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    Oriental Theatre will remain closed as restoration work continues this summer – BizTimes – Milwaukee Business News - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Work to restore the Oriental Theatre on Milwaukees East Side will continue this summer while the theater remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Milwaukee Film, the nonprofit owner and operator of the 93-year-old theater, said Tuesday that it plans to complete renovations to the main and east theaters over the next few months.

    Restoration work includes replacing seats and carpeting, improving sightlines and sound quality, restoring plaster on the ceiling and walls, and beginning the process for installation of a 1925 Wurlitzer theater organ.

    Milwaukee Film expects the work will be completed in the fall.

    Our operations have been highly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, which has created significant uncertainty over when well be able to safely open our doors again to large crowds, said Jonathan Jackson, chief executive officer and artistic director for Milwaukee Film. We are, however, able to safely embark on several long-planned restoration projects that, if not done now, would require future shutdown of the cinema.

    The organization met its $10 million fundraising campaign goal for the project in spring 2019, and completed the restoration of the Orientals west theater later that year.

    Going forward with this work now is an important decision, and as weve reached out to our major donors, theyve been extremely supportive that this is the perfect time for restoration to ensure were ready when its safe to bring film back to a packed house, said Patti Keating Kahn, board chair for Milwaukee Film.

    Due to the pandemic and restoration work, Milwaukee Film has canceled its screenings of Cats, which were originally scheduled for March and moved to August.

    While Milwaukee Film continues planning for a 2020 film festival, Jackson has said the likelihood of a 15-day, in-person event on the scale of the 2019 festival is exceedingly low.

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    Oriental Theatre will remain closed as restoration work continues this summer - BizTimes - Milwaukee Business News

    The Louisville Thoroughbred Society: Entering the "Home" Stretch; It Looks Amazing – The Pressbox - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    (A rustic iron horse sculpture is one of the art pieces recently added to the LTS Library.)

    Editors Note:

    TheLouisville Thoroughbred Societyis now entering the home stretch. And, it is beginning to feel a lot like home, too.

    The final touches of paint are being added each day.

    The trim work is being fitted.

    The name plates are being attached to the restroom doors.

    The barn doors that separate the LTS Library and Diner rooms have now been hung.

    The betting stands which will host the stand-alone, self-service terminals have now been relocated to the LTS Main Floor. On Monday, the tote equipment will start to be installed.

    The chandeliers are being adorned with crystal spirals.

    And, the hand-made, Spanish Cedar Humidor has now been completely trimmed out and the moisturizing system has been installed.

    Over the next three weeks, construction work on the LTS Cigar Pavilion, the Diner and the Outdoor Terrace will be completed and the facility will be ready for its opening the first of August.

    It has been an amazing project over the past 4 years. There have been good days and tough ones, to be sure. ButThe LouisvilleThoroughbred Societyis entering the home stretch. We are kicking for home and the wire. We are gaing on the finish line each and every day.

    Starting next week, we will be hosting a series of Sneak Peaks. Contact our Director of Membership, Hayley Amoss, and set up your time to come and get a first-hand look.

    We know one thing. We will pass the eye test.

    The building is remarkable.

    The interior design is amazing.

    The look and feel are home.

    We are about ready for you.

    (The LTS Library is nearly completed, and the book shelves will soon be stuffed with a private collection of historic sales catalogues that have been donated to the club and for members to utilize.)

    (Furnishings have been moved in. Some of the art work and wall mountings have started to be erected, too)

    (Members and guests will be able to use the Library for a more private setting to enjoy lunch, as well)

    (Some of the accessories have now been added to the LTS Library, too)

    (Rustic artwork will make the Library both horse-themed and inviting)

    (There is still more to come, but the room is ready for visitors and tours now)

    (Room got a quick cleaning and the floor a thorough mopping this week)

    (The betting stands have now been delivered to the LTS, and installation will begin on Monday)

    (The hand-built LTS Humidor carved entirely from Spanish Cedar has now been fully installed. Only the cigars are missing)

    (Final brick work is being completed on the LTS Diner)

    (New concrete has now been poured in the basement and is ready for final office space to be erected)

    (The entrance foyer to the Hughes Lofts building and the home of the LTS is getting completely refurbished. The old, historic tin ceiling has been reapplied and painted. A new class enclosure dresses up the common area to the building and gives direction to the South Elevator off of Main Street)

    (The final concrete trim work is being added to the front of the Hughes Lofts. We have now entered the final phase of construction era)

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    The Louisville Thoroughbred Society: Entering the "Home" Stretch; It Looks Amazing - The Pressbox

    Major fires break out in 3 places in the city; no casualties – Hindustan Times - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Major fire broke out in three different places in the city on Thursday a godown in Marol, a bank in Nariman Point and a commercial complex in Lower Parel giving a tough time to the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB). No casualties were reported in any of incidents.

    However, a fire brigade personnel who took part in the fire-fighting operation at Marol was found to be Covid-19 positive after he was taken to a hospital as he fainted.

    In the first incident, a level-two fire (medium intensity) was reported at Nand-Dham Industrial estate in Marol, Andheri around 12.50am.

    According to MFB, the fire was confined to the ground floor godown which was equipped with electric wiring, electric installation and contained wooden furniture, office window AC, office records, office files, hydraulic compressor machine and hydraulic cylinder. Five fire engines and seven jumbo tankers were pressed into service here. The fire was brought under control at around 4am.

    A fire personnel was taken to Nanavati Hospital after he fainted during fire-fighting operation and he tested positive for Covid-19. A senior fire official said, He has developed pneumatic patches in his lungs as it was observed in CT scan. His condition is stable and he is under observation.

    In the second incident, a level-two fire was reported at around 5.21am inside a bank at Jolly Make Chamber located in Nariman Point, according to MFB. Prabhat Rahangdale, chief fire officer of MFB, said, The fire is confined to electric wiring, electric installation, office furniture, computers, office records, important documents and false ceiling in an area about 4,000 square foot of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait along with the server room on the ground floor of the commercial complex. Five fire engines and four jumbo tankers were sent to control the fire.

    Rahangdale said, No one was trapped inside as learnt from the public, and nobody is reported to be injured. The fire was brought under control at 7am, however cooling operations are ongoing. The fire at both the places were extinguished by noon.

    Just two hours after this, a major fire broke out at the ground floor of a ground-plus-two-storey commercial structure at Raghuvanshi Mills in Lower Parel around 9.28am.

    Mumbai mayor Kishori Pednekar after reaching the spot told media, The offices in the building where the fire broke out was shut for a long time and fortunately, no injuries have been reported. Fire officials are suspecting short-circuit since the building was vacant. Fire-fighters are now trying to find the place where the fire broke out as heavy smoke has logged all three floors.

    The intensity of this fire was the highest at level four. Fourteen fire engines and nine jumbo tankers were brought in to douse the fire and it was brought under control by 4pm.

    Rahangdale said they used thermal imaging camera to spot the exact area of the fire.

    Worli MLA Aaditya Thackeray said a strict audit would be carried out at Raghuvanshi Mills. He tweeted, The fire in Raghuvanshi Mills has been doused. Theres been no casualty as it was shut, but strict audit implementation will be carried out in all the buildings inside the compound.

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    Major fires break out in 3 places in the city; no casualties - Hindustan Times

    Fire guts IT server room of BBK bank in Mumbai – Sify News - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Mumbai, June 25 (IANS) A fire broke out in the IT server room of Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait (BBK) branch located in the Jolly Maker II building at Nariman Point, here on Thursday, officials said.

    According to the BMC Disaster Control, the blaze was reported at around 5.30 am from the foreign bank branch premises on the ground floor of the 14-floor building.

    It was confined to the electric wiring, electric installation, office furniture, computers, UPS battery, office records, important documents, false ceiling, etc. in an area about 4000-sq.ft within the BBK branch.

    There were no reports of any casualties or anybody trapped inside as informed by local eyewitnesses.

    The conflagration was brought under control within a clue of hours and cooling operations are underway now, said the officials.

    Jolly Maker II is located in the heart of Nariman Point, the country's most prestigious business address in south Mumbai.



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    Fire guts IT server room of BBK bank in Mumbai - Sify News

    The Power of a Statement Rug – Mansion Global - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    A statement rug has the power of transformation. It can make or break a room, said

    Samuel Pye, creative manager of Echlin Design Studio in London. Its like a piece of artwork; it will either bring everything in your room together, or completely change it.

    For more advice on making a statement underfoot, follow these tips from the design pros.

    More: The Magic of Macram

    Take a Cue From Your Dcor

    Think about what you want the room to feel like. If you're looking for a calming sanctuary, go for something more in keeping with the rest of your decor. If you're looking for something really daring, dont be afraid to introduce new colors and textures.

    Think about the language you've set in the rest of your decor and try to reflect that. For example, have you got colors you can contrast with or complement? Metallics you want to highlight or add to? Is all the furniture very rectilinear or curvaceous?

    For a recent project, the design was all about creating a space that looked built up over time with fine art. A lot of jewel tones and contrasting metallics created a luxury feel and we carried this through to a large metallic rug in a starburst pattern.

    Samuel Pye, creative manager, London-based design studio Echlin

    More: The New Way to Do Nautical Design

    Set the Scale

    If youre going with a bold pattern, keep complementary angles in mind. For example, if you have a rug with a sharp angular pattern, soften the room with rounded furniture. Also think about using varying scales of patterns to integrate your rug more cohesively. This goes for color as well. Use some of the standout colors in your rug in other places in the room, such as the fabrics of upholstered furniture.

    Go toward a bigger size than smaller size when choosing rug dimensions. A secret that works to give the illusion of a larger rug is to layer your smaller statement rug on top of a larger solid rug. This creates a layered effect that dresses up the space by creating a border around your rug and defining it more.

    Los Angeles-based designer Breegan Jane

    More: Designing With Outdoor Lounge Furniture

    Let it be the Focus

    Statement rugs can immediately focus your attention and then allow you to methodically take in all other design aspects of the room by expanding your sight line from the center out. We like to mix weave, yarn type and color together, not just surface design, to give each rug its own personality.

    The shape of rugs can be determined by any factor in the space: furniture layout, room configuration or ceiling profile (tray, coffered, framed). Rug size should reflect room scale, amount and placement of furniture, and act as natural room breaks in larger spaces without disrupting traffic flow and sight lines.

    Bob Margies, director of installation services at Merida, a rug company based in Fall River, Massachusetts

    From Penta: The 2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 is in Rarefied Air

    Think About Layering

    I love using them in dining rooms because they create a fabulous base for a large table that may have beautiful wood, but not many other details going on when they arent set, so the rug can really stand on its own.

    I love a wool rug for the durability, but blending in layers of silk creates visual interest and texture. 100% wool rugs fall much flatter.

    LeeAnn Baker of Seattle-based LeeAnn Baker Interiors

    Curate Your Vision

    I often start with the rug design to inspire the rest of the color and fabric selections. Rugs can be the singular art piece in a room. A contrasting black and taupe abstract pattern would be magnificent under Liaigre furnishings, for example.

    One tip for designing a high-contrast rug is to use shadowing or gradient poms off each main color to give it that ultra-custom touch.

    Genevieve Trousdale of Circa Genevieve design studio in West Hollywood

    More: How To Do Rattan RightBoth Inside and Outside

    Let Your Style Lead the Way

    For a look that is timeless but still makes a statement, Persian, Turkish and Moroccan rugs are the perfect way to bring in a mix of color, pattern and texture. If youre shying away from having a lot of color in your rug but still want it to make a statement, consider using bold patternsthey can be smaller patterns that look a little busy or larger scale patterns such as geometric shapes.

    Shape can definitely play a huge role. For example, if you dont want to use a super colorful rug with tons of patterns, you can use a fun shape like a cow hide to grab the eye and make the space look more interesting.

    Sara Barney, owner and principal designer of Austin, Texas-based BANDD DESIGN

    Click to read more news and stories about luxury home design

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    The Power of a Statement Rug - Mansion Global

    See-through fridges and boiling water from the tap. Welcome to your super kitchen – Irish Examiner - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Looking for tasty new detailing for your new-build or renovated kitchen? The smart, sleek, luxurious kitchens of autumn/winter 2020 display lip-licking good taste and intelligence.

    The Big Freeze

    French chill: Door-in-door operation and a tap to view the contents, 3,299 Currys.

    Freezers are having a moment, with sales spiking with our stay-at-home habit changes. Having thrashed around for the top shelf of a standard upright or struggled with the 1,000mm girth of a broad American shoving the 60cm units aside the couture lines of a French fridge freezers are bienvenue.

    French models stack a generous fridge over the freezer rather than placing them side-by-side, retaining two doors in the top storey to open the fridge.

    Drawers to the base, pull the freezer contents out in one sleek move with an internal drawer set. Fresh zones to super-chill meat and certain fruit and vegetables are now standard, and look out for quick-freeze pads and smart sensors to maintain an even temperature as you stock the cavity. Top buys include the Haiers HB18FGSAAA, just 83cm wide with 351l/157l -fridge/freezer- capacity, 1,599.99, Currys PC World

    Bora X Pure cooking hobs offer integrated extractors, ideal for keeping steam out of your eyeline as well as the kitchen space, from 1,790, for stockists in Ireland.

    Extractor fans have flown the tented ceiling hoods and taken to the counter in retractable in-set models by visionary leaders like Elica and Smeg -Downdraught-.

    Now the hob itself is swallowing up steam and odours commercial style. Once youve seen the extractor or venting hob in action it makes delicious, ergonomic good sense. From standard induction hobs to foodie Teppanyaki, an in-hob model keeps aspiration out of your eye-line, not fogging your view.

    Perfect for sleek, island installation as you cook and chat out to an open-plan room. Top-mounted filters make a breeze of changing the charcoal, freshening the air in general. Take a look at the iF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award-winning Bora X Pure with intuitive control, the Elica Nikolatesla Prime, and the brand new Smeg Hobd4 due to hit the market later this year. Prices 1,5003,099 -Neff Flex DID Electrical-. Ceiling mounted try Falmec frames in Albas styles almost invisible profiles.

    The Quooker Combi tank (A-rated) for beverages, pre-heating cooking water and cleaning stubborn cook-ware. Prices from 1,380,

    Analysis by Cardiff University of 2012 consumption patterns found that 34% of the electrical energy used for cooking went on kettles or 6% of a UK power bill -252kWh-. Boiler taps have left the luxury bracket and are increasingly an expected servant in super-kitchens and squeaks of an apartment with ergonomic galley greatness.

    Apart from their convenience (hot/cold, chilled, filtered and even sparkling water), its worth noting their superb energy-saving potential for a nation depressing the kettle control like piano keys day long. A good example is the beloved pioneer the Quooker, which stores water at 110C in a highly insulated under-counter tank.

    The Quooker Combi tank (A-rated) keeps water at boiling point for a miserly 10w, using a reasonable 511kWh per year for beverages, pre-heating cooking water and cleaning stubborn cook-ware. Prices from 1,380,

    Orla Kiely Stem textiles on a timber peg board gentles a contemporary kitchen, aprons from 38, two dish towels from 18, multiple suppliers.

    The warmth of raw, oiled wood and inclusion of hand-made, individual elements from textiles to ceramics, gift character and individuality to those metres of sleek, uninterrupted minimalism.

    From pantry fronts to boards and utensils, find ways to bring timber figuring into your new kitchen as a counter-point to its manufactured perfection. Try ash, cherry and spalted serving spoons and crumb -Gumati- brushes from 25, and boards from 60,

    Want to take the woodlands further? The birch ply kitchen or a signature cabinet is a mid-century style rebuttal to turned, panelled classic wood styling - fabulous with the trend for dusty flat pink kitchens sweeping London and Paris. Look up talented Irish cabinet-makers to build to your highly personal spec.

    For budget inspiration take a look at the work of plykea, crafting ply fronts for standard Ikea carcasses brilliant -and cheap!-,

    Skyline gold plate style pulls from Pullcast. Deployed widescale or applied to a single-pantry cabinet.

    From leather pulls to gold plating, handles are seeing a come-back to challenge push performance and recessed grabs. Dinka stamped cowhide handles in looped and suitcase forms -8 from and the glittering kitchen jewellery of firms including Pullcast (Skyline shown, POA) are encouraging us to reach out and touch again.

    If you want to lose your mind completely and dive directly into '70s metropolitan luxury, match up the cabinets, drawers, main door handles with brass or even gold plate and look for engine-turning visually as sharp as cut glass. Yes, of course it will date, but you know youre ripping out that kitchen in ten years, and

    Sharp-operated smart oven (launched this summer). Choose operations that suit your lifestyle rather than opting for gimmicky gadgets that irritate or that you won't ever use.

    The "smart" oven 2020 presents some relevant performance beyond the gimmicky W-fi phone app appliance platforms that send an email to all the friends youve invited for dinner, telling them its time to enjoy your delicious meal (Neff).

    Digital, touchscreen controls and programmable timers are the base-line. A step up: HD cameras, intuitive control from pre-loaded recipes, and in-oven weighing options for roasts etc. For checking the progress of the meal - finessing time, temperature, and humidity, the use of a tablet operated app for your oven is useful in the cloud operated intelligent home of a rabid entertainer who doesnt want to nip in and out of the kitchen.

    Obviously, if youre sending notions to the cooker at 50m, the app and appliance need to "talk" likely youre already in negotiations with the fridge and committed to one brand. Check out the voice command/Home Connect abilities of Siemens and Bosch ovens and coffee makers including remote diagnostic repair. Entry point the impressive W oven collection from Whirlpool with 6th Sense tech, from 740, (W7OM44BPS1P), suppliers nationwide. A handy bit of culinary logic: The Meat+ can be used with any oven to provide app-based temperature readings, 120, Amazon.

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    See-through fridges and boiling water from the tap. Welcome to your super kitchen - Irish Examiner

    Green light from government is ‘just the first step’ for businesses allowed to reopen in Phase 4.2 – Prince Albert Daily Herald - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The government has given the go ahead for galleries, museums, theatres and libraries to reopen on Monday, but some in Prince Albert will remain shuttered for the time being.

    The announcement does, however, allow some businesses in these sectors to start planning for the summer.

    I was just on the edge of my seat as we were hoping that things would be announced last week, said Lana Wilson, the Mann Art Gallerys acting director and curator.

    We have some contingency plans. We just need to know which one to start, which one to put into action, she explained, because for us and for a lot of museums and galleries, being given the go ahead by the government is just the first step and we have a couple of other steps that we still need to put into place before we can actually reopen.

    Wilson said that other galleries may be able to open their doors sooner if they were in the middle of an exhibition at the time of temporarily closing.

    In mid-March, the Mann Art Gallery was at the tail end of its Winter Festival Art Show & Sale. It took four weeks for all of the artists, who came in one-by-one, to safely pick up their works.

    Now that the reopening date has been announced, staff are able to decipher what summer exhibitions will be feasible to carry out.

    Wilson wasnt sure if any would be moving forward, but one of the three they planned will be hitting the gallery. Its called Migrations, and features sculptures, paintings and audio by three different artists.

    Ive spoke to the artists and they were really keen to go ahead because, in fact, the theme of their exhibition talks about migration, movement and spread, explained Wilson, emphasizing how fitting the theme is for the current pandemic.

    She said the gallery will also be moving forward with an outdoor installation this summer, but staff havent locked down enough details to speak publicly about the project.

    The decision of when to reopen doesnt just involve the Mann Art Gallery as an organization. Because its located in the E.A. Rawlinson Centrea city-owned facilitycity officials will be working with them on guidelines for opening their doors.

    The same applies to the Rawlinson Centre and museums.

    In a Thursday news release, the City of Prince Albert said it will provide an update on spray parks, the Alfred Jenkins Field House, Prince Albert Arts Centre, museums and the Rawlinson Centre next week.

    On Facebook, the On The Avenue Artisans Gallery said it will be reopening on Tuesday.

    While the John M. Cuelenaere Library is allowed to reopen in the next few days, it also will not be opening its doors because its in the middle of renovations.

    We had a plan to shut down this summer to do a renovation before the pandemic, said Library Director Alex Juorio.

    Theres still a few weeks before we can even think about doing any kind of service.

    Renovations including replacing the flooring, ceiling tiles and shelving units.

    Because most of its physical material is stored in boxes, the library is not currently offering curbside pickup.

    Juorio said the library is aiming to reopen in August. But, depending on the state of the renovations, they may solely be offering curbside pickup at that time.

    He emphasized that the library hasnt entered a full closure throughout the pandemic, though, because of its electronic collection.

    Throughout the entire pandemic, weve been adding a lot of material to our electronic collection, so you can still download a video, stream it, you can still download music and listen to it, you can still stream music, you can look at ebooks, at audiobooks, you can look at comic books and graphic novels, he said.

    Juorio added having a later reopening date will be positive for the library because it can follow measures from other libraries, including how to keep the public computer area as clean as possible.

    Were just trying to make the best of a bad situation, he said, adding that hes been getting a lot of questions from the public about when the library will be opening up.

    You can tell were a valued service and people miss us.

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    Green light from government is 'just the first step' for businesses allowed to reopen in Phase 4.2 - Prince Albert Daily Herald

    For Years, Daniel Libeskinds Dramatic Jewish Museum Building Upstaged the Poignant Collections It Housed. A New Overhaul Hopes to Change That – artnet… - June 26, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Berlins Jewish Museum is among the largest and most famous of its kind in the world. Yet the permanent exhibition, unlike the acclaimed Daniel Libeskind building that houses it, has long been considered old-fashioned and clunkyin short, always something of a disappointment.

    Since January 2019, the Libeskind galleries, which were frequented by more than 11 million visitors since opening in 2001, have been closed for a comprehensive refurbishment due for completion this summer. The museum announced yesterday thataftersome delayvisitors will be welcomed on August 23.

    Given both the institutional context and the wider political landscape, this major reboot has curators and designers balancing on a tightrope. Last year, its director Peter Schfer resigned after a series of incidents for which he was criticized for being too outspoken in the Israel-Palestine debate. Outside the museum, both in Germany and abroad, right-wing populism and anti-Semitism are on the rise, making this institution more important than ever.

    Aerial view of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Libeskind Building Jewish Museum Berlin. Photo: Gnter Schneider.

    Amid such high stakes, the Berlin-based design office chezweitz has been tasked with integrating the museums heavy content into its existing architecture in a way that draws viewers in and brings them along. Walking through its empty galleries while the project was still underway, difficult questions emerged: How do you design exhibitions within a building already so thoroughly designed? And how might design accommodate a history ridden with tragedy without succumbing to clich or kitsch?

    In a city of few architectural wonders, not only as far as museums go, Libeskinds landmark is tied only with Mies van der Rohes Neue Nationalgaleriean uncompromising glass box with a levitating roofand David Chipperfields poetic restoration of the bombed-out Neues Museum. In the shape of a lighting bolt, or a broken star of David, Libeskinds zinc-clad structure, cut up by slitted windows, is a sculpture. It stood empty for years before the unveiling of the permanent exhibition in 2001 and, considering that Peter Eisenmans Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe wasnt finished until 2005, in its vacant state, the Jewish Museum effectively served as the German capitals primary Holocaust remembrance site. And as suchIve heard time and time againit was perfect.

    Yet Libeskind seems to have considered every detail except how his idiosyncratic galleries could possibly fulfill the purpose they were designed for, namely housing a presentation of historic ephemera, artworks, and artifacts. The architecture, quite simply, is too busy exhibiting itself. For that reason, the permanent exhibition on view for the better part of the last 20 years was something of an Eintopf: a stew in which the individual ingredients disappear into a murky whole. Too full and too monotonous, each chapter simply followed the next in an uneventful continuum. In what was presumably an attempt to lend prominence to the surroundings, the display and architecture ended up sounding each other out.

    In 1999, in the early stages of his career, architect Detlef Weitz submitted a bid in the public debate over a future Holocaust memorial that would become Eisenmans famous work. In Libeskinds building you already have your memorial,he wrote to the city, just leave it empty. It is ironic that now, as head of chezweitz, which is among Europes leading exhibition design firms, Weitz is tasked with filling up the very same rooms he once advised to leave alone. He and his team have been reworking the 3,500-square-meter (38,000-square-foot) building since 2016, and the roughly 6.5 million ($7 million) project is set to be unveiled to the public in August.

    Bowing to a number of Jewish personalities in the Hall of Fame of the Jewish Museum Berlins new core exhibition (illustrations: Andree Volkmann). Jewish Museum Berlin. Photo: Yves Sucksdorff.

    The new exhibition Jewish Life in Germany: Past and Present is broken off into five chapters spanning the Middle Ages to the present. The buildings updated design is deliberately disorienting, intending to mirror the tortured and winding trajectory of Jewish history. Our challenge as designers has been to maintain this sense of disruption, while at the same time making a functional exhibition, Weitz told me as we stood in the half-finished installation. In the main concourse, Libeskinds black void-bridge stretches the length of the complex, interrupting the flow of its various galleries and allowing only partial views into its memory voidslarge, bare, and sometimes inaccessible concrete shafts at the buildings core.

    Because this state of disharmony is essential to the power of Libeskinds spaces, Weitz and his team have taken on the task of matching or even exacerbating its symbolic potency.Where the old exhibition used a similar design scheme for the entire display, chezweitz has opted for a series of distinct and characteristic spaces that each respond to the architecture in their own way. In rendering the fatal claustrophobia of the World War II years, for instance, semi-reflective steel plates suspended from the ceiling are scarred by narrow glass vitrines, which are also reminiscent of the windows to the outside.

    Here we really made an effort to avoid the material clichs of Holocaust memorial architecture, said Weitz, listing the rusted metal and raw concrete that is typically mobilized to lend gravity to memorials around the world. Instead, their maze of knife blades merges with the black void bridge, enriching the existing symbolic vocabulary. It will be brutal because its perfect, he added. If Libeskinds metaphors have always seemed somewhat contrived, the incorporation of them into the exhibition itself, even in its current half-built state, turns them winningly self-evident.

    Exterior view of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Libeskind Building Jewish Museum Berlin. Photo: Jens Ziehe.

    As for art, as part of the revitalization, German artist Anselm Kiefer is creating a much-anticipated work about the Kabbalah. The existing Shalekhet installation, an epic and solemn piece by Israeli sculptor Menashe Kadishmanmore than 10,000 faces with open mouths cut from heavy iron plates that cover the floor of one of the memory voidswill be complemented by a more uplifting face-based artwork by illustrator Andree Volkmann. In a previously blank staircase connecting the two floors of the exhibition, Volkmann has portrayed a diverse list of famous Jewish personalitiesfrom Jesus to Weimar-era Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau and Amy Winehouseon a backdrop of dreamy pastel-colored clouds that doubles as a selfie spot. Its a welcome moment of levity before the exhibition turns to the 20th century.

    While artworks can introduce a helpful sense of ambiguity and poetry, in a context like this museum, their qualities are just as often not what is required. A gallery about the legal restrictions imposed upon Jews throughout the 1930s might have been the subject of another art commission, or some creative sentiment could have helped to bring home the point. But this content needs more specificity and less subjectivity than is typically offered by an artwork; here, unpoetic documentation is crucial.

    At the entrance to the new core exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin is the Welcome Pointa wooden sculpture modeled after a tree. Jewish Museum Berlin. Photo: Yves Sucksdorff.

    Weitzs solution delivers on both facts and drama: layers and layers of paper measuring the height of the room bear the laws issued by Germany that gradually turned Jewish life into an oxymoron after 1933. In these rooms, the procedure by which barbarism was veiled by bureaucracy is given material form in a way that is both moving and straightforward.

    As the timeline of the exhibition moves into the 1940s, the paper walls turn to steel, and you notice your own blurred reflectiona gesture both to identity and complicity. On the other side of this dark chapter follows one about anti-semitism in our contemporary moment. When the museum and chezweitz started working on the project, this section was somewhat meager. Now, following dramatic right-wing riots in the German city of Chemnitz and elsewhere since 2018, Weitz calls it one of the most important parts of the exhibition. One hopes another update wont be necessary for a while.

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    For Years, Daniel Libeskinds Dramatic Jewish Museum Building Upstaged the Poignant Collections It Housed. A New Overhaul Hopes to Change That - artnet...

    DIY hacks to spruce up your home that will save you money – Yahoo Finance - May 29, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Although some home improvement projects can be a fun distraction amid COVID-19, they can also be a hefty expense.

    The average cost of a home renovation can fall anywhere between $18,404 and $75,968, according to Home Advisor. Kitchen renovations alone can eat up as much as $25,000 and bathrooms can force homeowners to doleout roughly $10,000.

    What affectsprices and how much consumers end up spending depends on the size of the room, if there are any underlying problems, the cost of materials and the extent of the remodel, Home Advisor noted.


    However, if you don't have an extra $80,000 laying around, there are simple fixes from changing up some wallpaper, throwing on a fresh color of paint or changing some light fixtures can be an easy and cost-effective solution to transforming a space.

    To help consumers out, experts at The Family Handyman Magazine compiled a list of home upgrades that consumers can do, all of whichcost under $500.

    And although sprucing up your home may come with its financial headaches, it's also important to note that DIY projects alone eliminate one of the biggest expenses that can occur during these projects.


    Here are five ways The Family Handyman discovered that could help soften the financial blow.

    1. Bathroom makeover

    Making over a bathroom can seem daunting. Luckily, it may be as simple as replacing your countertops. A new granite bathroom vanity top can be found at retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot. Their prices range from$150 to $450 depending on the size, according to the magazine. To complete the "new" look, consumers can also replace their faucet and mirror.In total, the cost of the project may average around $430and take a minimum of two to three days to complete, the magazine claimed.

    2. Upgrading wallpaper

    Changing up a room can be as simple as adding or changing the wallpaper on just one single wall. The project should only take one full day at most and adouble roll of paper can cost around $122. However, supplies including asacrylic primer, which will help to seal the wall surface, can run consumers another $20 to $50.

    The outlet cautioned that some wallpaper may prove to be difficult to hang. In that case, they suggest hiring an expert for an additional$150 to $250.


    3. Adding halogen track lighting

    Track lighting gives consumers the flexibility to put the lights exactly where they need it. According to the outlet, tiny halogen bulbs emit a "dazzling white light"which can help brighten a space. Track lighting, which has dropped in price within recent years, can also connect to any existing junction box in the ceiling. This means homeowners don't need to install a transformer, the outlet noted.

    The rail system, that hangs below the ceiling, will hold both spotlights and pendants and typically runs either 4 or 8 ft. Kits for these systems can be found within lighting stores, home centers such as Home Depot or online. Their price starts out at about $150 and installation may take one to two hours.

    4. Adding kitchen rollouts

    Kitchen rollouts are a cost-effective solution to reorganizing the space. The rollouts, which can cost anywhere from $40 to $80, can help bring things such as pots and pans more accessible while freeing up more space. Installation is also very quick, with the outlet pegging it at about 15 minutes.

    5. Trim and painting

    Painting and adding trim to a room can also be a simple and creative way to spruce up an area. Two simple lines of trim can create a perfect framework for a two-color wall combination, the magazine reported.

    However, consumers are urged to prepaint the trim and paint the walls before putting up the trim. After it's in place, homeowners can then touch itup with paint.

    It was estimated that six gallons of paint would cost around $180 and 80 feet of chair rail and crown moldings cost roughly $200. The project should take anywhere between two to three days.


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    How To Turn Your Bedroom Into The Sanctuary You Need Right Now – Forbes - May 29, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Sherwin Williams' 2017 color of the year Poised Taupe SW 6039 covers the walls of a soothing ... [+] bedroom.

    Many of us are going into a third month of lockdown, spending more time than ever getting to know every inch of our homes. Subsequently, were becoming ever more sensitive to how important it is to feel good in them. According to a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Marvin, 92% of Americans agree that it is important they feel happy in their home right now. Nearly half (46%) plan to do renovations or projects to feel happier about their home in the next three months. The room in which we spend nearly a third of our lives, the bedroom, might be the most impactful place to start. Here are some of the easiest ways to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

    A soothing, zen-ned out bedroom painted in Sherwin Williams' Mantra palette

    Think soothing colors

    According to Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin Williams, We spend about a third of our lives in our bedrooms. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place you can retreat to after a long day. A warm brown like Poised Taupe SW 6039 envelops you and sets the mood for a satisfying slumber. You can create the ultimate zen bedroom by playing off of the earth tones in this color and add greenery and wood tones. For those that prefer a cooler tone for the bedroom, I really love the color Silvermist SW 7621. The color is a beautiful silvery green and harmonizes well with browns, greenery and wood tones.

    The Mantra palette by Sherwin Williams, specifically, seems to be having a moment with its contemporary neutral tones. According to Wadden, Mantra was inspired by the intersection between the East and West, particularly the ongoing desire for Scandinavian simplicity and elegantly efficient Japanese design. This palette features muted neutrals like Grayish SW 6001 and Software SW 7074 that effortlessly glide from warm to cool, embracing simplicity and versatility.

    In terms of what to paint where, Wadden shares that, Pure White SW7005 is always a great choice for a ceiling, but if youd like a little bit of color above, Spatial White SW 6259 and Individual White SW 6008 are soft neutrals that, when used on a celling, would make the room seem lighter and airier.

    Think symmetry when it comes to relaxing lighting

    Harmonious, clutter-free lighting

    Lesson one in lighting, according to Lamps Plus design expert John Barnes, is to free up bedside table space. He shares that, Nothing creates stress more than a messy, cluttered bedside nightstand. Free up table space and add zen calm with space-saving, wall-mounted swing-arm lamps. Install one on the wall on each side of the headboard. You free up a tabletop and add adjustable lighting that each bed partner can control as they wish. These designs offer easy DIY installation: just mount on the wall and plug in. Other suggestions include hanging mini chandeliers or swag chandeliers that do not require hard-wiring. Instead, these swag chandeliers hang from hooks that can be screwed into the ceiling and plugged into a wall outlet.

    Lesson two, Barnes instructs, is to get symmetrical. You'll get harmony in the bedroom by decorating with pairs of lamps that create a symmetrical, balanced look. There are lamp sets for every style and price range. Buying in a set of two makes life easy. Finally, Barnes recommends, Putting all your lighting on dimmers gives you control over the lighting, helping you to adjust for the time of day and the activity at hand. Use wall dimmers to control ceiling lights. Lamps and wall lights can be used with line cord tabletop dimmers that plug into an outlet.

    Ripple-fold drapery adds an element of being surrounded in a comforting cocoon

    Minimal, nature-inspired window treatments

    When thinking about what window treatments are right for a bedroom the most common goals are room darkening and adding privacy, shares The Shade Store Co-founder Ian Gibbs. The premium window treatments organization has recently launched a virtual service to help customers find how to best achieve these goals and find something that suits personal taste. As far as where to begin, Gibbs shares that, Our window design experts start all conversations in our showrooms and through our video design consultations with the window. There are a lot of things to take into consideration around the window, from the depth of casing to wall space for stacking.

    When considering which styles can create the most serene atmosphere for the most sanctuary-like bedroom, Gibbs recommends, A ripple fold drapery from ceiling to floor cocoons a space with a soft, textured layer. In a bedroom, blackout lining allows for complete room darkening for the best sleep with very limited light gaps and this product easily opens and closes. For those with a preference for some natural light to filter through, Our zen-roller is a great option for those who want natural light in their bedroom. It mimics a shoji screen with rice paper-like material and dowels and lets in softly filtered light, while providing privacy.

    Adding earthier elements can ground a space and add an element of nature, and for this Gibbs suggests adding a woven wood shade. Its a beautiful style that can be left unlined in natural, open material or you can select a black-out lining to provide the ability to completely darken the room when its time to sleep.

    Play with scents you find calming, delivered by candle, diffuser or hourglass

    Consider a soothing scent

    Some of us swear by a signature home scent to strike the right mood. What better source to ask about curating the perfect zen-inspiring bedroom scent than luxury darling Diptyque Paris? The brands director of marketing Eduardo Valadez recommends considering diffusers or room sprays in addition to candles. He shares that scent can add a, decorative touch to any room. For the bedroom, the scent you choose can help create a restful and relaxing environment. Feuille de Lavande (lavender leaf), jasmine (jasmin), Vanille (vanilla), Santal (sandalwood), Roses, Geranium Rosa (rose geranium) can help promote relaxation. Ultimately the scent choice is very personal, so any scent that makes you feel good can add calm to any space.

    Valadez also recommends the scent-sensitive among us try, an alternative scent diffusion product other than a candle, such as our Hourglass diffuser, which provides a more intimate scent, simply flip to diffuse the scent. You can also choose a spritz or two of room spray, which gives you a burst of scent and slowly dissipates. Both options are subtle and not overpowering.

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    How To Turn Your Bedroom Into The Sanctuary You Need Right Now - Forbes

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