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    Renovation work resumes on Lord-Higel House in Venice – Sarasota Herald-Tribune - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Earle Kimel|Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    VENICE Workers from Ball Construction recently started work on the exterior of the Lord-Higel House, the second-oldest home in Sarasota County.

    Restoration efforts on the house built in 1896 and moved from the south shore of Roberts Bay to its current location at 409 Granada 2005 have been ongoing for several years.

    Although the city owns the house, Venice Heritage Inc. has been raising money for and managing the restoration effort.

    Ronnie Fernandez, chairman of Venice Heritage Inc., told the Venice City Council in January2020 that it had all the funding in hand to restore the historic structure.

    But a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown and the unforeseen need to restore the second floors exterior in part to remedy a water intrusion problem means that the nonprofit will have to resume fundraising to finish the job.

    The work that Ball Construction started the week of Feb. 8 involved replacing the siding on the second floor, to stop leaks.

    That had to take priority over the original project, noted Venice Historical Resources manager Harry Klinkhamer.

    It was quite damaged because of the way it was installed, Venice Heritage treasurer Dorothy Korweksaid of the work. All the nails had rusted;when metal rusts, it expands and cracks all the lumber.

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    That siding, Korwek said, is believed to be part of the original structure.

    Since then, construction techniques have changed to better shield the nails.

    It worked for 90 years;it doesnt work that way anymore, she added.

    Also, as part of the process, the workers will install plywood and some weather sealing.

    Because of COVID-19-prompted delays, however, the material needed for the new siding has not arrived at the vendor for milling, Korwek said.

    One would have never thought wed have trouble getting wood for the siding milled to the appropriate profile, she added.

    The siding on the first floor already has been replaced.

    When renovation costs originally were pegged at roughly $400,000, most of the work was going to go into the first floor.

    But aswork progressed, it became clear that water intrusion would plague the interior of the houseunless the second floor siding was replaced, too.

    While Venice Heritage has all the architectural diagrams ready for the work to be done, thepandemic also has resulted in a costincrease both for labor and materials, so the nonprofit is still waiting for exact figures to determine how much more money must be raised, though theyre anticipating it may be as much as another $250,000.

    Materials have tripled in cost.

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    Due to COVID, its hard to get any fundraising events going on around Venice, Fernandez said. We do talk about it and try to figure out when the time comes what we can do to raise a little bit more money.

    Until then, donations can be made online at and proceeds from the sale of some items at the online gift shop, such as the Lost Buildings of Venice tropical shirt, go to the Lord-Higel House.

    Once the exterior is finished, workers will begin in earnest on restoring the inside.

    Because of ADA accessibility requirements, the second floor will be used for storage, while the first floor will be transformed into a museum area with the exhibits designed by Venice Historical Resources to reflect how the areas original pioneers lived.

    The hope is to have the house renovated by the end of the year.

    The house was built by prominent Sarasota landowner and real estate promoter J.H. Lord in 1896 and was once surrounded by acres of orange groves.

    Work on key external facilities, including a utility building and external restroom, ADA access ramp for the houseand a drainage retention pond, are on hold until after the city finishes the expansion of Venice City Hall, which includes construction of a new Fire Station 51 on the city hall campus.

    Until that is finished, the city needs to make use of the parking space on the Lord-Higel property.

    Korwek noted that there will be no indoor plumbing at Lord-Higel House, which is period accurate.

    In 1896, she said, you had an outhouse and you had a pump well outside.

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    Renovation work resumes on Lord-Higel House in Venice - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    Iowa City to revisit historic preservation guidelines following dispute – UI The Daily Iowan - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    After Iowa City homeowners Adam and Gosia Clore were denied the decision of replacing the original wood siding on their 97-year-old home, the city council has decided to assign city staff members to review the historic preservation guidelines to potentially prevent further disputes.

    Iowa City city staff will review city historic preservation guidelines to potentially prevent disputes between homeowners and the Historic Preservation Commission.

    On Tuesday, the Iowa City City Council in a unanimous vote affirmed the decision of the Historic Preservation Commission to deny a certificate of appropriateness to replace the original siding at 1133 E. Court Street, located in the Longfellow Historic District, but they noted the historic preservations guidelines may need revisiting.

    Iowa City residents Adam and Gosia Clore, owners of the property, appealed this decision of the commission, and shared a short presentation with the city council at the Tuesday meeting, where the homeowners disclosed findings they had regarding the condition of the siding on their house.

    The homeowners said the wood siding decorating their house is only partially present, and is lacking a moisture barrier, which provides an explanation for the water damage they currently have evidence of.

    The homeowners added that there are holes in the wood siding from insulation and nails, and there is also a lack of traditional trim details on several windows and doors on their property.

    The citys Historic Preservation Commission visited the property, conducted a test to measure the amount of moisture contained in the wood siding, and found only 6 percent moisture. Because of this, the commission labeled the siding in very good condition and easily retainable.

    Both planning staff and our housing rehab staff assessed the condition of the original wood siding and we all agreed that it was in very good condition, City of Iowa City Senior Planner Anne Russett said during the city council meeting. Signs of moisture damage were not present and the paint was peeling, but it was not peeling due to moisture issues. Based on the condition of the siding, staff would recommend that the original wood siding be retained as was outlined in the certificate of appropriateness which was approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.

    Adam Clore said during the meeting that he thought the finding made by city staff was incorrect.

    The response from staff is that the siding is in very good condition and could reasonably be retained, Adam Clore said. With the moisture content as low as 6 to 7 percent, the wood siding can be scraped and sanded and repainted, and then retaining the materials consistent with the previous decisions that have been made. We believe all four of these points are false.

    Adam Clore said the appeal filed by him and Gosia Clore aims to find a reasonable solution to repair the siding and historically preserve the home in a way that ensures both longevity and safety.

    One option presented to the homeowners by the commission was to remove the lead paint and sand down the wood siding, which Clore said violates rules set by the EPA. He said it can now result in a $25,000 fine if not done properly, due to lead being especially toxic.

    He added that not completely replacing the siding would be far from technically and economically feasible, as maintaining the current condition of the siding is not reasonable, and material costs have risen 100 percent since this time last year.

    Iowa City Historic Preservation Commission Chair Kevin Boyd said the commission prioritizes abiding by the set guidelines they have established, which can sometimes lead to homeowners not receiving their preferred results.

    The commissioners I work with are prepared, thoughtful and very balanced, Boyd said. We really try very hard to find solutions for property owners and most are satisfied with the results, but sometimes the wishes of homeowners are in conflict with the guidelines, when things arent clear or uncertain and we have to weigh in, we have to fall back to the principles of the guidelines.

    Mayor Pro Tem Mazahir Salih said city staff should review the guideline not allowing homeowners to remove original siding unless approved by the commission, to discuss whether it should be adjusted.

    This is really a difficult situation, Salih said. I understand that the commission follows the guideline, but I have to be honest with you, my problem is the guideline itself. I think this guideline needs to be changed.

    Mayor Bruce Teague and several council members said they supported the perspective raised by Salih. Teague said due to his belief in historic preservation, he thinks it is important to review these guidelines and receive community input on the matter.

    City council members expressed their apologies to the homeowners for their appeal being denied, with the agenda item ending on the council unanimously voting to affirm the commissions decision. The city council also assigned city staff to review these guidelines and present recommendations for change where necessary as part of this vote.

    City council members said they didnt have the legal authority to overturn the commissions decision, as the decision was in line with the guidelines.

    We have to do all this change, Salih said. We might need to look at it, so I really encourage you to support these ideas to let the commission look again at the guidelines with the staff, and try to make a change accordingly. And maybe by the spring, if they made a change, these homeowners can come and apply again.

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    Iowa City to revisit historic preservation guidelines following dispute - UI The Daily Iowan

    Invitation to Bid Docs: FI School Faculty Housing – - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder


    Date 2/16/2021

    Owner:The Fishers Island School78 Greenwood Rd #600,Fishers Island, NY 06390

    Contact / Architect:David Noe, AIA360 Design Plus, LLC4 Stonewood DriveOld Lyme, CT 06371dnoe@360designplus.com617-549-5457

    RE: Invitation to Bid for maintenance work to be completed at Whistler Ave, Fishers Island NY (T-3, T-4, T-5, T-6)

    Fishers Island School will be accepting bid proposals for the above mentioned project. Bids must be received by no later than 12noon on March 29th. Bids received after this date and / or time will not be accepted and will be returned unopened to the sender. It should be noted that the minimum of the lowest prevailing wages for residential work shall be used to generate bids for labor associated with the work. Wage rates are provided by the state of New York.

    Project Goals:

    The purpose of this project is to complete maintenance work on Units T-3, T-4, T-5, T-6 located on Whistler Ave. These are the two white brick duplexes owned by the school.

    One goal of the project is to remove and replace the lower roofs on the buildings. These new asphalt roofs will replace the existing metal roofs. The accompanying drawings outline the full scope of work.

    The project will also include the preparation and painting of the rear porch siding and trim. This includes but is not limited to the white beaded siding, fascia, soffit, and doors.

    Lastly, the landings and stairs will be repaired / replaced to include new code compliant railings. The new stair design will include concrete landings and new pressure treated stringers. Please see the accompanying drawings for the extent of work to be completed.


    If you are interested in submitting a bid, it should be delivered to the name and address listed below in a sealed envelope labeled as follows:

    Fishers Island SchoolAttn: Christian Arsenault78 Greenwood Rd #600,Fishers Island, NY 06390

    Bid submission Attn: Christian Arsenault

    Bids must be prepared and submitted using the bid forms provided and must be typed or printed and then signed in ink.

    All bids received by the deadline shall be reviewed by the owner. All bids must include all requested work items, conform to the project forms and specifications and be responsive, accurate, and cost reasonable. Fishers Island School will select the contractor to perform all work required and the contract will be executed between Fishers Island School and the winning contractor.

    You are reminded to bid only on those items designated in the plans. In the event the owner should request additional work or deletion of any work from the drawings, or should you feel additional work is required, those items, shall be listed and submitted to the architect to be included in an addendum. All additional items will be considered separately from the base bid in consideration of any changes and will be negotiated with the owner after the bid opening.

    Fishers Island School has the right to reject any and all bids at their sole discretion.

    Should you have any questions or concerns about the drawings or specifications please contact David Noe, AIA from 360 Design Plus LLC via email for clarification prior to bidding. You are reminded that your bid should be inclusive of all taxes, fees, permits, and other costs.

    Upon selection of the winning contractor Fishers Island School will send a bid award notice to the selected contractor. The bid award notice will advise the selected contractor of the date, time, and location of the pre-work conference that must take place before any work can begin. Upon satisfactory completion of the pre-work conference, Fishers Island School will issue a notice to proceed which must be executed by the selected contractor as well.

    Thank you for your consideration of this invitation to bid.


    Christian Arsenault (Principal)

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    Invitation to Bid Docs: FI School Faculty Housing -

    Cost and Benefits Siding Contractors Ann Arbor – – VENTS Magazine - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    There are different concepts of cost in business and accounting. It is expressed as the monetary value spent by the company for the purpose of produce something.

    In a business, we can explain it as the amount of money spend for the purpose of the production of goods and services.

    siding contractors ann arbor is a costly renovation contractors company here to help you all the peoples regarding cost and benefits of the siding about the home.

    For the purpose of making an investment in home siding, is a big decision and cost full work.

    It is fact that if one person applied vinyl siding outside the house then its value of the property must be increasing with the time being.

    Siding material Sidings important to consider.

    Alongside improving the primary trustworthiness of your home, giving your home a dynamic new look with substitution siding can drastically help control bid.

    Another energizing piece of supplanting siding is that you get the opportunity to totally change the tone or even the whole look of your home.

    You may choose to add some extra design Siding downriver Michigan subtleties later to additional upgrade your homes new appearance.

    Regardless of whether youre not right now pondering selling your home, this is an advantage we would all be able to get behind.

    New, light-shaded siding can decrease your energy costs. This advantage possibly exacerbates when you add expanded protection to the outside dividers.

    In the event that you like, you can likewise have the pits in your dividers loaded up with blown-in protection to build your homes R-10 worth.

    While youre grinding away, you can likewise put resources into a house wrap establishment to additional assistance keep dampness and wind from entering your dividers.

    Its normal for homes to support underlying harm under their siding. This harm could be an aftereffect of water spilling in through breaks around windows, which could proceed to cause breaks in your drywall.

    At the point when you recruit Siding Ann Arbor Michigan skilled project worker to supplant your siding, you may likewise request that they check for and fix any primary harm taking cover behind your old siding.

    Proprietors of a home have a ton of duties and troublesome undertakings to do every day. Some property holders have concluded that they need to clad the outside of their home with siding. A portion of the outside siding types that are accessible are plaster, cedar, aluminum, and vinyl.

    Plaster is a strong kind of outside siding. Support of plaster siding comprises of washing it off with a hose sometimes. The water will dissipate in a couple of hours and the plaster will have dried out in the amazing condition. Cedar siding is less expensive agreeing with a greater amount of the customary feel and look.

    Moreover, Pine siding isnt as decay safe or sturdy as cedar is. The establishment of aluminum siding is less expensive and simpler for the occupant of the home. It is bug evidence and fireproof. Support is insignificant.

    Everything necessary is a house and delicate fabric for tenderly scouring it. It will cost $1.50 to $3.50 a square foot to have it introduced by a worker for hire.

    Vinyl siding is the least expensive siding available. It is strong and simple to keep up. When introduced by a confirmed establishment worker for hire it very well maybe $3 to $9.

    Having a confirmed establishment worker for hire introduce the siding will cost more for the property holder.

    siding contractors ann arbor here to help you in this regard for the community.

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    Cost and Benefits Siding Contractors Ann Arbor - - VENTS Magazine

    Work to be completed on Danville Stadium; 75th anniversary to be celebrated – Danville Commercial News - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    DANVILLE It might seem like baseball weather is a long way off still when seeing all the snow outside.

    However, pitchers and catchers start reporting Wednesday for some Major League Baseball teams, including the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, for spring training.

    Also, the Danville City Council approved a contract Tuesday night for work to be done at Danville Stadium, 610 Highland Blvd., as soon as the weather allows.

    The $295,100 contract with McDowell Builders Inc. of Sidell is for exterior renovations to the stadium which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

    The stadiums exterior siding and paint have deteriorated to the point of compromising the security of the facility and its aesthetic value, according to the city resolution.

    The exterior siding materials and installation methods have been selected to compliment the historic ambiance of the facility. Specifications for the project were made available to interested vendors through the citys website, according to city officials.

    McDowell Builders proposal was determined to be in the best interest of the city, according to city officials.

    The work will be paid from the citys capital improvements budget. The city council approved a budget amendment, up to $300,000, coming from capital improvement reserves.

    According to the city resolution, funds for the project were originally budgeted for fiscal year 2021-2022. To avoid scheduling conflicts, renovation work should start as early as possible to be completed prior to the onset of the summer baseball season.

    Due to the work needing to start as soon as possible in March, the contract didnt come before a city committee, but went directly to the full city council.

    Danville Public Works Director Carl Carpenter said the contract is to replace all the exterior wood on the cap ends and around the three sides.

    Carpenter said the city took proposals in different stages.

    McDowell was the low bidder of three, with the others around $300,000 or over, including one bid from a Peoria firm.

    Carpenter said the city has dealt with the lowest bidder on other projects and have been happy with them.

    He added about the work, wood will be replaced in addition with a cement fiber board type material and substrate behind it.

    That stuff should last 35 years or so, he said, adding that the look still will be forest green color like the stadium is today, and the materials will retain the historic look.

    It will look a whole lot like it currently does, Carpenter said.

    The work is expected to take two to three months, to get it completed before baseball season starts for the Danville Dans.

    Its much needed, said Danville Dans managing partner Jeanie Cooke, of the improvements.

    Danville Stadium Inc. first renovated the old wooden stadium when it got involved 35 years ago, she said. The city owns the stadium and Danville Stadium Inc. and the Dans are the caretakers for the stadium.

    But the hot sun and the weather conditions in Illinois have really taken a beating on that stadium, Cooke said.

    The Danville Dans are scheduled to have a 2021 season. Its 2020 season was canceled due to COVID-19.

    Fans in the stands also are being planned for this year, but they dont know how many yet, Cooke said, about making it a safe environment for everyone.

    There will be several special events for the 75th anniversary, in addition to other celebrations for the Brooklyn Dodgers Major League club visit and also 35th anniversary of the Dans. A Jackie Robinson night is planned.

    More information will be coming out, as early as this week, on the Dans season.

    A historic baseball field called home by some of the games greatest players, including Jackie Robinson, Gil Hodges, Duke Snider and Pee Wee Reese, the stadium has a new scoreboard and sod.

    Danville Stadium was built in 1946 to host the Danville Dodgers, a farm team of the Brooklyn Dodgers. It remains one of the only stadiums left from that era. In 1947, Branch Rickey brought the Dodgers MLB team to play an exhibition at the stadium with a team that included Jackie Robinson, Peewee Reese, Carl Erskine, and many others.

    Many visiting team players of note also played on the field, including Sachel Paige in 1961. The stadium has rostered more than 150 major league players or coaches.

    Used as the setting for the ballpark scenes in the 1991 movie The Babe, Danville Stadium today is owned by the city of Danville and hosts local teams from area schools and organizations, as well as the Danville Dans, a collegiate summer team in the Prospect League.

    About 11-12 years ago, paved parking replaced the gravel lot at the historic stadium. The city received a $300,000 state 2008 legislative grant for the parking and other repairs and improvements to the stadium.

    The improvements included: parking and access improvements, structural evaluation and replacement of some flooring and seating areas, storm water work, replacement of outfield fencing and other related facility improvements.

    Other improvements at that time included repairs to the substructure and installation of a new roof. City capital funding also partially paid for the improvements.

    We are making critical coverage of the coronavirus available for free. Please consider subscribing so we can continue to bring you the latest news and information on this developing story.

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    Why Virginia Residents Are Remodelling Their Homes with New Doors and Windows In 2021 – The News Front - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    During the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, many of us were told to stay at home in order to help prevent the spread or the disease. Never have we ever spent so much time inside those four walls, and the more time spent at home, the more were compelled to undertake DIY projects to improve them.

    Two of the key areas that homeowners are focusing on are windows and doors. Not only can time take its toll with how they look, but the way they actually function can also deteriorate.

    Mikes Remodeling, Manassas Virginia is a door installation and window replacement company who partner with some of the best in the industry to provide remodelling and implementation services to local residents.

    Heres why Virginia residents are choosing 2021 as the year to replace their doors and windows:

    Were spending more time at home, and as a result, noticing those little nuisances around our home. For instance, your door may not sit flush to the floor or cracks may be starting to appear, or perhaps your window seals are deteriorating and letting in cold air. To maximize energy and keep our homes warm and safe, replacing doors and windows with energy-efficient products is the ideal. In fact, Mikes Remodeling say that over 30% of your heating/cooling bill could be going out through your windows. Save money and be more comfortable in your home by replacing them today.

    Struggling to find it in the right material or style? Mikes Remodeling are a team of experts who can help bring your vision to life. Using materials such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminium cladding, they can custom-build the perfect windows and doors to suit your home or business. Helping with every step of the process, theyll provide guidance and advice during the initial stages, custom-build your new windows and doors to fit your budget, and provide expert installation quality, ensuring your customer satisfaction.

    When buying something, you want to know it will last. If your doors and windows have become worn, whats to say it wont happen again soon? Mikes Remodeling in Manassas, Virginia design windows to last over 20 years. How can that be possible? Simply put, they are the best in the business. Their close connections and partnerships within the industry ensure that you receive the highest quality products and services.

    Importantly, when buying through Mikes Remodeling, youll benefit from a 20+ year warranty for factory and installation. They stand by their products, just like their partners do.

    As soon as you call Mikes Remodeling youre realise why they are renowned for their customer satisfaction. They deliver a personal service from the moment you call until the doors and windows are installed. Thats why theyve gone on to become one of the most reputable companies within the industry.

    Are you considering remodeling your windows and doors in 2021?

    You wouldnt be alone if new windows and doors are part of your 2021 plans. We all want to save money and keep our homes running with maximum energy efficiency, and despite being a straightforward change to your home, new doors and windows are a great place to start. Not only will they improve the look and feel of your home, often improving its value, but theyll keep the cold air out and save you energy for years to come.

    More information

    Mikes Remodeling has been operating in the northern Virginia area for 25 years. What began as a small family-owned company, has since grown a reputation of excellence, customer satisfaction, and premium home solution services. If youre looking for door installation Manassas, va or window replacement Manassas va, you can visit Mikes Remodeling website or contact them directly on (571) 946-2990.


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    Why Virginia Residents Are Remodelling Their Homes with New Doors and Windows In 2021 - The News Front

    In A World That Calls for Eco-Friendly and Cost-Saving Products, This Baltimore Company Excel In Energy Efficient Windows and Doors – The News Front - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Saving energy is important to all homeowners. Yet when it comes to the windows and doors of our homes, these are often overlooked, despite being some of the biggest culprits for energy waste. As time goes on and cracks appear, sealants are worn down and gaps start to emerge, many of us either ignore these issues or try to fix them ourselves with cheap products from DIY stores.

    Now, a company called The Verde Group who reside in Baltimore, are shaking up the market with their affordable, energy-efficient windows and doors, reducing homeowners reliances on doing a fix up job to paper over the cracks.

    Customers are finding that there is real money to be saved by utilising The Verde Group to evaluate, design, and implement doors that have saving energy at the heart of what they do.

    Heres some of the ways The Verde Group, who reside in Baltimore Maryland, are offering such great quality products and saving energy for their customers in the process:

    With a door thats been made to save energy, you can ensure your home keeps its warmth while minimising cold spots. Key to saving energy here is glazing, as a double-glazed entry door means that protection is far greater than that of single glaze. Whilst The Verde Group can help you to design an entry door that would suit the aesthetics of your home, plus provide industry knowledge spanning over 25 years, their trained specialists will fit your door to the highest possible standard, ensuring that energy efficiency is maximized when it comes to fittings and futureproofing quality. .

    Doors are often far worse than windows for heat and energy loss, allowing cold air and draughts in. The Verde Group, Baltimore Maryland can best advize on and install doors that minimize this issue.

    Overtime, old fittings, seals, compression strips and sealants can become worn and allow cold air into your home, meaning that your heating has to work hard in order to keep it warm. Similarly to doors, the glazing you choose is vitally important a double-glazed window can create a highly energy efficient environment, whereas a single glazed window will not be as effective.

    The Verde Group consider energy saving techniques through every part of your window design and installation process, taking pride in their workout throughout and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Everything from the glass, pane gaps, spacers and frame materials are considered, in order to provide you with windows that look great and save energy.

    You may worry that installing energy-saving doors and windows would be expensive, or that youll be stuck with boring designs. The Verde Group offer reasonably priced products in a wide range of options 7 to be precise whilst providing material options such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminium. Their services include:

    and much more.

    Is it time you saved energy by replacing your doors and windows?

    If youre looking for door replacement Baltimore, MD or window installation Baltimore MD, The Verde Group can provide a free estimate to homeowners and business owners, and explain exactly what energy-saving options are available to fit your budget.

    More information

    The Verde Group is a door replacement and window installation company operating in Baltimore. With over 25 years of experience, their reputation has grown to that of one of the best options in the local area for updating your home or business. To get a free estimate, take a look at their website or to contact them directly, ring (410) 705-2117.


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    In A World That Calls for Eco-Friendly and Cost-Saving Products, This Baltimore Company Excel In Energy Efficient Windows and Doors - The News Front

    A tunnel linking Scotland and Northern Ireland? Fantasy has replaced British modesty – The Guardian - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Galloway, as John Buchan wrote in The Thirty-Nine Steps, is the nearest wild part of Scotland, by which he meant the nearest to England, and in this particular context to the London railway terminus of St Pancras, where his hero, Richard Hannay, boards a train on a morning some time before the first world war, a fugitive from a foreign enemy and English law. He heads north, and changes at Dumfries to the slow Galloway train that rumbled slowly into a land of little wooded glens and then to a great, wide moorland place, gleaming with lochs.

    The familiar story unfolds. He leaves the train at a wayside station, enjoys the hospitality (ham and eggs, and scones) of a luckily encountered shepherds wife, and the next morning, hoping to throw his pursuers off the scent, strides out across the moors to a station further west, intending to take a train back towards Dumfries and London. This second station is described in detail. The moor surges up around it, leaving just enough room for a single line of track and a slender siding, together with a waiting room, an office, the stationmasters cottage and a tiny yard of gooseberries and sweet-william. A lonely place: There seemed no road to it from anywhere. A loch a little tarn lies close by. Hannay buys a ticket and doubles back on the next eastbound train.

    Reading the book in my early teens, I relished the idea of a remote station that had no road to it, embattled, windswept, with a coal fire glowing in the waiting room, waiting for travellers who never arrived. I had never heard of a roman clef, but like many readers I liked to think that novels drew on a specific reality outside themselves, that a little detective work might find the real thing. Eventually, I came across an old Bartholomews map and found what had to be the very place: Loch Skerrow Halt, high on the moor above Gatehouse of Fleet and next to a little loch, no sign of other human habitation, roadless and apparently pointless. (In fact, the halt served a loop where two trains could pass each other.) I wanted to go there, perhaps with a picnic and the girlfriend I had yet to find, but the station closed before I could; two years later, in 1965, the last trains ran through it when the entire Galloway line from Dumfries to Stranraer was abandoned, all 70-odd miles of it worked till the end by steam locomotives.

    In most ways it was a quintessential rural railway: slow, meandering, inconvenient (Gatehouse of Fleet station was seven miles from the village of Gatehouse of Fleet), with infrequent passenger trains and the freight mainly cattle and milk. Unseen, unheard, too, except by signalmen and insomniacs, a different kind of train came through at dead of night. In another setting Provence, say it would be described as romantic. The Northern Irishman, a sleeping-car express, left London Euston at 7.30pm and Dumfries at 3am to reach Stranraer, the harbour station, soon after 5 in the morning. The ferry for Larne left at 7. Sleeping-car passengers could stay in their berths for an hour, or board the ship early and take a bunk in a cabin for a six-shilling supplement, rising to 2 if you wanted to sleep grandly and alone. The crossing took two hours and a quarter. Another train at Larne got you to Belfast for a rather late breakfast at five past 10.

    History is never as rigidly sequential as bad films imagine. Periods coexist and pass in the night. Until June 1965 it was still possible to lie half-awake in the Stranraer sleeper and hear the steam engine in front toiling up the steep gradient to the Galloway moorland; but that same month the Beatles were in Abbey Road studios recording the last tracks of their fifth LP. The unexpected must always be expected. Which traveller from the mainland, stepping into Belfast from York Road station in 1965, could have predicted the turbulent future, only a few years away, of this solid, toiling, repressively Presbyterian city with such a majestic city hall? Likewise, who could have expected a scheme to link Scotland (or Great Britain as it still is) to Northern Ireland by a 25-mile railway tunnel, roughly following the old ferry route across the North Channel from Stranraer to Larne?

    Or, rather, who could have expected it to be taken seriously, given the cost to the UK government, the pressure on public finance, and the likely political reconfiguration of both Britain and Ireland? Like many eye-catching projects cross-country monorails, airports in the Thames a tunnel or bridge between the two islands has had its occasional moment in the sun over several decades, but it owes its most recent incarnation to Alan Dunlop, a visiting professor of architecture at universities in Liverpool and Aberdeen, who in 2018 proposed a road-and-rail bridge that would create a Celtic powerhouse that stretched across Scotland and the island of Ireland. He estimated a cost of between 15bn and 20bn.

    Which of us predicted a favourable reception for the idea? Not me nor several others. But despite its critics, political leaders in all parts of both islands have felt its magnetic pull. Something different, new, big, cheerful; something in Boris Johnsons case that enabled him to pretend that Britains links with Northern Ireland were growing, or would ultimately grow, stronger rather than weaker.

    The scheme has changed as it has matured. A vast munitions dump on the seabed and the North Channels frequent storms have made a railway tunnel likelier than a bridge. The High Speed Rail Group, led by Peter Hendy, the chairman of Network Rail, is expected to publish an interim report within weeks. There is already talk of building a high-speed line along the abandoned route of the Northern Irishman. Last week the Tory MP Simon Hoare said, The trains could be pulled by an inexhaustible herd of unicorns overseen by stern, officious dodos, and the scepticism is certainly deserved. Thanks to a difference in railway gauges the result of a decision made by the UK government in 1846 the unicorns in Ireland would need to be more than six inches wider.

    I never reached Loch Skerrow. Photographs show the remains of a concrete platform, a few wind-bent trees and a grassy track curving gently across the moor. It would be good to see a train here again a modest one, connecting the Galloway towns to Dumfries and the world beyond. Unfortunately, fantasy has replaced modesty as a British affliction.

    See the original post:
    A tunnel linking Scotland and Northern Ireland? Fantasy has replaced British modesty - The Guardian

    Who Should Replace Gina Carano on The Mandalorian? – TVOvermind - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Even if it shouldnt have been it was still a bit of a shock to learn that Gina Carano had been released by Lucasfilm, which means that the role of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, and the hopefully still to come Rangers of the New Republic, will get someone to replace her for the character or come up with someone just as great. As you can imagine there are plenty of people claiming that she wasnt that good of an actress or her part wasnt that important so that theyll be welcomed onto the bandwagon operated by those that are siding with Disney and Lucasfilm in this matter. But more important than that bit of nonsense at this moment is who can possibly replace her. Whats true is that Gina isnt exactly Oscar-worthy since she hasnt been a huge, standout hit since she started acting. But she did earn her way during The Mandalorian and would have continued to be a valuable asset had Disney not opted to show its blatant hypocrisy. But oh well, this is what there is to work with now, and people cant help but start thinking of who might replace her. While some of the picks below arent popular and others arent even on the list at this time, this is who we tend to think might be able to take Ginas spot.

    Here are a few women that might be able to replace Gina Carano.

    If this did happen then one might hope that there would be a time jump between the second season of The Mandalorian and any other show that Lawless might show up in as Cara Dune if that is in fact the plan. While Lawless is still an attractive and very useful actress shes also getting older and time is not on her side if she wants to keep portraying someone like Cara, who is still fairly young in the Disney+ series. The upside is that Lawless has been a part of a series before and has done very well, but the downside, as already mentioned, is that shes not getting any younger and might already be a bit old for this role.

    There are a couple of wrestlers on this list that would work out just fine for the role since their appearance could be altered just enough to give them the look of a Republic soldier and bulking up just a bit or even using padding in the armor wouldnt be a big deal. For Cassie and others, it would be the idea of getting them to act out the part that might be difficult since despite being a part of the WWE its still easy to note that acting in the ring is a lot different than acting on camera, no matter that the WWE is televised. At least one can guess that the physical aspects of the role wouldnt be too hard.

    This is kind of a stretch really since Mila is kind of a hard person to see in this kind of a role, but on top of getting her to step out of her comfort zone, it feels like something that would give her the chance to bring that famous attitude that shes been able to use in a few movies and use it to her advantage. Plus, apart from being a great actress, it would be fun to see her in an action scene. Its an odd pick, but every list there has to be at least one or two, and in this case, it has more to do with Milas looks than her experience when it comes to playing an action role, which might be pretty interesting.

    Shes already been in a couple of action movies so its fair to say that she would probably do just as well as Gina and as a trained MMA fighter she could step into the physical part of the role without any real effort. Imagine watching a new Cara Dune, or another character, start applying armbars and other locks to the enemy. Her acting might need to improve a bit but it does feel as though Ronda could make this happen and be a fitting replacement.

    Another wrestler that would probably look good in the armor and fit the role just perfect is Rhea Ripley since she simply looks like a physical character that could do some damage if she wanted to. One big advantage to picking a wrestler would be that theyre used to taking pretty hard hits and wouldnt be deterred from a physical role such as this. Its obvious that there would be stunt people involved, but theres still enough that anyone taking over would have to do that would make it worthwhile.

    Its still sad to see Gina go, but like it or not, everyone is replaceable in some way.

    See the article here:
    Who Should Replace Gina Carano on The Mandalorian? - TVOvermind

    Refresh and Upgrade Your Home or Workspace with Help from East Coast Window Installers, Inc. Latest News on The News Front – The News Front - February 20, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    East Coast Window Installers, Inc. is a trusted construction contractor based in Severn Maryland offering a range of services from window and door installation to roofing and board-up services. The talented team there have an excellent reputation for offering premium window and door designs and amazing customer service, leading to reviews like this:

    ECW developed a window replacement program for our condominium association. The windows represent a vast improvement from those that were removed, and the quality of the work was excellent. And ECW has been incredibly responsive to any follow-up service that has been required. I would recommend them without qualification. Michael M, satisfied customer.

    If youd like to hire East Coast Window Installers to upgrade your home or workspace, simply call the today to get a quote!

    Comfortable for you, your family, and your finances

    Replacing the windows in your home is one of the most worthwhile remodeling projects you can carry out on a modest budget. New windows in your home or office space not only improves aesthetic appeal, but it can also save you money and make your space more comfortable for your and people around you.

    Whether you are searching for an upgrade to your homes curb appeal or hoping to reduce your energy bills, new windows and doors from East Coast Window Installers can help. They are long lasting, visually appealing, and are excellent temperature insulators, meaning your home stays comfortable regardless of how the weather is behaving outside.

    There are many reasons to replace old doors and windows, including:

    Whatever your reason for getting new doors and windows, East Coast Window Installers can boost your propertys visual appeal, significantly decrease your energy bills, and boost your property value.

    Why choose East Coast Window Installers?

    When youre in need of door replacement Severn MD or window installation Severn MD, its essential to find and work with a company you can trust, that also offers the reliable service and quality windows you need.

    If you choose to work with East Coast Window Company, youll get the best service and products possible to help you stay comfortable in your property while simultaneously improving its aesthetic look and overall value. The East Coast Window Company team is always ready to help you choose the perfect window and door replacements for your home, and their customer service is second to none. Call the team today to talk about your options and get a project estimate!

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    East Coast Window Installers offers solutions to all your home remodeling needs, including window and door installations, roofing and siding work, board-up services, and skylight installation. To find out more, please head to their website or give the team a call on (240) 594 5617.


    Read this article:
    Refresh and Upgrade Your Home or Workspace with Help from East Coast Window Installers, Inc. Latest News on The News Front - The News Front

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