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    Pest Control Services in India | Rentokil PCI - October 14, 2019 by admin

    Call us for an expert pest survey on 1800-212-212-5 or contact us

    Global leaders and innovators in pest management

    Represented on the Bureau of Indian standards, using government approved chemicals for treatment

    Highly trained and certified service technicians

    When it comes to getting pest control for your home or office, a professional pest control company isthe right choice. What iseven better? Getting the world's leading pest control experts and India'sleading pest control brand come together to solve your pestproblem. Welcome to Rentokil PCI, the global experts in pest control.

    Rentokil PCI is Indias leading pest control services and products brand that provides integrated pest management solutions to homeowners and businesses in over 300 locations in the country. A joint venture between Indias largest pest control company - Pest Control India Pvt Ltd, and one of the worlds leading pest control brands - Rentokil, Rentokil PCI brings you a legacy of over 90 yearsof pest management expertise in over 70 countries.

    We currently serve over 490,000 happy customers in India. Our nation-wide network, professionally trained pest control technicians and research and development (R&D) capabilities are some of the reasons why homeowners and businesses choose Rentokil PCI over other brands when it comes to pest control in India.

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    Pest Control Services in India | Rentokil PCI

    Top 5 Pest Control Companies | Updated for 2019 - October 14, 2019 by admin

    On the First Visit

    This is your first chance to get a good look at how the company presents itself, so gather impressions. Does the technicianand his or her gear and vehiclegive off a clean, professional appearance?

    You can always ask to see the technicians identification. license, and certification.

    Be ready to discuss the problem, and any observations youve made about the pests and where they might be in the house.

    Either at the end of the visit or shortly afterward, the technician or company should provide you with a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

    You should also expect the company to advise you on steps you should take, such as closing off hidden entry points for pests to come into your house, or removing garbage or clutter that can serve as homes for pests. Some companies can do these tasks for you, but they should consult with you beforehand.

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    Top 5 Pest Control Companies | Updated for 2019

    Residential Pest Control Services | Clark Pest Control - October 14, 2019 by admin

    Your home is your castle. Don't let invaders take it over! And while there's a world of difference between pests and pets, with some birds and mice even spiders that you might want to welcome into your home as pets. But there definitely are some that it might be better to show that Pest-A-Way to move on. Since 1950, Clark Pest Control has identified and removed almost every pest imaginable across California and northern Nevada. So we understand that when these unsavory critters enter your property, they can quickly turn your world upside down.

    Birds roosting in your attic, bugs nesting in your walls, mice making homes in your kitchen cabinets, spiders stringing webs across your eaves: Clark Pest Control will exterminate them from your home or business. Then, within30 days, we'll offer our proprietary Pest-Away service, a year-round maintenanceprogram that prevents pests from returning.

    We are certified by QualityPro, the industrys benchmark for the highest standardsin the fields of business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations, and employee education. We adhere to all QualityPro qualification requirements. We conduct criminal background and motor vehicle checks on all new hires. Our drug-free workplace and other QualityPro policies go above and beyond state-mandated licensing requirements.Our internal training program is one of the industrys finest, with supervisors and commercial specialists receiving continuing education and training. We really know the residential pest control business.

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    Residential Pest Control Services | Clark Pest Control

    Pest Control Jacksonville, FL | Home Pest Control Services by … - October 1, 2019 by admin

    First, know that bed bugs are more prevalent than ever because they used to be controlled by a now-banned treatment (DDT). Combine that with the fact that bed bugs are hard to locate and difficult to treat, and its easy to see that, if you do have an infestation, youre not alone.

    Bed bugs are often brought into a home through luggage or clothing, and burrow into mattresses and furniture. They find their way into cracks and crevices, and along baseboards, settling into nightstands, headboards, and carpeting. Early signs of a bed bug infestation include small spots on linens and mattresses, reddish or brown in color. People in your home may be experiencing red, itchy, swollen welts, often in a row.

    If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, contact us now for a free pest inspection. Or, you can make an appointment online or call us at 904-355-5300. We even offer re-inspections to keep you free of these frustrating, biting pests.

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    Pest Control Jacksonville, FL | Home Pest Control Services by ...

    Pest Control – Solutions Pest & Lawn - October 1, 2019 by admin

    Whether it's your home or place of business, you may at some point have to deal with a pest infestation of one form or another. Pests of all types can commonly invade a home -- flies, spiders, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents just to name a few.

    Each pest has its own tendencies and habits which is why it's important to know a little bit about the pest to recognize what they like and what they don't like as well as what application method is the best way to eliminate them.

    This page is dedicated to all-around general pest control. Rather than targeting one pest, we'll go over the steps you can take and the products you can use to treat for multiple pests, inside and out, for both curative and preventative pest control.

    For a more detailed treatment plan for your target pest, you can browse our library of specific common pests. They will contain nuanced guides and specific products for control and prevention.

    If you've seen active pest activity, it does help to have a good idea of what you're treating for more effective application. When you're trying to identify a pest there some things you can consider that will help you get an idea of what you're dealing with.

    Note if the insect pest you're seeing is crawling or flying (or both) and it's physical characteristics -- it's size, shape, color, leg count, and presence of antennae. Consider where you are seeing them (indoors or outdoors?) and the time of day. Having an idea of which pest or pests you have will help you in how you approach effective treatment.

    Once the pest has been identified, you will want to look around for any environmental conditions that may be causing your pest issues. Most of the time some basic maintenance on a structure can help reduce pest activity.

    Pests can enter a home or building through tiny cracks and crevices or voids around the structure. Doing a proper inspection of the property and noting where the pest activity is highest will help you achieve a more targeted application of pesticides.Once you have identified and corrected the conducive conditions then you can implement a proper pest control treatment program.

    When conducting DIY pest control, it pays to use high-quality products that the professionals use over what big box retailers carry in the pest control aisle. This is because those generic retailer products are heavily diluted or watered down pesticides that may not effectively eliminate the pest problem.

    The products that actually will work effectively are professional-grade DIY pest control pesticides and insecticides which we carry. Professional pesticides kill pests quicker, stay effective for longer, and only a small amount is needed per treatment so they will last you a long time.

    After getting confirmation of where the location of pest activity is and/or their harborage area or nest, you can move on to treatment. Before beginning any pesticide treatment, always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and apply responsibly, being mindful of restricted use sites, drift, and limiting contact by people and pets to treated areas until safe.

    Indoor Insect Pest Control -Indoor pest control is 50% having prevention in place and 50% minimizing possible infestations.

    Outdoor Insect Pest Control -Outdoor pest control is safe and easy. Insects generally enter in the same spots no matter the structure so eliminating and treating those target areas will provide excellent results.

    Indoor & Outdoor Rodent Control - Like insect pests, rats and mice will also enter the home or building if there is a hole or void large enough and if there is available food and water sources.

    Prevention is the final key to total control. What you will do here is simply maintain the integrity of your property and the pesticide applications. This means that you will frequently inspect the property for any signs of new openings and re-sealing any voids you have previously addressed.

    Keep the yard maintained, minimizing clutter, yard debris, and leaf littler. If you notice vegetation creeping toward the home or building, trim it back. Keep your home or business clean by regularly taking out the trash, and removing any available food and water sources. Fix any leaky faucets and address high moisture areas.Be sure to also re-apply Reclaim IT every 3 months for continued control.

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    Pest Control - Solutions Pest & Lawn

    Arizona Pest Control | Your COMPLETE Desert Pest Specialists - October 1, 2019 by admin

    Environmentally responsible pest control for families, children and pets.

    Arizona Pest Control Company provides free general pest and termite inspections in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona. We specialize in termite control, pest control, bee removal, rodent control, and more for residential and commercial customers. Locally owned and operated since 1947 we use the latest and most technologically advanced methods of pest elimination available to the industry while minimizing our impact on the environment. Our employees are fully trained and licensed by the state of Arizona, and attend ongoing education to provide you with the best service possible. We take care of ALL pests! From termites, flies, scorpions, spiders, pack rats, wasps, bees, crickets, cockroaches, and many more we are proud to be your COMPLETE desert pest management specialists.

    Providing Pest Management Solutions throughout Tucson, Green Valley, Tubac, Oro Valley, Saddlebrooke, Vail and Marana. Call us at 886-7378 to schedule a free no obligation home pest evaluation. Same day service when available.

    We've tried several pest control companies here in Tucson and would have to give all a satisfactory rating. While we never had a pest problem, we also weren't really aware of what they were doing when we received service. Not so with these guys. The technicians take time after each visit to discuss what they treated for, anything they may have found that we need to be aware of and always were honest and taught us things we may not have known. I'm sold and don't plan to use anyone else.

    Bill N. of Vail, AZ

    Arizona Pest Control

    1127 N. Rook AvenueTucson, AZ 85712


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    Arizona Pest Control | Your COMPLETE Desert Pest Specialists

    Amazon Best Sellers: Best Pest Control Products - October 1, 2019 by admin

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    Amazon Best Sellers: Best Pest Control Products

    The 10 Best Exterminators Near Me (with Free Estimates) - October 1, 2019 by admin

    The best way to get rid of termites is to act fast. Termites are a problem that will only get worse and no matter how much you want them to, they usually dont magically move out on their own. There are three main types of termites: drywood, dampwood and subterranean. Drywood and dampwood termites sneak through cracks in your exterior paint, nail holes, and gaps near windows and other openings and begin to eat through your wood. Subterranean termites enter your house from the ground up by creating mud tunnels. In all cases, they survive by eating the wood of your house. The type of termites you have can steer the treatment plan.

    Methods of termite extermination include fumigation, use of pesticides, and use of natural elements that are poisonous to the bugs. The extent of your termite infestation will help determine the treatment method. If you have drywood or dampwood termites that have infiltrated all aspects of the wood in your home, the pest control pro may recommend enclosing the whole house in a tent and gassing the termites via fumigation. If you have subterranean termites, often the entire footprint of the home must be treated by drilling liquid treatments into the slab or foundation of the home to exterminate the colonies. In any case, once you see signs of termites, its time to take action and call a pest pro.

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    The 10 Best Exterminators Near Me (with Free Estimates)

    Best Pest Control Companies 2019 – Orkin, Terminix, Massey … - September 25, 2019 by admin

    Finding the best pest control services can be hard as even the biggest companies dont operate in all states, and do not provide a full range of pest control solutions. Whether they fly, creep, crawl or jump, pests can interrupt your everyday life and need to be eliminated or removed. You can expect pests to be around all year, so finding a good pest control service is essential.

    Remember that modern pest control is just that: control. It takes time and you will not see 100% improvement in one treatment. The best pest control services will work with you, educating you on how to deter pests all year round, while providing quarterly checks to help deter pests from invading your home.

    Large scale pest control service offering wide range of services

    Wide range of states

    Expertise across all pest

    Accessible customer service

    Higher prices

    Dont operate in Alaska, Montana and North Dekota

    Terminix is a pest control company that operates through a wide selection of states, offer fast response times and cover a wide range of pests - scoring highly across our three main categories.

    Terminix offers a wide range of pest control solutions and deal with almost every pest infestation imaginable, from bugs like ants and cockroaches to arachnids like spiders, as well as, rodents like mice and rats. They even have experience covering the rarer, and geographically specific pest problems, like scorpions. So, whether it crawls, buzzes or slithers Terminix is a pest control service with the knowledge and expertise to help you take your home back.

    Terminix has a vast array of plans in place that are designed to treat specific scenarios of pest infestation. The most basic pest control plan they offer is a one time treatment remove and help prevent further infections. But they also offer yearly protection plans were a pest control technician visits a property quarterly to help protect your home from the seasonal migration of pests into your home.

    They also have special termite protection plans in place, where they help prevent damage cost from termite infestation by creating bait barriers and yearly inspections.They also offer free inspections and quotes if you are just discovering a pest problem and are unsure what to do. So, they have versatile pest control services and strategies in place that are designed for both the season, and locality. They also place an emphasis on prevention rather than removal.

    The emphasis on helping you defend your home from an infestation can be seen through their policy of educating their customers about pest, and how to deter infections. Terminix offers a wide range of information about pests through an online library. This database will help you identify the pest problems you are experiencing by talking you through identifying features, common habitats, as well as, providing you with tips on how to prevent and control with these pest infestations.

    Terminix offer a guarantee for their alot of their services and plans - although this can vary depending on the nature of the plan. If you are not satisfied by the results of their pest control service in thirty days you get a refund of the treatment cost, and the plan is cancelled. During this thirty day period Terminix will normal visit a property without any additional charges. This usually ensures that you get a good level of service, especially if you are willing to issue complaints.

    Terminix also has a very helpful and accessible customer service department that offer around the clock assistance and advice.

    The biggest disadvantage of Terminix are the slightly higher prices they charge when compared to other pest control services. As they offer a lot of pest control plans in a wide range of areas, it is hard to say if their prices are higher across the board. For the specific scenario we posited their rates were higher, but not a significant amount to make the fees extornant. So, although this is a con, it isnt the biggest con.

    Although Terminix offers pest control services in a lot of states, they dont operate in every state. If you live in Alaska, Montana or North Dakota this pest control company isnt available.

    Read the full review here:Terminix

    Small scale pest control service that offers excellent rates and services

    Competitive prices

    Detailed pest control plans

    Strong removal and prevention methodology

    Only operate in 18 states

    Customer service varies between branches

    Branches can be too specialized

    Truly Nolen pest control services operate in a smaller area compared to Terminix. Truly Nolen currently have offices in just 18 states meaning there are a lot of areas they dont cover. They have a comprehensive list of their offices on their website, which is searchable by ZIP code. This localization problem is compounded by the fact that some of their branches are specialized in one pest control area. Meaning you may have a branch locally, but they may only deal with termite infestations. This is largely due to them being a franchise model business.

    If you are looking for a quality level service for a lower price, Truly Nolen is a great option. Our research found they offer lower prices than most pest control companies we contact in regards to a scenario. Though as we didnt create additional scenarios this might not be reflected across the board of services and it is hard to say just how competitive they are. It is best to get a range of quotes for the pest control service you want.

    Truly Nolen puts an emphasis on fast response times. They strife to respond to all queries within a 24 hour period, and they were extremely fast in responding to our query. This means that their customer service isnt as readily available as Terminix that offers a 24 hour assistance. As it is a franchise, the standard of customer service could vary greatly between branches.

    Truly Nolan are a pest control service that have expertise in dealing in a wide range of pest infestation. They place an emphasis on controlling insects and spiders in a lot of their services and plans, but they do have coherent strategies in place for other kinds of pest control problems like termite infestations, rodent control, bed bugs, scorpions and wasps.

    Their treatment plans for these kinds of infestations are discussed in detail on their website, giving the customer a fantastic insight into their pest control process. The depth of their strategy is great in comparison to Terminix.

    Truly Nolan offer a wide range of plans and treatment methods that focus on interior, exterior and perimeter pest control solutions. They place a lot of emphasis on helping a homeowner develop a yearly pest control plan, with quarterly visits. All their plans and strategies are developed around seasonal pest control issues that are local to the area that they are operating in. So, they offer targeted strategies that focus on the context of the infestation.

    Truly Nolans plans for interior pest control include powder application to treat pests hiding in doorways windows and under the floorboards, destroying spider-webs and their food source, monitoring stations to report on insect activity in your homes, bait stations to trap ants and cockroaches and botanical aerosols.

    Truly Nolan offer strategic plans for exterior pest control where bugs, their eggs and food sources are destroyed, windows and doors are treated with powder to deter pests from entering the property, plugging cracks that let pests enter your house, and a system of baits and lures to prevent pest getting too close to your home.

    So, Truly Nolan has in depth and well thought out strategies for in place that both eliminate the current pests, while lowering the risk of future infestations.

    Like Terminix this company puts an emphasis on teaching a homeowner how to deter and prevent pest infestations. This company also offers a decent educational element on its website - even having a dedicated blog on pest control solutions for all kinds of infestations. They do offer more in depth advice than Terminix, but this advice can be a little harder to find. You can browse 100 different pests in their online library and find out about how to deal with the creatures that have invaded your space.

    Read the full review here: Truly Nolen

    A pest control service that is environmentally friend

    Natural treatments great for allergies

    Environmentally friendly

    Small coverage area

    Slow customer service

    No detailed service plans

    We only reviewed pest control services that are environmentally responsible and use chemicals that wont damage or destroy the surrounding environment. Eco-Wise is a pest control service that prides itself on being environmentally friendly - and keeping the local ecology balanced and healthy. All of Eco-Wises pest control solutions are designed to ensure the treatment is safe, both for the occupants of who live in the treated area, as well as, the local environment. They use more natural treatments, like sealing cracks to prevent insect infestation, over using chemical.

    The number of states that Eco-Wise operates in is hard to gauge from their website that offers little to no information about the states they operate within, which suggests they are a small company and only operate in a very limited number of states.

    As they are a smaller business they dont have the robust customer services that some of the bigger companies offer - and as such dont guarantee a reply in a 24 hour period. It also means that they have a smaller number of technicians that are available for jobs, which might increase the time it takes from them to visit a property.

    Eco-wise dont provide as many services as Terminix or Truly Nolen - like their yearly pest control plan that has quarterly home checks. As such, they are not the most robust of pest control companies. They only offer a small amount of advice regarding infestations and although the educational information isnt as in-depth or easy to use as other pest control companies.

    Eco-Wise provide pest control for the most common offends, like mice, rats, spiders and termites. They also provide a wild-life pest control solution.

    Read the full review here: Eco-Wise Pest Control

    To evaluate pest control services we looked at these categories: price, range of pest expertise, area covered, website educational resources and the service plans they offer.

    The best way to determine an unbiased price score was to get a quote for a single location and one pest infestation. This proved difficult as different companies operate across different states. We standardized our information by getting as many quotes as possible for a 2,500-square foot home in California, since this was the most common state the services operated in. Whenever a company didnt operate in California, we located a 2,500-square foot home in the region where the pest control service operated and got a quote for that home. This gave us a rough idea of pricing in regards to one area of their business and with deeper research there may be greater variation in price across pest type.

    In our evaluation, companies with lower priced services scored higher than higher priced services. Overall, we found that pricing is relatively similar for most pest control companies. Based on our research, the most reasonable pricing for a one-time treatment is usually around $150, while the best pricing for a one-year treatment is typically around $500.

    Additional factors can raise or lower the cost of your treatment:

    We awarded more points to services that offer 24-hour support since this provides peace of mind during an emergency. We also scored services higher if they offered a treatment guarantee. A company that guarantees its work will generally return as often as needed until your bug problem has effectively been eliminated.

    We awarded more points to companies that offer extensive pest libraries as well as prevention and control tips. This resource can help you identify which pests you have in your home to help you determine if you can handle the problem on your own or not.

    It is standard practice for pest control companies to offer emergency services, and most companies respond within a day or two to treat your home or business. Companies that responded faster were scored higher in our evaluation.

    We spent 85 hours contacting and researching 10 exterminator companies to determine which ones offer the best prices, most thorough services and fastest response times. We made a list of each companys services and compared them against each other to determine the best of the best. To get a more in-depth understanding of pesticides and safe exterminating practices, we sought advice from both the EPA and a garden associate at a popular home improvement store.

    Our goal was to give each pest control company an unbiased evaluation by standardizing our comparison as much as possible. However, this was difficult since the services dont all operate in the same states. We chose to evaluate companies that operate within a larger number of states since this would make them more likely to offer services in your area.

    The best services safeguard your property from pest infestations. A pest control technician will inspect and identify the pest problem to provide you with an instant quote before discussing pest control solutions.

    Customer Service

    When you have a bug problem, you don't want to wait or a long solution. The sooner the problem is addressed the less damage and worrying you have to endure. The best pest control companies will respond to your call within 24 hours. They will handle your current bug problem and help you take preventive measures to make it less likely that the bugs will return. Pest control technicians use many methods, such as sprays and bait traps, to control several varieties of pests like termites, ants, spiders, wasps, snakes, bedbugs and others.

    Range of pests

    Beyond common bug problems, we looked for companies that cover such wildlife as snakes, rodents and even birds. The best all-around companies can handle several types of pests, but the right service for you depends on the type of infestation you have. Keep in mind that not all services can treat for termites, which can do serious damage to a home.

    Website education material

    A good place to find the types of pest a company has experience controlling is their website. The design of their website will tell you many things like how they engage with customers, what kind of strategies and plans they have in place for pest control scenarios. It will also give you a good indication if they have an online account management system, which wed highly recommend having for long term pest control plans such as a yearly program.

    Environmentally friendly chemicals

    Most companies offer free inspections for termites, ants and bedbugs, and then supply you with a quote. Companies are required to follow EPA rules so you can expect them to use products and methods that are safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.

    Pest control companies must also follow regulations for the chemicals they use. And the best pest control companies, like Terminix, use environmentally safe chemicals and spray more powerful poisons responsibly. Some services, such as Eco-Wise, even offer natural and organic pest control options.

    We contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to learn about safe and eco-friendly pesticide usage. One of the most important takeaways they gave us was that you should ask the exterminator what pesticides they plan on using.

    A spokesperson from EPA stated, Be sure the pesticides being used are registered with EPA, as necessary, and that the applicator reads and follows the instructions on the label. With the knowledge found on the EPA website, you can see whether the exterminator is using chemicals correctly or if their technique might place you and your loved ones at risk. Keep in mind that good pest control companies wont be afraid to share their chemical list with you.

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    5 reasons to consider pest control services

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    Best Pest Control Companies 2019 - Orkin, Terminix, Massey ...

    Trusted Pest Control – Over 600 5-Star Reviews – Anderson … - September 25, 2019 by admin

    Anderson is the longest-running pest solutions company in the Midwest, ranked 33rd largest in the nation by Pest Control Technology magazine. Weve been practicing environmentally responsible pest control since 1913. Our pestfree365 protection treatment plan ensures your home and family is protected year-round from over 36 different pests that appear with each new season.

    In addition to expert inspection and treatment of your homes interior, our trained technicians thoroughly inspect your homes exterior. By concentrating our efforts outside the home, we reduce the need for service inside. A perimeter of protection servesas an invisible barrier, blocking pests from entering your house.

    As a member of the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, Anderson is committed to the adoption of innovative, alternative pest control practices and the ongoing pursuit of the most environmentally responsible treatments and methods in the industry.

    Anderson has received GreenPro certification from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). The GreenPro program is the most widely recognized green certification program for pest management professionals in the world, and is the only program of its kind to have received an award from the Environmental Protection Agency. Our GreenPro designation means that we comply with the procedures and systems established by the NPMAs GreenPro Committee to ensure that our customers receive responsible, eco-effective service.

    Continued here:
    Trusted Pest Control - Over 600 5-Star Reviews - Anderson ...

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