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    Clean Air Houston Pro Retains Its Position as the Top Professional Cleaners in Houston – Valdosta Daily Times - November 25, 2019 by admin

    HOUSTON - November 25, 2019 - ( )

    Clean Air Houston Pro stands out as one of the best professional cleaners in the whole of the Houston region, owing to the high-quality services it is known to provide. With a host of offerings at the disposal of the store, the cleaners ensure they are updated about the latest technical know-how to incorporate the same, and stand ahead of the rest of their counterparts. The owners attended a recent press conference to announce that the Houstonair duct cleaning business has gradually moved up the ranks since its humble inception.

    With time, the Houston air duct cleaningbusiness expanded and shaped up as one of the major dryer vent cleaning units that looked into residential and commercial requirements. The services dispensed here happen round the clock. Upon seeing the wide-ranging work over the years and increasing number of customers making a beeline for the same, the company hence decided to operate on a 24/7 basis. In addition to the availability factor, we also resort to the latest equipment, so as to clean in the most specialized manner, said Ben Shalom, the executive head of the R&D team at Clean Air Houston Pro.

    Considering the requirement of having a clean environment for a sustainable living, the air duct cleaning company ownersfrom Houston TX do everything possible to providesupport to customers around the globe. Just because we provide services everywhere, we do not charge heftily. The rates are affordable and apply as per the type of professional cleaning that is derived from us, assured the executive member.

    In a meeting held recently with Ben Shalom, he said, Our motto is to see that the lungs are clean and the AC or HVAC systems customers use are also consuming less energy. The heating and cooling systems frequently accumulate dirt, dust and grime owing to greater usage. Hence, we recommend periodic cleaning.In getting the systems clean, less energy would be taken up and that would eventually lead to cost-effectiveness; something that most customers are unaware of.

    About the Company

    Clean Air Houston Pro is a leading professional cleaning firm in Houston.

    To know more, visit

    Phone: (832) 368-9937

    Full Address: 3306 Inverness Path Lane, Houston, TX 77053

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    Clean Air Houston Pro Retains Its Position as the Top Professional Cleaners in Houston - Valdosta Daily Times

    Air Duct Cleaning, HVAC Cleaning | Servpro Industries, LLC. - November 5, 2019 by admin

    Ventilation systemsare often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Makeit a priority to inspect the ductwork of your home or business.

    If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating odors, dust and other contaminates.

    SERVPRO Franchise Professionalsroutinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC). Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

    However, duct cleaning is not always necessary. SERVPRO Franchise Professionalswillmake recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your system.

    The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include:

    For more information on duct cleaning contact your local SERVPRO Franchise Professionaltoday. With over 1,700 Franchises nationwide, theres a SERVPRO Professional nearby and ready to serve you.

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    Air Duct Cleaning, HVAC Cleaning | Servpro Industries, LLC.

    Air Duct Cleaning | Zerorez Iowa - November 1, 2019 by admin

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    HVAC systems carry harmful particulates and promote asthma, hay fever, and allergy symptoms. A clean HVAC system promotes a healthier indoor environment, which contributes to productivity, comfort and a sense of health and well being.

    Before we start to clean your air ducts, we will run a special camera through your ventilation system so that you can see the condition of your system before our cleaning. Once finished, you can see the difference with your own eyes as we run our camera through once more so you can see the before & after results.

    Our powerful truck mounted unit delivers the most effective air duct cleaning available by using a powerful whip line sent down each vent coupled with a vacuum system using over 15,000 cfm.

    Once finished, we use a botanically-derived cleaner and spray it through the entire system and home. This will eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses while releasing ZERO toxins into the home. Exclusive to ZEROREZ.

    Schedule Service Online

    Play Video

    If youve ever noticed black lines on the edges of your carpet, then your floors are not all that needs cleaning. This is calledcarbon filtration,which is a good sign that its time to clean your air ducts. Over time, dust and grime collect in your ductwork. When your heating and cooling system blows air through your vents, this dirt comes out with it, often gathering on fibers in your carpet and upholstery. A true whole-home cleaning includes your ductwork, which means cleaner air.

    Poor indoor air quality can diminish the overall quality of your indoor environment and airborne pathogens can lead to serious adverse health consequences. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies caused by substances found in the home and office and in their ambient air.

    HVAC systems carry harmful particulates and promote asthma, hay fever, and allergy symptoms. A clean HVAC system promotes a healthier indoor environment, which contributes to productivity, comfort and a sense of health and well being.

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    Air Duct Cleaning | Zerorez Iowa

    Air Duct Cleaning Cost | Don’t Get Scammed - November 1, 2019 by admin


    Air duct cleaning is the process in which your HVAC system is cleaned from the main trunk line to the branches, and your air handler as well.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines air duct cleaning as the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.

    An air duct cleaning cost can differ wildly from company to company, but on average it should cost you anywhere from $400 to $1,000. The price is dependent on the size of your home, and the number of systems, vents, and returns.

    A reputable company may charge you an air duct cleaning cost in one of several different ways, but no matter how they break down their costs, you need to make sure you choose a company that doesnt charge by the hour.

    Price breakdowns include:

    If youve ever received a flyer in the mail quoting a Whole Home Special air duct cleaning cost for $99, youve encountered a scam. This is specifically called a bait and switch scam. Companies advertising such a low price are not considered reputable and should be avoided. The name of the scam comes from the fact that they bait you into hiring them by telling you it will only cost $99. When they come out they switch the price by telling you the $99 air duct cleaning cost only applies to the first x-number of vents and returns. At this point, they know you have more than that. There will be a new, astronomically high price to clean all your vents and returns. These companies most likely use sub-standard equipment and will try to sell you unnecessary add-ons.

    You should also be wary of companies who say they can clean your home in 1-2 hours. A thorough cleaning should take 4-8 hours depending on the size of your home and number of vents and returns.

    When looking for a trustworthy duct cleaning company, look for a team that upholds and supports NADCA's high standards and can help diagnose and resolve air duct related issues currently impacting your system.

    As The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) was formed in 1989 as a non-profit association of companies engaged in the cleaning of HVAC systems. Its mission was to promote source removal as the only acceptable method of cleaning and to establish industry standards for the association.

    Here is what NADCA says about hiring a reputable air duct cleaning contractor:

    Some air duct cleaning companies advertise a sanitizer or disinfectant to fog into your duct work for an additional charge, but these chemicals should be avoided as they pose harm to your health and are not proven to work in the first place.

    When scheduling your air duct cleaning, consider scheduling your annual dryer vent cleaning for the same time. Dryer vent cleanings are typically between $130 and $200, and there may be a discount on the dryer vent when you pair it with the air duct cleaning.

    If your duct work is old enough, there could be asbestos lurking in it. This may need to be serviced by a separate company and can be costly.

    If youre intimidated by the air duct cleaning cost, it may comfort you to know the recommended frequency is only once every 5 to 7 years. This varies due to a number of factors in your home. The more you have, the closer together your air duct cleanings should be.

    Factors include:

    If youre ready to schedule your air duct cleaning, find a company who closely follows the strict parameters set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). NADCA is an organization that provides guidelines and processes for cleaning air ducts. Use a company who is trained in the NADCA way, and save yourself the headache of a poor cleaning job.

    More info? For more information about air duct cleaning scams, check out our other post: AVOID AIR DUCT CLEANING SCAMS ADVICE FROM THE BBB

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    Air Duct Cleaning Cost | Don't Get Scammed

    air duct cleaning | Stanley Steemer 99 Special - November 1, 2019 by admin

    Tips for air duct cleaning :Home owners are getting increasingly aware of the need to have clean air ducts. There is no hard and fast rule or time limit as to when you must clean your homes air ducts. However, cleaning them every three to five years is a good proposition. There are many service providers who could come and clean your air ducts and ventilation system as and when you contact them. It is advisable to have a professional clean the ducts because it is not easy to clean it by yourself and you might miss out on a hard spot.

    It is important to clean the air ducts of your house at regular intervals so that the air is clean and fresh. Over a period of time there develops dust and debris that could pollute the indoor air. At times there is insect infestation in the mould as well, which could be dangerous for the health of the people living in the house. If you keep a regular check on the moulds then it will be easy for you to determine when it needs a cleaning.

    Tips to have a clean and unclogged air ducts

    Keep a close watch on the moulds

    It is important to keep a close watch on the moulds that carry hot and cold air through your house. Because of the enclosed space and change in temperature, the moulds get moist and start to settle in dusts and debris. At times there are also rodents and insect infestations that could cause the air to get polluted.

    Check the cooling and heating in your house

    Make sure that the air you have is sufficiently cool or warm. If you have set certain temperatures then check if the air is actually that temperature in your house. A block in the ducts could make the air to be warmer or cooler than you desire. This is again a sign that you need to contact a professional to get your ducts cleaned.

    Contact a professional air duct cleaner

    Yes you could try air duct cleaning by yourself, however, it is highly advised that you get a professional to help you with this. There are many companies that provide cleaning and maintenance of air ducts and house ventilation. They have the tools and expertise to do the job better. It is also hassle free and safe to have someone come and clean those ducts for you.

    Check customer reviews and quotes

    With all the options available in the market, look for good customer reviews and get various quotes before you select a professional air duct cleaner. Get an estimation of how much the cleaning would cost. There are different estimations for different types of cleaning procedures. Get the one that is best for you.

    Check the results

    Make sure that you check the results of cleaning the air ducts. If they say that there is debris or infestations, then ask them to show it to you. Also, after the air duct cleaning, check the air temperature in the house.

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    air duct cleaning | Stanley Steemer 99 Special

    Facts About Air Duct Cleaning | Aire Serv Blog - November 1, 2019 by admin

    Your air ducts see a lot of traffic, especially during temperature extremes. But do they really need the kind of cleaning other surfaces in your home do?

    During normal operation, dust can accumulate in ductwork that can lead to microbial growth. Duct cleaning has been shown to reduce this growth, as well as increase the efficiency of your system. In fact, in some cases of extreme buildup, it can increase efficiency as much as 40 percent!

    Duct cleaning depends on the extent of buildup in your ducts. A trained technician will inspect each air duct, opening all access panels. Once it is determined cleaning is necessary, equipment will be gathered to address your cleaning needs, including brushes and vacuum equipment specially designed to remove ductwork debris. In addition to cleaning supply ducts, return ducts, air vents, and diffusers, your system will also undergo routine cleaning and maintenance as well, addressing system components such as your heat exchanger, coils, drain pan, fan motor and housing, and system housing. This ensures thorough cleaning results as well as the smooth and efficient operation. In all cases of duct cleaning, it is also necessary to address the source of the dirty air duct to prevent recurrence, including moisture, water, dust, debris, pest contamination, and other pollutants.

    For safety reasons, duct cleaning must be performed when your home is unoccupied, such as nights and weekends. Special equipment is used for the safety of the air quality in your home, including filters, ventilation equipment, containment barriers, and more.

    Poor air duct cleaning practices have actually been shown to decrease the air quality in your home. Be certain to protect your home and family by choosing a reputable air duct cleaning company in good standing with the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, whose strict requirements help ensure skillfully performed, effective cleaning.

    Duct work have you wondering whats down the proverbial rabbit hole? Dont fear the unknown,contact Aire Serv today.

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    Facts About Air Duct Cleaning | Aire Serv Blog

    Certified HVAC Cleaning – Florida Duct Cleaning Services - November 1, 2019 by admin

    Florida Duct Cleaning ServicesChoosing the right company to perform your HVAC duct and exhaust cleaning and remediation services is paramount to achieving your desired results. A properly remediated and clean AC system should deliver clean, healthy cool air using the lowest possible energy costs. To accomplish this, the Florida duct cleaning service you choose to perform these services should at minimum be:1. NADCA Certified ContractorWith Air Duct Aseptics, you will be assured your entire HVAC duct system will be decontaminated from the point where air enters the system to where it exits your A/C system. Most importantly, the contamination removed is contained within our high-powered HEPA filtered vacuum systems. A.D.A. cleans to National written standards (ACR 2006). If HVAC cleaning is improperly performed, your indoor air can be contaminated many times worse than if you had just left it alone.2. An A/C ContractorDisassembly of the air handler is usually required for proper HVAC cleaning. An EPA certified technician is required to remove the A/C cooling components in your unit (its also Florida Law).Whether its your home or business, pride in workmanship is evident in all Air Duct Aseptics technicians. All of our vehicles are clearly marked and our equipment is maintained to the highest standard. Our knowledgeable technicians can explain all of the options available to you.Our teams of highly qualified and experienced project team managers, crew supervisors, and members are available 24-hours a day to service you. Projects can range from a few hours to many weeks or months to complete. But no matter what, youll always be receiving our unbeatable customer serviceevery step of the way.A meeting with an on-site evaluation expert can be arranged in order to determine your requirements and the scope of the project. In commercial or industrial buildings, mechanical plans (blueprints) are beneficial and recommended for quotation development.We are Florida's trusted, certified HVAC cleaning service experts.

    For your FREE estimate call us at 888.707.7763 or contact us by clicking here

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    Certified HVAC Cleaning - Florida Duct Cleaning Services

    The Best Methods of Air Duct Cleaning | HVAC Blog | National … - November 1, 2019 by admin

    This entry was posted on September 20, 2016 by admin.

    Most of the residential and commercial buildings these days are usually erected with ventilation, HVAC, heating or air conditioning ducts. Since these are tightly assembled, it is rare that stale air or fresh air will circulate at the same time. If this occurs, then there may be accumulated pollutants in the air ducts. This will typically create air that is unhealthy for everyone living in the home. Subsequently, these same pollutants will become irritants, negatively impacting the health of the occupants of the building. In many cases, people will suffer from respiratory conditions and in other cases, the pollutants could likely cause damage to the home.

    Reducing or Eliminating Pollutants

    When you clean the HVAC air ducts, it will drastically eliminate or reduce the pollutants, creating healthier air and improving the health of the occupants. There are several suggestions for air duct cleaning. However, it is best to hire a HVAC contractor with more knowledge about the best practices for air duct cleaning. In so doing, the project will be done more properly and it will reduce the appearance of annoying rodents.

    The Disadvantage

    The disadvantage of air duct cleaning if you do this yourself is that you could ultimately damage the air ducts. So, to improve the air quality in your home, it is strongly recommended to get professional assistance. The HVAC technician will be able to tell when your next duct cleaning will be necessary. It is especially important, though, to know as much as you can about air duct cleaning so as to establish the one that is ideal for you. While you will be relying on a professional HVAC contractor, you will still have personal knowledge about what is involved and the methods used.

    Common Methods

    The most common methods used for air duct cleaning over the years is industry standard. As time goes on, advancements are being made to continue improving the methods involved in the process. However, for now, the methods employed are as such:


    Methods of air duct cleaning have been around since the 1900s. However, the techniques have evolved since that time due to the work done by knowledgeable and experienced HVAC contractors. When you hire a professional HVAC technician, you stand a better chance to have improved air quality in your home.

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    The Best Methods of Air Duct Cleaning | HVAC Blog | National ...

    Residential Air Duct Cleaning and Commercial Air Duct … - November 1, 2019 by admin

    Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned Improves the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home or Business.

    Your air ducts are major collectors of dust, dander, dirt, and other harmful contaminants. These particles pollute the air and trigger allergies.Advanced Air Care offers a complete air duct cleaning solution to help you maintain a clean, healthy, and comfortable living environment.

    You and your family spend the majority of your time indoors, so it's important to enjoy the benefits of air duct cleaning.Our residential and commercial air duct cleaning services, will remove dirt, dust, and debris from your air ducts, improving airflow to your heating and cooling equipment which can save you money!

    A picture speaks a thousands words. These before and after photographs are of a clients air ducts. It's amazing how much debris can pile up in your ventilation system.Improve Indoor Air Quality.

    Unlike the competition, the equipment and trucks we use are specifically designed to clean air ducts. On average, we remove 20 pounds of dirt, dust, and dander that has collected in your air ducts.Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

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    Residential Air Duct Cleaning and Commercial Air Duct ...

    Air Duct Cleaning: Rid Your Home of Lingering Odors - November 1, 2019 by admin

    If your home has lingering odors, these could be originating from particles trapped within your duct work. Dirty air ducts are not only capable of harboring odors, they can also circulate these unpleasant smells throughout the entire house.

    If you are the original owner of your home, you probably have a good idea of the source of your odor problem. However, if you reside in a pre-owned home and have never had the ducts professionally cleaned, it can be harder to decipher the source of recurring smells.

    In our experience, foul odors emanating from a homes duct system are most commonly attributed to bacteria, mold, pets, tobacco use, vermin, or food preparation.

    Bacteria the amount of dirt and dust that accumulates within an air duct system can be astounding. This debris can become a virtual incubator for bacteria, which can produce bad odors. In addition to giving the air a dreadful smell, bacteria can also enter your living environment and have a negative effect on your health. Fortunately, a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the air duct system is quite effective at combating bacteria.

    Mold the musty smell of mold is much more than a nuisance, it can trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems. Mold is usually found in air ducts that contain some degree of moisture or humidity. Mold is a member of the fungi family and can reproduce in large quantities if not addressed. Mold releases spores into the air, which can get distributed throughout your home if not eradicated from the duct system.

    Pets dogs, cats and other animals that currently share your home, or shared your home in the past, can contribute a wide variety of disagreeable aromas. For example, fur and dander can accumulate in the air ducts, disseminating a pets essence throughout the entire house. Also, the scent of pet urine is particularly offensive and can cling to the dust and grime within a homes duct system. Unless the air ducts are properly cleaned, this sickening odor will remain indefinitely.

    Tobacco Use the smoke from cigarettes and cigars is easily drawn into a homes air duct system and can permeate the entire house. Also, tar and nicotine residue leaves a sticky coating on anything it contacts, including the interior surface of your homes ductwork. Even if you have thoroughly cleaned or replaced everything in your home, you will still notice a smoky odor coming from your vents until your ducts have been professionally cleaned.

    Rodents more often than you might think, various pests and rodents crawl into residential air duct systems. They not only leave droppings, many of these creatures are unable to escape and quickly expire. The homeowner is generally unaware this has occurred until the smell of decay begins to waft throughout the home. Of course, the only way to eliminate the stench is to remove the carcass and any residual contaminants.

    Food Preparation the process of preparing and cooking certain meals can produce strong and lingering odors. These smells can be drawn into the air duct system, where they become quite repugnant over time. Frying can also cast grease into the air, which can actually coat the intakes and walls of the air ducts. The smell of stale grease is quite unpleasant, but it can be neutralized with a professional cleaning.

    Contact Zerorez for a Fresher Smelling Home

    Your Atlanta-area Zerorez has the expertise you need to battle unpleasant air duct odors. Whether the cause is bacteria, mold, smoke, dead animals, pets, cooking or some other pollutant, we can help neutralize your problem.

    In addition to providing a thorough cleaning, we mist your entire duct system with our patented Powered Water. This technological marvel kills odor-causing bacteria while it cleans and deodorizes. Our cleaning method not only helps remove smells, it also removes the pollutants that affect your indoor air quality.

    Furthermore, all our technicians are full-time employees of Zerorez, they are not sub-contracted labor. In addition, they are well-trained, experienced, bonded, insured, and licensed for your peace of mind.

    Isnt it time you got rid of those bothersome smells and odors? Give Zerorez a call at (770) 242-1313 or schedule a duct-cleaning appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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    Air Duct Cleaning: Rid Your Home of Lingering Odors

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