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    Bills quickly making their way through short session – Goshen News - January 27, 2020 by admin

    GOSHEN This short session of the Indiana Legislature is getting the reputation for bipartisanship and getting work done quickly. But Sen. Blake Doriot, R-Syracuse, the lone legislator at Friday mornings Advocate@8 at the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, said speed and cooperation were out of necessity.

    Some longtime legislators have commented to Doriot, They have never seen anything like this, he told the group of about 15 people. It is moving so fast. Weve got pressure from the outside to finish early. Its called the NCAA. We will be without rooms if we do not get done. If youre in a hotel youre gone because the big money is coming to town.

    One of the big items on everyones mind at the Statehouse is education, he said, adding legislators are decoupling teachers from iLEARN, the statewide student assessment testing.

    Ill be honest, in my opinion, and probably the man in the downstairs office probably wont be happy with what Im saying, but testing is a mess in Indiana. I think there are more viable options to what we are doing. I have learned so much. I appreciate the Red for Ed people well most of them, Doriot said, causing the group to laugh. Some of them came down and talked with us. I was very appreciative. Dwight Moudy, who does a program Cowboy Ethics, he scheduled the best teacher meeting I have ever had with Elkhart teachers.

    Doriot met with the teachers in the library and talked about how they have students who are coming in January in shorts or ragged sweatpants and Crocs or flip flops. Its terrible, he said. The teachers are ending up having to be parents to these kids.

    Doriot said there was an option for teacher pay this year that was shot down over one simple reason: they were taking money from the teachers retirement fund for older retired teachers and wanting to move it over to fund the pay raise. In the meantime, he said, the state is trying to pay down the debt and get the retirement fund more solvent.

    Were not going to jeopardize the retired teachers retirement fund to do this, he said. We will be looking at teacher increases in the budget year, where we should be.

    In this short session, Doriot has proposed nine pieces of legislation.

    Senate Bill 187 would relocate all of Elkhart Countys courts into one place, but it would not have to necessarily be in the county seat as state law mandates. This legislation would allow Elkhart County to build the courts building outside of Goshen if the County Commissioners so decide. Currently the courts are located in downtown Goshen and Elkhart. That bill passed out of the Senate by a vote of 48-1 and will now be considered by the House of Representatives.

    Senate Bill 146 concerning sexual assault victim rights creates the right for a sexual assault victim to have a counselor present before and during a forensic medical exam or an interview with law enforcement or defense attorney. This has been referred to the Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law.

    Doriot said this bill is a result of activism by actress Mariska Hargitay, who is making a nationwide push. It gives victims more rights during the process, he said. Legislators talked with prosecutors and believes they have made the bill better so victims of sexual assault dont feel so alone in the process. I cannot imagine the trauma [being alone] puts on an individual. There will be a hearing on that bill next week. So hopefully we can get that passed and get these victims some more help as they go through this traumatic time, he said.

    Railroad crossing safety is another issue Doriot is addressing this session.

    Currently Senate Bill 54 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation. Doriot said his bill would require additional lanes and signs to be constructed at dangerous railroad crossings on state highways.

    Senate Bill 100 would protect property owners whose homes are nonconforming to local zoning regulations and are then damaged by a disaster. He said, those homeowners could then rebuild their homes on the same footprint with less hassle with this bill. Building codes would still need to be observed.

    Senate Bill 148 would protect housing affordability by limiting local regulation of modular homes in mobile home parks, according to information provided by Doriot. This just basically says that modular homes are a viable construction, he explained. The bill passed out of the Senate Committee on Local Government and will now move to the full Senate.

    Senate Bill 55 seeks to reduce the cost of public works projects by allowing competitive bidding on piping materials for construction. This was referred to the Senate Committee on Commerce and Technology. There were groups lobbying against this, Doriot explained. Its probably not going to go this session, he said. It will probably come back next year.

    A number of residents had questions and comments for the legislator.

    Moderator Vince Turner asked if there was any action on transparency in hospital billing.

    Doriot, who is not in health, has not seen any of those bills yet concerning that issue, but they are moving through.

    He and Sen. John Ruckelshaus have filed bill SB 232 that eliminates the property tax exemption for property owned by an Indiana nonprofit corporation and used by that corporation in the operation of a hospital.

    Doriot said that when nonprofit hospitals buy private practices, those practices can become part of the nonprofit system. Then, if a city is jammed up against tax caps, its losing money. Maybe next year, he said, the legislators will look at the effect of expansion of nonprofits on local government.

    Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman addressed the issue of trains parking in Goshen.

    What were seeing in Goshen now is weve become the parking ground for the Elkhart rail yard, he said.

    Aware that no one can put a stop to trains parking and blocking intersections after a federal ruling, Stutsman would like to see the railroad contact Elkhart County dispatch to tell them which roads are being blocked. That would allow dispatchers to give an alternate route to people or ambulances that are trying to get to the hospital.

    Doriot said he thought that was a great idea. Although it would be impossible to write an amendment to a bill at this point, he would contact the railroad to see if they would be on board with the idea.

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    Bills quickly making their way through short session - Goshen News

    Limited offsite take-up? The modular industry is thriving – Planning, BIM & Construction Today - January 27, 2020 by admin

    Over 50% of our members provided detailed financial information to support the MPBAs survey report commissioned through the University of Salford. Using this market intelligence from 20182019, turnover in the modular and portable building sector exceeded 2,956m.

    This figure excludes the turnover from the major players who have recently entered the volumetric modular arena, including banking giant Goldman Sachs investing 75m into modular housing business TopHat, as well as Japans biggest housebuilder striking a multimillion-pound deal that will see Sekisui House partner with Homes England and Urban Splash. This agreement will also see a 55m investment into Urban Splash but the largest deal by far was revealed by ilke Homes involving a 100m agreement with Places for People.

    As volumetric modular systems make up 60-70% of offsite construction, these solutions arguably form a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) that is experiencing entirely different growth trends than other offsite approaches.

    Respondents to the lack of government contracts with offsite components awarded in 2019 included Miles Rowland, chairman of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), who stated that government departments must align with offsite construction methods if we are to improve productivity, overcome the skills shortage and reduce carbon footprint.

    Despite the research, there is balancing evidence to suggest that that the government remains supportive of Modern Methods of Construction. For instance, Mark Farmer, who leads the governments MMC plans, has announced the upcoming launch of the hi-tech construction corridor, which is set to generate 40bn annually and employ 80,000.

    Esther McVey, the minister of state for housing and planning, has emphasised that its vital that we invest in new technology to get Britain building. Homes built using modern methods can be of higher quality, greener and built to last.

    The MPBA report shows that the volumetric modular industry is thriving across all sectors. For example, at the heart of the education sector, the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) requests 450 new school facilities per annum. Modular construction has proven to be best-suited to meet such a demand due to its repeatability of units, environmentally conscious methodology and minimal disruption to existing school facilities.

    Meanwhile, complex construction projects throughout the leisure sector require developers to cut costs, improve timelines and reduce onsite risks while maintaining building quality and durability. Modular construction is again best positioned to achieve this through its high performance, timeline savings of up to 25% and net savings of circa 7%.

    Perhaps most challenging, the housing sector relies on modular and volumetric construction to work towards solving the housing crisis. Law firm Pinsent Masons reports that 15,000 modular homes are already built every year. The Guardian reports that the government proposes to make modular construction key to the build of 300,000 new homes per year by the mid-2020s. We can see that volumetric modular is already core to government plans for the future.

    Many contemporary architects are embracing volumetric modular to achieve striking facades with bespoke designs hugely beneficial across all sectors. If we take a wider viewpoint on the adoption of Modern Methods of Construction, it is clear that many project developers are already making good use of volumetric and modular technologies to achieve productive, successful outputs and only plan to build on this.

    Jackie Maginnis

    Chief executive

    Modular & Portable Building Association

    Tel: +44 (0)870 241 7687

    Follow this link:
    Limited offsite take-up? The modular industry is thriving - Planning, BIM & Construction Today

    HPD hails rezoning that will add over 1000 homes to Rockaways – Real Estate Weekly - January 27, 2020 by admin

    The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) announced financing of 793 new affordable homes in the Downtown Far Rockaway area of Queens.

    The homes add to the 590 new construction units financed in the area since the New York City Council voted in favor of a neighborhood rezoning in Far Rockaway in September 2017.

    The newly financed affordable housing units will be spread across three projects RadRoc, Beach 21, and Rockaway Village Phase II. Upon completion, the units will be affordable to households earning a wide range of incomes, including the formerly homeless, extremely low- to moderate-income New Yorkers.

    Downtown Far Rockaway has been overdue for strategic investments and careful planning for far too long. Today we announce the coming of nearly 800 new, true affordable housing opportunities. This is in addition to the 590 affordable homes weve financed since 2017, and will go hand in hand with economic and structural developments led by EDC and informed by the community, said HPD Commissioner Louise Carroll.

    I want to thank Council Member Donovan Richards for his enthusiastic leadership, as well as our colleagues at NYCEDC for their partnership, and I look forward to seeing a new future in the Rockaways unfold.

    The RadRoc development will be constructed on a private site and will include a total of 253 new affordable apartments across two 10-story buildings in Downtown Far Rockaway.

    Financed through the Extremely Low- and Low-income Affordability (ELLA) program, 10 percent of these units will be set-aside for formerly homeless households. 133 units will be affordable permanently.

    19-38 Cornaga Avenue will be a steel and plank building with a total of 173 rental housing units, including one superintendents unit, and over 14,400 square feet of commercial space.

    10-18 Beach 20th Street will be a modular construction building that includes 80 rental housing units, approximately 5,600 square feet of commercial space, and 3,400 square feet of community facility space.

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    HPD hails rezoning that will add over 1000 homes to Rockaways - Real Estate Weekly

    The ‘heartbreaking’ loss of the small home business after a burglary – magviral - January 27, 2020 by admin


    Four burglaries in four years have cost a few their small housing company and they have struggled to finish their clients houses.

    Paul and Pascale Hennessey founded Park Homes five years ago. They make small houses and modular houses with three employees of buildings in Kainga, just north of Christchurch.


    While the couple took a five-day vacation with their toddler son Kye, burglars escaped for $ 75,000 worth of goods from their buildings.


    Pascale Hennessey and her husband Paul were shocked when they discovered that locks were broken and that containers in their Park Homes company were stripped of valuable things.

    The trek included specialized tools and equipment, interior design and equipment, and items for their own home that they hoped to finish.

    READ MORE:* Why we took out a $ 55K loan to build our own little house* Small houses score high on comfort, quality and value* Women admit to tidying up vacation homes in Christchurch * Fraudsters who target Facebook users who want small houses

    At the same time, neighboring buildings of another construction company were broken into, while the shooting of an animal in an adjacent paddock was linked to the same offenders.


    Park Homes makes small houses and larger modular houses.

    Although insured, the Hennessys will only be paid a third of their loss, partly because the goods were stored in sealed transport containers.

    Pascale Hennessey said they would finish the two houses they are working on, but then they would close the doors despite the fact that they were ready for a year. She described the events as heartbreaking.

    Since the start, we have been burgled at least once a year. We hope to cover the loss ourselves without corporate debt we will sell what we can to ensure that we can finish the houses we started.


    One of the padlocks broke during the last attack.

    But we realized that we just could not continue with the company without getting into a difficult financial situation.

    This meant canceling the work that would have supported them and their staff, which they had to let go, Hennessey said.

    Thats the worst part. Our employees all have to find work, and they have their own families. We both also have to find new work.


    A completed little cottage from Park Homes.

    There is a lot of fall-out and many people have been affected. We hope that these people (the burglars) can be bought in court.

    The couple received a lot of support from current and former customers and was also crowdfunding to finish the houses, she said. They also have a completed little house that they can sell.

    The police said they had no clues, she said.


    The Hennesseys were cleaned up when their Park Homes company was broken into at Christmas.

    A police spokeswoman confirmed that break-ins of both properties were reported around Christmas time. She said the investigation continued after officers visited the scene and conducted forensic tests and asked anyone with information to contact the police.

    Hennessey said the company had been a labor of love in many ways, and after three decades in the industry, her husband wanted to keep costs and margins low to deliver an affordable product.

    They had managed to refine their product and she was doing very well, she said. The previous burglaries had been smaller, but this time they took everything they could.

    We had security cameras and a secure garden and locked gates we really couldnt do much more.

    Hennessey believed that the burglary was a professional task because the thieves could dodge the security cameras and had to make several trips.

    We put our heart and soul into it and we loved it.


    Pascale Hennessey is preparing a house for display.

    But we have experienced earthquakes and all kinds in this city and we will be fine as a family. If the worst comes, we can live in a caravan, so we still have a roof over our heads.


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    The 'heartbreaking' loss of the small home business after a burglary - magviral

    Three reasons why Leeds is becoming a property investment hotspot – BuyAssociation - January 27, 2020 by admin

    As more investment continues to come to Leeds, there are increasing property investment prospects in the city and wider region.

    Leeds is slated for more investment and development in a range of areas, opening up opportunities for property investors. With transport improvements coming to Leeds, more businesses relocating and expanding there, and demand increasing for new homes, Leeds is set for an especially strong year in the property investment sector.

    The first phase of the Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration being established at the University of Leeds has been given planning permission. The proposals include theconstruction facility Centre for Infrastructure Materials and the Infrastructure Test Facility.

    This is part of a wider plan to place Leeds as a centre for rail engineering, job creation and inward investment. The institute is expected to improve transport in the city, which will further boost the local economy and property market.

    Leeds was recently named the best place to start a business in the UK. Following Channel 4 and Sky making the move to Leeds, more creative and digital jobs have followed suit, which is further opening up more investment opportunities and bringing more people to the city.

    There is a growing confidence in Yorkshires commercial property sector, especially in Leeds, as more businesses are expanding and relocating there. Even with a substantial amount of commercial development already in the pipeline in Leeds, many are expecting demand in new office space to grow.

    Legal & General has even recently signed a long-term lease for a modular housing factory near Leeds, which is expected to initially employ between 400 and 500 people locally. As additional businesses open their doors in Leeds and Yorkshire, more people are likely to move to the city and region.

    Leeds is seeing a significant amount of redevelopment and regeneration across the city centre, especially in South Bank. Many new housing developments will be brought forward through these regeneration projects. More than 8,000 new homes are expected to be created in the South Bank area alone.

    In a report last year, Leeds City Council even suggested there is room for 20,000 more homes in the city centre, showing theres the potential for extensive growth. As Leeds sees more investment, demand for high-quality rental properties is expected to increase even more.

    2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Leeds. With more investment, growth and demand coming to the thriving city, its expected to be a lucrative time to invest in Leeds, especially in buy-to-let properties.

    If youre looking for your next property investment, check out BuyAssociations exciting investment opportunity in Leeds.

    Three reasons why Leeds is becoming a property investment hotspot - BuyAssociation

    Hill CEO: The personal experience thats driven me to donate 200 homes for the homeless in 10million gift – Cambridge Independent - January 27, 2020 by admin

    Hill, the family-owned developer, is to donate 200 homes for the homeless - a financial commitment of more than 10million - to mark the companys 20th anniversary.

    The extraordinary donation, which is beginning with up to 20 modular homes in Cambridge, is borne out of the personal experience of Hill CEO and founder Andy Hill.

    In 1999, when he had a young family, he was made redundant. The family feared they would lose their home.

    Instead, he set up and began growing the business, which has flourished, and now has more 10,000 homes currently under construction or in the pipeline, including the Athena development in Eddington, Ironworks in Mill Road in Cambridge, and Marleigh, the new community being created on Marshall land off Newmarket Road.

    Andy said: Homelessness is a growing crisis which I feel very passionately about and it is particularly bleak at this time of year.

    Life-changing events affect us all in different ways and over the years I have learnt to appreciate it can affect more than those who come from deprived backgrounds in the first place.

    After celebrating our 20th year of building homes at Hill, I want to give something back and create real opportunities for people who are living on the streets, to help turn their lives around.

    The whole business is taking huge pride in delivering these initiatives, and while we will not solve the problem today, we are taking a big step in the right direction which we hope others will follow.

    The pods being prepared to help tackle the homelessness problem in Cambridge are a kind of modular micro-home, or pod, which come factory-made and fully furnished, with white goods, soft furnishings, bedding and even plates and cutlery.

    Other homes will be sited in London and Oxford, where Hill also operates.

    The company will work in partnership with local authorities or housing associations, which will assume responsibility for maintenance and repairs, and with homeless charities on its initiative. Once ready, Hill will hand over the properties to one of the partners to manage the rehoming process.

    Emma Fletcher, a director at Hill and lead for the delivery of the Foundation 200 homes project, said: Our pledge is to help rehome the homeless we are stepping up to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    Gifting homes in this way has never been done before, so we are currently in the process of creating the blueprint and working out all of the details on a site by site basis with local charities, housing associations and local authorities on how to deliver these homes.

    At last Wednesdays Cambridge City Council housing scrutiny committee, 140,000 was approved to facilitate the legal and practical arrangements for up to 20 pods, which can be relocated if required.

    Potential sites for the pods have been identified in Abbey, Arbury and Kings Hedges wards, the council said, but precise locations have not been given.

    The council said they are very small sites that have proved difficult to develop to date.

    Mr Hill added: While we are only at the initial discussion stages of this initiative, conversations with Cambridge City Council are progressing well and the council have now put forward two suitable sites.

    We are currently reviewing the number of homes which can be delivered on these sites and planning applications will be submitted shortly. We have been really touched by the amount of goodwill this project has brought in; everyone wants to help and get involved.

    A council officer said an awful lot of work has gone into the design of the pods. Discussing the size of the pods, the officer explained that engagement with people who have slept rough suggested in some cases as a stepping stone from a hostel or a difficult environment towards independence, a smaller unit is sometimes what people are looking for.

    A support network and pathway to a permanent home will still be provided, the officer confirmed.

    Claire Flowers, the head of the councils housing development agency, said: We see this as an opportunity to meet housing need and provide more housing in the city relatively quickly, and at a lower cost to the council than providing them ourselves.

    Hill, which is delivering the initiative through a newly-formed charitable trust called Hill Group Foundation, intends all 200 of the homes to be completed and inhabited within five years.

    They will have a 60-year life expectancy and be arranged in small groups, with no more than eight on one site and none higher than two storeys.

    Additional reporting: Ben Hatton, Local Democracy Reporter.

    Read more

    Cambridge homes for homeless team composed of unsung heroes

    New homelessness initiative in Cambridge

    Skye walk: 9-year-olds fundraiser for Jimmys

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    Hill CEO: The personal experience thats driven me to donate 200 homes for the homeless in 10million gift - Cambridge Independent

    Forest Lakes residents to vote in May on office move – Pine River Times - January 27, 2020 by admin

    FOREST LAKES The Forest Lakes Metropolitan District Board of Directors will ask voters to weigh in on moving the districts office from Bayfield to Forest Lakes, one of La Plata Countys largest subdivisions with about 800 homes..

    For months, the board has been mired in debate. The office relocation has sparked disagreements over budget priorities in the district, board statues and relocation project planning.

    In my mind, (the vote) is the totally right thing to do, said Keith Roundtree, district manager. We are using the publics money, and they should have a say on how their money is being used.

    The district currently rents office space in Bayfield. Last year, the Feasibility Study Committee found a modular building and foundation would cost about $265,000 to be paid over 15 years. Rent over 15 years would cost $359,000, the committee said. The new office would be at the entrance of the neighborhood.

    If approved, the board plans to fund the project through a loan. The issue must be on the ballot because the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, or TABOR, says voters must approve any indebtedness that goes beyond 12 months, according to the district attorney. The measure would go on the ballot during special district elections, May 5.

    Discord on the boardDuring recent months, the board and community members have disagreed over how to plan and fund the project.

    Last year, the board voted to move the office based on a rate analysis, then disagreed about whether the analysis provided enough information.

    During meetings, board members disagreed on vote outcomes and which statutes they were following to make decisions. In one meeting, residents and the board debated the project for 45 minutes.

    Board members Dave Sheetz and Robin Kissell said residents will save on overall costs by building a new office in Forest Lakes. We put facts, figures and a cost analysis together and proved that it would be cheaper to own than it would be to rent, Sheetz said. Also, the current landlord kept his option to sell the property and did not guarantee the district a long-term lease, he said.

    Other members, including Shauna Unger, Toby Schrier and Brien Meyer, have questioned the project. Unger said it would be irresponsible to tie up funds in the relocation project while Forest Lakes has other large capital projects to consider, like replacing dam infrastructure and aging snowplows, or funding a sewer system project that could cost millions.

    Im not opposed to moving, I just dont think this is the right time, she said.

    Meyer, board treasurer, said he would consider the idea if he had enough information. The initial cost analysis did not include moving expenses, utility expenses, maintenance expense, a line-item budget explaining the modular building cost estimate or other financial information, he said.

    I find it very unfortunate that were making these big decisions and our manager doesnt have the information, said Meyer, who voted against the ballot measure and was absent for the boards first vote approving the project.

    Race against timeNew district staff members are racing to learn their roles, get the district organized and provide information to the board.

    Roundtree said the staff is working to establish a detailed cost estimate for voters before ballot language is due in March. The initial cost estimates were based on a floor plan, but those estimates did not reflect requirements for office sizes, architectural standards or the building site, he said.

    He has requested proposals for conceptual designs for stick-built and modular buildings. The district will review the proposals, conduct cost comparison and negotiations, then use the final cost estimates on the ballot.

    This is going to be speed-tracked in order to get this done, Roundtree said. I feel what were doing now is the proper way to do business.

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    Forest Lakes residents to vote in May on office move - Pine River Times

    Number of families affected by Taal eruption now over 103K – Philippine Canadian Inquirer - January 27, 2020 by admin

    EVAC CENTER. The evacuation center at the compound of the Old Tanauan City Hall houses hundreds of locals affected by the recent eruption of the Taal Volcano on Friday (Jan. 17, 2020). The Quezon City government has provided the evacuees with modular cubicle tents. (PNA photo by Joey O. Razon)

    MANILA Families affected by therestive Taal Volcano has climbed to 103,443 or equivalent to 394,094 persons in the four Calabarzon (Region 4-A) provinces, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) reported.

    In its 6 a.m. update Monday, the NDRRMC said 38,377 families or around 137,447 persons from the provinces of Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, and Quezon, are temporarily sheltered in 532 evacuation centers while the rest are staying with either friends or relatives and being aided outside.

    NDRRMC executive director Ricardo Jalad on Sunday said residents living outside the 7-kilometer danger could return to their homes after the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) on Sunday lowered the alert status of Taal Volcano to 3 from 4, two weeks after it erupted on January 12.

    The lowering of the alert status enabled local government units to allow some of the evacuees to return to their homes.

    Batangas Governor Hermilando Mandanas has given residents of towns and cities in the province, except Agoncillo and Laurel which are still under lockdown, an option to return to their homes or work.

    Towns, where residents have an option to return, are Alitagtag, Balete, Cuenca, Lemery, Lipa City, Malvar, Mataas na Kahoy, San Nicolas, Sta. Teresita, Taal, Talisay, and Tanauan City. The volcano island remains under permanent lockdown.

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    Number of families affected by Taal eruption now over 103K - Philippine Canadian Inquirer

    Vancouver mayor, housing minister won’t predict this year’s homeless population – Vancouver Courier - January 27, 2020 by admin

    Mayor Kennedy Stewart and Housing Minister Selina Robinson refuse to predict whether the citys annual homeless count in March will show an increase or decrease in the number of people living without a home.

    But both politicians say they are working together to secure land, build more homes and find housing for the citys homeless, including having 3,500 new homes underway or completed in Vancouver since 2017.

    Their efforts come despite more than 2,220 people counted last March as homeless in Vancouver. It was the biggest population recorded since counts began in Vancouver more than a decade ago.

    I dont know that weve turned the corner yet, said Robinson, when asked by the Courier at a news conference Monday about what the numbers will reveal after the citys homeless count this year.

    Stewart wouldnt speculate whether this years homeless population will see a dramatic shift either way in the numbers. But the mayor urged the federal government to fulfill its promise to reduce chronic homelessness in Canada by 50 per cent by 2027.

    The federal government really has to do more, he said, noting hes made that clear with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

    The mayor, however, admitted the city fell short of its rental housing targets last year, particularly the type of housing affordable to lower to middle-income people.

    Stewart had also hoped last year's addition of temporary modular housing sites for homeless people would see a drop in homelessness, but it didn't.

    Stewart and Robinson made those comments at a news conference to kick off construction of a 102-unit affordable rental home project on Southwest Marine Drive, near Ontario Street.

    The project will see 20 homes go to people with annual incomes of no more than $26,000 per year. Another 51 homes will go to households who earn $25,000 to $73,000 and 31 homes to households with incomes of up to $113,000.

    The New Chelsea Society will manage the 102 homes, which will be spread over two six-storey buildings, with studios and one, two and three bedroom homes targeted to families and seniors.

    The provincial government is funding the project and the city donated the land, which used to be residential property. The land is worth about $22.7 million.

    Robinson said such a project helps reduce homelessness by adding more housing for people currently in supportive housing which, in turn, opens up space for people living on the street.

    Supportive housing is housing that gives tenants access to health care and counselling as they stabilize from a life lived on the street, or in other precarious living conditions.

    The minister used her opening remarks to criticize the previous Liberal government and accused them of ignoring the housing crisis and as a result, they were leaving people behind.

    Homeless count statistics show there were 1,364 people counted in 2005. That statistic rose to 2,223 people in last Marchs count.

    Robinson said it was important to understand the state of homelessness in B.C. when the NDP-led government took power in 2017.

    She pointed out the governments temporary modular housing program, which saw 605 units built in Vancouver, eliminated the Sugar mountain homeless camp in the Downtown Eastside.

    The program had the same effect in other parts of the province, including in Surrey, where a strip in Whalley was notorious for homelessness and drug use.

    Weve made significant inroads and theres more to do, which is why our government is committed to building thousands more of the modular supportive housing, Robinson said.

    The mayor, meanwhile, said he will travel to Ottawa next month to continue lobbying the federal government for more housing money and to respond aggressively to the opioid crisis.

    The high price of housing coupled with the fentanyl crisis, he said, is creating a deadly combination for the citys most vulnerable. The mayor continues to push for a safe supply drug program for chronic drug users.

    Im being listened to, Im getting the meetings, Im getting the calls, Im getting the visits, Stewart said. That makes me feel like were very close.


    The rest is here:
    Vancouver mayor, housing minister won't predict this year's homeless population - Vancouver Courier

    The London Design Studio Making The Most Of Marble Waste – Forbes - January 27, 2020 by admin

    Whilst the extraction of marble itself is fraught with its own environmental issues, one studio is looking to ensure each and every slab is being used to its full potential. Salvaging off-cuts, discarded and imperfect slabs from construction sites, factories and homes around London, Marble.Partners are bringing a circular mindset to an industry where waste has previously been left unused.

    Marble mining can be very damaging to its surrounding environment often causing an extensive accumulation of Calcium and Magnesium compounds in the soils, sediments, water and vegetations within the area as well as being a non-renewable resource. However, while it is still being utilised within interior design and construction, it is important to ensure we are getting the most usage from each slab reducing the need as much as possible for new marble.

    Sculpture pieces by Marble.Partners who salvage off-cuts from construction sites and factories ... [+] around London.

    Celebrating imperfections as part of the story from each piece, they bring together a patchwork design to tabletops, art pieces and sculptural forms. Founded in 2018 by partners Mia Castenskjold and Stefan Zschernitz and their co-founder, sculptor Klaus Weiskopf, the team were driven by a personal endeavour when looking for a dining table for their own home. They realised large marble tables were extremely expensive and the cost of moving them between locations was often a logistical nightmare.

    Klaus Weiskopf, Stefan Zschernitz and Mia Castenskjold - founders of Marble.Partners.

    After researching into the industry further and witnessing the waste from each factory they came into contact with, they realised improvements needed to be made. Each piece they create is designed with functionality in mind and tabletops are split into modular sections to ensure transportation is as convenient as possible.

    With a long-term desire to work with quarries at source, where most of the wastage occurs, the studio decided to start in London focusing on the waste they could get their hands on easily. Building direct relationships with nearby factories, they began creating a range of show-stopping designs with a signature patchwork aesthetic made up of various off-cuts.

    Modular candlesticks and vases are created with the off-cuts from their own studio too.

    Giving each slab they find a new lease of life, regardless of its condition, Castenskjold states they like to celebrate the diversity found in the varieties of marble used. With Weiskopf bringing his talent to the workshop, they also create sculptural art pieces alongside the furniture designs. Over the past year the team have put a huge effort to ensure their own production produces as minimal waste as possible. Their own offcuts are hand-crafted into bespoke candlesticks and vases as well as looking into ways to reintroduce the marble dust into the production cycle. This mindset is allowing them to think outside the box and brings a fresh perspective to the industry, which others need to take note of.

    Their signature patchwork aesthetic celebrates the diversity and imperfections found in different ... [+] varieties of the salvaged stone.

    Looking forward further into 2020, Castenskjold is excited about what the future holds. Disrupting an age-old industry is a challenge, when altering mindsets steeped in tradition, but they are positive that change can take place. 2019 was spent on investigating, prototyping and identifying where we can make a difference. states Castenskjold, This year we are launching our first functional art exhibition in March, so we are currently deep in production. At the end of last year, the studio completed a prototype of a chair for client which encouraged their bigger mission to create functional art pieces. We didnt envision the chair to be particularly comfortable, Castenskjold continues, but it actually turned out to be a lot more functional than we had predicted.

    This functional art piece was created by the studio for a client last year.

    While sustainability is strong part of their ethos, the team explain how they want to remain known for the beautiful work they create with the focus on reducing waste being an inherent function of the studio. They are extremely conscious to ensure each aspect of the business represents their values and they have been working closely with a hemp farm (Margent Farm) to develop packaging using the natural material. While still early in the development stages, the team say the journey has been very inspiring so far with a strong desire to set new boundaries within the furniture logistics sector.

    The team's meticulous attention to detail ensures each off-cut stands out but complements those ... [+] around, creating a narrative which users can connect with.

    The merging of sustainability as an inherent mindset within the brand, with the aesthetic of each piece taking centre stage, is key for designers who want to succeed. Producing an end result for clients which is of incomparable beauty and quality ensures the desire for each piece is maintained, while the conscious production of it underlies each design as a crucial but subliminal message.

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