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    Create the workout room you always wanted | Home – Reading Eagle - February 23, 2020 by admin

    Look up basement in the dictionary and youll see cellar, vault even crypt. But with a little effort and some design flair you can make your basement come alive and reclaim valuable living space.

    Create the workout room you always wanted. A dramatic home theater. Or a spacious office, playroom or craft area. If you can re-imagine your basement, you can remodel it. Here are hints on how:

    Like the look of wood? Check out Armstrong WoodHaven Ceiling Planks. Theyre available in a variety of finishes, although WoodHaven Classic White planks is the do-it-yourself favorite. These wood-look ceiling planks can install over drywall, plaster or joists and can even cover an existing drop ceiling grid.

    Creating a playroom or cozy retreat? If moisture isnt a worry, add warmth and softness underfoot with carpeting or an area rug.

    If your subfloor is smooth and even, vinyl is hard to beat. Whether in tile, sheet or plank form, the styles are versatile and the material is water-resistant or waterproof.

    If youre adding a basement gym, consider rubber interlocking tiles. They absorb shock and you can install them yourself.

    Youll discover abundant wall-covering options, too, such as wainscoting, paneling and beadboard. Subtle grass cloth wallpapers add sophistication. Peel-and-stick cork wall tiles create design interest and absorb sound.

    Whatever your choice, be sure to waterproof the walls before you cover them.

    Display cubes or built-in shelving with lighting are great options for showing off your trophies, baskets, pottery or collectibles. For color and warmth, mix and match a variety of pillows and plush throws.

    To personalize your walls, without making a permanent design commitment, consider wall decals. Their elegant patterns and bold images add instant interest. You can even make your mark with an inspiring, oversized quote.

    Use every type of lighting general, task and accent to bring your basement out of the shadows. Mirrors are another great way to add light, and the illusion of space.

    DIYers have never had more versatile design tools and materials to choose from. So dont let your lower level go unloved and unused any longer. Let the transformation begin.

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    Create the workout room you always wanted | Home - Reading Eagle

    Around the House: To keep fleas away, keep rabbits away – Colorado Springs Gazette - February 23, 2020 by admin

    Dear Ken: For the first time last year, we had fleas at our house. Even our dog got them. Naturally, I dont want them again this year. I suspect they are coming from rabbits living under our deck. Any relief for this? Janet

    Answer: I think there is a possible connection between wild rabbits and a flea infestation. And yes, if your dog lies around on the deck hell become a home for them also.

    There seem to be a lot of more rabbits around, dont there? Apparently its at least partially due to the decline of the fox population from mange. Theres really no effective way to trap rabbits; you can only discourage them. Coyote urine spray is one deterrent. But I like the commercial repellents better. The Bonide company makes Repels All Spray (full disclosure, they advertise with me). I have used it with great success to keep the deer away from my perennial flower garden, but I know it also works for rabbits and other critters, plus it lasts about a month.

    But of course your first line of defense is to put lattice, chicken wire or some other barricade around the edges of your deck to discourage nesting rabbits. One good resource that can help you with this is the Colorado State Extension Service at

    Dear Ken: Is there a building code regarding the distance of a microwave mounted over a cooktop? I have heard there is a manufacturers recommendation and am wondering if there is a code requirement. Bill

    Answer: Usually the appliance companies specify that the top of the microwave be no lower than 66 inches off the floor. That gives a fixed distance between the cooktop and the bottom of the microwave, since ranges are all at the same countertop height.

    The building code authorities almost always defer to the manufacturers recommendations. So thats what I would do. Besides, if you violate that separation distance, youre going to void the warranty on your new microwave.

    Dear Ken: Id like to paint over my old, dark paneling somehow. Youve mentioned a primer and sealer before. What are the steps? Jackie

    Answer: Old paneling can, indeed, be painted. But itll end up looking like guess what? painted paneling. The grooves and fake distress marks will show through with a vengeance. And if you try to remove the sheets, youll probably damage the underlying drywall surface. That will require taping, floating and texturing, which will make you wish you had the paneling back. Its much better to switch to some other material like wallpaper.

    Scuff sand the entire surface to degloss it, then fill in the grooves with a couple of applications of some drywall taping compound applied with a plastic putty knife; lightly sand between each coat.

    Then paint on a couple of layers of a good interior wallpaper prep material or interior latex primer. That will make a good surface for wallpaper to cling to. If you use a heavy-ish vinyl, you can glue it directly over the wood. For thin papers, apply a liner paper first. If you use a muted and undecorated pattern like you see in many office buildings the walls will then pretty much resemble ordinary, textured drywall. Youll be surprised at how much bigger and more inviting the room becomes, and your home wont seem nearly as dated.

    Dear Ken: My furnace in my new home is actually in the attic. I have a hard time getting someone to change the filters. Is there somewhere else I can install them thats easier to get to? John

    Answer: An HVAC contractor may be able to modify the return air grill down in the living area by adding a hinged cover, which would then accept a standard-size filter.

    Otherwise, you can buy rolls of filter media at the hardware store that you can size to fit the space behind that same return air opening. After its installed, remove the traditional filter in the furnace and throw it away. This method actually reduces the load on the blower motor, so the house will heat quicker, and youll be able to change the filters whenever you like.

    Dear Ken: I have one bathroom bulb that flickers. It doesnt help to put a new one in or to tighten it. Any ideas? Barb

    Answer: Turn the electricity off at the breaker box and remove the bulb. Shine a flashlight into the socket and youll see a little tab sitting in the center at the bottom. This is the hot side of the circuit and touches a little spot on the bottom of the bulb base. Use the end of an emery file to pull it towards you a bit, and then try to sand off as much of the surface of the tab as you can to remove built up oxidation. Its an awkward maneuver, but youll get the hang of it.

    Finally, rub a tiny bit of petroleum jelly onto the outside threads of the bulb to make it easier to remove the next time. Chances are, when you reenergize the light it wont flicker.

    Moon is a home inspector in the Pikes Peak region. His radio show airs at 4 pm Saturdays on KRDO, FM 105.5 and AM 1240. Visit a

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    Around the House: To keep fleas away, keep rabbits away - Colorado Springs Gazette

    At home: It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world in this South County home – - February 23, 2020 by admin

    His family finished out the school year in Jeff City, which gave him four months to work on renovations. Nearly all his time outside of a demanding day job as a news editor was spent working on home repairs. Within the first year, they had refloored 2,300 square feet, gutted the kitchen, added a wall on the main level and redid two of the four bathrooms. The others have been renovated since.

    With more and more paintings accumulating it made sense to give over an entire basement wall from baseboard to ceiling to what the Francks now regard as a single art installation.

    Photo by Christian Gooden,

    Theyve taught themselves how to do fairly complex home repairs from trial and error, YouTube videos and by asking friends from church. Their children get roped into the home improvement project mostly out of necessity for an extra set of hands. When they were replacing the sheetrock on the ceiling of their kitchen, they recruited two of their children to help hold it up. The kids climbed the ladders with pillows tied to their heads, so the sheetrock could rest there while Matt drilled it into place.

    They were in 4th and 7th grade at the time.

    Once he ran out of projects around the house theres only so many coats of paint you can put on a room, Matt discovered a new hobby, Christine said.

    About five years ago, a damaged reproduction print of an 18th century maiden caught his eye at a thrift shop. He altered it by wrapping a tentacle around her neck.

    From that humble start, he joined the growing ranks of thrift store painting artists in pioneering the kitschy art form. He searches for dated paintings at thrift stores and estate sales and adds a Franck flourish a gigantic Cyclops eye, a literal beehive hairdo, a series of seven tombstones outside a rustic cottage that resembles a dystopian version of Disneys Snow White, with a nod to the #MeToo movement. The headstones, one for each dwarf, are labeled Creepy, Horny and Weinstein, among others, with Snow White walking away with a shovel.

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    At home: It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world in this South County home -

    New MacBook Pro 13-inch spotted with 10th-generation Ice Lake – Best gaming pro - February 23, 2020 by admin

    It appears like Apple has plans to present the MacBook Professional 13-inch a substantial energy increase in 2020. And, its about darn time, particularly since Eighth-generation Intel Core processors are ageing at this level, particularly on a premium laptop computer.

    A 3DMark Time Spy benchmark, not too long ago leaked by @_rogame on Twitter, exhibits a brand new 13-inch MacBook Professional boasting marked efficiency enhancements over 2019s second highest configuration. In the event youre not acquainted with this serial leaker, he was answerable for uncovering a Geekbench 4 benchmark of the 16-inch MacBook Professional boasting the Radeon 5500M graphics card earlier than it got here out. So, you realize that is coming from a dependable supply.

    The unreleased 13-inch MacBook Professional mannequin is fitted with an Intel Core i7-1068NG7 processor with a 2.3GHz base clock, Turbo Enhance as much as four.1GHz clocks and a TDP of 28W. Primarily based on an earlier tweet, it additionally boasts 32GB of reminiscence and 2TB of storage (SSD).

    Its price noting that the i7-1068NG7 could possibly be a variant of the i7-1068G7, which praises as the very best performing cell chip within the Ice Lake U household.

    If we had been to go by this leak, we could possibly be taking a look at a 13-inch MacBook Professional with a decent increase in energy.

    The benchmark pitted the i7 mannequin towards a 2019 MacBook Professional 13-inch with an Eighth-generation Intel Core i5-8279U with 2.4GHz base, most Turbo frequency of four.1GHz and a TDP of 28W. And, it exhibits the i7 having a 12% lead over the i5 in CPU testing and a couple of 29% enhance in graphics efficiency.

    Its unclear whether or not it has the identical Iris Plus 655 graphics or is armed with a extra highly effective next-generation GPU. Nonetheless, the presence of 32GB RAM might point out that there is perhaps extra choices for the 13-inch MacBook Professional 2020 when it comes to reminiscence. At the moment, youll be able to solely improve to 16GB from 8GB. That is nice information for people who want extra energy, however need one thing extra transportable than the 16-inch MacBook Professional, nonetheless spectacular it might be.

    Theres one different factor to notice right here: the i5 mannequin is simply the second highest configuration within the 2019 mannequin. So, were questioning why this benchmark isnt pitting the 10th-generation i7 with the very best one, which boasts Eighth-generation i7 chip. Its one thing to consider, particularly if rumors a couple of 14-inch MacBook Professional with suitably slim bezels however solely barely larger chassis are literally true.

    On the very least, were hoping that the 2020 entry-level MacBook Professional will, the truth is, drop the terrible Butterfly switches and undertake the 16-inchs Scissor switches, that are by far the finest keyboard weve used on a MacBook.

    We receivedt have to attend lengthy to seek out out. If we had been to go by Apples current EEC filings and the truth that the 2019 MacBook Professional 13-inch was refreshed again in July 2019, well be seeing the 2020 mannequin quickly.

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    New MacBook Pro 13-inch spotted with 10th-generation Ice Lake - Best gaming pro

    5 Benefits of a Drywall Screw Gun – The African Exponent - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Drywall screw guns have made home renovations easier than before. This efficient and useful tool is a favorite for professional crafters and handymen. The best drywall screw gun has a similar design to power drills but was made for effectively driving screws into drywall.

    The essential parts of a drywall screw gun include:

    A prominent part of any handheld tool is the handle. It is shaped like a gun and thick enough for a hand to hold it for periods with little discomfort. The back section is covered with a rubber-like material to reduce the risk of slipping, which prevents accidents.

    The trigger or clutch releases the screws or powers the bit to drive the screws into the wall. The tighter you squeeze, the faster it spins.

    Screw guns drive screws into the drywall and can also take them out. The forward/reverse feature allows you to do just that.

    The optional belt clip allows the screw gun user to fasten the tool to their belt for easy access or to rest.

    This depth adjustment feature is what makes screw wall guns superior to manual screwdrivers. It gauges the depth to prevent the screws from driving in too deep and form the tearing the wallpaper.

    A drill bit that has a Phillips head that matches the shape of the screw heads. It is removable and allows you to change the drill bit as needed.

    Drill bit housing secures the drill bit firmly in place.

    Some models are battery-powered; they are wireless and portable, always ready to use. While others need an electrical outlet to work, which can be cumbersome to use, each part of a drywall screw gun works together for consistent and accurate work. With the correct preset depth options, users need minimal effort to screw their installations in place.

    Nails versus Screws

    Some craftsmen use nails to secure their drywall to the wall-frame, but screws are the better option since they push the drywall against the flush against the framing. Screws last longer than nails with 350% longer hold than nails.

    When compared to nails, screws are better able to fasten drywall against metal framing. Modern screw guns are easy to use and create little noise when powered. It is still advised that persons wear protective eyeglasses and ear guards when using power tools, to preserve their eyesight and hearing.

    Here are 5 benefits of drywall screw gun:

    1.It allows for easier and quicker installation of the interior drywall. The gun does all the driving for you and moves faster when compared to handheld screwdrivers. It maximizes time and effort, making it a favorite among professionals and DIYers alike.

    2.The screw gun design removes the need to twist your wrist to secure or remove screws in the wall. The mechanical design is powered by electricity or a battery to move the rotating drill head and rotating head that does the driving for you. This lessens the chances of wrist damage or arm fatigue from the repetitive action of driving the screws into or out of the wall.

    3.Easily adjusts the depth each screw needs to drive through drywall for accurate and consistent results. Professionals agree that the best depth leaves a slight dimple in the wall for a smooth and natural finish.

    4.Automatic screw guns can store the screws needed for each installation. This feature removes the need to reattach screws as users move along the length or width of the drywall installation.

    5.The drywall screw gun is durable and long-lasting. This tool is an investment in your collection that only requires minimal repairs and replacements.

    Also, you may need to buy a router table if you are looking to complete other woodworking tasks as a contractor.

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    5 Benefits of a Drywall Screw Gun - The African Exponent

    Get Organized With Wall Mount Tool Organizers From WORX – Benzinga - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Pressed for space, consider the new WORX wall mount tool organizers for the garage or home shop. These handy organizers help keep frequently used tools and accessories together in the same location, eliminating time-consuming, search-and-find missions.

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRWEB) January 21, 2020

    Pressed for space, consider the new WORX wall mount tool organizers for the garage or home shop. These handy organizers help keep frequently used tools and accessories together in the same location, eliminating time-consuming, search-and-find missions.

    The WORX Wall Mount Tool Holder, WA0138, includes two wall hooks and measures 6.7 in.W x 2.2 in.H x 3.5 in.D and accommodates WORX string trimmers, blowers/vacs, chainsaws, JawSaw, hedge trimmers, and more.

    The Wall Mount Tool Holder is constructed of composite nylon for strength and durability. Four wood screws are included for installation. When mounted to studs, the tool holder's weight capacity is 33 lbs. When installed into drywall with anchors, it supports loads up to 17 lbs.

    Take it a step further with the WORX 18 in. Wall Mount Tool Holder, WA0139. This expanded organizer includes two WA0138 tool holders and incorporates an 18 in.W x 2.5 in.H aluminum track to save space and create a versatile wall system. Secure the track to the wall with the four included wood screws and slide the wall mount tool holders into place. It is ideally suited to store up to three hand-held lawn and garden power tools, such as a string trimmer, blower, chainsaw or hedge trimmer and other tools.

    Homeowners can mount multiple tool holders to store most of their powered lawn and garden tools. Due to the weight factor, the 18 in. Wall Mount Tool Holder should be installed into studs.

    It's recommended to clean all cutting tools prior to storage. Also, when cordless power tools are stored in the garage or shed, it's a good practice to remove the batteries and store them indoors. Hot and cold temperature extremes can impact battery performance.

    The WORX Wall Mount Tool Holder, (WA0138, $9.99) and the W ORX 18" Wall Mount Tool Holder (WA0139, $29.99) are available at

    Reach out to WORX social media links, including Facebook:; Twitter:; Pinterest: and Instagram: @WORXTools

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    Get Organized With Wall Mount Tool Organizers From WORX - Benzinga

    Greenwich High Performing Arts Center pipe part breaks, flooding gym – The Advocate - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Photo: Bob Luckey Jr. / Hearst Connecticut Media

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Boys high school basketball game between Wilton High School and Greenwich High School at Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

    Greenwich High Performing Arts Center pipe part breaks, flooding gym

    GREENWICH An expansion joint burst in the hallway of the Greenwich High School Performing Arts Center this week, affecting the main gym next door.

    The facilities team took up part of the gym floor, removed drywall and ceiling tiles in and around the PAC and gym area, and continues to focus on any necessary clean up, district spokesperson Sasha Houlihan said Tuesday.

    This is the third time an expansion joint has broken in the auditorium building. One broke a year ago, flooding the $47 million building and shuttering it for nearly two months. That also affected the gym and forced the basketball teams to play on the road. A joint also broke in April of 2016.

    The part holds together two pipes and muffles vibration on the hot water line. The district estimates there are 17 of these parts throughout the auditorium building. When the issue first arose, officials said maintenance on these parts is impossible because they are inaccessible, installed behind walls and the ceiling.

    We know there are several expansion joints, so for this very reason it is in the budget to get them replaced, Houlihan said.

    The operating budget for 2020-21, which the Board of Estimate and Taxation will hold a public hearing for this Thursday at Town Hall at 7 p.m., includes $250,000 to replace the flexible connectors at the Performing Arts Center.

    Contractors will be onsite to evaluate and give school administrators an estimate for restoration and a project timeline, Houlihan said.

    While this will not impact the GHS exam schedule, we will have to reschedule or postpone all competitive athletic events that were to be held in Gym A and B, the main gym, she said. This will mainly impact the basketball teams.

    Athletic Director Gus Lindine said Tuesday nights home basketball game was to be moved.

    We are going to Brien McMahon for a basketball game tonight (that was originally scheduled to be at GHS) and we are looking to find alternative sites and times for practices and games, he said.

    The temperature of the PAC is controlled by a fan that blows hot or cold air, from cold water and hot water pipes. The expansion joints, also known as flex connectors, keep vibrations from the fan from being transferred to the structure of the building, which would disrupt the acoustics of the hall.

    The gym floor was just recently re-lettered, over the weekend of Jan. 11 and 12. That was to correct an error that occurred when the floor was resurfaced over winter break, and the name Greenwich at one end was spelled with an extra n, as Greennwich.

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    Greenwich High Performing Arts Center pipe part breaks, flooding gym - The Advocate

    House built by students hits the road, headed for Michigan City – - January 22, 2020 by admin

    Some 60 students have been involved in constructing the house so far, but others are involved as well, Martinson said, including interior design and architecture classes. Thats a total of some 75 to 100 students involved in the homes completion, he estimated.

    Its nice to see every kid matters here, Martinson said.

    Instructor Kevin Ortiz said the three-bedroom, one-bathroom house measures 26 feet by 40 feet. It was built in two halves at the high school. Beginning Tuesday, the pieces will be tied together and finishing work can begin. Drywall and other work had to wait until the house could be protected from the weather, he said.

    All seven seniors working on the house plan to go into the construction business, Ortiz said. A partnership with the carpenters union will allow interested students to go straight into an apprenticeship and skip the waiting period, he said.

    Student Claire Jones, of Chesterton, has helped build the home.

    Ive learned its very important to be a team working here, she said.

    Jones plans to go into project management and architecture. Learning the nuts and bolts of construction will help her in the future, she said.

    Travis Konarski, of Chesterton, said he likes working with his hands. This year, the students took the partially finished home from last year and straightened the walls and did other work, he said. Konarski plans to pursue a degree in construction management.

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    House built by students hits the road, headed for Michigan City -

    Hilltop 4 movie theater closes – Kearney Hub - January 22, 2020 by admin

    KEARNEY One of Kearneys theaters closed earlier this month.

    General Manager Bobby Wilson said he closed the Hilltop 4 movie theater at the mall at the first of the year so he could focus more on his other theater Kearney Cinema 8 at 300 S. Third Ave.

    Kearney Cinema 8 was better attended than the Hilltop 4 Theater and its four screens, Wilson said.

    Additionally, Wilson has invested his time and money into repairing Kearney Cinema 8 after it sustained damage on July 9 when south Kearney was inundated with floodwaters.

    Were still focusing on the flood damage (and) getting some things done there. But we plan on adding some new amenities there, said Wilson, who will announce the plans for the amenities after he finishes repairs to the south Kearney theater and its eight screens.

    Kearney Cinema 8 was closed for about two months while he replaced drywall and insulation, he said. Now he is replacing carpet on the walls, finishing trim work and updating the party room.

    Its mainly cosmetic now, he said.

    Wilson said he leased the Hilltop 4 space, which is located on the northeast corner of Hilltop Mall, from mall owner Dial Companies. A representative from Dial said it already has shown the Hilltop 4 space to other theater operators and retail concepts.

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    Hilltop 4 movie theater closes - Kearney Hub

    The New Boston Dynamics’ Spot 1.1 Revolutionizes the Construction Industry – ArchDaily - January 22, 2020 by admin

    The New Boston Dynamics' Spot 1.1 Revolutionizes the Construction Industry







    Design:ED Podcast is an inside look into the field of architecture told from the perspective of individuals that are leading the industry. This motivational series grants unique insight into the making of a successful design career, from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition. Every week, featured guests share their personal highs and lows on their journey to success, that is sure to inspire audiences at all levels of the industry. Listening to their stories will provide a rare blueprint for anyone seeking to advance their career, and elevate their work to the next level.

    Michael Perry of the Robotics Company Boston Dynamics joins the podcast to discuss the release of Spot 1.1, and how their company is using robotics to revolutionize the construction industry.

    Boston Dynamics has accomplished so many amazing things for the field of robotics. For the people that might not be familiar, or have not seen the videos on YouTube, what exactly does Boston Dynamics do? (2:10)

    Boston Dynamics just released Spot 1.1, What advances can consumers expect to see with the new Spot release? (4:45)

    How specifically do you see the Spot technology being used in the architecture and construction industry? (7:40)

    We have talked a lot on the podcast about the future of architects and technology. Is Spot starting to create issues for the future of the modern-day construction worker? (12:10)

    I love showing people the YouTube videos of robots like Spot or Atlas and people are really excited when they first see it, but then they immediately think it is a little creepy. What do you say to those people that think this technology is going too far? (24:10)

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    The New Boston Dynamics' Spot 1.1 Revolutionizes the Construction Industry - ArchDaily

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