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    The pitch deck that Honey used before PayPal’s $4 billion acquisition – Business Insider - December 5, 2019 by admin

    "Have a promo code?"

    More than 160 million online shoppers got asked this question during checkout in 2014, according to Honey, a startup that makes a browser extension for finding coupons. The problem is that many of them left the merchant's website to search for a promo code and never came back to place their order.

    In 2012, Honey's founders set out to solve for one of e-commerce's biggest profit eaters. When a user is online shopping, Honey scours the web for available coupons and surfaces the best ones in a browser extension. The company takes a commission on every transaction it helps close, and last year, it booked $100 million in revenue.

    Honey's promise to merchants that it could turn shoppers into customers, lowering cart abandonment made it an irresistible acquisition for the payments company PayPal, whose services are focused on checkout. In November, the company cofounded by Peter Thiel said it agreed to buy Honey in a $4 billion cash deal, its biggest acquisition ever.

    PayPal has some 24 million merchants signed up for its payments solutions. An integration with Honey makes its service more valuable to them, Daniel Schulman, PayPal's president and chief executive, said in a recent call with analysts.

    "Almost 40% of all e-commerce is done through some sort of trigger event," Schulman said. "There's a personalized offer that comes in. There's a deal that somebody sees. ... We think that Honey actually has the leading platform and capabilities around that. And that adds a tremendous amount of relevance to our consumers."

    Considering many shoppers already search for deals before placing an order, PayPal could persuade customers to check out using their PayPal account more regularly if it integrated the browser extension's features into its checkout experience, Business Insider Intelligence's Daniel Keyes wrote.

    Schulman said the transaction had "the potential to be transformative for us."

    But before Honey sold for $4 billion, it nearly ran out of money. In 2012, founders Ryan Hudson and George Ruan tried to raise outside capital and were mostly rejected. They struggled to convince investors to put money into a browser extension for the desktop as mobile became the computing platform du jour. They pooled their savings to pay a small team of engineers. One founder took a day job as a product manager at an adtech company to make ends meet.

    Honey's users grew in number, and two years later, the company had an easier time raising funds. A small group of investors who were mostly based in Los Angeles, where Honey has its headquarters, poured $1.8 million into a seed round. Based on the company's value in the sale to PayPal, those early investors have seen roughly 300 times returns on their original investment.

    In 2015, Honey pulled in half a million dollars in a bridge round to cover its expenses before the next big raise. The founders used this eight-slide pitch deck to convince investors of their worth. Check it out:

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    The pitch deck that Honey used before PayPal's $4 billion acquisition - Business Insider

    Deck The Halls: Washington Monument Lighting Marks Holiday Season In Baltimore – CBS Pittsburgh - December 5, 2019 by admin

    BALTIMORE (WJZ) The stage is set, the fireworks are wired and the lights have been hung.

    The historic Washington Monument in Baltimore is ready to put on a show.

    This is really the start of the holiday season in Baltimore, Mike Evitts said. Thats how everyone in the neighborhood treats it.

    For the 48th year, the Downtown Partnership is hosting the ceremony. WJZ was there as they finished up the final touches.

    Were just in setup mode and were waiting for the music and crowds to arrive, Evitts said.

    The park, transformed into a holiday village, with food and drinks and a surprise or two for the little ones.

    Santas chair just arrived, Evitts said. So well have Santa and crafts for the kids with help from docents.

    Mayor Jack Young will flip the switch illuminating the 178.5-foot tall monument.

    Timed with the lighting of the monument, the fireworks, upward of 2,500 of them, will be set off during a five-minute performance.

    Its great, Chief Pyrotechnician Rich Lanez said. These things go up, they go tall, a lot higher than you would expect.

    Gates for the event open at 5 p.m.

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    Deck The Halls: Washington Monument Lighting Marks Holiday Season In Baltimore - CBS Pittsburgh

    Deck The Trees | The – - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Ottawa's Washington Square is getting brighter.

    Crews were at the park starting at 7:30 a.m. Thursday to hang additional lights after the public expressed disappointment that the amount of lights was reduced from the previous years.

    Commissioner Marla Rodriguez and Mayor Dan Aussem were on-site to lend a hand.

    Rodriguez said many of the lights were donated, in addition to the work of crews with trucks and lifts to hang them high in the trees.

    "We're adding a little color that we don't usually have and a lot of snowflakes and stars that will be added," Rodriguez said.

    The trucks were kept on the sidewalks after Aussem expressed concern the ground may be too soft to support a lift, and parking lanes were blocked to allow the machines some room to move.

    Around 10 to 12 volunteers showed up by 9 a.m. with more expected to follow.

    They couldn't assist with the lifts but found their own ways to help.

    Stephanie Stacy, of Garden's Gate, was erecting white birch poles in the planters around the fountain area and stringing white lights over them with other volunteers.

    "This is what I thought we could contribute to help," Stacy said.

    Aussem told The Times earlier in the week that the city "failed" when lighting the park this year. He said he was told La Salle Street was too dark last year and as the city had trimmed the lower branches of trees at Washington Square, those lights were moved to double up on La Salle Street.

    There also were issues with extension cords in the park due to dew and moisture on the grass.

    Ottawa resident Dylan Conmy expressed interest to local media in creating a "Light Up Ottawa" fund following the frustration with fewer lights.

    Originally he considered taking donations where he works at Prairie Fox Books but is instead determining another way to best to collect funds for next year's festivities. He said he'll share information on how to donate when it's available.

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    Deck The Trees | The -

    Dallas Stars Daily Links: Deck the Halls – Defending Big D - December 5, 2019 by admin

    With the New Jersey Devils heading towards potentially another 1st overall pick, Taylor Hall has picked up a lot of steam as a major trade candidate. Wes made the case for the Dallas Stars trading for Hall earlier this week, and now the Stars crew over at The Athletic have taken a crack at it in a roundtable discussion:

    Considering Halls talent, I dont foresee him having any issues integrating into Jim Montgomerys system. Off the ice and in the locker room, this would undoubtedly be a major plus. If acquiring Mats Zuccarello was a message that the front office is all-in on the championship window right now, Hall would do the same in an amplified form.

    Of course, there are several issues with a Hall trade for Dallas. Not only would it come at an extremely high price, but it would likely strictly as a rental, as squeezing Hall in under the cap would be a problem for future seasons:

    The market is going to be too rich, and the Stars dont have the draft picks to afford the buy-in for a seat at the table. It would certainly be a fun transaction and an exciting one for this season. But given the long-term implications, Dallas doesnt make much sense as a trade partner for the Devils when it comes to Hall.

    You can read more about what Sean Shapiro, Saad Yousuf, and Bob Sturm have to say about the topic here.

    Its gameday! Dallas will try and get revenge against the Winnipeg Jets tonight after their embarrassing loss on Tuesday:

    Everyone ready for the inevitable Patrik Laine goal?

    Missed out on Winter Classic tickets? Theres still a chance to go:

    In a battle between recent Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins prevailed 3-0 over the St. Louis Blues. [Pensburgh]

    One of the Penguins goals came courtesy of Plano-native Stefan Noesen, who joined Dallas on a PTO this preseason and recently signed an NHL deal with Pittsburgh:

    Speaking of former Stars scoring goals, check out this beauty from Valeri Nichushkin:

    That ended being the game-winner for the Colorado Avalanche, who beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1. [Mile High Hockey]

    Remember when the Minnesota Wild were supposed to be bad? They may not be, but...

    Think you know the NHL rulebook? Of course you dont who does?

    Its never too early to look ahead to the NHL Draft. You know, just in case:

    I always joke about how the Norris Trophy is seemingly awarded by November every season, but it really is John Carlsons to lose this year:

    Finally, Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Robin Lehner opens up about the recent reckoning of NHL coaches and second chances:

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    Dallas Stars Daily Links: Deck the Halls - Defending Big D

    No, Japan Isn’t Going To Install Catapults And Angled Decks On Its Izumo Class Carriers – The Drive - December 5, 2019 by admin

    I have been bombarded with questions from readers today regarding a Powerpoint slide that has leaked depicting a drastically refitted Japanese Izumo class helicopter carrier with a pair of catapults and an angled landing area with arresting cables. In other words, the slide, which is from General Atomics, shows a Catapult Assisted Take-Off Barrier Arrested Recovery (CATOBAR) reimagining of Japan's two largest warships. Then it was proclaimed by another site that Japan "has grand ambitions" to do this and buy the F-35C to pair with it. The problem here is that there is no actual evidence of this being the case. It's recklessly uninformed at best, straight-up fantasy at worst.

    In other words, no, General Atomics is not a ship designer, builder, or a complete ship systems integrator. So, this is very likely, if not absolutely some lighter concept art to pitch their catapult capabilities to Japan based on a theoretical designa common tactic in the blue sky world of future defense capabilities discussions. There is a rendering for virtually everything.

    The fact of the matter is that Japan is already buying 43 short-takeoff and vertical landing F-35Bs and is modifying its Izumo class carriers for this aircraft, specifically. This process has been made easier because, just as posited, the Japanese Ministry of Defense kept this possibility in mind when it originally ordered what are the country's largest warfighting vessels since the end of World War II.

    In the single slide we have, the modified Izumo class looks pretty cool as a conventional aircraft carrier, but the amount of work that would be required to realize such a conversion would be massive. In addition, although it seems that most people think slapping catapults and an angled flightdeck on an existing helicopter carrier is a relatively straightforward way of making a CATOBAR aircraft carrier, it's not.

    The added systems, mass, and huge changes in weight distribution that the ships were never designed for have snowballing impacts, regardless of cost. The vessels' sea handling, speed, and fuel economy alone can be heavily impacted, and large parts of their interiors would have to be redesigned. That's not saying it is impossible, but it makes little sense. Beyond that, the design shown in the slide is something of a nightmare for CATOBAR operations on multiple levels. A very limited amount of deck space and the inability to launch any aircraft while recoveries are underway are just a couple issues that are glaringly apparent.

    The Essex class from World War II is probably the best example of a relatively straight-forward flattop being turned into a post-WWII-era jet-capable carrier, but that was also a major undertaking and those ships were already designed as fixed-wing carriers. More so, in an era where the F-35B is available, an aircraft capable of 'first day of war' operations alongside its A and C variant cousins, such an intricate and risky project has small advantages for this size of ship. Even the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are still learning just how much combat capability they can squeeze out of their own similar amphibious assault ships with a heavy contingent of F-35Bs embarked.

    If Japan really wanted to go with a conventional carrier design, then it would be best off just building those ships specifically for the task, not tearing apart the helicopter carriers they already have that were already designed with the F-35B in mind. But once again, there is no great reason for this nor is it anything but a hypothetical drawing as far as well know, and Japan has never shown interest in such an undertaking or footing the bill for introducing a CATOBAR capability into its force structure in the first place.

    So, fun picture. We can always dream. But unless there is a whole story we don't know, this image is little more than a common marketing exercise, and no, Japan has no intention of executing such a vision.

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    No, Japan Isn't Going To Install Catapults And Angled Decks On Its Izumo Class Carriers - The Drive

    Deck The State House Halls With Cheer And Smell Of Balsam – - December 5, 2019 by admin

    From InDepth NH:

    By PAULA TRACY, | 2 hours ago

    CONCORD, NH If you need to get in the holiday mood, head over to your State House where the halls have just been decked and it sure smells great.

    It is a particularly good time of year to visit the people's house where you can stop by the visitors center and pick up New Hampshire ornaments for your own Christmas tree or buy a necktie for your uncle who misses New Hampshire now that he lives in Florida.

    Virginia Drew, director of State House Visitors Center, said there is a festive mood of goodwill and hope for the coming year happening around her.

    Virginia Drew speaks at the Visitors Center at the State House. Paula Tracy video

    "We are gearing up for what will be another wonderful holiday season at the State House," Drew said.

    She encouraged people to come and "take a slower pace" to the holidays, and visit the various chambers which are also decorated with natural boughs from trees across the state.

    People who come, she said, are "assaulted by the beauty and the smells of Christmas."

    She noted that in addition to the large tree on the State House lawn, they will soon have a Jewish Menorah. "We celebrate all the different parts of the holiday season at the State House."

    Last week, the state received a gift from the New Hampshire Christmas Tree growers, through the New Hampshire Christmas Tree Promotion Board.

    As part of the New Hampshire/Vermont Christmas Tree Association, the state was given trees for "official" holiday decorating. The trees are also provided for the Bridges House in East Concord, which will be a site for official functions in Concord.

    Hall of Flags at the State House.

    In the Hall of Flags, there are ten 30-inch wide wreaths hanging on all of the stately pillars bringing the fragrant smell of state's balsam woods to life.

    Up in the Executive Council chamber, a gorgeous balsam fir has been placed in the corner near the state and American flag and it is now encircled by poinsettias. The tree has been decorated with colored lights and ornaments donated by visiting schoolchildren. This year, the official state holiday trees come from the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests' Christmas Tree Farm at the Rocks in Bethlehem.

    Gov. Chris Sununu's tree.

    The 1,400-acre Rocks Estate was gifted to the Forest Society in 1978 by the family of the original owners, International Harvester co-founder John Glessner and his wife, Frances, who acquired the property in 1882 for a summer home.

    When giving the farm to the Forest Society, the family made the stipulation that a crop always be maintained in the fields. That crop for more than 30 years has been Christmas trees and today there are more than 40,000 trees grown on the farm.

    You, too, can get your Christmas trees there. The organization has cut-your-own as well as pre-cut options. Or take a horse-drawn hayride through the fields, enjoy some caroling and other events to get you in the holiday spirit.

    The Rocks is also home to the NH Maple Experience Museum. Maple syrup is produced on the farm and maple production is part of the educational programming.

    The New Hampshire Christmas tree industry is valued at over $3 million annually and represents nearly 200 tree growing operations of all sizes. For more information on how to get your farm-fresh New Hampshire tree, like the one at the State House, visit, or visit the NH Christmas Tree Promotion Board website

    This story was originally published by InDepth NH.

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    Deck The State House Halls With Cheer And Smell Of Balsam -

    Is Hannah Ferrier From ‘Below Deck Med’ Finally Responding to Her Fallout With Kate Chastain From ‘Below Deck?’ – Showbiz Cheat Sheet - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Kate Chastain from Below Deck recently revealed she and chief stew Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean are no longer friends.

    Chastain hinted about the fallen friendship when she chatted with Danny Pellegrino on his podcast. She also poked at Ferrier on Twitter, joking about Ferriers tablescapes. Chastain proudly showed off one of her tablescape photos too, sharing she loves doing them.

    But she later directly addressed the falling out on various live appearances both at BravoCon and when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Ferrier has been silent about the feud but may have cryptically made a comment about it on her Instagram story.

    Ferrier has been busy celebrating her birthday and traveling. But she posted to her Instagram story that there are two sides to every story. Learn to be ok with people not knowing your side of the story, she wrote. You dont have to prove anything to anyone. She followed the post with a video where she is giving someone the side-eye too. Ferrier did not indicate the post was about Chastain, but at the same time, shes remained silent about the falling out.

    Instead, Ferriers posts have primarily been about traveling and enjoying time with friends and family. In her Instagram story, she shared video of some delicious food she was enjoying with a friend.

    She also asked fans and friends to donate to her favorite charity for her birthday too, instead of sending her gifts. Hey guys! Sooooo its my birthday on Saturday and instead of presents this year I am asking for a donation to@lifelineaustralia this is a charity I have worked with for years and having suffered from anxiety its close to my heart. Any donation is greatly appreciated, she posted to Instagram.

    Ferrier and Chastain seemed to have a fun and playful friendship. They would often discuss what it would be like to co-stew. Plus, they seemed to genuinely like each other. So the news that they were no longer speaking surprised fans.

    Chastain shared that Ferrier talked about her behind her back. Over the years, watching Hannah, I could just always tell we had very different styles of being a chief stew, but I just wanted to be supportive,Chastain shared at BravoCon, Bravos The Daily Dish reports.But now, were not really friends because I heard she was talking poorly about me behind my back.

    Chastain claimed she tried to get to the bottom of the issue so she sent Ferrier a text. I was like, You know, I dont like what you said,' she said. And she left me unread and never answered. Like if she had answered, Id be like, No worries! Or, Whatever.' Chastain continues to follow Ferrier on Instagram. However, Ferrier has stopped following Chastain.

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    Is Hannah Ferrier From 'Below Deck Med' Finally Responding to Her Fallout With Kate Chastain From 'Below Deck?' - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

    All hands on deck to plow snow in communities that saw more than 2 feet of snow in 48 hours – The Boston Globe - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Its just hard to keep up with that kind of amount, he said. Its not the season or the earliness, its the amount in such a short period of time.

    Taming the overwhelming amount of snow was made more challenging when four of the towns 12 snowplows broke Monday night because of unexpected mechanical issues, Gallant said.

    It slows everything down because it takes about five hours to do the town once, he said. We have 134 miles of road.

    The snow was still falling in Winchendon Tuesday morning, making roads that have already been cleared look like they havent been touched by a snowplow, Gallant said. The snowplow drivers have been working in rotations around the clock for the past 48 hours, he said.

    Despite the challenges, Gallant said, most Winchendon citizens have been positive and understanding.

    They know its hard to deal with this much this fast, he said.

    Keith Newton, the superintendent of the Department of Public Works in Royalston, estimated that the town received about 26 inches. He said the most prominent challenge was the moisture content of the snow. The flakes froze as soon as they hit the ground, creating a thin layer of ice that is dangerous and hard to plow.

    Newton said receiving this amount of snow is not an unusual event for the town, but the two back-to-back snowfalls Sunday and Monday night were hard to plan for.

    Because Ive been here all my life, no, this is not a usual event, he said. People that live here are really well adjusted to it. They took it in stride.

    Nicolas Bosonetto, the commissioner of public works in Fitchburg, was driving a snowplow himself Tuesday morning. He said the town is using all hands on deck to make sure the 220 miles of road in the city remain clear. Many other departments were pitching in to help, using every plow they could find.

    If anything has a plow on it, its out there, he said.

    Bosonetto said the town has received about 20 inches since 1 p.m. Sunday and said snowplow drivers have been working nonstop for the past two days. The city was prepared for the foot of snow forecast to hit Sunday night, but the additional 10 inches over the past day were a bit of a surprise as the forecast only called for 3 additional inches, Bosonetto said.

    The fluctuating temperatures in Fitchburg have made plowing the roads even more challenging as the snow melts and refreezes, Bosonetto said.

    This is a heavy amount for the first snow, he said. Usually we ease into it.

    Duane Pease, the Middlefield town administrator, also said that the amount of snow from the second wave of the storm caught the town a bit by surprise.

    But, despite getting about 20 inches of snow from the storm, the roads were mostly clear as of early Tuesday afternoon, he said. The towns three-person plowing crew worked overnight Monday to ensure that roads were usable for the morning commute.

    New Bedford saw around 8 inches of snow as of Tuesday morning, according to the National Weather Service. Police Lieutenant Nathaniel Rodriguez encouraged those driving to make sure to clean the snow and ice off their car before getting on the road.

    That even goes for snow on top of your vehicle, he said. That can slide down onto your windshield and essentially make you blind and could cause an accident, and ... the wind can take it back onto [the] vehicle behind you.

    Maria Lovato can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @maria_lovato99.

    All hands on deck to plow snow in communities that saw more than 2 feet of snow in 48 hours - The Boston Globe

    ‘Below Deck’ Charter Guest Lynn Schuster Has The Time of Her Life Flirting With Captain Lee – Decider - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Getting on a superyacht in Thailand and flirting with a handsome gentleman sounds like a great time, and it sure sounded like the perfect vacation for the most recent Below Deck charter guest, Lynn Schuster from Gilbert, AZ. She brought five of her fabulous friends along for the ride, and as the group of moms explained on their preference sheet, they cant wait for a much-needed girls trip.

    Its gonna be their first international trip together, Captain Lee read, unaware that *he* was one of their top attractions to check out. Hey, they dont call him The Stud of the Sea for nothing! The group also included Wendy Brunet, a Season 6 guest who came aboard with Steve, or as Captain Lee calls him, Mr. Foam Man. And while chief stew Kate Chastain remembered her as being relaxed and chill, well, she turned it up a notch with this group.

    In between their beach picnic near a cave of bats, the ladies indulged in their sexual appetite before dinner was served, sneaking upstairs to get a glimpse of Captain Lee with no shirt on as he got ready to join them for the meal, and giggling all the way.

    Chef Kevin served them the authentic Italian cuisine they requested for their white themed dinner party, and its a real wonder that these women werent spilling any of the red wine all over their white dresses. The more Lynns glass was refilled, the more she divulged to Captain Lee, telling him, You were like Thor with no shirt on! and I had a bad Botox job, can you tell? and We just want everyone to party with us, we dont want anyone to have to work. She even had a heart to heart about her personal life, telling the Captain, Thats why I have a hard time finding a man. I dont fit into a category. Its gonna take a really special man to tie me down.

    When its right it will happen, he assured her. How did you morph from Chicago to California? he asked, wisely changing the conversation.

    Oh, I followed the Grateful Dead, she told him as Kate and Courtney laughed from the kitchen. Captain Lee could only muster an okay, when presented with that information. Oh, but Lynn wasnt done yet! I lived in a Volkswagen bus, I was a total hippie. I sold sir fry around the country, I pierced noses and ears.

    This is a revelation, Captain Lee announced, which was naturally met with Lynns signature giggle, the same one she was putting into overdrive during the whole dinner conversation.

    Tune in next week to see if she is as enthusiastic about her tip as she is flirting with the Captain.

    Below Deck airs Monday at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.

    Where to stream Below Deck

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    'Below Deck' Charter Guest Lynn Schuster Has The Time of Her Life Flirting With Captain Lee - Decider

    Ashton Pienaar Previews the Demise of His Relationship with Kate Chastain This Season of Below Deck – Bravo - December 5, 2019 by admin
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