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    Holiday Hitchhikers: Keeping Pests out of Homes this Season – - December 5, 2019 by admin

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    December 05, 2019 // // ATLANTA - The holiday season, a time for family, fun and festivities, is here. If youre not careful, unwanted hitchhikers - pests - may be celebrating the holidays alongside you and your family. Orkin Pest Control has tips for keeping these pests out.

    With the introduction of fresh-cut trees, consistent holiday travel and an overflow of baked goods in the kitchen, aphids, bed bugs and ants are also seeking their way indoors to celebrate the season.

    During the holiday season, we access areas that we do not see very often during the rest of the year, such as attics and basements, to bring out decorations, which can introduce pests living there to the rest of the home, said Glen Ramsey, an Orkin entomologist. Some of the food and decorations placed out during holidays can also attract unwanted pests.

    What can you do to prevent aphids, bed bugs and ants from ruining your holiday cheer? Awareness and vigilance are key.

    Aphids: A Cautionary Tale

    Many people choose to celebrate the holidays with live trees, but unfortunately, real Christmas trees may carry pests - such as aphids - indoors.

    What is an aphid? It is a soft-bodied insect, about the size of an ant, that uses its piercing, sucking mouthparts to feed on plant sap. Aphids are common on conifers.

    While it is unlikely aphids cause any damage to the home or residents, they are a nuisance and may exude a sticky honeydew-like substance, said Ramsey.

    Although many will stay on the tree, aphids are known to become active after exposure to warm temperatures indoors. Others are attracted to light sources, including windows. Aphids can reproduce quickly. In fact, a tree could be infested with hundreds or even thousands of the pests. A key sign of infestation includes seeing dead aphids underneath the tree.

    Bed Bugs: The Unwanted Holiday Travel Guest

    Bed bugs, which are typically 4-5 mm in length and red to dark brown in color, are great hitchhikers and can travel from place to place with ease, including luggage, purses and other belongings.

    Bed bugs are not a sign of uncleanliness, said Ramsey. They only need blood to survive and can be found anywhere from single-family homes, apartments and hotels, to public places such movie theaters, public transit, libraries and offices.

    With the hustle and bustle of holiday travel, turnover rates increase, along with the likelihood of a bed bug introduction in hotels and homes across the country. Keep this in mind when youre on the road visiting loved ones. Also, think twice before you throw your jacket on a pile of others at a holiday party, as you never know where those jackets have traveled.

    Ants: Moving in for the Holidays

    Ants often move inside looking for the same things that humans do - favorable temperatures, food, shelter and a permanent place to call home.

    Observing swarmers during the cold weather months may indicate that an ant colony exists somewhere inside the home. In this scenario, ants are usually located somewhere in an inner house wall, in door and window frames, or in hidden places.

    Furthermore, ants are omnivores and may be attracted to the interior of a home by substances that are edible and provide a good energy source, including the sweet baked goods that frequently accompany the holiday season.

    The good news, though, is all these threats are manageable and preventable. To help people avoid the risks associated with ants, aphids and bed bugs, Orkin recommends the following tips:

    Using the tips above, homes across the nation can be better equipped to keep pests out this holiday season. To effectively control pest introductions, contact a trained pest professional who can assess your situation, implement a sound solution that is designed specifically for your home and monitor for improvements over time.

    For more information about preventing pest activity over the holidays, visit

    Founded in 1901, Atlanta-based Orkin is an industry leader in essential pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects. The company operates more than 400 locations with almost 8,000 employees. Using a proprietary, three-step approach, Orkin provides customized services to approximately 1.7 million homeowners and businesses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Central America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa. Orkin is committed to studying pest biology and applying scientifically proven methods. The company collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and eight major universities to conduct research and help educate consumers and businesses on pest-related health threats. Learn more about Orkin at Orkin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rollins Inc. (NYSE: ROL). Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    SOURCE Orkin, LLC


    Holiday Hitchhikers: Keeping Pests out of Homes this Season -

    Global and Regional Pest Control Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 – Space Market Research - December 5, 2019 by admin

    The newly released research at Ricera Alfa titled Global Keyword Market Report provides data, information, brief analysis, company profiles, statistics for past 2023 and forecasts for next few years.

    Global Pest Control Industry valued approximately USD XX billion in 2025 and forecasted to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than XX% over the forecast period 2018-2025.

    Request for Sample of this [emailprotected]

    The key players are highly focusing innovation in production technologies to improve efficiency and shelf life. The best long-term growth opportunities for this sector can be captured by ensuring ongoing process improvements and financial flexibility to invest in the optimal strategies. Company profile section of players such asInsects, Termites, Rodents includes its basic information like legal name, website, headquarters, its market position, historical background and top 5 closest competitors by Market capitalization / revenue along with contact information. Each player/ manufacturer revenue figures, growth rate and gross profit margin is provided in easy to understand tabular format for past 5 years and a separate section on recent development like mergers, acquisition or any new product/service launch etc.

    Methodology used in this report:

    Our researchers and domain experts use a unique blend of primary and secondary research, with validation and iterations at every stage, in order to minimize deviation and present the most accurate analysis of the Underwater Boat Light Market. The research process begins with extensive data mining, using authentic sources such as trade magazines, technical publications, independent studies along with paid avenues such as ICIS, Hoovers, etc. Primary objectives of data mining include:

    All the above factors are identified and analyzed in detail, with their present and expected market impact, which is quantified and used to derive market growth expectation. Market forecast is built using statistical analysis with models built around time-variance, regression and correlation analytics.

    Regional landscape: How will the details provided in the report help prominent stakeholders?

    The information that this study delivers, pertaining to the geographical landscape, is indeed rather vital. As per the study, the topographical spectrum of this industry covers the geographies of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific & Middle East and Africa. The study, in detail, enumerates the overview of the regional scope with respect to the growth rate that is likely to be recorded by each region over the projected duration. Other important aspects pertaining to the topographical reach that may prove important for buyers includes the remuneration and the production volume with regards to each region. The market share which every region holds in the industry has also been provided.

    Enquiry Before Buying:


    Chapter 1. Global Pest Control Industry Definition & Scope1.1. Research Objective1.2. Industry Definition1.3. Scope of The Study1.4. Years Considered for The Study1.5. Currency Conversion Rates1.6. Report Limitation

    Chapter 2. Research Methodology2.1. Research Process2.1.1. Data Mining2.1.2. Analysis2.1.3. Industry Estimation2.1.4. Validation2.1.5. Publishing2.2. Research Assumption

    Chapter 3. Executive Summary3.1. Global & Segmental Industry Estimates & Forecasts, 2015-20253.2. Key Trends

    Chapter 4. Global Pest Control Industry Dynamics4.1. Growth Prospects4.1.1. Strength4.1.2. Weakness4.1.3. Opportunities4.2. Industry Analysis4.2.1. Porters 5 Force Model4.2.2. PEST Analysis4.2.3. Value Chain Analysis4.3. Analyst Recommendation & Conclusion

    Chapter 5. Global Pest Control Industry by Component5.1. Industry Snapshot5.2. Industry Performance Potential Model5.3. Pest Control Industry, Sub Segment Analysis5.3.1. Transmission System5.3.1.1. Industry estimates & forecasts, 2015-20255.3.1.2. Regional breakdown estimates & forecasts, 2015-20255.3.2. Propulsion System5.3.2.1. Industry estimates & forecasts, 2015-20255.3.2.2. Regional breakdown estimates & forecasts, 2015-20255.3.3. Powertrains5.3.3.1. Industry estimates & forecasts, 2015-20255.3.3.2. Regional breakdown estimates & forecasts, 2015-20255.3.4. Others5.3.4.1. Industry estimates & forecasts, 2015-20255.3.4.2. Regional breakdown estimates & forecasts, 2015-2025

    Chapter 6. Global Pest Control Industry by Industry6.1. Industry Snapshot6.2. Industry Performance Potential Model6.3. Pest Control Industry, Sub Segment Analysis6.3.1. Highway Transportation6.3.1.1. Industry estimates & forecasts, 2015-20256.3.1.2. Regional breakdown estimates & forecasts, 2015-20256.3.2. Public Transit6.3.2.1. Industry estimates & forecasts, 2015-20256.3.2.2. Regional breakdown estimates & forecasts, 2015-2025

    7 Geographical Analysis7.1. Introduction7.2. North America7.2.1. U.S.7.2.2. Canada7.2.3. Mexico7.3. Europe7.3.1. Germany7.3.2. France7.3.3. U.K.7.3.4. RoE7.4. Asia Pacific7.4.1. China7.4.2. Japan7.4.3. India7.4.4. RoAPAC7.5. RoW7.5.1. Latin America7.5.1.1. Brazil7.5.1.2. Argentina7.5.1.3. Rest of Latin America7.5.2. Middle East and Africa

    Chapter 8. Competitive Intelligence8.1. Company Industry Share Overview

    Request for this Report:

    About Us:

    Ricerca Alfa is one of the top market research, consulting, and report resellers in the business world, dedicated to assist worldwide organizations to deliver practical and lasting results through valuable recommendations about emerging technology and industry trends, granular quantitative as well as qualitative information. We have comprehensive database of market research reports that are backed by the prominent research analysts seeking reliable facts and unbiased market insights.

    Contact Us:

    Ricerca Alfa

    Galaxy One, Besides EON IT Park, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411014

    +91 90213 50030 (India)

    +1 619-663-3211 (U.S)


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    Global and Regional Pest Control Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 - Space Market Research

    Insects and songbirds – AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST – AGInfo Ag Information Network Of The West - December 5, 2019 by admin

    Recent declines in bird populations brought me to Dr. Bruce Stein, who has spent much of his career on the topic of wildlife biodiversity. First of all, the decline of almost a third of the birds is in the United States, not the world in North America, continental U.S. and Canada. What is the cause of the decline? There was a study that was published in the journal Science that showed almost a 3 billion bird decline since the 1970s in North America. That's about a 29 percent decline. And we're talking about number of individual birds that are flying around or as the case may be, not flying around. And a lot of these are actually common species, not the rare ones that we often think about, things like redwing blackbirds and meadow larks. And so you do have to ask what's going on here, because this is a real wakeup call. It's clear that there's a number of things that are contributing to these declines. One of the major is loss of habitat, conversion of habitat from natural ecosystems to agricultural production or loss of forest. So that's one thing. The encroachment of invasive species is another thing and the use of pesticides being a third. There's a variety of factors and there are often species specific. We also know that when we identify certain things that are threatening a particular group of species, we have the ability to turn it around.

    Planting native trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers near farmland can attract songbirds, which in turn can help farmers control insect pests. A University of California study says songbirds can reduce insect pests by up to 46%. The researchers say planting habitat along the borders of fields benefits songbirds and provides natural pest control, because those bird species eat insects and don't damage crops.

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    Insects and songbirds - AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST - AGInfo Ag Information Network Of The West

    Pest Control Market expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2026 – Statsflash - December 5, 2019 by admin

    GlobalPest Control Marketwas valued US$ 16 Bn in 2017 and is anticipated to reach US$ 25 Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of about 5.74 % during a forecast period.

    Global Pest Control market is segmented by type, by pest type, by application, and by region. In terms of type, Pest Control market is segmented into Chemical Control, Mechanical Control, and Biological Control. Insects, Termites, Rodents, Wildlife are the pest type of the Global Pest Control market. Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Agriculture are application segment of Pest Control market. Geographically into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America.

    Pest control is the management of species or pests that are considered harmful to human health. Pest control is done in a wide range of applications such as agriculture, commercial buildings, residential buildings, and industries. It is beneficial to protect the crops from pests so as to increase food production. House flies have a tendency to hoard at places close to human activities, especially at places where food waste is uncovered.

    Request For Report Sample Pest Control Market:

    The biological pest control segment is projected to grow at the highest CAGR from 2017 to 2026. Biological control includes the beneficial action of parasites, pathogens, and predators in managing pests and avoiding pest infestation. Increase in pest population, changes in climatic conditions and awareness among consumers pertaining to the health hazards caused by the pests is anticipated to drive the global pest control market during the forecast period. The market is characterized by the presence of a large number of service providers. Hence, the easy availability of this service is also anticipated to drive the growth of the global pest control market.Insects are expected to maintain dominance in the global pest control market during the forecast period. However, termites are anticipated to gain traction in the near future. Changes in climatic conditions are anticipated to drive the growth of this segment in the near future.

    Agricultural pests belong to a broad spectrum of organisms, including insects, mites, ticks, mice, rats, other rodents, snails, nematodes, slugs, cestodes, fungi, bacteria, weeds, viruses, and other pathogens. Agricultural crops are of substantial importance to the global economy and are vital across sectors such as animal husbandry and poultry, which feed upon fodder crops. Commercial application segment is anticipated to remain dominant in the global pest control market during the analysis period. In 2017, commercial and residential application segments collectively accounted for more than half share in the global pest control market.

    Asia-Pacific has a high-growth potential for pest control. This region has emerging economies, such as China and India, which have considerable cultivable land to grow crops. The increasing awareness among the people about pest control is boosting the global market in North America. Growing concerns about the health are towering the global market in Asia Pacific countries such as India and China.

    Request for Discount :

    Rentokil Initial PLC, BASF SE, Ecolab Inc., Syngenta AG, National Pest Control, Rollins Inc., LLC, Lindsey Pest Control, Bayer AG, FMC Corporation, and Rollins, Inc., Indian Pest Control Company, Terminix International Company, L.P, Bell Laboratories Inc., Mitie Group PLC, Brunswick Pest Control Inc., Venus Pest Company, OPC Pest Control, Pesitcon, Home Paramount Pest Control, Wil-Kil Pest Solutions, ARM Holdings plc., AMD Inc., NVidia Corporation, Intel Corporation are key players included in the Pest control market.The Scope of Global Pest control Market:Global Pest control Market by Type:Chemical ControlMechanical ControlBiological ControlGlobal Pest control Market by Pest Type:InsectsTermitesRodentsWildlifeGlobal Pest control Market by Application:CommercialIndustrialResidentialAgricultureGlobal Pest control Market by Region:North AmericaEuropeAsia PacificMiddle East & AfricaLatin AmericaKey Player Analysed in the Global Pest control Market Report:Rentokil Initial PLCBASF SEEcolab Inc.Syngenta AGNational Pest Control, Rollins Inc.LLCLindsey Pest ControlBayer AGFMC CorporationRollins Inc.Indian Pest Control CompanyTerminix International CompanyL.PBell Laboratories Inc.Mitie Group PLCBrunswick Pest Control Inc.Venus Pest CompanyOPC Pest ControlPesitconHome Paramount Pest ControlWil-Kil Pest SolutionsARM Holdings plc.AMD Inc.NVidia CorporationIntel Corporation

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    Pest Control Market expected to Witness a Sustainable Growth over 2026 - Statsflash

    DIY Pest Control | Solutions Pest & Lawn - November 2, 2019 by admin

    When resolving issues with pests in or around your home, you need reliable pest control supplies. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, all of our products are the same products that professionals use and we offer all of the tools and supplies you need to use them safely and effectively.

    Besides providing professional chemicals, we provide resources that cover how to combat any pest problem you may encounter. Have some rodents been making a home in your attic? We have a guide for that. Do you need help with an ant infestation in your kitchen? We can provide the appropriate solutions. We believe that having the right know-how is just as important as having the right professional pest control products, so we have compiled all of the resources you need right here. We have detailed guides for each type of pest along with video tutorials showing you how to use most products. And if you still have questions, we want you to call or email us.

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    DIY Pest Control | Solutions Pest & Lawn

    Pest Control Company Memphis TN | Termite Control - November 2, 2019 by admin

    Your Pest Control In Memphis

    When it comes to Memphis pest control, people trust the skilled professionals at James Pest Management to do the job right. We understand how important your home is to you, and we know how to help protect it from insects and other animals.

    We work within strict standards of top-quality workmanship, reliability, and exceptional customer service. When you call us about a problem, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of safely, efficiently, and professionally. We use only state-of-the-art methods and tools, and our experience and expertise shows in everything we do.

    We offer a wide variety of pest management programs to fit not only your needs but are affordable. We specialize in ridding your home of unwanted insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and bed bugs. We are a 3rd generation, family-owned company that has been in business since 1941. We serve customers all over the Mid-South, and we have offices in three locations: Memphis, Columbus and Aberdeen.

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    Pest Control Company Memphis TN | Termite Control

    Home – Dodson Pest Control - November 2, 2019 by admin

    Nicole / Dodson Customer

    I'm so glad that Dodson Pest has taken care of our ants! I can see a 100% difference.

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    Karen / Homeowner

    The personnel were always courteous!

    Stephanie / Downtown Motel

    Clyde is very respectful and professional.

    Sarah / Dodson Customer

    They went above and beyond, even coming back a few days later to re-spray. Love them!

    Angie / Homeowner

    I had an overall great experience with Dodson Bros. I will call again if I ever have any other pest problems I cant handle.

    Kendall / Dodson Customer

    Outstanding service when buying my first home. Thank you guys for being on top of things.

    Dorothy / Homeowner

    Very happy with the service.

    Bonnie / Homeowner

    We have had termite control with you for 19 years and have always received excellent service!

    Wanda / Homeowner

    Jeremy was a great service person. I would recommend him to anyone. He was always courteous and helpful!

    Timothy / Homeowner

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    We loved both of our technicians. They were great!

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    Our technician, Tim, is a great asset to Dodson Bros.

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    Michael / Avoca Museum

    We appreciate his commitment to quality customer service.

    Donald / Homeowner

    Chris and phone personnel are always very nice.

    Donna / Homeowner

    We were very pleased with our technician, Cody, who was sent out to take care of our pest problem. He was very polite and professional!

    Thomas / Homeowner

    Your personnel did a good job on the termite job!

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    Home - Dodson Pest Control

    How Much Does Pest Control Service Cost? | Angie’s List - November 2, 2019 by admin

    For single visits, Healy says Exodus Pest Control has a pricing structure based on size of home and pest. For example, for carpenter ants in a house up to 1,500 square feet, the treatment cost would be $300. A house that is 1,501 to 2,300 square feet would cost $325 to treat. Every thousand feet, we are adding about $25, he says. The bigger the house, the better the bargain.

    Chem-Wises single service treatments come with a 90-day guarantee. They charge $215 for carpenter ant control and $145 for flea treatment. They will perform a termite inspection for $145. Bee and wasp control costs $95 for one nest or $195 for whole house prevention. A single service for mice control costs $145 and includes a two-week follow-up appointment.

    According to Angies List data, the national average price for termite treatment is $1,535. The national average cost for interior and exterior pest treatment is $145 and $214, respectively.

    Oeters says while there are numerous pest control products available over the counter, it becomes more effective to hire a pest control professional to treat your home on a regular basis. He adds most over-the-counter products treat one pest, whereas their program is all-encompassing.

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    How Much Does Pest Control Service Cost? | Angie's List

    Pest Control Abu Dhabi, Best Pest Control Services in Abu … - November 2, 2019 by admin

    Pest Control Abu Dhabi, Best Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi - QPC

    Enter the content which will be displayed in sticky bar.

    Call Us Now: 054-747-3221 |

    We are providing Pest Control Services in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Sharjah with our names Quality Pest Control LLC Abu Dhabi Pest Control Dubai Branch, Pest Control Sharjah Branch.Our goal is to provide customers with effective, ecologically responsible pest control solutions, protecting health, households and the world around us. Our integrated approach relies on targeting the source of pest problems rather than the symptoms, therefore eliminating pests through low impact techniques.As we become more aware of our environmental footprint and the issues we face concerning our ecosystem, its our responsibility to respect and protect the world we share. Hence we got into the business.Quality pest control staff includes a certified in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. QPC is a local company made up of expat staff of all nationals and UAE residents.

    Get free estimate via our online Advanced Booking System or make us call on our Toll FREE number. We will visit with our team shortly!

    We cover our pest control services in Abu Dhabi areas include Al Bateen, Al Khubeirah, Tourist Club, Al Markaziyah, Al Karamah, Al Rowdah, Madinat Zayed, Al Nahyan, Hadabat, Al Zaafaran, Al Zahra, Al Mushrif, Khalidiyah, Raha Beach, Kalifa City A, Al Reef Gardens, Al Reem Island, Pest control in Mussafah. Our pest control services in Dubai Deira, Bur Dubai, Oud Metha, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah, Satwa, JLT, JBR, Creek, Umm Suqeim, Silicon Oasis, and Al Sofouh areas. Call and book for cockroach pest control, Bed bugs pest control, rodent control and Anti termite in Dubai. We cover pest control services in Sharjah all locations. Our pest control in Sharjah.

    Best Commercial Pest Control services in DubaiHeat treatment for Bedbugs Pest ControlAnti termiteBed bugs controlRodent controlAnts pest control in DubaiCockroach control DubaiTop Pest Control in DubaiPest control for villa and flats

    All Pest control services are effective to eliminate the growth of pests and make your place hygienic. As, the resistance of pests is growing there is a need for advanced techniques to counter this resistance. Pest control service consists of a series of steps to eliminate the pests also with different techniques available, selection of the right one is very important to achieve a high success rate.

    Identification of pests is important and for this many special methods are employed and these methods help in determining the presence of pests. There are high chances of presence in the damp areas as these conditions are perfect for the survival of pests.

    Quality Pest control price

    The presence of pests can make your home a very unhygienic place to live and at the same time some pests can cause serious damage to the property. Bed bugs can make your home a very uncomfortable place to live and to control and eliminate the bed bugs special bed bug treatment is available. With this treatment, your house will be completely free from bed bugs in a very short time. Pest control price is very affordable with us, there are no hidden changes in pest control service rates.If the growth of pests is not controlled at the right time there can be a lot of serious damage caused and the damage can be in terms of spreading some disease or causing damage to some parts of your valuable property. Some people also try to do the pest control by themselves, but the results are not very good as it is difficult to determine the type of pests present in your home and also the correct use of pesticides.

    UAE Pest control companies

    The right tools for proper and safe use of pesticides also as the pests have mostly hidden in deep cracks and holes so it is very difficult to reach these areas without the presence of proper tools and these tools are equipped with professionals at the pest control company. Also, pest control companies make sure that the complete procedure is as environment-friendly as possible by proper disposal of insecticides and using products that are more organic in nature.

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    " Our Hotel trust QPC from few years and we never found any problem with their Service or Support, great team"

    "I have hired many companies in the past for my pest problem in and around my home, but none could resolve the issue. That was until I came to know about Quality Pest Control. They came in with a smile and a plan of action on how they were personally going to take care of the problem. It was a nice change of pace to work with such a professional team who were committed to resolving the problem. Thanks to Quality Pest Control's hard work, honesty, and professionalism, my home is pest free!! I highly recommend Quality Pest Control to my friends and family and will continue to call on QPC for all my pest control needs."

    "Thank you so much for your outstanding service and the follow-up treatments making sure things were okay. Also, I appreciate you working around my work schedule to get the job done. I would also use your services again in the future and would refer your company to people who could use your service."

    "Quality Pest Control is the best exterminators in our company history that provided service with great punctuality and Value"

    We handle all kind of Pests like cockroaches, Bedbugs, Ants, Rodents or rats, fly. We have unique approach for pest control services for different types of pests and infestation rate.

    We have experienced staff specialized in Cockroach Control, Bedbugs Control, Rodent Control or Rat Control, Ant control, Anti termite treatment and fumigation. ISO 9001 Certified company in Abu Dhabi for general pest control in UAE.

    QPC Pest Control Professionals are well trained and providing safe pest control Sharjah & Dubai . We offer affordable pest control price in all over our branches. spray treatment , gel treatment and anti termite are our major treatments in our business. Villa pest control, Office pest control, Hotel pest control services we give Quotation as per market best price.

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    Pest Control Abu Dhabi, Best Pest Control Services in Abu ...

    How to Launch Your Own Pest Control Business - November 2, 2019 by admin

    A home-based pest control business has the potential to provide you with a healthy income, but going the freelance route takes commitment and marketing know-how. Many of those who run their own pest control businesses get their start working for an established pest control services company.

    Pest control workers, or exterminators, eliminate mice, rats, roaches, termites and other pests to protect homes and businesses from further infestation. They set traps with poison or natural baits and seal off entryways.

    They may also have to fumigate entire homes and businesses while educating clients on how they can better control pests. Homes with children and curious pets demand special consideration if you must use toxic materials.

    Pest control businesses often have a seasonal nature. For example, there may be a strong demand for controlling yellow jackets, flies, and carpenter ants in the warmer months in the Northeast, while rodents like mice and rats are often a problem in the cooler months when they seek warm shelter and nesting places indoors.

    You can offer monthly, quarterly and annual pest control packages to help generate a steady income stream.

    Startup expenses for a pest control business can be significant. To start, youll have to outfit a truck or van with equipment and chemicals. Here's a rundown of some things you'll need to get started:

    In addition, you'll need certification, because pest control is regulated. Contact your state pest control board for certification information and to find out whats required in your area.

    The websites of some of the larger exterminating outfits may also have how-to advice and may offer trainee positions for those with little or no experience. Community colleges and vocational schools offer classes, as well.

    Youll have job security: the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the need for exterminators should remain consistent from 2014 through 2024. In addition, any of your jobs will be simple matters, clearing minor infestations or follow-ups. And repeat business is common if your customers feel youve helped them out.

    Your work conditions will be occasionally unpleasant, such as in an attic on a hot summer day. You also run the risk of bringing pests home with you, as well as carrying in harmful chemicals youve been exposed to.

    Youll need safe storage for chemicals and supplies and must meet state and local requirements for their storage and for transporting them in highways or in tunnels. You also run the risk of legal liability for misapplication of chemicals that might result in injury or property damage.

    Competing against large franchises with equally large advertising budgets is a given, so understand theunique value propositionyour pest control business offers and convey that effectively to your customers and prospects.

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