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    Tree Disease Treatment Arvada, CO | Shrub Disease Control - November 8, 2019 by admin

    Be sure to give Arvada's Lawn Doctor a call for all your tree and shrub disease treatment needs. We believe that every residential and commercial property should have the best care available to them, which is why we provide year-round service to the Arvada area. We have made it our mission to provide premium landscape services throughout Colorado. No job is too big or too small. If you are looking for naturally-based disease control treatments for your trees and shrubs, talk to us today!

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    Tree Disease Treatment Arvada, CO | Shrub Disease Control

    Shrub Disease Treatment | Identifying and Treating Shrub … - November 8, 2019 by admin

    Service is Par none! We have used several tree care companies over the years and this one is the first one that does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. They come on time, they techs and arborists are knowledgeable about the service as well as about my property and the reps are respectful and polite. We had an issue with a tree in our front yard recently and their arborist was very helpful in determining that the tree did not need to be removed. With treatment, it is budding nicely and we couldnt be happier. They also have an A rating and are accredited by the BBB, which speaks for itself. Beware of other companies offering lower prices, you wont get the same service or experience.

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    Shrub Disease Treatment | Identifying and Treating Shrub ...

    2019 Tree Pruning Cost & Price Estimates | Shrub … - October 17, 2019 by admin

    Professional Tree Pruning Cost

    The national average tree pruning cost is $429 though most people might pay $180 and $681. This is an important part of keeping them healthy and strong. Some people forget that if you don't trim or prune trees and shrubs, they can grow too dense, which prevents water from reaching the roots and sunlight from touching the exterior. This might leave the plant lush on the outside, but the inside dies.

    The price range for tree pruning depends on many factors including:

    Check with several professionals when getting a quote for your tree pruning, as these factors could affect how much you pay for the process. Larger trees with a greater girth could cost more. Trees planted close to power lines or your home could also increase the cost. There are certain types of trees with thick branches that are harder to cut. Healthy trees are usually easier to prune, whereas trees with diseases or pests take extra work and will increase the total cost of your pruning work by a professional.

    The appropriate time to have your trees pruned depends on a few factors, like:

    Experts recommend pruning a tree while it is dormant, or when the tree is not actively growing. Different trees have different growth periods, and the only exception to this rule is when the tree causes a safety hazard.

    Large trees usually cost more than smaller trees to prune by professionals. There are more branches, and they often are more difficult to reach because of the height and width of the tree. On average, trees 60 feet and taller will cost between $800 and $1000 to prune, depending on the number of trees to prune and where theyre located. Extremely tall trees will incur further costs. You should get several quotes from arborists before proceeding with this project.

    As with tree pruning, maintenance costs average between $400 and $600, depending on tree type, maintenance needed and the expertise level of your professional. Always ask for a quote before proceeding with work.

    Several services available to keep your trees healthy and your yard beautiful include:

    Some extra costs may be applied to tree maintenance work, such as a travel fee if your arborist has to travel a long distance to your property. You might also pay for the labor, materials or equipment and additional factors like the trees location, disease control or pesticide application if there are insects on the tree. Always request the inclusion of any extra fees in the quote to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Since 2002, the emerald ash borer has caused damage to ash trees all over the Eastern and Midwestern United States. The adult beetles can cause little damage. The larvae, on the other hand, feed on the inner bark of ash trees, which disrupts the ashs ability to transport water and nutrients to its branches.

    There are several treatments available to control emerald ash borer infestation. Some of the most effective involve trunk injection or pesticides. Protection against the emerald ash borer requires a yearly treatment, usually applied in May or early June. The cost of emerald ash borer treatment is about $20 to $30 per year and on a per tree basis. Depending on the size of the tree, it might take up to two years before the tree is fully protected. If the ash tree is infected too badly, it will need to be removed, which can cost up to $1,000.

    If you have questions or concerns about a possible emerald ash borer infestation, it is best to consult a certified arborist for advice. Left unchecked, an infestation can result in the death of the tree.

    In the West, spanning from the Rocky Mountains to Canada, 70,000 square miles of forest have died because of beetles. This includes ips beetles, spruce beetles, fir beetles and the mountain pine beetle. These beetles are tied to a larger problem in the area like warmer temperatures and stress on trees due to the changing climate.

    Treating trees infested with these beetles is much harder because there isnt really a way to save the tree once its infected. You can kill some of the beetles during an epidemic because theyll emerge from the tree. Otherwise though, you usually have to remove the tree. It can cost between $100 and $150 per tree in such situations. Some other facts about beetle treatment and removal include:

    Although different trees enter their dormant season at different stages, theres a basic seasonal pattern you can follow for general tree care.

    Spring: During spring, fertilize and water your trees so they grow strong and healthy in the summer. Its a bad idea to prune most trees in the spring because they are actively growing branches, buds and leaves. However, its a good time to plant new trees, so do your shopping early so your tree is in the ground for the heavy spring growing period.

    Summer: In the summer, you should mostly leave your trees alone. Only conduct minor trimming or hazard removal if required. Unusually dry weather may require some extra watering, but if you water your grass regularly, your trees should be fine too.

    Fall: Usually, trees go into their dormant phase in the fall season. This is the time to do major pruning and trimming to prepare the tree for next year. Remove dead and diseased branches, trim the top and sides for access to sunlight and for shape and generally complete any work that requires more than a few snips.

    Winter: You can leave your trees alone during the winter. Protect them against the cold and snow if necessary. Use the winter to fell any trees that are dead, dying or may damage your home. However, note that winter is actually the best time to prune your trees. Arborists are also less busy, which may lead to lower prices.

    Fruit trees are among the most popular trees to prune. Apple, lemon, plum, cherry, fig and peach trees, for example, need regular pruning to grow delicious fruit every year. Leaving dead or diseased branches on these trees could jeopardize the quality and quantity of fruit.

    Prune apple trees in the late spring or early winter. Its especially important to do so during the first six years of an apple trees lifeyoure teaching it to grow in a conical, upwards shape. Prune the lower branches to raise its base, then remove any stems that arent growing upwards. Older apple trees should be pruned to maintain the conical shape and to promote apple growth.

    Prune lemon trees right after they're finished bearing fruit for the season. Start by cutting off dead or diseased branches. Feel free to cut off stems that are thinner than a pencil, those that touch the ground (to prevent insects) and branches that cross other branches or grow vertically. Thin the tree so sunlight can reach every branch.

    Plum trees should be pruned during the summer, between June and August, to prevent fungal infections that may come with wet weather. Do it on clear, dry days with as little moisture as possible in the air. Plum trees have to be pruned every year, but they are very resilient, so even a little bit of over-trimming shouldnt hurt the tree. As with any fruit tree, remove lower branches and make sure sunlight can make it to every fruit-bearing stem.

    Pruning cherry trees is delicate work, but the beautiful cherry blossoms every spring are well worth the effort. Cherry trees should be pruned in the early fall, as this is when they enter their dormant season. Remove the water sprouts, or suckers, which are the new growths at ground level. Avoid cutting branches that meet the trunk of the tree and making many small cuts all over the tree. Only cut stems that take away from the growth or beauty of your tree and use the trees natural shape to guide you.

    Fig trees can seem tricky, but learning the basic schedule and techniques will give you a strong tree and delicious fruit for years to come. Prune your tree several times over the first winter after youve transplanted the tree. You can remove as much as half of the branch growth! This is meant to give your tree a strong root system, which will support your tree in the years ahead. As time progresses, prune your fig tree so that it grows low, horizontal branches. Choose 4-6 main branches to hold the fruit. Removing suckers at the base of the trunk also keeps your fig tree healthy.

    If youd rather prune your tree yourself, make sure you know some basic techniques and use the right tools for the job. A tree thats pruned too much or the wrong way can be irreparably damaged.

    Choose the right kind of branch to cut by its size first. Any branch thats less than five centimeters in diameter (about 2 inches) is okay to cut. Consider branches between 5 and 10 centimeters (2 to 4 inches) more carefully. If you are unsure, leave it there. Any branch bigger than 10 centimeters (4 inches) should stay on the tree unless you have an excellent reason to cut it, such as disease or a safety hazard.

    You can also choose your branches by the angles they make with other branches. Weak, V-shaped angles indicate good candidates for cutting. Branches growing on a U-shaped angle should stay on the tree. Aim for a 2-to-3 ratio between the crown size and the tree height. You should never cut away more than of a trees crown at a time.

    There are three basic techniques for crown work:

    Before you cut, identify the branch collar at the base of the branch as well as the branch ridge, which is parallel to the branch itself. Cut outside of the ridge and away from the collar.

    To successfully prune your tree yourself, you need the right tools.

    Remember to clean your tools carefully after each job and whenever you change the type of tree to prevent communicating diseases from one plant to another. Rubbing alcohol of 70% concentration or more is sufficient. Do not use household cleaners or bleach.

    As you explore your options for hiring a tree service to prune or trim your trees and shrubs, look at certified arborists. An arborist or arboriculturist is a professional in the cultivation, management and study of trees, shrubs, vines and perennial woody plants. In the US, certified arborists must have three years of documented experience and have to pass a difficult written exam.

    They are useful when you have specific care issues with your tree, like disease or insect infestation. If you grow fruit trees, a certified arborist will know how to care for your tree to maximize your harvest quantity and quality. However, because of their training, they tend to charge more than non-certified tree service professionals. Their expertise and standards are higher and thus command greater fees.

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    Identifying Shrub Disease – Love Your Landscape - September 20, 2019 by admin

    Homeowners strive to maintain healthy plant life in their gardens and landscapes, but oftentimes shrubs suffer casualties, or fall ill from disease for a variety of reasons. From too little watering to pest infestation, proper disease identification is crucial to the survival of your shrubs. Depending on the specific type of shrub affected, the disease, diagnosis and treatment will all vary.

    Similar to humans, when the needs of shrubs are not met, a decline in health will result. A landscape professional, trained and knowledgeable about plant health, can inspect and diagnose sick shrubs but for those determined to do a little self-diagnosing, here are some fundamentals to get you started.

    Begin your prognosis by eliminating improper growing conditions or shrub pests as the culprits for your shrubs demise by looking for gnaw marks or stripped leaves, which will indicate rodents, rabbits, or deer. Once you are certain your shrub isnt being eaten by bugs or animals, you can move on to analyzing the type of disease. When diagnosing shrub disease, there are two categories for which your ick will be classified: abiotic or biotic. Abiotic diseases are man-induced diseases that involve non-living factors such as lack of space for root growth, prolonged levels of water toxins, or extreme heat, light or soil pH levels. There are a host of resources on those topics. Lets explore the biotic causes of woody-shrub diseases that are scientifically or biologically-induced, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and nematodes.

    Identifying the Disease in Woody-Shrub Fungus Materials

    Its important to note that you should identify your infected shrub first as not all diseases affect one type of plant. This will help narrow down your market of diseases to identify. Be sure to check the trunk, leaves, branches and roots to note the specific symptoms from which your shrub is suffering. There are numerous types of shrub diseases so lets explore some of the most common biotic diseases and symptoms of what to look for when diagnosing your sick shrubs and how to treat each disease.

    Fungus: Powdery Mildew Fungus

    This common type of disease is a fungal growth that leaves a white powder on surfaces of shrub foliage.


    Bacteria: Fire Blight

    This common type of bacteria leaves twigs and branches on shrubs wilted and blackened. Often, the affected branches will bend over into the shape of a shepherds crook.



    Symptoms include browning shrubbery and vegetation, which may cause undergrowth to die and/or fall off the plant. Root systems will be affected and plant growth will be stunted.


    Virus: Rose Mosaic Disease

    You will notice signs of this virus if your shrub experiences color changes in its leaves, specifically a mosaic pattern of light or dark greens. Additional symptoms and signs include stunted growth and uncommon color changes.



    Many people focus on the health of their plants in the summer and then that attention wanes. Its important to be proactive to prevent shrub disease throughout the year. Be aware of the following factors that are all important to good plant health:

    While these are some of the most comment shrub diseases, theres a laundry list of other culprits that can be detrimental to your plants. A landscape professional can help identify problem posers and identify an appropriate treatment plan and recommend steps to ward off disease before it strikes.

    Photos courtesy of Sun Valley Landscaping, Omaha, NE.

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    Identifying Shrub Disease - Love Your Landscape

    Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed … - April 26, 2019 by admin

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    How do I use this product?

    Just measure. Sprinkle and water in. Protects and feeds entire tree and shrub

    How much Bayer Advanced 12 Month TreeandShrub ProtectandFeed Concentrate should be applied?

    Trees: 1 oz. for every inch of distance around trunk; treats four trees that measure 8 inches around trunk.

    Shrubs: 3 oz. for every foot of height; treats five shrubs that are 2-feet-tall.

    Containerized Plants: 1 2/3 tablespoons for each 5 gallon container; treats up to 42 5-gallon containers.

    Where can Bayer Advanced 12 Month TreeandShrub ProtectandFeed II Concentrate be applied?

    Outdoor trees and shrubs, including listed fruit and nut trees, and containerized plants. (Not intended to be used on trees that will be used for edible food. This product is only for non-bearing fruit and nut trees. Non-bearing fruits and nuts are plants that do not bear edible fruits and nuts for at least 12 months after application of pesticides.)

    Can Bayer Advanced 12 Month TreeandShrub ProtectandFeed Ready-To-Use Granules be used on any edible crops?

    Listed fruit and nut trees are as follows: Apple, Loquat, Oriental Pear, Pecan, Crabapple, Mayhaw, Pear and Quince. (Not intended to be used on trees that will be used for edible food. This product is only for non-bearing fruit and nut trees. Non-bearing fruits and nuts are plants that do not bear edible fruits and nuts for at least 12 months after application of pesticides.)

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    Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed ...

    Shrub Disease Treatment | Save Your Shrubs with SavATree - April 5, 2019 by admin

    Shrub disease protection begins with a comprehensive inspection of your landscape by one of our ISA certified arborists. During this inspection, your arborist will be able to determine the overall health of the landscape and recommend appropriate disease or other treatments which can improve the condition of your trees and shrubs and preserve the vitality of your property.

    Fire blight is caused by the bacteria Erwinia amylovora, over 130 members of the Rosaceae family are susceptible, including; apple and crabapple, cotoneaster, firethorn, hawthorn, mountain ash, and pear. Infected leaves, stems, twigs and fruits will turn brown to black. Fire blight will blacken the smooth-barked, green branches and affected twigs develop a shepherds crook.

    Needle, tip or twig blights occur on arborvitae, cypress and juniper species turning tips of twigs and ends of needles brown or grey. Black, pimple-like fungal fruiting structures may develop on needle surfaces. These blights can be caused by fungi in the genera Phompsis, Diplodia or Coryneum.

    Cercospora species and Colletotrichum gloeosporioides are two of several fungi which cause leaf spot diseases on Rhododendron species and azalea cultivars. Small, irregular brown to black spots will appear on leaves, which will eventually drop prematurely, when infected by Cercospora spp. Lesions caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides are round, brown spots visible on both upper and lower surfaces of leaves. These fungal diseases may first appear as symptoms of winter desiccation.

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    Shrub Disease Treatment | Save Your Shrubs with SavATree

    Its February: Time To Plan Spring Tree & Shrub Treatments … - April 5, 2019 by admin

    It may still be winter but spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes new leaves on trees and shrubs, gorgeous flowers and insect pests and diseases.

    No one likes to think about the dark side of springs warmer temperatures, but ignoring it now can lead to damaged and dying trees later in the season.

    Late winter is the best time to plan and schedule ways to treat landscape problems. Early identification and treatment of pest and disease issues is far more effective than waiting until problems become severe.

    Plus, theres only a limited window of opportunity during which the treatments are effective. Miss the early spring treatment window and your trees and shrubs will be subjected to another growing season of stress before we can help them.

    >> Learn more about common spring diseases affecting trees in Northeast Ohio

    Heres the typical schedule for essential tree and shrub treatments in northeast Ohio

    Mid-March through mid-April The first spring treatment is typically a horticultural oil spray that smothers the pesky overwintering pests and their eggs on your evergreens.This will benefit your rhododendrons, spruce trees, hollies, pine trees, and azaleas.

    March through May As the landscape comes to life, its time to help things along with a late winter/early spring fertilization.

    April through June This is the time for fungicide applications for the control of apple scab, anthracnose mildew, rust, and other fungal diseases.As with all things horticultural, the timing depends on the weather and generally requires 2 to 3 treatments for good control. The trees and shrubs that will benefit are crab apples, lilacs, hawthorns, dogwoods, and magnolias.

    April through July Emerald Ash Borer treatments take place during these months. This beetle is a huge concern for northeast Ohio ash trees; if you have ash on your property they should be treated or removed.

    Late May through July A further insecticide treatment is applied to control early emerging pests, such as leaf miners, lace bugs and the viburnum leaf beetle.

    May to September Japanese beetle, aphid and summer mite treatments are usually applied at this time.

    August If you have elm and/or oak trees, this is the time to treat them for Dutch Elm Diseaseand/or Oak Wilt two tree diseases that are fatal if not treated with a preventive application.

    September through November Trees and shrubs that werent fertilized in spring may benefit from a fall fertilization to ensure vitality as they head into winter.

    November Broad leaf evergreens are given an application of anti-desiccant to protect them from drying out over winter.

    Insecticide, fungicide and other treatments are best applied in a thoughtful, integrated manner so the various applications work together to give your landscape the best chance for success. Doing so requires us to design a customized plan thats specific to the plants growing on your property and your needs. That takes time, including time to perform a thorough inspection of your property.

    We schedule treatments well in advance to ensure that we can meet the needs of all of our clients who have signed up for our Plant Health Care program.

    While we do our best to fit in emergency treatments, its not always possible to do so within the timeframe necessary to effectively treat the insect or disease problem.

    Thats why planning for spring while the snow is still flying is so important.

    Call us today at 440-564-1374 to set up your spring planning appointment with one of our arborists.


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    Its February: Time To Plan Spring Tree & Shrub Treatments ...

    Bartlett Tree Experts: Tree Service and Shrub Care in West … - March 9, 2019 by admin

    The crew was very friendly and the work was fantastic. Pete R., Malvern, PA

    Mike was very professional and knowledgeable, the crew was also very nice, and the phone contact was very friendly. I have dealt with tree companies in the past that being said, I will call Bartlett again in the future. Mary Ellen B. , West Cheter, PA

    Mr. Lerman was great with his estimate and follow up. The crew did an excellent job. The site was clean as a pin when they left. The trees look great. Thank you for making our home safe and more beautiful. David D., Media, PA

    Robert was great, helpful with his knowledge, and assurance of tree treatment. Craig A., Chester Springs, PA

    Michael Dunn is knowledgeable, understood our needs, has been responsive in answering questions, and providing proposals. Technician Kate was timely, polite, and efficient in providing services. Christine M., West Chester, PA

    Excellent levels of service from all concerned at Bartlett. Andrew A., Malvern, PA

    Bob Morris is the arborist who has helped me try to save my Magnolia tree from scale insects. he is always willing to answer questions, and give good advice. I look forward to working with him next year. I trust Bartlett to use pest management that is eco friendly. That means a great deal to me. Finding focused solutions to an individual problem is the way to go. Martha M., Collegeville, PA

    Harvey Lerman is able to share his enormous store of knowledge in an easy to understand, practical, and useful manner. He can accurately identify pests and diseases, suggest remedies, and explain the reasoning behind treatment plans. His recommendations have saved many of our trees and shrubs. He is respectful, efficient, and knowledgeable. I have been pleased with every Bartlett encounter, work crews, office staff, and Arborist Representative. Cathy W., Media, PA

    Companies are only as good as the staff that provides the service. It would be easy to show up at my house and just do the job, but I have a special tech that takes the time to tell me what the service is and answers any other questions I may have. Michael Dunn's visit and estimate gave me the confidence to contract with Bartlett. Katie Kranich is the reason I continue to hire Bartlett year after year. Don , West Chester, PA

    Jason and his crew did exceptional work on Tuesday. The three guys worked smoothly as a team and their expertise and professionalism were evident. Pleasant and courteous, the team demonstrated a commitment to quality work. Every aspect of the job was top-notch, even on a sweltering day in August. This was indeed the A+ Team. Arlen M., Honey Brook, PA

    Thank you for your pleasant demeanor and professionalism. I have heard great things about Bartlett and you represented what I heard well. Colleen M., Glenmoore, PA

    We have known David Helliar and Bartlett for many years and we have always been pleased with the great work they do. Sherry R., Downingtown, PA

    Mike Dunn was very friendly and knowledgeable, spent a lot of time evaluating the problems with our two forty year old Oaks. I am grateful for his suggestions to treat the trees rather than cut them down. I did drop off my contract at the office and I have to say that Bonnie and Tammy are two of the nicest, friendliest people you have working for your company, both on the phone and in person. Nancy P., West Chester, PA

    Harvey's great. Very responsive to my calls and very knowledgeable. Richard M., West Chester, PA

    Professional and courteous, great job. Tim B., West Chester, PA

    I just came from watching your three men take down and take care of a Prunus Serotina at Coniston, and I had to tell you they are terrific. They hustled, they worked safely, they were careful, and they cleaned up. I have not recently had an opportunity to see such altogether good work. They saw everything that needed their attention, and they attended to it. Am I in America? Is it the 21st century? It is hard to believe. If we can get back to this on all fronts, America will be great again. Richard L., West Chester, PA

    I called Bartlett after a competitor failed to respond to several calls. Great interaction and responsiveness by the Bartlett office staff. Dave was quick to recognize a serious fast spreading disease on our Blue Spruce specifically and coordinated treatment within hours of his visit. The technician who responded was friendly, professional, and efficient. Great customer service by all. Ken J., Downingtown, PA

    Scott Thatcher and staff are very efficient and if you have a problem come out expeditiously. Debbie S., Norristown, PA

    We were very pleased with everyone at Bartlett for the way they handled our large tree that came down during the recent storm. The response time was quick and the tree removal was handled efficiently. Lloyd P., Berwyn, PA

    Mike Dunn addressed all my concerns about my property. He was professional and explained clearly what was to be done. He was very friendly and patient. I will definitely call Mike with any future concerns. The crew was polite and professional. Very good experience with Bartlett. Lynn C., West Chester, PA

    Your crew did a great job. The estimator came in the morning before they got started and briefed them on the work. George S., Newtown Square, PA

    Excellent, professional, courteous staff. Customer for 35 years. James P., Media, PA

    Scott Thatcher is our arborist and because of his conscientious treatment of us and our property we remain loyal customers. He returns calls promptly, listens to our problems, and addresses them right away. When we need a property treatment he sends a crew that is well informed and courteous. We are very pleased with Bartlett's service. Also, the people who call to notify us of a treatment or an upcoming visit are very thoughtful and polite. Irene G., West Chester, PA

    From the first contact by Rob Beideman to the crew that took down my trees, your service was excellent. They were fast, clean, and respected my property. Your prices were fair, I wish all company's were like yours. Tom M., West Chester, PA

    Mike Dunn and the crew were very professional and listened to our concerns. They took the time when asked on what and why they were pruning certain ways. Very happy with our experience. Derek T., West Chester, PA

    We have never been disappointed with Bartlett. Harvey is the best. David W., Media, PA

    They did a better than expected job. They cleaned up very nicely, and cleared the downed trees in a very efficient manner. I am quite pleased. Howard L., Paoli, PA

    I have worked with Rob Beideman twice and find him to be very knowledgeable and thorough. He has provided us with excellent service. Marianne A., Sinking Springs, PA

    Scott Thatcher was knowledgeable and helpful. We had a very satisfactory consultation. The Bartlett crew who completed the pruning were conscientious, and consulted with us as the work proceeded to ensure that we were satisfied. The office staff was courteous and kept us informed promptly on scheduling the work. Elizabeth J., Malvern, PA

    Harvey Lerman has been instrumental in helping me formulate a tree maintenance program for my community. He offers valuable advice, and is truly an expert in his field. Kevin B., West Chester, PA

    Katie was great to talk to and answer all the questions I had regarding tree care presently, and going forward. We really appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of all the Bartlett employees. Lesa H., West Chester, PA

    We appreciated the detailed explanation of what product you were using on our bushes. The technician arrived at our house on time the day specified. Marcia F., King of Prussia, PA

    Harvey is the best! He is knowledgeable and patient in answering questions. Janet V., West Chester, PA

    Everyone from the office staff, to Rob Beideman, to the crew were fabulous. Could not have asked for better service and professionalism. Cheri J., West Chester, PA

    Scott Thatcher is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to inquiries. Patrice D., Audubon, PA

    Rob is very courteous and does a very good job walking me through our needs. He has very good knowledge and applies it well. Mike F., Chester Springs, PA

    All workers have been very polite, answered any and all questions, and completed their jobs in a timely and neat fasion. Bonnie M., West Chester, PA

    All workers have been very polite, answered any and all questions, and completed their jobs in timely and neat fashion. Bonnie M., Kennett Square, PA

    Always the best quality service. We would recommend Mike Dunn and his Bartlett team to anyone we know needing tree work. Colleen M., Kennett Square, PA

    Rob Beideman and the men who came to the house were fantastic. Very knowledgeable, skilled, and did a terrific job. I was extremely impressed from start to finish. I have already referred them to one of my friends, and the crew is scheduled to do the work very soon. Cheri J., Pottstown, PA

    Outstanding service, friendly staff, and we trust Harvey. David W., Media, PA

    Always friendly, prompt, and a clean job site. Lee S., West Chester, PA

    Rob was extraordinary. I had an appointment with another arborist but he was no where close to being as knowledgeable or thorough as Rob. He even made a follow-up visit to inspect his crews work. The crew went beyond expectations working through bad weather and taking extra care to leave the yard spotless. James L., West Chester, PA

    Mike, Travis, Brad, and Katie did a great job, from the estimate through the completion of the work. They worked very well together as a team. All were very professional and personable. Our trees look beautiful. Thanks for a great job! Jackie B., WEst Chester, PA

    Super professional, on time, and sincerely invested in the well being of trees. Deirdre C., West Chester, PA

    Everyone was very polite and professional. I would happily recommend Bartlett. Mike F., West Chester, PA

    The men are always polite and do a good job every time they come out to work on our property. We love dealing with Harvey, he is very knowledgeable and we enjoy talking with him. Thank you for taking care of our trees. David W., West Chester, PA

    I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we were with your team during the recent tree removal at our home. The tree was, in my opinion, in a tricky spot at the end of the driveway by a fairly well-traveled road and very close to some power lines. Your team came in and carefully removed the tree leaving very little debris. They even put protective covering over the two markers and the mailbox at the bottom of the driveway, which we really appreciated. When we needed access to the driveway (we had other workers at the house that day), your team was extremely considerate in stopping work and moving trucks to the side to let vehicles pass. They even stopped work with the chipper when my son got off the bus. I can't say enough positive things about your team and your company. Colleen, Kennett Square PA

    I wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your crew for a fantastic job on our project. It was done on time, professionally, and with great care and quality! We greatly appreciate your efforts to accelerate the timing as well. We look forward to using Bartlett as our tree care provider for many years to come. Rick and Wendy B., West Chester, PA

    Scott Thatcher is always courteous, knowledgeable, and punctual. When we have a problem and call him, he responds quickly and is always very helpful. After the storm "Sandy" he came soon after we called and devised a plan to deal with the damage. The other workers who trim and spray are always courteous and informative. Julian G., Newtown Square, PA

    You crew did an excellent job and we are extremely pleased! If possible we would like to request the same guys including Rick, who was here last week, always be assigned to perform work at our home. Ceil D., Malvern, PA

    Great job by Scott and the team to help us get our dogwood in our front yard on the road to recovery. Looked so poor two years ago when we met, we spoke about taking it down, with regret. Looks so much better after pruning. We are so pleased with your service. Reed W., West Chester, PA

    Scott Thatcher is very knowledgeable. conscientious, and accommodating. It is always my pleasure to see Bob Morris when he arrives to spray. George B., Norristown PA

    Scott Thatcher is knowledgeable, informative, and helpful. We are very glad to have his advice and assistance. Tom M., Malvern PA

    Scott, Bob, and the crew have all been very professional over the past few years while they have been servicing my property. Brian C., Malvern, PA

    Appreciate having Scott Thatcher as our Representative, the quality of his work and also his team is terrific. David K., Newtown Square, PA

    Dave, our sales rep was very responsive after our call and the crew was polite, efficient, and knowledgeable. Although Bartlett is considered one of the big guys it has a personal small company appeal. In comparison to another local small company, Bartlett's rates were equal or better and approach of projects was non stressful with minimum impact on the property. I would recommend Bartlett to everyone. Mark S., Glenmoore, PA

    Every encounter with all Bartlett's staff has been wonderful. Kathryn A., Downingtown, PA

    Scott Thatcher and his crew always do a great job at our property - the trees look great (as usual). Mary L., Newtown Square, PA

    A great crew that took on a tough job of bringing down a very tall tree overhanging our house. They got the job done a day-and-a-half earlier than projected, including removal of numerous trash saplings and debris while carefully working around a Japanese Maple we wanted to preserve. I think a key to their work was the pre-work inspections - there were two, the second with the work team foreman, very thorough and identified potential difficulties and worked out plans for dealing with them. As the property owner, I found these inspections reassuring. All of my questions and concerns were addressed to my satisfaction. Jeanie S., Coaatesville, PA

    I would like to thank Scott Thatcher for working with me to meet a deadline for a fence installation. He managed to reallocate his team to accommodate my tight schedule. His team was very polite, efficient, and knowledgeable. Linda B., Plymouth Meeting, PA

    Chuck and Dan were great! They did a wonderful job and were very open to helping us trim our trees in the best way. They were polite, patient, and very skilled and they did a wonderful job! Thank you for sending them! Irene G., Newtown Square, PA

    Scott Thatcher has been very nice to deal with and the work has always been completed as promised. He has followed up with us for several years and we have used his service several times. George M., Malvern, PA

    I just wanted to write a quick note that said I was very pleased with the results of the job and more impressed with how the crew managed to leave almost no trace that they were there. Those guys did some nice work and they provided an afternoon of entertainment for my boys that watched them through the window. Bryan B., Malvern, PA

    Scott Thatcher is a true professional! He always returns our phone calls promptly and is able to diagnosis and treat problems quickly and accurately. He knows how important our trees are to us and we feel that they will remain in good health with his crew attending to their needs. Irene G., Newtown Square, PA

    Dave Helliar is an excellent representative for your company. Honest, good communicator, and timely. Everything Dave promised happened! Hard to find these days. The technicians are courteous and the hardest working group of three people I have seen in a long while. I hire contractors regularly at my job but none work as hard as these guys! The job turned out great! Thanks! Don V., Honey Brook, PA

    Scott, Steve, and the entire crew were most responsive to my questions and concerns. It is always a pleasure dealing with Bartlett. Marylyn C., Malvern, PA

    We have been using Bartlett Tree for our landscaping needs for many years. David Helliar is so knowledgeable and always strives to accommodate our needs in a timely fashion. The young men who did our most recent work were experienced, polite, and did a great job. I always look forward to Bartlett Tree Experts keeping our landscaping looking its best! Maureen B., West Chester, PA

    Until we saw our next door neighbor using Bartlett Tree Experts, we had been using untrained, so-called 'landscapers' and were very unhappy. Once Harvey Lerman came, he spent an hour explaining how so many of our trees and shrubs were not only planted incorrectly, but were also infected with many insects (depending on the tree or bush) and were eating away at a quick pace. Harvey designed a two-stage attack: One to kill the insects and bag worms, and two to fertilize each tree and bush to maximize their health, growth, and beauty. In 15 years here, we had never met a skilled arborist like Harvey Lerman. He is a true asset to your company. Our boxwoods (65) have never looked as good, and the growth on our property is amazing. You have stayed in business well over 100 years because of the training your entire staff has and the customer service they provide. Larry G., West Chester, PA

    Your crew finished the work here on Wednesday. The guys were professional and I am very satisfied with the work that was done. It's not too often that you find quality today but your company has it. Follow up phone calls, professional attitude, expertise, etc. You have it all! I left a voice mail for you, on it I had mentioned some other things that were done that were not on the estimate. A branch was removed on the tree next to my chimney, there was an added yew also by the chimney, and the stump that was cut up on the neighboring house back yard. Adjust the final bill as required. In closing I must say again that I am very happy with every aspect of the job. I will recommend your company to anybody I know that would require your services. Larry G., Plymouth Meeting, PA

    Scott responds immediately and kindly to my e-mails. He explains things thoroughly. I am usually at work when the work is done, but when I've been home, the crew had been equally professional and responsive. Claire S., Newtown Square, PA

    I called to thank you for the excellent crew that pruned my pines on short notice. They were beyond best or excellent. Perfection can't even describe their work and manners. I thought I knew excellent, but now I know perfection! Let's make a date for the rest of the trimming soon. Eleanor P., Devon, PA

    Two major jobs for our Homeowners Association were completed with expert planning and execution! Harvey Lerman is an expert planner as well as arborist. Tullamore Homeowners Association, West Chester, PA

    Dave has always been courteous and professional in all of our dealings. I would recommend Dave to everyone who needs an aborist. Raymond S., Parkesburg, PA

    Have to say, we have had a few different tree expert companies work on our property over the years. Your team was by far the best, most professional group we have ever had the pleasure to work with. The property looks great and we are very pleased with the work. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company. Steve T., King of Prussia, PA

    We have used Bartlett for tree trimming, planting, tree removal, and spraying of Hemlock trees for various diseases and have been extremely satisfied. Harvey Lerman is the best there is! He comes out to inspect our trees and make suggestions and I look forward to every visit! He is extremely knowledgeable and understands the needs of his clients. Additionally, Rick and his crew come out to perform the work and they are awesome! They did such a great job on everything, but particularly on trimming all of our trees. I love our team at Bartlett and recommend them to our neighbors. I wouldn't use anybody else! Bethanne W., Garnett Valley, PA

    I very much enjoyed working with Harvey Lehrman and knew I could trust his expertise with my trees. I did not get to meet the crew. I would highly recommend your business to anyone who needs work and will only work with your company in the future. The work that was completed was better than I anticipated. My trees look great and the work has really enhanced my landscape. Megan O., West Chester, PA

    Dave is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable - a pleasure to interact with and a valuable asset to Bartlett. Dave has been our Bartlett Arborist for many years. Evelyn H., Downingtown, PA

    Dave is always helpful and very pleasant to deal with. The crews that have been to our property are very hard working but still take the time to answer questions when I have them. Very professional all the way around! Tom D., Devon, PA

    Dave Helliar does a great job and works well with the crews. Bob T., Downingtown, PA,

    Rob was outstanding to work with! John S., Phoenixville, PA

    Bob, who does all of our fertilization and systemic tree treatments, is both very knowledgeable and personable. He has taken the time to answer my questions over the years about necessary treatments. His inspections are thorough and, as a result, most of our pest and disease problems have been eradicated. We are very pleased with Bartlett's products, services, and personnel! Debbie D., Phoenixville, PA

    Harvey is always stopping by to see how things are doing and to make recommendations. I appreciate that he is there rather than me needing to call when I suspect a problem. He is knowledgeable and personable. Russell H., West Chester, PA

    Everyone I've worked with at Bartlett have been very helpful and courteous. Carole C., Thornton, PA

    The crew and supervisor David Helliar showed up right at 8 a.m. My wife had worked a night shift, they kindly held off using the chain saw and chipper until late in the day. They worked until almost 7 p.m. cleaning up. All debris carted away.Everything looks great. And no tree damage from when Hurricane Sandy came through. Several other neighbors used competing services and there were a couple of real hack jobs that will require several years to look good again. Frederick V., Downingtown, PA

    Dave and his crew provided great service. The trees that were pruned look beautiful - almost like they weren't pruned! I see many trees around town that look like a hatchet was taken to them. Mine don't look like that thankfully! Thank you for your care! Mary C., Downingtown, PA

    Harvey was pleasant and knowledgeable. Crew was punctual and seemed to waste little time. We look forward to working with you again. Charles C., West Chester, PA

    We have used Bartlett for a number of years and have always been pleased and satisfied with their staff as well with their services. Kathryn A., Downingtown, PA

    David Helliar is extremely personable and knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous. I have been satisfied with him and his crews work in the past and will continue to use Bartlett for work that might be needed in the future. Irene D., Exton, PA

    Harvey is always very thorough in his assessments, unfailingly courteous, and completely professional. I have worked with him at least three times over a few years and will continue to go to him first for my work. Each crew that has arrived to work on our property always took care to minimize impact on trees, plants, and physical improvements. Each worked steadily and completed the work in timely fashion. They always cleaned up after their work. I have been impressed each time with how they approach their work. As I said, I plan to continue to seek out Harvey and the Bartlett team and give them first shot at any work I have. Excellent service! Thank you all very much! Wayne H., West Chester, PA

    The job was done well. Scott and his crew were courteous and professional. We will use them again. Stuart G., Malvern, PA

    Thank you so much for your presentation at the Delaware Center for Horticulture on Tuesday. You and Peter both were quite informative, and thetopic related directly to the art exhibition. Thank you also for Bartlett's sponsorship of the event. We received many compliments on the exhibition and the presentations by the speakers, and I hope your company made a few new contacts as well. Valetta, Director, Regional Center for Women in the Arts

    Dave Helliar, our Bartlett Arborist Representative and Mike Schaefer, our "master pruner", work together to keep our landscaping healthy and correctly shaped. We are grateful that Mike noticed a serious problem with our Maple tree in the front of our property and did the necessary work to correct this problem and save this tree. Landscaping is a large investment and we are happy that Dave and Mike show such a professional, educated interest in the care and maintenance of our property. Maureen B., West Chester, PA

    Harvey Lerman is very knowledgeable and insures details of the work to be done are confirmed and explained. We have used Bartlett several times now and the crews have been courteous, very proficient, and got the job done very well! I enjoy doing business with Harvey & Bartlett. No plans to change! Thank you for the quality work! Wayne H., West Chester, PA

    Scott Thatcher was a great representative to work with. He was very responsive and complied to all request in a quick/professional manner. =) I will be using this company again! Kelly B., Hud Field Services, Norristown, PA

    We are very happy with the job done on our property. From the initial analysis of the problem with our trees to the treatment and trimming. Everything was done to our complete satisfaction. Thanks! Great job. We will use your services again. Albert K., Downingtown, PA

    Harvey was a pleasure to work with; I was not here when the crew was here, but my wife was, and thought that Scott was also very courteous and professional. We will definitely be using Bartlett again! Dave V., West Chester, PA

    Bartlett always very responsive when needing a rep to come out and see your needs. I like the fact you get a quote on the spot, can sign and get scheduled immediately. Carol C., Coatesville, PA

    So professional and helpful. Will definitely be using your services again. Very happy! Sarah B., Plymouth Meeting, PA

    Dave Helliar is a true professional. I know he will always be prompt and knowledgeable about the issues I have regarding my property. When he makes 'seasonal' care recommendations, he always follows up and they are addressed accordingly. Kathy K., Downingtown, PA

    Follow this link:
    Bartlett Tree Experts: Tree Service and Shrub Care in West ...

    Tree and Shrub Care Service | Athens Tree & Shrub … - February 28, 2019 by admin

    Your landscape is your oasis. Nourish it with our comprehensive tree and shrub care services including: expert pruning, removal of hazardous trees, selective limb removal and thinning, stump grinding, cabling and bracing, pest control, plant disease evaluation and treatment, and fertilization and soil care.

    Healthy trees are beautiful trees, so contact us now for a free estimate.

    Outdoor Pest Control

    Fertilization & Soil Care

    Tree removal

    Removal of dangerous dead wood

    Thinning (or heading back) of tree canopy

    Raising limbsor removing sucker growth

    Fruit tree pruning

    Repairing splits or cabling and bracing

    Cutting away decayed wood

    Wound repair

    Treatment for disease and fungal infections

    Pest and soil management

    Soil and leaf analysis

    Installation oflightning protection systems

    Stump grinding and removal

    Pest and freeze protection for evergreens and shrubbery

    Landscape management for irrigation and overall health

    Healthy trees are beautiful trees.

    Managing ornamental shrubs and trees

    Inject trees over 4" diameterand higher than 25 feet to prevent drift of pesticides

    Shrubbery under 25 feet tall managed with sprays

    Bait control for rodents

    Keepingup with pests from your neighborhood with pheromonetraps

    Recommend herbicides for weed control in landscapes and walkways and driveways

    Staying on top of pest control problems is our priority.

    Micronutrient injections and liquid feeding

    Organic and chemical fertilizers

    Irrigation timersrepair and installation

    Tree dry and liquid feeding

    Irrigation managementand supervision

    Irrigation line repair

    Athens Tree and Shrub can work with your commercial facilitymanagerto maintain the beauty and health of trees, shrubs and soilin your apartment complex, business, orshopping center.

    Leaveyour outdoor plant management to us so your facility manager can focus on more important things.

    Please contact us for a free estimate.

    Contact us for a Free Estimate

    or call 740-667-0010

    Originally posted here:
    Tree and Shrub Care Service | Athens Tree & Shrub ...

    Bonide 611 Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control, 128 Fl oz … - September 19, 2018 by admin

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    Bonide 611 Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control, 128 Fl oz ...

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