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    35+ Clever Use of Attic Room Design and Remodel Ideas - September 16, 2019 by admin

    Attic is often illustrated as a scary place thats often inhabited by ghosts. Its time to replace such a terrible concept with fascinating ideas of attic room designs.

    On the opposite of horror movies, attic rooms are usually decorated with eye-pleasing interiors. Thats why the idea is infinite.

    Some people use the attic rooms for storage, while some other prefer to use it for a spare room, or a room for their kids to play.

    In short, you can transform an attic room into anything based on your needs. It can even be an escape room!

    Here, weve provided a list of attic room design ideas that might inspire you. Were going to start with a few things that you should know before jumping into the ideas.

    Here we go!

    Fun Fact:

    In the past, attic rooms were thought about for less important area. More just recently, with the application of brand-new understanding and products, much better quality building of the attic is supplied, and issues of seclusion are fixed.

    You can transform an attic room into any kind of room that you like. To do so, there are simple step-by-step moves that you need to know. Lets have a look!

    The size of an attic room is precisely the length of the home. For an activity room, this size is too muchunless you want to build a private bowling area up there.

    Therefore, the first step is to measure correctly the size of the room, so you can determine where you install dividers and how big the intended room is.

    The most significant characteristic of an attic room is the inclined ceiling. Dont make it look outdated or boring!

    You can easily transform it with a modern or unique style, such as installing rustic beams. This will create a significant difference!

    Light is more than just a fixture. In many cases, it changes atmosphere too. You can be as creative as possible by using lighting to make the room more interesting.

    To complete the look, paint the wall with light and bright color too, such as white or burgundy.

    An attic room is commonly built with a window dormer. To make the atmosphere lively, arrange the position of the bed to the opposite direction of the dormer.

    This way, youll obtain a magnificent view of the sky.

    Now that youve known how to make an attic room more inviting, these are over 20 creative ideas of attic room design that might catch your attention.

    Each of these ideas has its own characteristics. Some of them are calming, while others are vibrant, and such effect depends on the paint, decoration and furniture.

    To help you realize your wild imagination, here is the list of attic room designs:

    As you know, the size of an attic room is the length of the house, so it is quite large. Because of that, you can transform the entire space into a home theater.

    This is a brilliant idea, especially when the ceiling has a rectangle shape. You can even decorate the room with movie posters to create a movie theater atmosphere.

    Although, most of the time, an attic room can be huge, some houses only provide a small attic space. Dont be worried for this can be solved.

    Pick a light color that has a bright hue, such as white or burgundy. To make the space looks even bigger, go with white tiles.

    This bright atmosphere has to be accompanied with vibrant colored furniture, such as yellow stripes carpet, turquoise sofa, and colorful pillows.

    An attic room can be transformed into a reading room, because it provides distance from anything that occurs downstairswhich is anything that every book-nerd ever wants.

    Paint the walls with a relaxing tone, such as grey. Decorate the walls with framed paintings that trigger your imaginations. The last step is to fill the room with unique furniture.

    Transform an empty attic room into a sanctuary of book lovers. The shelves can be built-in or not depending on your taste.

    Meanwhile, the reading area can be a comfortable sofa with a lighting stand next to it, or, such as this one, a comfy bed with a view placed in between the shelves.

    To make the room appears even bigger, use white as the dominant color and complement it with dark hardwood floors.

    Decorate the ceiling with rustic beams to be a little artsy. Then, use unique wallpaper on the end-wall.

    The position of the twin beds is not facing the dormer; instead, they face the stairs to see who is coming upstairs. The dormer can be a natural alarm to wake your twins!

    To enhance the warmth in the room, use nice pine wood floors.

    A master bedroom usually takes the biggest room of the house. That is why some people choose to utilize the huge space in the attic to become a master suite, and this is one of the examples.

    The ceiling is nicely decorated with beams. Also, the wall has unique texture that gives the room a distinct characteristic.

    The use of green, white and burgundy is in the right place that this idea becomes suitable for those who want a natural atmosphere inside of the room.

    If the space of your attic room is small, you should go with simple design as well. This idea allows you to make the simplicity stands out.

    To fit in to the room, buy bed mattress that matches with the curtain. Then, use nice and polished hardwood floors to add the level of comfort.

    A family gathering is filled with warm cuddle and intimate family bond. If your family wants an escape room where everyone can be together during the cold season, then the attic room can be transformed into a warm living room with a fireplace.

    Use autumn color and colors in the shade of light brown to make the gathering more intimate.

    If youre planning to remodel the attic room, so your teen daughters can hang out with her friends, this might be the best idea for you.

    First, let the walls and the ceiling have similar color, which is a light and a bright shade like white.

    Then, choose feminine lighting fixture and mirror decorations. Also, adopt the U-shaped sofa with various colors, such as pink, orange, green, purple, and blue to create a youthful atmosphere.

    If you want to add a distinct characteristic, go with a chess-pattern carpet in a purple color.

    Living in a simple cottage in a small village brings peace to some people. If youre one of those people, but you dont want to stay in a remote area, this can be a great alternative.

    Transform the room using rustic beams ceiling and rural tiles floors. To enhance the style, only use wood chair, wood frame on the built-in drawers and traditional basket as well as the foot table at the end of the bed.

    How cute is the teddy bear?

    This is suitable for you who love reading. The reading corner is a small gap between two storage. There are two additional lawn chairs for when others want to join, and decorations of fake animals heads to add a sense of art.

    The wall is painted with light blue, while the rest is painted with a bright white. Those are great choices of colors to make the room appear bigger as well as clean and hygienic.

    An attic room is a bonus to the house. Here, you can transform the space into almost anything you want, including a music room.

    In fact, its a perfect place for an acoustic performance.

    Go with a clean concept. To do this, use white color for the walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, give the room another pop of color, such as the natural wood color from the floors, and the hot red of the sofa.

    If you have a new member in the family, but theres not enough room in master bedroom for the crib, transform the attic into a nursery room.

    The style can be adjusted to the gender of your baby. This one seems to be for a boy, because the end wall is painted with a blue-ish color. Theres also a painting of a young boy reading a book.

    Not every attic is huge. This one has a limited space, but it shouldnt bother you. A small space is not a boundary for a creative mind like yours.

    Dont forget! The key to make a room bigger lies on the color. Here, white is used to paint the wall up to the ceiling.

    There are a couple of furniture that are also in white, such as the nightstand and the bedding. Then, to create a depth to the room, use navy blue on the floor.

    Dont you feel like youre floating on the ocean?

    One thing thats very noticeable from this idea is the slopped ceiling. It goes all the way up to the top of the house. The huge, sturdy beam seems to hold the ceilings together.

    The racks and the window frame create an industrial vibe; however the ambience from the lighting makes you feel like youre out there camping.

    Do you want to feel like youre in the Four Seasons?

    This attic room has been successfully transformed into a luxurious gateway. Not only that it has an extremely cozy bedroom, but it has a luxurious bathroom thats completed with an expensive spa spot.

    The lux can be seen from the features, such as granite vanity top with double sinks, see-through shower and bathtub glass doors, skylight view through the dormer, and the choice of the tiles.

    Here, youll feel like youre in heaven!

    An attic bathroom is always a good idea, because you can relax in a tub and enjoy the view from up there. Especially, when the sun sets, the sky will look amazing.

    However, to transform an attic room into a bathroom may cost you a lot of money, because you have to rearrange the plumbing and everything else. Not to mention that you have to be careful with water damaging the floor as well.

    All and all, this idea can turn into a billion dollar idea if you execute it well! This looks like a paradise too.

    This design can be applied to an attic room with large dormers. For example, this room has a huge dormer thats located below a pair of large windows.

    That is why chandelier isnt needed here, because you can take advantage of all of the natural light from the sun.

    Here, the dormer becomes the most important element of the room, because it provides enough light to make the room bigger. As well as the choice of color of the wall, ceiling and the furniture adds to the openness.

    Dont let your attic room goes to waste!

    Remodel the attic into a functional room. A large room can be reused as a place for several young childrens bedrooms.

    This may be a great idea for orphans or an extra room for when your child has his or her friends over. Looking at the interior, the wood beams and the flooring give the room a countryside feel.

    If youre looking for extra income, transform your ghosted attic room into a mini house.

    Here, you can build a bedroom at the end of the hall, then, a bathroom in the middle thats in the opposite of what seems to be the storage.

    The rest can be used as the living room and probably kitchen in the back-end. When everythings done, you can definitely rent the remodeled attic room!

    Sometimes, its hard to take your kids to bed. Its a different case when their bedroom looks like this one!

    Remodel the attic room into an innovative bedroom for children. This design allows you to have unique bunk bed for them. The stair is even multi-functional.

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    35+ Clever Use of Attic Room Design and Remodel Ideas

    Turning Your Attic Into A Usable Space | MyInteriorDecorator - March 16, 2019 by admin

    Have you ever wondered whether or not your attic could be used for storage? If so, you may want to take a look at this article, which offers advice on turning your attic into a usable space. The attic, though often used for storage, is typically one of the most underused rooms in a home. But it doesnt have to be that way. Attics can be turned into bedrooms, game rooms, home offices, and much more. Before You Get Started Before you get started, you first need to plan out what you want to use the space for. This will help you to determine whether or not your attic will be able to accommodate your idea. You will also need to make sure that your anticipated remodeling project is in line with local building codes. For example, most local codes require the height of the room to be 7 1/2 feet over 50 percent of the living area. If the highest point in your attic measures five feet, you may have a problem. Special Considerations There are a lot of specific things you will need to keep in mind when planning and completing your attic remodel. Some of these special considerations include:

    Get Creative Once you have made sure that your idea will comply with local building codes, and you have thought about all of the special considerations that go along with attic remodeling, you are only limited by your creativity. Your attic can be turned into almost anything imaginable, and if done right, may even become one of the most used spaces in your home see here now.

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    Turning Your Attic Into A Usable Space | MyInteriorDecorator

    Cost to Insulate an Attic – Estimates and Prices at Fixr - February 9, 2019 by admin

    How much does it cost to insulate an attic?

    Insulation is a material used to prevent heat loss or heat gain. It effectively creates a barrier between two spaces to control temperature variances. Homes contain insulation that is made from either spun glass (fiberglass1) or rock substances that have been heated and spun into fine, hair-like material (rock wool) and a binding agent is used to hold these materials together. Some homes may also have insulation boards or spray foam as an insulate.

    A properly insulated home and attic can save 10 to 50 percent off your homes power bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Heat rises in a home, and without attic insulation, it quickly escapes through the homes roof. Insulation prevents heat and cooling loss in the home, so with attic insulation, your home will feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    An average-size attic of 1,200 square feet will usually cost about $1,700-$2,000 for blown-in cellulose or fiberglass.

    Ideally, prior to insulating your attic, you should have an energy audit to determine where your home may be losing energy. Many energy companies offer this service. It will help you determine what type of insulation is best for your home. An energy audit will typically cost around $150.

    When picking insulations, you will want to consider cost as well as ease of installation and how well the insulation will reach all the areas in your attic. d

    Nowadays, blown-in cellulose or fiberglass1 remain almost identical in price. However, prices are constantly changing. Fifteen years ago, fiberglass cost twice as much as cellulose. Rolled fiberglass or rock wool insulation, known as batt, is the least expensive form of insulation. Spray foam and foam board are the most expensive forms of insulation and are rarely used for attic space because of the higher cost.

    Many things can cause the price of attic insulation installation to vary, such as the size of the overall attic, the amount of existing insulation, and the number of ventilation fans in the homes roof. If there is existing insulation it will often need to be removed before applying new. Insulation will need to be installed around vent fan openings. Overall, the complexity of the project is a factor in the final cost.

    There are several indicators that you need insulation in your attic:

    There are numerous types of insulation to consider when insulating your attic. You should talk to your insulation installation company to determine which type of insulation best fits your attics needs.

    Loose fill, also called


    R-20: $0.65-$0.80 per sq.ft.

    R-31: $.85-$1.10 per sq.ft.

    R-42: $1.25-$1.45 per sq.ft.

    Environmentally friendly

    Made of fiberglass, cellulose, or mineral wool

    Must install soffit2 venting

    Must thoroughly air seal the attic

    Grows mold easily in humid climates or if it becomes wet

    Must be professionally installed

    Spray foam

    Open cell: $0.44-$0.65 per sq. ft.

    Closed cell: $0.70-$1.00 per square ft.

    Twice as insulative than other forms of insulation

    Normally only used in small areas

    Not suitable for an entire attic

    Rigid foam or foam board

    -inch thick: $0.28-$0.38 per sq.ft.

    1-inch thick: $0.60-$0.80 per sq.ft.

    Usually has a much higher R-value (see below) than other insulation forms of the same thickness

    Rigid foam cannot be used to insulate existing walls

    Blanket batts and rolls

    R-11: $0.12-$0.16 per sq.ft.

    R-13: $0.15-$0.20 per sq.ft.

    R-19: $0.27-$0.34 per sq.ft.

    R-25: $0.37-$0.45 per sq.ft.

    R-30: $0.39-$0.47 per sq.ft.

    R-38: $0.55-$0.60 per sq.ft.

    Easy to install

    Fiberglass blankets and batts only have an R-value of R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inch of thickness

    Need to add 10-12 inches of insulation to obtain enough insulation for an attic

    Takes up a great deal of room

    Certain types of insulation work best in various areas of your home. To determine which type of insulation you should use in your attic, you should talk with your attic insulation company.


    Attic because it can be blown into all areas of the attic - the floor, walls, roof, and around joists.

    It is wonderful for a finished attic because it can be blown in under flooring and behind walls without needing to tear out any areas of the attic.

    Blankets, batts, and rolls

    Walls, floor, and roof of the attic.

    Spray Foam

    Attics walls, floor, and roof.

    It is especially beneficial when used to fill in gaps around vent fans, skylights, and plumbing fixtures.

    Foam Board


    It is rarely used on the floors or roof of the attic.

    R-value explains the resistance to heat flow through a certain thickness of the material. The higher the R-value, the greater the heat flow resistance and the better the insulation. The thicker the insulation, the great the R-value. Many people mistakenly believe that doubling the insulation will provide a double R-value. However, insulation must be the correct thickness and installed properly to gain the greatest R-value.

    Batts or rolls

    R-11, 3-inch thick

    R-13, 3-inch thick

    R-19, 6-inch thick

    R-25, 8-inch thick

    R-30, 9-inch thick

    R-38, 12-inch thick

    R-11: $0.12-$0.16 per sq.ft.

    R-13: $0.15-$0.20 per sq.ft.

    R-19: $0.27-$0.34 per sq.ft.

    R-25: $0.37-$0.45 per sq.ft.

    R-30: $0.39-$0.47 per sq.ft.

    R-38: $0.55-$0.60 per sq.ft.


    R-20, 6 inches deep

    R-31, 9 inches deep

    R-42, 12 inches deep

    R-20: $0.65-$0.80 per sq.ft.

    R-31: $.85-$1.10 per sq.ft.

    R-42: $1.25-$1.45 per sq.ft.

    Foam board

    R-3, -inch thick

    R-7.5, 1-inch thick

    R-6, 1-inch thick

    R-16, 4-inch thick

    -inch thick: $0.28-$0.38 per sq.ft.

    1--inch thick: $0.60-$0.80 per sq.ft.

    Spray foam

    R-22.4, 3-inch thick

    R-38.4, 6-inch thick

    R-57.6, 9-inch thick

    R-76.8, 12-inch thick

    Open cell: $0.44-$0.65 per board foot

    Closed cell: $0.70-$1.00 per board foot

    Years ago it was recommended that a vapor barrier3 be installed to keep water and air from penetrating the attic. However, current standards are to no longer use a vapor barrier that forms a barrier between the insulation and the drywall4 of the ceiling because it can actually trap moisture and create mold growth.

    Many people mistakenly believe that simply laying or spraying insulation into an attic onto the floors and ceilings will suffice to insulate the space. However, there are other parts of an attic that require insulation. Most attics have pipes that run through them. Insulating warm water pipes in the attic will keep the water warmer and also conserve energy. All wiring inlets/outlets, chimney rim space, and exhaust fans will also require insulation with a material such as spray foam. The walls, floor, ceiling, and rafters will all need insulation. If there are any air leaks around windows, pipes, wires, fans ducts, light fixtures, flooring, or the chimney then they will need to be insulated. For such difficult areas, many insulation installers opt to use spray foam to fill in any leaks or gaps.

    Attics that have adequate space are often used for storage. It is advised that you lay insulation on the attic floor and then lay storage decking over the surface expanse of the insulation. This provides a firm planking to store items while protecting the installed insulation.

    Labor and installation should be done by a licensed contractor. Most licensed insulation companies charge about $0.95 per foot for labor. This price does not include materials.

    There are numerous types of insulation that require different methods of installation:

    A finished attic is more difficult to insulate because there is usually flooring and sheetrock4 in place. The insulation must be placed under the flooring and behind the sheetrock. One of the easiest methods is to use blown-in insulation between the walls and the ceiling. Using blown-in insulation requires less tear out and rebuild and will effectively reach the rafters and wall joists coating them in a covering of insulation.

    Many older attics are under-insulated and require additional insulation. Remember that the greatest R-value is obtained by adding extra inches of insulation. R-value can be doubled just by adding extra insulation on top of existing insulation. Adding additional insulation only works if there is enough space to accommodate the extra insulation. However, some insulation companies will require that the old insulation be removed and a new, higher R-value insulation added.

    Insulating and finishing an attic can easily turn the space into additional air-conditioned/heated living space. The insulation is laid in the floor space, wall spaces, and ceiling of the attic. The insulation is then covered with wood and sheetrock to create a finished living area. Heating and air conditioning ducts can also be run into the attic space to create a climate-controlled space.

    Soundproofing eliminates any noise from inside the house reaching the outside and also prevents outdoor noise from reaching the homes interior. Usually, a 1,000 sq.ft. space costs $8,000-$12,000 to soundproof.

    Mold is an invasive fungus that can become a problem in your attic if moisture is present. Mold remediation services often need to be undertaken before an attic space can be insulated. Mold remediation usually costs from $2,000-$6,000.

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    Cost to Insulate an Attic - Estimates and Prices at Fixr

    SW Home Remodeling – Los Angeles Home Remodeling - September 23, 2018 by admin

    What makes us unique? Your remodel from design phase to completion, is personally managed by CSLB licensed engineer, developer and remodeler of Los Angeles, Joe Grimberg. This way, there are no miscommunications, because there are no middle men.With us, its personal. From the very beginning, when you schedule your FREE in home estimate, through the design phase to the beautiful completion of your remodel,personally manages each step smoothly.

    CSLB engineer and contractor, Joe Grimberg provideseach client a written itemized schedule for all stages of your remodel, from the start to the completion. So you know exactly what to expect next.

    SPRING 2018 SAVINGSFREE Seamless Rain Gutters w/Complete Roofing job |FREE Dishwasher w/complete Kitchen Remodel (Ends October 1st, 2018)

    Your one-stop solution in the ENTIRE PROCESS of home renovation and remodeling:

    Unlike other companies who send an unlicensed employee "salesman" to sell the job, and then once the job is sold, your project is handed over to another unlicensed employee in the company called a "runner" to manage the job. This usually leads to mishaps in the remodel. Over the years, we have many clients come to us in this situation. We are happy to help them out of this remodeling disaster, and complete their remodel up to code, and in top condition. Our hope is that homeowners do their research beforehand, and make the right choice the first time.

    State Wide Construction and Remodeling is a well established, fully licensed home improvement company with the following licenses with the CSLB (Contractors' State License Board).

    Originally posted here:
    SW Home Remodeling - Los Angeles Home Remodeling

    5 Best Attic Remodeling & Conversion Contractors in Newark NJ - September 18, 2018 by admin

    Recent Requests for Attic Remodeling & Conversion Contractors in Newark, New Jersey:

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07104

    Date: 08/2018

    Nature of project: Reconfigure the current floor plan

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Less than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Comment: Demo existing attic staircase. Build new staircase with landing and connect to 2nd floor apartment.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07105

    Date: 05/2018

    Nature of project: Remodel / update the entire home

    Rooms to be Remodeled: Kitchen, Bathroom(s), Bedroom(s), Laundry room, Living room, Dining room, Family room

    Design Preparation: Professional drawings (complete set of plans)

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: More than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: is a 2 family home, 1st floor is rented, i live on 2nd floor, i want to do a dormer on the attic, and remold the entire 2nd floor, change the lay out of the house, i already have a architect t working on plans, but i will need a estimate how much cost to do, i plan to renew the 2nd floor first, and after that do the 1st floor....

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07108

    Date: 03/2018

    Nature of project: Remodel as part of home addition

    Design Preparation: Professional drawings (complete set of plans)

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: More than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: I don't want a handy man. I have a small attic that needs finished for a kid room/Playroom, I want to keep the insulation on unfinished floors. Need steps and plywood on floors and electric in the attic. Need a dependable contractor.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07108

    Date: 03/2018

    Select the room(s) that will be part of your remodel.: Other

    Design Preparation: None

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: I want to make the attic 2 bedrooms, seating area and 3 piece bathroom

    Project Location: NEWARK, NJ 07104

    Date: 04/2017

    Comment: Attic needs new insulation and floor boards.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07106

    Date: 08/2016

    Nature of project: Remodel / update a few rooms

    Rooms to be Remodeled: Other

    Design Preparation: None

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: Less than 2 months

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Historical Work: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: fire house - electrical fire in attic, smoke damage - attic & roof - clean up & repair floors & roof

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07104

    Date: 04/2016

    Comment: We would like to raise the roof to add ceiling height in the attic and finish the attic as an addition. 3 story 3 family home. Want to connect the attic to the 3rd floor for added living space.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07112

    Date: 03/2016

    Comment: I need an estimate for remodeling and adding an addition off the roof 2 story home with attic, will need plumbing electric and heat run as well.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07103

    Date: 05/2015

    Comment: I need an estimate for remodeling an attic to a bedroom

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07106

    Date: 02/2015

    Comment: Old 2 story 4 bed 2 bath 2000 sq ft home + attic + basement Needs new kitchen (cabinets, appliances, etc.) News bathroom remodel (2 bathrooms) (cabinets and toilets and tile work) Needs new flooring. (entire home) New doors. New heating unit. Plumbing and electricity work. Painting. Minor sheet rock work (if neccessary) Just looking for a ballpark estimate on this project. Then I will invite contractors to view property for a more accurate estimate.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07103

    Date: 06/2008

    Comment: I need estimates on having my attic remodeled into a bedroom, there is nothing up there now.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07106

    Date: 10/2007

    Comment: I would like to see if its possible to raise the attic roof and remodel the attic to I can make it a taller and bigger overall room.

    Project Location: Newark, NJ 07112

    Date: 07/2007

    Comment: This 4 bath house needs a lot of remodeling. We are currently under contract for a home that needs to be rehabed. We need help with the remodeling of the kitchen, bathrooms, master suite & the attic (complete home remodel). I believe that we need blue prints for this and the advice of a professional. We want to knock out a wall and open up the master bedroom. The house has been partially gutted. We are closing on this house late July. House has been vacant - I can show you.

    See the original post here:
    5 Best Attic Remodeling & Conversion Contractors in Newark NJ

    Cost of Attic Remodeling – Estimates and Prices Paid - August 11, 2018 by admin

    Remodeling an unfinished attic or attic conversion can provide much-needed storage or living space, but the project usually requires extensive changes, such as reinforcing the attic joists to bear weight, and adding insulation, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, stairs and other features as needed in a particular home. Typical costs:

    i have made a room but not very happy with it

    built a stair case to a part of the attic on a split level home. Framed and put up drywall to finish a 300sqft area. Did the framing myself hired someone to do the drywall, electrical and hardwood flooring. Lots of storage. Still trying to figure out how to decorate -where can i look for attic bedroom ideas? Got an estimate from cost estimating for about $10,000 so i think i got a good deal. I think my house probably appreciated $20k due to finishing my attic so all in all a good investment - better than a CD.

    More here:
    Cost of Attic Remodeling - Estimates and Prices Paid

    Remodeling Cost Calculator – - July 28, 2018 by admin

    Home Remodel Cost Calculator estimates the most popular remodeling projects: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows, Siding, Roofing, Flooring, New Heating, etc.

    Simply enter your project below, and get an instant price quote. You can estimate multiple projects at once!

    Select Project

    Bathroom Kitchen Countertops Flooring Replacement Windows Roofing Siding Painting

    Counter Material

    Granite Quartz Corian / Silestone Laminate Wood Stainless Steel / Copper ECO (Recycled)

    Windows Type

    Basic Vinyl Windows Premium Vinyl Windows Wood Windows Fiberglass Windows Aluminum Windows



    Flooring Material

    Hardwoods Laminate Flooring Carpets Hardwood Refinishing

    Painting Job Type

    Interior Painting Exterior Painting

    Surface Repairs

    None Minimal Medium Extensive

    Siding Material

    Vinyl Siding Wood Siding Hardie Siding

    Remove Old Siding

    Remove Vinyl Remove Wood None

    Roofing Material

    Asphalt Roof Metal Roof Flat Roof

    Roof Tear-off

    1 Layer 2 Layers None

    Materials Quality

    Basic Mid-Range High-End Luxury

    Project Type

    New Construction Remodel Existing


    No Demolition Partial Demolition Full Demo

    US Region

    National Average New England Mid-Atlantic South Atlantic East S. Central West S. Central East N. Central West N. Central Mountain Pacific

    Bathroom: - select the remodel "quality" you want to do - Low End (typically in a rental property), Mid-Range (most homes), and High End (luxury properties).

    Low End and Mid Range presume the bathroom size is around 5x8 feet, with a new tub, vanity sink and cabinets, new toilet, tile floors and shower / bath-tub enclosure, and wall-paper on the walls.

    High-End presumes a 10x10 luxury bathroom, with a modern corner shower, whirlpool Jacuzzi tub, marble vanity sink, and tile on floors and walls.

    Kitchen: Select Low End, Mid Range (most homes) or High End - luxury kitchen remodel. This includes ripping out existing kitchen cabinets and appliances, installing new cabinets, laminated counter tops (granite counters for High End), stainless steel double sink with new faucets, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator, as well as new tile flooring.

    New Flooring: Enter total square footage of flooring to be installed and choose the material - Laminate, Carpets, Tile or Hardwoods (standard quality level). Optionally, you can select Hardwood refinishing, which includes stripping existing hardwoods, and applying two coats of Urethane or Water-Based stain / clear coat. Estimate DOES NOT include removing the old material.

    Replacement Windows: Enter the number of new windows to be installed and select the material - Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass or Aluminum. Prices include Low-E / Argon gas, insulation around the frame and re-installing existing stops (inside trim). For vinyl windows, prices are calculated for mid-range quality, which includes welded frame and sashes.

    New Siding: Select your material: Vinyl, Wood, Hardie/Fiber Cement. Enter the size of your house exterior walls (approximate amount) as sq. footage for new installation. To calculate the size of your siding job, take ground measurements of your home, add each side together, multiply by 2, and multiply by wall height (typically 9.5 ft. per level) and multiply by 1.05 if you have gable ends.

    1: (46 + 28) * 2 = 1482: 148 * 9.5 * 1.05 = 1476.3 sq. ft. of new siding.

    For more accurate pricing, select whether your project is "New Construction" or "Renovation".

    Finally, you can add Demolition work to the cost estimate.

    Connect with local pros and get no-obligation, free estimates for any exterior or interior remodel.

    Excerpt from:
    Remodeling Cost Calculator -

    Fairfax Virginia Attic Remodeling: A Contractor Speaks Out - July 27, 2018 by admin

    Many homes in Fairfax County, as well as in the city of Fairfax, have attics. However, they are for the most part old, cramped, and unusable. Now imagine turning all that wasted attic space into living space! You would immediately increase the value of your home by a very large amount, which is great, but better still you will also have a much greater space in which to live!

    As an attic addition contractor, Fairfax, VA, Elite Contractors Services has undertaken many such attic conversions to the delight of the homeowners who now have a very large additional room and space that can be used for a variety of purposes. Increasing the value of your home is wonderful, but only really has any benefit when you come to sell. The immediate benefit of using an attic addition contractor, Fairfax, VA, is that you can use the room as a home office, a guest room, an extra living room, a games room (some people rush out and buy a pool table), a hobbies room, a music room, or just a place to get away from the kids when you need a break! Whatever floats your boat, as the saying goes.

    There are a few things to take into consideration when thinking about an attic conversion. For instance, what about the headroom? Most attics have sloping roofs, so you may want to raise the height of the ceiling. Ensuring that the attic floor is strong enough to handle the extra traffic is of vital importance. In addition, if you do want to install a pool table, or even a snooker table, you are going to add a considerable amount of weight. It may also be necessary to add an additional staircase from the lower floor or install an extra doorway. All of these things need to be thought about when considering an attic addition.

    What about windows? Gable windows are the least expensive, but for a charming addition to your home you could consider installing dormer windows. Depending on the way your home faces, you might also consider a wide expanse of windows or even skylights turning your attic into a room where you can sunbathe whatever the weather. You could also include a balcony where you can sit outside with a cool drink while the sun goes down.

    As an attic addition contractor, Fairfax, VA, we have many great ideas for turning your attic into useable space, and at the same time we have the know-how to ensure that we deal with all the practicalities of the remodeling. Call us in for a completely free survey of your attic and to brainstorm your ideas with us. Oh, in case youre wondering, were also considered one of the top home remodeling contractors in Fairfax as we do much more than just attics!

    Read more from the original source:
    Fairfax Virginia Attic Remodeling: A Contractor Speaks Out

    Midtown Home Improvements – Home Remodeling - July 9, 2018 by admin

    Since 1990, Midtown Home Improvements has been your local, family-owned and -operated home remodeling company, offering everything from roof replacement to window installation to kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. We are proud to service customers throughout the greater St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas. As an industry leader in home improvement, we have received numerous recognitions for our work. We know that our customers are the reason that were in business, and we strive to exceed their expectations every time. We have 40 full-time and 30 part-time employees, which means that we can take on any size job, no matter how big or small.

    Midtown Home Improvements is proud to be a local, family-owned and -operated home remodeling company serving residents throughout the Greater St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas. With nearly 30 years of experience in the remodeling business, we can help you achieve all your home improvement dreams whether its a siding, deck, roofing or windows project.

    We have been recognized by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as one of the top places to work, and we have been consistently recognized by Qualified Remodeler magazine as one of the countrys Top 500 Remodelers. Customers select us for their remodeling projects because we offer true value for your money, and we provide excellent customer service. We are an industry leader because we seek to exceed our customers expectations in all areas, including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitude.

    We know there are a lot of contractors around, but only a few that you can truly trust. At Midtown Home Improvements, were proud to continually be the general contractor to whom our customers turn. We offer home remodeling services, including the following:

    We only install high-quality materials and work hard to ensure that your desired design becomes a reality. We are proud to serve residents throughout St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson County and the Greater Kansas City area in Missouri, along with Southwest Illinois.

    Are you ready to get your home improvement project started? We are dedicated to ensuring that your project is a success. Fill out our online form, or call us at (636) 379-8889 in OFallon, MO, or at (816) 246-8589 in Lees Summit, MO. We are excited to learn about your project and discover how we can make your vision a reality.

    Go here to see the original:
    Midtown Home Improvements - Home Remodeling

    Attic Renovation & Improvement in Hackensack NJ - June 30, 2018 by admin

    If you are interested in an attic remodeling estimate and want to prepare your budget for an attic renovation cost we are ready to guide and advise you regarding your home attic renovation project as we are highly experienced and have the team and resources to complete your project at a low cost and in a fairly short time frame.

    Below are two pictures of one of the attics that we updated recently. This attic is in a home that is almost 100 years old and was used as storage for a lot of junk and we converted it beautifully within a couple of weeks from an ugly old attic to a beautiful master bedroom unit, including a bedroom space with a small living room area, a bathroom with a shower and another area that the homeowner uses as a small office area with his computer. All of this additional space added at least 1200 square feet of usage that also increased the property value by at least 20%.

    You need to have the right contractor to complete an attic renovation as there are usually a lot of limitations as far as space, the height of the ceiling, the light, plumbing issues, electrical additions and heating and cooling systems that all need to be modified and considered specifically for the attics condition as you need to consider the height of the ceiling, the temperature and humidity in the attic, the light. In this particular case, we added six skylights which created sunlight all day long to the attic all day long and saved electricity during the day.

    Attic work usually requires a permit and depending on the work to be done and how far you want to go with remodeling and costs, different permits need to be issued and we are ready to guide you and discuss the necessary steps in order to file a permit and to apply for one until completion and getting the final approval.

    If you are planning to convert your attic into another extra unit that you may be able to rent, you might want to check with your local town or with your zoning officer first to see if it is permitted to use it as a separate unit or if it can only be done as adding additional living space to your existing home or apartment.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions and we would be happy to help you complete your attic renovation project successfully.

    Attic Renovation & Improvement in Hackensack NJ

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