorative pillows should play nicely with the paint color and bedroom wall decor, but can also be swapped out easily, which makes it easy to incorporate an interesting print or texture. Lastly, add some accessories to style your nightstand or dresser; just be careful not to go overboard too many knickknacks can make your room feel cluttered and disorganized, which can actually cause sleep trouble. If you keep these bedroom decorating ideas and color considerations in mind you should be well on your way to creating the perfect bedroom design.

    Before you buy a new furniture set, be sure to consider the bedroom size. Even though you might need three dressers and two nightstands in your bedroom, you might not have the space for them. Measure the furniture and visualize or tape out where it will go so you can judge what will actually fit. Be sure to leave plenty of walking space, and double check that drawers and cabinets have enough room to open properly. When picking a spot for your bed, consider all the windows and doors. Placing a bed underneath a window or close to the door can be a bad idea, especially for light sleepers, as even the smallest crack of light can cause sleep disturbance.

    When it comes to feng shui bedrooms, a free-flowing layout is crucial. The ideal placement for your bed is as far away from the door as possible, but still in a position that lets you see the entrance; usually, the corner diagonally across from the door is the best spot. Try and avoid having your head under a window due to the ebb and flow of energy going in and out; this causes disturbed and interrupted sleep. Do not position your bed so as to have your feet point out the door while youre sleeping; this is called the Death Position as the deceased are carried out feet first, and sleeping this way is said to drain your life force.

    Bedroom Design Ideas, Remodels & Photos | Houzz

    Living Room Ideas & Design Photos | Houzz - October 1, 2017 by admin

    How do I decorate my living room?When it comes to living room design, there are really no hard-and-fast rules. When considering different living room ideas, youll want it to be a space that makes your family and guests feel comfortable, but is also functional for day-to-day living. When thinking about living room colors, most people have a tendency to go super neutral or boldly colorful in living rooms, but be careful of going overboard with either. If you go with neutrals for the big items, like sofas, armchairs and ottomans, then go a bit bold with decorative accessories that way, you can easily swap out the small things when a new color scheme is in order. Likewise, if you want your sofa to be a statement piece then scale back the decor so they dont fight for attention.

    Dont forget about the mid-sized living room decorating ideas, like rugs and curtains, which can double as functional and decorative when done right. Lighting is also an important feature to consider when decorating a living room. Do you have the ability to do overhead lighting, or will you need to use table and floor lamps? Either one can be design features in themselves, as well as putting the spotlight on other decor you want to showcase. In your living room design, position lighting in accordance to any art you want to illuminate, and remember to have a well lit spot for reading-related activities. You can also change the light of the space by the paint color you choose; a room with little natural lighting will benefit from a light and airy color, while one with plenty of sunlight may have more leniency in color choice.

    You will no doubt need some seating options incorporated into your living room design, which can range from small accent chairs to a big roomy sectional. Be careful of cramming a too-large sofa into a too-small space its tempting to go big, but sacrificing walking paths or potential storage space is not always worth it. While there are a lot of different options in living room designs, you definitely want to have enough seating for those living in the house, plus an extra seat or two for the occasional guests. A place to put down drinks or snacks, like side tables or a coffee table, is a must. If you have the depth for it, an ottoman or coffee table where people can prop their feet up is always a welcome living room decorating idea, but skip out on this if the living room is on the narrow side and go for a deeper sofa instead. Whatever size your space is, theres plenty of living room inspiration to choose from - to get started on your living room remodel, add living room pictures which spark creativity to an ideabook on Houzz.

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