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    Man Arrested After Claiming to be a Contractor and Allegedly Botching Remodel – Coral Springs Talk – Coral Springs Talk - January 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Roy Swarzak

    By Isaac Ray

    A man was arrested after falsely identifying himself as a contractor and accepting thousands of dollars to remodel a Coral Springs home, never returning to finish the work.

    The victim told Coral Springs Police they hired a man named Roy Swarzak, 64, of Pompano Beach, in July of 2020 to remodel two bathrooms in their home located at the 4100 block of NW 88th Ave. The contract, dated July 17, stated that Swarzak agreed to perform the jobs for $8,000, of which $4,000 was to be paid upfront. Records show Swarzak cashed a check for $4,000 in advance of his work.

    The victim, who lives in New York, had her sister hire Swarzak and oversee the alleged botched remodeling. She said he began working on both bathrooms soon after receiving his down payment. The work, however, was quickly deemed unsatisfactory, and Swarzak never returned to complete the job.

    The victim provided officers with photos of her unfinished bathrooms as well as sworn testimony and identification of Swarzak.

    Upon investigation, records obtained by CSPD showed Swarzak never applied for any permits and never has held a contactors license. After concluding their investigation into Swarzaks work at the home, claims, and background, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

    On January 7, Swarzak was arrested and later released on a $2,500 bond.

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    Man Arrested After Claiming to be a Contractor and Allegedly Botching Remodel - Coral Springs Talk - Coral Springs Talk

    Budget team votes in favor of $800000 quad remodel – La Voz Weekly - January 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The Instructional Planning and Budget Team voted 22-17 in favor of a $800,000 plan to remodel the E3 quad on Jan. 12.

    The budget includes installing 3D printing software and turning one of the classrooms into a lab. It supports a proposed two-year adaptive manufacturing certificate program, which would allow students to start a job with an annual salary of $68,000.

    The salary estimate prompted faculty representative Mayra Cruz to raise concerns about how the program would close equity gaps.

    We want to focus on how this allocation would help advance these opportunities [for marginalized groups] historically, and not just one year back, Cruz said.

    She said she wanted to hone in on which groups this development would affect.

    I think weve already [gone] up and above on helping many different groups, said Mark Appio, department chair of Design and Manufacturing Technologies. This is another step on that work being more effective for members of those groups to get higher paying jobs.

    Appio has worked with underrepresented high school students on other adaptive manufacturing projects.

    These programs have been highly successful, since theyre very hands-on, Appio said. They have always been extremely strong in representing students in these underrepresented communities all over the state.

    Randy Bryant, dean of CTE and workforce development, said that IPBT hadnt taken on this kind of manufacturing project of this budgetal size in the past two years.

    DMT is the only program thats come forward with a project, other than maintenance funding that is only $60,000, Bryant said.

    Lisa Markus, a faculty representative, discussed the potential popularity of these programs.

    We also need to consider student demand for these courses, Markus said. If I could get a job with only a certificate and make $123,000, Im not sure why Im teaching.

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    Budget team votes in favor of $800000 quad remodel - La Voz Weekly

    Home Remodeling Market Size to Observe Strong Growth with Key Drivers and Top Trends by 2026 – Jumbo News - January 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    This report provides a strategic analysis of the Global Home Remodeling market and the growth estimates for the forecast period. This report also provides market sizing and forecasts for the Global Home Remodeling Market. The report is a professional and in-depth study on the existing state. this report focuses on the major drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats for key players. it also provides granular analysis of market share, segmentation, revenue forecasts and regional analysis till 2026.

    Further, the Home Remodeling Market report covers strategic assessment of development policies and plans, business processes and revenue structures, marketing strategies followed by leading players, distributors analysis, marketing channels, potential buyers, and Home Remodelings development history. This report also states import/export, supply, and consumption figures as well as cost, price, revenue, and gross margin by regions.

    For more information on Home Remodeling Market, Get a sample pdf at

    The global Home Remodeling market is segmented by company, region (country), Type, and Application. Players, stakeholders, and others. The industry professionals in the global Home Remodeling industry will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

    The Home Remodeling Market Report Covers Major Market Players like

    Home Remodeling Market is Segmented as Below:

    By Product Type:

    Breakup by Application:

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    Along with Home Remodeling Market research analysis, the buyer also gets valuable information about global Home Remodeling Production and its market share, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin, Supply, Consumption, Export, Import volume, and values for the following Regions:

    Impact of COVID-19 on Home Remodeling Market

    The report also contains the effect of the ongoing worldwide pandemic, i.e., COVID-19, on the Home Remodeling Market and what the future holds for it. It offers an analysis of the impacts of the epidemic on the international market. The epidemic has immediately interrupted the requirement and supply series. The Home Remodeling Market report also assesses the economic effect on firms and monetary markets. Futuristic Reports has accumulated advice from several delegates of this business and has engaged from the secondary and primary research to extend the customers with strategies and data to combat industry struggles throughout and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The Covid19 pandemic has transformed the market landscape. The market ecosystem has taken a directional shift in the way the supply-side of the market is accessed. The report covers the aftermath of the Covid19 catastrophe

    For More Details on Impact of COVID-19 on Home Remodeling Market:


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    At In4Research, we understand research requirements and help a client in taking informed business-critical decisions. There is no point in investing in something that doesnt help in driving business impact and given the complexities and inter-dependencies of market-intelligence, there is always more than one source to explore and arrive at the right answer.

    Through our smart search feature, our dynamic technology platform, reliable and trusted data sources, and meticulous precision, we are paving way for more simplified and relevant research.

    We analyze what is best for a client by mapping their research needs and provide knowledge of the known and unknown areas of business impact.

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    Phone: +1 (407) 768-2028

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    Home Remodeling Market Size to Observe Strong Growth with Key Drivers and Top Trends by 2026 - Jumbo News

    PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 1/13/21 (Remodeling of Ben &Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop, More Walls in Jurassic Park, Low Wait Times, and More) -… - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Its cold day today, but were back at the Universal Orlando Resort to scope out all the latest changes around the parks. Its an exciting day with all the Mardi Gras announcements (including menus and Tribute Store) made by Universal, so were ready for all that is to come. We started our day at Universal Studios Florida.

    The weather is a little overcast and its a Wednesday, which might explain why the park felt so empty. Seriously, these low crowds are exactly what weve been missing lately.

    We peeked in the window of the Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream in New York and noticed that the ice cream case, counters, some of the menu, and the lights have been removed. The cow wall and trash cans remain, but were eager to see what kind of remodeling might happen to this building.

    Work is still happening in the lagoon on the fountain platform.

    Its almost too quiet here!

    Diagon Alley wasnt that busy and there was only a 25 minute wait for Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. We also spotted Team Members cleaning the height stick on the sign.

    Wait times were low all over the park. We havent seen 5 minute wait times in a while.

    This Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Pop Tart from TODAY Cafe looks delicious. This might have to be our breakfast tomorrow.

    The Saved By The Bell signs have been changed to The Office signs.

    If youre still looking for a Universals Holiday Experiencing Featuring Macys shirt, theyre just $8.99 at Its A Wrap by the exit of the park.

    We walked over to Islands of Adventure and made our way through the park. Were curious to see the crowd difference between today and this coming weekend.

    Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure only had a 30 minute wait this afternoon. This is something you dont see every day!

    Not even a line for Butterbeer!

    Hogsmeade is the busiest part of the park but the crowds are low and its very calm.

    New walls are up in Jurassic Park near Thunder Falls Terrace. Jurassic Park River Adventure is down for refurbishment and is enclosed by construction walls, but these Jurassic World walls are a recent addition.

    The Jurassic World VelociCoaster was testing again today. We spotted several Team Members in the area observing the vehicle testing.

    The painting has also begun on the railings around the Toon Lagoon viewing area.

    Thanks for following us around the Universal Orlando Resort today. Well be back again soon, so stay tuned for more updates and all the latest news on Mardi Gras at Universal!


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    PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 1/13/21 (Remodeling of Ben &Jerry's Ice Cream Shop, More Walls in Jurassic Park, Low Wait Times, and More) -...

    House Flippers And Real Estate Agents Are Going Viral On TikTok – BuzzFeed News - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder


    Real Estate TikTokers roast McMansions, show home inspections, and give house tours.

    If this isnt every flipped house, then I dont know what it is. Look at that kitchen, Bryan Stanley says to the camera as he pans it around a newly renovated home kitchen. The gray kind weathered kind of vinyl flooring, white subway tile. He trails off, heading toward the sink. Just the most basic granite or quartz, whatever the heck countertops those are. And dishwasher he starts to wiggle the dishwasher. Not installed. Indeed, it isnt. He heads across the room to open a white cupboard and gently scratches the corner near the chrome knob. Cheap cabinets. This is every time.

    Its an incredibly satisfying roast of a hyper-specific thing that you may have never noticed, but once you do, youll see everywhere (that kitchen IS ubiquitous) that pits us (people who believe we have good taste) against them (bad, greedy flippers). This is what TikTok is perfect for, and of course, the video went viral.

    Stanley does not do viral dances or comedy or any of the things TikTok stars are known for. Hes a 35-year-old home inspector in Kansas City, Missouri, who typically wears khakis and a collared work shirt with his company logo on it. He started posting videos of his home inspections last year. Hes been shocked by not only how many people want to watch his videos, but also seen how they have drummed up his business. Hes gotten several clients who reached out over TikTok, something that has never happened on Facebook or Instagram. On Instagram, people dont want your stock photos, or your vague let me help you if youre in the market messaging, he told BuzzFeed News. TikTok shows a person and a personality more than Instagram would for this kind of content.

    Across TikTok, content about real estate tours of beautiful homes, roasting of McMansions, home inspectors, real estate agents, mortgage advice, DIY how-tos is flourishing.

    One reason for the explosion of this content is a pandemic-related surge even among people who arent anywhere close to buying a house. As people are trapped inside their homes, theyre compelled to both the escapism of browsing Zillow and the desire to fix up their current surroundings.

    Another is that millennials are now on TikTok, and theyre buying homes. One of those slightly older people who fell into Real Estate TikTok is Cynthia Guerrero. My husband and I became obsessed during the pandemic, she told BuzzFeed News. We had nothing to do so we downloaded TikTok. We watch TikToks together before going to bed. While she loved watching HGTV and had had Zillow on her phone to browse for a long time, she wasnt actively looking to buy a house. Then she saw a house tour of a newly constructed home in Forney, Texas, posted by a local real estate agent, and she fell in love. Her family will be moving in in April.

    This isnt even the only house that the agent, Joseph Felling, has sold over TikTok. Nicholas Pierce and his wife closed this month on a house outside of Dallas they bought with Felling after seeing a similar model home on his account.

    In addition to those two homes hes closed on, he has about 20 to 25 new clients that came over the app. How did I get into TikTok? COVID times, Felling told BuzzFeed News. Youre sitting on the couch, listening to this whole thing about Trump is going to take it down, and I wanted to check it out. I started scrolling and said, Wow, there's something there.

    Fellings videos are typically tours of moderately priced but attractive homes in the DallasFort Worth suburbs with a caption like This is what $350,990 will get you in Allen, TX (residents of large expensive cities should be advised to view these with a trigger warning).

    Viet Shelton, a spokesperson for Zillow said that this spring, the real estate app saw traffic on its site and app surge 50% more than last year. Everyones looking for a little escapism and to daydream, and Zillowsurfng is a fun and easy outlet for that, Shelton told BuzzFeed News.

    Most people with generation wealth built it with real estate. As a Black woman, I see that there's a huge gap in generational wealth."

    The median age for a first time home buyer is 32, and according to app analyst SensorTower, about a third of TikTok users are 30 and older its no longer just for teens. And improbably, home buying has surged during the pandemic, partly driven by low mortgage rates and new flexibility to work remotely. Were seeing lots of people using digital tools instead to shop for a home, and while it may be surprising that TikTok users are home shopping, if you look at who is buying a home, it makes sense, said Shelton.

    However, there isnt exactly a deluge of realtors on the app yet. In the spring of 2020, Realtors were surveyed and only 2% were using TikTok professionally and 6% for personal use, said Jessica Lautz, National Association of Realtors vice president of demographics and behavioral insights. However, it is likely these shares have grown since the use of all forms of technology in real estate has increased exponentially during the pandemic.

    Its not just home tours that go viral.

    Quen Williams is a real estate agent in Austin who has gained over 300,000 followers in just a few months. Williams posts videos of herself talking directly to the camera, giving solid financial advice on steps to buying a home: how to get a mortgage, how much to put as a down payment, how to build credit, and how to pick an agent.

    Williams told BuzzFeed News that while she sees people around her age (shes 32) engaging with her videos the most, she also sees younger people who have no idea what Im talking about, but theyre like, I dont know what credit is, but I'm going to get my credit together and follow what you say! She sees it as a personal mission to teach financial literacy to younger people. This stuff should be taught to us. I shouldn't have had to wait until I was 30 years old to learn about mortgages and finances when I went into the real estate world, she said.

    I wish I was lying when I told you the staircase was dead fucking center in the front of this house.

    My ultimate goal is for people to have financial wealth and freedom and build generational wealth, she said. Most people with generation wealth built it with real estate. As a Black woman, I see that there's a huge gap in generational wealth between white households and Black households, and the biggest difference in that is homeownership. I want everyone to know it is attainable.

    The pandemic has made Zillow surfing a perfect way to pass the time at home. With many jobs temporarily or permanently remote, young people in cramped apartments in expensive cities have started dreamily searching in faraway areas where a large house seems affordable. But the pleasure of scrolling through photos of beautiful houses has a flip side: the pleasure of harshly judging the garish interiors and poor design choices.

    Eric Morris, 23, who goes by @cyberexboyfriend, has a popular series he calls Roasting McMansions on Zillow on TikTok. Ever just not plan out your architectural design so badly you have to put two support beams right next to each other? he writes, as he points out two oddly placed beams in the living room. In another video about the bathroom of a $5 million home, he impugns the Elmers glued-on-ass stone of the living room wall and says, I wish I was lying when I told you the staircase was dead fucking center in the front of this house.

    A woman who goes by @leighinnyc critiques the opulent mansions listed for sale by women of the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo. A five-part series titled Reasons I Love Teresa Giudice's Home points out the absurd elements (windows that dont match, a wrought iron gate to the kitchen, cabinets that dont line up). The person behind it seems to have a professional knowledge of architecture, even though one certainly doesnt need a degree to note that the house is tacky.

    I think people like watching [these] because its one of the few counterpoints to the HGTV zeitgeist, Eric told BuzzFeed News. Even on TikTok or YouTube, theres one type of person and taste who dominates the culture in interior design. Like McMansion Hell before it, it mostly comes from a place of love and just helping people understand the rules before they break them or like why something looks cheap to others.

    Fuse Box TikTok exists, and its lit.

    Part of the desire to see some home thats terrible, be it a North Jersey reality show nightmare or Zillow shitteau drives the joy of the home inspector TikToks. Another home inspector, who goes by Inspector AJ, notices that people enjoy watching videos of fucked-up houses with weird bad things that dont pass inspection. In one with over a million views, AJ points out how the wrong kind of screws were used to install a cabinet. This is no Renegade dance, its not particularly funny, and its not based on a meme. It lacks most of the things that would normally make a TikTok video go viral yet the comments are full of people who say theyve had similar experiences with faulty cabinet screws or lamenting that their own home inspector wasnt as thorough as AJ.

    AJ has received dozens of messages from people who want to know how to become a home inspector after seeing him do it. AJ is excited by this. The field is dominated by single white older men over 45, but it doesnt have to be, he told BuzzFeed News. Were getting a lot of female applicants under 30 who are applying for their license, and its exciting to see that change.

    Interest in craftsmanship and the less glamorous side of home DIY is also flourishing on TikTok. Theres more than one account that posts quality electrician work. One of these is a faceless electrician who posts videos set to popular songs of fuse boxes hes installed, with special attention to his tidy work in arranging the cords. Yes, Fuse Box TikTok exists, and its lit. (Sorry.)

    Hector Eduardo, a 31-year-old who documents his renovations of a 1920s house on @thegrovehousesocal, has had viral videos where he criticizes other popular DIY projects. One of these was talking about how bad an idea doing an epoxy finish on a countertop was essentially painting faux-marble onto a kitchen counter (it isnt food-safe, according to Eduardo). His audience loves watching the debunks of design trends, although Ive gotten some backlash because I shat on wood floors, Eduardo told BuzzFeed News (he means figuratively shat, not literally).

    None of the Real Estate TikTokers I spoke with aspired for social media success before TikTok. Compared to the aspirational home design and DIY images on Pinterest and Instagram, or the semi-staged renovations on HGTV, TikTok prioritizes more of a real version of how homes look ugly cabinets, faulty wiring, leaky roofs, and all. And it turns out, this is just as compelling to watch.

    House Flippers And Real Estate Agents Are Going Viral On TikTok - BuzzFeed News

    Reno of the Month: 5 Tips for Finding a Home Remodeler in Reston – Reston Now - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Nicola Caul Shelley, Synergy Design & Construction

    Its the New Year and despite the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, home remodeling services are in high demand. The low-key holidays at home and ongoing virtual nature of work and school have many of us thinking ahead to later this year when (hopefully) well be able to entertain once more and/or have family come to stay.

    Whether youve decided its time to remodel your kitchen, create a more open concept on your main level, finally finish that unfinished basement or just simply turn your master bathroom into a retreat, heres our guide to helping you find the right remodeler for your project.

    1. Match your project needs to the right type of remodeler

    Knowing who you need is the first step in any remodel. With some many different companies out there, its not always easy to navigate who does what. Heres a good place to start (and its one of the biggest questions we get): Whats the difference between a general contractor and a design-build home remodeling company?

    A general contractor (sometimes simply referred to as a GC) typically focuses on small- to medium-sized interior projects. They are responsible for overseeing the construction phase of your remodel and for finding/hiring the appropriate tradespeople to complete the project if they do not have the expertise themselves or in-house. You, on the other hand, will likely have to come up with the design and, in most circumstances, pick out the materials for the project and project manage it.

    GCs are perfectly suited to smaller pull-and-replace type remodels where you are not significantly changing the footprint and are replacing like-for-like in the existing footprint. The quality and price of using a GC varies greatly depending on the level of support they offer, the size of the project and the quality of the project management in keeping the remodel on-time and on-budget.

    In terms of a design/build company, a full-service firm (like Synergy Design & Construction) manages all aspects of your home remodel and guides you through your project from design all the way through construction. They do all the heavy lifting as well as project manage it along the way. Design/build firms tend to focus on medium- to large-scale residential projects: design-thoughtful whole home renovations as well as kitchens, basements and bathrooms. They may also offer services for home additions (though we do not).

    Most design/build firms design everything they build and build everything they design, so most local firms will not bid on design-only services, and/or the design services they provide cannot be used to hand off to a general contractor. In-house design and professional project management delivers a better customer experience from an accountability and quality perspective, but on the flip side, good design and well-executed construction takes time and may cost more. At Synergy, our typical clients intend to stay in their home to enjoy their space, so we dont offer kitchen refreshes, flips or simple updates like powder rooms (unless its part of a larger project).

    Do your research and poke around various websites to see examples of the type of work and level of support a company provides. Read testimonials and Google reviews they are a great way to get a sense of what a company is all about from real clients.

    Still need more help? Read Best Remodelers in Reston and Where To Find Them.

    2. Dont play your cards too tight to your chest

    Its one of the biggest hurdles to overcome: being honest about budget. Its important to have this conversation early in the process so the companies you talk to better understand your investment goals. Your remodeler of choice can be realistic with you in terms of how far your budget will go and how best to maximize it.

    Keep in mind a pull-and-replace kitchen remodel is going to cost less than reconfiguring your kitchen to move your sink (for example) or any changes that require additional plumbing, mechanical and electrical work. The level of finish will also drive up cost. From cabinetry to countertops to tile to flooring, these costs add up. Appliance packages alone can be a huge chunk of your budget, so your home remodeler should be able to work with you to determine where to splurge and where to save without sacrificing quality and finish.

    3. Be clear on scope

    Dont proceed with a project until you have a clearly defined scope of work with your contractor in writing. Assume nothing. We hear so many stories of homeowners ending up way over budget because the scope was not clearly defined (or even written down in some cases!) upfront.

    This has a knock on effect to not only your budget but also your timeline. If things have not been planned and accounted for before the project begins, you will likely be faced with change orders and extra time needed to complete your project.

    At Synergy, we pride ourselves on developing a clear budget and timeline for every project we work on before anyone comes near your home with a sledgehammer. We dont believe in nickel-and-diming along the way. Wed rather be honest with you upfront about how much things cost so you can rest easy that, once agreed, well stick to the budget.

    4. Have the right expectations

    Ah, yes, wouldnt it be nice if we could all get a complete home remodel for $20,000 and in six weeks? The reality of TV home remodeling shows is that they arent reality. Many of these shows have materials such as cabinetry and appliances provided to them free of charge as part of sponsorship deals, and they dont include the cost of time/labor for the crews involved. Take a look at websites like Houzz, or read any of their great consumer research to get a real sense of how much things cost.

    It is also not an unreasonable expectation that your contractor should start the project when they say they will and wont disappear before its completely finished. Sadly, this doesnt always happen, and this is when we hear the worst renovation nightmare stories. Reputable design/build firms can be counted on to keep their timelines.

    5. Think of your remodeler as a partner, not a vendor

    Your chosen home remodeling partner is going to be in your life and in your home for a while. Feeling like you have a good relationship with them is important and having open communication from the start will set you up for success throughout the process. Home remodelers are people, too, and most take great pride in their work and want to do a good job. If it doesnt feel right at your first consultation, its never going to feel right. You should have a good rapport with your contractor from the outset and feel you can trust them and be open with them and vice versa. Thats the key to your projects success.

    This months featured project is a whole townhouse remodel in Reston. Having lived there for 11 years, this Reston couple was ready to make big changes to their home to update it throughout to better reflect their modern aesthetic. However, they knew they didnt have the time to project manage it themselves or the expertise to create designs that could then be implemented by a General Contractor. Enter Synergy Design & Construction!

    In addition to other changes on all three levels, we completely remodeled the master bathroom, guest bathroom and powder room. Beyond remodeling the bathrooms, we also installed new flooring, lighting fixtures and fans throughout the home, replaced the kitchen countertops, and updated the plumbing fixtures. New paint throughout and an updated black satin color on the stair balusters and railings completed the transformation, making the whole home feel fresh and modern.

    If you are ready to start your remodeling journey with a full-service design-build company, get in touch! Our consultations are free, and we also offer virtual meeting options if preferred.

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    Reno of the Month: 5 Tips for Finding a Home Remodeler in Reston - Reston Now

    Working from Home is the New Norm: Time for a Home Office – Signals AZ - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Staff | on January 14, 2021

    In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic caused an abrupt shift of employees working in an office to working from home. According to the Pew Research Center, only one-in-five Americans said they worked from home all or most of the time. Now, 71% of those workers are doing their job from home all or most of the time. And more than half say, given a choice, they would want to keep working from home even after the pandemic.

    Now with this shift to working from home, more homeowners are looking into creating a space to work and in some cases, that means remodeling and putting in a new home office. This prospect of adding this dedicated space can be overwhelming and many get stuck on where to put a space to work. Having a reliable, master certified remodeler can help you put the project into perspective. They can help you locate a space that would be ideal for your home office whether it be converting an existing room to dedicate to that office or adding a space in a room that can be changed for multiple uses.

    Mike Daniel with Ability Remodeling finds that often homeowners will have a formal dining room that isnt being used that can be converted or an extra bedroom that can be used as a guest bedroom and home office. Sometimes the project can be converting excess space, like extra space from the garage or an extra-large great room, and creating a brand new space in your home dedicated to the new home office.

    There are many opportunities that most homeowners dont even realize they have to create that needed space. If you need a home office and need help from beginning to end, Mike Daniel with Ability Remodeling is here to help you from start to finish making your project ideal for your needs.

    Have any questions? Contact Mike at Ability Remodeling at 928-458-6044 or email

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    Working from Home is the New Norm: Time for a Home Office - Signals AZ

    A&K Remodeling & Turnkey Offers Aging in Place Bathroom Renovation in Houston, Texas – Press Release – Digital Journal - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    There is one company that senior adults can approach if they are looking for aging in a place bathroom renovation.

    This press release was orginally distributed by ReleaseWire

    Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2021 -- For many homeowners, the bathroom becomes an area of concern when they start aging. The bathroom that they could use comfortably and without anyone's help suddenly turns hostile. The slippery floor and the tiles' sharp edges soon become a potential threat zone to one's safety. Slipping and falling becomes a regular affair, and sometimes it might be fatal. With time, it is better to opt for aging in place bathroom renovation in Houston, Texas. There is one company named A&K Remodeling & Turnkey that can help with a bathroom renovation that is suitable for aging people.

    Getting old is a process, and it will happen naturally with time. With that, one has to accept many life changes, and a bathroom renovation is just one of those changes. Aging in place bathroom renovation is different from a standard bathroom renovation. It is about changing the tiles, floors, and faucets, but the bathroom has to be conceptualized entirely differently. This requires knowledge and expertise that comes from the professionals of A&K Remodeling & Turnkey.

    Once they are assigned to the bathroom renovation job, they can help the senior adults to maintain their independent lifestyle. Certain adjustments to the existing bathroom will be required and are not hard to make. The professionals can renovate the bathroom, following all the ADA guidelines. They ensure enough space in the bathroom, and open space is necessary for easy wheelchair accessibility. Grab bars can be easily installed on walls in the bathtub or shower and near the toilet. Foldable shower seats can be installed near the water controls, and they can install accessible toilets with ample space around them.

    The company also offers kitchen renovation in Houston, Texas, outdoor living, room additions, and more.

    Call 281-647-6871 for more details.

    About A&K Remodeling & TurnkeyA&K Remodeling & Turnkey is a well-known company offering a wide range of services that includes bathroom renovation in Houston, Texas, kitchen renovation, outdoor living, room additions, and more.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    See the original post:
    A&K Remodeling & Turnkey Offers Aging in Place Bathroom Renovation in Houston, Texas - Press Release - Digital Journal

    A&K Remodeling & Turnkey Is the Place for Kitchen Renovation in Houston, Texas – Press Release – Digital Journal - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Homeowners looking for a custom kitchen renovation can get in touch with one company that can remake the kitchen just as they want.

    This press release was orginally distributed by ReleaseWire

    Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2021 -- The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the house. It is thus one of those areas which see wear and tear over time compared to other areas. Hence a kitchen renovation becomes a necessity with time. Kitchen renovation has to be done thoughtfully as the changes are incurred for the betterment. No change in the kitchen should become an obstacle. Instead, it should make the space more functional than it already was. That is why it is essential to get in touch with a company that can help with a kitchen renovation in Houston, Texas.

    A&K Remodeling & Turnkey Company can be the right choice for a custom kitchen remodeling job. They are an established and reliable company which has been in this field for 30 years. They have many successful projects to their credit. They are fully aware that a kitchen renovation is a time-taking project and can disrupt their clients' daily lives. That is why they don't start at one's whim. Instead, before they bring a wall down, they have a detailed discussion with the client and then go forward with the job. They aim to build a beautiful and customized kitchen for their clients to work and prepare meals. If the entire kitchen is not required to be dismantled, they would suggest the same. They would recommend changing or refinishing the cabinets to make them appear as new or put in more cabinets for improved storage space. Even upgrading the appliances will be helpful.

    The company also offers bathroom renovation in Houston, Texas among other services.

    Call 281-647-6871 for more details.

    About A&K Remodeling & Turnkey A&K Remodeling & Turnkey is a well-known company offering a wide range of services that includes bathroom renovation in Houston, Texas, kitchen renovation, outdoor living, room additions, and more.

    For more information on this press release visit:

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    A&K Remodeling & Turnkey Is the Place for Kitchen Renovation in Houston, Texas - Press Release - Digital Journal

    Ethics Commission: Hubbardston officer used deception to drive work to remodeling business – Worcester Telegram - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Brian Lee|Telegram & Gazette

    HUBBARDSTON Police Officer Scott Chatigny admitted to the state Ethics Commission he pushedmunicipal work to his side business, Oakley Construction, by placing boguscompeting bids.

    Chatigny paid a $10,000 penalty to the state for violating the conflict-of-interest laws prohibition against a municipal employee having a financial interest in a contract with the same municipality, the commission said in a statement Wednesday.

    The state saidthe phony bids were part of Chatigny's ploy to improve the standing of Oakley's bid, which would be lower than the phony bids. Municipalities require multiple bids.

    Before owning Oakley Constructon, Chatigny owned a roofing company that was dissolved in 2007. The state said he leveraged the roofing company to make competing bids on town work.

    In May 2016, Oakley Construction submitted a proposal of $1,820 to install two solid core wood doors at the police station. The town awarded the company the contract for that amount.

    In November 2016, Chatigny submitted a proposal for $1,275 to install a steel door at the police station.When Hubbardston sought two additional quotes, Chatigny, using a fictitious name, submitted a phony $1,425 proposal purportedly on behalf of his defunct roofing company, while a third proposal for $1,650 was received from a company operated by Chatignys friend.

    The town awarded the contract to Oakley Construction for $1,275.

    In or about December 2016, the town sought bids to repair the roof on a town office building.

    In response, Oakley Construction submitted a proposal for $8,690 proposal, and Chatigny, again using a fictitious name, submitted a phony $11,221 proposal purportedly on behalf of his defunct roofing company. The town accepted Oakley Constructions proposal.

    After the town accepted Oakley Constructions proposal for the roof repair, Chatigny sought a meeting with the town accountant in a conference room at the police station. During the meeting, Chatigny, who was on duty and in uniform, sought a pre-payment of $4,345.

    The accountant, citing state law, refused. The accountant then canceled the contract.

    By submitting false high bids to drive the contracts to Oakley Construction, Chatigny violated the conflict of interest laws prohibition against municipal employees presenting false or fraudulent claims to their municipal employer for payment.

    The Ethics Commission noted that Chatigny was in uniform when he sought the meeting about the pre-payment, while conflict-of-interest laws prohibit public employees from using their positions for private gain.

    Read the original post:
    Ethics Commission: Hubbardston officer used deception to drive work to remodeling business - Worcester Telegram

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