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    Plowz and Mowz offering free lawn services to health care workers – Irrigation & Green Industry magazine - May 24, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The Syracuse-based Plowz and Mowz lawn mowing company is offering a discount code as a thank you to health care professionals and front line workers for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an article by WICZ News.

    CEO and co-founder of the company, Wills Mahoney, says this campaign means a lot to him, as his own twin sister is a first responder.

    Plowz and Mowz is an on-demand lawn mowing company, servicing 55 markets nationwide. Since the beginning of their campaign, the company has already more than 5,000 lawns for health care workers.

    Our missions always been to help people, and you know we were seeing nurses and healthcare workers working around the clock, 12-plus hours, and we said the last thing they probably want to do is mow their lawn when they get home. So we set out to offer free lawn mows, Mahoney says in the article.

    For the frontline workers in need of an extra hand in their outdoor chores, all they need to do is visit the companys website and use the discount code HERO to save up to $60 on their services.

    The discount campaign will continue for at least another week, but customers can schedule their lawn care services for a later date if needed.

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    Plowz and Mowz offering free lawn services to health care workers - Irrigation & Green Industry magazine

    How to cut the grass: 7 top tips for lawn care – and when you should mow it – The Scotsman - May 24, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    LifestyleHomes and GardensCutting the grass may sound like a simple task.

    Monday, 18th May 2020, 9:49 am

    With the lawn looking a little unkempt, simply give it the once over with the lawnmower. Sorted.

    Thats one way of doing it, but there are so many more things you could be bearing in mind.

    There are ways of doing things that will keep your grass in better nick in the long run, and as everybodys got a little more time on their hands these days, now is the perfect opportunity to try them out.

    Here are seven top tips for a happier lawn:

    Service your lawn mower regularly

    The first step to having a healthy lawn, is to have a healthy lawnmower.

    Keeping its innards clean and free from the build up of any clippings is an easy way to keep your machine ticking over nicely.

    But once a year, its worth getting your mower serviced regularly, looking for chips on the blades, and checking whether theyre still sharp.

    Blunt blades can actually damage your grass, bruising it instead of giving it a nice, clean cut.

    Adjust the regularity of cuts during the year

    Grass grows at different rates throughout the year, so it stands to reason that the regularity of your trims should vary too.

    Grass needs cutting less frequently in early spring, but you may need to mow twice weekly when growth rates peak in late spring.

    Cut your grass to the right height

    Unlike an efficient haircut, you dont actually want to get your moneys worth (or mowney's worth) and take your grass as short as possible with each cut.

    The ideal height for lawn grass is are 2.5cm 4cm tall, though if you have the patience, different lengths should be utilised in different areas of your garden.

    Patches that get more wear and tear should be left longer at around 4cm 5cm, while shaded section should be longer still, at 7cm 8cm.

    Set your blades to the right height

    To get that perfect grass blade height, youll want to adjust the cutting height of your mower.

    People can often neglect to do this, but if you want to be proud of your lawns luscious leaves, its a must!

    Who hasnt exuberantly taken on a lawn cut, only to find their mower quickly clogging up with damp cuttings.

    Your first mistake? Giving the lawn a trim while its not dry.

    Not only could the mower jam, but it will also smear and rut the soil, with wet grass clippings clumping and smothering the lawn.

    Aim to only mow when both the grass and soil are dry.

    Put the clippings to good use

    You can compost your grass clippings of course (though youll want to mix them with carbon-rich brown material to avoid slimy compost, but in the summer, you should leave the clippings on the lawn to retain moisture.

    Mowing the lawn neednt be the arduous chore youve treated it as all these years.

    Experiment while youre out there with heights, stripes and all sorts of finishes.

    You could even leave areas to grow free if you want to encourage wildlife into a secluded corner! Have fun with it.

    How to cut the grass: 7 top tips for lawn care - and when you should mow it - The Scotsman

    Here’s a list of everything in and around Milwaukee that’s open for Memorial Day weekend, including beaches and libraries – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - May 24, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

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    Bartender Carrie Boyle wipes down the bar at A.J. O'Brady's Irish Pub & Grill in Menomonee Falls on Thursday. Patrons were spaced 6 feet apart at the bar and surfaces were cleaned after every patron. In addition, the bar is taking reservations for a limited number of tables available.(Photo: Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

    Milwaukee and other area municipalities announced a flurry of openings Friday, just asMemorial Day weekend arrived.

    Among the announcements Friday was everything from Milwaukee churches reopening to state parks resuming normal business hours. Here's a list of everything open during the long weekend:

    Live Updates: The latest on coronavirus in Wisconsin

    Daily Digest: What you need to know about coronavirus in Wisconsin

    Share Your Story:We want to talk to doctors, nurses and others affected by coronavirus

    According to the public health order issued in Milwaukee, all public and privategatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people, andbusinesses are also expected to have customers maintain social distancing. Businesses allowed to open include:

    A public health order for suburban Milwaukee County businesses expired Thursday, allowing bars and restaurants to offer indoor seating and dine-in services.

    Here's a list of how some prominent businesses plan to welcome guests and customers this weekend.

    Beginning Saturday, Wisconsin state park properties will return to regular operating hours of 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced Friday.

    All restrooms will remain closed through June 2 and all group campsites and shelter reservations will remain closed and canceled at leastthrough June 7, according to a news release.

    Temporary capacity restrictions will still be used as needed to prevent overcrowding at properties, the release said. Updates on capacity restrictions can be found here.

    Rock Island State Park, however, will remain close to all use until July 1 due to high lake levels interfering with ferry service.

    The DNR also said four other properties will remain closed for the health safety of the public:Dells of The Wisconsin RiverStateNatural Area, Gibraltar RockStateNatural Area, Parfrey's Glen StateNatural Area andPewits Nest StateNatural Area.

    All facilities such astowers, shelters, playgrounds, nature centers, headquarters, entrance stations and concession buildings remain closed to the public.

    Contact Elliot Hughes at or 414-704-8958. Follow him on Twitter@elliothughes12.

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    Here's a list of everything in and around Milwaukee that's open for Memorial Day weekend, including beaches and libraries - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Conquering weeds in the yard and garden | INFORUM – INFORUM - May 24, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Nothing in this world is certain, except death and taxes, according to Benjamin Franklin. Thats not entirely true. He left out weeds.

    Anyone with a yard or garden knows that weeds are a near certainty. Plant it, and they will come; weeds, that is.

    Weeds can take the fun out of gardening, if we let them get the upper hand in our vegetable gardens, landscapes and flower beds.

    Weeds are a major challenge in lawns, landscapes and gardens. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

    But we can win the war on weeds, and the following tips can help.

    Hoeing weeds when small is a key to control. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

    ARCHIVE: Read more of Don Kinzler's Growing Together columns

    Don Kinzler, a lifelong gardener, is the horticulturist with North Dakota State University Extension for Cass County. Readers can reach him at or call 701-241-5707.

    Original post:
    Conquering weeds in the yard and garden | INFORUM - INFORUM

    From the Editor: Pin Cushion Corners – Amerisurv - May 24, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    I recently saw a social media post showing an image of an emerging pin cushion. Its a two of a kind working on a full house scenario. So barely a pin cushion on the old Jeff-Luc-ometer. Of course, everyone has their own opinion based on a single photograph as to which pin is better. The debate and camaraderie were thought-provoking, so I broke editorial code and chipped in my two cents. The underlying question is what binds us to calling any particular object evidence? I like to think I rely on evidence that will lead to facts supporting the original grant. Thus, I need an authoritative basis for accepting evidence. All of you old dogs know this. Im willing to assume that you understand because you were mentored. Our profession is working if our folks can say they earned this wisdom through mentoring rather than hard knocks. The mentoring process is designed to pass second-hand knowledge so that we dont have to reinvent the wheel or take any lumps to the forehead. The artful craft of sorting evidence is learned through experience. Retracing and substantiating the authoritative grant should keep us from stabbing that pincushion like a worn-out voodoo doll and lead us to the real egg in the basket. There may be a path to cleaning up the other fiddle sticks but were gonna have put on the mommy/daddy pants and be willing to communicate with the owners and lawn archers. Can we measure, document and remove foul markers under the authority a boundary agreement? If you think so, then would you be willing to yank your foul corners under the terms of a boundary agreement? Sounds counterintuitive to remove marks but the end result is a single point of notice under a documented agreement. Id need to see some really strong before, during, and after documentation of this rigid and abrupt event. There could very well be some conveyancing involved too. At some point we have to fess up to the cause and relieve our profession of this nuisance. How about implementing a standard of care that requires any newly set monument to be accompanied by a certified mailing of notice to all impacted parties? If you fear it will jack up the price of your survey, then use whats already there and save your client a few bucks. If you fear that youll lose billable time from not replacing corners, then youre probably not charging enough in the first place. I have come to believe that the reason we see these shenanigans is two-fold. Number one were not digging around enough and number two the offensive surveyor is not required to face the folks were impacting. Theres no such thing as a secret survey so why dont we feel the need to engage the common owners when the lawn darts start piling up? I boil it down to this. Laying out a new subdivision is a mechanical exercise done under a single authority. Johnny Ironpusher can play all the games he wants out in the barren plains of a brand-new subdivision. The developer hired his outfit by the hour to mark it as they see it. Heck, the courts even give them a free pass if they mess up on that first shot. On the other hand, the courts have set a higher bar for the retracement surveyor. This function constructs authoritative evidence of multiple grants independently marked in time. So, back to my questions. Can we offer a legally sound process to pull the lawn darts? Do you possess the professional skills to engage the people you are impacting?

    About the Author

    Jason Foose

    Jason Foose is a Professional Surveyor licensed in multiple jurisdictions.

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    From the Editor: Pin Cushion Corners - Amerisurv

    OUT IN THE YARD Plants that repel bugs and protect our hard work – Port Arthur News – The Port Arthur News - May 24, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    In March, seeds were carefully planted, watered, fertilized and cared for.

    In April, we watched as those plants grew beautiful and green with fruit that made us hopeful. Then May arrived with the arrival of insects that dashed our dreams and stung us while we tried to care for our precious gardens. Some plants not only produce flowers and/or food, but they also repel insects.

    Many plants can help repel mosquitoes. The citronella geranium can be planted in containers around the porch. There is even a citronella grass that can be planted.

    Citronella oil is found in lemongrass and is commonly used in candles and sprays to repel mosquitoes.

    Cats are smart to love catnip. It is a very effective mosquito repellant. It works best if the plant is crushed and rubbed on the skin (if you are not allergic) or if the essential oils are used in a spray.

    Rosemary and sage both repel mosquitoes when burned, so they can be used in the barbecue pit or campfire to lessen the population of biting insects.

    The smell of basil naturally deters mosquitoes. It is also toxic to mosquito larvae, so it can be planted close to areas where you dont want mosquitoes to lay eggs.

    Peppermint oil is great for repelling mosquitoes and easing the sting of mosquito bites. Bee balm attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. If you crush the leaves, the scent will repel mosquitoes.

    Plants can also repel other garden pests. Marigolds repel many different insects, so many people plant them in the garden to keep bugs off their vegetables. They repel aphids, mosquitoes, nematodes and whiteflies. Petunias repel aphids, asparagus beetles, tomato hornworms, leafhoppers and squash bugs. Thyme repels whiteflies, cabbage loopers, cabbage maggots, whiteflies, tomato hornworms, and corn earworms. Lavender is also a great insect repellent, but it does not like our humid environment, so it does not grow well here.

    These plants will not keep all insects away from the garden, but they will beautify the garden while decreasing the number of pests and helping you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Reach Jefferson County Master Gardener, Melissa Starr, at or call the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension at 409-835-8461.

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    OUT IN THE YARD Plants that repel bugs and protect our hard work - Port Arthur News - The Port Arthur News

    Lawn Care Nonprofit Challenges Young People to Be Active in Their Community – Cheddar - April 16, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Rodney Smith Jr. is making a difference across communities one lawn at a time. He is the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a nonprofit organization that provides free lawn care to the elderly, those who are disabled, single parents, and veterans.

    Hes not just maintaining lawns, hes shaping the youth of the future as well, helping girls and boys understand their value in society.

    I wanted to use this as an outlet, so kids could put down the video games and get out there in the community and give back because I believe its important for kids to learn how to give back before they receive things, Rodney Smith Jr told Cheddar Wednesday.

    He's challenging kids to cut 50 lawns for free for those who need it most. For every 10 lawns cut, they get a new Raising Men or Raising Women shirt in different colors. Once they get to 50 lawns, they get a new color shirt along with a brand new lawnmower, weed eater, and blower that Smith said he would personally deliver to anywhere in the country.

    The organizer said about 50 kids have completed this challenge and 750 are currently taking it on.

    They are becoming active in their community and that's a beautiful thing to see, Smith said.

    Smith also added that amid the coronavirus pandemic he started what he called a "mow and drop" service that includes grocery drop-offs along with lawn care for those stuck inside.

    Originally posted here:
    Lawn Care Nonprofit Challenges Young People to Be Active in Their Community - Cheddar

    ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES: Lawn care services added to the list – KTTC - April 16, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- When Minnesota Governor Tim Walz extended his 'stay at home' executive order Wednesday, he also modified the order to include more businesses as essential allowing them back to work.

    That list now includes lawn care and landscaping businesses, including American Turf Technician and Creative Curb Appeal in Rochester.

    "I got the article right to my phone and when I read that and saw that we are apart of critical sector I got happy and excited," Mandy Wiley said, American Turf Technician and Creative Curb Appeal Manager. She added, "With the pandemic and everything that has happened we have seen a cut in revenue."

    One thing that surprised Wiley is the number of people wanting lawn care during the shut down.

    "I was actually really surprised with the amount of phone calls that we were getting from customers," Wiley stated. "We do cater to the older demographic of people so they can't really get at and mow their own yards."

    In order to keep the employees and community safe the company is taking extra precaution to sanitize the equipment.

    Although business is now back to usual, Mother Nature might be putting a pause on lawn care once again.

    "We want to get out and get started right away, but the snow is going to put a hold on that," Mandy said. "My greatest hope is that we can return to some kind of normalcy."

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    ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES: Lawn care services added to the list - KTTC

    Evers extends Safer at Home to May 26, closes schools for the year – WMTV - April 16, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Gov. Tony Evers has directed the Department of Health Services to extend the Safer at Home order for more than a month.

    The order, which was set to expire in eight days, will now be in effect until 8 a.m. on May 26, which is the day after Memorial Day, unless another superseding order changes it.

    A few weeks ago, we had a pretty grim outlook for what COVID-19 could mean for our state, but because of the efforts of all of you, Safer at Home is working. That said, we aren't out of the woods just yet, said Gov. Evers.

    According to Evers, everyone's compliance has helped flatten the curve and reduced the number of hospitalizations. He noted that several weeks about there were projections of 440 to 1,500 deaths in the state.

    Currently, the total stands at 197.

    "We saved lives together," he added.


    The directive includes several changes including closing schools for the rest of the school year and it will also allow golf courses to reopen. The full list of changes from Gov. Evers' announcement:


    In his statement, Evers asserted his administration will rely on science and public health experts to help decide when the state can be reopened. DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm explained there will need to be more testing and "more robust health measures," before the order is lifted.

    These steps will help us reduce the risk of a second wave of the virus," she said.

    Palm warns opening the state too soon risks overwhelming the state's hospitals and could mean returning 'drastic' social distancing measures.

    Evers pointed out, though, that things won't be getting back to normal until a vaccine and treatment are developed.

    "Even then our new normal wont be the same as our old normal," he continued.


    The highest ranking member of the Wisconsin Senate criticized Evers' decision, saying that it reflects a "one-size-fits-all approach" that does not take into account how different parts of the state have been affected. He cited rural communities that have not had as many reported cases, yet remain covered by the order.

    The Republican Senator also attacked the Governor for not releasing a plan for how the state will get going again once the order is lifted.

    Everyone agrees that reasonable measures must be taken during a public health crisis. Health and safety are a priority, however to extend this order for another month without a plan for how to reopen the state or clear benchmarks for an early expiration is simply unacceptable," he said.

    Noting that the Senate has not been involved in discussions about the order, Fitzgerald stated that lawmakers intend to look into taking legislative action in conjunction with the Governor's office, to find solutions.

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    Evers extends Safer at Home to May 26, closes schools for the year - WMTV

    Employees At Weed Man Lawn Care Report Truck Fire Inside the Building Just As It Starts – lstribune - April 16, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Assistant Chief Jim Eden

    LEES SUMMIT, MO On Monday, April 13, 2020, at 12:48 p.m., the Lees Summit Fire Department responded to 221 NW Commerce Court for a possible structure fire. Employees at Weed Man Lawn Care reported a truck fire in the garage. An employee walking through the garage noticed smoke and then a small fire. The fire grew quickly and building was evacuated.

    When crews arrived, smoke was coming from the overhead doors of the business. Crews entered the building and extinguished a fire involving the engine compartment and cab of a pickup truck. There was some involvement of nearby equipment, but no involvement of any lawn care chemicals in the building. The incident was under control by 1:06 p.m. A search of the building confirmed there were no other employees inside.

    Fire damage was contained to the front the truck and some nearby equipment. Smoke and heat damage varied throughout the garage area. Closed doors kept most of the smoke out of the office area.

    The exact cause of the fire is undetermined, but believed to be due to an electrical failure in the truck.

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    Employees At Weed Man Lawn Care Report Truck Fire Inside the Building Just As It Starts - lstribune

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