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    Redskins J.D. McKissic an underrated addition to the running back room – Riggo’s Rag - June 19, 2020 by admin

    MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - DECEMBER 08: J.D. McKissic #41 of the Detroit Lions warms up prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on December 08, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

    Midway through the 2020 offseason, the Washington Redskins 90-man roster is static. The group for training camp is essentially set, and among that group, the Redskins have seven running backs coming in.

    Three of the Redskins running backs Adrian Peterson, Derrius Guice, and Bryce Love are holdovers from last year, while four Peyton Barber, Josh Ferguson, Antonio Gibson, and J.D. McKissic are new additions. Ferguson was transferred over from the practice squad after the 2019 season, while Barber, Gibson, and McKissic were all added in the player acquisition phase.

    As of now, its tough to say who will emerge as a lead running back, if anyone will. More likely is the scenario in which the Redskins host a multifaceted committee. But even in that instance, some players will take advantage of opportunity more effectively than others, and J.D. McKissic is one whos seriously flying under the radar.

    McKissic, who will don the No. 41 jersey in August, was mentioned in the same vein as Steven Sims and Antonio Gibson by offensive coordinator Scott Turner in May; Turner listed McKissic as a player hed need to find creative ways to get the ball to in 2020.

    Turner has made it clear that he values versatility in his new Redskins offense. Thats something Sims and Gibson are known for, but its what McKissic has embodied since 2012, his redshirt freshman season at Arkansas State. In 2012, McKissic was a wide receiver, and he caught 103 passes for 1,022 yards and five touchdowns. In the four collegiate seasons to follow, McKissic never logged fewer than 50 catches and 500 yards.

    McKissic is now long removed from his college days, set to turn 27 years old in mid-August. But hes maintained his versatility over the years; in 2019, as a rotational back for the Lions, he put up 38 carries for 205 yards, as well as 34 receptions for 233 yards and a score. Hes not a world beater, and he doesnt have any standout athletic traits, but McKissic is a savvy back who can make an impact in multiple different ways. Hes also fairly shifty and explosive, as the clip below demonstrates.

    McKissic will ultimately need to make sure his skills translate to the Redskins offense, but he has a better chance to contribute than one would assume. His versatility will be intrinsically valued by Scott Turner, and hes more established than most of Washingtons current running backs.

    McKissics value would likely be diluted in a full-time role, and he hasnt shown himself to be capable of shouldering that kind of load in his NFL career. But as a change-of-pace back with receiving utility, McKissic can make an impact in Turners offense, and even if he doesnt fill up the stat sheet, he can show younger players like Sims and Gibson the nuances of being a position-diverse player.

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    Redskins J.D. McKissic an underrated addition to the running back room - Riggo's Rag

    Nyack Hospital through the years: 1895 to 2020 – Lohud - June 19, 2020 by admin

    Al Sisolak of Orangeburg is cheered by the staff as he is released from Montefiore Nyack Hospital April 29, 2020. He is the hospital's 400th COVID-19 patient to be sent home. Rockland/Westchester Journal News

    NYACK -From a two-story structurewith nine beds, an operating room, a nurses parlor, a reception area and a dining room, to a 391-bedacute care medical and surgical facility, Montefiore Nyack Hospital has grown as technology and medical needs have changed.

    Asthe hospital on Midland Avenue marksits 125th anniversary this month, itlooks back at its history and forward toward an ambitious $24 million, two-phaseexpansion.

    The hospital celebrated the opening ofits cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center earlier this year and recently dedicated the opening of phase one of the new F.J. Borelli Family Emergency Center. The remainder of the Emergency Center project will be completed in early 2021.

    NyackHospital joined the Montefiore Health System in 2014, and the hospital was renamed Montefiore Nyack Hospital in 2018. It partners with Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, providing clinical rotations to third-year medical students.

    This circa 1900 photo shows the bicycles, Nyack Hospitals first vehicles, that were built for use by the nurses.(Photo: Montefiore Nyack Hospital)

    It is an honor to be a part of a milestone celebration of an institution with such a long legacy of community service, Mark Geller, hospital president and CEO, said in a news release.Our achievements are the direct result of our physicians, nurses, employees and volunteers, all of whom have committed themselves to making a difference in the lives of those we serve."

    COVID-19: Montefiore Nyack Hospital celebrates 400th patient to recover

    CORONAVIRUS: Nyack Mask Makers deliver 10,000th face mask to protect essential workers


    Show Thumbnails

    Show Captions more information on the hospital's history and its interactive timeline.

    Robert Brum is a Rockland County-based reporter and editor. For subscriber-only Rockland County news, visit to sign up for a subscription. To subscribe to The Rockland Angle, a nightly email newsletter exclusively for Rockland County news, features and other essential information, visit, check the Rockland Angle box and submit your email address.

    Twitter: @Bee_bob

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    Nyack Hospital through the years: 1895 to 2020 - Lohud

    "DC Public Library to Begin Phase Two Operations June 29" starting with 8 locations – PoPville - June 19, 2020 by admin

    From DCPL:

    Starting June 29, DC Library locations will begin expanding service on weekdays as part of Phase Two. In addition to current services including picking up and returning library materials, customers will soon be allowed to enter buildings to pick up books, remote printing and use a limited number of public computers and printers.

    To ensure public health and safety of library staff and users, controlled entry will be in place to limit the number of people in the library at one time. Customers must wear a face mask or covering and practice social distancing when visiting the Library. Browsing for books and meeting room reservations are not part of the Phase Two reopening. Reading rooms and outdoor terraces remain closed to the public.

    Starting Monday, June 29, the following locations will be open with expanded services from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

    Anacostia (Ward 8)Benning (Ward 7)Cleveland Park (Ward 3)Mount Pleasant (Ward 1)Northeast (Ward 6)Shepherd Park (Ward 4)West End (Ward 2)Woodridge (Ward 5)

    The locations will be closed from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM every day for cleaning and disinfecting.

    Starting Monday, July 6, customers will be able to return books outside at six new locations including:

    Bellevue (Ward 8)Capitol View (Ward 7)Francis-Gregory (Ward 7)Petworth (Ward 4)Shaw (Ward 6)Tenley-Friendship (Ward 3)

    Starting Monday, July 13, these six locations will also offer expanded services from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

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    "DC Public Library to Begin Phase Two Operations June 29" starting with 8 locations - PoPville

    A tour of the future adult hospital’s ICU Floors 7-10 – Loma Linda University Health - June 19, 2020 by admin

    Floors seven to 10 in the new adult hospital tower will house our three ICUs and our Cardiac Progressive Care Unit. These four floors are set up to provide the critical care and life support for the most acutely ill and injured patients. Doctors, nurses and other health care providers offer highly skilled care to our patients who have been admitted to Loma Linda University Medical Centers ICU suffering from a variety of medical, surgical, and trauma conditions.

    Shared features across each floor include: 32 single occupancy patient rooms (16 rooms per wing) Two med prep rooms (one per wing) One dedicated staff lounge with locker storage per floor Three on call rooms (located in the core) per floor Two physician workspaces (one office space on the west wing and a large team room on the east wing) Lactation rooms for staff on select units Specialized ICU Equipment Rooms dedicated to cardiac monitoring

    Service line designations by floor are: Floor 7: Surgical, Trauma, Transplant, and Neuroscience ICU Floor 8: Medical ICU Floor 9: Cardiac and Cardio-thoracic ICU Floor 10: Cardiac Progressive Care Unit

    The ongoing hospital construction is a part of Loma Linda University Healths Vision 2020 The Campaign for a Whole Tomorrow. New buildings for adult patients and an addition to Loma Linda University Childrens Hospital will exceed Californias upcoming seismic requirements for hospitals.

    You can follow the rise of the towers on a daily basis by checking the construction web cams.

    We're sharing photographic updates of the hospital construction work on a periodic basis. Watch for special emphasis on some of the behind-the-scenes-views and untold stories at the Vision 2020 website.

    Dennis E. Park posts regular updates and photos on the project, which appear on the website

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    A tour of the future adult hospital's ICU Floors 7-10 - Loma Linda University Health

    PPE Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic – HealthLeaders Media - June 19, 2020 by admin

    This article was originally published June 18, 2020on PSQHby John Palmer

    Its not an understatement to say that most people who work in healthcare organizations long for the days when just getting their workers to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) was the biggest issue.

    Times have changed, of course, in the new normal brought on by COVID-19. Where hospitals were once coached by safety professionals to ensure they had enough PPE stockpiled, they are now begging the U.S. government to share PPE from the stockpile. Once upon a time, workers were told to use their surgical masks only once. Today, those masks get put into a bag at the end of a shift and used the next dayand maybe the day after that.

    Some communities have brought in huge PPE cleaning machines that can disinfect thousands of masks in one sitting, while other healthcare workers have turned to procuring their own masks, gloves, and respirators from painting suppliers and home improvement stores. Its become a free-for-all in some places.

    Because of the scarcity, PPE has become a protected resource inside hospitals, says Benjamin Kanter, MD, FCCP, chief medical information officer (CMIO) for Vocera Communications, a California-based company that develops platforms to improve clinical communication and workflow.

    Hospitals are taking special precautions and establishing new protocols for accessing and preserving PPE, he says.

    Kanter spoke toPSQHabout the state of PPE supplies, procedures, and protocols in the United States, and how it might change the way hospitals prepare and respond to future pandemics.

    PSQH: What are some alternate PPE procedures and protocols being developed by hospitals to help preserve PPE supplies and extend the life of the PPE that healthcare workers have access to?

    Kanter:The situation is complex, in part because COVID-19 recommendations have been in flux as we learn more about the disease.

    Hospitals are establishing protocols to avoid confusion and minimize stress about the type of PPE required in different situations, such as in a standard droplet precaution room, where a surgical mask can be worn, versus a negative air room that requires wearing an N95 mask. Hospitals are now also adopting systems that decontaminate N95 masks, which originally were designed for single use but are sometimes worn throughout a workers full shift because of mask shortages. The decontamination systems make it possible for N95 masks to be used on multiple occasions over a longer period of time.

    PSQH: What are some safety measures that organizations can take now to help keep patients and staff safer, and will these continue to be in place even after the COVID pandemic?

    Kanter:One of the most important ways that hospitals can keep staff and patients safe is to minimize the number of times that a doctor or nurse has to take on and off protective gear.

    There is a widely held misconception, even among healthcare workers, that if I put on PPE, I am safe. Unfortunately, that isnt the case for a number of reasons. If you are going to don and doff PPE, it must be done vigilantly and in a very specific way to avoid gaps in coverage. A large study published last year by a major U.S. medical center found that roughly 40% of their trained physicians and nurses removed their PPE incorrectly, putting themselves at risk of self-contamination. If you are self-contaminated and dont know it, you could touch a surface and unwittingly put everyone else at risk. Even in the best-case scenario where everyone is vigilant and following CDC guidelines, you are at risk of infection every time you go into a patients room.

    PSQH: What about communications? Working in PPE can sometimes be very difficult, especially if you need to communicate with a team.

    Kanter:Hospitals are working hard to find solutions that keep staff protected, preserve PPE, and minimize the number of times staff members need to go in and out of a room. One way to do this is to allow two-way communication between care team members or a patient in the room and staff outside the room. Having the ability to communicate remotely, instead of going into a patients room, saves time and PPE. More importantly, staff members dont have to risk contamination to communicate.

    In addition, hospitals are giving staff hands-free communication devices that can be worn under PPE. If you are wearing full PPE and in a patients room, you need an easy way to communicate with care team members outside of the room without having to remove PPE and step outside the room. I think well see modern PPE include a hands-free communication component like what first responders have as part of their uniform. We would never send a firefighter into a burning building without protective gear or require them to remove their gear in order to communicate with team members. The same holds true now for hospital staff: We need to help clinicians perform their jobs while protected with PPE. Doctors and nurses never work alone, and even if they are isolated in a patients room, they need to stay connected with care team members without having to risk contamination by taking off PPE.

    An additional way that hospitals can keep patients and staff safe is to add two-way communication technology for temporary pop-up hospital beds. To manage patient loads during surges, many hospitals have set up pop-up beds, though they are rarely equipped with nurse call systems. To ensure patients in these pop-up locations can communicate directly with their care teams, hospitals are attaching wireless two-way communication devices to these beds, which keep staff and patients connected.

    PSQH: How does the PPE response compare to previous pandemics, such as the H1N1 pandemic? Why did we seem to have enough PPE then but not now?

    Kanter:During H1N1, I was working in a San Diego hospital, and we did run short of N95 masks and we did have to borrow ventilators from facilities outside of the county in order to care for all of the influenza cases at that time. Surgeries were cancelled and influenza patients on ventilators were scattered throughout the hospital.

    COVID-19 is quite different from H1N1, and there are still many unknowns. With influenza, we have medications that minimize the symptoms. We also have vaccinations that decrease the risk of contamination. Today, we have a situation where we still dont understand who is resistant to the virus, and there is no vaccine or simple way to administer treatment. A further complication is that COVID-19 symptoms for some people can be so minor you may not even know you are infected but could still be a vector transmitting the disease to other people. Because signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are so variable, the risk of contamination is higher and requires a different protocol for PPE. Patients with COVID-19 (for now) continue to require contact precautions (gloves and gowns) in addition to airborne isolation, whereas that isnt true for influenza; COVID-19 places a bigger burden on healthcare supplies than influenza.

    John Palmer is a freelance writer who has covered healthcare safety for numerous publications. Palmer can be reached

    Patient Safety & Quality Healthcares mission is to provide news, science, research, and a forum for opinion for clinicians, healthcare professionals, and everyone interested in improving quality in healthcare. Learn more.

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    PPE Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic - HealthLeaders Media

    Lakeville Area School District to build three additions – ECM Publishers - June 19, 2020 by admin

    Lakeville Area School Board members agreed at a June 4 work session to having three elementary school additions constructed to have them ready to open in the 2021-22 school year.

    The three additions at Eastview, JFK and Christina Huddleston elementary schools would accommodate projected student enrollment growth by the time they open and position the district for any possible expansion of prekindergarten offerings.

    The additions would be paid for using lease levy funds, which Minnesota districts can use without having to seek voter approval.

    The board discussed placing one or more of the school additions onto a future bond referendum to seek land and building costs for a ninth elementary school, but chose to use lease levy in order to expedite the process to accommodate current excess enrollment and future enrollment growth.

    Board members were split on the idea of when to seek voter approval for a new elementary school. Some felt that putting a $30 million bond referendum on the ballot in February 2021 would not be in the best interest of the district. The other option presented by administration was for a February 2022 bond referendum, which if successful would have the elementary school opening in fall 2025 instead of a year earlier.

    Board Member Bob Erickson said the timing would not be right for seeking taxpayer approval for the bonds in February 2021.

    He cited economic uncertainty and expected revenue losses created by the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in tax increases at the state, county and municipal levels.

    Erickson said it is possible the Legislature would not change the per pupil funding formula considering the challenges of COVID-19 and the unrest in the Twin Cities, which would leave the district to make up the difference with its annual levy.

    In all candor, there is a lot of stress in every organization in the state and in the community, Superintendent Michael Baumann said.

    Erickson said one concept the board could consider is placing a question on the November 2020 ballot for land costs only for the new elementary school.

    He called that a precursor for success of a bond referendum.

    We need to build a new elementary school, Baumann said.

    Baumann said having the land nailed down would allow the district to be specific about where the school would be.

    Erickson said knowing the location of the school would ensure the success of the referendum.


    This school year the district had 250 unaccommodated students based on its current classroom capacity at the elementary levels.

    That deficit is projected to grow to 325 students by 2021-22, despite a new 10-classroom addition to open this fall at Lake Marion Elementary and changing Impact Academy from a whole-school program to an option at Orchard Lake, allowing for more enrollment at the school.

    The Lake Marion addition was also funded by lease levy, which can be used by school districts to build additions of less than 20 percent of the original structure.

    Lease levy funds use certificates of participation with higher interest rates, but are paid back in fewer years than most general obligation bonds.

    Director of Business Services Bill Holmgren said the annual property tax impact for costs to build the three additions would be $34 on the average value home of $370,000 in District 194. That amount is expected to drop each year as the tax base grows over the 15-year life of the certificates of participation.

    Baumann said the administrative staff recommended building a five-classroom addition at Eastview and four-classroom additions at both JFK and Christina Huddleston.

    That would create space for 364 students and raise enrollment capacities at the schools to 840, 700 and 672, respectively.

    Baumann said this would retain the quality and fidelity of the educational experience in District 194.

    This past year Lake Marion Elementary School had three-quarters of the Media Center used for classroom space and a conference room was converted to classroom space. Other schools have also converted non-traditional classroom space for regular instruction.

    Having three additions avoids a larger number of unaccommodated students before the ninth elementary could be opened.

    Baumann called having the three elementary additions a bird in the hand considering the unpredictable nature of the economy.

    We have to be as steady as we can, Baumann said.

    Holmgren said it would take about 12 months to build the additions, which is why board members shied away from waiting for a possible February 2021 voter approval, since that would mean the additions wouldnt be open until the 2022-23 school year.

    Board members will discuss at a future work session when to seek voter approval for the ninth elementary school and whether it would be combined with other future building projects.

    Based on housing development and projected population growth in the district to about 90,000 residents in 2030, the district predicts that enrollment will be over 14,000 by 2030.

    In order to accommodate the number of students by then, the district says it would need to construct:

    Two elementary schools (with plans to accommodate prekindergarten).

    One middle school.

    One early childhood center.

    Two additions and renovations to the high schools or a third high school.

    One Area Learning Center.

    One maintenance facility.

    One district office.

    The latter three are all in current spaces that are projected to be replaced. The last two are in leased spaces.

    Lakeville Area School District to build three additions - ECM Publishers

    Hayman Island by InterContinental Now Open – RusTourismNews - June 19, 2020 by admin

    InterContinental Hayman Island Resort will reopen from 1st September 2020, operating in accordance with the public health orders of the Queensland and Australian Federal Government in response to COVID-19.

    Hayman Island has undergone a $135 million refurbishment, bringing the highest standards of luxury and service delivered to guests visiting one of the worlds most desirable destinations.

    A new addition to the accommodation offering on the island is the exquisite Three Bedroom Hayman Beach House, fronting Hayman Beach and offering 400sqm of luxurious privacy. Each of the three suites has its own plunge pool, master ensuite and over-sized bathtub with the social spaces offering luxury island living with open plan dining and living room, alfresco entertaining, private sun loungers and unobstructed beach access.

    As one of the most significant changes to the resort, Hayman Island by InterContinental has introduced five distinct restaurants and bars, each an exquisite destination in their own right inspired by local flavours and global know-how.

    Since the start of the crisis, the resorts leadership team have remained committed to implementing additional health and safety measures in line with local jurisdiction, including but not limited to, increased frequency of deep cleaning public areas and accommodation rooms and adjusting food and beverage operations to ensure the highest level of hygiene and precautionary action.

    Building on this work, InterContinental Hayman Island Resort will execute theIHG Way of Clean programme. The programme has been developed in conjunction with experts from Ecolab, a global leader in hygiene technologies and service, and includes deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants in guestrooms and public spaces, and a continued partnership with Ecolab to enhance the programme and provide high-impact cleanliness solutions, including:

    Personal guest cleanliness and safety resources, such as:

    Enhanced cleaning and operating procedures for every zone of the hotel:

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    Hayman Island by InterContinental Now Open - RusTourismNews

    Zoo Knoxville will be free for dads on Father’s Day – - June 19, 2020 by admin

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn Zoo Knoxville will be free for dad on Sunday for Father's Day.

    It's an annual tradition at the zoo, but things are a little different this year.

    Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, guests must buy tickets onlinein advance. Fathers get free admission with a paid adult or child ticket using the promo code FATHERSDAY at check out.

    In addition to limiting the number of guests at the zoo, guests are encouraged to wear masks and maintain a safe social distance from other groups.

    The zoo is in Phase Two of its reopening plan, which means the Safari Splash water play area is open. The giraffe feeding is back open, and there's expanded access to the award-winning Boyd Family Asian Trek which is home to Gibbon Trails and Langur Landing, and indoor viewing in the Tiger Temple, elephant barn and langur day room.

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    Zoo Knoxville will be free for dads on Father's Day -

    Lingard a positive addition, UF still waiting on other waivers – 247Sports - June 19, 2020 by admin

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Dan Mullen has been a master of the transfer portal, getting massive contributions out of players that have transferred into Florida in each of his first two seasons in charge. And with a handful of transfers in yet again, 2020 could spell more of the same.

    First, there's former five-star Georgia transfer Brenton Cox who will be eligible at rush end after sitting out the 2020 season. He could be an instant replacement for Jonathan Greenard, the Louisville graduate transfer who led the SEC in sacks in 2019.

    Then there's former five-star Miami transfer Lorenzo Lingard, who was cleared to play immediately by the NCAA a few weeks ago.

    "I think he'll be great for the room because I think he's a real positive guy," Mullen said. "From what I've seen, he works hard in our offseason conditioning, worked hard, got a real positive attitude. I love his personality and I really like who he is as a person."

    Lingard, when he was healthy, was one of the fastest prospects in the 2018 recruiting class.

    An injury derailed his freshman campaign at Miami, and he struggled to work his way back into the mix at running back in 2019 as he continued to recover from that injury. So Mullen's not quite sure where Lingard's at physically just yet.

    "As it pertains to football, I can't answer any questions until we get on the field, but as a person I think he's adding a really positive impact to the team and the program," Mullen said. "I'm really excited about that because he has really positive energy, he has a great attitude and a great work ethic. So I think all of those are really bright for his future, and I'm really happy he's a part of the program."

    Florida's also still waiting on the waiver status for a few other players. Former five-star Penn State receiver transfer Justin Shorter is waiting on a potential waiver, as is former Texas receiver transfer Jordan Pouncey.

    Either or both could help shore up a receiver room that lost four senior wideouts, three who were selected in this year's NFL Draft.

    On that front, though, Mullen doesn't have much more information on when or if those players might be cleared than the average fan.

    "We either get the waiver has been granted or denied," Mullen said. "Thats about what you get. We might be more having an idea because theyll say, 'Hey, we need more information about this or more information about something else' while theyre reviewing the case. Well get some of that stuff that (you) know how theyre reviewing it, how theyre considering it, how theyre looking at it. By what theyre asking for for further information."

    If either or both are cleared, Florida could be in business. Even if not, Mullen sounds quite high on Lingard, and Cox was already proving to be productive as a freshman at Georgia in 2018.

    So expect transfers to continue to have a big impact on the field for the Gators this fall.

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    Lingard a positive addition, UF still waiting on other waivers - 247Sports

    A look at the Colts DL room ahead of training camp – Stampede Blue - June 19, 2020 by admin

    With teams still not able to properly access their facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is some question about exactly if and when training camp will begin, as well as what it will look like if it does. However, lets assume that some of the early positive signs prove to hold up and we are able to resume some kind of normality. The Colts are primed to be an exciting team in 2020, and ahead of camp, were going to review every position group and see how they look on paper.

    If youve paid any attention to Chris Ballard at all, youll know that he is passionate about the trenches. He wants his best talent to be on the offensive and defensive lines. The process of transforming this defense into his own vision for it has been gradual, but it is nearing what should be its fruition. That starts with the defensive line, and a group that should be exciting to watch in 2020. Lets dig in.

    It is not often that you get to add a sure-thing with your first-round pick. The Colts did it with Nelson in 2018 and have done it again in 2020, albeit by a different method. The Colts sent their first-round pick, pick 13, to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for the guy many viewed as the best player on a Super Bowl caliber defense.

    Buckner is a game-wrecking talent in the middle of the defensive line, and he immediately upgrades the defense in a major way. When Brian Baker, the Colts new defensive line coach, spoke with the media this offseason, he said that his biggest concern when he watched the Colts film was with the depth at the interior on the defensive line. All Ballard did to address that concern was trade for a young All-Pro who is preparing to enter his prime.

    With his addition, this line goes from average to good, with the potential to be great depending upon how some of the young talent emerges. The 67 300lb beast brings elite athleticism, incredible power at the point of attack, great technique, and a non-stop motor. Everyone across the defensive line will be able to be better simply because of Buckners presence and impact on the field.

    Last year at training camp during the very first 11-on-11 sessions, there was one person who repeatedly stood out. Kemoko Turay looked like he was being fired out of a cannon coming off the line, and were he allowed to hit the QB, hed have had a number of sacks just in that early period.

    His 2019 season stayed right in line with that hot start. Through just 4 games, Turay had 2 sacks, 5 QB hits, 8 hurries, and a forced fumble. All that production was despite only being on the field for 81 total snaps.

    Unfortunately, his season came to a sudden halt during the game against the Chiefs, when he dislocated and fractured his ankle. The injury sent him to IR, and stunted our opportunity to see if he was gearing up to take a big leap in his second year.

    2020 will be big for Turay. With Buckner up front there should be more opportunity for him to get one-on-one looks on offensive linemen. The pressure will be on for Turay to hit the ground running and be a force against the pass. The Colts havent had a quality pass rusher since Robert Mathis retired, and this is Turays chance to prove he can be that next guy.

    The biggest man on the Colts defense at 64 330lbs, Grover Stewart saw major improvement over the back half of the 2019 season, and it would not be a surprise to see that continue. He showed himself more than capable of taking up space and keeping the Colts linebackers clean by eating up double teams as well as beating them.

    For a guy his size, Stewart has surprisingly good movement to go along with his less surprising power. The Colts brought in new DL coach Brian Baker to put their young defensive linemen to work, and Stewart should definitely see the field often, especially with Margus Hunt gone. With focus on the interior almost certainly dedicated to DeForest Buckner, it will be Stewarts opportunity to shine and create disruption. I expect him to be a breakout candidate for the Colts defense this season.

    The Colts have certainly gotten their moneys worth out of Justin Houston since signing him, and despite being 31 years old, there is little reason to think he cant have one of his most productive seasons yet in 2020.

    As a part of the Colts defense, Houston worked as a pass rusher without the added responsibility of dropping in coverage as he had done for the Chiefs. In 2020, hell be paired opposite Kemoko Turay and cut loose, and this season offensive coordinators are going to have to make a tough choice: do you roll protection to help Justin Houston, or do you focus on dealing with DeForest Buckner? If Turay comes out hot, that choice becomes even tougher. Regardless, the results are good for Houston, who wont have to be a major contributor in terms of snaps to have a big impact on the game.

    Houston forced 2 fumbles, recovered 3, had 11 sacks, and had 40 hurries in 2019 with far less help on the defensive line. He turned in one of the best seasons of his career, and even if he cant produce at quite that same level, he should still be in for a big year.

    The Colts love to have a good group of guys rotating in along the defensive line to keep their guys fresh, and that means well probably get to see Muhammad still getting his share of snaps on defense in 2020. He had 3 sacks, 8 tackles for loss, and a forced fumble in 2019, and played well in his rotational role.

    Not a great pass rusher, Muhammad will make his money on early downs as the guy setting the edge. With Jabaal Sheard leaving, there is certainly a need for that role, and perhaps Muhammad can assert himself there. He is undersized for a typical defensive lineman, but fits well in the Colts scheme and should continue to be a valued rotational player.

    As great as the move to get DeForest Buckner was for the team as a whole, it wasnt great for Denico Autry. He had started in 25 games for the Colts over the past two seasons, and will now be relegated to a backup role. While that is undoubtedly disappointing, it is great for the Colts. They now have a rotational player who has had 12.5 sacks, 22 QB hits, and 17 tackles for loss in his two seasons with the Colts. On a team that loves to use lots of guys on the defensive line, thats a great thing. Autry has struggled to stay healthy, but with a more limited role, perhaps he can be an impact player when Buckner needs a breather and can help keep that line fresh.

    Like Turay in his first season, Banogu showed flashes of incredible talent as a rookie. He is a smart, hard-working player who didnt get on the field a lot as a rookie but showed the kind of speed, burst, and bend that you want to see from a pass rusher. In 2020, with a concerted effort to develop these young edge players, we could see a huge breakout year for Banogu.

    What remains to be seen is whether they begin to work Banogu in at SAM, where they originally planned to use him. The decision was made during camp last year to predominantly give him work at defensive end, but the thought initially was that he would end up playing SAM linebacker once he got his bearings. With talented players in the linebacker corps, it will be interesting to see how the team uses Banogu in 2020.

    Another former 49er, Sheldon Day didnt get a ton of playing time on a defense that was absolutely loaded with talent up front. He provides a big body on the interior and had 15 tackles, 3 tackles for a loss, 2 quarterback hits, and 1 sack last season for the 49ers.

    For a player who is nearly 300 pounds, Day shows good athleticism and burst, both qualities that are highly valued on the Colts defense. His technique is solid, and like Autry, he should make for very good quality depth on the interior of the defensive line.

    This could be the end of the line for Lewis. He is entering year three with the team, and so far there hasnt been much to speak of in terms of his production. Despite injuries and struggles from the line, Lewis had a very limited impact on the defense, and wasnt on the field much in 2019. At 63 277lbs, he is somewhat in between the Colts normal positional sizes. If the Colts cant get something out of him in camp and feel really good about his development, he may not make final cuts.

    The Colts 193rd pick in the 2020 draft, Robert Windsor will be an interesting player to keep an eye on. Windsor is a high motor guy who is somewhat unrefined technically and doesnt offer much in terms of either pass rush or a major presence against the run. He works hard and has the raw tools to be effective, but with a best fit as a 3-tech, his best hope may be to develop as a part of the practice squad.

    This is the best total group of defensive linemen the Colts have had in my memory. They have some questions on the edge, but this is a team that should be disruptive up front and has the ability to let their linebackers go to work. If the Colts get the return they expect from Kemoko Turay and Ben Banogu, this will be a great year for the Colts front seven.

    A look at the Colts DL room ahead of training camp - Stampede Blue

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