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    Kitchens | Bellari - March 1, 2019 by admin

    Reinvent your kitchen with help from Bellari. Our design team is known for its ability to blend sophistication with comfort, producing a truly custom kitchen that youll be proud to show off and use every day.

    Whether youre interested in a more efficient kitchen, a refreshed appearance, or creating a cooking space fit for a professional chef, were standing by to bring your ideas to life with quality materials and unrivaled design services. Call us at 908-725-8401 to get started today.

    Approachable and Affordable Luxury

    With a selection of high-quality and handcrafted products at your fingertips, youll be able to elevate your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. From traditional styles and modern innovations to rustic renditions and everything in between, well do our best to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen remodeled to your exact specifications. Our skilled team is experienced in both full kitchen remodels and individual renovations, such as swapping out countertops and cabinets, replacing backsplashes and hardware, and building unique kitchen islands.

    Easy Design Process

    Once you check out the showroom and meet with our team, theyll create a mock-up of your new kitchen using state-of-the-art design software. This allows you to envision your kitchens full potential and make any changes along the way. When your design plan is complete, the team will guide you through material and color choices to ensure that every element of your remodel meets your high standards. Plus, we can also help you obtain financing if needed.

    Schedule a consultation for your expert kitchen remodel by contacting Bellari. In the meantime, be sure to browse the gallery to see inspiring kitchens from across Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey.

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    Kitchens | Bellari

    Kitchen And Bath Remodels – More Brothers Construction … - February 8, 2019 by admin

    Albuquerque's leading remodeler, More Brothers Construction, specializesin kitchens, baths and home remodels. Our team brings decades ofexperience to kitchen and bath remodels in Albuquerque and we are dedicated to communicating clearly to our clients.

    Award winning in the Parade of Homes for best remodel, More Brothers Construction helps you developthe design parameters, construction methods and budgetary goals of your project, and communicates this process to you every step of the way.

    For this High Dessert remodel we chose dark cabinets to accent the creamy stacked stone. We left the old world oak floors, added can lights, acontemporary stove hood, and to top it off White Ice Granite.

    About More Brothers Construction

    Kitchen &Bath Remodels in Albuquerque

    More Brothers Construction Kitchen and Bath Remodels hasbeen serving the Albuquerque areasince 1997. We are featured in Su Casa 2016, 2017 & 2018.

    More Brothers is a residential contractor serving the Albuquerque area since 1997. We began this company with a desire to do exceptional constructionnot just adequate work. Weve built a successful business by providing honest, quality work. From the largest vision to the smallest task, we approach every project with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    KitchensBathroomsAdditionsCustom Homes

    Call for a FREE estimate!

    (505) 837-2955

    Cabinets Flooring Electrical Plumbing Framing Drywall Paint Trim Concrete

    More Brothers Construction

    P.O. Box 90670, Albuquerque, NM 87199



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    Kitchen And Bath Remodels - More Brothers Construction ...

    Kitchen Thyme Design Studio – Rochester Kitchen Remodels - December 2, 2018 by admin

    I can't say enough good things about our experience with Kitchen Thyme.We love everything about the complete Kitchen redesign that our designer, Denise , came up with for our home.The vendors Denise used were all wonderful-most notably Solid Surfaces for our countertops. They had phenomenal customer service. The contractor, Brent, was FANTASTIC to work with! We could not have been more impressed with the quality of his work and his attention to detail. Brent's staff were likewise neat and professional.Kitchen Thyme was an absolute jot to work with and we highly recommend them.

    Thank you for your time and effort! My kitchen is a very happy work space because of you. The function of the kitchen is also wonderful! When friends and family see it they say it looks like a Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen. My Kitchen space is now a homey place.

    I feel so grateful to have had Denise as my kitchen designer. Denise was able to listen to our ideas and translate them into a functional and aesthetic design. Throughout our design and construction phases, we could always count on her to help us manage all aspects of this complicated process. Her ideas and commitment to our project helped us realize our dream kitchen.

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    Kitchen Thyme Design Studio - Rochester Kitchen Remodels

    Kitchen Remodeling Tips & Advice | This Old House - July 7, 2018 by admin

    Read This Before You Remodel a Kitchen

    1Get the Pros Involved

    A kitchen remodel is a big dealnot something to be approached rashly. So before you even visit a showroom or meet with a pro, read our expert kitchen remodeling tips and advice on creating the cook space you've always coveted.

    2Make Cents Out of Your Remodel

    Worth the Splurge1) Second sink: Place it outside of the main cooking and cleanup zone so that a second chef can prep food, wash hands for dinner, or bartend during parties.2) Paneled cabinet ends: These decorative panels, which are essentially oversize doors fixed to any exposed sides of cabinets, give your kitchen a custom-built, furniture-like look.3) Full-extension, soft-close drawer glides: Installed under or on the sides of a drawer, they allow it to pull completely out of the cabinet so that you can reach everything inside. Plus, they eliminate slamming.

    Not Worth the Splurge1) Glazed, distressed, and crackled finishes: These can increase cabinet costs by as much as 30 percent and can start to look dated as trends change.2) Pot filler: It does make filling the pasta pot easier, but it doesn't help with the far worse task of carting boiling water to the sink when your fettuccine is done.3) Wine fridge: Do you really need 18 bottles of Pinot within arms reach and kept at precisely 55 degrees?

    3Allocating Project Costs

    Photo by Mikael Damkier/Alamy

    Whether your budget is $5,000 or $50,000, here's how it tends to be allocated.

    4Designer's Cheat Sheet

    Illustration by Eric Larsen

    To create a comfortable and good-looking kitchen, consider these remodeling tips for installing cabinets, countertops, and lighting.

    Easiest way to save big: Keep your current layout. Taking down walls, and moving gas lines, plumbing connections, and electrical wiring will quickly erode your budget.

    5Three Ways to Save on Cabinets

    1. Choose a manufacturer that offers the door style and finish you want as a standard option, with no up-charge.

    2. Don't pay for factory-built or custom organizers. Aftermarket utensil dividers, rollout trays, and back-of-the-door spice racks are a fraction of the cost at websites such as and

    3. Avoid custom configurations. You can often use stock wine organizers, cubby units, and even appliance panels to fill awkward spaces that might otherwise require you to buy a custom cabinet.

    6How the Factory's Cabinets Beat the Woodshop's

    The big guys may not offer the customization you get from a local craftsman, but factory-made-to-order cabinets have the following benefits:

    1. Warranties of up to 25 years on cabinets, accessories, workmanship, and internal hardware.

    2. Controlled environment that yields more stable wood, which reduces warping and splitting later.

    3. Computerized cutting tools that offer more precise joinery than anything done by hand.

    4. Baked-on finishes that are more durable than local guys' air-dried ones. Dust-free finishing rooms also provide a smooth-as-glass surface.

    7Which Under-Cabinet Lighting?

    For task light, pick one of these low-voltage strips or pucks.

    XENON Accurate color, wide beam, and dimmable, but can get hot to the touch. Widely available at home centers and kitchen showrooms. $25$125 for a 24-inch cabinet uninstalled

    LED Energy-efficient, long-lasting bulbs; so thin you don't need much of a lip to hide fixtures. Can have a bluish tint unless rated at 3,500 or lower on the Kelvin scale. A new technology, so pricier and harder to source. $75$190 for a 24-inch cabinet uninstalled

    8Display Cabinets for Less

    Rather than stacking glass-doored cubby units over upper cabinets, just order tall two-panel wall cabinets with squares of glass at the top. You'll save 25 to 45 percent.

    9Blind Corners: Half-Moon Lazy Susan

    Photo by Courtesy of

    An update of the old reach-in-and-spin organizer has two pivoting half-circle shelves that slide out from the cabinet. Rev-A-Shelf Wood Classic Half Moon Two Shelf Lazy Susan, starting at $235;

    10Blind Corners: Double Sliding Shelves

    Photo by Courtesy of

    A front set of shelves slide out and to one side, allowing a second set tucked in the corner to slide forward. Square shelves, rather than angled ones, take full advantage of the cabinet interior. Knape & Vogt Slide-Out Base Blind Corner Unit, $660;

    11Blind Corners: Pull-Out Shelves

    Photo by Courtesy of

    Two height-adjustable peanut-shaped shelves snake out and to the side in one fluid motion. The shelves fully extend, so there's no reaching inside for items tucked in the rear. Hfele Arena Plus Corner Pull-out Shelf, $790;

    12Drawers Versus Rollout Trays

    If you're starting from scratch with new cabinetry, it's a hands-down tie on price, so decide based on your comfort and the types of items you plan to store.

    DrawersWin for ergonomics: They take one step to open. For rollouts, you open the doors first, then pull the tray.

    Are better for storing large cookware: Rollouts are slightly smaller, and low sides don't corral tall items as well; they tend to fall overboard if you pull the tray too fast.

    13Drawers Versus Rollout Trays: Rollout Trays

    Are easy to retrofit: Add them to any base cabinet anytime; add drawers typically only when the base cabinet is made.

    Are better for storing small items: Low sides let you see inside and take stock of foodstuffs; also, the height between trays is adjustable, allowing for extra rollouts.

    14Best Practices for Open Shelving

    Photo by Wendell T. Webber

    Anything stored on exposed shelves will collect dust, so consider them only for:

    Everyday objects, like coffee cups and cereal bowls, that you wash frequently Cookbooks, which don't show dust and are generally stored in the open anyway Oversize items, like soup tureens and serving platters, if you don't mind giving them a quick rinse Wine racks, since bottles won't fit behind the doors on wall cabinets

    15The Pros (and Cons) of a Pro-Grade Range

    It tops many a kitchen remodeler's wish list, but is a high-firepower cooker really the right choice for you?

    Pros: Burners can put out two to three times the BTUs with controls that go from simmer to sear. 20-plus-year life expectancy Heavy-duty all-stainless-steel construction Comes in many standard sizes; widths of 24 to 60 inches. Handsomely styled showpiece

    Cons Needs a 10-inch duct (versus the usual 7-inch) for a high-power vent hood to whisk away that extra heat. Costly parts and service calls Can weigh more than 900 pounds, requiring extra support in floors. May stand out 4 inches beyond typical counter depth. $5,000$10,000 sticker price

    18Bottom-Line Fridge Facts

    Photo by Colin Poole/Epic Images

    1. Get an in-door ice dispenser/beverage center only if you're choosing a side-by-side configuration. Otherwise you'll forfeit fridge capacity for what amounts to a mini freezer on the back of the door.

    2. With French door models, make it easier to organize and access your frozen foods by choosing a two-drawer configuration for the bottom freezer. Those garden peas and fish filets are too easily deep-sixed in a single drawer.

    3. Even counter-depth fridges stand proud of their cabinetry housings by 2 to 4 inches to provide clearance for the door and hinges. To keep the fridge from sticking out farther, choose a model with recesses in the back to accommodate the plug and water line. Just make sure to align your outlet and water hookup accordingly. Otherwise, furr out the fridge cabinet from the back by an extra inch or so to enclose the sides completely.

    4. Safeguard the computer chips that control your fridge by replacing the power outlet with a surge protection receptacle, which you can find at home centers or electrical supply shops for less than $30. Or you can guard all your electronics with a whole-house surge suppressor for about $600 installed.

    19Get Drawer Dishwashers if You

    Frequently do small loads. Run just one drawer at a time to use less water than a full-size machine.

    Have a galley or narrow kitchen. There's no tip-down door to contend with.

    Never want to put away another dish. You can pull clean dishes from one drawer when you set the table, load dirties into the other after the meal.

    Want to hide a second dishwasher in a butler's pantry or wet bar. Use just one drawer, and hide it behind a wood panel so that it blends with the cabinetry.

    20The Most Useful Faucet

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    Kitchen Remodeling Tips & Advice | This Old House

    Tile Installation Phoenix, Tempe & Gilbert Arizona - July 5, 2018 by admin

    Dont Gamble on Quality Design or your Satisfaction

    Specializing In: Tile Installation of Travertine, Marble, Porcelain, Granite, Natural Stone, Porcelain Plank, Saltillo, Ceramic, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Glass, Tubs, Showers, Counters, Backsplash, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Fireplaces, Pools, BBQs, Sandset, Flagstone & Pavers, Fabrication, Demolition, Repairs, Custom Homes, Demolition the Removal of Travertine, Porcelain Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Stone, Wood, Carpet, Vinyl, Tile, Bathroom Remodels, Kitchen Remodels, Tile Designs

    Materials Often Used in Kitchen Remodels and Bathroom Remodels Travertine Granite Ceramic Porcelain Stone

    Tile installation is a comprehensive process, which demands expert hands and we at MTI can assure to offer an incredible job with the guarantee of satisfaction for you.

    If you need tile installation phoenix, you surely can put your faith in MTI for a flawless installation work. The biggest perk of having us lies in the fact that we have the combination of experience and expertise, which can sail through the complication of any task with ease.

    Our services are the best in the realm and cover all kinds of tile installation needs.

    CALL: 480-217-2991FAX: 480-284-4077E-MAIL: MTITED@GMAIL.COM

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    Tile Installation Phoenix, Tempe & Gilbert Arizona

    Kitchen Remodels Offer Big Paybacks at Resale | Realtor … - July 1, 2018 by admin

    Homeowners looking for a remodeling project may be smart to tackle a kitchen renovationthat is, if theyre looking for projects with the strongest buyer appeal and high returns on their investment at resale.

    Kitchen renovations and upgrades are among the top remodeling projects most likely to add value to a home at resale and most likely to appeal to home shoppers, according to the 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, conducted by the National Association of REALTORS. The report takes a look at the cost of the most common exterior and interior remodeling and replacement projects and gauges how much appeal they have to buyers at resale.

    Fifty-four percent of REALTORS surveyed reported suggesting to sellers that they complete a kitchen upgrade before attempting to sell. Twenty-three percent of real estate pros also said a kitchen renovation helped to close a sale.

    The Remodeling Impact Report estimates that homeowners stand to recover 57 percentor $20,000of the $35,000 or so of thecost to take on a kitchen upgrade. The kitchen upgrade might include adding new energy-efficient appliances, sink, faucet, and vinyl flooring; repainting the walls and ceiling; and refacing cabinets with cherry veneer and new hardware.

    Kitchen upgrades dont just offer the potential for some bang for your buck at resale but also have been found to make homeowners more happy. Eighty-one percent of remodeling consumers surveyed said they had a greater desire to be at home since completing their kitchen upgrade project, and 81 percent felt a major sense of accomplishment after the renovation.

    The following interior projects REALTORS ranked highest to lowest as remodeling projects that would appeal to home buyers (listed along with project estimate costs and the potential return on investment at resale):

    1. Complete kitchen renovation

    2. Kitchen upgrade

    3. Bathroom renovation

    4. New wood flooring

    5. Add new bathroom

    6. Hardwood flooring refinish

    7. New master suite/owners suite

    8. HVAC replacement

    9. Basement conversion to living area

    10. Closet renovation

    11. Insulation upgrade

    12. Attic conversion to living area

    By REALTOR Magazine

    Kitchen Remodels Offer Big Paybacks at Resale | Realtor ...

    Kitchen Remodeling in Maryland – Owings Brothers Contracting - October 19, 2017 by admin

    Award winning kitchen remodeling performed in Howard, Carroll, Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties and some parts of Baltimore City. We can offer a personal kitchen design forevery project by our professional designerand your kitchen remodel will be installed by our own project specialist. Our process helps guide you through selections such as; tile, faucets & fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, flooring and lighting to create a beautiful updated gathering area that you will enjoy for years to come.

    When pursuing your new kitchen remodel it can be a daunting task with coordinating all aspects of design, selections and layout. We can offer a more streamline and enjoyable experience through our kitchen design service that takes the hassle out of the myriad of choices available and also helps your kitchen remodeling project to be started and completed in a timely way.

    OurKitchen Design Studiooffers our customers the ease of one stop shopping for every aspect of their kitchen remodel. We offer more than 5 cabinet lines, samples of granite, tile, hardwood, engineered stone, lighting, fixtures and so much more. Create the kitchen you have always desired, confidently, with Owings Brothers Contracting, a Maryland builder for over 30 years.

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    Kitchen Remodeling in Maryland - Owings Brothers Contracting

    8 great kitchen remodeling ideas for under $500 – - August 28, 2017 by admin

    Frugal ideas to remodel the kitchen

    1 of 9

    A kitchen makeover can add sparkle to a home and enhance its appeal to prospective buyers. The job doesnt have to cost thousands of dollars.

    A kitchen remodel can be done on any budget, says Jaclyn Pardini Hartzell, a spokeswoman for Lowes. Conduct research ahead of time, find your inspirations, and know which projects you can complete yourself and which ones youll leave for an expert.

    While there are limits to what can be done frugally, many home-remodeling experts say moderately handy homeowners with just a little cash to spend can make a big difference in their kitchen.

    If the work looks good, youre adding equity to your home which you might tap for bigger projects later on, says Erin Davis, owner and lead designer for Mosaik Design & Remodeling in Portland, Oregon.

    Here are eight kitchen remodeling projects that cost $500 or less.

    Spruce up your walls

    2 of 9

    If your kitchen feels old, theres no better low-cost remedy than a coat of paint.

    One of my design teachers once told me that a gallon of paint is worth $500 (in terms of) the value it brings to a space, Davis says. Not only does it instantly change the feel of a space, but if you do it yourself, it will cost virtually nothing.

    And, for about $100, you might add molding to the area where your cabinets meet the ceiling.

    If youre handy with a table saw, it would only take you an afternoon to add a chunky piece of crown molding to the tops of your upper cabinets, says Atlanta-based DIY blogger Kelly Marzka, who runs the website View Along The Way. This is an easy way to make inexpensive cabinetry feel like custom pieces.

    Freshen up cabinets

    3 of 9

    New cabinets can be expensive, but adding or replacing the hardware on existing ones is among the easiest, most cost-effective ways to revamp a kitchen.

    Hardware is like jewelry for your cabinets, says Davis, ofMosaik Design & Remodeling. Youll be surprised at how different your cabinetry looks with updated hardware.

    Another, more involved option is to paint the cabinets, which will make them look new without replacing them.

    Even laminate cabinets can be painted, if you use a good primer.

    Supplies should run less than $100. But before you paint, its important to prep. Remove the doors from the cabinets, cover the hardware or remove it, and be sure to sand away old paint.

    Float a new look for the sink

    4 of 9

    Elena Elisseeva/

    You dont have to be a plumber to give your kitchen sink a makeover, but you do have to be somewhat handy, says Jamie Gold, a certified kitchen designer in San Diego and the author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work.

    You can replace the faucet on your sink rather easily in about an hour. But the costs can vary dramatically.

    Depending on the quality and features of the faucet, you could spend anywhere between $150 and $500, Gold says.

    A more dramatic option, and one that requires a little more muscle, is to replace the whole sink. That will take a few hoursandshould run you between $250 and $500.

    Want to replace everything in your kitchen, including the kitchen sink?A home equity line of credit might help.

    Update the lighting

    5 of 9

    Hero Images/Getty Images

    If youve ever thought your kitchen might look better in a different light, you may be on to something.

    It is amazing what a great light fixture can do to a room, Davis says. Just swapping out new fixtures in the existing locations is the most affordable way to go. Another good idea is to add recessed can lights to a kitchen to improve the general lighting.

    Most homeowners can change out fixtures pretty quickly on their own with some basic instruction.

    But adding high-quality recessed lighting might get a little tricky for a novice. Hiring an electrician to do the job should run about $150 to $200, which includes materials and labor.

    If you dont feel comfortable doing anything electrical yourself, Davis says its possible to hire a good electrician for up to $95 an hour.

    Renew counters and floors

    6 of 9

    The Focus Mantra/Getty Images

    New counters and floors will probably test your kitchen remodel budget and your handiwork. If youre up for it, either of these changes can have a dramatic impact on your kitchens appearance.

    Vinyl flooring can look great and costs only about $2 a square foot.

    When it comes to countertops, you have even more budget options. Granite tile can give you a granite look without the price of a granite slab, says Gold, who adds that you can tile over existing tile if you rough up the underlying surface with a sander.

    Similarly, you can install laminate countertops on top of existing counters. Hardware stores sell countertops for as little as $45 per section.

    Considering new granite counters? Look into a home equity loan, which might offer a solid source of funds.

    Buy (almost) new appliances

    7 of 9


    Replacing kitchen appliances may exceed yourbudget. But if youre willing to accept minor imperfections, it is possible to pick up a new appliance for less than $500.

    You can update appliances by going to a scratch-and-dent store where they sell new appliances at a steep discount due to minor cosmetic flaws, Gold says.

    You might have a hard time seeing the flaws, and youre still getting a new product.

    Still, unless youre buyinga new refrigerator, you may have to hire someone to install the new appliance, which could add a few hundred dollars to the project.

    Westend61/Getty Images

    The wall space behind your sink can offer a surprising amount of design potential.

    One of the easiest ways to spruce up a kitchen is to change the backsplash, says Christine Tse, an interior designer in New York. This small change will instantly change your kitchen from drab to fab.

    Coming from New York, Tse says shes fond of subway tiles, which can run about $350 for 12 square feet. If you want something high-end like white Carrara marble, you should plan on spending about $450. But if you want to keep costs down, you can hunt around for options in the $200 range.

    You dont have to be a tile expert to put in a backsplash. A lot of hardware stores run free weekend classes.

    Want to do more extensive home renovations? Check out todays best home equity rates.

    Install more storage

    9 of 9

    Astronaut Images/Getty Images

    If youre running out ofstorage space in the kitchen, the room probably isnt aesthetically pleasing either.

    Clear the clutter by moving cookbooks and other clutter off of the countertops and adding some floating shelves to the walls, says Dorothy Myers, an interior designer and real estate agent at Long & Foster in Washington, D.C.

    You can pick up thick floating wood or glass shelves for about $40 each, Myers says. Thinner, less expensive shelves can be had for as little as $5 apiece.

    A moderately handy homeowner should be able to do the project in a few hours.

    Just make sure that you anchor the shelves to studs to ensure that the shelves can hold some weight, if your wall is drywall, Myers says.

    Read more here:
    8 great kitchen remodeling ideas for under $500 -

    A rustic redo: Family’s past brings unique look to outdoorsman’s retreat southwest of Beaver Lake – Omaha World-Herald - August 28, 2017 by admin

    A 60-pound stuffed beaver isnt your usual living room dcor.

    But for outdoorsman Daron Smith, it fits.

    His 3,700-square-foot home southwest of Beaver Lake, Nebraska, is a blend of his lifelong passion for the outdoors and his fondness for mementos from his familys past.

    I really love the rustic feel of my place with the barn wood and, obviously, the animals Ive acquired over the years, Smith says. And I love the history thats reflected in the dcor.

    The hunter and fisherman made the outdoors his first priority upon purchasing the eight-acre property in 2000. He replaced a barn, put in a pond and brought in a half-million pounds of rock, including boulders, to give the landscape a northern Minnesota look and feel.

    He planted wildflowers in the woods behind his home and created another acre of wildlife habitat to the west, clearing a lot of trees in the process.

    My career should have been in landscaping and habitatmanagement, says the 52-year-old former owner of Better Business Equipment Co., as he gazes out on the jewel of his work, a 100-by-80-foot pond.

    He has since expanded the original parcel to 50 acres and added a nearby 160-acre farm, which hes turning into a mix of crops and more wildlife habitat.

    Turkey, coyote, raccoon, possum and all kinds of birds are familiar visitors to his home.

    Im close enough to get to Omaha, he says, but I feel like Im in the middle of the wilderness.

    His focus turned inside after selling the family business in 2015. As with many home remodels, it started small.

    He wanted to redo a three-season porch that had paper-thin windows and a leaky roof and walls. But he also liked the idea of opening up the area to the kitchen. Soon, the kitchen was down to its studs.

    Three weeks near completion of the four-month project, he remodeled the main-floor bath.

    I just decided to go whole hog, Smith explains.

    He provided 30 percent of the ideas, and gave Libby Pantzlaff of Creative Interiors by Libby credit for the other 70. Mike Sassen of Advance Design and Construction also had creative input.

    Smith wanted to feel like he was sitting outside, so he sought a rustic feel in the hearth room, with barn wood walls, slate flooring and a great view of the pond and woods.

    Along the way the project took on an historic bent, something he hadnt originally planned.

    A wall and backsplash in his new kitchen feature reclaimed Egyptian pavers used in the 1920s to build the Lincoln Highway, which snaked down Dodge Street on its way from New York to San Francisco. Smith and Pantzlaff spent a day reclaiming them from a brick pile at A&R Salvage and Recycling Inc.

    The marble counters are done in what Pantzlaff jokingly calls a mossy oak pattern, because it reminds her of camouflage.

    I think its just got character, Smith says.

    The frames around the windows in the hearth room and kitchen feature old-growth oak from a western Nebraska barn. Smith estimates the wood could be nearly 200 years old.

    In the hearth room, a wall made from reclaimed wood from nearby Murray, Nebraska, has become home to many family heirlooms. Smith points out a log chain and skillet that traveled from Illinois to Kansas in a covered wagon.

    I had a pile of this stuff, and I said, Libby, make it look good.

    The only time Smith balked, then relented, was when Pantzlaff suggested using reclaimed corrugated metal from a barn for the hearth room ceiling. Now hes glad he went along with the idea.

    As an homage to what Smith calls the hunting that runs in his blood, racks from two deer and a 600-pound elk adorn another wall in the hearth room. A spot over the new coat closet is reserved for one of the bobcats that frequents his farm.

    The beaver is homegrown, too. It lived in the creek behind his house. When it began killing off many of the smaller trees on the property, Smith trapped it and had it mounted.

    It has definitely become a conversation piece with Smiths guests.

    Most of them are pretty shocked, Smith says. Who has a beaver?

    Originally posted here:
    A rustic redo: Family's past brings unique look to outdoorsman's retreat southwest of Beaver Lake - Omaha World-Herald

    Adaptive bathroom designs that are beautiful – - August 26, 2017 by admin

    Dillard Kitchen &Bath will modify your bathroom for safety while creating a luxurious retreat you wont want to leave

    Dillard Kitchen &Bath is the solution to updating your bathroom for beautiful results, while also implementing adaptive modifications for safety to keep you and your loved ones living at home for as long as possible. As the over-65 population continues to boom, with a large majority intending to continue living at home, remodeling bathrooms for safety is a necessity. Whether you are in that age group, making plans to continue living in your current home into older age, or just concerned caregivers for older loved ones, Dillard Kitchen and Bath is the answer to your bathroom remodeling and safety needs, with results you will love.

    Not only will Dillard Kitchen and Bath transform your bath into a spa-like escape, your bathroom will be adapted for complete accessibility to keep you or your loved ones where you want to live for as long as possible, at home. Considering the astronomical costs of assisted living facilities, making modifications to your home is not only more cost-effective, it increases the resale value of your largest investment. And with Dillard Kitchen and Bath, you can rest easy knowing your agreed upon budget and timeframe will be honored. Dale Dillard, owner, has over four decades of experience in updating homes. Dale is also an expert on renovating your bathroom to add beauty and organize chaotic spaces while implementing designs to add adaptive safety aids. He says, My estimate is my contract. I do what I say Im going to do, and his customers couldnt agree more.

    Craig and Ann Wallace recently completed a bathroom renovation with Dillard. Ann said it started by wanting an outdated, turquoise, spa bathtub replaced with a huge walk-in shower and the couple decided to go ahead and update the entire room. They were the best! Im telling you. The two workers were the most courteous people Ive ever been around. It wasnt stressful. It was great. If Dale saw a problem, he took care of it quickly. She added, Dale gave us wonderful ideas. The great thing is Dale shows you exactly what you are spending and went over it weekly with us. My husband Craig was totally happy too.

    Dale understands updating for safety is just one of the reasons replacing tubs with walk-in showers is so popular. Removing whirlpool tubs which have accumulated dirt and stains around the jets is something home owners are requesting, regardless of safety issues. Without a tub, the extra space can be used to enlarge the shower area for a spa-like retreat or to include a wider door to accommodate walkers and/or wheelchairs. Also, barrier-free entries to a shower for a walk-in area removes the need to step over an obstacle that could lead to a fall. Installing safety bars is another popular safety design.

    With Dillard Kitchen &Bath there is no need to forego beauty when updating for safety and efficiency. Dale will solve your remodeling needs for functionality, while updating your bath with the latest trends to create the ultimate home-spa retreat.

    It looks great! Now we are in the middle of updating our kitchen with Dale, Ann said.

    Whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom, Dale is an expert at one often overlooked arealighting design. Proper lighting not only creates a positive ambience, but because vision problems accompany aging, poor lighting is another very real safety issue.

    Other modern bathroom updates to consider when contacting Dillard for a bathroom remodel include replacing outdated wall mirrors with framed vanity mirrors. If you have two sinks, creating separate areas by inserting a beautiful and functional medicine cabinet between the two sinks not only looks great, but adds the extra storage you crave. Another updated design tactic is using plaster on the walls for its durability and to add dimension to the space by creating another texture. Other trends include using man-made materials such as Caesarstone, updating cabinetry, and incorporating glass and deco tiles around shower and tub areas

    In addition to planning for safety, a bathroom remodel by Dillard Kitchen &Bath will also solve the chaos of a disorganized space, so dont forget to ask about utilizing Dillards innovative methods to control clutter, such as concealed beauty tool drawers and cord-hideaways.

    Call (806) 793-3457 to talk to the professionals at Dillard Kitchen &Bath and start your dream remodel today. The Dillard Kitchen &Bath Design Showroom is located at 1806 Raleigh Ave. Call to set up an appointment in the showroom or to schedule a consultation at your home. You can view remodels and more information online at

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