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    Home remodelers find there is plenty of work now that pandemic restrictions have been eased – The Times Herald - May 28, 2020 by admin

    Social distancing matters. Here is how to do it and how it can help curb the COVID-19 pandemic. USA TODAY

    Light poured through the empty windows and lit up the exposed wooden beams inside. The home on the lakefront property in Fort Gratiot was being remodeled. Almost the entire thing had been gutted and was being prepped for new drywall. Among the new amenities will be a shower with hookups for body jets on the walls in the master bathroom.

    The project is just one of many that home remodeling businesses like LaDuke Construction are working on since restrictions related to the coronaviruspandemic were lifted earlier in May.

    COVID-19 and the associated stay-at-home order had paused all services deemed non-essential, putting a stop to construction projects big and small across Michigan. Now, the projects are back on.

    Kirk Harms, a field supervisor for LaDuke Construction, walks through a home in the process of being renovated Monday, May 18, 2020, in Fort Gratiot. The coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdown paused all services deemend non-essential, which put a pause on construction projects across the state.(Photo: Brian Wells/Times Herald)

    The original stay-at-home order prohibited construction work except for those related to the safety, sanitation and basic operations of a home. This left remodelers with some work to do, but there's not that many emergency calls out there, Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan CEO Michael Stoskopf said.

    "Most of their activity had to come to a standstill," he said.

    During this time, remodelers were able to do some back-end work like ordering materials,speaking with clients, and developing safety plans. But since restrictions relaxed on May 7, contractors have had plenty to do.

    "You've got clients who've been living in the house with maybe a partially remodeled bathroom or kitchen," Stoskopf said. "You know they're eager to get that project done."

    Stoskopf expects remodeling businesses will operate under some kind of directive from the state until the pandemic is declared over, whether that comes through executive orders,laws passed through the Legislatureor revised OSHA regulations. Jobs will likely take a bit longer due to social distancing requirements, which Stoskopf said is likely the most lasting impact.

    More: County extends due diligence period for developer hoping to buy former Art Van building

    "Where you might be able to put a painter and a trim carpenter and a tile guy all in the same house at the same time on a remodeling project, you can't do that anymore at least not under these social distancing requirements that are in effect currently," he said.

    Prices should stay relatively the same, however.

    "While the amount of money spent in projects may be the same as it would without this occurring, it's going to take longer for that money to be spent," he said.

    "A lot of things we had ordered pre-lockdown had been put off, and we're just starting to hear back from our supply chains now to get material," he said.

    With restrictions being eased, the business is seeing a slight influx of exterior work such as deck work or painting.

    LaDuke Construction owner Craig LaDuke said the business has many projects in the works, and is also waiting for suppliers to gear up for some other projects.One open project had to waiton a truss manufacturer to start back up. Others are unaffected.

    "We have to be careful if we're going to start a new project that we're able to obtain the materials and supplies needed in a reasonable time frame," he said.

    LaDuke said he hasn't seen an increase in demand for any particular kinds of renovation jobs, mostly a normal slate of kitchen, bathroom and other improvements. Overall, LaDuke said, the restart has been going pretty well.

    "We've got a lot of work, which is great," he said.

    While the regulations surrounding the pandemic change over time and could potentially tighten again, LaDuke said he plans to move forward and not worry about the "what if."

    "I'm looking at what we can do now, hoping that everything's going to move forward," he said.

    HBA of Southeastern Michigan maintains a COVID-19 resources page

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    Home remodelers find there is plenty of work now that pandemic restrictions have been eased - The Times Herald

    Planning to Age in Place? A Recession Can Be a Good Time to Remodel – Guaranteed Rate - May 28, 2020 by admin

    Contractors are less busy and material costs are lower

    If youve done the hard number-crunching and are confident you can afford to stay put in retirement, your home likely needs a few tweaks to make it safer for an older you.

    If your household finances are not under stress due to the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis, now can be a smart time to start tackling age-in-place renovation projects.

    A slowdown in the remodeling boom means contractors and architects are likely more motivated to return phone calls. For the past few years, spending on remodeling grew at nearly triple the rate of inflation. The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard recently issued a downside update to its remodeling forecast that projects spending growth will turn negative into early next year due to the economic impact of the coronavirus.

    A slowdown in business should make contractors more willing to negotiate price, and timing may be more flexible, as their backlog and waitlist on projects may have already shrunk.

    Material costs are also lower. The National Association of Home Builders reported a record 4.1% decline in material costs in April. The -5.4% year-to-date decline eclipses the previous record slide of -1.3% in 2009.

    Appliance costs should also decline amid reduced consumer demand.

    And though some banks are making it harder if not impossible to qualify for a home equity line or loan, there are still lenders out there (hint: Check out credit unions) willing to make deals with qualified borrowers. If you have $400,000 in equity and are looking to borrow 10% or so of that to polish off an age-in-place project, you could get a more receptive greeting than if you have $100,000 in equity and want to borrow more than half of that.

    Heres how to create a sensible age-in-place renovation game plan:

    Focus on needs, not aspirations. Sure, aesthetics matter, but so too does cost. Reworking the bathroom so there is a level-in shower that wont require an older you to climb over a bathtub rim is a valuable age-in-place project. But its on you to decide if youre going to spend $20,000 for the bathroom you need or $40,000 for the HGTV-ready bathroom you want.

    And keep reminding yourself that every dollar you spend will never be fully recouped by you, or your heirs. A quick web search of remodeling cost v. value will land you at sites that show the typical payback can range from 65% to 75% for many projects, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

    Polish off the low-hanging fruit first. Age-in-place renovations fall into two camps: smaller less expensive projects, such as installing grab bars in bathrooms and replacing trip-tastic rugs with carpet, to big-time construction, such as a new full bathroom on the first floor.

    What you always want to avoid, especially right now, is stretching your renovation budget. If you have any queasiness about household income as we work our way through the coronavirus crisis, focus on affordable projects first.

    Get three line-item bids The standard advice to get at least three bids is especially useful now. Quality and reputation remain paramount especially for big projects but having multiple bids gives you valuable intel to negotiate the best rate with the best contractor for your project.

    There is never a good reason to accept a bid that does not carefully line-item every expense, but right now, with demand expected to be weaker, contractors should be more than eager to provide this breakdown to you.

    Drill down on materials. Carefully reviewing the bid is essential before you hire anybody. Is the estimate based on using the materials and appliances you want? A low bid can be based on using cheap materials that you dont want. Conversely, you may find that your contractor has assumed a higher quality material than you deem necessary. Make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples bids that use the same materials and assume the same quality of appliances and mechanicals. For instance, does the bid include the cost of the most energy efficient new HVAC system which might cost more upfront or is it based on a more middle-of-the-road model?

    Discuss subs. If you ask, you can often learn there are a variety of qualified subcontractors your contractor can use. Again, work quality is important, but there can be a wide range of rates among providers for certain projects.

    And if your contractor suggests sticking with a certain sub, dont be shy asking if there is any give in the cost. In a slower market a smaller profit margin is better than having no work. But youre not going to get a break unless you ask.

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    Planning to Age in Place? A Recession Can Be a Good Time to Remodel - Guaranteed Rate

    From heated floors to marble countertops, these bathroom renovations will make you swoon – Courier Journal - May 28, 2020 by admin

    Lennie Omalza, Special to Courier Journal Published 6:40 a.m. ET May 28, 2020


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    Taking an old bathroom from drab to fab is about more than having a pretty powder room. A properly designed washroom can improve functionality in any home,making everyday experiences more efficient and comfortable while providing a clean, calming space to make your bathroom feel like an at-home spa getaway.

    These three Louisville interiordesigners break downtheir experiences in building a better bath.

    On the East End of Louisville, the bathroom in a midcentury-style ranch house was spacious, but in desperate need of an overhaul.

    The home was built in 1959 with essentially no updates since then, said Dani Harris, principal and designer at Knot & Company Interiors.

    This east-end bathroom remodel features a dual sink, marble-topped vanity with gold faucets, black mirrors, Shaker cabinets, and floor-to-ceiling wainscoting.(Photo: Provided by Knot & Company)

    Harris utilized the ample amount of space by adding an extra sink and updating the room with gold fixtures, a marble-topped vanity, black mirrors, and shaker cabinets. She also added floor-to-ceiling wainscoting, as well as mixed metals and slate floors, creating an interesting architectural touch.

    The best part of this project, Harris said, is that although we didnt move any walls or really even change the layout, the remodel is so drastic! We were able to add a sink, include better lighting, as well as create a simple but beautiful atmosphere for children and parents alike.

    Home of the Week: A tale of two homes. Interior designer brings warm, cohesive flow to two Louisville homes

    In Old Louisville, marvelous mansions require equally breathtaking bathrooms. Bethany Adams, principal of Bethany Adams Interiors, said her work on thisGeorgian homes washroom remodel was exactly that.

    The goal of this project, she said, was to create a functional and modern master bathroom that complements the grandeur of my clients' historic home and its unique architectural features.

    This Old Louisville bathroom remodel features book-matched Carrara marble slabs in the shower.(Photo: Courtesy of Justin L. Jordan)

    While making a home from the 1910s functional for life in the 2000s, Adams still managed to respect and maintain certain historic details, such as original millwork and tile wainscoting.

    We took a very sad space into this century, she said, describing the modern chrome vanity from Restoration Hardware and fixtures by Delta. The bathrooms shower glass and mirror, as well as the storage unit under the Palladian window, were all custom-made for the space.

    My favorite aspect of this bathroom is how the Palladian window is reflected in the mirror, she said. There's a big tree outside the window, so every morning my clients get to walk into their bathroom, look in their mirror and experience the stunning architecture of their home, as well as be bathed in light and nature.

    Home of the Week: Step inside the 'heart of the home' with amazing kitchen renovations in 3 Louisville homes

    The bathroom in Cortney Hoeses colonial home in Holly Springs hadnt been updated since its construction in 1987 and her family was ready for a redo.

    Functionally, it didnt do it for us, she said. And aesthetically, it definitely didnt do it for us. It was a combination of form and function.

    The Kohler jetted soaker tub in this Holly Springs bathroom remodel features deck-mounted hardware, including a hand sprayer.(Photo: Courtesy of Bill Worley Photography)

    A self-proclaimed design hobbyist, Hoese came up with the bathroom redesign herself, then enlisted Bailey Remodeling and Construction to execute the plans. Certain aspects of the renovation were set in stone: the color palette was predetermined, and Hoese was firm on adding a freestanding tub. With other parts of the remodel, Hoese just went with the flow.

    Some of the tile choices were spur of the moment, she said (and) designing the countertop vanity that was an experience. That was a labor of love.

    Hoese said that vanity was always long, but it used to be much lower all the way across. The biggest difference is the height. It was really hard to use.

    The sinks were brought up to a higher level for ease of use, and a makeup counter placed slightly lower was added in the middle. Hoese also replaced the built-in Whirlpool tub with a freestanding tub and updated the shower to include a bench, two-tier shampoo niche, and three showerheads.

    Home of the Week: This renovated Northfield ranch-style home is a modern, craftsmen-focused dream house

    Her favorite aspect of the remodel, however, is the new heated floors. With the bathroom located directly above the garage, the flooring used to get cold very quickly and was unbearable during winter.

    I love my heated floors, she said. We (used to have) rugs everywhere. Now its comfortable.

    Know a house that would make a great Home of the Week? Email writer Lennie Omalzaataloha@lennieomalza.comor Lifestyle Editor Kathryn Gregory

    Bathroom 1: This was a full bathroom remodel in a midcentury ranch home in East End Louisville that was built in 1959.

    Bathroom 2: This was a full bathroom remodel in a Georgian revival home in Old Louisville that was built in 1910.

    Bathroom 3: This was a full bathroom remodel in a two-story colonial home in Holly Springs that was built in 1987.

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    From heated floors to marble countertops, these bathroom renovations will make you swoon - Courier Journal

    Home Remodeling and Repairs: Everything You Need to Know – Skyline - May 28, 2020 by admin

    Across Chicago and the U.S., the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone. Every business is in jeopardy of shutting its doors for goods. Every employee is in danger of losing their job. Every family is concerned about their health and wellbeing. And every single person in America is hoping to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

    One thing that isnt stopping, however, is home renovation projects. Since everyone aside from essential workers are remaining in their homes almost 100% of the time, now is the perfect time for homeowners to improve their properties and begin (and hopefully finish) some important projects.

    There is some concern over whether its even advisable to work on your home during this pandemic or not. Though there are some cons to beginning home remodeling projects due to the shortage of supply, potentially higher costs, and general feelings of being overwhelmed; there are plenty of advantages, too. For the most part, the costs are actually much lower right now. Several remodeling companies have come up with great deals and substantial discounts. Plus, if youre hoping to sell your home in the next few years, taking advantage of all this downtime and upgrading your home is a great option!

    Here are some important things to consider whenever starting, or even thinking about starting, home remodeling projects:

    There isnt a project on earth that wouldnt benefit from some diligent planning beforehand. Still, so many homeowners jump right into specific projects without an actual plan in mind, which can subsequently lead to a messy home, costly remodeling expenses, and high stress levels. Even skillful do-it-yourselfers need to plan out every step of their remodeling project. Without planning, chaos will certainly be the end result.

    If you have a four-to-five-month timeline, you can talk to friends on who they used and look at Angies List reviews on their performance, said Kermit Baker, project director at the Harvard remodeling program. You can do your due diligence as you prepare to get the project ready.

    Its important to have plenty of tools around the house, as well. If you just need a few things for a couple of quick projects, you can take advantage of tool rental programs. However, its best to own a legitimate set of tools so you can be fully prepared to take on any kind of home remodeling project. Here is a list of tools that every homeowner should have:

    Every home improvement project will cost more than you think it will and will take more time than you planned, added Bob Harkson, a chief financial planner at Phase2 Wealth Advisors.

    Remodeling contractors everywhere advise the same thing: the more thorough you are during these crucial planning stages, the more likely you are to stay under budget for each project.

    Another great idea is to keep a detailed journal documenting every aspect of your home remodeling project. This can be helpful for all sorts of reasons! For instance, if youre working with home builders or a team of professional contractors and something goes wrong, you can use your journal in court or arbitration. Write down things exactly as they happen so you arent being charged for unnecessary costs down the line. Its best if your remodeling journal includes at the very least the following: project start date, major milestones, inspection dates, contractor work schedules, change orders, and all financial information.

    Planning is one thing but budgeting can make or break not only your remodeling project ideas but your financial stability, as well. If you arent properly budgeting especially during these wild COVID-19 times, you are putting your entire future at risk. You need to carefully determine exactly how much you can afford to spend on every facet of your remodeling projects. Take, for example, home flooring projects. Your budget needs to account for everything, not just the final tiles. If you know what youre doing, you should still keep a strict budget and plan for spending on tools, materials, and everything else. If you are completely lost when it comes to flooring jobs or other potentially complicated projects like residential siding or plumbing repairs, consider hiring a team of professional contractors. But be aware, doing this will likely significantly increase the amount you spend on each project, which should be reflected in your budget.

    Be realistic as you tour your homes interior and look at it as a buyer would with a very critical eye, said Gina Wolter, Broker/Realtor with The Real Estate Group. Determine projects that need the most attention. Some things on your list may require just a little elbow grease, while others may require assistance from a professional. Whichever the case, set your budget and work from there.

    If youre working with a contractor, its important to ask as many questions as possible. This way, youll actually learn whats being accomplished. You wont have to hire a contractor for that specific project next time. Instead, youll be able to handle it all on your own! There is no better feeling than that. But dont be afraid of asking questions to the professionals. Even ones that might seem like are obvious its best to get the right answer than wing it on your own down the line. Plus, its your money that youre spending on these projects. You should know why youre spending that much and whats exactly taking place!

    It might seem like a scary thing to do during these uncertain times, but there are loans out there available that are designed to help you and your family upgrade your home in a financially responsible way. A Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 203(k) loan or a Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation loan, for example, are great options.

    An FHA 203(k) loan offers flexibility because you can finance up to 97.75% of the improved home value, said Catherine Holtman, operations support manager for Embrace Home Loans. Theres a streamlined version for improvements up to $35,000 that are nonstructural and a standard version for major renovations including structural changes.

    Additionally, taking out a home equity line of credit will provide you with the necessary flexibility to take advantage of remodeling projects. Youll only have to pay interest on the actual line of credit being used and not on everything else. Plus, closing costs are using pretty affordable! Cash-out refinancing, personal loans, credit cards, and 401(k) loans are all great options, as well just beware of high interest rates.

    Upgrading your home is exciting but it can also be quite stressful if you dont know what youre doing, arent properly budgeting and planning, or you make mistakes. Some mistakes are minor and are just a little annoying. However, some mistakes even the minor ones can lead to catastrophic issues and ruin your home and your bank account.

    Here are some of the most common home remodeling mistakes that homeowners across the country make:

    So, in short, the best way to prepare for these kinds of home renovation projects is to save as much as possible, do plenty of research beforehand, make sure youre acquiring all the necessary tools, think about taking out a renovation loan,

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    Home Remodeling and Repairs: Everything You Need to Know - Skyline

    Nominate your favorite new build or remodel for our third annual Home of the Year Award – Charlotte Agenda - May 28, 2020 by admin

    Home of the Year is proudly presented by The Redbud Group, creating great real estate experiences. Browse featured listings to find your own Charlotte dream home.

    We know coronavirus brought a lot of unexpected change to our city, but Charlotte is still a place filled with architectural beauty and some of the best designers in the country.

    We created theHome of the Year Award to celebrate the best of the best in new residential real estate. We want to honor that.

    The home must be a new build or remodel within the past 12 months. Any remodel qualifies the home interior and/or exterior. Condos and apartments also qualify, so it doesnt necessarily have to be a traditional home.

    Can I nominate my own home? Yes, of course! We love hearing directly from homeowners and we anticipate the majority of nominations to come from directly from homeowners.

    Can I nominate a clients home?Yes, of course! If youre an architect, builder, or designer wed love to receive nominations, and when we profile our winner and finalists, we will credit all the people who touched the project.

    Will there be finalists?Yes, we will profile a group of finalists. We will also select one overall winner. Heres our2019 Home of the Yearif youre looking for an example of the format.

    Email your nomination(s) to using the subject line Home of the Year nomination. Please include the address, up to three sentences on the home, and up to two photos of it. If selected as a finalist, well follow up for more information.

    The deadline is Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

    Thank you for your help, and we look forward to celebrating the Home of the Year Award this summer!

    Cover image: 2019 Home of the Year winner, The Providence Dream Home by brillhart architecture.

    Read the original here:
    Nominate your favorite new build or remodel for our third annual Home of the Year Award - Charlotte Agenda

    Major renovation coming to Regal theater at Fresno’s River Park – The Business Journal - May 28, 2020 by admin

    An artist's renderings show what Regal Cinemas at River Park will look like after a renovation starting next month. Photos via River Park

    published on May 21, 2020 - 2:36 PMWritten by Gabriel Dillard

    River Parks Regal Edwards Fresno movie theater is headed toward a major remodel and an apparent rebranding, according to an announcement from the shopping center owner on Thursday.

    A news release lists the theaters name as Regal Cinemas in River Park, a departure from the Edwards moniker that has remained with the 22-auditorium movie theater since it opened in the late 1990s.

    A rendering of what the theater will look like after the interior and exterior remodel of the entire building also doesnt include the Edwards name.

    A message left for officials with Lance-Kashian & Co., owner and manager of the River Park shopping center, were not immediately returned Thursday afternoon.

    The remodel also comes with a new 15-year lease for the theater, which will be modernized and upgraded with all new seating as well as VIP lounge areas, concession stands, restrooms, lobbies and the entire facade.

    Construction is expected to begin by June 1. The theater has been closed since March due to Covid-19 emergency orders. It is not clear if, once California movie theaters are allowed to reopen, Regal Cinemas in River Park will operate during the remodeling effort. No timetable was offered in a news release from Lance-Kashian.

    The news follows the recent addition of 4DX and ScreenX technology at the theater. 4DX features in-theater special effects such as motion-synchronized seats, scents and other sensory effects. ScreenX technology surrounds audiences with an immersive 270-degree panoramic screen.

    The first step in the complete renovation will be the addition to IMAX inside the main theater building, according to the news release.

    This is truly a step into the next millennium, and we are excited for movie goers to return to our center to experience something magical, said Tracy Kashian, VP of marketing and public relations for River Park.

    The release adds that all proper Covid-19 precautionary measures will be taken once the theater re-opens its doors.

    River Park & Regal look forward to welcoming back our Central Valley families, concludes the release.

    See the article here:
    Major renovation coming to Regal theater at Fresno's River Park - The Business Journal

    What a surge in decks and paint sales in the midst of a pandemics says about economic recovery – - May 28, 2020 by admin

    Added to that is a higher demand for cleaning supplies, security systems, safety gear, sidewalk chalk and activity kits for youngsters, said Randy Rusk, national spokesman for Do It Best, a cooperative of hardware, lumber, and building materials stores in 50 states and more than 50 countries.

    But analysts and marketing experts in the home and hardware industry are cautious. They predict a mixed bag in spending through the end of this year, dragged down by little or no construction in some states and nagging uncertainties surrounding the economic toll from the pandemic.

    Smaller, in-home projects have been the bright spot in the sector. During the past two months, as unprecedented restrictions sent workers home and consigned people to work in bedrooms and at kitchen tables, the home services industry saw consumers flip their attitudes about their surroundings.

    At first they were scared. Then, they began looking around their homes and decided they needed to get on projects they'd put off for years, said Larry Janesky, a Connecticut-based contractor with 300 dealers and 700 employees refurbishing attics, basements and roofs across the U.S.

    Basement waterproofing and refinishing projects took off in the past month or so because people realized they needed to upgrade space for a home office. Roofing also has shot up, Janesky said.

    Before the outbreak, spending on home remodeling was expected to post annual growth of 3.9% by the first quarter of 2021. But the latest data rolling together actual and forecasted impacts of the economic shutdown have led to predictions of declines this year, with more of a drop off into 2021, according to Harvard Universitys Joint Center for Housing Studies.

    The uncertainty has analysts offering a mixed forecast for what will happen in the category later in the year.

    Whether confidence returns to undertake large projects could be dictated by the depth and duration of the economic and housing market decline, wrote Wedbush analysts led by Seth Basham in a note about Home Depot, MarketWatch reported earlier in May.

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    What a surge in decks and paint sales in the midst of a pandemics says about economic recovery -

    More roster turnover has Crean in remodeling mode with all players he recruited – Online Athens - May 4, 2020 by admin

    Tom Creans third Georgia mens basketball team will certainly have his fingerprints all over it.

    Not a single player will remain from the roster he took over from Mark Fox in March of 2018.

    The players Crean will have this coming season will all have been recruited to Georgia by him. That became assured over the weekend after forward Rayshaun Hammonds became the seventh player from this past seasons roster to depart. Hammonds is staying in the NBA draft where he joins Bulldog teammate and possible No. 1 overall pick Anthony Edwards.

    "Im just in the process of building our team on a daily basis," Crean said. "We are certainly in a remodeling phase with all that we are losing this year with the three senior guards and Anthony and Rayshaun. Out staff is working very hard at being flexible and focused on helping our current players finish the semester and understand what they have to do to improve."

    College basketballwith underclassmen leaving for the NBA and an active transfer portalhas become a sport where rosters are often in flux from season to season.

    The Bulldogs again are in that mode after losing four of their top five scorers and rebounders from a team that went 16-16 overall and 5-13 in the SEC. In addition to losing Edwards and Hammonds, guards Jordan Harris, Tyree Crump and Donnell Gresham completed their eligibility and forwards Rodney Howard (transfer to Georgia Tech) and Amanze Ngumezi (transfer to Jacksonville State after being suspended) are now elsewhere.

    Georgia is set to bring in at least six newcomers for the 2020-21 season including four-star recruits in guard K.D. Johnson from Hargrave Military and forward Josh Taylor from Norcross.

    Crean indicated that Georgia could be looking for more on the transfer market.

    An intriguing name popped up on Sunday: Arizona State big man Romello White, who played at Wheeler High in Marietta, could be a graduate transfer.

    "We are actively recruiting and we would like to get older and more experienced," Crean said.

    George Mason graduate transfer guard Justin Kier adds an experienced presence to the Bulldogs. He played in just nine games last season due to a foot injury and led his team in scoring in 2018-19 at 14.5 points per game while averaging 6.5 rebounds per game.

    "Justin brings shooting, attack off of the drive, spacing, playmaking and unselfishness to the offensive side," Crean said. "Defensively, he rebounds the ball extremely well for a guard and can defend the ball. Hes been extremely well coached. There is no doubt about that."

    Hell join a core that includes sophomores that were part of one of the SECs top recruiting classes a year ago: guard Sahvir Wheeler and forwards Toumani Camara and Christian Brown.

    Wheeler averaged 9.0 points and a team-high 4.5 assists per game. Camara, who averaged 6.6 points and 4.4 rebounds per game and tied for the team-high in blocks with 18, is listed as the No. 30 overall pick for 2021 by

    The 6-foot-9 Hammonds had an uneven junior season but led the team in rebounding at 7.3 per game and was second in scoring at 12.9.

    "Rayshaun improved in many areas," Crean said. "We would have loved to coach him in his senior year but now we will support and help him every step of the way. Rayshaun and his family made the decision that they feel is best for them and his future. My role is to provide information and then support that decision the best I can."

    Some highly-sought after targets remain involved with Georgia.

    Top 6

    Five-star center Moussa Cisse from Memphis lists the Bulldogs in his final six along with Kentucky, Florida State, Memphis, Georgetown and LSU. Five-star 2021 forwards Jonathan Kuminga and Michael Foster are also considering Georgia. They both could reclassify to 2020, but the G-League is also attracting elite prospects.

    "Not having the spring, and in all likelihood not having the summer, is hard for all programs but especially with our youth and lack of scoring returning," Crean said. "We will remain very active."

    See original here:
    More roster turnover has Crean in remodeling mode with all players he recruited - Online Athens

    Everything You Need to Know to Upgrade Your Kitchen in 2020 – The DC Post - May 4, 2020 by admin

    Its no secret that kitchen remodeling can be super unnerving. The project involves a plethora of tasks that include planning, budgeting, finding the right designer, and so on. All our efforts to elicit information from different resources is hardly gratifying. How do you deal with the situation?

    Simple. You take one step at a time. Start out with aligning your priorities and your budget, then the right choices will follow.

    Now, considering the prime role that your kitchen plays, all your invested efforts are bound to be a big pay off in the future. We arent only broaching the resale value but also the changed status as a modern kitchen it implies that the space must be treated with deserved reverence.

    Despite all, why are we petrified at the idea of starting a kitchen remodel? Its simple. We are scared of details and dont know how to handle them. So, how do we go about?

    Thats where we have you completely covered! This article treats you to all the basic information for a kitchen remodel.

    Ask yourself the reasons to renovate your kitchen. Follow this up by drawing a line between what your kitchen needs and what you want but can do without. Figuring out the basic purpose will help you invest where it is needed without going overboard.

    A well-defined budget is your best guide here. Concentrate on the areas that need maximum attention and then put the not so urgent ones on hold. You can even DIY certain tasks to save money.

    By all means, indulge in DIY projects wherever feasible, but leave the intricate tasks to seasoned professionals. Its not going to do you any good if in the end your project is affected by your overambitious DIY aspirations.

    Make sure that the design theme of your kitchen aligns with the rest of your house. If it doesnt, time to go back to the drawing board!

    Isnt this one of the primary reasons to opt for a remodel? Needs change with the change in time. Your children are perhaps on their way to becoming teens. You may have your parents living with you who may be in their advanced years. It follows that your kitchen storage must meet every new and changing need. In other words, you have to plan ahead of time. If youre planning to upgrade your kitchen, new cabinetry can contribute greatly to sprucing up your space.

    The appliances in your kitchen exude style and grace with their presence. Their functional efficiency adds to the overall picture of a contemporary kitchen. Make sure that your kitchen imbibes sleek appliances with clean lines and high-tech features. Invest in hidden, built-in appliances to save space and add a statement to your space.

    Lights here and lights there! What a difference lights make on the ambiance of your space!

    I suggest you go overboard with them to add sparkle to your kitchen (literally)! Go for task lighting under the cabinets. A series of pendants can be used in a small kitchen and to brighten up your island. You may have led strips along the edges of cabinets and a chandelier for a dramatic impact. However, remember to keep aside a dedicated budget for this aspect, and you can have all the fun as you go along!

    * This article is posted by and in partnership with Kitchen and Bath Shop, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling store located in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

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    Everything You Need to Know to Upgrade Your Kitchen in 2020 - The DC Post

    Hogan Design & Construction (HDC) Celebrating 20 Years of Community Collaboration and Remodeling, Renovation, and Home Building Excellence – PR… - May 4, 2020 by admin

    I cant think of a better place or a better team as I look to the future of my business

    GENEVA, Ill. (PRWEB) May 04, 2020

    In April of 2000, Brian Hogan, owner of Hogan Design & Construction (HDC), had the vision to be more than a construction company and a desire to go beyond building. Hogan imagined a process that focused on building relationships and breaking free of industry norms and preconceived notions from which, expectations are understood, embraced, and eventually surpassed. This is the HDC foundation and formula for success.

    Your needs above all else are more than a mantra at HDC. Providing residential and commercial clients with an innovative full-service remodeling and home builder solution is just the beginning of the proven HDC process, developed and honed over the past 20 years. The dedicated team of HDC designers, project managers, carpenters, and support staff are committed to delivering fully functional dream spaces, transforming homes and businesses alike with Design-Build and Selection Assisted Build services.

    With the launch of a new website, award-winning project design, and quality craftsmanship, HDC has built a reputation based on integrity, dependability, and customer service excellence. Generosity and kindness describe the HDC company and community philosophy. Through sponsorships, charitable donations of time and talent, and activism, the HDC team contributes to their community, finding and at times, creating causes and collaborative cooperatives that improve the quality of life in their region.I cant think of a better place or a better team as I look to the future of my business, said Brian Hogan, Owner, and Founder of Hogan Design & Construction (HDC). I look forward to the next 20 years, to serving my community and industry with pride and admiration.

    Established in 2000, Hogan Design & Constructions (HDC) proven process has been developed and honed since our inception 20 years ago. We have built a reputation based on our integrity, dependability, high-quality work, and excellent customer service & satisfaction. We dont just build spaces. We develop long-lasting relationships that deliver your dreams. For more information on HDC, please visit Beyond Building.

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    Hogan Design & Construction (HDC) Celebrating 20 Years of Community Collaboration and Remodeling, Renovation, and Home Building Excellence - PR...

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