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    Porch Fest planned for city’s porches – The Brewton Standard – Brewton Standard - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The Greater Brewton Area Chamber of Commerce is in the final planning stages for this years Porch Fest.

    The event will take place on the porches of homes along historic Belleville Avenue on Saturday, November 7.

    Performances will begin at 2 p.m. and continue until 8 p.m.

    Judy Crane, Chamber Executive Director, said the group is working out the final performance line up, with the main act ready to take the stage.

    We are working on which performers will be on which porches for the day, Crane said. But we do know that our main act, Tobacco Rd., will take the main stage at 6 p.m. and perform until 8 p.m.

    The main stage will be set up at the Downing House in its usual spot, Crane said.

    With many events being canceled across the country, Crane said special precautions are being taken for this event.

    We want to do these kinds of things for the public, but we need their help to make that happen, Crane said.

    There will be hand-washing stations set up throughout the festival area, Crane said.

    We are asking that everyone practice social distancing as much as possible, Crane said. We also encourage masks for this event.

    For those looking for a little refreshment during the event, there will be concessions available, Crane said.

    The police department, fire department, Battered by the Bay and Kona Ice will be on hand for concessions, Crane said.

    The annual event usually hosts a kids area, but, Crane said, that will not be available for this year.

    We are doing our best to make this a safe event, Crane said. With the Corona virus, we agreed that it would be safer not to offer a kids area this year.

    Along with Tobacco Rd., singer/songwriters, Brooke Brown and Buddy Barnes will be performing. Others will be performing through the district and will include a variety of musical genres. There is no admission charge to enjoy the musical presentations.

    A detailed list of performers and their performance locations will be released in the coming days, Crane said.

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    Porch Fest planned for city's porches - The Brewton Standard - Brewton Standard

    FRONT PORCH: Pope Francis and the Gospel of Love – Bahamas Tribune - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    When Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected as pope in 2013 at the age of 76 and took the name Francis in memory of St Francis of Assisi (1181 or 1182-1226), a beloved relative proclaimed: Pope Francis is not just going back to St Francis. He is going all the way back to Jesus and the gospel of love and mercy.

    Throughout his papacy Pope Francis has emphasised the priority of love and mercy, and the radical dignity of and respect for all human beings, especially those marginalised and stigmatised. Like St Francis, the poor are at the heart of his priestly and papal ministry.

    Pope Francis pastoral, warm and compassionate leadership has manifested itself in myriad ways, sometimes controversially. In the past few weeks, he has again provoked the conscience of the world and his church.

    He recently released Fratelli Tuti, his latest encyclical, on fraternity and social friendship, inspired by St Francis and his abiding commitment to care for creation and the poor. He signed the new encyclical at the tomb of St Francis.

    Pope Francis noted: I was in Assisi to sign the new encyclical, Fratelli tutti, on fraternity and social friendship. I offered it to God on the tomb of Saint Francis

    The encyclical and its critique of the degradation of the planet, rampant materialism, vast global inequality, the various forms of rapacious capitalism, the mistreatment of migrants and minorities and other manifestations of discrimination, among other topics, provoked criticism from various quarters, including some corporate interests who benefit from an unjust social order.

    In the encyclical, Pope Francis also sought to provoke the consciences of the rich and middle classes and how we all use the worlds goods and care for or abuse the environment through our personal and social habits, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and the global climate emergency, both of which are devastating the poor.

    Like Jesus and St Francis, Pope Francis invites us to feel the sting of conscience and the demands of love and justice.

    The head of the Roman Catholic Church has pressed the demands of racial equality, spoken of how the arms race continues to deprive the poor of basic goods and consistently spoken out against capital punishment and inequities in criminal justice.

    There is a seamless gospel of love and mercy in the heart of Pope Francis. The call to fraternity and social friendship evidenced in Fratelli Tuti, is the same spirituality and love for those who are discriminated against, such as gays and lesbians. For Pope Francis, love must be the animating force of our being and our attitudes and actions.


    Yesterday, as noted in an Associated Press story: Pope Francis became the first pontiff to endorse same-sex civil unions in comments for a documentary that premiered Wednesday, sparking cheers from gay Catholics and demands for clarification from conservatives, given the Vaticans official teaching on the issue.

    The papal thumbs-up came midway through the feature-length documentary Francesco, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival.

    Pope Francis stated: Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God. You cant kick someone out of a family, nor make their life miserable for this. What we have to have is a civil union law; that way they are legally covered.

    The Popes comments are remarkable and will stir considerable reaction. They are reminiscent of other comments he has made about love for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

    In 2013, on a flight back to Rome from Brazil, Pope Francis sparked controversy in response to questions as to whether there was a gay lobby in the Vatican. He responded in part: If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?

    His fellow Jesuit Fr. James Martin, SJ, noted in a commentary at the time in The Washington Post in response to criticism of the Pope, including from various prelates and some religionists:

    Throughout the exchange on the plane, Pope Francis, speaking in fluent Italian, used the English word gay. Previous popes and the majority of church leaders have been more likely to use words like homosexual, homosexually oriented and even persons suffering from same-sex attraction.

    The pope moved rather quickly from a question about a gay lobby in the Vatican to a comment about gay people in general. That is, he did not say, If a gay priest is searching for God, but If a gay person is searching for God. Then his remarkably compassionate comment: Who am I to judge them?

    Fr Martin continued: So there is something new. ... But there is also something old. Pope Francis has not changed church teaching on homosexual activity. ... Instead, he turned to a portion of the old teaching that often goes overlooked: The Catechism says that gays and lesbians are to be treated with respect, compassion and sensitivity.


    Even older is the unwillingness to judge... Jesus uses hyperbole to make sure his listeners understand, saying that you must take the log out of your own eye before you can take the speck... from another persons eye. In other words, if you want to judge someone, judge yourself. And just to be clear, Jesus adds: You hypocrite!

    Fr Martin directly addressed the question of judging: The pope also knows that Jesuss comment does not mean any of us will escape judgment. The Gospels are greatly concerned with judging moral activity... Gods judgment of our actions means that God is concerned about what we do. A God who doesnt judge is a God who doesnt care.

    But in the Gospels, it is God (or Jesus) who does the judging, not us. Jesus counsels his disciples not to judge but rather to show mercy. Indeed, Jesus not only counsels this, he demonstrates it by consistently approaching public sinners with an offer of forgiveness rather than condemnation.

    In 2013, when the Pope demonstrated this love for and compassion toward gays and lesbians, some religious ministers at home called him reckless. He is in good company. Both St Francis and Jesus were also reckless with extraordinary acts of love.

    Gays and lesbians are not so much seeking an affirmation of their so-called lifestyle a derisive terms often applied by homophobes and those ignorant about many aspects of human sexuality as much as they are seeking and rightly deserving of an affirmation of a shared humanity.

    While prejudice, ignorance and hatred are still directed against homosexuals, we have made moral progress in The Bahamas in terms of loving and seeking to protect from abuse and discrimination our gay brothers and sisters. But we still have a long way to go to ensure greater justice and equality for gays and lesbians.

    Pope Francis has called on the peoples and nations of the world to search their hearts, consciences and legal codes to root out injustice and to secure love and mercy for all of Gods children, including those who are gay and lesbian, and who will continue to demand justice and equality.

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    FRONT PORCH: Pope Francis and the Gospel of Love - Bahamas Tribune

    Front Porch: Walter the junior tabby lives to entertain – The Spokesman-Review - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Walter Scott, 15 months, takes his responsibilities seriously.

    When youre the junior feline in the family and in charge of entertainment, mischief and cuddles, its a full-time job and then some.

    Knowing that Thor, the senior tabby in the clan, keeps a scornful eye on him, Walter adheres to a strict daily schedule.

    His first job of the day is to assist Thor in obtaining breakfast. Around 7:30 a.m., they take their positions outside my bedroom door and commence polite requests for food. If none is forthcoming, Thor ratchets up the volume and intensity, while Walter sticks his paws under the door and grabs at the carpet. If that doesnt work, they take turns scratching and banging on the door.

    When I emerge, they both enter manic mode, careening through the house and dashing around the kitchen table. Then comes the wrestling.

    I have to feed them in separate rooms, because Thor will wolf down his breakfast and finish Walters, too, and Walter will just sit and sadly watch his food disappear. Though he passively lets Thor take charge of food once its served, before it appears is another matter. As I dish up their kibble, Walter pounces on Thor, attempting epic takedowns.

    Thor is a lover, not a fighter, so its a good thing hes bigger and has a longer reach. While Walter sizes up the best way to pin him, Thor bats him away. Undaunted, Walter stretches up into full Godzilla mode and tackles. Thor hisses, which scares both of us.

    Im not sure why Walter decided this was his job, but Thor is not thrilled to find himself headlining these twice-daily bouts.

    Walters next self-appointed chore of the day is sweeter morning cuddles with me.

    I return to bed after feeding them, because I mean, its 7:30 (or 8, but still). By this time, Derek is getting ready for work, so Walter has me all to himself. He jumps up on the bed, lays his head next to mine on my pillow and curls up in my arms. He purrs contentedly, while kneading his sharp little claws under my chin. Usually, he falls asleep and sometimes so do I.

    We take turns deciding when its time to get out of bed. If I dont have a deadline or an appointment, I doze until Walter brings me a toy and pats my face to let me know its playtime. If I get up first, I bring my coffee and my phone back to bed and check emails and messages. Walter fetches a toy because playtime is next on his agenda.

    He usually brings a small white mouse with a rattle and bats it around until I throw it down the hall. Then he tears off and brings it back. Walter is a fetch champion until he gets bored.

    After Im ready to face the day, Walter follows me to work in my downstairs office. His favorite thing is stalking the printer and waiting for it to whir to life. He doesnt grab the paper, he just likes the hunt.

    He takes his editorial responsibilities seriously and prefers to plant himself in front of my screen or on my keyboard. Obviously, this is not an ideal working situation, at least not for me. I repeatedly scoop him up and put him on the floor until he gets the hint and wanders off to nap.

    Im usually out in the afternoon, so Walter takes advantage of my absence to forage for carbs. Ive previously written about his carb addiction, and Im sad to report hes had a relapse. Weve taken to storing our bread in the microwave and securing any open chips, rolls or baked goods in a cupboard he cant open. All was well until one afternoon when I went to the pantry for dinner ingredients and found a bag of barbecue potato chips scattered on the floor.

    It seems Sam had left the shopping bags on the floor instead of putting the items on the shelves, and Walter got the munchies. He tore open the bag, sampled a few chips, but evidently didnt care for their tang.

    Bedtime brings a nightly dilemma.

    My husband likes to sleep with me. So does Walter. Im usually in bed first, so Walter saunters in and makes himself comfortable. Then Derek arrives.

    Okay, buddy, time to go, he says.

    Walter rolls over on his back and looks at Derek. Upside-down kitty is universally irresistible, but Derek is made of sterner stuff.

    Night, night, Walter, out you go, he says.

    Walter stretches, then curls up next to me.

    Finally, Derek scoops him up and takes him to the living room.

    Just as we turn off the light, we hear a faint scratching at the door and the saddest, most forlorn meows.

    Go to sleep, Walter, Derek says.

    And eventually he does. After all, he knows he has a full slate of responsibilities awaiting him in the morning.

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    Front Porch: Walter the junior tabby lives to entertain - The Spokesman-Review

    Man accused of killing neighbor on Lancaster porch headed to court: prosecutors – PennLive - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    A Lancaster man charged with fatally shooting his neighbor earlier this month after an argument will face the accusations in court, prosecutors said Thursday.

    Authorities said Geraldo Rosario shot Josean Martinez in the chest Oct. 3 after a confrontation on his porch on the 600 block of High Street. Martinez died of his injuries.

    During a Tuesday preliminary hearing, Lancaster County District Judge Adam Witkonis ordered Rosario to face homicide and reckless endangerment charges in court, according to a news release from the Lancaster County District Attorneys Office.

    Lancaster City police officers found Martinez wounded inside his High Street home, with Rosario kneeling over him.

    Prosecutors said a child was outside at the time of the shooting and saw what happened.

    Rosario is being held at Lancaster County Prison without bail. His formal arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 13.


    Drunken employee crashes N.Y. county truck while driving the wrong way: police

    Police investigating death of dog tied to rock at Raystown lake

    Pa. family attacked by bear for second time in 2 years

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    Man accused of killing neighbor on Lancaster porch headed to court: prosecutors - PennLive

    Hillsborough sheriff will accept your holiday packages to help stop porch thefts – Tampa Bay Times - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    TAMPA The people who investigate home package thefts are getting into the business of helping prevent them by offering to hold your online orders for you.

    With the holiday shopping season approaching, the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office announced Monday that people can direct shipments to two of the sheriffs five Patrol Services offices from Nov. 9 through Dec. 21. The locations are the District 3 Office, 7202 Gunn Hwy, and District 5 Office, 10128 Windhorst Road.

    Items will be accepted and safeguarded for free until residents can pick them up from a deputy at the front desk.

    Package distribution times will be 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. A government-issued photo identification card and an order tracking number will be required and packages must be less than 50 pounds.

    An increase in package deliveries during the holiday season brings an increase in package thefts, the Sheriffs Office said in a news release. In 2019, there were 274 reports of package theft in Hillsborough County for more than $76,000 in losses to the victims.

    Five hours after the Sheriffs Office announced the new service, it reported in a news release that a 31-year-old woman had been arrested Monday afternoon in connection with a package theft from a Riverview home caught on camera. The woman left on foot and changed her shirt to avoid detection, but was soon arrested. The package was recovered and returned.

    The new service from the Sheriffs Office, dubbed Operation Pinch-A-Grinch, comes on the heels of steps taken by shippers to help reduce package thefts from homes.

    Amazon offers an app called Key through which homeowners get an alert when an Amazon package is being delivered so they can remotely open their garage door and close it after the delivery is made.

    UPS and FedEx allow customers to have packages delivered to their local offices for pickup. UPS has 38 locations in Hillsborough County, according to, and most are open by 8:30 a.m. FedEx packages can also be delivered to select Walgreens, Dollar General and grocery store locations.

    Packages will be held for up to five business days, according to the shippers' websites.

    The U.S. Postal Service offers hold-for-pickup service, but only for Priority Express mail.

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    Hillsborough sheriff will accept your holiday packages to help stop porch thefts - Tampa Bay Times

    Small porch ideas: 10 stylish ways to make the most of your space whatever the size – Real Homes US - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    On the hunt for cute small porch ideas? Well, we have your covered. We can't all have an extra living room stuck on the front of our homes (despite what Instagram would have us believe) but that doesn't mean we can't make the most of the space and add a ton of curb appeal.

    We have rounded up our fave small porch decor ideas to inspire you to give your outdoor space a bit of a makeover. And if you are after more fall decor for inside your home too, check out our feature.

    No matter how small your porch, you can always squeeze in some fall decor. With a smaller porch, we would say keep things simple, a scattering of small pumpkins and some orange foliage could be all you need to give the space a fall makeover. If you have seating on your porch, switch out the soft furnishings on that too for some more autumnal hues.

    Loving this chic and simple small porch, plus the dog makes it even more inviting! The key to this look is the lack of clutter, making the porch feel more spacious. If you want to add seating to a diddy space just pick a chair that's compact, not too fussy and can be styled in lots of different ways throughout the seasons. Mix in some smaller potted plants that aren't going to overwhelm the space, pick a cute doormat that's not too visually heavy and there you go.

    It's interior design 101: use lighter colors in a small space, and that can be true of porches too. Using a paler color pallet will disguise the small dimensions of the space, keeping it feeling light and airy. If you want to add a hint of color, stick with muted pastels and add in a few darker colors in your decor for balance and contrast.

    If your porch is big enough to cope with a few pieces of furniture, just keep those pieces to a minimum. All you need to make your porch feel like an extension of your lounge is some seating and possibly a small table for perching a coffee. A compact swing seat works well in smaller porches because they are off the floor, allowing light to flow around it so it won't look too bulky. Decorate your porch with light but cozy pillows and throws so even if the space does feel a bit crowded, it just adds to the intimate feel.

    If your porch really is just a set of stairs leading up to your front door, greenery is going to be your best bet. Get climbers going up your rails to soften the look and dot an array of potted plants in different sizes on the porch itself. Again, this will disguise the size and make a pretty plain space feel more like an inviting entrance to your home.

    Note the painted floor of @timberfields' fab small porch. The grey 'runner' make the space feel bigger as it almost zones it, creating a walkway down the center and edges to add decor. Throw down a doormat too to add some texture to the floor this cute pumpkin one was actually a DIY job just a stencil and some paint. Check out the full how-to in Katie's highlights over on Instagram.

    If theres one message that 2020 has hand delivered (with a gloved hand, of course), its that I need to let go... let go of control and expectations. Inspired by that, I created a new banner for our porch and Ill be showing you how tomorrow on my blog. For now, Im going to be ballsy and share a poem I wrote about letting go and how Im feeling right now... maybe you can relate? What have you had to let go of this year? It is said that we learn how beautiful letting go can be in the fall. With each leaf that fades from green, blazes orange, then ultimately releases itself from the tree, I let go. I let go of the expectation that this was finally going to be my year. Maybe it still is my year, even more brilliant than I could have imagined. I let go of the vision of the woman I was going to be, and let myself sit in stillness as a new image starts to sketch itself. I let go of doubt, and allow the space for trust to replace it in a new season. I let go. I let go. I let go. And I rest. Cassie Bustamante

    A photo posted by @cassie_bustamante on Sep 8, 2020 at 6:59am PDT

    Working with a tiny porch? You can always add some interest with your doormats, because why have one when you can have two? Stick with a practical heavy doormat onto but then add something cute and patterned underneath we love a checked pattern at this time of year, but you can switch it out with the seasons.

    How ever you decorate your small porch, at whatever time of year, keeping it symmetrical will always make it feel larger. Decorate your steps with potted plants and lanterns; as a general rule, start small at the top and get larger as you go down the stairs to draw out the space.

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    Small porch ideas: 10 stylish ways to make the most of your space whatever the size - Real Homes US

    ON THE PORCH: Will BOE relax guidelines? | Free – Monroe County Reporter - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Let me say something nice about the Forsyth city council. They recognized that their mask mandate, written and pushed by the Georgia Municipal Association and not their constituents, was worthless. And so after imposing it on Sept. 8, they let it expire after 30 days. Its a waste of time, conceded councilman Julius Stroud, noting in his visits around stores in Forsyth, no one is complying. After six months of governments using this pandemic to overreact and exercise arbitrary powers as if government action can stop a virus we will take small victories where we can get them. So now, in Forsyth, if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. If you dont, dont. This is almost sounding American and sane. Progress!

    Sadly, were unlikely to have any such reasonableness at our Democrat-controlled Monroe County school board. In a fit of sanity, Bulloch Countys school board voted unanimously on Oct. 8 to end its healthy quarantine policy. School officials faced mounting parent anger at the policy since 900 students had been quarantined for being exposed. Yet only 13 of those 900 ever wound up showing any symptoms, i.e. runny nose or fever. Bulloch County school officials said some teenagers had been forced into 2-week quarantine on three separate occasions, meaning they had six weeks without school or activities. School officials there said they recognized that the health of children encompassed more than just COVID-19. They noted that social, academic and athletic development are also important and must be considered in health policies. Hallelujah! But within a week, they got an ugly letter from Dr. Kathleen Toomey, the head of Georgias Department of Public Health, warning them that allowing students to violate DPC guidelines was a misdemeanor offense. Who the @#$# elected her?!? Gov. Brian Kemp has leaned on Doctor Too-Me, as he says in his Clarke County twang, during the virus. And Kemp, derided as a serial killer by the left-wing media when he re-opened the state in May, has actually led better than every governor except Govs. Ron DeSantis in Florida and Kristi Noem in South Dakota. Georgia now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and hasnt suffered the massive deaths that the fear-mongers promised. But Kemp now needs to rein in Toomey. She has no authority to impose laws on Bulloch County schools that have never been voted upon by our elected representatives in the legislature. Thats why theyre called guidelines and not OCGA dash whatever. Nevertheless, the Bulloch County school board allowed Toomey to bully them into postponing some implementation of its relaxed policies. I wonder if Dr. Toomey sleeps better at night knowing that her actions are forcing perfectly healthy teenagers in Statesboro to be stuck in their rooms for two weeks learning nothing, doing nothing and left vulnerable to unsupervised down time with only the bilge on the world wide web to entertain them? Idle hands are the devils workshop, and our government officials have tried to put us in that workshop for six months now. Which brings us back to the Monroe County school board. Our school officials have resisted calls to relax the ridiculous healthy quarantine guidelines saying that no other school system in Georgia has done it. When Bulloch County did it, some hoped they may reconsider. But if Bulloch Countys BOE cowers before Dr. Toomey, Im sure that will mean the four Democrats on our BOE wont budge and relax the guidelines. For shame.

    As south Monroe County continues to grow, both Monroe and Bibb counties are under increasing pressure to resolve their long-standing county-line dispute. Developers want to build subdivisions in the disputed areas off New Forsyth Road and Zebulon Road. But both are in limbo by uncertainty about the county line. In response, now Monroe County commissioners plan to send tax bills to every property owner who falls in Monroe County under the county line drawn by surveyor Terry Scarborough. Will landowners be shocked to get tax notices from both Monroe and Bibb counties next summer? Yes. Perhaps theyll be angry enough to call secretary of state Brad Raffensperger and tell him to record the Scarborough survey, the only legitimate line. Its unacceptable that the two counties have spent $3+ million in attorney fees and still dont have an answer. It is the job of the state of Georgia to set county boundaries. Were giving Raffensperger time to get through the election. But after that, he needs to keep his word and resolve the dispute.

    See original here:
    ON THE PORCH: Will BOE relax guidelines? | Free - Monroe County Reporter

    The more warts, the better: How pumpkins get all those warts – The Know - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    From palm-sized to several-hundred-pound prize-winning giants, consumers have scores more pumpkin choices than there were just a short decade ago. (Betty Cahill, Special to The Denver Post)

    Move over, Cinderella: Your orange, carriage-shaped pumpkin has some competition for fall decorating.

    Porches are now sporting new colored pumpkins in shades of beige, green, red, white, gray, mustard, brown, even blue pink (yes, there is such a color). From palm-sized to several-hundred-pound prize-winning giants, consumers have scores more pumpkin choices than there were just a short decade ago.

    The latest trend is the unexpected imperfection of conspicuous warts, raised blemishes that add ornamental character to the iconic orange pumpkin.

    Ask any kid: The wartier and weirder the pumpkin, the better for the Halloween season. Naturally, wart popularity is growing. Because people want more warts, plant companies and university researchers are breeding for more warts. This all translates to selling more warty pumpkins. (Ah-ha! The mighty wart dollar!)

    Creating all these pumpkin bumps, different sizes and colors has to do with plant flowers engaging in cross-pollination, which can happen unintentionally in the home garden or on purpose by plant breeders who specialize in bringing these various colored, bumpy and knuckle-like covered gourds and pumpkins to your favorite garden center, grocery store and farmers market.

    How does cross-pollination and cross-breeding intentionally happen? It all has to do with pollination and the scientific group where the plants belong.

    Cucurbits (for short), the botanical group that includes pumpkins, are monoecious in their flowering habit, which is fairly unique among vegetable crops. This means separate male and female flowers are produced on the same plant. For fruit to form from the female flower, pollen from the male flower must be transferred to the female flower. This pollination is done with the much appreciated and vital help of bees.

    Certain bees have plant flower preferences, too. As you would guess, squash bees prefer to pollinate squash flowers and leave watermelon flowers to the other heroes: honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees.

    Scientific names of plants have two parts: the species and the genera (plural of genus). Plants in the Cucurbitaceae (gourd) family contain many species and genus of squash, pumpkins, melons and cucumbers. Example: The cantaloupes scientific name is Cucumis melo, with Cucumis as the genus and melo as the species. Cucumber is Cucumis sativus, so even though both cantaloupe and cucumbers are in the same Cucumis genus, they are not the same species, so do not cross-pollinate.

    Think of each different species within the cucurbit family like horses and cows: They simply cannot create offspring together. So your cucumber plant will not cross pollinate with your summer squash.

    Only cucurbits within the same species can cross-pollinate and produce a unique pumpkin or gourd with different outcomes like color, shape, size, taste and warts. Think of pumpkins, summer squash and some winter squash types that are in the same species Cucurbita pepo. So a poodle and labrador will create a labradoodle. What would happen when a dark green acorn squash crosses with a yellow summer zucchini? Perhaps a super hard-shelled, bright yellow carriage for Cinderella?

    The effect of crossing is not usually seen the first season. The wacky cucurbit combinations result from saving cross-pollinated seeds and planting them the next growing season. A home gardener may end up with an unusual pumpkin by letting a chance crossed seedling grow from the previous gardening season.

    James J. H. Gregory from Marblehead, Mass., is a famous breeder of hubbard squash, dating all the way back to 1897. His book Squashes and How to Grow Them is still in print today, and his Victor (or Red Warty Thing) seeds are also in commerce. And what a beautiful, warty sight they are to behold.

    Today, Stokes Seeds Inc. is one of the leaders in cross-breeding to make cucurbits that are decoratively covered in warts and sold under the Super Freak Label. It can take up to 10 generations to bring some of these knobby lookers to market.

    Planning ahead for next springs planting for the fall pumpkin harvest, dont overlook the various choices from seed sellers of bumpy, bewitching pumpkins including Warty Goblin, Miniwarts, Knucklehead, Pumpkin Warty Gnome, Ugly Mugly, Goosebumps and Goosebumps II, Warts Galore, Warts Plethora, and Bunch O Warts, to name a few. Shop early for seeds;, they may sell out quickly!

    In addition to intentionally breeding warty pumpkins, there are other reasons that cucurbits actually get warts:

    So where does this all leave us in the big scheme of fall pumpkins for decorating, Halloween trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving?

    Nowhere, really. Just sayin, some pumpkins have warts.

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    The more warts, the better: How pumpkins get all those warts - The Know

    Pet of the Week: Meet a trio of guinea pigs looking for a new home – - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    (Mass Appeal) Its time for Mass Appeals pet of the week were introducing you to not one, not two, but three guinea pigs, ready to join your family. Lee Chambers from Dakin Humane Society introduces us to our Pets of the Week.

    Name:Oreo, Peanut and Sabel to be adopted together

    Breed: Guinea pigs

    Age: 1 year (Oreo and Peanut) 2 years (Sabel)

    Sex: Female (all)

    Color: Black w/ white (Oreo), white w/brown (Peanut), white w/gray (Sabel)

    Guinea pigs like us need a spacious habitat equipped with hiding and napping spots, things to climb on, safe wood to chew, and guinea pig toys. Our diet should consist of grass hay available at all times, with a small amount of timothy pellets. We dont naturally make our own vitamin C, so we must get it daily from our diet. Snacks like red pepper, kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens, and other leafy greens will do the job nicely! In fact, we love these snacks so much that we will call wheet, wheeeeet when we see you bringing us some! Our average lifespan is 5 to 7 years. If you are interested in more information, contact the adoption staff at and include your name and phone number.

    Pet profiles:Oreo:

    Events/Other Topics

    The Return of Bad Photoshopsnow through October 31!

    BAD Photoshops are back and we havent gotten any better at it! Just in time for Halloween, our unskilled, but enthusiastic photoshop goblins will transform your pets photos into spooky works of art. Visit our Bad Photoshop Facebook page, make a gift to Dakin (suggested donation is $10 but the skys the limit!), post a photo of your pet that youd like photoshopped then check back on your post for your masterpiece in the comments. Youll get a big laugh and can celebrate that your monetary gift is helping Dakin maintain essential services including curbside vaccine clinics, animal adoption, spay/neuter services, and more. Dont forget to share your masterpiece with your friends! (It wont be THAT bad. Probably.)

    Porch Portraits A great way to celebrate your pet and you! October 24-25

    There are still a few appointments left for Porch Portraits this weekend! Porch Portraits is a collaborative fundraiser for Dakin Humane Society with photographers in our community. Each Porch Portrait registration includes a short photography session that takes place right on your doorstep or porch and features you and your pet(s). You will receive two digital photographs from this session. All photography sessions must allow for safe social distancing outdoors and there can be no exchange of items. Cash tips accepted only inside envelopes. Sessions are $25 and days/times vary by photographer. Visit to book a session with a photographer or find out more. Availabilities vary depending on the photographer and your location.

    For more information about Dakin Humane Society, please

    The rest is here:
    Pet of the Week: Meet a trio of guinea pigs looking for a new home -

    MSD aims to revive old building – Delaware Gazette - October 16, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Revitalization of the former Sheets building, located at 20 E. William St. in downtown Delaware, is officially a go as Main Street Delaware (MSD) held a ceremony at the building Thursday to kick off its fundraising campaign and the start of renovations.

    Delaware City Council approved a lease agreement with MSD in August that will allow MSD to move its offices from East Winter Street to the new building, as well as to establish a Delaware Welcome Center.

    The initial lease will span 10 years, with a renewal option, at a cost of $1 per year to be paid to the city by MSD.

    Since 2011, we have had our offices in the Strand building on East Winter Street thanks to the generosity of the Strand Theatre and Cultural Arts Association, MSD Executive Director Susie Bibler said Thursday. But its time to return that space to the Strand and support its mission, and its time for Main Street Delaware to expand to support our community and downtown with a new welcome center.

    We have collaborated with the city to lease this historic building to create an office space, meeting space, community restrooms, which are much needed, and, of course, a very welcoming welcome center. We are also launching a Front Porch Campaign Main Street Delawares first capital campaign to raise $210,000 to renovate this building to make our welcome center vision a reality, she added.

    Bibler, who was named the Main Street Executive of the Year by Heritage Ohio on Thursday, said the Front Porch Campaign concept was chosen to recognize the distinctive architecture of the Sheets building, as well as Ohio and the city of Delawares legacies as the mother of presidents.

    With continuing support from the community, we will restore this beautiful front porch and building to enhance the experience for everyone who stops by to learn more about the city and community we love, Bibler said.

    MSD Board President Zach Price said the hope for the buildings restoration is to provide modern amenities and memorable experiences for residents and visitors. He added the building needs a lot of work, which includes updated finishes, new mechanical equipment, masonry restoration, and repair to the great porches. In addition to those repairs, Price said a handicap-accessible ramp will also be installed to ensure the building is truly open to everyone.

    Mayor Carolyn Riggle said during the ceremony, When I look at this building, this crowd, and this city, I see purpose and potential. I am grateful for everyone who works with us to help Delaware thrive and grow every day I commend Susie, Zach, and all of the Main Street Delaware Board for its vision to renovate this building, preserving its history, and beginning a new chapter as a welcome center.

    I am looking forward to seeing their renovated center, but even more importantly, seeing the impact it has on the city and county as it helps to share more information on the vibrant destination that Delaware has become, she added. It is this type of entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking that has made Main Street Delaware so valuable in our community

    City Manager Tom Homan called MSDs renovation plans a rebirth of the building, adding that it makes sense to expand MSDs footprint closer to the citys main street and increase the organizations presence in the community.

    While the project is officially underway, much work still remains for MSD as it attempts to raise the necessary funds to complete it. Bibler announced the fundraising campaign would be kicking off with $28,240 already having been raised through various matching grants from local investors.

    As you can see, we have a lot of fundraising to do, and we hope that you will all consider making the tax-deductible gift for the porch, Bibler told those in attendance. Working together, we know that we will succeed. We have so much faith in you and all of Delaware

    Those interested in learning more about the Front Porch Campaign, or donating to the effort, can do so by visiting

    During Thursdays ceremony, Main Street Delaware Executive Director Susie Bibler and MSD Board President Zach Price held up a banner showing how much money MSDs Front Porch Campaign has raised to date to help renovate 20 E. William St. into a welcome center with public restrooms and a literal front porch for the community.

    Delaware City Manager Tom Homan speaks during Thursdays ceremony, while Mayor Carolyn Riggle, middle, and Main Street Delaware Eecutive Director Susie Bibler, right, look on.

    Main Street Delaware Executive Director Susie Bibler speaks to the crowd that gathered Thursday afternoon for a renovation groundbreaking ceremony at 20 E. William St. in downtown Delaware. MSD, which is leasing the building from the city, plans to relocate its office to the historic building and transform it into a welcome center.

    Reach Dillon Davis at 740-413-0904. Follow him on Twitter @DillonDavis56.

    Continue reading here:
    MSD aims to revive old building - Delaware Gazette

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