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    Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals Market to Suffer Slight Decline in 2020, Efforts to Mitigate Coronavirus-related Disruptions Ramp Up – The Think Curiouser - October 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    In the upcoming research study on the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market by Future Market Insights (FMI) is a valuable source of information for market players vying to establish a strong foothold in the current Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market landscape. The detailed assessment of the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market offers domestic as well as international market players a clear picture of the prospective growth opportunities in various geographies.

    The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a slowdown in business activities of the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market. With the help of our upcoming report, market players can gain important insights on alternative strategies that can help in revenue generation. Learn which countries are flourishing amidst the Coronavirus era and how your product offerings can reach the right target consumer. The leading factors that are likely to impact the growth of the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market over the assessment period are thoroughly analyzed in the report.

    Why Choose Future Market Insights?

    Request a Sample Report with Table of Contents and [emailprotected]

    Report available at concessionary prices for first-time buyers! Offer expires soon!

    Various Segments of the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals Market Evaluated in the Report:

    On the basis of application process, the global air duct cleaning chemicals market can be segmented as:

    On the basis of application, the global air duct cleaning chemicals market can be segmented as:

    Competitive Analysis

    The competitive analysis chapter of the report sheds light on the major developments of the prominent players operating in the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market. The report provides information related to the recent mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and other strategic alliances within the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market. Further, the pricing, sales, promotional, and marketing strategies of each company are enclosed in the report.

    Prominent players profiled in the report:

    In-depth Analysis on How Businesses Can Bounce Back from COVID-19 Crisis

    Important queries addressed in the report:

    Crucial data that can be drawn from the Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals market report:

    About Us:

    Future Market Insights (FMI) is a leading market intelligence and consulting firm. We deliver syndicated research reports, custom research reports and consulting services which are personalized in nature. FMI delivers a complete packaged solution, which combines current market intelligence, statistical anecdotes, technology inputs, valuable growth insights and an aerial view of the competitive framework and future market trends.

    Contact Us:

    Mr. Abhishek Budholiya616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-9018,Valley Cottage, NY 10989,United StatesT: +1-347-918-3531F: +1-845-579-5705T (UK): + 44 (0) 20 7692 8790Press Office: [emailprotected]Blog: Market Research BlogWebsite:

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    Air Duct Cleaning Chemicals Market to Suffer Slight Decline in 2020, Efforts to Mitigate Coronavirus-related Disruptions Ramp Up - The Think Curiouser

    Montgomery County approves $2.7M in contracts related to pandemic and election – The Reporter - October 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    NORRISTOWN Montgomery County Commissioners authorized more than $2.7 million worth of contracts last week as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues, and the county prepares for an unprecedented voting turnout in the Nov. 3 General Election.

    Of the seven new and amended agreements that were presented during last Thursdays Montgomery County Board of Commissioners meeting, the contract between the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and Motorola Solutions Inc., of Chicago, tops the list as the most expensive, coming in at a whopping $1,991,234.40.

    The nearly $2 million agreement covers the upgrade of over-the-air management of all APX subscriber radios on the new public radio system used by public safety staff, police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians, the contract states.

    This radio system upgrade will eliminate the person-to-person, or person-to-device, contact that is necessary to make radio programming changes, the contract states.

    A $450,000 contract with multiple providers covers temporary staffing services required to answer the high volume of telephone calls related to the 2020 general election.

    The six-figure contract is between the countys Office of Voter Services and the following firms.

    As for the potential for high volume of calls, the countys voter services office cited the relocation of polling places and increased requests for mail-in ballots.

    A previously approved contract between the Montgomery County Correctional Facility and INX Indoor Air Quality, of Exton was amended during last weeks meeting.

    Officials authorized another $189,040 for the suburban company to provide for air duct cleaning services for the prisons heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system as the services and equipment [were] determined to be necessary outside of the original estimated project costs, according to the contract amendment.

    The contract figure now stands at $494,040.

    A $43,471 agreement between the countys IT department and New Era Technology of Islandia, N.Y., provides for additional SIP core licenses for the countys remote workforce.

    The commissioners approved several contracts dealing with the Montgomery County Office of Health and Human Services.

    An additional $15,000 was authorized for influenza vaccination scheduling services. The initial agreement between the county health department and HMFDF Inc. dba Solv Health, of San Francisco, is now valued at $42,000.

    A $25,398 agreement with Safeware Inc., of Lanham, Md., covers disposable gloves for health workers at the countys area COVID-19 testing sites. According to the contracts, the gloves were made available through a U.S. Communities Cooperative Contract

    Additionally, a $12,000 contract with TJ Billing Company of Lafayette Hill provides for insurance claim submission services for COVID[-19] tests for the [Montgomery County] Office of Public Health.

    According to the contract, the rates must not exceed $6.75 for new tests and $8.20 for previous tests, and the amendment provides for set-up with eight insurance carriers to enable electronic billing.

    The next Montgomery County Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Oct. 29.

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    Montgomery County approves $2.7M in contracts related to pandemic and election - The Reporter

    Stroll To The Polls Event At Oak Forest City Hall – Oak Forest, IL Patch - October 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    OAK FOREST, IL An early voting kick off event will take place at the Oak Forest City Hall, 15440 S. Central Ave. on Monday, Oct. 19. The event begins at 8 a.m.

    Cook County Commissioner Donna Miller (D-6th) is hosting the suburban Cook early voting kick-off event, with Mayor Henry Kuspa, Dana London from Cook County Clerk's office, Karen Wingfield-Bond, Clerk-Village of Lynwood, and Joan Klarich from the League of Women Voters Palos Orland League.

    "The most fundamental right in a democracy is the right to vote." Miller said. "Let us not forget that not all citizens were afforded that right in this country, rather it took decades of struggle to attain that right, and we must never take it for granted."

    "I'm reminded of the late great Civil Rights Leader, Voting Rights Champion and Congressman John Lewis who said, 'The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it,'" Miller said.

    For inquiries and to confirm attendance, email:

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    Stroll To The Polls Event At Oak Forest City Hall - Oak Forest, IL Patch

    6 Way to Improve Your Home Air Quality (And 1 Solution Thats a Waste of Time) – PureWow - October 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    3. Damp Mop and DustAccording to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, the act of dusting can actually make allergies worse, since the cloud of dust stirred up can make sufferers sneeze, and get stuffy noses and watery or red, itchy eyes. To avoid dust and the tiny dust mites that feed off of it, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting, especially in bedrooms. If youre the sufferer, wear an N95 mask while youre cleaning (and for a couple hours after, while the dust settles); if a family member is sensitive to dust, its best to ask them to leave for the few hours it takes to clean the house. Get rid of unnecessary clutter, which is a dust magnet, and dampen your microfiber dusting cloth before swiping it across a surface, so that youre not circulating the dust.4. Test Your Air Quality

    Air quality testers use laser beams and electrochemical sensors to determine pollutants in the air. While noted tech-testing site Wirecutter cautions against investing in a pricey air quality monitor since these devices only report and dont remedy the problem, the sites product testers allow that it can still be helpful to have a finer assessment of your homes air quality than just looking up your neighborhood AQI. The Temtop M10 monitor is a sleek little cube thats relatively affordable at $80 and detects particles in the air, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. One user said she had the monitor in a nearby room when she opened a bottle of nail polish and the HCHO (formaldehyde) and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) numbers skyrocketed and didnt go down for hours.

    You track in pollutants on your shoes, and your home is a veritable soup of dead skin cells, animal dander and whatever wafts in the windows from nearby roadways, according to Todd Nelson at Studio City Vacuum and Sewing. Theres no point in having any air purifier if youre just moving dust around with your vacuum, he says, so he recommends skipping the bagless models because almost all of them spew dust. Look for a model that has a HEPA filter, in addition to other filters (i.e., charcoal for odors), such as a Miele model that uses its cloth dust bags as filters. While the expense of a high-end vacuum might be daunting (Miele, for example, ranges from $400 to $1,500), refurbished models are often available at licensed retailers for half the cost of a new model.

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    6 Way to Improve Your Home Air Quality (And 1 Solution Thats a Waste of Time) - PureWow

    Five indoor air quality products and services you should consider installing in your home. – Toronto Life - October 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Five indoor air quality products and services you should consider installing in your home.

    Were all spending more time at home than ever before. Up to 60 per cent of Canadians are taking up indoor hobbies like baking or reading (source: The Chronicle Herald), and nearly three quarters of the 3.4 million Canadians working from home in March were still working remotely going into September (source: CBC news). Thats why its important to do everything we can to increase our protection at home from bacteria and viruses that travel through the air when we cough, sneeze and breathe. As indoor air quality experts, Enercare has five products and services you can use to purify the air in your home:

    UV Light

    UV light systems utilize safe short-wave ultraviolet light to minimize or eliminate odours and toxic chemical vapors, and achieve up to a 99.999996 per cent reduction of all bacteria, viruses and allergens.

    HEPA Filtration System

    High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration Systems use your homes existing air duct network to clean 95 per cent of the air particles in the approx. 20,000 litres of air you breathe every day, which helps prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading to your family.

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Ducts can be a collection source for dirt, dust, mould, pollen and pet dander that can make allergy symptoms worse. Duct cleaning helps remove these allergy-aggravating contaminants. Heavily soiled ducts can also cause your HVAC equipment to not work efficiently, which could cause you to expend more energy to heat and cool your home.

    Air Exchanger with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) or an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

    Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) units send fresh air into your home while exhausting an equal amount of stale air back outside. This process expels excess humidity in the summer and helps prevent moisture build-up, toxic mould and rot. HRVs are also ideal for colder climates because they warm incoming fresh, cold air before it is distributed into your home. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are a type of HRV that can exchange both heat and moisture, giving you more control over moisture levels during warm and humid weather. This makes ERVs perfect for homes with air-conditioning and high outdoor humidity.

    High Efficiency HVAC System with a Variable Speed Motor

    A variable speed blower motor runs at different speeds to precisely control the flow of heated or cooled air throughout your home. When the fan is in constant operation, the motor will continue to slowly circulate air, allowing your air filters to capture more contaminants.

    To learn more about how Enercare can help make your homes air safer and cleaner, visit

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    Five indoor air quality products and services you should consider installing in your home. - Toronto Life

    Molekule Review: Introducing the Air Pro Taste Terminal – Taste Terminal - October 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Molekules latest air purifier improves air quality in both large homes and corporate settings.

    In recent years, Americans have been enjoying cleaner, fresher air thanks to Molekules ever-evolving range of air-purification devices. But as dirty air continues to pose a threat across the U.S. and around the world Molekule is further developing its host of air-purification models to provide clean air in yet more environments. This fall, Molekule is due to deliver Molekule Air Pro, which is designed to sit at the intersection of professional-grade cleaning and consumer needs, purifying the air in both large domestic settings and corporate environments.

    The Air Pro will be the latest model in Molekules science-driven product range, which currently comprises Air, Air Mini, Air Mini+, and Air Pro RX. The growing range of air purifiers tackles contaminated air in spaces of almost any size. While Molekules consumer devices destroy contaminants in spaces up to 250 and 600 square feet, Molekule has engineered the Air Pro to meet the demands of large professional spaces and homes of up to 1,000 square feet.

    Like the other purifiers in Molekules product range, Air Pro has been scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, mold, viruses, chemicals, and allergens. However, Molekule has advanced its pollution detection even further with Air Pro, which uses a laser-based particle sensor to detect and categorize three sizes of airborne particles. Air Pro uses a 360 intake feature, which captures contaminants from every side. While the advanced PECO-Filter captures and destroys these pollutants, the purifiers 360 air outlet continuously disperses clean air across the room.

    Third-party tested and meticulously engineered, Air Pro is Molekules most advanced device to date. The new purifier delivers more airflow than Molekules other award-winning consumer purifiers and senses three sizes of particles, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, large rooms, and allergen-filled spaces.

    The models technology-driven system comprises:

    Molekule has continued to develop its advanced PECO technology and nanocatalyst coating and applied that learning to the Air Pros enterprise-grade filter. Having already developed a range of highly successful devices, Molekules laboratory team has taken extensive measures to perfect the robust reliability and cutting-edge air-purification technology that Air Pro offers.

    Your Molekule device and companion app will let you know when you need to replace your PECO-Filter. You can also sign up for Molekules subscription plan to receive alerts when your filter replacement intervals come around. Once youve signed up, Molekule will deliver new filters to your door with no shipping costs.

    Air Pro detects three particle types: PM10 (pollen), PM2.5 (dust), and PM1 (smoke). The sensors can identify particles as small as 0.3 microns. Your touch-screen display will show the sizes of particles present in your air and track reductions in these particles as Air Pro removes these contaminants.

    Air Pros two Auto Protect modes (Standard Auto Protect and Quiet Auto Protect) allow you to adjust your level of air purification. Molekule recommends using the standard mode when more particles are in the air, such as while cooking or cleaning. Meanwhile, the quiet mode is better suited for nighttime or during business calls when the volume needs to be especially low. You can also flip manually between six fan speeds to increase or decrease the level of air purification.

    The Air Pro is complete with Molekules largest touch screen to date. The intuitive touch screen provides access to a suite of information and enables you to change fan speeds instantly. The touch screen also alerts you to changes in air quality and filter life.

    All data displayed on the touch screen corresponds with Molekules companion app, which shows you a detailed visual representation of current particulate levels. The app also tells you when your next filter replacement is due, tracks filter life, and allows you to manage your filter auto-refills. On top of this, you can use the app to control your device from anywhere, at any time. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

    Protective Anodized Aluminium Casing

    The Air Pro is encased in anodized aluminium with a textured plastic base, giving the purifier a sleek matte finish that integrates seamlessly with any setting. Molekule specifically chose anodized aluminum and plastic because both materials are low in VOCs. The Air Pro is also complete with a vegan leather handle for easy transportation between rooms or buildings.

    The Air Pro is particularly suited for open spaces where there is a high level of foot traffic or chemical/PM exposure such as:

    Molekules vision is to create a world in which every home and business has clean air in every room. The science-driven air-purification experts are committed to revolutionizing the air-purification industry with groundbreaking technology that redefines how we clean the air in our homes and workplaces.

    The Edison Awards Consumer Goods, Time 25 Best Inventions, and Popular Science have presented Molekule with awards for its acclaimed air-purification technology. The proprietary photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology destroys contaminants at a molecular level to clean the air.

    As exclusive PECO-technology specialists, Molekule reviews and assesses each of its air purifiers, both with rigorous in-house quality procedures and certified third-party tests. These tests conclude that Molekules PECO technology can destroy biological particles such as viruses, destroying 99.999 percent of RNA virus MS2 within 24 hours and 99.9477 percent of coronavirus proxy concentrations within 1 hour. All Molekule devices remove inert particles as well, with Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini removing 84%-85% percent of smoke within 22 minutes.

    Air pollution is a growing issue, but many people arent aware of how dirty the air in their homes and work environments really is. Molekule promotes the message that protecting your indoor spaces is now more important than ever and continuously works to deliver clean air to everyone, everywhere.Look out for Molekules new Air Pro at The Air Pro doesnt require any setup, retrofitting, or duct work. Simply plug the device in, and set it to Auto Protect.

    The rest is here:
    Molekule Review: Introducing the Air Pro Taste Terminal - Taste Terminal

    Everything you need to know about duct cleaning Toronto – The Upcoming - October 1, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Everything you need to know about duct cleaning Toronto

    Did you know poor duct cleaning Toronto of the HAVC system can lead to re-contamination? Well, it can. When some parts of your ventilation system are left uncleaned, they spread dirt to the clean parts, making the entire process a waste of time and money.

    So, according to Comfort Clean, when you embark on the cleaning project of your ductwork, its worth making sure you know the details of how your contractors are going to work on your system. According to the duct cleaning Toronto requirements by the certification body, NADCA, these components must be cleaned:

    After understanding the components of your HAVC system and those that a cleaning contractor includes on their cleaning work, look into the key components. They are:

    Breaking the contaminants loose

    Duct cleaning professionals start with identifying the sources of contaminants in your HAVC system. After that, they use agitation devices such as brushes, compressed air nozzles and air whips to loosen these contaminants. Additionally, the technicians can use contact vacuuming or hand brushing for agitation.

    Collection of contaminants

    Technicians use negative pressure when cleaning your HAVC system so they do not spread contaminants. A vacuum is used in the process. Contaminants are loosened into airborne particles when negative pressure is applied.

    The collective device is tightly sealed to ensure that these particles do not escape into the air after cleaning is thorough and the HAVC system switched on.

    System access

    System access is when the cleaner wants to see the inside part of your ductwork. It can be done through existing openings such as return grills, existing service openings and such. When these openings are used, system access is a simple process.

    However, when system access has to be created by the cleaning technician, specialised skill is required. It helps in preventing damaging your ductwork.

    Equipment requirement

    NADCA certified professionals can use a range of duct cleaning Toronto equipment, varying from moveable to those mounted on a truck. These professionals focus on cleaning without causing re-contamination.

    Antimicrobial chemicals

    These are products that cleaning technicians use in handling contaminations caused by microbes. Additionally, they help in dealing with odours in your ductwork. They include disinfectants, sanitisers and deodorisers.

    However, technicians do not use these products on all occasions. They consider using them after mechanical cleaning is complete and there is a necessity for such treatments.

    The duct cleaning Toronto process

    If you have no idea where to find a cleaning professional for the work, you can check in NADCAs online directory in your area. It provides a list of certified cleaners and you can choose from there.

    The editorial unit

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    Everything you need to know about duct cleaning Toronto - The Upcoming

    The One Thing in Your Home You’re Not Cleaning That’s Making You Sick – Yahoo Lifestyle - October 1, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    With COVID-19 still spreading throughout the U.S. and beyond, many people are paying closer attention to their health and well-being than ever before, from practicing diligent hand hygiene to wearing a mask out in public. However, in many cases, what's inside your home could be making you sick, as well. In fact, one single item that you're neglecting to clean regularly could be the culprit behind some serious health issues, coronavirus included: your HVAC filters.

    Indoor air filters can harbor many types of harmful bacteria and fungipathogens that can be redistributed into your home environment if your filters aren't cleaned frequently. Plus, an oft-cited COVID study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that one air-conditioned restaurant in Guangzhou, China spread COVID to three families via "strong airflow from the air conditioner."

    In another study, which has not yet undergone scientific review, researchers in Oregon collected samples from inside a hospital's HVAC system and found genetic material from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Their findings demonstrate that it may be possible for the virus to be transmitted through HVAC systems, especially those that are not regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

    COVID aside, filthy HVAC filters are a serious health risk. In a 2014 study published in Mycobiology, researchers discovered nine fungal species on the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters studied, noting that many of these fungi were known to prompt allergenic responses. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explains that indoor air pollution, such as that caused by the redistribution of allergens in a space, can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and irritation of your nose, eyes, and throat, among other effects.

    "When [HVAC systems] are poorly maintained or neglected, allergens get stuck and are stored inside the ducts for a long period of time," explains Natalie Barrett, service quality supervisor at Nifty Duct Cleaning. "In fact, if you live in a building with other apartments, not cleaning your air ducts can harm your neighbors as well."

    Story continues

    If you want to ensure you're doing your best to keep yourself (and your neighbors) healthy, make sure you're not only cleaning, but replacing your filters regularly.

    "HVAC and furnace filters need to be changed at least every 90 days," says Bailey Carson, head of cleaning for Handy. She recommends replacing your filters at the beginning of the winter and then again three months later.

    That's not the only potential contributor to your poor health inside your home, though. Read on to discover what other household items could be making you sick without proper cleaning. And if you want to get your home spotless, check out these Genius Tricks That Will Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half.


    The rubber seal around your dishwasher could be harboring a shocking amount of bacteriaand potentially redistributing it onto your dishes. According to a 2019 study published in BMC Microbiology, among a sample of 30 dishwashers, 632 types of bacteria were discovered, including E. coli, a potential indicator of fecal contamination. As a result, the study's researchers note that "dishwashers cannot be ignored as potential sources of human infections."

    However, if you want to get your dishwasher seal clean, a soap and water scrub followed by a spray of hydrogen peroxide can help. And for more great tips delivered to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.


    If you're not disinfectingor, better yet, replacingyour kitchen sponge frequently, you could be putting yourself at risk for illness. In a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Food Science, 201 sponges from food establishments were tested for contamination, with researchers discovering that 64.9 percent had significant amounts of coliform bacteria, a bacterial category that includes E. coli. Plus, 72.8 percent had detectable amounts of yeast and 45.7 percent had mold.

    If you want to kill the pathogens on your sponge, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends microwaving your sponge while damp (as long as it has no metal scrubbing components) or putting it through the dishwasher, cleaning methods that both kill over 99.9 percent of bacteria. And for more filthy objects inside your house, check out The Absolute Germiest Thing in Your Home, according to science.


    While you likely clean your cutting boards on a regular basis, if you're not sanitizing them, you could be putting your health in jeopardy. A 2018 study published in Foodborne Pathogens and Disease reveals that, even after washing, many cutting boards harbored dangerous salmonella bacteria.

    If you want to disinfect your cutting board, cleaning company Molly Maid recommends removing visible debris and wiping your board with either white vinegar or three percent hydrogen peroxide, then rinsing the board and allowing it to dry thoroughly afterward.


    You use your mop to clean up around your house, but when's the last time you actually cleaned the mop head itself? Unfortunately, if the answer is never, you could be significantly increasing the amount of bacteria in your home. According to a 2018 paper published in the Journal of Hospital&Medical Management, "the mopping procedure can actually spread heavy microbial contamination."

    However, there's an easy fix: Simply toss that mop head in the wash on a hot cycle and dry it thoroughly or opt for single-use mopping pads instead. And for more ways to level up your cleaning routine, check out these Genius Products That Make Cleaning So Much Easier.

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    The One Thing in Your Home You're Not Cleaning That's Making You Sick - Yahoo Lifestyle

    Bedford County School Board list their capital improvements at meeting, will present to BCBOS – Smith Mountain Eagle - October 1, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Bedford County Public Schools will be getting additional aid from the second round of CARES Act that was designated to them by the Board of Supervisors at their latest meeting on September 14. $1.5 million was designated to the school division in round 2 of the CARES Act to help out with the HVAC systems that need replacing at Huddleston and Moneta Elementary Schools.

    Im most appreciative of the supervisors for prioritizing these two projects. Theyre much needed and theyve been on our CIP for a while, District 2 representative Jason Johnson said.

    Their potentially could be a third round coming to the school board according to the Bedford County schools chief operations officer, Mac Duis, who said the board was open for providing additional CARES Act money for other projects that the school system may need that qualify under the CARES Act funding.

    In response to that, the school board organized a list of their top five capital improvement projects. The list includes:

    Replace HVAC system at Big Island Elementary - $600,000

    Replace HVAC system at Forest Elementary - $800,000

    Duct cleaning for all schools - $810,000

    Air filters - $250,000

    Replacing 20-30 year old carpet with vinyl tile - $450,000

    Find out more in the upcoming edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle newspaper. Pick up a copy or subscribe view articles in the print and/or e-edition version.

    More here:
    Bedford County School Board list their capital improvements at meeting, will present to BCBOS - Smith Mountain Eagle

    Experts weigh in on the benefits of air duct cleaning – FOX 35 Orlando - May 24, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Cleaning air ducts can improve air quality, experts say

    Keeping coronavirus out of your home might be as easy as cleaning the air in your house and servicing air ducts. However, experts warn there is still a risk the virus can be present.

    OCALA, Fla. - Experts are weighingin on whether air duct cleaning can prevent coronavirus.

    Its unfortunate that it takes a pandemic for everybody to get to the awareness level, the consumer level up to where it shouldve been anyway, Steve Mores, with Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, said.

    Mores works in the clean air business. So does Jerry Cook, who owns Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists in Ocala.

    Weve had people concerned about air quality, duct cleaning, and asking about the UVC and air cleaners like that, Cook said.

    Cook shared photographs with FOX 35 News showing what a dirty system looks like.

    A clean air conditioning unit, meaning the equipmentand clean ductwork, help you breathe cleaner air in your home, Cook said.

    He said cleaning your air ducts and using preventative products, such as UV lights, does not guarantee coronavirus won't get into your home, but it will make the air inside cleaner.

    Air quality products work very well on keeping those things from coming back in and then also the UVC can kill the germs, flu virus, and bacteria, along with SARS, Cook said.

    He saidall customers should do their research before calling a company to do work.

    By having air quality products installed in the home, the UVC, the UVV, the duct cleaning, we can help curb some of these viruses, and we can also help improve some of that air quality in the home, Cook said.

    Experts weigh in on the benefits of air duct cleaning - FOX 35 Orlando

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