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    Nutley Paving Company & Masonry Contractors | Cifelli & Son - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Were local masonry contractors serving customers in Nutley New Jersey and the surrounding communities. We provide a wide range of masonry and paving services, including concrete work, asphalt paving, and excavation. Our goal is to deliver exceptional service and high-quality workmanship in every project. You can count on our skilled and professional staff to help you plan, and finish your project on time, within budget, and while meeting your unique specifications.

    Call our office at (973) 235-0302 today to set up a consultation to get a free estimate! Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm.

    We strive to be the best masonry contractor in the Nutley New Jersey area by making our customers our top priority. For a quote on the professional sidewalk, steps, driveways, and patio installation & repairs call us at (973) 235-0302 today. We are available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm.

    Having a driveway installed in your home or business premises instantly upgrades the value and look of your property. It also helps keep your outdoors clean, which translates to less dust and debris carried into your vehicle, home, and place of business.

    To enjoy all the benefits a driveway has to offer, you need to choose your contractor carefully. A quick driveway contractors in Nutley NJ search will give you tons of options for contractors in your local area. Getting strung up with anything short of experts can leave you frustrated and counting huge losses in the long run.

    Cifelli & Son, Inc. provides driveway installation services with special emphasis on delivering quality workmanship, customization, and best value for money. Our service areas in New Jersey include Nutley, Montclair, Belleville, Clifton, Bloomfield, and Madison.

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    Cifelli & Son, Inc. is licensed by all the relevant authorities and compliant with the various construction laws. Were also insured and bonded to guarantee you complete customer satisfaction with every project.

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    Our businesss key to success has been treating every single customer as part of our family. Being family-oriented, were more lenient when it comes to schedules and work-related decisions. We always strive to develop and maintain healthy relationships with our customers by:

    Whichever type of driveway you want, you can always count on us.

    Reputation is one of the most important considerations when choosing a driveway contractor because it shows what other customers think of a prospective contractor. With over 20 years in the business, weve completed hundreds of projects and the feedback from our customers has been positive.

    If you live in any of our service areas in New Jersey, theres a pretty good chance weve served a home or business owner in your area. You can easily find testimonials from our past customers on the references section of our website.

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    When choosing a concrete driveway contractor, you need to ensure that they have the right type of equipment to deliver professional results. While we all appreciate skillful hand craftsmanship, paving with machines delivers more durable results.

    Unless you want your paving project done by hand, you should always prioritize contractors with the right equipment. We have specialized equipment for every task, all packed with the latest technology for optimum efficiency.

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    If youre searching for driveway paving companies in Nutley NJ, look no further than Cifelli & Son, Inc. in Nutley, NJ. Whether your project involves the patio, driveway, sidewalks, floors, retaining walls, or steps, our experts can help. You can count on us to not only execute the project, but also help with the planning to ensure its completed on time, within your budget, and according to your specifications.

    Looking to upgrade the aesthetics and value of your home or business? Cifelli & Son, Inc. offers top-notch concrete driveway paving in Nutley NJ. Contact us today at (973) 235-0302 to get a free estimate.

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    Nutley Paving Company & Masonry Contractors | Cifelli & Son

    2020 Driveway Paving Cost Guide (Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel … - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Driveway Paving Cost: The Complete Guide

    All subdivision these days have driveways as part of the final cost of the home, but there comes a time when the driveway either must be replaced or repaved. Or perhaps youre tired of driving on mud or gravel to get to your country home, and youre ready to call in the big dogs.

    Your driveway will either be straight, curved, or circular, and your final choice will depend mostly on looks, access, and drainage. A great driveway can add considerably to the resale value due to how much it contributes to the complete look of the house and yard.

    In the United States, the average size of a one-car driveway is 10 wide x 24 long (240 sqft/26 sqyd), and a two-car driveway is 20 wide x 24 long (418 sqft/46 sqyd). Most newer homes are being built with a two-car garage and driveway. The most common option of driveway material selected by homeowners is asphalt, with concrete coming in as a close second. However, there are a number of paving options to choose from, depending on your budget.

    In order of cost, gravel is the cheapest but not necessarily the best. Prices below are based on Craftsmans 2018 National Home Improvements Estimator and nationwide contractor reports.

    $950 | $2.25/sqft

    Costs around $2.25 per square foot. While actually costing the least, and lasting as long as 100 years or more, it is still not the most popular choice.

    There is no impact on a gravel driveway from temperature fluctuations. A lot of rain, however, can wash gravel away unless you have prepared the ground for it.

    A clay and sand base is put in before the gravel is distributed and raked to create an even surface. Remove all topsoil, level it for drainage, install geotextile fabric between the subsoil and the gravel (to stop the silt from working itself upward into it), and install side forms to hold it in. Consider installing a ground grid paver which will give it a pocketed look.

    The best gravel driveways are those of many layers of gravel, with each layer being about 4 thick and the gravel slightly smaller on each layer than the gravel below it. The total thickness should be about 12.

    By far the most robust option you can choose for your driveway finish. It is prone to movement either through traffic or because of snow and rain. Gravel will create a better driving surface and requires less maintenance than a driveway made from regular stones. It is more stable to drive on and it will never crack. Typical maintenance will be regular weeding and the addition of more gravelif a significant amount gets moved over time by traffic or wet weather.

    Consider creating patterns with gravel of different colors and edging it all with another color.


    $3,720 | $80/sqyd or $8.90/sqft

    Also known as blacktop, asphalt driveways are generally one of the least expensive options, thus making them the most commonly used driveway material choice. Most driveways have two layers of asphalt applied. A 3 thick base costs $30/sq. yd. and each additional inch of thickness is $8/sq. yd.

    Asphalt can melt somewhat in extreme temperatures. However, because it is not a compact product like concrete, it is better equipped to handle drastic changes in temperature between freezing and extreme heat. Because its usually black, it will absorb more heat during the day and release it at nighta plus in cold climates.

    A 28 deep layer of sub grade gravel will be set in place first, at a cost of $1/sqft. Once an asphalt driveway has been installed, it will be fully set within a day or two and can have cars on it within 35 days.

    Asphalt wont crack the way concrete does, and any surface damage that does occur will not be as visible as it will be with concrete. The average asphalt driveway that is built well using high quality materials will likely have a life of around 2030 years before needing to be replaced.

    Repairs are easy and not very expensive, as you can patch any damage. If the driveway is in poor condition, you can resurface with a gravel and liquid asphalt mix called macadam, which can last for up to six years at a cost of about $2/sq ft. Your contractor may also offer maintenance services for the driveway, like Sharpe Construction in Kingston, RI.

    Typically, you can use recycled asphalt, tar-and-chip asphalt, and colored asphalt. In its cheapest form, its available in standard black.

    While it is generally more common for homeowners to install asphalt driveways in northern states and concrete driveways in the southern region, it is still roughly a 50/50 split across the US. Choosing one over the other will not affect resale value.

    Caution: If someone knocks on your front door and says, We have a load of asphalt that was left over from paving nearby, and we can pave your driveway at a bargain rate if you'll pay cash, don't take them up on it. Asphalt that is left over from another job will be too cool to make a good pavement for your home. As with any business transaction, you want to know who you're dealing with before proceeding, so making a deal on the spot does not make sense. Checking references can save you money in the long run. National Asphalt Pavement Association

    $3,550 | $8.50/sqft

    About $8.50 per square foot installed

    Concrete cracks less in warmer climates that dont have a freeze-thaw weather cycle. A way to get around this in colder climates is to install in large pavers onsitewith the control joints giving the pavers room to expandrather than as one slab, but this will increase the price.

    Unless the subgrade is impeccably compacted, the ground under that can shift and the concrete on the top layer can crack and sink. Getting the sub base right is the most important part of installation.

    If installed professionally, concrete should provide the homeowner with a useable surface for 60 years or more. Maintenance includes power washing and weeding. Cracking can occur and become visible. If damage does occur, depending on how extensive it is, minor to moderate repairs include: recoloring, slab jacking, concrete engraving, and resurfacing.

    The range of options that concrete offers for your final finish far exceeds any other driveway surface you can choose from. Concrete allows for a vast range of color treatmentsstained, dyed, or colored; and the ability to create custom surface textureto replicate stone, cutting grooves, or stamping to create the look of tile or flagstone.

    Choosing concrete over asphalt will not affect resale value. Be sure to seal your concrete driveway so as to prevent oil stains from seeping in.

    $5,700 $17,200 | $10$30/sqft

    Driveway pavers cost $10 to $30 per square foot to install. It is a very manually intensive task resulting in more than 50% of the project cost coming from the labor costs.

    Good in all climates because of the joint space that allows the pavers room to expand.

    Interlocking concrete pavers are also an option, offered in many styles and colors like cobblestone, granite, slab, and brick. A professionally prepared sub grade of paver base material is vital, with a recommended thickness of 45. If youre unsure about drainage, consider consulting a soil engineer. Without a good sub base, sections of your driveway can sink. Without correct impaction procedures, pavers can drift apart.

    While costing more initially, your concrete paver driveway is likely to last between 25 to 50 years. Just like concrete slab, it does pose the risk of cracking, but replacement is a lot cheaper than repairing a concrete driveway because you only need to replace the cracked individual pavers.

    Maintenance for a concrete paver driveway is minimal with rarely more than weeding and sweeping or hosing off any dirt that has accumulated. Pavers can be power washed and re-sanded with newer types of polymer sand that offer a stronger bond and weed and insect protection.

    As with a traditional concrete driveway, concrete pavers offer a wide range of colors and finish textures to complete your driveway, allowing you to coordinate with the colors in your home exterior.

    Pavers will add major street appeal to your property when it comes time to sell the home.

    $7,940 | $19/sqft

    At an average cost of $19 per square foot, brick is on the high end of driveway surface options for homeowners. With the materials cost for brick costing right at $4 per square foot, the majority of the project cost will be for the labor, because all the work is done by hand. Considering how long they will last, the price can be worth it.

    A well-made paving brick can last for one hundred years or more. Clay bricks that have been fired at very high temperatures for a long time do well in extreme weather. Bricks can also come in interlocking sheets and are installed without mortar, but their color can fade over time.

    Brick can be dry laid in a climate with no freeze-thaw weather, with a base of compacted gravel and sand. This gives good permeability to the driveway too, but its not a good driveway option for heavy vehicles. The joints are filled with sand. A mortared brick driveway is necessary for heavy use, and it can be installed over existing concrete slab thats in good structural condition with no cracks. The slab is covered in mortar and the bricks are tapped into it as they are arranged, followed by more mortar to fill the joints.

    It can crack from unusual traffic like heavy trucks or objects being dropped on the driveway. A normal lifespan for a brick driveway is 3040 years with proper maintenance, which includes applying a seal every few years to help prevent cracks. When you have the drive installed, the installer can leave behind a number of bricks to replace any that get broken, and that way you can be certain the replacements will be the same color and texture.

    Compared to asphalt, brick allows for a lot of creativity in the design of your homes driveway. In addition to the potential for creating a unique design, brick is a very strong surface that not only delivers a range of options in color choices, but also in textures. Because of their uniform design, it makes for very precise planning and design before they are set in place.

    A nice addition is to hire a contractor with in-house landscape designers to not only install the driveway, but also to design and install the surrounding landscaping, like Creative Brick Paving, Landscaping & Construction in Keego Harbor, MI.

    Resale value will increase with the upmarket look of a brick driveway.

    $6,900 | $12$21/sqft

    Living somewhere that gets regular snowfall every winter can make clearing your driveway and falling on ice get old really fast. Get a radiant heated or hydronic driveway and get some of your life back. While this has been used for some time in Northern Europe and in Japan, for both sidewalks and roads, it is still gaining popularity in the US.

    Many systems can melt as much as an inch of snow per hour, leaving your driveway completely useable and safe for your family. While a heated driveway will require maintenance costs and add to the cost of ownership, it could save you hours of shoveling time and bump up the resale value of the home.

    Radiant systems of metal coils can be installed under existing driveways, which requires the driveway to be pulled up. Once plugged into an electrical outlet, the coils can be operated by a switch, using sensors (they turn on when the temperature hits zero), or with an app.

    Connected to a boiler/water heater, hydronic systems pump hot water under the driveway to melt the ice and snow. Its best to install the system before installing the new driveway. Install it during the summer months, as it needs a month to settle.

    Terrain is likely only to impact the cost for a new home, since an existing home would already have had the land leveled for the drive that is in place. New driveways will always have to be excavated and graded before any driveway material is put down. Youll need to uproot and dispose of all grass, plants, trees, etc. in the way.

    Think about using a contractor like Premier II Home & Lawn Care in Westport, MA, to do both the installation of the new driveway and the removal of all shrubbery and trees. Equipment rental to scrape the ground, if its needed, and the cost of a steamroller, will mean a starting price point of $1,500 per driveway.

    For those putting in a new driveway to replace an old one, the first task to kick off the project will be to remove the existing driveway. This involves breaking up the driveway before it is hauled away. If removal wasnt included in the quote, you can expect to pay an average cost for removing and hauling away an old asphalt driveway of roughly $3 per square foot. Breaking up an asphalt pavement up to 3 thick and loading it on a truck costs about $9/sq. yd. Also removing the existing base to 3 and removing the debris costs approx. $29/sq. yd.

    Grading costs about $4/sqft and includes grading soil, removing rocks, setup, cleanup, and addition or removal of grading materials. Any kind of slope in the driveway area will add more onto the cost. If your compacted subgrade is still in place and doesnt need any attention, then expect an average cost of $2 per square foot to resurface with either concrete or asphalt.

    If your new driveway project is to simply put a new surface over the exact size and location of a previous driveway, then there should be no permitting required.

    If, however, you are increasing the size of the driveway, adding additional corners, moving the driveway, or changing its permeability, etc., then you will need to check with local governing authorities, including your homeowners association, if applicable, to make sure that the changes you are planning fit within the permitted rules for your home and neighborhood.

    The main concern is not aesthetics at this point, but more about making sure your driveway enhancement project wont adversely affect the permeable ground and change runoff water flow in the neighborhood. Local government websites will likely have details listed under codes and regulations, driveway permits, or driveway pavement requirements. Your driveway contractor will likely also be well educated on the matter.

    If your budget is low, consider pouring slab for the main driveway but bordering it with brick or pavers. Position lighting and plants where they wont be driven over, keeping in mind pedestrian access and the size shrubs will grow to. If youd rather have visual aids of the finished job before work starts, use computer-generated 3D images, plan views, virtual reality, and photo realistic design images from high-tech contractors like Praiz Design Services in Waller, Texas.

    Gates and pillars can make long driveways seem more upmarket and offer additional security. Even just pillars with the house number on them can help emergency services and mailpersons find your home more easily.

    When looking for contractors for your driveway paving project, create a top list of 3 to 5 companies to get bids from, from which you can make your final selection.

    To get the best companies onto that shortlist, look for installers who have as many of the following as possible:

    Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted pros:

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    2020 Driveway Paving Cost Guide (Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel ...

    Pavement preservation project to start – The Herald - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Herald Staff

    JASPER The Jasper Street Department and contractor Pavement Solutions will begin a pavement preservation project around 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

    All vehicles must be removed from the affected streets and out of driveways, should residents intend to leave throughout the day of preservation to their street. These streets will be closed during this process, and motorists will not be allowed to travel on them.

    The street being processed, should however, reopen each evening, depending on drying conditions.

    All residents will be notified via a door hanger, the day prior to their street being processed.There will be a lot of switching from street to street as drying conditions and traffic flow is continually assessed.

    Streets impacted are: Robert Street from 13th to 14th street; Wilson Street from 13th to 14th street; Dorbett Street from 13th to 14th street; Fifth Street from Clay to St. John street; Fifth Street from St John Street to Scott Rolen Drive; Fifth Street from Scott Rolen Drive to U.S. 231; Scott Rolen Drive from Fifth Street to south end; St. John Street from Fourth to Sixth street; and Howard Drive from Northwood Avenue to 33rd Street.

    This project should be completed by the end of the day on Friday, barring inclement weather or any other unforeseen events.

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    Pavement preservation project to start - The Herald

    Olean moves ahead on project in abridged construction season – Olean Times Herald - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    OLEAN Construction season is moving full steam ahead, city officials reported Tuesday.

    At a meeting of the Common Councils strategic planning committee, City Department of Public Works Director Bob Ring filled in aldermen on progress made at various points across the city.

    The largest project now under construction, the Walkable Olean Phase II along Main and Front streets, saw a late start and other delays due to the global pandemic.

    Were definitely noticing some COVID kickback, Ring said, with the project beginning Aug. 12 and delays reported on materials from concrete to small parts for pedestrian traffic signals.

    It is likely that construction will not begin on the south side of the bridge before the spring.

    We cant plan on November being nice, he said, and some minor work on the north side like tree planting may be delayed to the spring. We have assurances theyll pretty much complete the north side.

    To calm traffic on Front Street between North Union Street Extension and Main Street, a median is being prepared, reducing the four-lane street to a two-lane street for most of its length.

    Work also includes milling and resurfacing the streets as opposed to the work on North Union to tear the road to its base while replacing all underground utilities drainage repairs, and new trees and driveway aprons. Ring said that markings to help drivers with the changed traffic pattern should be done before winter, as well.

    Work next year would focus on the south side of the bridge, Ring said, as it is expected that concrete plants will shut down in mid-October. The project will be wrapped up before ground is broken on Walkable Olean Phase III, along the East State Street corridor between Union Street and Olean Creek.

    On Washington Street, they finished the 8-inch line today, Ring said, the new main to serve the area. Now, service and other connections need to be made, as well as testing the lines before they begin to bring water to homes.

    The $1.15 million first stage of the project began in early July. A new water main on the 200 block of North Fourth Street and along Washington Street is to be accompanied by repaving the streets above.

    The city borrowed money for the project in 2018, but delayed work while waiting to hear back on state infrastructure grants. While construction could have begun in late 2019 after successful bidding, officials chose not to begin as to avoid leaving Washington Street torn up and awaiting repaving over the winter. Before the COVID-19 pandemic pushed back construction to a July start, officials had hoped to get the project completed by June 30.

    As part of a larger discussion on creating a strategic plan for bicycle access around the city, Crawford asked that Ring investigate the costs of improving bicycle access on the stretch by adding shared road markings to Washington Street. In addition, aldermen also asked Ring to check with the contractor on improving the intersection of North Fourth and Washington streets, known for its wide, sweeping curve with no traffic control devices.

    There arent a lot of accidents there, but speeds are fast coming around that radius, Ring said, adding that he would like to address the poor grade of the sidewalk at the same time by bringing the curve out into a right-angle intersection.

    Ring said that the existing stop signs would not be affected, and traffic would continue as it currently does, but with slower speeds and shorter crossing distances for pedestrians.

    Ring noted that the area has been graded, while utility work is continuing.

    Theyre going to be starting building the building in a couple of weeks, Ring said, with the structure expected to be completed in October. Then, city crews and contractors will focus on the interior through the winter. Landscaping, painting the building and paving the driveway will be done in the spring.

    Go here to see the original:
    Olean moves ahead on project in abridged construction season - Olean Times Herald

    Where Are They Now?: An accidental starter, Gary Vincent took the ball and ran with it for the Oakmont Spartans – The Gardner News - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    LUNENBURG Baseball history remembers Wally Pipp as the player who came down with a headache one day and sat out a game, paving the way for Lou Gehrig to go on to play a then-record 2,130 consecutive games.

    Fifty years ago this fall over at Oakmont, a season-ending shoulder injury sidelined Spartans first-string junior running back Gary LeBlanc, allowing freshman Gary Vincent to be elevated to a varsity starting spot.

    Although Vincent didnt play 2,130 straight games, he likely rushed for that many yards or more, pacing the Spartans football team in scoring all four years of high school. In fact, he still holds scoring records at the school five decades after playing his last game.

    He began his football career playing one season of Pop Warner as a 12-year-old and then as an eighth-grader he suffered with Osgood-Schlatter disease on his knees. He sat out the season before going out for football during his freshman year at Oakmont.

    We were pretty thin when I was a freshman, the 64-year old Vincent remembered. I was playing defense in the beginning and was a second-stringer on offense. During the last scrimmage, the starting tailback (LeBlanc) broke his shoulder bone and I got elected.

    In his very first game, against Westford, Vincent scored on a conversion rush during a 16-0 victory.

    The offense was based around the running game, so it was hard not to have success, he said, looking back on the starting Spartan backs which included quarterback Mike Hurd, and fellow running backs Tim Meagher and Andy Caouette. We ran the option play from the very beginning of my freshman year.

    During that freshman season, Vincent proved coach Art Hurds confidence in him when he led the 5-4 team in scoring with seven touchdowns, 10 conversion runs and a total of 62 points. In addition, he set the school record with a 95-yard kickoff return in a win over Lunenburg a record which still stands today.

    As I remember, the ball sort of scooted by me and kept on rolling back to the end zone, so thats why it ended up being so long, he recalled. I picked it up and everyone else seemed to be running the wrong way when I picked it up. It made it a lot easier for me.

    The 95-yard return followed up a 69-yard touchdown run earlier in the game.

    Im a sprinter at heart and did that when I ran track, he noted. Man, I was tuckered out after that long run.

    He was one of three freshmen to start for the Spartans that season along with Chuck Wyman and Keenan Young.

    As a sophomore, the only mar in the 1971 season was a 15-14 loss to Nashoba, the team finishing 8-1. Vincent went on to set new scoring marks with 12 touchdowns, 10 conversion runs and 92 points on the season. His touchdown run and conversion was the difference in an 8-6 win over Murdock on Thanksgiving Day.

    The Spartans had an even better year in 1972, if you can believe that, as they finished undefeated at 8-0-1 with a 6-6 tie to Littleton spoiling the perfect season. However, because there was no Division 3 Super Bowl that season, that Oakmont team has fallen into relative obscurity.

    That squad boasted a loaded backfield with Vincent nicely complemented by a pair of seniors in Caouette and wingback Paul Collette.

    Wyman, a junior, was now the quarterback calling the signals behind a line that included the likes of center Phil Ahlin, guards Doug Lockhart and Dean Johnson, tackles Young and Bill Earle, and ends Rick Gould and Bob Bird Wirtanen.

    Other key members of the team included Kurt Davis, Steve Nims, Rick Noseworthy, Jim Lupien, Tom Wolcott, Jim Perrett and Doug Marchant, among others.

    For Vincent, the superlatives continued as he finished his junior year with a new record of 17 touchdowns and 104 points, which would turn out to be the best offensive output of his career.

    That was a great team with all of those seniors that year, Vincent said. We had a real good group of players who played well together. It was all about the team, thats what the coaches preached to us.

    He recalled that Art Hurd along with his assistants Bill Wyman, Win Dunn and Bob Weeks were always very supportive of the team.

    To begin his senior season in the fall of 1973, the Spartans won their first four games of the season by shutout without allowing a single point behind the double-pronged running attack of Vincent and quarterback Chuck Wyman.

    In week five, Oakmont was shocked by Ayer and dropped a 22-8 game, which was the first loss for Oakmont football in 20 games dating back to 1971.

    That game with Ayer really stood out for me, it was a real heartbreaker, Vincent said. We had a lot of good teams in the league. After that loss we went on to beat every one of them.

    The Spartans rebounded the following week with a 51-0 blasting of North Middlesex as Vincent became the first player in Oakmont history to score five touchdowns in one game. In addition, his two conversion runs gave him another record, 34-points scored in one game.

    In perhaps the biggest win of the season the following week, Oakmont came back from a 10-0 deficit against Westford, going into the fourth quarter. Vincent scored on a three-yard run and added the conversion to cut it to 10-8. Wyman then booted a 15-yard field goal the first in Oakmont history to capture a heart stopping 11-10 win.

    We never thought we were going to lose that game, even when we were trailing late, he said. You needed that right attitude and it made a big difference.

    A 14-0 win over Littleton the next week, followed by a 17-6 win over Lunenburg on Thanksgiving catapulted the 8-1 Spartans into the first-ever Division III Central-Western Mass. Super Bowl against Mohawk Trail Regional at Springfield College.

    Oakmont left the day before on Friday afternoon for Springfield, and the Spartans got a huge surprise after boarding their buses for the trip out west. As they made their way out of the parking lot, they were shocked to see the entire student body lining the driveway out to the street.

    The students had signs and everything, it was a great send off, he recalled.

    The Spartans responded with a 31-12 victory, their first-ever Super Bowl championship, as Vincent rushed for the first touchdown and caught a 28-yard pass from Chuck Wyman for another. Quarterback Wyman also scored a rushing touchdown and booted a 22-yard field goal.

    The Super Bowl was a great thrill for all of us, Vincent said. Plus, we got the chance to play on AstroTurf for the first time.

    Vincent went on to attend Assumption College where he played club football his freshman year, reconnecting with high school teammates Mike Hurd and Brad Johnson.

    It was like old times for us, he noted.

    After two years at Assumption as a math major, he decided to transfer to UMass and become an engineering major.

    Vincent worked in Danbury, Conn., for Automation Industries for five years but decided to move closer to home for both he and his wife Sharon.

    I was looking for a job in Massachusetts and wound up getting an offer from Simplex, of all places, he said.

    He worked as an engineer, later in research and development and wound up in a management position for Simplex, which later became Tyco and he finished up with Johnson Controls. He spent a total of 34 years there, prior to his retirement last year.

    Gary and Sharon live in Lunenburg where they brought up their two sons, Evan and Grady, who today both live and work in the Boston area. He and his wife enjoy golfing, hiking, biking and traveling and hes also been catching up with odd jobs around the house since his retirement.

    Today, 47 years after the conclusion of his high school football career, Vincent still holds the Oakmont career records for touchdowns (50), conversions (28) and points (356).

    Well, it certainly helped playing all four years, Vincent said. That was a bit unusual to start as a freshman, but it was a slim team back then and it was through a mishap that I got the varsity start in the first place.

    (Do you have a suggestion for a future Where are they Now segment? Please contact Mike Richard at or in writing Mike Richard, 92 Boardley Rd. Sandwich, MA 02563)

    Read the original here:
    Where Are They Now?: An accidental starter, Gary Vincent took the ball and ran with it for the Oakmont Spartans - The Gardner News

    In praise of sheet flow: Yes, it can be a pain, but I wouldn’t trade it for pavement and retention ponds – News-Press - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Buy Photo

    Sheet flow sunrise(Photo: Amy Bennett Williams/The News-Press)

    Chronic bright-sider that I am, I was delighted to accept the challenge: You have a blue roof tarpaulin, a 16-foot piece of cattle fence and a handful of zip ties. As Tropical Storm Sally pelts you, construct an ersatz livestock rain shelter. You must incorporate the big live oak on the last piece of high ground in the pasture, remembering that if the tarp isnt set up properly, itll just collect rain and collapse under its own weight. You have 10 minutes. Go!

    Sheet flow surprise: Fish in the pasture(Photo: Amy Bennett Williams/The News-Press)

    Im pleased to report that I made it with a few seconds to spare. No, I hadnt accounted for the angry squads of tree ants who resented the disturbance and took it out on my dcolletage, but at least the critters would have a place to stay dry, now that the floodwaters have swallowed their pole barn.

    The horses don't really mind rain, but the goats can't stand it, glaring sullenly and shaking like dogs if they're caught in it.

    Sheet flow in back means goats up front, which Barren doesn't mind in the least.(Photo: Amy Bennett Williams/The News-Press)

    Remember this?:In which a one-eared, gender-fluid goat joins our family

    I pulled on my boots and sloshed out to check. Yep, water streaming in from the wildlands to the south, covering the west part of the pasture.

    This is why developers carve pavement channels leading to pre-dug retention ponds to keep water where they want it, to tame the unruly flow that would cover the built landscape. It's so much easier if water stays in its place and away from ours. But as I stood, knee-deep and soaked, I had to smile. The reedy voices of the tiny tree frogs were already filling the air from oak limbs bristling with resurrection ferns.

    Ah, sheet flow. Out here in our Alva woods, it happens every year or so. When theres more rain than the ground can absorb, the water rises, collecting into a shallow, slow-moving lake that makes its way to Bedman Creek, the Caloosahatchee and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico. Its a fine and perfectly natural thing. All that standing water helps recharge the aquifer from which our shallow, hand-dug well draws our water, while providing a place for frogs and toads to court and breed. (Mosquitoes too, truth be told, but hey, thats what repellent is for.

    Lake Williams, formerly known as our pasture(Photo: Amy Bennett Williams/The News-Press)

    After all, it was we humans who decided to settle in the middle of this sometimes wet place, so when it transforms from scrub to pond, adjustments must be made. For the most part, its merely a sloppy inconvenience, but in deep-water years, it can get pretty dramatic, so we keep a collection of knee-high Wellington boots in the shed. Until things dry back out and we put them away again, I can count on mud-smeared floors, soggy carpets and daily dog baths.

    Seven years ago, when Scout (black and white) was still alive and I was still taller than Nash.(Photo: Amy Bennett Williams/The News-Press)

    But sheetflow brings wonders too.

    It makes pups out of our old dogs, who galumph through it, forgetting their sore hips, while it turns our young web-footed Catahoula mix dog Dell into a bayou maniac. Nighttime frog chorus rising over the oaks is the loveliestlullaby, and the shimmering sunrises that follow are a gift. One summer, the receding floodbeached an amphiuma an eel-like amphibian - in our driveway. Last year, it delivered a walking catfish.

    The kids have grown up knowing the landscape can change overnight, so theyd better be ready to adapt.

    And that sometimes, its OK to step into deep water and just give thanks.

    Sheet flow sunset(Photo: Amy Bennett Williams/The News-Press)

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    In praise of sheet flow: Yes, it can be a pain, but I wouldn't trade it for pavement and retention ponds - News-Press

    Part of new Hermitage roundabout to open | Local News – Sharonherald - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    TANNER MONDOK | HeraldConstruction workers continue to make progress on the Hermitage roundabout project Wednesday near the Shenango Valley Mall. Half of the circle will open to one lane of eastbound traffic today.

    HERMITAGE Drivers will find themselves using part of Hermitages new roundabout this afternoon at East State Street and the Shenango Valley Freeway, while crews continue shooting for their October completion deadline.

    Today marks the beginning of the roundabout projects third phase. Its southern portion will open to eastbound traffic traveling in the direction of Sharon toward Mercer. However, westbound traffic will continue using a temporary road on the edge of the Shenango Valley Mall north of the roundabout, PennDOT Project Manager Reggie Jannetti said.

    Phase three is expected to take about two weeks, after which phase four, which calls for opening the roundabouts northern portion to westbound traffic traveling from Mercer toward Hermitage. Phase four is expected to take until the end of October, Jannetti said.

    Well have to reconstruct the mall driveway, and we have a little portion of the roundabout that wed have to finish on the northern side, Jannetti said.

    Phase five of the project is expected to begin in late October or the first week of November, when crews will do some minor work such as highway lighting, landscaping and pavement markings. The current detours will remain in place until then, Jannetti said.

    The center of the roundabout will also have plantings and a wall reading, Hermitage, Pennsylvania, with some lighting to illuminate the sign.

    Itll be a nice gateway into the city of Hermitage, he said.

    Work on the roundabout was originally expected to be completed by Sept. 21, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed that deadline back to Oct. 31.

    Aside from the temporary halt on construction projects, crews had to endure extra safety measures at the work site, including daily meetings, wearing masks and health screening questions. Though the new measures didnt necessarily affect the project, Jannetti said Gov. Tom Wolfs office relaxed some measures.

    Workers were allowed to take their masks off when they were at least 15 feet apart, although the masks still had to be under their chins or in their pockets. Workers were also allowed to work without their masks on if they were paving asphalt, Jannetti said.

    When youre paving, that asphalt comes out at 300 degrees, Jannetti said.

    Workers were also allowed to work without their masks for days with certain temperatures and humidities, when wearing a mask could present a health concern for workers. This was particularly helpful during the hotter days earlier this summer, Jannetti said.

    Out here in those 90-degree days, it wasnt pleasant, he said.

    Instead of working the usual eight or 10 hours, Jannetti said the contractors have been putting in 10- to 12-hour days for the last several weeks to meet the deadline. While conditions could still affect progress, the roundabout is expected to be completed by late October or the first week of November if the weather remains dry.

    The past three weeks have been busy in terms of traffic congestion due to multiple operations, such as paving and pouring concrete, going on simultaneously. Jannetti said local businesses are through the worst of it, with access maintained to nearby businesses such as Dunkin Donuts, Cornmans Sweeperland and Smokey Martins restaurant.

    The morning rush hours have been busy, and its probably been a little bit of an inconvenience to some of the patrons, but the businesses have worked very well with us, he said.

    Like David L. Dye on Facebook or email him at

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    Part of new Hermitage roundabout to open | Local News - Sharonherald

    Big transportation changes near the Waltham line – - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    A number of changes have taken place in the northern portion of the city, all for the better as far as Im concerned.

    First and foremost is the paving work that the city completed on Crafts Street between North Street and Waltham Street. This fresh, smooth pavement that has, so far, been untouched by anyone trying to fix a natural gas leak, is now lined with some bike lanes and parking chicanes. This is great news for the commuters who regularly use this road as an access point to reach their jobs in Boston and Cambridge, as well as anyone else who likes to use their bike. Whats interesting is that the bike lanes create a barrier between the vehicular roadway and the curbside parking, which is mostly unused. The result is that Ive seen joggers use that stretch of tarmac to give sidewalk pedestrians plenty of social distance. The bike lanes now go from the Waltham Line right up to the park.

    A second major change is that Park and Pedal now has electric bikes adjacent to its parking spots at Albemarle. I know that whenever I go by those spots during the day I see at least two cars parked there with bike racks, so I assume theyre being used for the right purpose. I dont know what kind of program this is, nor do I know what deal they have worked out with the city, as my questions about this have gone entirely unanswered, both by the city and by the Park and Pedal people.

    Finally, just today the city blocked off the small piece of Albemarle road between Crafts Street and North Street. This is something thats been discussed for a long time, so its great to see it finally happen. Its an example of a piece of road that is entirely unnecessary for traffic flow and has no driveways accessing it. Its mostly used by people coming from Watertown Street and looking to take a left on North Street. It saves a few seconds at most, as those drivers can easily turn right and take the left on North from there in a way that avoids most pedestrian entanglements.

    So kudos to everyone involved in traffic, public safety, and public works who got this done! Im hoping that Crafts Street, between North and Washington, is going to get done soon.

    Go here to read the rest:
    Big transportation changes near the Waltham line -

    Mirrorbox invites drive-ins for humorous, heartfelt, thought-provoking production ‘The Parking Lot’ – Little Village - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The Parking Lot

    opens Friday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 p.m. -- CSPS Hall parking lot; $40 per vehicle

    Picture this: Several strangers gathered around in their cars, watching a married couple go through the pros and cons of a relationship on the verge of divorce. No, this isnt your weekly trip to Walmart or your neighbors driveway its the Mirrorbox Theatre production of The Parking Lot.

    A socially distanced, pandemic-proof theatrical drive-in experience, The Parking Lot is directed by Cavan Hallman from the new play by Adam Szymkowicz, and stars Marcia and Scot Hughes. This show is infinitely more than a public therapy session. Its a humorous, heartfelt and thought-provoking narrative for all of us in lifes parking lot.

    The characters Terry (Scot) and J (Marcia) do a wonderful job at engaging with the audience and inviting us to join them on a journey through their past and their problems. Are most of their pivotal moments (which happen to have taken place in a parking lot) now just a wasteland of nothingness? Or is their future together a blank canvas full of hope and possibility?

    With popular music scored lightly in the background of the radio dialogue (sound design Bri Atwood), each of the 20 scenes are set up to pull on the emotions and internal dilemmas within each and every one of us. You dont have to be married to connect with the social messages of this piece, nor do you even have to be in a relationship you simply have to listen and reflect.

    As tallies are written in chalk on the pavement, the couple reenact memories and what-ifs to help them decide whether or not theyre in love and, really, if love is enough. But between some teary eulogies, powerful feminist monologues and funny observations, The Parking Lot reaches for a higher level of wonderment. Scot and Marcia Hughes impart questions that, if we care enough, we have already asked ourselves: What can I do to better the world? Am I happy? And most importantly, do I know that I am worthy of love?

    But dont mistake this for a dramatic, cheesy substitute for your Nicholas Sparks binge. Terry and J have fun with a scooter obstacle course, an exceptionally fancy couch (for a parking lot) and the ability to make me forget that Ive been smiling for the last five minutes. In a time when gathering to appreciate the arts seems like a distant memory and even Netflix doesnt sound appealing anymore, The Parking Lot is the opportunity weve been missing. Its an outlet to remember that the arts are changing forever, maybe but they will never cease to do what they have always done: form us into deeper, better versions of ourselves.

    After an enjoyably fast-paced duration of slightly over an hour, the couple come to a rather simple decision that may leave the audience with mixed reviews. However, it stays true with the overall theme of the production: Life is messy, people are complicated but there has to be some shred of shared humanity. The perception of the ending lies individually in our own desires, outlook and thresholds. Terry and J are simply a stand-in for the billions of others who ever had to face the decision of whether to stay parked or to change gears.

    The Parking Lot runs Sept. 18-26 in Cedar Rapids at the CSPS Hall parking lot. Tickets are $40 per vehicle, and the crew will inform you of which radio station to tune into once youre all settled in for the show. Be sure to turn off your lights, crack a window and enjoy the view over your steering wheel.

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    Mirrorbox invites drive-ins for humorous, heartfelt, thought-provoking production 'The Parking Lot' - Little Village

    When will Fond du Lac’s Military Road finally be open again? Soon, the city says – Fond du Lac Reporter - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Buy Photo

    Road work on South Military Road near Seymour Street should be completed by mid-October, opening the busy street back up to motorists.(Photo: Doug Raflik/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

    FOND DU LAC - City drivers will be happy to know there is an end in sight.

    Since the latter part ofApril, motorists have been maneuvering around a road construction project on South Military Road that runs from just southwest of Seymour Street to Oak Park Avenue the dead end streetbeforethebypass atPioneer Road.

    Contractors are scheduled to complete the work the week ofOct. 12, although the exact date is uncertain due to possible weather delays, said City Engineer Paul De Vries.

    The roadway was due for replacement because of aging infrastructure, with some of the concrete pavement dating back to the 1940s, De Vries said.

    The project includes new sanitary and storm sewers, water mains,sidewalks and driveways and landscaping along about 2,000 feet of Military Road. It's afairlytypical reconstruction project, he said,in line with what'sbeen occurring throughout the cityas the city's publicworks department tackles road repair needs.

    "Maintaining access to residents and businesses was challenging during this project but the contractor did a good job at working with the owners," De Vries said.

    Seymour Street, where it meets Military Road, came in at an angle, causing visibility problems for drivers. The project improved the street so it is now a typical T-intersection.

    The project was locally funded at a cost of around $2,375,000.

    De Vries said he thanks residents and businesses along that stretch for their patience.

    More work along Military Road is slated for 2022, and includesproposed improvements that extend from Superior Street to Western Avenue.The project will replace deteriorated pavement and add new curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water mainand street lighting.

    Contact Sharon Roznik at 920-907-7936 or Follow her on Facebook

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    When will Fond du Lac's Military Road finally be open again? Soon, the city says - Fond du Lac Reporter

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