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    4 Things to Consider Before Adding a New Service to Your Company Offerings – - December 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

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    If there was one common question I receive it's, "Brad, how do you know when to add another service?" This question, or some form of it, came from young business owners, desperate to find another income stream, and from seasoned owners realizing that to become a bona fide pavement maintenance "specialist" they would need to expand their vocabulary and offerings to customers.

    This topic seemed to be on the minds of many contractors, so let me share a few thoughts and observations that I've made over the past 20 years that might aid you in your own evaluation of growing your business.

    Now, there are certainly more reasons why you might want to think twice before adding new services but let me provide you some proactive, positive reasons to add new services.

    Certainly one or more of these four criteria should be in place before you expand. It is important to also note that if you are seriously looking at adding a new service, develop a business plan addressing such topics as: market needs, competitors, cost of needed equipment, suppliers and their locations, and type of customers, to name just a few areas.

    Adding a new service will require that you have the proper attitude and mindset - it will renew your commitment to be patient and consistent. Plus, prepare to have the capital needed to keep the new service moving ahead while you and your workers are learning the new business.

    Adding a new service should be a positive and profitable experience. If you've never added a new service you are in for a real challenge to your old policies and approaches. Be open to new lessons and best practices that you can learn and even pass on to your existing services. You might just end up adding a service that becomes the new profit leader for your company in the future.

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    4 Things to Consider Before Adding a New Service to Your Company Offerings -

    5 Best Window Cleaners in Columbus – Kev’s Best - December 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Below is a list of the top and leading Window Cleaners in Columbus. To help you find the best Window Cleaners located near you in Columbus, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

    The top rated Window Cleaners in Columbus are:

    Direct Window Cleaning is your local, owner-managed company with the experience to provide you with excellent results. Whether you would like to use its window cleaning services for your home or business, they are ready to help keep your investment clean. They make up a large part of it, so having them sparkling and streak-free can make all of the difference to visitors and potential customers.

    They offer residential, storefront, and commercial window cleaning. Cleaning windows can be a difficult, and oftentimes, dangerous task. They are trained professionals in cleaning windows at different heights, equipped with the newest tools and equipment in the business, including water fed pole technology.


    Residential, Storefront, Commercial


    Phone:(614) 421-7454Website:


    My experience was great from the initial reach out to the completion of the work. Sean was very professional and responsive. I appreciated his honest evaluation of the scope of the work needed and did not charge me for the couple screens he ended up cleaning. I will certainly be calling DWC again in the spring. Kathy O.

    Fish Window Cleaning is insured, bonded, and committed to your satisfaction. Their specialty is residential and commercial window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and chandelier cleaning. They provide high-quality cleaning of all types of windows. High and hard to reach windows. They clean storm windows and old windows with lead frames. Just about any that you have in your home, Fish Window Cleaning can clean.

    You can rely on them to take the utmost care of your residence as we clean your windows. Fish Window Cleaning works quietly and quickly as they move from room to room to cause the least disruption to you and your family. They are pet friendly and work with you to keep all pets safe and secure. They only use biodegradable soap that is safe around your pets and children.


    Window Cleaning, Awning Cleaning, Chandelier Cleaning, Light Fixture Cleaning, Hard Water Stain Removal, Construction Clean-Up, Gutter Cleaning, High Dusting


    Phone:(614) 486-0200Website:


    Windows look great and they were very professional about it. Thomas K.

    Columbus Ohio Window Cleaning specializes in high rise commercial properties for Columbus Ohio. They are a central Ohio commercial window cleaning company throughout Columbus, Dublin, and Westerville Ohio areas. Columbus Ohio Window Cleaning is your single-source provider for all your window cleaning needs. All of its technicians have a vast amount of experience in high-rise-rope descending system operations.

    Rest assured they use proper floor protection when accessing interior lobbies and exterior pavement. Columbus Ohio Window Cleaning can access over escalators and even go up steps. They are committed to providing the best window cleaning estimates or window cleaning bid quotes for all your window washing needs.


    High Rise Commercial Properties, Window Cleaning, New Construction Window Cleaning, Maintenance


    Address: 611 Oak Brook Pl, Columbus, OH 43228Phone:(614) 202-0575Website:


    I am a general contractor here in Columbus, looking for a window cleaning company that cleans new construction windows and frames.Came across Classy Window Cleaning, these guys power washed all windows first, then finish the final cleaning of the windows. Very experienced and knowledgeable company. William L.

    Window Genie of West Columbus particularizes in window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and more. Its commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism is what sets it apart from the competition. With over 20 years of experience, they have earned the trust of homeowners throughout West Columbus, Powell, Dublin, Upper Arlington, and the surrounding areas.

    You can ensure knowing that their technicians are fully trained, bonded, insured, and drive custom wrapped Geniemobiles for easy recognition. They know how valuable your time is. Your local experts are ready to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you.


    Window Cleaning, Window Tinting, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning


    Phone:(614) 299-4399Website:


    Randy was very professional and personable! He arrived early for the appointment, but contacted me first to ensure it was convenient. He wore a mask whenever he was inside, as well as gloves and shoe covers. I highly recommend Randy and will use Window Genie again in the future. Terri S.

    Pure Solutions Window & Chandelier Cleaning is a small, environmentally mindful window cleaning company with a focus on offering its community a luxury level customer service experience. With more than 19 years in the business, caring for your specialty cleaning needs will come naturally to them. Pure Solutions Window & Chandelier Cleaning is careful and trusted family in Ohio that is exactly what you are looking for. They want transparency not only in their window cleaning but also in the way they do business.


    Window Cleaning, Chandelier Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning Services, Pressure Washing


    Phone:(614) 900-7839Website:


    I definitely recommend Chris company, Pure Solutions. He was friendly, responsive, and diligent. I have old windows that are tricky to take apart and clean, and Chris did a fantastic job doing both. Emily T.

    Shera Elliott graduated from the New Mexico State University with a major in biology and a minor in Biological Basis of Behavior & Health Care Management. Shera grew up in Los Angeles, but moved to Las Cruces for college. Shera has written for several major publications including the Albuquerque Journal and NPR. Shera is a community reporter and also covers stories important important to all Americans.

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    5 Best Window Cleaners in Columbus - Kev's Best

    Davenport synagogue Rabbi reacts to vandalism just before Hanukkah celebration – - December 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Temple Emanuel was vandalized on Thursday, with spray paint citing John 8:44, a verse in the New Testament in the Christian Bible.

    DAVENPORT, Iowa A Davenport synagogue was vandalized on Thursday, just before the first night of Hanukkah.

    The Rabbi said Sunday Davenport Police and the FBI are now investigating the vandalism as a hate crime.

    The brick walls in Davenport at Temple Emanuel surround a sacred space.

    Temple Emanuel was vandalized on Thursday, with spray paint citing John 8:44, a verse in the New Testament in the Christian Bible.

    "When I first saw the citation I thought, 'yeah, that's probably not going to be a happy Bible verse," said Rabbi Linda Bertenthal.

    Bertenthal first saw the spray paint on Thursday, a verse she said references murderers and liars.

    "This person who would spray paint this on a synagogue is clearly full of hate," Bertenthal said.

    Then, on Friday morning, a power washing company removed the paint, leaving the brick wall at the synagogue's entrance spotless.

    The support did not stop there.

    "At our Friday evening services, so a day after this occurred, we had so many visitors at our Zoom service who were just there to be a loving presence for us," Bertenthal said.

    Those visitors came virtually from across the country, like Kentucky and Minnesota. Religious leaders from other faiths joined, too. One supporter, Bertenthal said, lives in Belgium.

    "It just kinda blew my mind that, you know, people across the world are, you know, wanting to shine their light against this act of darkness," Bertenthal said.

    Bertenthal and her congregation are shining that light.

    "There can never be an episode of hatred against anyone based on who they are that the community doesn't react just the way they did to this," Bertenthal said.

    They are part of a world-wide community shining brighter than the darkness attempting to divide them.

    The Catholic Dioceses of Davenport released the following statement after the vandalism was discovered and reported:

    "The Diocese of Davenport strongly condemns the desecration of Temple Emanuel. An act of anti-Semitism at this holy place of worship, at the beginning of Hanukkah, targeting our Jewish friends and neighbors, is deeply disturbing. The Church decries hatred, persecution and displays of anti-Semitism directed against Jews at any time and by anyone. The scandalous misappropriation of the Christian scripture in this incident was especially disheartening. Along with the members of other faith traditions, and with all people of goodwill in our community, we stand by the members of the Temple Emanuel congregation."

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    Davenport synagogue Rabbi reacts to vandalism just before Hanukkah celebration -

    CallisonRTKL reimagines Philip Johnson’s Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas with pedestrian improvements – The Architect’s Newspaper - December 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    As far as privately owned public spaces go, Thanks-Giving Square, in the heart of downtown Dallas, is a singular, yet quite literally multi-layered, affair.

    Dedicated in 1976, the top layer of the site consists of a postmodernist sunken quasi-park-slash-spirituality hub (a pointedly interfaith one) complete with a landscaped meditation garden, spiraling white chapel, and bell tower. The obvious center is the so-called Great Fountain, a water feature that drowns out city noise while suffusing the space with peaceful vibes that the Thanks-Giving Foundation, the nonprofit that owns and operates the Philip Johnson-designed space, hopes will prompt visitors to pause and stand together on common ground, reflect on gratitude, and appreciate the diversity of our community. Situated roughly 15-feet below street-level, the immersed nature of the pie-shaped, 1.7-acre space is made more striking by the fact that it sits wedged, cloistered and island-like, beneath the shadow of some of the citys tallest skyscrapers.

    Situated directly under the square, one level down is a major node of the Dallas Pedestrian Network, a largely subterranean pedway system from the same French Canadian urban planner, Vincent Ponte, who conceived Montreals famed Underground City. (This particular stretch of the network is owned by the City of Dallas.) Further down, 50-feet below ground at the bottom layer, is the Bullington Truck Terminal, a cavernous space constructed to help alleviate downtown traffic congestion caused by delivery trucks.

    The top layer of Thanks-Giving Squarethat is, the idyllic, inclusive, and introspection-minded public space and its iconic chapelis now in the early conceptual stages of a major design refresh that will help it serve a city thats larger, more diverse, and maybe even a bit more thankful than it was over 40 years ago when it first opened to the public. (Estimated costs, timelines, and other particulars have yet to be ironed out as the Foundation prepares for a forthcoming capital campaign.) Perhaps most crucially, Thanks-Giving Square, retooled and refreshed for a post-pandemic era, will be more seamlessly fused with the city all the while still serving as a place of respite and reflection.

    In exploring the possibilities of a reimagined Thanks-Giving Square, the Foundation teamed with the Dallas-based arm of global architecture firm CallisonRTKL, which has maintained offices at the Republic Center, one of the aforementioned skyscrapers flanking Thanks-Giving Square, for nearly 20 years. In the spirit of neighborly giving, the firm is providing its design services pro-bono.

    As explained by Noel Aveton, a vice-president at CallisonRTKL who leads the Dallas offices landscape architecture and urban planning studio, the relationship between the firm and Kyle Ogden, the foundations president and CEO, didnt kick off with talks of a full-blown site overhaul but, rather, conversations about more basic fixes to help spruce up curb appeal at the square.

    It was really simple, Aveton told AN of these initial improvements. It was through landscape, plantings, some other basic things. And we just had a really good relationship that started from thatwe became kind of his [Ogdens] go-to architectural, planning, and landscape team.

    Since 2018, when talks about (and the implementation of) basic improvements at Thanks-Giving Square first commenced between Ogden and the CallisonRTKL team, the scope of whats possible has progressed from minor tweaks here and there to a major proposed transformation. Then came a more serious conversation Ogden and his board were having about a rejuvenation. And it was clearly much larger than adding some ground cover or power-washing walls, said Aveton. From there, the conversations became more involved and, to be honest, more interestingand what we culminated those conversations into was a charette.

    Potential improvements that came about from the day-long design charette, which was held earlier this year and was organized by CallisonRTKL senior associates Michael Friebele (also an AN contributor) and Collin Koonce, included: A small multi-use pavilion that will provide a new link to the underground pedestrian tunnels and and ADA-compliant upgrades including a revamp of a steel-rail bridge leading to the chapel and a new glass-encased elevator. Most dramatically, the plan sees Thanks-Giving Square expanding outside of its walls and transforming adjacent former traffic lanes into a vibrant pedestrian space akin to a linear park with trees, seating, and opportunities for active programming including space for pop-up retail and dining storefronts. Its all about the opportunity for the streetscape to become an extension of the mission of Thanks-Giving Square, said Koonce.

    The plan also envisions an overlook on Pacific Avenue that Friebele described as a hood that covers up the entrance to the tunnel system and puts you into the square a bit but doesnt necessarily disrupt the pedestrian experience or the contemplative experience once youre inside.

    As Friebele explained, the significant growth thats taken hold of downtown Dallas over the past decade has prompted a larger reconsideration of how Thanks-Giving Square, which was initially envisioned as a sort of different take on Rockefeller Center centered around unifying the city in the years following the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, can best be utilized. (And as evidenced by nearby Klyde Warren Park, multi-faceted green spaces are thrivingand expandingin downtown Dallas.)

    This idea that not having enough parks downtown also meant that places that are public spaces, like Thanks-Giving Square, were interpreted in a way that residents saw fitting their needs, said Friebele. So now that all these parts have come online, its really become about focusing back on what the Squares intentions were from the outset.

    A square that was built for contemplation seems to just not make sense anymore in its current standing, added Friebele. It needs to actually outreach. And thats what the Foundation really sees as an opportunity within this plan: How do you keep the contemplation aspect in place but how do you start to stitch this thing further into the actual action of thanksgiving in the city?

    As detailed by Koonce, much of the charette was spent trying to pin down the identity of Thanks-Giving Square and whether or not it fits into a contemporary definition of a parkthat is, a place for active programming like what you might see being built today, he said. And the consensus was that the Thanks-Giving Square, as originally intended, doesnt fit into that definition. And thats what the foundation wants nowis to be somehow different and unique and also be that place of contemplation that has a higher purpose than a park, Koonce added.

    As mentioned, the transformation of Thanks-Giving Square is in the early conceptual stages and the plan envisioned by the team at CallisonRTKL is likely to change as more feedback comes in down the line and budget considerations are made. Friebele referred to the charette process as a chance for the Foundation to build excitement about the project. Its an opportunity for them to unveil the next step of where they really want to go.

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    CallisonRTKL reimagines Philip Johnson's Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas with pedestrian improvements - The Architect's Newspaper

    Pressure Washer Market (COVID-19 Analysis): Indoor Applications Projected to be the Most Attractive Segment during 2020-2026 – The Courier - December 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Being an excellent and defined market research report,Pressure Washer Marketreport serves as a backbone for the business when it is about thriving in the competition. It presents with a telescopic view of the competitive landscape to the client so that they can map the strategies accordingly. To craft this market report in an outstanding manner, most up-to-date and advanced tools and techniques have been utilized so that client achieves maximum benefits.

    Few of the leading organizations names are listed here-FNA GROUP; Emerson Electric Co; Revive Power Washing; Krcher India; Generac Power Systems, Inc.; AR North America; DEWALT; STANLEY BLACK & DECKER, INC.; CRAFTSMAN.; Ryobi; Snow Joe, LLC.; Troy-Bilt LLC; Vortex Industries Inc.; Northern Tool + Equipment; MI-T-M Corporation; Annovi Reverberi Spa; Alkota Cleaning Systems.; Lavorwash Australia Pty Ltd; Greenworks Tools; Generac Power Systems, Inc.; among others.

    >>>> Get Access to Report Sample:

    Lets know why the report is worth considering-

    Global pressure washer market is set to witness a steady CAGR of 3.2% in the forecast period of 2019- 2026. The report contains data of the base year 2018 and historic year 2017. Growing cleaning sector and rising number of vehicles worldwide is the factor for the market growth.

    A pressure washer is a hydraulic high-pressure sprayer used to clean loose paint, mold, dust, mud, grime, and dirt from structures and items like cars, houses, and concrete surfaces. They have the ability to increase the production and efficiency of the equipment. It is essential that the supply of water is sufficient for the pressure washer linked to it, because water scarcity can cause cavitation and damage to the pump elements. This pressure washer can be gas based, fuel based, and electric based. Pressure washer usually consists of a high- pressure hose, trigger- gun style switch, and a motor.

    This report also covers the impact of COVID-19 on the global market. The pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected every aspect of life globally, including the business sector. This has brought along several changes in market conditions.

    Performs Competitive Analysis:The Pressure Washer Market report incorporates the detailed analysis of the leading organizations and their thought process and what are the methodologies they are adopting to maintain their brand image in this market. The report aides the Food Fibers bees to understand the level of competition that they need to fight for to strengthen their roots in this competitive market.

    Highlights following MARKET DRIVERS AND RESTRAINT:

    Rising awareness about the advantages of pressure washer will accelerate the market growthGrowing demand from residential sector also acts as market driverIncreasing number of professional cleaning start- ups will also boost this market growthRising R&D investment for better product development acts as a driving factor in the growth of this market

    Market Restraints:

    Increasing adoption of substitute cleaning method will hamper the market growthHigh noise emission by industrial pressure washer is also expected to restrain the market growth

    Have any special requirement on Pressure Washer Market report? Ask to our Industry Expert @

    How Does This Market Insights Help?

    Pressure Washer Market share (regional, product, application, end-user) both in terms of volume and revenue along with CAGRKey parameters which are driving this market and restraining its growthWhat all challenges manufacturers will face as well as Food Fibers opportunities and threats faced by themLearn about the market strategies that are being adopted by your competitors and leading organizationsTo gain insightful analyses of the market and have a comprehensive understanding of the Pressure Washer Market and its commercial landscape

    Conducts Overall PRESSURE WASHER Market Segmentation:This knowledgeable market research report offers lucrative opportunities by breaking down complex market data into segments on the basis of

    By Product Type (Electric Based, Gas Based, Fuel Based),

    Application (Car Washer, Garden Washer, Home Exterior Washer, Industrial),

    Output (1500 1750 psi, 1800 2000 psi, 2000 3000 psi, 3000 4200 psi),

    End- User (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural)

    The PRESSURE WASHER report covers market shares for global,Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and South America.The analysis of this report has been used to examine various segments that are relied upon to witness the quickest development based on the estimated forecast frame.

    Key Developments in the Market:

    In May 2019, MUC-OFF announced the launch of their first pressure washer premium 1200W carbon brush motor which is designed especially for the motorbikes and bicycles. Each part of the gun and lance of the washer is covered in a soft touch matte-black finish to reduce the risk of potential harm if the nozzle accidentally knocks on a bike. The main aim of the launch is to meet the rising demand of the customerIn November 2015, Nilfisk Group announced the acquisition of Hydro Tek, Inc. which will help the company to enhance their market reach. By combining both the companies, the Nilfisk will be able to increase the commercial high pressure washer business in America. They will also be able to expand their product offerings and solidify their market position

    Purposes Behind Buying Pressure Washer Report:-

    This report gives stick direct investigation toward changing focused elements.It gives a forward-looking viewpoint on changed elements producing or restricting market development.It gives a five-year assessment surveyed based on how the market is anticipated to develop.It helps in understanding the essential part sections and their prospect.It gives stick point investigation of changing rivalry elements and keeps you in front of contenders.It helps in settling on educated business choices by having complete bits of knowledge of the market and by making a top to bottom investigation of market fragments.

    Key questions answered in this comprehensive study Global Pressure Washer Size, Status and Forecast 2026

    What will the market size be in 2026 and what will the growth rate be?

    What are the key market trends?

    What is driving Global Pressure Washer ?

    What are the challenges to market growth?

    Who are the key vendors in Global Pressure Washer space?

    What are the key market trends impacting the growth of the Global Pressure Washer ?

    What are the key outcomes of the five forces analysis of the Global Pressure Washer ?

    What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the Global Pressure Washer ?

    Browse Table of Content with Facts and Figures of Pressure Washer market at

    About Data Bridge Market Research:

    Data Bridge Market ResearchPvtLtdis a multinational management consulting firm with offices in India and Canada. As an innovative and neoteric market analysis and advisory company with unmatched durability level and advanced approaches. We are committed to uncover the best consumer prospects and to foster useful knowledge for your company to succeed in the market.

    Data Bridge Market Research is a result of sheer wisdom and practice that was conceived and built-in Pune in the year 2015. The company came into existence from the healthcare department with far fewer employees intending to cover the whole market while providing the best class analysis. Later, the company widened its departments, as well as expands their reach by opening a new office in Gurugram location in the year 2018, where a team of highly qualified personnel joins hands for the growth of the company. Even in the tough times of COVID-19 where the Virus slowed down everything around the world, the dedicated Team of Data Bridge Market Research worked round the clock to provide quality and support to our client base, which also tells about the excellence in our sleeve.

    We provide a variety of services such as market verifiedindustry reports, technology trend analysis, Formative market research,strategic consulting, vendor analysis, production and demand analysis, consumer impact studies among many others.

    Contact Us

    US: +1 888 387 2818UK: +44 208 089 1725Hong Kong: +852 8192 7475Email

    Pressure Washer Market (COVID-19 Analysis): Indoor Applications Projected to be the Most Attractive Segment during 2020-2026 - The Courier

    Hero of the pandemic: Diagnosed with cancer, a Monroe nurse answers the call – The Monroe Sun - December 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    MONROE, CT Michelle Kaplin was on remote leave as a nurse at ACES Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School last the spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced educators to close the building. But, rather than stay home, Kaplin chose to join her colleagues on the front lines, taking a job at The Watermark, a continuing care retirement community in Bridgeport.

    Kaplin, who now works at David Wooster Middle School in Stratford, served on the medical team at The Watermark, treating residents on the COVID floor, and witnessed the heartbreak of seeing some patients dying alone.

    I just felt this calling to go, Kaplin said. I just couldnt imagine sitting home. Its not about the money, its about helping people. I needed to do something about the pandemic.

    Kaplin, who lives in Monroe, was recently recognized as aHeartthrob Hero in MDF Painting and Power Washings campaign to show appreciation to health care workers during the pandemic.

    Michelle Kaplin, an R.N., at work at The Watermark in Bridgeport.

    We all know someone who is working at the front lines of this virus, the company website says. Whether it is a friend, family member, or significant other, those who work in healthcare are appreciated now more than ever. To say thank you to those who are working for us, were going to work for you.Nominate the frontline hero that you love for a chance to win them painting services worth up to $6,000. Say thank you by giving them one less thing to worry about.

    The campaign is named after the Sherwin Williams paint shade, Heartthrob, which inspired it.

    Kaplin said she doesnt have a clue who nominated her, adding she was surprised to receive a phone call about being awarded the free painting services from the Heartthrob for Heroes campaign.

    I thought it was a spam call and asked her to stop calling me, she said of the woman from MDF. Then she emailed me to say, were not kidding.'

    Painters from MDF Painting & Power Washing, from left, Renaldo Lima, Alceu Neto and Edson Santos, carry supplies into Michelle Kaplins house in Monroe Thursday.

    Who would nominate me? Im a nurse from Monroe and youre in Greenwich, Kaplin thought. Its nice. Im just shocked. There were a lot of doctors and nurses in the ICU doing far more than I was. I was just doing my part in COVID land.

    On Thursday morning, a white van pulled up on Kaplins street and three painters from MDF emerged, carrying painting supplies.I cant believe theyre here and Im not paying for this, she said.

    She expressed her appreciation to whomever nominated her, calling the painting services a nice gift.

    Perfect timing

    Kaplin and her wife, Karen Widdows, recently paid Basement Systems to waterproof the walls and floors of their basement, and install a drainage system with a sump pump, after two flooding incidents at their Monroe home.

    The guy left and said we should really get it painted. We couldnt afford that, Kaplin said. I got cancer in December. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in February. Then COVID struck. No one was thinking about paint.

    Because of the pandemic, Kaplin said her radiation treatment was delayed by eight months and her first session was in August.

    Michelle Kaplin, right, with, from left, her son Shalom, 14, daughter, Emma, 10, and wife, Karen Widdows.

    Kaplin and Widdows have a daughter, Emma, 10, and their 14-year-old sons name is Shalom. Kaplin also has another daughter, Hadassah, 16, who lives with her grandmother, while going to high school.

    Emmas bedroom will be painted a blue color called Wave Top.

    Aside from type 1 diabetes, Shalom has Autism and a broken femur. The basement is set up like an apartment for him with a medical bed. His area will be painted a green color called Fern Canopy.

    Hes into Army and nature now, Kaplin explained.

    While working in the living room, Widdows, a human resources professional, was seated on the couch with her laptop and phone in her lap.

    I think its fantastic, she said of her wife being honored as a Heartthrob Hero. She deserves it. She worked hard. She has a good heart. When this was happening, she wanted to help out.

    Widdows said Kaplin would come home from work and sanitize herself inside their garage, before entering the house to make sure no one would get sick.

    I would spray Lysol and get undressed in the garage, Kaplin said. I kept my work clothes in there.

    I would bring her clothes and she would come in and shower, Widdows said. The next day, we would take the work clothes from the garage.

    While treating patients, Kaplin said she never worried about catching COVID. One time, a woman with the disease checked in and was within inches of Kaplin, who said she was fortunate not to contract it.

    She said she probably received 12 COVID tests, while working at The Watermark, where staffers were tested weekly.

    Sad goodbyes

    The Watermark did not want to risk spreading the coronavirus by having too many visitors coming and going, so Kaplin said families could not visit their loved-ones, until they were at deaths door.

    She said family members would either arrange for a video call or sit on a chair in the parking lot to look at their loved-one from their window, while talking on the phone.

    When patients were near death, relatives could be suited up with protective gear and go in the room to hold their hand.

    Kaplin said some relatives declined to visit, saying that was not how they wanted to remember their loved-one. She remembers talking to a woman, who was incapacitated, telling her that her family loved her, wanted to be there, but it was hard. Kaplan hoped the woman could hear her and feel comforted.

    People were scared to go in there. The longterm care facilities were hit the hardest, Kaplin said. Thats why we went into nursing. It was a calling. I was a school nurse on leave and I just couldnt fathom sitting idly by, while people were dying.

    Kaplin said people at The Watermark were kind to the medical staff, providing lunches for them every day, adding, those three months were perhaps the most rewarding of my career.

    Read the original:
    Hero of the pandemic: Diagnosed with cancer, a Monroe nurse answers the call - The Monroe Sun

    Latest Study explores the Pressure Washing Services Industry Market Witness Highest Growth in near future – PRnews Leader - November 11, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Market Study Report LLC has added a new report on Pressure Washing Services Industry Market Size that provides a comprehensive review of this industry with respect to the driving forces influencing the industry. Comprising the current and future trends defining the dynamics of this industry vertical, this report also incorporates the regional landscape of Pressure Washing Services Industry market in tandem with its competitive terrain.

    The research report on Pressure Washing Services Industry market broadly covers the various factors influencing the remuneration of this industry vertical. The study also comprises of an in-depth analysis of the regional spectrum and the regulatory outlook of the said market. Additionally, the document provides with a detailed SWOT analysis as well as the market drivers impacting the overall market outlook.

    Request a sample Report of Pressure Washing Services Industry Market at:

    Additional information regarding the challenges & limitations faced by new entrants as well as the eminent companies alongside their individual effect on the revenues of each company is highlighted. The report measures the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the future remuneration as well as the overall expansion rate of the market.

    Summarizing the competitive scenario of the Pressure Washing Services Industry market:

    From the regional frame of reference of Pressure Washing Services Industry market:

    Ask for Discount on Pressure Washing Services Industry Market Report at:

    Other details comprised in the Pressure Washing Services Industry market report:

    The study objectives are:

    For More Details On this Report:

    Related Reports:

    1. Global Cannabis Lights Market Report 2020 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2026 (Based on 2020 COVID-19 Worldwide Spread)Read More:

    2. Global Cigarette Packaging Printing Market Report 2020 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2026 (Based on 2020 COVID-19 Worldwide Spread)Read More:

    Contact Us:Corporate Sales,Market Study Report LLCPhone: 1-302-273-0910Toll Free: 1-866-764-2150 Email: [emailprotected]

    Originally posted here:
    Latest Study explores the Pressure Washing Services Industry Market Witness Highest Growth in near future - PRnews Leader

    Charlton Kleening Service: Where a clean home is a happy home – Community Advocate - November 11, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

    Charlton Debbie Perks, owner of Charlton Kleening Service, offers a one stop shopping approach to cleaning. Whether it be residential or commercial, move-in or move-out, fall or spring cleaning they do it all within a range of communities from Warren to Hudson, Mass.

    Debbie has been cleaning homes since 1998. She has a wealth of expertise and keeps up to date with industry best practices, especially during the pandemic. She said: Sanitizing and disinfecting as we clean is standard because it keeps you safe and it keeps us safe.

    The pride that she takes in cleaning your home extends to office spaces, too. It is part of the reason she has earned an A+ distinction with the Better Business Bureau and a trusted listing on Angies List.

    Charlton Kleening Services also provides professional cleaning for the exterior of your home or business by offering four seasons of maintenance from power washing to snow removal. Now is a great time to get your deck, deck furniture and walkways ready for winter.

    And winter is just around the corner too! Let them take care roof raking, snowplowing and clear your walkways, so you dont have to.

    In conjunction with their cleaning business they will also take care of your four-legged furry friends with their Dogs Home Care service. Why put your pooch in a crowded kennel when it can be safe and sound at home?

    We will take care of your animals at your own home, so when you come home, they will be happy and relaxed, Debbie noted. And we also offer dog walking.

    To schedule your free in-home estimate give them a call at 508-248-7267 or email Their hours of operation are Monday Friday, 7 a.m. 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 8 a.m. 12 p.m. Cash and checks are preferred.

    Read the original here:
    Charlton Kleening Service: Where a clean home is a happy home - Community Advocate

    Pro Kleen brings top notch sanitation services to Tobago – Loop News Trinidad and Tobago - October 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    With COVID-19 still posing a major threat and the seasonal flu adding to the fray, keeping home and office spaces properly sanitised is a major priority that Pro Kleen Limited aims to handle on everyones behalf.

    Based in Plymouth, Tobago, Pro Kleen provides electrostatic spraying, power washing, floor refinishing, post-construction cleaning, carpet/rug extraction and upholstery cleaning.

    Managing Director, Khadija Alisamhoul, assured that Pro Kleens first mandate is providing premium customer service.

    We have over 12 years of proving that we are capable and experienced enough to satisfy your cleaning needs. Theres no greater time than now to practice good hygiene during this pandemic we are living in today. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, she said.

    Find Pro Kleen at Whim Estate in Plymouth, on their website or on social media with the handle ProKleenLtd.

    Go here to see the original:
    Pro Kleen brings top notch sanitation services to Tobago - Loop News Trinidad and Tobago

    Hes here to cut the lawn and to draw us out of our COVID-induced depression – The Dallas Morning News - October 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    People are just really lonely right now, my neighbor Gavin Mogan told me, as I sat on my front porch watching him water some patches of sod hed brought over.

    Theres this one guy, whose yard I work on, who literally comes out and walks with me as I mow ... just to have someone to talk to.

    Gavin isnt a landscaper by trade, but this pandemic has pushed him into new ventures. He has Parkinsons disease and has spent the better half of the last decade as a fitness coach for others struggling with this same condition. The mind-body connection when it comes to this disease is crucial, and he has always understood that.

    However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, his clientele began to dwindle. Fewer people were comfortable leaving their homes when it could mean truly putting their lives at risk. So Gavin adapted, as hes been doing since his own diagnosis in 2008.

    Initially, he started recruiting others with Parkinsons disease (those still able to go outside) to partner with him doing yardwork around local neighborhoods for a little extra money. But as their abilities ebbed and flowed, he began offering the opportunity to anyone who might need it the teenage kid next door who wants to earn a few bucks and the man he met at a gas station who was out of work due to the pandemic and now living in his car. Sometimes they showed, sometimes they didnt, but either way Gavin is always there, working.

    Most of the time he just appears in my front yard, trimming tree branches or power-washing my sidewalk. A few times Ive told him that I couldnt really afford his services at the moment and hed tell me its something he meant to do the prior week when wed hired him to just mow our lawn, so not to worry about paying for the maintenance, which was really so much more. Hed say its medicine to him and that he needed to do it. Because, again, that mind-body connection is real.

    On days when he doesnt have any clients, he drives around the neighborhood and finds lawns in need of some TLC. He told me hell do them for free or what little money the person can pay. He showed me a picture of one backyard that looked like a jungle. He cleared it all out for $20.

    When I told him that job was worth so much more he said, Yeah, but I knew she couldnt afford more than that. He explained that she was an elderly woman living on her own, and it was obvious she needed a little help and that it goes both ways. It helps him too.

    We talked about how so many of us are struggling with low-grade depression right now. Were trapped inside with no end in sight. The only human connection many of us are getting right now is online, and its often at a fever pitch made up of pent-up emotions. Everyone is screaming at us that the sky is falling.

    Normally, we can get away from that. Just walk outside and interact with others to remind ourselves that screens offer a skewed view of reality. But, for many, thats not an option these days.

    Gavin explained that when we look out and see a mess all around us in our yards, it can feel like an outward expression of what were already feeling inside.

    When people can see something nice outside their windows, it just might make what theyre experiencing internally feel more manageable," he said.

    Ive experienced this firsthand. Last month, he cleared out all of the brush from our side yard; a place we barely ever go, full of wild, overgrown rosebushes. I honestly never really think about it, I just close the blinds and ignore the overgrowth.

    But now, when I open our kitchen window, I see a clear space. And somehow it feels like I have more room to breathe because of it, even amidst this quarantine.

    As I sat on my porch, I thought about the older gentleman who walks with Gavin, shouting over the mower, just to have some semblance of human connection.

    That must be so hard, I thought, living alone during a pandemic. At least I have a partner and a houseful of children. As Gavin continued watering, I realize Id been talking his ear off for 30 minutes, so perhaps even I have a need for that type of calming human connection.

    And thats when it hit me Gavin is offering more than just lawn care. In so many ways hes offering mental care. Hes helping those of us who need to know were not alone. Hes adding a bit of beauty among this chaos.

    Hes reminding us that even though the online world may be a mess right now, the real world still exists, and people who care about their communities and neighbors are just outside our door.

    Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa is a writer in Richardson and founder of New Wave Feminists.

    Hes here to cut the lawn and to draw us out of our COVID-induced depression - The Dallas Morning News

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