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    35 Best Bathroom Remodel Planning Ideas [Costs & Designs] - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Bathroom Remodel Bathrooms are part of essential rooms in a house. It used for personal hygiene activity.

    Generally, a complete bathroom contained some accessories such as a toilet, sink, tub or shower. However, in some countries, the toilet is excluded and used in a different room for sanitary reasons.

    Perhaps, a bathroom is a reflection of the owners style. Its bothered our eyes when it doesnt fit our expectations. Therefore, remodeling a bathroom becomes a solution to this problem.

    Remodeling a bathroom is not a small project. It needs a lot of ideas and advice. With some plannings and inspirations, the plans for renovating a bathroom will be well structured.

    Before changing your tub and tearing up the tiles, take a look at these bathrooms to remodel ideas to create the bathroom that you always expected.

    It is possible to build a low maintenance bathroom by selecting good finishes that keep looking clean. Besides, it will always make your bathroom look new and fresh.

    Here are some ideas for a low maintenance bathroom:

    Although quartz countertops look like marble, it performs differently. It made of quartz, resins, and pigments which make it stronger than marble.

    You can buy the best quality faucet for your bathroom so that it will be long-lasting.

    Besides quartz counter and quality faucet, you can also install glass shower doors treated with water anti-spotting agent.

    Nowadays, energy saving is significant in our daily activity. Limit the use of water and using LED bathroom lighting are very efficient.

    Besides economic, it also good for environmental reasons. These are the items to maximize energy efficiency:

    Tankless water heaters generate hot water only when you need it. It will save fuel and avoid a catastrophic leak.

    Both low flow toilets and faucets provide significant savings of water. Its beneficial for reducing the waste of water for about 20% than the conventional ones.

    LED lights considered to be better than others because of its brightness, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting.

    A radiant floor heating provides energy efficiency, safety, and works with all floor covering. It will also warm your toes once you stepped on it.

    An insulated window is a great way to keep the bathroom warm. You can also reduce energy waste from inside.

    A bright bathroom with open spaces always looks larger and interesting. If your design looks dark and shadowy, the room will look depressing too. These are some ways on how to create a brighter room:

    Adding a window or skylight in a bathroom will increase the lighting naturally. Besides, it also good for environmental reasons.

    Good lighting is essential throughout the bathroom. Especially, when each lightning used for different purposes, such as for the ceiling, vanity, tub, or shower.

    Choosing a reflective and light finishes and surfaces can make the room brighter. The lighting is reflected in the fixture so that the place looks shiny.

    Low maintenance, energy efficient, and brighter rooms are the first things you need to consider before doing a makeover on a bathroom. Thus, those tips above hopefully will help you to get more ideas on remodeling yours.

    Generally, non-expert people only know a few designs of the bathroom, such as traditional, modern or contemporary. But in fact, there are many kinds of bathroom models provided from time to time.

    After getting ideas on how to have a good bathroom. Furthermore, its time to get some information of designs examples. Here are the complete lists and examples of bathrooms styles to inspire your bathroom remodeling.

    A contemporary bathroom is usually known as an elegant and up-to-date bathroom. It is different than a modern one. The bathroom often features delicate and straightforward styles. As a result, Just like this mid-sized bathroom, it looks trendy with LED lighting on the shelf and cabinets.

    When vintage items filled the room, its neither modern nor traditional, but it called eclectic. An eclectic style does not quite fit some styles, such as modern, traditional, or retro. But its more like a combination of those styles with the addition of unique accessories. The eclectic designs in this bathroom are on the fixtures, vintage wallpaper, and a combination of white and black colors.

    Generally, a modern bathroom has a neutral concept. It often shows primary colors, little decorations, and natural materials. Blue ceramic floor combined with white wall and countertops applied in this bathroom also brings a modern design.

    A classic design combined with luxurious touches is usually known as a traditional bathroom style. For the most part, this design is timeless and creates a beautiful aesthetic that will never get old. Above all, the combination of blue chair and white cabinets show its elegant and vintage looks.

    Creating a beach style bathroom can bring a relaxing feeling and tranquility. Consider choosing suitable colors and decorations like natural or ocean and sandy beach decorations. Certainly, the beach style is on the application of pebble tile floor and other accessories, such as plants, mirror frame, beige walls, and wood countertops.

    Craftsman bathrooms designs feature a lot of woodwork and furniture. The details make it looks luxurious and elegant. This bathroom shows fascinating interiors, start from the wood wall, cabinets, and floor. Furthermore, green tiles also add the craftsman style variations into the room.

    Comfy and warm often become the main picture of the farmhouse bathrooms style. It features rustic touches on the furniture. In this bathroom example, there are wood cabinets combined with grey walls and brown countertops. Consequently, those furniture give a homey and welcoming atmosphere which are suitable with farmhouse bathrooms design.

    Oriental or Asian bathroom features an Asian cultural style. Its beautiful visuals from the zen atmosphere or the application of Buddha sculpture brings peace and relaxing feeling into the room. In this Asian-inspired bathroom, the black tile on the wall, stone tile porcelain floor, and wood cabinets show the Asian design dominantly.

    Industrial bathrooms design are trendy. It usually uses rouge materials, woods, and visible bricks. Some industrial furniture like lamps for lighting also gives a proper look for this design. Just like this mid-sized bathroom, it has a marble tile porcelain floor and gray walls. Therefore, the colors and accessories applied here make the industrial bathrooms design looks obvious.

    A luxurious Mediterranean style provides traditional interiors combined with the current one. Its casual and relaxing methods lead to a picture of the mediterranean sea. The furniture often painted in Mediterranean colors like yellow, bright blue, and rust. Dark wood cabinets and colorful tile ceramic floor makes this bathroom correctly shows the design.

    Mid-century bathrooms style are both cliche and trendy. It takes an era between 1945-1980 when simplicity, natural, and open space applied in the house. Like this 1950s bathroom design, there is a combination of open space, white walls, and artificial lights to brighten the room.

    A natural and elegant feeling in rustic bathroom design is timeless. It focuses on texture and raw materials on the mountain style tile, pebble tile floor, and the bathroom tone. Also, the addition of vintage bathroom lighting makes the room looks classical.

    Scandinavian style features beauty, simplicity, and utility. Usually, a Scandinavian home has a dominant white and neutral color, clean lines, natural material, and comfortable fabrics. The white walls, light wood cabinets, vessel sinks, mirror, and lots of lights show that this bathroom has a beautiful Scandinavian style.

    A lovely shabby-chic look also can be applied in a bathroom. It features some fancy accessories like cute art pieces, elegant chandelier, and floral prints. Furthermore, there are turquoise cabinets, mosaic tile floor, crystal chandelier, and some abstract paintings applied.

    Southwestern bathrooms style influenced by Mexican and Spanish themes. Generally, this design creates a bright space, relaxing, and welcoming. In this picture, the unique part of this bathroom is on the snail shower and slate tile travertine floor which added by the application of dark wood cabinets.

    When multiple styles blended into one, it also called transitional design. Mixing modern and rustic or traditional and contemporary are the most common based method for this design. in short, there is a combination of a double vanity and glass tile marble floor which make the room looks elegant and bright.

    A tropical theme for the bathroom usually features Asian, plants, or beach elements. The use of color is not too bright or bold. Also, it provides a spa-like experience and fantastic view around. This bathroom example has an island style with wood floor and free-standing bathtub. There are also some plants and lighting inside the room.

    Having a bath like in the 1830s is what it feels to be in Victorian Style bathroom. Although this style is quite old, its still timeless and enjoyable. With authentic Victorian decorative arts, this design is elegant and correctly shows the 19th-century bathroom style.

    Therefore, those bathroom styles are varied. They designed with their unique appearances including the fixtures and sizes. Choose based on your style and interest. So that, while remodeling bathroom there will be no miscasting.

    When updating a bathroom, there are some things we need to think first. One of those things is the budget. Speaking about bathroom remodels on a budget, it depends on how much you want to change it. The more you want to change the bathroom, there will be a lot of money to spend.

    Both small bathroom remodel and big bathroom remodel can cost a lot of money. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce the budget, such as instead of buying a new tub. Furthermore, you can reline the old ones or buy used stuff which is cheaper than the new ones.

    Before starting to renovate a bathroom, consider to determine your budget. The cost of remodeling a bathroom depends on the size, started from small to medium or master. Not only the bathroom, but the fixture price also depends on its size. Moreover, the fixture elements that you will probably need while remodeling a bathroom are new shower or bath, countertops, lighting, flooring, and cabinets.

    Those items are not a must for remodeling your bathroom. Especially when they come with different prices and models. There is also another option to fit your budget like refinished the old fixtures. It will costs less than buying new ones. Thus, consider to choose and compare it wisely.

    For many years of having a bathroom design, there always a time when we get tired and thinking to have a new one. Therefore, renovating a bathroom is the most effective way.

    Looking at some before and after bathroom transformations can be a motivation on the process of remodeling yours. Now, spend a little of your time to check these before and after bathroom makeover.

    Bluish. In the 1960s, there was a renovation in this blue bathroom. But, it didnt help to change it. Although, the color combinations seemed interesting.

    Classical. Some changes applied in this renovated bathroom, such as the white color fills the room, classic fixtures, and new tiles. But, we still can see the 1920s atmosphere in here.

    Old. Inside a Colonial home style, this broken bathroom built. Also there were some damages, like the tile was cracked, 12-inch bathtub, and uninterested color.

    Fresh. By using vintage fixtures and complicated tile drawings, this bathroom looks fresh and suit the homes age. The colors mixing with mint green, white, and black brings a cold tone to the room.

    Uninspired. Gauche and uninspired looks come from this bathroom style. It also looks old-fashioned and bitter.

    Impressive. With wet room design, this bathroom has more space for bathtub and shower. There is also more free space applied.

    Overflow. The flooding disaster came to this bathroom apartment because of the overflowing toilet. The owner decided to do a makeover the whole bathroom pieces.

    Dynamic. Some dynamic changes and addition applied with the fixtures, such as non-standard vanity, photos, faucets, and colors. The combination of light grey and white makes the room looks well-ordered.

    Nervous. The southwestern American style applied in this bathroom but, it looks gauche with yellow walls. Also, some old fixture like tv box and tub looks outdated.

    Relaxing. Some fixture added to this new bathroom style. With a free-standing bathtub and a Brazilian wood platform under it, it makes the owner enjoying the view outside the window comfortably.

    In short, remodeling a bathroom takes a lot of energy and budget. If you get more information, tips, and ideas, it will be beneficial in the process of a makeover. Besides, there are lots of designs to choose based on your style. Moreover, consider to planned everything wisely before starting to remodeling it.


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    35 Best Bathroom Remodel Planning Ideas [Costs & Designs]

    6 DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas | DIY Bathroom Renovation - March 5, 2020 by admin

    DIY bathroom remodeling is not only a popular trend going around the U.S., but its also one of the most valuable. In fact, on average, bathroom remodeling projects yield a 60% return on investment. As such, you may not only get to enjoy the luxury of using an updated bathroom, but the monetary return as well.

    Nevertheless, bathroom remodeling is not easy. To make a difference, you need honest advice from the pros. As such, we rounded up six common DIY bathroom remodeling projects and the steps to complete each without a pro.

    If you feel some these are biting off more than you can chew, be sure to contact a professional bathroom contractor near you.

    Before we dive into each project, we must cover the average costs. According to our bathroom renovation cost estimator, the national average for a bathroom remodeling job is $7,920. This price includes hiring a professional. Therefore, expect your DIY bathroom project to be much less expensive (expect longer completion time though).

    Before you start your DIY bathroom remodel project, you must ask yourself six essential questions. By asking and answering all six, you will know if this bathroom project is not only worth your investment, but time as well.

    The six questions you need to ask yourself before every DIY bathroom remodeling are:

    For more tips and guidelines into this six questions, please see DIY Bathroom Remodel Planning.

    Time to jump into your DIY pants. I am going to start off with the easiest and most prevalent DIY project around the house. Believe it or not, new paint can transform your bathroom from 1980s drab to 2010s fab. Whether you go bold with dark blue or casual with stripes, new paint will not only give new life to an outdated bathroom, but make it feel larger as well.

    Making your small bathroom feel large is not as hard as it sounds. There are easy, proven painting tips that can make your small bathroom feel like the lavish master bath you deserve.

    To see how to take advantage of each tip, please see 10 Painting Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger.

    We spend much of our time in the shower and fortunately for DIY homeowners, there are a few easy DIY shower projects you can complete without a pro.

    Clean & Unclog Shower Drains

    The first shower project is not so much a DIY project as much as it is DIY maintenance. With long hair myself, I know what its like to see hair all over your shower drain. Anyone with longer hair knows the struggle of cleaning your shower drain. Luckily, there are a few over the counter ways to unclog/clean your shower drain.

    To see the remaining steps, please check out DIY Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Drains.

    Retile Shower

    Retiling a shower is not a project for the weak. It takes good old elbow grease to get your old tile out of there. Retiling a shower consists of completely knocking out the existing tile and installing new tile. You will need many tools, which I have outlined in How To Retile A Shower, to complete this project right.

    After removing your shower head and handle, cover your shower floor with newspaper. Take your hammer and chisel and start from the bottom corner. Gently place the chisel on the side of tile and use your hammer to push the tile out. Start gently. As you move on, you may have to use some real elbow grease to get these tiles out. Once all tile has been removed, chisel off any remaining mortar as well.

    After cleaning the walls, prepare them with mortar. Cover the bottom half of the wall with thinset mortar and spread it with your notched mortar trowel. Press down hard with your trowel. Make sure its clean and even throughout the wall.

    Set the bottom row of tile in place, starting at the center of the wall. Press the tiles into the mortar with spacers between them. Work your way to the sides, cutting the end tiles if you need. If you dont feel comfortable cutting tile yourself, take it your nearest Home Depot and they can cut it for you. Add grout and voila!

    Note: A very similar process can be done to replace your bathroom tile floors. For exact steps, please see DIY Tips For How To Remove Old Ceramic Tile From Bathroom.

    Add Shower to Freestanding Tub

    Freestanding tubs look terrific, but more often than not, we opt for a shower. Why not have two in one?

    Without a pro, you can add a reliable and relaxing shower to your freestanding tub. Other than look great, it could also save you thousands of dollars off a regular shower installation. Below are all the steps needed to install a shower to a freestanding tub.

    If you want to see how its done, check out This Old Houses video below or get an in depth guide to each step at How To Add A Shower To A Freestanding Tub.

    The bathroom toilet can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Sadly, a leaky toilet is one of the most prevalent issues in a bathroom, but thankfully, it is also one of the easiest to fix.

    Generally, there are two major culprits that can lead to a leaking toilet: the inlet valve or the flapper. Once you have identified the problem, turn off the water main and drain the tank of the toilet so that you can tackle the specific issue.

    If the problem is with the flapper, you can remove it once the tank is empty. You might notice a few cracks or a loose fit, which is likely why the problem exists in the first place. Slip on a new flapper, check for a tight seal and then reintroduce water to the tank to test it. A single flush should be enough to tell if you were successful.

    If the problem is with the inlet valve, you may need to separate the toilet from the water main and take apart the whole assembly. This requires a number of tools and can take several hours. Unless you have a lot of plumbing knowledge, this part is best left to the professionals.

    Honestly, the bathroom will get foggy and smelly. No matter who is using your bathroom, its going to smell and the mirrors are going to fog up. One way to combat both dilemmas is through a bathroom exhaust fan.

    Installing a bathroom fan is not a simple process, but one that the average DIYer can accomplish. While its not expensive to accomplish (average is $338), it can take a good chunk of your time.

    To install a bathroom fan, you must:

    See our detailed instructions at How To Install A Bathroom Exhaust Fan.

    The bathroom is one of the most trafficked rooms in the home and as such, deserves to be one the most attractive and functional as well. Fortunately, all the above DIY bathroom projects are easier then they sound and will save you hundreds, if not thousands, by not hiring a pro.

    For other smart bathroom projects, please see our Bathroom Remodel Return on Investment Guide.

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    6 DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas | DIY Bathroom Renovation

    101 Custom Master Bathroom Design Ideas (Photos) - March 5, 2020 by admin

    101 incredible custom master bathroom design ideas. Massive photo gallery of custom bathroom design ideas of all types, sizes and color schemes.

    Welcome to our master bathroom design ideas photo gallery where youll find hundreds of gorgeous master bathrooms (luxury, custom and more modest designs).

    You can check out all of our hundreds of designs below or use the search filters to the right to narrow your search. We add new custom, luxury, and modest master bathroom designs all the time so feel free to bookmark this page.

    Look at that incredible master bathroom bathtub alcove. I love this sort of design in master bathrooms.

    Long white master bathroom with both freestanding white tub and large walk-in shower. Includes long vanity with two modern style sinks. A tall window next to the tub. Also, check out the floor part of it is tile and the other part is dark wood.

    What I like about this master bathroom design is how the tub forms part of the walk-in shower. Its a very clever use of space that enables both tub and walk-in shower without taking up a lot of space. This is one very smart designer.

    What a fabulous looking master bath with a bathing alcove with a window next to a huge walk-in shower. The dark wood with white top vanity adds some color contrast to the otherwise white and glass space.

    The small master bathroom in the attic with skylight, small tub, and long trough-like modern sink.

    Another fabulous small master bathroom with a wood wall in shower (very interesting) and small floating modern white vanity. I like the gray tile wall above white vanity along with recessed lights throughout.

    Spacious tan and white master bathroom with dark wood vanity. I love the built-in wood shelving next to the walk-in shower that is in arms-reach of the freestanding soaker tub.

    Luxurious master bath with a massive bay window area with curved floating wood vanity with two vessel basins. This bathroom would be so much better with white walls, dont you think?

    Im not wild about this master bathroom, but its interesting given all the windows (which I love), but the open walk-in shower right next to the huge windows would make me nervous. Too much brown for my liking needs white walls and ceiling.

    Yes, this is a real bathroom. Kinda looks like something in a showroom. I think it wastes space, but I love the all-glass walk-in shower behind the freestanding soaker tub. I also love the floating modern vanity. Its interesting, but a tad dark. Again, (Im sounding like a broken record), white walls would be better.

    Im a sucker for subway tile anywhere and this large white master bathroom has loads of white subway tile which makes it spectacular. The side-by-side vanities with matching mirrors is awesome. The grey accent wall along with grey tile floor adds enough color contrast to the otherwise all-white en suite.

    Heres another example of a fantastic small master bathroom with tub and floating vanity. Id be very happy with this as my master bath (needs a shower head in the tub though) despite its size.

    While I have a penchant for white bathrooms, I really love this off-white, yellowish cream color decor even though its on the walls and flooring. Its really appealing. Check out the elevated tub platform, floating modern vanity and the built-in lighting next to the modern freestanding tub. Its a real beauty.

    Heres a man cave master bathroom very masculine with dark brown contrasted with light wood and some white. It has strong angles and straight lines. Its a cool bathroom for sure.

    Wainscoting, lots of white and a soft light blue work beautifully in this beach-style master bathroom. There are two separate custom build vanities flanking a freestanding soaker tub in the corner.

    I think the wall tile is too color textured for my liking, but I include this in our gallery because I know this style is popular and Im all about offering a variety of design ideas. Its too much for my eye, but the walk-in shower is nice as is the built-in floating vanity with the jutting white basins.

    Heres a plain master bathroom with both walk-in glass door shower and freestanding tub along with window and two sinks. It has all you could want in a master bath without costing an absolute fortune.

    A focused look at this master bathrooms elegant drop-in tub with a fireplace and a stylish tiles platform. The room also has a gorgeous walk-in shower area.

    A master bathroom offering a large modern freestanding tub and a walk-in shower room, along with a rustic reach-in closet.

    Spacious master bathroom boasting a stunning sink counter and a drop-in tub by the window. The room offers elegant ceiling lights, shiny tiles flooring, and a stunning ceiling.

    This master bathroom boasts a gorgeous drop-in soaking tub on a tiles platform together with a large fireplace on the side. The room features stylish tiles flooring and a beautiful ceiling.

    Large master bathroom with beautifully decorated tiles flooring. It has a sink counter with two sinks along with a large freestanding tub.

    This master bathroom features gray tiles floors, gray walls, and a white custom ceiling. It offers a freestanding tub by the windows along with a walk-in shower room set in the corner.

    A master bathroom offering a pair of elegant sinks, with the drop-in soaking tub set in between. Theres a classy ottoman seat and a powder desk as well. The area is lighted by a charming chandelier hanging from the stunning ceiling.

    A modern master bathroom boasting stylish hardwood floors, walls and a wooden ceiling. It offers a floating vanity sink and a drop-in tub by the windows.

    Modern master bathroom boasting a stylish walk-in shower room along with a drop-in soaking tub on the side featuring a fireplace. The sink counter features a granite countertop as well.

    A spacious master bathroom with tiles flooring and a rustic vaulted ceiling with exposed beams. The room offers a drop-in tub, a sink counter with two sinks and a powder desk.

    A master bathroom with stylish tiles flooring and a gorgeous tray ceiling. It offers a classy freestanding tub lighted by a charming chandelier together with a walk-in shower room.

    A bright master bathroom featuring white walls, white tiles floors, and a white ceiling. It has a floating vanity sink counter and a round drop-in tub. The room also has glass windows overlooking the beautiful ocean view.

    This master bathroom boasts an elegant freestanding tub along with two sink counters and a round seat. The room offers stone walls and attractive flooring, along with a glamorous ceiling light.

    Modern master bathroom featuring black walls and a black ceiling. It offers a stylish sink counter and open showers.

    Click here for allBlack Master Bathrooms

    Master bathroom with stylish tiles flooring, purple tiles walls, and a purple tiles bathtub platform. This bathroom also has a pedestal sink.

    Click here for all Master Bathrooms with Pedestal Sinks

    This master bathroom features red tiles flooring and walls, along with a floating sink and a shower and tub combo on the side.

    Click here for all Red Master Bathrooms

    Master bathroom boasting brown tiles walls and hardwood flooring. It offers a floating vanity with two large vessel sinks along with a white freestanding tub.

    Click here for all Brown Master Bathrooms

    Master bathroom featuring green walls and has two sink counters and a corner drop-in tub by the windows.

    Click here for all Green Master Bathrooms

    Master bathroom with beige walls and gorgeous flooring. It has a sink counter with two sinks and a walk-in corner shower room. Theres a large freestanding tub as well.

    Click here for all Beige Master Bathrooms

    Master bathroom with yellow walls and a shed ceiling, along with tiles flooring. It offers a drop-in tub on the side along with a walk-in shower and two sink counters with marble countertops.

    Click here for all Yellow Master Bathrooms

    This master bathroom offers a corner tub and two sink counters lighted by wall lights. The room also features beige tiles flooring and a ceiling with beams.

    Click here for all Master Bathrooms With Corner Tubs

    Mediterranean master bathroom with gorgeous decorated brown walls along with two sink counters and a powder desk. Theres a drop-in tub as well that looks elegant.

    Click here for all Mediterranean Master Bathrooms

    A tropical style master bathroom with two sink counters with vessel sinks facing each other and lighted by wall sconces, along with a freestanding tub set in the middle. The room also offers a stunning ocean view.

    Click here for all Tropical-Style Master Bathrooms

    Large Asian-style master bathroom with a floating vanity sink counter and round drop-in bathtub, along with bench seating by the glass windows overlooking the stunning surroundings.

    Click here for all Asian-Style Master Bathrooms

    This Mediterranean master bathroom boasts beige tiles flooring and walls, along with a beautiful custom ceiling. The room offers a drop-in tub along with a large walk-in shower room.

    Click here for all Beige Mediterranean Style Master Bathrooms

    Spacious industrial style master bathroom with an elegant freestanding tub and a very attractive walk-in shower. The room features multiple indoor plants as well.

    Click here for all Industrial-Style Master Bathrooms

    Victorian-style master bathroom with a lovely bathtub setup, along with a stunning walk-in shower room. The room adds two sink counters as well.

    Click here for all Victorian Master Bathrooms

    Beach style master bathroom with gray walls and hardwood floors. It has a ceiling with a skylight, together with a shower and tub combo.

    Click here for all Beach-Style Master Bathrooms

    This farmhouse style master bathroom offers a freestanding tub and a walk-in shower room. The area features gray walls and glass windows.

    Click here for all Farmhouse-Style Master Bathrooms

    Southwestern style master bathroom boasting a walk-in shower room, a toilet room and a deep soaking tub on the side. The room also has a classy sink counter.

    Click here for all Southwestern-Style Master Bathrooms

    A focused look at this eclectic style master bathrooms gorgeous drop-in deep soaking tub lighted by a stylish ceiling light.

    Click here for all Eclectic Master Bathrooms

    Shabby-chic style master bathroom with tiles flooring and a wooden vaulted ceiling with exposed beams. It offers a drop-in soaking tub and a powder desk.

    Click here for all Shabby-Chic Master Bathrooms

    Country style master bathroom with a sink counter with drawers, lighted by two wall sconces, along with a freestanding tub on the side. The room is lighted by a gorgeous chandelier.

    Click here for all Country-Style Master Bathrooms

    Transitional style master bathroom with a stylish walk-in shower and a freestanding tub, along with a sink counter with a black countertop.

    Click here for all Transitional Style Master Bathrooms

    Traditional master bathroom with beige tiles floors and a tall ceiling. The room offers large two sink counters together with a drop-in soaking tub.

    Click here for all Traditional-Style Master Bathrooms

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    101 Custom Master Bathroom Design Ideas (Photos)

    Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Tips & How To’s - March 5, 2020 by admin

    1Have Everything On Hand First

    Big items like the vanity top and special-order tile can take several weeks to arrive. So be patient: Before you take a hammer or Sawzall to you bathroom, make sure everything you're going to need including the vanity, plumbing fixtures, any new lighting, the tub, and tileis on hand. You might get frustrated waiting around for parts to arrive, but it's better than tearing up your fixtures and having an unusable bathroom until the components arrive. Plus, when your new products are on hand, you'll know if you need to do extra work, such as moving the plumbing lines for the sink location or running new cable for your lights, before you rip up and then patch the walls.

    2Consider All Your Options

    Home centers have a limited selection of vanities and tops in the store, and special orders can take four to six weeks for delivery, so take a look at other sources. Local independent suppliers who specialize in natural stone have a wide selection of tops in a range of colors and sizes. They can also custom-cut tops to fit unusual spaces and shapes. You may be surprised at how affordable the tops can be. Or do what I didshop online. I admit being apprehensive about buying the centerpiece to our bathroom based on pictures and a written description, but I liked what I saw, including the price. I saved several hundred dollars compared with what home centers were charging and got attractive, top-quality products. A 48-inch-wide vanity, marble top, undermount sink, and framed mirror cost us $1300.

    3Plan for Shower Storage

    4Rip Up the Underlayment

    Removing old flooring tile or vinyl can be time-consuming, difficult, and still leave behind stubborn pieces that refuse to come off. A faster, simpler way is to rip up the underlayment along with the floor covering. Cutting the underlayment into small sections makes removal easier. Set the circular saw blade just deep enough to cut through the thin plywood underlayment without cutting into the underlying subfloor. You'll have to install a new underlayment, but 1/4-inch plywood or cementboard is cheap and lets you start with a clean surface. Starting from scratch also lets you get rid of underlayment that may be water damaged, which is common around the toilet.

    5Use Accent Tiles

    Mosaic or glass tile is expensive (mine cost $5 per 12-inch-square sheet). But you don't need a lot of it to add some pizzazz to the bathroom. I only used a dozen sheets, yet it made a big impact. Using the special tiles as a border or sporadically in the tile pattern gives the design a punch of color and character.

    6Get a Curved Shower Rod

    7Add a Spacer to the Toilet Flange

    8Update the Lighting

    Think of this as part of the remodel. You don't want to end up with a new bathroom but outdated light fixtures. Plan your lighting early on so you'll know if you need to run new cable. Consider recessed lighting over the shower for better illumination while you're bathing. Just make sure the lights are rated for bathrooms.

    9Don't Be Afraid to Call a Pro

    If any part of the project takes you out of your comfort zone, call in a professional. You may need an electrician to help run cable for in-floor heating controls, or you might need a plumber's help if the water or drain lines need to be moved. When you're dealing with electrical or plumbing, DIY mistakes can be catastrophic. During my remodel, I had to move the water-supply lines and the waste line in my wall to accommodate my new, wider vanity, which had a different sink location than my old vanity. I hired a plumber to handle that part of the job, and it cost me more than $500. Tradespeople aren't cheap, but if they solve a problem, they're worth the expense.

    10Splurge on Something

    View original post here:
    Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Tips & How To's

    Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery 2019 | Shutterfly - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Instructions: Click through the buttons below to sort by size and style. Click the photo for a larger view.

    Instead of patterned wallpaper, try freehanding a simple pattern for a playful bathroom design.

    Photo by: Mix & Match

    Flowers don't have to make a bathroom feel messy. Try this elegant take by using just a few sprigs.

    Photo by: 12 Oaks Blog

    Instead of tile, next time consider a concrete or stone sink.

    Photo by: 4 Men 1 Lady

    Have a dark bathroom? Brighten it up with accent pieces like the yellow accessories in this dark navy bathroom.

    Photo by: Addicted 2 Decorating

    If you're looking for small bathroom storage ideas, try turning hidden areas into shelf space, like under the sink or above the toilet.

    Photo by: Beneath My Heart

    If you love the look of wood, but fear the staining effects of hard water, opt for elegant faux wood flooring like linoleum.

    Photo by: Centsational Girl

    For bathroom cabinet ideas, look no further than this elegant design. Opt for tall cabinets to split up a Jack and Jill sink.

    Photo by: Creekline House

    Wood panels aren't just for the floor. Try it on your bathroom walls for a spa like effect.

    Photo by: Financial Samurai

    When searching for shower tiles, opt for a shade that matches your floors for a look that continues seamlessly.

    Photo by: Hello Splendid

    This simple black and white bathroom get a small pop of color from its framed photo.

    Photo by: Home with Baxter

    The olive walls in this bathroom are a unique departure from the majority of soft blue and grey rooms.

    Photo by: Houseography

    This small bathroom makes the clawfoot tub the star.

    Photo by: I Heart Naptime

    This symmetrical bathroom will put any stresses at ease.

    Photo by: I Heart Naptime

    If the space above your vanity doesn't get enough natural light, move your mirror somewhere else for a more flattering view.

    Photo by: Inspired by Charm

    Cant decide on tile? Try this bathroom tile ideapick one dominate design and one accent option.

    Photo by: Lemon Thistle

    If your toilet is in a small nook, make it more interesting by adding shelving spaces and indoor plants.

    Photo by: Little Green Notebook

    You don't have to break the bank to get marble countertops. Shop for marble alternatives like quartz or granite.

    Photo by: Maison De Pax

    Instead of one large mirror for the bathroom, try incorporating two. One for a full body view and one for close ups.

    Photo by: One Week Bath

    Bring some much needed freshness to your bathroom with a small herb garden.

    Photo by: Our Fifth House

    If you can't choose between tile, paint, or molding, take a tip from this bathroom that uses it all without clashing.

    Photo by: Provident Home Design

    Via: Freshome

    A small bathroom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice that big mirror. Let it be the showpiece in your room.

    Photo by: Rain on a Tin Roof

    Welcome to the shower of your dreams. The built in shelves keep this shower space clean and uncluttered.

    Photo by: This Photographers Life

    Play with patterns in every part of your bathroomfrom the walls to the shower curtains.

    Photo by: Live Love DIY

    Try a standalone bowl for a sink as an unexpected twist and to free up counter space.

    Photo by: Beautiful Matters

    We love the balance of bathroom color ideas in this playful space. If you want a colorful room without all the paint debates, find a brightly patterned tile instead.

    Photo by: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

    Nothing beats a clawfoot tub. Except perhaps Tuscan villa inspired tile.

    Photo by: Emma Lee

    Via: Remodelista

    This is full of bathroom decorating ideas. From graphic wallpaper to bold prints to small floralstake your pick for a dynamic bathroom.

    Photo by: Erin Gates Design

    Area rugs don't have to stay in the living room. Bring one in the bathroom for an added coziness.

    Photo by: K Welch

    If you're lucky enough to score a vintage mirror find, keep it the focal point as a conversation piece.

    Photo by: Made By Girl

    Can't come to a compromise on your bathroom tile? Pair a vibrant pattern with a neutral and you won't have to choose.

    Photo by: Meghan Plowman

    Via: House Nerd

    If you're looking for bathroom remodeling ideas, try updating your artwork first as an option that's easy on your wallet.

    Photo by: MLH Designs

    Instead of trying to fit one giant countertop, try finding two smaller sinks for a sweet his and hers design.

    Photo by: The Greenwich Hotel

    Via: My Domaine

    Everything from the metal ceiling to the marquee lights bring interest and intrigue to this warehouse style bathroom.

    Photo by: Wright Built

    Via: Home Design Lover

    The floating sink in this modern bathroom is just one of our favorite pieces.

    Photo by: Bodie and Fou

    Instead of facing the wall, try utilizing shower walls as the backdrop for your vanity.

    Photo by: Cardello Architects

    Glass showers really open up the small space, making this bathroom seem larger.

    Photo by: Carla Aston

    The clean white-tiled walls look great with this modern shower. Even though it is a smaller space, the lack of shower curtain helps open up the room.

    Photo by: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

    The double sinks are a great addition to a larger bathroom like this, and the tiny, off-white tile gives it a very sophisticated look.

    Photo by: Christopher Stark Photo

    A golden shower head and matching door handle provide an added sense of luxury to this small space.

    Photo by: Erin Gates Design

    This unique bathroom tile idea brings the ocean right into the tub while you bathe in the sunset.

    Photo by: Jeri Koegel

    Via: Decoist

    The shower tile in this bathroom aligns with the unique overhead light in the bedroom, sharing geometric ideas.

    Photo by: Joe Schmelzer

    Via: My Domaine

    Within this white shower is a stripe of blue tile that is a great match with the blue painting sitting above the tub.

    Photo by: Molly Frey Design

    Foregoing glass dividers and shower curtains, this extremely minimalist bathroom leaves nowhere to hide.

    Photo by: Stringdahl Design

    Via: Home Adore

    This modern tub sits alone in the corner alongside the sloping walls of this minimalist bathroom.

    Photo by: Stringdahl Design

    Via: Home Adore

    This large bathroom embraces the outdoors with large windows, stone floor tile, and indoor plants.

    Photo by: Susan Jay Design

    See the original post:
    Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery 2019 | Shutterfly

    Bathroom Design Software | Free Online Tool, Designer … - March 5, 2020 by admin

    SmartDraw is the easiest way to design a bathroom. Use it on any device with an internet connection to enjoy a full set of features, symbols, and high-quality output.

    Simply begin by selecting the bathroom template you need and customize your vision with thousands of ready-made bathroom symbols. Stamp or drag and drop them directly onto your plan. In just minutes your bathroom design will come to life.

    Share your completed plan with others in a variety of common graphics formats such as a PDF or PNG. You can also export it to any Office or G Suite application in a few easy clicks.

    You and your team can work on the same bathroom design by sharing it on your included online account or by using your favorite file sharing apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive. You can also share files with non SmartDraw users by simply emailing them a link.

    Read the original:
    Bathroom Design Software | Free Online Tool, Designer ...

    Bathroom Remodeling – Minnesota Rusco - March 5, 2020 by admin

    0 Complete Bathroom Remodeling SolutionsIf youve been considering a bathroom remodeling project for your home, the home improvement experts at Minnesota Rusco can help you create the luxurious, calming retreat youve always wanted.

    Use our simple online scheduler to set up an appointment with one of our experts.

    If youve been considering a bathroom remodeling project for your Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or Bloomington residence, the home improvement experts at Minnesota Rusco can help you create the luxurious, calming retreat youve always wanted, sometimes in as little as one day. With our full range of exceptionally crafted products and impeccable installation, we are able to complete partial and full bathroom overhauls that meet your specific needs.

    Our main line of superior bathroom remodeling products are manufactured by The Onyx Collection, a company that has dedicated decades to developing a hydrate crystal and polyester resin compound material to achieve beautiful, durable products, including:

    Our line of Onyx Collection products are customizable and are available in many different colors and finishes, so youll be able to select items that best match your personal style and design tastes. And, since we are dedicated to offering complete bathroom remodeling solutions for homeowners in Minneapolis, Eagan, Coon Rapids, and all other nearby areas, we also carry and install many types of bathtubs including walk-in tubs and soaking tubs, in addition to top-of-the-line shower doors, faucets, sinks, cabinetry, toilets, and lighting options. In addition, our expert installers can lay new flooring in your choice of ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, or linoleum, as well as complete plumbing work and build walls as needed. With all of these options and more, Minnesota Rusco is truly your one-stop shop for all of your bathroom remodeling needs.

    Along with our comprehensive selection of bathroom remodeling products and services, Minnesota Rusco can provide you with a number of other exceptional home improvement options. From window replacement and vinyl siding installation to entry and sliding door products, we are sure to have what you need to help create the home youve always wanted.

    If youre ready to complete that full bathroom remodeling project in your Brooklyn Park home or simply want a fast and efficient tub-to-shower conversion at your Burnsville residence, contact Minnesota Rusco today. Were happy to schedule an in-home consultation for homeowners in Eden Prairie, Apple Valley, Lakeville, and all other nearby communities.

    Bathroom Remodeling - Minnesota Rusco

    30+ Impressive Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas : Before … - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Master Bathroom Remodel A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Usually, It is the first room to enter after waking up in the morning. Perhaps, our mood depends on what we see first. If a bedroom looks cozy, then the more comfortable we felt.

    On the contrary, the feeling will turn bad if it looks terrible. But, imagine having a spa look-alike room in your own house that you could enter every day? It is not a dream anymore if you decide to take one step ahead by remodeling a bathroom from the old model to a new one.

    Remodeling a bathroom takes time, money, and ideas. Especially, turning it to a great master bathroom. But if there is an excellent idea which suit budget and time, there will be a way out. The process of remodeling the master bathroom will never fail. Therefore, take a look at these great tips and design ideas.

    A large bathroom known as a Master Bathroom is a bathroom model that many people consider to build because of its completeness. It is usually contained a shower, a bathtub, and other complete bathroom accessories.

    If you planned to make one or maybe you already have it, you might want to find some new design ideas.

    Transitional design is blending multiple models into one, such as mixing modern and traditional. Here, grey is the most dominant tone. It is on the tile, the wall, and the cabinet.

    With a little touch of white, it shows an elegant atmosphere from the room. Grey and white, both can be considered as the best colors for bathrooms designs ideas. Combined with wooden floor design, it will make your bathroom looks more simple but elegant.

    A bathroom is not always in a closed room. It could have a clear view and fresh air. Thus, this design brings us a new idea. Now, take a look at the window. It is near the shower.

    While taking a shower, you can also enjoy the view from the high ground and the bathtub. So, it does not only bring fresh air but also can bring a relaxing feeling while taking a shower and having a bath.

    A grey wall with a contemporary accent shows a modern atmosphere from the room. With a white freestanding bathtub, it also looks suitable with a minimalist room. This design shows its warmness with a lot of grey tones on the wall and the limestone floor.

    Another contemporary bathroom style with a digital touch. This master bathroom is about 19 long by 6 wide with a middle-sized stylish master grey tile, stone tile, and limestone floor. We can see the digital touch on the shelf over the tub and under the grey cabinet with LED lighting.

    This modern design shows nice showers and bathroom designs. This bathroom uses a digital shower and hidden drain shower system. Moreover, the grey flat-panel cabinets and white walls give a calm and neutral feeling once you step into the bathroom.

    Close your eyes and imagine having a shower in the woods. This bathroom design show a new shower experience. With a rain shower head and skylight above it, it gives a sensation of a natural outdoor shower. Moreover, the modern master grey tile and ceramic floor blended with dark wood cabinets and plants show a fresh forest atmosphere.

    This large contemporary bathroom has a lot of wooden accents on its wall, floor, mirror-framed, and cabinets. Start from the dark wood floor, then long brown cabinets, and beige wall. Those colors are fit perfectly. Combined with white countertops and a free-standing bathtub, every combination in this room makes it looks luxurious.

    This 13x19 bathroom size with 116 to 148 ceiling height has an amazingly huge skylight. It makes the room brighter and looks clearer. There is a free-standing bathtub near the glass door. While taking a bath, you can also enjoy the private garden view on the outside. The medium tone still touches the room with wood cabinets and grey tiles.

    Japanese outdoor bath inspiration in this master bathroom brings a natural feeling while entering it. The natural materials and textures will make you feel like having a bath out in nature. The combination of brown tile, wooden floor design, and cabinets, create a warmer feeling inside. Also, the use of white free-standing bathtub and lighting mirror bring a bright atmosphere inside the room. It will make you enjoy more of your bathing time.

    Therefore, it is important to have a bathroom design which make you feel comfortable once you step inside it. It depends on you, whether its natural or modern bathroom design. Hopefully, from those remodeling bathroom ideas, your master bathroom will fit your expectation.

    Finding a way to remodel a master bathroom is both easy and hard things to do. Be careful about choosing the tips. Mostly, we focus on the design and budget. If youre running out of ideas on how to remodel the master bathroom, here are some tips to help.

    Find some inspirations.Get some inspiration for a new style by paying a visit to a decorator house, kitchen, and bath showrooms. It is good to look at the bathroom accessories sample directly to get more inspirations.

    The materials quality depends on individuals.Because when a material looks luxurious for some people, it might looks usual for the others. You can choose it if you think its right for you.

    Call a Pro.Consider to hire a professional bathroom designer. Discuss your plans, ask about bathroom accessories, and designs.

    Add details. Put some extra details to make the room luxurious. Such as, hang an extravagant chandelier or install a fireplace. Some master bathroom also have television and sound system.

    When you plan to remodel a bathroom, get as many information as possible. Because, the more information or tips you get, there will be more ideas for the master bathroom designs.

    When looking at some bathroom accessories prices, you might think twice to buy all of them. Remodeling a master bathroom might be expensive if it is out of control. But actually, it will fit the budget if you follow the right tips. So, the fear of expensiveness will blow away. Now, take a look at these inexpensive remodeling tips for a master bathroom.

    Not everything should be replaced for a perfect master bathroom remodel. Even though, you still have to replace some of them and buy the new one. Re-use or do a little improvement with the old stuff will help you fit your budget effectively.

    Nowadays, it is important to pay attention to every part of the house. Not only what is in the bedroom or living room, but also pay attention to what is in the bathroom. While remodeling a bathroom, you need to get the right accessories that will fit it. Perhaps, you need some tips on how to choose bathroom accessories which will fit your budget and interest.

    Grab bars are usually put in the shower and tub. Besides its simplicity, the grab bars also safe and useful. The chrome grab bars model is the right choice for a bathroom because it does not only provides security but also keep the toiletries neat and easy to reach. Grab Bar with Shelf.

    If you want to have a new sink faucet in your bathroom, it does not have to be matched. Choose polished chrome or oil rubbed bronze instead. Faucet with Drain Assembly.

    Choose a simple and modern paper holder. This holder has a single-post holder, and its easy to use. Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand.

    Having a gold-tone metallic towel bar will make you feel like in a spa room, especially if you choose French Gold and a double towel bar with a shelf. It gives more space for the accessories and extra towels. 4-Arm Bathroom Swing Hanger Towel Rack.

    Installing a corner basket or two-tier shelf in a bathroom is a good idea. Both are very useful to reach the soap easily or put lots of the toiletries. Besides, these shower shelves models are also fashionable. Corner Shower Shelves.

    Furthermore, those tips above are easy and budget-friendly to remodel a master bathroom. Now, it becomes possible to renovate and transform a bathroom into a new one. Take your time and money to get some important bathroom accessories.

    Are you looking for some inspirations to remodel your bathroom? Now, take your time to look at these before and after bathroom transformations. By looking at before and after transformation, you can be inspired to get some new ideas for your future bathroom.

    A small white bathtub surrounded by checkered tile and floor. This bathroom has natural light coming from the skylight window above the room. Later the room will be transformed into a Victorian charm reflection.

    This bathroom transformation shows some significant changes, unless for the skylight. The designers removed half and put a new classic-style pedestal tub on the right side of the room. Therefore, there is more space in the room. Also, the wall and the floor patterns changed from the old checkered to the light design. As a result, the bathroom shows more light with the dominant white color.

    This bathroom had limited space. And the owner wanted it to have more personality and function.

    This bathroom transforms into a small but tidy bathroom. With gold-tone combined with antique brass finished and Carrara marble countertops, they give a new style for the room. Also, the improvement of the bathtub combined with the shower saves more space. Although, the designer adds storage and sitting area, the bathroom still looks comfortable to use.

    A broken white wall with small space makes this bathroom looks ordinary and limited. Therefore, some changes will be applied to this small master bathroom remodel.

    The new design of the room catches the eye with its dominant white color and wooden accent. The wooden accent made of walnut, it is applied on the vanity, large mirror-framed, and the small table. Moreover, the glass stall replaced the old one to create a fresh view while taking a shower.

    Simple and ordinary bathroom style, covered with tan walls, permanent built-in tub, and gold-framed shower. The owner might feel bored or tired with this kind of design and try to remodel into the brighter one.

    This bathroom transforms elegantly from the ordinary to extraordinary. The new look shows from the white walls, a freestanding bathtub, and a glass-walled shower. Thus, this design is fresher than the previous one.

    This bathroom is 9.3 square meters, and it had limited spaces. And also, the owner of this bathroom thought that it looked cluttered and grungy.

    This transformation is stunning. Some bathroom accessories changed to fresh models, such as the tub, shower, wall color, vanity countertop, and chandelier. Moreover, the new pattern floor tile changes the room atmosphere and make it looks bigger and brighter.

    There is more unused space outside. So, the owner decided to make an outdoor shower.

    Now, this bathroom transforms into a private outdoor bathroom. The addition of frosted glass wall gives an oasis view which also makes the owner enjoy this great bathroom from the inside.

    This bathroom is in a high-rise apartment. Its just like other apartment bathrooms. It also had a large bathtub, glass-walled shower, and wooden cabinet. The dominant color is grey, and there is less light inside the room.

    Elegant and brighter room transformation. Some old bathroom accessories replace to new ones. The large tub is removed to make some spaces for larger shower stall, more cabinets, and closet. Also, if you want to make the room looks brighter, try to apply the grey wall, sleek marble flooring, and countertops.

    This bathroom has a classical view. We can see it on the wooden cabinet, brown tile, and white wall. With a built-in bathtub combined with shower on top of it, it makes the room look tight.

    The renovation of the room turns quite well. Now, this bathroom becomes completely different. The wall color changed to white. It is combined with an abstract mural to show its artistic part. Moreover, most of the bathroom accessories are replace to new ones, including the sink, tub, and mirror.

    This bathroom had a warm atmosphere with its light and wooden cabinet. Combined with glass walls near the tub, make the owner enjoy the outside view.

    The transformation from the old bathroom to this changed many parts of the room. Some new accessories included are the tub, shower, sink, and a pebble wall covering.

    This master bathroom had a vintage style with its flowery painting on the wall. The room also looked tight with two toilets in front of the shower glass door.

    This bathroom transforms from vintage to luxurious with a glamorous master bath and mirrored vanity. Moreover, the room looks luxurious with a lot of mirrors and a ceiling light fixture.

    There are a lot of inspirations behind these old and new bathroom transformations. Some of the old bathrooms are still good, but its better to change them to the great ones. Moreover, the size, color, and accessories give significant changes in most of the room. Make them look tidy and perfectly arranged.

    Turning an ordinary bathroom to a great master bathroom must have cost a lot of money. But, take a look at these details to help you with adjusting your budget. Even one small feature is important to make a bathroom looks as good as expected.

    A radiant floor heating system will give lots of benefits from the bathroom. It keeps the floors warm and dry. Besides that, the risk of slips and falls will be reduced.

    A stain-resistant grout may cost more than traditional grout. But its formula can help a better cleaning. Also, it would be helpful to have thinner and darker grout lines.

    If your bathroom is on the top floor of the building, having natural light or the skylight might be a good idea. It is a unique and excellent idea to have sunlight in a master bathroom.

    A heated shower mirror create a fog-free mirror. Having this kind of mirror make it easy to do the daily activities in front of it, such as shaving your beard, removing or do your make-up. Fog-Free Shower Mirror.

    Usually, most bathrooms have wall-to-wall mirrors. Why not trying something new by having framed mirrors? Match the mirror frame with moldings or choose different things.

    After all, remodeling a bathroom is not only focus on the significant parts of it. Some small details also help to show the perfectness of the room. Pay attention to every detail once you start to remodel the bathroom.

    In conclusion, remodeling a master bathroom takes ideas and time. Get a lot of tips and information are important to make the future master bathroom looks perfect and fit the budget. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the small details.


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    30+ Impressive Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas : Before ...

    Bathroom Remodeling in San Diego, San Jose & Orange County … - March 5, 2020 by admin

    CALbath Renovationsspecializes in qualitybathroom remodelingandtub to shower conversions. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, which is found in the details of how we do each remodeling project. From charming bathroom fixtures to warm, the details of your home are what give it character.

    At CALbath, we believe in enhancing your quality of life withOrange County bathroom remodelsandtub to shower conversionsthat speak to the lifestyle that your family enjoys. Feel free tocontact us or you can visit our showrooms in Newport Beach, San Jose, and San Diego. Browse through our website to learn more about how we can transform your house into the dream home youve always wanted.

    We have been giving extreme makeovers for bathrooms to thousands of satisfied customers in California since 1991. Our dedication to customer service ensures that you experience quality service at an affordable price. We offer bathroom remodeling in San Diego, San Jose, and Newport Beach, CA.

    See original here:
    Bathroom Remodeling in San Diego, San Jose & Orange County ...

    2020 Bathroom Remodel Cost | Bathroom Renovation Cost … - March 5, 2020 by admin

    A well-installed, beautiful bathroom improves the look, value and comfort factor of your property. With proper research and some forethought, you can not only save money but also get your dream shower with ease.

    Whats more, when youre ready to resell your home to potential buyers, theyll love that you implemented some extraordinary and creative bathroom remodel ideas.

    Once you make the commitment to remodel your bathroom, you need to know how much of an investment you require for this home renovation.

    An estimate helps you organize your home improvement project and effectively manage milestones and costs

    Acquiring a free estimate for your bathroom remodeling will help you create a realistic budget getting you quality work at a fair price. Its also the best way to ensure that you dont stumble across any unwelcome surprises during the execution of your project.

    How does Kukuns bathroom remodel cost estimator help you?

    Getting an estimate through Kukuns bathroom remodel cost estimator is simple. Just follow the steps below to get your personalized total remodel cost in minutes!

    1. Select the type of remodel you would like to do for your bathroom by choosing from the three options below

    2. Enter the size of your bathroom

    3. Enter the scope of work by choosing any of these three options:

    4. Enter the finish level youd like for your bathroom

    5. Enter the address and confirm the house details to calculate the recoup value

    (You can rest assured, we do not share this information. It just helps us give you a better cost estimate because labor and material prices vary widely by geography.)

    And there you go! An estimate for your bathroom renovation cost and recoup is ready

    With this free estimate, you can analyze your finance options or hire a professional to get started on the work right away. You can explore each contractor's profile, check out their online reviews and view all their previous permits.

    The best way to remodel your bathroom? Always plan ahead

    Its very important that you plan your bathroom remodel well in advance. Here are some tips to make the process easy and quick:

    These steps will help you avoid unexpected hassles and issues and make your bathroom remodeling project go smoothly. And, you will have a good idea as to how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom. Happy Renovating!

    Follow this link:
    2020 Bathroom Remodel Cost | Bathroom Renovation Cost ...

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