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    Refacing vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets – The Spruce - September 23, 2019 by admin

    Not long ago, the only alternative to cabinet replacement was to paint the cabinetsa mighty poor substitute, and an impossible task when confronted with largely unpaintable thermofoil cabinets.

    Cabinet refacing has been around for a long timeit's essentially wood-veneering on steroidsbut cabinet refacing as a cottage industry is new. Since cabinet refacing is a close substitute for replacement, the differences tend to blur. So, in this comparison guide, let's look at the similarities and differences between cabinet refacing and replacing.

    When the cabinet boxes are in solid shape.

    When cost is an issue.

    When remodeling, as opposed to building a new house.

    When you like your current kitchen layout.

    When constructing a new house, bumping out your kitchen, or building a new addition containing a kitchen.

    When creating a new kitchen layout.

    When cabinet boxes, drawers, or doors are in bad shape.

    When doing a whole-kitchen remodel.

    Whodoesn't want new cabinets? If your budget at all allows for it, new cabinets give your kitchen long-lasting value for your enjoyment or for resale.

    If money is an issue, then cabinet refacing is the closest alternative to replacement available at this time.

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    Refacing vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets - The Spruce

    Cabinet Doors – Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Custom … - September 23, 2019 by admin

    Our high-quality replacement kitchen cabinet doors can help turn a tired space into the room of your dreams. Whether your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, or pantry needs refacing, we have the perfect cabinet doors for your project. has an extensive selection of quality handmade custom cabinet doors & drawer fronts on the internet. Every single one of our replacement cabinet doors (such as the very popular shaker door) will be built by hand to fit your application. Whether replacing a single door under your bathroom sink or every kitchen cabinet door in your pantry, our high-quality replacement doors will add value and beauty wherever sturdy doors are needed.

    All doors are custom made for you and come pre-sanded, ready to be painted or stained. Listed prices are per square foot. Input your size, select your material type and boring options to get a final price for your custom cabinet door. If you need any help, our in-house cabinet experts are waiting to help walk you through our easy ordering process.

    More about cabinet door types:Unfinished Wood Doors - Wood kitchen cabinet doors are constructed of a solid wood frame, and either a solid or plywood panel. Wood doors can be refinished, and minor damage is easier to repair.

    Thermofoil Doors Thermofoil doors are comprised of a durable vinyl laminated on Medium Density Fiberboard. Thermofoil doors stand up well to high humidity and regular cleaning.

    Painted Doors - A beautiful prepainted grey or white cabinet door will be delivered to your doorstep.

    Doors Cut for Glass - Commonly referred to as Glass Cabinet Doors. An elegant addition to any room, these doors come precut for glass panels.

    Take a look at our FAQ for more information on doors, drawers, hardware, and installation.

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    Cabinet Doors - Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Custom ...

    Cabinet Repair and Replacement – John Moore - April 2, 2019 by admin

    If youre looking for a timeless work of art that cant be replicated, we recommend custom cabinet work. For this, John Moore works closely with a master cabinet maker whose shop is operated right out of Houston. After initial consultations to find out what you need in terms of cabinet sizing, budget, and preferred style, a John Moore technician will sit down with you to draw out your dream cabinet system. At this stage, youll be able to tell us everything you want from your cabinets, down to custom carved doors, exact wood stains, and knobs that complement the construction of your cabinets.

    Once your custom designed cabinets are set and ordered, the cabinet maker can be brought in to discuss any last details with you directly. Be aware that the craftsmanship of these cabinets demands extra time to perfect. However, we think youll agree that these one-of-a-kind pieces of art are well worth the wait.

    Maybe your home library needs glass front cabinets to display your collection of antique books. We can design a system that not only shows off your collection but also keeps your books and collectibles dust-free and safe from heat, moisture, children and pets. If youre looking for a system to keep the kids playroom tidy, weve got you covered there, too. Well help you size out a cabinet thats just the right height for your youngest family members with designs that can grow with them over time.

    Are you looking for more storage in the media room? We can create a sleek system to house your sound equipment, flat screen, and Blu-Ray collection so that your media system can be kept safe and tucked away until you are ready to sit down for a film or your favorite show.

    Guided by your vision and our master craftsmans talent, we can design functional cabinet systems for any room in your home.

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    Cabinet Repair and Replacement - John Moore

    Kitchen Cabinet Remodel, Replacement and Refacing … - March 9, 2019 by admin

    Kitchen Saver Custom Cabinet Renewal

    The kitchen is the heart of your home. It experiences a lot of use, and your cabinets are no exception. Kitchen Saver can give you the kitchen youve always wanted by using our Custom Cabinet Renewal process, a faster, more valuable option to kitchen remodeling.

    Kitchen Saver isnt an ordinary cabinet refacing business; our exclusive kitchen upgrading process known as Custom Cabinet Renewal makes us an industry leader and innovator. Traditional kitchen companies can only reface or install new cabinets. Kitchen Saver goes beyond to provide you with a semi-custom combination approach, offering traditional cabinet refacing, new cabinets, organization accessories, electrical and plumbing modifications, and countertop upgrades. With Custom Cabinet Renewal, you receive the quality of a major kitchen remodel for the price and efficiency of cabinet refacing, without the mess or the hassle.

    Lets break it down. There are 3 things you need to know about Kitchen Saver:

    Kitchen Saver can transform your kitchen in as little as 3 days and save you money by using and improving your existing cabinets and enhancing the functionality of your space. Every project is installed by 10 year warranty that covers parts and labor. Being in business for 30 years, we have successfully completed over 20,000 installations and our list of satisfied customers continues to grow. Kitchen Saver will exceed your expectations with superior quality and value you will have to see to believe. Prepare to be impressed!

    Kitchen Saver Custom Cabinet Renewal is just one of your options. Take a look at the others and decide for yourself which one is right for you.

    See below for a detailed explanation of your kitchen options.

    Traditional cabinet refacing, also known as kitchen refacing, has been the project of choice of people who are looking to improve the look of their kitchen quickly and easily without the mess and inconvenience of a 3-5 week remodeling project. Cabinet refacing leaves your cabinet boxes in place and replaces your doors and drawer fronts while covering the fronts and sides of your cabinets with a matching veneer. The bottoms and tops of the cabinets are not covered. Drawer boxes and glides usually remain original and in-cabinet storage solutions are not addressed. Countertops may or may not be available.

    The ideal customer for a traditional refacing project is someone who wants to make their kitchen look like new but is not concerned with it working like new. The quality varies, with thermofoil being used in many lower cost projects. Expect a 1-5 year warranty on the materials.

    Before the Kitchen Saver Renewal process, cabinet replacement was the only option for people looking to make their kitchen look and work like new; traditional cabinet refacing only took care of the first. In this process, existing cabinets are completely removed and new cabinets are installed. Changing the layout is often not possible since the placement of kitchen cabinets is primarily dictated by the arrangement of the kitchen walls, windows, openings, and existing utilities like water and gas lines. Additional cabinets may be added if space permits. Cabinet replacement takes more time than most people expectanywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks. This is because of the numerous trades involved in the completion of the project and the challenges of scheduling. Most likely, a general contractor will take care of hiring the subcontractors: electricians, plumbers, demolition laborers, cabinet installer, and countertop installers.

    It is important to note that with cabinet replacement, additional work that is not anticipated may be required. Its not uncommon to budget 20%-30% over the contracted price for such items as electrical and plumbing upgrades required by the building inspector, along with the replacement of flooring where the new cabinets do no match the footprint of the original cabinets. The quality of replacement cabinets varies greatly. The most commonly used cabinets are constructed with particle board and come with a 1-5 year warranty. Most consumers want something better, but quality cabinets can as much as double the cost, making the project unaffordable.

    On the other end of the spectrum from cabinet refacing is a major kitchen remodel. This is the preferred option of those who want the complete freedom to design their kitchen without the limitations of the existing space. Major kitchen remodeling involves changing the layout of the kitchen by building additions or moving walls, as well as moving utilities such as water, gas and electrical.

    For those people with an unlimited budget, a major remodel is a great option and can result in a striking showpiece kitchen like you may have seen in kitchen magazines or on HGTV. Expect to be without the use of your kitchen for 1 to 2 months or more.

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    Kitchen Cabinet Remodel, Replacement and Refacing ...

    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacing – Bob Vila - March 9, 2019 by admin

    Cabinets play an important role in the kitchen and occupy much of its real estate, going a long way toward defining both the appearance and functionality of the room. Because of their prominence, if you dont love your cabinets, chances are that you dont love your kitchen. Sometimes, its just that simple, saysJoe Maykut, a product manager with Sears Home Services. As many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, updating its look and feel often ranks high on homeowners to-do lists. The hassle and expense of gut renovation, however, can stand in the way. Fortunately, according to Maykut, theres a compromise between doing nothing and going all out.

    Because they basically make or break the kitchen, updating the cabinets can be a cost-effective way to achieve high-impact results without the high cost and inconvenience of a major renovation. Homeowners in search of a new look for their cabinetry typically weigh two options: cabinet refacing, which involves putting new doors and drawer fronts on the existing cabinet frames, or cabinet replacement. Refacing is the less invasive (and less expensive) of the two options, butdespite its higher price tag, replacement makes the most sense in certain situations, according to Maykut. For more information on each approach, along with the differences between the two, continue reading!


    For cost-conscious homeowners, cabinet refacing offers what Joe Maykut of Sears Home Services describes as tremendous bang for the buck. Thats because the completed project gives the kitchen a brand-new look, yet the work is confined to the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The cabinet framesthe boxes that contain the shelves and drawersall remain in place. Strategically targeting the doors can save you a small fortune on labor and material costs, says Maykut, but ultimately the scope of the project depends on how youand any professionals involveddecide to handle the doors.

    There are a number of approaches to take. One option: If you like the style of your existing cabinet doors but not their finish, it may be possible to apply a new coat of paint or stain. Traditional refinishing isnt always possible, notes Maykut. It depends on what material the cabinets are made of. For cabinet fronts constructed of a material that cannot be painted or stained, many homeowners consider adding a veneer. Others choose to install new cabinet doors, especially if the existing doors are damaged or out of fashion. With refacing, whatever route you take, Maykut notes that your kitchen doesnt have to go out of commission for several weeks.

    For all its virtues, cabinet refacing isnt the right choice for every homeowner. If you do not like the current layout of your cabinets, for example, then refacing would be beside the point, Maykut says. Giving the cabinets a new look would do nothing to alter or improve their usability. Similarly, if your cabinets are poorly constructed or in any way compromised, paying to reface them would be, in Maykuts view, throwing good money after bad. To help figure out the best approach for your needs, Maykut recommends meeting with a contractor who can advise you on your options. Call around to get estimates from contractors in your area, or contact Sears Home Services for a free in-home consultation.


    Whereas refacing affects only the look of your cabinetry, replacement opens up the possibility of fundamentally changing the layout and functionality of your kitchen. To be sure, you could always just swap new cabinets into the space left by the old set. Homeowners who opt for replacement typically do so for reasons that go beyond aesthetics, Maykut says.They want a kitchen that reflects not only their style, but also how they cook and eat and entertain. In other words, new cabinets can transform the kitchen so that it more precisely responds to your familys habits and needs.

    The more improvements you plan to make, the broader and more complex the project becomes. Particularly in the kitchen, where so many components fit tightly together, renovation often involves orchestrating a series of separate-but-related undertakings. For instance, Maykut explains, if you remove the base cabinets from one part of the kitchen, then youll have to add flooring where they once stood. Similarly, once youve decided to install new cabinets, you may be tempted to spring for new countertops as well. One thing leads to another, which means that cabinet replacement, already a more labor-intensive and expensive proposition than refacing, can run up significantly higher costs.

    While some homeowners may consider refacing a do-it-yourself job, for all but the most ambitious, cabinet replacement is a job best left to the pros. But whichever route you choose, even if youre leaving the heavy lifting to the contractors, youll need to make the final design decisions. A little guidance along the way can smooth the process along. In fact, one reason to choose Sears Home Services is that, from the earliest stages onward, the company can guide you through what might otherwise be an overwhelming process. Of particular value, Sears sets itself apart by bringing the showroom to your home, according to Maykut, allowing you to see the products in the setting where they would be installed.

    The kitchen plays a central role in the life of any household. Its where you pour that first morning cup of coffee, throw together casual family meals, and lovingly prepare holiday feasts. Remodel it, and youre going to live with the result for years to come. Dont you want to be sure that your kitchen will be a room youll love? Turn to Sears Home Services for a little peace of mind. The company even backs its work with a Satisfaction Guarantee, so right around the time when your local contractor might be saying goodbye, your relationship with Sears will only be beginning.

    This post has been brought to you by Sears Home Services. Its facts and opinions are those of

    Original post:
    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacing - Bob Vila

    Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors at Wholesale Prices … - February 11, 2019 by admin

    If you're searching for cabinet doors, replacement cabinet doors, or kitchen cabinet doors we have the high quality you expect at wholesale prices! We are cabinet door manufacturers with over 300 styles of cabinet doors for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home where you want stylish and durable cabinet doors for your storage. is sure to have a cabinet door option that will flatter your home. All of our cabinet door styles can be ordered pre-finished or unfinished, ready for glass or as paint grade cabinet doors. With the choice is yours!

    Usually the end user doesn't even have the choice of buying direct, but with the that is not the case. We design the doors, we manufacture the doors, we sell the doors, and we stand behind the doors! CabinetDoor.Com is one ofthe oldest and largest of the internet sources so you know we will still be here when you are ready to build-on and we will be here to supply your friends and relatives when they see the beauty, and the superior quality, of your new kitchen.

    Why pay more at a retail store when you may be getting the same doors. We supply several retail chains. But when you but factory-direct, there are no retail chains to mark-up the price. When you buy from CabinetDoor,com, you will be buying from the actual factory and you will save 50% off the retail price!

    One of our most frequently ordered options for cabinet doors is unfinished cabinet doors. General contractors, cabinetry companies, and homeowners alike many times prefer ordering unfinished cabinet doors. This makes it easy for the right stains or paint to be applied and the new cabinet doors fit the rest of the kitchen. The color, shade, and darkness of wood stains can vary dramatically and getting the perfect match is much easier when you use the same brand and color on your doors as you did the rest of the cabinetry. But, if you want your new cabinet doors to be professionally finished...We offer painting or clear lacquer too.

    Shop: Unfinished and Pre-Finished Cabinet Doors

    Traditional Cabinet Door Styles - Shaker, Adobe, Revere, or Heritage, we manufacture them and hundreds of others. These doors fit into a more cottage house or traditional style home with their design. However some are simple enough that they can also fit into a modern home as they have very simple lines and go along with today's minimalist interior design styles.

    Modern Cabinet Door Styles - Our Mitered Cabinet Door Series offers more choices than any other manufacturer. Our Mitered line includes the Delaware, El Dorado, Manhattan, Connecticut, and several hundred other Mitered cabinet doors. These cabinet doors flatter homes with new styles and some have intricate design and styling that makes a bold statement.

    If you're refreshing your kitchen or bathroom with replacement cabinet doors you have a very wide selection to choose from. The cabinet doors in your home are the largest surface area apart from the flooring in your bathroom and kitchen. They take the abuse and use of daily wear and tear and over time can get dented, worn, and affect the apperance of your kitchen, bathroom, and home. By buying replacement cabinet doors you replace a larger percentage of the surface area in your home with new refreshed style. Our doors are built to be as visually stunning as they are durable and last in your home for many years to come. You can buy your replacement cabinet door from with confidence that you're getting very best cabinet doors at wholesale pricing!

    Whether you have a certain preference in a design or you do not, we can provide you with a variety of styles for cabinet doors, so that you have plenty of options in design and theme, ranging from the traditional/shaker to the rustic/contemporary. Your kitchens new style will be set by the type of woods used and the finish decided upon. We can offer cabinet styles that will go with whatever dcor you choose, giving off a beautiful array to your entire kitchen.

    Some of the different types of cabinet doors are raised panel, mullion (or French Light), Raised Panel doors, Inset panel doors, and Mitered doors. However, when looking for a specific design theme one would want a certain kind of cabinet doors, for instance, transitional and modern designs are popular with the flat panel designed doors, of course, there are many kinds of designs that work well with various designs.

    To find out the best kitchen cabinet door type that will work for your homes beauty, check out the door collections we have below.

    Cabinet doors made with flat panelsA cabinet door is referred to as a flat (or Inset) panel when the panel in the door is 1/4-inch plywood or MDF. People who are into sleek and clean looking designs prefer the flat panels. The Shaker Door is an example. They can be used for traditional looking cabinet doors or for more of a contemporary appearance.

    Cabinet doors made with raised panels The raised panel cabinet door center panel will have an appearance that shows a profile or a contour. These work well for cabinet doors that are going to give a traditional appearance.

    Cabinet doors with mullions and accentsMullion cabinet doors are generally used as a decorative accent, and are not usually used throughout the entirety of the kitchen. Mullion Doors can be ordered with 4-French Lights or six.

    When you are looking for Doors, you need not search any farther than CabinetDoor.Com. We are the manufacturer and all your Kitchen Cabinet Door repair, replacement, or remodeling needs are offered direct from one of the internet's oldest and largest manufacturers of fine quality cabinet doors. We have been manufacturing Cabinet Doors since 1980. We have built millions of doors that have been used in all 50 states and dozens of foreign countries. We even supply the needs of many other internet websites...But now you can buy direct from the manufacturer and avoid the markups added by the middlemen.

    Browse Our Cabinet Door styles for your kitchen or bathroom

    Also shop for Replacement Cabinet Doors on our sister site

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    Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors at Wholesale Prices ...

    Replacement for DTC cabinet hinge? (Home Depot, Lowes … - June 19, 2018 by admin

    Reputation: 2367

    If not try the below site, it doesn't have to be the same, it just needs to work the same !!

    Location: OH>IL>CO>CT

    Reputation: 5950

    Location: Johns Creek, GA

    Reputation: 12199

    The generic term is "European pocket hinge".And there are many different styles. Yours is a face frame mount. The only other thing to know when looking for a replacement is the offset- the distance from the edge of the pocket to the edge of the door.

    Reputation: 11

    Thanks so much everyone!

    Reputation: 10

    Jjparker00... where did you find the replacement hinge.. I'm looking for the same exact one!! Thanks!

    Location: Columbus, OH

    Reputation: 1109

    Lowes/Home Depot carries replacement hinges for most cabinets. Make sure you get the exact one, as many look alike with tiny differences.

    Reputation: 4456

    also, you might check Vandykes restorers website

    Location: Johns Creek, GA

    Reputation: 12199


    Jjparker00... where did you find the replacement hinge.. I'm looking for the same exact one!! Thanks!

    That Poster only posted twice (both posts were this thread)- that was 3yrs ago. Pretty sure he's not around anymore. You should be able to find what you're looking for based on the other posts.

    Reputation: 10

    Thank you all.. going to check out all options. 4 hinges broke! I hope I get the right one!

    Detailed information about all U.S. cities, counties, and zip codes on our site:

    Visit link:
    Replacement for DTC cabinet hinge? (Home Depot, Lowes ...

    Sharansky supports Steinitz as possible Jewish Agency chairman replacement – The Jerusalem Post - September 4, 2017 by admin

    Yuval Steinitz.(photo credit:OHAD TZVEIGENBERG/POOL)

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus efforts to appoint his confidant, National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz, as the next Jewish Agency chairman received a boost on Friday, when the incumbent chairman Natan Sharansky said he would welcome the appointment.

    Sharansky told The Jerusalem Post that Steinitz is a serious candidate who understands the organized Jewish community and would be welcomed by leaders around the world. He said he was glad Netanyahu proposed such a candidate but stressed that he had nothing against anyone who has been mentioned as a possible chairman before.

    Steinitz, who returned on Thursday from a family vacation in Vietnam, has said in the past he ruled out taking the post, but he is now ready to consider the possibility. But he has said that even if he is approved for the post in a vote that could be held as early as February, he would not take up the position until June. He intends to devote the next 10 months to reaching key goals in his ministry.

    When the cabinet voted on June 26 to freeze its resolution to create a state-recognized egalitarian prayer section at the southern end of the Western Wall, Steinitz was the only Likud minister to vote against the decision.

    He has said since then that he did not take into account the possible agency appointment when he voted, and that he opposed the June 26 decision because he believes it was mistaken.

    Steinitzs appointment is expected to come as part of a deal in the Likud in which Netanyahus ally, coalition chairman David Bitan, will replace Steinitz in the cabinet. Bitan told reporters at Netanyahus pre-Rosh Hashana toast on Wednesday that the prime minister had promised him he would end his Knesset term as a minister.

    Bitans associates leaked that if Steinitz does not leave the cabinet, another way to bring about a vacancy would be for Netanyahu to appoint Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan as the next ambassador to the United Nations. But Erdan has rejected that post in the past and is not expected to accept such an appointment.

    If Bitan joins the cabinet, there will be a battle over the chairmanship of the coalition, a post whose profile has risen considerably under Bitan. Freshman MKs Yoav Kisch, David Amsalem and Mickey Zohar would fight over the job, which might be the only way they could obtain enough name recognition to be elected to the next Knesset.

    Others thought in the past to be candidates for the Jewish Agency post have included Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs head Dore Gold, former ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor, Keren Hayesod chairman Eliezer Sandberg and Maaleh Adumim Mayor Benny Kashriel, who was officially chosen as the World Likuds candidate for the job.

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    Sharansky supports Steinitz as possible Jewish Agency chairman replacement - The Jerusalem Post

    Newspapers react to cabinet nominees – - September 4, 2017 by admin

    This content was published on September 3, 2017 5:54 PMSep 3, 2017 - 17:54

    Pierre Maudet, Isabelle Moret and Ignazio Cassis at theRadical Party gathering on September 2, 2017

    The Radical Partys recommendation of three potential cabinet candidates has yielded approval and predictionsin the Swiss media.

    On Friday evening, the Radicals nominated Ignazio Cassis, Isabelle Moret and Pierre Maudet as possible successors to Didier Burkhalter. Heres a round-up of reactions from various newspapers over the weekend.

    The Tages-Anzeiger, Bund and Le Temps newspapers wrote that the three-person ticket made sense, and as the Neue Zrcher Zeitung (NZZ) put it, the Radical Party had done its job and offered the parliament a good selection. However, the NZZ also wrote that the party had chosen the path of least resistance, and had lacked the courage to narrow it down to the two most qualified: Cassis and Maudet. Then again, the next three weeks would provide Moret with the chance to showcase her skills.

    Tages-Anzeiger and Bund pointed out that after 18 years without a cabinet minister from Ticino, the time was right for Cassis seen as the favourite. The newspaper Blick also described Cassis as nearly elected already, but acknowledged Maudets chances as well. Le Temps suggested that Cassis would have an easier time because the votes of parliamentarians from French-speaking Switzerland would be split between Maudet and Moret. The newspaper 24 Heures predicted that parliamentarians from German-speaking Switzerland would favour Cassis.

    La Tribune de Genve said that Maudet was undoubtedly the big winner in the run-up to the election because he is well-respected in German-speaking Switzerland. Yet it, too, acknowledged that Cassis was the favourite.

    Parliament will choose a Burkhalters replacement on September 20.

    Form for signing up for free newsletter.

    Sign up for our free newsletter and get the top stories delivered to your inbox. and agencies/sm

    Newspapers react to cabinet nominees -

    Work to Resume on First New Settlement in 25 Years – Breaking Israel News - September 4, 2017 by admin

    The king ordered huge blocks of choice stone to be quarried, so that the foundations of the house might be laid with hewn stones. I Kings 5:31 (The Israel Bible)

    Construction workers begin work on the new settlement called Amichai, meant to resettle the evacuees of Amona, in Shilo Valley, on June 20, 2017. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

    The government will allocate funds to restart work on the settlement of Amichai, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu confirmed Sunday at the weekly cabinet meeting.

    The new community will serve as a replacement town for the former residents of Amona, a settlement outpost adjacent to the existing town of Ofra. The residents were evicted in early February from the original site after the High Court of Justice ruled that the outpost had been built on private Palestinian land.

    To compensate the residents, the government approved construction of a new community on March 30, two months after the demolition of Amona, but after initial groundbreaking, work was halted in July due to budget constraints after the government failed to transfer funds to the Binyamin Regional Council.

    The families have been housed in the Ofra field school since the eviction.

    I would like to thank you Interior Minister (Aryeh Deri) for allocating a budget from your ministry, Netanyahu said. We would like to take a government decision in the wake of this decision and to advance with the construction of the community (Amichai), Netanyahu said.

    The Interior Ministry will provide some NIS 55 million in funding for the works and and additional NIS 5 million for temporary solutions for the evicted Amona residents.

    Settlement leaders welcomed the move. After many long weeks in which work on construction of the new community has not progressed, and after a very difficult roller-coaster week, which finally resulted in the cabinet decision, we cautiously welcome the decision which will bring about a resumption of works, said Avichai Boaron, head of the Amona residents committee.

    Palestinian landowners, the nearby village of Jalud and Israeli NGOs have petitioned the High Court of Justice in late August for an injunction against construction of Amichai, saying it would prevent the Palestinian landowners from accessing nearby farmland.

    Continue reading here:
    Work to Resume on First New Settlement in 25 Years - Breaking Israel News

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