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    2019 Termite & Pest Inspection Costs – For Home Purchase … - October 21, 2019 by admin

    A termite inspection will average about $100 and range anywhere from $50 to $280. This inspection is usually free when not tied to a home sale. Termite and home inspections are usually separate, though often bundled together. You should have one done at least every two years in low threat areas or annually in high threat areas - or if you see signs of infestation or wood damage. These are affordable (and often free) preventative measures that can help save you between $1,000 to $4,000 in fumigation costs. Fumigations are not only expensive, but they are a health hazard that drives you from your home for at least a few days. Most states require that these are done by certified pest inspectors. On This Page:

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    2019 Termite & Pest Inspection Costs - For Home Purchase ...

    Termite Inspection, Treatment and Control in NJ | ChemTec … - October 21, 2019 by admin

    We Are The NJ Termite Control Experts You Need For Your Termite Extermination Job

    With over 80 years of experience providing termite treatments and inspections in New Jersey, including Bergen, Passaic, and surrounding counties, you can count on our team to get rid of termites fast.

    The first step is for our termite control professional to make sure that you have a pest problem that needs termite treatment. There are many insects that appear to be termites and some even swarm in the spring as real termites do. For more information about termites, please visit our termite identification page.

    Our termite inspectors in New Jersey understand termite behavior and even think like termites and are ready to provide you with a thorough inspection of your home inside and out to identify the extent of your problem. The termite control inspector will look for:

    When our termite control inspector comes to your home, he will evaluate your pest problem, identify that you do have termites and then present a price estimate and service agreement, all in the same appointment. Your termite eradication appointment is promptly scheduled to solve your problem without delay. In some cases multiple technicians may come to treat your homes exterior and in other cases only one termite technician will be needed for extermination.

    ChemTec Pest Control is an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon System. The Sentricon System is an eco-friendly, termite baiting system that requires no trenching, drilling or digging. Our technicians will strategically install termite bait stations around your home or business directly into the ground. Termites foraging for food are attracted to the bait in each station, which is then carried back and shared with the rest of the colony. The end result is the death to entire colony, including the queen. Along with eliminating all active termite infestations, continued use of the Sentricon System will prevent future infestations from occurring as well! Little maintenance is needed with the Sentricon System; we only have to check bait stations periodically. This helps us to determine where termites are most active to ensure proper termite treatment.

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    Termite Inspection, Treatment and Control in NJ | ChemTec ...

    Termite Control in Mesa – Varsity Termite and Pest Control LLC - October 5, 2019 by admin

    They Did A Great Job With My Termite Problem!

    Terry J. Mesa

    Guy that came out for my termite problem was very knowledgeable, explained everything thoroughly and did a great job. Would definitely recommend them to others for termite control in the Mesa area.

    Elizabeth L. Gilbert

    5 star workmanship and customer service. I havent had termites in years since first calling Varsity for my termite inspection and treatment. Their termite prevention package has made my life worry free!

    Brittany R. Chandler

    Tony called me within 5 minutes of my hitting the submit button for a scorpion quote. I never heard from the other two competitors. The job was done the next day and he even directed me to the $100 discount coupon. The scorpions are gone and my kids are safe again. I will be calling Varsity again and telling my friends about them.

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    Termite Control in Mesa - Varsity Termite and Pest Control LLC

    Phoenix/Tucson/Northern Arizona Pest & Termite Control … - October 5, 2019 by admin

    Pest and termite control company - family owned and operated since 1976.Termite Control

    STRIKE FORCE Pest & Termite Control uses state-of-the-art technology and exceptional products available to provide fast, accurate termite and pest control for the protection of your home. Our growth has surpassed other companies because of great service and price.

    Our experienced service technicians and inspectors are licensed by the State of Arizona and receive ongoing training to insure the best possible service. They take the time necessary to evaluate and resolve your pest and termite needs and are always ready to serve you throughout the Phoenix, Tucson, and Northern Arizona areas.

    STRIKE FORCE is known among the professional real estate community as a "Realtor Friendly" company. Many of our services are designed specifically to help get your property closed.

    Our staff of inspectors are fully trained in the proper completion of the Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR), understanding the lender requirements of this document and available to help you navigate the process. We are keenly aware of the sensitive time window of the inspection clause and guarantee to deliver the required reports well within these limitations.

    We're focused on keeping your deals on track!

    Don't let live termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood-destroying beetles slow down or stop your closing! STRIKE FORCE offers services that remedy these conditions when required at competitive rates to insure your buyer and seller clients stay happy with you as their trusted agent. Let us help increase your referral business with satisfied clients. When you refer STRIKE FORCE your clients save money.

    STRIKE FORCE strives to exceed our customers' expectations, respect your home and business, and want to protect it every single time.

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    Phoenix/Tucson/Northern Arizona Pest & Termite Control ...

    Termite Inspections & Control – Five Star Pest Control - September 29, 2019 by admin

    Termites serve an important purpose in nature. They break down dead trees and other types of vegetation by digesting wood and other forms of cellulose materials. While this is a necessary part of preserving a delicately balanced ecosystem, when termites try to take over your home or business, its definitely time to spring into action! The experienced professionals at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control are the experts when it comes to protecting homes from termites in Texas. There are three types of termites that you need to be aware of in Texas. Education, understanding and a comprehensive Five Star Termite & Pest Control plan is the key that can help you keep these destructive invaders away from your home!

    This termite builds colonies underground and needs soil to maintain adequate moisture levels. A subterranean colony cannot survive without sufficient moisture. Subterranean Termites are the most common type of termite found in the United States. There are numerous species and of subterranean termites, one of the most destructive is the Formosan subterranean termites. This particular type of termite can also form a nest above ground, which limits the need for relying solely on underground nests. Signs of subterranean termites include seeing flying swarmers and mud tunnels on the exterior of your buildings.

    Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites colonize in wood above the ground and do not rely on soil to survive. They are often found in attic wood as they need very little moisture. Signs of drywood termites are flying swarmers and termite fecal pellets called frass.

    This type of termite prefers to live in decaying and damp wood. Unlike drywood termites, they need contact with water along with high levels of humidity to survive. Dampwood termites are the largest of the three types of termites found in Texas. Like drywood termites, signs of dampwood termites include flying swarmers and termite fecal pellets called frass. If you suspect dampwood termites, call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control!

    Termites are considered social insects that thrive in colonies. Each termite can be grouped into workers, soldiers, reproductive and queens. As the termite colony grows and matures, it will often send out winged females and males (swarmers). If the swarmers survive, they will find a new place to settle, and begin a new colony. Swarming season in Texas begins in late spring to early summer depending on the species.

    Termites can gain entry through an opening that is as small as 1/32 inch wide. Common entry points include:Cracks in the foundation around plumbingThrough expansion jointsInside hollow block wallsUp the side of the foundation walls

    Termites can be difficult to spot. The key to termite control is stopping them before they get started! Termites will eat anything that contains cellulose. While termites prefer wood they will also eat paper, cardboard and carpet. Termites also need moisture to stop the colony from dying out. Remove potential sources of food and eliminate moisture buildup in and around your home to help decrease the risk of termites settling on your property. Taking these steps can help you minimize the risk of exposure to termites but there is no substitute for an effective Five Star Termite & Pest Control program. If you think you already have a termite infestation in your home or if you are concerned about the risk of termite infestation, contact the experts at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today and ask about our comprehensive termite inspections, prevention and control programs.

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    Termite Inspections & Control - Five Star Pest Control

    VA & FHA Termite & Pest Inspections | Pest Control and … - September 29, 2019 by admin

    If you are in Nevada then absolutely. A VA certified termite inspector will thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of the property including interior and exterior potential trouble points. The termite inspector will make thorough notes as to whether there are any detectable traces of termite damage. He will then notify the involved parties as to the findings.

    The United States Department of Veterans Affairs offers home loan or home buyer benefits to military families, veterans, and active service members. Part of the requirements in Nevada to utilize these benefits is perform a VA termite inspection or in condos or high-rises where the VA determines there may be a pest issue.

    Most often, VA home loan lenders will require proof that shows who footed the bill for the inspection. In Nevada, anyone can pay for the inspection. Regardless of who pays for the VA termite inspection, anyone can pay for the termite treatment if any is required.

    Termites are easily one of the most damaging pests for homeowners and rack of millions of dollars a year of termite damage in Las Vegas alone. Typically, termite infestations can be very hard to detect to the untrained eye and potential homeowners should always seek the help of a certified professional. For VA loans, a certified termite inspection is required by a state certified inspector.

    Same Day Termite Inspections Available for:

    Excerpt from:
    VA & FHA Termite & Pest Inspections | Pest Control and ...

    Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports | Arizona … - September 29, 2019 by admin

    Home owners are usually reluctant to admit to potential buyers that their homes are damaged by termites. For some people, the mere mention of the words "termite damage" conjures up images of tiny insects with very big teeth dining on weight-bearing wood beams until a home collapses in a heap of sawdust. Thankfully this is not usually the case.

    1. What is a Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report?

    A Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR) is a document prepared only by a licensed pest control business that informs a lending institution and a buyer about termite damage or presence. As a protective measure, banks and lending institutions often require that homes be inspected for damage from termites or other wood-destroying insects before closing the sale of the home.

    WDIIR's have two pages. The first page provides basic information about the inspection such as the address of the property, and answers general questions, such as:

    The second page of the WDIIR goes into more detail. It pinpoints special areas of concern such as locations of previous treatment, and areas that are inaccessible to inspection. At the bottom of page two, there is a space for the inspector to draw the structure with these details included. Obviously, this is where accuracy matters most because the buyer and lending institution rely on this specific information when deciding whether or not to go through with a sale.

    2. What is a WDIIR not?

    A WDIIR is not a structural damage report. It is only a report about visible damage relating to infestation, not about structural damage for other reasons, such as earthquakes or floods.

    A WDIIR is not a guarantee of the absence of wood-destroying insects. An inspection is an important tool in evaluating the soundness of a structure, but there are limitations. After all, an inspector can't pick up a house and look under it, or take it apart and put it back together.

    3. What are WDIIRs useful for?

    WDIIRs identify obvious infestations and any previous treatments, andhighlight potential problem areas.

    Here are some things that buyers should look for:

    WDIIR's provide valuable information for the sale of a home, and document its present condition for future reference. Unfortunately, there is no state law that requires a WDIIR for the sale of a structure; it is a requirement of the lending institution. State law does dictate that WDIIR's meet certain minimum standards.

    By law, all pest control applicators, inspectors and companies must be licensed by the Pest Management Division. The general public may call the Commission or click here to find out if any applicator/inspector or company is properly licensed.

    In addition, the Commission maintains a database on the WDIIR's and post construction termite treatments performed on homes in Arizona.

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    Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports | Arizona ...

    NJ Termite Control & Termite Treatment – Effective … - September 24, 2019 by admin

    Because termites need moisture and have a low tolerance to air and light, they live underground, attacking a home from below. A loose mortar joint, a minute space around a drain pipe, or a settlement crack in the basement is all they need to gain entry.

    The experience of homeowners nationwide shows that no home, new or old, is safe from termites. By building mud tubes, termites can cross concrete, brick, cider block, metal termite shields, pretreated wood, or any barrier other than a professionally applied termite treatment.

    Unfortunately, yes. When a colony swarms, the winged termites may be in the air for just a few minutes and you may not see them. Termites also eat wood from the inside out, making their activity detectable only by professional termite inspection.

    Call Viking for an inspection at the first indication of termites, for cost effective treatment. The longer you delay treatment, the more damage termites will do. Repairs will become more extensive, and more expensive. Generally speaking, the sooner you approve treatment, the better.

    If you are considering listing your home for sale, be sure to have Viking inspect at no cost prior to bringing the property to market to avoid problems later.

    See the original post here:
    NJ Termite Control & Termite Treatment - Effective ...

    Termite Control, Protection & Inspection in NJ, NYC, and PA - June 1, 2019 by admin

    Termite Pest Control Program Overview

    Whats the best way to handle termites? Western offers 3 innovative termite treatment programs that do the trick!

    With Westerns Zone Defense Program, the treated zone technology allows the termite to either ingest or carry the termiticide directly to the colony.

    This leads to 100% control in less than 120 days. Western prides itself on being the leader in innovative pest control techniques and taking that extra step to insure a first quality job!

    Three lines of defense that offer immediate protection backed by advanced termite warning systems.

    This plan offers immediate protection backed by advanced termite warning systems.

    Call for your free inspection: (877) 250-3857

    Westerns Sentricon Termite Baiting System takes another approach to termite control.

    After placing termite baiting stations in key locations around your home, Western monitors these stations for termite activity. Termites feed on Recruit IV termite bait and send other termites in their colony back to feed on the bait.

    As the termites continue to feed on this bait, the colonies decline. After a colony has been eliminated, the bait will be replaced with new electronic monitoring devices and Western will continue to monitor those stations on a regular basis.

    Detect any new colony that might invade your property.

    Call foryour free inspection: (877) 250-3857

    Perfect for homes with unfinished basements fight termite infestations where they happen.

    This program offers a full liquid treatment around the perimeter of the house. Liquid treatment is then followed up with targeted interior treatment within the garage wall that is connected to the structure (where needed).

    Westerns Targeted Defense Program includes:

    Western will utilize its Targeted Defense Program if there is termite activity or if the structure of your home falls into any of these categories:

    With Westerns Targeted Defense Program, homes with unfinished basements and other factors can fight termite infestations where they happen.

    Call foryour free inspection: (877) 250-3857

    At Western, we are not waiting for swarms. We are actively hunting for termites in areas near wood debris, in the mulch around your house, or even hidden behind boxes in basements and garages.

    This is the mantra of a pest professional who knows that termites can quietly invade a property and cause thousands of dollars of damage before ever being detected.

    Proactivity can be the factor that saves a homeowner from a costly termite infestation.

    In some cases, that involves identifying the difference between flying ants and termites, a common source of confusion for homeowners. It also means taking action quickly.

    Call foryour free inspection: (877) 250-3857

    Termite protection to date has been working and office staff in Paramus NJ has been easy to work with. Paramus, NJ

    Your team is excellent particularly the gentleman who came to treat termites and carpenter bees the past 2 weeks. Berkeley Heights, NJ

    We installed your termite defensive a number of years ago and have not seen even one termite since the system was installed. And all of your technicians are friendly and professional. Edison, NJ

    After a year no sign of any termites. Wilmington, DE

    Techs are professional and knowledgeable. Products are effective in eliminating termites and preventing them from returning. Succasunna, NJ

    Western did a preventive termite treatment on our home. The application was very thorough. Our technician worked very neat and was very pleasant to deal with. Galloway, NJ

    Very knowledgeable and helpful service professional, and the results keep the termites and pests away. Hockessin, DE

    We havent had a termite problem since service began. Employees conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner. Denville, NJ

    Since Western took over my termite service so, so many years ago, I have a peace of mind because I dont have any problems so far. Also, I am confident my property is being checked every year. Kearny, NJ

    Our technician has been doing our service and termite inspection since 2004. He is always polite, friendly, and professional. He does a very thorough job. Western always works with me and is considerate of my schedule. Middletown, DE

    Your service men are the nicest. I miss them when they leave. Over the past 10 years or so, you have always found no evidence of termites, so your job is well done. I have a crawl space and its very difficult to access, but your guys occasionally even check it. I appreciate that. You even reduced my services to help me reduce my cost. For that I also think you try to work with your customers. Broomall, PA

    Learn more about Westerns comprehensive Home Pest Control Plans.

    Call foryour free inspection:(877) 250-3857

    Read more here:
    Termite Control, Protection & Inspection in NJ, NYC, and PA

    No-Tent Termite Control & Termite Treatment | Free Termite … - June 1, 2019 by admin

    No-Tent Termite Control & Termite Treatment | Free Termite Inspection 8001

    Serving all of South Florida

    Most other companies will tell you that your home has to be tented! Hulett's "no tent" termite control offers homeowners a convenient and hassle-free way to eliminate termites...without tenting or fumigating!

    Hulett's "No Tent" Termite Control addresses the unique behaviors of South Florida's drywood termite species.

    Normal termite tenting requires the homeowner to relocate for at least 3 days and also involves the removal of all uncanned foods from the property. However, Hulett's "No Tent" Termite Treatment is extremely effective without the aggravation.

    Hulett's trained professionals perform a direct injection into the termite galleries with an advanced non-repellent product. Our "No Tent" Termite Treatment addresses infestations of any size and scale.

    Termite comes in contact with treated surface.

    Worker distributes to the rest of colony via "transfer effect."

    Liquid solution eventually reaches the colony's queen termite, eradicating it.

    Common termite entry points are also treated as a preventive measure. The convenience of not having to move out of your home combined with the new technology and chemistry of the treatment process makes this a great alternative to tenting.

    2019 Hulett Environmental Services. All Rights Reserved.*See agreement for details on all offers and guarantees.

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    No-Tent Termite Control & Termite Treatment | Free Termite ...

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