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    New patio to add more seating to Windy’s | News | – The Bowman Extra - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The COVID-19 virus has brought some changes to restaurants, especially in Bowman, according to the owner of Windys Bar and Grill.

    The newest will be an outdoor patio on the south side of the building on South Main Street in Bowman.

    It will add almost 600 more square feet of seating, according to owner Drew Henderson.

    We hope to get it finished within the next month or so... weather permitting, he said, adding he doesnt know how much use they will be able to get out of it during the winter months. That is why we are kind of up against the clock.

    It is going to be open but somewhat sheltered, Henderson explained.

    The area will provide additional seating for his patrons but will be limited to adults over the age of 21, he said. There will be a glass door and there will also be a surveillance system monitoring the area, he explained. We wanted to work with the city and the police department and work within their guidelines.

    There will be an exit only available on the patio, with customers needing to enter the area through the bar.

    We are going to make it accessible to people 21 years or older. Id love to have it opened up to anyone, but it is just not feasible at this time. It will be closely watched. There will be adult beverages that will be allowed on the patio, he explained. We will be utilize it for seating and we might utilize it for some outdoor events such as cornhole tournaments. We might use it for seating for music where they could be out there listening.

    It could be a place where customers could enjoy the weather when it is a nice day next year, the owner added.

    With the county listed as at moderate COVID-19 risk, restaurants will be limited to 50 percent of capacity, according to Henderson. Once the patio is completed, it will be adding more space for the customers.

    This spring, we will be able to start utilizing it, he said. It will also add natural lighting into the bar through the glass door, which will connect with the patio. This will increase natural lighting and I think, increase the mood.

    We are just trying to stay competitive in the market, he added. We have a good menu. We have a good product.

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    New patio to add more seating to Windy's | News | - The Bowman Extra

    New Lenox Creamery moving toward new patio, expanded parking lot – The Herald-News - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Sean Hastings


    The Creamery, located at 918 Timber Place in New Lenox, has applied for a special use permit that would allow it to expand its parking lot, reconfigure its drive-thru lane and create a new and larger patio.

    The request comes as the future widening of Laraway Road project interfering with The Creamerys current patio and drive-thru lane. It was brought forward for a first read at Mondays New Lenox village board meeting.

    Its new parking lot will extend further east into the grass area, which The Creamery currently owns, but does not utilize. The intergovernmental agreement states that the landscape buffer yard and parking lot island variances would not negatively impact the character of the area.

    The new patio is planned to be a little over 1,700 square feet and to the east side of the building. It will have a 25-inch concrete patio wall. The new patio will eliminate a parking lot island in the current parking lot, but the expansion of it keeps The Creamery up to village code.

    Before it is approved, it will have to come back to the board with a full detailed site plan.

    Were hoping that things are going well over there, Mayor Tim Baldermann said at the meeting. I always notice a pretty good line going around. I know youre certainly appreciative of people supporting you during these times. Its always nice to see businesses expand in our community.

    It will be brought back for a second read at a future village board meeting.

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    New Lenox Creamery moving toward new patio, expanded parking lot - The Herald-News

    Sheepskin blankets, open-flame heaters and $12,000: How Farmhouse Tavern winterized their patio by building a barn – Toronto Life - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Sheepskin blankets, open-flame heaters and $12,000: How Farmhouse Tavern winterized their patio by building a barn

    After eight years, Farmhouse Tavern finally has its own barn. The Junction Triangle restaurants new outdoor patiobuilt shortly after the province shut down indoor dining for a second time this yearis an appropriately rustic shelter, featuring element-blocking wood walls and a sloped roof, sheepskin throws on every seat and open-flame heaters between tables to keep diners warm. We spoke with owner Nancy Thornhill about the restaurants fast-paced barn-raising, and how she plans to keep things cozy (and delicious) throughout the cold winter months.

    In the summer, Farmhouse Taverns patio fit 27 people, but it was uncovered and unheatedmeaning the restaurant was planning to depend on seating guests inside throughout the winter. But when indoor dining was, once again, shut down on October 9, Thornhill knew she needed to winterize the patioand fast. Thornhill enlisted construction and masonry firms to build what theyre calling The Barn. They did the work for about $12,000 in just three days. The Barn can seat 27 physically distanced patronsthe same number as the original patiobut sheltered from the elements. A corrugated steel roof has yet to be built. When that happens, were going to have a barn raising, Thornhill says, but well stagger the party so we dont have too many people.

    As with many restaurants that have new, pandemic-friendly patios, Farmhouse is planning to get thematic with their winter menus, mapping out seasonally themed snacks and drinksthink mulled wine and maple syrup snow candyto get patrons into a festive mood once the snow starts to fall. One of Thornhills big ideas is raclette, the oozy Alpine dish that involves melting cheese over potatoes, charcuterie and anything else that goes well with cheese. Each table might have their own raclette grill, Thornhill says, which will actually generate even more heat to keep people warm.

    Thornhill says Farmhouse will resume indoor dining as soon as the Ontario government says they can. But shes taken taken steps to ensure the restaurant is making money even in the event of further restrictions: shes now selling pantry items such as house-made ketchup and barbecue sauce, shes turned part of the space into a small bottle shop, and theres Farmhouse-branded merch for customers to bring home with takeout orders to enhance their at-home dining experiences.

    Thornhill took over ownership of Farmhouse Tavern in July, and will celebrate her six-month anniversary in January by offering $6 menu items. Shes also partnered with Romero House, a charity down the street, to provide brunch service for two families that use Romeros services each weekendon the new patio, if they like. Theres research that shows that kids who sit together with their families for a meal once a week are more successful, she says. So I thought, well, thats simple. We can offer that.

    Farmhouse Tavern, 1627 Dupont St., 416-936-8547,

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    Sheepskin blankets, open-flame heaters and $12,000: How Farmhouse Tavern winterized their patio by building a barn - Toronto Life

    Today’s Rental was chosen for the location and back patio – PoPville - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    This rental is located at 1827 1st Street, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

    $2,600 / 2br 747ft2 Furnished 2 BD 1.5 BA in Historic Bloomingdale Rowhouse (Bloomingdale)

    This is a fully furnished, recently renovated first floor apartment in a three-unit historic Bloomingdale rowhouse. A perfect location in the heart of Bloomingdale across from The Red Hen and all of the neighborhoods restaurants, bars, bakeries, and shops. You cant beat the location. Two blocks from Crispus Attucks Park and walking distance to Shaw and NoMa Metros and the 80 and G8 bus lines.

    Great light with east-facing living space, open floorplan, hardwood floors throughout and well-maintained. Kitchen has stainless steel appliances, gas cooking, and a pantry closet. There are two bedrooms and one and a half baths. The second bedroom is furnished as a home office with large sofa. Enjoy time outside on your private balcony when relaxing or working from home.

    This apartment comes well-furnished with modern furniture, appliances, and artwork for you to move in as soon as December 1st!

    Security deposit will be equal to one months rent. Contact us to schedule a socially distanced in-person or virtual walkthrough.

    Ed. Note: PoPville is not affiliated with any Rental of the Day properties. Rent at your own risk and proceed with caution as you would with all Craigslist listings.

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    Today's Rental was chosen for the location and back patio - PoPville

    Patio Report: Alison Cook says Xochi in downtown is a thrilling adventure – Houston Chronicle - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Enmoladas with fried eggs and queso fresco at Xochi

    It all felt so normal, sitting out on the sun-dappled patio at Xochi on a recent Sunday afternoon.

    Late-season roses popped from the lushly planted esplanades edging Discovery Green, silver-tipped grasses waving in the breeze. Children skipped alongside their parents on the way to the park. The musical chink of ice cubes rang from cocktail shakers wielded by some of the best-trained servers in the city.

    The familiar staff faces were masked but recognizable, welcome crinkling at the corners of their eyes, nine months into Houstons complex dance with the pandemic and exactly a month since Xochi reopened after closing in March.

    Guests were masked, too, as they entered and moved to their tables. So were the families passing by on the sidewalks; and the parking valets on the corner of McKinney and Crawford, near one of the entrances to the downtown Marriott hotel where Xochi lives, who took my car cheerfully, even when I explained to them I didnt have any cash for a tip.

    Next time! said a guy who whizzed away on an electric scooter to marshal his forces.

    1777 Walker, 713-400-3330.

    Dinner & happy hour: 4-9 p.m. Wednesday-Thursday, 4-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday. Brunch: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday.

    With only plastic in my pocket, I hadnt come prepared. I had already scoped out a Day of the Dead brunch that morning but passed it by when I saw the throng clustered outside. Too crowded for me, even outdoors. These days, I am seeking venues where outside tables are set apart; where theres good ventilation, lots of room and a staff well versed in safety procedures.

    Xochi where I ended up on a sudden impulse filled that bill, and then some. The long, covered patio space running alongside McKinney Street had high, louvered ceilings, two rows of tables set reasonably apart, including a goodly number of two-tops for small parties. Ceiling fans churned the breezes let in on all sides.

    It felt safe, unfriendly to COVID aerosols.

    Not to mention that the setting was handsome, all dark woven chairs and tiny tabletop cacti and weatherized blinds rolled up to reveal the dazzling view. That verdant view alone could bring me here, so rare and welcome in a city where patio views often run to parking lots edged, if youre lucky, with a few plucky perimeter plantings.

    I drank in all that sun and greenery, clutching my three, count them, three disposable paper menu sheets as if they were some rare and precious copy of the Dresden Codex. Ive always felt a bit overwhelmed by all the pages one gets at a Hugo Ortega establishment. Theres the regular menu, the happy hour menu, the seasonal special event menu, holiday menu on it goes, a cavalcade of choices.

    Today, after nearly a year away from Xochi, I reveled in the options. Restaurants under chef Ortega and restaurateur Tracy Vaughts HTown group go long on service, allowing you to pick and choose a la carte from their various bills of fare, a civilized gesture. So I picked items from the brunch menu, that weekends Day of the Dead slate and their Houston Food Bank benefit $20 brunch menu.

    I even ended up with some off-the-menu escamoles, those pearly, cushionly little orbs that are the Mexican answer to caviar. They arrived with lots of painterly drama: poised on black-corn tortillas, against glossy black plates and bursts of color: marigold, purslane, watermelon radish, bright green salsa albail.

    Savoring the dish, after long months of home pantry cooking, I felt like a grownup again as if there were a world out there, full of mysteries, in which I might participate again some day.

    A world full of miracles, too, like Carlos Chino Serranos latest cocktails. Its always difficult for me to pass up Serranos exquisitely balanced and beautiful Garden of the Pit, in which Mezcal and Oaxacan gin meet elderflower and lime, tinted in a dark flush of activated charcoal and tortilla ash, capped by snowy egg white and charcoal calligraphy.

    But Serrano had an autumn surprise dreamed up, too: an as yet unnamed combo of Mezcal, cognac, Pimms, date pure and lime. Its warm ocher shade was echoed on the underside of its coupe glass by a dusting of turmeric with the Xochi name picked out in relief. I kept forgetting not to get my fingers in the turmeric, which was part of the entertainment for me, although I suspect this decorative detail may be in for retooling.

    So captivating was this cocktail that the couple seated across from me inquired about it, and they ended up ordering one, too. It was one of the little social exchanges restaurants foster that made me feel like a part of the world again, too.

    Ive been missing oysters in my seclusion, so I ordered a half-dozen of the wood-fired Ostiones al Lujo with a crackle of buttery bread crumbs and yellow mole lighting up the marine flavors, and a bed of magenta-tinted salt to set them off visually.

    I wanted greens. They arrived in the theatrical form of ensalada de calabaza, in which a smoked squash (!) dressing outlined dark lettuces, apple slivers and crescents of roasted squash, with caramelized walnuts and blue cheese for pop. Dang, it was good.

    So were my enmoladas, an elemental enchilada variant in which the tortillas were simply rolled in dusky pasilla-chile mole and folded up alongside sunnyside eggs with queso fresco, a shaved beet cornet, slabs of caramelized sweet plantain and a toasted hoja santa leaf as adornment. A simple basic idea in an elegant guise, one of the hallmarks of Ortegas cooking.

    I even got a couple of items from the Day of the Dead menu to take out for later. Most spectacular was an Angus rib-eye grilled medium-rare, sauced with Xochis stirring mole negro and escorted by a knotty pan de muerto, its sweet dough swirled with a huitlacoche glaze.

    That was the kind of brilliant idea that has always kept me eager to see what Ortega and his gifted team will dream up next.

    It made me thrilled all over again to be in Houston, on the patio of one of the citys best restaurants, and for the moment fully alive.

    Alison Cook - a two-time James Beard Award winner for restaurant criticism and an M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing award recipient - has been reviewing restaurants and surveying the dining scene for the Houston Chronicle since 2002.

    Read the rest here:
    Patio Report: Alison Cook says Xochi in downtown is a thrilling adventure - Houston Chronicle

    Beausoleil has reopened with a new look: a bright, contemporary interior and spacious patio – 225 Baton Rouge - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Beausoleil has been a Baton Rouge staple for years. New owner and local restaurateur Stephen Hightower wasnt going to let that change.

    When the restaurant closed for several months this summer and Hightower took ownership, his City Group Hospitality team quickly got to work. And when it reopened last week, diners got their first glimpse of the reimagined restaurant.

    City Group renovated the inside and expanded the patio area along the right side of the buildings exterior. They renamed the restaurant Beausoleil Coastal Cuisine and reinvented the menu to match. While many of the original beloved menu items are still served, Hightower and his team decided to focus more on seafood.

    Coastal cuisine allows you to work with a lot of food, Hightower says, from the French coast to the Italian coast to our coast.

    At the raw bar, that includes crudo, oyster shooters and a Seacuterie Board of smoked fish and fresh sashimi. Elsewhere on the menu, youll find truffle-fried oysters, a lobster roll, a fried flounder sandwich, and entrees like a hearty cioppino accented with squid ink linguine and fennel cream sauce. For the meat lovers, dont pass up the Beausoleil Burger with caramelized onion jam or the bone-in butter-cured ribeye entree with foie gras and black garlic compound butter.

    And in the spirit of its other projects like City Pork and Rouj Creole, City Group has revamped the restaurants interior with a design thats at once polished and fresh.

    We figured wed put our City Group Hospitality spin on things, Hightower says. We just wanted to give it a fresh new look.

    The first noticeable change is the spaces brightness. The rooms have been painted white to allow natural light to bounce off the walls. Chairs and booths have also been upholstered with a fresh green color to up the vibrance of the rooms.

    The most eye-catching feature, however, is the raw bar. Located to the right of the entrancewhere the restaurants original, compact bar area once wasthe colorful, airy space greets diners as soon as they arrive. It has been opened up to offer more bar seating and a glass window providing a view of the oyster prep. It offers a bit of entertainment to anyone seated at the bar, and its metallic finishes, globe pendant lights and green-tiled countertop help modernize the space.

    Local artist Ellen Ogden custom-painted much of the art in the restaurant, including a mural of pearlescent oysters and paintings inspired by Louisianas pre-pandemic festivals.

    Keeping with this theme, Cajun cooking memorabilia and decor cover the walls, including antique dinnerware and vintage-style art.

    The new patio is fenced in and offers a nice, quiet space to dine with elegant, white-tablecloth-dressed tables, wicker chairs and a large umbrella for shade.

    It was a natural move, especially with the pandemic, Hightower says of the outdoor seating. It gives people a comfortable, safe space.

    Beausoleil may have a new look, but the atmosphere of community and tradition is still the same.

    Beausoleil is at 7731 Jefferson Highway and is open Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-10 p.m.; and Sunday, 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m.

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    Beausoleil has reopened with a new look: a bright, contemporary interior and spacious patio - 225 Baton Rouge

    LAs Nate N Als And Apple Pans Don New Outdoor Seating – Eater LA - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    As indoor dining remains a restricted pastime, longtime LA restaurants Nate N Als and the Apple Pan built outdoor seating this week. These iconic spots are the latest restaurants to convert outdoor spaces for dine-in guests, a now-regular adjustment to accommodate customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

    West LAs Apple Pan converted a parking lot behind the restaurant into an outdoor dining space with 13 picnic tables and umbrellas. Customers will order at a takeout window on the side of the restaurant. Beverly Hills 75-year-old Nate n Als built a patio space with 15 tables in front of the restaurant. The patios tables are divided by barriers.

    Its especially good news for Nate N Als after its future became uncertain over the last few years. In 2018, it was rumored the family planned to sell and potentially close. A group of LA celebrities saved it. Nate N Als closed in March, then reopened in May.

    Seating at both restaurants is first come, first served with the same classic menus.

    In other news:

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    Excerpt from:
    LAs Nate N Als And Apple Pans Don New Outdoor Seating - Eater LA

    Grab some food and drinks inside Durhams Igloos on the Patio – - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Since August, local business Mike Ds BBQ, owner Michael De Los Santos (Mike D) and his wife Gloria, have been featured on the new Discovery Channel series, I QUIT. Over the course of one year,I QUITfollowed six sets of hopeful entrepreneurs as they leave their steady incomes and retirement plans behind, going all-in on their dreams of launching their own businesses. Along the way, they were mentored by three successful business leaders who have each built empires of their own Harley Finkelstein, president of Shopify, the global commerce platform powering more than 1 million businesses around the world; Debbie Sterling, CEO of the award-winning childrens multimedia company, GoldieBlox; and Tricia Clarke-Stone,entrepreneur, author, innovative marketer, and co-founder/CEO of the award-winning creative and tech agency, WP Narrative_.

    Mike Ds BBQ is an award-winning line of signature BBQ sauces and all-purpose dry rubs. The business is the result of a long process of Mike refining his sauces and rubs to meet his desired flavor and then share it with the world. In 2009, a spicy version of the sauce was entered into a competition for amateur sauce makers in North Carolina. The spicy BBQ sauce came in3rd placeoverall and 2nd in its division. Since that time, friends and family encouraged Mike to take his product from the backyard to the masses.

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    Grab some food and drinks inside Durhams Igloos on the Patio -

    COVID-19 Impact on Infrared Patio Heaters Market Projected to Deliver Greater Revenues By 2025 – Illadel Graff Supply - November 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The Infrared Patio HeatersMarket report considers the major factors accountable for driving the growth of the Infrared Patio HeatersIndustry, in addition to the key hindrances and challenges. Moreover, the Infrared Patio HeatersMarket report analyzes the industry from a 360-degree perspective. It takes into account the supply side and demand side, which allows the users to go into the minute details of the entire ecosystem of the market.

    Our analysis involves the study of the market taking into consideration the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Infrared Patio Heaters Market. Please get in touch with us to get your hands on an exhaustive coverage of the impact of the current situation on the market. Our expert team of analysts will provide as per report customized to your requirement. For more connect with us at or call toll free: +1-800-910-6452.

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    Request a Comprehensive Sample Copy of this Report@

    Major Players of the Infrared Patio Heaters Market are: , Dimplex, Cukurova, Symo Parasols, Optima Heaters, Fire Sense, Infratech, Lynx, Ambiance, Bromic, Dayva, Endless Summer, Patio Comfort, Solaira,

    Major Typesof Infrared Patio Heaterscovered are:

    Basis of ProductsWall-mounted Infrared Patio HeatersFreestanding Infrared Patio HeatersOthers

    Basis of applicationsHome UseCommercial Use

    Market Competitiveness:Owing to the huge demand for the Infrared Patio Heaters product, key players operating in the market relish on economies of scale. Due to a large number of partnerships and collaborations, the demand for the Infrared Patio Heaters product has risen at a considerable rate. However, the new entrants in the market are in an effort to increase their partnerships with the OEMs, which will result in an increased market share over the coming years. On the other hand, companies are also investing heavily in interoperability, which is expected to intensify the market competition during the forecast period.

    What are the impactful factors that are discussed in the report?

    Key Market Dynamics:The Global Infrared Patio HeatersMarket research report provides detailed forecasts on the latest market trends, development outlines, and research methodologies. Speaking about the factors that are directly influencing the market consists of the production strategies and methodologies, development platforms, and the product model itself, and even a little change within the product profile would lead to huge changes within the above-stated factors. All of these factors are discussed in detail in the research study.

    Key Growth Prospects:The report focuses on some of the major growth prospect, including new product launches, M&A, R&D, collaborations, joint ventures, agreements, partnerships, and growth of the key players functioning in the market, both in terms of regional and global scale.

    Crucial Market Highlights:The report provides a deeper analysis of some of the Infrared Patio HeatersMarket key factors, including revenue, cost, capacity utilization rate, capacity, production, production rate, consumption, import/export, supply/demand, gross, market share, CAGR, and gross margin. Further, the report puts forward a comprehensive study of the market growth factors and their latest trends, along with relevant market segments and sub-segments.

    Analytical Tools:The Global Infrared Patio HeatersMarket report includes the carefully studied and examined data of the major market participants and their market scope using a number of analytical tools. The analytical tools used to analyze data includes Porters five forces analysis, feasibility study, SWOT analysis, and investment return analysis, which have been used to assess the growth of the major manufacturers functioning in the market.

    Prospective Customers:The Infrared Patio HeatersMarket report lays down important insights to readers, service providers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, stakeholders, and individuals who are keen to evaluate and self-study this market.

    In conclusion, it incorporates the methodical description of the several factors such as the Infrared Patio Heatersmarket growth and profound knowledge about the different companys revenue, technological developments, growth, production, and the various different strategic developments.

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    COVID-19 Impact on Infrared Patio Heaters Market Projected to Deliver Greater Revenues By 2025 - Illadel Graff Supply

    31 covered patios in Toronto where you can eat outside during the fall and winter – blogTO - October 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Covered patios in Toronto have become more convenient than ever as the weather turns cold and rainy but indoor dining remains closed for the time being. Not only will you be dry on these patios, you'll also be well fed, so listen to the pitter patter of rain on the roof and be content you didn't have to break plans because of the forecast.

    Here are some covered patios open in Toronto right now.

    Tucking into the "Sunday Carb Night" or a cozy brunch on this heated and covered Yorkville patio is a great way to comfort yourself and lean into the colder weather.

    A large awning can be rolled out over this patio in the St. Clair West neighbourhood, so whether excessive sun, heat or a little rain are your problem, this taco spot has a solution.

    Stay totally safe and dry on the completely covered patio at this West Queen Westrestaurant that feels like you just stepped into a little spot in France.

    It practically feels like you're not outside at all dining on this patio with a full overhead covering, a major sense of style and some seriously delicious Italian food.

    An overhang on the back patio at this Parkdale bar keeps you from getting wet as you sample local craft beers and chow down on burgers and wings.

    This Yorkville patio has been known for years for its ability to operate throughout the four seasons, but its coverings stretching over a large rooftop space are more useful now than ever.

    Design isn't sacrificed for practicality on the roof of this Riverside hotel where a colourful patio is protected by an overhang. Sip on a cocktail and stare out at the view, even if it's a little cloudy.

    An enclosed, covered patio is moody but also safe and protected at this restaurant in Parkdale. Cocktails, wine, beer and small snacks will help to while away the time if you're waiting for the rain to stop.

    King West has this restaurant where a covered areawith twinkly lights providesthe setting for meals of French food such as oysters and house ham. Don't miss out on their wine, cocktails or brunch under the tents either.

    An airy covering feels like a vast cloud floating over this South Core restaurant's patio, where classy noshes like crab salad and scallops can be had alongside some of the city's finest cocktails.

    Head around back to find the covered patio at this Italian restaurant in Little Italy. Don't let anyone rain on your pizza and pasta party.

    An awning covers this Leslieville restaurant's patio so a little drizzle won't ruin your sophisticated meal of pasta and seafood.

    An ample covering ensures an afternoon snacking on antojitos and sipping cocktails at this Annex Mexican restaurant won't get rained out. Head here for a weatherproof brunch as well.

    A covering that surrounds the patio at this bar on Bloor near Royal York provides protection for tons of guests. If you're looking for a classic sports bar vibe and shelter, head here.

    This steakhouse at Casa Loma is still open for outdoor dining with a large transparent structure that protects guests from the elements while still allowing a view of the magical surroundings. You won't have to raincheck any big occasions planned here.

    A covered area runs alongside this restaurant on the Harbourfront, so you can get a good view of the water, chow down on pizza and stay clear of any bad weather all at the same time.

    Yorkville's go-to rooftop patio has a great deal of space plusretractable coverings so they can keep the party going rain or shine.

    A covered patio at this Riverside brunch spot is the perfect place to fill up on some quiche and baguette while staying dry when the forecast is less than perfect.

    Part of the back patio at this Riverside bar and restaurant is covered so you can keep sampling their extensive range of beers to your heart's content, even if it starts raining.

    A barn-like atmosphere is created out on the covered patio at this Parkdale bar. Their red braised pork belly noodles are super comforting too should you need extra warming up.

    The covered patio at this popular tapas bar is a Little Italy classic. It's typically standing room only, but it's worth it for the amazing pintxos and cocktails.

    Billing its patio as the coziest in Toronto, this place on Niagara just south of King West serves brunch and pub food to comfort the soul.

    Kombucha spritzes on the prettycovered patio full of airy design touches at this location of one of Toronto's most popular vegan restaurants are the best way to deal with summer ending.

    This is one of Toronto's most well-known patios, situated outside an old schoolrestaurantin Little Italy. They've got you covered withfully protected outdoor dining from morning to night.

    A tent set up on the rooftop of this Italian spot on Dundas West offers full shelter from the elements so you can stay dry and above it all while dining on pasta and seafood.

    A huge tent at this CityPlace brunch spot is keeping their signature technicolour party vibes going from brunch until nighttime.

    If jerk chicken and wine under a tent strung with twinkly lights sounds like your idea of a good time, head to this restaurant on King West where the patio has all that and more.

    Tents outside this Little Italy restaurant keep guests and their pasta, pizza and desserts dry.

    Large areas are covered at this bar in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood where they serve comfort food like chicken pot pie alongside their very own beer.

    Head to the back of this Dundas West restaurant and you'll find a glam covered patio with a menu of pasta and a wine list that will have you forgetting all about any stormy weather.

    A large awning protects this Bloor West Village side patio with charming chalkboard menus, patio heaters keep it warm and pasta keeps your belly full.

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    31 covered patios in Toronto where you can eat outside during the fall and winter - blogTO

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