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    How To Add Space To Your House – The Spruce - October 8, 2019 by admin

    You already have the room on your property--somewhere.It's just a matter of carving out and creating conditioned living space from that room.Not only does more living space mean happier families, it means higher resale values for your house.But not all space-adding remodels are created equally.Some, in fact, are downright harmful to your home's value.Rated from best to worst:

    If you can steel yourself for this long, expensive project, an on-grade addition will pay you back many times overfinancially and emotionally. Building an addition is the only true way to "create space." Except for building upward, nearly every other way of creating space involves redistributing existing space.

    You create an entirely new space, unhindered by existing structures. Usually, you do not need to vacate the house during construction.A true addition returns absolute maximum resale value.

    Commensurate with on-grade additions in terms of value, second-story additions are best when your available property is small.

    Most homes will accept a second story, but it's not as easy as lopping off the roof and sticking another floor on top. Additional shoring up is needed.

    This is a better way of gaining space than even building outward. The sky is the limit, as they say.Like building outward, this is one space-creating remodel that returns insanely high value upon sale.

    Less popular than upward or outward additions, basement conversions still rank high because available floor space is often equal to existing first-story floor space.

    Usually substantially build

    Solid walls need little remediation for electrical wires

    The floor rests on solid earth

    Relatively low cost

    Plenty of available contractors

    Deceptively difficult,attic conversions are not the "shoo-in" they appear to be, as structural elements may need to be added.

    Attics are pre-built for some degree of foot traffic, so you do not have to build in a lot of structural elements.

    Because attics are near to the habitable floor below them, utilities (electrical, plumbing, waste, etc.) can be tapped into.

    Attics are often oddly configured, with low-hanging ceilings and angled dormers.

    Though designed for storage and some foot traffic, attics are not meant for constant use. So, you will still need to strengthen the joists (by sistering or other methods) and lay down sub-floor.

    By turning two rooms into one room you create the illusion of space, rather than creating actual space.It's usually best to leave two rooms as two rooms.The exception is if those two rooms are especially tiny.

    Yes, it's the old Enclose-The-Porch-and-Turn-It-Into-a-Living-Room trick!If you're any kind of real estate follower, you'll recognize this type of conversion as one that causes Realtors to arch their eyebrows in doubt.If you decide to do this, be sure to closely align the function of the old room with the function of the new room.

    Usually, it's a bad idea to put money into this space-creation project, as you gain a low-value space by eliminating a higher value space. Not seen much anymore, thegarage conversion seemslargely a vestige of theBrady Bunchera. And for good reason: cars need homes, too. It is extremely tempting to convert the garage but resist the temptation. If anything, repeat to yourself, "This will drag down myresale value."

    If you're going to do this, attach the structure to your home and make it a traditional addition.

    City permitting departments don't love homeowners who turn sheds into mother-in-law apartments.

    The work of extending utilities 50 feet or more from the main structure to an accessory structure is usually more than most homeowners bargained for.

    A properly built permitted separate structure can cost as much as an addition, yet give you less resale value.

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    How To Add Space To Your House - The Spruce

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"sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"190.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164297"},"185610":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"1000.00","cb":"32526","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164489"},"185628":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"1100.00","cb":"33979","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164507"},"185421":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"150.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164302"},"185417":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"800.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164298"},"185459":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"3500.00","cb":"16249","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164340"},"185384":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"325.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164266"},"185366":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"9000.00","cb":"32363","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164248"},"185487":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"600.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164368"},"185256":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164144"},"185148":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164036"},"185257":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164145"},"185272":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164159"},"185551":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164429"},"185549":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"750.00","cb":"31717","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164427"}}; var bidCellPr = 'bidcell', closedMsgCl = 'closed-msg'; lotInfoAutoUpdate.setUserId(uid); // set logged in user's id lotInfoAutoUpdate.timerMaxSecs = 60000; lotInfoAutoUpdate.setAccount(1); lotInfoAutoUpdate.setLots("185550,185324,185326,185547,185499,185571,185582,185585,185325,185330,184748,184756,185589,185552,185560,185578,185327,185329,185529,185405,185543,185574,184691,184751,185630,184753,185544,185553,184755,185328,184749,184754,184757,184750,185496,185527,185488,185556,184752,185576,185408,185545,185404,185603,185558,185419,185412,185497,185403,185495,185586,185358,185367,185400,185557,185568,185602,185465,185634,185357,185475,185501,185652,185564,185587,185583,185482,185469,185486,185493,185575,185418,185266,185444,185396,185420,185425,185492,185426,185548,185267,185460,185374,185430,185542,185416,185610,185628,185421,185417,185459,185384,185366,185487,185256,185148,185257,185272,185551,185549"); // set's lotInfoAutoUpdate.lotCountDowns = {"185550":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164428"},"185324":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"850.00","cb":"31076","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164194"},"185326":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"250.00","cb":"31076","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163673"},"185547":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164425"},"185499":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"100.00","cb":"29626","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164380"},"185571":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164449"},"185582":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"600.00","cb":"33944","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164460"},"185585":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"400.00","cb":"32898","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164463"},"185325":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163740"},"185330":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163860"},"184748":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163637"},"184756":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"350.00","cb":"32898","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163645"},"185589":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164468"},"185552":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"250.00","cb":"32898","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164430"},"185560":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"400.00","cb":"32898","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164438"},"185578":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164456"},"185327":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"1700.00","cb":"5168","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164197"},"185329":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"300.00","cb":"2219","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163674"},"185529":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"550.00","cb":"18753","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164407"},"185405":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"650.00","cb":"24259","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164286"},"185543":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164421"},"185574":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164452"},"184691":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"700.00","cb":"32526","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163310"},"184751":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163640"},"185630":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164509"},"184753":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163642"},"185544":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164422"},"185553":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"425.00","cb":"10561","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164431"},"184755":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"250.00","cb":"2219","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163644"},"185328":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164168"},"184749":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"180.00","cb":"10561","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163638"},"184754":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163643"},"184757":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"150.00","cb":"11012","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163646"},"184750":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"200.00","cb":"3170","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163639"},"185496":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164377"},"185527":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"2500.00","cb":"20238","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164405"},"185488":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"5000.00","cb":"31","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164369"},"185556":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"140.00","cb":"24225","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164434"},"184752":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"200.00","cb":"20238","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163641"},"185576":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164454"},"185408":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"750.00","cb":"25038","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164289"},"185545":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164423"},"185404":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164285"},"185603":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"325.00","cb":"13179","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164482"},"185558":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164436"},"185419":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"250.00","cb":"22874","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164300"},"185412":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"7000.00","cb":"30185","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164293"},"185497":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164378"},"185403":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"400.00","cb":"31804","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"163303"},"185495":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"500.00","cb":"32373","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164376"},"185586":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164464"},"185358":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"400.00","cb":"24815","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164240"},"185367":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"2250.00","cb":"32363","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164249"},"185400":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164282"},"185557":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"2500.00","cb":"28307","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164435"},"185568":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164446"},"185602":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"2500.00","cb":"31804","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164481"},"185465":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"2000.00","cb":"24648","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164346"},"185634":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"650.00","cb":"17180","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164513"},"185357":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"400.00","cb":"24259","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164239"},"185475":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"1000.00","cb":"24648","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164356"},"185501":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"350.00","cb":"24815","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164382"},"185652":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"2500.00","cb":"28307","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164525"},"185564":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"200.00","cb":"31804","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164442"},"185587":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"300.00","cb":"28084","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164465"},"185583":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"200.00","cb":"11218","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164461"},"185482":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"250.00","cb":"22291","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164363"},"185469":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"100.00","cb":"24815","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164350"},"185486":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"450.00","cb":"24815","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164367"},"185493":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164374"},"185575":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"400.00","cb":"33008","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164453"},"185418":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"100.00","cb":"28084","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164299"},"185266":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"1500.00","cb":"30353","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164153"},"185444":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"160.00","cb":"33990","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164325"},"185396":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"800.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164278"},"185420":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164301"},"185425":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"400.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164306"},"185492":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164373"},"185426":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164307"},"185548":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164426"},"185267":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"550.00","cb":"30176","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164154"},"185460":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"800.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164341"},"185374":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164256"},"185430":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164311"},"185542":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"4000.00","cb":"16791","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164420"},"185416":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"190.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164297"},"185610":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"1000.00","cb":"32526","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164489"},"185628":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"1100.00","cb":"33979","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164507"},"185421":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"150.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164302"},"185417":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"800.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164298"},"185459":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"3500.00","cb":"16249","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164340"},"185384":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"325.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164266"},"185366":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"9000.00","cb":"32363","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164248"},"185487":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"600.00","cb":"33569","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164368"},"185256":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164144"},"185148":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164036"},"185257":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164145"},"185272":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164159"},"185551":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"2","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":null,"cb":null,"qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164429"},"185549":{"sl":"","sb":"","ls":"3","mb":null,"ppb":"","cmb":"750.00","cb":"31717","qtyx":"0","qty":null,"lid":"164427"}}; lotInfoAutoUpdate.lotNextCountDowns = []; lotInfoAutoUpdate.lotNextCount = 0; lotInfoAutoUpdate.removeClosed = 0; lotInfoAutoUpdate.strLoading = "Loading"; lotInfoAutoUpdate.blnShowSec = false; lotInfoAutoUpdate.totalItems = 223; lotInfoAutoUpdate.removeAucLot= function(alid, data){ $("#auc-lot"+alid).html(""); // remove data } lotInfoAutoUpdate.renderCurrent= function(alid, data){ var num = alid.toString(); if(arrListingOnlyLots.indexOf(num) == -1){ return ""; } var html = ''; if(data['cl'] != undefined){ // closed $("#tl"+alid).addClass("ended"); $("#tl"+alid).html(strEnded); if(data['h'] != undefined) { // sold //$("#tl"+alid).html(strSold); if (hammerPriceBp) { // don't calculate and modify winning bid html += $("#auc-lot"+alid).html(); } else { var wbinfo = ''; if (data['wbinfo'] != undefined && data['wbinfo'] != '' && dwbinfo) wbinfo = '(' + String(data['wbinfo']).replace(/^0*/, '') + ')'; if( blnwinbv ) var winbidview = data['curr'] + numFormat(usformat, data['h']) + wbinfo; 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(data['umb'] != undefined && data['umb'] > 0) { if(data['umb'] != str[alid]['mb']){ $("#tmbid"+alid).val(data['umb']); str[alid]['mb'] = data['umb']; } } if (data['b'] != undefined) { html += '' + buyHdr + ': ' + '' + data['curr'] + numFormat(usformat, data['b']) + ''; } if (data['s'] != undefined && blnStartingBidView) { html += '' + staHdr + ': ' + '' + data['curr'] + numFormat(usformat, data['s']) + ''; } if (data['c'] != undefined) { html += '' + curHdr + ': ' + '' + '' + data['curr'] + numFormat(usformat, data['c']) + ' '; var mxBid = $("#tmbid"+alid).val(); mxBid = numberParse(usformat, mxBid); if(isSetnBid == 1) { if (mxBid != undefined && ((!data['ar'] && data['c'] > mxBid) || (data['ar'] && data['c'] = data['c']) || (data['ar'] && mxBid '+strNA+''; } } if (data['b'] != undefined && data['c'] != undefined && data['b'] Reserve not met!'); } else { $("#reserve-not-met"+alid).remove(); } } } $('#scur'+alid).html(data['curr']); if($('#lest'+alid).length && (data['le'] || 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data); if (data['o'] != undefined) { var pb = $("#pb"+alid).val(); if (pb == '1') { if (data['o'] != uid) { $("#yh"+alid).removeClass('youre-winning'); $("#yh"+alid).addClass('outbid'); $("#yh"+alid).html("Outbid!"); } else { $("#yh"+alid).removeClass('outbid'); $("#yh"+alid).addClass('youre-winning'); $("#yh"+alid).html("You're the high bidder!"); } } } this.removeAucLot(alid, data); $("#auc-lot"+alid).html(html); }; lotInfoAutoUpdate.renderBuyNow = function(alid,data){ var flBuyNowPrice = data['b']; var flMaxBid = data['mb']; if(flMaxBid >= flBuyNowPrice){ $("#pBnow"+alid).prop("disabled", true); } } lotInfoAutoUpdate.renderPayPerBid = function(alid,data){ if (data['p'] != undefined && $("#bPpbid"+alid).length > 0) { var flPayPerBidAmt = parseFloat(data['p']); var flPayPerBidInc = parseFloat(data['pi']); if(data['o'] != undefined && data['o'] == uid){ $("#bPpbid"+alid).prop("disabled", true); } else { if (data['pi'] > 0) { flCurrentBid = (data['c'] != 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    Sort -Select-Lot#BidsViewsStarting/Current BidEstimateLow to HighHigh to Low


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $1,020

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $192


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $120


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $780

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $510

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $180

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $720

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $300

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $450


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $180

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $510


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $2,160

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $900

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $1,680

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $1,320


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $480

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $840





    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $450

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $180


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $180


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $180

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $240

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $120

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $2,280

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $4,800

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $132

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $204


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $3,600


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $120

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $420

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $300

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $216

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $9,000


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $450

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $120

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $360

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $570

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $1,440


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $3,000


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $3,000

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $1,560

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $780

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $390

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $780

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $390

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $3,000

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $180

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $240

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $240

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $330

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $120

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $510


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $300

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $144

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $3,600

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $156

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $1,140


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $660



    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $1,080

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $900

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $720

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $2,400


    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $3,900

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $180

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $4,500

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $4,500

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $120

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $780

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $3,300

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $420

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $11,400

    Sold For (Includes Buyer's Premium): $660




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    2019 How much does a second storey addition cost? | Cost … - September 17, 2019 by admin

    When you extend your home, you have two choices -- out or up. Some homeowners shy away from adding on a second storey, thinking the cost will be prohibitive compared to a ground floor home extension. Is this really the case? How much does a second storey addition cost?

    A second storey addition can cost between $1,850 and $3,300 per square metre depending on the quality and price of construction materials and inclusions, and if your ground floor foundations need reinforcing to carry the load of the extension. There are other costs to factor in, including council costs and engineers reports.Want a more accurate concrete second story addition cost?

    It's a myth that second storey additions cost more than ground floor additions. When you extend your home outwards, the cost of the foundation alone can make it more expensive than a second storey addition. However, be prepared for much more disruption in your home if you add on a second storey. While the builders can leave you undisturbed while they work outside on a ground floor addition, they will need access to your home throughout the construction process if you're building up. Since your roof will need replacing, you may even have to find temporary accommodation until your upstairs addition is at the waterproof stage of completion.

    Find a Local Home Extension Builder now

    A second storey addition may cost less than a ground floor addition, but it's still a major expense. Estimates vary, but renovators who have been through the process estimate the cost of a second storey addition to be between $1,850 and $3,300 per square metre. That's quite a spread, but a number of factors influence the cost of a second storey addition. The quality and price of construction materials and inclusions will make a difference and if the ground floor needs reinforcing to carry the load of the extension, it can add a substantial amount to the cost.

    Emotionally and financially, you just can't afford to settle for an inexperienced builder. Choose only a home extension builder who specialises in or has extensive experience in building second storey additions. Don't take their word for it that they can do a good job or know how to avoid disrupting your daily life as much as possible. Visually inspect some of their previous work and speak directly with one or more of their previous clients. You need to be absolutely sure they will work fast and efficiently; disrupt your daily life as little as possible; and respect your privacy while they work.

    A good builder with extensive experience can get a second storey addition to a waterproof stage of completion in two to three weeks. After that, there's still plenty of work to be done, but except for minor disruptions such as temporary loss of water and electricity while the tradies do their work, you will be able to go back to your normal life. When they're finished, good builders leave a site clean, tidy and ready to occupy. If you've chosen the right builder, you'll love your second storey addition from day one and thank yourself for taking the time to get quotes and make a careful, informed choice of builder.

    *Cost and prices in this article are indicative and should only be used as a guide. They also vary locally and are subject to market forces.

    (Want a more accurate concrete second story addition cost? Click here to receive three quotes from experienced home extension experts in your area.)

    Go here to read the rest:
    2019 How much does a second storey addition cost? | Cost ...

    Toy Story 4 Teaser Trailer Reveals New Characters … - April 11, 2019 by admin

    A second teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 has been released introducing fans to two brand new characters: Ducky and Bunny. The Toy Story franchise is undoubtedly one of the most popular film series in the world, as well as a hugely lucrative and successful property for Pixar and Disney. After the first two movies hit theaters in the 1990s, fans had to wait until 2010 for Buzz and Woody's third adventure and while it was initially thought that their story would conclude as a trilogy, a fourth installment was officially announced in 2014.

    In the four years since then, Toy Story 4's production has been typically secretive and other than confirmation of returning cast members and reports of a very "emotional" ending, precious little information has been released. That was until yesterday, when Disney released both a poster and a teaser trailer for Toy Story 4. The clip introduced a new character voiced by Tony Hale, Forky, who was clearly very concerned about being lumped in with the toys. A brief plot synopsis was also unveiled and suggested that this anxious utensil will lead Woody and the gang on an exciting new journey.

    Related: Toy Story 4 Is The Beginning Of A New Story For Woody

    Disney have now released a second teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 that introduces another two new faces. The teaser sees carnival toys Ducky (Keegan Michael-Key) andBunny (Jordan Peele) reacting to yesterday's trailer release, discussing the prospect of a fourth Toy Story film and performing character impressions, before Woody and Buzz arrive to show them how it's done. A new press release reveals how these characters play into the story, reading:

    "Woodys journey in Toy Story 4 includes a visit to a carnival where he meets Ducky and Bunny, two carnival prizes who are eager to be won. But when their plans are rudely interrupted by Woody and his friends, they find themselves on an unexpected adventure with a group of toys who have no idea what it feels like to be tacked to a prize wall."

    A selection of new character posters have also been released:

    While Pixar won't be winning any awards for inventive character names (Ducky, Bunny, Forky...), the clip certainly retains that same familiar Toy Story brand of sharp wit and intelligent humor and the new toys' discussion about how they thought Toy Story 3 was going to be the last film also provides fans with a brilliantly meta moment that few franchises could get away with.

    With a carnival setting confirmed for Toy Story 4, fans may be reminded of the first movie's Pizza Planet arcade scene, which memorably introduced The Claw and its three-eyed aliens. However, the suggested discord between the loved, owned toys and the ones used as prizes could lend Toy Story 4 a more serious and emotional subtext that allows the film to explore the vastly different lives a toy can have - a subject that has provided some very powerful moments in previous movies.

    Naturally, all Toy Story fans are going to be terrified that the fourth movie will see the franchise finally run out of steam and fall quietly into the realm of somewhat disappointing Pixar sequels. But Toy Story has already defied the odds by producing three movies of exceptional quality - something virtually unheard of in the world of cinema as a whole - and if any franchise can deliver a fourth film that is as widely loved as its predecessors, it's surely this one.

    Source: Disney Pixar

    Key Release Dates

    Tags:toy story 4

    No Star Wars Fans, Boba & Jango Fett Are NOT Mandalorians

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    Toy Story 4 Teaser Trailer Reveals New Characters ...

    Star Ocean: The Second Story Hardcore Gaming 101 - March 13, 2019 by admin

    The original Star Ocean was released in the twilight days of the Super Famicoms life, with the PlayStation having already been on the market for nearly two years. Not very long after, Square shook the industry by releasing Final Fantasy VII, the game that not only solidified the PlayStation as the RPG system of choice, but also introduced the genre to the overseas mass market. In just two years, Tri-Ace got together and created a sequel to Star Ocean, that, while not quite having the budget of Squares cinematic epic, took influence from it while still maintaining its own identity.

    The story takes place twenty years after the first game, focusing on Earth space captain Ronyx (Ronixis in the PS1 version) Kenny and his young adult son Claude. While on an away mission, Claude is accidentally sucked through a mysterious portal and ends up transported to a medieval planet called Expel. Almost immediately after regaining consciousness, he finds a young girl named Rena about to be attacked by a ferocious monster. When leaping to her defense, he uses his laser pistol, thereby violating the Star Trekian Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact, the one that was specifically created so lesser civilizations wouldnt look at space travelers as gods.

    Predictably, Rena looks at Claudes strange clothes and magic laser gun and comes to the conclusion that hes the foretold Hero of Light that would save the world from destruction. Indeed, things on Expel have worsened over the years, largely thanks to a mysterious meteor called the Sorcery Globe, that has recently crash landed and brought with it a plague of monsters. Despite his reluctance, and with no communication back to his father or his starship, Claude teams up with Rena to explore the land and research the origin of the Globe.


    Claude C. Kenny

    The son of Ronyx Kenny from the original Star Ocean, Claude serves as an ensign on his dads ship, the Cainus, before accidentally becomes stranded on Expel. He originally just wants to get back home, but becomes embroiled in the plans to save the planet.Referred to as Crawd in Japanese artwork.

    Rena Lanford

    The other main character, Rena is a Nede, basically Star Oceans version of an elf. She lives with her mother in the village of Arlia on Expel, where she discovers Claude after hes transported there, and acts as his guide after he saves her from a kidnapping. Shes the group healer.

    Ashton Anchors

    A symbologist swordsman with a bit of bad luck. When the heroes first meet him, hes cursed by a dragon, who appears as two heads attached to his back. (Their names areGyoro/Creepy andUrurun/Weepy.) Since Claude and Rena are technically responsible for his misfortune, they offer to help find a cure, and so Ashton joins their adventure. If you recruit him, then neither Opera nor Ernest can join your party.

    Opera Vectra

    Opera is aTetrageniot, a race that has a third eye on their foreheads. When the party first meets her, shes looking for her boyfriend, Ernest. She attacks using assorted high tech weaponry, most of which are functional at long range.

    Ernest Raviede

    Ernest is Operas boyfriend, an interplanetary explorer whos found himself possessed by a ghost. After being exorcised, he joins the party along with Opera. His primary weapons are whips.

    Precis F. Neumann

    A cheery teenage girl who lives in the town of Linga, she follows in the footsteps of her scientist father and spends her time tinkering with mechanics. She travels with her robot Robbie (Bobot) and fights with a mecha named Puncher attached to her back. If she joins, you cant recruit Bowman.

    Celine Jules

    A treasure hunter and princess of the Krosse royal family. Celine is a symbologist, basically wielding offensive magic.

    Leon D.S. Gehste

    A genius child symbologist living in the kingdom of Laceur. Hes a cat-like Fellpool, the same race as the main characters from the original Star Ocean. Hell also only join permanently in Claudes scenario.

    Dias Flac

    A brooding hero archetype, Dias is Renas childhood friend, who has since left the village by the time the game begins, having blamed himself for a tragic incident in his past. He looks at Rena as a little sister, though Claude views him as a romantic rival. A strong swordsman, he only joins the party permanently in Renas route.

    Bowman Jeane

    A pharmacist in Linga, who joins to help investigate the sorcery globe, he attacks with pellets with various effects but is also a strong physical fighter.

    Chisato Madison

    A newsporter reporter whos also a Nedian, just like Rena, who fights primarily with tasers. Shes one of the last characters since she shows up in the second half of the game, and since your party can only hold eight, theres a good chance that the player will have to choose between her and Noel.

    Noel Chandler

    A cheerful Nedian zoologist at a wildlfie refuge, hes a combination of a fighter and healer.

    The biggest elements taken from Final Fantasy VII are the pre-rendered backgrounds and the 3D world map, moving away from the continuous field of the SFC Star Ocean. However, it sticks with using sprites rather than polygonal models, and applies a blur filter them as they move towards and away from the camera, so it doesnt look at pixelly as something like Xenogears. Its obvious Tri-Ace didnt have remotely the same budget as Square, so the backgrounds arent nearly as distinct nor as detailed. But the trade-off is that areas, especially dungeons, tend to be larger and more complex than the comparatively linear paths of Final Fantasy. There are a small number of CG cutscenes, that concentrate mostly on landscapes getting destroyed, but they looked rather cheap back when it was released and come off even worse nowadays.

    The battle system has also been updated so that the action takes place on a 3D battlefield, which is much larger than the single screen arenas of the original SFC game. Its a little bit awkward in the way it works you can technically now move around, but by default you have to hold down the Square button. However, fundamentally it works the same as before, as you target an enemy then run up and hit them. The main character can also be controlled by an AI too, if you want to sit back and watch. There are some additions that try to make it a little more action-based, like jumping enemies that will dodge regular attacks, or falling rocks that need to be dodged. Theres also a (rarely used) feature that lets you cast two spells from characters, allowing for a combined super attack.

    On the whole, its a more interesting and exciting expansion on the real-time system set down by the first game, but some of these still cause issues. Many enemies have attacks that are much quicker than any of your party members, allowing them to stun you mid-attack. Its very easy to get cornered or caught between two enemies, and get butchered before you get a chance to react. The fact that the battlefield is so large makes it difficult to see everything thats going on, which is especially a problem when trying to interrupt magic-casters. While there are a few more AI commands, theyre still rather vague, especially when you want one of your party members to attack a specific enemy. These issues dont really affect most of the fights, but every once awhile youll get wiped out due this sort of jankiness.

    Its especially a problem in the end game, where the final dungeon (and resulting final battles) have such a huge difficulty spike that its almost impossible to beat unless you specifically know the special tricks in order to beat it. (Hint: develop pickpocketing skills and find the NPC with the Bunny Shoes.) And thats just on the default setting theres an optional subquest that lets you take off the limiter of the final boss, making it even more ridiculously difficult. Thankfully the steps to do this are so obtuse that its unlikely a first-time player will do this on their own.

    The major upside is the fact that you get Rena, a healer, right at the start of the game. Since shes set to autoheal, generally shell save any of your AI party members before they get killed, so at least you dont have to worry about them screwing up too badly. It also reduces the need to constantly have to stop and heal in the early parts of the game, as you did in the first game.

    The skill system is fundamentally the same as before, with some minor tweaks. New are the Super Specialties, which are group abilities that are obtained when your party members cumulatively have high enough ranks in certain skills. For example, Master Chef lets you combine two ingredients to make a more powerful dish, while Publishing (or Publication) lets you pick specific characters to write books, rather than being applicable to skills. These can tweak various friendship or romance points, and can also be sold to publishing houses for royalties. Come On Bunny (or Bunny Call) lets you summon a gigantic bunny to quickly travel the overworld, like Star Oceans equivalent to a Chocobo. Reverse Side or (or Contraband) lets you make super powerful illegal items, which can, for example, let you stay at any inn for free, or get insurance so you get some cash if one of your characters is KOed in battle. If you fail though, you get a bounced check item that will continuously drain your cash until it sell it (which also costs money).

    These additional skills in Star Ocean 2 make it possible to totally break the balance of the game. This is a lot of fun in its own way, and indeed, basically required if you want to have a chance at the high difficulty levels. Still, anyone looking for strategic depth to their fighting systems will not find it here (or any Star Ocean for that matter).

    Beyond the myriad of skills, theres also a relatively large amount of optional content. Right at the beginning of the game, you can choose between playing as Claude or Rena. Fundamentally this doesnt change a whole lot the introduction is different, obviously, and there are a handful of spots where the two diverge and you can see their unique viewpoints. Ultimately it doesnt affect the story too much, and you can switch leader characters at your will regardless. However, each route has a unique playable character Rena drafts her older-brother figure swordsman Dias, while Claude gets Leon, a genius young boy scientist. Both of these characters appear on the story regardless.

    Its a good idea, but clumsily implemented due to both how the story is written and the abilities of the characters. Claude is obviously the standard hero-fighter character, but since Rena is a healer, shes not very good at fighting, so you might as well put someone else in charge of the party anyway. Plus, at the beginning of the game, when Rena gets kidnapped, all you do is sit around and wait for Claude to rescue you. Though this has only a minor affect on the overall game, it wouldve been nice for her to be more pro-active.

    Other than that, technically all of the other playable characters (total of twelve in the PS1 version, thirteen in the PSP/PS4/Vita versions) are optional. Some of them will join during the course of the story and they you decide to have them stick around permanently or boot them from the team. However, others require taking on various subquests to find.

    As with the first game, certain characters are mutually exclusive. At an early town, you find some NPCs making reference to a man fighting dragons in a cave, who turns out to be Ashton. If you hunt him down and have him join, that means you cant ever meet Opera or her boyfriend Ernest. Youll probably never even see them during the course of the game. Similarly, theres one town where you can either draft Precis, the young girl scientist, or Bowman, the pharmacist. But the game never tells you that cant get one if you dont get the other. Similarly, its easy to miss one of the optional subquests to find these characters because they tend to happen only during Private Actions, which are easy to miss. As with before, you really need to play with a FAQ in hand if you want to understand everything.

    Again, its just as well, because Star Ocean 2 isnt terribly lengthy. Its quite a bit longer than the first game by the time the story really gets into gear is about the same point, time-wise, that the first game was wrapping up. A standard playthrough, even when going for the larger subquests, will probably only take about 20-30 hours, making it a fair bit shorter than the Final Fantasy games of the era. Thats one of the games greatest strengths too even though it wears the clothes of a 32-bit RPG, its storytelling and pacing are closer to a 16-bit one. The introduction, as Rena introduces Claude to the world, is drawn out, and the first half of the game is a little slow, as the plot barely progresses as the team is introduced to all of the party members. But the second half of the game is much more interesting, as the heroes fight on a second planet called Energy Nede, and have more direct confrontation with the villains.

    The characters are generally pretty fun, managing to be diverse and unique without being obnoxious (with a few exceptions). Some parts are juvenile the constant teasing about the romantic tension between Claude and Rena, as well as Renas idolation of Dias and Claudes jealousy, grows tiresome but theyre never intolerable. Similarly, even though the story involves whole planets being destroyed, its never as melodramatic as Final Fantasy VII or VIII, nor is the story as bloated or confusing.

    Ultimately the story isnt anything fantastic, even if it is longer and more involved than the first game. The villains are revealed to be mysterious beings called the Ten Wise Men, who, fitting neatly into a 90s JRPG cliche, are named after various Christian angels. Its something that alluded to in one of the dungeons, which weirdly has Christian iconography and paintings on the walls. However, the English PS1 version changes all of their names to hide this connection the main bad guy, Gabriel, was changed in Indalecio.

    Motoi Sakurabas soundtrack is similar in style to the SFC game, though the instrument set is closer to the other 32-bit games he worked on, like Sonys Beyond the Beyond and Camelots Shining the Holy Ark. And it sounds absolutely fantastic. The towns themes (and Renas theme) are accompanied with beautiful flutes, the battle themes are intense prog rock pieces accompanied pounding drums and trumpets, and the dungeon themes alternate between adrenaline pumping Falcom-esque synth rock and atmospheric creepiness. Its one of Sakurabas most consistent works, with barely a bad song among the seventy or so tracks. Even the more discordant tracks, like the boss themes, shine through with their sheer, raw energy.

    In the PS1 version, speech is limited to a brief clip in the introduction, as well as battle speech and cries. In the English release, these are spectacularly bad. The actors are obviously amateur, and not only is much of it grating but some clips are practically indecipherable due to the low sound quality. (The more egregious example is Ashtons Tear into pieces! which sounds closer to Pear into peaches!) Characters like Precis become almost unusable due to how obnoxious she sounds. Someone on the voice recording team mistranslated bunny as Barney, so every time you summon a rabbit familiar they yell Come on Barney! Still, it adds a ridiculous, cheesy charm, if you can tolerate it.

    Ten years after its initial release, in 2008, Square-Enix ported Star Ocean 2 to the PSP to accompany the remake of the first game, now given the subtitle Second Evolution. The chain of evolution is a little confusing the SO1 PSP remake took many aspects from SO2 while making a few upgrades, all of which were carried forward to SO2 on the PSP. However, its not really a remake, but rather an enhanced port.

    The biggest addition is the full voice acting for nearly every scene (discounting minor NPC interactions). As with the remake of the first game, its a professional job, with Spike Spencer taking on the role of Claude and Claudia Lenz (AKA Eden Riegel) as Rena. The secondary characters are great too, especially Precis, whose loopy valley girl lilt makes her goofy lines work. However, theres no way to turn off the voices, and while you can skip through it, it makes skipping through dialogue slower. The battle voices are much, much better, though there is something missing about the goofiniess of the PS1 original. Some things that were nonsensical before are changed too Claudes victory speech of Well, thats somewhere around 80 points! was changed to something like Id say thats about a 8 out of 10 to make it clearer that hes ranking their battle performance.

    The translation has also been completely redone. The PS1 version, done by SCEA, isnt as bad as some of their other slipshod efforts (Final Fantasy Tactics, Legend of Dragoon), but it was still fairly middling, with much characterization removed and plenty of awkward dialogue. The new translation is much better, although, along with the voice acting, highlights the fact that the source material often wasnt very good to begin with. Along with this, many items and other names have been altered.

    All of the major characters also have portraits to accompany their dialogue. These arent bad, but compared to the original PS1 designs, theyre a little too clean and generic looking, seeming like they came out one of the Tales games. Rena also looks a little too young, considering shes supposed to be 18. Its also pretty weird that they didnt bother to give Ronyx a portrait hes not a major part of the plot, but he was one of the stars of the first game, so he deserves that much! There are also a few new anime FMV cutscenes using the new art, most of which is decent, but the new anime-style vocal theme isnt a patch on Sakurabas instrumental work.

    Some of the prerendered backgrounds, the ones that scroll horizontally, were made to fit naturally into the PSPs widescreen view. Others had to be stretched out in order to fit the whole screen. The overall quality is mixed, but generally you cant tell anything looks too out of whack unless you directly compare them to their originals. The sprites are identical but look a little blurrier, to mask the pixellation. The battle backgrounds have been changed a bit, and make the transition to widescreen smoother since they werent prerendered to begin with. They look cleaner, though some of the obstacles, like the falling boulders, have been removed. The world map has also been completely redesigned with cleaner textures, though it has a lower draw distance and more fog. The voice quality is improved, but the music sounds a little worse, since its missing the reverb of its PS1 counterpart.

    The battle system carries forward some of the changes made to the PSP port of the first Star Ocean, primarily in giving every melee character a three-hit combo by default instead of just one attack repeated over and over. This alone makes the game slightly easier, but there are other balance tweaks too, particularly in making spell casters more powerful and reducing the time it takes to cast magic. To balance this out, the spell combinations, where you could cast two specific spells at the same time for a super powerful attack, have been removed. These were extremely difficult to pull off to begin with, so its no big loss. Other quality of life improvements are nice too, like the speeding up of spell and item crafting animations, and various glitches have been fixed to.

    Again, as with the SO1 PSP port, Welch from SO3 has been added as a playable character, and with her are new Private Actions and endings. She feels even more out of place and redundant here though, especially since shes not all that different from Precis.

    Overall, any upgrade that makes substantial changes to a well-loved product is going to be met with some resistance by fans, especially the translation and battle system tweaks, as well as the new voices and artwork. Still, in general, its an improvement over the PS1 release, and should be regarded as the definitive version.

    In 2015, to accompany the release of Star Ocean 5, the PSP version was ported to the PS3, PS4 and Vita, which was only released in Japan. Other than a new intro song and the addition of trophies, its identical.

    Taken altogether, Star Ocean 2 is in equal measures beautiful and messy. The story is functional and rarely offensive, and while aspects of the skill system and the optional content are frustrating, theyre welcoming to people to either like to futz with (and break) gameplay systems or those who enjoy replayability.

    But more importantly, the game represents a branch of JRPGs that was never fully explored. Star Ocean 2, with its non-combat skills and optional stuff, takes after Western RPGs, where non-linear and experimentation are rewarded. The effect of Final Fantasys cinematic aspirations meant that many other games in the genre followed in its footsteps. This included Star Ocean, which scaled back all of these aspects and replaced them with far more ambitious, but generally worse, storytelling. Its these reasons why Star Ocean 2 is regarded as the best of the series.

    The PS1 release of Star Ocean: The Second Story was successful in North America, but was especially popular in Japan, where it led to a manga and anime series called Star Ocean EX.













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    What Is Cheaper Adding a Second Story Addition or a … - March 7, 2019 by admin

    You definitely need more space in your one-story home, but you love the location and dont want to move. Your options are basically building up by adding a second story or building out by putting in an addition. While cost is always a consideration when making a decision, the nature of your space needs will also dictate the best way to move forward.

    There's no surefire way to determine whether adding a second story or an addition is the less-expensive way to expand your living space without considering the details of the property. For some homeowners, the addition is less expensive, but for others, adding the second story is a better alternative.

    If you have a growing family and too few bedrooms or baths, building up or out are both good options. However, if your primary needs concern more recreational room, such as a den or playroom, then it may make more sense to build an addition than to add a second story. Thats because you must concern yourself with your homes resale value, and most people prefer a ground floor family-type room rather than one based upstairs. Traditionally, the second floor is the province of bedrooms and not the place where you might entertain guests. If you want a bigger kitchen, it certainly doesnt make sense to put it upstairs.

    Your propertys size and shape will play a big role in your decision. If you have a large backyard, an addition wont have as much of an impact as it would if your rear yard is relatively small. In some cases, you wont have a choice, as your backyard is simply too small to accommodate the kind of addition you desire. Consider whether you may want to make other improvements to your property in the future, such as installing a pool. Many homeowners realize they can have a buildout addition or a pool but not both. If you really like your yard, building up makes more sense.

    Before making a decision, contact your municipality about the zoning laws in your neighborhood. Your town likely has ordinances regarding setbacks, which limit how close you may build next to your neighbors property line. By the same token, a town may also have laws on how high you can build a home, but relatively few municipalities preclude building a second story per se. If your home is in a historic district or planned community of one-story homes, you may not have the option to build upward. However, if you have your heart set on an addition and your plans dont meet the setback requirements, you may have the opportunity to go before a zoning board of adjustment and make your case as to why the board should grant you a variance and allow you to build. Since your immediate neighbors are notified of your plans, it may prove best to discuss your plans with them ahead of time to see if they will lodge an objection.

    In general, it is less expensive to build up than out, but that comes with a lot of caveats. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost for building additions is between $80 to $200 per square foot without regard to whether it is up or out. While it is usually cheaper to build up than out, thats just the actual construction expense. When you add another story to your home, you will probably have to relocate until the work is complete, as the contractor must remove the roof. Unless you have friends or family willing to put you and yours up for a while, youll have to rent another dwelling or stay in a hotel during this period, and those costs are considerable. If youre building out, you will have to deal with the dirt and disruption of construction, but you can generally stay in place.

    Costs also vary depending on exactly what the contractor must do. An addition usually costs more because the builder must perform excavation work and install a new foundation. When construction is near completion, the contractor must open up the exterior wall of your home so the old and new are joined together. However, if you decide to build up, you have to make sure your current foundation is strong enough to support another story. If the foundation requires retrofitting, the expense includes removing your existing walls, which will raise your costs substantially. Keep in mind that adding another story means adding a staircase, which will take up precious floor space on your first floor.

    One of the least-expensive additions is a sun room, which can double as a comfortable playroom or family room. The average prefabricated sun room costs about $16,315, according to HomeAdvisor. If you live in a warm climate, you dont have to worry about heating the sun room, and if you live in a colder area, you can save money by not heating this room and only using it during three seasons.

    If your home has an attic, an attic conversion into a bedroom and bath or a family room may give you the space you want at a lesser cost than either building out or adding a true second story. While you may have to replace the roof if it is old or leaking, that often means just putting a new roof on top of the old roof, which a contractor can usually accomplish in a couple of days. Expect to pay between $50,000 to $65,000 for an attic conversion. Unlike a second-story conversion, you wont have to vacate the premises while work is happening.

    The only way to know whether building up or out is less expensive is to go over the numbers with your contractor or architect. Figure that the latter will cost between 10 and 17 percent of the budget, but its important to hire an architect in most circumstances to ensure the addition complements the house. While an architect is necessary for a build up, if your addition consists of just one room with a one-door entry to the main house, a general contractor should fit the bill. If you go that route, ask to see similar work the contractor has done. You dont want to end up with an addition that looks tacked on to the rest of the house and is aesthetically unappealing.

    Compare the costs of prep work. While excavation costs average $2,559 per HomeAdvisor, if your addition is larger than average, youll end up paying more. Concrete for footings is approximately $75 per cubic yard, while support beams and roof trusses run between $15 and $30 per square foot. Then there are the individual decisions, such as what type of flooring you want to install. Vinyl flooring is the least expensive, but its far less attractive than costlier wood, ceramic tile or natural stone.

    When it comes to costs, you should also factor in how much an addition will add to your homes value. You will rarely get a 100 percent return on your money for an addition, meaning that if you spend $75,000, you can't necessarily add that amount to the value of your home. However, some additions pay back more of what you spent than others. Add a master suite and you could get 63 percent of your investment back when you sell. A new bathroom adds about 53 percent, and a sunroom adds just under 50 percent.

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    What Is Cheaper Adding a Second Story Addition or a ...

    Packers announce coaching staff additions - March 7, 2019 by admin

    Olivadotti has spent 16 seasons as a coach in the NFL, all with the Washington Redskins. He is one of 11 members of the Redskins assistant coach honor roll, which recognizes coaches with at least 10 seasons of service as an assistant in Washington. During his time with the Redskins, Washington ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in overall defense eight times. The past five seasons (2014-18), Olivadotti coached inside linebackers for Washington. From 2011-13, he served in the same position at the University of Georgia. Prior to his stint with the Bulldogs, Olivadotti spent 11 seasons with the Redskins as a defensive assistant (2010), linebackers coach (2007-09), defensive line assistant/special teams assistant (2006), defensive quality control/special teams assistant (2004-05) and defensive quality control/defensive back assistant (2000-03). After being a four-year letterwinner as a wide receiver at Purdue from 1993-96, he took his first coaching job, tutoring wide receivers and tight ends at Maine Maritime Academy in 1997. Olivadotti then spent two seasons (1998-99) as an assistant coach for Indiana State.

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    Packers announce coaching staff additions

    Second Epistle of Peter – Wikipedia - February 4, 2019 by admin

    The Second Epistle of Peter, often referred to as Second Peter and written 2 Peter or in Roman numerals II Peter (especially in older references), is a book of the New Testament of the Bible, traditionally held to have been written by Saint Peter. Most critical biblical scholars have concluded Peter is not the author, considering the epistle pseudepigraphical.[1][2]

    According to the Epistle itself, it was composed by the Apostle Peter, an eyewitness to Jesus' ministry. It criticizes "false teachers" who distort the authentic, apostolic tradition, and predicts judgment for them. 2 Peter explains that God has delayed the Second Coming of Christ so that more people will have the chance to reject evil and find salvation. It calls on Christians to wait patiently for the parousia and to study scripture.

    The date of composition has proven to be very difficult to determine. Commentaries and reference books have placed 2 Peter in almost every decade from AD 60 to 160. Taken literally, it would have been written between 6568 AD because Peter was martyred around 68 AD by Nero and also because Peter references his approaching death in 2 Peter 1:14 ("since I know that the putting off of my body will be soon, as our Lord Jesus Christ made clear to me").[3]

    Most biblical scholars have concluded Peter is not the author, considering the epistle pseudepigraphical.[4][5] Reasons for this include its linguistic differences from 1 Peter, its apparent use of Jude, possible allusions to 2nd-century gnosticism, encouragement in the wake of a delayed parousia, and weak external support.[6]

    The questions of authorship and date are closely related. For Petrine authorship to be authentic, it must have been written prior to Peter's death in c. AD 6567. The letter refers to the Pauline epistles and so must post-date at least some of them, regardless of authorship, thus a date before 60 is improbable. Further, it goes as far to name the Pauline epistles as "scripture"the only time a New Testament work refers to another New Testament work in this wayimplying that it postdates them by some time.[7] Scholars consider the epistle to be written between c. AD 100150[8] and so contend that it is pseudepigraphical.

    Acceptance of the letter into the canon did not occur without some difficulty; however, "nowhere did doubts about the letter's authorship take the form of definitive rejection."[9] The earliest record of doubts concerning the authorship of the letter were recorded by Origen (c. 185254), though Origen mentioned no explanation for the doubts, nor did he give any indication concerning the extent or location. Donald Guthrie suggests that "It is fair to assume, therefore, that he saw no reason to treat these doubts as serious, and this would mean to imply that in his time the epistle was widely regarded as canonical."[9]

    Origen, in another passage, has been interpreted as considering the letter to be Petrine in authorship.[10] Before Origen's time, the evidence is inconclusive;[11] there is a lack of definite early quotations from the letter in the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, though possible use or influence has been located in the works of Clement of Alexandria (d. c. 211), Theophilius (d. c. 183), Aristides (d. c. 134), Polycarp (d. 155), and Justin (d. 165).[12]

    Eusebius (c. 275339) professed his own doubts (see also Antilegomena), and is the earliest direct testimony of such, though he stated that the majority supported the text, and by the time of Jerome (c. 346420) it had been mostly accepted as canonical.[13]

    The Peshitta, the standard version of the Bible for churches in the Syriac tradition, does not contain the Second Epistle of Peter and thus rejects its canonical status.[14]

    In both content and style this letter is very different from 1 Peter.[15]

    This epistle presciently declares that it is written shortly before the apostle's death (1:14). Arguments have been made both for and against this being part of the original text, but this debate largely is centered on the acceptance or rejection of supernatural intervention in the life of the writer.[16]

    The epistle contains eleven references to the Old Testament. In 3:15, 16 a reference is made to one of Paul's epistles, which some have identified as 1 Thessalonians 4:135:11.

    The book also shares a number of passages with the Epistle of Jude, 1:5 with Jude 3; 1:12 with Jude 5; 2:1 with Jude 4; 2:4 with Jude 6; 2:5 with Jude 5; 2:6 with Jude 7; 2:1011 with Jude 89; 2:12 with Jude 10; 2:1317 with Jude 1113; 2:18 with Jude 16; 3:2f with Jude 17f; 3:3 with Jude 18; 3:14 with Jude 24; and 3:18 with Jude 25.[17] Because the Epistle of Jude is much shorter than 2 Peter, and due to various stylistic details, the scholarly consensus is that Jude was the source for the similar passages of 2 Peter.[17][18]

    Tartarus is mentioned in 2 Peter 2:4 as devoted to the holding of certain fallen angels. It is elaborated on in Jude 6. Jude 6 however, is a clear reference to the Book of Enoch. Bauckham suggests that 2 Peter 2:4 is partially dependent on Jude 6 but is independently drawing on paraenetic tradition that also lies behind Jude 57. The paraenetic traditions are in Sirach 16:710, Damascus Document 2:173:12, 3 Maccabees 2:47, Testament of Naphtali 3:45 and Mishna Sanhedrin 10:3.[19]

    If 2 Peter 3:1 alludes to 1 Peter, the audience in this book are the various Churches in Asia Minor in general (cf. 1 Peter 1:1).

    The letter is usually outlined as follows:[15]

    Second Epistle of Peter - Wikipedia

    CraftJack :: Remodeling Leads - January 6, 2019 by admin

    CraftJack's lead generation software was built with the remodeling pro in mind. CraftJack's ample benefits, compared to other services, not only bring you a higher amount of quality leads, but also help decrease your average cost per remodeling lead and increase your odds of turning that remodeling lead into a remodeling contract.

    In an effort to decrease your cost per lead, CraftJack offers speed to call discounts on all remodeling leads. If you call your remodeling referral within 30 minutes of receiving the lead, you get a 20% discount on that lead. So, let's say your kitchen remodeling lead costs $67. If you call within 30 minutes, that lead now costs $53.60. You get this discount when you attempt to call the homeowner. As long as you make the call, using our custom lead generation software, within 30 minutes, you will receive that 20% discount.

    Bear in mind, CraftJack is the only lead generation company offering speed to call discounts.

    Finally, if you needed another reason to call quickly, we have the numbers to back it up. Remodeling contractors who respond to leads within the first minute can improve conversion as much as 391%.

    CraftJack confirms each and every lead that comes into our custom and patent-pending lead generation system. Nonetheless, bad phone numbers can fall through the cracks. If you end up talking to a renter or get a fax number by accident, we will always credit you back for that individual lead. You can even request a credit via your CraftJack profile without ever calling your account manager.

    In addition to our lenient credit policy, we also offer every remodeling contractor a dedicated account manager. Because we are a smaller company, we assign one account manager to each and every account. Larger lead generation companies have massive call centers that don't provide that personalization and familiarity with their accounts.

    Your CraftJack account manager will always be available to pause your account, update your service areas or even discuss how you can save more with your CraftJack leads.

    Furthermore, all CraftJack pros can also handle their accounts without an account manager if they prefer. Thanks to our easy to use online portal, all remodeling pros can increase your budget, sign up for a new remodeling trade, add a promotion to your profile and plenty more without an account manager. As long as you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, you are good to go.

    Because our leads have the ability to go to three other contractors, our homeowners have a choice to make. When presented with a decision, they will almost always look at your reviews.

    Homeowners want to know what other homeowners are saying about your work. They want to know what it's like to work with you on a small or large remodeling project. Fortunately, all CraftJack pros can receive free reviews.

    Furthermore, the CraftJack portal lets you easily send review requests to all your leads. If the homeowner submits a review, that review will show up on your profile and encourage future homeowners to choose you as opposed to another remodeling company.

    The rest is here:
    CraftJack :: Remodeling Leads

    Second Story Addition Builders Northern VA | Arlington 2 … - January 3, 2019 by admin

    When you think about adding a second story to your home, it can seem a bit daunting. But expanding vertically actually makes sense if you have a small lot, or you want to preserve your open green space. Dont give up your gardens or that old shade treeadd up instead of adding on!

    Our design-build company has years of experience constructing second-story additions in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area, so were familiar with all local codes and standards that must be met in order to keep your second-story addition in line with the law. Throughout the process, youll find our Northern VA-based home addition company has created a way to offer our customers full visibility into the scope of the project while maintaining a professional, efficient workflow.

    Our design-build process is simple and tailored to your unique wants and needs. Our process includes:

    There are plenty of reasons for wanting to add a second story to your home, including:

    Contact us or give us a call at (703) 241-1411 for second-story additions in Annandale, Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, and all surrounding areas!

    If youre ready to work with a team of expert design and construction specialists, youve come to the right place. At Ideal Construction & Remodeling, we are ready to get started on your second-story addition.

    There is no need to search for second-story addition builders near me. Just contact the pros at Ideal Construction & Remodelingonline or by phone at (703) 241-1411 to schedule your free consultation.

    We offer home addition services in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas, including Annandale, Arlington, Bethesda, Burke, Fairfax, Falls Church, Foxhall Crescent, Georgetown, Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Palisades, Potomac, Reston, Vienna, and Washington, DC.

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    Second Story Addition Builders Northern VA | Arlington 2 ...

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