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    Latest Study explores the Pressure Washing Services Industry Market Witness Highest Growth in near future – PRnews Leader - November 11, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Market Study Report LLC has added a new report on Pressure Washing Services Industry Market Size that provides a comprehensive review of this industry with respect to the driving forces influencing the industry. Comprising the current and future trends defining the dynamics of this industry vertical, this report also incorporates the regional landscape of Pressure Washing Services Industry market in tandem with its competitive terrain.

    The research report on Pressure Washing Services Industry market broadly covers the various factors influencing the remuneration of this industry vertical. The study also comprises of an in-depth analysis of the regional spectrum and the regulatory outlook of the said market. Additionally, the document provides with a detailed SWOT analysis as well as the market drivers impacting the overall market outlook.

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    Additional information regarding the challenges & limitations faced by new entrants as well as the eminent companies alongside their individual effect on the revenues of each company is highlighted. The report measures the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the future remuneration as well as the overall expansion rate of the market.

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    Latest Study explores the Pressure Washing Services Industry Market Witness Highest Growth in near future - PRnews Leader

    Charlton Kleening Service: Where a clean home is a happy home – Community Advocate - November 11, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

    Charlton Debbie Perks, owner of Charlton Kleening Service, offers a one stop shopping approach to cleaning. Whether it be residential or commercial, move-in or move-out, fall or spring cleaning they do it all within a range of communities from Warren to Hudson, Mass.

    Debbie has been cleaning homes since 1998. She has a wealth of expertise and keeps up to date with industry best practices, especially during the pandemic. She said: Sanitizing and disinfecting as we clean is standard because it keeps you safe and it keeps us safe.

    The pride that she takes in cleaning your home extends to office spaces, too. It is part of the reason she has earned an A+ distinction with the Better Business Bureau and a trusted listing on Angies List.

    Charlton Kleening Services also provides professional cleaning for the exterior of your home or business by offering four seasons of maintenance from power washing to snow removal. Now is a great time to get your deck, deck furniture and walkways ready for winter.

    And winter is just around the corner too! Let them take care roof raking, snowplowing and clear your walkways, so you dont have to.

    In conjunction with their cleaning business they will also take care of your four-legged furry friends with their Dogs Home Care service. Why put your pooch in a crowded kennel when it can be safe and sound at home?

    We will take care of your animals at your own home, so when you come home, they will be happy and relaxed, Debbie noted. And we also offer dog walking.

    To schedule your free in-home estimate give them a call at 508-248-7267 or email Their hours of operation are Monday Friday, 7 a.m. 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 8 a.m. 12 p.m. Cash and checks are preferred.

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    Charlton Kleening Service: Where a clean home is a happy home - Community Advocate

    Pro Kleen brings top notch sanitation services to Tobago – Loop News Trinidad and Tobago - October 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    With COVID-19 still posing a major threat and the seasonal flu adding to the fray, keeping home and office spaces properly sanitised is a major priority that Pro Kleen Limited aims to handle on everyones behalf.

    Based in Plymouth, Tobago, Pro Kleen provides electrostatic spraying, power washing, floor refinishing, post-construction cleaning, carpet/rug extraction and upholstery cleaning.

    Managing Director, Khadija Alisamhoul, assured that Pro Kleens first mandate is providing premium customer service.

    We have over 12 years of proving that we are capable and experienced enough to satisfy your cleaning needs. Theres no greater time than now to practice good hygiene during this pandemic we are living in today. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, she said.

    Find Pro Kleen at Whim Estate in Plymouth, on their website or on social media with the handle ProKleenLtd.

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    Pro Kleen brings top notch sanitation services to Tobago - Loop News Trinidad and Tobago

    Hes here to cut the lawn and to draw us out of our COVID-induced depression – The Dallas Morning News - October 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    People are just really lonely right now, my neighbor Gavin Mogan told me, as I sat on my front porch watching him water some patches of sod hed brought over.

    Theres this one guy, whose yard I work on, who literally comes out and walks with me as I mow ... just to have someone to talk to.

    Gavin isnt a landscaper by trade, but this pandemic has pushed him into new ventures. He has Parkinsons disease and has spent the better half of the last decade as a fitness coach for others struggling with this same condition. The mind-body connection when it comes to this disease is crucial, and he has always understood that.

    However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, his clientele began to dwindle. Fewer people were comfortable leaving their homes when it could mean truly putting their lives at risk. So Gavin adapted, as hes been doing since his own diagnosis in 2008.

    Initially, he started recruiting others with Parkinsons disease (those still able to go outside) to partner with him doing yardwork around local neighborhoods for a little extra money. But as their abilities ebbed and flowed, he began offering the opportunity to anyone who might need it the teenage kid next door who wants to earn a few bucks and the man he met at a gas station who was out of work due to the pandemic and now living in his car. Sometimes they showed, sometimes they didnt, but either way Gavin is always there, working.

    Most of the time he just appears in my front yard, trimming tree branches or power-washing my sidewalk. A few times Ive told him that I couldnt really afford his services at the moment and hed tell me its something he meant to do the prior week when wed hired him to just mow our lawn, so not to worry about paying for the maintenance, which was really so much more. Hed say its medicine to him and that he needed to do it. Because, again, that mind-body connection is real.

    On days when he doesnt have any clients, he drives around the neighborhood and finds lawns in need of some TLC. He told me hell do them for free or what little money the person can pay. He showed me a picture of one backyard that looked like a jungle. He cleared it all out for $20.

    When I told him that job was worth so much more he said, Yeah, but I knew she couldnt afford more than that. He explained that she was an elderly woman living on her own, and it was obvious she needed a little help and that it goes both ways. It helps him too.

    We talked about how so many of us are struggling with low-grade depression right now. Were trapped inside with no end in sight. The only human connection many of us are getting right now is online, and its often at a fever pitch made up of pent-up emotions. Everyone is screaming at us that the sky is falling.

    Normally, we can get away from that. Just walk outside and interact with others to remind ourselves that screens offer a skewed view of reality. But, for many, thats not an option these days.

    Gavin explained that when we look out and see a mess all around us in our yards, it can feel like an outward expression of what were already feeling inside.

    When people can see something nice outside their windows, it just might make what theyre experiencing internally feel more manageable," he said.

    Ive experienced this firsthand. Last month, he cleared out all of the brush from our side yard; a place we barely ever go, full of wild, overgrown rosebushes. I honestly never really think about it, I just close the blinds and ignore the overgrowth.

    But now, when I open our kitchen window, I see a clear space. And somehow it feels like I have more room to breathe because of it, even amidst this quarantine.

    As I sat on my porch, I thought about the older gentleman who walks with Gavin, shouting over the mower, just to have some semblance of human connection.

    That must be so hard, I thought, living alone during a pandemic. At least I have a partner and a houseful of children. As Gavin continued watering, I realize Id been talking his ear off for 30 minutes, so perhaps even I have a need for that type of calming human connection.

    And thats when it hit me Gavin is offering more than just lawn care. In so many ways hes offering mental care. Hes helping those of us who need to know were not alone. Hes adding a bit of beauty among this chaos.

    Hes reminding us that even though the online world may be a mess right now, the real world still exists, and people who care about their communities and neighbors are just outside our door.

    Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa is a writer in Richardson and founder of New Wave Feminists.

    Hes here to cut the lawn and to draw us out of our COVID-induced depression - The Dallas Morning News

    Should Jesse Arreguin be elected to a second term as Berkeley mayor? – Berkeleyside - October 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Mayor Jesse Arregun in front of City Hall on Milvia Street on Sept. 29. He is running for a second four-year term. Photo: Pete Rosos

    The intersection of Interstate 80 and University Avenue is the entrance to Berkeley, and in the last few years it has turned into an eyesore. Home to about 100 people without a place to live, the two eyebrows on the west side of the freeway are a jumble of tents, shanties, heaps of garbage, discarded mattresses and bicycle parts. One Berkeley resident called it a cesspool and an embarrassment. A city official referred to the encampment as a humanitarian crisis.

    For Jesse Arregun, who was elected mayor in 2016 on a pledge of doing more for the homeless, the encampment by the Seabreeze Market is an albatross. Try as he might and he has proposed many ideas on how to clean the place up and help the residents while reckoning with the property owner, Caltrans he has not come up with a solution.

    For many voters in Berkeley considering whether to reelect him, the encampments along I-80 represent a massive fail on the part of the city of Berkeley, and by extension, Arregun.

    For many voters in Berkeley considering whether to reelect him, the encampments along I-80 represent a massive fail on the part of the city and, by extension, Arregun. In addition, more tents seem to be springing up around Berkeley, along Gilman Street, Ashby Avenue, Shattuck Avenue, Adeline Street and in Willard Park. The tents are there, in part, because CDC guidelines recommend people shelter in place as much as possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus; Berkeley is following those guidelines. The city has mostly stopped relocating the unhoused.

    This has been a very thorny issue, Arregun acknowledged in a recent interview with Berkeleyside, referring to the encampments near the freeway. Its the entryway to the city. Its unacceptable. Its not OK to let people live like that and its a safety hazard. We have to act.

    Had these encampments been on city property, Berkeley would already have resolved the issue, he said. The fact that its on Caltrans property makes it more complicated. We need their cooperation and we need their approval.

    Arregun knows that most Berkeley residents arent that interested in who has jurisdiction over the land. They just want something to be done, both to get rid of the unsightly encampments and to help the unhoused who need support. And each day that passes, the pressure to act grows.

    When I drive into Berkeley, I am heartbroken by the hundreds of people in camps along the street, former Mayor Gus Newport wrote in a forthcoming Berkeleyside editorial. He has endorsed Wayne Hsiung, one of Arreguns opponents, for mayor. Homelessness, however, is not an accident or inevitability; it is a direct result of policy choices made by our elected officials. Instead of providing supportive services and housing, Arregun has chosen a punitive route with disastrous results.

    Osha Neumann, a lawyer with the East Bay Community Law Center who has filed lawsuits on behalf of the homeless against Berkeley, said no one politician can ever end homelessness in a region with such a huge housing shortage. The test instead is how a politician treats those who have to live on the streets. Does he or she make sure toilets, hand-washing stations and regular trash pickup is happening? Are service providers doing outreach? While Berkeley has taken some positive steps, it should do more, he said.

    I dont fault anybody for not ending homelessness, not any politician, said Neumann, who has not endorsed anyone in the mayoral campaign. I would fault any politician who says they are going to end homelessness because they are not going to do it.

    Confronting the homeless issue is just one of the crises Arregun, 36, has had to face in the last four years as mayor. Hes also had to grapple with the 2017 street battles between antifascist activists and right-wing groups such the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Identity Evropa; the 2019 PG&E power shutoffs; threats from President Trump to cut funding to sanctuary cities like Berkeley; protests against police in the wake of George Floyds death; the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, including the economic devastation facing Berkeleys small businesses, restaurants and art institutions and the many people who have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay rent and buy food. As David Brooks wrote in his New York Times column this week, Governing is usually about responding to crises you didnt choose or foresee.

    The challenges have changed him, Arregun said. He had served on Berkeleys Rent Stabilization Board and City Council for 12 years before becoming one of the citys youngest-ever mayors, often aligning himself with the left wing of the council that included Kriss Worthington and Max Anderson. In those days, Arregun was often known for what he opposed as much as what he proposed. He, along with Sophie Hahn, now a City Council member running for reelection in District 5, were the backers of the second Measure R in 2014 that sought to impose greater restrictions on the three 180-foot-high buildings that were allowed downtown. Most Berkeley voters 74% opposed it. Arregun was often critical of many of the market-rate projects that came before the council.

    Arregun no longer rigidly holds those positions, he said. He now more often votes for large apartment complexes because he knows Berkeley needs the developer fees that come with them to help build more affordable units. And Berkeley also needs housing for all income levels, he said.

    As mayor, Arregun said he has to represent all of the city, rather than just one district. Building consensus on the council has become his priority over pushing to make a point. He has also brought back civility to council meetings.

    I really feel like I am a different person now than I was four years ago. All the challenges we faced you cant help but grow as a leader and adapt. Mayor Jesse Arregun

    I really feel like I am a different person now than I was four years ago, said Arregun. All the challenges we faced you cant help but grow as a leader and adapt. Ive felt its my fundamental responsibility to keep our community safe and to advance our values and represent the whole community.

    Evidence of Arreguns political evolution can be seen in his list of endorsers. Many of the people who endorsed former City Councilmember Laurie Capitelli for mayor in 2016, including former Mayor Tom Bates, are now backing Arregun. Seven of the eight council members have endorsed him. The exception is City Councilmember Cheryl Davila. The entire School Board is endorsing him as are seven rent board commissioners. The Berkeley Democratic Club, in which Capitelli is a leader, gave its endorsement, as did the Berkeley Progressive Alliance and Berkeley Citizens Action, among others. There doesnt seem to be a single organization, political or governmental body, or nonprofit that is not endorsing him.

    I am enthusiastically endorsing him, said City Councilmember Lori Droste, who backed Capitelli in the last mayoral election and has had policy differences with Arregun over the years. Hes evolved as a leader. He is governing as the leader of the entire city instead of a district, so he has to create consensus. He has matured in this position. I find him much more reasonable.

    The slew of endorsements may also reflect the weakness of Arreguns opponents. Theres a logic to endorsing the person who looks like he has the strongest chance of winning.

    Aidan Hill, the vice-chair of the Homeless Commission and a passionate advocate for Peoples Park, was unable to secure a City Council seat in 2018, making a win a longshot in a city-wide race. Naomi Pete is a perennial candidate for various positions. Hsiung, who is running a strong ground campaign, appears to be the biggest threat to Arreguns reelection. But he is also the co-founder of the controversial animal rights group DxE, which had members do bloody die-ins in front of the Local Butcher Shop until its owners agreed to put a sign in the window acknowledging there is no humane way to butcher animals. Hsiung has also been charged with 17 felonies in three different states in connection with entering industrial farms around the country, filming inside and taking animals.

    One Tuesday in July, in a parking lot on Berkeley Way, officials held a ceremonial groundbreaking for the largest affordable and homeless housing project in Berkeleys history. The complex now being built at 2012 Berkeley Way will have two components. One side will have 53 units of permanent supportive housing for homeless and disabled men and women; 32 shelter beds for homeless men; and 12 transitional housing beds for homeless male veterans. Mental health and medical services will be offered on-site and a communal dining room will allow residents and unsheltered people to share meals.

    The other portion of the site will have 89 units of affordable housing, ranging from studios to one- and two-bedroom apartments. They will be available through a lottery to people who earn 50%-60% of the area median income.

    Arregun could not make the ceremony, so City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley, City Councilmember Kate Harrison and others represented Berkeley. But the project is something Arregun is particularly proud of because, in 2009, he and then-council members Linda Maio and Kriss Worthington first proposed the idea of a service-enriched homeless housing project.

    It took 11 years to cobble together funding for the $120 million complex, and a 2018 bond pushed by Arregun and his allies ultimately made the project feasible, Williams-Ridley said at the ceremony. Berkeley donated the land and committed $27 million from its Housing Trust Fund, funded by fees developers pay when they dont include affordable units in developments, and money from Measure O, the bond measure. Other funds came from state, county and private sources.

    I cant help but see hundreds of people on our streets who dont have homes and not recognize we have a problem and that we are facing a housing crisis, Arregun told Berkeleyside this week. The status quo is not working. Housing is the solution to homelessness and housing is critical to creating a more equitable and racially and culturally diverse community.

    Yet progress is painfully slow, Arregun acknowledges, and his critics are using the pace of progress to suggest he is callous to the plight of the unhoused.

    For example, Hsiung says Berkeley has only built 22 units of affordable housing during Arreguns first term, as reported in a recent housing pipeline analysis published by the city.

    Arregun has consistently said Hsiung distorts his record and cherry-picks facts about the mayors initiatives. That 22 number is an incomplete snapshot and doesnt reflect the units in Berkeleys housing pipeline, Arregun said. While 22 units have been constructed since he became mayor (during the years 2017-2019) another 244 were built between 2014 and 2016 when he served on the council. An additional 338 below-market-rate units have been approved but have not started construction, according to Berkeleys recent housing pipeline report. In that same time frame, 994 market-rate units have been built.

    As the president of ABAG, Arregun said he is very aware of how much farther Berkeley and the entire Bay Area have to go to meet the regions housing needs. Arregun also argues he is in a good position to help drive the debate and to push cities to meet their quotas. In terms of other accomplishments connected to housing, Arregun points to the MOU Berkeley and BART worked out to build housing on the North Berkeley and Ashby BART stations, the millions of dollars the city has donated for flexible housing funds for people to retain their housing or consult a lawyer and programs to prevent displacement. He also helped raise $4.4 million for the Berkeley Relief Fund to give direct grants for people struggling to pay rent, to small business owners, and to art non-profits. (Berkeley donated $3 million of those funds and individuals and companies contributed the rest.) Early on, the City Council also passed a moratorium on evictions during the state of emergency.

    If there is one program that Arregun is singularly proud of, one that he often mentions in debates and talks, it is Pathways center on Second Street. Arregun and Hahn pushed the initiative, which is modeled on San Franciscos navigation centers. The program allows (or did before COVID) partners to sleep near one another and bring pets. There is a kitchen, some communal meals, services and the ability to come and go freely 24/7. People can stay for up to six months. The aim is to give unhoused people respite from the street, counseling and the resources and funds to find more permanent housing.

    Arregun said 250 people have been placed in permanent housing through Pathways. However, sometimes the subsidies are only for the short term and people have ended up back on the streets.

    Most subsidies are short term, said boona cheema, the former director of BOSS and a longtime advocate for the unhoused. She has endorsed Arregun. Just because they got housing, the issues are still there, like poverty, addiction and mental health issues. People fall out of the housing.

    Cheema wishes Arregun would be bolder and have the courage to acknowledge that large groups of people will never be housed. (Berkeley has about 1,000 homeless people with another 1,000 drifting through every year, according to a city report.)

    Where are people supposed to go? she said. Are there small encampments we can create? It doesnt have to be a 100-person encampment.

    The City Council has voted to create a sanctioned encampment in Berkeley and to look at a place for RVs to get short-term permits to park. So far, officials havent come up with a spot. State agencies nixed the parking lot by the former Hs Lordships, Arregun said. The city is still looking, said Arregun, but there just isnt a lot of available space in Berkeley. He said he is convening a meeting with Alameda County and other East Bay mayors to discuss a regional RV lot. In the meantime, Berkeley is not enforcing its ban against overnight RV parking.

    The pandemic has been both good and bad for the unhoused. The good: Berkeley got state money to rent out two hotels that can accommodate 69 homeless individuals most at-risk of contracting COVID-19. In addition, the city installed 18 trailers and renovated a four-bedroom house for their needs.

    The bad: Social distancing rules have meant that Berkeley has had to pare down the number of people served by each shelter, leading to fewer services.

    Since people are living in the eyebrows along I-80, Neumann wants Berkeley to do more and thinks Arregun should show leadership. Even though the land belongs to Caltrans, the public works department could pick up garbage more often, which would reduce the rat problem.

    The question is how do we treat the people who inevitably are going to be outside? said Neumann. How do we make their lives as livable as possible, reduce the impact of living outside for them and their neighbors?

    Neumann does appreciate Arreguns resistance to dispersing the I-80 encampments especially now when the impending election has placed pressure on him to do something, he said.

    But Arreguns concern about the encampments continues and he said they are going to be cleaned very soon. Caltrans already moved people from land near Gilman and erected a fence. The state agency started there because there have been 10 fires in the area in the last few months. University Avenue is next.

    I dont envy him, Droste said of Arregun. Its easy to criticize but its hard for people to come up with solutions.

    Berkeleyside relies on reader support so we can remain free to access for everyone in our community. Donate to help us continue to provide you with reliable, independent reporting.


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    Should Jesse Arreguin be elected to a second term as Berkeley mayor? - Berkeleyside

    Global Pressure Washing Services Market 2020 | Growth, Share, Trends, Opportunities And Focuses On Top Players | Clean and Green Solutions, Pressure… - October 6, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Pressure Washing Services Market Is Reported To Boom Irrespective Of Coronavirus Pandemic

    Markets Research Storeis a well-known firm that has provided in-depth knowledge about the globalPressure Washing Services market. The report encompasses vital factors that can preferably help clients to make sensible decisions. Furthermore, the detailing of historical and current market trends provides a clear evaluation of the market developments in the future. A comprehensive assessment of the market, valuable insights, statistical data, business expansion, manufacturing processes, and other factual market related information are well represented in the report. In addition, the market information and study is provided in a categorical format such as introduction, segmentation, and regions.

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    Global Pressure Washing Services market provides a holistic detail of the competitive landscape. Key major players ruling the market includeClean and Green Solutions, Pressure Washing Clearwater, Williams Washing, Judge Services, Pro Power Wash, Keymyrly Cleaning Service, Power Wash UK, Jeri Cleaning Services, Shack Shine, Mr. Handyman Power Washing Service, KC Power Clean, Action Pressure Wa. The company profiling offers a crystal clear view of the business policies, tactics, government regulations, and growth rate from both the regional and global point of view. However, the Pressure Washing Services market is expected to gain momentum in the coming years owing to the changing dynamic business environment.

    Read Comprehensive Overview of Report:

    Major points covered in the Pressure Washing Services market report:

    The detailing of company profile and regions with better Pressure Washing Services markets scope Analysis of complete market, pricing, growth influencers, import/export, technological advancements, future trends, and growth rate Comprehensive analysis of historical, current, and future market growth rate Impact of specific growth drivers on the market expansion Study includes accurate data to gain better insight of the global Pressure Washing Services market

    Reasons to buy the report:

    1. Complete overview of the global Pressure Washing Services market2. Insightful analyses of the commercial landscape and market strategies3. Analyses of mitigating developmental threats, production issues, and other challenges4. Key growth influencers and market restraints that have an impact on Pressure Washing Services market growth5. Encompassing new development trends and market strategies to increase its chances of existence in the global platform6. Better understanding of future scope of the Pressure Washing Services market7. Option of customization of the research report as per the specific requirements

    Years considered for this report

    Historical Years: 2015-2019Base Year: 2019Estimated Year: 2020Forecast Period: 2020-2026

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    Global Pressure Washing Services Market 2020 | Growth, Share, Trends, Opportunities And Focuses On Top Players | Clean and Green Solutions, Pressure...

    Muscogee (Creek) Citizen aims for the sky – Muscogee Nation News - October 6, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Morgan Taylor, Reporter

    HENRYETTA, Oklahoma A Muscogee (Creek) Citizen takes steps in a new direction towards his dreams in his new venture as a small business owner. Steven Randall started his new business this year called SkyTown Clean LLC.

    SkyTown Clean LLC specializes in power washing from sidewalks, driveways, to equipment and machinery, vinyl siding, to anything outside that needs to be power washed, Randall said. My most popular requests are driveways and parking lots; I charge an hourly rate of $50.

    Randall always wanted to start a business of his own and be his own boss. When he decided to start his business, he saw a need in his community that needed to be met and started doing his research.

    I noticed that there was a lot stuff outside that needed to be cleaned, Randall said. I started to google and found out that people actually do this for a living just nobody was doing here yet so I decided to go ahead and take off with it.

    By using specialized power washing equipment, Randall can perform a number of services to clean any exterior or outside object. His motto is if you got, I wash it.

    Randall currently works his business on his weekends and days off from his primary job as a certified welder.

    My whole goal of this is to make this my full-time career. Randall said. I want to say SkyTown Clean is going to be a household name. I want to be global in every city. I want to do waste clean up, chemical clean up, construction clean up or anything to do with cleaning up. To fire damage to wreck clean ups, I want SkyTown Clean to be everywhere.

    Located in the Henryetta area, if the job is big enough Randall will travel to complete a task.

    Depending on the job I will travel for a job. Ive traveled to Tulsa and to Oklahoma City, Randall said.

    Randall has many goals when it comes to his business and with the help of the Mvskoke Loan Fund he is making progress on completing each steppingstone.

    One of my goals right now is to get CESO certified with Creek Nation, Randall said. I want to possibly get in with the tribes and do all the casinos, hospitals and facilities.

    Being CESO with the Nation will give Randall more job opportunities. Randall has used services from the Nation that have helped him receive his LLC, Limited Liability Company.

    This helps me out, if somebody tries to sue me or something I can go to tribal courts, Randall said. Sonny Bevenue and Eric Starr with Mvskoke Loan Fund have been there for me whenever I had a question or to give me information. My next thing is to apply for loan through them for better equipment.

    For more information on SkyTown Clean, LLC contact Steven Randall at (918) 623-7653 or through e-mail at

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    Muscogee (Creek) Citizen aims for the sky - Muscogee Nation News

    Global Washing Services Market Report 2020 by Key Players, Business Opportunities, Applications, Market Size, Countries Forecast to 2027 (Based on… - October 6, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    In its newly published report, Reportspedia has provided unique insights about the Washing Services Market for the given period. One of the major objectives of this report is to categorize the various dynamics of the market and to offer the newest updates such as mergers and acquisitions, various technological developments, new entrants in the market, which make an impact on different segments of the Washing Services market. The report also takes into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Washing Services market and offers a clear evaluation of the future market demand during the forecast period.

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    The following manufacturers are covered:

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    This is likely to drive the Global Washing Services Market over the forecast period. This research report covers the market landscape and its advancement prediction in the near future. After studying key vendors, the report focuses on the new entrant contributing to the enlargement of the market. Most companies in the Global Washing Services Market have currently adopted new technological trends in the market.

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    Vendors who are providing a wide range of product lines and intensifying the competitive scenario in the Washing Services COVID-19 crisis.

    Also highlights the key growth sectors of the Washing Services market and how they will perform in the coming years.

    Inquire Before Buying at:,-segment-by-player,-type,-application,-marketing-channel,-and-region/66784#inquiry_before_buying

    This Washing Services market breakdown also offers the scope of different segments and applications that can in fact impact the market in the future. Thorough information is based on current trends and significant milestones. The Washing Services market analysis mentions the volume of sales by region from 2020 to 2027. A thorough evaluation of the limitations included in the market analysis portrays the drivers and gives scope for strategic planning.

    Major Highlights:

    Detailed overview of parent market

    Changing Washing Services market dynamics in the industry

    exhaustively market segmentation

    past, present, and future market size in terms of volume and value

    current industry trends and developments

    Competitive landscape

    Potential and niche segments, geographical regions exhibiting promising growth

    Must-have information for market Key vendor to keep going and increase their market footprint

    The major key questions addressed through this innovative research report:

    Some Points from Table of Content

    Global Washing Services Market Report 2020 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2027

    Chapter 1Report Overview

    Chapter 2Global Market Growth Trends

    Chapter 3Value Chain of Washing Services Market

    Chapter 4Players Profiles

    Chapter 5Global Washing Services Market Analysis by Regions

    Chapter 6North America Washing Services Market Analysis by Countries

    Chapter 7Europe Washing Services Market Analysis by Countries

    Chapter 8Asia-Pacific Washing Services Market Analysis by Countries

    Chapter 9Middle East and Africa Washing Services Market Analysis by Countries

    Chapter 10South America Washing Services Market Analysis by Countries

    Chapter 11Global Washing Services Market Segment by Types

    Chapter 12Global Washing Services Market Segment by Applications

    Chapter 13Washing Services Market Forecast by Regions (2020-2027)

    Chapter 14Appendix

    Access full Report Description, TOC, Table of Figure, Chart,,-segment-by-player,-type,-application,-marketing-channel,-and-region/66784#table_of_contents

    Read the original here:
    Global Washing Services Market Report 2020 by Key Players, Business Opportunities, Applications, Market Size, Countries Forecast to 2027 (Based on...

    Editorial: Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald refused to work with Gov. Tony Evers to contain coronavirus. They have made things worse. – Milwaukee… - October 6, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Buy Photo

    Colectivo asks that customers use a mask at its Shorewood cafe. The village of Shorewood now requires a mask in all buildings open to the public.(Photo: Jeff Rumage/Now News Group)

    Mandate face masks. Close or limit numbers in bars. Limit seats in restaurants.

    Republicans in other states have taken strong action when faced with rising coronavirus cases.

    But in Wisconsin, Republicans who control the Legislature instead run to court to overturn an order by Gov. Tony Evers mandating face masks in public spaces.

    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald have offered NO plan of their own to fight the deadly virus.

    Track COVID-19 in Wisconsin: See the latest numbers and trends

    If youve been wondering why case counts rose exponentially during a terrible September in Wisconsin far higher than surrounding states look no further than this:

    Wisconsin has no statewide plan to fight coronavirus.

    And neither does the federal government.

    "I think, unfortunately, more people are going to have to die before our policymakers accept we need laws and policies that improve the health and safety of our state," Patrick Remington, former epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's preventive medicine residency program, told the Journal Sentinel's Molly Beck.

    On Monday, Wisconsin was third in the U.S., behind only North and South Dakota, in a New York Times analysis of case counts per capita. The situation is dire in the Fox Valley and Green Bay, where hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed and people are standing in line for hours to get a test.

    Much of this was preventable.

    RELATED: GOP lawmakers stand still as virus rages in Wisconsin

    RELATED: Whose job is it to address COVID-19 surges in Wisconsin? In the Fox Valley, local leaders are frustrated with 'punting' of responsibility

    RELATED: 'Frustrated and heartbroken': Health care workers say Wisconsin's COVID-19 spike is the result of people ignoring preventive steps

    But at a time when Wisconsin desperately needed thoughtful leadership from Fitzgerald and Vos, as well as Evers, it got petty political games. Evers issued a new order on Tuesdayto limitindoor gatherings, including in bars and restaurants. It's a good idea, but it remains to be seen how Republicans will react.

    Obstructivebehavior is nothing new from Fitzgerald and Vos, who rammed through a bill limiting Evers powers as governor during a lame-duck session right after he was elected and before he took office.

    The pair successfully sued Evers earlier this year over the extension of the governor's first public health emergency. Although the administrative branch of state government has had public health emergency powers since the 1800s, the Republican-backed state Supreme Court justices gave their friends in the Legislature veto power over Evers' ability to act. They struck down his "safer at home" order and instructed the governor to issue statewide actions through the legislative rulemaking process.

    Gov. Tony Evers wears a face mask during a briefing with reporters on the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic.(Photo: Molly Beck / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

    After the court's divided vote, the Department of Health Services submitted Evers' plan to the legislative rules committee in May.It was rejected by committee leaders, who offered no alternatives or made any attempt to negotiate or compromise. Vos claimed there was no need to negotiate new guidelines, even though the premise of the lawsuit was to block Evers order and force him to work with the Legislature.

    Vos and Fitzgerald have the power to convene the two houses they lead in the Legislatureat any timeto cancel Evers' current emergency mask mandate or put their own rules in place. If they put the public's welfare above their personal interests, they would work with Evers and state health officials to craft a bipartisan plan to get this pandemic in check.

    But in this election year, Vos and Fitzgerald fear requiring party members to vote against the governor's mask mandate.An August poll by Marquette University Law School found 69% of registered Wisconsin voters supported the mask requirement. Vos and Fitzgeraldfear losing power if voters don't like their rejection of Evers' common-sense order.

    So instead they hire private attorneys with our taxpayer dollars to support lawsuits against the governor while they sit on their hands.

    Public health officials agree: Mask-wearing, frequent hand-washing and social distancing reduce the spread of coronavirus.

    It has become clear that too many people in Wisconsin are not willing to take personal responsibility to slow the spread of this deadly disease on their own. The mask order, where enforced, helps protect our vulnerable neighbors.

    William Melms, chief medical officer at Marshfield Clinic Health System, described what he saw driving throughcentral Wisconsin recently.

    "Going past the bars, I saw that the parking lots were all full," he told the Journal Sentinel's Mark Johnson."There's less and less mask-wearing and social-distancing. To a great extent, people have become complacent."

    And so the seven-day average of new cases has skyrocketed in our state from 674 on Sept. 3 to 2,346 by Tuesday. Deaths are rising rapidly, too, with the virus claiming 1,399 since the pandemic began and the seven-day average of deaths hitting a record.

    When we'restruck by a public health emergency, our elected representatives should be looking out for all of their constituents, regardless of party, rather than playing political power games.

    Sadly, that is not the case.President Donald Trump, who was hospitalized with coronavirus last weekend, has long discouraged the wearing of masks, mocking former Vice President Joe Biden at the recent debate for frequently wearing one.Vos and Fitzgerald are following lock-step behind their leader.

    Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, left, and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, speak to members of the media.(Photo: Steve Apps, Associated Press)

    Heres what needs to happen now:

    Vos and Fitzgerald should work with Evers to impose a statewide mask mandate, close bars or limit their capacity to safe social-distancing numbers, and take other responsible actions to reduce infections. Citizens who support mask-wearing should let them know who's boss their contact information is below.

    We hope our leaders actually lead. But if they dont, we can still take responsibility for ourselves.

    We can wash our hands frequently. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Avoid large gatherings.

    And, we can vote against anyone who ranaway from their responsibility whenwe needed them.

    Editorials are the product of the Journal Sentinel's Editorial Board, which operates independently of the news department. Email:

    Contact the Legislature and ask representatives to work with Gov. Tony Evers to develop a plan to combat coronavirus in Wisconsin.

    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:(608) 266-9171;

    Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald:(608) 266-5660;

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    Editorial: Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald refused to work with Gov. Tony Evers to contain coronavirus. They have made things worse. - Milwaukee...

    ‘Friends of OB’ campaign raising funds for a safe and clean community – A collaboration of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association and The Peninsula… - September 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    San Diego Community News Group

    An empty Newport Avenue earlier this year after the shutdown from COVID-19. / Photo by Jim Grant

    A collaboration of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association and The Peninsula Alliance, the new Friends of OB campaign rolled out on Sept. 25 to encourage donations to continue to enhance the eclectic beach community. The initial goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of this year. Donations will fund efforts for a cleaner, safer, and beautified Ocean Beach.

    This campaign will serve as a catalyst to continue to revitalize our already vibrant community of Ocean Beach, said Dave Martin, Ocean Beach MainStreet Association and The Peninsula Alliance board member. The new project will support beautification efforts in the area, and we hope many will contribute and become a Friend of OB.

    As a nonprofit, the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association (OBMA) relies heavily on special events such as the Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off, Oktoberfest, and numerous smaller events and fundraisers to provide funds to enhance its programs. Due to COVID-19, OBMA has been unable to provide the additional funding needed to enhance its community programs.

    The new Friends of OB campaign encourages individuals and businesses alike for help in enhancing the Clean & Safe Program by becoming a Friend of OB with a tax-deductible donation online. Those who donate will have the option to be highlighted on OBMAs monthly newsletter as well as on

    In 2019, OBs Clean & Safe Program provided more than 20,000 dog waste bags, removed 415 stickers, maintained 22 murals, removed 505 pieces of graffiti, and cleaned up more than 33,800 cigarette butts. The new Friends of OB campaign aims to continue these actions.

    We are excited to gear up for a new opportunity to generate funds and continue our efforts to better our community, said Denny Knox, executive director of the OBMA. Our beach town is open. We look to our community of Ocean Beach and to those who love this unique neighborhood to help us by contributing to our Friends of OB program efforts.

    The campaign focuses on three main pillars: clean, safe, and beautification.

    - Donations to the clean program funds trash removal along Newport Avenue each morning; maintaining and cleaning the trash receptacles as needed; power-washing Newport Avenue; the MAD schedules and pays for one block of Newport Avenue per month. OBMA enhances these cleaning services when possible through special event income (which is limited due to COVID) and through private donations. The OBMA also helps coordinate the removal of graffiti around town and is putting together a graffiti removal task force.

    - The safe programs goal is to complement San Diego Police Departments efforts. The security team acts as an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement and property owners and responds to service calls in a timely fashion when they are in the business districts. The security team helps to deter aggressive panhandling and other nuisance behavior; utilize the letter of agency to remove trespassers from private property; assist with directions and information; maintain open communications with police to report ongoing issues, and add a presence in business districts to prevent undesirable behavior.

    - Donations to the beautification program will fund a list of projects to keep Ocean Beach vibrant. Some of those projects include mural projects; artist utility box project; maintaining banners throughout the Newport Avenue and Sunset Cliffs banner district; holiday banners throughout the Newport Avenue and Sunset Cliffs banner district; holiday decorations throughout the downtown area; and continuous maintenance of the landscaping along Newport Avenue. In addition to the day-to-day elements, OBMA continuously works with the City on projects such as trimming palm trees, curb and light post repairs, and much more.

    For those looking to get more involved, the Clean & Safe Committee Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 8:30 am.

    To learn more about the new program and donate, visit More information will also be available at the OB Farmers Market, which takes place every Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m. on the 4900 block of Newport Avenue between Cable and Bacon streets.

    See the original post here:
    'Friends of OB' campaign raising funds for a safe and clean community - A collaboration of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association and The Peninsula...

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