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    Kemper Releases the Kabinet and Kone Replacement Speaker – Premier Guitar - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Ruhr Area, Germany (March 24, 2020) -- Kemper today announce the immediate availability of theKEMPER Kabinet as well as the KEMPER Kone replacement speaker.

    The KEMPER Kabinet is a lightweight, powerful speaker cabinet with an exclusive speaker design developed exclusivelyfor the KEMPER PROFILER. The KEMPER Kabinet with the KEMPER Kone offers to guitarists the choice of 19 differentspeaker characters (aka imprints) with their KEMPER PROFILER PowerRacks or PowerHeads.

    The KEMPER Kabinet is specially designed for the PROFILER. The KEMPER Kabinet is a combination of the KEMPER Koneloudspeaker and an exclusive and unique speaker tone mining technology developed by KEMPER, making it possible todigitally imprint various speaker characteristics onto one single cabinet.

    The KEMPER Kone is a 12 full-range speaker which is exclusively designed in cooperation with Celestion for KEMPER.The Kone is controlled and driven by the KEMPER PROFILERs DSP to an ultra-linear (full range) frequency response,using a dedicated DSP algorithm. In contrast to the conventional idea of a full-range system, the radiation patternof the KEMPER Kone has been narrowed towards the physics of a classic guitar speaker chassis, so that even the fullrange sound carries a distinct guitar speaker character, unlike regular PA speakers or monitor speakers. To seasonthe speaker behavior to the players individual taste KEMPER offer the unique "sweetening and "directivityparameters for detailed adjustment.

    The 19 included speaker imprints offer the finest choice of well-known guitar speakers from Celestion, and manyrenowned other classic brands, and even rare and particular speakers. More speaker imprints may be added via futuresoftware updates.

    The KEMPER Kabinet can be driven by the power amp of a PROFILER PowerHead or PowerRack, as well as by utilizing anyexternal power amp. When using external stereo amplifiers, driving two Kabinets in stereo is possible. The unpoweredPROFILER models like Rack, Head, and Stage require also external power amps for dring the Kabinet.

    The KEMPER Kone speaker is also available as a replacement speaker for existing guitar cabinets. The KEMPER Kone isavailable as a single unit and 2 and 4 speaker sets for 2 x 12 and even 4 x 12 guitar cabinets. Request from 3rdparty cabinet manufacturers are welcome.

    Pricing and availability

    The KEMPER Kabinet is available from the Kemper Online Store and at dealers for Euro 400,- USD 480,- and GBP 443,90.

    The KEMPER Kone replacement speaker is available exclusively from the Kemper Online Store for Euro 150,- USD 180,-and GBP 136,60,- (also available as 2, and 4 packs)!


    KEMPER Kabinet

    KEMPER Kone


    By simply activating the PROFILERs well-known Monitor CabOff function the KEMPER Kone is switched from full-rangemode to the Speaker Imprint Mode, which then exactly mimics one of 19 classic guitar speakers. The sound of theseimprints should not be mistaken with the miced cabinet simulations of a Profile. They rather bring back the goodold "amp-in-the-room" sound. Since the intelligence of the speaker lies in the DSP of the PROFILER, you will be ableto switch individual speaker imprints along with your favorite rigs, without needing to do extensive editing.Whenever you switch to a full-range sound, for an acoustic guitar, for example, the KEMPER Kone will switch tofull-range mode automatically.

    Music that is fed into the PROFILER through the Aux Input will be played back in full-range mode, even when you playyour amp with a Speaker Imprint, both at the same time.

    Due to the digital features, the KEMPER Kone and KEMPER Kabinet work exclusively with a PROFILER.


    The Kemper Profiling Amplifier represents a radical new approach to the guitar sound. For decades, the electricguitarist has effectively been shackled to the tube amplifier as the only solution for getting that sound. Thiscombination may indeed be glorious, but it is far from ideal; achieving consistent results between practice, studio,and touring situations continues to challenge the guitarist, just as it has since the early 1930's. With the adventof the Kemper Profiling Amplifier, everything has changed. For the first time in history, guitar players are free tocreate the most unique and individual tones that reflect the very essence of the individual player, and then capturethese exact sounds into the digital domain with Kemper's unique technology.

    For more information:Kemper Amps

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    Kemper Releases the Kabinet and Kone Replacement Speaker - Premier Guitar

    3 Things to Know About Replacing or Updating Kitchen Cabinets – Suburban Life Publications - March 30, 2020 by admin

    The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and the design of your cabinetry can really set the mood of the space. If youve lived in your home for many years, and your taste in design has changed, consider replacing or updating the cabinets to meet your new vision for your kitchen. Here are 3 things you should know about making changes to your kitchen cabinetry:

    1. Remember that simply repainting your cabinets is an option. If the cabinets are a dark cherry, consider painting them white to give the room a larger feel. If the cabinets are a light oak, painting them black or gray will give the space a more trendy look. Repainting cabinets is a much less ambitious project than a full replacement, and will be easier on your budget. If you like the style of your cabinets but just dont care for the color anymore, painting them is a great option.

    2. If you decide that you want a different cabinet style, or want to add glass doors or other interesting visual effects, another option is to keep the overall cabinet structure and just replace the doors. You can update the hinges so they disappear when the doors are closed, and you can also add the soft-close option if you prefer those conveniences.

    3. If a total kitchen cabinet replacement is necessary because youre doing a full scale remodel, remember that a big project takes proper planning and budgeting. Its crucial that you hire a professional for the job to ensure you get a lasting and satisfying result. Talking to your local Mr. Handyman representative about your cabinet replacement needs is the best way to kickstart your investment in new kitchen cabinetry.

    For more information about replacing or updating kitchen cabinets, or about other kitchen renovation ideas, please contact:

    Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale

    245 W. Roosevelt Road #69

    West Chicago, IL


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    3 Things to Know About Replacing or Updating Kitchen Cabinets - Suburban Life Publications

    Pentagon seeks $76 million next year to start replacing Offutt-based ‘Doomsday’ jets – Omaha World-Herald - March 30, 2020 by admin

    The day is coming when Offutt Air Force Bases giant Doomsday planes will fly off into the sunset.

    The Air Force has started a program to replace the four E-4B Nightwatch jets also known as the National Airborne Operations Center within 10 years. The Doomsday moniker is because their primary mission is to take off and maintain control of nuclear weapons in the event of nuclear war. They also frequently are used as a transport plane for the secretary of defense.

    In December, the Air Force posted a notice about the proposed replacement aircraft, which will be called the Survivable Airborne Operations Center, or SAOC. An industry day informational session for potential contractors was held in February.

    In case of national emergency or destruction of ground command control centers, the SAOC will provide a highly survivable command, control and communications (C3) platform to direct U.S. forces, execute emergency war orders, and coordinate actions by civil authorities, said the Air Forces notice.

    Congress budgeted $20 million in 2019 and 2020 to begin looking for a replacement for the E-4B and two other types of military aircraft, the E-6B Mercury and the C-32A. The Trump administration is seeking $76.4 million in its 2021 budget, and is looking to spend more than half a billion dollars over the next five years developing the new plane.

    The new planes would start joining the fleet in the late 2020s.

    The big, white E-4s have been a familiar sight in Nebraska skies since they were introduced at Offutt in the mid-1970s. They are a military version of the civilian Boeing 747-200, which first flew in 1968. Production ended in 1991, and the last passenger airline retired the model in 2017 (though later versions are still in use).

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    Theyre the oldest 747s in the fleet, said Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb., who oversaw their operation when he commanded the Offutt-based 55th Wing in 2011-12. Logistically, its a real challenge to find spare parts and maintain them.

    Theyre also the Air Forces most expensive planes to operate. The magazine Business Insider calculated in 2016 that the E-4Bs cost just less than $160,000 an hour to fly. Thats almost $30,000 an hour more than the next-highest, the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, which is equipped to carry StratComs nuclear gravity bombs into battle.

    In 2017, two E-4Bs were damaged when a tornado struck the Offutt flight line. Both were stored in a hangar at the time, but with their tails exposed. The tails, which stand six stories high, acted like giant sails and moved the planes inside the building. The planes sustained a combined $8.3 million worth of damage and were out of service, one for four weeks and the other for eight.

    An E-4B in its hangar at Offutt Air Force Base. The planes cost almost $160,000 an hour to fly.

    The Navy E-6Bs, although based in Oklahoma City, are also frequently on call at Offutt. Their primary job is to communicate with Trident ballistic-missile submarines through VLF (very low frequency) communications systems, which involve flying in tight circles above the ocean while trailing a 5-mile-long antenna.

    The 22 E-6Bs are military versions of the civilian Boeing 707-320. They were the very last of that type built, in the late 1980s.

    The six C-32As are Boeing 757-200 narrow-body jetliners configured for use as executive transports for the vice president, first lady and members of the Cabinet. They were built in the late 1990s and are based at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.

    When they are carrying the vice president, they are called Air Force Two.

    Despite their age, the E-4Bs are newer and have a better service record than the C-135-variant reconnaissance jets flown by the Offutt-based 55th Wing on critical missions around the world.

    Those planes were built in the early 1960s. A 2018 World-Herald investigation showed the C-135-variants had break rates far higher than the E-4Bs.

    Only a handful of those aircraft are scheduled to be replaced before the 2040s.

    The area now known as Offutt Air Force Base was first commissioned as Fort Crook, an Army post to house cavalry soldiers and their horses. This photo, circa 1905, shows mounted officers and infantry troops assembling on the parade ground. The officers' quarters in the background still stand today, but the closing of Offutt's stables in 2010 ended the base's equine tradition.

    The World's Fair of Aviation was held at Offutt Air Force Base, including a race between a 1912 airplane and 1912 automobile. The 1912 airplane easily won, but provided sharp contrast to the sleek, modern "600-mile-per-hour aircraft" on display at the fair.

    Painter Frank Anania places the final bolt in the SAC emblem, newly placedon the command building at Strategic Air Command headquarters. After the command was created in 1946, SAC headquarters were moved from Andrews Field, Maryland, to Offutt Air Force Base. SAC's high-flying reconnaissance planes and bombers would go on to play a global role from the onset of the Cold War through the last bomb of the Persian Gulf War.

    The Strategic Air Command "nerve center" gets a new headquarters building at Offutt Air Force Base.

    Even since the late 1950s, Strategic Air Command has been holding open house events at Offutt Air Force Base to display and demonstrate aircraft for civilian visitors.Each year, the open house and air show at Offutt features aerial acts or reenactments, static displays, and booths showcasing military history and capabilities.

    The first SAC museum consisted of a section of abandoned runway near the north edge of Offutt Air Force Base outside of Bellevue. However, the outdoor display left the aircraft vulnerable to the elements.

    A Royal Air Force bomber crashes at Offutt Air Force Base. Beginning in the late 1950s, the RAF maintained small detachment and service facility for Vulcan bomber planes at Offutt, often participating in defense exercises and demonstrations at the base until their retirement and deactivation in 1982. Thisplane crashed at take-off at the northwest end of the main runway and then slid across Highway 73-75. All seven passengers survived.

    Just weeks after the Cuban missile crisis, President John F. Kennedy visits Offutt Air Force Base, accompanied by Gen. Thomas Power of Strategic Air Command, right.

    Actor Rock Hudson receives a B-52 bomber briefing during a visit to Omaha and Offutt Air Force Base. He began filming "A Gathering of Eagles" in May of that year.

    An early photograph of the Ehrling Bergquist military medical clinic in Bellevue. The clinic has served Offutt Air Force Base since 1966 and was remodeled in 2013, including a grand staircase, largerphysical therapy and mental health areas, and a more private mammography waiting area.

    The world's largest aircraft at that time, the C5 Galaxy was displayed as part of the open house for civilian visitors at Offutt Air Force Base.

    A conference room in the SAC underground command post at Offutt Air Force Base. Strategic Air Command would be formally disestablished in 1992, but Offutt would remain the headquarters for the new United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM).

    The Strategic Air Command Memorial Chapel holds a Sunday morning service as a reminder of those who have given their service and those who have died during the Command's 46-year history. Founded in in 1946, the command was dissolved in a ceremony at Offutt Air Force Base.

    OPPD worker Craig Azure of Ashland holds a power line up across Platteview Road near Highway 50 so that an Albatross airplane can fit under it. After SAC was dissolved, the museum moved into a new indoor facility in 1998. Airplanes were moved from their old location at Offutt Air Force Base to their new and current home near Mahoney State Park off I-80.

    The parade grounds gazebo at Offutt is dedicated in honor of Airman 1st Class Warren T. Willis, who was killed in an aircraft accidentthe previous December.

    President Bill Clinton speaks at a rally at Offutt Air Force Base.

    More than 300 anti-nuclear protesters gather outside Kinney Gate at Offutt Air Force Base. The rally was part of a weekend of protest against nuclear weapons, and was organized in response to an extensive nuclear arsenal review being held at the base.

    Vice President Dick Cheney greets service men and women following a speech at Offutt Air Force Base's Minuteman missile in Bellevue.

    Dignitaries clap along to an armed forces medley as ground is broken for the new U. S. Strategic Command Headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base. From left: Neb. Rep. Adrian Smith, Rep. Lee Terry, Neb. Governor Dave Heineman, General C. Robert Kehler, Commander USStratcom, Sen. Ben Nelson, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, and Mayor of Bellevue, Rita Sanders.

    Chris Shotton created this thank you message to the airmen and troops flying in and out of Offutt Air Force Base. Employees of area Walmart stores have been writing giant messages in fields near Highway 370 for years.

    Senior Airman Kevin Chapman works the desk at the new Public Health Clinic located in the Ehrling Bergquist military medical clinic.

    The new MERLIN SS200m Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar System, with the control tower in the background, photographed at Offutt Air Force Base. The system was moved here from Afghanistan in order to help detect large flocks and prevent damages to aircraft from bids, which cost the Air Force millions of dollars each year.

    An aerial photo from late February of the construction site for StratCom's new $1.2 billion headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base. Despite numerous delays and setbacks, the building would be completed in 2018, six years after construction began. StratCom would then spend the next year outfitting the structure with more than $600 million worth of high-tech communications and security gear.

    President Barack Obama arrives in Omaha after landing at Offutt Air Force Base. While in Omaha, Obama met with the family of Kerrie Orozco, visited a local teacher, and addressed a crowd of about 8,000 at Baxter Arena.

    This year, U.S. Strategic Command unveiled a new Command and Control Facility located at Offutt Air Force Base. The "battle deck," shown here, features computer workstations, soundproofing, and the ability to connect instantly to the White House and Pentagon.

    Luke Thomas and Air Force Tech Sgt. Vanessa Vidaurre at a flooded portion of Offutt Air Force Base. In March, historic flooding included breaches of two levees protecting the base from the Missouri River.

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    Pentagon seeks $76 million next year to start replacing Offutt-based 'Doomsday' jets - Omaha World-Herald

    Was the minister replaced because of Kanal Istanbul? – Hurriyet Daily News - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Mehmet Barlas, the lead writer for the daily Sabah, on his weekend column, suggested that President Recep Tayyip Erdoan has been troubled with two recent developments at a moment when his government has been intensely trying to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

    One of them, Barlas argued, was an initiative by the head of the Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), Ali Erba. Although the mosques were shut down and Friday prayers were all suspended as part of massive measures to curb the spread of the virus, Erba held a special Friday prayer on March 27 for a handful of selected people in Ankara.

    Veteran journalist Barlas said Erdoan knew about Erbas move late Friday only after the prayer occurred and felt very uncomfortable. The second, and perhaps more important, development that has drawn Erdoans reaction was the holding of the first tender of the Kanal Istanbul project, according to Barlas, who claimed that this untimely move would be the main reason behind the sudden dismissal of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan via a midnight presidential decree.

    The journalist gives the impression that Erdoan was unaware of both interventions beforehand. Many others, however, object to this characterization on the grounds that the governance system has been very much centralized and under full control of the president since the executive-presidential system entered into force in July 2018.

    As highlighted by Barlas, those who follow Turkish politics closely in Ankara link the removal of the Transportation Minister with the untimely Kanal Istanbul tender. But not only that; Turhans dismissal has a deeper background.

    Transportation and infrastructure have always been very important for Erdoans Justice and Development Party (AKP) governments since it came to power late 2002. It has placed multibillion-dollar projects for the improvement of land, air and sea routes through the construction of airports across the country, including gigantic Istanbul Airport; the bridges linking Asia to Europe through the 3rd Bosporus Bridge and the Dardanelles Bridge as well as the high-speed trains at the core of its economic activities in the last two decades.

    The Transportation Ministry is, therefore, a ministry Erdoan attaches great importance to and it was well-known that he was not happy with the performance of outgoing Minister Turhan, specifically due to his slowness and lack of enthusiasm over the Kanal Istanbul. Dubbed the crazy project by many as it aims to create an artificial seaway linking the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea, as well as a new residential settlement on the two banks of the channel, Kanal Istanbul is recognized as Erdoans major objective to reach in the next period.

    Its believed that Turhan was late in accomplishing the preparations for opening the first tenders of the project and in coordinating related works with other ministries. He, however, held the tender at the worst timing possible. Additionally, Turhan has also been criticized for not sufficiently contributing to the governments efforts to stem the spread of the virus. He wanted to indirectly respond to this criticism at the handover ceremony where he was replaced by his deputy, Adil Karaismailolu, over the weekend.

    Underlining that his ministry has acted early in the fight against the coronavirus, he said, During this period, it has operated and continued its activities domestically and internationally in line with the decisions of our Health Ministry and team of experts. Thankfully, by implementing these measures we have not had major issues in our social or economic lives. As a ministry, we must implement our governments decisions together and attempt to overcome this disaster with as little damage as possible. I felt the need for these words as I am leaving my position.

    Another reason for this replacement is the visible impact of Istanbul Mayor Ekrem mamolu of the main opposition Republican Peoples Party (CHP), who was elected to lead Turkeys largest metropole in a re-run election in June 2019. As a young and very active mayor, mamolu continues to play a central role in delivering services in Istanbul and humanitarian aid to the poor amid economic difficulties and ongoing outbreak.

    By the appointment of Karaismailolu, a younger politician known for his loyalty to Erdoan since the mid-1990s at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the AKP government hopes to observe a more tough opposition against mamolu in Istanbul. Karaismailolu had to leave his position as the deputy secretary-general at the Istanbul Municipality after mamolu won the elections. He was then appointed as the deputy transportation minister.

    The dismissal of Turhan marks an important development as its the first replacement in the cabinet since July 2018, revisiting the questions on whether Erdoan will resort to a more substantial reshuffle amid the continued fight against the coronavirus.

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    Was the minister replaced because of Kanal Istanbul? - Hurriyet Daily News

    Gantz, Netanyahu speak by phone about ‘national emergency government’ – The Times of Israel - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Rivlin says its unthinkable to defy a High Court ruling, issues fresh call for unity

    President Reuven Rivlin begins his televised statement.

    We are in complex and difficult times for Israels leaders, Israeli society and as part of the family of nations. This evening, further emergency regulations came into force that limit our freedom of movement, our liberty, in a way that has never happened before, all for our well-being, all for the welfare of those dearest to us, he says.

    Rivlin calls on Israelis to heed the orders of authorities, saying their lives depend on doing so.

    He adds that it is not only the average citizen who must obey orders.

    In these fateful days, the are also the primary duty of the elected officials, the publics leaders, teachers and guides, from all parts of society. We are witnessing confrontations of the most severe kind between the judiciary and the legislature, he says.

    Without naming Yuli Edelstein, Rivlin addresses his decision to resign earlier today as Knesset speaker and not obey a High Court order to hold a vote today to elect a new speaker.

    I know that the vast majority of Israels leadership, from left and from right, knows that it is the duty of every one of us to obey the rulings of the courts, and that it is unthinkable that anyone would not do so.

    Even if someone is of the opinion that the court is wrong in its conduct, whatever the disagreement between us, we must always ensure that the rules of democracy, without which we are destroyed, are upheld. Now that the Knesset speaker has resigned, I am sure that the order of the High Court of Justice will be implemented and Israeli democracy will emerge strengthened and more resilient from these testing times, he says.

    Saying that Israel is in a time of trouble, Rivlin issues a fresh call for unity between political leaders.

    Have at the forefront of your minds the terrible disease that is assaulting us and is claiming the lives of our loved ones, that is grievously damaging Israels economy and the homes of so many who are battling to survive financially, he says.

    I know how short the distance is between you. Each side must understand the others red lines and to be flexible on them, on the understanding that we have we simply do not have an alternative.

    Join together for the good of the Israeli people. If not now, when, he adds

    Rivlin wraps up his speech by saying Israel will overcome [the virus[ and will come out of this stronger.

    Gantz, Netanyahu speak by phone about 'national emergency government' - The Times of Israel

    Merseyside borough aims to cut emissions and bills with second streetlight replacement in nine years – Liverpool Echo - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Replacing Knowsleys streetlights for the second time in a decade will cut emissions and save millions of pounds, the council has said.

    Knowsley Councils cabinet agreed on Wednesday evening to replace all 19,000 of the boroughs streetlights with LED bulbs over the next three years.

    The decision is expected to save the local authority around 10.8 million over the next 16 years thanks to reduced energy bills.

    Around 4.4 million of that will offset the cost of the replacement scheme, meaning the council should gain 6.4 million from the deal, or an average of 400,000 a year.

    The deal should also bring a significant reduction in the councils carbon emissions.

    According to a report prepared ahead of the cabinet meeting, streetlights account for almost a third of the councils total emissions and switching to LED bulbs should cut that by 40%.

    The report said replacing the streetlights was a key action in achieving the councils targets of reducing carbon emissions by 2040 following its declaration of a climate emergency in January.

    It is only four years since the council finished its last round of streetlight replacements.

    Between 2011 and 2016, the council replaced all of its streetlights under a 130 million private finance initiative deal with Tay Valley Lighting.

    The council did consider using LED lighting at the time, but the technology was still relatively new and, a council report said, had significantly higher capital outlay costs and unknown reliability.

    The price of LED lighting has since come down and the council will also be able to secure an interest-free loan from a government-backed company to pay for around half the cost of the new bulbs.

    The rest of the cost will be met with further borrowing and 500,000 of reserves.

    The council intends to begin replacing the streetlights in September this year, with an estimated completion date of 2023.

    Original post:
    Merseyside borough aims to cut emissions and bills with second streetlight replacement in nine years - Liverpool Echo

    Non-urgent elective surgeries have been cancelled for now because of coronavirus. Here’s what that means – ABC News - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Updated March 27, 2020 06:26:24

    Starting on Thursday, non-urgent elective surgeries in Australia's public hospitals will be suspended.

    It's to help preserve resources, including protective equipment, and help the health system prepare for the influx of patients expected in the coming weeks and months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    No. The new rules apply to both the public and private health systems.

    They were agreed on by the National Cabinet and apply in every state.

    But a late-night amendment to the suspension, announced on Wednesday, will give private hospitals a few extra days before the changes come into place.

    Semi-urgent category two and three elective surgeries at private hospitals can continue until 11.59pm on April 1.

    There's no clear answer.

    The Prime Minister said the suspension was "temporary" and would continue "until further notice".

    The Victorian Government said the surgeries would resume only when it was safe to do so, and would consider surge capacity to reduce waiting lists, which would inevitably blow out.

    But the timing all depends on how overwhelmed our hospital system gets and for how long.

    And Dr Norman Swan told 7:30 the length of the pandemic depends on how successful our personal distancing measures are.

    All category three surgeries and most category two surgeries will be temporarily suspended.

    According to the National Elective Surgery Urgency Categorisation Guideline published by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council, surgeries usually deemed category three include:

    Only emergency surgeries, category one and some exceptional category two surgeries will continue for now.

    Surgeries usually deemed category one include:

    Many more surgeries fall into category two, and will continue in urgent circumstances where a delay would cause a risk to the patient.

    Many IVF treatments will likely be delayed.

    The Fertility Society of Australia has recommended patients talk to their specialist to "discuss the appropriateness of postponing their treatment".

    "There may be medical circumstances where delaying treatment may not be advisable and treating specialists should advise their patients if there are medical grounds to commence treatment now," the statement said.

    "The Fertility Society of Australia appreciates the needs of individuals seeking assistance to conceive or preserve their fertility but also acknowledges that the overarching responsibility currently is to all patients as part of the Australian and New Zealand healthcare system."

    Monash IVF Group chief executive Michael Knaap said it was important the sector helped ensure Australia's healthcare system was best placed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

    "Accordingly, we anticipate that our fertility activity will be impacted as patients defer treatment," he said in an announcement to the ASX.

    Suspending elective surgeries will free up beds and health workers to better respond to COVID-19 patients.

    But another huge benefit is it will save scarce personal protective equipment such as masks, gowns, gloves and goggles.

    Doctors have been appealing for more government action to boost supplies of personal protective equipment.

    The Federal Government has promised an extra 30 million medical masks in Australia within two weeks, but the director of a company that supplies more than 500 Australian hospitals has warned that "most hospitals" are only days away from running out.


    First posted March 26, 2020 13:59:00

    Visit link:
    Non-urgent elective surgeries have been cancelled for now because of coronavirus. Here's what that means - ABC News

    Paper Talk: Man Utd move for Harry Kane hinging on one thing Man Utd’s big-money – - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Date published: Tuesday 24th March 2020 8:55

    Manchester Uniteds big-money move for Harry Kane is hinging on one major thing, while Tottenham are already eyeing an immediate replacement, according to Tuesdays Paper Talk.

    Manchester United are reportedly resting their hopes on Harry Kane kicking up a stink to make a move to Old Trafford this summer.

    There are strong rumours that the England skipper is finally looking to move on from Tottenham, having failed to win a trophy during his time at the club.

    Kane is the third-highest goalscorer in the north London clubs history, behind only Bobby Smith and Jimmy Greaves, after coming up through the academy.

    But the 27-year-old is now in the peak of his career and wants a chance of adding some silverware to his personal cabinet something that has eluded him at Spurs.

    That has led to renewed interest from United, who have been chasing the prolific striker for the past five years.

    However, the fact that the Red Devils will have to deal with Daniel Levy has been urging them to think differently with the Spurs chairman likely to command a fee of 150m for the clubs talisman.

    To that end, The Athletic, via the Daily Star, claims thatUnited are hoping that Kane publicly declares that he wants to leave Spurs.

    The report adds that would force Levy into thinking differently, though the Tottenham transfer supremo still has two aces up his sleeve.

    The first is the fact that Kane is tied to a long-term contract after signing a six-year deal in 2018, while the second is that he is banking on Kane having the sort of personality that will stop him making a public outcry.

    United also do not want to spend 150m during a time where they will probably have to spend a similar figure on another top attacking target in Jadon Sancho.

    Arsenal have reportedly made contact with Real Madrid over a potential sale of Manchester United transfer target Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Daily Express)

    Manchester United are ready to sign Odion Ighalo for up to 15m this summer after it emerged the Nigerian strikers loan runs out on May 31 (Daily Mail)

    Manchester United have been given a boost in their pursuit of Birminghams Jude Bellingham as Borussia Dortmund have abandoned their plans to bid for the 16-year-old English midfielder (Daily Mirror)

    Chelsea have been offered the chance to sign Philippe Coutinho this summer by Barcelona (Daily Mirror)

    Players from all levels of the game are ready to revolt over plans to stage games behind-closed-doors (Daily Mirror)

    Tottenham are now in a position that they are likely to make a move for Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud (Football.London)

    Chelsea are reportedly interested in the potential transfer of West Ham midfielder Declan Rice (Sky Sports)

    Barcelona have made Inter forward Lautaro Martinez their first-choice striking target with Arsenals Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang now only a back-up option (Daily Star)

    Tottenham are interested in signing QPRs English midfielder Eberechi Eze, 21, although Crystal Palace and Sheffield United, who were interested in the player, are unwilling to pay the 20m QPR want (Daily Express)

    Premier League stars are being kept apart until May 1 at the earliest with a lockdown lasting for at least six weeks (The Sun)

    Lille and Nigeria striker Victor Osimhen, 21, has become a priority signing for Manchester United in the next transfer window (Daily Star)

    Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti would consider a free transfer signing of Thiago Silva in the summer transfer window once it is open for business

    Derby County are in advanced talks with American billionaire Michael Dell over a major financial injection (Daily Telegraph)

    Newcastle hope they will be able to sign on-loan England full-back Danny Rose, 29, on a permanent basis from Tottenham when the transfer market re-opens this summer (ISport)

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    Paper Talk: Man Utd move for Harry Kane hinging on one thing Man Utd's big-money -

    False dawn – THE WEEK - March 30, 2020 by admin

    In the 2017 Gujarat assembly polls, the Congress gained 16 seats, bringing its tally to 77 against the BJPs 99. It seemed like the grand old party could become a strong opposition in the BJPs model state. But, it was not to be. In July 2018, senior Congress leader and MLA Kunvarji Bavaliya defected to the BJP. He was made a cabinet minister within hours and won the bypoll in December.

    In February and March 2019, four more Congress MLAs joined the BJP. One of them, Jawahar Chavda, got a cabinet berth. The BJP won all four seats in the bypolls; three of the winners were former Congress MLAs. (The fourth was not given a ticket by the BJP.) In March 2020, five Congress MLAs resigned, leaving it with 68 seats against the BJPs 103.

    The Rajya Sabha elections, which were scheduled for March 26, were deferred because of the Covid-19 health emergency, with the new date to be announced after a review on March 31. This has given the Congress valuable time to keep its legislators together. As things stand, the assembly has 175 members, and 36 first-preference votes are needed to win each of the four vacant seats.

    This means that the Congress needs 72 MLAs to ensure that both its candidates win and the BJP, with three candidates, needs 108 MLAs. The scenario indicates that cross-voting is highly likely. The Congress has packed off its remaining MLAs to Rajasthan, where it is in power. It was reminiscent of the 2017 Rajya Sabha polls when Congress president Sonia Gandhis confidant Ahmed Patel contested.

    The MLAs were then taken to Karnataka. It did not prevent cross-voting, but Patel prevailed. Perhaps taking courage from this previous coup, the party has put on a brave face this time, too. But, it is evident that there are bigger issues for the partys state unit to worry about. There is a lot of unrest and frustration in Gujarat Congress and the party leadership has done little to quell these issues.

    According to a youth leader who did not wish to be named, Good party leaders are often unused for reasons best known to senior party leaders. He added that the situation was made worse by senior leaders only thinking about their own communities and alleged that the party is practically leaderless in Gujarat as president Amit Chavda was a dummy of former state unit president Bharatsinh Solanki, son of former Gujarat chief minister Madhavsinh Solanki.

    Bharatsinh Solanki allegedly pressured the party high command into giving him one of the two Rajya Sabha seats that the party is contesting. The party had already announced former Indian Premier League chief Rajeev Shukla and national party spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil, who is from Gujarat, as its candidates. But, since Solanki had the support of a good number of party MLAs, the central leadership did not want to risk them deserting the party like in Madhya Pradesh. Shukla stepped aside, citing party organisational responsibilities, and Solanki got his wish.

    As it played out, this arm-twisting by Solanki may have led to the BJP announcing three candidates instead of two. Highly placed sources confirmed to THE WEEK that a deal had been struck between the BJP and the Congress that the saffron party would not put up a third candidate if Shukla, who is Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasads brother-in-law, was contesting. But, Shuklas replacement by Solanki voided this arrangement and the BJP announced former Congress stalwart and Patidar leader Narhari Amin as its third candidate.

    The mobilisation that had happened in the partys state unit before the 2017 assembly elections and the gains from the encouraging result seem to be well and truly lost. There is not a single binding force within the party organisation in Gujarat. All the wrongs are with the Congress, said Vishnu Pandya, a right wing ideologue. May it be the leadership, organisation or workers. This is true all over the country. Gujarat is merely a part [of the problem]. According to him, it was the time for the Congress to implement [corrective measures], not introspect.

    In fact, it is said that the situation in the partys state unit has been such that its own leaders have driven out some MLAs. What is even more worrying is that there are plenty of leaders who are looking for a good option or the right time to desert. These are those who feel that they could be sidelined if they defect to the BJP. They have also been unable to generate the funds needed to float a new party. Manish Doshi, the partys state spokesperson, admitted that there was a dire need for consultation and coordination. Former MLA Siddharth Patel said there was high level of insecurity among partyworkers.

    While the Congress alleges that its MLAs are being bought, it could not take precautions against such situations. Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia had said that the BJP has made buying MLAs the new normal; BJP spokesperson Bharat Pandya denied the charge. The Congresss failure to keep its flock together has wasted the efforts made by former party president Rahul Gandhi to motivate the rank and file during the 2017 election campaign. Like Congress leader Narendra Rawat said, The future of the Congress is bright... but we are not ready.

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    False dawn - THE WEEK

    Unable to convene Assembly due to COVID-19, Andhra cabinet passes Budget ordinance – The News Minute - March 30, 2020 by admin

    This will allow the state government to go ahead with necessary spending to tackle the spread of coronavirus for a three-month period up to June 30.

    With the Andhra Pradesh government unable to convene the states Budget session in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cabinet on Friday approved an ordinance for a vote on account.

    This will allow the state government to go ahead with necessary spending to tackle the spread of coronavirus for a three-month period up to June 30.

    Speaking to reporters aftera cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Information & Public Relations (I&PR) Minister Perni Nani said that the cabinet had approved an ordinance to draw money for the expenses of the state for the next three months.

    Once the ordinance gets the Governors nod, further details would be revealed, the Minister said.

    As it is not possible to convene the budget session in the wake of the pandemic, the government is opting for an ordinance. The Chief Minister held extensive discussions on the medical facilities available and spoke about strengthening the healthcare system, Nani said.

    A taskforce with five ministers, 10 senior bureaucrats and four officials from the Chief Ministers Office (CMO) will be constituted to coordinate with district-level teams of ministers and officers, he added.

    The state has reported 12 positive cases of COVID-19 so far and around 28,000 foreign returnees are being tracked and under quarantine.

    Four hospitals, one each at Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Nellore, have now been converted into dedicated super-specialty COVID-19hospitals while 100-bedded and 200-bedded isolation centres are in place at the constituency and district levels respectively, the state government said.

    Stating that there were enough supplies of PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) and masks available for healthcare providers, the state government said that a helpline 104 is available 24x7 to attend to any medical emergencies.

    People should take the social curfew seriously and help the government in fighting the invisible enemy. It is very sad to see that students and others from our state are stranded at other places but the helplessness of the situation prompts us to say that they have to stay where they are or cross the border and be quarantined for 14 days, Nani said.

    He also assured that essential commodities will be available across the state.


    Quarantine at govt centre must for all inter-state entrants: Andhra DGP

    Jagan requests all Andhra residents and natives to refrain from travel

    See the original post:
    Unable to convene Assembly due to COVID-19, Andhra cabinet passes Budget ordinance - The News Minute

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