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    Army Corps of Engineers working with new, improved way of temporary roofing during disasters – Federal News Network - September 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

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    The Army Corps of Engineers calls it their roofing mission. When storms damage buildings, a chief rescue activity by the Corps is preventing further damage with blue tarps as temporary roofs. The blue roofers are on the job in Louisiana with a new and improved way of doing the roofing mission. With details, the commander of the Corps Mississippi Valley Division, Maj. Gen. Diana Holland, joinedFederal Drive with Tom Temin.

    Tom Temin:General Holland, good to have you back.

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Well, thank you for having me back Tom.

    Tom Temin:Give us the ground situation there in Lake Charles. I guess the Corps is at work now in the aftermath of the hurricane.

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Yes. Its been 13 days since landfall, and actually 22 days since we started really paying attention to the approaching storm. And really, to go back a little bit, we were at the time concerned about two tropical storms, Marco and Laura. Fortunately, Marco did not turn out to be a hurricane but Laura made landfall as a strong Cat-4 hurricane in southwestern Louisiana. So weve really been working on this in Louisiana for some time but landfall is what brought us into full strength. And were doing a number of things. Infrastructure assessment, there was a lot of damage to the systems, water systems and wastewater systems. Were doing our temporary power mission, which you see pretty much every storm, the Corps assists with point generation for critical facilities. And then as you mentioned, the temporary roofing mission is just now ramping up.

    Tom Temin:And what is the difference this time around? Youve sort of revised the procedures for the roofing mission, Is this because of pandemic or because theres some new technologies available or maybe a little both?

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Well, thats a great question. Really what got us started on this, to do this faster and better, was just the need. Three years ago in 2017, we really did a lot of blue roof missions in the Virgin Islands, in Florida, in Puerto Rico. Really historic levels that year. And when we came out of that, I mean, we were successful, but we wanted to be faster and better. And we wanted to meet the need in a much more efficient way. And so over the last three years, its been a progression of using contractors to help us with the assessments and some other things. And if I could just describe the mission real quick. Basically what this requires is a homeowner has to sign up and grant right of entry because we represent the federal government, the contractor represents the federal government, and then homeowner has to grant access. So thats the first step. So we have to set up a number, used to be they had to be in person signups. And you can just imagine when theres thousands of people affected by a hurricane, what that would be like to develop centralized locations across the state so that folks could go and sign up and grant right of entry. And then the next step was to go to their address, a Corps employee would go to that persons address, assess it, validate that it meets the requirement, and then put that application into a system, thereby generating a work order, which then brought a contractor to the home. So you can just imagine how long that would take for the first roof. And then for number 4500, if thats how many were required. So over the last few years, weve developed new ways so that its not so labor intensive and not so time intensive and not so paper intensive. So one of the things weve done and its really come to fruition this year is alternative ways to sign up for the blue roof program. And so now theres three ways you can sign up on the web, you can call in, or you can do it in person. So what thats allowed us to do is take applications even before weve been able to establish in person centralized locations for those signings. So thats one thing thats really cut down on the time. The other thing is all those Corps employees that would have to go out and physically check a roof and take measurements and validate the requirement, weve since contracted that out, and a company that uses geospatial technology does that from imagery from above. So thats hundreds a day that can be assessed without one person on the ground to go do that manually. And thats about an 80% success rate. What were seeing is that many are validated just through the use of imagery, and then its just a matter of that leaves us with the remaining 20% that we got to go out and check.

    Tom Temin:And the imagery, is that obtained by satellite or by drones?

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Weve done it both ways. Im not 100% certain which technology that the company that weve hired to do that now, but I believe it to be satellite. But we have in the past, a year ago, before we came up with this solution, we have used UAS to go over and asses a roof. And actually, weve also used it to then go behind and do the quality assurance, because thats our final step in the process after the contractors done to validate that they did it the right way, and that they should be paid for their services. We have to go out and assess how they did, and weve done that us UAV-UAS.

    Tom Temin:I was gonna say you have to probably get fairly close to make sure that its really done. Well, I mean, a satellite image could show whether theres a blue roof, I guess, but it wouldnt show whether its nailed down tightly over the edge of the roof to the side safe.

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Yeah. And, and they can get pretty close. But yes, we would prefer to be closer to it to validate the work done.

    Tom Temin:And because people need to be separated and all this and masked and so forth, because of the pandemic, how has that affected the Corps work, at least in the Mississippi Valley division?

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Well, for the hurricane and emergency response, were being very careful about how many people we send to Louisiana, Louisiana is of course struggling with with COVID itself. Theyve been very aggressive about putting evacuees and survivors into hotels, which they have contracts as opposed to putting people in sheltering and congregiate environments. So were sensitive to that, that a lot of hotels are really needed for survivors. And so we are really limiting how many people we send. And so were doing a lot virtually, theres a lot of reach back and a lot of folks from around the country and in the Corps of Engineers supporting it from afar, and weve been able to balance that pretty appropriately. In the grand scheme of things since we went to mostly telework in March of this year, just number one priority is the safety of our personnel. And so a lot of folks are working from home unless their mission essential or if they must do their task from the office or from their field environment. As you know, the Corps does a lot of work from locks and dams and hydropower plants, so theyre out in the field. You really cant do those jobs from home, you really cant telework. And so weve had to adapt shift work, with limiting access. And then being very careful. As soon as we are aware of a case, taking quick action, notifying people and containing any kind of spread that there might be. But by and large, weve really been pleasantly surprised. The Corps hasnt missed a beat. Weve met really every milestone in planning. Our projects have moved on, our programs have moved on, really, with very little impact overall from the virus.

    Tom Temin:And just briefly what else is going on in the division and how are some of those projects going because you think of, especially in the hurricane season, there must be levees youve got to work on or dams that need shoring up?

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Well, you know, shoring up the levees of the Mississippi River is really something were constantly doing, constantly improving the flood control features of the Mississippi River. You see especially in recent years, youve seen an increase in flooding in the Midwest. Its becoming quite commonplace, which is causing some damage to the levees. And so a lot of work is being done to repair and to improve the resiliency of the levee system. Likewise, since Katrina, the American taxpayer has invested over $14 billion to build a more resilient system around New Orleans. And so that is always on the forefront of our mind. Of course, it was a very visual event for everybody what occurred in New Orleans and very unfortunate. So weve invested a lot in that. The New Orleans district that is in charge of that particular system and the state of Louisiana is very vigilant in taking care of the state and ensuring that all the new infrastructure is working. It is now under the states control, they actually operate it. But of course, we have a role in assisting them and advising them in advance of any kind of storm.

    Tom Temin:And recently, the Army Corps of Engineers listed online a national levee database. Hows that been going? Has there been a lot of hits? Are people doing a lot of exploring on there?

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Yeah, this is a great initiative, making sure that we can catalog all of the federal levees and understand the status that theyre in. Its so far been a great success. So what that helps everyone to do is focus where the most repairs are needed, where we are most vulnerable, so that as we get money to improve the levees across the nation, were able to focus that funding in the right direction.

    Tom Temin:Major General Diana Holland is commander of the Mississippi Valley division of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Thanks so much for joining me.

    Maj. Gen. Diana Holland: Thank you, Tom. Appreciate the opportunity.

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    One month after the derecho, roofing companies struggle to keep up with demand – - September 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL)- For the last month, Manuel Garcia Perez said his phone has not stopped ringing.

    "I have been getting like 100 calls a day," he said.

    Perez is the owner of Manny's Eastern Iowa Roofing and Construction.

    "Customers are calling and saying 'hey we got a roof that's leaking,' and we're saying 'we'll try to make it out there as fast as we can so, we can help you guys out and tarping and so your house doesn't get any more damaged."

    Around 60% of all homes in Linn County suffered some sort of roof damage from last month's fierce storm.

    With so many homes in need of repair, Perez and other contractors need to prioritize. Often it is on a first-come, first-serve basis, but sometimes it is an emergency and crews need to re-tarp a roof.

    "We are trying to tarp everybody's house, help everyone," he said. "It is just a long list that we need to get to."

    As the rain fell Thursday afternoon, Perez crisscrossed Cedar Rapids to meet with clients.

    With thousands of damaged roofs, Perez said this week's rain is "every contractor's nightmare."

    Not only does it make repair and recovery work harder, but it also brings a new problem for those wanting to get their roof fixed.

    "There are exposed houses that need to be replaced the whole thing now because once the water hits the plywood, it buckles up, so we have to replace those now," he said.

    The demand is high, but Perez said he and his team are doing everything they can to get to everyone who needs them.

    "We are not ignoring your calls. We are just trying to get to everybody," he said. "It is a long line before we get recovered back."

    Over the past few days, Perez and his team have responded to some emergencies with people's exposed roofs leaking into their homes.

    In that case, they race out to re-tarp it, but they are struggling to get enough tarps since right now, there are not enough tarps to go around.

    Besides the shortage of tarps, with so many roofs damaged in Cedar Rapids alone, many Linn County roofing companies are simply booked solid for the remainder of the year.

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    Solar roofing Market is Thriving Worldwide 2020-2027 | Leading Players Tata power solar systems, CleanMax solar, Jaksons engineers , Thermax, Hero… - September 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

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    Solar roofing Market is Thriving Worldwide 2020-2027 | Leading Players Tata power solar systems, CleanMax solar, Jaksons engineers , Thermax, Hero...

    Tesla partners with other companies to install solar roof tiles – Electrek - September 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Tesla is starting to partner with other companies to install solar roof tiles and deploy the new solar product faster.

    In October of last year,Tesla launched version 3 of its Solar Roof tiles, which is now also known as Solarglass, and it saw a significant price decrease through optimization and faster installation.

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    While the company based that claim on producing 4 MW of solar tiles, which isnt really enough for 1,000 roofs, it is still more than Tesla can install in a week as the installation capacity remains the bottleneck to expand solar roofs.

    We previously reported on Tesla trying to hire many new roofers in order to expand its capacity, but it is also looking to certified third-party installers to install its novel solar product.

    We have only heard of a handful of companies being onboarded onto the program, but it might be about to change as Tesla started to supply them with the tiles, and some are actually starting their own installations.

    Good Faith Energy, one of the biggest solar installers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, just confirmed that they are now authorized to install Tesla solar roofs, and they installed their first solar roof system.

    Mohammed Abdalla, CEO and founder of Good Faith Energy, announced:

    Last December, I reached out to Bob Anderson for the ~6,000th time to ask him whenTesla Solar Roofwas being rolled out. A week later,Michael Solanoand I were on a plane to L.A. to be among the first group of installers to learn how to install this product. Two months after the initial training, we sent a team of 6 to Santa Barbara to install their first real job and gain some on-the-job training. Fast forward to August andGood Faith Energyis among a few elite companies nationally thats capable of installing a Tesla roof autonomously.

    He shared a picture of the installation of a 9.3 kW Tesla solar roof on his own house:

    Sunpro, a large solar installer mostly operating in the US South, has also been getting certified to install Tesla solar roof.

    Tesla has been aiming to install a solar roof as fast or faster than it takes to install a regular non-solar roof, which is about a week, depending on the roof.

    Its far from the case at the moment, with some installations taking even more than a month, according to customer reports.

    Musk said that they will have installation crews compete ata new test structure at the Fremont factoryto see who could install the new solar tiles faster and better.

    Ultimately, the number of Tesla solar roof installations is limited by the roofers available to install them, and supplying third-party installers is expected to rapidly increase the capacity.

    Tesla Solar and energy storage products might be a great solution for your home or business, and you can use our code (frederic5610) for a $100 award on your solar roof or Tesla solar panel installation after activation of the system.

    However, we suggestgettingquotes from more than one installer to make sure you get the best energy solution for your place.UnderstandSolar is a great free service to link you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates for free. Tesla also offers price matching for solar panelsnow, so its important to shop for the best quotes.

    You can check out our Tesla solar roof and solar panel guide for more details.

    FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

    Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast.

    See the rest here:
    Tesla partners with other companies to install solar roof tiles - Electrek

    Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Announces the 2020 Awards of Excellence Winners – Living Architecture Monitor magazine - September 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is pleased to announce the 2020 Awards of Excellence winners in advance of CitiesAlive Virtual 2020; October 20-23.

    Submissions in seven categories recognizing accomplishments in design, implementation, and innovation were awarded by a multidisciplinary team of judges. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is proud to recognize and celebrate these examples of excellence, and share them with attendees at CitiesAlive Virtual 202.

    In response to the COVID 19 Pandemic, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and the Green Infrastructure Foundation have teamed up to bring you the very best of CitiesAlive and Grey to Green, combining outstanding world class speakers with award winning project videos and selected in person tours in locations across the US and Canada. The content of this conference will be delivered in four afternoon sessions, each focusing on a different theme.

    2020 Awards of Excellence Winners

    Extensive Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Award

    Project: McDonalds Headquarters Chicago, IL

    Award Recipient: Omni Ecosystems

    Intensive Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Award

    Project: Center for Sustainable Landscapes Pittsburgh, PA

    Award Recipient: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

    Multi-Unit Residential Award

    Project: District House Oak Park, IL

    Award Recipient: Omni Ecosystems

    Interior Green Wall Award

    Project: Ohana Floor San Francisco, CA

    Award Recipient: Habitat Horticulture

    Exterior Green Wall Award

    Small Scale Residential Award

    Project: Sandyland Cove Lake Toxaway, NC

    Award Recipient: Living Roofs Inc

    Special Recognition Award

    Project: Bike Box Living Roof Lab Cleveland, OH

    Award Recipient: Kent State University

    Research Award

    Board Chairs Recognition Award

    Awards will be presented every day during CitiesAlive Virtual 2020. Visit for conference details and registration.

    Be sure to read the Fall Awards Issue of the Living Architecture Monitor to read about these exceptional projects and join us online in October for CitiesAlive!


    Steven Peck, Founder & President, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities,, 647-226-4494.

    Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Announces the 2020 Awards of Excellence Winners - Living Architecture Monitor magazine

    Latest Trends & Growing Demand Of Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market Leading Players Expected To Witness The Highest Growth 2026 | Bjorkstrand… - September 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Chicago, United States:The global Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market report offers a complete research study that includes accurate estimations of market growth rate and size for the forecast period 2020-2025. It offers a broad analysis of market competition, regional expansion, and market segmentation by type, application, and geography supported by exact market figures. The all-inclusive market research report also offers Porters Five Forces Analysis and profiles some of the leading players of the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market. It sheds light on changing market dynamics and discusses about different growth drivers, market challenges and restraints, and trends and opportunities in detail. Interested parties are provided with market recommendations and business advice to ensure success in the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market.

    Top Key players cited in the report:Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing, Boral, DECRA Roofing Systems, Gerard, Hartman Roofing, Hedrick Construction, Lastime Exteriors, Midwest Lifetime Roof Systems, Petra Roofing Company, Roofing Southwest, Mark Kaufman Roofing, Ross Roof Group, Terrabella Metal Roofing, Quarrix

    Get Free PDF Sample Copy of this Report to understand the structure of the complete report: (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart):

    The final report will add the analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 in this report Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market

    Stone Coated Steel Roofing Marketreports offers important insights which help the industry experts, product managers, CEOs, and business executives to draft their policies on various parameters including expansion, acquisition, and new product launch as well as analyzing and understanding the market trends.

    Each segment of the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market is extensively evaluated in the research study. The segmental analysis offered in the report pinpoints key opportunities available in the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market through leading segments. The regional study of the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market included in the report helps readers to gain a sound understanding of the development of different geographical markets in recent years and also going forth. We have provided a detailed study on the critical dynamics of the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market, which include the market influence and market effect factors, drivers, challenges, restraints, trends, and prospects. The research study also includes other types of analysis such as qualitative and quantitative.

    Global Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market: Competitive Rivalry

    The chapter on company profiles studies the various companies operating in the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market. It evaluates the financial outlooks of these companies, their research and development statuses, and their expansion strategies for the coming years. Analysts have also provided a detailed list of the strategic initiatives taken by the Stone Coated Steel Roofing market participants in the past few years to remain ahead of the competition.

    Global Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market: Regional Segments

    The chapter on regional segmentation details the regional aspects of the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market. This chapter explains the regulatory framework that is likely to impact the overall market. It highlights the political scenario in the market and the anticipates its influence on the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market.

    Request For Customization:

    Report Highlights

    Table of Contents

    Report Overview:It includes six chapters, viz. research scope, major manufacturers covered, market segments by type, Stone Coated Steel Roofing market segments by application, study objectives, and years considered.

    Global Growth Trends:There are three chapters included in this section, i.e. industry trends, the growth rate of key producers, and production analysis.

    Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market Share by Manufacturer:Here, production, revenue, and price analysis by the manufacturer are included along with other chapters such as expansion plans and merger and acquisition, products offered by key manufacturers, and areas served and headquarters distribution.

    Market Size by Type:It includes analysis of price, production value market share, and production market share by type.

    Market Size by Application:This section includes Stone Coated Steel Roofing market consumption analysis by application.

    Profiles of Manufacturers:Here, leading players of the global Stone Coated Steel Roofing market are studied based on sales area, key products, gross margin, revenue, price, and production.

    Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market Value Chain and Sales Channel Analysis:It includes customer, distributor, Stone Coated Steel Roofing market value chain, and sales channel analysis.

    Market Forecast Production Side: In this part of the report, the authors have focused on production and production value forecast, key producers forecast, and production and production value forecast by type.

    Get Free Sample Copy of this report:

    About Us:Report Hive Research delivers strategic market research reports, statistical survey, and Industry analysis and forecast data on products and services, markets and companies. Our clientele ranges mix of United States Business Leaders, Government Organizations, SMEs, Individual and Start-ups, Management Consulting Firms, and Universities etc. Our library of 600,000+ market reports covers industries like Chemical, Healthcare, IT, Telecom, Semiconductor, etc. in the USA, Europe Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific. We help in business decision-making on aspects such as market entry strategies, market sizing, market share analysis, sales and revenue, technology trends, competitive analysis, product portfolio and application analysis etc.

    Read this article:
    Latest Trends & Growing Demand Of Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market Leading Players Expected To Witness The Highest Growth 2026 | Bjorkstrand...

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