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    Photos: 9 homes recently listed in the La Crosse area – La Crosse Tomah Journal - March 5, 2020 by admin

    The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


    Losey & State LLC to VSC Corp., 2415 Cass St.

    Keith Belzer and Lisa Metz-Belzer to Lisa Metz-Belzer, 1217 Charles St.

    Margaret Anderson-Chiraghdin to Goehner Investments 1 LLC, 931 and 929 S. 16th St., 1601 Jackson St., $182,000.

    Derek and Julie Nordeen Revocable Grantor Trust to Derek and Julie Nordeen, 1408 King St.

    Derek and Julie Nordeen to Felber Properties LLC, 1408 King St.

    Clifford Strand to Christopher Strand and Nicholas Wateski, 1317 Caledonia St., $42,700.

    Morton Revocable Trust to Richard Morton, 350 S. 28th St.

    Richard Morton to Richard Morton Revocable Trust, 350 S. 28th St.

    Sandra Winterfield to Andrew Dayton, 1825 Weston St., $124,000.

    Kelly Strutz to Chadd Heilman-Schmidt and Adam Schmidt-Heilman, 1403 S. 28th St., $174,000.

    Theresa Knothe to Ross Knothe Supplemental Trust, 2603 Prospect St.

    Debra and Robert Ekern to Jessica Ekern, 1516 S. 10th St.

    Daniel and Joanna Leach to Gregory Lundstad and Kelly Strutz, 3042 S. 29th Court, $179,900.

    Kathryn and Michael Frie to WGW Holdings LLC, 2817 and 2819 Hass St., $57,150.

    Norman Suhr to Chris and Sheila Eisermann, 1023 S. Eighth St., $68,000.

    Michael Deal to Jennifer Steel, 2042 Prospect St., $15,280.

    Richard and Sally Egan, Patricia Snow to Patricia Snow, 1422 Redfield St., $42,174.

    Jonathan Powell to Haley Shepardson, 2226 Loomis St., $112,500.

    Diane and Robert Midland to Matthew West, 1916 Barlow St.

    Kratt Lumber Co. to Lexi Logsdon and Francisco Marquezpalmas, 1003 S. 25th St., $272,000.

    Hub on Sixth LLC to Eric and Virginia Swails, 415 N. Sixth St., $210,000.

    Hawkeye LLC to PE Rentals LLC, 919 Gould St., $1,200,000.

    New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Assemblies of God to Kellogg Investments LLC, 122 N. Fifth Ave., $253,800.

    Alexa and Christopher Lowry to Castle Investment Group, 913 Green Bay St., $100,000.


    Kaye and Stanley Brueggen to Emily Everson, 1110 Well St., $124,000.

    Emily and Miguel Guerrero to Ashlynne and Zachary Knutson, 1324 N. Third Ave., $320,000.

    Edith MacDougal to Laura Anderson and Kevin Sipley, 618 N. 12th Ave.

    Harold and Shirley Berberich to Kevin, Kraig and Kurt Berberich, 1213 La Crosse St.

    Anne Besl to Katherine Miller and Christian Tischer, 512 S. Oak Ave., $166,400.

    Terrance Herbst to MWT LLC, 3716 E. Emerald Drive.

    Maria and Matthew Runde to Timothy and Laura Johnson, 3333 Emerald Valley Drive, $920,000.


    JMQ Properties LLC to Megalyn LLC, 3053 and 3049 Red Clover St., $79,900.

    North Country Contractors of West Salem Inc. to Jason Berger, $365,623.

    Charlene Timm Estate to Michael Burkhardt, $40,000.


    Amanda and Scott Scholze to Kelly and Thomas Surrarrer, $133,000.

    Jeffrey Frawley to Alexander and Lauren Jaromin.

    Kevin Aleckson to Aben Farms LLC, $195,000.

    Michelle and Robert Miller to Alleck and Holly Olerud, $320,000.


    Agnetha Ames to Agnetha Ames Trust.


    Rita and Timothy Miller to Kimberly Buchholz and Vong Xiong, $240,000.

    Leon and Ruth Pfaff to Craig and Roxanne Jaderston, $1,500.

    Sandra and Steven Paisley to Kyle Kirchner, $165,000.


    Daniel and Timothy Schneider to Thomas and Tracey Albrecht, $155,000.


    Jerrel Schomberg to the Jerrel and Denise Schomberg Revocable Trust.

    Aben Farms LLC to Kevin Aleckson, $195,000.


    Dustin and Rhonda Berg to Paula and Stephen Hueners, $118,000.

    Michelle Kelly to Michelle and Stacey Kelly.


    Mark and Xiaozan Anderson to Michelle McElligott and Phillip Randles Jr., $437,500.

    Lorraine Shisler to Richard and Robyn Shisler, $90,000.


    Kathleen and Robert Hancock Sr. to Hancock Family Trust.

    James and Diana Birnbaum Revocable Trust to Town of Shelby, $39,900.

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    Photos: 9 homes recently listed in the La Crosse area - La Crosse Tomah Journal

    Property Transactions: March 4 | Business – - March 5, 2020 by admin

    Following are recent property transactions recorded in the Loudon County Register of Deeds office:

    Feb. 14

    Lisa Wilkerson Sheman, Thelma W. Brown, deceased, and Frank P. Hughes III to Trever M. Branson, warranty deed, District 2, $101,900.

    Terry C. Dysinger and Janett L. Dysinger to New Season Properties LLC, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Hills, lot 6, block 16, $9,500.

    Brian Edwards and Casey Edwards to New Season Properties LLC, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Hills, lot 5, block 16, $7,500.

    Kanzie Ngyuen, Hieu Nguyen and Joe Hieu Nguyen to Jonathan Shamblin and Stacey Shamblin, warranty deed, District 5, James T. Gibson, lot 1, $125,000.

    Thomas Woods LLC to TW2 LLC, warranty deed, District 2, Thomas Woods, lot 14, $25,000.

    Foshee Properties LP to Malissa Katherine Meadows and Katherine Lee Meadows, warranty deed, District 5, Eleven Estates horizontal property, unit 1, $125,500.

    Dan. W. Loftis and Lezlee M. Loftis to Roger K. Frantz, trustee of the Roger K. Frantz Living Trust, warranty deed, District 1, Willington Place, unit 11, $182,500.

    Roy Bryan Petett to DR Horton Inc., warranty deed, District 1, Cedar Grove, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, $1,410,000.

    Wendell C. Redmond, Jeannette Redmond, Jeanette Redmond, Janette R. Walker, Janet M. Walker, Jack Redmond and Suzanne Redmond to Wendell C. Redmond and Jeannette B. Redmond, warranty deed, District 5, Jack Redmond, lot 1, $25,000.

    Kenny E. Baker to Michael E. Julian and Frankie R. Julian, warranty deed, District 3, $40,000.

    Feb. 18

    Tony Butler, Jim Cherry, David Johnson, Alex Sherrill, David Thompson and Jerry Watson, trustees of the Nashville Road Church of Christ and Nashville Road Church of Christ, to Michael Hall and Sheldon Presley, trustees of Greenback Church of Christ and Greenback Church of Christ, quit claim deed, District 3, 5 acres, Town of Greenback, $0.

    Frederick T. Fehl and Sheryl W. Fehl to David L. Cunningham, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Greens, lot 25, block 8, $326,000.

    Jack Redmond and Suzanne Redmond to Candace S. Johnson, warranty deed, District 5, 5 acres, Jack Redmond, lot 2, $396,900.

    Randy Wheeler Austin to Joshua M. Songster and Jennifer Songster, warranty deed, District 2, Randy Wheeler Austin property, lot 2, $245,000.

    Randy Wheeler Austin to Jennifer Songster and Joshua Songster, warranty deed, District 2, Randy Wheeler Austin property, lot 1, $37,500.

    Yvonne Toon, executor, Betty P. Hicks, deceased, Yvonne Carson, Thomas Anthony Hicks and Betty M. Hicks, deceased, to Volhomes LLC, warranty deed, District 2, Johnson, lot 10, $76,000.

    AKJ LLC to Mashburn Home Builder LLC, warranty deed, District 1, Mialaquo Coves, lot 15, block 20, $4,000.

    Shawn Travis Vineyard and Jimmy Paul Vineyard, deceased, to Wendell C. Redmond and Janette R. Walker, warranty deed, District 3, Fort Loudon Estates, lot 19, $212,000.

    Don L. Franklin to John Matthew Little, warranty deed, District 3, Franklin Estates, unit 2, lot 41, $25,500.

    Randall Sparks and Debra Sparks to Whitney Hawkins, warranty deed, District 5, Randy K. and Debra L. Sparks, lot 3, $90,000.

    Steven Sloan and Natalie Owens to Lucas Aaron Saylor and Symarah D. Saylor, warranty deed, District 1, John W. Simpson, lots 9 and 10, $168,000.

    Mary Ruth Dunsmore to Joseph Michael Dunsmore and Sandra Shaw Dunsmore, warranty deed, District 5, 21.21 acres, $85,000.

    Feb. 19

    Otis Riley Washington Jr., and Luther Cordell Washington, deceased, to John A. Kaprocki and Lynne A. Kaprocki, trustees of the Kaprocki Family Living Trust, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Shores, lot 6, block 12, $208,000.

    Lori A. Orlando to Richard W. McLeod Jr., and Sandra A. McLeod, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Greens, lot 11, block 6, $395,800.

    Paula G. Miller and James H. Miller to Richard A. Moore Jr., warranty deed, District 2, $209,000.

    WR Development Corporation to Edward Toro and Denise Hardin, warranty deed, District 3, WindRiver, phase 2, lot 145, $347,900.

    Virginia R. Tolbert, trustee of the Helen Margaret Rose Revocable Living Trust, and Virgil Rose Jr., deceased, to Bruce Burger and Gerri Burger, warranty deed, District 3, Fort Loudon Estates, lot 35, $425,000.

    Feb. 20

    Patricia A. Winters to Thomas R. McDermott and Sandra W. McDermott, warranty deed, District 5, Avalon, unit 7, lot 41, block F, $578,000.

    Teresa A. Hightower to Justin G. Locascio, warranty deed, District 2, 1.27 acres, $240,000.

    Johnna E. Pope, Morgan A. Pope and John E. Pope, deceased, to Richard Neal Hagenson and Shona Renea Hagenson, warranty deed, District 1, 21.18 acres, $130,000.

    Cyndie Hill to Joseph J. Wallace, warranty deed, District 1, Roberson Springs, lot 13, $17,500.

    Arlin Gurley to Leilani S. Doyle and Daniel J. Doyle, warranty deed, District 2, Thomas Woods, lot 6, $476,514.

    Feb. 21

    Wilson & Associates PLLC sub trustee, Frances L. McConkey and Theodore W. McConkey to Braden Cutshaw, trustees deed, District 2, Lenoir City, lot 20, block 14, $47,581.

    Karen Graham to Madewell Homes LLC, quit claim deed, District 1, Toqua Point, lot 26, block 11, $0.

    Darlene R. Moore to Darlene R. Moore and Luther A. Moore, quit claim deed, District 2, $0.

    Magen Shedden to Magen Shedden, quit claim deed, District 4, 30.37 acres, $0.

    Richard F. Fortney and Joni P. Fortney to David Osterman and Debbie Osterman, quit claim deed, District 1, Chatuga Point, lot 36, block 9, $0.

    Gregory L. Jackson and Alice H. Jackson to Jerry Byrd and Diane Byrd, warranty deed, District 5, Avalon, unit 1, lot 48, $470,000.

    Teresa Fay Primo and Michael Bivens to Kimberly P. Carman, warranty deed, Jackson Crossing, phase 3, lot 9R, $189,000.

    Daniel A. Dunlap and Tina J. Dunlap to Macklin C. Allan and Rachel L. Allan, warranty deed, District 2, Hardin Estates, lot 27, block G, $172,000.

    Albert T. Purino to Michael L. Patterson and Brenda Ann Patterson, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Shores, lot 3, block 2, $10,500.

    Jerome Horvath to Teresa Primo, warranty deed, District 2, James Hamilton, lots 123, 124 and 125, $40,000.

    Kenneth Hunt to Remoda Diane Burch and Richard Burch, warranty deed, District 1, .44 acres, $13,500.

    Michael S. Murr, Debbie Irvin, Tom Murr, Sandy Patton and Reba Kathleen Yates Murr, deceased, to Michael R. Tessendorf, trustee of the Michael R. Tessendorf Declaration of Trust, warranty deed, District 1, 6 acres, $225,000.

    AKJ LLC to Norman L. Holtz and Sharon L. Mitchell, trustees of the Holtz Mitchell 2017 Joint Trust, warranty deed, District 1, Toqua Coves, lot 27, block 6, $3,800.

    Nick R. Seagle to Richard Gerstenberg and Mary Gerstenberg, warranty deed, District 1, Tanasi Shores, lot 13, block 19, $3,250.

    Claudia Maria Hernandez to David Osterman and Debbie Osterman, warranty deed, District 1, Chatuga Point, lot 36, block 9, $5,000.

    Property Transactions: March 4 | Business -

    The Registrar of Contractors and the Residential Contractors Recovery Fund: One Size Does Not Fit All – JD Supra - January 24, 2020 by admin

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    The Registrar of Contractors and the Residential Contractors Recovery Fund: One Size Does Not Fit All - JD Supra

    Find out who was at the 2020 Business Planning Clinic – Atlanta Agent magazine - January 24, 2020 by admin

    by Timothy InklebargerJanuary 23, 2020

    Shon Kokoszk, Collette McDonald, Eric Zeier, Collin Gravitt

    Atlanta real estate professionals upped their game this week at a series of forums presented by Icon Coaching founder and real estate expert ShonKokoszka at the 2020 Business Planning Clinic at Perimeter Center sponsored byCollette & Associates Real Estate Experts, Hindson & Melton Attorneys at Law, ACHOSA Home Warranty LLC, and Mold Boss.

    Attendees were given insight on local market trends, contract changes in 2020 and lead generation, among a myriad of other topics.

    The presenters inspired the attendees to make 2020 their most profitable ever while mitigating liability that is inherit in our business, said event organizer Collette McDonald,founder of Collette & Associates Real Estate Experts. You know that it hit home when 90 percent of the agents stayed the entire time, even through happy hour with Atlanta rush-hour traffic looming. It was so successful we were asked to do another event which will be held at the end of February.

    Originally posted here:
    Find out who was at the 2020 Business Planning Clinic - Atlanta Agent magazine

    SiteOne Services Selects Izenda to Provide Home Builders with Business Intelligence to Help their Organization Thrive – MarTech Series - January 24, 2020 by admin

    Full System Integration Between SiteOne and Izenda Platforms Provide Real-Time Dashboards and Reports to Identify Trends, Optimize Performance and Reduce Costs

    SiteOne Services, a customer service and work order management platform for builders, now delivers advanced business intelligence and actionable reports to customers using their platform. SiteOne will be demonstrating the new reporting features of their platform at the NAHB International Builders Show this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth #SU1325, January 21-23.

    Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide access and insight into an organizations available data through visual dashboards and reports for the purpose of improving decision-making. For Izenda, BI tools should also be easy and intuitive, empowering both simple and power users to derive actionable insights from their data through robust self-service reporting. The integration of Izendas application-based intelligence tool allows critical data points gathered by SiteOne to be extracted and analyzed to create real-time dashboards and reports such as aging, total open work requests, total closed work requests, cost per lot, cost per project, cost per market, cost per region, and cost company-wide. Reports can also identify common, costly occurrences that can be corrected in future construction.

    Leader in Warranty Management Leverages Leader in Business Intelligence

    The beauty of BI is that with each insight you uncover, a new question is formed eventually leading to a critical insight into your business that will improve operations, guide strategy, and more. For SiteOne, identifying those next-level insights will be much more accessible with Izenda, said Jaimi Panini, vice president of product at Izenda. For example, while reviewing costs per lot, you notice that warranty expenses in some lots are higher than others. Another report shows that the issues are all related to painting. That would then drive you to cross-reference which painter worked on those lots and discover there is an issue with a specific subcontractor you are using.

    Marketing Technology News: Qwantify Guarantees e-Commerce Success for Online Entrepreneurs on Shopify

    According to research by BuildZoom, after falling or remaining flat for three decades, construction costs have increased sharply since the mid-2000s, to a tune of 23.6 percent. The rise was driven by both material and labor costs.

    Every opportunity a builder has to reduce expenses contributes greatly to their overall success, said Mike Giosso, president and founder of SiteOne Services. BI helps builders implement effective strategies by intelligently analyzing data that already exists to help make better decisions in the future. Our customer Edenbridge Homes is a great example of data-driven decision making. Most builders reserve one to two percent of their budget to cover future warranty expenses. However, through careful analysis of their weekly reports and methodical time management, Edenbridge Homes warranty costs over the last three years have averaged well below one percent, and they now project up to a 35% annual savings.

    Marketing Technology News: Vervotech Continues to Expand Market Base with AI in Travel Technology

    SiteOne is a seamlessly easy, 100% paperless platform for builders and developers that provides a better, more effortless way to facilitate requests, automate processes, resolve concerns, and share critical information with homeowners. The company was founded 20 years ago on a disruptive idea: To provide seamlessly easy tools to facilitate and automate the extremely fragmented service process for home builders and developers. Two decades later, they are delivering on that idea. Large, medium and small real estate developers trust SiteOne as their partner in providing a customer experience second to none.

    Marketing Technology News: Daily MarTech Roundup: Top Coolest Things in Marketing and Sales Today

    Visit link:
    SiteOne Services Selects Izenda to Provide Home Builders with Business Intelligence to Help their Organization Thrive - MarTech Series

    Stunning home in west Conway offers special touches throughout – Log Cabin Democrat - January 24, 2020 by admin

    2930 Salem Oaks Drive, Conway

    2,820 square feet of living space

    4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 1 half bath

    The Tracy Tidwell Team, ERA TEAM Real Estate, 501-472-4709

    Check out this stunner in the Salem Oaks neighborhood of west Conway!

    Offered for sale by ERA TEAM Real Estate, this Tom Watson-built home at 2930 Salem Oaks Drive has all the extras, including quartz countertops, a spa-like master bathroom with custom shower, a spacious master closet with built-ins, and a covered patio.

    This one-story home has a traditional design with modern touches, such as a light brick exterior with contrasting dark roof and shutter accents. The open floor plan includes 2,820 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. The design is swathed in light and dark contrasts -- for instance the white wall paint and trim complement the darker wood floors. The custom lighting is particularly appealing in this home, ranging from crystal and bronze chandeliers in the dining spaces, to glass fixtures in the kitchen.

    The flow of the floor plan is particularly nice, as the family room, kitchen and dining spaces are all adjacent and easily accessible to one another. The master suite is apart from the other bedrooms and has a modern barn door to separate it from the main living spaces.

    The kitchen is white on white, with just a touch of contrasting color in the dark oven hood, the stainless appliances and the modern hardware on the drawers. Some special features include custom glass light fixtures, some glass fronted cabinets, and a unique glass backsplash. Dining options include the separate formal space in the front of the home, a breakfast room adjacent to the kitchen, and a breakfast bar at the end of the kitchen counter.

    Other features in this home include:

    Green features including Low-E windows, tankless water heater and Rf Rdiant barrier sheath.

    Gas log fireplace in the family room.

    Two-car, front-entry garage.

    Separate laundry room with storage, work space and mudroom.

    One-year warranty offered by the builder.

    Hot tub and walk-in shower in master bath.

    Decked out with special touches throughout, this home is a must-see! Call to schedule your personal showing of the home, which is priced at $397,700. For more information or to arrange for a private viewing, please call The Tracy Tidwell Team of ERA TEAM Real Estate at 501-472-4709.

    Visit link:
    Stunning home in west Conway offers special touches throughout - Log Cabin Democrat

    Add smarts to every dumb device in your home with $5 Alexa smart plugs – BGR - January 24, 2020 by admin

    There are so many different options out there were it comes to smart plugs that it can be so difficult to make a decision and choose the right model to buy. Well, today theres really only one good choice, so its easier than even for anyone looking to add some smarts to their dumb old devices like lamps, coffee makers, fans, space heaters, and more. The newly upgraded version of the best-selling Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plugs is on sale right now at one of the best prices weve seen for any smart plugs, let alone popular ones like this. Use the coupon code E22PXEVO at checkout and youll pick up a 4-pack for $20.99. Thats only $5.25 each for these awesome smart plugs that are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Dont miss out!

    Here are the key details from the product page:

    Follow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web. Prices subject to change without notice and any coupons mentioned above may be available in limited supply. BGR may receive a commission on orders placed through this article.

    Go here to read the rest:
    Add smarts to every dumb device in your home with $5 Alexa smart plugs - BGR

    Are Home Warranties Becoming A Nuisance? Hometown Station – KHTS Radio - January 3, 2020 by admin

    Home warranties is an industry that constantly finds itself in controversy. A seemingly good idea has been corrupted by many, and the good intentions of citizens looking to be financially responsible has backfired.

    There was never really a time where home warranties had a good reputation. It is arguably getting better, but the industry is frequently let down by unscrupulous companies. Many have proven to be fly-by-night companies that are set up, take in as many premiums as they can and then close down unexpectedly, leaving customers hanging. In 2018, this happened with Secure Home Warranty, Allied Home Warranty, American Home Guard and Endurance.

    Whist they loosely functioned for the time of operating, theyve reported to have handed out a lot of unexpected fees, delayed repairs and have been extremely poor in communication. Many turn to the BBB rating the Better Business Bureau which often provide low scores to such companies to give customers an indication of corrupt businesses.

    The issue is that even the BBB, a non-profit started over 100 years ago which is considered to be a reliable, impartial customer protection organisation cannot be trusted itself. There have been many accusations that the BBB ask for a membership fee in an attempt to accept bribes for higher ratings. Many renowned businesses have been bizarrely poorly rated, and it has come out that they do not pay a membership fee. So now with even non-profit bodies not being trusted, home warranties can run amok. Again, Yelp has been accused of the same pay-to-play system, in which you cannot trust the very core of their value proposition (reviews).

    The only thing left to gain some insight is customer reviews from their own experiences. Whilst some websites such as Trustpilot have been accused of taking down negative reviews and such, there are still many places where you can find the general reception for a company. Even using places such as Reddit and other social media can be useful.

    The worrying thing about home warranties is that even the best companies still often have significant negative feedback. Theres no doubt that there are some legit, useful companies out there, but its becoming a real pain to find them.

    Another example from what was previously touched on (scams and shutting up shop) is Secure Home Warranty. The Philadelphia-based company has been reported to have scammed over 160 customers through false advertising, charging credit cards unbeknownst to the customer, and wrongfully denying claims. This kind of behavior is exactly what is on the front of peoples minds when thinking about the industry.

    There is a lawsuit aimed at Secure Home Warranty, in which they went out of business in 2017. We dont see traditional banks being set up and scamming the customer quite as often, which highlights a key problem in the home warranty industry: its young. Due to it not being around or established for very long, regulations are lacking and are varying widely across different states.

    Attorney Josh Shapiro claimed [in a statement regarding Secure Home Warranty] These scammers left consumers out to dry by refusing to provide the services they promised, namely, 24/7 access to a claim center that would assist in the repair or replacement of systems and appliances.

    Choice Home Warranty, a giant in the industry, is also being sued. The Arizona Attorney General Office has filed a consumer lawsuit surrounding fraud against the company. This is mostly on the grounds of alleged false promises made to customers, such as wrongful claim denials.

    Going back to state-specific regulation, it may be that companies pray on the states that have loose regulations. In this instance, Choice home warranty review says they are unavailable in California, and so this may be a conscious legal choice instead of a business one.

    Ultimately, home warranties have been good for some customers and bad for others. Almost any company, no matter how established, has negative reviews. This places an unfair but nevertheless real emphasis on the customers service-picking skills. It may be that if you live in a certain state that commonly sees home warranty scams, you may want to avoid them at all costs. Even the big companies will be enticed into foul practices if they see legislative liberties.

    If you do decide to get a home warranty, it can be a successful experience. Youll need to find one with the least negative reviews, good customer service, little history of breaking promises and so on. Even then, there will unfortunately be an element of luck in the decision. Whilst on paper these companies are designed to put our minds at rest and our toolbox back in the garage, you have to be prepared for the worst.

    Therefore, it would be wise to only take on a home warranty plan if it is financially sensible for you. If you can barely afford the premiums, then this might be a gamble in and of itself. Being denied a claim when youre $400 down on premiums is a surefire way to end up in an even worse situation. In this scenario, its better to have cheap, second-hand appliances that you fix yourself or replace.

    Likewise, if youre extremely vulnerable and rely on the home warranties too much, this can also be stressful. For the elderly, the last thing they want to do or are prepared for is to fight for coverage claims. This isnt the peace of mind that you were promised. It can often be, but once you get to a stage of being very dependent, it may be worth being independent of them. At least a self-employed repairman isnt going to argue with you about the causes of the breakdown. Theyll just take your money, fix it and leave.

    KHTS FM 98.1 and AM 1220 is Santa Claritas only local radio station. KHTS mixes in a combination of news, traffic, sports, and features along with your favorite adult contemporary hits. Santa Clarita news and features are delivered throughout the day over our airwaves, on our website and through a variety of social media platforms. Our KHTS national award-winning daily news briefs are now read daily by 34,000+ residents. A vibrant member of the Santa Clarita community, the KHTS broadcast signal reaches all of the Santa Clarita Valley and parts of the high desert communities located in the Antelope Valley. The station streams its talk shows over the web, reaching a potentially worldwide audience. Follow @KHTSRadio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    More here:
    Are Home Warranties Becoming A Nuisance? Hometown Station - KHTS Radio

    ‘I can’t afford to get sick’: Cancer patient gets new home heater after turning to 2 Wants To Know – - January 3, 2020 by admin

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. A yellow-tinted surgical mask is wrapped around the face of Lucy Vaughn as she sits on the front stoop of her Winston-Salem home. A jacket and scarf keep her warm on what is a typical cold December day, I like sitting out here, its warmer out here than inside, said Vaughn.

    Vaughn is a cancer survivor and is now battling the disease again. Currently undergoing chemotherapy, its important she stays as healthy as she can. Its also why Vaughn reached out to our Call for Action Team a few weeks ago.

    Her home has become a bit of an icebox after the heater broke about a week before Christmas. A crew came out and fixed the compressor but a few days later the system failed again, When I woke up this morning it was 63 degrees (in home) I cant afford to get sick, said Vaughn.

    RELATED: 'Twas a great year for our Call For Action team helping get back $100K

    A heating and air conditioning technician determined Vaughn needed the entire heater replaced. The job is not cheap, but Vaughn has a home warranty that should cover the cost. The problem, however, is getting the job approved so the heater can be replaced, I may have to go stay in a hotel if we cant get this resolved, said Vaughn.

    Once Vaughn called us, we contacted the home warranty company along with Aspire Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical. The owner at Aspire worked with us to help get the job approved. Once the warranty company signed off Aspire had a crew out the next day to replace the unit, Im calling it my Christmas miracle, said Vaughn.

    A technician spent about eight hours installing the new unit and making sure it worked perfectly. One of the owners even stopped by with the crew was working to make sure Vaughn was doing okay, They assured me everything would be fine, and I would not pay any money, said Vaughn.

    The unit was up and running by the end of the day and Vaughn was able to stay in the home and not pay for a hotel, All I can say is News 2 rocks, said Vaughn. I also want to thank the fine folks at Aspire.

    Vaughn enjoys sitting outside on her porch but prefers to go back inside to get warm, not the other way around.


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    The new WFMY News 2 phone and tablet app boasts a modernized look and feeldownload now.



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    'I can't afford to get sick': Cancer patient gets new home heater after turning to 2 Wants To Know -

    Five Easy Ways Home Owners Can Build More Wealth In The Next Decade – Forbes - January 3, 2020 by admin

    There are no silver bullets for getting rich quick in life, but if you own a home, there are a number of effective ways to build more wealth over time.

    Compound interest is a force of nature, and a few decisions that collectively help you generate an extra 2% or more in wealth per year can have long-lasting effects on your investment outcomes.

    As we move into 2020, you can build more wealth by finding ways to either cut costs associated with your home or generate additional revenue through your home. Here are five suggestions on how to do both:

    1. Refinance your mortgage.

    The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates three times in the past year, and all signs point to rates remaining at similar levels for the foreseeable future.

    If you have a mortgage, look into refinancing. Yes, there will likely be closing costs, but if you find you can lower your mortgage by 0.5% or more, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars per month, or tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your mortgage.

    2. Write off everything you can on your home.

    If youre a home owner whos been doing taxes by yourself, Id strongly encourage you to find professional help to make sure youre writing off everything you can possibly write off. A seasoned accountant and financial advisor can help ensure youre taking all the appropriate deductions, and will likely make recommendations that will help you save more on taxes in the years to come.

    3. Invest in preventative maintenance.

    This may sound counter-intuitive, but if you spend money doing preventative maintenance on your house instead of waiting for things to break, youll end up saving money in the long run.

    Its hard to put a number on this, but for one example, consider your hot water heater. Theyre value-engineered to last about 10 years, which is often when the warranty runs out. Some of us let them run until they die. When that happens, you can end up with several inches of water on your basement floor and staining or damaging walls, rugs and anything else you have in the area. If you live in a condo building and your water tank is on the third floor right next to your bathroom, running it until it breaks down could result in you spending many thousands of dollars on repairs.

    So, its a good idea to know when your water tank was installed and replace it at the 10-year mark or just before. Sure, you could roll the dice and it might last 12 or even 15 years. But what would the damage cost if it fails, and how much will this interrupt your life when you wake up one day and theres a small flood in your basement?

    4. Airbnb a room when youre in town, and your entire home when youre traveling.

    Even in cities like Boston where Airbnb laws are quite restrictive, you can still make money by renting out a room in your primary residence a few nights a month, or even renting out your entire home while youre on vacation.

    Although managing guests requires some work, the benefits can be significant. For instance, if you can rent out your place for $200 per night for the three weeks per year youre traveling to see family or going on vacation, you stand to make a profit of around $3,000.

    5. When its time to move, convert your home into a rental property.

    Your home could very well be your best investment. When youre ready to move, think twice before selling it. The better long-term wealth-building option for you could very well be turning your home into a rental property.

    By following these five steps, you can leverage your home and ownership position to generate even more wealth into 2020 and beyond.

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    Five Easy Ways Home Owners Can Build More Wealth In The Next Decade - Forbes

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