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    How To Remove Mold From Carpet Answered By Buford Carpet Cleaning Company – Press Release – Digital Journal - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning | Professional Carpet Cleaning

    Safe-Dry, a Buford carpet cleaning company, recently created a guide for readers who are looking to remove mold from their carpets.

    Greensboro, North Carolina - March 4, 2020 - Safe-Dry, aBuford carpet cleaning company, recently created a guide for readers who are looking for information onhow to remove mold from carpet. In addition to being an unsightly problem, mold can also cause health concerns and should be remediated as soon as possible.

    Carpets can get moldy due to the presence of contaminated water, which may occur if a pipe in your home bursts, or if the humidity levels in your home are too high. Mold creates a stain on your carpet, taking away from the beauty of your rooms. It also may cause health concerns, particularly if anyone in your family has trouble breathing. It can lead to asthma attacks, lung infections, and more, making it important to remove quickly. If you notice mold on your carpet, a professional will take the following steps to remediate the issue.

    First, a professional carpet cleaner will use a steam cleaner for an initial base cleaning. This prepares the carpet for the next stage of cleaning, during which a deep cleaning solution will be applied to the affected area. This solution needs to sit undisturbed for at least 15 minutes in order for it to soak into the carpet. Following this, the steam cleaner will be used again to remove as much moisture as possible from the carpet. Finally, your carpet cleaner will thoroughly dry the carpet to discourage the mold from reappearing. To maintain your results, carefully monitor the humidity levels in your home, and contact a professional right away if you spot more mold to help prevent its spread.

    Though it's possible to clean minor mold incidences yourself, hiring a professional carpet cleaner can save you time and money. It ensures that the job is done correctly the first time and decreases the likelihood of mold remaining in your carpet or reappearing. Safe-Dry uses a proprietary allergy- and child-safe formula for all of its cleaning services, ensuring the health and safety of your family at all times. Speak to the team at Safe-Dry for more information about hiring a professional carpet cleaner for mold removal.

    The company can be contacted online at by phone at 770-206-7177. Safe-Dry's Buford office is located at 4365 Commerce Drive #6033, Buford, GA 30518.

    Media ContactCompany Name: Safe-Dry Carpet CleaningContact Person: Chase HoaglandEmail: Send EmailPhone: 336-560-9630Address:7343 W. Friendly Ave. Suite K City: GreensboroState: North CarolinaCountry: United StatesWebsite:

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    How To Remove Mold From Carpet Answered By Buford Carpet Cleaning Company - Press Release - Digital Journal

    Every Person Has a Story: Mark Parsons built cleaning business from carpet up – The Wellsboro Gazette - March 5, 2020 by admin

    From a one-man operation that started 40 years ago, Marks Carpet Cleaning now has eight employees and nearly 50 steady customers.

    Owner Mark Parsons credits his success to hard work, good people helping him at the right time, excellent employees and some help from God.

    Growing up in Wellsboro was challenging for Parsons. His parents split and his father moved away when he was eight years old; he and his siblings were raised by his mother and grandparents.

    I was ashamed to go into the nursess office to get my free lunch ticket, afraid that my friends would see me, Parsons said. I said to myself, Someday my kids would never have to do this.

    After graduation from Wellsboro High School, he moved to Arizona where his father had a carpet cleaning business.

    I knew I was a hard worker, but I had no connections and didnt know what I wanted to do so after graduation I went out, he said.

    He learned the carpet cleaning business, but missed home. So, he returned. With nothing to his name except a Ford Fiesta, he decided to borrow money to buy a professional carpet cleaner.

    I wanted to start a carpet cleaning business on my own, so my grandma went with me to the bank and signed for me a $500 90-day note to start my own business, Parsons said. I remember going around town trying to get business.

    He stopped at Putnam Co. and then president Fred Smith asked him to clean a carpet in an apartment above the natural food store. Do the work whenever, Smith told the young entrepreneur; Parsons completed the job the same day.

    Actions like that and his work ethic made an impression. He still works for the owners of Putnam Co. and cleaned every Acorn Market on a monthly basis for 15 years.

    His promise to himself fueled his drive those early years. He would start to clean the convenience stores at 11 p.m., work all night, grab a couple hours of sleep before going to his day clients.

    Private clients also helped him through those early years. Grace Bair hired Parsons to clean her garage every Friday, then added indoor cleaning before introducing him to a new venture: steam cleaning furniture. She also introduced him to others in the community.

    Grace Bair was someone I truly admired and owed a lot to when I started out, Parsons said.

    The business grew slowly. The turning point came when two local banks asked him in the same week to take on big cleaning jobs. His company wasnt big enough to do both, leaving him with a dilemma.

    Here I am, my golden opportunity, and I didnt know what to do, he said.

    The answer came through prayer. He accepted the offer from First Citizens Community Bank to clean five banks each week.

    Parsons worked alone for several years before hiring his first employee. He now employs eight people, who usually begin the work day around 4 a.m.

    His son, Patrick, still works for the company and is planning to take it over some day. Paula, his wife, does book work, orders supplies and provides support. Hes also had his brothers, Lonny and Gary, and two other sons, Tyler and Taylor, work for him.

    I have been so blessed to have great help and my help has been with me a long time. I would not trade any one of them, he said. They all have old-school work ethics and take pride in their work and the finished product.

    Having started as a specialist in carpet cleaning, Parsons expanded by branching into janitorial work, which provides a year-round basis of work. Hes also added power washing for the exterior of houses, tile cleaning, window washing, upholstery cleaning and full house cleaning.

    The Lord has definitely blessed our business in abundance, Parsons said. I remember the years when I worried about the days when we didnt have a job to do, but the phone would always ring and God provided.

    Parsons doesnt see his story as unusual, and offers encouragement to others who may have been dealt a tough hand.

    For everyone out there who has been dealt a bad deck of cards, all you need is the determination and willpower, he said. Whatever life gives you, if you want something in life, you can do it.

    The goal of the Gazettes feature, Every person has a story, is to find and celebrate the many stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. If you know someone who has a story or would like to share your story, contact the Gazette at 570-724-2287 or email

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    Every Person Has a Story: Mark Parsons built cleaning business from carpet up - The Wellsboro Gazette

    New angle: Diagonal Keo Way building that housed Reliable Rug Co. getting $4.8 M facelift – Des Moines Register - March 5, 2020 by admin

    The historic renovation at 1201 Keo Way includes bringing back the original storefront.(Photo: MA Architecture/Special to the Register)

    The former Reliable Rug Co. on Des Moines' Keosauqua Way may soon havenew life as a retail and office buildingunder a planned $4.8 million historic renovation.

    West Des Moines-based Aust Real Estate hopes to start a rehabilitation ofthe diagonal structurethis spring, reopening it as commercial offices and retail space in 2021. The building, with its boarded-up windows and storefronts and crumbling brick, is part of the gateway into downtown Des Moines one of the most traveled streets downtown and an area where development efforts have focused over the last seven years.

    Built between 1910 and 1928, the building at 1201 Keo Way actually a grouping of four connected structuresknown as the Ferrington Blockhas been vacant for decades. Several developers have proposed projects therebut none have gone as far as Aust Real Estate's plans, said Ryan Moffatt, the city's economic development coordinator.

    "I personally can't think of a better candidate for historic renovation downtown," Moffatt said. " ...We're thrilled with the continued interest in the reuse of this building."

    The building sits at a diagonal, modified in 1920 when Keosauqua Way was constructed directly through it. A portion of the building was removed to accommodate the street.

    A current view of 1201 Keo Way.(Photo: Polk County Assessor/Special to the Register)

    It was home to the Reliable Rug and Carpet Cleaning Co. until the companyclosed in the mid-1980s. Ferrington Block is named after the company's longtimeowner, Emma Owens Ferrington, who was widely known as one of the city's most accomplished businesswomen.

    She took over ownership of the rug business when her husband died in 1899. Ferrington moved the business from Fort Des Moines on the city's south side to Keo Way when the building was constructed.

    "Three generations of women ran this thing and grew it at time when it was not the best time to be a female business owner," said Matt Aust, who owns Aust Real Estate with his wife, Mindy Aust, the project's architect. "It's a fascinating property."

    The Austs plan to restore the boarded-up windows and storefronts along Keo Way and 12th Street, put back an original skylight and install historically relevant carriage doors.

    A landscaped terrace will occupy the corner of Keo Way and Crocker Street, where the team is considering an outdoor cafe.

    They envision leasing the space for offices or retail, and could accommodate restaurants, too. An apartment is planned for the southernmost corner of the second floor, where the space had been used as living quarterssince the buildingopened.

    The renovation will include an upgrade of the building's mechanical and HVAC systems, all-new windows, construction of a new elevator and asbestos removal.

    "We're super excited to bring it back to its creative significance," Mindy Aust said.

    Aust Real Estate is working with the State Historic Preservation Office for historic state and federal tax credits. Des Moines has agreed to give the developers a tax increment financing package equal to about $505,000 of the project's costs.

    The old Reliable Rug building at 1201 Keo Way is getting a historic rehab.(Photo: Genus Landscape Architects/Special to the Register)

    Given the lot'sconfiguration, the city believes it would be nearly impossible to build something new there, making a historic rehabilitation with financial assistance the best option.

    "The site is located on a highly visible and prominent gateway into downtown," Moffatt wrote in a memo to the Urban Design Review Board, which approved the project on Tuesday. "Getting the building rehabilitated and put back into productive use will make significant progress with cleaning up the Keo Way corridor, and will help stabilize a corner that would otherwise be very difficult to redevelop due to the unique shape and limited lot land area of the site."

    The building is assessed at $90,700 and is expected to increase to about $1.3 million when the project is complete.

    A billboard located on the roof will remain it has a lease until 2036.

    More: See inside the new Cityview 34 townhomes at I-235 and Keo Way

    Kim Norvell covers growth and development for the Register. Reach her at or 515-284-8259. Follow her on Twitter @KimNorvellDMR.

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    New angle: Diagonal Keo Way building that housed Reliable Rug Co. getting $4.8 M facelift - Des Moines Register

    What airlines are doing to sanitize planes – CNN - March 5, 2020 by admin

    But airplanes are still flying, and travelers still traveling, albeit with extra bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in carry-ons.

    Still, as you board the aircraft and sit in your seat, you might find yourself reconsidering inflight hygiene -- and wondering just how thoroughly the aircraft's actually been cleaned before you boarded.

    Normal cleaning procedure

    Christian Rooney is the manager of JetWash Aero, a specialist aviation cleaning company based in the UK that's tasked with turning around aircraft between flights.

    Rooney tells CNN Travel that the cleaning process varies depending on the schedule of the aircraft in question.

    When aircraft downtime is very limited, some of what Rooney calls the "very straightforward cleaning," such as removing old newspapers and passenger trash, will be done by the cabin crew at the end of the previous flight.

    "A basic but more thorough cabin clean is usually carried out at night -- or when there is more downtime -- and it includes the cleaning of toilets, wiping down and disinfecting of trays, cleaning galleys, [overhead bins], seats etc. This may take up to an hour or longer," explains Rooney.

    "An airline will also always schedule a 'deep interior clean' every month or six weeks. This clean takes several hours and is extremely thorough."

    Cleaning products and disinfectants are approved by aircraft manufacturers, says Rooney.

    "Some of the disinfectants we use are effective against a wide range of pathogens and are known to inactivate complex viruses with similar properties to SARS, E. coli, avian flu, MRSA etc," he adds.

    These offer antimicrobial protection for up to 10 days, he says.

    Stephanie Biron, a recently retired flight attendant who used to work for American Airlines, tells CNN Travel that, in her experience, standards of aircraft cleaning would vary.

    "A lot of times you come on and it's not terribly satisfactory, but you have to rely on the individuals doing their jobs, because that's what they've been paid to do," she says.

    "Sometimes you come on and you have to go out and tell the agent, 'look, the plane looks terrible. We need somebody to come on and redo it.' It just varies all the time. Sometimes you come on in the morning and they deep cleaned the whole thing, or at least they told you they have."

    On January 20, a masked traveler arrives in Kiev after flying in from China.

    SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images

    Passenger personal hygiene

    Some airlines have requested additional measures due to the current climate, says Rooney.

    "We have seen an uptick in the requirements and levels of disinfection, spraying and fumigation of the cabin, as the airlines look to address concerns over the coronavirus," he explains.

    But Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of medicine in Vanderbilt University's division of infectious diseases, says that he doesn't think there's much more carriers can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    Because transmission most often occurs person to person, the inanimate environment of the airplane isn't really the problem, says Schaffner.

    It's still wise, he says, to wipe down surfaces -- but ultimately it's handwashing that is the most important preventative step.

    "Even if there is virus in the inanimate environment, it's not going to jump off the seat and bite you in the ankle. You've got to touch it, and then touch your nose or your mouth," Schaffner explains.

    "So it's those hands we have that are the important intermediary -- and that's where I would put the emphasis. Use those wipes on your hands. That's the important thing."

    Dr Paulo Alves, who is currently attending IATA's Aviation Resilience Health workshop in Singapore -- which is working to address the overall impact of COVID-19 -- agrees with Schaffner.

    "The most effective, simple measure vacationers should implement is to wash hands frequently with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer should be used," says Alves.

    "It seems reasonable to wipe the tray table surface, where it is more likely for droplets to land after someone coughs or sneezes. Travelers should maintain good personal hygiene on board flights, before flights and after flights and avoid touching their face."

    Travel medicine specialist Richard Dawood agrees, and says this advice stretches to navigating airports too. "Remain aware of where your hands have been," he says.

    Former flight attendant Biron also expresses concern not just for passengers -- but for air crew. They're just as likely to get sick, she points out, or feel pressured to still fly while unwell.

    Airlines for America, the aviation group that represents North American carriers, says airlines are working closely with federal authorities -- and tells CNN Travel that the safety and security of passengers and crew "is -- and always will be -- the top priority of US carriers."

    "I really don't think [airlines] can do very much. They might make the wipes more available to individuals," says Schaffner.

    Airline response

    Aircraft are cleaned on the ground, between flights.

    Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    So what are airlines doing differently right now?

    Brian Parrish, spokesman for Southwest Airlines, tells CNN Travel that Southwest aircraft undergo "regular cleanings between flights and a comprehensive cleaning when aircraft are parked overnight."

    "Our cleaning program includes the disinfecting of all hard surfaces within the cabin, as well as seat and carpet cleaning," he says. "Southwest will continue to monitor and follow all guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization regarding the coronavirus and make any adjustments to our procedures, as necessary."

    Curtis Blessing, an American Airlines spokesperson, echos Parrish.

    "Our aircraft, including lavatories, are cleaned on a regular basis, and the depth of the cleaning varies depending on turn times and type of flying," he says. "Lavatories are cleaned, floors are spot cleaned and visible trash is removed from seat pockets on all flights."

    Transcontinental, Hawaii and international flights see a deeper level of cleaning, Blessing adds.

    Meanwhile, a Qantas spokesperson tells CNN Travel that the airline adopts "the highest standard in cleaning and disinfecting our cabins, seats, galleys and washrooms."

    The spokesperson also highlights the HEPA filters which are part of the air conditioning system. "These filters are used in hospital operating theaters, with air in the cabin replaced every three to five minutes. This provides much cleaner air than other public spaces like trains, restaurants, shopping centers and offices."

    Fogging is being used on all trans-Pacific Delta flights arriving into the US, with plans to expand those procedures to more inbound international flights, focusing on flights coming from places with reported coronavirus cases. Fogging has been taking place on all inbound Delta flights from Italy to New York-JFK and Atlanta since February 29.

    Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific tells CNN Travel that aircraft cabin cleaning is always carried out to "high standards" -- but some extra precautions are currently in place.

    "Out of an abundance of caution, aircraft will be taken out of service to perform extensive additional deep cleaning and supplementary disinfection when a confirmed case of coronavirus has been identified," says a Cathay Pacific spokesperson.

    "This includes the replacement of all seat covers, disinfection of all surfaces and galley equipment, detailed cleaning of the lavatories, disinfection of carpets, sterilization of the water system and replacement of air filters in addition to standard cleaning procedures."

    Cathay Pacific has also temporarily suspended hot towels, pillows, blankets, magazines and in-flight duty-free on flights to and from destinations in mainland China.

    Still, Schaffner says panicked passengers shouldn't feel they need to avoid using in-flight blankets or pillows if they are provided on their flight. There's "no good data" to support the idea they're responsible for transmission, he says.

    "It's a consideration that comes logically to the mind, but it's difficult to convince people that they're really low risk. I always come back to the intermediate vehicle [which is] your hands. Do a lot of good hand-sanitizing."

    Alves agrees, pointing out that viruses will be eliminated when blankets and pillows are washed. However, he does clarify that there are "knowledge gaps" about the COVID-19 virus and research is ongoing, so recommendations may change.

    Staying vigilant

    So if you're boarding a flight soon, stocking up on hand sanitizer is the best move. Is there anything else to be done?

    Schaffner notes that, from the passengers' point of view, the ultimate way to avoid infections on aircraft is to stay home.

    "And there will come a time perhaps -- and some of that is happening already -- where we are being urged to social distance ourselves," he says. "People are reconsidering whether they wish to fly at the moment."

    Richard Dawood stresses the important of airlines following the CDC's guidance, but he stresses that travelers should still make up their own mind on whether they should fly:

    "Perhaps the most important point to keep in mind is that not a single case of COVID-19 has yet been attributed to on-board transmission," he says.

    CNN's Katia Hetter, Channon Hodge and Marnie Hunter contributed to this report

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    What airlines are doing to sanitize planes - CNN

    Oxi Fresh Brings Green Cleaning to Central and East Texas – - March 5, 2020 by admin

    By: Oxi Fresh | 1Shares 19Reads

    March 02, 2020 // // LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, which ranks among the nations greenest and fastest-growing carpet-cleaning franchises, has announced the launch of a new location that will service the greater Central and East Texas areas.

    This new Oxi Fresh franchise will offer green cleanings to Temple, Belton, Killeen, Hutto, Bastrop, Bryan, Tyler and Longview, among others. Local owner Jarred Thomas is opening his location for business at the beginning of March.

    I was looking for an opportunity where I could work for myself and be independent, said Thomas. After learning about Oxi Fresh and meeting with corporate, I became more and more impressed by the business model. Its a perfect fit with what Im looking for and I cant wait to begin serving these communities.

    Prior to opening his Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning business, Thomas spent 26 years in the public safety industry, where he served as a director of emergency management. During his tenure as director, Thomas was responsible for directing all aspects of an emergency management program and keeping protocols in place for preparing responses to disasters. He plans to use that management experience to help his Oxi Fresh business grow.

    I think my past experience in management will greatly aid me in growing my Oxi Fresh business, stated Thomas. Oxi Fresh is an industry leading concept that utilizes innovative technology to provide a high quality clean. The brand has a proven record of success and I am excited to be part of the Oxi Fresh family.

    Oxi Fresh is one of the nations greenest carpet cleaning franchises and has over 400 locations across the United States and Canada. The brand utilizes an oxygen-powered cleaning process to provide a deep and thorough clean that dries in about an hour. Oxi Fresh uses about two gallons of water to clean a home, compared to the 40-60 gallons traditional steam cleaners use. Since 2006, the brand estimates that it has saved tens of millions of gallons of water due to its oxygenated cleaning process.

    To contact Oxi Fresh, visit:

    Through innovative products and modern technology, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers green cleanings and incredible results through a unique, low-moisture process. Oxi Fresh has been ranked in Entrepreneur magazine's Franchise 500, featured in Inc. magazine's Inc. 500|5000, and has been recognized as one of Americas Best Franchises to Buy, by Forbes magazine. Oxi Fresh has more than 400 locations throughout the United States and Canada with more locations currently in development. For more information, visit

    Charlie JonesFranchise Elevator PR(O)

    SOURCE Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning


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    Oxi Fresh Brings Green Cleaning to Central and East Texas -

    Airports take steps to prevent spread of COVID-19 – Eagle-Tribune - March 5, 2020 by admin

    With the spread of coronavirus, travelers are approaching local airports with increased trepidation.

    But for the staff at these travel hubs, with a few precautions, it's mostly business as usual.

    The new coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, has spread to more than 60 countries since originating in China. It's infectedmore than 90,000 people as of Tuesday, according to the World Health Organization. According to WHO,the virusis harder to spread than than flu but causes more severe illness. Right now there are no vaccines to prevent it.

    Health officials in communities across the country and the globe are working to contain the respiratory illness at the direction of the WHO.

    Coronavirus is spread through person-to-person contact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It can be spread through close proximity within six feet to people who are sick, through sneezing and coughing, according to the CDC.

    However, officials are optimistic about containing the spread of the virus here and globally.

    It can be contained which is why we must do everything we can to contain it, said WHOs Director-General Tedros Adhanom.

    Flights from Boston Logan International Airport to mainland China have been canceled, and other international routes have been disrupted as the virus spreads. No domestic routes have been affected at press time.

    At Boston Logan International Airport, Cathay Pacific has also limited flights to Hong Kong, according Samantha Decker, spokeswoman for Massachusetts Port Authority.

    At the airport Massport staff have been in regular contact with city, state, and federal public health officials. We are cooperating fully with those partners, including the CDC, and are prepared to provide additional support as necessary, according to a Massport statement.

    As of Tuesday, the United States has issued warnings to six international locations because of coronavirus, with advice ranging from usingcaution to avoiding nonessential travel, according to the CDCs website.

    The CDC advises Americans not to visit China, Iran, Italy or South Korea because of widespread transmission. Foreign internationals from China and Iran are also not being allowed into the United States.

    The CDC recommends that older adults or those who have chronic medical conditions consider postponing travel to Japan, which has ongoing community transmission. The CDC also urges travelers to Hong Kong to use caution, but there is only limed community transmission at this time, according to the CDC.

    According to Massport, public health officials continue to say that the risk of coronavirus in Boston is very low. Still, Logan is taking precautions at the airport to prevent the spread of the disease here.

    "We have been following proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols in our public facilities, installed additional hand sanitizer dispensers at key locations and recorded a new public service announcement to remind passengers and employees to use good health practices such as washing hands regularly, and covering coughs and sneezes, according to a statement.

    Up north at Manchester-Boston Regional airport, there are no international flights. The airports website doesnt advise of any disruptions, and there are no statements about coronavirus.

    One of the airports largest carriers, Southwest, has not suspended any scheduled flights or routes due to the coronavirus, according to a statement from the company.

    We will continue to monitor and follow all guidance from the Centers for Disease Control regarding the coronavirus and make any adjustments to our operations or procedures, as necessary, according to the statement.

    Southwest aircrafts undergo regular cleanings between flights and a comprehensive cleaning when aircrafts are parked overnight, the statement said. Our cleaning program includes the disinfecting of all hard surfaces within the cabin, as well as seat and carpet cleaning.

    As the virus changes and more people get it, local travel agent Jo Toscano said, its important people check in with the companies providing services like airlines and tours for the latest updates.

    The (traveler) should be in contact with everyone they are traveling with, she said. Its very complicated and every company is different. Every case is different be it an airline ticket or tour.

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    Airports take steps to prevent spread of COVID-19 - Eagle-Tribune

    Rent the Runway assures customers it is cleaning its clothes, amid coronavirus outbreak – CNBC - March 5, 2020 by admin

    The fitting rooms at Rent the Runway's flagship store in New York City.

    Source: Rent the Runway

    Rent the Runway is assuring its customers that its cleaning practices "are designed to kill viruses such as the common cold and flu," in the midst of a deadly outbreak of a new type of coronavirus.

    The clothing and accessories rental platform said in an email to users Wednesday afternoon that although scientific information is still developing, it has "no reason to believe" its cleaning practices are ineffective against COVID-19, which has taken at least 11 lives in the U.S.

    The company rents out women's clothing, such as dresses, blazers and denim, which is worn and then returned to be washed and worn again by other users. It also rents out accessories, like purses, and home goods, like pillows.

    Rent the Runway is telling its customers "there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted from soft surfaces like fabric or carpet," to people.

    As the coronavirus spreads, sick people are being advised to stay home. Tips to stay healthy include remembering to frequently wash your hands in hot, soapy water and to avoid touching your face.

    The outbreak is a new challenge for companies like Rent the Runway, which make up the so-called sharing economy. It may raise questions among consumers about who else has touched Rent the Runway's clothes before, and have those items been properly cleared.

    Rent the Runway explained that all of its merchandise, once returned, goes through either a wet or dry cleaning process.

    The company explained in its memo to customers: "They also go through an additional steaming process which heats items to between 248F and 302F with the exception of faux fur, select outerwear, leather and faux leather garments, which still go through our standard cleaning processes. According to the CDC, flu viruses are killed by heat above 167F. Every garment is then enclosed in plastic for protection and cleanliness, which we ask customers to return for recycling."

    The company also said all of its accessories, including handbags, sunglasses and jewelry, are cleaned with alcohol and disinfectant.

    Rent the Runway was named toCNBC's 2019 Disruptor 50 list.

    Here is the full memo sent to Rent the Runway sent customers:

    In light of developments regarding COVID-19, we want to proactively provide details and additional transparency around our cleaning processes.

    First, according to Harvard Health, there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted from soft surfaces like fabric or carpet to humans. In addition, our cleaning agents and practices are designed to kill viruses such as the common cold and flu. While scientific information is still developing, we have no reason to believe that our processes are ineffective against COVID-19.

    The teams in our fulfillment centers will continue to use a variety of techniques to ensure that each garment is thoroughly cleaned, steamed and pressed, inspected for quality, and carefully packaged so that it arrives ready to wear. All garments go through a wet or dry cleaning process. They also go through an additional steaming process which heats items to between 248F and 302F with the exception of faux fur, select outerwear, leather and faux leather garments, which still go through our standard cleaning processes. According to the CDC, flu viruses are killed by heat above 167F. Every garment is then enclosed in plastic for protection and cleanliness, which we ask customers to return for recycling.

    In addition, all of our reusable garment bags and accessories are thoroughly cleaned after every use. Sunglasses and jewelry are cleaned with alcohol, and handbags and accessories packaging are cleaned with disinfectant after they are returned to us.

    Our customers have always been our number one priority. We will continue to monitor the data and recommendations from the CDC and WHO and update our practices as needed. Please visit our FAQs for any additional questions.

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    Rent the Runway assures customers it is cleaning its clothes, amid coronavirus outbreak - CNBC

    Billy Porter speaks out on fashion choices amid criticism that men shouldn’t wear dresses: ‘These people are human, just like you’ – Yahoo… - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Billy Porter is arguably at the top of his game. After a two-decade rise as a Broadway star most notably in Angels in America and Kinky Boots (which may soon make its leap to the silver screen) hes found success as a recording artist, and as a writer and director. Porter is seemingly EGOT-bound after winning Emmy, Grammy and Tony awards, and he found his most massive fanbase to date after snagging the iconic role of Pray Tell in the FX series Pose and quickly positioning himself as a red-carpet star who could outdo anyone, whether at the Met Gala or the Oscars. Next up: Season 3 of Pose, and the role of a genderless fairy godmother in an upcoming live-action remake of Cinderella.

    Yahoo Lifestyle caught up with the star at one of his morecommercial endeavors a press event celebrating his partnership with Clorox Scentiva products for spring cleaning to chat about fashion, pushing boundaries and teaching the children.

    Billy Porter has partnered with Clorox Scentiva products for a spring cleaning campaign. (Photo: Jason DeCrow/Invision for Clorox/AP Images)

    Yahoo Lifestyle: Youve positioned yourself as a fashion icon. Why is it an important form of expression for you?

    Fashion is exciting for me because it is a form of art and creativity [to an extent] that I dont think a lot of people in the world ever realize. Im first-generation post-civil-rights movement, and we were always taught to dress for the job you want, not the one you have and that has been my lifes mantra. So I always have enjoyed fashion and enjoyed looking good. Its a surprise to me how effective it has been for me, to sort of push that narrative and crack open that conversation. But Im very grateful.

    Billy Porter at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards in February, wowing in a gown inspired by Kensington Palace. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

    Story continues

    Do you feel pressure to outdo yourself each time you hit a red carpet?

    Theres no pressure for me to one-up myself because I am being truly authentic to who I am. This is not a game. I have always been this person. If you go back and look at pictures from my youth, I have always been the person thats expressed myself through clothing. So its not a pressure, its about being present and showing up the most authentic way that I can possibly be for whatever Im doing.

    Billy Porter at the 2019 Academy Awards in his famous tuxedo gown the very one he wore on a recent guest appearance on Sesame Street. (Photo: Dan MacMedan/Getty Images)

    You showed up that way wearing your famous Oscars gown as a recent (and controversial) guest on a not-yet-aired episode of Sesame Street. Why was it important to bring that gender-bending message to the young viewers?

    Sesame Street called me and Sesame Street asked for the Oscars gown. And Im performing with a penguin, Elmo, and one of them fairies, right? Were talking about friendship. Sesame Street has always been at the forefront of teaching children the morals that their parents arent prepared to do. Its always been there. So me showing up in a dress is actually saying to the children of the world, There are people who are different. Those people are human, just like you. Thats the message, thats it. I am thrilled to be a part of that message, and thats the only thing I care about.

    Billy Porter won the 2019 Met Gala red (pink) carpet. (Photo: Karwai Tang/Getty Images)

    You also help spread that message through Pose. How has that role affected your life?

    Im so grateful to have lived long enough to see the day where my story is being told. I lived through the AIDS crisis. Im 50 years old, I know exactly what that was. So its beautiful to be a part of the retelling of that story for a generation that wasnt there to be able to live long enough to be the representation, to be the change that I never saw.

    Billy Porter with costar Indya Moore at the FX Network's "Pose" Season 2 Premiere on June 05, 2019 in New York City. (Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage)

    Weve heard rumors of a Kinky Boots movie musical. Would you be a part of that?

    Would I be a part of it? No, Im not gonna be a part of the Tony-award winning, Grammy-award winning role I created, Im going to let somebody else do that. Yes! Theyre trying to make it happen. They better hurry up, cause I aint getting no younger. [Laughs]

    So whats your message about spring cleaning?

    The one time a year that I get in the trenches and do my own cleaning is spring cleaning because thats rebirth, thats when everything blossoms again and also, the decluttering is a self-care mechanism that I landed on a few years ago and realized my brain is free when my space is decluttered. If I havent worn [something in my closet] for a year, I have to donate it. Im good about that about 80 to 85 percent of the time. It should be one year, but sometimes its three

    Finally, what we really need to know: Does Billy Porter actually clean his own toilets?

    I do not. Thats the thing I hate the most.

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    Billy Porter speaks out on fashion choices amid criticism that men shouldn't wear dresses: 'These people are human, just like you' - Yahoo...

    Birmingham Carpet Cleaning Company Discusses Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning – PR Web - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning Logo

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (PRWEB) February 27, 2020

    Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning, a Birmingham carpet cleaning company, recently discussed the benefits of professional carpet cleaning. Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning is the premiere eco-friendly carpet cleaner in the Birmingham area, providing modernized and unique services. Safe-Dry is rated five full stars by over 80 customer reviews, and strives to provide above satisfactory services.

    Using the correct ingredients is crucial in a carpet or upholstery cleaning. Old-fashioned solutions, those that contain chemicals or are soap-based, prove to be harmful instead of helpful. They soak carpets and surfaces, promoting the buildup of mold, mildew, and other damaging bacteria. At Safe-Dry, we pride ourselves with using an innovative all-natural solution. The eco-friendly mixture allows for our quick drying to finish within the hour, never leaving behind any harmful toxins. This unique solution is non-toxic to both humans and pets, posing as the best choice for any cleaning.

    Carpet cleanings should take place every 12-18 months. Utilizing the help of Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning, youre able to exceed this measure. Our technicians are trained and equipped to clean a wide variety of furniture and upholstery. Whether it's the traditional carpeting in a home to car interiors, Safe-Dry is up to the challenge. No stain or odor will be up to par. Our specialized solution targets those intense smells, such as pet odors. By penetrating the carpet down to the fibers, Safe-Dry is able to attack the problem directly at the source.

    If you are in need of an eco-friendly carpet cleaning, make sure to contact Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning. You can contact the leading environmentally friendly carpet cleaners today by calling (205)-619-6305, or by visiting their website at

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    Birmingham Carpet Cleaning Company Discusses Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning - PR Web

    Mrs Hinch super-fan says she cleans for SEVEN hours a day and get up at 6am on weekends to tidy – The Sun - March 5, 2020 by admin

    A MUM who spends seven hours-a-day cleaning says Mrs Hinch has made her proud to be a housewife.

    Amanda Knowles, 42, from Beckenham, Kent, is a stay-at-home mum to Holly, 15, Oliver, 12, and Harriett, nine.


    Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, the married mum-of-three said: "I spend a good seven hours-a-day cleaning and tidying.

    "My favourite trick on a weekend is to get up early when the kids are asleep, about 6am. That way, I can get a good three hours in before the kids are even awake.

    "I've got a carpet cleaner, so once-a-month I'll give the carpet a clean. I sound obsessive talking about it, but it is so rewarding.

    "I know it sounds like the most boring thing in the world and there are some bits I don't like, like ironing.

    "But I like pretty much all of it, just spraying things, smelling things. When the kids smell nice in the morning, I know I have done my job."


    Amanda, who works part-time as a photographer, has always loved cleaning - but says she's ramped things up since discovering Sophie Hinchliffe over a year ago.

    The cleanfluencer, who has 3.2 million followers on Instagram, has encouraged thousands of Brits to show off their homes of social media, taking cues from her glam grey Essex pad.

    Amanda said: "I've always been pretty organised but since I started following Mrs Hinch on Instagram, it's been another level. You get so much inspiration out of it.

    "She's lovely too, I've met her. Mrs Hinch has made me comfortable being a housewife.



    "I feel lucky I can spend my day preparing food, organising and labelling.

    "I'm lucky not to have to go to work and I can make sure the family have everything they need, when they need it.

    "Stuff like tidying and cleaning my bathroom, I've never enjoyed it as much as I have since following her.

    I used to say 'I'm just a housewife' but Mrs Hinch has made it trendy. I'm the lucky one because I don't have to work

    "I used to say 'I'm just a housewife' but she's made it trendy. I'm the lucky one because I don't have to work. I am always, always busy.

    "We've got quite a big house, it is five bedrooms and three bathrooms and I do it all alone.

    "I am the queen of organisation, I am a maniac. We got our kitchen done in July and I designed the whole thing.

    "It's not OCD, it's just an enjoyable hobby to have. I love, love, love it. I would live in my kitchen if I could."



    A typical weekday sees Amanda waking at 6am and making croissants for the family breakfast, before taking her youngest to school.

    Then she does a daily food shop, before coming back to start her cleaning and food prep.

    She said: "I have lists for every day, you can't do all of this in one go. I do as much of the house I can do, then prepare the suppers.

    "My family always have nice food, I spend a lot of time cooking.

    "I make everything myself, my own candles, diffusers, wax melts and plug-ins. If I can make it, I will instead of buying it."

    It's not OCD, it's just an enjoyable hobby to have. I love, love, love it

    Amanda is also training for her 10th marathon, in Brighton in April, and spends a lot of time walking her dog - a puggle.

    She said: "Every room has got pink, grey or white baskets with a label on. They're everywhere and I love it.

    "Before, if I was running late for school and wanted a hair tie, it would be like 'ahhhh!'

    "Whereas now there's a pot for everything. I've even got a school shoe shine box.

    "I've got loads of tips off Mrs Hinch, like washing make-up blenders in a sock, and washing out the machine with vinegar.

    "Some things are just common sense. Throwing Zoflora down the sink, then when you walk into your bathroom it smells lovely."



    Despite her love of tidying, Amanda insists she doesn't stop her kids enjoying their home.

    She said: "I occasionally have worried about them messing the house up, but I have to stop myself.

    "Time goes by too quickly, I think you have to look at the bigger picture.

    "They are messy in the sense they will come in and chuck their shoes or their bag, but they wouldn't spill something and not clean it up.

    "I have all day to cram and when they go to bed, especially if my husband's away, I'll carry on into the evening, until about 10pm.

    "I tell them 'leave it as you find it' when they go into certain rooms. But they are good, they don't really cause me any problems."



    Amanda says she's suffered from anxiety in the past, but cleaning and running help keep her calm.

    She said: "Some days, I'm just in a groove, then I'll go into my toilet and scrub it and make it all lovely. When I leave, I feel like I'm lifted.

    "I haven't officially got a diagnosis of anxiety, but I do get myself into a fix.


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    JUST CAN't WINWhy 'lazy' & 'stupid' attacks on Stacey Solomon prove MUMS are worst trolls

    DETTOL DIPMum-of-two has a DETTOL bath once a week and gives her son, 8, one

    "Before a run, I would get myself into such a pickle I would not even want to go.

    "I worry about the kids when they're not home too, I do worry about things I can't control."

    We recently revealed how The Range is selling cupboard organisers Stacey Solomon uses to store her crisps for just 1.99.

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    Mrs Hinch super-fan says she cleans for SEVEN hours a day and get up at 6am on weekends to tidy - The Sun

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