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    A loud construction on our apartment building, and its … - May 9, 2019 by admin

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    Author: /u/average_meh

    Title: A loud construction on our apartment building, and its expected to last 2 years, can i do anything as an apartment owner if theyve never asked for my consent?

    Original Post:

    My apartment building randomly decided to start a construction on the building itself, and the people are working right outside of my bedroom window and waking up with a headache every day isnt the most ideal way to start the day. The construction is expected to last two years and I was wondering whether I, as an owner of the apartment, can do anything to change the situation?

    Thanks in advance!

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    A loud construction on our apartment building, and its ...

    Construction Begins on New Apartment Tower at 1326 S. Michigan - April 11, 2019 by admin

    May 2017

    CHICAGO Construction is officially underway on a new 47-story apartment tower at 1326 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicagos South Loop neighborhood.

    Being built by Walsh Construction, and designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), the tower will contain 500 luxury rental units, 7,500 square feet of retail, and 188 parking spaces. The design features a unique glass faade and a wide-range of amenities including co-working space, library, lounge, dog park, green spaces, a spa and rooftop pool.

    The apartment tower is being developed by Chicago-based Murphy Development Group and Los Angeles-based CIM Group. The structure is slated to open in mid-2019 and will be built to LEED Certified standards.

    This project will add to Walshs portfolio of recent luxury high-rise construction in Chicagos South Loop. The firm is currently constructing Alta Roosevelt, a 33-story apartment building, and recently completed 1001 South State, an amenitiy-filled 40-story tower.

    Walsh Construction is a part of The Walsh Group, a 119-year-old family-owned company providing design, build, finance, operation and activation services. The Walsh Group operates as Walsh Construction, Archer Western and Walsh Canada across 19 regional offices. The company is listed as the 11th largest contractor in the United States per Engineering News-Record.

    (Pictured L-R: Murphy Development's Chris Horney, SCB's Bradley Schnee, Walsh Construction's Sean Walsh, SCB's Brian Romanelli, Walsh Construction's Dan Walsh, Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward); Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd Ward); Murphy Development's John Murphy, CIM Group's Ryan Harter, SCB's Gary Kohn, CIM Group's Matt King and SCB's John Lahey)

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    Construction Begins on New Apartment Tower at 1326 S. Michigan

    Apartment Renovations And Construction | ROSS Companies - March 30, 2019 by admin

    The Mid-Atlantics premier multifamily builders

    As an affiliate of ROSS Development & Investment (RDI) and ROSS Management Services, Inc. (RMS), ROSS Renovation & Construction, LLC, (RRC) provides the construction management skills required to successfully complete the physical aspects of the value creation process for the acquisition of multifamily rental or conversion to condominium communities. RRC executes the structural and aesthetic work that helps to create, enhance and preserve value, providing favorable returns to investors and a superior product to residents.

    ROSS Renovation & Construction (RRC) has been responsible for coordinating the construction renovation of more than 80 projects including five building conversions from rental to condominium. Well known for attention to details, quality and timely execution, RRC has managed and executed more than 20,000 unit renovations on multifamily communities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

    RRC incorporates and coordinates all required disciplines as necessary for the construction process of each project; including architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and environmental analysis and design.

    RRC works seamlessly with ROSS Development & Investment and ROSS Management Services to ensure all required capital improvements and deferred maintenance are captured in the evaluation budgeting process and to ensure asset preservation for ownership.

    Restoring, repairing and improving the mechanical systems of multifamily assets are some of the most important aspects of our multifamily operations. ROSS protocol calls for holding daily/weekly/monthly inspections on all common areas. We conduct an extensive preventive maintenance program for heating and cooling utilizing our site staff, and supplement it with HVAC professionals. Utility costs are managed using retrofits, installing new lighting and taking full advantage of applicable rebate programs.

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    Apartment Renovations And Construction | ROSS Companies

    Apartment Building Tdistrasse Zrich / ADP Architektur … - March 30, 2019 by admin

    Apartment Building Tdistrasse Zrich / ADP Architektur Design Planung AG

    + 25

    Text description provided by the architects. The existing old house was demolished. In its place was built a new building with 16 apartments. The detached apartment building in an urban center position has a mezzanine floor, four regular stories, and one attic story. The mezzanine floor gives the entrance of the house an additional height, which gives the house a certain exclusivity. Three flats per floor are organized around the central staircase.

    The apartments are each oriented on two sides and receive a retracted loggia at the corner of the building. The floor plans of the apartments allow different arrangements of the kitchens to cover various buyer wishes. Each apartment receives a bathroom with natural light on the facade, as well as a second bathroom in the area of the entrance. One room per apartment receives direct access from the master bedroom to the bathroom.

    The building created in massive construction is based formally with its perforated facade of the existing building structure. The standing windows have a deep balustrade with outside railing. The regular arrangement of the windows is accompanied by horizontal bands, which represent a quarter typical design feature.

    The conventional compact insulation is finished with a washing plaster. The window reveals were formed with metal frames. The simply kept faade receives a noble grade corresponding to the price segment, which sets it apart from the standard. The houses are built according to the MINERGIE standard and certified with the MINERGIE label. The building has a ventilation system with heat recovery. The central ventilation unit is located in the technical center under the roof.

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    Apartment Building Tdistrasse Zrich / ADP Architektur ...

    Inside the Dakota Apartment Building in New York … - February 11, 2019 by admin

    For years dubbed the most famous apartment building in New York City, the Dakota has a spot in cultural historyfilm, celebrity, art, and otherwisewholly unique in the world of architecture and even more unique in the world of urban dwellings. Regarded as the citys first luxury apartment building, the Dakota, which defied convention at the time of its completion in 1884, set the stage for centuries of high-end apartments that would come to characterize the citys real-estate market. Yet, as many other buildings have come and gone, both in fashion and in terms of literal demolition, 1 West 72nd Street has endured as one of the most desirable addresses in the city. Here, we revisit the iconic structure, exploring its deeply multifaceted claim to fame.

    The Dakota, as seen from Central Park in 1894.

    A lawyer who cofounded the Singer Sewing Machine Company, Edward Clark, was an active real-estate investor in Manhattan for some decades before commissioning the Dakota in 1880. Clark sought out architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh (who would go on to design the Plaza and Waldorf-Astoria hotels) not just to create an apartment building, but to begin development on the citys largely empty Upper West Side. The Dakota reflected [Clarks] vision to establish the district as an upscale suburb, explains Tom Miller of the popular New York history blog Daytonian in Manhattan and author of Seeking New York: The Stories Behind the Historic Architecture of Manhattan. He urged other developers and landowners to work together to ensure what he called the 'exclusive character' of the West Side plateau. The buildings name, unsubstantiated lore has it, comes from the fact that the building was so far away from the citys bustling downtown it might as well have been out West in the Dakotas.

    Writer Truman Capote and guests at a housewarming party for critic Rex Reed in The Dakota on April 30, 1972.

    Clark and Hardenberghs work was exclusive indeed. No detail was spared on the exterior or the interiors of the 65 apartments, no two of which were exactly the same. At the time, even the most luxurious of apartments were a foreign concept to the citys upper class, who were accustomed to single-family living. Clark had his work cut out in marketing a multi-family building at a time when apartment living was only starting to become acceptable among the upper classes, explains Miller. To eradicate the stigma of tenements, Clark had to offer wealthy families all the amenities of a private mansionup to 16 rooms in some apartments.

    The Dakota in 1955.

    Stylistically, the Dakota is elusiveHardenberghs reference points are mixed, leading architectural critics to employ something of a mixed vocabulary. Current architectural historians wrestle with putting a name to the Dakota's architectural stylecalling it German Renaissance, Chateauesque, and even Gothic Revival, explains Miller. The confusion is a result of Hardenberg's mixing of historic styles; what was at the time sometimes referred to as a happy mix.

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono outside of the Dakota.

    Architecture aside, its the residents themselves who have sealed the Dakotas mainstream fame. Long a haven for artistic types, the Dakota has been home to Judy Garland, Lauren Bacall, Leonard Bernstein, Rosemary Clooney, and most famously, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, who was murdered just outside of the apartment gates in 1980.

    A doorman stands in front of the Dakota on the 35th anniversary of the night John Lennon was gunned down by Mark David Chapman outside the building.

    Today, the Dakota remains among the toniest addresses in the Big Apple, with its iron-clad board monitoring new resident applications. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, Cher, Billy Joel, and Madonna were all famously rejected by the board. In 2015, a suit was brought forward alleging the buildings co-op board of racist resident approval, though the case was soon thereafter dismissed for lack of evidence.

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    Inside the Dakota Apartment Building in New York ...

    The Case for Ending Apartment Bans Data For Progress - February 9, 2019 by admin

    Laura Loe Bernstein (@sharethecities) and Henry Kraemer (@HenryKraemer)

    Theres a stubborn disagreement right now over the roots of Americas housing crisis, and whether runaway rents can be eased by ending apartment bans. We can all see that rising rents have far outpaced wages, just one of the many ways crony capitalism squeezes the working class, poor folks, communities of color, and the shrinking middle class. Millions of Americans need the housing crisis to end, and for the United States to establish housing as a human right. This crisis was born of a willful, elite effort to exclude the masses from decent neighborhoods by banning the apartments we can afford. The crisis cannot end without undoing that sin.

    We need a Housing Guarantee in this country, to ensure that everybody has a home they can afford, and can rest easy knowing they will never be priced out of it. That means:

    Robust social housing options accessible to all people.

    The ability for people to choose to opt-out of our broken for-profit housing systems and into a federally supported system that favors limited equity co-ops, community land trusts, and a massive investment in public social housing yet unseen in the United States (but common in Europe).

    Year-to-year rent stabilization and presumption of indefinite tenure to give renters peace of mind that their landlords wont spike their rents or no-cause evict them.

    Cash assistance or solidarity funds to help people who need it to pay their rent.

    Ending apartment bans to stop perpetuating the race and class separation that resulted from past land use wrongs.

    Successfully enacting these first four priorities is nearly or entirely impossible if we do not end apartment bans. Also known as exclusionary zoning, apartment bans restrict new home-building to the sort of single-family houses most commonly associated with suburbs and affluent neighborhoods. Apartment bans are extraordinarily widespread, and render it illegal to build duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and other spaces where multiple families can live nestled together (and often more cheaply) on the same plot of land. These bans have been central to the widespread disparities in access to the best parks, transit, scenic views and amenities, while consigning the lower classes to underfunded schools, environmental racism and generational wealth gaps.

    Without a housing guarantee that opens the door to every neighborhood, we cannot build geographically equitable social housing, therefore new development will continue to segregate our communities by class and race.

    Legalizing apartments in every community in the United States will not be enough. We need strong rental regulations to protect residents of these new apartments from exploitation and harm from their landlords. We need universally accessible public housing options to give renters the freedom to ditch their landlords if they want. But that starts with making space for apartments, especially in the neighborhoods wealthy property owners have long hoarded for themselves.

    Without abolishing apartment bans we are left with very little space in growing cities to place social housing. Lets say we raise taxes on the rich as much as we dream, and set about to build social housing apartments. Right now, apartments market rate or not are illegal in much of the useable land in American cities (only 17% of Seattles buildable land allows apartments, for instance). Where will we put the new social housing if apartment bans remain? (And it will take years to build the social housing we need; in the meantime lets at least build some places for middle class and working class people to live.)

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    The Case for Ending Apartment Bans Data For Progress

    Multifamily Construction Loans - December 19, 2018 by admin

    Multifamily & Apartment Construction and Development Financing

    Construction financing is back again, and terms are more competitive than ever. For apartment construction loans, HUD is, as always, offering the most competitive fixed-rate, fully amortized, high-leverage, non-recourse financing, but as you already may know, those HUD 221(d)(4) deals come with a good amount of red tape and a long timeline (usually seven to 10 months to close).

    Small banks are currently lending up to 65% of project cost at PRIME + 1.50% +/-;regionals are a bit more aggressive and lending at as low as LIBOR + 2.50%. The nice thing about bank construction loans is that they are available for most commercial property construction, including mixed use, office, retail, industrial, and more. They also allow you to take your finished/stabilized product and recapitalize once the project is complete with a cash-out refinance or sale, with limited or no prepayment penalty.

    For multifamily properties,Fannie, Freddie, and CMBS offer unlimited cash outup to 80% LTV depending on the particular scenario. HUD loans, although offering the highest leverage, do not generally allow for recapitalization (there is a lockout period followed by a hefty prepayment penalty). For commercial properties,life companies and banks offer comfortable permanent financing options with some level of recapitalization or earnouts.

    Call (800) 567-9631 to speak with a multifamily construction loan specialist, or fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation.

    Multifamily Construction Loans

    Apartment Building Construction Cost Breakdown | ProEst - December 3, 2018 by admin

    In the realm of architecture, each project is unique and along with every individual project comes its own cost-driving program elements. Apartment buildings are no exception to this rule, as they can be as simple as a 3-story walk-up or as complex as an urban development project with various construction limitations.

    When projects are initially budgeted for, RSMeans data can be implemented for background information; however, construction costs for apartment buildings cannot always be pinpointed to an absolute number, particularly in areas where the housing boom has sharply increased construction costs and a shortage of skilled labor.

    In many cases, firms will use historical data from past projects and extract elements that are common to the proposed project. Because construction costs for apartment buildings vary greatly based on economic and market trends of the current year, the location theyre being constructed in, and other variables, determining an average national cost can become somewhat elusive. hmm

    In this article, well explore the variables found in commercial construction across the U.S., along with tips and tools to estimate the cost of building a commercial apartment building.

    When it comes to determining the cost of commercial apartments, many factors must be taken into consideration, including building practices, the cost of labor, the cost of land, and to some extent, the cost of the materials. Because these tangential costs can differ greatly from location to location, and are dependent on the nature of the particular apartment building being constructed, it is difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all answer.

    Although the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) can provide a broad idea of construction costs for an average home, it is not an ideal tool for estimating costs for a commercial apartment building. Companies that provide more specific cost estimating, usually for a fee, include RSMeansandMarshall & Swift. These costs include all of the builders expenditures that go into a particular item, including labor costs paid directly by the general contractor, the cost of hiring subcontractors, and the cost of materials.

    So, the question still remains: what does it cost to build an apartment building? As mentioned, there are a huge number of variables in such a question for example, apartments come as low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise architectural styles. For the purpose of this discussion, we will look at the mid-rise buildings with five or more units in each. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the size of the average apartment is 861 square feet, which assumes a footprint of approximately24x35. The building of single mid-rise complex would never be a DIY project, and typically requires a knowledgeable contractor, an architect, a team of subcontractors, and cooperative owner to get the job completed within a calendar year.

    For the building of an apartment building with twelve units, the typical costs include:

    Most owners rely on both an architect and a contractor, and the architect will require approximately10 17% of the total building budget. Below, a breakdown of services each professional traditionally provides, along with an overview of what to expect in a general commercial apartment buildout:

    An architect will:

    A contractor will:

    A general apartment construction project will cover such items as:

    Did You Know

    The shape of the outside perimeter is also an important consideration in estimating the total construction cost. Generally, the more complex the shape, the more expensive the structure per square foot of floor area. The shape classification of multiple story or split-level structures is based on the outline formed by the outer most exterior walls, regardless of the varying level. Most structures have 4, 6, 8 or 10 corners. Small insets not requiring a change in the roof shape can be ignored when determining the shape.

    For instance, in the 30-unit apartment development described above, the developer would have to invest $4,500,000 of equity (i.e., $150,000 per unit or 35% of the total cost). Most real estate developers would not invest all of the capital themselves, especially if they have a few real estate projects underway at any one time. Instead, they raise the equity capital, usually from an investment fund, and those outside investors put up 80-90% of the money (e.g., $3,600,000 to $4,050,000 of the total).

    Above all, it is crucial to prepare for cost overruns when determining the costs for the construction of a new apartment building. If you can actively remember that the finished cost of an apartment is often more than the original bid price, you can work to avoid this outcome. In some instances, budgets can easily be eaten up on high-end materials, such as flooring, vaulted ceilings, elaborate landscaping and so on.

    However, the investment made in such luxury fixtures and materials can be recouped, as the price of your property increases exponentially, both in real estate value and as a source of income (i.e., higher rental potential). When something is chosen that is outside the contract, this is called a change order, and if you are working with an experienced builder, they should be able to quantify these upcharges for you so you can make an informed decision.

    Start by working with your new home builderto create as detailed a construction contract as possible. The more detail this contact reveals, the more accurate your estimated new apartment building costs will be, and the more likely you are to stay within your budget.

    Some key components to identify in your contract should include:

    Although there are wide variances in cost when it comes to commercial apartment construction, one thing is for certain with the proper planning and budgeting in place at the onset of your project, you can achieve your goals while staying within budget. In the end, it makes good business sense to figure in an additional 10% to cover unexpected costs; however, a seasoned commercial builder should be able to help you adhere to your budget.

    Using tools such as ProEstsRSMeans building construction cost data, you cantrack labor and material cost changes can also be highly beneficial our database has the key information you need through every phase of your construction project. From Civil Cost Construction Data to Commercial Construction Cost Data, we have the estimating products and services to help you create profitable and competitive bids.

    Our easy-to-use General Contractor Estimating Software helps you quickly respond to customer bids while accurately calculating the cost of any size project.

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    Apartment Building Construction Cost Breakdown | ProEst

    Apartment Building Construction for Overlooking Great … - July 23, 2018 by admin

    Apartment Building Construction Situated in Cape Town, South Africa, this apartment building is a masterpiece from Antoni Associates with the apartment building construction. This building is completed in 2012 using the luxurious design with a stunning panorama right on the front on it. Its called as the Clifton View 7. With the fancy color style and modern architecture style, this apartment is visualizing the dream apartment that will always make you get new refreshment.

    The exterior design of the apartment building construction is adopting the contemporary building design. It has nice large windows on each unit that will bring a good lighting setting and bright panorama from the outside. Because of the sloped terrain, this apartment is following its land texture in such a stair design. It has a calm situation with the natural breezing air from the seashore. Of course, you will get some enjoy and relaxing situation.

    The interior design of this apartment is also no less interesting. You can see a wooden structure is covering the interior. It brings some chic and cozy nuance with the nature sensation. The glass railing on the staircase brings elegance on this house. There is a beautiful lighting setting on the ceiling. It comes with the bright neon using the obscure yellow color. Move to the bedroom unit, you will get a compact and beautiful bedroom with the great view from this apartment. Well, the designer is trying to bring the sweet horizon to accompany you while youre dreaming on your cozy bedroom.

    READ Contemporary Home Design Architecture Stunning with Incredible Glass Facade

    Nothing to say except excellent for this apartment. It has a good design with some beautiful accent layer on each side of it. The large pool with the large terrace is also built on the second floor. You can enjoy the apartment situation with high African nuance on here. Enjoy this apartment building construction for flooring installation and share your thought about it.

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    Apartment Building Construction for Overlooking Great ...

    Apartment Building | Definition of Apartment Building by … - July 7, 2018 by admin

    Hughes, for example, has erected two more upscale apartment buildings in downtown Columbia m.flats and TEN.M and plans to add 6,000 residential units to the county in the next 20 to 30 years.

    An apartment building and a Walgreens stand in its place.

    Mamoudou Gassama, a migrant from Mali, scaled the outside of the apartment building, climbing up four stories to save the boy who was dangling from the balcony.

    Designed specifically to house the homeless, the new shelters, accommodating anywhere from 80 to 400 people, may be located in converted hotels, armories or low-rise apartment buildings, or be built from the ground up.

    Jordan was selling the water bottles outside the family's apartment building, which is across the street from AT&T Stadium, where the Giants were playing.

    Some council members say this argument is belied by the success of the company's two other apartment buildings, One Light and Two Light.

    Construction has started on a new seven-story apartment building in the Metro Centre in Owings Mills, bringing the total number of apartments clustered there at 350.

    But lately it has been targeted by developers of apartment buildings, retail and restaurants.

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    Apartment Building | Definition of Apartment Building by ...

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