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    Homepage – Disability Support Services – Oakland University - October 21, 2019 by admin

    Disability Support Services acts as an advocate for students with disabilities and works with 500-600 students per semester. In addition to helping students understand university policies and practices, we assist students in addressing personal and academic concerns. We supply referrals to other university offices when appropriate.

    Pursuant to the Federal Rehabilitation Act, Oakland University will make reasonable modifications to its academic requirements as are necessary to ensure that such requirements do not discriminate or have the effect of discriminating, on the basis of disability, against a qualified disabled applicant or student; provided however, that no modifications will be made to requirements essential to the instruction being pursued by such student or to any directly related licensing requirement. Reasonable modifications may include changes in the length of time permitted for the completion of degree requirements, substitution of specific courses required for the completion of degree requirements, and adaptation of the manner in which specific courses are conducted. Similarly, pursuant to the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, Oakland University will make reasonable modifications in polices, practices, or procedures when the modifications are necessary to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability; provided however, no modifications will be made that will fundamentally alter the nature of the services, program, or activity.

    The law:State and federal law, including the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act and University policy protect qualified persons with disabilitiesfrom discrimination in education and employment.

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    Homepage - Disability Support Services - Oakland University

    DIY addition. How to build a room addition to your home on a budget. - September 23, 2019 by admin

    $1000 toilet seat

    Tile saw

    Cordless shopvac

    Waxfree toilet flange gasket

    This is where It happens

    Tool belt suspenders:

    Suspender loops:

    table saw

    Impact gun

    Tape Measure

    Tool Vest

    Utility Knife

    Mini nail puller

    PVC pipe cutter



    Cell phone

    Grow lights SANSI Flowering LED 15% off code SLMKT003

    Cordless multi tool


    Wood glue

    Work shoes

    Cordless angle grinder

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    DIY addition. How to build a room addition to your home on a budget.

    How to Build a Room Addition – Working With Contractors - March 19, 2019 by admin

    Seasoned contractor Larry Mock, owner of Portland Oregon's Cascade Custom Remodel & Construction, offers advice on building a room addition. Mock has four decades of experience in the construction industry.

    Though it seems preposterous, most contractors do notwant you to hire themfor this crazy enterprise if you arenot 100% certain. If you jump on the first contractor that comes your way, you may get cold feet later on. Contractors do not want to be the first one that you choose; instead, they want to be the chosen result after all of your careful research.

    Soliciting over 5 or 6 bids wastes time--your time and the contractors'. Mock advises:

    If you have chosen the contractors well, most of the bids will fairly close within the same range:

    When you get that too-low bid, this may be an indication of a problem. It may not necessarily indicate a scam operation. It may just mean that the contractor doesn't fully understand what you want and is bidding based on a scaled-down idea of your vision. Mock recommends:

    Contractors are in the business of construction and remodeling, not nursemaid, psychologist, and therapist. He says that:

    Due to the price and complexity of building a room addition, you shouldexhaust every possible solution to your space and living issuesbefore undertaking this project.

    Your relationship with this contractor hinges on how well your personalities mesh. But do not expect to become great pals during this project; this is primarily a business relationship.

    No doubt about it: sunrooms are attractive. They cost less than full-scale room additions, and they give you just as much square footage.

    But sun rooms are just that: sun rooms. Most do not have plumbing, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and other essential services. Most significantly, they are usually not conditioned (heating and cooling).

    Build a sunroom if you want a conservatory-type feel, but not because you think they will substitute for a real addition.

    Are you putting on the room addition purely for your own benefit? Or do you care about resale value when it comes time to sell?

    Even though you cannot do things just for the benefit of some nameless, faceless potential buyer sometime in the distant future, you do need to give some thought to resale value. Not all room additions give back adequate resale value.

    The Realtor who sold the home to you will be more than happy to tell you how this added square footage (and the type of square footage youre thinking of) will benefit you in the long run.

    A room addition involves all of the same things that you find in new home construction: foundation, footers, framing, zoning, permitting, HVAC, flooring, plumbing, electrical, new windows, etc. The list goes on and on.

    Even if you are building a great room or living room (i.e., a room addition without services such as plumbing), you still haveother services that you cannot avoid (electrical, heating, cooling, and more).

    Room addition building is complex. The only way to make sure you are comparing contractor estimates on a level playing field is to compare on a dollar-per-square-foot basis. But youll want to make sure that all contractors are bidding on the same thing, or your square footage cost comparisons will be all wrong.

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    How to Build a Room Addition - Working With Contractors

    Whats the Difference Between a Sunroom vs. Room Addition? - November 21, 2018 by admin

    In this post, you will learn

    Are you outgrowing your house, but dont want to move? An addition is a great way to increase your living space, but which type is right for you? In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between a sunroom and a traditional room addition.

    A sunroom is an all-encompassing term that refers to a screen room, three season room, four season room or solarium, simply put, its a room with abundant natural light and access to the outdoors If youre looking for a sunroom addition that you can use spring through fall, a three season room might be the right choice for you. Three season rooms are not insulated for winter weather and are not designed to be heated and cooled, but provide enjoyment most of the year depending on your climate. If youre looking for year-round use of your new space regardless of climate, a four season room is probably the right choice for you. A four season room is designed to be heated and cooled just like the rest of your home, which gives you a fully functioning room every day of the year. While a solarium is a four season room that is entirely made of glass including glass walls and a glass roof), giving you an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

    A three season room is not insulated for winter weather, so in four season climates it may be too cold to use during winter months without some type of temporary heat source like an electric fireplace or space heater. An all season room can be used every day of the year. It is engineered for every season, has a room heating and cooling unit and is a fully functioning room just like any other room in your home.

    A traditional room addition is built on site using traditional materials such as wood and drywall. The foundation is poured first. The walls and roof are then framed and covered. Traditional windows and doors are hung. The exterior is typically finished with siding and shingles while the interior is finished with electrical, insulation, drywall, and paint. With most room traditional room additions, HVAC systems need to be connected to existing systems or have separate systems installed.

    A Patio Enclosures sunroom is a prefabricated aluminum or vinyl addition to your home. It is manufactured indoors under climate-controlled conditions, so there is no danger of building materials becoming mildewed or warped from weather exposure; then the components are transported to your location and your room is constructed on site.

    Sunroom additions have more efficient insulation than traditional room additions since the insulation is installed at the factory, where all areas of the unit can be easily accessed. Insulating can be more difficult to access with a stick-built room addition, since it is built on-site.

    Construction for a pre-fabricated sunroom is less costly than a stick-built room addition because there are less building materials needed. Plus, our sunrooms are manufactured for ease of installation. Traditional room additions can take weeks or even months to build out. A Patio Enclosures room is typically installed in a matter of days after the peripheral items such as foundation work is complete. Patio Enclosures sunroom additions are checked for quality throughout the construction process for consistency.

    Traditional room additions can be built using traditional windows and/or patio doors to give you a nice view of the outdoors, however there are some limitations such as size and position. Unlike many window and door manufacturers, Stanek windows makes sliding patio doors up to 8 feet in height, which can give you more glass if a traditional room addition is ultimately what you want. Patio Enclosures sunroom additions are built with up to 98% tempered safety glass for maximum views, our Edge-to-Edge Advantage.

    Before you decide on a home addition, its important to consider your vision and purpose for the room. Whether youre looking for a quiet sitting room that can be used year-round, or a large family living space for the summer months, there are endless ways to ensure you choose the perfect space for you. During your in-home estimate, one of our skilled professionals will come to you, listen to your needs, and assess your existing space in order to help you find the perfect fit your home.

    Are you interested in learning more about our custom sunroom additions? Schedule your free, in-home estimate online today, or give us a call at 800-230-8301.

    Learn More About Our Sunrooms

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    Whats the Difference Between a Sunroom vs. Room Addition?

    Bookworm Room – Conservatives deal with facts and reach … - October 4, 2018 by admin

    Watching the Kavanaugh hearing, its obvious that Leftists who dont believe in eternal damnation have no internal brakes stopping their evil behavior.

    In 1954, Congress added the phrase under God to the Pledge of Allegiance, something it did as a direct rebuke to Godless communism. I never really focused on the Godless part of the phrase Godless communism. To me, communism was the scourge, and the Godless part was almost akin to a verbal twitch or perhaps a clear identifier. Theyre not justcommunists!TheyreGodless communists!

    Thinking about it, though, the phrase Godless Communist has a deeper meaning than I first realized. To the extent that America was founded as a nation beholden to God (even though the First Amendment thankfully) ensured that the federal government could not impose religious values, rituals, or doctrines on people, communism was not only an economic threat, it was also cultural threat.

    Communisms war on God undermined everything America stood for: A nation that took directly from the Creator Himself the self-evident truths underlying its ideals. Without a Creator, those self-evident truths become mere wishful thinking. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as meaningless and ephemeral as any garden-variety slogan.

    Now, more than ever! Just Do It! Does she or doesnt she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on sale now until supplies run out if you vote for your local Democrat politician.

    Looking at the Kavanaugh hearings, though, I can see an even deeper implication to the dangers lurking behind Godless Communism. God is a moral brake. Without God, one may have rules, but they are simply man-made strictures with which men comply or avoid depending upon consequences from . . . other men.*

    After all, there is no moral imperative regarding right turns on red. In some states, you can; in some states, you cant. And in those states in which right turns on red are barred, what stops us isnt any moral sense of wrongness, its the fear of getting caught and having to pay an expensive ticket. Some of our rules look back to the Bible (thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal, but we enforce them from a civil, not a religious perspective.

    Again, Im grateful that our First Amendment keeps the judge from intoning that, not only are you going to prison, but youre also going to Hell.Having said that, though, I prefer a population that thinks Hell is part of the mix to one that doesnt. Again, government can be scary, but onlyif it catches you.An all-seeing, all-knowing, ethical Godalways catches you.

    Ive mentioned before in connection with the hearings that Kavanaugh is an openly devout man. His faith is an integral part of his life. I think his is a true and deep faith, rather than hypocritical posturing. (I cant help think of Obama not really listening in Rev. Wrights church as the latter excoriated America.) If I am correct, Kavanaugh truly believes there is a God. [Read more]

    Excerpt from:
    Bookworm Room - Conservatives deal with facts and reach ...

    Bedroom Additions & Master Suite Additions Plans with Costs - August 20, 2018 by admin

    My Bedroom additions have been the most popular designs on this website for almost 10 years now! When I was a general contractor, the majority of our estimate appointments were either for adding on a new bedroom or building a master suite addition, so it looks like the demand hasn't changed.

    Do you know themost popular reason people were adding on a bedroom? A baby on the way.

    Below you'll find a nice collection of bedroom addition plans that I designed using actual bedroom furniture, instead of focusing on room sizes alone.

    In my day I've stepped into more than a hundred homes and possibly thousands of bedrooms. What I noticed is that most bedrooms were cramped when furnished and even the smallest empty bedrooms looked spacious. So my design philosophy is to show realistic photos of bedroom ideas with actual bedroom furniture. Once you browse my bedroom plans, you'll agree that the only way to pick the proper size for your new bedroom addition is to see it with furniture.

    Typically a bedroom design is just a square box with a closet, while a master suite plan also includes an attached bathroom somewhere on the floor plan. Browse popular master suite designs and single bedroom plans below.

    Everyone has a general idea of the size a new bedroom or master suite addition should be. I like to empower my millions of visitors by showing them3D architectural room designs outfitted with actual bedroom furniture. Using my bedroom addition ideas will protect you from making one of the biggest remodeling mistakes I've actually seen people make.

    Move Forward by Getting Your Own Bedroom Addition QuoteNo matter who you call,read my Headache Free Guide toBuilding a Home Additionbefore your 1st estimate appointment.Its a collection of valuable advice, which I accumulated from years of working as a general contractor. Trust me, it can save you a lot of time and money, and most importantly reduce your stress Big Time!

    Each of my home addition designs include detailed blueprint views, as well as beautiful 3D virtual renderings that include items like actual bedroom furniture to establish scale. But what's the point of looking at home additions without knowing what the actual cost to build will be? Luckily, I wouldn't torture you like that, included with all my home plans are real world construction costs.

    Typically I use queen beds in my renderings and standard nightstand sizes, these should help you visualize how your furniture will fit.If you have a question, contact me on my SelfMade Lex Facebook Page.

    * Construction Costs vary greatly from house to house, because of the following factors: house type, HVAC system type, and material selections. A home in Beverly Hills for example will have high-end finishes that would have to be matched.

    Pro Tip

    As a retired builder, I recommend that you call a few contractors for an estimate as soon as you know that you're going to build an addition. Good contractors can do immediate estimate appointments, but to get on their construction schedule, it can take several months to over a year. So get the ball rolling as soon as you can, you'll thank me later!

    Food For Thought

    Since bedroom's are nothing more than rectangles with four walls, you could explore other home addition plans on this site that are very similar. Case in pointFamily Room Plans and my Blank Slate Kitchen Extension Plans can give you a few more price and square footage choices to consider. The only real difference between these and the official bedroom plans is the option of a closet, but honestly those are really inexpensive to build unless you go all out and get a fancy closet system installed as well.

    Since I built plenty of additions in my life, I can tell you from experience that sooner or later you're going to need to get a real life estimate. Every house and property and town hall for that matter has certain factors that a ballpark estimate won't be able to account for. Sometimes things like setback limits from your property lines can completely change where you build your addition. We once had to change a rear addition into a second story because the town would not grant permission to build out towards the back yard.

    Do yourself a huge favor and fill out this form to get the names of a few pro's in your local area. There's no obligation and it's completely free. But once you finally have a few real contractors price out your new bedroom, you'll know exactly how much money to save or get a loan approval for. Good luck!

    Originally posted here:
    Bedroom Additions & Master Suite Additions Plans with Costs

    Room Additions – AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms - August 20, 2018 by admin

    Custom Room Additions of any size and any style. We use wood construction as well as steel constriction and masonry construction. All of our room additions meet todays energy saving requirements and green building requirements. Any room addition add to the value of your home. Room additions are considered a very good investment.

    Custom built Sunroom room addition with in-wall air condition unit. Maricopa County, Arizona

    Family room addition and lattice patio roof cover. Sun City Arizona

    Family room addition in Phoenix, Az

    Family room addition. Phoenix Arizona

    Dining room addition. Gold canyon Arizona

    Family room addition. Gold canyon Arizona

    Dining room and family room additions. Wood deck with railing. Gold canyon Arizona

    Family room addition with in-wall air condition unit. Scottsdale Arizona

    Room addition in Sun City

    Family room addition. Sun City Arizona

    Bedroom addition. Scottsdale Arizona

    Family room addition with fenced courtyard. Peoria arizona

    Patio enclosure and patio roof cover in Peoria Arizona

    AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms, LLC, is committed to listen to your dreams and needs for all your home improvement projects. We will create a product that will fit your specific needs, lifestyles and budget. We specialize in four season patio enclosures, sunrooms, patio roofs, windows, doors, kitchen and bath renovations, pool enclosures and room additions. You always will be consulted and appraised as to the schedule and construction process during the renovation work. AZ Enclosures, patio additions, patio roof covers, sunrooms, pool enclosures. Let us help you transfer your home into the showplace you have always dreamed it would be. We work in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, Sun City, Sun City West, Peoria, Goodyear, Buckeye, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Fountain Hills, Litchfield Park, Paradise Valley, and Avondale.

    Tags:Arizona Room | Room Addition | Home Remodeling | House Remodeling | Pool Enclosure | Swimming Pool EnclosurePool Screen Enclosure | Room Addition | Retractable Pool Enclosure | Retractable Patio Enclosure | Retractable Sunroom Enclosure

    Excerpt from:
    Room Additions - AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms

    Wiktionary:Tea room – Wiktionary - August 19, 2018 by admin

    Wiktionary > Discussion rooms > Tea room

    A place to ask for help on finding quotations, etymologies, or other information about particular words. The Tea room is named to accompany the Beer parlour.

    For questions about the technical operation of Wiktionary use the Beer parlour. For questions about specific content, you're in the right place.

    Please do not edit section titles as this breaks links on talk pages and in other discussion fora.

    I wish to change the English Language Entry for silver taking out the Indo-European source word and adding the words:"The replacement of Indo-European *Hertom in Germanic has been thought to be linked to increasing metalurgical sophistication."To add "but has been considered phonologically and geographically improbable" to the discussion of an Akkadian source also inserting the Akkadian script.I also wish to cite references for this - any problem if I add this to the Etymology bit or should I put it under further reading?Is there any problem with me doing this?

    No response so I've gone ahead and done it.

    @Mocha2007 pointed out on the talk page that the "humorous misspelling of girl" definition would seem to be a separate etymology.

    I'm not really sure how we should handle it: on the one hand, it's definitely derived from girl, but on the other, it's also definitely derived from grill. This is a pun, which takes its humor from simultaneously being (sort of) both of two different terms or senses.

    Is this really a lexical form of either girl or grill, or is it merely the substitution of one lexically-unchanged word for another in order to make a joke?

    I see that we have ladies and germs from "Good evening, ladies and germs", but we don't have a sense at germ for "(humorous) gentleman", and we don't have "I resemble that remark" or a sense at resemble for "(humorous) resent". Chuck Entz (talk) 04:37, 1 July 2018 (UTC)

    Is there anything prohibiting an etymology along the lines of: "Humorous misspelling of girl influenced by the spelling of grill"? Mocha2007 (talk) 17:04, 1 July 2018 (UTC)

    Are the "provoke", "terrify", "shiver" and "snarl" senses obsolete? Century marks the first as obsolete even in its (1910s) day, so I've added a tag, but I suspect the others may also be no longer used. Other dictionaries I checked don't even have them. - -sche (discuss) 17:17, 1 July 2018 (UTC)

    Seen today: "here's what all you can do with (such-and-such a tool)", i.e. the totality of what can be done with it. Seems to be US usage; reminds me of y'all. Should we cover this at all somehow, or even at what all? Equinox 18:21, 1 July 2018 (UTC)

    Not actually an invitation to 'Dutch hard'. The word 'hard' seems to resist the shift /Vrd/ > /Vrd/ that exists in these languages, cf. Dutch aard, baard etc. Does anyone have any idea why that is? Korn [kn] (talk) 20:50, 1 July 2018 (UTC)

    Hello, is legal representant considered as a set phrase in English? French Wiktionary has an entry legal representant, but I suspect it is only to translate the French phrase reprsentant lgal (used in law). Automatik (talk) 10:44, 2 July 2018 (UTC)

    This verb izan can be used as an intransitive copula ("be"), as transitive verb meaning "have", as an auxiliary for intransitive verbs (with finite forms the same as the copula), and as an auxiliary for transitive verbs. It's also used as an auxiliary for intransitive verbs with a dative argument, with a whole different set of finite forms. The dative argument is usually translated by a possessive in English. (These are called nor-nori verbs in Basque.) It's used as an auxiliary with transitive verbs with dative arguments (nor-nork-nori verbs) as well, with yet another set of finite forms. The nori (dative) argument of these verbs sometimes corresponds to an indirect object in English, in other cases to a possessive.

    Linguists usually give a separate etymology for the transitive forms even the citation form and participles are the same in standard Basque. Some regional dialects have separate participles for the transitive forms.

    The verb has about 1500 inflected forms (not counting hika and subordinate forms) and multiple meanings and usages, so the entry needs to be broken down into subsections somehow to make it easier to follow. I guess, following standard Wiktionary formatting, I can use the etymology to split the entry into two parts. In outline, the result will look like this:

    izan (intransitive)

    (Conjugation table for nor verbs)

    (Conjugation table for nor-nori verbs)

    From an unattested earlier form *edun, reconstructed on the basis of the finite forms and the dialectal participle eduki.

    izan (transitive)

    (Conjugation table for nor-nork verbs)

    (Conjugation table for nor-nork-nori verbs)

    I'd like to split the entry up into four parts, though, with separate sections for the transitive and intransitive forms with nori (datve) agreement, so that the conjugation tables will show up under the relevant definition.

    I've only been active on Wiktionary for about two weeks, so I wanted to run this by people here and get some feedback before jumping in and doing a major reorganization of an entry. If anybody has some good ideas about handling the subsections for nori agreement forms, I'd appreciate it. Namnagar (talk) 13:53, 2 July 2018 (UTC)

    There is currently a verb sense referring to dancing to bebop jazz, but it is commonly used to refer to a type of walking, in an easygoing or maybe even jaunty manner. Would this merit another sense or could it fall under the existing one? I have some cites if that helps:

    -Ultimateria (talk) 16:58, 2 July 2018 (UTC)

    At you, we have a Determiner section to cover "have you gentlemen come to see the lady?" and "you idiot!" Other dictionaries I checked don't have such a section (though one has a noun section for things like "another you" and "that outfit is so you", which seems equally hard to justify). But are these really determiners, or just uses of the pronoun? Because other pronouns can be used this way, too, e.g. e.g. "y'all fools" and "sing y'all folks a song" are both attested, as is "we Canadians" (which I notice we also have a determiner section for), and not just in English: "wir Deutschen sind eine Nation von Kaffeetrinkern" and "ihr Deutschen seid" and "Du Idiot!", "nous ne consentirons jamais, nous Franaises, nous transformer en mres gigognes" and "Parisiens, et vous Franais de tous rangs et de toutes les classes", etc. - -sche (discuss) 17:18, 2 July 2018 (UTC)

    Etymology-wise, why is it that you take a shit when you leave one behind, but when you give a shit (which no one but plants might actually want), it's a good thing?

    How did these uses develop?

    Similar for take a piss (i.e., "why take?", although I don't think there's an analogous give a piss expression...).


    EirkrtlendiTalavimig 18:32, 2 July 2018 (UTC)

    Thus you couldn't say (excuse the graphics) "took a piece of shit" or "took a bucketload of shit" to mean defecating as it would force the mass noun interpretation.

    I would also consider "someone left a shit in my toilet" borderline ungrammatical, although googling it shows that some people do use it like that, although maybe they aren't native speakers (I'm not a native speaker either) or maybe they are just joking. Crom daba (talk) 15:03, 12 July 2018 (UTC)

    I can't think of the English term for this - personal possessions buried with the deceased owner, as in gravgods in Det Norske Akademis ordbok (NAOB). and gravgods in Den Danske Ordbog, literally "grave goods". DonnanZ (talk) 20:09, 2 July 2018 (UTC)

    The etymology for "nonce" (cryptographical sense) claims its etymology is a contraction of "number used once". The cited definition for the edit that originally added the etymology is from Ross Anderson, Security Engineering. Luckily, the full text of the book is freely available online. The relevant quote from chapter 3, page 66, is:

    "The in-car token sends its name T followed by the encrypted value of T concatenated with N, where N stands for number used once, or nonce."

    I don't believe this qualifies as an etymology, however, it is quite widely believed. The author is giving two definitions of N, not defining the word nonce. "number used once" is simply a convenient way for programmers to remember what a nonce is used for, and is inaccurate in that it's not actually a number. I think it is only worth mentioning in order to debunk it. I would like to see this entry merged back into nonce#Etymology 1, with a note about the dubious folk etymology.Danielklein (talk) 04:49, 4 July 2018 (UTC)

    Any other examples? DTLHS (talk) 05:02, 4 July 2018 (UTC)

    Would a linguist kindly confirm the pronunciation of mirative? Is it /metv/, /mtv/, or both? SGconlaw (talk) 17:42, 4 July 2018 (UTC)

    Is this evidence for the preserving of nasal vowels in Proto-Norse?Wikipedia's article on Proto-Norse mentions uncertainty of nasal vowels in PN.

    NISOP? --Harmonicaplayer (talk) 14:49, 5 July 2018 (UTC)

    Hey all. I want to put salsa sauce in a category like Category:English reduplications. Are there any more expressions like this - made up of an English word and its translation in another language? Things like madera wood, poissonfish, tympano drum would work. Also, PIN number and other RAS syndrome stuff should probably be categorized somewhere. --Harmonicaplayer (talk) 15:21, 5 July 2018 (UTC)

    Australian slang, apparently along the lines of "be screwed", "be FUBAR". Anyone familiar with it? It's in a couple dictionaries, some of which even have citations (from local Australian papers, etc), but I can't find any citations on Google Books or Issuu. - -sche (discuss) 02:53, 6 July 2018 (UTC)

    Hi. I believe this wiktionary entry should be verified again. The English language generally doesn't allow words with 3 letters the same, concurrently; they are usually hyphenated, and Merriam-Webster hyphenates Wall-less (here. Could we get this checked please? See other examples such as cross-section, bell-like and so on. DaneGeld (talk) 21:30, 6 July 2018 (UTC)

    In Norwegian Bokml, there is no entry for drsl/slen, which seems to be a door lock/type of a door lock. So far I can't even say I know the basics of NB so adding a whole new page myself is out of the question, as it'd end up being sub-par at best.

    Would someone with more knowledge than me be so kind and add it? C0rn3j (talk) 23:02, 6 July 2018 (UTC)

    I think I'll run into quite a few in the next few days, is it okay to keep posting like I've been doing? Or perhaps keep posting under a single thread instead of creating a new one like this?

    By the way, thanks DonnanZ! C0rn3j (talk) 22:10, 7 July 2018 (UTC)

    So, WF is using signposts in cartoons as quotes now. It's probably OK, as all Simpsons episodes are 100% archived. The question is, how's the formatting? --Harmonicaplayer (talk) 09:59, 8 July 2018 (UTC)

    Should we shunt off translations for pharmacological drugs to medicine? DonnanZ (talk) 12:38, 8 July 2018 (UTC)

    In mute and liquid verbs, the third person plural of the perfect and pluperfect passive is formed by means of the perfect passive participle and (), , from . [4] The monolectic forms , , , are very rare and the forms (), () etc. should also be included in the respective templates. -- 17:59, 9 July 2018 (UTC)

    Hi friends.

    Is there any reason why this article doesn't exist here on en:? I just created fr:pay tribute, and was wondering if I was making a mistake, due to my limited understanding of English language.

    Waiting for your lights, --ArsniureDeGallium (talk) 18:51, 9 July 2018 (UTC)

    The English definition of this word says it's slang, used as an intensifier, but I have never seen "hecken" used anywhere. Shouldn't the correct form be heckin', a shortened term of hecking in a similar pattern to freaking/freakin'? Tymewalk (talk) 22:40, 9 July 2018 (UTC)

    This is the first time I have seen a dictionary define a word by noting that it is a proper noun, and giving some usage notes (italicized in brackets), without telling you what it is the name of --- the most important function of a dictionary was omitted. Unforgivable!-- Solo Owl 11:57, 10 July 2018 (UTC)

    I'm just wondering, since it seems you can replace "it" with a bunch of things, like "take your stress out on your friends", "take their marital problems out on the kids". Should a separate entry be made at take out on? Mofvanes (talk) 22:10, 10 July 2018 (UTC)

    Here's a list(not complete) of words that are defined in Bokml but not Nynorsk

    lots of those seem valid but there are also some that are not (hellig for example, it seems to exist in Nynorsk too as a noun).

    Am not sure if you guys have such a list (you probably do), but on the off-chance there's none and someone wants to spend time going through it, hope I helped.

    C0rn3j (talk)

    I think the translation table should be split; a dfaite in French is always an instance of being defeated, not of defeating someone. Per utramque cavernam 10:47, 11 July 2018 (UTC)

    Objective pronouns work also as emphatic by nature not "understanding"

    "if the me is understood as an emphatic form". (from the entry for 'i') but... it is. should say, "but that prescription is only sociolinguistically meaningful." Yoandri Dominguez Garcia (talk) 15:56, 11 July 2018 (UTC)

    Why is described as a phono-semantic compound of and , instead of just a semantic compound? being rain or cloud, and being lighting. The resulting pronunciation could have been inherited from , which was 's original character. Perhaps, at some point, was re purposed (as we can see due to the plethora of uses and meanings this character was given), and a new semantic compound character was created referring to the original word, the same as, for example, and . QAureal (talk) 06:38, 13 July 2018 (UTC)

    Just came across the phrase "that day month" in Charles Dickens' excellent short story Captain Murderer (see the citation at paste); you can also find "that day year". What is the syntactical explanation for these curious phrases? Are there others? ("That month year" doesn't seem to be used this way, nor "that hour day", etc.) Is it something we can/should document? Equinox 04:55, 12 July 2018 (UTC)

    Would someone be willing to clean this up? All these definitions look very redundant. @-sche? Per utramque cavernam 14:01, 12 July 2018 (UTC)

    It seems to be a euphemism for a military force, as in Israel, so it may be entry-worthy. DonnanZ (talk) 17:56, 12 July 2018 (UTC)

    The conventional etymology of the name of Istanbul is as a bastardization of the Greek phrase . In a process known as iotacism, the pronunciation of the letter had already been raised and changed to /i/ by the time Turks presented themselves adjacent to the Byzantine Empire. The sound shift /i/ > /a/ is hard to explain. It is even harder to explain in the Turkish name for the island of Kos, stanky, which has a similar etymology, because there it also goes, on either side, against Turkish vowel harmony.

    Several sources explain the etymology as stemming from the dialectal variant ; for example, here in a commentary in a 2015 edition of Pliny's Natural History, or, in a Greek-language source, in a contribution by Misal D. Engonopoulos an expert on the many names of Byzantion/Constantinople/Istanbul to the 2000 book : 60 (ISBN 9607771354, page 60, unfortunately no Google preview).

    Should we mention this as an alternative etymology, or perhaps even replace the current one? --Lambiam 12:14, 13 July 2018 (UTC)

    Would the sense "at play" as in "there may be other factors at play" be considered SoP here? ---> Tooironic (talk) 12:50, 13 July 2018 (UTC)

    Hello. There are many vulgar terms of abuse that end with fucker e.g. camelfucker, catfucker, dogfucker, donkeyfucker, duckfucker, goatfucker, horsefucker, mousefucker, pigfucker, ratfucker but I haven't found any category or list that link them to each other (e.g. fucker#Derived terms or Thesaurus:git, where I guess they could be added). Moreover, should animal-related terms be grouped in any list? For example, a category, a thesaurus, etc.? Automatik (talk) 13:04, 13 July 2018 (UTC)

    I noticed that freeer is in the dictionary as a common misspelling, and created freeest as a natural companion (and one that is also attested). I am wondering, however, are these really misspellings, and not valid alternative spellings, or perhaps previously valid spellings? They seem to have been used by literate people in the past. bd2412 T 21:07, 13 July 2018 (UTC)

    Both are given as nouns. It doesn't feel right to me. Then "ten percent" sounds like Det+N (like "ten apples"), whereas really it's "ten per [for each] cent [hundred]", more like "ten out of twenty" or "two outside the door". Should we change the PoS; if so, to what? Equinox 01:11, 14 July 2018 (UTC)

    Our entry for Chinese (zh) says that it can be used as an alternative form of (zh). Is the reverse true as well? I ask because I encountered the following sentence in Sanmao's book (Stories of the Sahara): "" I can't make sense of it with either of the senses listed at , but it makes sense if it means "to tie; to fasten; to bundle" (sense 3 at ). Is this just a typo, or can be used as an alternative form of ? Granger(talk contribs) 01:36, 14 July 2018 (UTC)

    Worthy of an entry? Per utramque cavernam 17:49, 15 July 2018 (UTC)

    eder (Bokml)

    I think this "(Bokml)" is a leftover from when Nynorsk and Bokml wasn't separated? It seems redundant but am unsure, so am asking here instead of deleting it outright.

    C0rn3j (talk) 20:53, 15 July 2018 (UTC)

    Is this really a conjunction? Per utramque cavernam 13:53, 16 July 2018 (UTC)

    Hello, the entry resting place was deleted 10 years ago and not recreated since then, however it seems that it is the most common way to spell the wordwithout hyphen? Automatik (talk) 00:56, 17 July 2018 (UTC)

    Requesting citations from the 1990s as the definition claims. DTLHS (talk) 22:50, 16 July 2018 (UTC)

    I do agree that it seems odd how difficult it is to find quotations before the 2000s. SGconlaw (talk) 02:47, 17 July 2018 (UTC)

    Can this be considered a set phrase? The reason I ask is that Norwegian Bokml matvane and Swedish matvana are literally "food habit", German Ernhrungsgewohnheit "nutrition habit", Dutch eetgewoonte follows the English pattern. DonnanZ (talk) 14:25, 17 July 2018 (UTC)

    Hello,Does anyone know whether there's an etymological connection between the two words ethics and aesthetics? My search came up with two similar (but not identical) sources (ethikos for ethics and aisthetikos for aesthetic), but I'm wary of making the connection without knowing Greek or having any linguistic background. Any thoughts would be most welcome!:)Thanks!Gal.

    Should the senses be split by etymology? Sense 2 is "a hawk of chickens, a chicken hawker", while sense 3 is "a hawk that is chicken". Per utramque cavernam 08:31, 18 July 2018 (UTC)

    "the train backed into the station; the horse refuses to back". These seem like very different uses of the word. DTLHS (talk) 21:53, 18 July 2018 (UTC)

    Entry draws a distinction between a humorous Coneheads sense and an &lit (I have just made a couple of changes to it, but there were always two senses): I don't see that the distinction is justified. Equinox 00:02, 19 July 2018 (UTC)

    I fixed about 30 entries myself where I knew how exactly to edit them (vast majority were simple typos and a few used; instead of , for a separator), although I'm not exactly sure with the following entries.

    Some have different formatting where the inflections are supposed to be - (Note: when I use "every other entry", I mean about 15000 words I am currently processing) "genitive helvetes" I'd expect this to be in brackets as every other entry seems to be - Seems to have completely different entry-style as compared to everything else, for example fly - - "colloquial ss" is outside the brackets

    Go here to see the original:
    Wiktionary:Tea room - Wiktionary

    2018 Costs to Build an Addition | Tips for Adding a Room … - July 24, 2018 by admin

    On This Page:

    The average national cost of adding a room or building an addition is $42,639, with most homeowners spending between $20,963 and $65,796. This data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

    Many homeowners eventually come to that daunting dilemma: whether to buy their dream house or transform their current home into that dream. Once you make the commitment to build an addition, you've probably decided to go down the latter road. This decision might be something you've long considered, or it may have been thrust upon you by an expanding family. In either case, recognize that this will be a profound investment in time and money, but one that, if done properly, will enhance the value of your most important investment: your home.

    You can choose from several types of additions for an average house, including ground level additions, second floor additions and detached additions. Each option has its own benefits, drawbacks and estimated prices based on factors such as the size of the structure and the features that you want to incorporate.

    Return to Top

    An extra room means exactly that. Homeowners who choose this type of an addition often do so to add a family room, bedroom or multiple spaces. When you want to add an additional room to your home, you typically have two options: build out or build up.

    This is a major construction project that involves creating an additional building structure and integrating it with the rest of the home. Average costs run anywhere from $80 to $200 per square foot. No matter whether you build out or up, you should:

    Building out typically involves adding a room at ground level, which is one of the most popular types of additions. These options increase the footprint of your home by extending the houses perimeter outward, which offers minimal disruption to the rest of the home. Potential drawbacks of building out include the cost of having to pour a new foundation, the loss of yard or property space and the possibility that you may need to get a zoning variance depending on local regulations.

    If you want to expand your living space without increasing the footprint of your home, building up is a great option. For this type of addition, you add a room to the second story, or you could add an entire second story onto a one story home. Even though your contractor won't need to create a new foundation, he may need to strengthen the existing foundation to support the extra weight. On the downside, you need to check your town's rules to make sure you're not limited in the height of your home. Additionally, you'll need to add a staircase, which typically uses up 80 to 120 square feet of living space.

    Return to Top

    Sunrooms offer a budget-friendly alternative to a traditional house addition. Average costs run anywhere from $16,315 for the average sunroom, up to $70,000 or more for a 200-square foot addition with footings and a slab foundation. The cost of this project depends on the amount of space it adds, the location of the sunroom, extras such as electrical wiring and whether the room is heated (four-season room) or not heated (three-season room). Other considerations include hiring:

    Buying a prefabricated sunroom runs around $11,000 per 150 square feet. Once you factor in adding heat, electricity and all the construction costs, it's not unusual to pay between $300 and $400 per square foot for the finished product. If you want to keep the costs low, consider adding the sunroom as a three-season room without heating.

    Before you decide on a sunroom, get a few estimates to make sure youre getting the most competitive prices. Meet with a professional who can help assess the space, take accurate measurements and recommend the finishes and construction methods that will work best for you, your property and your climate.

    Return to Top

    Detached additions can range in style and price, with prefabricated, simple shed-like rooms running around $15,000 without electricity or heat, or full guesthouses that share similar costs as a detached garage addition, which run around $24,658 on average. Like the other types of additions, youll need a contractor to help install and finish your detached addition. Youll also need an electrician to add the necessary wiring and painters to finish the walls.

    As with any other addition, the materials you choose have a direct impact on the cost of this project. Consider the following:

    Return to Top

    When youre planning your budget for this project, you need to consider many different factors, including the square footage and the size of the addition. The larger you go, the more expensive the project will be. Other important factors include necessary services, including:

    Return to Top

    The answer to this depends on the complexity of the addition. If youre adding a simple family room onto your home with one door into the rest of the house and one to the outside, a contractor should be able to handle it without the help of an architect. If you're moving walls, redesigning the way one room flows into another, adding a half loft and a spiral staircase or planning countless other complicated or intricate changes to your existing home, you may want to consider bringing an architect on board.

    An architect will certainly add to your upfront costs on the project, but consider that a professional engineer can take your ideas and build them into something even more amazing. Also, by adding more clarity to your vision before construction starts, cost estimates will hit closer to the mark. When the project is done in partnership with an architect, you're also more likely to wind up with something that boosts your homes value.

    Return to Top

    Even if you have no plans to sell anytime soon, consider the resale value of your project. You might not always turn a profit on your home-expansion investment, but you should go into the job with realistic expectations about at least some kind of payback.

    Because they're among the most expensive home projects, additions sometimes return less on your investment than remodels. If you're significantly adding to the square footage of your home or adding important types of rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, your investment may pay off considerably.

    Return to Top

    Get everything in writing. First, agree on a total amount before discussing anything further.

    It's reasonable for contractors to expect some money in advance, and then again after specific milestones during the course of the project. Be aware that shelling out too much money could put you at risk, and giving too little could put your contractor at risk. It's a delicate dance, but one that should be precisely choreographed before anybody fires up the power tools.

    Still, no matter how detailed your plan is, remember that things happen. Find out about your contractor's change-order policy. Once you see your addition come to life, you may change your mind about the colors, fixtures or even the layout of the room. You may find that the contractor didn't understand your plan and made some decisions that didn't square with what you'd intended. Or, the addition may run into problems that neither you nor the contractor could have foreseen. Each of these could have enormous effects on the cost of the project, and each can cause friction with your contractor. Minimize the conflicts by spelling out, as clearly as possible on the front end, how each of these contingencies would be handled.

    Return to Top

    #1 Will the addition add value to my home?

    Adding on to your home is among the priciest projects that you can undertake as a homeowner. Experts suggest that you can expect to see a return on your investment of:

    #2 Will an addition look like it was tacked on?

    Without the services of a designer or an architect, you could be left with an addition that looks like an afterthought or an obvious add-on feature. Skilled designers can create the space you want and deftly tie it into the existing structure so that it looks like it was always there.

    #3 Do I need to worry about restrictions?

    Always check with your local government to research zoning restrictions. In some areas, you may not be able to build within a certain number of feet of the front, sides or rear of the property lines. Other areas have rules about how much space on your property can be covered with buildings, how close you can get to protected spaces such as wetlands or how high you can build up.

    #4 What should I look for in a contractor or a remodeling company?

    Verify that the pros are licensed and insured. Check references and ask for pictures of their prior work. Ask the pros how long they've been doing this work, how they screen subcontractors and how long they expect the project to take. Get estimates from at least two or three contractors to get the most competitive prices and find the one that's going to work best for you.

    #5 What should my first step be?

    Create a plan for your new room, find a contractor to do the work and get all the necessary permits. This kind of a major project requires local permits to make sure the work is done according to building codes.

    Return to Top

    Adding on to a house is a very expensive project, but there are ways to shave money off your budget. For example, in some cases you may be able to remodel instead of add on. Maybe you could finish the basement (average cost $2,852) to provide an extra bedroom with a bathroom or a living space. Increasing the efficiency of your space can make an expansion unnecessary. For example, adding 200 square feet of space onto a kitchen could cost anywhere from $48,000 to $95,000. Swapping your old cabinets out for better-organized, custom cabinets costs around $35,000, but it might be all you need, which saves $13,000 to $60,000.

    Other money-saving options include using detached additions instead of attached ones. A prefabricated detached structure could cost less than $20,000, and it could be used as a guesthouse or an office to provide the extra space that you want. Often, building up also saves money by avoiding excavation costs and the need for pouring a new foundation.

    Lastly, consider how handy you might be. Tackle any DIY projects such as laying flooring, painting the walls or installing a new vanity on your own instead of paying a contractor to the work. Doing your own demolition, for example, can save you more than $500 in labor charges.

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    Read more here:
    2018 Costs to Build an Addition | Tips for Adding a Room ...

    Family Room Ideas – Home Additions & Home Improvement by … - July 24, 2018 by admin

    Latest Family Room Ideas

    Who doesn't want a cozy family room at their house? In my general contractor days, I built my share of family rooms for my customers, so I know the basics of what everyone desires in this popular room addition.Go ahead and browse my two favorite family room ideas. I always include the construction costs for every one of my room addition plans, so that you could easily factor it into your remodeling budget. Along with the building costs you will also finda 3D rendering of the family room design.

    Quick Fact:

    Family Rooms are very similar to sunrooms aka four season rooms, because their basically four walls with HVAC connected so that you can use the room year round. If you don't see the size or characteristics of the family room idea your thinking of, try looking at our other room addition plans because they can help you ball park the building costs.

    The followingfamily room plans can help you with planning, designing your own, and the budgetingphase of your family room addition project.

    The first plan is a12' x 25' family room planthat features a lot of lighting and the perfect room layout for those of you who are looking to use this as a TV room as well. We call this the "Perfect Sized Family Room".

    The secondfamily room ideaisbased on a 18' x 18' footprint. This design is very spacious and highly popular.

    Did you know that my Family Room Plans includeconstruction costs? I love to make things nice and simple for my website visitors. Enjoy!

    Excerpt from:
    Family Room Ideas - Home Additions & Home Improvement by ...

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