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    Feng Shui: What Is It and How to Apply It at Home - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Feng shui isnt just a buzzword for interior designers and real estate agents: Its an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps people find balance in the way they live their lives by harmonizing their living spaces with nature through spatial design. The key is qi (pronounced chee), or the energy that connects all living things. Through the implementation of specific design principles that promote auspiciousness, feng shui is said to allow your energy to flow uninhibited through your home, improving your overall quality of life.

    Over the last 30 years, the concept of feng shui has been developing a loyal following in the American interior design world, but the design philosophy has its roots in ancient China. The philosophy originated in astrology, with ancient cultures designing burial plots to align with celestial objects like stars. Over millennia, practitioners refined the philosophy, eventually expanding it into urban planning, then condensing it into the home itself. As for the name feng shui, feng means wind and shui means waterthe phrase is derived from an ancient poem about the connection of human life and the environment.

    In order to allow qi to flow effortlessly through your home, feng shui has quite a number of principles to follow, from dictating the precise places to set your furniture (never put a bed under a window!) to stipulating what color to paint your front door (it depends on which cardinal direction it faces). While different feng shui schools offer many variations on these principles, here are several commonalities that form the basis of the philosophy.

    Bagua, which translates to eight areas, is an energy map placed over the floor plan of your home. Its a three-by-three grid with eight boxes, each representing a different category of your lifeloosely translated into wealth, fame, love, family, children, knowledge, career, and helpful peoplewith the center box representing you. If any of these areas in your life need improvement, you should apply the appropriate feng shui principles in the corresponding space of your home.

    Feng shui principles also focus on the five elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. While each can be taken literally in terms of incorporation into the home (i.e., wood furniture for a fireplace), they also correspond to certain emotions, colors, shapes, and areas on the bagua map. Ultimately, you should use interior design to balance all five elements for the best qi flow, tweaking per your needs as they change throughout your life.

    The philosophy of yin and yang permeates many ancient Chinese fields of study, from the martial arts to medicine to feng shui. Its a concept of duality, demonstrating that opposite forces are interconnected and work in tandem in order to create harmony: yin is a passive, soft energy, while yang is an aggressive, bold one. As it relates to interior design, youll want a balance of both types of energies, with yin energy in calm, relaxing spaces like your bedroom or bathroom and yang energy in your more social, productive spaces like your kitchen or home office.

    Pieter Estersohn

    Feng shui is a complex tradition, with numerous components that require quite a bit of study to interpret fully. While you can certainly take baby steps into the world of feng shui on your own, many people find it helpful to consult feng shui experts to really revamp their space.

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    Feng Shui: What Is It and How to Apply It at Home

    Feng Shui: The Basics – Around DB and Life on Lantau - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    In the first of a new series, Samantha Wong introduces the all-important theory of the five elements and reveals how you can put yourself in the command position

    Formalised as an art and science over 3,000 years ago in China, feng shuis aim is to improve quality of life. Feng means wind and shui means water, and we Chinese associate wind and water with good health, so if you get the feng shui in your home right, you can expect good things to follow.

    Feng shui contains elements of various branches of study, including physics, philosophy, astronomy and astrology. Its a complex body of knowledge that takes years to master but you dont have to be an expert or own a luopan (a feng-shui compass with 24 directions marked on it) to start working it into your home and reaping the benefits.

    The command positionThe first thing you need to know is that according to feng shui everyone and everything is interconnected, and everything is filled with chi (energy). For this reason, the placement of yourself and objects within a room affects your wellbeing. One basic tip is that the bed, desk and stove need to be placed in the command position this is important because the bed represents you, the desk represents your career and the stove represents your wealth. When you are in these spaces, be sure that you can see the door without being directly in line with it this puts you in the command position; you are in command of your life and you are receptive to positive outcomes.

    Feng shui is all about mindfulness too slowing down and noticing the details in your life and living space so that you can create harmony. Dusty corners represent areas of your life that are stagnant and ignored, so clean them up. Get rid of or fix any broken objects because they are obstacles in your life, causing stress that holds you back. And create space in your wardrobe. If its overstuffed, youre giving out the message that your life is complete and you dont need anything else.

    We often intuitively know when something is not quite right in our homes, so work out where you feel uneasy and sit there, quieting the mind. You may be able to energise the space simply by moving things around, for instance placing an armchair in front of a window, but if that doesnt do the trick, youll need to look to a core feng-shui principle, the theory of the five elements.

    The five elementsWood, fire, earth, metal and water the five elements are a big deal in feng shui. Simply put, feng shui works to balance these five natural elements in your home, and by extension in your life. You need to ensure that all five elements are present in each room and working harmoniously together. To achieve this in a living area, you might combine wood and metal furniture, light some candles (fire), install an aquarium (water) and place a potted plant (earth) in a corner. But you dont have to think so literally each element is represented by a specific colour (see the sidebar opposite), so colour-use is an easy and effective way to harmonise the five elements within your home.

    By using colour to include all the elements in your decor, you can improve your quality of life, but theres more to it than that. Each element is also associated with a specific life attribute wood with vitality; fire with passion and recognition; earth with stability; metal with clarity and self-discipline; and water with tranquillity and wisdom so upping the presence of a particular element in your home can bring you more of the attribute it represents. To go at it another way, if something is lacking in your life, you will likely see that the element it corresponds to is poorly represented in your decor.

    Lets say you lack stability and dont take good enough care of yourself. Chances are you need more of the earth element (yellow, orange, and brown) in your home. If youre looking for more clarity, self-discipline or structure, look to the metal element and surround yourself with grey, white, cream and metallic tones. Silver photo frames are a quick fix.

    By calling on the element of water, you can invite tranquillity and wisdom into your life. Try sitting on a black cushion when youre at your computer or painting a feature wall midnight blue. Wood energy, associated with the colour green, can help kickstart new beginnings and increase your vitality.

    Finally, if youre looking for passion or recognition, play around with red fire energy. Light some candles fire is symbolised by real flames or place red peonies in a favourite ase. Adopting a pet will also do the trick because having an animal in your home immediately fires things up.

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    Feng Shui: The Basics - Around DB and Life on Lantau Live: What are PRS, Ernie Ball, Taylor, Mono and Fender bringing to the show? – - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder Live is right around the corner, and were excited to share new details on what our partners PRS, Ernie Ball Music Man, Taylor, Mono and Fender will bring to the show. Its going to be one to remember.

    When it comes to guitar-making, few are as celebrated as Paul Reed Smith, founder of PRS Guitars and a true luthiery legend. And who better to learn the ins and outs of guitar-making than Smith himself.

    In his masterclass, Smith will go through both electric and acoustic guitar designs with a nose to tail approach to explain why and how everything on a guitar matters. Hell reveal the secrets of builders and techs, arming you with the knowledge needed to diagnose, repair, upgrade and modify your cherished instrument.

    The second season of PRS Guitars popular YouTube series Long Distance will only launch in October, but Live attendees will get a teaser of the modern-day guitar heroes they can expect to see.

    In season one, we got to listen in as Paul Reed Smith phoned up famous friends the likes of Steve Vai, Warren Haynes, Alex Lifeson and Orianthi. Season two continues with even more candid conversations on music, unusual hobbies and, yes, coping in quarantine. Tune in to the Showcase stage for this very special preview!

    With an acclaimed sixth album, a number one hit and a massive world tour planned, 2020 was shaping up to be a massive year for Mark Tremonti and his Alter Bridge bandmates. Then, COVID-19 threw a wrench in the works. Rather than keeling over, the band rose to the occasion and recorded their new track, Last Rites, completely in quarantine.

    Join us for a one-on-one interview with Tremonti, where hell discuss Alter Bridges forthcoming EP Walk The Sky 2.0 and Creeds six-times platinum record Weathered, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021.

    Ernie Ball Music Man has been especially hush-hush about what it plans to unveil at Live but weve just heard that the brand will be hosting a panel with some of its signature artists. Theyll discuss their playing styles, gear quirks and what its like to design an instrument they can call their own, in collaboration with an iconic brand.

    Image: Ernie Ball

    In addition to the panel, Ernie Ball Music Man is taking the opportunity at Live to unveil something its never done before: a replica of a famous vintage instrument.

    Exactly what it is and who owns it is a mystery, but the brand did leave us with a clue: We have replicated a 41-year-old instrument with all its wear and battle scars down to the last screw! Its got four strings on it and played by a world-renowned musician in one of the most revered rock bands around the globe!

    Whats the game-changing new guitar that Taylor has been so tantalisingly teasing these few weeks? Well, find out at Live! Details are scant, but what we do know is that it was designed from the ground up and it promises to inspire players in a whole new way.

    Alongside the mystery guitar, Taylor will also be demoing some of its latest guitars introduced this year, from the ultra-premium Builders Edition instruments to the exceptional American Dream series.

    Back in 2011, Taylor Guitars became the co-owner of a local sawmill in Cameroon and The Ebony Project was born. The objective: create a more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way of sourcing ebony for guitar-making purposes.

    At Live, follow Taylor all the way to Africa virtually, at least to discover more about The Ebony Project and how its helped not just the environment but the local community in Cameroon.

    We hope you come away with a deeper appreciation for the important steps that begin the process of bringing those guitars to life, said Taylor. Youll also learn more about the lives and families you are supporting when you buy a Taylor guitar, along with Taylors efforts to cultivate a more sustainable future in Cameroon through a scalable replanting program.

    Used and abused by musicians around the entire world, Mono cases and bags are among some of the industrys hardest working, yet unsung, heroes. At Live, the Mono family is about to get even bigger the brand will show off two very exciting, brand new products at the show!

    Grant Klassen (left) and Mikey Woodward of Goodwood Audio

    Mono will also convene a panel of pedalboard experts to help you perfect your set up. Join the likes of Grant Klassen from Australias Goodwood Audio and Eirik from the one-and-only Living Room Demos as they delve deep into the feng shui of board design, and share some pro tips and tricks along the way.

    Image: Fender

    If you love vintage Strats, youre going to love playing this guitar, said Kenny Wayne Shepherd when he lifted the lid on his new collaboration with Fender. At Live, hear from the blues-rocker as he runs through his signature Strat and illustrates how it stands out from the pack.

    Youve marvelled at the instruments and heard the stunning sounds but whats a day in the life of a Fender Custom Shop Master Builder like? Join Carlos Lopez, a 13-year veteran of the Dream Factory as he tells Mike Adams (better known on Instagram as @puisheen) what it means to be able to build six-string wonders every day inside the legendary Custom Shop. Live is a new, one-of-a-kind virtual event where artists, brands and six-string fans alike come together from 2-4 October and its completely free! Register now at for early access and advance updates.

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    What your face reveals about your life from who youll marry to fertility – The Sun - September 18, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    YOUVE had quite an adventurous love life but the relationships havent ended well, says the lady who is reading my face, adding that she can tell this from the big gap between my eyebrows.

    Thats probably just over-plucking! I joke.


    But she isnt laughing. Inside, neither am I. Because though I dont tell her this, she is right. Like many people, Ive gone through a lot of changes during lockdown. The most dramatic one was ending my relationship with my fianc after six years.

    Now Ive found myself nervously wondering what my future will hold. So searching for answers (and for want of a better solution) I turned to face-reading to find out.

    Face-reading, also known as physiognomy, is enjoying a moment right now, having featured in hit Netflix series Indian Matchmaking, where its used by would-be lovers trying to find their perfect match. But its a skill that promises far more than that.

    A Chinese art that dates from the 12th century, linked to astrology and feng shui, face-reading involves taking a detailed topography of someones face, noting features such as a small nose or weak chin, to reveal insights into a persons health, wealth and romantic life.


    Face-reading may have been around for nine centuries but still I admit I was sceptical as I booked my appointment with Priya Sher, a London-based practitioner. Since face-reading featured on Netflix, Priya, who trained as a reader under Grand Master Chan Kun Wah in 2001, has been inundated with requests.

    She says: I usually get ten calls a week for face-readings. Now its eight to 12 a day. Usually she meets her clients face-to-face but given Covids social-distancing limitations we do our sitting virtually instead. Priya asks me to send her a series of photographs of my face, showing me in a series of poses hair up, smiling, profiles from both sides.

    She stresses the pictures must be without make-up. At first this gives me a panic attack. Im not keen on sending a stranger close-ups of my far-from-flawless skin. Still, I decide it will be worth it if she can sort out my hopeless love life.

    I snap selfies for Priya, including detailed pictures she asks for of my philtrum (the space between the nose and top lip) and my ear lobes. Looking so closely at my face makes me self-conscious its hard not to judge your own looks.



    Still, Priya reassures me her readings are certainly not based on whether youre hot, and says: Sometimes youll think someones beautiful but from a face-reading perspective its not great. For me its all to do with balance and how your features sit on your face.

    I also learn quickly that Priya isnt reading how well (or badly) Ive aged when she tells me: Youve got the face of someone whos had an intense life. Do you mean my wrinkles? I snap. Not at all! she laughs back, But even though youre 39 your face shows youve done a lot in your life.

    Priyas reading involves dividing my face into three parts, which represent equal thirds of my life. My forehead to eyebrows are my early years, my eyebrows to nose tip my middle-age and my nose tip to chin the later part of my life. We start at my hairline and work down. Your early life wasnt that easy, says Priya, reassuring me that its not my furrowed brow that suggests it.

    Instead shes looking at a slight indent near my temples, which she says indicates having lived through difficulties. Perhaps your early life was unstable, you moved around a lot or there were arguments between parents that had an impact on you, she says. I quietly nod. Some of Priyas reading focuses on my personality and my career prospects. She tells me my high forehead, strong nose and strong brow bone all suggest Im independent and opinionated.



    Youre not scared to speak out if you believe in something, she says. Too right! I agree. She says the bulging top half of my forehead suggests Im well- travelled and could make a career out of it which bodes well for my future as a travel influencer.

    My high forehead is apparently a sign of intelligence and my strong cheekbones suggest Im powerful. My eyes (my favourite feature and supposedly the windows to our soul) reveal that Im a kind person. So far its all going so well. Then we get to my big nose a feature I hate.

    However, Priya reassures me: Youve got a really good nose from a face-reading perspective. Its funny to hear my hooter complimented, and even better to learn its a sign that I will come into money or marry someone rich. In the past I admit Ive wondered about getting a nose job.

    Interestingly though, Priya warns me that plastic surgery and cosmetic tweaks can lead people to take on new characteristics from their new facial features. She gives the example of Michael Jackson, who had a really nice, meaty, thick nose before he made it very thin and small adding: That affected his money and then later things became difficult for him.



    My lips, which apparently are very balanced and in proportion, are a sign that Im trustworthy and have great leadership qualities. Perhaps they look like theyd be good at shouting. The laughter lines around my nose and mouth suggest Im reliable, and Priya adds: Youve got really good ones.

    This is someone whose life gets better as they get older. Im not sure anyones praised my wrinkles before. I point out that, like Priti Patel, I have a slightly lopsided grin. Priya tells me this is a sign of someone who loves gossiping, but insists mine isnt too pronounced.

    She adds: Youre a very kind person, I can see by your meaty ears. Having never paid much attention to my lobes before, I find myself examining them. She tells me: Youve got nice, thick ears, with good rings around them. You have a very earthy face which shows you love food and/or cooking, and good lips which show you appreciate good food.

    I am too polite to suggest she might have also told this by my chubby cheeks. Finally, we get to my love life. Having just left a disastrous relationship Im hoping for good news, and it is. Relationships havent been easy for you, Priya says, explaining she can tell this from my partner position the area under my brow bone and the distance between my eyebrows.


    She notices something Im conscious of my right eyebrow is slightly higher than my left and warns me this is a sign I can take the lead too much in a relationship and need to learn to compromise. However, the good news is that going into my 40s, my love life will only improve.

    She says: Youve got better luck in your relationships as you get older and thats because you have a really good nose, pointing out that this also signals I have good marriage prospects later in life. Your face is getting better as you get older. The bottom third is the best part. Youve got a very strong later life.

    Priya suggests that when Im hunting for my next partner, there are particular characteristics I could look for. If I want someone intelligent I should look for someone with big, high and thick ears. A big forehead will mean theyre intelligent.

    And big, open nostrils suggest theyre a big spender. All of which goes some way to explaining my crush on Jamie Oliver. Priya has only one warning for me, that a small mole on my philtrum could indicate fertility problems. Id freeze your eggs now, she recommends. Its weird taking a tour of my face like this.


    EASY AS PIE?Noel Radford shows off the whopping pie he has to make his 22 kids for dinner

    FORK OUT'Tacky' bride offers guests better food depending on gift - including 2k option

    HOUSE THATMum turns 20 Ikea unit into Barbie dollhouse with eBay bargains saving hundreds

    NOTE OKNeighbour accuses woman of turning road into ghetto after painting door yellow

    DREAM DENMum makes dinky cupboard bedroom so her daughter can finally have her own room


    I NEED SUPPORTStudent with 34J boobs crowdfunds for reduction op as they knock over pints

    Instead of critically obsessing over my wrinkles, spots and flaws, I find myself looking objectively at my characteristics and what they mean. Face-reading is more than skin deep.

    Its not just caring about how attractive you are, but what your facial features reveal about who you are and can become. Theres something really appealing about that.

    By the end of my session with Priya, I feel like Ive had therapy, without opening my mouth. I guess I havent had life is written all over my face.

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    What your face reveals about your life from who youll marry to fertility - The Sun

    Vixen Hammish of Hammish & Co. to Begin Speaking Tour This September – PRNewswire - September 7, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    RENO, Nev, Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Creator, Vixen Hammish of literary release "If You Can Pray, You Can Feng Shui" announces a speaking tour to commence September 27, 2020. This will include virtual and on-location engagements on topics of the manuscript now available in electronic and paperback format through Ingram Distribution, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. The "Feinstein-esk" nano text interprets ancient Chinese wisdom and illustrates opportunities to integrate this and other creative healing arts into modern day context. Tour marks the two year anniversary of publication and precedes follow-up narrative "Fengshui the 50 States'' currently in research and development and seeking a publisher for 2022 release.

    As part of a nationwide campaign to provide mental health crisis support, Hammish & Co. is also providing free educational program outline for schools, non-profit and government organizations serving young adults and otherwise vulnerable members of the community. The concentration is on topics of women's empowerment, self awareness and construction of identity as a vital skill to enduring times of chaos. Learning objectives are aimed at teaching greater appreciation for development of natural gifts, the importance of belonging, conscious decision making and added insights to support life balance and peace of mind. Materials are culturally sensitive and trauma informed to provide a launch pad for mindful discussion on common interest goals and development of personal value systems without subscribing to a specific religious orientation. Manuscript may also be used independently as a tool of inspiration for personal development and to guide those in reinvention processes.

    All inquiries regarding program details, podcasts appearances, and interviews contact: [emailprotected]Other services of the organization currently include COVID compliant commercial staging, flicker light therapy, promotional services, event planning, wellness product vendor sales, and real estate assessments. Media content can be found on YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, and Instagram in a post positive format supporting spiritual development, community leadership, respect for all people, and protection of peace in the public space. Charitable contributions for the start-up efforts, sponsors, as well as Human Resources are also being solicited at this time. All material from the company is directed to assist subscribers in the ways of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and environmental health with respect to accountability and contribution to the collective.

    Contact:Vixen Hammish803-513-8777[emailprotected]

    SOURCE Hammish & Co.

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    Vixen Hammish of Hammish & Co. to Begin Speaking Tour This September - PRNewswire

    Prestige Planner: Best Things to Do This Week (September 7 13) – Prestige Online - September 7, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The best events to catch in Bangkok this week, including a joint art exhibition by some of Thailands most talented artists, and an event on Thai contemporary home decor.

    Happy Holidays! With many of us returning from a long weekend at the beach have you applied for the governments Rao Tiew Duay Gun benefits yet? the days ahead promise to be pretty fresh and exciting, now that were fully rejuvenated. For those who feel energised enough to go out and explore the city, theres much in store on the events front. Over by the river, Avani+ Riverside Hotel is bringing together five reputed artists for an exhibition on freedom and equality, while Central Embassy is back with phase two of its CHEERITY market, to help support local businesses. Scroll to see your plans!

    ART & CULTURE The second phase of Central Embassys CHEERITY market, which aims to support local businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, this event focuses on the beauty of Thai handicrafts. Jointly organised by The Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT), in collaboration with Central Embassy and Central Department Store, the event encompasses fun activities that go from craft workshops, to seminars, and even mini concerts all of which will help to highlight the work of Thai master artisans.

    Until September 13, 2020. G Fl, Central Embassy. To find out more, visit FB @CentralEmbassy.

    LIVING Giving your space a little revamp, and in need of some inspiration? ICONCRAFTs latest event offers new, creative approaches to home decor, by incorporating Thai contemporary designs that will both beautify, and add a burst of life into your abode. Expect to get the rare opportunity to meet key gurus including Sombatsara Tue Teerasaroch and Feng Shui Master Pernnueng Wongphudon from three up and coming Thai brands, who will be there to offer their guidance in bringing Thai-inspired aesthetics into your space.

    4pm onwards, September 10, 2020. ICONCRAFT, 4th Fl, ICONSIAM. To find out more, visit FB @IconcraftThailand.

    ART & CULTURE Bringing together some of Bangkoks most exciting artistic talents along the Chao Phraya river, this new exhibition celebrates freedom, diversity, passion, and equality. Consisting of various mediums that are used to reflect the movement and change of modern society, expect a series of contemporary art pieces by Pichai Pongsasaovapark, Pavisa Meesrenon, Niam Surachai Mawornkanong, Naraphat Sakarthornsap, and Gongkan Kantapon Metheekul.

    Opening reception from 6 7:30pm, September 10, 2020. 11th Fl, Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel. To find out more, visit the Official Facebook Page.

    TRAVEL Inner Circle, Bangkoks newest underground event promoter, hosts an exclusive weekend party at The Prazo Palazzo Hotel, a century-old historic property on the Chao Phraya River. The event will showcase Bangkoks local electronic music scene regulars, including Aneesh Medina, Boris Rubin, Jules Blons, Junesis, and Lande. Tickets include boat access to the venue from Phra Arthit Pier (drop off included); welcome drink; specially priced food menu at Praya Dining (the hotels award-winning restaurant); swimming pool access; and access to the InnerCircle AfterParty at Mustache Bangkok.

    THB1,700 per ticket. 4pm, September 12, 2020. The Prazo Palazzo Hotel. To find out more, or get your tickets, visit

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    Prestige Planner: Best Things to Do This Week (September 7 13) - Prestige Online

    VinFast President SUV – 420 hp 6.2L V8, near-300 km/h top speed; limited to 500 units, fr RM680k in Vietnam – Paul Tan’s Automotive News - September 7, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Vietnamese carmaker VinFast has released pricing and additional details for its limited-run President SUV, which is listed at 4.6 billion VND, or around USD198k (RM822,096). Based on the prior VinFast LUX SA2.0, the President is capped at 500 units, and the first 100 customers to place their orders will get a special price of 3.8 billion VND, or approximately USD164,000 (RM680,928), according to the company.

    While the SA2.0 is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the President packs something altogether more aspirational, namely a 6.2 litre V8 engine that produces 420 hp and 624 Nm of torque. This is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and full-time 4WD, and can propel the President along the 0-100 km/h acceleration benchmark in 6.8 seconds, and to a top speed of nearly 300 km/h, VinFast claims.

    Keeping the luxury SUVs performance in check is a host of safety systems including brake assist, ABS, EBD, stability control, traction control, hill descent control, hill start assist and roll-over mitigation, while further driver assistance includes blind spot warning, lane departure warning and a 360-degree camera system. Six airbags round up the passive safety kit list.

    The President wears a rather sporty exterior, with a bonnet scoop near the front of the panel, while the front bumper features large air intakes. Customers can specify the colour of the logo, roof rails, running boards, door exterior garnish and front and rear bumper trim pieces from a choice of gold, copper bronze, gunmetal or silver.

    The President is claimed to offer exceptional space from a segment-leading wheelbase of 3,133 mm, which isnt far-fetched this measure is longer than that of the BMW X7, which sports a wheelbase of 3,105 mm. Space for occupants is a primary consideration here, as VinFast notes that the President has been given wide door openings and a second row of seats that has been enlarged to its maximum.

    The roof gets large, UV-resistant panoramic glass sections, and the running boards have been designed to offer easier access up into the cabin, says VinFast. Meanwhile, armrests in the second row include cup holders, and the interior also features a wireless device charging pad and USB connectivity.

    Premium Nappa leather is used for seat upholstery throughout the Presidents cabin, and can include a new Cotton Beige leather colour option, as well as the choice of made-in-Italy wood veneer. As natural woods are used, each example of wood trim will have its own distinct grain, and therefore no two units of the President will be exactly alike, thus ensuring the exclusivity of each car.

    Interior equipment in the President also includes a central seven-inch multi-function display within the drivers instrumentation panel, while infotainment is handled by a 12.3-inch screen, while audio is handled by a high-end 13-speaker setup, according to the company.

    The exterior colour palette for the VinFast President includes Sunset (orange), Deep Ocean (dark green), Gun Metal, Competition Red and Purple Rain. Additionally, customers for each of the 500 units exclusively for the Vietnamese market can select from a further 18 customised colours according to their preferences, personalities and feng shui requirements, says VinFast.

    The President SUV is on display at showrooms and dealers in Vietnam, and customers can place orders for the vehicle from today.

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    VinFast President SUV - 420 hp 6.2L V8, near-300 km/h top speed; limited to 500 units, fr RM680k in Vietnam - Paul Tan's Automotive News

    What is Lion Lock? Lets find out with – Press Release – Digital Journal - April 14, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Lion Lock is a famous British fingerprint door lock brand having the Lion Head symbol with the desire to not only create a good locking product but also a product of "pride". That likes the pride of the male Lion King.

    The birth of Lion Lock

    The happening of industrial revolution in the late eighteenth century in UK helped the mechanic industry more developed. Metal locks and keys are manufactured with unprecedented complexity and sophistication.

    In 1778 Robert Barron perfected the Lion Lock lift type . By 1818 Jeremiah Chubb had greatly improved the technique of the lift lock.

    By 1821, the huge theft of property happened in Portsmouth Dockyard city that prompted the British Government to announce a produce competition of locks with additional alarm functions for property owners. In 1824, the researcher-Chubb Lion studied the basic Lion Lock fingerprint lock series successfully.

    In 1861, Linus Yale, Bramah took inspiration from the old lock pattern to invent a new type of metal key with different short and long incisors. Integrate security technologies such as fingerprints, touch cards, face recognition are used for apartments' locks.

    Although there are some improvements in the main design, the majority of the locks today are still variations of the designs invented by Bramah, Chubb Lion Lock and Yale.

    Meaning of the Lion symbol

    The lion is named the lord of all beings. There is no animal more powerful on the ground than it. Not even the tiger and the leopard can compare. The lion's charisma has the deep features of an emperor.

    This is also the most popular feng shui item of the professions that use their mouth to make a living like Lawyers, Artists ... They often put a couple of lion statues in the office for illustrious reputation.


    Commitment Of LionLock

    The core values of the human Lion Lock




    Media ContactCompany Name: Korea Technology Investment Co., LtdContact Person: Media RelationsEmail: Send EmailPhone: 0847.628.889Address:58 Pho Vong Building, Dong Da City: HanoiCountry: VietnamWebsite:

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    What is Lion Lock? Lets find out with - Press Release - Digital Journal

    News Wrap: April 13, 2020 – PM Modi to address the nation tomorrow, a COVID-19 vaccine in 6 months and more… – Yahoo News UK - April 14, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Catch up with all the top news you may have missed today.

    PM Modi to address the nation at 10 am on Tuesday

    With the 21-day nationwide lockdown to break the chain of transmission of coronavirus set to end on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spell out the future course of action in an address to the nation at 10 am. Read More

    Lack of clarity about lockdown needs to be addressed

    The question that arises is, till we know what a 'lockdown' [as notified by orders of state governments in India and referred to in orders of the Central government] amounts to under the law, how does one determine who has violated it? Read More

    A vaccine for COVID-19 in six months?

    A professor at Oxford University is 80 per cent certain that the world would see a vaccine for the deadly novel coronavirus by September 2020. Despite experts saying that a vaccine could take years and at least 18 months, Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, said that she was almost certain that we would have a vaccine earlier. Read More

    Old school TV shows rule Doordarshan again

    According to reports, Doordarshan has become the highest watched channel in India, in the past few weeks. Broadcast Audience Research Council(BARC) mentioned that the re-telecast ofMahabharatandRamayanresulted in a crazy jump in viewership as the viewers get nostalgic. See More

    What dragged Sensex, Nifty down today?

    After a three-day holiday, domestic benchmark indices BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 settled 1.50 per cent lower on Monday as shares of HDFC Bank, RIL, Bajaj Finance and HDFC were among the top contributors towards todays fall.Read More

    The bad luck number: Feng Shui myth-busting

    The number "4" is often said to be associated with bad luck because of how it sounds in other languages. Feng Shui consultant Dato Joey Yap gives his take on this and how to bring positive energy into your homes. Watch the video

    Keep abreast of everything on the coronavirus outbreak.Check here.Heres alive blogthat you can follow for minute-to-minute updates.Dont Miss! GetYahoo Originals here

    Excerpt from:
    News Wrap: April 13, 2020 - PM Modi to address the nation tomorrow, a COVID-19 vaccine in 6 months and more... - Yahoo News UK

    Feng Shui Basics for Beginners – Rent Blog - March 16, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Feng shui may be a term youve heard thrown around every once in awhile, but do you know what it means? Well, Im here to give you the feng shui basics.

    Feng shui is based on the idea that your environment (in this case, your apartment) has a force or energy known as chi. Its believed that a space with proper feng shui and natural flow brings good fortune, prosperity and harmonious relationships with the people in your life.

    On the other hand, if your apartment is cluttered or has a disruptive flow, this could lead to negative results such as poor health or financial troubles. Im guessing those are two things you would like to avoid.

    While feng shui sounds complicated, apartment decorating with using feng shui principles is simple, trust me. Heres how to achieve feng shui in your kitchen, bedroom and living room:

    In order to create balance and positively influence health and prosperity, your kitchen should be bright, open and airy. Even the smallest of kitchens can appear larger with a few simple tricks.

    If theres not a window in your kitchen, add a large mirror to the wall so light bounces around the room and so you can see whats going on around you. After all, nobody wants to stare at a wall as theyre cooking.

    In addition to natural light flowing in through the windows, your kitchen should also have ample artificial light. Add layers of light to the space, including accent, ambient and task.

    These three types of illumination will create a bright and cheery space for you and your guests to gather in. Keep in mind that a single overhead fluorescent light is not ideal, as it can cast a harsh glow that causes headaches and eyestrain.

    The colors you use in your kitchen also contribute to the feng shui of the space. Start with an all-white color palette (usually pretty easy in a rental) to keep the kitchen bright and spacious. Add in accents of vibrant colors using decorative bowls of fruit, cooking accessories, curtains or dinnerware.

    The way in which furniture is arranged in your living room can either make or break the spaces feng shui. Furniture should keep with the natural flow of the room and work with the existing traffic pattern.

    Lets start with the sofa: Ideally, it should be placed against the wall furthest from the rooms entry point. Make sure to leave a few inches between the wall and the couch. Having a wall behind your sofa is said to add comfort and security to the room.

    If you dont have an available wall for your couch, put a long table or a few smaller tables behind your sofa. Place a few lamps on the tables to illuminate your couch and provide a sense of protection.

    As a general rule, the way your chairs and couches are arranged should be conducive to conversation. Its going to be super awkward to talk to your guests if youre both at opposite ends of the room or if youre facing away from each other.

    Its also important to include a balance of shapes. Consider adding a round coffee table to the center of your living room to allow energy to freely flow throughout the space. Pair that with square or rectangular side tables or ottomans.

    Squares represent the Earth, while rectangles symbolize wood, and circles represent metal. All of these combined elements help give your home a balanced feel.

    The bedroom is where you should feel the most relaxed and de-stressed to help you prepare for a good nights sleep. The first step to creating this environment is to remove all the clutter from your room, keeping only the things you absolutely need out in the open (e.g., an alarm clock, a lamp or a book on your nightstand). The goal is to live minimally.

    Next, remove anything youre storing from underneath your bed. Apparently doing this can create negative energy. Your bed should only serve one purpose: sleep. If you can, try to find another location for whatever might be kept under your bed. You may find that you dont even need what youve been keeping under there for so long!

    And finally, turn off your phone and laptop and store them both away from where you sleep. I know; this seems difficult, but you can do it. If you use your phone as an alarm, put it on sleep mode so youre not interrupted by a late-night text or Facebook notification, only the sound of your alarm in the morning.

    The bright screens on your phone and laptop dont exactly help to lull you to sleepin fact, they do quite the opposite. Instead, keep a good book on your nightstand, which will help relax you and prepare you to get some good shut eye.

    Now, do you feel that positivity flowing through your apartment?

    Continued here:
    Feng Shui Basics for Beginners - Rent Blog

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