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    Davis, Weber and Morgan counties want some restaurants and businesses to open as soon as May 1 – Salt Lake Tribune - April 23, 2020 by admin

    Editors note: The Salt Lake Tribune is providing readers free access to critical local stories about the coronavirus during this time of heightened concern. See more coverage here. To support journalism like this, please consider donating or become a subscriber.

    Farmington Three northern Utah counties say they are ready to start relaxing some restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, and could be ready to open shuttered restaurants, gyms and other businesses May 1.

    County officials say they are waiting for Herbert to release specific guidelines next week, but said theyll emphasize social distancing, increased cleanings and wearing face masks for businesses that could reopen in the beginning of May.

    They say their new order could impact openings for everything from restaurants to retail outlets to spas and construction businesses. Guidelines for opening parks or holding events are expected to be released at a later date.

    County officials say they're comfortable with starting to reopen businesses after looking at data, including the number of people in their counties who have COVID-19 and the local hospitals' capability to treat people who are ill with the virus.

    "We have been effective," said Weber-Morgan Health Department Executive Director Brian Bennion. "I stand today excited, but still cautious. This is not over."

    Like state officials, Bennion likened the soft opening to a "dimmer" instead of a "light switch."

    "We're going to begin turning up the light," he said, "and moving forward."

    County officials said they believe that by May 1, their areas will be at "moderate risk" and things can start to reopen.

    "It is nice to perceive some light at the end of a difficult tunnel," said Morgan County Commissioner Robert McConnell.

    The commissioners pushed back on criticism that officials went overboard initially in shuttering certain businesses like gyms and spas, and limiting restaurant services. Davis County Commissioner Lorene Kamalu said they "nailed it" when it came to ordering the closures.

    This was all about timing, she said. And doing the right things at the right time. Because if you act too late, you have missed the opportunity. We were very intentional with the timing of each phase so far.

    The northern Utah counties joined Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele and Wasatch counties in issuing stay-at-home orders in late Match. The governor opted for a directive instead encouraging residents statewide to stay home.

    Other counties are also considering whether to ease up on restrictions beginning May 1. Summit County leaders made a similar announcement Tuesday though some feared it might be too soon to reopen businesses there because it is a tourist destination and has been a hot spot for the coronavirus.

    Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson relaxed its countys order last week, saying it was no longer necessary for people to stay at home as often. She also said county leaders would evaluate in the coming weeks to see if some businesses could open May 1.

    But Salt Lake Citys mayor is not ready to begin loosening stay-at-home restrictions quite yet.

    Areas continue to see some of Utahs highest virus transmission rates, Mayor Erin Mendenhall said, so the city needs its own tailored and data-driven approach to the health crisis.

    Our most vulnerable communities are the most severely impacted, Mendenhall said during a Monday teleconference with young Utah leaders.

    She said the city would continue to monitor several benchmarks for the outbreak and work with newly available data from Salt Lake County Health Department officials.

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    Davis, Weber and Morgan counties want some restaurants and businesses to open as soon as May 1 - Salt Lake Tribune

    When Will Seattle Restaurants and Bars Reopen? – Eater Seattle - April 23, 2020 by admin

    On Tuesday night, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee laid out the outline for what he billed as the states COVID-19 recovery plan. In the televised address, Inslee described a phased approach that was more like the turning of a dial than the flip of a switch, as officials examine data to determine the best approach on lifting certain stay-at-home restrictions. The plan called for a ramping up of testing first and foremost (still hoping for help from the federal government on that front), as well mobilizing a team of contact tracers in the state acting like a fire brigade to identify new coronavirus cases and make sure those who were exposed are isolated. To date, there have been 12,282 cases in the state and 682 deaths.

    Even if all goes well and the numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to decline, Inslee cautioned that many current restrictions would not be lifted by May 4, when the current stay-at-home order is set to expire. Three particular industries such as residential construction, elective surgeries, and outdoor recreation might be the first in line to get back to business, even before then. But restaurant dining rooms werent mentioned as part of the early reopening phase.

    In fact, its unclear when the state will let restaurants and bars offer services beyond takeout and delivery. David Postman, Inslees chief of staff, tells Eater Seattle that the state is still working with the hospitality industry on what health restrictions may be involved to reopen, but says its too soon to say when those guidelines might be put in place or what exactly theyll look like. Inslee mentioned Tuesday night that information gleaned from other lower risk businesses when some restrictions are lifted could inform efforts elsewhere.

    Inslees statements come as other states start rolling out more aggressive plans to reopen businesses. In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp announced that restaurants could open as soon as Monday, although that plan received pushback from many chefs and owners, concerned about the safety and welfare of their workers. Tennessee has also announced that the majority of its businesses could open on May 1. Meanwhile, California which is coordinating with Oregon and Washington on a shared vision for reopening West Coast economies has no end date for its stay-at-home order. California governor Gavin Newsom says the new normal for restaurants in the state may mean masks for servers and half-full dining rooms.

    Whenever restaurants and bars do return for dine-in service in Washington, Seattleites should still expect significant changes to the way things were before. As Inslee mentioned in his plan, physical distancing will be required for all industries, and the state will set guidelines on rigorous cleaning, screening employees for illness, and providing personal protection equipment. Until we have a COVID-19 vaccine, workplaces are going to look much different, said Inslee.

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    When Will Seattle Restaurants and Bars Reopen? - Eater Seattle

    UAE Construction Industry Databook Series – Market Size & Forecast by Value and Volume, Opportunities in Top 10 Cities and Risk Assessment -… - April 23, 2020 by admin

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "United Arab Emirates Construction Industry Databook Series - Market Size & Forecast by Value and Volume, Opportunities in Top 10 Cities, and Risk Assessment" report has been added to's offering.

    According to the publisher, the building construction industry in United Arab Emirates is expected to record a CAGR of 8.8% to reach AED 248.7 billion by 2024. The residential construction industry in value terms increased at a CAGR of 6.7% during 2015-2019. The commercial building construction market in value terms is expected to record a CAGR of 11.6% over the forecast period.

    This report provides data and trend analyses on building construction industry in United Arab Emirates, with over 80 KPIs. This is a data-centric report and it provides trend analyses with over 120+ charts and 100+ tables. It details market size & forecast, emerging trends, market opportunities, and investment risks in over 30 segments in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction sectors.

    It provides a comprehensive understanding of construction industry sectors in both value and volume (both by activity and units) terms. The report focuses on combining industry dynamics with macro-economic scenario and changing consumer behavior to offer a 360-degree view of the opportunities and risks.

    In addition to country level analysis, this report offers a detailed market opportunity assessment across key cities, helping clients assess key regions to target within the city.

    Reason to Buy

    Key Topics Covered:

    1 About this Report

    2 United Arab Emirates Construction Industry Dynamics and Growth Prospects

    2.1 Construction Industry Growth Dynamics

    2.1.1 United Arab Emirates Construction Industry Market Size by Value, 2015 - 2024

    2.1.2 United Arab Emirates Construction Markets Snapshot

    2.1.3 United Arab Emirates Building Construction Industry Market Size by Value, 2015 - 2024

    2.1.4 United Arab Emirates Infrastructure Construction Industry Market Size by Value, 2015 - 2024

    2.2 Analysis by Building and Infrastructure Construction Sectors

    2.2.1 Market Share Analysis by Building Construction Sectors, 2015 - 2024

    2.2.2 Market Share Analysis by Infrastructure Construction Markets, 2015 - 2024

    2.3 Trend Analysis of Key Macroeconomic KPIs

    2.3.1 Economic Outlook - GDP

    2.3.2 Economic Outlook - GDP per Capita

    2.3.3 Business Confidence

    2.3.4 Consumer Confidence

    2.3.5 Demographics - Population

    2.4 Global Construction Industry Attractiveness Snapshot

    3 United Arab Emirates Residential Construction Industry Market Size and Forecast

    4 Analysis by Residential Construction Markets Outlook by Construction type

    5 Analysis by Residential Construction Markets Outlook by Key Cities

    6 Analysis by Residential Construction Markets Outlook by Price Point

    7 Residential Building Construction Growth Trend Analysis by Development Stage

    8 United Arab Emirates Commercial Construction Industry Market Size and Forecast

    9 Office Building Construction Outlook

    10 Retail Building Construction Outlook

    11 Hospitality and Luxury Building Construction Outlook

    12 Restaurant Building Construction Outlook

    13 Sports Facility Building Construction Outlook

    14 Entertainment Building Construction Outlook

    15 Commercial Building Construction Growth Trend Analysis by Development Stage

    16 United Arab Emirates Industrial Construction Industry Market Size and Forecast

    17 Outlook and Growth Dynamics by Industrial Building Construction Sectors

    18 Industrial Building Construction Growth Trend Analysis by Development Stage

    19 United Arab Emirates Institutional Construction Industry Market Size and Forecast

    20 Outlook and Growth Dynamics by Institutional Building Construction Sectors

    21 Institutional Building Construction Growth Trend Analysis by Development Stage

    22 United Arab Emirates Building Construction Analysis by Key Cities

    22.1 Snapshot of Building Construction Markets by Key Cities

    22.2 Dubai Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.3 Abu Dhabi Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.4 Sharjah Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.5 Al Ain Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.6 Ajman Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.7 Ras al-Khaimah Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.8 Fujairah Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.9 Umm al-Quwain Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.1 Khor'fakkan Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    22.11 Dibba Al-Fujairah Building Construction Markets Snapshot

    23 United Arab Emirates Utility System Infrastructure Construction Industry Market Size and Forecast

    24 United Arab Emirates Transport Infrastructure Construction Industry Market Size and Forecast

    25 United Arab Emirates Marine and Inland Water Infrastructure Construction Industry Market Size and Forecast

    26 Infrastructure Construction Growth Trend Analysis by Development Stage

    Companies Mentioned

    For more information about this report visit

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    UAE Construction Industry Databook Series - Market Size & Forecast by Value and Volume, Opportunities in Top 10 Cities and Risk Assessment -...

    SURVIVING THE PANDEMIC: A Conversation for Restaurants and Retail Businesses – I Love the Upper West Side - April 23, 2020 by admin

    Community Board 7s Business & Consumer Issues Committee (BCI) is hosting a webinar for restaurant owners, retail business owners, and anyone interested in their survival.

    The presentation will include a Q&A and will take place on Thursday, April 30th from 12:30-1:30pm.

    Discussions will include commercial leases, available Small Business Administration loans, the viability of PPP loans, commercial insurance policies, working with lenders and other resources to help owners navigate the various options.

    With many businesses shuttered nationwide, owners are in survival mode. To help make sense of some of the more pressing issues, CB7 is gathering a panel of experts able to provide information specifically relevant to restaurant and small retail business owners.

    Stephanie ORourk, CPA, is a Partner atCohnReznickwho leads the Firms Hospitality Industry Practice. She specializes in businesses that operate one to 30 units and has assisted clients in restructuring their businesses in an efficient manner and leverages her knowledge of the various technologies available to the industry to help business owners achieve their goals.

    Larry Haberis the Managing Partner of the Commercial Real Estate Department of the bi-coastal law firmAbrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP (AGMB), In addition, Mr. Haber is the founder and CEO ofLeasing REality, an online training and negotiating platform. His broad expertise combines decades of commercial real estate ownership with a professional background in law, accounting, commercial brokerage, property management, construction, planning and development.

    Doug Kleiman, Director,RIPCO Real Estate, is a retail leasing and sales advisor. Born and raised on the Upper Westside, Mr. Kleiman has represented retail tenants and landlords in the community and beyond for more than two decades. In addition, he is second vice chair of Community Board 7/Manhattan.

    The discussion will be moderated by Linda Alexander, Co-Chair, and Christian Cordova, Co-Chair, Business & Consumer Issues Committee, Community Board 7 / Manhattan

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    SURVIVING THE PANDEMIC: A Conversation for Restaurants and Retail Businesses - I Love the Upper West Side

    Restaurants and Retail: In Their Own Words > Spokane – Spokane Journal of Business - April 23, 2020 by admin

    Desiree Seghetti-Sulpizio Commellini Estate and Event Restaurant 14715 N. Dartford Dr., Spokane

    Commellini Estate Venue and Event Restaurant has been in my family for 79 years, since Albert and Leda Commellini first opened the business in 1941.

    The venue was remodeled in 2009 and reopened as primarily a wedding and event venue. Since then, we have added cooking classes and our gourmet product line, which is sold on location and at local farmers markets.

    Normally, we are preparing the venue for an upcoming busy season of both indoor and outdoor events. With COVID-19, we have been forced to reschedule our March 20 through May 4 events, but our coordinators are still working hard to help plan the future weddings and events, as we are optimistic that all events in June and beyond will continue as planned.

    In the meantime, to keep our hardworking and deserving team members employed, we have launched a more robust line of Meal Kits 2 Go, along with our Gourmet Retail Line, and are offering curbside pickup. Our team has been extremely creative, even hosting a drive-thru Easter egg hunt to not only provide a fun and safe community event, but to help rev up business and marketing for our product line and other local businesses.

    Jordan Tampien Barnwood Social LLC, Brothers Brewing LLC, Checkerboard Tavern LLC, and Too Small to Fail LLCSpokane

    We all expected an economic correction at some point in 2020, but not like this.

    It feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath and youre left trying to pick up the pieces.

    Were all trying as best as we can to create our new normal as quickly as possible, and more than ever were relying on the community for support and hope.

    Not a lot of business plans account for a 76% reduction in revenue even in a worst-case scenario. Well, were all basically operating in that worst-case scenario right now.

    But instead of dedicating any time feeling down about where we are, I spend the days being proactive about the future. Every day Im talking with my business partners Matt Goodwin and my brother, Joel, about finding new and more efficient ways to operate and better serve our clients.

    Another portion of the day is dedicated to applying for Small Business Administration loans, reaching out to current and past clients while looking for opportunities for all of us to grow through acquisitions or the repurposing of existing properties.

    The biggest local impact I see was the complete shutdown of most construction sites across the area creating an extended backlog of projects that will take several months to get going. Subcontractors have pushed their schedules out. So, when the stay-at-home order is eventually lifted, they will have to rehire, and then prioritize their projects, effectively stalling many good projects for our community.

    Its going to be a time-consuming process.

    Clay Cerna River City Kitchen, SweetBox Delivery; 221 W. First Ave.Spokane

    Here are some of the ways were trying to help out the community in Spokane in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. During the stay-at-home order issued by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, were discounting our bagels by 50% and are offering Spokane residents a bagel loan eat now and pay later.

    Were actually going to be extending our delivery range to include the rest of the U.S. soon, so please check out our SweetBox Delivery Facebook page, and website under the SweetBox Delivery name.

    Another way were trying to help is through the commercial kitchen we opened a little while ago, River City Kitchen. Now through June, Ill be suspending rent for all users of the kitchen in order to help our small businesses stay afloat during this outbreak. The hope is that without overhead to worry about any food truck, caterer, etc., businesses might be able to afford to keep as much staff as possible employed.

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    Restaurants and Retail: In Their Own Words > Spokane - Spokane Journal of Business

    Brewery and ‘beer experience’ venue planned for Glasgow – Scottish Construction Now - April 23, 2020 by admin

    Published 23 April 2020

    Plans have been lodged for a new brewery, home brew school, bar and restaurant in Glasgows West End.

    Inn House Brewery Company has asked Glasgow City Council for permission to open its brewery and beer experience centre on Finniestons Haugh Road.

    Under the proposals, which have been designed by Graven, several businesses would operate from the premises, with the bar and restaurant catering for up to 200 customers.

    Plans for a brewery and bar were previously granted consent in March 2017 but permission expires after three years.

    The application said: With the expanse of residential accommodation in the Finnieston area the site is envisaged to provide a place for people to congregate and enjoy company in a transformed post-industrial building.

    The area will be comfortably laid out in a lounge-style to encourage mixed-use activities such as meetings, dining, local group events, a break out space for those home brewing in the school and of course a venue for those here to drink great beer.

    The sites principal use will be the brewery, with a production capacity of 7000 hectolitre per annum, which will be complemented by the restaurant and bar, a planning statement added. An off-licence and outdoor seating area are also included in the plans.

    The statement said: The vision is to create an experience venue where multiple-use customers can enjoy the environs of the building.

    Home brewers, beer drinkers, casual diners, locals, guest brewers and those wishing to learn about beer will all be accommodated for.

    Visit link:
    Brewery and 'beer experience' venue planned for Glasgow - Scottish Construction Now

    Bass Street Chop House closing while owner looks to the future – - April 15, 2020 by admin

    First came the I-74 bridge construction. Then came the coronavirus pandemic.

    MOLINE, Ill. Fans of Bass Street Chop House only have a few days left to get their favorite dishes. The restaurant is closing at the end of the day Saturday, April 18.

    "I don't think there's a single business in downtown Moline that's gonna tell you they're not hurting," managing partner Jeff Harrop says.

    The Chop House announced Friday on Facebook that they'd be closing after 14 years on River Drive.

    "The hardest part of the decision were the employees," Harrop says. "We've worked here together a long time and the employees here made the restaurant."

    But the years have taken their toll on the restaurant. Harrop says construction in downtown Moline, then work on the new I-74 bridge kept traffic and people away.

    Bass Street was hit again in the past few months having to close the dining room because of the coronavirus. They're still completing carry-out orders until Saturday.

    "The coronavirus is not helping anyone," Harrop says. "We're all in the same boat and we certainly had the opportunity to do the PPP loans, but again at the end of that, we still don't have the market we had a few years back."

    Looking forward, Harrop says he and his partners will focus on their new restaurant in East Moline: the Combine by the Bend Hotel. That restaurant has been shut down because of the virus but will soon reopen for carry-out in the coming weeks.

    Harrop hopes all 31 employees of Bass Stree can move to work at the Combine.

    "It's been rewarding for making such a hard decision and having such a positive response from the people in Quad Cities," he says. "It was very nice. They've been very, very positive of the experiences they've had with us and disappointed we'll be leaving."

    Harrop says someday he'd reopen a restaurant like the Chop House if the opportunity and market presented itself.

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    Bass Street Chop House closing while owner looks to the future -

    Coronavirus NJ: Anticipated Monmouth, Ocean spring restaurant openings that will be delayed – Asbury Park Press - April 15, 2020 by admin

    Tim McLoone, who owns eleven NJ restaurants talks about the impact of Coronavirus ordered closings Asbury Park Press

    The circumstances surrounding coronavirus including recent restrictions placed on construction projects are affecting the anticipated spring openings of several restaurants in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Here are updates on five.

    The Toms River coffee shop, one of several planned as an extension of an online coffee business with a previous location on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, is under construction in the new Shoppes at Hooper on Hooper Avenue.

    Co-owner Drew Adelman originally planned for a mid-April opening but saidwork on the building, as well as at his forthcoming Newark location,is delayed"hopefully not for long." 1922 Hooper Ave.;

    Supporting local: Gannett launches new website to help areasmall businesses hit hard by coronavirus crisis

    More: Open a restaurant during a pandemic? These owners did it

    Locals were thrilled to hear that this burger spot was relocating to a bigger space, but Burger 25 fans will need to wait a little longer.

    Steve Vetter, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Denise, initially planned a May opening for their new location, but Vetter said June is now more likely.

    The Frisky Whiskey from Burger 25 is an Angus patty topped with Jack Daniels sauce, caramelized onions, provolone, crispy onions and bacon.(Photo: COURTESY OF BURGER 25)

    The current restaurant, which is open for takeout and delivery,is at1611 Route 37.The new location is 199 Route 37;

    Restaurant delivery, takeout in Monmouth County:Your guide to what's open, closed and more

    Early last week,construction on this restaurant, which is being completely renovated, was "going well and moving in the right direction," said Phil Villapiano, who owns Deal Lake Bar + Co. with Andrea Pappas and Greg Bartz.


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    But the governor's construction order, which was announced April 8, put a stop to the work. "Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue past (April 10)," Villapiano said, adding that work will resume as soon asallowed.601 Main St.;

    Last July, Joe Brignoni announced he was opening a sister location to his Roselle Park restaurant in Monmouth County. Since then, he has completely renovated a former nail salon on Asbury Park's Main Street, turning the 3,500-square-foot space into a two-story restaurant.

    As of press time, construction was complete and Brignoni was waiting on the installation of equipment. He hopes to open in early May.504 Main St.;

    Looking for the trusted place to find the best home service providers? Find local pros.

    Shortly after the start of the new year, Omer Basatemur announced he would be opening a second location of his Belmar restaurant, a longtime favorite for vegan food, in Asbury Park. Work began in mid-January, and he was planning to open in late February or early March.

    More: Ocean County: A guide to restaurants offering pickup and delivery

    In early April, he announced via social media that the opening had been delayed:"We couldnt get our doors open before all of the madness began. The city had been closed, and we couldnt obtain our mercantile license.

    A dish of fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes and lentil loaf topped with brown gravy at Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar.(Photo: FILE PHOTO)

    We hope everyone is well, and we cant wait to start serving up our vegan menus at both locations once this has passed."

    The Belmar restaurant,1000 Main St., is open for takeout and delivery. The Asbury Park cafe will open in the Lakehouse Music Academy Building, 619 Lake Ave.;

    A lifelong Jersey girl, Sarah Griesemer joined the USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey more than 15 years ago. Send restaurant tips and follow @jersey.shore.eats.

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    Coronavirus NJ: Anticipated Monmouth, Ocean spring restaurant openings that will be delayed - Asbury Park Press

    Assemblyman Peters: Construction Should Remain Open. Here’s How. – InsiderNJ - April 15, 2020 by admin


    If theres a real-time lesson we can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic and response, its thatone-size-fits-all approaches dont work.

    It would be either arrogant or political opportunism to attack leaders who are making decisionson the fly aimed at protecting people against a once-in-a-lifetime viral outbreak. I believe ourpresident and countrys governors are doing the best they can to save lives while trying to avoida recession that will affect millions for years to come.

    This cant be an easy tightrope to walk. Thats why I commend Governor Murphys balancing actin seeing New Jersey through our current situation. Credit has to be given where it is due. Thegovernor has faced the media every day, has consistently implemented new strategies and hasmade many hard-but-fair decisions through executive orders.

    Although I agree with many of the social distancing guidelines hes put in place, lockdownsarent a zero-sum game. Not every lockdown leads to a loss in economics balanced out by anequal win for the health of citizens.

    That brings me to one of the governors more recent lockdowns putting an end to most privateconstruction. I would never criticize Governor Murphy on doing what he thinks will save lives,but as legislators, we must speak out when we feel one of these lockdowns could have a veryminimal or flat positive impact compared to its great negative impact.

    A construction site isnt a restaurant where new people are coming in and out of every day. Itsnot a warehouse where hundreds of people work in close quarters. It is not even a regular smalloffice, which would most likely lack the type of PPE needed to be at work in the vicinity of otherpeople. Construction generally involves the same bubble of people working mostly outdoors,making social distancing possible in most circumstances.

    Weve spent years regulating the construction industry in New Jersey to protect workers fromvarious airborne substances that could cause damage to them. OSHA and other workplaceregulations in place have led to the existence of PPE at construction sites before PPE was anationally known term.

    As a country and a state, we have fought this pandemic from home. It has been a necessaryretreat based on science and the adherence to medical professionals, but at some point wemust advance forward and fight the pandemic head on. Now is not the time to return to normal,but I believe controlled fields like construction are the appropriate places where an offensivestrategy can be implemented.

    With that being said, here are some suggestions on how to keep construction open in a safeand responsible way.

    Temperature checks: All workers must adhere to temperature checks before startingtheir days. Anything above 99 degrees and that worker is sent home. This is somethingmany countries that are reopening are doing.

    Mandatory PPE: all workers must wear masks and gloves throughout their shift something most all construction sites already implement.

    Mandatory social distancing: a construction site must change its worker schedules tofollow social distancing rules. If a job cant get done under social distancing guidelines,then it should be shut down.

    No congregating during lunch breaks. Workers must eat alone.

    Construction is a giant locomotive. Once it slows too much, it is notoriously difficult to get it backand moving in the right direction. I believe these steps are a clear way to keep the train movingin a safe manner that is currently unique to only certain industries.

    The game plan is that every non-essential activity should be shut down. But paying the bills isessential. Large engines of the economy are essential. We must only place lockdowns onindustries where the lockdown will have an effect on saving lives. If we can develop offensivestrategies to save lives and keep things chugging along, we shouldnt shy away from it becauseit goes against the current headwinds of the news media.

    Construction is uniquely suited for an offensive strategy.

    Assemblyman Ryan Peters represents LD8.

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    Assemblyman Peters: Construction Should Remain Open. Here's How. - InsiderNJ

    How hospitality job losses will spill over into real estate, construction – The Real Deal - April 15, 2020 by admin

    The executive chef of Otto Enoteca stands in front of the closed restaurant caused by the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

    Editors Note: Introducing TRD Insights, our answer to the industrys unspoken data deficit. With clear and concise analysis, our insights will provide a closer look at the real estate market on a macro and micro level. Stay tuned for whats to come, and in the meantime, please enjoy our first post below!

    The job losses across the hospitality and food service world are spilling over into the real estate and construction industries.

    A 50 percent drop in accommodation and food services jobs nationwide in the second quarter of 2020 could translate to 3.1 million job losses in those industries and an additional 1.2 million job losses in the broader economy, according to a new report from the St. Louis Federal Reserve. That could lead to the loss of 33,972 and 22,314 jobs in the real estate and construction industries, respectively.

    The study, released April 2, used data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to estimate the spillover the impact that events in one sector or industry have on a seemingly unrelated sector or industry. The report did not break down the types of jobs in the real estate and construction sectors that could be impacted.

    However, the real estate industry isnt immune to direct job losses stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. This month, some of New York Citys biggest brokerages began laying off and furloughing large chunks of their workforce. Redfin, an outlier in the industry for employing salaried brokers, laid off 41 percent of its agents.

    Last weeks jobs report from the BLS showed that the real estate rental and leasing workforce shrank by 3.8 percent in March 2020. Overall, the number of coronavirus-related business shutdowns has sent jobless claims skyrocketing, totaling almost 17 million over the past three weeks, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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    How hospitality job losses will spill over into real estate, construction - The Real Deal

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