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    The myths of Modern Methods of Construction – Planning, BIM & Construction Today - August 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Modular building is a flexible and cost-efficient method of construction that has made great strides in popularity over recent years. In spite of this, confusion, preconceptions and hesitancy around Modern Methods of Construction have led project managers to opt for alternative methods.

    The misconceptions and general confusion relate to the poor reputation of Britains post-war, prefabricated buildings. Their lack of longevity has cast doubt over modular construction techniques but in truth, Modern Methods of Construction can produce permanent, stylish and multi-storey buildings that last for decades.

    These common misconceptions are leading people to doubt MMC, when actually it is a cost-effective, premium solution that has already benefitted many industries and has the potential to transform British construction altogether.

    After the Second World War, more than 156,000 homes were built to provide urgent accommodation for families whod lost their homes during The Blitz or for soldiers returning home. They were designed to be a temporary solution that local authorities would aim to replace with permanent housing.

    The misconception that all modular buildings are only temporary is something that Darwin Group delights in proving wrong. MMC provides the efficiency of off-site construction, whilst delivering structures that will withstand the test of time often out-performing traditional builds.

    The current housing crisis along with the target to deliver 300,000 new homes every year by 2025, saw the Government invest directly into modular housing production for the very first time last November a landmark moment in dispelling the myths around MMC. Instead of the short-term solutions chosen in the 1940s, modular housing is now being used to deliver permanent developments to serve densely populated areas.

    Our state-of-the-art production facility in Shrewsbury, Shropshire is a closely controlled environment that allows Darwin Group to have complete control over quality management and even greater flexibility to plan production to meet demand.

    We highly value precision within a project and this is instilled at every stage of our construction process. Being precise off-site ultimately results in a smoother construction process on-site.

    Unlike traditional methods of construction that require a live building site for long periods of time, off-site construction allows for the majority of work to be completed away from site which is ideal for us as we specialise in education and healthcare facilities. Being able to build off-site is much safer and more convenient in these cases, as we avoid the complications of busy live school or hospital environments.

    MMC has also allowed Darwin Group to continue to deliver our builds during lockdown. Our controlled factory environment where social distancing and strict site working practices can be adhered to has enabled us to swiftly deliver much-needed emergency facilities for the NHS.

    We wanted to do everything we could to help fight the global Covid-19 pandemic, and Im proud to say that Darwin Group was behind landmark facilities in Wigan at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and Wolverhampton at New Cross Hospital.

    Actually, it can. Modular buildings are made from the very same high-quality materials as traditional structures, meaning theyre no more harmful for the environment in some cases, the materials we use can provide better durability and insulation, lowering the carbon footprint of the end user.

    However, Modern Methods of Construction allows you to go further than that. Our clients are more and more frequently prioritising sustainability and trying to minimise their impact on the planet. This is where MMC holds a real advantage because our builds are prefabricated in our industry-leading factory (away from site), there is much less waste of materials, providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of building.

    Our days on-site are also far fewer than traditional construction projects, meaning there is less use of heavy equipment and machinery, reducing power consumption. At Darwin Group, we aim to minimise waste and the consumption of resources at every stage of construction. Our in-house team are experts in SBEM, BREEAM and Passivhaus and create buildings that minimise environmental impact and maintenance throughout their lifespan.

    The quality and precision of a modular build means that it requires very little maintenance, as the structure is strong and can withstand extreme environmental pressures. If the purpose of a building changes and the layout or size of a build no longer meets a clients requirements, then modular structures can in fact be easily modified.

    As mentioned, Darwin Group recently delivered a new ward for the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan, where we created a space that could be quickly adapted at a low cost. This was pivotal, owing to the buildings function as an emergency Covid-19 nightingale ward. The modular build was designed, manufactured and completed onsite ahead of schedule in less than 40 days.

    The structure was point loaded via columns located in the perimeter of the building. The services were also sectioned in dedicated service zones meaning that should the ward need to be transformed into a different configuration in the future it would be far easier than a typical refurbishment project. Following the pandemic, there is the potential for the permanent ward to be used for bariatric patients, adding quality and longevity to the project. Future-proofing a build in such a way provides the client with the confidence that their investment will continue to be of value as their needs develop over time.

    A common misconception is that modular contractors are not the principle contractor and rely on other companies to complete key parts of the project such as groundwork, foundations, roads, paths and landscaping. However, this is not the case with Darwin Group. As an experienced design and build principal contractor, we manage all project requirements.

    Our unique, turnkey service covers all aspects of design, planning and construction from start to finish. This seamless process proves straightforward for our clients, simplifies building warranties and or guarantees and also works out to be a lot more cost-effective than traditional construction methods.

    Darwin Group is able to work within a clients budget constraints to find a complete solution for their individual project. We also offer financial payment plans and assist with funding applications to ensure that aspirations and budget constraints align.

    Wrong! Every project we undertake is bespoke and many factors come into play during the design process. From small outbuildings, to stand-out structures, to large multi-story extensions, MMC can provide a cost-effective solution for all of these requirements. At Darwin Group, we always deliver exceptional looking, affordable buildings.

    Notably, as part of our diverse in-house team of construction experts, we have a talented team of designers and architects. They work closely with our project managers to carefully consider the location, size and purpose of the building, creating a bespoke solution that looks exceptional but remains affordable.

    A recent project that needed a considered design approach was Reddiford School in Pinner, North West London. As part of the planning process, Harrow Council specified the need for a method of attenuating rainwater in the instance of a significant storm, adding additional complexity to the build. Our design solution was to use the roof of the building to hold and attenuate rainwater. The water is gradually released into an underground storm drainage system, maximising available space and providing a satisfactory solution.

    Charles Pierce

    Managing director

    Darwin Group

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    The myths of Modern Methods of Construction - Planning, BIM & Construction Today

    New supportive housing aims to help Indigenous women reconnect with their culture – - August 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    New supportive homes for Indigenous women have been opened in Victoria, where residents will be given the opportunity to reconnect with their culture through traditional food and healing, and assistance from an elder in residence.

    The Spaken House also known as "Flower House" is a modular two-storey apartment building with 21 self-contained units. Each unit has a private washroom and a mini kitchen, while shared facilities include a commercial kitchen and a dining lounge area.

    Thehousing project is a collaboration between the Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness Society (ACEH), B.C. Housing and the Atira Women's Resource Society.

    ACEH operates the building and will have round-the-clock staff on sitewho have beentrained byAtirawhich runs other non-profit housing in B.C.

    Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi, executive director of ACEH, said this program is based on what she called the "dual model of housing care."

    "On one hand, it's culturally supportive with elders [and] traditional foods, but on the other side, that real missing piece is decolonized harm-reduction practice," she told On The Island guest hostDavid Lennam.

    On the first point, the kitchen of Spaken House will provide traditional foods and cooking classes for residents. There's also a therapeutic garden for growing plants and natural medicines.

    On the second point, Hunt-Jinnouchi said the housing program is aimed at strengthening the self-identity of Indigenous women, which may have been lost through the foster care system or other kinds of trauma. She said there's a three-bedroom "family townhouse" on site for residents toreunifywith their families as part of thishealing process.

    "It will allow for women that have children and care or live with relatives to be able to spend time with them and rebuild those relationships,"Hunt-Jinnouchi said.

    Hunt-Jinnouchi said there have been many referrals of women who are living in hotels and temporary homes. She expects most women will move in within the coming two weeks, but doesn't expect all of them will do that at once.

    "We'll bring in women on the first floor that require assistance, because they're using a walker or a wheelchair, and so the accessibility challenges [are what] we want to address first," she said.

    The B.C. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing doesn't set any timeline for how long a resident can stayin supportive housing,but Hunt-Jinnouchi said ACEH's aim is to set women up so they can move into their own homes.

    The B.C. government provided $3.8 million to the project through the Rapid Response to Homelessness program, and will provide annual operating funding of approximately $997,000.

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    Affordable housing in London:Greenwich signs up for hundreds of prefab homes to address chronic housing shortage – Homes and Property - August 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Britain's biggest factory-built council homes programme since the prefab construction boom of the Forties has been launched in east London.

    Greenwich council has signed a 300 million contract for the delivery of up to 750 new modular homes to help address the chronic housing shortage in the borough.

    Two sites at former garages have already been granted planning permission for the houses, which can be built in less than two weeks compared with a typical six-month construction period.

    Greenwich has more than 20,000 people on the housing waiting list with an average wait time of nearly three years.

    Greenwich cabinet member for housing Anthony Okereke said: Employing modular techniques as part of our Greenwich Builds programme is allowing us to quickly deliver the high quality and sustainable council homes so badly needed in our borough.

    With plans for construction on 750 new homes to be under way by 2022, were excited to be at the forefront of delivering innovative zero-carbon council properties, making good on Royal Greenwichs commitments to tackling the housing crisis and climate change.

    The houses have been designed by Clerkenwell-based architects shedkm, manufactured by Ideal Modular Homes, which has its production line in Liverpool, and will be constructed on site by Lewisham-based A&E Elkins.

    The first homes are expected to be ready by the end of the year.

    Ideal Modular Homes founder Luke Barnes said: Councils are under constant pressure to deliver affordable housing at a reduced cost, while still delivering on quality. This joint venture will see that beautifully designed high-quality homes can be delivered in half the time that traditional methods would.

    Alex Flint, director at shedkm, said: The new homes look to change the perception towards off-site manufacturing, through carefully crafted and long-lasting materials, and considered internal layouts. In addition, we will work alongside the landscape architects to ensure that we create new neighbourhoods with identity and a sense of place, providing the residents with a sense of belonging.

    Modular homebuilding in Britain has struggled to shake off the image of the postwar prefabs, many of which suffered from damp and other defects

    although some are still lived in. Of the roughly 200,000 homes built each year in Britain, only about 15,000 are modular, despite their speed of delivery.

    Across London as a whole almost quarter of a million households are waiting for council housing, but Mayor Sadiq Khan has admitted he will not hit this years target for building new affordable homes because of the coronavirus lockdown.

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    Dogs head to the office! Waggy-tailed workers to join in big return – Express - August 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Because a new army of waggy-tailed workers are about to invade workplaces across the UK stealing sandwiches, chewing cables and woofing on Zoom calls.

    Dogs will become part of the furniture as staff head back to offices keen to take their pets too after spending more time than ever with them during lockdown.

    Already 1.7 million offices are dog-friendly, including Ben & Jerrys, Build A Bear Workshop, Nestl, Amazon, Cats Protection and Google.

    And experts say more companies will follow suit to tempt staff back. Reginald, an 18-month-old British bulldog, is Chief of Happiness at Ideal Modular Homes in Liverpool and is most likely found snoozing on his favourite beanbag.

    Other dogs in the office include Labrador Meg, Yorkie Frankie, Newfoundland Bella and Sugar the Pomeranian.

    Reggies owner, Gemma Darroch, 33, says: Having him in the office is lovely. Everyone enjoys giving him cuddles.

    The dogs help boost productivity and taking five minutes to go for a walk or throw a ball beats the afternoon slump.

    Weve had a few accidents with them. One of them peed all over the new chief finance officers bag and weve found lots of chewed computer cables. But generally having them here is great for morale.

    At Fourth Day PR, adorable Borderterrier Tess, five, is very much part of the team, despite getting a bit too excited from time to time.

    Nikki Scrivener, 46, her owner and director at the Manchester firm, says: Tess is so relaxing to have around. Shes great at jumping up on a lap if anyones feeling stressed.

    She loves playing tug of war, meaning staff get breaks, and always makes herself known on Zoom calls by woofing along.

    At Reflect Digital in Maidstone, founder Becky Simms, 34, says her dachshund Harry is a professional member of the team, apart from when he steals sandwiches. She said: Harry is more than just the office dog. We call him Chief Happiness Officer as he cheers us up with regular cuddles and walks. But as part of the induction, all staff are warned not to leave food in bags on the floor or on their desks as Harry will find a way to steal it.

    Not surprisingly, 81 per cent of people said having a dog in the office made it a happier place to work, according to research by pet food company Purina.

    And 17 per cent said they would take a pay cut if it meant they could bring their dog with them. Dog behaviourist Kerry Lawson says bosses need to considersupporting new owners.

    She said: For new owners, the thought of being parted with their pet who has supported them emotionally through lockdown is distressing.

    For the new pet, having their owner with them 24/7 then being left alone is unsettling and can lead to all kinds of unwanted behaviour.

    But if workplaces can bemore flexible, whether thats letting dogs come in on set days, or allowing staff to go home to care for them, this can be avoided.

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    Dogs head to the office! Waggy-tailed workers to join in big return - Express

    Mayor wants to offer homes to London’s ‘covid heroes’ – Housing Today - August 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The mayor of London has outlined proposals to give key workers such as NHS and police staff priority access to homes for low-cost ownership and intermediate rent in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

    Sadiq Khan (pictured, left) is to consult Londoners on plans to improve access to the homes for what he described as Londons covid heroes.

    The proposal is part of a proposed shake-up on the use of so-called intermediate housing in the capital in the wake of the pandemic. Intermediate housing includes shared ownership schemes and homes available at the London living rent, which is below market levels but more costly than social housing.

    The consultation will ask which occupations should get priority access to such housing in the future.

    The question follows the launch in May of a Homes for Heroes campaign backed by many of the UKs largest housing associations, developer Legal & General and a range of modular housing manufacturers. It is calling for the construction of 100,000 homes for key workers who remained on front-line public services during the pandemic.

    Khan said: Housing costs have driven far too many Londoners away from our great city, robbing us of their skills and expertise. Intermediate housing, alongside much-needed homes for social rent, can play a vital role in turning that tide.

    I want to hear from Londoners and our partners about how I can best support Londons key workers to be able to access a safe and secure home that they can afford.

    Helen Evans, chair of the G15 group of Londons largest housing associations and chief executive of Network Homes, said that housing associations stood ready to support the key workers who have kept the country going through the pandemic. She said: While we continue to push for the social rented homes London needs, it is vital we also have options for those who struggle to afford private rents or are locked out of the housing market.

    However Conservative assembly memberAndrew Boff branded the announcement aPR distraction designed to hide Khans failure to build the homes he promised Londoners. He said: The Mayor needs to focus on delivering the 116,000 affordable homes he has the money to build. By delivering those homes now, thousands of Londoners would finally be able to get on the housing ladder without priority access.

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    Mayor wants to offer homes to London's 'covid heroes' - Housing Today

    Modular Homes Market Rising Trends, Analysis and Demands 2016 to 2028 – Owned - August 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

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    Major Companies:

    Market players: Bouygues Construction, Lendlease Corporation, Laing Orourke, Seikisui House, Clayton Homes, Champion, Modular Space Corporation, Daiwa House, Cavco Industries, Inc.

    The Modular homes market report continues with this results, covering various marketing strategies adopted by key players and distributors. Modular homes market also explains marketing channels, potential buyers and history of development. The aim of the global Modular homes market research report is to depict the user information regarding the market forecast and dynamics of the Modular homes market for the years ahead.

    The report on Modular homes market lists the essential elements that influence Modular homes market industry growth. The Modular homes market study provides the long-term assessment of the worldwide Modular homes market share from different countries and regions.

    Furthermore, this includes wise type of Modular homes market and wise usage figures for use. The global Modular homes market research sheds light on the technological evolution of the Modular homes market, tie-ups, acquisition, groundbreaking Modular homes market business approach, new launches and Modular homes market.

    The Modular homes market study also incorporates new feasibility analysis of investments from the Modular homes market.

    The study also focuses on industry-specific drivers, constraints, opportunities and challenges in the Modular homes market, along with competitive analysis of key micro markets. The research further classifies the entire market for Modular homes market based on leading producers, different types, specific applications and diverse geographic regions.

    Overall Modular homes market is characterized by the existence of well-known global and regional Modular homes market vendors. These established Modular homes market players have huge essential resources and funds for Modular homes market research as well as developmental activities. Also, the Modular homes market manufacturers focusing on the development of new Modular homes market technologies and feedstock. In fact, this will enhance the competitive scenario of the Modular homes market industry.

    Worldwide Modular homes market Different Analysis: Competitors Assessment of Advanced Modular homes market: Report presents the competitive landscape scenario seen among top Modular homes market companies, their company profile, income, revenues, business tactics and forecasting Modular homes market situations.

    Modular homes market Development Review: This shows the amount of development, capability in relation to major Modular homes market regions, application, size, and quality. QMI report of Modular homes market: Finally describes sales margin and accumulation of revenue based on main areas, size, revenue, and the target consumer Modular homes market.

    Modular homes market Supply and Demand Review: Coupled with sales margin, the report describes the supply and demand seen in major regions, among key players, and for every form of Modular homes market product.

    Certain key reviews of Modular homes market: the company website, number of employees, contact details of major Modular homes market players, potential customers and suppliers are covered in addition to the above information.

    Enquiry of This Report:

    Market Segmentation:

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    Modular Homes Market Rising Trends, Analysis and Demands 2016 to 2028 - Owned

    A&E Elkins wins 300m contract to deliver 750 modular homes in Greenwich – Planning, BIM & Construction Today - August 10, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    A&E Elkins will deliver council homes across the borough using modular construction under the ACA TAC-1 term alliance form of contract.

    A&E Elkins is an alliance with manufacturer Ideal Modular Homes and architect ShedKM.

    It will deliver up to 750 affordable rent council homes across 60 sites.

    Two sites at former garages have already been granted planning permission for the modular homes.

    Greenwich has more than 20,000 people on the housing waiting list with an average wait time of nearly three years.

    The project will run for five years with the possible extension for a further five years.

    Greenwich cabinet member for housing, Anthony Okereke, said: Employing modular techniques as part of our Greenwich Builds programme is allowing us to quickly deliver the high quality and sustainable council homes so badly needed in our borough.

    With plans for construction on 750 new homes to be underway by 2022, were excited to be at the forefront of delivering innovative zero-carbon council properties, making good on Royal Greenwichs commitments to tackling the housing crisis and climate change.

    Founder of Ideal Modular Homes, Luke Barnes, said: Councils are under constant pressure to deliver affordable housing at a reduced cost, while still delivering on quality.

    This joint venture will see that beautifully designed high-quality homes can be delivered in half the time that traditional methods would.

    Alex Flint, director at shedkm, added: The new homes look to change the perception towards offsite manufacturing, through carefully crafted and long-lasting materials, and considered internal layouts.

    In addition, we will work alongside the landscape architects to ensure that we create new neighbourhoods with identity and a sense of place, providing the residents with a sense of belonging.

    The first modular homes are expected to be ready by the end of the year.

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    A&E Elkins wins 300m contract to deliver 750 modular homes in Greenwich - Planning, BIM & Construction Today

    L.A. homeless numbers will keep skyrocketing without action – Los Angeles Times - June 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The results of the 2020 annual count of homeless people in Los Angeles are grim and, perhaps, not surprising to any of us who witness daily the tragedy of people living on sidewalks. Homelessness increased by 12.7% in the county, to 66,433, and by 14.2% in the city of Los Angeles, where the number stands at 41,290. The homeless population has now increased by a double-digit percentage for two years in a row.

    And thats despite a record 22,769 homeless people getting off the streets and into housing last year. The maddening reality highlighted by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authoritys survey is that, despite billions of dollars of investment in housing, shelter and services, we still cant house people as fast as they fall into homelessness.

    In short, this problem will just keep getting worse until local officials stop people from falling into homelessness in the first place. But the task is complicated by a stultifying mix of problems: Institutional racism propels Black people into homelessness at a grossly disproportionate rate. There is a gaping mismatch between incomes and rental prices across the county. Rent is simply unaffordable.

    The percentage of homeless people with a serious mental illness remained at 25%. What most newly homeless people suffer from is a severe economic hardship.

    And as staggering as the latest numbers are, they could get worse in the wake of the economic devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic unless the city and county aggressively and unflinchingly protect renters. In a just released study, retired UCLA law professor Gary Blasi predicts an avalanche of evictions that could result in 36,000 homeless households if protections are not put in place.

    The county cant rely on the patchwork of eviction moratoriums imposed during the state of emergency; many renters will continue to face financial hardships long after the emergency is lifted. A state bill would extend the moratoriums while allowing payment plans for renters; the Legislature should approve it. There should also be federal assistance for renters and landlords hurt by the pandemic-induced recession.

    The city and the county need to increase the amount of rental subsidies available to keep people from becoming homeless and to help newly homeless return to housing. Sometimes, people need only rental assistance to climb out of homelessness when its a ditch they stumbled into and not a sinkhole they are trapped in for years. The city is moving in that direction; Mayor Eric Garcetti said Thursday that he and City Council President Nury Martinez had agreed to set aside $100 million in rental assistance for city residents.

    Nothing has so thwarted the effort to get homeless people off the streets of Los Angeles like the lack of permanent housing for homeless people. The $1.2-billion homeless housing program that city voters agreed to nearly four years ago has yielded less than 100 rental units though thousands are expected to open in the coming years. All told, the city has opened fewer than 750 units of homeless housing in the past fiscal year.

    Thats obviously a sliver of what we need now. Its imperative that the city and county produce innovative, faster-to-build housing such as modular housing and so-called tiny houses as well as more temporary housing and shelter for homeless people. Existing buildings that the city, county or state own should be scouted to see if they can be converted into housing.

    The real progress that the city and county have made in sheltering homeless people is what they accomplished, remarkably, in just the past three months. About 6,000 particularly vulnerable homeless people have been housed mostly in hotels and motels throughout the county (subsidized heavily by federal emergency aid through a program called Project Roomkey), but also in city recreation centers converted into shelters. That was done to protect homeless people from getting COVID-19. But when the emergency is over and most of those hotels and motels want their rooms back, the city and county must make sure the people now in them arent tossed right back onto the streets.

    It will be a challenge. The city and the county need to pursue either buying or leasing for the long term some of those motels. That will take some effort and an enormous amount of funding. Philanthropic foundations should be enlisted to help invest in housing of all kind.

    No one should give up on permanent housing for homeless people. But as the latest homeless count shows, we also have to do a far better job of keeping people in the homes they have.

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    L.A. homeless numbers will keep skyrocketing without action - Los Angeles Times

    Tecumseh family carries on with grit and fortitude after a hard run of tragedy – Ozark County Times - June 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    When their 37-year-old son Tony died June 5 in a car crash on Highway 160, Tecumseh residents Manuel and Donna Aguilar were already dealing with more heartache and challenges than many families face in a lifetime.

    Longtime residents of Kansas City, Kansas, where they had raised their seven children to adulthood, in 2000 they had bought a home and 7 acres on James Lane northeast of Dawt alongside the North Fork of the White River, planning to retire there. For the next few years the riverside home was their cherished summer getaway, and in 2015, they moved to Ozark County permanently, bringing with them their grandson Brent, whom they were raising. Their son Anthony, nicknamed Tony, came too. Tony was Brents dad.

    They enjoyed their life on the river. But on the night of April 29, 2017, their modular home and everything in it washed away in the historic flood that ravaged much of Ozark County, destroying several other homes along the river and washing away two major highway bridges. With their grandson Brent, son Tony and their visiting daughter Bree and her family, the Aguilars fled to their nearby barn that stood on ground a little higher than the house. From there they watched as the raging floodwaters destroyed their home.

    Like other riverside residents, they had no flood insurance, because Ozark County does not participate in the federal flood insurance program. And, like other riverside residents, they lost almost everything. You just dont realize the things you lose when something like that happens, their daughter, Vera Stecher, told the Times last week. Drivers licenses, all the documents, baby albums, pictures everything.

    The Aguilars returned to Kansas City and lived there with Bree and Krysie, her significant other, and the couples three adopted children while they tried to pull their lives together and plan their return to Ozark County.

    Eight months later, at Christmastime, Donna slipped on the kitchen floor and broke her arm. Two months after that, in February 2018, Bree was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Manuel and Donna traveled back and forth between a borrowed fifth-wheel RV parked on their land in Ozark County and Kansas City, where they helped care for Bree and her three little children, then age 9, 7 and 4.

    They were back here in Ozark County on Donnas 60th birthday in June 2018, working on rebuilding their home, when Manuel suffered a stroke. The Aguilars daughter Vera said her dad was rushed to an area hospital, where medical personnel didnt seem to take Manuels condition seriously enough to suit his worried loved ones. We have six nurses in our family, Vera said, so they werent going to fool around.

    The family hurriedly drove Manuel to St. Lukes Hospital in Kansas City, where he was diagnosed with a 95 percent carotid blockage and underwent surgery. He recovered quickly, intent on getting their Ozark County house rebuilt, and in the fall of 2018, they moved back into their home on James Lane.

    For a while, things went relatively well for the Aguilars, but then Brees condition worsened in September 2019, and they temporarily moved back to Kansas City to help her. While they were there, Brent, who was then 12 and has special needs, had appendicitis and had surgery. And the next month, while Bree was hospitalized for treatment of her cancer in October, Donna was diagnosed with rectal cancer. She delayed chemo treatments so she could continue to help Bree and her children.

    Then, on Nov. 6, the unimaginable happened. Their beloved daughter Bree died at age 39.

    The brokenhearted family gathered to mourn their daughter, sister, mother, wife and aunt while also worriedly contemplating what lay ahead for Donna. The next month, in December, Manuels sister-in-law died, and the family gathered again to mourn the passing of Aunt Kim.

    The death came just as Donna was having to get nine teeth pulled because an infection around the teeth meant she wouldnt be able to get a port so her chemotherapy treatments could be administered.

    Finally, in late February, after six weeks of chemo, the couple, with Brent, returned to their newly rebuilt home on the river, where they were grateful for a peaceful respite from all they had been through in the past three years.

    In May, the family celebrated some long-overdue good news. Donna was deemed to be cancer free. It looked like maybe their luck had finally turned. They continued to homeschool their grandson Brent while his dad, Antonio, nicknamed Tony, worked in Kansas City but came to Ozark County often to spend time with Brent and enjoy the outdoors here.

    Then, on Friday evening, June 5, Tony wanted to have a campfire, Vera said. He told his parents he was going to drive into Gainesville to get some things, even though they assured him they already had everything needed. He wanted to take Brent with him, but thank God my mother said no, Vera said.

    Awhile later, the Aguilars got a call from Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains saying Tony had been brought there after a car crash.

    The Missouri State Highway Patrols online crash report says the single-vehicle accident occurred at 8:25 p.m., when Tonys Chevrolet Blazer, westbound on Highway 160 near Hardenville, ran off the right side of the road, returned to the roadway and ran off the left side, where it struck a driveway, became airborne and overturned.

    Tony had only owned the used vehicle a couple of days, Vera said. Driving unbelted, with the windows down, he was ejected in the crash, she said.

    Manuel and Donna were outside when the Air Evac helicopter flew over their home. As most Ozark Countians do, they wondered where the medivac chopper was going and who it was picking up.

    Tony was alive when the paramedics arrived, Vera said. He had a pulse and was breathing. But before [Air Evac] arrived, he coded, and they started CPR. Because its nearly impossible to continue CPR while airborne in the helicopter, Tony was transported to OMC by Ozark County Ambulance, where he was pronounced dead by an ER doctor at 9:37 p.m.

    The Aguilars daughter Holly Jacobs, a nurse practitioner, was with her parents at their home that evening. She accompanied them to OMC and went in first to ID Tonys body, wanting to shield Manuel and Donna from that grim task. When she saw that he wasnt badly disfigured, she brought them in. The family also brought Brent in a little later, so he could understand what had happened, Vera said.

    Now, once again, this family finds itself grieving another tragic loss.

    Hoping to help her parents with some of the expenses related to Tonys final arrangements and also to help with bills from Brees final arrangements and Donnas medical treatments Vera has started a fundraiser with a $3,500 goal.

    We are not ones to ask for help, she told theTimes.With all theyve been through, my parents never asked for help. But its been so much to deal with, all of it. And people have asked how they can help.

    She hopes to use the money to buy small memorial headstones for Tony and Bree to place on their parents property and to help pay for the celebration of his life the family plans to host in July in Kansas City. And also, Moms still trying to get her teeth fixed after having nine of them pulled in February, so Id like for her to able to save her money for that purpose, rather than having to pay for all of these other unexpected expenses, she said.

    She launched Veras Family Fundraiser on Facebook last Wednesday, and at press time Tuesday, a little more than $1,500 had been donated by about 30 friends, relatives and neighbors. Donations, Vera said, are greatly appreciated but prayers are also as greatly appreciated as money! Find the link to fundraiser on the Ozark County Times Facebook page.

    See Antonio Angelo Aguilar Jr.s obituary on page 8.

    Read more here:
    Tecumseh family carries on with grit and fortitude after a hard run of tragedy - Ozark County Times

    Services that establish home offices growing in numbers – The Hindu - June 17, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    With a sizeable number of companies asking their employees to work from home till the end of the year, the concept of home office is coming into sharper focus. The accent is largely on ergonomic comfort, and to make sure that employees invest in this essential, some companies offer them an allowance.

    There is an unmistakable trace of pride in her voice, as Anika Tanwar discusses a corner of her home, where she has raised an office with the 10,000 allowance her company extended to her.

    Bobble AI, a tech start-up based in Gurugram, offered its employees the option of either renting out furniture or buying them, and Anika chose the latter option.

    She bought a foldable and compact work desk along with a swivel chair that came with a backrest, armrest and height adjustment feature.

    Anika wanted the the work desk to fit neatly into a corner of her bedroom, and add to rooms aesthetics.

    She points out that her work table that can hold a small plant and has a diary and water bottle holder, along with the laptop. I now feel like I have created a physical and mental space where I can work more productively, she exults.

    Some companies have either engineered a tie-up with rental furniture providers or have increased the scope of existing allowances to include WFH furniture.

    Razorpay started offering a monthly remote working allowance of 1500 to every employee so that they can rent office furniture, upgrade the broadband connection, or spend on any other essential. It has also partnered with Rentlite to help its employees find furniture on rent.

    Microsoft has extended its policies to enable employees to procure the right equipment, including ergonomic furniture.

    Standard Chartered bank has come up with an arrangement with Featherlite where 100 ergonomic chairs had to be delivered to its employees homes in Chennai.

    Furniture sellers underline a spurt in demand for ergonomic chairs since the lockdown began, and point out that some employers placed bulk orders to help their employees. With delivery channels opening up now, many individuals have started placing orders.

    At Godrej Interio, one of the most searched products is a work chair, more specifically a motion chair. This chair is unique as it is designed on the principle of active seating, says Sameer Joshi, associate vice president, marketing (B2B), Godrej Interio. The seating is said to promote movement and improve posture.

    Furniture makers are offering furniture adapted to a particular metier.

    For someone who would be desk-bound for long hours, we offer a desk that can hold many things. For those in creative pursuits, a desk that can be moved easily, says Sidhant Lamba, founder, Fabrento, an online furniture renting service, which is launching a new range of desks.

    Co-living spaces is another segment that is introducing changes since WFH became so widespread.

    In a majority of co-living spaces, the room would have a wardrobe and bed and not necessarily a desk. Home owners are in talks with us about incorporating a WFH set-up into their rooms, says Lamba.

    Similarly, Godrej Interio is promoting furniture solutions that are aligned with the rest of the home furniture.

    There is high demand for this range, which include interactive poufs, easy seat a foldable chair, flip a foldable desk, computer tables and study tables, says Joshi.

    Multifunctional modular products are also in demand. Finding multiple uses for a space, they are ideal for smart homes and studio apartments where space is a constraint, says Joshi.

    There is also a market for services to establish elaborate home-offices.

    Coworking space provider Awfis has launched Awfis@Home that attends to the A-to-Z of establishing a home office starting with assessing the home, enhancing physical infrastructure with smart furniture and offering technology support like broadband connection and collaboration tools. This service works on a monthly subscription model starting at 2500.

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    Services that establish home offices growing in numbers - The Hindu

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