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    Wilmington’s homeless gather at Riverwalk gazebo: it’s not illegal, but it’s not a solution, either – Port City Daily - June 2, 2020 by admin

    WILMINGTON Theres a debate that has been going for years now in the City of Wilmington: what can be or should be done about (or for) the citys homeless population, especially in Downtown and on the citys Riverwalk.

    City council and staff frequently receive emails about the issue, ranging in tone from empathetic to frustrated. Some want the city to provide additional assistance for the homeless population, others just dont want them congregating in near their businesses.

    Its worth noting that being homeless and living in poverty are not crimes and, while there are some resources available for these residents of Wilmington, there is no one size fits all solution to the situation.

    In the past few months several incidents that have occurred in Wilmington have been attributed to the homeless population, but does homelessness have anything to do with an increased amount of crime? And has the current pandemic exacerbated homelessness and criminal activities?

    According to the Wilmington Police Departments Lieutenant Stephanie Boucher (who also heads the Wilmington Downtown Taskforce), the answer is no.

    Over the past couple of months, there have been a few criminal incidents attributed to the homeless population.

    First, there were multiple robberies of Anne Bonnys, a restaurant on a barge docked off of the Riverwalk on South Water Street, located near the Vistors Center. Next was the incident where a man was charged with public consumption, disorderly conduct, and indecent exposure for jumping in the Cape Fear River naked.

    Both of these incidents were confirmed by Boucher to be committed by members of the homeless community. But according to Boucher, despite what she had expected due to the decrease in tourists and people in Wilmington, crimes committed by the homeless have not been on the rise.

    There are also allegations that there are members of the homeless community harassing people as they walk by the area making it a less desirable spot to even visit. Boucher said there have been a few calls and emails for these types of incidents, but unless the calls come in as the event is taking place, it is hard to track down any perpetrators.

    Not everyone that is downtown causes issues and we do address issues when they come up, Boucher said.

    If and when someone does create a problem (not just the homeless) like drinking in public, the police will take action and cite them or trespass them, Boucher said, but simply hanging out under the gazebo is not a crime. Although she did admit there were ordinances the police can enforce when people are causing problems, the Wilmington Police Department is not seeing a high number of these calls, she said.

    The Vistors Center on the Riverwalk serves as a popular gathering space for some of Wilmingtons homeless population which, for some business owners and residents, is a problem.

    Over the past several years the city has spent over $10 million in the past few years renovating the entire Riverwalk, including the Visitors Center, which was renovated in 2017.

    The property offers a variety of amenities including tables, chairs, bathrooms, power outlets, and shelter from the weather. These amenities are not only for tourists but for all residents and visitors this includes the citys homeless population.

    Randy Evans runs the nonprofit organization Walking Tall Wilmington, an outreach group that works directly with those living in poverty.

    Walking Tall Wilmington exists to build interpersonal relationships with individuals experiencing poverty through giving full access, so that they may experience community through safe and sacred spaces of healing, according to the groups website. We freely give to those living in extreme poverty not only with basic needs and supplies, but also the need of friendship. We believe that relationships with others is what will pull people out of the poverty cycle, not disability checks and steam tables. Through these relationships, we build trust, something that is often lacking when a life is stuck in poverty.

    Its not unusual to see Evans down at the Visitors Center five days a week providing meals to the homeless. But, while many commend the work Evans is doing, others condemn his actions. There have been complaints by business owners near the gazebo that Evans actions have led to an increased homeless population in the area something that is seen as bad for business but Evans disputes that argument.

    In 2017 I started down there and brought breakfast, it was real simple. I was just trying to meet people on the streets and actually get to know people, Evans said.

    At first, there was some resistance to Evans being down at the Visitors center, he said, but, for him, it is about equality and also legality. There are some city ordinances that would prevent someone from feeding people on a city street or right of way, but the Visitors center is a city park and in city parks, picnics are allowed.

    There were a lot of issues with me being down there, but I was noticing, why was it okay for school groups to eat down there, what were they doing differently? Evans said. All they were doing was eating a meal together.

    Evans also said that while he does have more interactions with the population than most people do, he is not responsible for them, nor is he their keeper although some business owners have laid blame at Evans feet he said.

    Ive definitely been pointed at for anything and everything that happens down at that gazebo, Evans said.

    Evans and the police have a good relationship and he is happy to have the number of interactions with police that he does. The city has installed cameras at the Visitors Center to keep an eye on things something Evans is actually happy to have for the sake of transparency.

    These cameras have helped shed a light on what is going on at the Visitors Center and help capture any potential crimes that are being committed there.

    Evans and the police seem to be on the same page when it comes to crime: regardless of your income, people should be held accountable for their actions.

    The thing that I have always said about that area is that I am there maybe five hours a week we do our best to clean up, we have relationships with two of the city workers who are amazing, he said. But when I walk away from that place Im not the innkeeper of the gazebo. Ive said it many times, that if someone is breaking the law, regardless if they are in poverty or not call the police.

    There have been plenty of people who have asked what can be done about the homeless population at the gazebo? The answer to that, though, isnt as simple as some would like.

    Services like homeless shelters and other housing resources are available in Wilmington, but they are not a one size fits all solution. Boucher said that she has spoken to many of the citys homeless population who might not be comfortable or have some sort of personal reason they dont want to go to a shelter.

    Ultimately, Wilmingtons homeless situation is not something that is going away and police, as well as outreach groups, are working to ensure everyone in the city is safe and will continue to hold everyone accountable for their actions.

    Wilmington's homeless gather at Riverwalk gazebo: it's not illegal, but it's not a solution, either - Port City Daily

    Cheapest gazebos and parasols for your garden – The Sun - June 2, 2020 by admin

    WITH the weather warming up, you might be looking for a way to create some shade in your garden.

    We've rounded up a great range of cheap parasols available at the moment, and some gazebos to provide some rain cover if needed.


    While were in the middle of a mini heatwave, everyone is spending a lot more time in their gardens, especially as pubs and restaurants are not expected to open again until July.

    Then with the announcement this week from Prime Minister Boris Johnson that from Monday we can have a limited number of people over to our gardens, its the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space.

    It may be beautiful weather right now, but given how changeable British weather is, its always best to prepare for all conditions and a gazebo for your garden could protect guests against rain showers.

    Before you buy anything, its always worth checking the price at a few other shops to make sure youre getting the best price possible.

    Tools like Google Shopping and PriceSpy, which logs the history of how much something costs, are a good place to start.

    Of course, even if something looks like a bargain, unless you actually need it, and can afford it, its not worth buying.

    If you are in the market for a new gazebo or parasol, here weve listed our pick of the cheapest available.


    This green and white gazebo doesn't have sides but will keep out most of the rain.

    It measures 2.35m x 2.35m and is on sale at B&M.

    You can't buy online so you'll need to check with your local store if it has it, which you can do by calling it up.

    Use the B&M store finder tool to find your nearest branch.


    This is a basic but effective gazebo from Dunelm, which will protect you and your guests from passing showers.

    It's a plastic, wipe clean, material on a metal base and comes with guy ropes to pin it down. The measurements are 300cm by 300cm by 245cm.

    You can order for home delivery, for 3.95, or choose click and collect which is free.

    You can locate your nearest Dunelm store by using the online store finder tool.


    Asda says this grey gazebo will keep you safe from light rain showers, and it's 2.4m by 2.4m in size.

    It has a push fit assembly and comes with ground pegs and ties to hold it down.

    Delivery is from 2.95 and free for orders over 30.

    If you're thinking of picking one up in store, use the Asda online shop finder tool to see where your nearest store is.


    If the weather gets really bad, which we're hoping it doesn't, this gazebo has sides so should provide a little more protection.

    It's 25 at Studio, comes in green and blue, and is 2m by 2m wide.

    Standard home delivery costs 4.99.


    Although you can't buy this parasol online, if it's for sale in your local B&M shop it's a great way to brighten up your garden.

    You can also take it with you on outdoor trips, and move it about the garden when you need shade.

    It also comes in a lemon design.


    These parasols are 1.8m wide and another great bargain from B&M and they come in three different colours.

    You can't buy online from B&M but you could call your local store to see if it has them in stock.


    With most parasols you also need to buy a base, but this one can be tied onto almost anything.

    It's three-meters wide and perfect for creating some shade, and a little rain protection, without having to worry about the parasol base.

    Standard home delivery costs 4.99.


    This is one of the cheapest parasols we could find, on sale at Argos.

    It's ideal for taking on picnics or trips to the beach, but you could also pop it up in your garden if you're after some shade.

    Home delivery is from 3.95 or click and collect is free - although at the moment all standalone Argos shops are still closed.

    You can still buy from Argos but you will need to prepay online and pick up in a Sainsbury's store which has an Argos concession.


    This beautifully bright parasol is sure to liven up your garden and is covered in a multicoloured fruit design.

    You can stick it in the ground, plus it's portable which makes it ideal for packing on picnic or beach trips too.

    It's 1.6meters wide and costs 18 at Argos. Standard home delivery costs are from 3.95.

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    If you want to jazz up your outdoor space, we've rounded up the cheapest furniture sets.

    From solar lights to water features we've also got eight ways to upgrade your garden for under 100.

    While if you want to grow a lawn, one savvy shopper transformed his lawn with a 1 Poundland grass seed.

    Originally posted here:
    Cheapest gazebos and parasols for your garden - The Sun

    SUV, shed, gazebo just some of the casualties of intense Saskatoon windstorm – CTV News Saskatoon - June 2, 2020 by admin

    SASKATOON -- The first major windstorm of the season has caused widespread power outages in Saskatoon and has left city crews busy cleaning up the destruction left behind Monday.

    It started as a thunderstorm watch for parts of western Saskatchewan Sunday afternoon and turned into a strong windstorm with winds reaching 99 km/h overnight.

    Neil Meikle who lives on East Drive in the Eastview neighbourhood woke up to his neighbours shed in his yard.

    There has also been reports of a gazebo being tossed from someones backyard into the street in the Stonebridge area.

    A tree also fell on an SUV in the 2100 block of Lorne Avenue.

    On 33rd Street and Avenue P, a large tree was blown over obstructing traffic. That area has since been cleaned up.

    City of Saskatoon Light and Power reported that various homes and intersections had been without power including Lakeview, Lakeridge and surrounding area.

    There is one major outage on the west side of the city, leaving 700 customers without power.

    SaskPower told CTV News that theyve had numerous calls about the power lines in back alleys being struck by trees.

    It reported a tree branch falling on a power line in Riverside Estates south of the city, causing a power outage in the area until 10 a.m. Monday.

    SaskPower is asking people who see fallen equipment to stay 10 metres away and call 306-310-2220.

    Terri Lang with Environment and Climate Change Canada told CTV News the wind speed of 99 km/h is not a record as winds have reached up to 150 km/h in our region before.

    However, she said high winds like what was experienced Sunday night are usually associated with thunderstorms, but this one was the result of an epic battle between cold air from the north and warm temperatures in the south.

    There is a wind warning issued for today, but Lang expects it to die down as the day progresses.

    Excerpt from:
    SUV, shed, gazebo just some of the casualties of intense Saskatoon windstorm - CTV News Saskatoon

    The Aldi gazebo has a rival: Lidl launches their own 59.99 buy (and we have more) – Real Homes - June 2, 2020 by admin

    Been eyeing up the Aldi gazebo? Us, too. With summer coming and all that hot weather forecast we are looking to make the most of our gardens. And while that means lying about on a sun lounger, it also means creating a cool, shaded spot outdoors, too.

    For those of you lucky enough to have south-facing gardens, you'll know that you get very little shade all day. However, no one wants to block the sun out permanently with tons of tall planting, which makes a gazebo the perfect solution to offer the kids a comfortable, shaded place over their paddling pool or sandpit, or for you to be able to enjoy your hot tub without getting burnt as well as (mildly) boiled. Dress your gazebo up with outdoor rugs and garden furniture and you've got yourself an outdoor room, too. Gazebos are also must-haves for when it rains during that (possibly soon to be planned) camping trip.

    Convinced? Take a look at the Aldi gazebo (picture, top, details below) and Lidl's new gazebo (picture and details, below). The downside to both? One's sold out and the other requires a trip to store. However, the good news is, we have plenty of other gazebo deals that other stores are offering.

    Aldi gazebo, 59.99 (currently sold out online)With its easy-to-assemble foldable design, this Beige Pop Up Gazebo is just what your garden needs this summer. Perfect for those gorgeous afternoons, this gazebo comes with roof frame and aluminium legs, as well as an air vent. This gazebo is water-repellent and offers a roof with UV protection of 80+. There are two side panels, one of which comes with a window and Velcro fastenings.

    Florabest Folding Aluminium Gazebo, 59.99 in storeLike the Aldi gazebo, there are two side panels with hook and loop fasteners for privacy and protection from the wind, and one side panel with a window. There are extendable legs for easy height adjustment, and it's made from water repellant material, too.

    Argos Home 3m x 3m Garden Gazebo| 65 at Argos

    Argos have some gazebos that are so cheap they needn't be on sale! This one has fab reviews and it such a great price. Although if you are after something even cheaper, check out this bargain from Argos that's just 25 maybe not amazing quality but would do for one summer.View Deal

    Steel Party Tent | Was 78.99, now 50.14 at Wayfair

    Let's be honest, we were sold at 'party tent'. This gazebo is made of UV- and water-resistant material, so you can rest assured it won't melt away to nothing if there's a rain shower. There are three side panels with decorative windows and one with a door. It measures 3x3m.View Deal

    Outsunny 3 x 3 Meters Patio Garden Metal Gazebo | 118.71 at Amazon

    This gorgeous gazebo is very similar to the Aldi gazebo everyone's after, and it's very similar in price, too. Lightweight but sturdy, it's large enough for a full outdoor dining set.View Deal

    Got It Covered 4m x 4m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo | Was 199.99 at Wayfair

    This nicely styled gazebo is very sturdy and strong and will protect you from a shower as well as strong sun. It's a pop up design that you can easily take down after using.View Deal

    Hinckley Metal Patio Gazebo | Was 609.99, now 509.99 at Wayfair

    If you really want to impress your friends and family (when they're allowed back over), this is the gazebo to do it with. It comes with a durable aluminium frame and weather and UV-resistant cover with stylish curtains. This high-end, 3x3m gazebo includes an LED interior centre light and strip lights on the roof ribs.

    View Deal

    Today's best gazebo prices...

    Argos Home 3m x 3m Pop Up...

    Shire Gazebo 7x7 Shiplap...

    Rowlinson Gainsborough...

    Rowlinson Sandringham Natural...

    Continued here:
    The Aldi gazebo has a rival: Lidl launches their own 59.99 buy (and we have more) - Real Homes

    With Georgia Glamping’s camper, guests get retro on the outside, luxury on the inside – Forsyth County News Online - June 2, 2020 by admin

    See the full issue of the June 400 Life magazinehere.

    Guests with Georgia Glamping in Forsyth County are used to experiencing luxury (think A/C, Kuerig coffee maker) in one of the companys standard bell tents.

    Then theres Roxy.

    A 28-foot Riverside Retro Travel Trailer, theres room for four with a queen bed and two twin bunk beds. In addition, theres a kitchen, bath and shower, work space, mini-fridge, flatscreen TV and more in just 300 square feet.

    Owners Rebeka and Nathan Self found the camper in Jacksonville, Florida, and drove it back to their home in Forsyth, where they spruced it up with just the right amount of shiplap and painted everything white, Rebeka says. They also added wood floors, a subway tile backsplash in the kitchen area and bamboo shades.

    The result is the perfect blend of retro on the outside and modern farmhouse on the inside.

    Georgia Glamping Company

    7800 Allyn Lane Memorial Way, Cumming, GA 30041

    (678) 801-6334,

    Continued here:
    With Georgia Glamping's camper, guests get retro on the outside, luxury on the inside - Forsyth County News Online

    Coronavirus death toll rises without a national remembrance or a consoler-in-chief in the White House – The Boston Globe - June 2, 2020 by admin

    On Wednesday, the same day Steinbrucks wife, Kim, hung three new bulbs on the gazebo, the country recorded its 100,000th death from the virus, a devastating milestone that passed without a formal, in-person commemoration from the person best positioned to draw attention to the solemn moment: President Trump.

    In recent decades, presidents of both parties have stepped forward to allay national and individual grief after tragedies like the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and mass shootings through speeches, moments of silence, or quiet meetings with the victims families, giving rise to terms like consoler-in-chief to describe an important part of their job.

    But as the pandemics death toll has risen, Trump has done almost nothing publicly to mark its sheer human tragedy. Individuals and communities like Franklin Township are honoring it how they can, but Steinbruck called the lack of a national mourning effort a glaring omission.

    Thats whats needed at a national level, he said, is someone to guide that process.

    Although Trump routinely says one death is too many, his public statements about the virus are generally aimed at touting his claims of success in fighting it, rather than reckoning with its human toll. The approach is in keeping with his response to other national tragedies, when he has offered scripted speeches with little or no sign of significant emotional engagement.

    Being a consoler-in-chief isnt, nor will it ever be, Donald Trumps strength as a politician or a commander-in-chief, said Colin Reed, a Republican strategist. Trump likes running on strength. Trump likes running on doing the things everyone says you shouldnt do. Hes decided to stick with the horse that brought him to the dance.

    Trump has been greeted with his share of tragedy while in office, but has often manifested a discordantly upbeat or uncomfortable air when dealing with those incidents and their victims.

    When he met with people who lost loved ones to mass shootings following the Parkland, Fla., tragedy, he carried a handwritten note reminding him to say I hear you. He was panned for playfully throwing paper towels into a crowd of Puerto Ricans whose lives had been upended by a deadly hurricane. And while greeting Texans in a Houston shelter after Hurricane Harvey, he doled out high-fives, told them to have a good time, and said the response to the storm had been wonderful.

    That has created stark contrasts between Trump and his predecessors of both parties, some of whom prioritized and also managed to draw political benefits from consoling the country. And, in the current moment, it leaves the nation without the opportunity to grieve together at a time when the normal rituals of mourning, like in-person funerals, are already suspended.

    To see an individual national leader as an empathetic figure and as a comforting figure and as a vulnerable figure is very powerful, and authorizes those things for others, said Micki McElya, a professor of history at the University of Connecticut. But reckoning with the national death toll could also be inconvenient for Trump, she said.

    To highlight the staggering number of the dead is to highlight the staggering ineffectiveness of the national response, she said.

    Trump ordered flags to be flown at half staff over Memorial Day weekend to mark the approaching 100,000-death milestone, and told reporters last month he had spoken privately with a handful of families who have lost a loved one to coronavirus. White House officials would not provide further details. They also would not say whether he had plans to meet with any affected families or commemorate the 100,000 dead further in any way. He takes this very seriously. Hes said before this is the hardest part of his presidency, said Kayleigh McEnany, his press secretary.

    Other countries such as Spain, the UK, and Italy have set aside a national mourning period or period of silence to reckon with their nations dead, while Trump has yet to lead a similar moment of silence or give a speech specifically commemorating the victims.

    If Trump lets the milestone pass without dedicating a whole event or speech to commemorating the dead, he will not be the only president to do so. Pandemics in America including AIDS and the Spanish flu of 1918, which killed 675,000 Americans have often received short shrift when it comes to national mourning.

    But for as long as the office has existed, presidents have been called on to suspend politics and give meaning to loss, especially those stemming from tragedies that dominate news coverage.

    A president is expected to bring some combination of hope, healing and help, said David Kusnet, a speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, to convey some sense that theres some larger meaning to this all.

    In 1986, with TV footage of the Challenger explosion playing constantly to a nation reeling in shock, president Ronald Reagan delayed his State of the Union address and instead gave a short speech evoking the hope symbolized by seven astronauts boarding the space shuttle.

    We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God, he said.

    In 1995, Clinton traveled to Oklahoma City after the bombing of a federal building there killed 168 people, and promised that the country would stand with the victims families for as many tomorrows as it takes.

    The dignity and emotional eloquence of that speech ended up helping boost Clintons popularity after Democrats took a beating in the 1994 midterm elections, a reminder that the mourner in chief role can come with potential benefits as well as pitfalls.

    George W. Bush was widely praised for taking a bullhorn at Manhattans Ground Zero after 9/11 and ad-libbing when someone in the crowd of first responders yelled they couldnt hear him. I can hear you, Bush said, the rest of the world hears you. His popularity soared in the aftermath of the terrorist attack.

    But later in his presidency, he was criticized for failing to respond quickly or empathetically enough to the disaster unfolding during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, which killed nearly 2,000 people.

    President Barack Obama came across as stoic and unemotional at times, but he consoled the nation with empathetic speeches again and again after the mass shootings that occurred while he was president. Valerie Jarrett, a close adviser, said that when she and Obama heard the news of the 2012 slaughter of first-graders and educators in Newtown, Conn., they immediately thought of their own children. Obama also wrote his remarks for the memorial service by hand, and spent hours meeting individually with families of the victims.

    You have to be able to let your heart take you to that place in order to feel empathy. And then imagine what you would want said to you, Jarrett said.

    One of the most lasting images of Obama as the mourner in chief came in Charleston, S.C., in 2015 when he sang Amazing Grace at the service for the Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, who was among nine black churchgoers killed in that city by a white supremacist. It was something he only decided to do as he traveled to Charleston that day.

    He thought it would be an opportunity for us to feel as one, Jarrett said. He knew that if he started to sing, everyone would join.

    Trumps approach has been starkly different. Sometimes, when he does nod to the coronavirus tragedy, he has a way of bringing up his own political disputes and rivalries.

    When meeting at the White House in April with people who had recovered from the disease, Trump steered the discussion to his own reelection. Representative Karen Whitsett, a Michigan Democrat, told the group she felt like she was going to die when she fell ill with COVID-19. Well, Im not going to speak for her, but I dont see her voting for Sleepy Joe Biden, Trump joked.

    And while he sent condolences to family members of the dead on Twitter on Thursday I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy & love for everything that these great people stood for & represent, he wrote he also spent the days leading up to the milestone spreading a conspiracy theory about an MSNBC host, sharing a video of a man saying the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat, and boosting a post calling Hillary Clinton a skank.

    For whatever reason, hes been unable to find his voice and to serve as the mourner-in-chief, people have been left to mourn on their own, said David Gergen, a former adviser to several presidents, including Reagan and Clinton.

    A White House official who did not want to be named said Trump had shared many tender moments over his years in office, including his speech at Normandy to commemorate D-Day, personal interactions with veterans, and visits to factories.

    But as a lifelong salesman who used to routinely exaggerate the height of his buildings and the extent of his wealth, the president is more comfortable making the rosy pitch, not providing a shoulder to cry on.

    Tony Schwartz, who worked with Trump for two years in the 1980s while he ghost-wrote Trumps book The Art of the Deal, said the real estate developer did not show much capacity for empathy, contrition, or sorrow in his experience. I dont think grief was in his vocabulary, he said. I dont think hes ever felt any grief about anything.

    That has led to a lost political opportunity for Trump, as well as a vacuum of federal leadership in a moment when Americans are struggling to comprehend the sheer loss of life. Trumps approval rating has sunk, even as many governors and other world leaders are seeing their constituents rally around them.

    Its not surprising, given his entire presidency has been very divisive, but this was a big missed opportunity to potentially unite the country, and one of the ways you unite the country is through shared grief, said Alex Conant, a Republican strategist who worked on Senator Marco Rubios presidential campaign.

    In contrast, former vice president Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee who is set to challenge Trump in the falls election and who often speaks of his personal grief, posted a somber two-and-a-half-minute video to Twitter on Wednesday to mark the grim milestone.

    I think I know what youre feeling, said Biden, who has mourned his first wife and two of his children, and spoke at multiple memorials while he was vice president. You feel like youre being sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest, suffocating, your heart is broken; theres nothing but a feeling of emptiness for you.

    Jess Bidgood can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @jessbidgood. Liz Goodwin can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @lizcgoodwin

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    Coronavirus death toll rises without a national remembrance or a consoler-in-chief in the White House - The Boston Globe

    LATEST: Wayfair garden furniture is on sale and these are the best buys – Real Homes - June 2, 2020 by admin

    If you haven't come across Wayfair garden furniture before, you're in for a serious treat this afternoon. Especially if like us you're after a stylish space that can make your dreams of a summer spent lounging in the garden a reality, even on a budget.

    We have rounded up our favourite Wayfair garden furniture picks to get your garden heatwave ready. We're talking loungers, parasols, dining sets, gazebos and more, all of which are great quality and super stylish.

    For more of the best garden furniture head to our buying guide. Or, bag yourself more bargains with our round up of the best garden furniture sales.

    (Image credit: Wayfair)

    Cosmos Right Arm Sectional Piece with Cushions | Was 1,579.99, Now 1,139.99 at WayfairWe think the L-shape of this garden sofa makes it the perfect spot to spend time with family and (once lockdown is lifted) with friends too. We love the combination of the neutral coloured fabric with rattan for a stylish finish that's sure to work in most outdoor spaces.View Deal

    Marks and Spencer UK (Paused)

    Cambridge 8 Rattan Garden...

    (Image credit: Wayfair)

    Reclining Sun Lounger | Was 197.99 now 177.99 at WayfairHow cool is this sun lounger! And it's on sale. We love the boho look, it would look fab with some outdoor cushions thrown on just to make it a bit comfier for lounging. It's made out of solid bamboo which is really durable and strong but also lightweight so you can drag it around your garden to chase the rays.View Deal

    Today's best deals on garden seating

    Garden Trading Hampstead Bench

    Amazonas Belize Hanging Chair

    RAVEN Teak And Metal 3 Seater...

    KETTLER LaMode Comfort...

    (Image credit: Wayfair)

    Isabelle Cotton Hammock |109.99 at WayfairNothing is quite as relaxing as chilling in a hammock with a good book. Close your eyes and you could almost, just almost, be on holiday. Wayfair have loads of hammocks to suit all budgets but we couldn't resist the macrame detail on this one. We were also thinking after the summer it would look so cool in a bedroom or living room, too.View Deal

    (Image credit: Wayfair)

    5 Seater Sofa Set | Was 1,599.99, Now 1,069.99 at WayfairWe've seen outdoor living rooms all over Pinterest in recent months. And given the combination of gorgeous weather and, well, not really having anywhere else to go, we can't say we're surprised. The best outdoor living rooms usually boast extra features such as garden sofas, garden coffee tables, outdoor rugs and outdoor cushions that give them the comfy, cosy feel. And we don't think this stunning five seater sofa set could be more perfect.View Deal

    (Image credit: Wayfair)

    3m x 3m Metal Patio Gazebo | 226.99 at WayfairWhat a total bargain this is! If you have got the room we couldn't recommend a gazebo enough. This one is so beautiful too and would add a lovely romantic vibe to your room ah we can see it now, sat underneath this gazebo, a floppy hat and a champagne cocktail. Marvellous darling.View Deal

    (Image credit: Wayfair )

    Amazonia 3m Cantilever Parasol | 108.99 at WayfairA parasol is great addition to a garden, especially during a heatwave as you can still enjoy the warmth, but be out of the sun. They are also great for popping your salad buffet under when you are having a BBQ.View Deal

    (Image credit: Wayfair)

    Kincade 2 Seater Bistro Set | 125.99 at WayfairBistro sets are a great option if you're kitting out a small garden patio, or perhaps even a balcony. Not only does their delicate design mean they won't overwhelm an already small space, but the ability to fold them away when you're done using them makes for an easy storage option where you need it most!View Deal

    Today's best Bistro sets deals

    Lingfield Wood Bistro Set

    The Garden Furniture Centre...

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    LATEST: Wayfair garden furniture is on sale and these are the best buys - Real Homes

    The Mail looks back on some of our favourite destination weddings and proposals – NW Evening Mail - June 2, 2020 by admin

    AS thousands of flights and holidays remain cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Mail is reminiscing on its favourite destination weddings and proposals.

    Zoey Halliwell-Bousfield, 38, who works at Lakeland in Windermere, and Simon Bousfield, a Barclays area manager escaped to the Mediterranean for their dream wedding abroad.

    The couple jetted off to a secret intimate wedding in Cyprus before tying the knot with their loved ones back home in the South Lakes.

    We have a blended family and wanted to get married with just the children abroad, Mrs Halliwell-Bousfield said. We just told them we were going on holiday then said at the airport, were going to get married in Cyprus. The wedding was lovely. It was just us seven in a little gazebo on the beach. It was all about our families coming together as one. Two weeks later the pair had another wedding back home in Kendal.

    Lisa Brotheridge, 41, and her husband, Gavin Southward, 40, also said I do in the idyllic backdrop of the Cyprus landscape. Lisa said: We spent 10 days out there with family and friends and just had the best time.

    We both wanted a small gathering in the sunshine and decided Cyprus was the perfect place.

    However, the pair wanted to ensure any guests who were unable to attend the ceremony could come to an evening do back home. Mrs Southward said: I put my wedding dress back on and did it all over again.

    Tatiana Baez, 26, an accommodation officer at a language school, and Lucas Saunders, 26, who owns a family business, crossed continents, cultures and climates to be together in their magical winter wonderland wedding.

    Mr Saunders popped the question in his wifes home country of Puerto Rico during a romantic holiday.

    She said: We were on the beach one night watching the sun go down when he suddenly asked me."

    For their big day, the pair chose to tie the knot at the Abbey House Hotel in Barrow in front of 80 people with another 40 people joining them in the evening.

    Laura Heavyside, 29, a marketing manager originally from Walney, and Antony Lavender, 31, an air operations supervisor from Hertfordshire, got engaged during a trip to New York.

    Mrs Lavender said: We were in Central Park and I was enthralled by the skyline, the views were amazing and he was trying to get my attention by talking to me but I was too busy staring at the sky. I turned around and he was on one knee. It was absolutely amazing. I was crying with happiness and excitement.

    The pair said I do at Storrs Hall in Bowness-on-Windermere.

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    The Mail looks back on some of our favourite destination weddings and proposals - NW Evening Mail

    Mansion on the Market: Home sits on 152 feet of Sauk River waterfront – SC Times - June 2, 2020 by admin

    Sarah Colburn, Special to the Times Published 5:44 p.m. CT May 29, 2020


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    Brick and iron gates set the tone for this stately two-story home on 152 feet of Sauk River waterfront.

    Complete with a turret design and sky-reaching two-story front archway, this home exudes curb appeal.

    Just inside the double entry doors is a dramatic and sweeping two-story foyer with a large chandelier and an overhead catwalk flanked by floor-to-ceiling columns, grounded and warmed by the homes hardwood flooring and dark trim work.

    The two-story great room ahead offers floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall arched windows that mimic the entry and present views of the mature trees and the river beyond. The picturesque great room is complete with built-in bookcases and a large, ornate fireplace and hearth. French doors open to the outdoor patio and the room is open to the overhead catwalk.

    The gourmet kitchen is finished in a dark wood offset by the stainless steel appliances. A large cooktop and prep island offers breakfast bar seating, and built-in buffets and cabinetry create the perfect space for a wine bar and an in-room desk area. The space is home to a large informal eating area that overlooks the landscape.

    The kitchen opens to the formal dining room with its decorative ceiling, crown molding and wainscoting. This space, featuring built-in decor areas, is perfect for hosting friends and family.

    Opposite the dining room is a living room that can double as a music space or a relaxation area. The main floor also boasts a media room.

    The exercise room is on the upper level,as is the master bedroom suite. The home also has a sauna. The suite is accessed through French doors and has a tray ceiling. The en suite is spacious with a dedicated vanity area, a large soaking tub and walk-in shower. The master bedroom also has a walk-in closet.

    This home sits just off the Sauk River and the backyard slopes down to the waterfront which connects to the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes and offers more than 30 miles of boating. A gazebo on the main floor provides the perfect place to relax and take in the landscape. The gazebo has vaulted ceilings and offers window views throughout.

    This home at 15865 River Bend Lane, Cold Spring is listed at $849,500 by Andy Asbury of Lake Sothebys International Realty.

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    Mansion on the Market: Home sits on 152 feet of Sauk River waterfront - SC Times

    Gazebo reportedly used to treat patients stolen from Burton GP surgery – Derbyshire Live - May 4, 2020 by admin

    Callous thieves have stolen a gazebo that was reportedly being used to treat patients at a Burton doctors' surgery.

    The green gazebo was last seen on Friday, May 1, before thieves swiped it from Bridge Surgery between then and this morning.

    It is thought it was being used as an outdoor shelter and consulting area in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen doctors change the way they work in order to combat the virus.

    Staffordshire Police confirmed the theft was reported to them this morning.

    A spokesman for the police force said: "It was reported to us at 9.30am that the gazebo had been stolen from Bridge Surgery on St Peter's Street.

    "It was described as two-by-two metres and green and was last seen on Friday.

    "Any witnesses or anyone with information can get in touch by calling 101 and quoting incident number 136 of May 4."

    The surgery has been approached for comment.

    Continue reading here:
    Gazebo reportedly used to treat patients stolen from Burton GP surgery - Derbyshire Live

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