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    D. H. Griffin Companies – Demolition, Environmental … - January 21, 2019 by admin

    Featured Project

    Demolition of NASA CX 17A and B Launch Towers, Cape Canaveral, FL

    On July 12, 2018, D. H. Griffin Wrecking Company, Inc. successfully dropped two 61 year old missile launch towers - CX 17A and 17B Towers at the NASA Space Launch Complex on Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral, FL. The 170 foot towers were responsible for over 325 rocket launches between 1958 and 2011. Once complete, the scope of this Heritage Launch Deactivation Delta II Complex 17 project will include demolition and removal of the towers, associated foundations and ancillary support structures.

    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to the D.H. Griffin family of companies (DHG). We are a vertically integrated group of companies that provides contract demolition, environmental and other construction services, to both public and private business sectors. DHG completes in excess of $400 million dollars in project revenue each year.

    Our company has grown over the years to a network of over 1,000 employees with offices in eight states. DHG continues to grow through dedicated employees and loyal clients that we frequently do repeat business with. Combining our experienced employee base with our financial strength, bonding capacity and equipment resources, DHG can provide efficient and cost effective turnkey services.

    If we have already done work for you, we would like to thank you. We welcome our future clients and invite you to see what the D.H. Griffin Companies can do for you.

    David H. Griffin, Sr.CEO and Founder of D.H. Griffin Companies

    D. H. Griffin Wrecking Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been contracted by Improve Georgia LLC ( to provide demolition services to make way for their expansion into the Atlanta area. DHG will demolish and remove the former Georgia Pacific facility located at 6945 Button Gwinnett Drive (4600 NE Expressway) in Doraville, Georgia. Demolition of the 220,000 square foot industrial packaging facility will begin immediately and be complete in Spring 2019.

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    D. H. Griffin Companies - Demolition, Environmental ...

    Demolition | Public Memory - January 15, 2019 by admin

    Public Memory is a mixture of damaged and dubbed-out percussion, unfurling synths and sparse sampling - all strung together by producer Robert Toher's spectral tenor. The project's sophomore LP, Demolition follows 2017's Veil of Counsel EP and 2016's Wuthering Drum LP with cinematic fortitude.

    While Public Memory's prominent krautrock and trip-hop rhythms are represented here, Demolition explores a greater range of tempos and an expanse of alien emotions with layers of electronic drums, live drums, Korg synths and samples from nature. Themes of rebirth and reflection imbue the album's atmosphere, rich in tape delay, spring reverb, and textures that conjure a sci fi and supernatural narrative.

    Toher's adept use of space and tension articulates the world of Demolition as eerie, emotive, and above all, narcotic. Each track is an existential procession. "Turning out the lights on your illusion," Toher sings to close the album, accepting that change is an inescapable condition of being.

    + 2018 felteWritten + Produced by Robert Toher Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri @ Black Knoll Studios, NYArtwork By hevx + Samantha Pease Published by Clocktower (ASCAP)

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    Demolition | Public Memory

    Demolition Permit Requirements Business Services - January 15, 2019 by admin

    Requirements for a Complete Demolition Permit

    The removal of 2/3 or more of structural framing members, coupled with the modification of the exterior envelope, is classified as complete demolition and must comply with the requirements of this section.

    All other demolition must comply with the requirements of anAlterations Permit or anEZ Permitforinterior demolition.

    A Demolition Permit Application, signed by the owner, is required. Alicensed demolition contractorof the appropriate class must be named on the application.

    All applications for complete demolition must include the following:

    In certain instances, applicants may also need to submit additional items:

    Requirements are fully detailed on the Demolition Permit Application Checklist.

    The following information must be submitted with all permit applications. Permit applications will not be accepted without these documents.

    Note: It is not acceptable for the additional insured requirement to be conditional upon there being a written contract.

    Project information signs are required for all construction, demolition, addition, or alteration projects. Please see the Major Building Requirementsand all Other Building Requirementsfor more details.

    Payment Information

    RETURNED CHECKS:If your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, (1) you authorize The City of Philadelphia or its agent to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account to collect a fee of $20; and (2) The City of Philadelphia or its agent may re-present your check electronically to your depository institution for payment.

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    Demolition Permit Requirements Business Services

    Demolish | Define Demolish at - January 15, 2019 by admin


    SynonymsExamplesWord Origin

    Show More UnabridgedBased on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. 2019

    Eri Hayward is cheerful, even as she drops verbal bombs that demolish mainstream conceptions about being transgender.

    It will stir things up, but it will not begin to demolish the group.

    But if the Arab states mustered the will, they could demolish ISIS, as history has shown.

    They need to demolish their homes and round them up, the way they do it to our children.

    The sale has hit some snags, but the lease also gives El-Gamel the right to demolish the building.

    I'll certainly invent a Frenchman, and make him an author, and then demolish him.

    He harangued the Indians, and exhorted them to demolish the fort.

    How would it be, think you, if we were to demolish Nambanji?'

    Mr. Sakari suggested that himself, and when I agreed with him he proceeded to demolish it.

    After denying your first depositions, you are trying to demolish your own father's evidence.

    Show More

    C16: from French dmolir, from Latin dmlr to throw down, destroy, from de- + mlr to strive, toil, construct, from mles mass, bulk

    Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

    1560s, from Middle French demoliss-, present participle stem of dmolir "to destroy, tear down" (late 14c.), from Latin demoliri "tear down," from de- "down" (see de-) + moliri "build, construct," from moles (genitive molis) "massive structure" (see mole (n.3)). Related: Demolished; demolishing.

    Show More

    Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper

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    Demolish | Define Demolish at

    Demolition – DEMOLITION MAN - January 13, 2019 by admin

    Demolition Man Since 1987 Family owned and operated.

    Rated #1 builders choice & Our Reputation Proceeds Us.

    Our ability to pay attention to detail ensures the heighest Quality & Performance and results for our clients Formost making Demolition Man Leading

    Demolition Contractor in Michigan, with Over 30 Years of Experience.

    Demolition Man clients range from the home owners in the Private sector, to Builders, General contractors, Insurance companys, home remodeling co, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, retail stores ,City & Government municipality offices & buildings, traveling FEMA disaster relief team.

    Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Speciality Emergency Response services Availiable 24/7, Asset recovery, Difficult projects our speciality, Onsite Recycling available.

    Demolition man being your demolition contractor & excavation contractor.

    Our work includes from a single story home or a high rise building with multiple floors, to a Retail store or a Office space, Selective or complete Dismantling of architectural, structural interior & exterior walls, ceilings and floors. Concrete saw cutting floors & walls upon request. Dismantling & removal of Electrical, Plumbing, Hvac & Mechanical units, Structural temporary shoring-Under pinning.

    Complete demolition services to City, State, & Federal codes, Your Environmental Survey Report needs can be handled to City, State, & Federal Regulations upon request

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    Demolition - DEMOLITION MAN

    2018 House Demolition Costs | Calculate Price/Sq Ft to Tear … - December 3, 2018 by admin

    Cost to Demolish a House Per Square Foot

    The price of removing a house is based on several factors including the size of the space, structural additions on the property, required permits and waste material clearing. For a complete teardown (minus foundation) of a large home, about 1,500 or more square feet, rates can range from $3,000 in a rural area to $18,000 in a densely-populated city. A complete demo of a house and its foundation or basement can cost much as $25,000.

    The cost of removal can vary based on the area lived in and the typical wages in the region. Some estimates put a price tag of $18,000 on bulldozing a 1,500 square-foot house, while others show that the average estimate is around $4-$15 per square foot. For example, a 1,200 square-foot home could be between $4,800 and $18,000.

    Since most demolition projects are charged by square foot, obtaining an accurate measurement of the property can give homeowners an idea of the overall expense. Whether the process is manual or mechanical can also impact your final project budget.

    There are also safety gear investments that will need to be made when tearing down a home. All construction areas should be taped off and clearly marked, and any outdoor areas should be well-lit with floodlights during evening work hours. If youre assisting in any part of the process, its important to wear protective clothing, gloves, work boots, goggles, and a hardhat. To protect those who will be onsite at any period during or after the teardown, masks should be provided and fabric mats or cardboard should line walkways, so its easy to distinguish between safe and hazardous paths. When hiring professionals for the job, be sure to ask if they intend to supply and install site preparation materials.

    Hazardous waste can greatly impact the cost of clearing debris. Many older homes contain asbestos, and there are special fees and considerations associated with its removal and disposal. As it ages, its texture becomes flaky, making it susceptible to becoming an airborne toxin that poses risks to human and environmental health. For this reason, a house contaminated with asbestos cannot be torn down without proper handling.

    A partial demolition is often necessary for homeowners who are doing major home remodels, such as tearing down an outside wall to expand a room or breaking down non-load bearing beams. You could be charged upwards of $24,000, but this expense is often eligible for a tax write-off.

    Many garages have electrical and plumbing considerations, so the cost can vary from $2-$6 per square foot, or roughly $3,000-$9,000. A partial demolition might entail:

    If a house has an unsound ground floor deck, a partial demolition and rebuild may be the safest option. Depending on the deck design, a partial deconstruction will run about $30 per square foot. An elevated deck may result in additional fees due to height and any added materials it requires to keep it above ground, averaging about $45-$50 per square foot to eliminate.

    The roof is quite possibly one of the priciest and most important demo projects. From enhancement to rebuilding, the rate for demolishing and reconstructing a roof can be between $4-$5 per square foot and more than $45 per hour for labor.

    A poorly constructed addition or extension is another very common reason for a partial demolition. Razing just a section of the house may be required if it has not been well-kept, though other areas are solid and strong.

    Mobile homes are modular, and therefore much easier to demolish. With proper training, they can often be torn down in as little as one day. Of course, youll want to be sure you are well-educated on the type of mobile home you are working with. This is a job best left to the professionals to ensure the project is done properly and safely. The cost of teardown depends on the size, materials and method of removal, but most experts estimate around $4 per square foot.

    The factors which affect residential demolition prices also affect commercial demolitions. Some of the most common influences include the project size, the type of materials which need to be deconstructed, whether or not there are any hazardous materials, and bulldozing any leftover waste products like the concrete foundation. The national average price for the demolition of a small restaurant of 1,000 sq. ft. would be between $1,400 and $1,700.

    Before or during the estimation process, it is important to know what permits and inspections are required for the project. Most range from $50-$100. Different ordinances in major cities and counties could require permits for both partial and full demolitions of any structure, from a house to a barn or shed. A licensed, reputable contractor will get all of the required permits for your project, but you should find out what they are and how many youll need so you can budget accordingly.

    A term often used in tandem with demolition is deconstruction; however, the two are very different situations.

    Demolition means removing the entirety of the house as safely and efficiently as possible, often with a variety of machinery like forklifts and sledgehammers. Deconstruction crews will salvage reusable materials and structural elements of the home prior to leveling it; often, the foundation is left intact.

    Benefits of deconstruction include being able to keep these materials for a rebuild, selling them for a profit, or recycling them. This can help mitigate the negative impact dismantling a home can have on the environment. Plus, deconstruction usually results in a tax write-off, with some cases allowing for as much as $30,000-$45,000.

    When opting for demolition, there are dozens of options that will impact cost and budget. Theres no one bottom-line rate for bulldozing a house, just like there is no one central reason to tear one down. Knowing your homes square footage, the materials from which its made, and what you plan to do on the land after are three key components to getting a strong estimate on the final figure of your specific project.

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    2018 House Demolition Costs | Calculate Price/Sq Ft to Tear ...

    Demolition (Construction Crew): Sally Sutton, Brian Lovelock … - October 26, 2018 by admin

    Suttons rhythmic text, full of onomatopoeia and muscular action words, captures the excitement and energy of big trucks hard at work and powerful machinery bashing concrete and metal. Lovelocks meticulous illustrations, rendered in pigmented ink, give the job site a suitably dusty patina and put the equipment and vehicles center stage, where young fans will want them...This is all about as good as it gets for truck-obsessed preschoolers.The Horn Book (starred review)

    The text is rife with onomatopoeic phrases and action verbs, making it great for reading aloud and building vocabulary. Lovelocks pigmented ink illustrations capture details about the machinesfrom treads to gearsin a style that is graphic and yet painterly. The geometric nature of the construction equipment offers another avenue for engaging children with the book.School Library Journal (starred review)

    Smashing good fun for preschoolers of both genders.Kirkus Reviews

    A visually and verbally emphatic delight for younger readers who are stuck on trucks.Booklist

    The bright red and yellow vehicles pop out from the dappled and speckled blue-hued settings, and Lovelock's crisp ink line delineates rivets, hydraulics, and heft. It's clear that for all the pointing and switching and even driving that humans do, the real magic is in the ruthless efficiency with which these engineering marvels collide and gnaw into a hapless structure.Publishers Weekly

    Building things: good. Knocking things down: better. This onomatopoetic homage to destruction finds a multicultural and mixed-gender crew of workers suiting up at the job site, swinging a wrecking ball, chomping through concrete and rebar, ramming down walls, hosing dust, crushing stone, chipping wood, sorting steel scrap, and clearing the way for an urban play lot.Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

    Author Sally Sutton and illustrator Brian Lovelock capture the excitement and energy of big trucks hard at work.Horn Book online

    The fun of DEMOLITION comes mostly from the sound effects that 2- to 5-year-olds will be only too happy to provide as they follow Sally Sutton's account of a demolition team taking down a derelict building.Wall Street Journal

    Three cheers for this rip-roaring good read.Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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    Demolition (Construction Crew): Sally Sutton, Brian Lovelock ...

    USA Demolition Derby - September 29, 2018 by admin

    The 2018 USA Derby Drivers are a great looking group of guys!

    The 2018 USA Demolition Derby Season has finished up with its Championship Event held at the Saline Fair. The gates opened at 3PM and after a long day of inspections and fixes, the show began.

    Demolition Derby Award Winners

    First on the agenda, was recognition and awards for some fine drivers. These awards are chosen by the officials based of each drivers performances throughout the 2018 racing season. They are then presented to our drivers on Championship night.

    Drivers from left to right in photo:

    Ted Dalia #674 RWD Hard Charger

    Jason Goff #500 RWD Driver of the Year

    Robert Petit #015 RWD Sportsman Driver

    Brian Boelter #10 FWD Hard Charger

    John Pool Sova #11x FWD Driver of the Year

    The night started out with FWD MOD action.

    The FWD MOD cars WRECK IT!

    1st and 2nd Place FWD MOD Derby Winners

    3rd Place FWD MOD Derby Winner

    Congratulation Winners!

    1st Solon Grey #23

    2nd Corey Miechiels #423

    3rd Kevin Rochon #927


    1st and 2nd Place Truck Winners

    3rd Place Truck Winner

    Then, the trucks showed us how they like to CRASH!

    1st Trevor Couturier #14

    2nd Josh Englebrecht #41

    3rd Brett Couturier #10 The cool, breezy night finished off with the battle everyone was anticipating. These guys fought their hearts out, but only one outlasted everyone else.

    The RWD Derby cars Clash for Cash!

    Congratulation Winners!

    1st and 2nd Place Winners Shake Hands

    3rd Place takes a Moment to Relax

    Hard Hitter of the Night Embraces 1st

    1st Jason Goff #500

    2nd CJ Milton #74

    3rd Jacob Kawnacki #196

    Mad Dog Darren Hill #797

    Everyone had a great night and we cant wait to see you race again next year with USA!

    Get building those cars guys; its never to early to start over.

    A special thank you to Lowells Towing and David Lowell for help with car removal.

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    USA Demolition Derby

    Demolition | WWE - September 16, 2018 by admin

    Two words described the ultimate goal of Demolition pain and destruction.

    Clad in black leather and spikes, Ax and Smash steamrolled into WWE from Parts Unknown in the late 1980s and made it painfully clear that they were going to demolish any team that stood in their path. In the ring, they removed their black monster movie masks to reveal painted faces that intimidated opponents before the match even started.

    Once the bell rang, Demolition made an immediate impact in the tag team ranks, using brute force to pound their opposition into submission. Few teams, if any, could muster enough offense to stagger Ax or Smash, establishing the painted warriors as a force to be reckoned with in WWE.

    Though they were initially managed by Luscious Johnny V, the bruisers ditched the loud New Yorker for the subdued, yet devious Mr. Fuji. It was a match made in heaven (possibly hell), as Fuji passed on all of his tricks to Ax and Smash, giving their brutal brawling style a cunning new edge.

    It wasnt long before Demolition had titles around their waists as the pair bulldozed through Strike Force, Tito Santana and Rick Martel, at WrestleMania IV to capture the World Tag Team Championships. Ax and Smash went on to dominate WWE as champions for the next 478 days a record that stood for 28 years until until it was surpassed by The New Day's 484-day tenure in 2015-16.

    Ax and Smash captured the titles two more timesbefore deciding that their team was missing a little something. They added another member during their third championship reign in the massive Crush. The three wreaked havoc throughout 1990, with Smash and his new partner taking care of business inside the ring. Ax watched intently from ringside, running interference when necessary to protect their championships.

    When their final reign as champions ended, Ax left, paring Demolition down to a duo once again. Looking to regain some of their former success, Smash and Crush reunited with Mr. Fuji briefly before exiting WWE in 1991.

    The path of destruction Demolition carved through WWE would never be forgotten. No team has come close to causing the devastation that the original Demolition duo, Ax and Smash left in their wake,

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    Demolition | WWE

    Alaskan Way Viaduct – Demolition - August 31, 2018 by admin

    After the new State Route 99 tunnel opens to drivers, the Alaskan Way Viaduct along Seattle's waterfront will be removed to make way for a new surface street built by the City of Seattle. This project will help transform Seattles waterfront while removing a vulnerable structure from our road network.

    On May 16, WSDOT announced Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. as the apparent-best-value contractor, which means Kiewit submitted the best combination of technical proposal and price for completing the work. We will have more information to share late summer/early fall about the contractors schedule and approach to the work.

    The Alaskan Way Viaduct was built in the 1950s to carry roughly half the number of vehicles it carries today. After the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake, WSDOT repaired and strengthened the viaduct, but the structure is showing its age. While it remains safe for daily use and is inspected twice a year, it remains susceptible to damage or collapse in a future earthquake. The viaducts functionality will be replaced by a new tunnel that provides a direct route between the stadiums and Seattle Center, and a new waterfront Alaskan Way surface street being built by the City of Seattle.

    WSDOTs primary goal is to remove the viaduct safely and with as little disruption as possible. The contractor will be required to adhere to a variety of safety standards and industry best practices in conducting the work, and WSDOT will monitor their work to ensure it is done safely.

    WSDOT is combining three projects into one in order to save overall construction time, lower costs and improve efficiency. The scope of the combined project includes:

    Removal is expected to take approximately six months, with the viaduct being removed in sections. We will have more information to share in the coming weeks about the contractors proposal for the work, but their work plan will adhere to the requirements of the contract (PDF).

    *These timelines are early estimates from the contractor. All schedules are subject to change.

    WSDOT used a best-value approach and a design-build contracting method to select a contractor for the work. Best value means we selected the proposal that was the best value for the price, not simply the lowest price. Design-build is a contracting method that asks the bidding contractors to propose how they would design, schedule and conduct the work (within restrictions and limits).

    This approach encourages innovative and cost-effective proposals, and allows the state to benefit from the contracting industrys expertise and experience. This is also why we didnt know the methods and schedule for viaduct removal prior to awarding the contract.

    Under a design-build contract, the contractor is responsible for both project design and construction. By WSDOT issuing requirements for the finished product instead of outlining a particular approach for the work, the contractor gets increased flexibility and efficiency, and WSDOT gets a better product at a better value. Design-build is an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method, in which the contractor is hired to build a design that we have fully completed.

    WSDOT has used design-build successfully on several projects, including the SR 99 Tunnel Project, the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, I-5 Everett HOV, SR 519 and several I-405 projects.

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    Alaskan Way Viaduct - Demolition

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