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    Pest Control in Corpus Christi, TX – ABC Home & Commercial - June 7, 2019 by admin

    ABCs highly-trained technicians regularly visit homes in Corpus Christi and the surrounding area to handle any type of pest problem homeowners might be having.

    Our pest professionals provide effective:

    When it comes to pests, there are few creatures that bug us as much as roaches. The mere sight of a roach scurrying across our floors is enough to make us jump, not to mention the fact that they can contaminate our food, spread salmonella and other harmful bacteria, contribute to allergies and destroy paper and textile products. Roaches are highly adaptive, making them extremely difficult for homeowners to deal with on their own. The pros at ABC apply their extensive knowledge of pest behavior to find cockroach hiding spots and apply effective treatments to avoid future close encounters with these creatures.

    Mosquitoes proliferate in wet areas, making communities along the coast particularly susceptible to large numbers of these pesky pests. In particular, inland areas which experience lowland flooding are places you can find species which transmit serious illnesses, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. During the warmer months of the year, it can be nearly impossible to spend time outside without constantly swatting these bloodsucking insects away. ABCs knowledgeable technicians can target nesting and breeding spots to help you reduce mosquito populations so you can enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

    A trend we have seen in recent years is the resurgence of bed bugs as a public health issue. Experts suggest that an increase in travel patterns has contributed to homeowners increasingly reporting problems with this microscopic pest. As the name suggests, bed bugs often attack humans while we are asleep, although they can feed at any time of day. Bites are itchy and can cause skin irritation, and the bugs often retreat into the narrowest of hiding spots before we wake up, making them extremely hard to eliminate. The good news is that ABC can offer specialized, targeted treatments to get rid of both the adult bed bugs and their eggs so you can take care of the problem before the pests have a chance to proliferate.

    Whats the one pest which can pose the biggest threat to your biggest investmentyour home? Termites. These social insects live in colonies which have up to a million members and arrive at your house through an underground tunnel, which means they can do significant damage to your foundation before you even realize there is a problem. Termites survive on cellulose, which is the building block of wood, so you are less likely to see these pests out in the open and more likely to find them out of sight in a wall cavity. Regardless of where the termites are holed up in your home, ABCs termite experts will find them and eliminate the entire colony before applying treatment underneath the soil in a perimeter around your home to prevent any future infestations.

    While some pests are microscopic, others can be much larger: rats, mice, raccoons, opossums and even birds and squirrels, when they nest in places youd rather they didnt. These animals can chew through electrical wiring, knock over trash containers, contaminate food and leave behind droppings and other materials that pose a health concern. To make matters even worse, smaller pests can hitch a ride on the fur of these pests, so you could be dealing with other pest problems as well if these animals make their way into your attic, crawl spaces, garage and other areas on your property. ABCs wildlife specialists first will humanely trap and relocate these animals to a more suitable living environment. We will then seal any openings to prevent any future uninvited houseguests.

    We are all very familiar with ants, and most of us have experienced the painful sensation of a fire ant bite. Other ant species can contaminate food and tunnel through wood. ABCs pest professionals can troubleshoot any ant problems you are having, indoors or outside, and come up with a customized treatment plan to keep your ant population under control and to protect your family from fire ant bites.

    Fleas and ticks are not only a problem for the human members of our household, but also for our pets. These parasitic insects can be difficult for homeowners to control on their own because infestations tend to happen both inside and outside simultaneously. In addition, treatments can be less effective at different stages of these creatures life cycles. Flea bites may only serve to aggravate us, but our dogs and cats can be made quite miserable if they contract flea bite dermatitis. Ticks can spread illnesses to both humans and animals, including Lyme disease. ABCs experts can target each species and provide you with effective treatment plans to make these problems a thing of the past.

    Its not uncommon to run across a spider or scorpion while we are out in the garden, sorting through our garage or getting linens out of the back closet. Few homeowners know which spiders and scorpions to avoid and what you can do to prevent having any run-ins with these creatures. ABCs pros can identify the spider and scorpion species in your home, handle any infestations you might have and suggest ways to avoid future close encounters.

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    Pest Control in Corpus Christi, TX - ABC Home & Commercial

    Commercial pest control – Western Exterminator - June 6, 2019 by admin

    "The only thing we have to sell is service. So let's make it good."

    It was a simple philosophy. But over 90 years later, it still works. Back in 1921, few people knew very much about pest control. But they knew about service and reliability. And they knew that's what they could count on with Western. People still know that today.

    Our Yellow Trucks with the "Little Man" are ready to help, any time of the day or night whatever you need for commercial pest control. We know you have a business to run and don't need to manage your pest control program too. Our professional technicians have the training and expertise to perform the service right the first time.

    We understand that protecting your brand is your primary concern, and as your pest professional partner, that's our primary concern too. Whether you have a food handling establishment, warehouse, office building, hospital, airplane orcruise ship, no matter how big or small, our Western team is the one to trust!We haveyears of experience in protecting businesses from pests, using solutions such as fumigation and air curtain systems,so rest assured that we can get yours back to being pest-free.

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    Commercial pest control - Western Exterminator

    Bugz Pest Control Sydney | 1800 020 225 | For Your Pest … - June 6, 2019 by admin

    Most residents in Sydney need a helping hand with their pest problems. It can be a serious issue and your familys safety must always come first. Bugz Pest Control is a family owned business, so we understand the importance of keeping your family safe and your home pest free. We are based in Sydney and service the entire city to keep those pests in check. Our range includes:

    General Spray

    Termite Inspection

    Termite Treatment

    Termite Protection

    Rodent Control

    Bed Bug Treatment

    Possum Control

    Bird & Lice Control

    Flea Treatment

    Wasp & Bee Control

    End of Lease Treatment

    Ant Treatment

    If you have any pests that are causing you trouble, contact Bugz. We offer the most effective pest treatments for your needs . . .

    Bugz offers specialised, top of the line service for your commercial needs. Whatever business youre in. we have a solution for you . . .

    Complete ECO-Friendly


    No Smell- No Mess!

    Get A


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    Bugz Pest Control Sydney | 1800 020 225 | For Your Pest ...

    Tabor Pest Control – Pest Control Services – Residential … - April 18, 2019 by admin

    Since 1958, award-winning Tabor Pest Control has provided premier services to commercial, industrial, and residential properties in Southeast Alabama and Southwest Georgia. The company offers national-level pest services with the personal approach and attention to detail that only a family-owned business can provide. The service area of the largest locally owned pest and termite company in the Wiregrass region includes Dothan, Enterprise, Eufaula, Ozark, Geneva, Troy, Abbeville, Donalsonville, Blakely, Cuthbert, Georgetown, Fort Gaines, and beyond.

    Tabor specializes in situation-specific solutions to problems large and small, and diligently works on preventative measures that can make the difference in pest control success. Its large, licensed staff of expert technicians works relentlessly to eliminate the most resilient pests.

    Constructing a business around quality pest control has meant dealing with extreme environments from factories to large scale facilities across the southeast. No matter what size the building is, Tabors skilled experts will help eliminate uninvited visitors for good.

    Tabor Pest Controls Home Protection Plan provides year-round security from troublesome home and business incursions from roaches, bed bugs, wasps, bees, rats, mice, ants, yellow jackets, hornets, crickets, termites, and mosquitoes. And some of these home invaders not only are nuisances, but also can have a serious effect on family and employee health and well-being.

    Pre-construction soil and wood treatment is a specialty of Tabor. New structures are far more ready to stand the test of time if properly prepared, and home and business pest invasions are hindered from developing.

    Prevention is of paramount importance, and Tabor assesses needs and provides solutions to individual problems. These options include moisture control, crawl space entrances, proper ventilation, powered and automatic foundation vents, vapor barriers, and foundation supports.

    If you have a pest problem, theres no reason to let it continue to cause problems. The solution to your difficulties lies in the complete pest control services of Tabor Pest Control.

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    Tabor Pest Control - Pest Control Services - Residential ...

    Assured Environments – Commercial Pest Control in NYC, NJ & CT - April 18, 2019 by admin

    Assured Environments has been New York Citys largest and most effective residential and commercial pest control company since 1934. We provide commercial pest management services for multiple industries throughout New York and New Jersey, including: food processing facilities, hospitality, education, retail, property management and more. With technicians trained by on-staff entomologists and equipped with the best industry tools, on-site documentation, and up-to-date technology available, you can rest assured that when you work with us, your pest problem wont be a problem for long.

    Our employee-owned company is committed to defending your business against pests, bed bugs and termite infestations using environmentally friendly methods. We provide LEED and Green Shield certified services and are happy to assist your business in qualifying for your own green certifications. Take a look at some of our specific industry solutions to learn more about exactly what we can do for you.

    Pest Management Services

    The pest control services offered by Assured Environments are expansive, including removal of bed bugs, bird infestations, mice, rats, cockroaches, flies, spiders, fleas, moths, and just about any other troublesome pest you can imagine. We also offer trash chute cleaning and fly-drain treatment to keep your business from attracting pest problems in the first place. Whatever problem you may have, we have a sustainable, comprehensive approach developed to handle it.

    Bed Bug Detection & Treatment

    Assured Environments - Commercial Pest Control in NYC, NJ & CT

    Pest Control in San Antonio – ABC Home & Commercial - March 24, 2019 by admin

    ABC routinely helps San Antonio homeowners handle any type of pest problems they might encounter. Our technicians provide effective:

    In addition to the feeling of disgust that can overwhelm us when we spot a cockroach scurrying across our floor, many of us also realize that when we see one roach, there are probably many more lurking in the shadows. Roaches can transmit disease-causing bacteria and carry allergens, and research has suggested that these pests could survive a nuclear explosion, making it very difficult for homeowners to completely eliminate them on their own. ABCs pros can help find where your roaches are hiding and provide you with effective and practical ways to keep them out of your home.

    Unfortunately, San Antonio has the perfect climate for mosquitoes, most of the year: warm and humid. Not only do these pesky pests leave us with itchy, irritating welts when we get bitten, but also these creatures can spread diseases to our loved ones, including the West Nile Virus. ABCs experienced mosquito control technicians can provide you with practical treatment options to safeguard your household from these all-too-common bloodsucking insects.

    Due to our increased travel patterns, bed bugs are now a major public health concern. Regarded as the most difficult pest to control, these tiny pests cause skin irritation, disrupted sleep and anxiety for those whose homes have been infested. Thankfully, ABCs bed bug treatments are highly effective at killing both live bed bugs and their eggs, so you can stop the problem before it gets worse.

    Termites are the pest which poses the biggest risk to our biggest investment: our homes. These pests attack your foundation through underground tunnels, so we often dont know we have a problem until a significant amount of damage has already been done. After ABCs technicians identify the source of your problem and the type of species involved, we can recommend a treatment plan thats customized for your situation.

    The bigger the pest, the more significant the impact on your home and belongings. Rats and mice and other creatures, including raccoons, opossums, birds and more, can enter our attics, crawl spaces and other areas for the same reason other pests do: for food, water, and shelter. Once inside, these animals can chew on electronics, contaminate our food and make a mess. ABCs specialists can remove these pests and seal possible entry points so these uninvited guests wont return.

    Ants can become a problem inside your home, as well as outdoors, particularly in the case of fire ants. Homeowners can have multiple species on their property at one time, and it may take different approaches to manage the different types. ABCs pros will identify the ants which are causing you headaches and suggest practical ways to handle the problem.

    Flea and tick infestations can be difficult to control because the effectiveness of treatments can vary, depending on what stage of life each pest is in. Since ticks can transmit serious diseases, including Lyme disease, youll want to pay attention to the presence of this animal in your home. While flea bites may only prove to be a minor annoyance to the human members of our household, our pets can suffer from skin irritation, tapeworms and in rare cases, flea bite anemia. ABCs pest professionals can provide you with a set of recommended next steps to protect all the members of your household against these pests.

    Central Texas is home to three spider and scorpion species of concern to homeowners: black widows, brown recluse spiders, and striped bark scorpions. When we are rummaging through items in our attic, closets and other storage areas, we may unknowingly disturb these animals, which can lead to an unwelcome bite or sting, sometimes with serious health consequences. ABCs experienced technicians can help you avoid these encounters with proven techniques.

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    Pest Control in San Antonio - ABC Home & Commercial

    Commercial Pest Control Services & Management - January 15, 2019 by admin

    Western Helps Clients Establish Pest Control Plans and Protocols

    With an aim of being a true partner to its clients, Western dedicates resources to providing the commercial pest control expertise that clients really need. Beyond administering pest control proactively, that includes a focus on education and assistance creating commercial pest control plans and protocols. With three dedicated entomologists on staff, it is a part of what sets Western apart.

    One of the main things I help with is education, says Hope Bowman, Board-Certified Entomologist and Technical Specialist for Westerns S. Jersey / Philly region. Ill do presentations for the nursing staff or administration in hospitals, or consult on pest control plans when theyre building or remodeling.

    Consultation offerings might include chiming in on what types of furniture to buy to control pests, or ensuring that pipe intakes are properly sealed before cabinets are installed to prevent problems with mice. With hospital clients, Bowman also consults on pest control guidelines, including those for bed bugs. If a patient comes in with a bed bug on their clothing or in a bag, a hospital should have protocols in place for how they will respond, Bowman explains.

    If your business needs assistance creating the right pest control protocols, Western can help. Contact us for a free commercial pest control consultation and we can help you craft a pest control plan that works.

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    Commercial Pest Control Services & Management

    Commercial Pest Control|Truly Nolen - December 28, 2018 by admin

    Progressive Pest Program:

    The foundation of our commercial program, this nine step monthly non-food handling service incorporates an I.P.M. approach to deal with most crawling insects, like ants, spiders and crickets.

    This monthly twelve step program for the food handling environment incorporates an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach and focuses on the control of crawling insects, especially the German cockroach.

    This eleven step monthly program is designed to control house and drain flies from the larval through adult stages.

    Working hand-in-hand, the customer & technician impose a sanitation and monthly three step correction/prevention program to control this pest and reduce product loss due to infestation.

    Exclusion is at the heart of any rodent control program, followed by trapping those who have already penetrated the structure. Our premier program also eradicates the feasting insects associated with rodents and sanitizes surfaces affected by rodent urination & defecation.

    This four step program addresses removal of the existing bird population, installation of mechanical exclusion/control measures and sanitation.

    Available as a special one-time annual service or a monthly control & monitoring program, this six step process is designed to attack the colony where it lives and suppress ant egg production to impact future generations.

    This four step control program focuses on a 100 foot radius from the "bite site," searching for conditions conducive to mosquito breeding. It is designed to control mosquitoes from the larval through adult stages. Truly Nolen's goal is to reduce the customer's mosquito population by 75%.

    Fleas or ticks in the workplace? The everyday workplace is becoming more pet friendly and these feasting pests can be introduced into your business during even a brief visit.

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    Commercial Pest Control|Truly Nolen

    The Importance of Commercial Pest Control – PestWorld - December 28, 2018 by admin

    There is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the presence ofpestsin commercial facilities, such as schools, offices, hospitals and food processing plants. Unfortunately, the potential for infestations in commercial environments is great due to increased harborage areas and the presence of food and water.

    Even though pests and rodents are small, their effect on your businesss bottom line can be enormous. Just one pest-related incident can lead to potential fines from state and federal inspection agencies, and a tarnished reputation among your current and prospective customers. Another concern is the fact that pests can pose serious risks to thehealthand safety of your employees.

    The value of working with a licensedpest control companyto establish an effective commercial pest control program for your business is priceless. Not only will it give you peace of mind in knowing that you are doing your part in protecting public health, food and property from pests, but it will also allow you to focus your time and efforts on what matters most to your business providing outstanding service to your customers.

    Click on the following links for more information on commercial pest control:

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    The Importance of Commercial Pest Control - PestWorld

    Pest Control Dundee – Domestic and Commercial | Graham … - November 14, 2018 by admin

    Domestic or Commercial

    If youve got a problem with pests in Dundee, just one phone call to GRAHAM Pest Control is the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of it! Even the most immaculately cared for and spotlessly clean homes or businesses can suffer from unwanted and unwelcome infestations from Rats, Cockroaches, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Ants, Mice, Pigeons and the like, but when you want that problem gone go to GRAHAM Pest Control.

    Prevention is often better than cure

    Many businesses and homes in Dundee already benefit from Graham Pest Control looking after their pest control needs and have a prevention contract in place to ensure pest free conditions. We currently look after NHS Tayside, Dundee FC, Dundee United FC, Travel Dundee and Dundee Airport to name a few.

    Our friendly and professional uniformed Technicians, Rab Christie and Martyn Fotheringham, know exactly how to solve even the most challenging or unpleasant pest problem. Have a browse through our website to see some of the pests we deal with and all the other services we provide.

    The Dundee area is covered by our Surveyor,Neil Mackay, who can be contacted via the officeto make an appointment.

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    Pest Control Dundee - Domestic and Commercial | Graham ...

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