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    J & J Services is Making Their Solutions Affordable To All – Press Release – Digital Journal - February 14, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    J & J Services is a leading provider of cooling and heating solutions. Alongside their commitment to delivering high-quality results in their work, the company also commits to offering affordable solutions. That is why they have highlighted how they make this possible in a post on their website.

    Galt, CA - In a recent post, J & J Services - Galt HVAC Company, a world-class Galt Furnace Repair, has affirmed their commitment to delivering affordable services in the repair and installations. The company maintained that they understand that installing a new AC or heater can be a burdensome expense for many families.

    They made it open how affordability is important to them while striving to ensure that every family can get the heating and cooling services they need regardless of financial background. As a consequence, they offer convenient financing options for new installations and extensive repair services. To ensure the success of this, their Sacramento County heating and cooling team are happy to help clients review each option to determine which best suits their needs and budget.

    This reputed Galt AC Company partners with various finance providers to make the clients work more comfortable. For the record, they work closely with lenders like Ygrene, The Hero Program, and Synchrony, all of which are ready to help and make each homeowner or business owner realize their dreams.

    About J & J Services

    Since 2000, J & J Heating & Air has provided heater and air conditioner services to families and businesses in Northern California. Today, with over 18 years of experience in the HVAC industry, their team can provide expert repairs, installations, and maintenance services throughout Sacramento County, San Joaquin County, and the surrounding areas.

    Media ContactCompany Name: J & J ServicesContact Person: Ryan KerbyEmail: Send EmailPhone: 209-744-8114Address:10020 New Hope Road City: GaltState: CACountry: United StatesWebsite:

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    J & J Services is Making Their Solutions Affordable To All - Press Release - Digital Journal

    San Diego AC Repair Company Lists the Impressive Numbers of Steps They Perform When Doing Air Conditioning Tune-Ups – Press Release – Digital Journal - February 14, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air wants to remind people that spring comes sooner to the San Diego area than many other areas of the country. This means it's time for their customers and others to start thinking about scheduling an AC tune-up. The company considers this an essential service that should be performed yearly before the start of the busy air conditioner use season. It will help their customers not only save 5%-15% on average on their home or business cooling bills each year but may also help customers avoid a costly AC repair. The latter fact is made possible because of the impressive number of steps this company performs when doing air conditioning tune-ups.

    A representative of the company, Scott Bergen, says, We offer what many consider to be the most thorough AC tune-up service that can be found in San Diego and the surrounding communities. This service includes a lengthy list of steps that we do because we know how important it is to get an air conditioning unit to run properly throughout the entire cooling season. Many times, when we do these important tune-ups we also identify and correct small AC problems before they become bigger and more costly ones down the road. Thats why the importance of getting an AC tune-up done every year cannot be overstated.

    Benton went on to say that when a customer calls to schedule an AC tune-up, they will remind them to make sure the area around the outside air conditioning condenser has nothing stacked around it or tall weeds growing next to it. This is because air needs to flow freely to the condenser for an air conditioner to work efficiently. The very first step their service techs do when commencing with an AC tune-up is performing a visual inspection of the unit. This will identify any potential problems before they even turn the unit on. He added that if the visual inspection turns out ok, they will next clean the unit. This is an especially critical step for electrical parts that make contact with each other and condensers and coil units that may have debris that has accumulated on them from the previous years use. Only after this is done will the Tarpy Heating and Air tech turn the unit on to test it. The company representative stated that during this phase of the tune-up process they will make sure that all of the control components are working correctly and they will also listen for any noises and look for vibrations that indicate there may be a problem with the air conditioning unit.

    According to Benton, if all of this checks out, they will then move on to more specific AC tune-up steps. This includes lubricating the oft running air circulating blower and condenser fan motor. He mentioned that their tech will also flush the system and Clean the condensate drain lines. One of the other very important tasks that they do during an air conditioning tune-up is testing the refrigerant level. This is because the refrigerant level directly impacts an AC unit's operating efficiency. The company representative says other steps they perform during this important tune-up include checking the pumps and testing the evaporator and heat exchanger. The techs will also not forget to inspect the units electrical wiring, check safety sensors, and replace the systems air filters. Lastly, he stated they will test the system again and make any adjustments that are necessary for it to run at peak operating efficiency.

    If one of their techs does find a problem when doing an AC tune-up, they are also the right company to make the repair. According to Benton, their air conditioning techs are some of the most well-trained and experienced in the area. They can even handle complicated refrigerant leaks and electrical system repairs. Before they do any repair work, they will discuss it with the customer first and give them an accurate estimate for the work. Those in the San Diego area that want to know more about what steps this company performs when doing an AC tune-up can refer to their website which is found at


    For more information about Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air, contact the company here:

    Tarpy Plumbing Heating and AirScott Bergen(619) 330-9020scottb@tarpyheatingandair.com2585 Grandview St San Diego CA 92110

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    San Diego AC Repair Company Lists the Impressive Numbers of Steps They Perform When Doing Air Conditioning Tune-Ups - Press Release - Digital Journal

    Furnace repair: Learn whom to call and when to call for furnace service in NY! – The Open News - February 5, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By learning the signs of furnace repair, homeowners can avoid HVAC emergencies. It is common for any kind of cooling and heating components to fail. It happens due to extreme weather conditions or other issues resulting in to call for furnace service Brooklyn, NY. There are chances for the furnace to fail during the holiday or at odd hours. It is challenging to reach a furnace engineer during odd hours. Therefore, it is best to service and tune-up the furnace though it is in good condition.

    How do you determine issues before it develops into an emergency? What are the signs that may need the best furnace repair?

    Before failing down completely, the furnace shows various signs indicating its status. It is important to contact an HVAC engineer to check the system before it completely stops working.

    Increased monthly utility expenses: If you are noticing high energy expenses for the last few months and the increase has been steady though you are not utilizing much, it could be due to furnace repair. Check whether the bills are high especially during the months you are using the furnace.

    Rapid cycling: When the furnace switches on and off rapidly, it may have a fast cycling condition. At times, the furnace may function properly but the issue may continue. It means the problem has developed due to the thermostat, ignition, or wiring system.

    Need to improve the thermostat setting: To maintain indoor comfort, most people increase the thermostat temperature especially when the temperature is cold. But still, if you cannot find the temperature comfortable, it means you have to evaluate the system. If the thermostat is experiencing repair or issues or when there is a leak in the furnace or ducts, there are chances to experience uncomfortable temperatures inside the house.

    Noisy functioning: Only certain furnaces remain quiet when functioning. If the furnace is older or makes continuous noises, it is important to look and solve the issue. One of the common reasons for noisy functioning is a partially broken belt or a cracked belt. In such cases, it can fail at any time. If you are noticing whining sounds, it means ignition is experiencing an issue.

    Selecting the best company for furnace service Brooklyn, NY!

    Once you are sure that your furnace requires repair, you have to select a professional who offers exceptional services. The professional has to meet certain criteria indicating they are well versed in the HVAC community.

    Kind of replacement parts: Only certain parts are compatible with the heating and cooling equipment. So, always check the brand name before replacing the parts. Check the contractor whether they offer quality spare parts for the equipment and furnace. If possible, ask for a warranty. Thus, you can reduce the repairing time and also increase the life of the furnace.

    References and estimates: When you contact a good HVAC company, they would give you an estimate before starting the services. If the company is not offering a quote, ensure to contact other HVAC contractors, and ask for a second opinion. At times, the estimate would not be exact. Ask the contractor regarding the repair details as well as the final cost. It should not be different from the original quote amount.

    Licensed furnace repair company: Several local and state municipalities have made licenses mandatory for the contractors. The contractor has to be insured and bonded. It is best to check the contractors licenses online or through a local listing. If the contractor has several licenses for electrical, HVAC and plumbing will be an expert in all extents that need services.

    Regular furnace maintenance helps in avoiding late-night HVAC emergencies!

    After completing the necessary repairs, you should plan for regular cleanings and maintenance. It makes sure there are very rare chances of future failures and the HVAC system is functioning at excellent efficiency. Is your furnace displaying symptoms that need repairs in the future? Contact VVOY Service Hub is the leader in furnace service Brooklyn NY. If you require help with your furnace, you can contact the team at any time. They even provide emergency services to clients.

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    Furnace repair: Learn whom to call and when to call for furnace service in NY! - The Open News

    Greenwood-based service firm builds its own workforce – Indianapolis Business Journal - February 5, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The first class of 16 students in Peterman Heating, Cooling and Plumbings new training program graduated Jan. 29 and all have started working in the field for the company. (IBJ photo/Eric Learned)

    Its a good problem to have, but a problem just the samewhen your company is experiencing explosive growth, how do you hire enough people to keep up?

    Greenwood-based Peterman Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Inc. is tackling the challenge through an innovative new in-house training program that is generating interest from both potential students and peer companies nationwide.

    The four-month program, called Peterman Top Tech Academy, equips students for careers in either plumbing or heating and air-conditioning repair. Students draw a paycheck while enrolled, and the curriculum includes both technical training and life skills like budgeting and cooking.

    Students sign a two-year employment contract, which helps the company ensure that its newly trained employees will stick around once theyve finished their schooling.

    Tyler Peterman

    The first class launched in October, and those 16 students (nine in heating and air and seven in plumbing) graduated Jan. 29. All began working as Peterman service technicians this week.

    A new session of classes began immediately, with a third scheduled to launch in August.

    Every three to four months, were going to have new, fresh team members rolling out in the field, said Vice President of Operations Tyler Peterman, who owns the company along with his brother, Chad, and father, Pete. I think where it could take us is endless.

    Staffing is an ongoing challenge for the industry and especially for Peterman, which has experienced a serious growth spurt in recent years and landed on IBJs Fast 25 list in 2019 and 2020. The companys revenue, which stood at $10.4million in 2017, swelled to $29million in 2020 and is projected to reach $40million this year.

    Chad Peterman

    Peterman has just more than 200 employees, about two-thirds of whom are service technicians; the company estimates it will need to hire 80 to 100 people this year.

    We do quite a bit of marketing. Were trying to be out there in front of as many customers as possible, Tyler Peterman said. Sometimes, we have to shut the marketing down because we dont have enough people to do the calls that we have.

    Peterman based its curriculum on one developed by Nexstar Network, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based professional organization for residential service companies. Nexstars curriculum was designed as a self-guided study program for technicians looking to upgrade their skills.

    Peterman adapted the program, adding in company-specific training such as how to deal with a frustrated homeowner or a rambunctious dog.


    These soft skills are important, said President Chad Peterman, because, when technicians are out on service calls, they are the face of the company. Really, our technicians are the conduit to customers knowing who we are and trusting what we do.

    Top Tech students also attend workshops on a range of life-skills topics, from healthy cooking and personal finance to handling automotive emergencies like a flat tire or a dead battery.

    We just kind of thought, in order to be a fully engaged employee and to give 100% during your work day, you also need to be 100% at home, said Dani Wernert, an executive administrative assistant at Peterman who helped develop the school and oversees its day-to-day operations.


    Craig Caldwell, associate dean of graduate and professional programs at Butler Universitys Lacey School of Business, said Petermans approach is a very sophisticated, very forward-thinking solution to the shortage of skilled workers.

    Over the years, societys emphasis on college over vocational training has devalued careers in the trades, Caldwell said. Right now, trades generally speaking are still not popular career paths, he said. What Peterman is up to here is, they are going to be their own solution to talent acquisition.

    In-house training is the new standard in the service industry, said Julian Scadden, Nexstars president and CEO.


    And the approach is generating a lot of interest. Peterman received 600 applicants for the 16 slots in its inaugural class, Wernert said, and the company has also fielded queries from many service companies around the United States who are interested in launching their own training programs.

    Numerous factors are fueling the industrys and the companys rapid expansion, Chad Peterman said. For one thing, homes built during the housing boom that led to the Great Recession of 2008-2009 are now at the age where their infrastructure might need repairing or replacing.

    And, though investment firms have been snapping up service companies of late, the industry is still composed of many smaller firms and Peterman has been able to pick up market share from some of its competitors.

    Perhaps most important, Chad Peterman said he and his brother have made growth and experimentation a priority. When their father, Pete, founded the company in 1986, he never envisioned its growing as large as it has. When Chad Peterman joined in 2011, he was the 21st employee.

    When the sons took the reins in 2016, they decided to get aggressive about expansion.

    The one thing I love about our organization is, we move fast, Chad Peterman said. Were always looking for a better way to do something.

    The company revamped a long-running membership program in 2018, shifting to an auto-pay model and adding perks for customers who pay a monthly membership fee. Enrollment in the program has more than doubled as a result.

    Last year, the company established an in-house leadership program. Any employee whos interested can enroll and advance through the program by reading books from Petermans collection or completing selected activities.

    The goal of the leadership program, Chad Peterman said, is to develop a pipeline for employees interested in advancement. What we want to provide is a really crystal-clear career path.

    A focus on leadership should help the company build the infrastructure needed to handle its explosive growth, Butlers Caldwell said.

    It is extraordinary, even in a growing industry, to have growth like this, he said. You have to have a leadership team thats capable of scaling.

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    Greenwood-based service firm builds its own workforce - Indianapolis Business Journal

    Education and Transportation Front and Center in Capital Plan – - February 5, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder


    Mayor John Cooper Makes Citys Largest-Ever Education Investment

    Education and transportation take center stage in Mayor John Coopers capital spending plan (CSP), which includes Nashvilles largest-ever investment for schools and advances transportation improvements without additional tax increases. Two-thirds of the $474.6 million plan go to education and transportation needs.

    After Mayor Coopers first capital spending plan addressed only emergency projects due to acute fiscal constraints, this years CSP brings overdue investment in the needs of a growing city. As a result of revenue increases, budget savings and a recent debt refinancing, Nashville is now in position to invest in its future.

    We are a growing city with growing needs, Mayor Cooper said. This plan helps us catch up on maintenance needs while prioritizing our students schools more than ever before. These critical investments in our citys future are possible because were now financially stable as a city for the first time in years.

    Metro Finance Director Kevin Crumbo added, We have achieved financial stability despite daunting challenges.

    A record $191 million for education - the most in Nashvilles history - will fund much-needed school construction, expansion and repairs across Davidson County. Included in this historic investment are funds to build the long-awaited new Hillwood High School in Bellevue, HVAC upgrades made even more critical by the pandemic and major funding toward two schools in Cane Ridge.

    The CSP also includes $122 million in transportation investments, delivering on the first phase of the Metro Transportation Plan.

    Mayor Coopers administration released the Metro Transportation Plan at the end of his first year in office, consistent with the mayors campaign commitment. In December 2020, Metro Council adopted the plan to bring greater transportation investment across the county. This CSP provides for transportation improvements without the sales tax increase proposed in previous plans.

    Mayor Coopers CSP includes other essential community projects, such as replacing Fire Station #2 and building a new police precinct in Southeast Nashville. The plan also commits funding to critical building maintenance, park lighting and repairs, new greenways, and fleet and radio upgrades for first responders.

    The plan also includes high-impact down payments on Nashvilles future, in the form of environmental sustainability, affordable housing and a first-of-its-kind North Nashville infrastructure fund to be allocated via participatory budgeting.

    $191 million for Metro Schools the most funded by any Nashville mayor includes $100 million for a long-anticipated, new high school in Bellevue.

    The long-delayed high school is a project of huge importance to my constituents and families throughout Nashville, said Metro Councilmember Dave Rosenberg. No capital spending plan in our citys history has provided this much for our schools, nor has a plan been so focused on education. Im grateful to Mayor Cooper for his desire to invest in the public schools that serve every corner of Nashville.

    The new high school will replace the current facility which is more than 60 years old and ranks among Metro Schools lowest for facility quality. The new high school in a community of 75,000 residents will serve a diverse student population from 34 of Nashvilles 35 Council districts.

    The new high school on the 274-acre former Hope Park Church site will serve 1,600 students in a three-story building, with technology-rich classrooms and a new sports complex.

    I live in Bellevue. I teach at Bellevue. And all three of my children attend schools in Bellevue and will attend their local, zoned public high school - which will now also be in Bellevue, said Eli Foster, a fifth-grade Blue Ribbon teacher at Bellevue Middle School.

    The school is the center and hub of a community, Foster added. I cant wait to see all my middle school students, and my own children, touring the halls of a new high school.

    Coopers plan also includes $4.2 million investment toward phase one of a new Cane Ridge Middle School. A new, 600-student Cane Ridge Middle would relieve pressure at Antioch Middle. That school is operating at 121 percent capacity, with students squeezed into buildings and portables. The new Cane Ridge Middle will also be a future home to students from Eagle View and Cane Ridge elementary schools.

    The plan also includes $18.8 million for a 24-classroom expansion at Cane Ridge High School. Without it, Cane Ridge High Schools capacity now at 104 percent could balloon to 132 percent by 2026.

    The average Metro Schools building is 50 years old. Some school heating and cooling systems have been patched up so many times, theyre now beyond repair and wont be fixable if they break again.

    Coopers plan includes $67.8 million for maintenance and repairs in 45 schools across Nashville. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown, more than ever, the importance of HVAC upgrades. These investments by Metro Government allow MNPS to focus its federal stimulus funds on learning recovery to catch students up as a result of the pandemic.

    These capital investments in our schools are ultimately investments in our students, families, staff, and communities, said Dr. Adrienne Battle, Metro Schools director.

    The Metro Nashville Transportation Plan calls for 1,961 improvements across 300-plus neighborhoods everything from safer pedestrian crossings to smarter traffic signals. The Metro Nashville Transportation Plan is also a platform to unlock state and federal funding to pay for up to 60% of its projects.

    Coopers CSP makes early strides in implementing the plan:

    The sidewalk, paving and traffic management improvements will also include life-saving improvements to some of Nashvilles most dangerous pedestrian crossings.

    Im pleased to see this administration investing in a comprehensive transportation plan, said Metro Councilmember Freddie OConnell. Reducing pedestrian fatalities and offering safe, equitable access to all users of our public rights of way will take investment and execution.

    Mayor Coopers plan funds overdue repairs and upgrades to the buildings and equipment Nashville needs to run, including:

    Fire Station #2 was built in 1974 and closed in 2019. Had the station been open on Christmas Day 2020, its 15-member crew would have been among the first to respond to the downtown Nashville blast. Bringing this crew back to a new Fire Station #2 will boost morale and give residents another safe haven if theyre fleeing domestic violence or need medical help.

    There is always a lot of conversation and thought that comes into play to when deciding where we locate a fire station, said Director Chief William Swann.We know because of run volume, the growth and the potential growth in the downtown area it will be a great benefit to have station 2 back at home.This will also benefitGermantown And North Nashville residents.

    The new police precinct the citys ninth will serve the Antioch community. Officers at South and Hermitage precincts, who now respond to the entire southeast area, will be able to better focus on their zones - which already total 160 square miles.

    A new Southeast Precinct will greatly complement the police departments mission to work closely and collaboratively with neighborhoods to address specific problems and concerns, said police chief John Drake.

    A record $17+ million will go to greenways and bikeways, including the Charlotte Corridor Rail & Trail greenway prioritized in Nashvilles Plan to Play strategy.

    As an avid supporter of walking and biking, I am pleased that the proposed capital spending plan allocates over $17 million toward greenways, bikeways, and active transportation, said Metro Councilmember Burkley Allen. If weve learned anything from this pandemic, its that infrastructure that promotes healthy activity and connectivity is crucial to our quality of life.

    Meanwhile, $2 million go toward finalizing a parks acquisition in Bells Bend, setting the stage for large matching philanthropic contributions.

    Five million dollars will finish a complete-streets project on Madison Station Boulevard.

    Im so grateful to see a spending plan focused on neighborhood priorities and quality of life, said Metro Councilmember Nancy VanReece. Madison Station Boulevard has been on the drawing board for nearly three decades and promised by two prior administrations. Mayor Coopers delivers on long-ago promised improvements.

    This CSP also includes $3.4 million for the first phase of repairs to the Old Hickory Community Center and $1 million to restore historic Fort Negley.

    This CSP introduces infrastructure participation agreements as a new tool for bringing more affordable housing to Nashville. For years, Nashville has used participation agreements to help facilitate large office developments, such as Nashville Yards. With a $2 million investment, Nashville is now poised to use participation agreements to help construct needed infrastructure for affordable housing developments. Metros participation in building infrastructure will lower costs for affordable housing developers, thus spurring the creation of more units.

    As the Metro Councils 37208 special committee examined, North Nashville is a historically underserved area in need of infrastructure investment. This plan includes a first-of-its-kind $2 million allocation for neighborhood infrastructure improvements in North Nashville. Funds will be allocated through piloting a participatory budgeting process, an approach new to Nashville.

    Im excited about Mayor Coopers plan to inject $2 million dollars of capital investments. North Nashville has endured disinvestment for too long, said Metro Councilmember Brandon Taylor. As a candidate, I promised to address complaints about neglected infrastructure. The Mayors Participatory Budgeting program is an innovative way to listen, shift power to North Nashville residents and begin repairing historic harm.

    The CSP includes a $1 million sustainability revolving fund to monitor and reduce building utility costs with savings re-invested into retrofits to reduce carbon emissions. An additional $1 million will go to an innovation fund for sustainability programs that include conversion of Metro streetlights to LED lighting.

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    Education and Transportation Front and Center in Capital Plan -

    Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC the Bastion of Comfort and Peace of Mind gives Free APCO UV Lights. – Press Release – Digital Journal - February 5, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is running a new promo of including new Covid Killing UV lights APCO.

    MESA, AZ - Feb 1, 2021 - Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, provides air conditioning services in Mesa, AZ and all surrounding areas.

    They are a family-owned and operated heating, cooling and plumbing company who service the entire valley. Theyve been the go-to local air conditioning service company for all Maricopa County residents and parts of Pinal County for over 15 years. They are running a new promo of APCO UV lights that kills Covid-19, to customers, who buy new air-conditioning units.

    Their highly trained comfort specialists can replace or repair clients air conditioning & heating system no matter what brand. They are the experts in ac repairs Mesa AZ and new unit installations. When clients system needs servicing, its usually on the fritz at the most inconvenient time. Thats why Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, is always there for them every single day, all year round to respond to any emergency.

    When it comes to new air conditioner installations, they have their clients covered. They provide quality brands & top-rated equipment and are committed to doing a professional ac replacement job for clients. A properly installed system will give clients years of outstanding performance and satisfaction.

    Theyve built their business and reputation over the last 15 years on a solid foundation of providing quality workmanship and industry-leading warranties while still giving their customers fair pricing.

    Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC treat homeowners with the utmost respect and value the relationships they have built over time. They thank and appreciate everyone for their patronage.

    Their team of certified comfort specialists have the experience & knowledge to service, repair, and install all makes and models of heating and cooling systems. They also guarantee their work so that customers can have peace of mind.

    Video Link:

    They offer emergency services valley wide, from the east valley to west valley, and in north and south valley, theyve got their customers covered too. When it comes to urgent matters for air conditioning repair Mesa AZ, they are the best local air conditioning contractor. They serve most cities here in central Arizona.

    About the Company

    Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, provides air conditioning repair service in Mesa, Arizona, and all surrounding areas.

    They are a family-owned and operated heating, cooling, and plumbing company who service the entire valley.

    They are running a new promo of including new Covid Killing UV lights APCO.

    Theyve built their business and reputation over the last 15 years on a solid foundation of providing quality workmanship and industry-leading warranties while still giving their customers fair pricing.

    Media ContactCompany Name: Air Care Cooling & Heating, LLCContact Person: Richard ChildressEmail: Send EmailPhone: (480) 238-2273Address:1815 West 1st Ave, Ste #137 City: MesaState: AZ 85202Country: United StatesWebsite:

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    Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC the Bastion of Comfort and Peace of Mind gives Free APCO UV Lights. - Press Release - Digital Journal

    Young Entrepreneur | The Business Journal of greater Keene, Peterborough and Brattleboro | – The Keene Sentinel - February 5, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Brandon Goodell

    The Service Guy

    Swanzey, New Hampshire


    When Brandon Goodell graduated in 2000 from Fall Mountain Regional High School in Langdon, he was already working part-time for Cota and Cota, a heating, cooling and plumbing company based out of Bellows Falls, Vermont. After graduation, he joined the military, but due to asthma, his stint was cut short. He returned to the area and went back to work with Cota and Cota, becoming a licensed plumber in 2004.

    Tell us about your experience before starting your own business.

    Working at Cota and Cota was good for me. They had a seven-person plumbing team, and I worked with all seven, learning all the different aspects of the business. A lot of people dont get that experience. They might learn from their dad or their uncle. During this time, I also went to the Howard Dean Education Center in Springfield, two nights a week, to become a licensed plumber. After that, I had to spend a year as a journeyman to become a master plumber. Its a dying breed because not a lot of kids want to go through with that.

    How did you find your way down to the Keene area?

    It was pretty random. I was working at Cota and Cota when I met someone from Lawrence Brothers. I wasnt looking for a job, but they called me up, met with me. They needed somebody right away, and Ive always liked Keene, so I figured Id give it a shot. At Lawrence, you had to do both plumbing and heating. Thats where I began to focus on the oil heating aspect and working on furnaces. There was a lot of learning on the job, which is really the best way to learn. After Lawrence Brothers, I went to work for Davis Oil Company, which focuses on heating.

    Is this when you began to branch out on your own?

    I started my business, The Service Guy, as a part-time thing, jumping back and forth between working for myself and for Davis Oil. They gave me all their plumbing customers, and at the time, I was sort of their plumbing division. I was also getting referrals from Cota and Cota and Lawrence Brothers. It got to the point where I was overworking myself, working a lot after normal hours. About four years ago, I figured it was a good time to make the leap into my own full-time business. It worked out well because I already had a client base.

    How has your business changed over the past four years?

    As of right now, I have three guys working with me, and I have two vans on the road. We are really busy. We do water softeners, propane installation and heating, appliances as well as oil burner services and cleaning and plumbing. We are also installing mini-split heating and cooling systems, which are the new fad that everybody loves, and for good reason. Right now, we are booked through February. Its been absolutely crazy. From day one of starting my business, I havent been bored.

    Are you thinking about expanding your services or adding new crew members?

    We offer so much, and I can only keep up with what we have right now. Every time I add new people, it increases our workload. We dont do electrical work, but I refer customers to Ben Prescott of Peak Power Solutions and Josh Tenney at Tenney Electrical. We all went out and got vans at about the same time and have all been very busy. Unfortunately, I am turning down more work because I cant get to all the jobs. You cant just go out and buy a fleet of vans or find enough good workers right now.

    Are you scheduling repair work just for homeowners?

    Were also getting work from carpenters, some doing bath remodels. And weve been doing the plumbing for a lot of prefab houses. Its not just in Keene. Its everywhere. We go all over New Hampshire. Everybody in this business is thriving, especially over the last three or four years. Apparently, lots of people want to live in the woods.

    What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a plumber, an electrician or a handyperson?

    Its not glamorous, but it pays the bills. Its a really good way to provide for a family and is better than living from paycheck to paycheck. For somebody who is hands-on and not afraid of working, its a good living. Theres something new every day. It doesnt get boring, and Im always in demand.

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    Young Entrepreneur | The Business Journal of greater Keene, Peterborough and Brattleboro | - The Keene Sentinel

    Dominion Energy offers bill saving tips during cold weather months – WCBD News 2 - February 5, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) Dominion Energy is offering tips to help customers save money during cold winter months.

    When cold weather hits, Dominion Energy says energy use often increases that is why they are offering tips to help customers be more energy efficient and comfortable while at home this winter.

    Colder temperatures during the winter months can make a big impact on a customers electric and natural gas usage and ultimately their bill, said Ginger Greenway, program manager, energy conservation for Dominion Energy South Carolina. There are several simple things customers can do around their homes to help conserve energy, and in return, possibly lower their energy bills.

    The utility provider says customers can manage heating costs by trying five simple energy-saving tips:

    You can also look into certain programs offered by Dominion Energy to help decrease energy use. These programs are subject to certain terms and conditions for eligible residential electric customers.

    EnergyWise Online Savings Store offers discounts on smart thermostats, LED light bulbs,advanced power strips and more. Appliance Recycling Program enables customers to receive $50 cashback when recycling full-sized refrigerators or freezers. Heating & Cooling Equipment Program allows customers to receive rebates toward the cost ofpurchasing and installing new Energy Star-qualified central air conditioning systems and heatpumps, as well as making ductwork improvements in existing residences. Home Energy Check-up provides free in-home consultations with energy experts to help identifyways to improve a homes energy efficiency. The program is currently available virtually by videochat or telephone.

    Storm Team 2 says low temperatures will reach into the low 30s this week before a brief warm-up by the weekend

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    Dominion Energy offers bill saving tips during cold weather months - WCBD News 2

    San Diego CA Heating and Air Conditioning Service Discusses Less Obvious Signs that Indicate an AC Repair is Needed – Press Release – Digital Journal - January 27, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    San Diego-based Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air has been providing quality air conditioning repair services to those in Southern California since 2007. Now they would like to share some of their knowledge by discussing some of the less obvious signs that indicate an AC system repair is needed. They say that even though an AC system may be functioning, if its not working at peak efficiency it can cost a home or business owner significantly more money to run.

    Many people assume that since their house is cool that their air conditioner is working fine but this is not always the case, says the company spokesperson Scott Bergen. An air conditioning system that is not working at near peak efficiency is almost as bad as one thats not working at all. Thats why we want to take the time to discuss a few of the less obvious signs that an air conditioner repair is needed.

    The company spokesperson mentioned that such things as utility bills that are getting much higher than comparable months in previous years or having to crank the AC thermostat up very high to get even minimal cooling results are signs that most likely a component of the system is not working properly. He also mentioned that low air pressure coming through the vents and the AC system cycling on and off repeatedly in a short period indicates that there is a problem. It also can be the case where the air conditioning system makes strange squealing or banging noises when operating or a home or business owner notices excess water leakage or frost buildup on the outside condenser unit. Bergen added that qualified HVAC techs such as theirs can easily diagnose the cause of these types of AC Repair problems and offer solutions to them. He also says that someone can make sure their air conditioning system is kept functioning at a high level by having them do yearly tune-up service on it.

    Many who have had the company do AC repairs for them have written glowing reviews stating how happy they were with Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Airs service. Tina Changs 5-star review states, Nicholas has come out a few times to clean, service, and replace some parts in my AC unit. He is always super-friendly, professional, and very efficient. He even shared his knowledge by giving me tips on how to look after my AC so it would last longer and cost me less money in repairs in the long run. I totally trust these guys! Bergen continued by saying that they are also eager to help out those that have AC system emergencies in the San Diego area. He explained that they respond very quickly to those that seek emergency AC repair help from them. Their emergency air conditioning repair services are also highly rated by those that have taken advantage of them. Deborah Skvarna says, I contacted Tardy on a hot Saturday afternoon for an emergency A/C repair and they sent Jared within 2 hours. He was professional, competent, and after an assessment explained all our options. There was no uncomfortable hard sell and we trusted his recommendations. He repaired our unit, saved us some money on future electric bills, and now we have a cool house! We highly recommend Tardy and Jared.

    Bergen also wanted to remind people that the company does much more than just air conditioning service and repairs. This includes offering a variety of different plumbing and heating repair services. They also supply and install complete HVAC systems, Mini-Split AC units, and Package Air Conditioning Units. Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air is a BBB accredited business, Angies list super service award recipient, and a Home Advisor screened and approved service provider. He says they also offer an exclusive Tarpy Family Membership Plan which is designed to keep their customers' HVAC systems running at peak efficiency and help members avoid costly HVAC repairs. Those wishing to learn more about the heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services that this company offers can refer to their website which can be viewed at


    For more information about Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air, contact the company here:

    Tarpy Plumbing Heating and AirScott Bergen(619) 330-9020scottb@tarpyheatingandair.com2585 Grandview St San Diego CA 92110

    The rest is here:
    San Diego CA Heating and Air Conditioning Service Discusses Less Obvious Signs that Indicate an AC Repair is Needed - Press Release - Digital Journal

    Heating company Pays It Forward to family of man in hospice – Fox17 - January 27, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    IONIA, Mich. UPDATE: After our story aired Tuesday night, the family informed us Jan passed away. FOX 17 expresses our condolences to the family.

    Dealing with a sick loved one is tough enough, but when Jamie Helton got an overnight call from her mother Yvonne this past weekend from Ionia, she knew things had gotten worse.

    Her father, Jan Wittenbach, is on hospice care at home after suffering a stroke in November, and his homes heater stopped working in the middle of the night.

    When mom called (the repair company) frantic, she said, 'My husband is sick; hes on hospice; hes home; I cant let him get cold. So they knew from her frantic phone call that my dad was sick, said Jamie.

    They called a local company they had used often in the past: Wilsons Heating, Cooling and Plumbing of Ionia.

    Wilsons was unable to immediately come out because they were tied up with another job, but Jamie says they explained to her mother the best ways to keep the house warm until they could arrive, which was the next morning, Sunday.

    Wilsons quickly got the familys home warming again, and then the same happened to Yvonne's heart.

    So Mom had her card ready to pay them, and he said he wasnt charging her," Jamie explained to FOX 17. "And she said, Did you forget your machine? And he says, Nope, this ones on us. Dont worry about it.'"

    On top of that, business owner Bill Wilson went to his car and brought back a bag of cookies that his wife and business partner Nancy had recently baked.

    Jamie explained that her parents live on a limited income already, so the gesture was greatly appreciated.

    There is a lot of high deductibles from their Medicare plan that they have to pay, and then end-of-life costs. It just took a ton of weight off my moms shoulders, it really did. It really made her cry; she sobbed for a while. I just wanted people in this town to know what a great deed they did and just how much we appreciate them.

    The family has a GoFundMe set up to help with their unexpected expenses for anyone who wants to contribute.

    Follow FOX 17: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube

    See the article here:
    Heating company Pays It Forward to family of man in hospice - Fox17

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