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    Modular Homes California - May 28, 2019 by admin

    What areas do you service?We are a supplier of modular homes in California, with a particular focus on the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. From the Pacific Ocean to the state borders, we can serve you. If you are in California and would like to build with modular or prefab construction, we would welcome the opportunity to build yourhome.

    If Cutting Edge builds all over California, how can you serve me in my community?We are confident that we can compete with any local retailer of modular homes in California on price, as we are focused on customer value and work hard to control our costs and keep our pricing as affordable as possible. Our services are more thorough and customized than our other state-wide competition in California. As they say down south (where our founder is from), we "didnt just fall off the turnip truck". We have been helping Californianssince 2004and we have a complete modular home project system in place. Most of the work that we do is done by virtually, so our location is not that important except when we do our initial site visit at your lot and when we deliver the home. We work with local general contractors that manage your project on-site who should be close to you for handling the critical on-site issues. In areas that we do not have an available general contractor to refer, we can assist you in finding a local contractor to do the on-site work.

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    Modular Homes California

    How Do Modular Homes Differ from Manufactured Homes? - April 23, 2019 by admin

    Modular homes are built in sections in a factory setting indoors where they are never subjected to adverse weather conditions like your typical stick-built homes. The individual sections move through the factory, with the company's quality control department checking them after every step. Finished modules are covered for protection, then transported to your home site. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, professionally joined and completed by your local builder.

    That depends on your design and the manufacturer, but some modular homes can be built in the factory in as little as one to two weeks. And since modulars are built indoors, there's never a weather delay. It usually takes another two to four weeks for your local builder to put the pieces togetheronce the materials are delivered to the building site.

    Mobile homes, now called manufactured homes, are built to conform to the same federal code, no matter where they will be delivered. That code is called the HUD code, which comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, an arm of the United States government.

    A modular home conforms to the building codes that are required at the specific location it will be delivered toand, in many cases, construction exceeds the required codes. Some critics might even argue that a modular home is more attractive than a manufactured home.

    No, and unless you were there to see the house delivered and assembled, you might not guess it's a modular home. Modular home manufacturers use computer-aided design programs to draw plans to your specifications or to modify one of their standard plans to suit your needs, so nearly any home plan can be turned into a modular home.

    It's true that some modulars are very basic and resemble double-wide manufactured homes, but the two structures are still built in different ways.

    No two manufacturers are alike, so be sure to ask questions about flexibility if you'd prefer to design your own home. Designed with modern stands in mind, most people probably can't tell the difference between a regular stick-built home or a modular home. They look similar to a regular home, yet are often much more cost-efficient to construct.

    Yes. Most banks, appraisers and insurance companies treat modular homes the same way they do site-built homes a house that's constructed entirely on your property. Ask the mortgage brokers and banks in your area to explain how they finance modular homes.

    Sometimes. Construction costs for a modular home are sometimes less per square foot than for a similar site-built home. And there are other cost-saving features:

    For first-hand information, consider visiting model homes in your area. Take a look at popular websites in your state. Why not tour a local modular home factory and see the construction process in person? If you think modulars are ho-hum, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

    After you choose a modular home builder, talk with a local real estate agent to determine where you can place your modular home. You will need a foundation, either raised or slab. Keep in mind that slabs are more common in hot, dry climates. You'll also need utilities on the land and the right zoning to build.

    Edited by Elizabeth Weintraub, Homebuying Expert. At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, CalBRE #00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.

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    How Do Modular Homes Differ from Manufactured Homes?

    Modular Homes for Sale | Immediate Delivery Homes - March 6, 2019 by admin

    Whether you are first time home buyer moving into your first home or moving up to larger home, trying to find that perfect home can be difficult. If you buy an existing home, you are typically just buying someone elses problems and accepting their colors selections.

    With the modular homes for sale by Express Modular, you have the comfort of knowing exactly what materials you are getting, how you home is built, and you even get to select your own colors. In addition, you get to customize the home plan to meet your exact requirements.

    When looking at previously owned available properties, you may find a selection of styles and price points in your neighborhood. However, older homes typically come with a wide range of issues that are hidden, even to home inspectors. Termite damage, water damage, and structural issues are often hidden behind the walls. All of these issues are expensive risks that typically dont show themselves until you can least afford it. Newly built modular homes come without all of the hassle and headaches.

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    Modular Homes for Sale | Immediate Delivery Homes

    Modular Homes & PreFab Homes In Secaucus, New Jersey … - February 24, 2019 by admin

    Can Modular Homes be Custom Homes?

    As you begin to plan building a new custom home you need to be sure that your new home will be healthy for you and your family and support your lifestyle. You should begin with a house plan that enhances your lifestyle. You require a custom home to be just that, custom. You want to make changes to materials, elevations, and floorplans. We utilize the design flexibility of modular construction to build your custom home utilizing our plans, or you have the choice to bring us your custom plan and have us convert it for modular construction and build it.

    When we build a custom home we take great satisfaction in bringing our customers dreams to life. We work hard to take each and every home plan and design the custom home that our customer dreams about. We are experts at analyzing a building site, listening to your wants, and then assisting you, as your home builder, to design a custom home plan that we can build using modular construction. Since we are the only national custom home builder that entirely uses modular construction, we have distinct experience and insights that we can give to you making your home building experience a delight. We go out of our way to make sure we provide you with every advantage that modular construction has to offer!

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    Modular Homes & PreFab Homes In Secaucus, New Jersey ...

    Nationwide Modular Homes - February 14, 2019 by admin

    Now on Flickr

    View our collection of HiPerformance modular homes we've built over the years on Flickr. We have thousands of photos with monthly updates.

    Learn More

    Tour this new model

    Nationwide Homes opens a new HiPerformance model in Martinsville, Virginia. The Homestead V is one of 8 models in our popular c... Read More

    Nationwide Homes has the resources and experience to build and deliver the high performance modular home you want. From selecting the plans and features to the finished home, we make building a modular home easy. Builders looking to improve their business or homeowners looking to create a home with exactly the design and features they want, let us show you how easy building a high performance modular home can be.

    If you are a builder or a homeowner working with a builder, we will make building modular homes easy by managing and implementing all of the details. Whether you are looking to build 1,000 or 4,000 square feet, we believe that building the modular home you want should be an exciting, hassle free experience.

    We dont just build modular homes. We build HiPerformance systems-built homes.

    HiPerformance homes include: HiPerformance Construction, HiPerformance Design and HiPerformance Green.The benefits of building high performance modular homes with modular construction are ease and efficiency that is greater than site-built counterparts. Our high performance design offers a no-compromise approach that result in high-quality modular homes built for long-term living with lower utility costs.High performance modular home design also includes many shades of Green building levels that outperform site-built homes.

    Nationwide high performance modular homes are backed with over 50 years of experience. Experience you can build on.

    Nationwide high performance modular homes are available through our network of approved builders in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C. and West Virginia.

    Start by searching our modular home floor plans for the features you want: square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms or number of floors. Were sure that youll find what youre looking for.

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    Nationwide Modular Homes