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    5 Home Improvement Projects With the Highest Return on Investment – Motley Fool - November 27, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

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    If you're selling a home, you might worry whether you've over-improved your property. In other words, have you upgraded too much to recoup the cost?

    If listing your home is in the foreseeable future, it's essential to know which improvements are most likely to pay off when you sell. Here are five home improvement projects known for holding their value.

    Let's face it; the first thing we notice when we drive up to a house is its exterior. If the house looks like it was last painted during the Korean War, the lawn is overgrown, and the mailbox appears to have been run over by a moose, it's nearly impossible to see it as a potentially beautiful home.

    According to HGTV, exterior improvements recover 90% to 100% of what you pay for them. That makes fresh paint, vinyl siding, an updated front entry, new deck, patio, porch addition, and landscaping safe home upgrades.

    If you don't plan to sell for a few years, consider a charming addition like a fountain, lily pond, or stone-paved walkway. That way, you'll have time to enjoy it before putting the house on the market.

    Seller tip: Safe and attractive stairs and railings make buyers feel secure and show you're a homeowner who focuses on upkeep.

    Living space retains a fair share of value. For example, a family room addition offers an average return at resale of 83%. A basement remodel will recapture a little over 90%, and an attic bedroom conversion provides an average return of nearly 94%.

    Seller tip: If you plan to convert an attic, consider adding a bath. Buyers will feel as though they're walking into a suite.

    You know all those shows you've seen on television where they've totally gutted and rebuilt a kitchen and bath? If you want a healthy return on investment, you need to forget about those shows. The best return -- and we're talking 98.5% to 102% -- is on minor kitchen and bath remodels. A minor remodel is primarily cosmetic and doesn't rearrange your floor plan. In other words, you're not tearing out a tub so you can install a shower across the room or removing a wall in your kitchen and relocating cabinets. It's about reimagining how each space can look through cosmetic enhancements. For example:

    Seller tip: Avoid upgrades that make your home the most expensive in the area. Most homebuyers would rather buy the least expensive home in a fantastic neighborhood than the most expensive property in a so-so neighborhood.

    There's nothing particularly exciting about having replacement windows installed, but boy, can they pay for themselves. In some cities, the average homeowner recoups more than they spent on the windows. In others, you'll get close. Here's why: Living in a home with energy-efficient windows can cut down on your utility costs year-round. Even if you recover the average return at resale of 89.6%, you've practically paid for the windows.

    Seller tip: Think of windows as an investment. They'll help you keep money in your bank account whether you sell or not.

    If you have space and can add a new bathroom, you'll likely recapture around 86.4% of the cost when you sell. If you live in the home long enough to enjoy the extra bath yourself, that's a win/win.

    Seller tip: The value is in having another bathroom. Only pay for upgrades like a rainforest shower, heated floors, or a towel-warming rack if you're buying them for your pleasure. Unless you live in a luxury home, you're unlikely to recoup the cost of luxury upgrades.

    Ideally, the upgrades you make to your home will both give you enjoyment and make your home stand out from the crowd when it's time to sell. If you're not sure how to finance your home improvements, you have several options. Consider a cash-out refinance, where you refinance your existing mortgage, borrow more than your remaining balance, and get the difference in cash. A cash-out refinance is a good option if you have solid equity in your home plus a strong credit score. Borrowing against your home via a home equity loan or HELOC could also work, and that way, you don't need to apply for a brand-new mortgage.

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    5 Home Improvement Projects With the Highest Return on Investment - Motley Fool

    Report: Home improvement spending continues to increase – LBM Journal - November 27, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    This year, we found, in our annual survey, the average home services spending for households who took on projects rose to$13,138, an increase over last years survey results, where homeowners who did projects spent$9,081on average, saidMischa Fisher, chief economist at HomeAdvisor.

    This years topline growth in spending and projects is a story of increasing costs of supplies, increasing cost of labor and homeowners shifting spending from things like entertainment and travel to their homes, continued Fisher. While the cost to do projects compared to last year did increase, we also found that homeowners were spending more as well. The acceleration of home buying this year and underlying drivers of consumer spending like shifting demographics, baby boomers renovating to age-in-place, millennials changing needs to raise their growing families, a greater cultural focus on home design and home entertainment, an aging housing stock and a shortage of new home construction among many other fundamental factorswere already resulting in more spending on home improvement, home maintenance, and home emergency repair and also continued this year.

    Homes have always been important, but the once in a century global pandemic has fundamentally shifted the relationship we have with our homes. Those factors, combined with a shifting range of needs for households as a result of coping with COVID-19, such as 27% more outdoor living needs, 40% more home entertaining, 50% more working from home, and 68% more home cooking, resulted in a shift in spending patterns, with 33% shifting commuting budget, 48% shifting vacation budget, and 52% shifting restaurant budgets into home services.

    Additional insights include:

    This report also found many generational trends, fueled by the onset of the COVID pandemic, including a focus on home services by millennials.

    Millennials are spending the most on home improvement projects this year, said Fisher. On average, millennial households spend or plan on spending nearly$10,000on home improvement projects this year. Homeownership rates for millennials have jumped significantly, especially as COVID-19 has reemphasized the importance of the home and many companies move to flexible work location options. Millennials are not only rapidly becoming homeowners, but they are also spending more on home improvement than any other generation when they do.

    The report is informed byHomeAdvisors True Cost Guide, an online guide for homeowners to access real costs as reported by consumers for home projects, as well as results from an annual survey conducted among homeowners.

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    Report: Home improvement spending continues to increase - LBM Journal

    Homeowners nationwide are remodeling in record numbers amid pandemic – - November 27, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    As people continue to spend more and more time in their homes, many are looking for ways to upgrade through remodeling. And it doesn't take a big budget to do so.

    MINNEAPOLIS When Dave Fransen bought his first house in south Minneapolis 13 years ago it was a true fixer upper, and hes since built a new kitchen, garage and a backyard fence.

    "It definitely needed some work," said Fransen. "And Ive just been ticking off projects here and there."

    But this year is his busiest yet, because, as the pandemic gets longer, so does his list of projects.

    "When you're at home a lot more, its easy to get more annoyed by the things that have always sort of annoyed you about your house," said Fransen. "They get a little more amplified."

    Thats one reason homeowners nationwide are remodeling in record numbers. Home design website Houzzsays leads for professional projects have spiked nearly 60% this year, with Americans spending more time than ever at home.

    "The boom in construction can be heard all around the country, and probably the world," said Tamara Day, host of the HGTV remodeling show Bargain Mansions.

    Day remodels homes around Kansas City, helps homeowners with design both in-person and virtually and is now redoing her own house, finding that like many families it felt far too small when she, her husband and kids were suddenly all staying home.

    "My designers have never done so many home offices as they have in the past six months," said Day.

    Day says offices are one of the best investments you can make, stressing that any small area - even a closet - will work, and that wallpaper and tile are inexpensive ways to give it character for video calls.

    "Making that backdrop something that fits what you want people to think about you and your business is a huge part of this," said Day.

    Day says gyms are also a smart addition, saying all it takes is a big mirror, a padded floor and some basic equipment.

    "It is a need, not a want anymore," said Day.

    And she says kitchens and baths are always money well spent, but says you need firm bids, a well-researched plan and advice from an expert.

    "A consultation fee is nominal compared to making large mistakes, and often times thats all you need," said Day.

    Day says you also dont need a big budget or a lot of skill, saying paint, cabinet hardware and light fixtures are easy, affordable upgrades.

    "There are lots of projects that you can take on that will change the way your entire space feels without having to spend a ton of money," said Day.

    Dave Fransen agrees. Thanks to the pandemic, hes already had time to do his own demolition for a new bathroom, bedroom and office, and with the money hes saved this year he may redo his basement next.

    "Covid hit, and work from home hit, and it became a really good opportunity," said Fransen. "It's kind of the right time to take that on."

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    Homeowners nationwide are remodeling in record numbers amid pandemic -

    Katy-area business owners adapt to COVID-19 – Community Impact Newspaper - November 27, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Earlier this year, Meredith Lanning, owner of Pinots Palette in Katy, told Community Impact Newspaper she was taking measures to be extra sanitary and maintain social distancing rules in her classes at the beginning of quarantine; she even suspended in-studio classes for a while.

    Eight months and several regulations later, Lanning said it has been a challenging year.

    The last eight months have been a roller coaster, Lanning said. Im a small-business owner who is supposed to promote social gatherings to stay open in the middle of a pandemic. ... How do you do that?

    While the effect of the coronavirus on cities sales tax revenue has varied throughout the Houston regionwith Katy seeing lower revenue compared to 2019small businesses in the community have felt the financial strain of the pandemic for the past seven months.

    Local government is only as strong as the local economy, said James Thurmond, a former city manager and current graduate professor in public administration at the University of Houston. [If] they dont have money coming in, they cant provide some of the basic services they need to provide.

    Although the pandemic has led to a drop in sales tax collections in Katy, Director of Finance Andrew Vasquez said grocery stores, businesses that were able to stay open due to carry-out orders, and Buc-ees helped carry the city when Katy Mills mall was shut down.

    We were actually surprised the sales tax revenue did as well as it did, he said. We get the benefit of people traveling through Katy and spending money at Buc-ees.

    Reinventing the wheel

    Lanning, like other business owners around the world, was forced to create a new business model overnight.

    With approval from Fort Bend County, Lanning was able to offer curbside pickup for painting kits, which slightly increased spending because materials that were typically reused were now being sold.

    However, that was not sustainable, and business slowed again once the mask orders went into place the week of July 4. Nobody was coming, Lanning said. I couldnt get an adult in here to drink and paint if it saved my life. I had to shut it down.

    Ida Franklin, the owner of Venus Construction in Katy, said she lost two employees in the initial stages of the pandemic and started having supply chain issues.

    We have a horrible time right now getting appliances, Franklin said. Anything made in China or anywhere overseas is taking way longer to get here. Things that normally take a couple of weeks to arrive are taking months.

    Franklin said Venus Construction has struggled a little in getting parts to complete a job due to factories closing overseas in March and April, but manufacturing is picking back up.

    The things that we would be selling now are things that they would be manufacturing back in March and April, Franklin said. They just started reopening, so now they are having to play catch up, but its going to take months.

    Venus Construction opened in 2006 and specializes in high-end kitchen and bath remodels as well as commercial remodeling and build-out.

    I talked to my employees at length about not putting themselves at risk unnecessarily, being careful and wearing masks, Franklin said. Especially after we went through [COVID-19] at my house, it was terrible. I wouldnt want to wish that on anybody. Having to quarantine and separate yourself from each other in the house, and if people have kids, I cant even imagine telling a kid they cant hug their mother.

    The most severe decreases in sales tax revenue may not have happened yet, and local governments need to brace for those, Thurmond said.

    The COVID-19 recession, which is considered to have started both domestically and globally in late February, is unlike any other economic downturn in recent history, Thurmond said: It could potentially be much longer-lasting than a traditional recession.

    We havent hit the low point yet, he said, adding that local governments must spend money and create budgets wisely. I would not be very positive right now. ... I would be cutting back.

    Lanning reached out to Fort Bend County for a grant to help stay open during the lockdown, but Pinots Palettes locations in Cypress, Sugar Land and Memorial City have all closed since the pandemic hit the Greater Houston area.

    Ask if you are struggling, Lanning said. It is just awesome how they help if we need it. Im hoping its going to be a stellar holiday seasonmaybe just without the crowds.

    A silver lining

    Although the restaurant and entertainment industries have suffered during the pandemic, other industries have thrived.

    Venus Construction is booked until mid-December.

    Were very fortunate to have a good business base, Franklin said. Were just trying to keep up with the business we have. In our construction and remodeling industry, its crazy busy right now, so theres not that much unemployment. I know there are lots of people unemployed and lots of people are struggling, but were not struggling.

    The YaYa Club Clothing Co. located at 123 FM 1463, Katy, was another business that saw success since the pandemic, according to Lanning.

    Although initially the owners were unsure on how they would continue, they quickly found a way to leverage the internet and social media to kick up sales.

    I always think God puts people in your life that you need to learn some stuff from, and during quarantine I was watching all their videos, Lanning said. They go on Facebook live because they are a boutiquepeople come in, people touch clothes, people try things on, and we were shut down.

    Livestreams included the owners presenting certain clothing items with descriptions and an assigned number to make it easy for customers to buy online, co-owner Robin Ebrecht said.

    We started making masks for companies, for individuals, and clear shields because teachers, administrators and hair stylists wanted to be able to talk and see their clients, Robin said. We just tried to adapt and change with the rules and the laws.

    The YaYa Club offers clothes, jewelry, a mens section, and masks and hand sanitizer.

    I want to thank the community for supporting us and shopping local, Ebrecht said. Its been really amazing. We were surprised that we didnt fall that far behind last years sales, even through all of this.

    Ebrechts son, Tanner, owns DiamondFit Performance Katy. The athletic facility shut down in the early days of the pandemic, Tanner said.

    The North Carolina-based business specializes in training youth and high school athletes with some adult training classes.

    Although the gym has lost a bit of money this year, Tanner said the staff was prepared for it and looking ahead.

    I would imagine a similar story in most places, Tanner said. We were operating normally, boom everything shut down, and we just had to adjust and overcome all the adversity. I hope we are on the back end of it. Were pushing through. We are just trying to give our service and help everybody out.

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    Katy-area business owners adapt to COVID-19 - Community Impact Newspaper

    Who Pays for ‘Kitchen Crashers’? It Isn’t Easy to Get Cast on the Show – Distractify - September 23, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    As fans of Kitchen Crashers know, the DIY Network program loves to surprise unsuspecting shoppers at home improvement stores with professional remodels, but who is expected to pay for these pricy renovations?

    Lucky for us, past participants have opened up about their experiences on the various Crashers shows (which include Kitchen, Yard, Bath, House, and Room), though getting cast is tougher than you think.

    All five versions of Crashers use the same production company, Big Table Media, who foots the bill for the projects. However, local businesses typically donate their goods and services in exchange for free advertising.

    On top of that, home makeover shows tend to have big-budget sponsors, like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target, to help cover certain costs. In a 2019 blog post, one of the franchises former clients, Bill Cunningham, confirmed that he didnt contribute a single penny to his renovation.

    "My wife and I were on Bath Crashers and while we received a $40,000 high-end bath remodel, as the homeowners we never saw an invoice for one single item or trade that worked on our project," he stated.

    "Everyone related to the show was really amazing," he added. "Like a group of fun and talented friends who take over your house for a few days. Its a crazy few days which will leave you sleep deprived and exhausted, but my wife and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

    Mike and Wendy Schmiedeler, a couple from Oak Park, Ill., were thrilled with how interior designer Alison Victoria and her Kitchen Crashers crew transformed their outdated space. "The new kitchen is great," the duo told the Wednesday Journal after their episode aired.

    "It looks fun and modern now, and the layout makes a ton of sense, and, of course, the new appliances are fantastic," Wendy shared. "People were skeptical that we would turn over the design decisions to someone else There was nothing anyone could do to this kitchen to make it worse than it already was."

    Unfortunately, most of the people you see on the Crashers shows were actually found in home improvement stores, meaning your odds of manufacturing an appearance are slim.

    The Schmiedelers, for example, were selected to appear on Kitchen Crashers while shopping at Lowes. "We are looking for homeowners who really need and want a new kitchen, who will really appreciate it," Victoria, who also hosts HGTVs Windy City Rehab, said in 2012.

    Yard Crashers star Chris Lambton previously told Popsugar that viewers would be shocked by the number of individuals who turn down his offer for a free lawn makeover.

    "It's funny how many people when I walk up to them just say 'no' to me or walk away without talking much," he revealed. "That was one of the biggest surprises I found from doing Yard Crashers, how many people don't even want to talk to me."

    Though the DIY franchise does its best to be authentic, no reality show is 100 percent real. As one redditor noted in 2017, "My friends sister knew the [Yard Crashers] producer so they set it up where my friend would be at Lowes and then the host would surprise [him] and his wife. Far from random."

    We just care about the transformations.

    Excerpt from:
    Who Pays for 'Kitchen Crashers'? It Isn't Easy to Get Cast on the Show - Distractify

    Reno of the Month: Reston Lakefront Living at it’s Finest! – Reston Now - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    By Nicola Caul Shelley, Synergy Design & Construction

    Its been a busy summer here at Synergy! Weve completed a number of beautiful home remodels in the area (while practicing COVID safety, of course) and have started a number of new projects.

    Although Labor Day usually marks the end of summer, were hoping for a few more warm days to take advantage of outdoor activities that can be safely enjoyed in these COVID times. One of the things we love about this area is the many lakes, local parks and trails and the opportunity to be outside enjoying nature. Its one of the reasons so many people are attracted to this area (and one of the reasons the housing market is so active right now)!

    It may not surprise you to know home remodeling is also in high demand. Now well into our seventh month of the COVID pandemic, many of us are looking at ways to maximize the use and enjoyment of our existing space. Lets face it, spending so much time at home is a surefire way to start you dreaming of that perfect kitchen or finally getting around to remodeling the basement!

    In keeping with our love of the local area, this months featured remodel is a Reston lakefront townhome. This remodel is a great example of not only how you can create a more open concept and better flow, but also how changing the internal layout of a home makes it look and feel much bigger (without the expense of an addition). It can also help you maximize some of the best features of your home in this case, a beautiful lake view.

    The key to the remodel of this home was creating a better flow throughout the main level and better use of space. Visible as soon as you entered the home, the original footprint included a large closet pantry at the entry to the kitchen. This not only took up a lot of square footage, it blocked the view to the lake and closed off the kitchen. We removed it and changed the door location (and size) of a separate coat closet for more efficient storage.

    We also removed a railing-height wall leading to the family room and replaced it with modern cable railing. This created a much more open concept that maximizes the gorgeous water views throughout the main level and brings the outside in. The space now feels bigger, brighter and more airy.

    Our clients piano was an important feature for them, so we removed an existing butlers pantry/bar, leaving the perfect nook for the piano. We added a dry bar to the other side of the room for additional storage and a buffet serving area. A large island with lots of seating now takes center stage in what used to be the dining area, and the large dining table was relocated to the step-down living area, which features an updated fireplace. The whole feel of this townhouse has been transformed.

    If youve been thinking of a home remodel for a while, be prepared production schedules are rapidly filling up for many home remodeling companies. Were now booking construction dates in late 2020 and early 2021, so if youve been thinking of a home remodel, dont delay and start the conversation now!

    Our no-obligation consultations are FREE and if you arent comfortable with having anyone in your home just yet, we also offer virtual consultations.

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    Reno of the Month: Reston Lakefront Living at it's Finest! - Reston Now

    Herald-Tribune is your partner in Rebuilding America – Sarasota Herald-Tribune - May 28, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    This content is being provided for free as a public service to our readers. If local news is important to you, consider becoming a digital subscriber to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.***

    Nineteen-hundred twenty-five was a momentous year in Florida.

    The Sunshine State had just gotten its first taste of the boom times that would define its future: a powerful real estate market drawing northerners looking to invest or for a place of their own in the sun.

    It also was a time of railroads, lines that connected Florida from top to bottom, and the beginning surge of what would become the beautiful, sandy and artsy Southwest Florida, home to Fort Myers, Naples and Sarasota.

    Four years earlier, on May 14, 1921, Sarasota County was carved out of Manatee County and incorporated as its own community. Manatee, the much older sibling, was founded on Jan. 9, 1855 (when first created, Manatee included all of what is now Sarasota County, Charlotte County, DeSoto County, Glades County, Hardee County, Highlands County and part of Lee County).

    #apolloLink{color:#000;background-color:#F4BE11;text-shadow: none;padding: 8px 15px 10px;font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;font-weight: 600;border-radius:10px;}

    Read all of our Sarasota-Manatee Rebuilding America stories.

    For the last 95 years, the Herald-Tribune has been here to document the stories and the growth of the two great communities of Sarasota and Manatee counties, through the financial crisis of the 1920s and 1930s to World War II and the subsequent Florida boom to Korea to Vietnam to the great Space Race of the 1960s and the birth of Disney to the Great Recession until now, when our state, nation and planet face another momentous time.

    The Herald-Tribune has always been here to help readers navigate troubled waters and were here to help the businesses that serve as the backbone of this great community get back to what they do best.

    Weve been here every step of the way through the COVID-19 crisis, documenting the first cases, telling you how to remain safe and partnering with local foundations and nonprofits to raise millions of dollars to help those folks most impacted.

    In this Rebuilding America section, we have partnered with some of the regions most prominent businesses to document how they have dealt with the crisis and to ask them to stand beside us as we navigate our way out of it.

    The Herald-Tribune is proud to be the trusted local source for news and information for Sarasota and Manatee residents, and we stand alongside our local businesses as we begin reopening.

    #apolloLink{color:#000;background-color:#F4BE11;text-shadow: none;padding: 8px 15px 10px;font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;font-weight: 600;border-radius:10px;}

    Read Rebuilding America stories from around the country.

    The increase in web traffic and audience engagement during these difficult and challenging times has been explosive. Thats why this project is so vital. It zeroes in on focused economic categories, both in print and online.

    During this difficult time, weve been been amazed at the generosity and deep sense of community weve experienced from both a personal and professional perspective. Were even more impressed with the adaptability and creatively of local business owners and those keeping our health and safety top of mind.

    For example, the way Sarasota Memorial Hospital has kept the community informed about the virus and the importance of emergent and general health has been inspiring.

    The creative way other local businesses have kept their employees working highlights local market leadership. Restaurants are a key economic driver for employment and commerce. Many have gotten extremely creative from selling grocery baskets at Pier 22 to many carry-out options from downtown restaurants like Duvals.

    Sarasota residents and businesses have been deeply impacted by the pandemic. Being a community that relies heavily on tourism and residential seasonality, the timing was particularly difficult. As we begin thinking about traveling safely, we are so fortunate to have a local air travel option with Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

    The automotive industry was one of the first to respond and adjust to our new environment with consideration for those impacted. Local dealers adapted business practices for both sales and service with drop-off and pick-up options in order to keep their employees and customers safe.

    Building is an essential business. People are still buying and selling homes. As we take a deep look at residential building, local malls, real estate companies and new homebuilders are taking advantage of great rates from local financial institutions.

    One positive note is that we are all spending more time with our loved ones as we work from home. This has given us time to evaluate our home environments. More than ever, people are looking into comfort, functionality and style for their space.

    From home offices and furniture upgrades to even more extensive kitchen and bath remodels and home exterior improvements, like landscaping, pools and lanais, people are taking advantage of the work-from-home requirements to engage with contractors and accept deliveries.

    Many of these businesses have joined with us as we innovate as well with Best of HT Preps. We had to pivot in order to celebrate student athletes in our communities. Rather than an in person banquet and awards show, we will produce an on-demand ceremony on June 18, 2020. We are seeing the same type of innovation with educators at all levels from elementary to college.

    For 95 years, the Herald-Tribune has helped its readers and advertisers to see the light. We have no doubt that when we fully emerge from this latest test, Sarasota and Manatee counties will be stronger than ever and also wiser and more determined to succeed in creating a better community for our residents and their families, and a great place to do business.

    None of this is happening in a vacuum. In fact, its quite the opposite.

    Gannett newspapers across Florida are collaborating on this effort 23 of them to be exact from Pensacola to Jacksonville to West Palm Beach to Sarasota. Collectively, we reach a digital audience of 9 million, nearly 60 percent of Florida adults each month and 2 million readers in print.

    But this effort is even bigger than Florida. Its happening across the 260 local brands that form the USA Today Network, which stretches from California to Maine to, of course, the Sunshine State, and most everywhere in between. Thats an audience of 173 million.

    If you havent joined us in recent days in Rebuilding America, there is still plenty of opportunity to do so. This is just the beginning. We will be carrying this theme throughout the recovery and its a great opportunity for you to reach your customers and assure them youre back in business.

    Were here for you like we have been for the last 95 years and well be here for the next 100.

    Matthew Sauer, the executive editor and general manager of the Herald-Tribune, can be reached at Stacia King, the media companys sales director, can be reached at

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    Herald-Tribune is your partner in Rebuilding America - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    Watch Now: New business (re)models Store owners make the most of closures – Times-News - May 28, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Help support our COVID-19 coverage

    We're providing access to COVID-19 articles for free. Please help support our work by subscribing or signing up for an account. Already a subscriber? Log in.

    Dave Hansen, left, and his son Austin Hansen work on a new seating area Thursday at Scooter's Chillin'-N-Grillin' in Twin Falls.

    A new bar top has been installed at O'Dunkens Draught House Thursday in downtown Twin Falls.

    New patio flooring has been put in place Thursday at Twin Falls Sandwich Co. in downtown Twin Falls.

    Original flooring was found during the renovations to the theater, built in 1921, on Friday at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Twin Falls.

    Downtown businesses have been keeping busy in spite of of COVID-19 closures by doing renovation projects in Twin Falls.

    TWIN FALLS Sometimes even the darkest clouds have silver linings.

    Magic Valley restaurants have lost huge sums of money because of COVID-19. Hundreds of food service workers have lost their jobs. Business wont return to normal for a long time if ever.

    But there is one major benefit to shutting, or slowing, down business. Lots of business owners have done remodels to take advantage of their empty stores, and for some, theyve been able to do big projects that would have been more challenging under normal circumstances.

    Financially it was the worst time, but as far as affecting customers it was the best time for sure, Twin Falls Sandwich Co. owner Shane Cook said. It took the entire time we were closed.

    Owner Shane Cook stands over his new patio flooring Thursday at Twin Falls Sandwich Co. in downtown Twin Falls.

    Many Twin Falls business owners have spent the past two months renovating their establishments, in some cases doing much of the work themselves or with the help of friends.

    Cook said his business did a ton of deep cleaning, and also repainted, re-tiled and added new artwork by local artists to the walls.

    Wed planned on doing it in two years, Cook said, noting that the restaurant is now brighter and more colorful.

    Scooters Chillin-N-Grillin started working on major renovations even before Gov. Brad Little ordered restaurants to close. Manager Jamie Carlton said the restaurant decided to get a jump start since it was clear business was going to virtually disappear anyway.

    See the original post here:
    Watch Now: New business (re)models Store owners make the most of closures - Times-News

    Tips On Finding The Finest Contractor Every Single Time – Flux Magazine - April 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    words Al Woods

    Although there is no shortage of contractors on the market, finding a reliable one can be very difficult. This is true regardless of your situation and the type of job you hope to get done. Naturally, when you are looking to make an upgrade to your home or property, you will want the service to offer superlative quality that is out of this world. However, you will need to keep an eye on your budget, all while making sure that the contractor is working on a schedule.

    The importance of these many dimensions and considerations are obvious, seeing as good quality service can help you avoid future issues, as well as add value to your property. Moreover, finishing the job as scheduled will help you focus on your other responsibilities without any impediments or nuisances.

    That said, here are a few tips that should help you find the finest contractor every single time.

    Many people make the mistake of asking the wrong people and searching in the wrong places. It is crucial that you always use credible sources when you are looking for reliable contractors. A fruitful method will include asking your friends and family about their experiences with reliable contractors. However, seeing as you could be in an area that is absolutely unfamiliar to you, using credible online sources like Angies List can be extremely helpful. Typically, credible sources will have verified their user reviews, which means they guarantee that the user has worked with any one of the contractors you show interest in.

    Seeing as many of the reviews can lack depth and hardly touch the surface of any worries or concerns you might have, make sure to ask for references. This will also help you narrow down your choices. Typically, you will need to make a few phone calls, which include calling clients, previous homeowners, employees, and subcontractors. Doing so will help create a more vivid picture of what you can expect. However, for that to happen, you will need to ask questions about how the contractor handles changes to the contract if they pay everyone on time, and how they behave towards the job site.

    Part of ensuring a contractors reliability includes confirming their license. This is integral to the process, as an unlicensed contractor can hardly ever be considered as reputable or reliable. Usually, a certified contractor will make sure it is known. However, if it is not proudly exhibited on any of their webpages, ads or brochures, then make sure to ask. This should be done for all types of contractors, even if it includes a seemingly small plumbing job. A certified plumber will be able to professionally tend to your problem, and you can visit this URL to learn more about the quality workmanship certified plumbers provide. Their certification allows them to skillfully work with the type of job, which can include clogged drains, water heater installation, electronic leak detection and many more. Also, a certification or license can usually vouch for the promises they make, which may include getting the job done right the first time and working 24 hours a day.

    It is key to the success of this process that you never sign with a contractor or make any formal agreements before asking them for an estimate or formal bid. An estimate will allow you to compare the costs with your budget. However, more importantly, it will give you an idea about their strong suit and what is not. For instance, they may excel in kitchen remodels but may not be as great at home additions. Furthermore, you will be able to discuss, according to the estimate, what types of materials you want to use, and also adjust the details involved.

    In addition to all these considerations, you will need to make sure you do your homework. However, you will need to be thorough and include many aspects of your research. Start with a thorough background check, which can say a lot about a contractor. In order to do so effectively, purposefully look for any hidden skeletons, which might include legal issues. Also, ask about the preferred subcontractors your chosen contractor likes using. Make sure they are equally proficient at their jobs. And finally, ask about insurance and permits involved in the remodeling or upgrading project they will be working on.

    All in all, finding the finest contractor is not at all hard. Simply by following these minor, yet effective, tips, you will narrow your search down to the contractor the best suits your needs. However, you will need to be smart about your payment schedule, seeing as some people can start slacking after receiving the whole payment. So, make sure to leave out just enough money to act as an incentive for persistence.

    See original here:
    Tips On Finding The Finest Contractor Every Single Time - Flux Magazine

    Renovating The Home? Hire a trusted team For The remodeling project – Press Release – Digital Journal - April 15, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    09 April, 2020 - CA - Curtis Construction services have earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable home remodeling firms in the US. It offers services, such as additions, remodels, and renovations at economical prices to clients all over the country.

    The staff at Curtis are experts in their field with a wealth of experience in remodeling and have completed various projects successfully. Each staff member works in coordination with others efficiently to get the most optimum results. Their method of working involves utilizing the best processes and systems available for maximum productivity.

    They treat their clients as business partners and work together with them through all stages to help them realize their dreams. They discuss in detail their preferences, make relevant suggestions, guide them, but leave the final decisions to their clients.

    Curtis Construction services also sees to it that their clients do not have to stretch their budgets for getting their dream home. They give customized solutions as per their specific needs. They have effective solutions for all the clients' requirements, whether it is for bathroom renovation, kitchen remodeling, or terrace remodeling.

    For kitchen remodeling, they use their experience of ten years in the field to create the best designs for their clients which is easy to maintain and user-friendly. Similarly, they work together with the clients to provide them with stunning designs for their bathrooms. For colouring interiors and exteriors, their painting experts help customers to choose the best colours and textures for creating the right moods. They provide excellent cost-effective solutions for roofing also.

    The staff at CCS is consistent in their dedication to customers. Starting the project to the end, and even after its completion, they are always cooperative and supportive. CCS ensures that the design of the customers' home is unique and uses the most innovative and creative ideas for the purpose. They are very professional and are willing to go the extra mile for the satisfaction of the customers. All projects are completed well in time to avoid inconveniences to the clients.

    Curtis Construction services's sincere dedication towards their work and desire to please the customers no matter what has made them one of the most reliable remodeling firms in Los Angeles and the other regions. Their projects start with an initial consultation, following which a design is created after considering the inputs of the client. Then, an estimate is provided based on the financial capacity of the customer. If it is okayed, the project is started and completed to the full satisfaction of the client so that he can enjoy the benefits of the result.

    About the Company

    Curtis Construction Services has been around for the last 29 years. The firm offers home remodeling and painting jobs along with offering foundation and new construction jobs at affordable rates.

    Media ContactCompany Name: Curtis Construction ServicesContact Person: Media RelationsEmail: Send EmailPhone: (888) 496-9090State: CaliforniaCountry: United StatesWebsite:

    Original post:
    Renovating The Home? Hire a trusted team For The remodeling project - Press Release - Digital Journal

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