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    7 steps to help get the most out of a home remodel – Mountain Democrat - March 20, 2020 by admin

    National Association of the Remodeling Industry

    A homeowners motivation for taking on a remodeling project can vary greatly, but theres one universal rule of thumb: home upgrades should add value, function or both. This step-by-step guide can help ensure you get the maximum return on your investment and make the most of your remodel.

    Step 1: Identify reasons for remodeling

    Deciding whether to undertake simple aesthetic changes or a full remodel can be difficult. One of the best ways to decide is to figure out why you are remodeling in the first place, whether its to make your new house feel more like home or to update an outdated kitchen.

    Step 2: Consider timing

    Many variables can impact the timing of your project, including the climate and exact nature of the job. For example, foundation work is easier when the ground is cold during winter. Spring tends to be busy for the construction industry, so you might pay premium rates for labor and materials, but its also the perfect time to get a project done that you can enjoy throughout the summer. Summer months are ideal for indoor projects out of the heat. Also consider factors such as personal or professional obligations, or even an event for which you need the project completed.

    Step 3: Set your budget

    Every home is unique in structure, age, quality and craftsmanship, which all impact the price of a remodel. Since no one can see through walls before demolition, the quote you receive may not be 100% accurate. However, a qualified remodeling company will be forthcoming about potential challenges. Account for these adjustments by planning for a 10% cushion, just in case.

    Step 4: Hire the right team

    To help ensure you find the right company for the job, do your research. Referrals from friends and family are one way to find a remodeler. Resources like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry provide unbiased information that can help you find qualified, certified remodelers in your area. With more than 5,000 member companies, the organization represents professional remodelers who adhere to a strict code of ethics. Many hold certifications in remodeling, kitchen and bath design and lead carpentry.

    Step 5: Establish a written agreement

    Most companies insist on a contract to protect their own interests, but if they dont, you should. In addition to defining the scope of work and budget, a contract ensures all parties are on the same page with expectations about factors like timing, liability in the event of an accident and other practical matters. Contractors also often provide guarantees of workmanship, so find out what they cover for how long and include this information in your work agreement.

    Step 6: Understand the plan

    Keep the lines of communication open between you, the remodeling contractor and the work crew. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Let them know your familys schedule and circumstances that may affect their work, such as pets. Make sure to specify the best way to reach you and how often you wish to communicate about your project.

    Step 7: Complete the project

    When the remodel is almost finished, walk through the area and note any adjustments that need made while the contractor is still on site. You should also take another look at the contract and confirm you have signed permits, receipts, change orders, lien waivers, warranties and manufacturers guides at your disposal.

    Find more remodeling advice and contractors in your area at

    Family Features


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    7 steps to help get the most out of a home remodel - Mountain Democrat

    Industry Pros Discuss Challenges of COVID-19 on Business – Kitchen and Bath Design News - March 20, 2020 by admin


    iStock/Panuwat Dangsungnoen

    The unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are having an effect on not only U.S. companies, but businesses around the world. Many employees are now working from home, manufacturing operations have slowed or stopped entirely and stringent germ-fighting tactics are being implemented.

    How dramatic an effect the virus is having on businesses depends somewhat on where companies are located and the type of work involved. While many firms are able to have all employees work remotely without so much as a blip, others especially those that are focused on product manufacturing and social interaction are in flux. Some of the latter companies are feeling the sting already, while others have experienced little impact. Regardless of where they are in the chain, most firms concur that a ripple effect will be felt, though hopefully short term.

    Almost everything is affected, notes Jodi Swartz, owner/principal designer, KitchenVisions in Natick, MA. Clients children are home from college or out of school, hampering selection timelines. People are concerned about spending and scaling back or pushing off projects. Manufacturers have little stock. And employees are not showing up, and cutting back on employee hours. Trade shows, awards ceremonies and any event where a crowd is expected are getting canceled.

    Its like the Twilight Zone, Swartz continues. The phone has stopped ringing with prospective clients and instead were just answering calls with problems, issues and alarming current events. That is somewhat maddening.

    Indeed, many kitchen and bath dealers and designers, as well other industry professionals, are concerned about delays that might result from the worldwide pandemic. While many projects will continue as planned with few delays or problems, the booking of future work is a bigger concern.

    Appointments are being cancelled for sales and installations, and home shows and community events are being cancelled, which is affecting leads, offers JT Norman, director of business development, Kitchen Magic, in Nazareth, PA.

    I thought I would be able to meet with more clients if everyone was working from home, but that is not the case, adds Richard Barr, senior designer/president, Plumberry Designs, in Florham Park, NJ. Our meetings are being postponed and some projects cancelled for financial reasons.

    Jeff Koontz, designer, Chicago Custom Kitchens in Chicago, IL, reports that two of their clients have put their kitchen remodels on hold because of the impact on their ability to earn money.

    We have a client who wanted to remodel two bathrooms and owns a travel agency, but because of the virus she has lost customers for the past three weeks canceling trips. The client may now cut out one or both of the bathrooms, adds Greg Ulrich, president/owner, KGT Remodeling, in Naples, FL.

    Cathy Norman, owner, Kitchen & Bath Design Center in Fort Collins, CO, also notes that they have had two to three projects put on hold. The impact this is having on the stock market is the issue, she stresses.

    I do see a slowdown, not necessarily from the virus itself, but from the stock market, agrees LuAnn Flores, Plumbing Sales Professional Department lead, WDC Kitchen and Bath, in Agoura Hills, CA. People who have planned major remodels or total builds are now waiting to see what the next few months bring.

    I also feel that reduced stock portfolios and home equity will have a profound negative impact on our business, remarks Larry Rosen, President, Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens, in Rockville, MD.

    But Krista Agapito, director of sales, S&W Kitchens, in Winter Park, FL thinks that while COVID-19 is creating some uncertainty, new clients are still calling in, asking for design and construction services.


    It is expected that showroom traffic would slow down, but that hasnt necessarily been the case. Thus far, traffic is still very steady, comments Elise Miller, designer, Curtis Lumber, in Ballston Spa, NY.

    My showroom is open, but people meet with me by appointment, and I am finding that more people are making appointments to come in! observes Maria Stapperfenne, manager, Tewksbury Kitchen & Bath, in Whitehouse Station, NJ. Is it because when they come in, there arent throngs of others here? Maybe but my schedule is filling up with people who are willing to take the time to come see me during the day because theyre telecommuting!

    Just like with snow storms, I expect that once banks and schools start closing, we will see more traffic in our showroom, adds Courtney Smith, office director, Rogers Kitchens, in Norwich, CT. But, she notes, I suspect it will be more tire kickers than potential jobs.

    The slow-down has come for many, however, and very suddenly. Showroom traffic was still good until today, notes Rick Beahm, president, Beahm and Son Ltd., in Evans City, PA, talking about last week. It was down about 60% today.

    Beth Siegfried, showroom manager at a plumbing supply house in Akron, OH, reports that traffic late last week was markedly slower than weeks previous. But, she has found the silver lining in the slow down. This dramatic drop-off in traffic for the moment feels like a much needed break in the action to catch up with a backlog of work. Still, she believes its only the beginning.

    And while John Lang, owner, Langs Kitchen & Bath, in Newtown, PA has not seen an impact yet, we are expecting a 60-day period of little to no traffic.


    The concern on the customer side is matched by the consternation on the supplier side. A few supply lines have hit significant bumps, partially due to issues that preceded COVID-19. But, overall, delays have been minimal thus far. For many, preparations for the future are being put into place.

    I reached out to my main distributor for panel products for our cabinet shop and asked about availability of our main products, and he said at this time there was plenty in stock and several containers on their way from Europe, assures Beahm.

    So far no vendors have closed their doors, so jobs are anticipated to be on schedule, states Agapito. That can easily change, of course, and we are handling things day by day as we receive more information.

    Some of our product choices have changed since they were coming from abroad, and some projects are on hold as we await for shipping containers to be cleared to dock and unload, adds Barr. He notes that, while his clients are extremely reasonable and understand the severity of the health crisis, he believes their patience may grow thin the longer the projects are delayed.

    Coming off a year of tariff delays, some of these new problems seem just like more of the same, says Siegfried. She notes that they just received the first alert that some of their Italian products never shipped weeks before the national shutdown. Of course, all future shipments are a big question mark.

    It is likely that there will be issues as materials stocked in the U.S. run out and cant be replenished due to government restrictions, concurs Rich Doud, A&D sales rep., Vestal Tile Distributors in Vestal, NY.

    And, while Erich Russ, president, Stone Harbor Hardware, in Appleton, WI has moderate concern about delays in their supply chain and potential softening demand in the near term related to the virus, I remain confident in the industrys strength, especially when we enter the summer season.


    Most kitchen and bath designers and others note that their businesses will be unaffected short term because of the number of jobs booked and being worked on. Many have full schedules for six months or more, and can continue to work through the slow down. However, keeping employees on the job and healthy is a major concern, both for the company and clients.

    We are moving to phone and digital conferences for sales meetings and have met with our employees to reiterate the need to stay home if they feel sick, to keep their work areas clean and to wash their hands frequently, says Kathryn Constantine, v.p., Brown Wood Inc., in Lincolnwood, IL.

    We are adding a no hugs or handshake precaution to our practices, reports Agapito. Sanitizing of the showrooms before and after each meeting, and at the beginning and end of each day, is important for us all.

    I am working with clients through remote conferencing in addition to an abundance of emails, adds Barr. We have sanitizer at the door for clients who do come into the showroom. We have asked our delivery guys not to enter the showroom and leave all packages at the door.

    We have clients with serious medical conditions and compromised immune systems, and we are taking their health concerns seriously, stresses David Bannasch, senior project manager/design consultant, Bearded Builders, in Baltimore, MD. We have attached a message with all outgoing client emails requesting that anyone having signs of a cold or fever reschedule their appointments. Weve also notified our clients that any of our employees who have signs of a cold or fever are required to stay home or work from home as applicable. This includes both office and construction personnel.

    Twice a day we wipe down light switches, microwaves, water coolers and other common surfaces, offers Tath Hossfeld, owner, Tath Hossfeld Designs, in Seattle, WA. Will continue to do so till we run out of product.

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    Industry Pros Discuss Challenges of COVID-19 on Business - Kitchen and Bath Design News

    Baby boomers: Tech updates that help people age in place – - March 20, 2020 by admin

    Once youve sprained an ankle or broken a limb in a minor household accident, you may never look at your home the same way. You probably wont look at your parents home the same way, either. Thankfully, new technology and a few tweaks can make your home safer for everyone.

    More than 75 percent of people age 50 and older would prefer to age in place, according to an AARP study. Today aging in place is frequently labeled living in place since the same things that can help your 90-year-old grandmother, such as a video doorbell or a smoke detector that issues text alerts, voice instructions, and an alarm, provide peace of mind to every family member. While technology improves peoples health and safety, making sure it is installed correctly and can be controlled appropriately is essential.

    Your home can be designed as not just a place to be, but a place to live a better life, said Tim Costello, CEO of BHI/BDX (Builders Digital Experience) in Austin. The challenge right now with technology is that its in an awkward adolescence. Its available and economical, but everything tends to be a la carte rather than pulled together in a harmonious package.

    For many people, that means choosing the types of products that provide the function they want for themselves or their parents. Many can be controlled with a smartphone app or a voice system such as Amazons Echo or Google Nest.

    When remodeling a home for aging in place, the most common automation products and systems installed are for safety, security, and temperature control, according to a recent survey by Harvards Joint Center for Housing Studies.

    If your parents live in Seattle and you live in Boston, a monitoring system of some sort gives you a comfort factor, said Laurie Orlov, founder of Aging and Health Technology Watch in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Youre not spying on them, but if you get an alert that something has changed in their routine, you can give them a call and check in with them.

    Several companies offer systems that alert a monitoring system or a loved one if someone has fallen or theres some other indication of a problem. For example, Caregiver Smart Solutions offers packages of sensors that can be placed in several rooms to detect movement, temperature, and humidity that range in price from $129 to $349. Monthly monitoring fees range from $29 to $49.

    I started this system because I was concerned about my father when he was having health problems, said Ryan Herd, CEO of 1 Sound Choice and founder of Caregiver Smart Solutions in Pompton Plains, N.J. I wanted to know if he was eating and moving around and sleeping. The sensors reduce stress for caregivers.

    Herd tried to place a camera in his fathers home to keep an eye on him, but his dad, like most people, found it intrusive. When Herd would ask him how he was doing, hed say fine even if he wasnt because he wanted to avoid being a burden to his son.

    Our system isnt a camera, because no one wants that, Herd said. Its not trying to change anyones habits, either. Its also not something that requires anyone to wear a device to track them, either, because many people forget to wear them or take them off when theyre needed most, such as when they take a shower.

    Herd said older people feel a wearable device with an emergency alert system is a button of death that reminds them of their vulnerability.

    Some wearable devices, such as the Apple watch, are more popular.

    People like them because they look cool and theyre trendy, but they also have a built-in fall-detection alert system that can be really helpful no matter what age you are, Orlov said. If youre walking your dog in the winter or you live alone, its smart to opt into a system that notifies someone if youve fallen.

    If youre remodeling, sensors that detect falls and movement can be built into the flooring, so someone can be alerted if the typical pattern of movement has changed, Costello said.

    A variety of relatively inexpensive inactivity monitors, such as an alert if someone doesnt get out of bed, are available with third-party monitoring for as little as $30 to $50 per month, Orlov said.

    Other popular tech-safety features are video doorbells and smart lock systems, which allow people to see whos at the front door, decide whether to answer, and remotely unlock it. For older people, this can avoid the need to get up and rush to the door.

    My sister and I set up a video doorbell and a key code for the front door on my mothers home, said Paula Kennedy, a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP) and owner of Timeless Kitchen Design in Seattle. We can share video access and remotely control the door ourselves, too.

    For older people, a video doorbell and other alarm systems work best if they include multiple cues, Kennedy said. For example, if someone is hard of hearing, its smart to keep an iPad or smartphone nearby that will light up when the doorbell rings.

    Voice-activated systems can be great to allow people to live independently and safely for longer because they can control the lights, the temperature, and even call 911 in an emergency without having to get up and walk around, Kennedy said.

    Safety at home doesnt always require high-tech devices, Orlov said.

    Make sure you have nonskid floors and you get rid of area rugs that you can trip on, she said. Add a safety runner on a highly polished staircase, and add motion-sensing lights everywhere, especially along the stairs. They sell inexpensive battery-operated lights at Home Depot and Lowes, so you dont need to worry about plugs.

    Extra under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen can make the space safer for everyone, Kennedy said.

    One of the best things someone can do is to invest in light management with remote-controlled blinds that can be used by anyone with mobility issues, Kennedy said. Adding lights that go on automatically in your closet and motion sensor lights under your bed and in your bathroom are smart for everyones safety.

    Consistent flooring or extra lighting where the flooring changes can reduce the hazard of falling, Kennedy said.

    A worry concerning smart devices is that hackers will be able to open a lock or gain access to private information through voice-controlled or app-controlled systems. Kennedy recommends hiring an expert to install any system to ensure that its adequately protected. Herd suggests asking any manufacturer or installer how they protect your privacy. In addition, he recommends choosing complex passwords.

    Before you start purchasing tech devices such as a monitoring system, check to make sure you or your parents have strong enough Wi-Fi to support them, Orlov said.

    Next, make sure the systems are set up properly with the right contact information, so theyll call your brother, your daughter, your friend, and then your cousin or whoever you want, Orlov said. I think its best to pay for a subscription service that answers 24/7 to see if youre OK, to send help, and to stay on the phone with you if its needed.

    Whether or not you opt for a full monitoring system or just start with a video doorbell and a smart lock, its important to think about your needs or your parents needs now and in the future.

    The first thing everyone should do is an assessment of their home environment to make sure its physically safe, Orlov said. Next, you can add technology that will reassure your loved ones that youre OK. Then, if you want to add some bells and whistles that make you feel better, you can.

    Michele Lerner can be reached at Subscribe to the Globes free real estate newsletter our weekly digest on buying, selling, and design at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @globehomes.

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    Baby boomers: Tech updates that help people age in place -

    US Countertop Demand to Exceed USD 40 Billion Through 2024 #47026 – New Kerala - March 20, 2020 by admin

    Market advances will be bolstered by rising

    residential kitchen and bathroom remodeling, when consumers tend to be most willing to splurge on higher-end materials like granite to improve home valuesresidential housing completions - where trends in single-family homes favor larger kitchens and multiple bathrooms - and commercial building construction

    Engineered Stone to Be Fastest Growing Countertop Surface Material

    Despite heavy tariffs hindering trade, and increasing worker health and safety concerns about the presence of silica dust in production, engineered stone is forecast to be the fastest growing countertop material through 2024. Engineered stone countertops have made rapid inroads in the market since 2014, as the availability of low-cost materials in popular colors has increased at a robust pace.

    Residential Kitchen & Bath Remodeling to Remain Dominant Applications

    Continued strength in residential kitchen and bath remodeling will be supported by the popularity of countertop replacement as a home improvement project. Robust market value gains will be bolstered by rising consumer interest in engineered stone, porcelain slab, and butcher-block countertops, as homeowners look to trade up to more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing surface materials that will add more value to their home.

    Relatedly, laminates - the leading countertop material in the US for decades - is expected to continue to lose market share through 2024. While use of laminates will remain widespread due to their low price points and minimal maintenance requirements, many laminate countertop manufacturers have taken efforts to be more competitive, such as

    expanding and diversifying their offerings of specialty and decorative laminatesmoving into other countertop materials (e.g., engineered stone)

    Looking for More?

    Countertops is now available from The Freedonia Group. The study analyzes the US market for countertops by surface material, area of installation, market, application, and region. Demand is measured at the fabricator level (the point at which the material is formed into a countertop) for all surface materials, including edging and backsplashes. The study also provides a comprehensive corporate analysis of the leading industry players, including market share by material.

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    US Countertop Demand to Exceed USD 40 Billion Through 2024 #47026 - New Kerala

    Done Right Home Remodeling Opens up On The Evolution of Bath Remodeling Trends in Hillsborough – Press Release – Digital Journal - March 5, 2020 by admin

    People can now get a reliable and perfect bath remodel in Hillsborough from Done Right Home Remodeling. The firm offers the most appropriate designing work.

    4 March, 2020 - Hillsborough, CA - With time, trends change, and this is what one can see even in the field of bath remodel in Hillsborough. The Hillsborough area has homes built over a century ago, and this means more need for urgent remodeling of the homes. Done Right Home Remodeling has been offering the best of bathroom remodeling services in Hillsborough, CA, for quite some time.

    The company has in-house contractors and technicians, and they have been in the company for over 15 years. Hence, they have an understanding of the legal prerequisites for the same. This has been the reason for them to work successfully on several projects across housing societies in and around the Hillsborough regions. The bath remodeling company in Hillsborough are famous for their vast idea related to designing and remodeling homes.

    We are aware of the trends and the styles that are not only cost-effective but also environment-friendly in the long run. We make use of the best strategies and designs, giving the baths the new makeover every homeowner desires, says CEO of Done Right Home Remodeling.

    The firm has bath remodeling contractors Hillsborough based has earned fame over the years for offering a free quote. The firm offers other services like kitchen remodeling services and complete home remodeling services. Besides, they also offer home additions and backyard services all by experts with quicker turnaround time.

    With clear plans and teams of efficient licensed staff members on the roster, the firm has left no stones unturned while giving the homes and bathrooms a new lease of life.

    About the company:

    Done Right Home Remodeling is based in Santa Clara and offers services across Hillsborough and other parts of CA. For more details, please visit

    Media ContactCompany Name: Done Right Home RemodelingContact Person: Media RelationsEmail: Send EmailPhone: 1-800-816-0000Address:1825 De La Cruz Blvd State: CaliforniaCountry: United StatesWebsite:

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    Done Right Home Remodeling Opens up On The Evolution of Bath Remodeling Trends in Hillsborough - Press Release - Digital Journal

    10 Weird Things People Found in Their Walls – Oddee - March 5, 2020 by admin

    For as long as people have built houses, theyve both left things in the walls and looked for secrets left behind. Sometimes the secrets the walls hold are sinister, unexplained, or just because of mother nature. Here are 10 weird things people have found in their walls.

    Hundreds of years ago, when fear of witches was real and widespread, people would plaster a talisman called a witches bottle into the walls or floor of their home. In Watford, during the demolition of a former pub, construction workers discovered one such bottle. Within in were human teeth, fish hooks, shards of glass, and an unidentified liquid that may have been urine. (x)

    Anyone who has stayed in an Airbnb or shady hotel has experienced the are there cameras here? paranoia. Heres a story to confirm all your worst fears. An Australian couple discovered recording equipment and cables in the walls of their home, leading to a shed owned by their millionaire landlord. In it was a leather recliner and wide-screen tv where hed sit and watch recordings of their most private moments. (x)

    It felt like we were living in Satans lair, an apt description of a house where new homeowners, Ben and Amber Sessions once caught 43 snakes in a single day. Theres no way to rid the property of the snakes, as it sits on a snake lair. Non-poisonous garter snakes gather in the walls of the house to hibernate. The Sessions declared bankruptcy and now Chase Bank owns Satans lair. Seems fitting. (x)

    William Wittman, 70, was remodeling his bathroom when a demolished wall revealed a 20-inch missile. The previous owners son served in the Korean War and brought home war memorabilia. Wittmans wife called local authorities, and the bomb squad collected and detonated the missile. (x)

    Workmen removed a heating vent in a home somewhere in England (the exact location in unknown), and discovered a 100-year-old Ouija board in the wall, positioned upside down. Whether it was used to patch a leaky vent, or to appease an angry poltergeist is a secret that remained hidden in the wall. (x)

    Divorces can become bitter and petty, and spouses hiding assets from each other is nothing new. But with one Vermont family, the subterfuge revealed the husbands undeniable talent when he recreated a Norman Rockwell painting and hid the original in the familys wall. (x)

    Remarkably, this isnt the only story about bees forming hives in the walls of homes. With the future survival of bees under threat, beekeepers can make a living rescuing these wall dwellers. A bee rescuer came to the home and discovered a massive hive of 80,000 bees. He surmised the hive grew so large because of the number of flowers in the area and high temperatures. (x)

    During the French Revolution, revolutionaries ransacked and looted the graves of monarchs. During the tumultuous times, the head of King Henry IV separated from his body. Almost 300 years later, a French man thought he found the mummified head in a wall in his attic. At first scientists agreed, but with further research it seems impossible to prove with 100% certainty to whom the head belongs. (x)

    The flying mammals can fit into a space as small at half of an inch, so once they move into a home, theyre difficult to remove. When the Bocka family heard scratching and growling in their walls they investigated to find thousands of bats. A pest-control expert removed them from the property, and they moved into the home of the next-door neighbor. (x)

    Homeowners Edie and Angie discovered a safe during a kitchen remodel. Within it, $50,000, a bottle of bourbon, and some tokens from the past, including a bingo card, a photograph of a tree, and the book A Guide for the Perplexed. Basically, the best find ever. But it took less than a week for the story to unravel. Chive co-founder John Resig admitted to staging the find, for no purpose than his own amusement. (x)

    Want to tell your strange story? Tell us about it and it could be featured on Oddee. You can remain fully anonymous.

    Originally posted here:
    10 Weird Things People Found in Their Walls - Oddee

    Master Kitchens and Baths Hosting Ugly Bathroom Contest for Homeowners in the Tri-State Area – Yahoo Finance - March 5, 2020 by admin

    The State-Of-The-Art Remodeling Company Has Enjoyed Steady Success Since 1938 And Continues to Engage Its Customers with Unique Traditions

    Its that time of year at Master Kitchens and Baths: the annual Ugly Bathroom Contest. Along with the Ugly Kitchen Contest, the Ugly Bathroom Contest marks a fun tradition for the team at Master Kitchens and Baths and its customers.

    The first-place winner of this years contest will receive free materials needed for a full bathroom renovation from Master Kitchens and Baths. There will also be a second and third-place winner designated by the company, and these winners will receive extra prizes. If you wish to be entered into the contest, all you need to do is submit a photo of your ugly bathroom, along with your name, address, telephone number and why you deserve to win, to

    Master Kitchens and Baths success is accredited to our commitment to provide superior customer service, excellent products and quality renovations. We believe in giving back to the community. The Ugly Bathroom Contest is a great way to show our appreciation. We look forward to the drawing and to giving that one lucky customer the bathroom makeover of a lifetime.

    The Ugly Bathroom Contest will run from now through March 31st, with the official drawings on April 18th. Enter today for a chance to win!

    About Us

    Serving Northern New Jersey with an 82-year history, we are a constant service to our community as indicated by our repeat clients and consistent referral base. Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, there are many details to consider, which is why our team of professionals will guide you throughout the entire process.

    View source version on


    Master Kitchens and BathsJoel CarrieroEmail: Phone: 201-791-7844

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    Master Kitchens and Baths Hosting Ugly Bathroom Contest for Homeowners in the Tri-State Area - Yahoo Finance

    On the Market: A Swanky Triplex Apartment across from Boston Common – Boston magazine - March 5, 2020 by admin

    For Sale/Rent

    Check out the mahogany library in this four-bed Beacon Hill pad.

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    14 Chestnut St. # 1, BostonPrice: $18,500 per monthSize: 5,000 square feetBedrooms: 4Baths: 3.5

    Located right across the street from Boston Commons Frog Pond and nestled among a road of brick row houses with black shutters, it doesnt get much more quintessential Beacon Hill than this home. And now, for $18,500 per month, you can rent it as your own.

    Yes, $18,500 sounds like a ludicrous sum to pay each month, even considering its primo location. But paying $18,500 for 5,000 square feet breaks down to nearly the same price per square foot as those of us wiring $1,800 to our landlords each month for a 500-square-foot studio. Such is renting in Boston.

    Take a closer look inside this four-bedroom triplex to see its opulence come into focus. Probably the most remarkable room is the mahogany-paneled library, where long, scarlet walls offset the rich wood built-ins and beamed ceilings beautifully. The three-story apartment contains a total of six carved marble fireplaces, plus custom bathrooms, some of which were modeled after the marble-clad baths of the London Ritz Carlton.

    As for spaces to get a breath of fresh air, you can take your pick between the private brick patio and the giant roof deck. Still not convinced? Short-term stays are allowed, so you can try out the swanky digs for a minimum of three months before committing to settling in for good.

    For information, contact Frank Carroll, Boston Realty Net,

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    Photo via Boston Realty Net

    The Boston Home team has curated a list of the best home design and home remodeling professionals in Boston, including architects, builders, kitchen and bath experts, lighting designers, and more. Get the help you need with FindIt/Boston's guide to home renovation pros.

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    On the Market: A Swanky Triplex Apartment across from Boston Common - Boston magazine

    DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Becomes a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise – - February 20, 2020 by admin

    By: DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen | 0Shares 8Reads

    February 19, 2020 // // Temple, TX - DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen, a professional bath and kitchen remodeling company, has become a Brand Partner of CGI Franchise.

    Art Coley, CEO of CGI Franchise states, DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen has a very innovative approach to their service and thats exactly what makes them stand out from the rest. Were excited to have them on board cant wait to get the ball rolling to see where this year takes them.

    The Recruitment Operating System, powered by CGI Franchise, is the result of years evaluating the franchise development process. CGI Franchise offers a solution and roadmap to rediscovering the passion for your brand. As a CGI Franchise Brand Partner, DreamMaker will be trained and coached to use ROS and all its benefits.

    Doug Dwyer, President, and Chief Stewarding Officer stated, DreamMaker is committed to growing our brand presence. We believe CGI Franchise is the right partner to help us grow. In a short period of time, Art and his team have already provided DreamMaker with useful information that we have been able to integrate into our franchise recruiting efforts.

    CGI Franchise specializes in growing and strengthening franchises by coming alongside and providing a sustainable, proven franchise development system. Offering a combined 50 years of franchise recruitment experience, CGI Franchise sets the solution and the road map to rediscovering the passion for your brand.

    DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen is your one-stop-shop or your remodeling needs. You can feel secure that your project will be completed in the most efficient manner possible with minimal disruption to your life. For more information visit

    SOURCE CGI Franchise


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    DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Becomes a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise -

    Open And Modern: Guiding Clients Toward The Most Lucrative Kitchen Renovations – RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News – RealtyBizNews - February 20, 2020 by admin

    Sellers areadvised not to spend more than 10%of their propertys value on remodeling a kitchen if the investment is to be worthwhile. However, sincethe kitchen is the most important roomwhen it comes to selling a residential property, some refurbishment is often a good idea, and a new kitchen can help increase interest in the property, as well as raising the homes value. If a client is unsure how much remodeling is appropriate for their property, realtors can advise them in a few key areas.

    Keep it open and bright

    According toa survey by NAHB, 86% of buyers would prefer an open plan kitchen and dining room: the trend towards open plan living spaces continues to be strong. Particularly in older homes where rooms are small, knocking down walls to create an open floor plan can be a good strategy in increasing a propertys value.

    Potential buyers are drawn to open, bright spaces in which they can envisage entertaining without being away from their guests. Allowing light to filter in from the living areas creates a bright appealing space, with rugs and furniture placement used to mark different areas of the space. A kitchen island is a good addition in this case: it allows for maximum work space and provides a focal point in the kitchen area. Under-cabinet lighting can make the space seem more inviting, and further demarcates the kitchen space.

    Modernize appliances

    Stylish new appliances can make the whole kitchen seem more modern, and even if the seller plans to take some of these with them when they move, they can make potential buyersbelieve the home is a good investment. This is particularly important for built-in appliances that will remain in the property once the sale has gone through, so sellers planning to remodel should be advised to consider ultra-modern updates like induction cooktops. These have the added appeal of being more energy efficient, which is a further draw to potential buyers. If you advise clients to change their appliances, however, encourage them to learn how to keep themperforming at their optimum levelso theyre in top condition for the new owners.

    The appeal of convenience

    Buyers are looking for maximum storage and clever uses of space. Sellers should be encouraged to install islands with built-in cupboards and drawers that utilize space efficiently. Wasted space can be filled with extra drawers, and cupboards can be utilized to their maximum potential if a Lazy Susan is included in the design. Encourage sellers to make use of all the space in any new kitchen design: buyers will be drawn to convenience.

    Many sellers look for guidance when remodeling their homes for resale. By keeping up to date with what potential buyers will be drawn towards, realtors can guide them to get the most return for their investment.

    Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

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    Open And Modern: Guiding Clients Toward The Most Lucrative Kitchen Renovations - RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News - RealtyBizNews

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