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    30 Amazing Pool Landscaping Ideas For Your Home | Carnahan - May 2, 2019 by admin

    As homeowners, we always look for ways to beautifully landscape around an inground pool in our backyard. A well-planned pool landscaping can really turn a basic swimming pool into an absolute paradise. Simply ask your pool builder to see if they have any suggestions for your pool landscape.

    We also have collected several pictures to get you inspired. Here are 30 amazing ideas for your backyard pool:

    Credit: Eric Perry, Scripps Networks, LLC

    Your pool is about relaxation. Why not take every opportunity to optimize that potential? Start by saying goodbye to clunky deck chairs or tacky floating mattresses and install permanent chairs in your pool, taking full advantage of splash and sun. Keep your new chairs close to a water feature to help increase calm.

    Credit: EWM Realty International

    Luxury pool or fine art? Dont settle for one or the other. Design your pool to be a strong and dramatic addition to your backyard by stepping outside the norm. Using a dark stone, large water feature, and modern shape will instantly transform a traditional space into a talking piece.

    Credit: Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

    This is more than a backyard pool. This is a place to pamper yourselfa day at the spa without stepping foot from your home. White stone, blended gently with landscaping pebbles and pristine, simplistic greenery creates an aesthetic synonymous with a deep breath. Now where are the fluffy robes?

    Credit: Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

    A pool is a gateway to a lifetime of family fun and memories. Save space to play and be goofy in and around your beautiful pool. Finish off your landscaping with soft grass and kid-friendly plants, along with smooth stone on your deck to protect little fingers and toes from scrapes and bruises.

    Credit: Jenkins Custom Home Designs

    Your woodland get-away is the perfect spot for a pool, set in beautiful earth tones. Craft your deck from reclaimed barnwood or raw lumber to maintain that rustic look and feel while also cutting cost. Keep a freestanding or permanent fire-pit close by for cozy moments after your quick dip.

    Credit: Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture

    Any Leave It to Beaver dream home is incomplete without a pool to match. Crisp white colors paired with red brick develops a simple-yet-stunning look reminiscent of the 20th Centurys golden days. Keep your color pallet and landscaping bold but simple to keep this classic look feeling fresh and contemporary.

    Credit: Jacob Bodkin

    Keep your European vacation right in your backyard with help from your pool. A brown or black stone pool should be guarded closely by bold walls. With the addition of lanterns or real torches as light features, the Bavarian Countryside will begin to feel like home. Dont forget to add groomed shrubbery as an accent to this aesthetic!

    Credit: Spenser Bruce

    Enjoy your siesta or fiesta poolside. Place your pool in a tropical setting of bold and strong architecture, accompanied by open and sheltered spaces reminiscent of a Costa Rican get-away. Add a splash of color on a wall or with your pool tiles to bring your latin design to life.

    Credit: Dilbeck Real Estate

    Make your pool the perfect retreat for morning yoga or prayer. Wrap a simplistic pool design in bold greenery and add statements such as decorative rocks, statues, or chimes to keep the space focused and meditative. Allow your pool to help you enter a world of peace and tranquility with a luxury stone fireplace.

    Credit: Tom DiPace

    Your backyard pool should be entertainment central. Keep the pool large enough to accommodate all your friends and family in and around the water. Add lots of comfy seating options on your spacious deck to keep everyone together. Go the extra mile by installing an outdoor kitchen and stow-away TV for the ultimate party pad.

    Credit: Shannon Faulk

    A pool should be a versatile centerpiece to your backyard. Be sure to accommodate all the ways youre sure to use the space by installing a large and spacious deck full of opportunity. Sheltered tables and seats for a classy party. Comfortable seating for morning zen and reading. Lounge chairs for afternoon sun. And tables for outdoor family dining. Be sure your pool can do it all.

    Credit: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

    Make sure your pool feels like an extension of your home. Extending the stone used on your patio or walkways to your pools deck can make the addition feel like an integral part of your homes structure. Add an outdoor fireplace to keep those cozy feelings coming.

    Credit: Willis Allen Real Estate

    Keep your backyard from feeling cramped by installing a pool and patio that are full of warm and vibrant lighting. Lining the retaining walls or floor of your pool with low-voltage LED lights makes your pool look larger than life while allowing you to go for a spontaneous nighttime dip or keep the party going after dark.

    Credit: Sothebys International Realty

    How does one return to a time of refinement and majesty? Start with your backyard pool. Soft and natural stone, paired with delicate cream palettes, draping curtains, and bright greenery will transport you to a place of Versailles-style elegance. This timeless look can be achieved in any backyard.

    Credit: John Bessler

    Adding a pool to your backyard means youre one step closer to paradise. When that pool and patio are built with pristine white stone or tile, the paradise has officially arrived. Accent your fresh and clean, beachy look with bright and modern furniture, keeping symmetry and balance in mind.

    Credit: Windermere Southern CA

    Living in a Southern California mansion means you must have a backyard with a heated pool and spa. Maintain the cottage aesthetic with a rough-cut stone pool setting and a hardwood patio. Add a touch of comfort and class with netted curtains around your sheltered patio to protect from pesky insects.

    Credit: Harold Leidner

    When you have a beautiful pool made to reflect blue and sunny skies, it begs for a bold and tropical splash of green. Consult with your pool builder and landscaper to choose trees that are easy to maintain and come in a variety of sizes. Add a patio large enough to provide additional shelter and comfort. Deciding on poolside landscaping design is important.

    Credit: Design Custom Home Concierge

    Make time spent in your pool feel like a small adventure. With bridges, fountains, lazy rivers, and splash zones, swimming turns into non-stop fun for all ages. Complete your project with landscaping to matchplayful paths, decorative rock, and a luxurious cabana. Every day is an adventure in your backyard.

    Credit: TriplePoint Design Build

    If your backyard is set in a place of natural beauty, integrate your pool into that space. Use local rock, stone, wood, and plant life to make your landscaping project fit seamlessly with the space around it. Line the bottom of your pool with decorative pebbles or river rock to add to the natural look and feel of your pool and spa.

    Credit: Tommy Crow

    Build a pool with strong angles and squared architecture to add a flavor of the east to your backyard. Add posh seating, made of natural materials to turn a beautiful pool into a space made for royalty. With limited yard space, add statement planters around your pool to bring life and character to your spa.

    Credit: Thompson Photographic

    Not every pool has to be a masterpiece. But with a few minor accents you can turn a traditional backyard into something truly spectacular. Pops of colored or mosaic tile add permanent and low-maintenance character to a backyard. Even one unique piece of outdoor furniture can turn up the volume on your bland backyard.

    Credit: Failing Waters Landscape

    A simple squared pool can become an amazing centerpiece when surrounded by perfect structure and elegance. From your deck chairs to stone pathways, even your fire pit and tables, can all become a cohesive, bold but warm aesthetic of beauty and structure. Choose plants and greenery that can be perfectly groomed to match your style. Make sure you have a well-constructed irrigation and drain system in your backyard to accommodate your poolside landscaping designs.

    Credit: Greg Wilson

    Build a pool around your love of the sun. Make sure you can soak up the rays anytime and anyplace in or around your pool. Add groups of cushioned lounge chairs and umbrellas to your deck, providing you will plenty of opportunities to tan or for every guest to find comfort and style around your beautiful pool.

    Credit: Greenwood King Properties

    Use multiple levels, from your spa to your deep end, to create depth. Varying levels pleases every eye and extends your pool from a flat 2-dimensional space to a vibrant visual. Add water features between each level to keep the space cohesive while maintaining class and calm in your backyard.

    Credit: Hilton & Hyland

    While youre adding to the backyard, you can still maintain your love of simple and clean style. Use your pace efficiently by only building a pool in the size you need. Keep your accents basic but beautiful with squared edges, white stone, and wood. Use deck furniture that is functional yet versatile to keep clutter at bay.

    Credit: Jamie Rector

    Who says the pathway has to be boring? Toss out your concrete sidewalks and basic stepping stones. Trade them in for a beautiful statement leading up to and around your pool. A pathway can be soft and whimsical, made of wood and moss. Or make it solid and structured with stone and manicured grass. No matter what you choose, let you style flow from home to poolside.

    Credit: Paragon Pools

    Think about your home. Is it built with peaks, arches, stones or brick? Is it modern, classic, or somewhere in-between? Build your pool and patio to match the style of your homes construction. This ensures that your new pool will feel like a natural part of your homes backyard.

    Credit: Jason Jorgenson

    Give your pool a touch of Southwest style with just a few simple touches. Use red or brown stone on your patio, integrating tiles with stripes, triangles, and diamonds. Add patio furniture with bright and warm colors to add character and vibrancy to your space. Finalize your landscaping with sturdy succulents and cacti, surrounded by decorative stone or lava rock.

    Credit: Ciro Coelho

    If you cant stand bland, know that a douse of color goes a long way. Line the bottom of your pool with a tile in your favorite hue and wait for it to sparkle in the sun. Or let your patio and plants speak for themselves. Choose colorful florals and bright cushions for additional comfort and style.

    Credit: Harold Leider Landscape Architect

    Not only should a backyard pool match the structure and style of your home, it should also match the size. Dont let a small but beautiful home feel overwhelmed by a massive pool. Or beware of your large home towering over a tiny pool. The two pieces should be perfectly balanced

    So there you have it. The goal of every pool landscaping project is going to be different from one to another, but all homeowners want attractively unique, low-maintenance landscaping, that offers privacy around their pool.

    Another thing to keep in mind is make sure the trees or plants you choose are not going to drop debris in the pool.

    If youre interested in discussing about how we can turn your pool into an absolute haven please contact us now.

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    30 Amazing Pool Landscaping Ideas For Your Home | Carnahan

    GOODMANORS Pool + Garden | Sydney Landscape Design - September 24, 2018 by admin

    GOODMANORS Pool + Garden | Sydney Landscape Design

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    Pool + Garden - Architecture & Realisation

    With a total approach to the design and construction of pools (+ spas) along with garden landscaping services, GOOD MANORS offers a whole solution with pool + garden designers & builders.

    Despite shifting trends over the years and competitive pressures, Good Manors has never lost sight of its clear vision to remain trend defiant, client-focused and always maintain a strong focus on creating contextual, relevant outdoor living areas, gardens and pools. Through a client process that is enjoyable, transparent and achieves an aspiring end result, Good Manors brings to life gardens that compliment the home's era or style, creating a harmonious living space that flows from the inside out.

    32 Halloran streetLilyField NSW 2040

    T. [02] 9818 3377F. [02] 9818 4666

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    GOODMANORS Pool + Garden | Sydney Landscape Design

    Custom Pool Builders & Landscape Design Services | Solda … - September 6, 2018 by admin

    Custom-Design the Perfect Pool and Spa for You

    Our award-winning in-house design team of horticulturalists and landscape designers are committed to working with each client to transform their unique vision into a reality. Whether you choose gunite concrete or gunite vinyl pool construction, our Solda Pools design and build team custom designs each pool, spa, patio and landscape to reflect your personal aesthetic preferences as well as size and shape specifications. Clients also have a list of luxury options to choose from to enhance the beauty of their backyard, including stylish cabanas, shade structures, water features and pool-side bars.

    From the inception of the design process, Frank Solda works directly with the client to review the homeowners needs and incorporate them into an initial concept plan. The plan is then further developed by our in-house design team of talented andexperienced landscape designers, to ensure the clients unique vision and practical needs are met. Each project begins with a detailed landscape design, providing you with a two-dimensional, topographical view of what your backyard paradise will look like after construction is complete. From beautiful garden beds and stretches of grass to the perfect surrounding patio and stonework, our design experts are committed to creating a stunning landscape.

    Each step of the way, the client has the opportunity to communicate with the Solda team to ensure their satisfaction with the finished product. Our designers are adept at marrying their creative vision with functionality and the clients needs in order to create the perfect pool and spa. The design team and staffed engineers are under the leadership of the principal Solda managers, who bring years of experience to the table in order to make certain that the clients dream backyard is brought to life.

    Ourturn-key approachmeans thatSolda Poolshas the staff and equipment necessary to professionally customize features during your pool installation. Browse through our galleriesto help you choose the perfect shape and size for your in-ground gunite vinyl or gunite concrete pool. You can also customize the design of your pool by connecting, one-on-one, with our in-house design team. For more complex pools and patios, our team can create a 3-dimensional mock-up so you can ensure your backyard design hits the mark.

    When designing and building your custom built luxury swimming pool, there are many features available to enhance your pool experiencesuch as:

    These various pool options can add functionality to your pool or add a unique visual flare to your backyard space. Visit our fire & water gallery to get more pool feature ideas and inspirations!

    When designing the spaces around your swimming pool there are a number of landscape design features that can enhance your experience of the pool including:

    These items can add value to your backyard entertainment experience and allow you to feel as if your backyard can be transformed into a retreat. Visit our outdoor living gallery to get more landscape feature ideas and inspirations.

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    Custom Pool Builders & Landscape Design Services | Solda ...

    Hafen’s Pools & Landscape, Inc. – Swimming Pool Builders … - August 14, 2018 by admin

    The answer to all your Pool, Spa and Landscaping needsWith more then 34years experience in building..Custom Gunite Pools Waterfalls & FountainsFree Consulation, Free EstimatesClick here to Contact Us

    Have a good look around our website and see why people love our Pools, Spas, and Landscaping. We strive to give you the highest quality at the lowest price. Contact us when you are ready to enjoy your new pool, spa, or landscaping!

    If youre looking to build or evenremodel an existing pool, youre onthe right site. Summer is coming!Start the process of building yournew inground pool today.

    We Pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service, and top quality swimming pools. We provide services in which we will complete your pool start to finish, we also allow for Owner-Builders or Sub-contracting. We have complete remodel services available.

    Hafens Pools & Landscape, Inc. is proud to provide excellent services to the following counties in the State of Utah

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    Hafen's Pools & Landscape, Inc. - Swimming Pool Builders ...

    Pool Landscaping Ideas | HGTV - August 2, 2018 by admin

    If youre thinking about adding a swimming pool to your property, or if youre already the owner of a pool and want to make it more attractive, here are a few landscape design ideas that will help you make your pool a visual asset to your home.

    Want to make a landscape plan for your pool? Consider your swimming pool to be a bull's-eye in the center of a dartboard with four rings. Even if your in-ground or above-ground pool isnt built in the shape of a circle, the landscaping surrounding your pool should radiate outward. If you think of these layers around the perimeter of your pool as "rings," you can draw up a plan that treats each ring as a distinct part of a whole. Your first ring is the immediate area around the pool. The second ring is a transitional area. The third ring can hold gardens or plants, and the fourth ring can be a separate space such as a patio or deck or it could be left natural.

    If youve got an in-ground pool, this first "ring" around your pool is probably a hardscape area such as a concrete border or patio that immediately surrounds the pool. An easy way to beautify this space is to use two or four dramatic, oversized potted succulents that require little maintenance and wont shed loose leaves or other debris into the pool water. As you radiate out to the second "ring" around your pool, keep in mind what you use this space for: Is this a concrete or brick area where your lounge chairs and umbrella table reside? Or is this space natural yard, woods, trees, etc.? If youre looking to organize or emphasize this space, you could plant blue sapphire cypress trees in this ring to create a wall of privacy. Or perhaps youd prefer to have this ring transition to a formal garden.

    Above-ground pools dont have to be an eyesore. The key is to integrate the pool into its surroundings and tie it into the style of your home and landscaping. For example, if you can afford to add hardscapes to the first "ring" around your above-ground pool, you might consider constructing a deck that covers the exterior of your pool and also acts as a transitional area to which the rest of your yard can connect. If dealing with a limited budget, consider painting the outside of your pool walls to blend better with the environment and plant short shrubs around the outside of the pool to minimize visual intrusion.

    Use the bull's-eye approach to landscape your pool and remember to keep bushes, flowers and grasses away from the first ring around your pool to minimize debris. Whats the point in having a beautifully landscaped pool area if all of your plants end up in the water?

    More here:
    Pool Landscaping Ideas | HGTV

    How to Landscape Around an Above Ground Pool – - July 29, 2018 by admin

    Some of todays above ground swimming pools look nice. When I first started installing them, there wasnt visually much to choose from beyond the solid blue, white and blue, or the brown wood printed wall. These early above grounds were ugly, but the world wasnt nearly as complicated so it didnt matter much to most.

    Lately, since the real estate crash of the mid 2000s, more and more homeowners are opting for an above ground pool rather than getting an in-ground. The biggest reason is the cost of in-ground pools as they have become really expensive. The average cost of an in-ground pool here in Central Florida is between $30 000 and $50 000 with the 30k one being pretty small. Because of this, above ground swimming pools arent just for the lower income households and people want to spend more to make them look good in their backyards.

    Traditionally, above ground pools have often been considered eyesores since they are ugly and stick up four feet off the ground. Some of the more affluent above ground buyers have an increased budget for their pool and how it looks in their backyard. Thats where landscaping around an above ground pool comes into play.

    A large, four-foot cylinder erected in the middle of a yard can look really ugly, but if you add some landscaping around it, the whole yard can look really nice and inviting. You may be surprised how that cylinder can look after you add a couple of small trees, some shrubs, decorative borders, walkways, mulch or rocks, and a nice deck. With the right landscaping, an above ground pool can look amazing.

    Above Ground Pool Landscaping Basics

    Like most things, landscaping will look best somewhat symmetrical and with some planning. Dont just plant anything anywhere. First visualize how the entire yard will look.

    The bottom of an above ground should be maintained on the outside all the way around. Start there by creating a border of some kind at least a foot away from the bottom track. There are many borders to choose. I have seen timber, stone, concrete, and plastic ones. Add decorative rock or mulch in this area. It will create a beautiful transition and promote good drainage around the pool. That alone will make the pool look so much better.

    Consider where the pools equipment is. If its visible from the house, landscape around it again with a border, mulch/rocks, and maybe some small shrubs to hide it a little. Dont plant anything too close to the equipment as youll always want good clear access to everything. Some will build a housing of some kind to cover the equipment. I never recommend that as it can be a pain to remove and get to the pump/filter for servicing, but if you build something nice, then it may help with the look.

    Regardless of how far your pool is from the house, adding a walkway is almost necessary for helping to keep the pool and the house cleaner. Bathers travelling back and forth on grass and dirt can make a bigger mess than you might think. Making a nice landscaped walkway is really a good opportunity to add to the look of the pool. There is a lot you can do here as some use patio stones for steps and use timbers to border it. Add some rocks or mulch and plant a few small shrubs along the way and it can look very inviting.

    Above ground pool decks vary quite a bit in size and look. Some are small and very basic and only have steps and a simple handrail. Others are huge. They wrap all the way around the pool with a fancy rail and built-in seating and planters.

    Regardless of the size and style, all decks look better with some landscaping around it. Place some potted plants on the deck if theres room and plant some taller bushes near its outside corners. If the deck is visible from the house, add some colorful annuals along its perimeter. Some will have a lattice covering the outside of their deck and they will plant vines along them.

    Having some plant life thats higher than the height of the pool adds to the dimension and feel. Here in Central Florida, palm trees are nice to have in the backyard near the pool. They dont drop a ton of leaves and they make a nice tropical noise as the wind blows their fronds. Any kind of tree is OK as long as you dont plant them too close to the pool as their roots will eventually find their way underneath the pool. This isnt too big of a deal, but you may feel the roots under the liner after some years of growth.

    Keep in mind too that as the trees get bigger, they will start to shed their leaves into the pool. Shade is really nice in the summer, but youll pay the price by having to remove a lot of leaves from the pool.

    Got Some Money Left? Heres a Couple of Upgrades

    Nothing makes landscaping pop more than lighting. Add lights to your pools walkway. Drape some along the top of the deck for a more festive look. Point a light up the trees and/or light up a section of the pools wall. There is no substitute for direct wiring from your homes power, but its not at all cheap. Solar powered lighting isnt as good, but can be affordable for what you get.

    Incorporate these fun spots to your pool and landscape around them. Adding colorful plants to these areas will give a warmer feel when its cool and a cooler feel when its hot.

    OK, so this may be a little much, but hey, if you have the money and the time, why not? Theres something about the noise of flowing water that adds to the feel of a place. You may be surprised how many ponds Ive come across in backyards. They are all beautiful when they are kept up. Good luck.

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    How to Landscape Around an Above Ground Pool -

    17 Best Landscaping Companies – Secaucus NJ | Landscapers - July 9, 2018 by admin

    Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

    Date: 06/2018

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

    Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

    Date: 06/2018

    Design Preparation: Need design/plant suggestions

    Landscaping to be installed: Grass, Wooden structures (deck, gazebo, etc.), Landscape lighting

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: 1 - 2 weeks

    Project: Install Sod

    Date: 05/2018

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Size of area needing sod: Small (Less than 1,000 sq ft)

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

    Date: 05/2018

    Design Preparation: Have a basic idea of what I want

    Landscaping to be installed: Grass, Trees/Shrubs

    Desired Project Start Date: Tomorrow

    Comment: Basic cut grass and trim shrub

    Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

    Date: 05/2018

    Design Preparation: Have a basic idea of what I want

    Landscaping to be installed: Grass, Trees/Shrubs, Drainage system, Concrete flatwork (patio, walkway, etc.), Storage shed

    Areas to be Landscaped: Back yard

    Historical Work: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Desired Project Start Date: Within a few weeks

    Comment: I need to remove an existing concrete patio, shed and large laundry pole. I'd like to add a paver patio, trees along the back fence, a new concrete slab for a new pre-built shed and either re-seed or sod the rest of the yard. Yard is roughly 25' x 30', fenced in. Can provide pictures.

    Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

    Date: 04/2018

    Approximately how many square feet is the yard?: Not sure

    Design Preparation: Have a basic idea of what I want

    Landscaping to be installed: Masonry (brick and/or stone work)

    What kind of location is this?: Home / Residence

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    Historical Work: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: I need to put stone or fake grass in m y front yard in land scrap erea

    Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

    Date: 04/2018

    Approximately how many square feet is the yard?: Medium Area (500 - 1000 sq ft)

    Design Preparation: Need design/plant suggestions

    Landscaping to be installed: Grass, Trees/Shrubs, Drainage system, Concrete flatwork (patio, walkway, etc.), Storage shed

    What kind of location is this?: Home / Residence

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    Historical Work: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: We need to remove an existing shed and concrete patio. Then we would like to replace the shed with a pre-built Rubbermaid shed and the patio with pavers. Additionally, we need to put drainage around the perimeter of the yard, as it floods regularly. The grass is pretty much dead, so sod will need to be placed.

    Project: Install Sod

    Date: 04/2018

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Size of area needing sod: Small (Less than 1,000 sq ft)

    Grading required: Yes

    Old surface removal: Old grass or weeds

    Property Owner: Yes

    Desired Project Start Date: Within a few weeks

    Comment: It is our backyard and the area where we want good quality sod is about 575 sq ft.

    Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

    Date: 04/2018

    Design Preparation: Have a basic idea of what I want

    Landscaping to be installed: Grass, Trees/Shrubs, Drainage system, Concrete flatwork (patio, walkway, etc.), Storage shed

    Areas to be Landscaped: Back yard

    Historical Work: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Desired Project Start Date: Unsure about timing

    Comment: Remove existing shed, concrete patio & laundry pole. Drainage around perimeter of property. New shed, new paver patio, grass, and trees at rear fence.

    Project: Install Sod

    Date: 03/2018

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Desired Project Start Date: Tomorrow

    Comment: Laying out sod

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    17 Best Landscaping Companies - Secaucus NJ | Landscapers

    Pool Landscape Ideas Setting Up Around The Swimming Pool - June 26, 2018 by admin

    A swimming pool is a splendid addition to any home or hotel. It helps add on to the appeal and splendor of the property in question. A common pool that is constructed based on some clich ideas does not live up to the task of making a piece of property look fantastic. There are several pool landscape ideas that can make any swimming pool stand out. These ideas aim at integrating the design of the pool with the immediate landscape and making the whole place a beauty.

    The best way of landscaping a pool is planning for it when doing the house and garden plan. In such scenarios, one gets an opportunity to come up with an enhanced design that makes the pool fit in naturally. However, things do not always go that way as some people buy houses and then construct the pool later. Below are some of the pool landscaping ideas worth checking out.

    First, one needs to decide on the type of pool they want to build. The two most common options are the vinyl and concrete pool. Concrete pools cost more but offer versatility. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. They offer several color options, something that gives pool owners a chance to settle on a color of their choice.

    Landscaping rocks are a great way of bringing out a natural look. They offer a pool that rustic appeal especially when they are of different shapes and sizes. These rocks can be arranged to create natural-looking rock formations close to the pool.

    Decks and patios are an important part of enhancing the pool landscape ideas. They come in a wide array of designs and can be placed close to the pool so that people can sit and relax nearby. Patios and decks can be set using different types of pavers for instance natural stones that will enhance the pools look.

    Adding walkways from the different parts of a home to the pool is a great pool landscape idea. Such paths could be made using smooth, colorful stones, depending on ones preferences. The stones should be made cooler in some way to avoid cases of them burning peoples feet during the sunny days.

    Plants form a great addition to your enhanced pool landscape design. Flowering plants are the best option since they look beautiful when they start producing the flowers. One should always be careful when it comes to the plants since some of them can ruin the whole area. Trees and shrubs one chooses should not be the types that will hang over the water and drop their twigs in the water. Plants that are susceptible to pests and insects should also be avoided since they might contaminate the pool. Such pest infestations call for insecticides that might end up landing in the pool. One should select plants that enhance privacy, for instance, the coral honeysuckle. Container plants can be an option since they can be handled and moved around easily.

    These ideas are just a few picked from the whole lot. Pool landscape ideas are uncountable, and all of them cannot be covered in a single piece. These ideas depend on the imagination of the pool owner plus other factors such as the space available. Pool landscaping experts are available for those people who find these landscaping ideas mind boggling.

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    Pool Landscape Ideas Setting Up Around The Swimming Pool

    Fiberglass fountain pools – garden ponds – landscape … - September 3, 2017 by admin

    Fiberglass Garden Pools are black and hold water, but the similarity ends there.Thank you for taking a few moments to understand the advantages of fiberglass construction:

    Fiberglass is acknowledged as a superior material for ponds. The installation section of the Ortho Library book on Garden Pools & Fountains states:Multi-Pieced pool

    Pictured below is a modular fiberglass pool made entirely from our "Standard Custom Pool" tool. With all of the different piece you can create your very own fountain pool.

    "The most durable prefabricated pools are made of rigid fiberglass, a very strong material that is almost impossible to puncture accidentally. ... Pools made of other materials, such as bonded resin and semi-rigid or ABS plastic, are also available. They are less expensive and more fragile. If you choose to use them, follow the instructions for installing fiberglass, but take greater care: Make certain they are well supported with soil or sand, because semi rigid pools may change shape, sag, or crack when filled with water if they are not adequately supported on all sides."

    As should be expected, fiberglass costs more to make and ship than blow-molded plastic a fraction of its weight. Consider quality and value for the dollar spent and install the professional material of choice.

    "If you only want to do it once -use fiberglass."

    Go here to see the original:
    Fiberglass fountain pools - garden ponds - landscape ...

    A Contemporary Scottsdale Home With a Front Row View of the Desert Landscape – Ravalli Republic - September 3, 2017 by admin

    Houzz at a Glance

    Tate Studio Architects, original photo on Houzz

    My clients are parents and grandparents who love spending time with family and love life," says architect Mark Tate. Thus, they planned their dream retirement home in Desert Mountain, Arizona, to include three guest rooms so everyone could come stay with them.

    This stunning desert home opens up to views that extend 40 miles, while careful orientation and overhangs protect the interiors from the relentless desert sun. Outdoor living was a priority as well, so there's an outdoor kitchen, a lounging patio, a pool and a hot tub.

    "I wanted to bring the desert into the house for my clients to enjoy," says Tate. "We very carefully integrated the house into the landscape and treated the site as gently as possible."

    Houzz at a Glance

    Who lives here: A retired couple with a big family who loves to visit

    Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

    Size: 5,600 square feet; 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, office, exercise room

    That's interesting: The home has solar panels that generate electricity the power company buys; the pool is also heated by solar energy.

    The home sits on a 5-acre lot, overlooking a riparian corridor that animals move along. While some grading was required for the house, Tate was able to balance the cut and fill within the site.

    Tate Studio Architects, original photo on Houzz

    "I wanted to create an inviting entry that didn't show you everything at once," Tate says. A large steel beam draws you toward the front door, and a small fountain draws you in with a gurgling sound that echoes through the entry. What lies beyond is an enticing mystery.

    The front entryway is all glass yet does not reveal the views; one discovers those after entering the house. The bottom two-thirds of it is flow glass, which provides light as well as privacy. "The glass creates a beautiful glow," says Tate. "It has iridescent dichroic flakes in it that make it shimmer and change color throughout the day."

    Landscape design: Desert Foothills Landscape; entryway glass: Meltdown Glass

    A small fountain sits between two of the cacti in the middle of this photo. "Javelinas love to come up and drink from the small fountain," he says. "That window you see here is in the dining room, so the family enjoys watching them while they eat dinner."

    The stucco wall here is part of a long, curved wall that extends the length of the house; sandblasted concrete blocks make up the wall on the right. The design of the square openings repeats throughout the house.

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    Tate Studio Architects, original photo on Houzz

    The plan reveals how the curved wall extends through the house. Windows frame the vast landscape, while walls mask views of the road and neighboring houses.

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    Tate Studio Architects, original photo on Houzz

    Beyond the front door, suspended reclaimed barn beams create a rhythm down the gallery.

    To the left, the open fireplace is repeated outside on the patio. To the right, the end of the gallery becomes part of the master bedroom; the reclaimed barn doors slide across to enclose it.

    Beams: K.P.Holt

    Looking back toward the front door, Alpaca limestone continues from indoors to out, as does the Arizona brown schist seen around the fireplace. Large windows bring in the expansive desert views; the bottom windows are operational and let in the breeze from the valley.

    The open fireplace divides the living room from the hearth room. Snapped-edge limestone makes up the hearth and mantel; copper covers the uplit fireplace.

    Tate Studio Architects, original photo on Houzz

    "We combined some traditional and contemporary touches in the kitchen," says Tate. White oak Shaker-style cabinets and brown schist stone lend a warm, contemporary feel. Behind the range wall, you can see how the roof floats, providing clerestory windows that let in additional daylight.

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    "The clients love to have everyone gather in the kitchen; the wife loves to cook, and everyone can gather at the granite bar," he says. Better yet, they can walk right outside to the outdoor kitchen and the TV lounge on the patio.

    Cabinets: Cabinetry Essence

    Tate Studio Architects, original photo on Houzz

    The master bath combines several beautiful textures. The tile in the shower stall is a mix of stone and shell, the tub surround is concrete and the sandblasted block wall continues from inside to out. Three niches next to the bathtub echo the openings out the window.

    "The bathtub has the live-in view, while the framed view of the mountain leads you into the shower stall," Tate says.

    All stone and tile fabrication and installation: Imperial Tile Imports

    Tate Studio Architects, original photo on Houzz

    The form of the house follows the terrain, stepping down the hillside. The neighborhood was built in a way that does not deter the natural movement of local deer, javalinas, mountain lions and coyotes.

    The patio has a series of outdoor rooms. "My client wanted to be able to sit outside in the shade while the pool was sunny, so all of the overhangs were very carefully designed," Tate says. The overhangs also protect the house itself from direct sunlight.

    The far edge of the pool has an 8-inch-deep area with two lounge chairs. Toward the back is the outdoor kitchen and TV lounge; to the right is the riparian corridor. "You can lean on the infinity edge of the pool and watch the deer and other animals in the wash below," Tate says.

    A large open fireplace echoes the one indoors; there is another small fire feature at the end of the patio next to the hot tub.

    "This house was quite a departure from what my clients were used to, but they love the contemporary lifestyle and visiting with their children and grandchildren here," Tate says.

    Excerpt from:
    A Contemporary Scottsdale Home With a Front Row View of the Desert Landscape - Ravalli Republic

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