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    9 tips on creating places of respite and reflection – Building Design + Construction - December 5, 2019 by admin

    With the rising cost of land and construction, and the need to build more densely in order to make building a multifamily community profitable, outdoor spaces become all the more important.

    We talked to six veteran landscape architects about how to incorporate gardens and quiet spaces into multifamily communities.

    Dont think of landscaping as something you can value engineer to make up for mistakes at the end of the project, said Craig Karn, ASLA, ULI, NAHB, LEED AP, Founder/Principal, Consilium Design, Denver. If youre going to do great, finished outdoor spaces, they need to be central to the design, not leftover space next to the Dumpsters.

    Have your end game in mind at the beginning of the process, he advised: Your residents want high-quality outdoor spaces, not just sticking a bench along a fence.

    Maintenance staffs have a long list of jobs to do every day, and they are not always plant experts. With any type of fussy landscaping, you have to step up maintenance of the spaces, said Terry Smith, Associate/Director of Land Planning, BSB Design. It takes a lot of work to keep them looking good. It might be cool to have the residents involved in the gardens, but management really has to take the lead and be responsible for maintaining it or it becomes an eyesore.

    Regan Pence, PLA, Landscape Architecture Practice Lead, Lamp Rynearson and Associates, Omaha, Neb., advised leaning toward a limited and more formal plant palette. We try to define the space and make it look architectural and intentional, he said. If you leave things as they are, people perceive it as unkempt. To create a sense of design intent Pences firm often adds trellises, walkways, and planters, which are fairly easy for the maintenance staff to take care of.

    Even in the midst of busy public areas, landscape designers can carve out small spaces where residents can be on their own. BSBs Smith compares the experience to hanging out at a coffee shop. You hear the activity around you, and you can engage if you want to, but you dont have to. Youre in a quiet space within a noisy environment.

    Creating smaller spaces where your residents can be on their own is where the creative aspect comes into play, Smith said. His firm uses plant materials, fencing, landscape walls, and assorted hardscape materials to mold and shape these quiet spots.

    He said a dog park is an example of a highly active space that could have a contemplative garden space off to the side to serve as a quiet spacepossibly with a hammock or two for added relaxation.

    Encountering a small seating area after a sudden change in direction can be a delightfully unexpected experience for your residents. People love finding these little out of the way spaces, said Karn. They become their favorite places to hang out.

    Fireplaces can be used to create multiple intimate seating areas. Karn recommends putting the fireplace in the middle of the space and grouping seating on the various faces.

    Fire pits are really big, said BSB Designs Smith. They can be used at night and over an extended period of the year. They are such a nice gathering area, and they dont take up much space, he said.

    Fire pits come in all kinds of configurations, he noted. Theyre gas-powered, so theyre acceptable to most fire departments. Theyre small, manageable elements where people get a lot of good use out of them.

    Outdoor kitchens are also in demand as social gathering places connected to landscape features. See Grilled to order: The art of outdoor kitchens,

    Even within large open lawns, intimate spaces can be carved out through what Julie Brinkerhoff-Jacobs, President of Lifescapes International, Newport Beach, Calif., calls implied walls.

    Shrubbery can frame an open or covered seating area, whether planted at ground level, in raised beds, or in pots that complement the design aesthetic. Or put vines on a fence.

    Create destinations within destinations, places that are verdant and intimate, said Brinkerhoff-Jacobs. Its a great way to direct traffic and guide people along a path. She likes doing a living, breathing wall or fence, but warned that they can be expensive unless you have plant material that is very fast-growing.

    The best landscape designs shouldnt go dark when the sun goes down. These spaces should have life beyond dusk, said Scott Baker, PLA, ASLA, President, RELM, Los Angeles.

    People are entertaining in the evening, said Baker. These are spaces you come home to at night, grab a bottle of wine, take it downstairs, and hang out with friends.

    Baker said his philosophy is that lights should not be seen; their effect should be perceived. We work very closely with lighting designers to get a mood and environment, he said.

    You can create the desired effect by underlighting benches and seating and uplighting trees. It doesnt have to be big poles with lights that light up an area like a prison yard, said Baker. It can be done in a much more subtle way. More successful spaces do everything with a little more intrigue.

    Raised planter beds and stone pavers form the landscaping vocabulary of the 20,000-sf roof garden designed by RELM for STOA, a 224-unit rental high-rise in downtown Los Angeles. The dome of the Cathedral of St. Vibiana (1876), which was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake and later deconsecrated (its now an events venue), is at right. Holland Partners was the developer. Togawa Smith Martin was the architect. Photo: Manolo Langis

    Ziv Lavi, Founder/Managing Partner of Turf Landscape Design, in New York City, remembers when multifamily developers didnt think much at all about the rooftop spaces on their buildings. Today, its understood the roof will be activated, said Lavi, a former urban designer at the New York City Department of City Planning. Its what people expect when they come to rent or buy in a building.

    Project teams need to think about how the rooftop can become an amenity, not just a holding space for the mechanical systems. Theres an opportunity to move those mechanical areas around and craft in cozy, intimate spaces, he said.

    Lavi said roof spaces should embrace a citys energy, not mask it. Using sound barriers to ward off city noise sends a message that city noise is bad and nature noise is better, said Lavi. You dont want to do that. You want to be able to feel youre within the huge metropolitan area. Youre elevated above it in a nature-like area that filters and incorporates the city into your experience.

    One caution: If you have to have mature trees on a roof deck, you better plan for it, because plant materials are heavy, warned Lifescapes Internationals Brinkerhoff-Jacobs. The roof is one area where early involvement in the design process is essential.

    Does your multifamily community really need a huge pool? According to Consilium Designs Craig Karn, todays apartment and condo residents go to the pool primarily to meet people, not to swim. Make the pool small and the deck big, he said. People-watching is a big deal. But people want to be the watcher, not the watched.

    One way to make that happen is by placing several smaller seating areas around the lawn or deck where residents can sit with a few friends. It creates intimacy where they feel comfortable, Karn said.

    Lifescapes Internationals Julie Brinkerhoff-Jacobs recommends adding nearby water features, such as fountains or water walls, to make a small pool area feel larger. She also suggests installing cabanas to make it possible for residents to define their own more private space within the larger, more public pool area.

    Human beings enjoy being in gardens, said Brinkerhoff-Jacobs. Life is hectic. When you have places of repose where you can recharge your batteries and reconnect with a small group of friends, thats important. If you live in an area with dense population and have a place to have alone time, that will be a very rewarding experience.

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    9 tips on creating places of respite and reflection - Building Design + Construction

    These 6 Frozen-inspired Vacation Rentals Are Perfect For Trips With Kids – Simplemost - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Ready to let it go and book a vacation?

    With the box office success of Frozen 2 inspiring some Disney wanderlust, we scouted out some of the best vacation rentals that are fit for a queen specifically Elsa! Not only are these vacation homes close by the Disney parks in both California and Florida, but they are also elaborately decorated to mimic the frosty wonderland shown in Frozen. Many of them have several rooms, so, to make the nightly rate more affordable, gather up friends and family. Then, pack your bags for the ultimate Disney trip.

    Here, find six Frozen fantasylands that you can rent in real life on Vrbo.

    This sprawling, 4,000-square-foot villa is like a private resort. Some of the star amenities include a Frozen-inspired movie theater with seating for 10 and a pool, hot tub, and themed splash pad where Olaf is keeping cool. One of the seven bedrooms is immaculately designed to look like an icy blue castle and another has sleigh beds and a scenic winter landscape painted on the walls.

    Rates average $386 a night. Book the house here.


    Grown-ups will love the California-cool aesthetic of this vacation home with wood floors and breezy blues throughout. The kids are in for a fun surprise, too. A superhero-themed room with built-in bunk beds has a ball pit in it. The Frozen-inspired room is fantastic, too, with sleigh beds, a trading post hideout, and translucent beads dripping from the ceiling that look like icicles. Up to 26 people can stay here at once.

    Rates average $1,138 a night. Book the house here.


    Just 6 miles away from Disney, this 9-bedroom villa will wow both Frozen and Harry Potter fans with its themed bedrooms. Canopy beds, a chandelier, and Olaf pillows add magical touches to the Frozen-inspired bedroom. After a long day at Disney, enjoy the rentals private pool, which has a waterfall and grotto.

    Rates average $956 a night. Book the house here.


    A giant Frozen mural lends a castle vibe to one of the bedrooms in this 5-bedroom home. Ruffled turquoise bedding, a chandelier and tufted headboards round out the royal look. Another room with bunk beds channels a galaxy far, far away. The rental also features an impressive game room with a pool table and foosball table. Guests have access to the communitys clubhouse, waterpark, movie theater, golf course and more.

    Rates average $212 a night. Book the house here.


    The paint job in the Frozen-themed room is impressive. Olaf and Sven are represented on the blue walls, along with snowflakes and gusts of wind. The happily ever after-themed 5-bedroom home also has a backyard pool and hot tub and is in a gated resort neighborhood where guests will have access to amenities like a water park, golf courses, restaurants and putting green.

    Rates average $300 a night. Book the house here.


    Not only does this home have a Frozen room, but the room also comes with 15 princess dresses for the ultimate dress-up party. The whole 7-bedroom home is worth exploring, with a 50s-style Mickey and Minnie diner, an Avengers-themed room, and a Seven Dwarfs-themed playhouse cottage. Other themed bedrooms include an Aladdin master suite and a Harry Potter room.

    Rates average $389 a night. Book the house here.


    Whos ready for a Frozen-themed getaway?

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    These 6 Frozen-inspired Vacation Rentals Are Perfect For Trips With Kids - Simplemost

    Pair of Moroccan Resort Villas Head to Auction – Mansion Global - December 5, 2019 by admin

    A pair of private villas on a lush new Moroccan polo resort will go to auction this week.

    The two new properties are among 85 Ritz-Carlton-branded residences currently under construction as part of an upcoming 124-acre resort, located about 20 minutes from Marrakeshthe fourth-largest city in Morocco and an economic hub that connects North Africa with Europe and the Middle East.

    Villa Amira and Villa Zena, previously listed for 2.7 million (US$2.99 million) and 2.1 million, respectively, will head to auction with no reserve price; bidding opens digitally on Feb. 26, and ends live in Dubai on Feb. 28. Concierge Auctions is managing the sales, and the Moroccan properties will be part of their larger Dubai sale.

    We partnered with the developer, as he wanted to capture a global audience that is not only interested in the amenities and luxury of the Ritz-Carlton brand, but also the culture, history, and landscape of Marrakesh, said Caitlin Keys, the Europe, Middle East and Africa managing director for Concierge Auctions.

    The residences combine traditional Berber design inspiration with contemporary features, such as soundproofing and full thermal insulation. Both provide views of the polo fields and the Atlas Mountains.

    More:Hedge Fund Billionaire Buys Priciest House in Palm Beach History for $111 Million

    Villa Amira has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, while Villa Zena has four bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms. Both feature premium kitchens, marble flooring across 80% of indoor space, and surround-sound systems. Outside, each villa has a private heated swimming pool, terraces, and gardens, according to the auction house listing.

    The development is centered around the Jnan Amar Polo Fields. In addition to the residences, which are expected to be completed in 2021, the resort will include an 80-room Ritz-Carlton hotel due to open in 2020. Villa owners will enjoy access to Ritz-Carlton amenities, including concierge service, in-residence dining, a spa, landscaped gardens, restaurants, and the Jnan Amar Polo Club with two polo fields.

    From PentaExperts Say Proposed 100% Retaliatory Tariffs on French Goods Will be Devastating

    Correction: Bidding for the properties will open on Feb. 26, and close on Feb. 28. This story has been updated to reflect a recent date change made by Concierge Auctions

    Originally posted here:
    Pair of Moroccan Resort Villas Head to Auction - Mansion Global

    $4.75 Million Homes in California – The New York Times - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Los Angeles | $4.785 MillionA 1936 cottage with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, on a 0.4-acre lot

    Thomas Callaway, an interior designer, acquired this stucco house with a shingled roof about 20 years ago and altered it to look like an English cottage in the Cotswolds. He added beams and half-timbering inside and covered the whole structure in solid stone. The house is on Mandeville Canyon Road in the Brentwood neighborhood, about four miles southwest of the Getty Center. Downtown Los Angeles is about 18 miles east.

    Size: 2,660 square feet

    Price per square foot: $1,799

    Indoors: Mr. Callaway kept the homes original footprint, but not much else. The living room was replastered and half-timbered. (The walls have wide bead-board paneling, and the ceiling between the rafters is tongue and groove.)

    The dining room was created by enclosing an outdoor patio (along with its fireplace), and has a Dutch door opening to the grounds. In the library, an eight-foot ceiling was raised through the attic to create a vaulted space. Between the beams is a distressed stenciled design based on a William Morris pattern, and the walls are paneled in English oak. Built-in bookcases surround a leaded-glass bay window.

    The kitchen, which was not extensively made over, has blue-and-white tile accents, a breakfast area and a Dutch door.

    For the walls of the vaulted master bedroom, Mr. Callaway applied a stenciled thistle pattern that he developed for a client. The guest bedroom has a William Morris paper.

    Outdoor space: The hilly grounds were leveled, and the backyard landscaping was designed around an old oak tree. Stone walls and patios were added, along with a stone dovecote. (It was never used to house birds, just stuff.) The gardens bloom with wisteria and other ornamentals. Parking is in an attached two-car garage.

    Taxes: $59,813 (estimated)

    Contact: Mary Beth Woods, Coldwell Banker, 310-463-1599;

    This house is in the Marina district. According to a JCP-LGS hazard disclosure report, it is on a non-liquefaction lot that offers more stability in an earthquake than other zones in this seismically vulnerable neighborhood. It is within walking distance of a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment sites, including those arrayed along nearby Chestnut and Union Streets. The 13-acre Fort Mason park with its arts and cultural center is a half-block north, and the Moscone Softball Fields are a block west. The nearest Safeway supermarket and Muni rail station are two blocks away.

    Size: 3,985 square feet

    Price per square foot: $1,192

    Indoors: The front door opens on the main level to a wide foyer that turns left into a dining room with textured wall covering and a silver ceiling. Here and throughout the home are spacious proportions, inlaid hardwood floors and elegant moldings.

    The dining room connects through an archway to a living room with a bow-fronted window facing the street and a wood-burning fireplace flanked by bookshelves.

    Straight down the entrance hallway is a white marble kitchen with industrial lighting and high-end appliances; it flows into a family room with two walls of built-ins (including a wine refrigerator), followed by a sunroom with three walls of windows. A powder room with a marble sink is also on this floor.

    Front and back staircases ascend to the upper level, more than half of which is taken up by the master suite. The master bedroom sits above the living room and also has a bow-fronted window and a fireplace. Two walk-in closets with built-ins extend over the entire 24-foot width of the floor, and the larger closet connects to a skylighted master bathroom with marble finishes, a soaking tub and a walk-in glass shower. Next to it is a laundry room with two sets of washers and dryers.

    Two additional bedrooms share a hallway bathroom with double sinks and a combined tub and shower. Each of the rooms has direct access to a rear sunroom.

    The lower level includes a three-car garage in front; in the back are 725 square feet of finished space, including a rec room or fourth bedroom with a wet bar, an attached sitting room and a full bathroom. There is also a wine cellar.

    Outdoor space: A spiral staircase descends from the main level to the large paved rear patio. It is surrounded by a garden border and a wood fence.

    Taxes: $59,375 (estimated)

    Contact: Ruth Krishnan, Compass, 415-735-5867;

    Jorge Engel, an architect based in San Diego, designed this home with monumental gestures, expensive woods and nine varieties of granite. It is across from a golf course in a gated community of 35 properties, about 24 miles north of San Diego and four miles from Pacific Coast beaches.

    Size: 8,817 square feet

    Price per square foot: $539

    Indoors: The house is entered by a bridge supported by stone pillars. The main level has a living room with a tray ceiling, a wet bar and a wood-burning slate fireplace, as well as a game room and four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and enormous closets. The master suite contains a fireplace and a private balcony. Two of the guest rooms have sleeping lofts reached by ladder.

    The lower level is where youll find the kitchen and attached family room, a dining room, a second living room, an additional guest suite and a laundry room. There is also a bathroom and changing room convenient to the pool.

    The kitchen has zebrawood cabinets with granite countertops and a stainless steel hood that rises and runs like a ribbon across the ceiling.

    The dining room has a geometric, multi-armed chandelier with conical frosted-glass shades and built-in stone-topped credenzas. It opens to an outdoor patio.

    Outdoor space: The covered outdoor granite kitchen is big, but it is dwarfed by the 75-foot-long saltwater pool with an even longer monumental structure that frames the landscape.

    Taxes: $59,367 (estimated)

    Contact: Jason Barry, Barry Estates, 858-756-4024;

    For weekly email updates on residential real estate news, sign up here. Follow us on Twitter: @nytrealestate.

    The rest is here:
    $4.75 Million Homes in California - The New York Times

    Blue belles: The freediver and the kiteboarder – Landscape News - December 5, 2019 by admin

    The rainbow reefs of Palawan, thesnow-white beaches of Boracay, the surfing mecca of Siargao the waters of thePhilippines are precious places, harboring some of the worlds richest marinebiodiversity, drawing visitors from around the world and supporting a topfishing economy.

    Yet, the Philippines is among the three biggest plastic polluting countries and is the most dangerous for environmental defenders, putting the health of its coastal ecosystems under ecological threat.

    Alongside the growing global youth movement acting to fight climate change, young Filipinos and ocean-sport athletes in particular are making their waters the focus of their careers and lives, to clean them up and keep them intact for the future. In this two-part series, meet four.

    Read part one of the series here.

    Marine Conservation Philippines is a non-profit working to protect fragile marine habitats and the livelihoods of marginalized coastal communities in the central Philippines. Connect on Instagram: @camzzrivera

    Bais is located in the Taon StraitProtected Seascape (TSPS) which is the largest seascape in the Philippines. Ithas the ideal ecosystem of mangroves, seagrass and coral reefs.

    But in Bais, out of an estimated 600hectares of fishponds, there are approximately 95 hectares of abandoned andunderutilized fishponds and 35 hectares of undocumented fishponds, which are neitherproducing food for the community nor fulfilling government-mandated coastalmanagement goals. This has also destroyed the mangrove ecosystem. So we createdthis project to revert Baiss mangrove ecosystems back to how they were yearsago.

    I think that the environment is not a priority in thiscountry but basic necessities such as food and shelter are. Communities onlyconsider if there is food today or tomorrow, and that is why fishponds are ashort-term value. Some do not realize the long-term value of mangroves generatingmore fisheries in the future. That is why in order for us to docommunity-based mangrove conservation, we need to involve the community in arole where they can generate income with it in a very short time.

    Its funny how I came into the marinescience field. I just chose the most random course in university, a course noone goes to. I didnt even know how to swim! It just started as a calling, andthe moment I went into the ocean, I almost drowned, but I was still able toappreciate everything about it.

    I focus on mangroves because I think were all blindedby the conservation of coral and seagrass. But mangroves are the primary shieldsfrom the rivers, so they get all the sediments from the agriculture. Coral cantsurvive the nutrients from mangroves. They also give shoreline protection,provide homes for fish and are carbon sinks. Mangroves are a balance betweenthe river, the land and the sea. Also, I like those ecosystems that nobody elselikes to look at.

    Understanding the social network has played a big part in environmental impact, and that is missing in most natural sciences. Communities need moral support and motivation, and thats where we come in with happy faces. Ive seen how theyve changed their trust and relationship toward me. Their voices arent often heard, so they really like that were hearing them.

    Rosales is the founder of Blue Kiteboarding, a sustainable kite-sports consultancy and school, and a local travel agency. She was the 2015 winner of the KTA Asian and ICTSI Philippine Freestyle kiteboarding championships. Connect on Instagram: @Paularosales

    Ive always been a water baby. Ive been acompetitor swimmer since sixth grade. From the pool I transferred to the ocean.Ive always found a special connection with the water. Humans are mainlycomposed of water, so I always felt I wanted to be near it.

    The adrenaline I get from kiteboarding is something Ive never experienced in any other sport. And it uses free energy. As we go into the future, we have to use more renewable energy, which can start as leisure. Instead of using a jet ski or motorized sport, use something more friendly to the environment.

    The Philippines is composed of over 7,000islands, and its surprising that a lot of us dont know how to swim. I waslucky to learn. In the rural parts of the country, the ocean is scary to Filipinos.

    When surfing became popular 15 years ago,this was a new avenue for the Filipinos to enjoy the ocean. There was noparticular special relationship with it before that, but I think this was agood way to start. When someone begins surfing, it triggers something becauseit gives them joy. Thats why I think playing in the ocean plays a positiverole in encouraging ocean protection.

    When I moved here to Boracay, I was very happy, living on white beach, teaching kiteboarding, living this perfect life. But a few years ago, I started getting sick from the water. We found out from a scientist that tested the water that the coliform (bacteria) was very high. So as an athlete and a person who thinks the ocean is my home, I felt the need to protect it.

    I do this through events and communicationsand spreading the word about the different issues to keep our home livable. WhenI got sick, I started doing beach cleanups and educated my staff about theimportance of keeping the ocean clean and of conservation. For health reasonsfirst of all I couldnt go in the water when it was filthy.

    If you love where you live, you have to doeverything you can to protect it.The reason why I fell in love withBoracay was because of the beauty of the place, the nature, the white-sandbeach, the ocean. I think we all came here because of that. But due tooverdevelopment, the forests and ocean are suffering. I believe that itseveryone responsibility the businesses, the residents, the tourists to takecare of the ocean, to keep it clean and keep it safe.

    A lot of surfers and kiteboarders are aware of the importance of ocean conservation, and this is a good platform. Its a cool way to learn to love the ocean. We should utilize the water sport community to drive change in this particular sector however we can.

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    Blue belles: The freediver and the kiteboarder - Landscape News

    ‘House In The Landscape’ By Niko Architecture – Boss Hunting - December 5, 2019 by admin

    'House In The Landscape' is a seamless integration of nature into earthly residential architecture.

    Built byNiko Architecture in Moscow, Russia and inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture philosophy (the merging of buildings with their natural surroundings so they look like one), this impressive home has been integrated into lush surroundings to create a welcoming, flowing abode.

    Constructed from reinforced concrete, the home looks like it's emerging from the ground, sunken under large grass areas and surrounding flora. The interior features a variety of artworks, sculptures, and hidden Japanese influences that blend with the organic atmosphere created within the property.

    The home features curved walls and ceilings throughout the interior that mimick the rolling environment outside. The spaces are large and free-flowing, while the floor-to-ceiling windows offer sparkling views to encourage a connection with the natural world outside. The windows also open to a secluded terrace area that borders an infinity pool designed to resemble a natural pond.

    The layout of the property contains three bedrooms, a living area, dining area, relaxation room, and an office located on the second floor. A small balcony overlooks the infinity pool and offers a different view of the entire property.

    If you think this home is incredibly well designed, be sure to check out Mexico's concrete beachfront 'Gemela House' and Australia's minimalist dream retreat the 'Elemental House.'

    RELATED: Inside the Penthouse apartment of this San Francisco clocktower

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    'House In The Landscape' By Niko Architecture - Boss Hunting

    Elm trees could return to woodlands across the UK, new report suggests – inews - December 5, 2019 by admin

    NewsEnvironmentElm trees once dominated Britain's countryside, but were almost wiped out by Dutch elm disease half a century ago

    Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 11:45 am

    The species, which once dominated rural landscapes and has been present in the UK since the Bronze Age, was almost totally destroyed by Dutch elm disease, a fungal pathogen which killed 20 million trees in the UK. Some 90 per cent of elms were removed as a result of the disease and the tree has been largely forgotten as a feature of the countryside.

    "Elite" elms

    Research by a number of private individuals and organisations who have refused to abandon the elm now suggests that it could return, thanks in part of the discovery of elite elms that remain in the countryside and appear to be able to resist or avoid the disease.

    A report by the Future Trees Trust, a charity, said the mature specimens are hundreds of years old and efforts are being made to analyse these individual elms to produce seedlings which reproduce this apparent resistance.

    The charity said that with appropriate further research and funding it is now possible to envisage the re-establishment of the elm at a time when other species such as the oak are under assault from pests and diseases.

    Karen Russell, the author of the report, said: The current state is that we know a lot about where the mature trees are and we know more than ever about the opportunities in terms of research. With the right people in the right place and the funding we can put elm back in the landscape.

    Dutch elm disease, which arrived in Britain in two waves, remains active and continues to spread north - it has yet to reach some parts of Scotland. Immature trees sprouted from diseased parents are capable of growing for a number of years but then themselves succumb to the disease.

    The researchers want to build on work in a number of European countries where the elite trees have been crossed with native elms.

    More work needed

    The Future Trees Trust report suggests that seedlings need to be produced in greater numbers of study their progress and use techniques such as genome sequencing to try to identify the particular genetic traits that contribute to Dutch elm disease (DED) resistance.

    The report states: Since the 1990s, it has been apparent that isolated, small populations and individual trees have survived and may be avoiding, tolerant or resistant to DED. With other native species such as ash and oak under increasing pest and disease pressures, there is currently much interest in re-considering elm with an objective of conserving, improving and ultimately restoring elm back in to the landscape at a meaningful level.

    The report that such much information remains scattered among individuals and organisations but there is willingness among experts to pool these resources to further research.

    Max Coleman, author of book on the elm, said: Elms have demonstrated a tenacious ability to survive; it is about time we gave them a helping hand.

    Elm trees could return to woodlands across the UK, new report suggests - inews

    Kalote, Maharashtra: We bet you havent seen a more lavish, expansive and close-to-nature holiday home than this – Architectural Digest India - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Everything about this bungalow spells luxury

    A birds-eye-view of the hillside and an uber luxurious abode replete with a garden, swimming pool and gaming roomthis home certainly checks all boxes for the perfect weekend getaway. The two story structure spread across 8000-square-feet, (over 6 acres) is enveloped by lush greenery. The interiors are purposefully minimal, so that the focus remains on the pice de rsistancethe undulating hillside views. The home overlooks the tranquil Kalote lake and has a 360 degree view of the surrounding hills, making it a blissful getaway from a bustling city like Mumbai. The basic idea was to focus on the scenic views from every room. Every space has furniture, lights and accessories strategically placed to frame the stunning sights, says Amritha Karnakar, principal architect, AKAD (Amritha Karnakar Architectural Design).

    The ground floor features the living room, dining room, bar, kitchen and three bedrooms, while the first floor houses three bedrooms, the gaming room along with two viewing decks. The staff quarters, gym, spa, steam room and kids play area are located in the basement.

    A home of this scale required a fitting entrancethat was fulfilled by an imposing 12 foot-high solid wooden door. The challenge was to understand the scale of the structure and space. It was important to not let the grandeur overpower the main focusthe view, explains Karnakar. The entrance leads into the living area which opens onto the large deck with an infinity pool.

    In keeping with the minimalistic aesthetic, the living room features a seating area, showcasing the beautiful natural landscape. Artfully peppered with carefully selected artefacts, it also features two lounge chairs with footrests at the bottom of the spiral staircase. The hanging lights in the double height room add another element of visual interest. The neutral shades of beige and grey are balanced by the pops of green added via the large potted plants. The room leads into the dining area that features a fourteen seater marble-top dining table.

    The ground floor deck accessed from the living room features the infinity pool along with sun beds to soak in the green vistas. The first floor has two decks on either side. One corner of the larger deck is dedicated to the outdoor dining areathe ideal spot to enjoy your meals against the picture perfect backdrop.

    While the home has six bedrooms, its the master bedroom on the first floor that perhaps offers the best, panoramic views courtesy the large glass windows on three sides of the room. The bright orange sofa in one corner of the room adds an interesting contrast to the large swathes of green outside.

    A grungy English bar was the inspiration while designing the bar. The pipes fitted on one wall lend the room a stylish industrial-chic vibe. Pops of colour were brought in via the blue chevron-patterned tiles and red leather sofa. A barrel placed in the seating area adds another whimsical element to the dcor.

    A wooden staircase leads up to the game room that has a pool table, foosball table and a carom board. The white and yellow tiles lend the room a bright, cheery look.

    Spacious, green and eco-friendly, these 4 Surat bungalows are a sight to behold

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    Kalote, Maharashtra: We bet you havent seen a more lavish, expansive and close-to-nature holiday home than this - Architectural Digest India

    Global Hepatitis D Market Segmented Analysis of market by Key players, Drivers, Regional, And Competitive Landscape Prediction To 2024 – The… - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Hepatitis D Market report covers the disease overview, definition, classification, symptoms, ethology, pathophysiology and diagnostic methods. The investigation depends on patient take-up by treatments, deals forecast of each medication by concentrate the explanations for the maximal utilization of new medicines. A relative investigation is likewise done based on part of the overall industry and size by evaluating the drugs take-up to extend the treatment situating in the market. It also covers the complete treatment methodologies and therapy areas under research and development

    Hepatitis D Market Understanding and Treatment Algorithm

    The report gives an exhaustive record of the all patient pool, diagnosed cases and potential patient pool qualified for the treatment. It additionally incorporates the clarification of changing patterns of the study of disease transmission in the wake of assessing various examinations, review reports and perspectives.

    Look insights of Global Hepatitis D Market research report at

    Hepatitis D Market Epidemiology

    The report offers a complete account of the total patient pool, diagnosed cases and potential patient pool eligible for the treatment.

    Get sample Copy of this Report at

    Hepatitis D Market Product Profiles & Analysis

    This segment emphases on the recent growths like clinical development analysis, medical trial details, allotted designations, published results, pharmacological effects, patent expiry, and expected launch timings.

    Markets Regions Covered

    Ask questions before buying at

    Hepatitis D Market Share by Therapies

    The study is based on patient uptake by treatments, sales forecast of each drug by studying the reasons behind the highest use of new drugs.

    Hepatitis D Market Report Insights

    Hepatitis D Market Report Key Strengths

    Look into Table of Content of Industrial Robot Sensors Market Report

    Hepatitis D Market Report Assessment

    Key Benefits

    Buy Hepatitis D Market Report at

    See more here:
    Global Hepatitis D Market Segmented Analysis of market by Key players, Drivers, Regional, And Competitive Landscape Prediction To 2024 - The...

    Travel: St Andrews – The home of Golf offers luxury par excellence – The Sunday Post - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Im more of a Prosecco glass than a Claret Jug kind of gal. So a trip to the Home of Golf and a hotel steeped in the traditions of the game gave me a certain sense of trepidation.

    However, I neednt have worried, because it turns out you dont need to be in love with the sport to have a tee-rrific time in St Andrews.

    Were staying at the Old Course Hotel, overlooking the famous course which every five years hosts The Open Championship, golfs oldest and greatest tournament.

    And if its good enough for golfing royalty 15-time major winner Tiger Woods is among those to have stayed at the hotel its good enough for us.

    Our room is a stunning suite with panoramic views taking in West Sands beach and the famous Swilcan Bridge, which spans the 1st and 18th fairways of the Old Course.

    Thankfully we dont need to worry about any balls going astray. The windows are made from bulletproof glass, just to make sure guests are safe as houses. Just mind your head if youre chilling out on the private balcony!

    The room is what can only be described as the epitome of luxury.

    With flat-screen TVs, an iPod docking stereo and Nespresso coffee machine, you could easily spend your stay holed up in the hotel.

    But then youd be missing out on what this fantastic little university town has to offer.

    St Andrews was thrown into the limelight as the place where Kate met Wills in 2001 but it had earned its place on the map long before it played royal match-maker.

    West Sands beach, just a 10-minute walk from the hotel, is so beautiful that it takes your breath away.

    The pristine golden sands, famously depicted in the opening scenes of Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire, stretch for miles and are ideal for a pleasant stroll or a jog at any time of year.

    A wander around the town, with its ancient castle and cathedral ruins sitting alongside quaint cafes and shops, is a pleasure. And the Sealife Centre and Golf Museum are firm favourites with visitors if the weather isnt looking fair.

    If youre feeling more energetic, where better to try your hand at a round of golf? My golf-mad husband was like a kid in a sweetshop at the prospect of a game. He jumped aboard the hotels shuttle bus for the three-mile drive for a round at The Dukes.

    Its hillside setting offers glorious views of the town, surrounding countryside and beach. A post-round pint is a must in the modern but cosy clubhouse.

    Back at the hotel, we decide our golfers elbow needs some TLC so check out the Kohler Spa, and what a treat it proves to be.

    The hot stone massagewhich sees the therapist gently knead from the top of my head to literally the tips of my toes proves a world-class spa experience and a welcome break from the daily grind.

    Nothing could make me feel more chilled than an afternoon hanging by the spa pool in a fluffy dressing gown and slippers, dipping in and out of the sauna, steam room and hydrotherapy pool.

    Leaving the mobile behind and taking a few hours off from the world is something we should all do more often.

    Before we know it, hours have passed and its almost time for dinner at the Road Hole Restaurant.

    And this is a meal I wont forget in a hurry.

    The floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Old Course offer stunning views, in sync with the food at this three-AA-awarded eaterie.

    Aside from the sumptuous food, including melt-in-your-mouth steak, seafood and souffl, its the little touches that make this more of an experience than a meal out.

    A glass of champagne to start, our waitress suggests wine pairings for each part of the meal.We round off with the chocolate marquise, which is a dessert lovers dream a mix of caramel, toffee, honeycomb and chocolate, followed by a few cocktails. Sweet Dreams is a favourite.

    And, with that in mind, its back to that big comfy bed for a night of sound slumber.

    The Old Course is the par-fect package and definitely has all the fun of the fairway, whether you like a slice of sporting action or not.

    The Old Course Hotel wasnt actually built until 1968, but visitors are amazed at how well it blends seamlessly into the landscape and surrounding architecture of the town.

    A Classic Spa Day at the Kohler Waters Spa at the Old Course Hotel costs 180 per person.

    Room from 307 per room per night on a B&B basis, based on two people sharing. or call 01334 474 371.

    Read this article:
    Travel: St Andrews - The home of Golf offers luxury par excellence - The Sunday Post

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