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    Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – - April 30, 2019 by admin

    Want a new kitchen but don't want to spend the money or time necessary on a major renovation? Forget the idea of the "right" kitchen and improve your space with some "right now" partial remodeling ideas. In her new e-book Kelly's Kitchen Savvy: Solutions for Partial Kitchen Remodels (available for Kindle on, certified master kitchen and bath designer and certified interior designer Kelly Morisseau shares her advice for how to tackle what she calls a "20 percent kitchen remodel" for maximum impact and minimum frustration. "Take a hard look at your kitchen with all its pros and cons to decide what can be accomplished first, and what can be accomplished down the road," Morisseau says. "Lifestyle, time spent in the home, and future resale are all factors that should be considered by any homeowner looking to make changes to his or her kitchen, while keeping budget in mind."

    Check out Morisseau's tips to transform your kitchen right now.

    While giving the walls, ceiling, and trim a fresh coat of paint will combat dinginess, new lighting is an even better way to brighten your kitchen, Morisseau says. "Good lighting has the psychological effect of making your kitchen feel brighter, more cheerful, less cavernous, and easier to work in," she says.

    Switching out small ceiling-mounted lights for larger or brighter, energy-efficient fixtures will make the room's ambient lighting more luxurious, she says. Task lighting, such as undercabinet lighting, can add brightness to the counters. "While most homeowners don't pay attention to undercabinet lighting, adding it to your kitchen can make it brighter and easier to work in," Morisseau says. While some undercabinet lighting is hardwired behind the wall, for a quick fix use models that can be plugged into the nearest receptacle outlet.

    "A contractor once said that he could make any home look more expensive simply by adding better-qualityand prettiertrim, such as baseboards, crown molding, and door and window casings," Morisseau says. "This is true for almost all homes. If you're a handy DIYer, consider adding these to customize your kitchen." If you're a novice, pass on this upgrade until you can hire a pro: your home is likely not perfectly square and it can require some expertise to make sure everything lines up, Morisseau says.

    Splurging on a professional range won't necessarily put lesser-quality appliances in the shade. "Today's appliances have a sleek appearance in almost any price category," Morisseau says. "While it's nice to maintain the same quality throughoutand imperative if your home is in the high six- and seven-figure price rangethe same is not necessarily true for low- to mid-range homes. A nice stainless-steel professional range can be paired with a lower-priced stainless-steel refrigerator." Pro tip: Consider buying last year's models or buying in the fall for the best deals, Morisseau suggests. "Manufacturers may also offer deals if you buy all their appliances," she says.

    Those easily removed, such as the dishwasher, range, and refrigerator, are the simplest appliances to replace. Make sure the new appliances will fit in the existing cabinet openings and line up with the existing countertop depth before purchasing. "If they won't, hire a carpenter or cabinetmaker to retrofit the openings, especially for refrigerators, cooktops and wall ovens," Morisseau says. "Alternatively, if you're planning on replacing the cabinets soon and your current cabinets aren't large enough to accommodate the new appliances you want, wait until you're ready to order the new cabinets.

    "In luxury design, textured glass in a feature cabinet are popular," Morisseau says. Insert plain glass into a couple of cabinet door fronts as a focal point and display your decorative servingware. Or, opt for frosted or etched glass inserts to hide shelves full of non-display-worthy dishes while still adding visual interest and a custom touch.

    If your cabinets and drawers aren't functional for your needs, Morisseau suggests considering purchasing after-market items, such as spice or cutlery trays, lazy Susans, roll-out shelving, smooth drawer glides, and pot and pan organizers, from home improvement stores to get custom interior fittings without replacing the cabinetry itself. "Luxury kitchens have great hardware," she says.

    Morisseau adds that the same can be true for appliances: If your appliances are old and you can't afford to update them, consider replacing old or worn parts, such as burners on an electric range, knobs on a dishwasher, or shelves in a refrigerator.

    "In a luxury kitchen, a tile backsplash usually extends from the counter to the underside of the wall cabinets and may even continue around the sink window and on other walls," Morisseau says. "Custom kitchens usually have either a monochromatic or custom-designed backsplash made of tile, wood, or glass."

    Add a bit of luxury to your kitchen by using smaller patterned tiles mounted on a 12-inch by 12-inch mesh to make the installation easier. Or, mix tile shapes, such as a tile liner or dot, or add individual decorative pieces to a standard tile backsplash for an element of individuality, Morisseau suggests. "During installation, adjust the height of any border so it isn't interrupted by switches or outlets, and make sure that all the tile you're using is the same thickness," she says. "Watch for very rough or textured surfaces, as they can be a challenge to clean behind a cooking area."

    Most of us have heard that replacing cabinet hardware is one of the easier and cheaper ways of updating a kitchen, but the knobs you choose are important. "Anything below $3 will have to be replaced in less than two years," Morrisseau says. "What you're looking for is heft and weight. How does the handle or knob feel in your hand? is it very light or is it weighty? If you can, select the heavier weight. A lighter knob may be hollow in the middle or it may have been made with cheap metal. There is also a significant weight difference between an acrylic knob and a glass one."

    To make installation easier, choose handles or knobs with slightly bigger screws than your existing knobs, if possible. "The existing screw hole will be worn over time and you'll need a bigger screw to get a good grip in the wood," Morisseau explains. If the new handles require new screw holes to be made in the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, use a decorative plate, called a back plate, to cover the existing holes, or fill them in with wood putty if you're handy, she says.

    "Staging is what a stylist for a magazine or photo shoot adds to the room: the glasses, stools, artfully arranged plates, decorative items, rugs, and flowers," Morisseau says. Add items like those you see in a kitchen you covet in a magazine to update your space without lifting a hammer, she suggests.

    If your flooring, cabinets, countertop, or appliances need to be replaced, or electrical or plumbing lines need professional help, it's important to plan the order of action on each of these items, Morisseau says. Replacing some items may have a domino effect and require other repairs, leading you down a rabbit hole of renovations, or the money you spend now may be wasted when you have to rip it out to replace something later, she says. Replacing flooring requires removing and reinstalling appliances, for example, and countertops usually don't survive relocation. "Each decision affects all the others and, if not made carefully, can result in extra costs, delays, and frustration," Morisseau says. "Stepping back and focusing on the logical order of repairs and improvements will allow you to identify those you can tackle in the short term while saving up for bigger projects that require more investment and can be done later on."

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    Affordable Kitchen Remodeling Ideas -

    How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen? - March 28, 2019 by admin

    George Peters/Getty Images

    The kitchen is the heart of your home, where everyone gathers to eat and talk about the day. Remodeling a kitchen has the potential to invigorate your home life.

    Whether youre fitting a few cabinets or doing an overhaul of the room to improve its flow and functionality, it pays to spend some time learning about how much it costs to remodel a kitchen.

    Heres what to know so you can devise a comprehensive plan that ensures you get the room youve always wanted at an affordable price.

    The cost of remodeling a kitchen depends on the size of the space and the design decisions you make. For example, completely refitting the kitchen to the highest standards costs considerably more than replacing cabinet doors or adding a few new cupboards.

    In general, homeowners spend from $12,594 to $33,118 on kitchen remodeling, at an average of $21,751, according to HomeAdvisor. It may be possible to complete a small job for as little as $4,000, while lavish projects can run more than $50,000.

    Unlock the equity in your home to pay for your kitchen remodel. Compare home equity loan rates.

    Factors affecting the cost include how long the project takes, your location, whether you have existing units, walls to tear out and whether you intend to complete any of the work yourself.

    Doing your own demolition can save money, but you need to take care to avoid breaking pipes or cutting electrical wiring. In many cases, its smarter to leave the job to professionals. The costs for each of these professionals can vary greatly depending on where you live and the scope of your project.

    Architect: An architect typically charges between $60 and $125 an hour for a project, according to, though this can vary.

    Contractor: The cost of a contractor for a kitchen project greatly differs from that of a handyman. The contractor will have a crew and other expenses that need to be covered, so for a kitchen remodel, you may end up paying from $300 to $500 for a day rate just for the contractor plus another $150-$250 per laborer rather than an hourly rate.

    Certified kitchen designer: A certified kitchen designer has proven knowledge of kitchen design and tricky issues, and can provide options you never thought of for your kitchen. The services of a certified kitchen designer can cost from $40 to $75 an hour.

    While everybody wants the best quality possible, sometimes it simply isnt possible.

    Furthermore, sometimes it doesnt pay to go for the highest-quality materials because the amount they add to your homes resale value is less than the amount you spend on the work.

    Materials account for about 80 percent of your budget, so making concessions on which materials you choose is a good way to cut costs. For example, rather than choosing granite countertops, pick less expensive wooden ones. Or, choose chrome handles instead of crystal ones. Its also possible to cut costs by doing some of the labor yourself with tasks such as painting.

    As you calculate your budget, bear in mind how you intend to allocate the funds, including a reserve in case of emergencies or late-stage changes to the plan. Heres a breakdown of kitchen remodeling costs by percentage of the total budget, according to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association:

    If you spend lots of time in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, dining, interacting with the family or hosting social gatherings, its worth the effort to remodel the kitchen to suit your requirements.

    If youre considering selling your house, potential buyers see the benefits of a well-appointed kitchen space, and this has the potential to boost your homes resale value.

    The biggest disadvantage of kitchen remodeling is the complexity of the project. A kitchen serves many purposes. Envisioning how it should all work together, and then organizing all of the relevant pipework, electrical wiring and cabinetry, is a challenge.

    If youve always dreamed of a beautiful kitchen for serving meals and hosting dinner parties, a remodeling project might be just what you need to translate your vision into a reality.

    Remodeling a kitchen is a complex process because of the presence of electrical wiring, plumbing and appliances, and its usually best to leave the work to professionals. Before you start, decide on your requirements and then lock down a budget to prevent costs from spiraling.

    Ready to remodel your kitchen? Apply for a home improvement loan today.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Kitchen?

    Kitchen Remodeling | Bathroom Remodel | Trinity Builders - March 28, 2019 by admin

    A leading home remodeling contractor in Fort Myers, Florida, Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida has been providing residents of the area with superior craftsmanship, professional consultation, and excellent service.

    With a full team of in-house design and construction experts, Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida assists clients at every step of the remodeling and construction process of their home improvement project. From design to construction, we take an active role in giving you the best service possible.

    Our extensive experience with home remodeling makes us the company of choice for many homeowners in Fort Myers. We know the Florida spirit like the back of our hands, thats why were able to build beautiful living spaces ideal for Fort Myers residents. Our attention to detail is second to none. We consider all design aspects and the preferences of our clients.

    We inspect every nook and cranny, from the initial construction to the reveal, making sure our work is nothing less than polished. Superior workmanship characterizes our work.

    Our team works closely with homeowners, suggesting great color palettes, the ideal materials, and practical shapes. We use quality equipment, paints, wood, and other materials, so you get a living space youd enjoy for years.

    Trinity Builders of Southwest Florida is a family-owned company that has provided construction services to Fort Myers residents for over 50 years. Generations before us, our family patriarch was already in the business of building homes for local residents.

    Our expertise and experience in this field, to this day, serve us well and allow us to provide customers with a variety of remodeling and construction options.

    From Kitchens & Baths and custom cabinets, to counter-tops and full remodeling services, our company provides you with the best solutions to your home improvement needs.

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    Kitchen Remodeling | Bathroom Remodel | Trinity Builders

    How Professionals Estimate Kitchen Remodeling Costs - February 27, 2019 by admin

    Michael Anschel of the design-build firm Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build in Minneapolis, MN says "The cost of a kitchen remodel obviously depends on the level to which the space is remodeled," says Anschel. "We have some projects that had tiny budgets (under $30,000) and we got pretty creative with materials, and reusing cabinetry and salvaged materials."

    Aschel says that as a rule of thumb, $40,000 is what you might find for a basic small kitchen remodel. He goes on to say that you can expect around "$60,000 to $80,000 for the majority of kitchen remodels that are making layout changes, solid surfaces, new lighting configuration, nice cabinets/appliances."

    Anschel notes a few kitchens that went above $90,000but notes that the high cost was either driven by unique carpentry or because ofa serious reconfiguration of the entire interior space.

    Anschel goes on to say that "If you throw an addition into the mix, then the numbers can be radically higher depending on what is taking place. If the entire kitchen is to be placed in the new addition, then costs tend to run between $80,000 to $150,000."

    Anschel also tells us that the "problem with the Cost vs. Value Report is that it pulls data from permits and every state and sometimes acity has a different requirement for what the stated value on the permit should include."

    He goes on to say that the magazine gives artificially low figures for the costs of kitchen remodels because the figures are drawn from permit applications and many "contractors will lie about the cost in order to keep permit fees low." As a result, the cost averages based on permit amounts may be considerably lower than actual costs.

    In the kitchen and house building/remodeling debate, one thing that rarely gets mentioned is the long-term social implications and quality of life issues. Anschel suggests that discussion of project costs should also include a frank conversation of employee wages, work safety, and business practicesnot to mention that remodeling represents an investment in the quality of life by the homeowner. "After all, we are talking about the most expensive thing most people own, and the place where they will spend more than half of their life!"

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    How Professionals Estimate Kitchen Remodeling Costs

    Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix | Signature Kitchen and Bath - February 27, 2019 by admin

    Whether you want a kitchen that is a hub for family activity, a show piece for culinary entertaining, orlike most of us, a little of both, we can design and build your dream kitchen. Our designers meet withyou in your home to ask the important questions to determine functionality and flow of this all tooimportant space. They then work up a design for you; incorporating your needs (and wants) whiletaking into consideration your budget, time frame and style preferences.

    Once your new kitchen design is finalized, your Designer and Project Manager then work with you toselect the materials that will be used in the construction of your new space. We work with all the majorlocal vendors to provide top grade materials including natural stone countertops and floor coverings,hardwood and high grade laminate, name brand plumbing & appliances, as well as three differentcabinet lines, two of which are entirely customizable to fit your space. You want it, we can find it.

    During the construction phase, your project manager keeps you updated on the progress of your job andwork closely with the site supervisor to make certain all designs are implemented according to plan. Ifissues arise, your team works with you to move forward with solutions while keeping your goals in mind.

    Take a moment and view our Kitchen Gallery to see photos of some of the recent projects we completedand then give us a call today to get your free in-home design consultation started. We are the premierkitchen remodeling Phoenix company.

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    Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix | Signature Kitchen and Bath

    Kitchens | Traditional Home - February 27, 2019 by admin

    Designers in Portland and Seattle breathe new life into a pair...

    This kitchen designed by Cristy Novak of Signature Kitchens...

    Fun family gathering or elegant evening? Packed with function...

    A deep, nature-inspired hue brings verdant beauty to a...

    Designer Brynn Olson updates her parents' cooking space with a...

    Designer Gary Ciuffo elevates a Hamptons kitchen with a splash...

    Brass tones bring modern flair to a classicand compactkitchen...

    Manufacturers debut appliances, faucets, even a cool new TV...

    Columns, built-in, and freestanding units offer a fit for every...

    Up the style quotient with a stylish new sink

    Inspired by indoor-outdoor living, a Gulf Coast designer creates...

    Whether used as a focal point, a wall surface, an island top, or...

    Click through 20 of our most popular and drool-worthy kitchens

    New finishes and amazing faucet designs bring beauty to the...

    Appliances offer gorgeous new color and finish options...

    High-tech solutions are popping up in the kitchen, bath, laundry...

    New ranges, ovens, cooktops, andmore make cooking a great...

    A designers favorite color meshes withher Spanish roots...

    Use these little wonders to help organize your kitchen

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    Kitchens | Traditional Home

    Kitchens Stillwater / Woodbury Beyond the Ordinary - February 27, 2019 by admin

    ');jQuery('#huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_5').insertBefore('#huge-popup-overlay-portfolio_5');var height = jQuery(window).height();var width=jQuery(window).width();if(width');}return false;}); /* */ jQuery("#huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_5 .heading-navigation_5 .left-change").click(function(){ //var strid = jQuery(this).closest(".pupup-element").prev(".pupup-element").find('a').data('popupid').replace('#',''); var height = jQuery(window).height(); //jQuery('#huge_it_gallery_pupup_element_'+strid).css({height:height*0.7}); var num = jQuery(this).find("a").attr("href").replace('#', ''); if(num >= 1){ var strid = jQuery(this).closest(".pupup-element").prev(".pupup-element").find('a').data('popupid').replace('#',''); jQuery('#huge_it_portfolio_pupup_element_'+strid).css({height:height*0.7}); jQuery(this).closest(".pupup-element").removeClass("active"); jQuery(this).closest(".pupup-element").prev(".pupup-element").addClass("active"); }else{ var strid = jQuery("#huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_5").find(".pupup-element").last().find('a').data('popupid').replace('#',''); jQuery('#huge_it_portfolio_pupup_element_'+strid).css({height:height*0.7}); jQuery(this).closest(".pupup-element").removeClass("active"); jQuery("#huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_5").find(".pupup-element").last().addClass("active"); } }); /* */ jQuery("#huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_5 .heading-navigation_5 .right-change").click(function(){ var height = jQuery(window).height(); var num = jQuery(this).find("a").attr("href").replace('#', ''); var cnt = 0; jQuery("#huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_5").find(".pupup-element").each(function(){ cnt++; });// alert(num+" "+cnt); if(num ***/jQuery(function(){jQuery("#huge_it_portfolio_popup_list_5 .video-thumb .play-icon").on('click',function() {new_video_id = jQuery(this).attr("title");var showcontrols,prefix,add_src;var showcontrols,new_video_id,prefix;if(!new_video_id) return;if(new_video_id.length == 11) { showcontrols = "?modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&controls=1"; prefix = "//";}else { showcontrols = "?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0"; prefix = "//";}add_src = prefix+new_video_id+showcontrols;var left_block = jQuery(this).parents('.right-block').prev();if(left_block.find('iframe').length !=0) left_block.find('iframe').attr('src',add_src);else left_block.html(' ');return false;});}); /******/ THE BEST VALUE IN BEAUTIFUL KITCHENS

    At Kitchens of Stillwater / Kitchens of Woodbury we have created a business that caters to YOUR desires, YOUR needs, YOUR preferences. We listened over the years when you told us you wanted VALUE, an enjoyable experience, and clear and open communication. We built our business around your desires. Its what has allowed us to become the #1 kitchen dealer in the East metro. We look forward to helping you in your quest tobuild something beautiful.


    We understand that your kitchen is an important part of your home, and its our goal to work diligently to give you high-quality work and prompt project completion. When you call on us, you can trust us to go the extra mile to ensure that you will end up with a finished product you will love.

    Contact Us Todayor stop into one of our showrooms to schedule your freeestimate for your kitchen remodeling project. Our certifieddesign professionalslook forward to giving you the excellent experienceyou desire.

    STILLWATER | 651-275-0700WOODBURY | 651-600-3310

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    Kitchens Stillwater / Woodbury Beyond the Ordinary

    Kitchen Remodel Financing | LightStream - February 27, 2019 by admin

    Kitchen Remodel Financing | LightStream Skip to content

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    When you have good credit, youve earned a lower interest rate, and a refreshingly simple loan process. Weve built our business around that belief, and its made us the premier national online consumer lender. Got good credit? Get a low-interest, no-fee loan from $5,000 to $100,000, for practically any purpose, as soon as today.3

    At LightStream weve put you, the customer, at the center of the loan process. You decide your loan amount, terms and funding date through an online process that you control. And we guarantee that it will be the best loan process youve ever experienced. If after receiving your loan from us you are not completely satisfied, well send you $100.1

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    Why LightStream?

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    When you have good credit, youve earned a lower interest rate, and a refreshingly simple loan process. Weve built our business around that belief, and its made us the premier national online consumer lender. Got good credit? Get a low-interest, no-fee loan from $5,000 to $100,000, for practically any purpose, as soon as today.3

    $100 Loan Experience Guarantee1

    At LightStream weve put you, the customer, at the center of the loan process. You decide your loan amount, terms and funding date through an online process that you control. And we guarantee that it will be the best loan process youve ever experienced. If after receiving your loan from us you are not completely satisfied, well send you $100.1

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    Kitchen Remodel Financing | LightStream

    KITCHEN REMODELING – - February 27, 2019 by admin

    You can have it all when it comes to your kitchen. Rely on Trade Wind Construction for comprehensive kitchen remodeling. We make your design ideas come to life. From installing countertops and cabinets to revamping the entire kitchen, we transform your cooking area into the space you want. Turn to our kitchen refinishing contractors in Houston, TX to create a space that is fully functional, attractive, and equipped with the up-to-date appliances you require. Contact us to see how you can enjoy a customized kitchen for years to come.

    Are you tired of your worn-out cooking area? Get creative in the kitchen. When it comes to unique kitchen design and construction, we have ideas and solutions for everything even the kitchen sink! Best of all, we cater to your wishes by personalizing our services to meet your needs. Some of the services we provide include:

    Most importantly, we work with you from beginning to end. When you have questions, concerns, or modifications, we are available and willing to cater to your needs. Schedule a consultation today!

    Contact us if its time to start a long-awaited kitchen renovation project. We proudly serve clients in Houston, TX.

    Continued here:

    Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel in Long Island | Best Kitchen … - February 20, 2019 by admin

    A Comprehensive Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Experience

    Although were a family-owned business operating in Long Island, Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel has the resources and expertise to rival the biggest home improvement companies. Over our ten years in business, weve developed a fully formed service experience for our customers, including but not limited to:

    We offer over 1,000 of the most trusted brands in kitchen and bathroom remodeling at our three Long Island showrooms. Visit our location at 3006 Jericho Turnpike in East Northport, NY 11731 and let our sales staff help you find the products that you are looking for.

    For over ten years, Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel has been working with customers in Suffolk County and Nassau County to help them fully realize their visions for the perfect kitchen and bathroom. Our enormous inventory or superior products, trained customer service and dcor experts, experienced and qualified builders and extremely competitive prices make us the top bathroom and kitchen remodeling choice in Long Island. When youre ready to give your home a fresh new look, call Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel at (631) 836-7579. Our staff very much looks forward to helping you put your new kitchen or bathroom together for an affordable price.

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    Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel in Long Island | Best Kitchen ...

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