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    BOA : Architects - March 23, 2019 by admin

    Congratulations to Kentucky Architects Licensed by Examination!

    Since the last posting, the following individuals were licensed as architects by the Kentucky Board of Architects. They have recently met the requirements of KRS 323 and KAR 201, Chapter 19, specifically 1) a NAAB accredited professional degree from a school or college of architecture, 2) successful completion of the NCARB Architectural Experience Program, and 3) successful passage of the Architect Registration Examination administered by NCARB.

    Newly Licensed Architects.pdf

    The FY2018-2019 Architect renewal period is now closed. If you did not renew, voluntarily surrender your license or applied for and received emeritus status by the 30th of August, your license has been administratively revoked, effective August 31, 2018. If you are not sure of your status you may contact the board office.

    Q: I am a licensed architect in another state; how do I acquire my license in Kentucky?A: You must have an active National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Certificate to request reciprocity with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. To authorize NCARB to transmit your Record, go to MY NCARB and select "Request a Transmittal" to access instructions on transmitting your Record.

    The KY Board of Architects requires the following when applying for reciprocity:

    4. Application Fee of $200.

    Send the signed Statement of Fact, completed Uniform Applicationand the application fee (a check for $200, payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer) to the Kentucky Board of Architects, 155 East Main Street, Suite 300, Lexington, KY 40507.

    Q: What is the practice of Architecture?A: The practice of architecture is the rendering or offering to render certain services in connection with the design and construction of a structure or group of structures which have as their principal purpose human habitation or use, and the utilization of space within and surrounding such structures. The services include planning, providing preliminary studies, designs, drawings and specifications, and administration of construction contracts.

    Q: What is Contract Administration?A: Administration of construction contracts means:

    Q: Is a license required before starting a project in Kentucky?A: Except as otherwise provided in KRS 323.031 or KRS 323.033, no person shall practice architecture in the Commonwealth of Kentucky without first obtaining a license under the provisions of KRS 323, its purpose being to safeguard the life, health, property and welfare of the public. Further, only persons licensed under KRS 323 may be styled or known as architects in Kentucky, or use any words or letters or assume any titles or description rending to convey the impression that they are architects. This would include erroneous references in proposals or marketing efforts.

    Q: What buildings require the services of Architects?A: Refer to

    Q: What are frequently used abbreviations?A: Frequently used abbreviations include:

    Q: When is my architectural renewal license due?A: June 30 of each calendar year.

    Q: How much is my annual renewal fee?A: $125 annually

    Q: Is continuing education required for architects?A: Yes. 12 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) are required as a condition for the annual license renewal. The requirementfor the CEH for the annual renewal shall be acquired during the period beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of the previous calendar year. A minimum of 12 CEH shall consist of structured educational activities on relevant topics addressing health, safety, and welfare subjects as referenced in 201 KAR 19:087, Section 1(3).

    Q: How do I obtain a list of Architects?A: For a list of Architects, please contact the Board office at (859) 246-2069.

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    BOA : Architects

    Everything You Need to Know About Being an Architect - March 23, 2019 by admin

    Architects design structures such as houses, apartment complexes, shopping centers, office buildings, and factories. In addition to considering their physical appearance, they also make sure these structures will be functional, safe, economical, and suit the needs of the people who will use them.

    The majority of the time, architects work in an office. There, they meet withclients, draftplans, work on cost estimates, file permit applications with municipal building departments, and help clients set up agreements with contractors.Architectsalso have to visit construction sites to check the progress of projects and make sure contractors are building them according to their plans.

    According to, these are some typical job duties taken from online ads for architect jobs:

    If you want tobecome an architect, you will have to earn a professional degree in architecture. You can complete one of the following programs offered at many colleges and universities:

    In the United States, you will have to get a professionallicensefrom the state or municipality where you want to provide your services. To become a licensed architect, you must first earn a professional degree in architecture, complete a period of practical training or an internship, and pass all divisions of the ARE (Architect Registration Examination). In most states, continuing education is required to maintain licensure. To find out what the requirements are where you plan to work, use the Licensed Occupations Tool from CareerOneStop

    While meeting your education and licensing requirements are essential, you also need certain personal qualities, known assoft skills, to succeed as an architect. These are some of them:

    Here are some requirements from actual job announcements found



    Median Annual Wage


    Minimum Required Education/Training

    Landscape Architect

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    Everything You Need to Know About Being an Architect

    Array Architects - March 23, 2019 by admin
    Architects – "Gone With The Wind" - December 30, 2018 by admin

    Listen to the full album:"Gone With The Wind" by Architects from the album 'All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us,'' available nowOrder here:

    Architects Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

    Direction and visuals - Jeb Hardwick -


    The weight of the world is resting on thin ice. When the surface breaks will I find paradise? As I freeze to death, left to reflect, what a waste of time I was, in retrospect. Id take a leap of faith, but Id lose my nerve. In the end, Ill get the hell that I deserve. Im always gone with the wind. Crawling in and out of my mind. God knows, I lost all my faith. A sickness with no remedy, except the ones inside of me. You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all? Disintegrate. Annihilate me. Do you remember when you said to me, My friend, hope is a prison.? Of all the patterns that I could create, I built a labyrinth with no escape. To keep my self under lock and key. I am my own worst enemy. A sickness with no remedy, except the ones inside of me. You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all? Disintegrate. Annihilate me. If I could silence all the doubt in me, accept that what is meant to be, is meant to be. You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all? Disintegrate. Annihilate me.

    #Architects #Epitaph

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    Architects - "Gone With The Wind"

    Best 25 Architects and Building Designers in Miami Metro … - December 26, 2018 by admin

    Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "We are always excited when we have the opportunity to work with Kukk Architecture & Design. Jon and his staff do an amazing job of listening to their clients objectives and goals & translating that vision into a project the client will be extremely proud to own."

    - BUILD

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "Dan Sater and his team at the Sater Group is by far the most skilled and competent design firm available. As a builder and customer, his ideas are absolutely unique to the industry and his vision is extraordinary. Not only does Dan Sater have the ability to create an amazing work of art, his team creates plans that work and you can count on them being accurate. There is no other firm I would advocate as much as I do Sater. Not only does the Sater Group outperform its competitors, they are incredibly cost effective!"

    - Andrew Johnson

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "Clive Daniel Home helped us design and furnish a complete home renovation project for us. The home was very gaudy French style with a bit of Tuscan mixed in. It had to go but the bones were good. Our designers were Michael and Thomas and they brought our new vision to life. Everyone we had contact with was wonderful. Everything arrived on schedule and we were very satisfied with our experience from start to finish. I also love shopping their showroom floor. Its a gorgeous store and their hand made rug selection is to die for. We will be returning customers for every project on future homes from here on out."

    - Jodi Hanson

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "Our building firm has used Weber Design plans on over 50 projects. Each one is so architecturally pleasing that our customers cannot believe their eyes! Even small plans are creatively designed to feel larger. We highly recommend them."

    - Diane Maurer

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "My husband and I were refered to Greg Weber by a local contractor. We have been working with Greg on our new house plans and we can't be happier with his ideas, his patience with us, his calm demeanor, and his desire to satisfy our design wishes. We have finally completed our plans and we love them. We highly recommend Greg Weber."

    - m2mcleod

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "The team at MHK Architecture & Planning are a pleasure to work with. They are true professionals and listen to the needs of the client. Their vision and attention to detail is incredible."

    - BUILD

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "Rarely does the creative muse manifest itself in genius. It is a rare and beautiful thing. The architectural work that comes out of AZD is true genius, evidenced by the lower level copies of their work that are now floating around. They have always pushed for originality in the art that they create.Those lucky few who actually own an AZD creation have a genuine architectural masterpiece. I always have to bring my A game when I do design work for them. It is always a delight and an honor.R. J. Laney"

    - Richard Laney

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "The company did a beautiful job. Mr. Chatham is an incredibly talented and courteous individual. He is truly a winner!"

    - vanuden

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "We found Annie to be creative, helpful and unique in the design of our home and barn. The finished product is more than we expected.We will definitely be contracting "In-site Design" for our next upcoming project."

    - MPS Property Development

    Architects and Building Designers in Miami

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Herscoe Hajjar on a number of projects and their creativity and attention to detail is top notch. Their approach to each project brings a truly custom design that is unmatched in our area."

    - BCBE Custom Homes

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    Best 25 Architects and Building Designers in Miami Metro ...

    PWA | Architects - December 25, 2018 by admin

    PWA is an architectural and design firm in Sri Lanka, made up of highly creative and talented architects. We specialize in architectural, interior and furniture design. We have acquired extensive professional expertise designing simple, advanced, complex and iconic buildings regardless of its size, context or scope.

    Each PWA project provides a new beginning and is the result of an in-depth and meticulous design process. The approach we take on every job is considered a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity to transform the architectural design into a transcending reality. Our ambition is simple; to develop the most efficient and dynamic buildings and modern home design, be it residential, commercial or recreational including restaurants, villas, spas, resorts and hotels. We listen to our client at the start of the process, understanding their needs and aspirations on house design, but not limiting ourselves to the brief. Instead, we aim to produce design-led solutions which are tailor made to visualize their context which were unable to be expressed in mere words.

    We draw on our extensive knowledge and expertise in order to translate modern house designs into reality. We embrace each element, be it creation, construction or performance. We predominantly feature materials and textures including fire, wind, water, sand, stone and timber in our designs. We aim to create emotional and visual sensations within the users mind, by manipulating the space which flows from the inside to the outside combining both shade and light. Our house designs aim to deliver buildings which are visually compelling and functionally efficient. Modern house plans make modern living easier and more appealing than ever before.

    We offer a full range of comprehensive consultancy services provided by a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary group of designers. Our services include project evaluation, total design services, solutions and project administration. With various features and sizes to choose from, our tailor made modern house plans will cater to your own individual tastes. We pay attention to detail which ensures the company policy is in play by finalizing each project as per the allocated time and budget. For us, architecture is a journey rather than a conceptual exercise.

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    PWA | Architects

    Architects – Official Merchandise Shop – UK - December 25, 2018 by admin


    In 2004 twin brothers Dan and Tom Searle started the band, originally named "Counting The Days". Sam Carter who at the time was an active drummer in several other projects, joined the band in 2007. With their second record RUIN (2007) (the first in which Sam was involved) they sparked interest from bigger labels and in 2008 were signed as a part of the Never Say Die! Tour, supporting bands such as Parkway Drive. Only a year later they headlined the UK dates of said tour.

    With other releases such as HOLLOW CROWN (2009) and LOST FOREVER // LOST TOGETHER (2014) the Architects fandom grew, many tours throughout North America, Australia and Europe followed. In their song 'C.A.N.C.E.R' guitar player Tom Searle referenced his cancer condition (of which they hadn't shared publicly until after his death). After he was declared cancer free after leg surgery in 2013, the cancer unfortunately returned.

    On August 21st 2016, three months after the release of their seventh studio record ALL OUR GODS HAVE ABANDONED US as well as the cancellation of an US headliner tour "due to a family emergency", drummer Dan Searle shared the sad news of his brother's passing in a Facebook post. "I dont know what will become of Architects", he wrote, "We will not release any music unless we truly believe that it is something that Tom would have been proud of."

    Two years later this is exactly what Architects have achieved: Accompanied by the single 'Hereafter' they announced the pending release of HOLY HELL, the first record without founding member Tom. Included in HOLY HELL's track list is 'Doomsday', one of the last tracks in which Tom had worked on, finished by the remaining band members including new lead guitarist Josh Middleton. With this record Architects have created the monument for Tom that he deserves. With the release of "Hereafter" and "Royal Baggers" Architects show that they stick to their original sound just like bands The Ghost Inside or While She Sleeps did

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    Architects - Official Merchandise Shop - UK

    Kittanning, PA Architects and Building Designers – - December 2, 2018 by admin

    Gaskill Architecture

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Gaskill Architecture designed a beautiful modern home that was tailored to fit my unique building site. Robert's ability to analyze the land and create a design that blends with nature is amazing. The design process was very engaging and the tools he uses were invaluable during the design process. I would highly recommend Gaskill Architecture for their professionalism, attention to detail and understanding of what the client is looking for throughout the design process. Thanks again Bob!"

    - hockeeguy

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Mark was extremely responsive and proactive in regards to our remodeling plan. He took the time to really listen to our needs and support the enhancements we wanted to make to our house while juggling the limitations of our budget with architectural requirements. His design beautifully represented both me and my husbands preferences (which were on both sides of the spectrum). He was very polished and professional throughout the process. We highly recommend him to anyone that wants to work with a very good professional home designer that will continually work with you and respond quickly to questions/comments,"

    - Luci Rause

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "I hired Mr. Calisti to design an addition for my 100 year-old residence. He had very creative solutions to problems and his work was impressive to say the least. Every detail was well thought out. Lee developed a great relationship with our contractor and was always avaliable to answer any questions that arose on the jobsite. I felt that Lee had a great knowledge base about the newest building concepts and was able to incorporate these ideas into the addittion without affecting the original historic aspect of the house. I highly recommend Mr. Calisti to anyone looking to use architectural services."

    - wasil105

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Approximately seven years ago my wife and I started to explore various options of expanding our home for our growing family. We I connected with Darrell through one of my wife's best friend who had hired Darrell. The journey began with what we "thought" made the most sense which was to build a four-season room with additional basement space below along with a detached 2-car garage as we had a 1-car garage. Darrell helped make our vision a reality on paper added sensible touches and value engineered the job. Having never had a job of this size (I get it that in reality it was pretty small), we experienced sticker shock when the bids came back and could not justify to investment to get any reasonable return on our investment. So we paused and gave more thought as to another strategy which was to go out the other side of our house with an open kitchen over a 2-car garage. Sounds simple but ask him to show you the photos. Not only does the space work but he made the house flow inside beyond our expectations. He also helped in re-imagining closets, powder rooms, a second floor bath an an office for my wife. We get rave reviews. Now four years after we completed the project, we are confident it was absolutely the best thing we could have done. Our builder commented several times to me that he appreciated the extensive notes on the drawings as it left very few change orders in the end.We have recommended Darrell to neighbors, family members and anyone who asks. You won't be disappointed if you work with Darrell. He is a joy to work with. He has great vision but also is a great listener. His guidance in the process was invaluable. I don't think we will move anytime soon but if we did and needed to do the work again, we know the architect we'll call. Chris and Maureen H. Fox Chapel, PA"

    - jameschillpgh

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Master Remodelers Inc. Design-Build Remodeling designs beautiful homes. We love to see their designs and ideas. Some of our favorite Pittsburgh features are from Master Remodelers. Beautiful ideas, beautiful homes, beautiful designs and not to mention, the wonderful people. We highly recommend Master Remodelers if you are planning to make a change in your home."

    - Housetrends Magazine

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Working with David is a pleasure. His ideas are progressive yet thoughtful, and his designs are timeless. Looking forward to the next collaboration!"

    - Marjorie Carlson Interiors

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Entasis developed a complete custom home plan for me and the results were excellent. Made a site visit to evaluate the lot and worked patiently with us to accommodate our wishes and requirements. Offered numerous helpful suggestions as we worked at solving problems, and overall exceeded our expectations."

    - Vic Panza

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Creative, Professional, Cost-Conscious, and Flexible! Dunn & Associates is a first class firm! From conceptual design to construction drawings, constant attention to detail and open communication were key to a great project. Alan and the team made our vision a reality we enjoy today!"

    - Shaun Seydor

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "Larry is a wonderful partner to have on your construction projects. He is collaborative, a great listener, patient, creative and he follows through. When my family was facing a major health crisis that would require making changes to our home, he was the first person we called....and he saw us through the very end of our project."

    - thealexanders101

    Architects and Building Designers in Kittanning, PA

    "I've come to truly trust Andrew and his crew over the years. His architecture, ability to understand my projects, and deliver when he says we will are all fantastic."

    - Brian Mendelssohn

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    Kittanning, PA Architects and Building Designers -

    Job Search Results | Boston Society of Architects - November 28, 2018 by admin

    Post date: 11/27/2018 - 4:35pm

    SMMA/Boston/11.27.2018Administrative Support/Full Time

    SMMA has an exciting opportunity for an Archive Coordinator to work in our Cambridge office!We are an integrated design firm that unites a dynamic mix of architects, interior designers, engineers,...

    Post date: 11/27/2018 - 3:45pm

    Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc. (BH+A)/Boston/11.28.2018Graphic Design, Marketing/PR/Full Time

    Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc. (BH+A), a fifty person architecture and design firm located in Bostons Fort Point Channel District, is looking for an experienced, self-directed person to work...

    Post date: 11/27/2018 - 12:45pm

    Bergmeyer Associates/Boston/11.27.2018Architect, Interior Design/Full Time

    Do you enjoy collaborating in a team environment, while having the independence to lead your own projects? Are you looking for the opportunity to develop client relationships and future business? We...

    Post date: 11/27/2018 - 9:34am

    Integrated Design Group/Boston/11.27.2018Architect/Full Time

    Integrated Design Group, inc. is a multi-disciplinary practice whose work lies at the intersection of technology and buildings. Our designs are shaped by the specific needs of our clients, the...

    Post date: 11/27/2018 - 9:33am

    Integrated Design Group/Boston/11.27.2018Architect, Designer/Full Time

    Integrated Design Group, inc. is a multi-disciplinary practice whose work lies at the intersection of technology and buildings. Our designs are shaped by the specific needs of our clients, the...

    Post date: 11/27/2018 - 9:32am

    Integrated Design Group/Boston/11.27.2018Architect, Designer/Full Time

    Integrated Design Group, inc. is a multi-disciplinary practice whose work lies at the intersection of technology and buildings. Our designs are shaped by the specific needs of our clients, the...

    Post date: 11/26/2018 - 1:58pm

    BKA Architects, Inc./Greater Boston/11.26.2018Architect, Project Manager/Full Time

    BKA Architects, a dynamic, full-service architecture and interior design firm is seeking to grow its talented and energetic staff. Candidates will assist throughout the design process, including...

    Post date: 11/26/2018 - 8:43am

    The Architectural Team, Inc./Boston/11.26.2018Architect/Full Time

    The Architectural Team, based in Chelsea, Mass., and nationally known for architectural design excellence and commitment to collaborative client relationships, is seeking a Project Architect.The...

    Post date: 11/25/2018 - 3:47pm

    Derek Rubinoff, Architect/Boston, Greater Boston/11.28.2018Architect/Full Time

    Derek Rubinoff, Architect is now accepting resumes for full-time junior architects with 1-5 years experience (with a degree in an accredited BArch or MArch program).Founded in 2009, Derek Rubinoff,...

    Post date: 11/25/2018 - 3:44pm

    Derek Rubinoff, Architect/Boston/11.25.2018Architect/Full Time

    Derek Rubinoff, Architect is now accepting resumes for full-time mid-level architects with 5-15 years experience (with a degree in an accredited BArch or MArch program).Founded in 2009, Derek...

    Post date: 11/19/2018 - 5:04pm

    studio TROIKA/Boston/11.19.2018Architect, Designer, Intern Architect, Project Manager/Full Time

    Studio TROIKA is looking for an Architectural Designer with 3-5 years of experience and strong design skills. Candidates should be self-motivated and well organized, possess excellent communication...

    Post date: 11/19/2018 - 12:17pm

    Mitchell Construction Group/Massachusetts/11.19.2018Interior Design, Project Manager/Full Time

    Interior Designer for Residential ConstructionMitchell Construction Group, is an *award winning Design/Build Company located in Medfield, MA. We are seeking an experienced Interior Designer who...

    Post date: 11/19/2018 - 12:12pm

    Mitchell Construction Group/Massachusetts/11.19.2018Architect, Project Manager/Full Time

    Residential ArchitectMitchell Construction Group, is an *award winning Design/Build Company located in Medfield, MA. We are seeking a licensed residential architect with substantial experience in...

    Post date: 11/16/2018 - 4:44pm

    Ellenzweig/Boston/11.16.2018Architect/Full Time

    Ellenzweig, an award-winning architecture firm, is seeking a collaborative individual with high standards of excellence and proven performance to join our team. Our firm specializes in...

    Post date: 11/16/2018 - 1:39pm

    Payette Associates/Boston/11.16.2018Architect, Designer/Full Time

    Payette, based in downtown Boston, is a leading architectural design firm specializing in the programming, planning, and design of complex buildings for medical and scientific research, academic...

    Post date: 11/16/2018 - 1:38pm

    Payette Associates/Boston/11.16.2018Architect, Designer/Full Time

    Payette is looking for a highly motivated entry-level design staff to join our growing 3-D Visualizations Group. Beyond the creation of photorealistic renderings, this group works closely with...

    Post date: 11/16/2018 - 1:37pm

    Payette Associates/Boston/11.16.2018Architect/Full Time

    Payette is currently seeking a Senior Architect (Designer) to join our highly collaborative, design-oriented practice. Our focus is on challenging building types: higher educational facilities for...

    Post date: 11/16/2018 - 1:35pm

    Payette Associates/Boston/11.16.2018Specifications/Full Time

    Payette is a leading architectural design firm in Boston, MA specializing in the programming, planning and design of complex buildings for scientific and medical research, academic teaching and...

    Post date: 11/14/2018 - 2:04pm

    Stull and Lee, Inc./Boston/11.14.2018Architect, Designer, Intern Architect, Urban Design/Full Time

    Small award winning architecture and urban design firm seeking to hire architectural intern or architect with 5 to 10 years experience to work on a variety of projects from neighborhood scale urban...

    Post date: 11/14/2018 - 11:08am

    Ann Beha Architects/Boston/11.14.2018Architect/Full Time

    Ann Beha Architects is looking for a Project Architect with 6-10 years' experience. The applicant must demonstrate excellence in design and communications (both verbal and graphic), experience...

    See the original post:
    Job Search Results | Boston Society of Architects

    Best 25 Architects and Building Designers in New York … - November 21, 2018 by admin

    Crisp Architects

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "Working with Jimmy Crisp and his associates was a great and valuable learning experience that could not have turned out better than it did. Jimmy truly met, and in many instances, went beyond our expectations. The project, which was a complete gut renovation, went very smoothly and it did come in on budget with the exception of new items that were included after our original quote. Of course there were differences of opinions and long discussions about changes/desired outcomes and new costs, however, I would say that because of Jimmy's constant presence at the site, complete knowledge of exactly what was suppose to happen at all stages of the project and calm manner we escaped situations that could, at the time, have been less satisfactory. Jimmy, the associates and clerical employees of his firm are all a 10 in my book! My experience with Crisp Architects makes me believe that anyone seeking a great architect, backed by a most professional staff, could not do better than to choose Crisp Architects."

    - carolsmerling

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "A kitchen renovation turned into an expansion of the room. Michael was recommended to me by my brother-in-law who also builds large projects. We found Michael to be prompt in returning calls, on time with appointments and most of all full of great ideas! He showed us his extensive portfolio and we were truly impressed. He is easy to work with mainly because he's a great listener."

    - bobro26

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "When my husband and I took on the project of completely renovating an 1846 Greek Revival house in the back country of Greenwich, we ran into difficulties with the architect we had hired. Doug VanderHorn came to our rescue! Many architects might have been unwilling to take on a project that had already started, but Doug, to my everlasting gratitude, not only agreed to work with us, but brought fresh, new, creative and improved ideas to the table. His taste is impeccable and he ended up helping me with all kinds of related issue like bathroom tiles, special effects in moldings and fireplaces and placement of furniture in a difficult room. He is easy to work with and very realistic in his suggestions. I could not recommend him more highly! -Mrs. Russell S. Reynolds, Jr."

    - debbietr5

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "I live in Manhattan and have a country house in the Catskills upstate. The house is a contemporary design built in the mid 1970's. The "bones" were great but the aesthetic was completely wrong. We had Kimberly redesign the interior of the entire house - from moving electrical work, plumbing, windows and walls to choosing finishes and fixtures. She is amazing and I have referred her to many friends and clients. Next.... the apartment."

    - jasonbacke

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "We hired Brad to design a spec house for us in Rye, NY. As an Architect myself, I was extremely happy with the quality of work produced and the communication between us. It was a pleasure to work with Brad, and his understanding of our needs and requirements was second to none. Brad listened well to our needs and was able to efficiently express them in graphic form, & he always worked in an organized & professional manner. He was always easily available by phone & email, always returning my calls & emails promptly.The construction drawings were done to be within our construction budget, & when changes were made he was gracious & fair with regard to fees for extra services. He also helped us in selecting materials, & we were happy with those selections & the variety as well. While we haven't started construction yet, on past projects he was always accessible and able to clarify field conditions and changes by clients.We would definitely hire him again, and we would (and have) recommended him to our other clients who were also very happy with his service."

    - LMD Homes Corp

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "Archetype did an amazing job for me as architects for the gut renovation of a 8,000 sf townhouse. They created a great plan, paid attention to every detail, were highly responsive in making modifications, went over and beyond the call of duty to get drawings done with a very tight deadline, and were a pleasure to work with. Navigating the permitting process in NYC is complex and arbitrary, but working with Archetype made it quite painless. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again in the near future and would highly recommend them."

    - beacon advisors

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "Very pleased with work from Clawson Architects - Rene, Marvin and their team. Over a number of years they have supported 2 projects at our house - new bathroom, new kitchen and other changes that made the house meet our needs. In the last job, we had ambitious plans, they listened to why we wanted to do it and suggested a smarter, much lower cost approach that gave us exactly what we needed. One innovative idea that no one had suggested in 10 years of our living there until they and it saved me quite a lot of money. Their work is thorough and top notch."

    - rkrakower

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "I most highly recommend this architect. Not only did he create a stunning remodel for us, but his constant help throughout the project kept everyone on track and ultimately made our remodel a huge success. I was always able to get into contact throughout the (almost year long) project, and I felt as if he always had time for us.I would not hesitate to do business with him again."

    - bengkohn

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "I found Ben Herzog Architects while browsing I would add photos to my ideabook and discovered that most of the projects were done by Ben! Ben has been great helping us decide how we can maximize space in our 1917 Brooklyn row house. We have decided on a more open floor plan, new wood plank floors, high hat lighting, a bit larger kitchen space with higher ceiling and an island, a shallow broom closet and banquette seating in our dining room. The demolition began 9/5/12 and as a result we have discovered that we can open up the doorway openings even more than planned! Ben is happily revising his drawings and I can't wait to see the changes! Ben and his team are easy to work with and very helpful with design and product ideas while keeping our budget in mind!"

    - nellmhd

    Architects and Building Designers in New York

    "We are totally happy with the results of our kitchen re-do by Berceli. We are in a NYC Classic 6 with a good-sized galley kitchen. We are that NYC rarity, in that we cook almost every night. We were perfectly content with the kitchen footprint, but it sadly needed an upgrade. The estimate we got from the project manager, Samir, was not cheap, but totally accurate. There were no surprises. The designer somehow managed to not only create a beautiful kitchen, but somehow got us a lot more storage in the same space...I still can't figure out how. Cindi helped us with the fine details as colors and backsplash, which added to the overall look. Were there glitches along the way? Of course there were, as you don't tear out a complete kitchen without having some problems. However, Berceli was immediately responsive, answering emails and calls very promptly if something didn't look right. i would hire them again without question."

    - Kathleen Gotschlich

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