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    The Porches Desoto Landing Pool, tennis, Porches, Views … - March 24, 2019 by admin

    This is a beautiful home located in a gated community on Dauphin Island, Alabama. The house has four bedrooms and three baths. The lower level bedroom suite includes a queen sized bed with a private shower bath. French doors lead to a spacious screened porch with amazing views of the beach, gulf and golf course. The second bedroom has a set of child sized bunk beds and a twin bed with access to a full bath. On the top floor, there is a huge master suite with a king sized bed, sitting area and table and chairs for playing games and cards. The master bath has a large whirlpool tub and separate shower and water closet. French doors lead to a porch and balcony with amazing views of the gulf. The 4th bedroom upstairs has a queen bed and is decorated in a sailboat theme. There is a 'toy' closet located in this room for your little ones. There is a loft area at the top of the stairs that has a twin bed.

    Downstairs, the family room has soaring ceilings and access to the wonderful screened porch perfect for coffee and conversation.

    The kitchen is fully equipped and the breakfast area has a large table for family meals and games.

    All linens including sheets, towels and beach towels are furnished for your convenience.

    This is definitely a house that will force you to relax and take in the wonderful views! The house is located directly across from the beach. The pool, tennis court and boardwalk to the beach are just a short walk away. (about 200 yards).

    There is also a sand area for your little ones under the house equipped with sand toys for hours of fun at your fingertips!

    Sorry, no pets or smoking is allowed in this home! -Free Virtual Tour

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    The Porches Desoto Landing Pool, tennis, Porches, Views ...

    Atlanta decks, porches and outdoor living spaces … - March 11, 2019 by admin

    Wonderful job and service They were very clear and helpful in the planning of the project and their personnel did a superb, efficient, friendly job. They honored our contract and never balked about assuring top quality. We are totally satisfied and just wish other work persons we used for other projects had the same commitment to good quality and customer service. He and his work people were a delight to work with.

    Top quality at a fair price Peachtree just finished a 1200 sq.ft. deck of Ipe with a substantial structure and some elevations of up to 15' above ground. The deck is certainly the best quality of construction that I have ever witnessed, and being an engineer I have seen a few. His flexibility and eagerness to work with my design input was a huge plus. If I ever contemplate any more work around here that Peachtree can do they will be the only ones that I call.

    A great experience We were impressed by the time spent with us to explain all of the options for our deck. It was quickly obvious that they are experienced deck builders and was very knowledgeable about materials best suited for the purpose. We enjoyed the association with Peachtree and the price was right. Workmanship was excellent. Result was amazing and we are so pleased. We would recommend this company to anyone. Proud to give our name.

    Integrity nothing but the Best! Peachtree Decks and Porches can be counted on for honesty and trust. They were excellent to deal with while we changed scope a number of times before arriving at the solution. The quality is outstanding. The project was completed in a quick and efficient manner. Job site was kept clean and organized through the process. The finished product is beautiful. Definitely brought value to the property.

    Exceptional experience throughout the process The Peachtree Decks and Porches team is amazing. The entire process was above and beyond my expectations. I have done a lot of remodeling work both by myself and using contractors and Peachtree Decks has them all beat. The finished product looks amazing, but I was the most impressed with the quality and workmanship of the project. Cannot recommend Peachtree Decks highly enough.

    Exceptional! We interviewed many deck builders before selecting Peachtree Decks and Porches. They took our original plan and designed a deck that exceeded our expectations. We are delighted with the results! Mike and the team were professional, exacting, and wonderful to work with. From start to finish this project was a pleasure and we expect to have Peachtree back to complete a screen porch next year.

    What a great company and good people! Thanks Peachtree and the crew for such a great job. You took down our 20 year old deck and gave us a beautiful new one. Our kids and dogs love it. I truly feel it has raised the value of our home, which is so important in these hard-economic times. We really got great value for our money. I would recommend Peachtree Decks and Porches to anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality deck that will last decades!

    We love our new deck Peachtree Decks and Porches are skilled craftsmen who know the decking business inside and out. Once the carpentry work was done, they sent out an excellent painting crew to finish the job. Our deck looks like an extension of our home. We will recommend Peachtree Decks and Porches to all of our friends and neighbors. We just need to find another project for them to work on!

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    Atlanta decks, porches and outdoor living spaces ...

    Porches: The House Album Review | Pitchfork - January 30, 2019 by admin

    On his 2016 release Pool, Aaron Maine swapped out the ramshackle guitar rock that had so far come to define his primary project Porches for a glitzy set of homemade beats. He applied the songwriting skills he had picked up as the leader of an indie band to an entirely new setting, one which allowed him to indulge the paranoia that had lurked around the edges of Porches so far, but never quite come to the forefront. The House, the third studio LP to Porches name, furthers the exploration of the tension between how youre seen and how you feel, but never quite locks into the kind of groove that made Pool so satisfying.

    In its tightest moments, The House boasts some of the most gripping tracks Maine has ever released as Porches. Find Me vaults forward with a techno punch as it examines the psychological layout of overwhelming anxiety, the kind that traps you indoors, away from the party, deep in your own head. I think that Ill stay inside/If you dont think that theyd mind/I cant let it find me, Maine sings, the usual disaffection in his voice cracked by what sound like raw nerves. While he never exactly specifies what the it is thats hunting him, the blooming instrumentation fills in the gaps. Theres a second voice echoing his own, pitched-up and pixelated, more alien and broken than any of the backing characters heard in Porches songs before. The voice repeats Maines words but garbles them, like Kiiaras gobbledygook chorus on the 2016 hit Gold, which only sharpens the tension. Its like Maine is speaking and has no idea if anyone is hearing what he thinks hes saying, the gap between his intention and his reception growing unfathomably, unmanageably wide.

    Find Me also includes the closest thing The House has to a pure pop hook, an indelible chorus complete with chirps of synth horns thats probably the catchiest thing Porches has put out since 2013s ecstatically nonsensical Townie Blunt Guts. But where Maine once favored the irreverent, he now leans toward the sincerely soul-searching, which can be touching or tepid depending on the song. The spare, lovely Country deals in simple imagery: a loved one caught in a pristine moment while swimming in a lake. Can you make it light?/Can you do no harm? Break the water with your arms, Maine sings. While oblique, his lines rest solidly enough on a single vision that they hit home; you can almost be where hes been, which makes empathizing with the moment all the easier. But many lyrics on the album get tangled up in the immaterial and the cliche, like Maine is trying to talk his way out of an ambiguous feeling and never quite getting there. It is good to know ourselves/Because most of the time/I have no idea/Who I see in the mirror, Maine pronounces on By My Side, reiterating a visual metaphor already sung threadbare by Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera, for starters. The scattershot instrumentals accompanying him dont help his case much; hes singing in circles, both lyrically and melodically, and the syrupy beats hes laced together struggle to get off the ground.

    Punctuating The Houses actual songs are occasionally baffling interludes (one, keren, is sung entirely in Norwegian, a first for Porches), which play more like unfinished sketches than intentional moments of quiet. On Understanding, Maines father guests on the track and warbles vaguely about love over honeyed synth chords; on Swimmer, MIDI arpeggios cycle behind Auto-Tuned vocals for just under a minute. These tracks dont get anywhere, and they add little to their surroundingstheyre not portholes into Maines songwriting process so much as theyre the dregs thereof. Breaking up finished songs with undercooked ones can sometimes work as a sequencing strategy, but The House, especially in its B-side, barely has any momentum to break up. Aside from Ono, whose muscle does, eventually, kick in, the albums second half tends to stagnate, circulating the same water metaphors Maine might have put to use on Pool. When The House ends on a stanza mostly lifted from Roy Orbison (Anything you want/Anything you need/Anything at all), it feels like a fitting enough synecdoche for the bulk of the album: a reiteration, slowed down and sapped of its original spark, familiar enough to go down easy but not quite spirited enough to get the current flowing again.

    Correction: An original version of this article misidentified the singer on the song Understanding.

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    Porches: The House Album Review | Pitchfork

    17 House Plans with Porches – Southern Living - January 13, 2019 by admin

    Southern homes are famous for their relaxing and beautiful front porches. Find some of our best house plans with porches here.

    Perfect for summer entertaining or lounging outside with a great book and an even better cocktail, the porch is one of the most Southern of all home design features. We've rounded up the best Southern Living house plans with porches to inspire your inner architect.

    The porch is a crowd-pleaser with definite curb appeal, and we have an array of house plans with porches to share: rustic styles, such as the Whisper Creek Plan;compact designs perfect for two rocking chairs, like the White Plains Plan; and coastal-inspired verandas, such as the Aiken Street Plan.Whether youre dreaming of a new layout or planning an addition to your home, these house plans with porches will inspire you to take advantage of outdoor space, longer days, and warmer winds in the perfect place to celebrate the seasonthe breezy porch.

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    17 House Plans with Porches - Southern Living

    Porch | Define Porch at - December 3, 2018 by admin

    [pawrch, pohrch]

    ExamplesWord Origin

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    12501300; Middle English porche Old French Latin porticus porch, portico UnabridgedBased on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. 2018

    He stands, one assumes on a porch, which overlooks a prairie.

    Davis jumped over a 4-foot porch wall and ran into a house, where he and others crammed themselves into a linen closet.

    Gosta Peterson sits on the porch of his Long Island home and greets passersby.

    On the porch, before I go, Peterson looks at me through the lens of a small digital camera before training it on his front lawn.

    A black-and-white cat named Chopper sleeps upside down on the porch, his open mouth revealing a row of impossibly tiny teeth.

    I would have it like the porchnot of Bethesda, but of heaven itself.

    Once again his eyes were like Tillie's, as she had waved good-bye from the porch.

    He recognized K., and, mopping dry a part of the porch, shoved a chair on it.

    Bill was scrubbing the porch, and a farmhand was gathering bottles from the grass into a box.

    He limped up the hill to her, and sat down on the top step of the porch.

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    C13: from French porche, from Latin porticus portico

    Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

    c.1300, "covered entrance," from Old French porche "porch, vestibule," from Latin porticus "covered gallery, covered walk between columns, arcade, portico, porch," from porta "gate, entrance, door" (see port (n.2)). The Latin word was borrowed directly into Old English as portic.

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    Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper

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    Porch | Definition of Porch by Merriam-Webster - November 20, 2018 by admin

    1 : a covered area adjoining an entrance to a building and usually having a separate roof

    The house has a large front porch. vacationers relaxing on the inn's spacious front porch

    Recent Examples on the Web

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    14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

    Middle English porche, from Anglo-French, from Latin porticus portico, from porta gate; akin to Latin portus port more at ford

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    9 Nov 2018

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    : a covered entrance to a building usually with a separate roof

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    Porch | Definition of Porch by Merriam-Webster

    15 Charming Porches | HGTV - October 25, 2018 by admin

    Rustic Porch

    Rich wood textures and a cozy fireplace make this porch the ultimate mountain escape. For unique furniture finds look for local craftsman to create custom pieces. Photography by Beall+Thomas Photography

    Porches should connect your interior to the exterior with ease, and provide additional living space. This functional floor plan features a place to dine and a space to visit. Photo courtesy of Sunbrella

    French doors with large window panes provide access while allowing natural light inside this home. Consider how you need the door to function when you come back from shopping. Photo courtesy of Anderson Windows and Doors

    Screens allow you to use your porch more often and make it better suited for more activities. You can save money and time and have a more attractive porch if you make design decisions for screens at the start of the project. Photo courtesy of On the Porch

    Railings play a key role in the overall look of your porch. Think about how you want to capture a view and research local building codes before you begin. Photo courtesy of On the Porch

    Often used as both a decorative and functional feature, ceiling fans are popular additions to porches. This floor plan is open and airy, allowing a fan to circulate cool evening breezes. Photography by Beall+Thomas Photography

    A back porch can be a great place to enjoy water or nature views, or a protected spot to watch the kids play in the yard. When deciding on a location for your outdoor space, think about how you will use it. Photo courtesy of On the Porch

    Posts and columns add to the beauty of your porch, but they are also the important vertical support that holds up your porch roof. Consider custom details that create interest around your porch posts.

    The most traditional kind of porch, the front porch is popular with homeowners who want to keep up with the neighborhood or create a welcoming entry for guests. Plan your porch to blend with your home's design, not take away from it.

    Don't be afraid to mix different types of porch furniture and accessories. Soft curtains, wicker furniture and a rich wooden coffee table come together in lavish harmony. Use durable mildew-resistant outdoor materials for linens and pillows. Photo courtesy of Sunbrella

    Define a porch seating area with outdoor area rugs and if you have the space, arrange some seats facing toward your house. This outdoor space mixes patterns and colors to create a cozy porch for conversation. Photo courtesy of Sunbrella

    Green is the defining color on this porch. Using the same hue throughout is a great way to create a cohesive look.

    Drapery panels make it easy to control the amount of sun on your porch. Sunbrella designs these sleek fabric additions that make a stylish statement on any porch.

    Wooden rocking chairs and a porch swing make this outdoor space the ideal antebellum retreat. Create a porch that's eye candy by mixing and matching paint colors. Photo courtesy of On the Porch

    Comfort is key when executing your floor plan. Make your porch feel as inviting as your spaces inside by incorporating weather-resistant fabrics and comfortable seating.

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    15 Charming Porches | HGTV

    Upvc Porch: Home, Furniture & DIY | eBay - October 25, 2018 by admin

    eBayShop by category

    Shop by category


    Add a stunning new look to your home with our standard porch, it's is easy to fit and a lot cheaper than hiring builders. The product pictured is the 1.9m model. The 1.3m model is without the far righ...

    Double glazed


    Buy it now

    or Best Offer

    + 0.00 P&P

    All sizes available.


    Buy it now

    or Best Offer

    + 0.00 P&P

    For grabs are these rosewood porch frames. They are new in veka profile. Porch is 2100 x1300 aprox.2400 height Comes with cills. No glass or door panel You will have to build your own base

    UPVC porch mahogany wood grain finish exterior the interior is white. The porch is fully double glazed with leaded windows. The porch has been removed from the house and is ready to collect. Sizes Hei...

    White upvc porch, 1930mm overall width x 970 mm overall projection x 2100mm high. White upvc door reinforced panel. The whole porch is made out of top quality Liniar profile.


    Buy it now

    or Best Offer

    + 0.00 P&P

    There is no roof or base included.


    Buy it now

    or Best Offer

    + 0.00 P&P

    Used UPVC double doors currently used to section off the hall creating an internal porch but could be used as external front doors - complete with letter box opening. Obscured glass panels at the top....

    Synseal uPVC clad aluminium roof system. Porch Specification Confirm on order required poly colour, position of doors and opening windows. A range of upgrades are available. To suit 600mm Dwarf Wall.


    UPVC Porch Supplied & Fitted In Rosewood/Oak On White Only 2700.00. PORCH Max Size 6.6ft x 3.3ft (2000 x 1000 ). Fully Compliant With The Latest Building Regulations. A Door From Our 550.00 Range. F...


    Buy it now

    or Best Offer

    + 0.00 P&P

    HI All, I m selling my porch door with the windows. Basically everything you see on the picture that surrounds the door.Total 6 windows. As you can see from the photos I am having some refurbishment d...

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    Upvc Porch: Home, Furniture & DIY | eBay

    Restaurante O Leo de Porches - September 5, 2018 by admin

    In 1970 an English couple discovered a 17th century farmhouse in the centre of Porches a village just off the EN125 near Carvoeiro and now best known for its wonderful pottery. They saw the potential of this charming building and converted it into a restaurant which thrives to this day.

    Porches best kept secret is no longer a secret, since Bianca took on the restaurant in 2005 and made it one of the most attractive and appealing places to dine in this part of the Algarve within easy reach of many golf courses.

    The restaurant retains many original features and has a charming patio for those warm summer evenings.

    The restaurant is well known for its wonderful sauces and the beautiful presentation of its dishes which are a pleasure to behold and equally delicious.

    You can be sure that once you have experienced O Leo de Porches, you will want to share this secret with your friends.

    Restaurante O Leo de Porches

    Porches and Sunrooms: Planning and Remodeling Ideas (Home … - August 5, 2018 by admin

    ').appendTo(flyout.elem());var panelGroup=flyout.getName()+'SubCats';var hideTimeout=null;var sloppyTrigger=createSloppyTrigger($parent);var showParent=function(){if(hideTimeout){clearTimeout(hideTimeout);hideTimeout=null;} if(visible){return;} var height=$('#nav-flyout-shopAll').height(); $parent.css({'height': height});$parent.animate({width:'show'},{duration:200,complete:function(){$parent.css({overflow:'visible'});}});visible=true;};var hideParentNow=function(){$parent.stop().css({overflow:'hidden',display:'none',width:'auto',height:'auto'});panels.hideAll({group:panelGroup});visible=false;if(hideTimeout){clearTimeout(hideTimeout);hideTimeout=null;}};var hideParent=function(){if(!visible){return;} if(hideTimeout){clearTimeout(hideTimeout);hideTimeout=null;} hideTimeout=setTimeout(hideParentNow,10);};flyout.onHide(function(){sloppyTrigger.disable();hideParentNow();this.elem().hide();});var addPanel=function($link,panelKey){var panel=dataPanel({className:'nav-subcat',dataKey:panelKey,groups:[panelGroup],spinner:false,visible:false});if(!flyoutDebug){var mouseout=mouseOutUtility();mouseout.add(flyout.elem());mouseout.action(function(){panel.hide();});mouseout.enable();} var a11y=a11yHandler({link:$link,onEscape:function(){panel.hide();$link.focus();}});var logPanelInteraction=function(promoID,wlTriggers){var logNow=$F.once().on(function(){var panelEvent=$.extend({},event,{id:promoID});if(config.browsePromos&&!!config.browsePromos[promoID]){panelEvent.bp=1;} logEvent(panelEvent);phoneHome.trigger(wlTriggers);});if(panel.isVisible()&&panel.hasInteracted()){logNow();}else{panel.onInteract(logNow);}};panel.onData(function(data){renderPromo(data.promoID,panel.elem());logPanelInteraction(data.promoID,data.wlTriggers);});panel.onShow(function(){var columnCount=$('.nav-column',panel.elem()).length;panel.elem().addClass('nav-colcount-'+columnCount);showParent();var $subCatLinks=$('.nav-subcat-links > a',panel.elem());var length=$subCatLinks.length;if(length>0){var firstElementLeftPos=$subCatLinks.eq(0).offset().left;for(var i=1;i'+ catTitle+'');panel.elem().prepend($subPanelTitle);}} $link.addClass('nav-active');});panel.onHide(function(){$link.removeClass('nav-active');hideParent();a11y.disable();sloppyTrigger.disable();});panel.onShow(function(){a11y.elems($('a, area',panel.elem()));});sloppyTrigger.register($link,panel);if(flyoutDebug){${if(panel.isVisible()){panel.hide();}else{;}});} var panelKeyHandler=onKey($link,function(){if(this.isEnter()||this.isSpace()){;}},'keydown',false);$link.focus(function(){panelKeyHandler.bind();}).blur(function(){panelKeyHandler.unbind();});panel.elem().appendTo($parent);};var hideParentAndResetTrigger=function(){hideParent();sloppyTrigger.disable();};for(var i=0;i

    Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

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    Porches and Sunrooms: Planning and Remodeling Ideas (Home ...

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