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    Burlington SeeClickFix users report potholes around the city: Here’s where to be careful – Burlington Free Press - March 16, 2020 by admin

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    Burlington streets are less icy as the weather warms, but there are potholes in its place. Here's where to be on the lookout.

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    Your road woes are over as the ice melts in Burlington, right? Tell that to the people reporting potholes around the Queen City.

    Burlington's SeeClickFix gives the public a chance to flag issues, like graffiti and icy conditions, for the city to address. Manyrecent complaints are filed under "Street Pavement Condition" and point to potholes spotted around town. The Department of Public Works tweeted March 7 about the crews addressing the craters around the city.

    Until the road dips are completely addressed, you might want to stay alert. Here are the locations flagged by complainants in recent days:

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    March 14, 2020, 4:59 p.m.

    March 13, 2020, 7:30 p.m.

    March 14, 2020, 5:02 p.m.

    March 13, 2020, 9:06 a.m.

    March 13, 2020, 8:36 a.m.

    March 13, 2020, 8:22 a.m.

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    Burlington SeeClickFix users report potholes around the city: Here's where to be careful - Burlington Free Press

    Pavement parking could soon be banned across the UK under these new proposals – Express - March 16, 2020 by admin

    Pavement parking campaigners are frantically pushing to stretch a blanket ban across the UK in a bid to improve road safety.Under proposals, campaigners are looking to introduce a new obstructive placement parking and unnecessary obstruction offences into law.

    The changes could see motorists fined or prosecuted for stopping on a kerb leaving many road users caught out.

    The Department for Transport has launched a national consultation on the plans which could be introduced later this year if approved.

    Local councils will be responsible for deciding where pavement parking rules should be most heavily enforced based on historical data of the area.

    The DfT ware signs can also obstruct the pavement with ministers warning the price of new road infrastructure could be paid by the taxpayer.

    READ MORE:Pavement parking near schools could soon be banned

    Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary said: Vehicles parked on the pavement can cause very real difficulties for many pedestrians.

    Thats why I am taking action to make payments safer and I will be launching a consultation to find a long-term solution for this complex issue.

    This will look at a variety of options - including giving local authorities extended powers to crack down on this behaviour.

    In a report last year the Transport Select Committee said pavement parking made it harder for many to get around.

    DON'T MISSCar parking law: Motorists not entitled to park in front of house[INSIGHT]Anyone can park on your driveway for free today[ANALYSIS]Parking crackdown: MPs want to ban drivers from parking[COMMENT]

    The report claimed parking on the kerb was detrimental to disabled citizens and parents with young children.

    The group found pavement parking could contribute to loneliness as many may feel forced to stay at home.

    The Committee made a list of improvements to the road networks to increase safety such as the introduction of public awareness campaigns and extra traffic regulation orders.

    Campaign teams such as Living Streets and Guide Dogs have been in support of a widespread ban and backed findings from the Transport Select Committee.

    Stephen Edwards, policy and communications director at Living Streets said pavement parking had an impact on the lives of many people.

    He said: Cars parked on pavements force people with wheelchairs, parents with buggies and those living with sight loss into the carriageway and oncoming traffic.

    The committee is right to draw attention to the impact of pavement parking on loneliness.

    Many older adults we speak to feel stuck in their homes because theyre not able to navigate their local pavements.

    Currently, London is the only UK region which charged a fine for parking on the pavement.

    Offenders can be hit with a 70 charge for stopping on the kerb in the capital whereas no further laws exist for the rest of the UK.

    Motoring experts, the AA, said fines should be introduced for offenders but have warned the ban could lead to unintended consequences.

    The recovery group claimed a ban could lead to widespread parking chaos and urged the government to introduce new measures which better targeted key areas.

    The AA said: An outright ban could lead to unintended consequences with parking chaos becoming more widespread.

    A better solution would be for councils to make a street-by-street assessment and where pavement parking could be allowed it be clearly marked and signed.

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    Pavement parking could soon be banned across the UK under these new proposals - Express

    Opposition Thwarts Plans to Pave Old Church Lane – - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Facing robust opposition from Old Church Lane residents, the Lewisboro Town Board has dropped, at least for now, any plans to pave over that mile-long stretch of dirt road.

    The board, which had already approved borrowing as much as a half-million dollars for the job, agreed last week to forgo the paving this year.

    Scrapping the initiative was a setback for Supervisor Peter Parsons, who had labeled the South Salem road a disaster and made its rehabilitation a key project in his capital improvement budget. But board members enthusiasm waned after contentious, back-to-back meetings this month and Parsons concluded that the town would delay any decision [on the road] until next year.

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    The people who live along the rustic byway filled town hall on Feb. 11 and again on Feb. 24, dismissing Parsons stated concerns about the roadways costly and recurring drainage fixes and the damage it inflicts on vehicles such as school buses.

    There are alternatives, and good alternatives, to paving that road, one resident, Dr. James Jones, told the board at last weeks meeting. Paving is not the answer to the drainage issues that you have.

    After the boisterous Feb. 11 meeting, which included a public hearing on borrowing for the project, Parsons had considered three approaches to dealing with the road: not paving it, paving the entirety of that road or a middle way...unlikely to satisfy anybody.

    That compromise solution, tackling the most difficult parts of that road in terms of maintenance, called for taking the three quarters of a mile nearest the Pound Ridge border and paving that stretch.

    While most residents who spoke at the Feb. 24 meeting opposed any paving, some, like Luis G. Formoso, supported any measures that would address the roads drainage woes.

    I cant use my garage for its intended purpose, to park cars, he told the board. Thats ridiculous.

    Formoso offered to help pay to solve the drainage problem.

    If borrowing this money and using some of it to fix this has to happen, if I have to spend money out of my pocket...then so be it.

    But right now I cant even spend money on my two cars and my driveway to fix the problem because thats just washed away. I got quotes of $30,000 to do somethingand all thats going to do is divert it from coming into my garage.

    Another of the roads residents, Marjorie Samuels, was less enthusiastic about paying for a fix.

    I would just like to know what this is going to cost me, she said. Anything?

    Parsons has estimated the town would spend about $370,000 to pave the entire 1.3 miles of Old Church Lane and make other repairs, including to its faulty drainage. Others, including Highway Superintendent Peter Ripperger, however, have put the cost at closer to $500,000. So at its Feb. 11 meeting the Town Board authorized borrowing of up to the higher number, with the understanding that it could seek less than that amount or not borrow at all.

    Parsons told Samuels her taxes would pay a share of retiring the bonds cost. But we believe that will be less than what youre currently payingwell, not you, what the town is currently payingfor maintaining the road as it is, he said.

    I just want to know, she said, that its not going to cost me any more than what I am paying now.

    Samuels went on to say she was concerned that I may have to sell my house at some point down the road, and I am very distressed to hear that the property values are going down in our area. I would feel that by paving that road its going to erode the property value even more.

    Parsons told her, Ive got no crystal ball, and I dont know.

    The supervisor cited numerous complaints by school officials and others about the roads condition, saying, I get phone calls, phone calls, phone calls.

    But critics in the crowd challenged him to quantify the calls and Jones insisted that a majority of the residents on the not want this paved. But we continue to hear about your phone calls, phone calls, phone calls.

    See the article here:
    Opposition Thwarts Plans to Pave Old Church Lane -

    N. 1st Street closes between Tacoma Avenue and Yakima Avenue for track installation – The Suburban Times - March 5, 2020 by admin

    N. 1st Street is closed between Tacoma Avenue and Yakima Avenue in both directions to install track, beginning on March 2. The track installation process will take about 10 weeks. During this time, crews will install two sets of tracks, the platform for the Stadium District station, and new sidewalks and driveways. Work hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

    The Division Avenue and S. J Street intersection will be closed for utility work on Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 8. Work hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please follow detours on I St., N. 3rd St., 6th Ave., and MLK Jr. Way.

    On Martin Luther King Jr. Way from S. 18th Street to S. 15th Street, the contractor is installing track. Crews plan to lay asphalt on Wednesday, March 4, which will close MLK Jr. Way in both directions between S. 16th St. and S. 19th St. Please follow the detour on S. J St. After the asphalt work is completed, the contractor will open MLK Jr. Way between S. 18th St. to S. 16th St. to two-way traffic. Crews plan to install underground electrical vaults between S. 15th St. and S. 14th St. as soon as March 5.

    In other areas on Martin Luther King Jr. Way, crews are installing stormwater structures at S. 13th Street and underground utilities near S. 3rd Street. On Division Avenue, crews are installing foundations for Link power poles between Yakima Avenue and I Street.

    Construction and traffic restrictions on N. 1st Street, Division Avenue, J Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Way, S. 13th Street, S. 16th Street, S. 17th Street, and Stadium Way

    Week of March 3


    Visit link:
    N. 1st Street closes between Tacoma Avenue and Yakima Avenue for track installation - The Suburban Times

    Changes in Diamond St. 2-way conversion plan unveiled to Mansfield City Council – Richland Source - March 5, 2020 by admin

    MANSFIELD -- Public input has resulted in several changes in the plan to convert Diamond Street to two-way traffic through the downtown.

    City engineer Bob Bianchi went over the changes Tuesday during a Mansfield City Council streets committee meeting.

    Bianchi said the new ideas all came from a Feb. 11 public meetingabout the conversion.

    "It was a great meeting and we had a lot of great input," Bianchi said. "We looked at every comment at what we could possibly incorporate, considering costs. Most of them we can incorporate into this plan."

    The conversion proposal, first presented to City Council on Jan. 21, is another part of the Mansfield Rising downtown reinvestment plan, which suggested the city adopt and implement a complete streets policy in the downtown area.

    It would be similar to Mulberry Street, one-way southbound for many years, which was was converted to two-way traffic in August 2019.

    The changes Bianchi outlined Tuesday were:

    -- creating a right-in-right-out driveway at the gas station at the corner of Diamond and First streets. Bianchi said he spoke to the owner of the property who said it would be difficult to turn left out of the driveway closest to First Street. "'Right-in-right-out' features are great for access management and managing how vehicles enter public right of way," Bianchi said.

    -- installing an ADA-compliant curb ramp at the corner Diamond and First.

    -- installing a concrete "bump-out" for sight distance improvement along the east side of Diamond Street, north of Second Street.

    -- prohibiting turning right on red from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for southbound Diamond Street traffic at Second Street.

    -- creating a dedicated left-turn "split-phase signal" for traffic northbound on Diamond Street at Third, Fourth and Fifth streets.

    -- moving four planned on-street parking spaces into the Municipal Parking Lot due to a utility conflict just before Fourth Street.

    -- constructing four on-street parking spaces along the east side of Diamond Street, just north of Fourth Street.

    -- constructing three on-street parking spaces along the east side of Diamond Street, just north of Fifth Street.

    -- widening the northeast intersection radius for truck turning movements at the Diamond/Fifth street intersection.

    Bianchi said the cost of the project, first estimated at about $360,000, will rise by $40,000 to $60,000, depending on the quantities of asphalt, concrete and curb are needed.

    The engineer said the city has the funds to pay for the project. Mayor Tim Theaker has said no general funds will be used. Instead, funds for the project would come from four sources -- the permissive sales tax, the street fund, road resurfacing fund and the Downtown Improvement Fund, which began when City Council approveda $5 increase inmotor vehicle registration feesin May of 2018.

    That increase generates about $220,000 annually and was used in 2019 to help fund a downtown beautification effort, the Mulberry Street conversion and the addition of amid-block, brick crosswalk on Fourth Streetbetween Main and Diamond streets.

    The Downtown Improvement Advisory Board recommended on Feb. 20 that City Council spend $50,000 from the downtown improvement fund on the conversion.

    City Council is expected to have three readings on the proposal -- March 18, April 7 and April 21. A vote on the conversion is expected April 21.

    Bianchi has said concrete work could begin in May, followed by paving in July and in signal installation in August, if the signal poles are available.

    Also on Tuesday, City Council:

    -- gave second reading to an ordinance that would require council approval for any multi-vendor projects exceeding $50,000. Bidding will not be required except if an individual contract exceeds $50,000. The change will also require the city's board of control to approve all multi-vendor projects totaling more than $25,000.

    -- approved a resolution honoring detectiveRonald Packer Sr., who recently retiredafter more than 31 years with the Mansfield Police Department.

    -- approved the appointment of Russ White to fill an unexpired term on the city's utility appeals board.

    -- approved a $1,200 payment to Michael Connolly for damage caused by sewer backups at his 48 N. Brookwood Way property in June and July of 2019.

    -- approved demolition of dilapidated properties at 91 Lind Ave., 148 Willow St., 195 Sycamore St., 249 W. Fifth St., 345 Cedar St., 648 W. Fourth St. and 720 Burns St.

    -- voted to accept $3,600 in donations for Cyclops Field, including $3,000 from Warren Rupp Inc., $500 from Larry Abrams and $100 from Skybox Packaging, LLC.

    -- discussed in caucus the city's proposed 2020 final budget, which was the focus of a lengthy finance committee meeting on Monday night.Under state law, the budget must be adopted by the end of March.

    -- heard an update from Public Works Director David Remy on the city-wide water meter replacement program. Remy said the mass replacement process should begin by mid-May. City residents will receive a booklet about the conversion later this month.

    During the public participation portion of the meeting, Council heard from:

    -- Kathleen Boyle, who repeated her request that the city construct a pavilion at Liberty Park that would allow senior citizens an indoor facility for events and gatherings.

    --Jodie Perry,president & CEO ofRichland Area Chamber & Economic Development, who updated council on the countywide-branding campaign effort.

    -- former 4th Ward CouncilmanWalden "Butch" Jefferson, who said he was concerned council members were losing losing their authority as an oversight group in allowing the mayor's administration to announce the Ocie Hill Neighborhood Center would be closing.

    -- Geron Tate, president and CEO of G. Tate and Associates, an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment organization that has an office in Ocie Hill, who again expressed an interest in keeping the facility open. He invited council members to attend a public art event at Ocie Hill April 23 to 25 to learn more about what is going on at the center. He also urged city officials to talk to residents in the neighborhood to discuss what kind of programming they would like to see at the facility.

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    Changes in Diamond St. 2-way conversion plan unveiled to Mansfield City Council - Richland Source

    Missing Tennessee toddler Evelyn Boswell was born into family racked by chaos, violence – USA TODAY - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Evelyn Mae Boswell was reportedly last seen in December 2019. She was reported as a missing child on February 18. Knoxville

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn.Evelyn Mae Boswell the Tennessee toddler missing since December was born into chaos to a teen mom whose childhood had been marred by domestic violence, family upheaval and isolation, a Knox News investigation of court and public records shows.

    Evelyn, a 15-month-old girl with wispy reddish-blonde hair and big blue eyes, remains nowhere to be found despite almost two weeks of intense media coverage across the nation of her reported disappearance. Authorities say she hasnt been seen since mid-December.

    Evelyns mom, Megan Maggie Boswell, is now behind bars after an arrest warrant statedshe refusedto tell the truth about her babys whereabouts. Shes been spinning yarns the sheriff's office called them "inaccuracies" in television interviews, too.

    Evelyns maternal grandmother, Angela Mae Boswell, was just released Friday from that same Sullivan County Jail, accused of fleeing town in a stolen car with a boyfriend after her ex-husband Evelyns grandfather reported the toddler missing Feb. 18.

    And Evelyns grandfather, Tommy Boswell Sr., isnt talking publicly especially to journalists.

    Background: Mom arrested, North Carolina pond searched: Tennessee toddler Evelyn Boswell still missing

    Evelyn Boswell: Why did it take months to issue an Amber Alert for the missing Tennessee toddler?


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    Youre all vultures, he told the USA TODAY Network's Knox News this week in an encounter at the Boswell family compound in the tiny town of Blountville where Evelyn once lived.

    The Sullivan County Sheriffs Office has been working around the clock with help from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI to figure out where Evelyn is and, more importantly, whether shes safe and alive.

    Sullivan Sheriff Jeff Cassidy and Captain Andy Seabolt said Evelyns mother's story has changed multiple times.Cassidy'sagency isnt saying much else, though. Search warrants have been obtained, authorities have confirmed, but remain sealed. Cassidy has said the agency remains hopeful the toddler is alive but has quashed the idea of citizen searches.

    Knox News has been sifting through court and public records this week to glean a portrait of the Boswell clan into which Evelyn was born.

    Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy gives an update on the case of 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell. Knoxville

    Angela Boswell was just 16 when she gave birth to Tommy Boswell Sr.s first son Tommy Jr. in 1993. A background check shows Tommy racked up an assault charge in Sullivan County a few months after the boys birth, but the specific details on the arrest are no longer available. A Tennessee Bureau of Investigationreport shows he was convicted of misdemeanor assault a year later in that case.

    The couple, records show, eventually moved to Bulls Gap, Tennessee. In March 2001, Angela Boswell gave birth to the couples second child Megan Boswell, Evelyns mother. Angela married Tommy Boswell Sr.a few months later.

    By 2009, the couple was back in Sullivan County, settling the kids in a manufactured home atop a hill on a family-owned plot of land.

    But there was little harmony inside those walls, court records show. In March of that year, Tommy Boswell Sr. told deputies his wife attacked him, stabbing his neck with an ink pen, and struggling with their then-14-year-old son, Tommy Jr., as he tried to rescue his dad.

    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation gives an update on the Amber Alert case of 15-month-old Evelyn Mae Boswell.(Photo: PKNS)

    Months later, records show, an angry Tommy Boswell Sr., showed up at the home of his wifes father, David Lynn Jones. Jones would later tell authorities Tommy Boswell Sr.accused his son of theft and had been drinking when he sped away in his Chevy Camaro.

    Less than three minutes later, Jones stated the power went off at his house, a warrant stated.

    Angela Boswell was with Jones and claimed her husband called her minutes later to say hed crashed the Camaro and ran away. She initially told authorities she was driving but under prodding by Jones later insisted she lied to protect her husband, court records show.

    Tommy Boswell Sr. refused to return to the crash scene but eventually paid a fine for leaving the scene of an accident.

    Less than two years after that incident, Tommy Boswell Sr. was angry again this time because another man was inside his home with his wife, according to an affidavit of complaint.

    It was a cold February morning in 2012 when Brandon Yates and Angela Boswell awakened to shouts from outside the Muddy Creek home in which they had been sleeping, court records stated.

    Angela Boswell was naked and said she could hear her husbands truck and his voice outside. When Brandon Yates went to the door, the Boswells'son, Tommy Jr., threatened him with some type of wooden club and told him to come outside, arrest warrants state.

    Yates did, heading down the steep driveway leading to the exit of the Boswell family compound.

    Brandon said that he was about half way down the driveway to Muddy Creek Road when he observed a grey colored Chevrolet pickup truck with Tommys Paving on the side heading straight for him, the warrant states.

    Brandon stated that he was in fear for his life, and he began running toward a fence that was in the yard, it continued. Brandon stated that he was unable to outrun the truck and was struck by the vehicle and was flipped over the hood and landed on the driveway.

    He later told Sullivan County deputies Tommy Boswell Sr., his son and a third, unidentified man surrounded him, kicking and punching him, before he broke free and ran to a neighbors house for help.

    When detectives called Tommy Boswell Sr., he confessed the three of us did work him over but hung up, a warrant stated. The two Boswell men Tommy Jr. was 19 by then were arrested.

    Seventeen months later, a reunited Tommy Boswell Sr. and his wife celebrated the birth of another son, Elijah. Tommy Boswell Sr. and his son soon struck plea deals in the Yatesassault, garnering probation.

    But it didnt take long for trouble to erupt once again in the Boswell home.

    Angela Boswell filed for divorce from her husband in September 2014 two months before Elijahs first birthday. Megan Boswell was 13. She wanted custody of both. She got the divorce over with a year later in an agreed settlement entered at a hearing Tommy Boswell Sr. didnt attend.

    A year later, the couple were celebrating another birth Charlotte Boswell. By the time Charlotte was 2 years old, the Boswells were again in turmoil, records show.

    It was early fall of 2018 and the Boswells were separated again. Angela Boswell was shuffling the three children a pregnant Megan plus Elijah and Charlotte between the Muddy Creek compound, her fathers home in Kingsport and an apartment in Johnson City, records show.

    Angela Boswell appears in Wilkes County District Court in Wilkesboro, N.C., for her extradition hearing on Monday, February 24, 2020.(Photo: Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel )

    Her drivers license was suspended. The tags on her car were expired. Police repeatedly stopped her, often finding her children unrestrained, records show. She was repeatedly jailed.

    Tommy Boswell Sr. insisted she was endangering their children, including Megan, and asked a judge to award custody to him.

    (Angela Boswell) is currently in jail, Tommy Boswell Sr. wrote in a petition for a restraining order against her. She has stated that she is out for blood and she will get revenge on me when she is released from jail.

    I am in fear for myself and my children, Megan, Elijah and Charlotte Boswell, he wrote. She is using illegal drugs in front of our children. She is exposing our children to criminals.

    Tommy Boswell Sr. won his request and moved the children back to Muddy Creek. Angela Boswell, nabbed trying to sneak stimulant pills into jail, was behind bars when Megan's baby Evelyn was born, records show.

    Evelyns father, Ethan Perry, joined the military before she was born. So far, he has remained largely silent about her disappearance. There isnt much known about the relationship between Perry and Megan Boswell when it began and when it ended.

    Photographs of Evelyn suggest she and her mom were living at the Boswell family compound with Megan Boswells two younger siblings at some point before she disappeared.

    Tommy Boswell Sr. operates with Tommy Jr. a paving company from the compound, which now includes three manufactured homes, a double bay garage, a work shed and a stable of dump trucks, heavy equipment and personal vehicles. A Sullivan County Sheriff's Office captain says Elijah and Charlotte are living there now with Tommy Sr.

    Angela Boswell was continuing to rack up arrests in 2019 for shoplifting and driving offenses. Sometimes, she told authorities she was living at Muddy Creek. Other times, she listed her fathers address or the Kingsport apartment.

    Megan Boswell lamented in September 2019 in a Facebook post that her life was tough but Evelyn made it bearable.

    I'm not the best mom in the world, but I try so hard for this little beauty, she wrote. I can't even explain the love I feel for her, and I know she loves me too. Lately my lifes been really sucky but she'll come reach for me and say mom mom and my heart melts and I'm reminded of her unconditional love.

    You can say whatever you want about me being a young mom, but I promise you my life is so much better with this angel, she wrote. My life wasnt ruined when I had her, she gave me a purpose and a reason to wake up every day and to better myself. Theres no love like the love from your child!

    Five months later, Megan Boswell hasn't explainedwhere her angel is.

    'Not over yet': Biden-Sanders on Super Tuesday collision course as biggest trove of delegates awaits

    'We'll get through this': Pence says 'no question' there will be more coronavirus cases, but 'we're ready'


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    Missing Tennessee toddler Evelyn Boswell was born into family racked by chaos, violence - USA TODAY

    Six miles of Minnesota 91 restricted during spring thaw | The Globe – The Globe - February 29, 2020 by admin

    MANKATO The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) advises haulers that Minnesota 91 from Nobles County 16 (160th Street) to the Nobles/Murray County line will be restricted to 7 tons per axle when spring weight restrictions are in place, which could begin in early March.

    Construction on the 45-mile stretch of Minnesota 91 from Adrian to Russell is expected to resume when weather allows this spring and be complete in late June.

    Spring load restrictions are typically placed in March and removed in May to prevent damage to highway pavement structure during the spring thaw. With Minnesota 91 still under construction, portions of the highway did not get the final surface paved, making it more susceptible to damage from heavy loads.

    More information on seasonal road restrictions can be found at

    The remaining work on Minnesota 91 includes final paving, culvert lining, lighting, seeding and striping, and will take place without detouring traffic. The construction project includes bridge replacements and rural box culvert construction. Resurfacing will be completed as well as sidewalk and driveway improvements in Adrian and Lake Wilson and additional lighting at rural intersections.

    Central Specialties Inc. of Alexandria was awarded the contract with a bid of $18,451,694.

    See the article here:
    Six miles of Minnesota 91 restricted during spring thaw | The Globe - The Globe

    Whats all that work on Michigan? – Midland Reporter-Telegram - February 29, 2020 by admin

    For Sale For Lease

    Property Type Single Family Townhouse/Condo Country Homes/Acreage Mid/Hi Rise Condominium Residential Lots Multi Family

    Property Type Single Family Townhouse/Condo Country Homes/Acreage Mid/Hi Rise Condominium Residential Lots Multi Family

    Min. Price$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,000$35,000$40,000$45,000$50,000$55,000$60,000$65,000$70,000$75,000$80,000$85,000$90,000$95,000 $100,000$105,000$110,000$115,000$120,000$125,000$130,000$135,000$140,000$145,000$150,000$155,000$160,000$165,000$170,000$175,000$180,000$185,000$190,000 $195,000$200,000$205,000$210,000$215,000$220,000$225,000$230,000$235,000$240,000$245,000$250,000$255,000$260,000$265,000$270,000$275,000$280,000$285,000 $290,000$295,000$300,000$305,000$310,000$315,000$320,000$325,000$330,000$335,000$340,000$345,000$350,000$355,000$360,000$365,000$370,000$375,000$380,000 $385,000$390,000$395,000$400,000$450,000$500,000$550,000$600,000$650,000$700,000$750,000$800,000$850,000$900,000$950,000$1,000,000$1,100,000$1,200,000$1,300,000 $1,400,000$1,500,000$1,600,000$1,700,000$1,800,000$1,900,000$2 Mil$3 Mil$4 Mil$5 Mil$6 Mil$7 Mil$8 Mil$9 Mil$10 Mil

    Min. Price100 /m150 /m200 /m250 /m300 /m350 /m400 /m450 /m500 /m550 /m600 /m650 /m700 /m750 /m800 /m850 /m900 /m950 /m1,000 /m 1,050 /m1,100 /m1,150 /m1,200 /m1,250 /m1,300 /m1,350 /m1,400 /m1,450 /m1,500 /m1,550 /m1,600 /m1,650 /m1,700 /m1,750 /m1,800 /m1,850 /m1,900 /m1,950 /m 2,000 /m2,050 /m2,100 /m2,150 /m2,200 /m2,250 /m2,300 /m2,350 /m2,400 /m2,450 /m2,500 /m2,600 /m2,700 /m2,800 /m2,900 /m3,000 /m3,500 /m4,000 /m4,500 /m 5,000 /m5,500 /m6,000 /m6,500 /m7,000 /m7,500 /m8,000 /m8,500 /m9,000 /m9,500 /m10,000 /m

    Max. Price$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,000$35,000$40,000$45,000$50,000$55,000$60,000$65,000$70,000$75,000$80,000$85,000$90,000$95,000 $100,000$105,000$110,000$115,000$120,000$125,000$130,000$135,000$140,000$145,000$150,000$155,000$160,000$165,000$170,000$175,000$180,000$185,000$190,000 $195,000$200,000$205,000$210,000$215,000$220,000$225,000$230,000$235,000$240,000$245,000$250,000$255,000$260,000$265,000$270,000$275,000$280,000$285,000 $290,000$295,000$300,000$305,000$310,000$315,000$320,000$325,000$330,000$335,000$340,000$345,000$350,000$355,000$360,000$365,000$370,000$375,000$380,000 $385,000$390,000$395,000$400,000$450,000$500,000$550,000$600,000$650,000$700,000$750,000$800,000$850,000$900,000$950,000$1,000,000$1,100,000$1,200,000$1,300,000 $1,400,000$1,500,000$1,600,000$1,700,000$1,800,000$1,900,000$2 Mil$3 Mil$4 Mil$5 Mil$6 Mil$7 Mil$8 Mil$9 Mil$10 Mil

    Max. Price100 /m150 /m200 /m250 /m300 /m350 /m400 /m450 /m500 /m550 /m600 /m650 /m700 /m750 /m800 /m850 /m900 /m950 /m1,000 /m 1,050 /m1,100 /m1,150 /m1,200 /m1,250 /m1,300 /m1,350 /m1,400 /m1,450 /m1,500 /m1,550 /m1,600 /m1,650 /m1,700 /m1,750 /m1,800 /m1,850 /m1,900 /m1,950 /m 2,000 /m2,050 /m2,100 /m2,150 /m2,200 /m2,250 /m2,300 /m2,350 /m2,400 /m2,450 /m2,500 /m2,600 /m2,700 /m2,800 /m2,900 /m3,000 /m3,500 /m4,000 /m4,500 /m 5,000 /m5,500 /m6,000 /m6,500 /m7,000 /m7,500 /m8,000 /m8,500 /m9,000 /m9,500 /m10,000 /m

    Min. Beds 1 Bed 2 Beds 3 Beds 4 Beds 5 Beds 6 Beds 7 Beds 8 Beds 9 Beds

    Min. Baths 1 Bath 2 Baths 3 Baths 4 Baths 5 Baths 6 Baths 7 Baths 8 Baths 9 Baths

    See original here:
    Whats all that work on Michigan? - Midland Reporter-Telegram

    Rosie on the House: Make your home a head turner – Arizona Daily Star - February 29, 2020 by admin

    To determine the curb appeal of your house, try paying attention when you first drive up or walk around the block and walk up to the front door.

    When is curb appeal important?

    Everyone likes coming home to a well-maintained house and yard. But, if you are planning to sell your home, it is imperative that it leaves a good (or better) first impression. While it is a sellers market, it is also a competitive one. Positive or negative impressions are made at the first glance.

    Important tip: Always check with you HOA before you are too far into the planning stages. HOAs often limit color and product choices and many require projects be submitted for approval.

    Question: How do I determine the curb appeal of my home?

    Answer: To determine your curb appeal try paying attention when you first drive up or walk around the block and walk up to the front door. Do you get a welcome home, come in and relax feeling or, an anxious this place needs work reaction?

    If your reaction is less than great, it may be time to take action.

    Q: How do I create curb appeal that says, it would be great to live here?

    Pavers can make a lasting impression with little to no maintenance. Installed properly, they make an even and safe entry into the house. Add a little contour curve for interest and you have created an inviting pathway.

    A: Start with the front path: Are you able to get to the front door easily, is there a clear path? If not, consider adding a walkway with a couple of planters along the way. Pavers can make a lasting impression with little to no maintenance. Installed properly, they make an even and safe entry into the house. Add a little contour curve for interest and you have created an inviting pathway.

    Here is the original post:
    Rosie on the House: Make your home a head turner - Arizona Daily Star

    02/27/2020 | Repaving Efforts In OC Running Ahead Schedule; Mild Weather Keeps Projects Moving | News Ocean City MD – The Dispatch - February 29, 2020 by admin

    Thousands Explore Career Fields At JA Inspire Event

    OCEAN CITY Mock emergency rooms. Cosmetology stations. Virtual reality labs. Masonry demonstrations.These displays, and many more, filled the exhibit hall of the Roland E. Powell Convention Center as thousands of eighth-grade students took part in a career exploration event designed to engage and inspire.On Feb. 27, Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore held its Read more

    BERLIN Members of Buckingham Elementary Schools PTA are hoping to expand the schools art program with the addition of a kiln.Parents of Buckingham Elementary School (BES) students are in the midst of a year-long effort to raise the roughly $6,000 needed to buy a kiln for the Berlin school. Two March events, a talent Read more

    OCEAN CITY With city crews steam-rolling through planned street repaving projects this offseason, an opportunity has arisen to continue to push forward and knock out a significant area this spring in advance of the coming season.During a larger discussion this week about widening the sidewalks in the ocean block between 118th Street and 130th Read more

    OCEAN CITY Resort officials renewed the debate this week about encouraging more year-round residents through relaxing fees associated with new construction or creating other incentives including potential property tax relief.For the last year or so, the Mayor and Council have heard concerns from property owners and potential homebuilders about the rising cost of developing Read more

    Follow this link:
    02/27/2020 | Repaving Efforts In OC Running Ahead Schedule; Mild Weather Keeps Projects Moving | News Ocean City MD - The Dispatch

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