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    45 Amazing Luxury Finished Basement Ideas | Home … - February 8, 2019 by admin

    Getting Your Basement ProjectUnderway

    So you have decided to turn your musty junk-filled basement into a warm liveable space. Or maybe you are already using the basement but want to style it up a notch. Basement design ideas are limitless. Whether you want acool chic look or a more dramatic themed basement, the choices are endless. But before you decide on the style you want for your basement, here are a few things to consider.

    First, what are you using your basement for? This will greatly determine what finish you give the basement. A living area needs to feel warm and cozy, a bedroom needs to have a quiet and relaxing finish and a game room needs some exciting colors. There are plenty of websites offering basement finishingideas you can borrow. We have our own listbelow that you can use as a starting point. Find a style that pleases you and adapt it to fit your basement.

    On to theplanning phase. Planning is essential to achieving the right finish for your basement. A good idea is to use one of the many online tools to create a caddrawingof the room. Put in the wall color, seat arrangements, and anything else you want to have an idea of howthe basement will look.

    Even if you do not use an online tool, plan extensively beforehand as to exactly what you plan to do. What color will the wall be? Will you put in any art? What flooring style will you go for? If your budget allows, you can consult an interior designer for recommendations. One advantage of such planning is that it allows you to set out a budget that you can work within, ensuring that you are not caught short of cash in the middle of your project.

    Do not be bound so much by functionality and practicality that you forget about making the basement a fun place to be in. While playing it safe with the rooms above is understandable, let the space below be your own personal canvas. Try out a crazy theme, a cool wall art, a unique color pattern, or anything else that comes to mind.

    Check out some cool basement ideas we have compiled below, in addition, you can take a look at our own basement remodeling ideas portfolio. Included below is everything from themed basements to small basement ideas.

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    45 Amazing Luxury Finished Basement Ideas | Home ...

    Basement Remodeling Cost Calculator | SANI-TRED - January 27, 2019 by admin

    This online basement remodeling cost calculator is here to give you a basic estimate for finishing your basement. Finishing your basement includes many different variables, so its a good idea to get a good idea of the cost as early as possible. Circumstances, materials, and the like can change over time, but a good ballpark estimate will give you a basic idea of where youre starting from. We provide you with this calculator so you can get a better understanding of roughly what finishing your basement will cost.

    This cost to finish a basement calculator is an excellent resource to help you determine cost based on square footage. With our online calculator, simply enter the square footage and youll receive an estimate of what finishing that space would cost.

    Of course, every project is different and individual costs will vary depending on design choice, number of rooms involved, material quality, the difference between doing it yourself and hiring professionals, and other factors.

    Basic Assumptions

    Before using this basement remodeling calculator, understand that its pricing is based on a few basic assumptions about your floor. The calculator is assuming that youre starting with a concrete floor in an unfinished basement. Anything beyond that, including removal of old flooring materials, is not taken into account in this estimate. You should keep this in mind.

    How to Save Money

    Finishing your basement can be very costly if youre not careful, so you should do what you can to mitigate the cost. Save yourself some money while still getting the job done. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you save money when finishing your basement.

    Successfully Finish Your Basement

    Basements are a key part of many homes, but too many homeowners overlook their basements potential. While a basement can be used as a larger storage room, they are capable of so much more. While unfinished basements can function well as storage rooms, you can take steps to waterproof and finish your basement to transform it into a fully functional extra room in your home. If you want to finish your basement, here are some tips to help you along the way.

    Dry Out Your Basement

    The first step in finishing your basement it keeping it dry. Basements often deal with a lot of moisture vapor and hydrostatic pressure, which allow water into an unprotected basement. Because of this, any finished basement has to be waterproofed first. First, test your basement for moisture vapor so you know how much moisture youre dealing with. There are homes tests you can do yourself or you can hire a professional to do the test for you.

    After youve determined how much moisture is affecting your basement, the next step is to dry out your basement walls and floors with a concrete torch. Drying your concrete ensures that SANI-TRED products will fully adhere to your basement walls and floor to completely waterproof your new space.

    Waterproofing your basement with SANI-TRED (

    Choosing a Floor

    Once youve completely waterproofed and your basement is protected, you can move on to the rooms interior. Choosing the right flooring is an important part of making your finished basement truly your own. The type of flooring material you choose will definitely factor into your final price, so choose wisely and pick the floor thats best for your finished basement.

    Finishing Basement Walls

    Another important part of finishing your basement is choosing the right walls. Basements have concrete walls and floors, but once theyre waterproofed, you can design the entire space with new walls and floors to completely transform the space. As with flooring, choosing the right basement walls can also affect the final price of your basement transformation. False walls are common and can be customized to meet your needs while keeping the original concrete walls is an option for others. Keeping your concrete walls is a cheaper option, but false walls provide more customization. In the end, it all comes down to what youre looking for.

    Upgrading the Ceilings

    In addition to floors and walls, upgrading your basement ceiling is another option to consider. Finishing your basement creates a new room in your home and a part of any room is the ceiling. While its cheaper to leave the ceiling the way it is, many basements have exposed wiring and duct work that service the home above. In certain cases, leaving all this exposed may be the better option, but for others, upgrading the ceiling could be the right choice. Understand that any addition to the room will up the overall price, so be sure to make the right choice for the space and your wallet.

    Tying it All Together

    Now that your basement waterproofed, fully constructed, and finished, now you have to bring the space together. Make your finished basement a place you want to spend time in; add furniture, entertainment, and personal touches to transform your basement into a brand new room.

    If youre looking to finish your basement and are wondering about how much itll cost, use the above calculator to get a basic estimate. Using this estimate, you can get a better idea of how much finishing your basement will cost. Of course, this is not a final cost, but it will give you a good starting point to work from.

    About Will FowlerWill Fowler is the Marketing Director for the Concrete Protector and Sani-Tred in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Will designed his first website when he was 15, and loves all things in design, wordpress, and apple. Will enjoys writing about home improvement, basement waterproofing, and decorative concrete coatings. Will lives with his beautiful wife, four rambunctious children in Ohio.

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    Basement Remodeling Cost Calculator | SANI-TRED

    Average Basement Finishing Cost – The Spruce - January 27, 2019 by admin

    This option refers to a project that involves taking a basement space that is already finished and altering the layout of the space and completing the refinishing work. This type of remodeling project typically costs between $20,000 and $30,000 for basic labor and materials costs, not counting any extras. In may involve creating spaces such as play rooms, recreation rooms, additional bedrooms, or home offices.

    If you are willing to do the demolition of existing walls before calling in contractors to do finishing work, you can save as much as $2,000 on the overall cost.

    Remodeling work on a basement usually involves some upgrades to wiring and HVAC systems as part of the basic cost package. Adding new plumbingsuch as when a new bathroom or wet bar is being installed, will add to the basic cost, however (see Ala Carte Pricing, below)

    Guest suite: This special version of a basement remodel involves adding or remodeling bathroom and installing a kitchenette with cabinetry and necessary electrical upgrades. Expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 for this level of remodeling project.

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    Average Basement Finishing Cost - The Spruce

    Basement Finishing & Remodeling Experts – Comfort Windows - January 27, 2019 by admin

    To give you an exact price for your basement installation, well need to take measurements at your home. Our in-home estimate process is free and we wont pressure you to move forward with the project so give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

    We would like to thank you for making our basement remodeling project an enjoyable experience. This seems like a strange thing to say since no one really enjoys having their house take over by workers for a couple of weeks. However, after having gone through this project with Comfort, it really was much easier than we ever expected. From the beginning, Steve was excellent to work with, very knowledgeable, putting us at ease throughout the project. Brandon and his crew of workers were very professional, always accommodating and willing to come up with solutions on the spot for everything."

    "No project ever goes perfectly as planned, but we really appreciated how quickly and thoroughly our concerns were dealt with. Every last question was answered, every problem dealt with. You folks make it clear that you wouldn't be happy until we were happy. And yes, we're very happy with our basement.

    Ed & Mary Alice, Latham

    How do you want to use your newly remodeled basement space? Here are our top five basement ideas.

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    Basement Finishing & Remodeling Experts - Comfort Windows

    Basement Remodeling- Akron & Canton | Allen Keith Construction - January 27, 2019 by admin

    Need more living space but dont want the hassle of moving? Basement remodeling adds much needed square footage to your home, while transforming your damp, dark basement into a functional, enjoyable living space.

    Allen Keiths team of qualified contractors handle all aspects of your basement remodeling project, from project planning to construction to final details. We work with you to create a living space to suit your familys particular needs, whether its a home theater, guest bedroom, home gym, or home office.

    Not only will basement remodeling give you additional space, it adds to your homes overall value. If, down the road you decide to sell your home, a finished basement free of moisture will be a great selling point and advantage over similar homes.

    Our complete basement remodeling services include:

    Need ideas for how to transform your basement into a functional area of your home? Read our article titled "Top 5 Ways to Transform Your Space with Basement Remodeling".

    If you want a team of qualified, experienced basement remodeling contractors for your Ohio basement remodeling project, contact Allen Keith Construction today. Wed love for you to take a look at our portfolio and discuss your project.

    We offer basement remodeling services in the following counties:

    Basement Remodeling- Akron & Canton | Allen Keith Construction

    Top Basement Remodeling Company in Milwaukee - January 27, 2019 by admin

    Basement remodeling can help you add valuable space to your house. There are several factors involved in remodeling but it has to do mostly with the use of space.

    Utilizing existing space in your basement to its fullest is very crucial so there are some considerations you need to make. Successful remodeling starts with a concrete plan for which you should consult with a specialist like us as we help you make the most of your basement at a very competitve price.

    You need to keep in mind that basements are highly susceptible to water and humidity problems although the right kind of renovation design can help tackle these concerns. Another major basement nuasance is the constant molding but that can also be treated with microbial agents or mold inhibitor paints which can prevent the re-occurrence of such molds. As basement renovation experts we help you incorporate a basement renovation system in the overall basement design to ensure that problems of humidity and water leakages are avoided.

    For best results a concrete plan for basement reconstruction must be well defined before commencing the project and not during mid-construction period. This concrete design plan should provide specific details about the fixtures, costs of project and project completion time.

    In most cases basement remodeling techniques should be able to provide the following in its re design;

    Getting a basement remodeling expertlike us with an unmatched experience is the best possible way of enjoying the best remodeling designs at reasonable costs.

    Call us to set up your no obligation free consultation & estimate at 414-803-1760 today!

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    Top Basement Remodeling Company in Milwaukee

    100 Smart Home Remodeling Ideas on a Budget - January 27, 2019 by admin

    100 practical home remodeling ideas that can be completed on a budget. These home remodeling projects are a mix of inexpensive ideas and do-it-yourself projects, perfect for the average homeowner.- Advertisement -

    Sick of remodeling ideas that are only possible for the rich?

    The 101 home remodeling ideas in this list will help you make your home more comfortable, valuable, and functional. Most important of all, they are affordable, and almost all of them can be done without hiring an expensive contractor.

    Zoom Property

    While not all these projects may be appropriate for your home, you should be able to find at least 5 to 10 to do over the next couple of months in your free time.

    Even if theyre small projects, they will quickly add up and help you transform your home.

    And yes, this is a long article. Do as I did while creating it, grab a hot cup of coffee (see which single serve coffee makers I like), kick back and enjoy this list.

    What kid (or man) doesnt want a race car bed? Many bedroom remodeling ideas seem like cool projects until you realize that youve spent a ton of money on an impractical set-up that youll hate in a few years. The ideas weve chosen are relatively affordable and practical projects that youll enjoy for years to come.

    (Image source)

    This brilliant makeover can be done in a weekend and can brighten up any bedroom with those old ugly bi-fold doors.

    Starting with some cheap hollow core doors, add on some measured wooden panels to create your base. A coat or two of paint and some sharp (but inexpensive) hinges are all that is needed to finish off this project.

    The materials should cost approximately $100.

    Tools needed:

    Read the detailed steps:

    (Image source)

    Its a shame when beautiful decor is ruined by a hideous popcorn ceiling. One elegant solution is to install a beadboard ceiling.

    The project appears deceptively simple. Youll need to get beadboard from any local hardware store (easy), but then you need to measure it out correctly and cut it so that it fits your ceiling. While this is fairly easy for the experience DIY-er, it can be tricky lining things up right.

    Remember, measure twice, cut once.

    Bead board is relatively cheap, but you still dont want to be ruining slabs by making the wrong cuts.

    See the steps behind this project:

    (Image source)

    Once you notice how much your room resembles a simple box, youll want to do something about it. One popular option is to add crown molding.

    Crown molding refers to the trimming that can be added to connect the walls with the ceiling. If you pick the right one for your room, youll add a nice touch of class.

    You can get crown molding either online or at a local hardware store. Depending on the style youre looking at, it should cost you around $100-300, and a few hours of your time on a few weekends.

    The only tool youll need is a mitre box and saw (to cut those corners perfectly).

    Heres a full tutorial on installing crown molding:

    (Image source)

    Minimalist design is not only beautiful when done right, but also clears up a ton of room in smaller spaces. Pick up a cheap shelving unit from a local store (or find a used one on Craigslist) thats appropriate for your closet. Give it a coat of paint if needed.

    You can add rods for hangers, hooks, and attractive baskets for storing random objects. These are all inexpensive additions that will make your closet more functional and more attractive.

    Heres the behind-the-scenes of the closet above, that was done for under $100:

    Heres one more amazingly detailed look at remodeling a larger closet to maximize functionality:

    Additionally, heres another 11 ways to hack your closet space.

    The difference a sleek headboard can make on the appearance and comfort of your bed cannot be understated. If youre handy and have some spare time, you can put together a beautiful headboard for under $100.

    Heres a fantastic resource with 40 other DIYheadboards:

    (Image source)

    Drum shades are all the rage right now, but often come with a hefty price tag. If you dont mind heading to the craft and hardware store, you can pick up the supplies to make a beautiful shade that wont hurt your wallet.

    Before you start, make sure that theres a part of your lighting fixture that you can hook it on to. This type of drum shade will not fit all fixtures.

    Also, if you are concerned about flammability, use a fire-proof spray on your shade.

    See the full steps at:

    (Image source)

    Extra storage is always important in a small kids room. With all their toys, you need somewhere to put them that isnt the ground.

    The next time youre thinking of upgrading a bed in your home, consider building your own bed, complete with tons of conveniently sized compartments for storage.

    While it will take a significant amount of time, it will be incredibly rewarding and can be done on a budget.

    As a note, you will need some common power tools, including the following:

    Read the full steps here:

    What inviting bed doesnt have throw pillows to top it off?

    While they arent too expensive to buy, they can add up quickly. If youre interested in improving your sewing skills, you can create unique low-cost throw pillows that add some personality to your bedding.

    Heres a link to the full tutorial if you want to make a bowtie pillow:

    Dont limit yourself to just one option though, here are a bunch more, and here is another detailed guide on how to make them (sewing instructions included).

    (Image source) Note: Bed does not come with dog

    Make sure to plan ahead if you arent an experienced craftsman, as it will take a significant amount of time and patience to build. On the plus side, youll have a beautiful, functional bed and a huge sense of accomplishment when youre done.

    The wood for the project shouldnt cost you more than a few hundred dollars, maximum.

    Youll need a circular saw and a good drill for this project, along with other common small equipment like safety glasses and a measuring tape.

    See the full plans and construction steps here:

    (Image source)

    This genius shelf can store books and other objects in a bedroom. Instead of a boring shelf, you essentially get a piece of functional artwork.

    You can buy it here on Amazon for about $170, which isnt exactly cheap, but not just for millionaires either.

    Here is a great guide on how you could make your own and save a bit of money:

    Note that if you dont already have construction tools, its probably cheaper to buy it pre-made.

    Benches are not only useful, but they can really improve the look of your room. If you build your own, starting from a cheap (possibly used) bench, you can make a gorgeous bench for $40 or less.

    (Image source)

    Heres a great step-by-step guide of turning an unflattering bench into one that will compliment the rest of your room:

    Dont feel that you need to build your own, there are plenty of great options online and in stores that wont cost more than $200.

    (Image source)

    This is one of the coolest remodeling ideas there is. If you want to feel like James Bond once in a while, a secret room in your home is a must.

    Unfortunately, most secret rooms are incredibly expensive to build, which puts them off-limits for normal people.

    The solution: a Murphy door.

    While a Murphy door isnt cheap, itll run you around $1500, it is by far the most affordable way to create a secret room. The bookshelf slips into your doorframe, perfect if you have a walk-in closet in your master bedroom.

    You can order one online at:

    (Image source)

    Before you start any of these projects, consider the color scheme of your room. Having a great color scheme can make even a boring room look great, while a poor color scheme can make an amazing room look out of sorts.

    To pick the perfect color scheme:

    Once you have your colors, you can start your projects.

    When it comes to paint, do it well. Heres an excellent guide to help you paint like a professional. Dont limit yourself just to walls, you can paint dressers as well to make them look like new.

    (Image source)

    Blackout curtains are incredibly stylish, and go with almost any room. On top of looking great, they block out nearly all sunlight, which increases your quality of sleep. Additionally, when closed during the day, they can block out sunlight, keeping your air conditioning bills lower during the summer.

    Best of all, theyre relatively cheap. You can get a great set of blackout curtains online for under $50.

    Note: Blackout curtains come in all colors.

    (Image source)

    Not only is it fun to look at yourself, but the light that mirrors reflect can make your bedroom seem larger and more open than it really is.

    The most effective way to do this is to place a large mirror (or a few medium sized ones) on a wall that faces the windows. The mirror doesnt have to face it perfectly, as long as a decent amount of sunlight will hit it.

    (Image source)

    Murphy beds are great space-savers in small rooms, especially for kids. Flipping them up on the wall during the day frees up a lot of space for activities.

    The problem is that most murphy beds are expensive, which is usually a problem if you live in a small home. Luckily, with a little work over a weekend or two, you can make your own.

    This is the cheapest tutorial out there, with a total cost of just $150:

    (Image source)

    Read this article:
    100 Smart Home Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

    12 Basement Remodeling Ideas For Your Home - January 27, 2019 by admin

    A basement remodel is a great idea to add value to your home and equity. Check out these images of basements for storage and style!

    Most homeowners basements are an unused gem of extra space that they could easily conduct a basement remodel on and gain tons of extra usable square footage in their home! The options for basement remodel ideas are almost limitless, so Ive gathered a few points of inspiration to get you started on your way to a fabulous basement remodel.

    As with any remodel project, a basement remodeling project should always start with a consideration for the basics: the flooring, what to do with that (most likely) unfinished ceiling, and protecting your newfound space against the elements. Improving these three area will create a great foundation for your basement remodel and allow you to let your creativity flow when imagining exactly what you want to do with the space.

    Create a Bedroom or Bedrooms!Basement remodeling is most often met with ideas of extra lounging/TV viewing spaces, but dont forget to consider adding an additional bedroom to your home within the extra space you have in the basement. Adding another bedroom will only increase the value and functionality of your home. This bonus bedroom could serve as guest room or a future teen room if he or she needs a little extra space during the typically tumultuous teen years! If you dont need another room for sleeping, you could make this newly created bedroom an office/work space that would be away from the normal hustle and bustle of your main living quarters.

    If you are thinking about a basement remodel do not forget to include storage space in your design plan. You can easily add closets or shelving for all the things we tend to accumulate over time. Remember to consider your storage solutions and implement them during the actual remodel so that they become a seamless addition to your basement space and do not look like an after thought.

    Putting in a bathroom during your basement remodel is another way to add to your homes value. An extra bathroom in your home is also never a bad thing, especially in your newly remodeled basement in which you will most likely spend a lot of time. Having an extra bathroom in the basement will make utilizing the new space more appealing and efficient.

    Walkouts are a common element to most basement remodeling projects. A walkout would allow you to have direct access to and from your basement without using the main entrance of your house. This would be an advantage for any guests that may be utilizing your basement and its new bedroom/bathroom set up. A walkout is also a good investment if you ever plan on converting the basement space to a rental property.

    During your basement remodel, do not forget to utilize typically wasted spaces like underneath the stairwell or the columns that are supporting the ceiling of your basement. Open up the space beneath your stairwell to create a little secret lounging get-a-way area. You could also cut holes in the columns in your basement to make unexpected book shelves or shelves for decorative knick-knacks.

    Check out our post on awesome man cave ideas.

    There are so many different things that you could implement during your basement remodeling project, but I hope that these few points serve as source for inspiration for you and a jumping off point to get started on your own basement remodel!

    Read this article:
    12 Basement Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

    Basement Remodeling Specialists in Waukesha and Milwaukee - January 3, 2019 by admin

    Basement finishing or remodeling remodelingcan be one of the biggest challenges for homeowners, but a basement remodel can be one of the best options to add more room to your house!

    Many Waukesha area homeowners have enhanced the quality of family time and home value with a basement remodel transformation from Paradise Builders. Unused, wasted space is brought to life with new purpose for family living and enjoyment. Your current basement could become-

    At Paradise builders, well sit down and develop a plan with you to get the most out of your space! We are your total basement finishing contractor professionals of choice, serving the Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha area. Our quality materials and craftmanship can turn your basement plans into reality, making it a living space in your home that you will love! We are 4th Generation home builders, and have built countless homes from basement to chimney top. Dont be fooled by basement finishing contractors whove never built a basement and dont know the building aspect of a basement and how this can effect the quality and longevity of your basement remodel.

    We can install top quality, durable and affordable:

    How much does basement remodeling cost?:

    Milwaukee and Waukesha Area BasementRemodeling Gallery

    Ginny and I are very happy with the quality of workmanship of Paradise Builders, they clean up after a good days work, are very polite and take the time to answer our questions, if any. We will recommend them to anyone who asks about their service and price.-Tom and Ginny Ellenson

    Basement Remodeling Specialists in Waukesha and Milwaukee

    Floor Stiles – Washington D.C. Flooring Company … - December 28, 2018 by admin

    Bath & Floor Stiles Inc. is Washington DC's finest Kitchen, Bath and Floor covering dealer and design center. We have been serving our clients in the Metropolitan DC area with their flooring and remodeling needs more than 10 years in our conveniently located showroom. In our Showroom we display quality brand name Floor Covering products, Bathroom, Kitchen cabinets, Countertops, latest trend in plumbing Fixtures and accessories just to bring the best in homes.

    We are a locally owned and operated, licensed and insured company. With our professional staff and skilled laborers we are 100% committed to client satisfaction, quality products and value. We look forward in helping you in your next project. Feel free to request a free in home consultation or email, or call us.

    Photos you see on our site our images of Our Work - No Stock Images, Just Real Quality

    * All Images and pictures are actual jobs and is the property of Floor Stiles. Any reproduction and coping is prohibited. *

    Lavi offers stainless steel fittings and a variety of components and tubing for architectural railings, kitchen and closet accessories and other architectural applications. Designed for efficiency and elegance, prefabricated railings and adjustable saddles simplify installation and eliminate welding. Available in Crossbar, Glass and Cable Railing Options!

    Ideal's mission is to combine our high quality manufacturing expertise along with our state-of-the-art distribution centers to provide you, our customers, with the best source of stair parts in the marketplace. From Traditional to contemporary look we carry it all!

    Not every floor is perfect, and not every floor installation can solve the existing problems. To be a flooring expert, []

    If you have been considering embarking on a remodeling project, you want to make the largest impact possible. Any remodeling []

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    Floor Stiles - Washington D.C. Flooring Company ...

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