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    Midland business celebrates 40 years – Midland Daily News - December 5, 2019 by admin

    All Seasons Heating, Cooling and Insulation has been a local staple since 1979

    By Ashley Schafer,

    A thank you note hangs on a corkboard inside All Seasons Heating, Cooling and Insulation Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 1819 E. Airport Road in Midland. (Katy Kildee/

    A thank you note hangs on a corkboard inside All Seasons Heating, Cooling and Insulation Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 1819 E. Airport Road in Midland. (Katy Kildee/

    A thank you note hangs on a corkboard inside All Seasons Heating, Cooling and Insulation Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 1819 E. Airport Road in Midland. (Katy Kildee/

    A thank you note hangs on a corkboard inside All Seasons Heating, Cooling and Insulation Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 1819 E. Airport Road in Midland. (Katy Kildee/

    Midland business celebrates 40 years

    When a homeowner wakes up to an uncomfortable atmosphere too hot or too cold they might find themselves calling in outside help to fix their furnace or repair their A/C unit.

    Already in a sour mood, the homeowner is put at ease after a call to All Seasons Heating, Cooling and Insulation, where the dispatcher assures them someone will be on their way soon.

    Upon arrival, the technician makes sure to update the homeowner throughout the process in clear, understandable terms, alleviating any concerns they might have.

    Once the technician finishes his or her work and has left, the homeowner thinks of several more questions, but is easily able to call the dispatcher and have them answered, or have any other follow-up problems fixed right away.

    Even then, they are reassured by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    According to All Seasons co-owners Paul and Mark Kohtz, this is the routine they strive for within their HVAC services business, which is celebrating 40 years.

    Founded by their father, Jeff Kohtz, All Seasons has been a staple in Midland since 1979. Jeff started the business out of his home, where he and his wife ran the operation, eventually adding a couple employees.

    When we were still at home, after about the second year in business, (my wife) went down to the tax guy to have help setting up the books the guy says it really dont matter; youre not going to make it here anyway. Most businesses fail within the first five years. That was real encouraging for us, Jeff said jokingly, and noted they switched accountants after that.

    However, the Kohtz's operated All Seasons with a certain philosophy, which has proved to keep the business going.

    We always wanted to take care of the customer. You know, when a customer lets you in their house theyre really trusting you to be in their home so theyve got to trust you, what youre going to do to their home, how youre going to treat it, he said. So, obviously, being in business, if youre going to keep growing, youve got to treat the people right. If you havent, youre going to lose that customer and theyre going to tell their friends.

    Then, in the late 90s, All Seasons moved outside of the Kohtzs home to 1819 Airport Road, where it is still located today. In 2011, Jeffs sons, Mark and Paul, took over, making it a generational, family business.

    We did not necessarily plan to take over I went to school in business and ventured out into the world a little bit and a few years later, I came back to rejoin up with the family and the business, Paul said. Mark had some other plans when he was younger as well, but we both found our way back here. We both just really enjoyed the atmosphere of a family business.

    Since taking over, Paul and Mark have focused on becoming an expert in servicing homeowners in their residences. They said theyve dabbled in construction work, but have since strayed away from doing anything other than home visits.

    We havent really expanded our territory at all, were just real focused on doing real good at what we do here locally in Midland, Paul said. Our focus is just always keep our employees busy so we dont have to dabble into things that were not experts on.

    In addition, Paul said they treat all of their customers like family giving every person the same recommendations they would give their own grandmother.

    The family-like treatment doesnt end with the customers, however. Paul and Mark said they strive to make All Seasons a desirable place to work for all their employees, which has grown to 17 people since they took over.

    Each of our customers we have is very important and every person that works with us is very important too because theyve got families and dreams and aspirations, and we just want to be able to help them grow too, Mark said. So, thats part of us growing, is them growing with us.

    Looking to the future of All Seasons Heating, Cooling and Insulation, the Kohtzs said they want to continue growing the business but want to keep their services local. They will also continue to give back to the community, which they do by donating to Toys for Tots, American Legion and the Reese Endeavor of Midland.

    Its nice to give back to the community thats been good to you too, Jeff said.

    To learn more about All Seasons, visit

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    Midland business celebrates 40 years - Midland Daily News

    Waste heat reuse and CO2-neutral energy supply concept among winners of German energy efficiency awards – Envirotec - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Investments in climate protection and energy efficiency are worthwhile, even from an economic point of view a verdict that appears amply demonstrated by the winners of the four categories of this years Energy Efficiency Award, an annual prize presented by the German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur, or dena) to companies that pursue innovative and highly successful ways of reducing energy consumption and harmful emissions. The award endows a total of EUR 30,000 in prizes.

    The following have been recognised for their achievements:

    Energy efficiency and climate protection do not come for free. But those who invest intelligently create advantages for their company and their environment, said Andreas Kuhlmann, Chief Executive of dena, at the award ceremony during the dena Energy Efficiency Congress in Berlin. Climate-friendly business models work and also contribute to an integrated energy transition, added Andreas Kuhlmann.

    The successful projects that received the Energy Efficiency Award show that companies are taking responsibility for a carbon-neutral future. Climate protection and economic activity are not mutually exclusive, said Andreas Feicht, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, at the award ceremony.

    In all, 142 projects were entered for the Energy Efficiency Award this year: 108 entries came from Germany and a further 34 from European or international regions. The award is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and supported by premium partners, Danfoss and KfW.

    Complete information on the competition can be found at Further information about the dena Energy Efficiency Congress is available at

    Further details about the winners in specific categories are included below:

    Competition category: Energy Transition 2.0

    Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH and Orcan Energy AGThe family firm, Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH, extracts and refines clay and other raw materials for the ceramic and clay processing industry in Groheirath (Bavaria). After successfully implementing its initial energy efficiency measures, the company then pursued the objective of extending the waste heat usage already achieved, but limited to production, to its firing processes. It focused on two rotary kilns used for firing clay. The aim was to harness waste heat from the resulting high exhaust temperatures, with as few changes as possible to the existing process.

    Its collaboration with Orcan Energy AG provided a suitable solution. This company, specialising in ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) equipment, planned and implemented the ORC module. Due to its flexible behaviour, the module can react to fluctuating amounts of heat within seconds and is also highly efficient when converting heat into electricity at part load. The ORC module also features a second high temperature circuit, thereby enabling it to generate higher temperatures in the waste heat flow.

    Integrating the ORC equipment into the existing rotary kiln system posed a technical challenge for the project. As a result, an additional exhaust gas heat exchanger (EGHE) had to be used for the exhaust gas flow from kilns 1 and 2. High dust content in the exhaust gas exacerbated the situation. The final solution involved an exhaust gas heat exchanger specially designed for this application. Its operation facilitated the ORC solution and reduced the utilisation factor of the suction fan, saving a further 15 kW of energy. The savings achieved are verified by an integrated control unit that continuously measures the generated electrical output.

    Energy efficiency measures

    ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) equipment to convert waste heat into electricity.Installation of a special heat exchanger for exhaust gas with high dust contentDust/ash separation and pipeline construction

    Successful savings:

    Reduction in electricity consumption: 304,000 kWh/yearReduction in CO2: 181 t/year

    Energy efficiency competition category: from clever to digital

    Ostsee-Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG and Energieberatung MV / consultant engineers for physical process engineering

    Ostsee-Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Madsack Media Group and publishes its eponymous regional daily paper in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In early 2017, the printing plant experienced technical problems with the cold water circuit for its printing press, prompting it to take a detailed look at the entire cooling process. Ostsee-Zeitung relied on external support from Energieberatung MV. The consultant engineers who specialise in physical process engineering, had already successfully implemented systematic optimisation and heat transfer measures for the publishing house in the past.

    An analysis of the thermal and electrical load measurements concluded that the cooling process was clearly over-dimensioned, so that the equipment could not be meaningfully operated, either in terms of demand or energy efficiency. It became clear that the existing supply pressure and water volume flow were not actually needed. The necessary cold water parameters, relatively high at around 22 C, also revealed considerable potential for using free cooling. The cooling process for the printing press was subsequently redesigned and optimised, to allow free cooling to be retrofitted. For this purpose, a new, external dry cooler and water-glycol circuit were connected to the water circuit of the existing process cooling via a plate heat exchanger.

    The new cooling circuit, consisting of free and mechanical cooling, is integrated and regulated in such a way that the printer is cooled using minimal electric power for fans and pumps whilst simultaneously improving the process reliability. By adjusting the working temperature of the cooling water to around 23 C, free cooling can perform the entire cooling process up to an outside temperature of around 19 C. Free cooling is used for around 7,500 operating hours per year. If the outside temperature exceeds a specified value (cooling limit), free cooling is disabled. Cooling then takes place as a combination of free cooling and a mechanical cooling unit. The success of this measure has been verified via the building management system. Ostsee-Zeitung therefore saves 105,000 kWh of electricity and 59 tonnes of CO2 per year.

    Energy efficiency measures

    Optimisation of cooling during the printing processRetrofitting free cooling in addition to the existing cooling unit

    Successful savings:

    Reduction in electricity consumption: 105,000 kWh/yearReduction in CO2: 59 t/year

    Competition category: energy services and energy management

    EnergieDienstleistungsGesellschaft Rheinhessen-Nahe GmbH

    In 2018, EnergieDienstleistungsGesellschaft Rheinhessen-Nahe mbH (EDG) took over an outdated, over-sized heating plant at Hahn Airport, which also supplied the Rhineland-Palatinate Police Academy and other buildings. The dilapidated infrastructure required extensive refurbishment, which is why EDG planned and independently implemented comprehensive modernisation measures. The heating plant responsible for energy production, with its outdated, oversized equipment, was refurbished while reducing heat generation performance by 60%. The associated, equally oversized and dilapidated district heating network was also completely renewed, taking account of energy efficiency aspects with regard to network parameters (reducing system temperatures, halving the volume flow in favour of lower return flow temperatures, optimising the differential pressure). Waste heat from a neighbouring biogas plant was integrated into the new local heating network via a CHP station.

    All the heat generation and distribution equipment was remotely interlinked via an energy management system and can now be continually monitored and controlled via EDGs central remote monitoring. All the consumption and efficiency-relevant data is digitally measured, recorded as 1/4-hourly values and graphically displayed, thereby enabling constantly optimised plant operation in line with efficiency and commercial criteria.

    The owners of all the buildings connected to the local heating network were also involved. Efficiency measures were therefore discussed and implemented, thereby facilitating an energy efficiency network. These include the conversion of injection-type ventilation systems to mixing-type systems, installation of appropriate thermostats, optimised, energy-efficient hot water supply using intelligent control technology, taking account of hygienic aspects, and the hydraulic balancing of heat consumers. This local heating network is a practical, transferable example of the optimisation of district heating networks in combination with the optimisation of consumers heating needs. As well as the traditional modernisation of heating networks, it also focuses on optimising consumers heating needs, in particular.

    Energy efficiency measures

    Modernisation and energy-efficient optimisation of the local heating networkFeed-in of renewable heat from a biogas plant with CHPReturn flow temperature-limiting measures at consumers properties to reduce the network temperatureCentral remote monitoring

    Successful savings:

    Reduction in heat consumption: 3,000 MWh/yearReduction in CO2: 2,440 t/year

    Audience Award concepts for improving energy efficiency

    GETEC heat & power GmbH and Clariant AG

    The Swiss chemical group, Clariant, is currently building a bioethanol plant at its Romanian factory in Podari. In future, bioethanol will be produced here from residual agricultural materials such as wheat straw, for example.

    The energy service provider, GETEC, developed a CO2-neutral energy supply concept for the factory. This uses lignin, the residual material arising from the bioethanol production process, as an energy source. This lignin is combusted in a fluidised bed boiler, turning it into an energy source. The use of a back-pressure steam turbine (8.5 MWel) provides the plant with a CO2-neutral supply of steam and electricity.

    GETEC is therefore providing all the services, from concept development, through planning, funding and construction, to operation, maintenance and repair. According to the latest plans, the project will be fully implemented by the end of 2021.

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    Waste heat reuse and CO2-neutral energy supply concept among winners of German energy efficiency awards - Envirotec

    Heating and Air Conditioning Repair – Service Champions - May 29, 2019 by admin

    A past due heating and air conditioning repair can get expensive. Thats why homeowners should get ac repairs done as soon as possible.

    If you procrastinate on heating and air conditioning repairs, you can expect:

    Avoid central air problems from costing too much. Get those heating and air conditioning repairs done now. To start, here are two heating and air conditioning repairs to schedule.

    Blower motors help move air in and out of the house and furnace. Without them, air stands still, inside the home and inside the air ducts. Either way, without functioning blower motors, homeowners never feel the temperature of their air change even if the rest of the furnace system works just fine.

    There are several reasons why blower motors become dysfunctional.

    Blower motors are a simple but necessary heating and air conditioning repair.

    Since the rest of the central air system is fine, the thermostat continues to prompt heating and air conditioning. However, because air cannot move without the blower motor, the system fires up for nothing.

    This causes problems like:

    Schedule your heating and air conditioning repair for the blower motor to get your home back to normal.

    Heating and air conditioning repairs for the condenser unit are essential. Fortunately, homeowners can tell right away if a repair is needed.

    You might hear funny noises coming from the condenser unit. Or, you might see your air conditioning performance take a dip. Because the condenser unit is crucial to the air conditioning process, anything wrong with air conditioning itself usually points back here.

    Depending on the specific issue, you have heating and air conditioning repairs for:

    To remedy this and to avoid heating and air conditioning repairs, homeowners are encouraged to clean the condenser unit from time to time. Especially in the wintertime when air conditioning is idle, plenty of debris and other issues accumulate.

    Problematic evaporator coils lead to so many time-consuming issues. Why do evaporator coils need heating and air conditioning repair?

    When airflow passes over the evaporator coils, tiny particles like dust and bacteria stick onto the coils. Over time, thousands of particles collect and coat the evaporator coils. As air continues to flow over them with each cycle, particles add on and break off, entering into the home air supply. This results in very low indoor air quality filled with pathogens, particles and other microorganisms.

    In addition, frozen evaporator coils result in mediocre air conditioning. So while the thermostat might read 77 degrees, home air gets nowhere close.

    Frozen evaporator coils require heating and air conditioning repair by a professional technician. He or she has the tools necessary to carefully and properly remove buildup and growth without damaging the coils.

    What is the easiest way to save the cost of heating and air conditioning repairs? Regular HVAC maintenance.

    With regular HVAC maintenance, homeowners have:

    Just needed twice a year, homeowners can avoid 90 percent of heating and air conditioning repairs with HVAC maintenance.

    Whether new or old, there are some facts homeowners should all know about their heating and air conditioning.

    Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know much. In fact, the majority does not even know the benefits of heating maintenance or air conditioning maintenance. They put off repairs and work the system until it is beyond repair, even if it young.

    Knowing just a few things about the heating and air conditioning system helps. It helps the system last longer, and work better and smarter for your home.

    Energy loss becomes a serious issue for homeowners. Typically, this has more to do with the home than the heating and air conditioning itself. Yet, there are still some places and reasons why energy loss would happen within the heating and air conditioning system.

    It may be that:

    If heating and air conditioning doesnt feel as warm or cool as youd like, it could be related to more than just heat loss. There may be issues with the refrigerant or the compressor. However, heat loss generally links backs to the home rather than the heating and air conditioning system.

    When the home is poorly insulated, heat escapes with every opportunity. This includes windows, doors, floors, walls and the roof. Proper insulation is vital to reducing heat loss. Homeowners unwilling to insulate their homes can use other tricks to help, but nothing will replace actual insulation.

    If you experienced significant heat loss or energy loss, consult your preferred HVAC contractor. He or she will evaluate your home as well as the heating and air conditioning system to locate the issue.

    With heating and air conditioning comes condensation. To keep water from pooling, the condensate line and drain pan are in place to safely remove excess water away from the system. However, there are many places where water can stick. Most commonly, this is the box of evaporator coils.

    The evaporator coils are essential to the cooling process. Warm indoor air directly flows over these cool coils. As a heat transfer takes place, water results. In addition, with the air supply comes particles that stick to the wet coils. Over time, this buildup develops into microbiological growth.

    It is also possible for the evaporator coils to freeze. This happens when there is not enough air inside the heating and air conditioning system for a leveled heat transfer. To repair frozen coils, the heating and air conditioning must be turned off. As the ice melts off the evaporator coils, your preferred HVAC technician cleans the coil box.

    To minimize chances for freezing and microbiological growth, homeowners should replace the air filter regularly. This prevents limited airflow into the heating and air conditioning system. It also helps clean the air of bacteria and particles, keeping the system clean.

    While the heating and air conditioning may require care, there is so much it can do to elevate the home. With HVAC technology what it is today, homeowners can rely on their central air system for more than just heating and air conditioning.

    Depending on your lifestyle goals and preferences, HVAC contractors outfit your heating and air conditioning system to serve you better.

    Problem Solution

    Just ask what your HVAC contractor can do to make your home better. He or she has creative solutions that will deliver.

    The thermostat plays a key role in heating and air conditioning. It is the only connection homeowners have with their heating and air conditioning systems.

    With proper and full thermostat use, homeowners:

    In addition, homeowners avoid issues like:

    Essentially, the thermostat is the remote that controls heating and air conditioning system. Depending on the thermostat in use, homeowners have the ability to do different things with the air and home.

    There are many different types of thermostats available.

    Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to customize temperature control, timers and schedules. They allow homeowners easy access to different settings and air preferences at the touch of a button.

    Smart thermostats often connect to mobile devices and offer additional metrics to measure home temperature, outdoor temperature, weather forecast, energy spending and more. Typically, smart thermostats are completely digital and feature touchscreens.

    In the HVAC industry, there are so many new devices designed to simplify and maximize heating and air conditioning. Smart learning thermostats are among them. Most notably, Nest Protect is a smart home device that works as a heating and air conditioning thermostat, nightlight and smoke detector.

    The most attractive feature of smart learning thermostats like the Nest Protect is that it programs for you. Learning thermostats record and learn your preferences with heating and air conditioning. With enough data, these thermostats then automate preferences into patterns so you never think twice about it.

    The thermostat is also a thermometer. If properly installed in the home, it accurately reads the temperature in the home. This information is vital. Depending on the change in temperature, the thermostat signals for more heating and air conditioning and frequency of cycles.

    To ensure that your thermostat can properly read the temperature in the home:

    Many homeowners do not realize just how useful the thermostat is at saving money used for heating and air conditioning. Programmable and smart thermostat offers ultra-customization and control over heat cycles, timing, temperature and more.

    By utilizing these features, homeowners reduce their energy bills while enjoying personalized heating and air conditioning.

    Some easy tips to use the thermostat:

    Homeowners who care for their thermostats see a definite difference in their heating and air conditioning. With accurate readings and proper communication channels available, heating and air conditioning is consistent, reliable and accurate.

    What should homeowners do to care for their thermostats from home?

    Maintenance is the simplest and most holistic approach to caring for and preserving heating and air conditioning. In addition, your technician helps you use the thermostat in the most efficient manner for your changing home and furnace.

    Most homeowners forget about their heating and air conditioning until the minute they need it. Typically, in between major seasons, there is little that we do for heating and air conditioning systems.

    As a result, we turn on the air conditioning and heating to find:

    What is it that causes these issues? What common mistakes do homeowners make that jeopardize their heating and air conditioning systems?

    The air filter is used for both heating and air conditioning processes. The primary responsibility of the air filter is to remove particles and germs from indoor air. This keeps home air clean, but it also protects the heating and air conditioning system from harmful buildup.

    All the air in the home must pass through the air filter before moving on to heating and air conditioning. Every time the heating and air conditioning runs a cycle, home air moves through the air filter, which catches particles like:

    When the air filter grows full, less air makes it through the heating and air conditioning system.

    This causes:

    A dirty air filter also means that the internal parts of the heating and air conditioning system are left vulnerable to harmful buildup.

    Buildup may not sound like much trouble, but it is the cause of expensive repairs and permanent damages if left untreated.

    Just how bad can buildup get?

    Any or all of these issues can cause all heating and air conditioning to stop working altogether.

    How can homeowners keep buildup from damaging heating and air conditioning? Choose heating and air conditioning maintenance.

    Heating and air conditioning maintenance saves homeowners thousands of dollars in potential repairs. In fact, heating and air conditioning maintenance prevents 90 percent of all expensive repairs and permanent damages.

    Heating and air conditioning maintenance is encouraged every six months, or twice a year. This gives your HVAC contractors the chance to thoroughly evaluate and care for your heating and air conditioning systems.

    With heating and air conditioning maintenance, homeowners:

    When homeowners skip out on necessary heating and air conditioning repairs, they take huge risks. They risk their time, money and home comfort. In most cases, heating and air conditioning repairs would have been quick and painless. Instead, as problems fester, the damages spread leading to what homeowners wanted to avoid in the first place.

    Homeowners then deal with expensive and time-consuming heating and air conditioning repairs.

    If you suspect a heating and air conditioning repair, call your contractors as soon as you can. Immediate attention will always save time and money. It restores your heating and air conditioning for optimal home comfort.

    What are the heating and air conditioning repairs you absolutely should not ignore?

    If you experience any discomfort with your heating and air conditioning, contact your HVAC contractor for help.

    A healthy heating & air conditioning system hits the all the marks. HVAC technicians can tell with a quick examination if the central air has been cared for or not. To see if your heating & air conditioning needs maintenance service, answer these quick questions.

    The air filter to the heating & air conditioning is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, homeowners are too surprised to learn that it does more than just keep home air clean.

    An air filter is responsible for:

    Healthy heating & air conditioning systems have the air filter changed at least twice a year.

    When the air filter is full and old, it creates many issues. Homeowners have dirty air, higher energy spending and parts of the heating & air conditioning start to fall apart.

    Funny noises from the heating & air conditioning system can signal underlying issues. Screws, nuts and bolts may have detached. Parts may have unraveled or come undone. There are many possibilities, but they all point toward much needed maintenance.

    A healthy heating & air conditioning system runs smoothly without any loud or unusual noises. This is because parts are secured and primed for reliable operation.

    If your heating & air conditioning system produces abnormal noises, consult your technician about making repairs. Ignoring these signs can lead to more serious problems and expensive service costs.

    Take strange noises as a reminder to care of the heating & air conditioning system. Make healthy habits regular habits and enjoy superior heating & air conditioning at home.

    Unusual odors are a strong indication that the heating & air conditioning needs maintenance.

    Odors result from several causes:

    Heating & air conditioning systems working with any of these conditions fight an uphill battle. It is likely that they lack energy efficiency, reliability and even safety. To restore the health of your heating & air conditioning system, rely on the help of your HVAC technicians.

    Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Homeowners trust us for healthy central air systems.

    Service Champions experts are wholly equipped for any heating & air conditioning system. We lead in heating & air conditioning maintenance, repairs and installations.

    Get your heating & air conditioning healthy and have a better home. Select Service Champions for heating & air conditioning maintenance. Complete the form below or speak to our call center representatives to meet your specialist.

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    Heating and Air Conditioning Repair - Service Champions

    AC Repair Fort Smith – HVAC Heating & Cooling Services - May 4, 2019 by admin

    Full-Service Solutions For Your Home

    We have been serving homeowners throughout Ft. Smith and surrounding areas since 1995. No matter what you need, we have the solution for you. From installation to repair to maintenance, we are ready to provide you with the answer to your particular problem. We can even help you design and install your new Trane heating and cooling system for maximum comfort and efficiency to help you enjoy healthier and cleaner indoor air.

    You can count on us to provide a truly personalized approach. One size does not fit all when it comes to your HVAC equipment. This is why our team works with you to deliver customized solutions that meet your specific needs and preferences. We provide comprehensive assessments of your HVAC equipment before starting any work, which allows us to determine the most cost-efficient solution for you.

    If you need to install a new heating or cooling system, we provide an in-home analysis that includes a heat gain-heat loss load calculation that will help you choose the system that best meets your homes requirements.

    Quality HVAC solutions shouldnt have to break the bank. We provide seasonal deals and specials here. Just print out and present to your technician upon their arrival. We update our offers periodically, so check back often for new ways to save.

    See the original post here:
    AC Repair Fort Smith - HVAC Heating & Cooling Services

    AC Repair Clermont, FL & Doctor Phillips, FL, Heating … - April 21, 2019 by admin

    Review by Rachel H. in Altamonte Springs, FL

    Comments: Rob is AWESOME!!!! Called right away and came within an hour. Fixed my unit in about 10 minutes. Will HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rob to others! Excellent service and very knowledgeable, not expensive.

    Comments: I was very happy with the service and will definitely call them again if I need my air conditioner worked on in the future.

    Comments: Reliable, Quick, Accurate, Honest and Affordable Service!!! These guys are GREAT! I was so happy with them that I signed up for the yearly maintenance service!

    Comments: Very honest man. Gave good advise and felt like he respects his customers. Keep up the good work. Thanks

    Comments: Global Cooling is an outstanding & honest company. They came to our home in a timely manner to take care of the issue. We had a repair co. come out prior to Global coming out & was told that I needed a new blower that I didnt need. I was quoted from them & other repair companies between $1000-$1300. I explained what the issue was Mr. Mafes(owner) knew right away what the issue was. It was so much simpler than what I was told & cheaper! We also had additional repairs & still was cheaper for the total repair than what I was quoted for one issue. I am very pleased w/ Global Cooling & will use them in the future! Thank you!!!!

    Comments: Another company told us we needed to replace both ac units. We asked Global to provide a second estimate and they explained that our units did not have to be replaced and they simply needed to be maintenanced. Both units have been working flawlessly since. They are very honest and professional.

    Comments: I called 3 other AC repair services and got no response. When I called Global they set me up for a same-day appointment. The repairman called before arriving and, later, arrived when he said he would. He found out what the problem was, advised me on what I could do in the way of preventive maintenance, and the fees were very competitive.

    Comments: Great service and a fair price. Jon their tech was top notch and took his time to listen to my issues with my A/C. Hopefully I will not need their services down the road. But if I do I would not hesitate to call them first. I would recommend Global as the #1 in service and price compared to the rest of the A/C Service companys here on Orlando.

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    AC Repair Clermont, FL & Doctor Phillips, FL, Heating ...

    Valley Air Repair The heating & cooling experts - April 21, 2019 by admin

    To start, our founder believed that unpublicized word of mouth was the best way to grow and strengthen a business and create loyalty among customers, not through expensive advertising. This proved true, VAR continued strong through tragedy and hardships of our economy.VAR currently boasts over 30 service vehicles and has 56 employees.

    Unlike many companies, our staff has never been driven by heavy commissions, rather their passion for wanting to do their job well. We do not employ the best salesman, we employ caring, honest, trained people who offer the best advice and service to help accomplish our customers goals. For this reason, customers know they can trust our recommendations is that of integrity.

    VARs commitment to experience, offers a diverse management team that carries no less than 20 years experience in each of their field of expertise and the owners no less than 28 years, Steve James with 33 years of experience in mechanical systems.

    VARs area of expertise is commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, ducting, sheet metal, plumbing, energy management systems, mechanical systems, cogeneration, indoor air quality, zoning, title 24, compliance service, consulting and many more. All of our services are offered for new construction, replacement, remodel or retrofit. VAR is well equipped holding six contractors license, which allows us to keep the work being performed in-house.

    Valley Air Repair The heating & cooling experts

    M&M Heating and Cooling – Air Conditioning Repair Ohio … - March 27, 2019 by admin

    M&M Heating and Cooling is the leader in residential and commercial heating and air conditioning in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. Our professional technicians and staff are experts in keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Customer Service is TOP PRIORITY, so whether you need emergency service or preventative maintenance, you can count on M&M Heating and Cooling.

    With over 30 years of experience working with residential and commercial heating and cooling systems, M & M services on all brands of gas and electric forced air furnaces, air conditioners and geothermal systems. If it is determined that your best option in a new system, we are able to install furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, tankless hot water systems. M & M only offers equipment from the finest manufacturers in the industry such as Trane, Amana, Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, Tappan, York, Aprilaire, and Navien.

    With approved credit, we also offer financing on new residential installations.

    Commercially, M & M Heating and Cooling has been involved with some of the largest projects in the region. If you are looking for a quote on a new installation, or a maintenance contract, call M & M Heating and Cooling and one of our experience estimators will meet with you and provide a written estimate.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Service Areas include communities in Ohio and Michigan such as

    Toledo Maumee Perrysburg RossfordNorthwood Oregon Luckey WatervilleWhitehouse Swanton Sylvania Bowling GreenLambertville Monroe Temperance

    Excerpt from:
    M&M Heating and Cooling - Air Conditioning Repair Ohio ...

    Affordable Heating and Cooling | Service, Repair | Windsor … - March 27, 2019 by admin

    On a personal note, had my furnace die on the coldest afternoon of the year. Woke up to a very cold house and with 5 pets in my house had to work quick with a solution. Because of coaching, meeting parents, I knew one of our players parents was an owner of a Heating and Cooling company. Ryan Fauteuxs dad owns Affordable Heating and Cooling. Got the # out of my baseball book and called. He had just walked in doors from holidays, but put me at ease right away, jumped up and brought over two industrial heaters to keep my house warm and pipes from freezing. Took a quick look, talked options, because of age of furnace, went replacement. He adjusted busy schedule to fit me in the very next morning for installation, gave me excellent payment options. Did my research, he gave me a great high efficiency furnace at a great price. Installers super professional and informative. I highly recommend Affordable H & C and Mark Fauteux for any furnace or A/C needs.

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    Affordable Heating and Cooling | Service, Repair | Windsor ...

    Superior Heating and Ventilating, Inc | Home - March 6, 2019 by admin

    Family owned, Superior Heating and Ventilating Inc. prioritizes customer service. When you call on us, youre always greeted with a friendly and knowledgeable response. We immediately focus our considerable resources on swift resolution of your needs, and through a wide range of comprehensive services, no challenge is too pressing or complex.

    As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our team is licensed, certified, and trained to exacting standards. We are held to strict criteria for business management, and remain current with advancements in technology and procedures. Whether youre looking to install new, update old, maintain or repair a furnace, boiler, air conditioner, split system, or commercial HVAC unit, Superior Heating and Ventilating Inc. is the right choice for ongoing satisfaction. Let our family take good care of yours, and rest assured, were always here when you need us, providing 24/7 Emergency Service across Barrington IL, Libertyville IL, Schaumburg IL, Elgin IL, Palatine IL, Gilberts, IL.

    Keeping families safe and comfortable since 1977, Superior Heating and Ventilating Inc. is your trusted choice for residential and commercial services across Greater Chicago Suburbs. Along with reliable temperature control and effective air quality improvement, we offer custom flashing design/installation and gutter service, replacement, and installation. For all projects, we protect the value of your investment with quality products and materials, skilled workmanship, and sustainable solutions. Count on us for prompt scheduling, punctual arrival and neat and tidy job sites. At Superior Heating and Ventilating Inc., we individualize service, targeting your exact requirements and answering with results that meet your highest expectations.

    Superior Heating and Ventilating, Inc | Home

    AC Maintenance, Heating & Cooling, Air Conditioning Repair … - January 31, 2019 by admin

    Your comfort is our goal.

    Kron & West Air Conditioning is committed to 100% customer satisfaction in St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas. Your Comfort Is Our Goal. Providing a wide range of residential and light commercial services, including installation, essential maintenance, and prompt repair, we handle everything from heating, cooling, and air quality equipment to WiFi thermostats, zoning, ductwork, and ventilation. We make sure every aspect and component of your year round temperature control is working to peak efficiency, capacity, and convenience.

    Dont just take our word for it! Listen to what our customers have to say:

    Always service with a smile. They worked on my parents unit, very good service.

    Rich M.

    Our team of state certified, fully licensed and insured professionals are available to serve your best interests 24/7 and provide quick response throughout South Pasadena, St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Gulfport, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, Redington Beach, Tierra Verde & Pinellas Park, FL. Call Kron & West Air Conditioning at (727) 345-0317 for unmatched rewards and value.

    Kron & West Air Conditioning

    April 5, 2018


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