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    5 Benefits of a Drywall Screw Gun – The African Exponent - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Drywall screw guns have made home renovations easier than before. This efficient and useful tool is a favorite for professional crafters and handymen. The best drywall screw gun has a similar design to power drills but was made for effectively driving screws into drywall.

    The essential parts of a drywall screw gun include:

    A prominent part of any handheld tool is the handle. It is shaped like a gun and thick enough for a hand to hold it for periods with little discomfort. The back section is covered with a rubber-like material to reduce the risk of slipping, which prevents accidents.

    The trigger or clutch releases the screws or powers the bit to drive the screws into the wall. The tighter you squeeze, the faster it spins.

    Screw guns drive screws into the drywall and can also take them out. The forward/reverse feature allows you to do just that.

    The optional belt clip allows the screw gun user to fasten the tool to their belt for easy access or to rest.

    This depth adjustment feature is what makes screw wall guns superior to manual screwdrivers. It gauges the depth to prevent the screws from driving in too deep and form the tearing the wallpaper.

    A drill bit that has a Phillips head that matches the shape of the screw heads. It is removable and allows you to change the drill bit as needed.

    Drill bit housing secures the drill bit firmly in place.

    Some models are battery-powered; they are wireless and portable, always ready to use. While others need an electrical outlet to work, which can be cumbersome to use, each part of a drywall screw gun works together for consistent and accurate work. With the correct preset depth options, users need minimal effort to screw their installations in place.

    Nails versus Screws

    Some craftsmen use nails to secure their drywall to the wall-frame, but screws are the better option since they push the drywall against the flush against the framing. Screws last longer than nails with 350% longer hold than nails.

    When compared to nails, screws are better able to fasten drywall against metal framing. Modern screw guns are easy to use and create little noise when powered. It is still advised that persons wear protective eyeglasses and ear guards when using power tools, to preserve their eyesight and hearing.

    Here are 5 benefits of drywall screw gun:

    1.It allows for easier and quicker installation of the interior drywall. The gun does all the driving for you and moves faster when compared to handheld screwdrivers. It maximizes time and effort, making it a favorite among professionals and DIYers alike.

    2.The screw gun design removes the need to twist your wrist to secure or remove screws in the wall. The mechanical design is powered by electricity or a battery to move the rotating drill head and rotating head that does the driving for you. This lessens the chances of wrist damage or arm fatigue from the repetitive action of driving the screws into or out of the wall.

    3.Easily adjusts the depth each screw needs to drive through drywall for accurate and consistent results. Professionals agree that the best depth leaves a slight dimple in the wall for a smooth and natural finish.

    4.Automatic screw guns can store the screws needed for each installation. This feature removes the need to reattach screws as users move along the length or width of the drywall installation.

    5.The drywall screw gun is durable and long-lasting. This tool is an investment in your collection that only requires minimal repairs and replacements.

    Also, you may need to buy a router table if you are looking to complete other woodworking tasks as a contractor.

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    5 Benefits of a Drywall Screw Gun - The African Exponent

    Get Organized With Wall Mount Tool Organizers From WORX – Benzinga - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Pressed for space, consider the new WORX wall mount tool organizers for the garage or home shop. These handy organizers help keep frequently used tools and accessories together in the same location, eliminating time-consuming, search-and-find missions.

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRWEB) January 21, 2020

    Pressed for space, consider the new WORX wall mount tool organizers for the garage or home shop. These handy organizers help keep frequently used tools and accessories together in the same location, eliminating time-consuming, search-and-find missions.

    The WORX Wall Mount Tool Holder, WA0138, includes two wall hooks and measures 6.7 in.W x 2.2 in.H x 3.5 in.D and accommodates WORX string trimmers, blowers/vacs, chainsaws, JawSaw, hedge trimmers, and more.

    The Wall Mount Tool Holder is constructed of composite nylon for strength and durability. Four wood screws are included for installation. When mounted to studs, the tool holder's weight capacity is 33 lbs. When installed into drywall with anchors, it supports loads up to 17 lbs.

    Take it a step further with the WORX 18 in. Wall Mount Tool Holder, WA0139. This expanded organizer includes two WA0138 tool holders and incorporates an 18 in.W x 2.5 in.H aluminum track to save space and create a versatile wall system. Secure the track to the wall with the four included wood screws and slide the wall mount tool holders into place. It is ideally suited to store up to three hand-held lawn and garden power tools, such as a string trimmer, blower, chainsaw or hedge trimmer and other tools.

    Homeowners can mount multiple tool holders to store most of their powered lawn and garden tools. Due to the weight factor, the 18 in. Wall Mount Tool Holder should be installed into studs.

    It's recommended to clean all cutting tools prior to storage. Also, when cordless power tools are stored in the garage or shed, it's a good practice to remove the batteries and store them indoors. Hot and cold temperature extremes can impact battery performance.

    The WORX Wall Mount Tool Holder, (WA0138, $9.99) and the W ORX 18" Wall Mount Tool Holder (WA0139, $29.99) are available at

    Reach out to WORX social media links, including Facebook:; Twitter:; Pinterest: and Instagram: @WORXTools

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    Get Organized With Wall Mount Tool Organizers From WORX - Benzinga

    Greenwich High Performing Arts Center pipe part breaks, flooding gym – The Advocate - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Photo: Bob Luckey Jr. / Hearst Connecticut Media

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Greenwich High Performing Arts Center pipe part breaks, flooding gym

    GREENWICH An expansion joint burst in the hallway of the Greenwich High School Performing Arts Center this week, affecting the main gym next door.

    The facilities team took up part of the gym floor, removed drywall and ceiling tiles in and around the PAC and gym area, and continues to focus on any necessary clean up, district spokesperson Sasha Houlihan said Tuesday.

    This is the third time an expansion joint has broken in the auditorium building. One broke a year ago, flooding the $47 million building and shuttering it for nearly two months. That also affected the gym and forced the basketball teams to play on the road. A joint also broke in April of 2016.

    The part holds together two pipes and muffles vibration on the hot water line. The district estimates there are 17 of these parts throughout the auditorium building. When the issue first arose, officials said maintenance on these parts is impossible because they are inaccessible, installed behind walls and the ceiling.

    We know there are several expansion joints, so for this very reason it is in the budget to get them replaced, Houlihan said.

    The operating budget for 2020-21, which the Board of Estimate and Taxation will hold a public hearing for this Thursday at Town Hall at 7 p.m., includes $250,000 to replace the flexible connectors at the Performing Arts Center.

    Contractors will be onsite to evaluate and give school administrators an estimate for restoration and a project timeline, Houlihan said.

    While this will not impact the GHS exam schedule, we will have to reschedule or postpone all competitive athletic events that were to be held in Gym A and B, the main gym, she said. This will mainly impact the basketball teams.

    Athletic Director Gus Lindine said Tuesday nights home basketball game was to be moved.

    We are going to Brien McMahon for a basketball game tonight (that was originally scheduled to be at GHS) and we are looking to find alternative sites and times for practices and games, he said.

    The temperature of the PAC is controlled by a fan that blows hot or cold air, from cold water and hot water pipes. The expansion joints, also known as flex connectors, keep vibrations from the fan from being transferred to the structure of the building, which would disrupt the acoustics of the hall.

    The gym floor was just recently re-lettered, over the weekend of Jan. 11 and 12. That was to correct an error that occurred when the floor was resurfaced over winter break, and the name Greenwich at one end was spelled with an extra n, as Greennwich.

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    Greenwich High Performing Arts Center pipe part breaks, flooding gym - The Advocate

    House built by students hits the road, headed for Michigan City – - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Some 60 students have been involved in constructing the house so far, but others are involved as well, Martinson said, including interior design and architecture classes. Thats a total of some 75 to 100 students involved in the homes completion, he estimated.

    Its nice to see every kid matters here, Martinson said.

    Instructor Kevin Ortiz said the three-bedroom, one-bathroom house measures 26 feet by 40 feet. It was built in two halves at the high school. Beginning Tuesday, the pieces will be tied together and finishing work can begin. Drywall and other work had to wait until the house could be protected from the weather, he said.

    All seven seniors working on the house plan to go into the construction business, Ortiz said. A partnership with the carpenters union will allow interested students to go straight into an apprenticeship and skip the waiting period, he said.

    Student Claire Jones, of Chesterton, has helped build the home.

    Ive learned its very important to be a team working here, she said.

    Jones plans to go into project management and architecture. Learning the nuts and bolts of construction will help her in the future, she said.

    Travis Konarski, of Chesterton, said he likes working with his hands. This year, the students took the partially finished home from last year and straightened the walls and did other work, he said. Konarski plans to pursue a degree in construction management.

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    House built by students hits the road, headed for Michigan City -

    Hilltop 4 movie theater closes – Kearney Hub - January 22, 2020 by admin

    KEARNEY One of Kearneys theaters closed earlier this month.

    General Manager Bobby Wilson said he closed the Hilltop 4 movie theater at the mall at the first of the year so he could focus more on his other theater Kearney Cinema 8 at 300 S. Third Ave.

    Kearney Cinema 8 was better attended than the Hilltop 4 Theater and its four screens, Wilson said.

    Additionally, Wilson has invested his time and money into repairing Kearney Cinema 8 after it sustained damage on July 9 when south Kearney was inundated with floodwaters.

    Were still focusing on the flood damage (and) getting some things done there. But we plan on adding some new amenities there, said Wilson, who will announce the plans for the amenities after he finishes repairs to the south Kearney theater and its eight screens.

    Kearney Cinema 8 was closed for about two months while he replaced drywall and insulation, he said. Now he is replacing carpet on the walls, finishing trim work and updating the party room.

    Its mainly cosmetic now, he said.

    Wilson said he leased the Hilltop 4 space, which is located on the northeast corner of Hilltop Mall, from mall owner Dial Companies. A representative from Dial said it already has shown the Hilltop 4 space to other theater operators and retail concepts.

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    Hilltop 4 movie theater closes - Kearney Hub

    The New Boston Dynamics’ Spot 1.1 Revolutionizes the Construction Industry – ArchDaily - January 22, 2020 by admin

    The New Boston Dynamics' Spot 1.1 Revolutionizes the Construction Industry







    Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This motivational series grants unique insight into the making of a successful design career, from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition. Every week, featured guests share their personal highs and lows on their journey to success, that is sure to inspire audiences at all levels of the industry. Listening to their stories will provide a rare blueprint for anyone seeking to advance their career, and elevate their work to the next level.

    Michael Perry of the Robotics Company Boston Dynamics joins the podcast to discuss the release of Spot 1.1, and how their company is using robotics to revolutionize the construction industry.

    Boston Dynamics has accomplished so many amazing things for the field of robotics. For the people that might not be familiar, or have not seen the videos on YouTube, what exactly does Boston Dynamics do? (2:10)

    Boston Dynamics just released Spot 1.1, What advances can consumers expect to see with the new Spot release? (4:45)

    How specifically do you see the Spot technology being used in the architecture and construction industry? (7:40)

    We have talked a lot on the podcast about the future of architects and technology. Is Spot starting to create issues for the future of the modern-day construction worker? (12:10)

    I love showing people the YouTube videos of robots like Spot or Atlas and people are really excited when they first see it, but then they immediately think it is a little creepy. What do you say to those people that think this technology is going too far? (24:10)

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    The New Boston Dynamics' Spot 1.1 Revolutionizes the Construction Industry - ArchDaily

    Thieves cut through drywall to steal high-end skin cream from Kamloops beauty salon – iNFOnews - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Lucy Mardres is the owner of Inspire Esthetics Salon in downtown Kamloops. She's been the victim of two recent thefts at her salon costing her almost $2,000 in loss of product and money.


    January 15, 2020 - 6:00 PM

    For nearly five years in downtown Kamloops, salon owner Lucy Mardres never had any issues involving break-ins, but in the last three weeks, her business was broken into twice and shes out nearly $2,000 from the thefts mostly skin cream.

    Ive always been in this location and have never had any issues until now, Mardres says.

    Inspire Esthetics Studio located right on Lansdowne Street was first broken into in late December, according to Mardres. The salon owner says she came in one morning to find both locks on her doors had been damaged.

    Thieves cut a hole through the drywall at Inspire Esthetics Salon and unlocked the door to gain access into the salon.


    There was money missing and a lot of my skin care was stolen, she says, adding the skincare that was stolen were products that are exclusive to her salon.

    The prices on the products range from $50 to $150, she says.

    In the second and most recent break in, Mardres walked into her salon last Friday morning to find a hole that had been cut through the drywall to unlock the door.

    Mardres noticed they stole more of the same skincare products and also some random items including two pairs of her runners, donations for the Kamloops food bank, scissors and a jug of water.

    We are pretty sure they are transient people that are doing the break ins, she says. There were bicycle tracks to clean up in the foyer but unfortunately no fingerprints.

    Both times, Mardres reported the incidents to police and has also put out a call to social media if anyone sees the skincare products, HydroPeptide, being sold locally online through Kijiji or Marketplace to let her know or let the Kamloops RCMP know.

    For now, Mardres will be installing security cameras in the upcoming days. Anyone with information on this case can call the Kamloops RCMP at 250-828-3000 and cite file number 20-1160.

    The hole made by thieves from the outside of the salon.


    To contact a reporter for this story, email Karen Edwardsor call (250) 819-3723 or email the editor. You can also submit photos, videos or news tips to the newsroomand be entered to win a monthly prize draw.

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    Thieves cut through drywall to steal high-end skin cream from Kamloops beauty salon - iNFOnews

    Your Home Is Making Your Family Sick. It’s Time to Fix It. – Yahoo Lifestyle - January 22, 2020 by admin

    We often think of air pollution as car exhaust, smoke-spewing factories, and smog, but the air your family breathes while sleeping, eating, and vegging in front of the TV is anything but clean. Indoor air is teeming with toxic chemicals and allergens that can singe the eyes, trigger asthma attacks, and bring on headaches. Over time, airborne toxins can disrupt hormones, damage vital organs, and possibly even lead to cancer.

    But pollution isnt the only problem lurking in the air. Homes that are too dry are a potential health hazard too. Along with causing cracked skin and nosebleeds and increasing the risk of dehydration, overly dry air keeps influenza aloft and makes us more likely to get infected. But on the flipside, too-humid air encourages mold growth and attracts dust mites, creating a whole new set of health problems.

    Whether polluted, too dry, or too humid, imperfect indoor air is likely making your family sick. So what can you do about it? Well, contrary to popular demand, the answer to the pollution problem is not to fill your home with potted plants. They do purify the air very slightly, but youd have to turn every room into a jungle to have any meaningful effect. Here are some more real, actionable solutions to keep your family safe from illness both now and in the future.

    Believe or not, indoor air is actually more polluted than outdoor air, says Josh Jacobs, director of environmental codes and standards at independent safety certifier UL. Because we seal up buildings and control ventilation rates, anything we add inside drywall, flooring, furniture, paint, electronics can give off VOCs, which do not dissipate in an indoor environment.

    Short for volatile organic compounds, VOCs include some 13,000 toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, aldehyde, benzene, and toluene, that off-gas from manmade household products and building materials. In fact, Jacobs says that only items made entirely of steel, glass, concrete, or stone do not give off VOCs that we then breathe in. Along with irritating the eyes, nose, and throat, these hazardous chemicals can worsen asthma symptoms and cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, skin rashes, and fatigue. Prolonged exposure can harm the kidneys, liver, or central nervous system and potentially cause cancer.

    Although plenty of VOCs are emitted outdoors, those chemicals can escape, whereas the VOCs given off inside the home get trapped, turning problematic. Think about it like red dye, Jacobs says. If you put one drop in the ocean, it will dissipate quickly and nothing will really happens. But if you put one drop in a fishbowl, it will turn the water pink or even bright red.

    Besides VOC contamination, indoor air can also be sullied by allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, mold, or even pollen tracked in from outside. Along with hovering in the air, these pollutants accumulate in house dust. Whats more, everyday activities like cooking on a gas stove and scouring the kitchen floor conjure up gasses that can cause health problems when inhaled.

    How to Fit It

    Youll never totally eradicate VOC emissions, but you can do a lot to lessen your familys exposure, starting with the types of products you bring into your home. When shopping for paint, furniture, countertops, drywall, mattresses, bedding, window treatments, and many more home-improvement needs, look for ULs GreenGuard Gold certification. Any product bearing this seal will have passed rigorous third-party testing to prove it has low VOC emissions.

    Similarly, for carpeting, flooring, and the adhesives and sealants they require, pick products that carry the Carpet and Rug Institutes Green Label Plus seal, which have also passed ULs stringent VOC emissions tests. Another certification to know is ECOLOGO, also administered by UL, which signals low VOCs as well as a minimal environmental footprint. Look for this seal on cleaning products especially, but also paper products, electronics, office equipment, and more. (For a full list of certified GreenGuard, Green Label Plus, or ECOLOGO products, go to UL Spot.)

    To lessen the VOC threat from household items you already own, open windows as much as possible to circulate outdoor air through your home. If you have a forced-air heating and cooling system, use filters designed to remove small particles (Check Consumer Reports Air Filter Buying Guide for best options) and change it out regularly; this should help minimize airborne allergens as well. Also consider a standalone air purifier, which wont do much for VOCs but can capture allergens, dust, and other particles. These require regular filter swap-outs too.

    Additionally, vacuum, sweep, and dust your entire home frequently to mop up all the allergens and other nasty stuff thats settled onto floors, furniture, and electronics. And if you have a gas stovetop with an exhaust hood, use it whenever you cook and leave it on for a few minutes after youre done. Research shows that hoods drastically limit the pollutants pushed into the air.

    If you live in the northern U.S., at high elevation, or anywhere that gets cold enough to necessitate turning on the heat for part of the year, dry indoor air is practically a given. The Environmental Protection Agency advises keeping humidity levels between 30 percent and 50 percent, but rarely do homes with the heat running constantly even scratch 30.

    Some of what happens when the air is too arid is obvious and annoying: scaly skin, staticky hair, itchy scalp. Nosebleeds are common as well, because when the tiny blood vessels in our nasal passageways dry out, they become brittle and burst easily. But dry air introduces more health hazards than many people realize. First of all, its easier to get dehydrated because the body loses fluids while we breathe. And along with causing headaches, dizziness, or nausea, dehydration can make us more prone to respiratory ailments.

    Our immune system relies on a certain amount of moisture to create thick, gooey mucus that traps viruses and bacteria in the nose and mouth before they can infect us, says Daniel Allan, M.D., a family medicine physician at the Cleveland Clinic. Those secretions carry antibodies so they work almost like a filter. But if youre not well hydrated, your nose and mouth will dry out, leaving you more vulnerable to illness.

    Making matters worse, some viruses especially influenza thrive in dry air. Research shows that flu epidemics in the U.S. almost always come a few weeks after the relative humidity drops. This is likely because dry air helps the virus to travel better and stay activated longer, says Jennifer Reiman, Ph.D., who researched humiditys effects on influenza while at the Mayo Clinic.

    As soon as someone sneezes or coughs, the [influenza-containing] droplets they expel start shrinking, she says. Under low humidity, they shrink more rapidly, and when they are smaller, it takes longer for them to fall out of circulation and onto the floor. They hang around in the air longer and are more easily picked up by others. Also, those smaller particles can reach deeper into the airways and get into the lungs where they can infect, Reiman adds, whereas bigger particles dont make it as far into the body.

    How to Fit It

    To keep your home from drying out, make sure its well insulated. The more air leaks you have in your doors, windows, crawl spaces, and weather stripping, the more dry, cold outdoor air comes into the home, Allan says. Then the furnace has to work harder, making it harder to control humidity in the house. Insulating well is good for your monthly energy bill but also could help reduce your chances of getting sick.

    If you suspect the humidity in your home is too lowand again, even if your house is sealed well, if the heat has been on for a while, it probably is first buy a hygrometer to test it. These instruments are sold at most hardware stores or on Amazon, often for under $20. If the humidity level reads below 30 percent, then consider buying a humidifier, which shoots a fine mist of water into the air to bump up the moisture level. There are console units, which are generally bigger, stay parked in one spot, and can treat the air of a large space, as well as tabletop humidifiers, which are smaller and easier to move from room to room. Depending on the size and layout of your house, you might need more than one unit.

    When it comes to flu protection, humidifiers have been proven to help. Reiman ran a fascinating study a few winters ago in which her team installed humidifiers in two preschool classrooms to raise the humidity level to between 42 percent and 45 percent. They left two other classrooms untreated. Then, along with tracking the number of kids who reported flu symptoms that year, the researchers collected air samples from each classroom and swabbed wooden blocks, markers, playdough utensils, and other surfaces the tots touched.

    Analyzing all the samples in their lab, Reimans team found significantly more influenza present in the classrooms without the humidifiers. And of the virus samples found, those from the dryer rooms were more virulent. This synced up to the data from the kids, as 2.3 more cases of influenza-like illness were reported from the non-humidified classrooms.

    While they can make your home feel more comfortable and decrease virus risk, be careful with humidifiers. They require refilling daily and a deep cleaning at least once a week to ensure they keep working efficiently and, more importantly, to prevent mold from forming and bacteria from building up in the stagnant water you dont want that junk misting into the air.

    With humidity, too much of a good thing is very, very bad. Although indoor air above 50 percent humidity is more common in the Southeastern U.S., it can happen anywhere that gets hot and humid in the summertime or whenever a homes air conditioning system isnt working properly. Basements, bathrooms, and very small spaces can see humidity levels creep.

    Homes that are too humid risk sprouting mold, which produces allergens that can cause sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, skin rashes, and feverlike symptoms. Mold is particularly pesky for people with asthma, upping the risk of attacks. Another common allergen, dust mites, thrive in humidity as well. So do many species of bacteria that can make us sick. Oh, and heres one more problem: Research shows humidity higher than 60 percent can increase concentrations of VOCs.

    How to Fit It

    If your home is harboring unhealthy humidity levels, youll likely be able to feel it and notice condensation on windows and mirrors. But it never hurts to bust out the hygrometer to check. To keep levels under control, get your air conditioning looked at by a professional to ensure that you have the most efficient system for your home and that its working as it should.

    Also, make sure to use the exhaust fans over your stove and in your bathrooms to draw out excess moisture. Run fans in your home to keep air circulating and humidity low. Even taking shorter showers and covering steaming pots on the stove will help stop humidity from rising.

    If humidity is an ongoing problem, consider investing in a dehumidifier, which sucks moisture from the air, collecting the water in a removable reservoir. Dehumidifiers come in multiple capacities based on how many pints of water they can draw from the air within 24 hours. Your home or rooms size and current humidity level can inform how strong of a horse you need. (Consumer Reports offers a comprehensive buying guide and product reviews.) Just like with a humidifier, though, you have to stay on top of cleaning dehumidifiers or you could have a pool of bacteria before long.

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    Your Home Is Making Your Family Sick. It's Time to Fix It. - Yahoo Lifestyle

    Homes Recently Listed in the Carlisle Area – Kenosha News - January 10, 2020 by admin

    Mountain Laurel floor plan features quintessential wrap around porch, panoramic views. Luxurious owner's suite features spa-like bath. Soaking tub, tile shower, double bowl vanity and massive walk in closet. Expansive great room connects with Kitchen. Separated, but open dining room. Media nook, loft, full bath and bedroom on the second floor. Storage galore. Superior wall basement is optional. The Porches of Allenberry offers carefree living along the banks of the Yellow Breeches. Residents will be able to access this world-class fly-fishing stream from the Yellow Breeches preservation area. Architecturally curated with privacy & versatility in mind. Golf cart community with a lit, paved pathway to Allenberry Resort and neighboring hobby farm. Park-like neighborhood lawns and extensive landscaping. Outstanding quality construction features natural stone, LP Smart Side exterior, Anderson 400 series windows and lifetime architectural shingles. Resident exclusive Kipling Meeting House - Community center with rustic fireplace, lounge, bar, kitchen and fitness area. The community provides easy access to outdoor activities, resort amenities and area highlights. Centrally located to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York & D.C. The Porches of Allenberry offers carefree living, lock and leave services combined with exceptional amenities. The Porches is the fastest growing new home community in Central PA. The Porches bring people & nature together.

    View Listing

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    Homes Recently Listed in the Carlisle Area - Kenosha News

    Police station will open on July 29 – Mash Viral - January 10, 2020 by admin

    Belleville Police Station Southeast Addition, 2019 (Photo: Filed / City of Belleville)

    The date has been set.

    The new Belleville police headquarters will be officially opened on July 29.

    The opening will be accompanied by a ceremony and ribbon cutting to mark the memorable occasion.

    The city announced the official opening date of the new Belleville police headquarters in the town hall. (Photo: Amanda Smith / Quinte News)

    The announcement was made in the town hall on Friday morning and Mayor Mitch Panciuk says the new ultramodern facility is long awaited.

    Panciuk also said that the details are currently being worked out, but the facility will be open for tours this fall.

    The new building is more than double the footprint of the current police station at 69,000 square feet. The building has been assessed after disasters and requires more than 73,000 concrete blocks, 4,500 steel studs, 1,800 sheets of drywall, miles and miles of electrical and communication wires, 15 high-energy heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and a 200-foot high communication tower. A solar system will be installed once the construction is complete.

    The building will also have a community boardroom that will be available for use by non-profit community organizations.

    Police chief Ron Gignac at the announcement of the official opening date of the new Belleville police headquarters at the town hall. (Photo: Amanda Smith / Quinte News)

    The budget for this project located at 459 Sidney Street is $ 26.3 million and is on schedule according to Chief Ron Gignac.

    He says that this new building will be useful for the more than 160 service members.


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    Police station will open on July 29 - Mash Viral

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