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    Architect in Milton, DE | Commercial Architectural Services - May 2, 2019 by admin

    James Robert Clark Architect-Planner Inc. is an independently-owned architecture firm that has been serving Delaware, Maryland and Virginia since 1980! With over 30 years of experience, we are confident we can design any commercial or residential building in a cost efficient, tasteful manner. Were masters of coastal home design, compact home design, commercial office planning and much more.

    Our Services

    At James Robert Clark Architect-Planner Inc., we design buildings that are the pinnacle of practical, yet beautifully alluring in their execution. We take the finesse of unique architectural design in Milton, DE and pair it with proven concepts that meet the requirements of your building, creating designs that serve the needs of their inhabitants.

    We love working with lightboth natural and practical interior lighting. This leads our buildings to include more windows, with designs that follow the natural trajectory of the sun. And, were also an expert on windows. We consider things like sun exposure, low-e coated window glass and more, planning for vibrant interiors that are protected against unwanted heat gain and excessive glare.

    As an experienced architect in Milton, DE, were also very familiar with the need for compact housing and coastal building considerations. A home with too much water infiltration can rot and cause additional issues down the line for the foundation of the home. We plan for this, as well as heating and cooling design, foundation, elevation, and function and purpose of home, to ensure were designing a coastal home that will stand up to the elements admirably.

    For a building design that meets your design requirements and maximizes space, contact us for architectural design and planning. We promise results that are unique, appealing and practical.

    Get in Touch

    Every design we craft is based on a thorough conversation with you and an open dialog about your needs and wants. We draw up plans around the things that are important to you and factor in planning thats conducive to your vision. When the final product is built, we promise itll be beautiful, practical and sustainablereflecting everything you want in a home or business, right down to the simplest details.

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    Architect in Milton, DE | Commercial Architectural Services

    Architect Services | Architectural Fees - December 29, 2018 by admin

    Architect Services is about what the architect does in each phase of work involved with a project.

    BASIC SERVICESBasic Services typically include the following services:

    1. Programming

    2. Schematic Design

    3. Design Development

    4. Construction Documents

    Architects try hard to explain these services, but not many owners understand them very well. These services are necessary and are typically not negotiable in terms of what they contain, as it would be nearly impossible for an architect to provide the on-going services without providing these Basic Services, which is why they are called BASIC.

    Image courtesy SHoP Architects

    In brief, these services typically mean and contain the following items:

    ProgrammingThe architect takes notes of what the owner states that they want in the project. Usually, the architect provides these notes in some form of typed format, possibly with photos of the property, with some discussion of site features and opportunities for the to-be-built items. The architect will often include a site visit with a typed understanding of site elements and how and where the built structures might be located.

    Schematic DesignSFR (Single Family Residential):The architect uses the Program established in the previous phase of work to conceptually create a diagram or plans of the proposed project. In SFR projects, some architects may combine Design Development with Schematic Design, as sometimes some architects only make a hazy sketch, in schematics, while others start out the project on computer and stay on computer, as they feel that is a more efficient method and that nothing is wasted. However, there is no precise right or wrong method. Each architect has their own preferences about how they go about creating something from nothing. Some architects produce only floor plans and site plans at this stage, often for SFR projects.

    Commercial Projects:Others go far beyond this, based on their desired method of creation, particularly for commercial projects, where it is quite common to see plans, elevations and conceptual building sections.

    Design DevelopmentThis is where additional detail is added to the previous Schematic Design.SFR projects:Some architects add exterior building elevations at this point and perhaps a roof plan. Others may decide to include a building section. However, there is no specific right or wrong method. Whatever works for each firm. Additional dimensions are tested to insure that various items will fit into the proposed design. And additional dimensions are added to the work.

    Commercial Projects:Depending on the scope of the project, this can become a very detailed phase where equipment selection is made and tested to make sure it all fits within the building shell and arrangement. Also, energy calculations may be made to test glass, insulation and other requirements to insure that the building will properly function to meet Energy Code.

    Construction DocumentsTraditionally, this = Working Drawings & Specifications.This is where the final details are added to the project. Building sections, wall sections, finish schedules, door schedules, title sheets, index sheets, final graphics, blow-up detail plans and elevations of critical conditions, notes, final detailed dimensions, interior elevations (depending on scope of services and other additional services). The architect does coordinate all the building consultants, whether provided under the architects umbrella or not. The amount of fee can and will affect the amount of drawings and other items provided by the architect.

    SFR projects:There are some architects that do not create specifications for residential projects, while others believe they are essential. In general, the more information, the better, to minimize the chances of unknown conditions and pricing changes.

    Commercial Projects:Just about always feature Working Drawings & Specifications and many sheets in the set.This website is not going to address all of the variations possible involved with Construction Documents. Suffice it to say that these are the detailed documents that the General Contractor uses to build the project.



    Record Drawings comes into play when an owner does Not have drawings for their existing home or building that they wish to renovate. This happens often. Owners lose track of these important documents, or they never obtained copies. Whatever the reason, it is not the fault of the new project architect if the owner cannot provide these Existing Condition architectural and structural drawings. The architect needs these documents. In order to design new improvements to an existing home or building, the architect must have drawings depicting what exists. Therefore, if the owner cannot provide these, the architect will often offer to provide an Additional Service that some may call As-Built drawings. However, the use of this term could carry with it certain liabilities, so architects these days may be better advised to use the term Record Drawings. Record Drawings do not guarantee that they are perfect. Rather, Record Drawings disclose that they are being prepared using measuring instruments such as flexible measuring tapes that will give approximate, and not entirely accurate readings and that the architect is not responsible for these approximations, which the Contractor will need to field verify. The creation of Record Drawings is almost impossible to estimate in terms of fixed fees and for that reason, should almost always be provided hourly. The project could be a one-story, one-room cabin, or it could be a complex laboratory 6 floors high. The amount of required Record Drawings will vary with the type and complexity of new project desired by the owner. The architect will need to make their own decision as to how much information is necessary for them to design the new improvements. Therefore: this fee will become an hourly service that will be unknown until it is done. This service is Not free and could become quite involved. Also: the architect will not be expected to perform destructive investigations to look above ceilings or under floors to actually see structural elements and other items that are concealed by the finishes and other other elements of the existing project.

    Electrical Schematics is Not required for most home projects, even though many owners think so. The architect is typically under no requirement to provide this. It is highly recommended, as the architect has special knowledge about the organization of a home project, including appliances and cabinets and room arrangements, without which the owner may experience some difficulties. However, if the owner wants this service, then they are required to pay the architect to provide it.

    Cabinetry Elevations are Not required for just about any house project, anywhere, by any jurisdictional authority. And if it was, the architect deserves to be paid for this very detailed service. The architect can easily spend over 100 hours drawing and detailing these for a medium to large house, and it may be more, based on the level of detail.It is highly recommended that owners compensate their architect to provide Cabinetry Elevation drawings, as the Electrical Schematics and those are closely related and the owner can obtain a higher quality design by having their architect perform this service.

    Bidding/ Negotiating/ Price Discussions with Contractor is highly recommended. This is where the architect can be of tremendous influence and help in helping to find general contractors to bid the project, then help to obtain possible price reductions through negotiated changes in the project design/features/ quality level. Most owners have no idea what these sorts of changes impact. The architects counsel at this stage can make a project happen, where it might have been stalled otherwise. Note regarding Construction Cost Bids: no owner, anywhere is happy with the prices contractors propose to build their projects. Without fail, they want to see if the project can be built for less cost. Thats where this crucial architects additional service can help the owner a great deal. The architect is the only party to the project that has the project detailed understanding that will allow a coordinated price reduction, without sacrificing important items that could seriously damage the project (if changed without the architects guidance).

    Construction Administration These services are Not required by law. These complex additional services are where the architect periodically visits the project site, reviews contractor submittals, including shop drawings for the various items of the project, including but not limited to doors & windows, insulation, concrete, wood, paint, and many other items. Without the architects watchful eye, any of these items could be changed by the contractor and suppliers without the owners knowledge, cheapening the project, damaging its durability, increasing its monthly utility charges and possibly leaking, rotting and being compromised structurally.Furthermore, during construction, if the architect is compensated to do so, they can process the contractors pay requests, checking on the progress of the construction and comparing that with the amount invoiced. Without this knowledgeable service, owners overpay up-front, which can induce a builder to walk off the job later, after they have obtained too much money too quickly, leaving the owner stuck with a project that will cost more to complete than remains in the budget. Very few owners have this type of experience in-house and would do well to pay their architect to help them. And there many other activities during construction that are too numerous to mention here. Serious situations that arise and without the architects wise and helping hands, projects can develop all sorts of problems that can have them come screeching to a halt.

    Project ManagementThis is a catch-all for anything and everything that the owner cant handle but needs to be managed for them, not included in any other service. For instance: selection of colors, tile, paint, appliances, coordinating a home-owners association and other situations that can and will develop. It is wise to have the architect on-call for such things on an hourly basis.

    3D ImageryArchitects may offer three-dimensional hand-drawn or computerized imagery of their designs. This can also involve 3D animations, which is a movie of a Clients project. Images can be either fixed (static) of a single viewpoint, or have multiple single views. The imagery may be plain and only consist of lines, or may be near-photo-realistic. Architects typically will not include such imagery in their Basic Services, unless paid additionally for these services. 3D computerized imagery may be provided to the Architect from a third party specialty source, as such imagery typically requires expensive and complex software and powerful computers to provide high-quality images. Architects may provide these services as a fixed price or hourly.


    Record Drawings: see under Residential above.

    Electrical: this is typically provided by an Electrical Engineering company, who the owner pays either through the architect or directly.

    Cabinetry: this is something the architect could provide as an additional service and for which the owner would pay.

    Bidding/ Negotiating/ Price Discussions with the Contractor. This is often provided by the architect on commercial projects and paid for by the owner.

    Construction Administrationthese services are often provided by the architect and other consultants on commercial projects and paid for by the owner.

    Project Management these services could include Interior Design Services and other services, for which the owner would pay.

    3D Imagery: similar to those provided under SFR above.


    SFR projects:With SFR projects, it is NOT the architects job to provide and pay for any sort of engineering. The owner is the one who wants the house or building, so they are responsible for paying for what is required. Many architects make it a requirement that the owner directly contract with and directly pay the structural engineer and any other type of consultant, such as, but not limited to: soil scientist, surveyor, and others.

    Note: there is a common misconception in residential projects (particularly SFR (Single Family Residential)) that architects are providing mechanical (HVAC) and plumbing drawings/engineering. This is Not true. It is Not required by building departments for permitting, and even if these drawings were provided, the respective HVAC and plumbing subcontractors would change them, based on how they are used to doing it and the detailed constraints that develop during any project. On a SFR project, the General Contractors HVAC subcontractor will typically provide the energy calculations and ductwork layout, as well as the plumbing layout, often worked out in the field, as the work is accomplished by the respective subcontractor.

    Commercial projects:However, in commercial projects, it IS a requirement that ENGINEERS provide these documents for many types of projects.

    BUILDING PERMITFor SFR projects:to obtain the Building Permit, the General Contractor will need several items:A. Architects Construction Documents (containing architectural drawings).B. Structural Engineering (by a Structural Engineer working directly for and paid by the owner, but coordinated by the architect).C. Truss plant engineered shop drawings, signed and sealed by the truss provider through the lumberyard used by the General Contractor. Also typically includes LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber engineering).D. Survey by a licensed Surveyor, provided and paid for by the owner.E. Some jurisdictions are starting to mandate soil scientist involvement for some steeply sloping areas and other specialized regions.F. HVAC subcontractors energy calculations.

    It is a big misconception that all of the above are provided by the architect and that architect pulls the building permit. No. Not true. The General Contractor should be the entity obtaining the building permit and the Contractor is the one that obtains many of the above items through their suppliers and subcontractors.

    Commercial Projects:Architects do often still provide the engineering disciplines through their office, although this practice is changing, as that includes substantial liability.While the architect does Not provide any shop drawings for pre-engineered items such as those above under SFR, they do often provide the Structural, Mechanical (HVAC), Plumbing & Electrical engineering through their associated sub-consultant engineering firms. However, this is changing. In due course, it may become standard future procedure, even on commercial projects, for owners to provide and pay for these services, with the architect continuing to totally coordinate them.However, it is Not common practice for architects to provide a survey. That is nearly always provided by the owner, along with other site-oriented services, like soil scientists.

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    Architect Services | Architectural Fees

    Commercial Architectural Services – Breley Design - November 15, 2018 by admin

    Professional architectural and interior designers

    Based in the UK and covering many international project, our team offer expertise in the leisure industry creating unique designs for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs and casinos. The aim of our services is to enhance your business adding value through expert design and maximizing the impact of investment.

    Our background

    Breley Designs are one of the leading architectural & interior designers in the country, with over 30 years experience specializing in leisure industry. With an established track-record Breley design has an international reputation as an award winning design agency. Past and present clients include, Luminar Leisure, Hilton, Swiss Air Intercontinental Hotel Group and Caesars Entertainment.

    Providing services you need

    Our team of highly qualified professionals offer a full architectural and interior design service tailored to suit any particular requirements. We are also flexible enough to offer partial design services, where only 1 or 2 sections of the full design service are required.

    Growing strong relationships

    Offering a high level of personal service through all stages, from initial discussions through the design process and on to completion, our team are experienced communicators.

    How we work

    For more details about our design process, please click the design process tab on the left of this page, otherwise get in touch now for a FREE consultation, including a planned site visit.

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    Commercial Architectural Services - Breley Design

    Top Commercial Architectural Services Firms in United … - November 15, 2018 by admin

    There are a number of Top Commercial Architectural Firms in the world. These are firms that design flexible, sustainable commercial office buildings with National Design Experience that reward owners and inspire office occupants. They also hire professional architects to come up with the latest best designs. These firms are many in the world. To make the work easy we have compiled a list of the Top Commercial Architectural Firms in the United States.

    We have included their contact details, locations and their basic services.

    The companies that we have listed are licensed, certified, and compliant to the requirements of the architectural and construction department of the world. They are highly experienced and have been in the market for over a very long time. They have high numbers of professionally trained employees and enjoy great reviews both locally and internationally.

    While choosing these firms we considered their length of practice, international certifications, local and international awards, consumer ratings, reviews, and experience, and also their vision and missions. We also looked up the latest rankings by some of the best construction publications across the globe.

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    Top Commercial Architectural Services Firms in United ...

    Average Rates for Architectural Services - September 23, 2018 by admin

    Architects typically charge for their services in one of five ways:

    For residential work, smaller projects and renovations the most common method is hourly. For medium to large size non-residential projects the most common method is a percentage of construction cost

    Typical Architectural hourly fees range from $125 to $250 per hour. This method is mostly used for small projects, residential projects or for services where the time to complete the work is not known.

    The cost per square foot method is less commonly used. It does not work well with remodeling projects and is usually only used in the design of custom homes. It assesses a fee based on the square foot measure of the largest concept presented to the Client. Generally, this method limits revisions to a specific number, generally three, and if the Client desires further revisions, the Architect will bill on an hourly basis. Fees range from $2 to $5 per square foot for concept development and $1 to $4 per square foot for construction document production.

    Fees based on a percentage of construction cost is most commonly used in medium to large commercial projects. The average fees for a project of typical complexity is 10% -15% for renovations and 8%-12% for new construction.

    Fixed Fees is most commonly used in projects where the scope can be clearly defined. Sometimes a percentage fee is converted to a fixed fee after the schematic design phase is complete and a cost estimate has been prepared. The fixed fee is usually calculated by estimating the hours required to complete the work, or based on the expected result of the percentage fee.

    Combination is most commonly used when portions of the work are billed hourly where the time required to complete the work is not known, and the remainder of the fee is a fixed fee or a percentage of construction based fee.

    These are the most commonly used ways Architects will charge for their design services. If you would like more information about how Architects work or how to find and hire an Architect, we welcome you to check out our resource section, Finding, Hiring and Working with an Architect. If you are ready to talk to an Architect, Swallowtail offers a 10-minutes Q&A session with Architect Rachel Burton, learn more and apply for the the free call.

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    Average Rates for Architectural Services

    Architectural Construction Services | Chester Inc. - June 30, 2018 by admin

    Architectural and Construction Services

    Chester Inc. Architectural & Construction Services is comprised of fully staffed architectural and project management team ready to meet your goals and desires.

    For over 70 years, Chester Architectural & Construction Services philosophy has and will remain the same; on time and on budget.

    Our in-house team of qualified professionals listen to our clients needs with far-reaching attention and empathy.

    Youve thought about it. Youve talked about it. Youve dreamed about it. And were here to help you do it. Were here to bring your ideas to realities you never even imagined!

    The seamless, teamwork approach of design/build integrates both the architectural and construction process for a complete value-add to our customers. It gives the ownera single contract and single point of responsibility reducing multiple contracts with architects, engineers, contractors and construction managers. Communication is also enhanced between the design-builder and the owner, which translates to the owner having more and ongoing input into the project.

    Through schedule compression and greater management control, projects are completed ON TIME AND WITHIN BUDGET.

    You can be assured that every Chester project is performed with the utmost attention to quality, performance, and adherence to schedules and financial plan.

    Proud Partners with

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    Architectural Construction Services | Chester Inc.

    City of Scottsdale – Commercial Services - October 12, 2017 by admin

    Scottsdales Solid Waste Division can provide a full range of refuse and recycling collection services for businesses, contractors and multi-family residential developments in Scottsdale.

    Email or call us at 480-312-5600to discuss how our service can meet your needs.

    We base our rates on the cost of providing service and evaluate them annually, so you wont be subject to surprise rate increases

    Monthly service charges are included with your City of Scottsdale Water and Sewer bill, so one bill and one check takes care of your water/sewer and solid waste disposal charges

    We not only work in the community, we're a part of it, and we take pride in providing Simply Better Service for a World Class Community.

    Heres how you will experience that:

    Commercial Refuse Collection

    Commercial Recycling Collection

    Commercial recycling services are available at an extra fee to businesses and multifamily residential complexes that contract with the city for refuse collection service.

    Our commercial recycling program accepts the same recyclables accepted through our residential program. List of Accepted Recyclables

    We offer 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard roll-off containers for businesses, construction, industrial or large residential clean-up projects.

    If your city-owned container needs repair, please submit a request onlineor call us at 480-312-5600.

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    City of Scottsdale - Commercial Services

    Moreland Glass – Glaziers Melbourne | Cheap Commercial … - September 23, 2017 by admin

    With a fully trained team and over 25 years in the industry, Moreland Glass offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of homes and business throughout both the inner city and surrounding suburbs.

    We offer our expertise as a residential, industrial and commercial glazing in Melbourne, and take pride as a local business that provides full design and fabrication services within Australia at cheap and competitive prices. Our crew is backed up by decades of combined experience within the industry, and has an in-depth knowledge of the trade including emergency repairs and replacements, balustrades and splashbacks, doors, windows, aluminium shop fronts, energy rated glass and much more. Whether you need glazing around the home or commercial windows for your Melbourne business, feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote with no obligation.

    We are extremely competitive and committed to being the only glazier you need we know how to minimise your costs without any sacrifice on quality so that you get the best possible result first time around. No job is too big or too small for us, and we gladly apply our expertise to projects that are difficult or unique. Regardless of the circumstances, we will provide you with a residential or commercial glazing solution that meets all your practical needs, suits the style of the building and fits within your budget.

    Get in TouchWhen you need a cheap glazier in Melbourne that doesnt compromise on workmanship, Moreland Glass is the only team you need to get the job done. We also offer insurance work and can come to your premises after hours to minimise disturbance and maximise convenience. To find out more about our window installations and other services, please dont hesitate to call us today on 03 9354 4468.

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    Moreland Glass - Glaziers Melbourne | Cheap Commercial ...

    Apogee Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOG) Experiences Heavy Trading Volume – Modern Readers - August 23, 2017 by admin


    Trading was heavy with 548K shares changing hands on Wednesday. Volume was up 207.17% over the stocks average daily volume.

    Here are a few additional firms who have increased or decreased their stake in (APOG). As of the end of the quarter Goldman Sachs Group Inc had bought 1,195 shares growing its stake by 17.1%. The value of the companys investment in Apogee Enterprises, Inc. went from $375,000 to $489,000 a change of $114,000 quarter over quarter. As of quarter end Macquarie Group Ltd had disposed of a total of 2,619 shares trimming its position 0.4%. The value of the investment in (APOG) increased from $32,987,000 to $36,557,000 increasing 10.8% since the last quarter.

    Horizon Investment Services, LLC augmented its holdings by buying 23,075 shares an increase of 152.2% from 12/31/2016 to 03/31/2017. Horizon Investment Services, LLC now holds 38,240 shares with a value of $2,279,000. The value of the position overall is up by 180.7%. State Street Corp expanded its investment by buying 37,383 shares an increase of 3.5% as of 03/31/2017. State Street Corp claims 1,099,051 shares worth $65,517,000. The total value of its holdings increased 15.2%.

    The company is so far trading up since yesterdays close of $46.95. Apogee Enterprises, Inc. also announced a dividend for shareholders paid on Tuesday the 25th of July 2017. The dividend payment was $0.140 per share for the quarter which comes to $0.56 on an annualized basis. This dividend amount was represent a yeild of $1.19. The ex-dividend date was set for Thursday the 6th of July 2017.

    It is trading at $47.01 which is quite a bit lower than $52.67, the stocks 50 day moving average and significantly lower than the 200 day moving average of $55.19. The 50 day moving average was down by -10.75% and the 200 day average moved down $-8.18.

    The companys P/E ratio is 16.10 and the market cap is 1.36B. In the latest earnings report the EPS was $2.92 and is expected to be $3.38 for the current year with 28,848,000 shares now outstanding. Next quarters EPS is forecasted at $0.99 and the next full year EPS is projected to be $4.18.

    Apogee Enterprises, Inc., launched on July 12, 1949, is involved in the design and development of glass solutions for enclosing commercial buildings and framing art. The Company operates in four segments: Architectural Glass, Architectural Services, Architectural Framing Systems and Large-Scale Optical Technologies (LSO). The Architectural Glass segment fabricates coated glass used in customized window and wall systems comprising the outside skin of commercial, institutional and multi-family residential buildings. The Architectural Services segment designs, engineers, fabricates and installs the walls of glass, windows and other curtainwall products making up the outside skin of commercial and institutional buildings. The Architectural Framing Systems segment designs, engineers, fabricates and finishes the aluminum frames used in customized aluminum and glass window, curtainwall, storefront and entrance systems comprising the outside skin and entrances of commercial, institutional and multi-family residential buildings. The Large-Scale Optical Technologies segment manufactures glass and acrylic products for the custom picture framing and fine art markets..

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    Apogee Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOG) Experiences Heavy Trading Volume - Modern Readers

    NELSON Secures WK Design Group, Increases Architecture … – Benzinga - August 23, 2017 by admin

    Global architecture and design firm, NELSON, announced it merged operations with WK design group to increase architecture presence in San Francisco.

    San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2017

    After a string of recent national moves, NELSON, a global architecture and design firm, announced it will merge operations with WK design group, located in San Francisco, CA. Effective August 1st, the addition increases NELSON's focus on large-scale, core and shell architecture, and further expand its presence into the Bay Area.

    "Our recent move actively demonstrates our dedication to increasing our architectural design services on both a local and national level," said John "Ozzie" Nelson Jr, Chairman and CEO of NELSON, when describing the deal with WK design group. "San Francisco has been a key market on our radar for quite some time, and we believe that in combining our existing interior and exterior capabilities with those of WK, we will offer new possibilities and reach to our clients."

    Led by Gary Weske and Joel Karr, WK design group specializes in architecture, interior design, building design, core and shell architecture, and construction administration. As a passionate group focused on company culture, the firm offers a boutique approach to architecture and design an important factor to NELSON as growth ensues. WK design group's specialties include commercial and corporate design, hospitality and retail, multi-family, campus master planning, and single-family design. They have completed well-known projects in the Bay Area including Equity Residential Trust, Essex Property Trust, Allianz, and Harvest Properties.

    "We look forward to accessing larger opportunities with NELSON that expand our reach in and beyond the immediate Bay Area," said Joel Karr, Principal of WK design group. "We look forward to combining our strengths to work with current and future clients while leveraging our collective network," added Principal, Gary Weske.

    As the third location added in the Bay Area in just under a year, WK design group will provide NELSON with access to a new network of clients including those in the hospitality and retail industries, while also offering a combination of both high scale and niche services.

    For more information about NELSON, visit

    For more information about WK design group, visit


    About NELSONNELSON is part of a global architecture, design, engineering, and consulting services organization with over 700 Teammates in over 20 locations around the world and strong experience in a broad range of industries. NELSON is ranked in the top 10 of Interior Design Magazine's "100 Design Giants" list. NELSON is also ranked in the top 3 firms specializing in workplace interior design1* and in the top 20 for office architecture and design**. For more information, visit

    *Interior Design Magazine #3 Office Sector, #9 Overall; **Building Design + Construction #6 Office Sector, #17 Overall

    About WK design groupWK design group describes themselves as a firm that delivers experienced, creative, thoughtful, and insightful solutions that "skip the archibabble." They "get it" in terms of transaction driven as well as high design project needs. The firm combines two award-winning predecessors to provide interior design and core and shell architecture services. Led by longtime San Francisco Bay Area residents, Gary Weske and Joel Karr, WK design group offers skills, smarts, and people to give clients what they need. They take pride in their longstanding relationships with multiple constituents and they have fun together with clients, in doing what they do.

    For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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    NELSON Secures WK Design Group, Increases Architecture ... - Benzinga

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