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    St. Patrick demolition begins, neighbors warned of potential rodent spread – - March 30, 2020 by admin

    Hadley Barndollar @hbarndollar


    PORTSMOUTH Demolition of the former St. Patrick School has begun, making way for a future 30-car parking lot for the nearby Immaculate Conception Church.

    Asbestos work started earlier this month, and demolition this week, by Air Quality Experts and Rangeley Enterprises, the contractors selected by the Diocesan Building Committee for the 115-year-old 125 Austin St. school. City building records list the property at 98 Summer St.

    A pre-construction meeting was held March 11 with the purpose of mitigating adverse impacts arising from the demolition activities.

    Demolition of the rear of the building was taking place Thursday. On an upper floor, old writing on a chalkboard still read, "Let's create a great year together."

    Abutters received a notice from the city March 23 warning of potential rodent spread as a result of the ground vibrations caused by the demolition.

    City Health Inspector Toni McLellan wrote that while the property has been evaluated and cleared of rodents, the demolition "may drive rodents living on neighboring properties into surrounding areas."

    McLellan said other property owners can protect their homes by looking around for holes in siding, foundation or other openings that may allow rodents to enter. She asked people to take photographs if they do see rodents and to call her at (603) 610-4187.

    "If rodents are found on your property, the Health Department does not recommend treating for them yourself, particularly if it is not confirmed that where you are treating is actually where rodents are located," McLellan wrote. "Poisons for pests are very dangerous in the environment. Often neighborhood cats or dogs and large birds will come into contact with poisoned rodents and will also be poisoned, or may consume the poison themselves."

    McLellan said a certified pest control operator should be consulted if a property owner wishes to have their property further evaluated or treated.

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    St. Patrick demolition begins, neighbors warned of potential rodent spread -

    BREAKING: Permits Filed for Stitch’s Great Escape Demolition, Work Slated to Begin On Rumored Wreck-It Ralph Attraction at Magic Kingdom – - March 30, 2020 by admin

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    We told you back in 2018 that Walt Disney Imagineering was once again developing a Wreck-It Ralph-based attraction to replace the seasonal (I think we can now all agree that its gone and that we were right I would hope) Stitchs Great Escape in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom. Well, now it seems work is set to commence on the project as recent permits (Notices of Commencement) were filed for demolition of the theaters interior.

    According to sources, the new Wreck-It Ralph attraction would reuse the existing theater-in-the-round from Great Escape (which were also used for Alien Encounter, Mission to Mars, and Flight to the Moon), but would attach video game-style controllers to every guest seat.

    Of course, with construction halted throughout Walt Disney World property due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, progress all depends on when things will return to normalcy, but its clear that the project is moving forward for the time being. The current Stitch meet and greet will likely be closed upon the parks reopening, whenever that might be.

    If all goes according to plan, the Wreck-It Ralph attraction in Tomorrowland will be coming our way in 2022, directly following the opening of the TRON Lightcycle Run roller coaster in 2021. These additions combined with the ongoing cosmetic changes in Tomorrowland should provide the base for a new version of the area for the Magic Kingdom.


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    BREAKING: Permits Filed for Stitch's Great Escape Demolition, Work Slated to Begin On Rumored Wreck-It Ralph Attraction at Magic Kingdom -

    Final Fantasy XIV Housing Demolition suspended indefinitely because of Covid-19 – Gamepur - March 30, 2020 by admin

    In an unprecedented move, Final Fantasy XIVs development team has temporarily suspended automatic housing demolition. This affects all data centers and all servers globally. By the time the announcement was posted on the Lodestone, demolition had already been suspended.

    To keep your house in FFXIV, you typically need to enter it at least once every 45 days. For Free Company houses, as long as any member enters the house every 45 days, the house is safe from demolition. This suspension stops the timer.

    Heres an example of how this works: You havent entered your house in 30 days. Once this freeze is lifted, the timer starts again, and the next day will count as 31 days since you last entered your house.

    Suspending the housing demolition timer is exceedingly rare, and typically only affects a few data centers. The timer has not been suspended on North American data centers since 2018s Hurricane Michael, the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the continental United States.

    Square Enix is unsure when housing demolition will be turned back on. As for when auto-demolition will resume, we will monitor the situation in the coming days, and inform you all when we have come to a decision that auto-demolition can commence again, their announcement said.

    The rest is here:
    Final Fantasy XIV Housing Demolition suspended indefinitely because of Covid-19 - Gamepur

    Lyell Ave. demolition leaves crater, severed sewer and water lines – RochesterFirst - March 6, 2020 by admin

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) If youve been down the 800 block of Lyell Avenue, you know that you have to watch your step. The sidewalk drops off into a deep crater where a house locals called The Yellow Brick Road once stood.

    The demolition took place a few days ago and had a ripple effect on surrounding properties, like the one Daniel Torres owns and operates.

    You cant live like that. Its not safe, its not healthy, said Torres who runs the apartment building behind the crater.

    Torres said when G. Frederico Wrecking did their work, it severed water and sewer lines to his complex, leaving Torres five tenants without water for three days. The water line was just restored Thursday afternoon by the City.

    But now, he says the sewage is draining out into the hole.

    Torres said he cant figure who ordered the demolition, or why it was planned so poorly. Nobodys owning up to whats happening and now Ive just been told its going to cost the owner $40,000 to re-connect for a problem that we had zero to do with, said Torres.

    Carl Polisseni, a plumber brought to the site, said the new sewage and water lines will involve digging up an already busy road a huge project.

    Its going to have to be engineered now. Because we have to have a brand-new sewer and a brand new water line out into Lyell Ave., said Polisseni.

    Residents who wanted to remain anonymous say the sewage is attracting rats, and that water restoration today by the city Thursday didnt help.

    There was black water. When they turned the water on it was all black water coming out, one resident said.

    Torres said he has to put each tenant into a hotel until the issues are resolved.

    Both the City and the demolition team were on-site and said they have no comments. Torres said someone needs to take responsibility for permanently fixing this issue.

    We didnt cause it, we didnt ask for it, nothing. It just happened and the citys just like were sorry well help you as much as we can,' said Torres.

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    Lyell Ave. demolition leaves crater, severed sewer and water lines - RochesterFirst

    I-75 Closed This Weekend For Another Bridge Demolition – WWJ Newsradio 950 - March 6, 2020 by admin

    HAZEL PARK (WWJ) -Weather permitting, both directions of I-75 through Hazel Park will be closed this weekend for another bridge demolition and an upcoming traffic shift.

    Beginning at 11 p.m. Friday, March 6, northbound and southbound I-75 will be closed between 8 Mile and Square Lake roads. The closure is needed to demolish the John R. Road bridge and the turnaround structures for John R and 9 Mile Road.

    MDOT says crews will begin closing entrance ramps at 9 p.m., with freeway lane closures starting at 10 p.m.

    During the closure, both directions of I-75 traffic will be detoured using 8 Mile Road, M-1 (Woodward Avenue), and Square Lake Road.

    By 5 a.m. Monday, March 9, two lanes of the freeway will reopen in each direction between Adams Road and 8 Mile Road.

    For the latest from the roads, stay with WWJ Newsradio 950 during Traffic and Weather on the 8s, 24-hours a day. >>LISTEN LIVE!

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    I-75 Closed This Weekend For Another Bridge Demolition - WWJ Newsradio 950

    Traffic alerts to be in place in Davenport; part of former Kraft Heinz’s demolition process – KWQC-TV6 - March 6, 2020 by admin

    DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Road changes will be in effect starting on Monday, March 9 in downtown Davenport. City officials say this is part of the process for the demolition of the former Kraft Heinz facility on West 2nd Street.

    City officials say lane reductions will be placed next week for utility disconnections.

    Westbound River Drive will be closed between Marquette and Division beginning on Monday. A lane reduction will also be placed on Rockingham Road/2nd Street between Marquette and Taylor Street.

    Officials say the contractor for the project estimates utility disconnections to be finished by Friday, March 20.

    On Friday, TV6 confirmed Kraft Heinz is in the process of obtaining a demolition permit for the former lunch meat plant. Kraft Heinz built a new, multi-million dollar facility in an industrial park located near the interstate and moved operations a couple of years ago.

    The city says once the permit is approved, demolition would need to happen within a year.

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    Traffic alerts to be in place in Davenport; part of former Kraft Heinz's demolition process - KWQC-TV6

    Demolition begins on outside of The Palace of Auburn Hills – WXYZ - March 6, 2020 by admin

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) The former home of the Detroit Pistons is in the process of being torn down.

    The Palace of Auburn Hills will be torn down to make way for corporate redevelopment.

    Residents say it's bittersweet. The palace held a special place in the hearts of people who watched the Pistons play there, along with other special events.

    "It is sad," said Dennis Haines from Shelby Township. "I took my son there to see the Globe Trotters once. A lot of memories of firsts for him. It is sad."

    In December, crews began taking down lettering on the outside of the building as part of the six-month demolition project. The first phase also involved moving items inside the building.

    Crews are now working to take down steel framing and concert walls ahead of demolition.

    There are plans to turn the space into offices for research and technology. However, there is no timeline yet on when the rebuild will be happening.

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    Demolition begins on outside of The Palace of Auburn Hills - WXYZ

    Caltrans to announce closure of the 5 Freeway in Burbank for demolition of bridge – Los Angeles Times - March 6, 2020 by admin

    Commuters who regularly travel through Burbank on the Golden State (5) Freeway can expect a few major closures over the coming months.

    State officials said they plan to announce on Thursday the weekend when Caltrans will be closing both sides of traffic on the route for 36 hours to allow for demolition of the Burbank Boulevard bridge.

    The bridges demolition will allow Caltrans crews to complete the widening of the freeway from the 134 to the 118 freeways.

    That portion of the project will include straightening the 5 and adding a carpool lane to both sides of the freeway.

    Once the widening is completed, commuters will have access to about 13 miles of carpool lanes, Caltrans spokesman Michael Comeaux in a statement said on Monday.

    Leading up to the closure of the 5, which will be the largest since the 405 Freeways Carmageddon in 2011, Caltrans will be implementing a long-term closure of the Burbank Boulevard bridge in all directions starting on March 14 until the new bridge is completed.

    The freeway closure is expected to occur several weeks after the Burbank bridge is closed to bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle traffic this month.

    Caltrans has implemented several ramp closures at the Burbank Boulevard bridge the southbound off-ramp to Burbank at Front Street, the northbound off-ramp to westbound Burbank and the westbound Burbank on-ramp to the southbound 5.

    Like the closure of the 405, commuters are being asked to avoid taking the 5 toward Burbank when the full freeway closure goes into effect.

    Comeaux said the agency is confident the construction of the new, longer Burbank Boulevard bridge which will have a total of 10 travel lanes, bicycle lanes and wider sidewalks will be completed and opened by summer 2021.

    However, he added there could be unforeseeable obstacles that may delay the project, which has already been pushed back several years due to weather and contractor issues.

    Once the crews begin working below ground level as they work on the foundation for the new bridge, it is possible that things will be discovered that might present challenges, Comeaux said.

    The site has been surveyed and studied, of course, but sometimes there are things that are discovered as they work down there, he added.

    As construction crews work to complete the Burbank bridge by the deadline, Comeaux said drivers who travel around Burbank are encouraged to avoid Burbank Boulevard as much as possible, and to use other freeway crossings, such as the recently completed Empire Interchange.

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    Caltrans to announce closure of the 5 Freeway in Burbank for demolition of bridge - Los Angeles Times

    UPDATED: West Main Street reopens to traffic as Parker Hotel ‘mostly on the ground’ – The Highland County Press - March 6, 2020 by admin

    West Main Street in Hillsboro reopened to traffic Friday evening, with the Parker Hotel almost completely demolished.

    Although crews are still working to clear the former building site, barriers were taken down Friday, and the fence blocking the demolition area was moved out of the roadway. Traffic was yielding to the last of Evans Constructions work crews before shutting down for the evening, shortly after 5 p.m.

    The closure of West Main Street in uptown Hillsboro was extended by several days as a result of extenuating circumstances following a building demolition that began on Feb. 24, the Ohio Department of Transportation said this week.

    As previously reported, the city of Hillsboro said Due to unforeseen circumstances with the party wall during the demolition of 137 W. Main Street, the demolition has been put on hold. We are working diligently to resolve and continue demolition as soon as possible.

    After encountering some delays on Wednesday, Feb. 26 the day of the Parker Hotels planned demolition crews from Evans Landscaping had continued working on bringing the building down until the most recent delay.

    Meanwhile, West Union attorney David Osborne, Jr. told The Highland County Press on Friday, March 6 that Evans Landscaping has been taking down parts of the building that houses Momma's West Main Street Cafe, which has been closed during the ongoing demolition.

    On Friday morning, the west exterior wall of the restaurant building showed several openings and cracks in the wall.

    Hillsboro mayor Justin Harsha said Friday afternoon that West Main Street would be open by the evening of March 6.

    The Parker Hotel is mostly on the ground now, Harsha told The Highland County Press. The dangerous part of the demolition is over.

    Harsha said crews from Evans Construction are working to clean the streets off in order to open U.S. 50 Friday night and help the city get back to normal.

    Regarding neighboring structures, Harsha said that there was not really anything I can comment right now, although he spoke about the ongoing issues with separating the hotel from its adjoining building, particularly in an area where a stairway corridor had been built where there formerly was an alley separating the building.

    Thats kind of where we ran into some problems, Harsha said. It wasnt really part of the original structure. But were moving forward and got the dangerous building out of the way.

    According to the city, Evans Landscaping invoiced the city $92,350 on Jan. 21 for the building demolition and cleanup. The city said at its Nov. 12, 2019 council meeting Evans Landscaping provided an estimate of $97,000 for the former hotels demolition.

    Read the original here:
    UPDATED: West Main Street reopens to traffic as Parker Hotel 'mostly on the ground' - The Highland County Press

    2 weeks after its planned demolition, the ‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’ is no more – - March 6, 2020 by admin
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