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    LED Lighting Driver Market Information, Figures and Analytical Insights 2020 2025 – The Daily Chronicle - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The LED Lighting Driver industry research report is improved with the current effect realized through COVID-19 on the business. The report has been scrupulously studied and the data has been speculated in view with the present pandemic shock that the world has witnessed- market brief, dynamics, trends, and upcoming profit openings.

    The report details future forecasts for the industry for the year 2020, for example, CAGR, market share, size, demand and consumption rate, and manufacturing competence of the voluminous key contenders. Moving forth, LED Lighting Driver research investigation provides market data, entailing trends, consumer behavior, and combative landscape in a way that permits individuals and businesses to classify potential growth throughout the worldwide markets.

    Market Major Companies: MEAN WELL, Philips, Tridonic, MOSO Power, Eaglerise, TCI, OSRAM SYLVANIA, LIFUD, SELF, Inventronics

    Market Segment via Product type: DALI, 0-10V Dimming, Standard (non-dim), Triac Dimming, Smart Driver,

    Strategic LED Lighting Driver applications along with their consumption forecast details: Indoor lighting, Outdoor lighting, Special lighting,

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    The eminent challengers incorporated in the report:

    LED Lighting Driver Market research report contributes extensive knowledge with the specialized investigation for the timeline 2020-2024. The report shares details of upstream raw materials, downstream requirements, and production value through some significant elements subject to market growth.

    The timeline considered to evaluate the market size of the LED Lighting Driver is as follows:

    History Year: 2015-2019|Base Year: 2019|Estimated Year: 2020|Forecast Year 2020 to 2024

    Market Segmentation:

    The global LED Lighting Driver industry is separated into the fundamentals of the product, application, and region. Our prominent publisher preparing the report performs a precise and intrinsic evaluation of all segments included in the report. The necessary conserving the market share, revenue, market growth rate, and other integrated into the report. The segments are studied conscientious evaluation of all the segments model of product, application, and region. The global LED Lighting Driver markets are segmented on the study recognizes high-growth divisions of the global industry and comprehend how the principal segments can thrive during the forecast period.

    Primary Objectives of LED Lighting Driver market Report:

    The report comprises an overview of the vital geographies, market grounds in line with the production and consumption qualitative analysis, supply and demand chain, cost and revenue analysis, principal contenders, and their manufacturing plants following future estimation. The report uses SWOT and PESTLE analysis to collate market investment feasibility and return analysis.

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    Table of Content

    Chapter 1 About the LED Lighting Driver Industry1.1 Industry Definition and Types1.1.1 DALI1.1.2 0-10V Dimming1.1.3 Standard (non-dim) Triac Dimming1.1.1.5 Smart Driver1.2 Main Market Activities1.3 Similar Industries1.4 Industry at a Glance

    Chapter 2 World Market Competition Landscape2.1 LED Lighting Driver Markets by Regions2.1.1 USAMarket Revenue (M USD) and Growth Rate 2015-2025Sales and Growth Rate 2015-2025Major Players Revenue (M USD) in 20192.1.2 EuropeMarket Revenue (M USD) and Growth Rate 2015-2025Sales and Growth Rate 2015-2025Major Players Revenue (M USD) in 20192.1.3 ChinaMarket Revenue (M USD) and Growth Rate 2015-2025Sales and Growth Rate 2015-2025Major Players Revenue (M USD) in 20192.1.4 IndiaMarket Revenue (M USD) and Growth Rate 2015-2025Sales and Growth Rate 2015-2025Major Players Revenue (M USD) in 20192.1.5 JapanMarket Revenue (M USD) and Growth Rate 2015-2025Sales and Growth Rate 2015-2025Major Players Revenue (M USD) in 20192.1.6 South East AsiaMarket Revenue (M USD) and Growth Rate 2015-2025Sales and Growth Rate 2015-2025Major Players Revenue (M USD) in 20192.2 World LED Lighting Driver Market by TypesDALI0-10V DimmingStandard (non-dim)Triac DimmingSmart Driver2.3 World LED Lighting Driver Market by ApplicationsIndoor lightingOutdoor lightingSpecial lighting2.4 World LED Lighting Driver Market Analysis2.4.1 World LED Lighting Driver Market Revenue and Growth Rate 2015-20192.4.2 World LED Lighting Driver Market Consumption and Growth rate 2015-20192.4.3 World LED Lighting Driver Market Price Analysis 2015-2019

    Chapter 3 World LED Lighting Driver Market share3.1 Major Production Market share by Players3.2 Major Revenue (M USD) Market share by Players3.3 Major Production Market share by Regions in 2019, Through 20253.4 Major Revenue (M USD) Market share By Regions in 2019, Through 2025

    Chapter 4 Supply Chain Analysis4.1 Industry Supply chain Analysis4.2 Raw material Market Analysis4.2.1 Raw material Prices Analysis 2015-20194.2.2 Raw material Supply Market Analysis4.2 Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers Analysis4.3 Production Process Analysis4.4 Production Cost Structure Benchmarks4.5 End users Market Analysis

    Chapter 5 Company Profiles5.1 MEAN WELL5.1.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.1.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.1.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.2 Philips5.2.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.2.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.2.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.3 Tridonic5.3.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.3.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.3.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.4 MOSO Power5.4.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.4.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.4.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.5 Eaglerise5.5.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.5.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.5.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.6 TCI5.6.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.6.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.6.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.7 OSRAM SYLVANIA5.7.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.7.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.7.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.8 LIFUD5.8.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.8.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.8.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.9 SELF5.9.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.9.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.9.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits5.10 Inventronics5.10.1 Company Details (Foundation Year, Employee Strength and etc)5.10.2 Product Information (Picture, Specifications and Applications)5.10.3 Revenue (M USD), Price and Operating Profits

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    To conclude, the report corroborates in decision making with the integral information and market condition to sponsor efficient business decision making to achieve goals. This report helps in making the right decision and preparation of a tactical understanding of the target market. Our research reports are provided in any kind of format (Doc, pdf, ppt, etc). The global LED Lighting Driver market report is praiseworthy as it aims to be an important tool in the LED Lighting Driver market analysis. Our knowledgeable industry experts have deep intelligence to analyze a market thoroughly.

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    LED Lighting Driver Market Information, Figures and Analytical Insights 2020 2025 - The Daily Chronicle

    Autel Enterprise is Announces Its Partnership with FoxFury Lighting – - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Unmanned Aircraft manufacturer Autel Robotics and FoxFury Lighting have come together with lighting equipment made for Autel Robotics EVO II Series Aircraft.

    FoxFury is an industry leader in unmanned and emergency scene lighting, said Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel Robotics. FoxFury filled our need for lighting systems on the original EVO product, and did an outstanding job in designing a seven hard-point mounting system for the EVO II aircraft. The seven hard points allow for mounting forthcoming authorized products on the EVO II platform.

    The FoxFury-designed, Autel-owned platform will support multiple FoxFury D3060 or D10 lighting systems, enabling pilots to be creative with lighting, dependent on need. A single D3060 might be mounted to fulfill FAA anti-collision lighting requirements, or mount multiple lights for daylight flight, indoor flight, or creative photography. The lights are rechargeable via USB-C connector.

    We are pleased that Autel Robotics requested our Made in USA D3060 lights for their lighting needs, and its a strong addition to their Made in USA EVO II Dual offering, said Maria Cugini of FoxFury. With bi-directional lighting, the D3060 is an ideal lighting tool for indoor and outdoor flight in either day or night environments. FoxFury Lighting is proud to offer Made in USA content based lighting products to Autel Robotics customers.

    The FoxFury-designed, Autel-owned platform will support multiple FoxFury D3060 (Assembled in USA) or D10 (Made in USA) lighting systems, enabling pilots to be creative with lighting, dependent on need. A single D3060 might be mounted to fulfill FAA anti-collision lighting requirements, or mount multiple lights for daylight flight, indoor flight, or creative photography.

    Announced in conjunction with the Autel Night and Day thermal imaging campaign, the Autel EVO II and FoxFury D3060 combination is a powerful solution not only for public safety professionals, but for all users of the Autel EVO II platform regardless of the mission.

    We believe that lighting is a critical component, and Autel wants to encourage pilots to use safety-vetted, authorized lighting systems for our aircraft, said John Kuch, Public Safety Sales Manager for Autel Robotics. This is why we offer the option of a lighting saddle-only, or a full kit of saddle and two D3060 lights. Additional lighting units are available from Autel dealers.

    The FoxFury lighting system kits are available from all authorized Autel dealers effective immediately, and FoxFury lighting offers the D3060 lighting systems on their website.

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    Autel Enterprise is Announces Its Partnership with FoxFury Lighting -

    How to plant an apartment-friendly container garden for the fall – The Know - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Bring the outdoors inside with elements of nature in your container garden. (Betty Cahill, Special to The Denver Post)

    Whats not to love about Colorado fall weather? Warm days and cool nights are perfect for checking out the changing colors in the high country. Pack a lunch, hike some trails and let nature inspire your creative plantophile side.

    Then, when you are back home in your apartment or house, get your green thumb going with some imaginative indoor plant gardens.

    Before getting started with an indoor garden, can you continue growing outdoor containers that have been on your deck or patio all summer by moving them inside? Absolutely, and right now is the best time to bring back outdoor vacationing house plants, herb containers, cactus and succulent containers, and any other plants that can work in your indoor spaces.

    Only bring in healthy plants, and check for disease and insects. If any are detected or leaves are sickly from something (even if you cant identify the culprit), just toss the plant, since problems spread quickly among house plants.

    Since apartments and houses usually have less light than outside conditions, shade-loving annuals like begonias, fuchsia, caladiums, ornamental peppers and coleus are some of the easiest to grow indoors. Consider taking cuttings from outdoor plants to grow new plants.

    Growing plants indoors is becoming as popular as baking your own bread. Both go hand in hand, since there is nothing like noshing on a toasty hunk of artisan bread while admiring your latest green works of art. Invite friends over to join in the planting fun (and ask them to bring additional plant supplies and some jam for the bread).

    Planting in a container or dish is super easy. A container garden can be any type of grouping, including indoor foliage and blooming plants, culinary herbs, cactus and succulents, fairy gardens and whatever else inspires you.

    Light matters with indoor plants; some need more light than others. Read the plant tag and locate dish gardens and other indoor plants as recommended. Light intensity is often measured in foot-candles, which is the light illuminated on a 1-square-foot surface from the light source such as a window. Colorado State University has a guide for distances from windows for high, medium and low light conditions.

    Supplemental artificial lighting such as an LED grow light on a timer can help plants tremendously. Check local garden centers and specialty indoor plant stores for lighting supplies.

    Just like when planting outdoor containers, use the tried-and-true rule for a mixed dish garden. Combine thriller (tall), filler (round around the middle) and spiller plants (edging). Smaller dish containers may need just one of each, with more for larger dishes. You dont have to follow this three-tiered rule. Single-plant specimen containers (like the tiny ornamental peppers) are fun, fun, fun (and come in assorted colors). Go for bright colors on house plants and various shades of green. Toss in variegated leafed plants to kick it up a notch. The key is to plant the plants closely so they look filled in on planting day.

    The short list of more traditional foliage and blooming plants to consider for mixed containers include:

    Popular single-specimen plants include:

    Herb plants can be grouped in one dish container or planted individually. Popular indoor herbs include:

    Succulent and cactus dish gardens can be a mix of varieties, heights and textures. Popular plants include:

    Divisions and potting up are long-term maintenance tasks with indoor plants but thats an article for another time.

    The first and best choice is to use containers that drain through a hole in the bottom. Many types of containers work, including terra cotta, glazed, concrete, metal and glass. If using a non-draining container, be very careful not to overwater, which is the No. 1 cause of indoor plant death. Make sure the plants are shorter in their original growing container than the depth of the dish youll be planting them in.

    Use new, sterile, general-use potting soil and a tiny bit of slow-release granular fertilizer to keep the plants happy. Cactus and succulent dishes require a sharp draining potting mix labeled for their purpose; that is sold at garden centers.

    The plants you choose, sold in 2- to 4-inch pots, will be planted in the dish with soil. Larger potted plants (1 gallon) could work, but youll need to use large containers. Another option is to simply place plants closely together in the dish container; no need to remove plants from the pot they came in from the store. (Replace plants if they outgrow the dish space, or plant in soil.)

    Once you have the container and plants, place the plants in the empty dish while still in their containers to see what look you like and how they can be arranged. When youre satisfied, remove the plants from their containers and plant one at a time (I start with the middle plants). Start with a shallow layer of soil on the bottom, then fill in soil around each added plant. Continue placing plants next to and near each other. No need to be super gentle with the root ball unless the roots need a little teasing to break them up if they are girdled or in a circled mess from being in the container too long.

    Cactus and succulents will be in a coarse material that often falls away when removed from the container. This is OK, since they are shallow-rooted and will establish quickly. Fill in soil where there are gaps, using a teaspoon for hard-to-reach places and tongs, and protective leather gloves or oven mitts when handling cactus. Leave a good inch to 1 inch from the top of the container so soil and water do not overflow. When complete, gently water the foliage dish or herb plant grouping. Wait a few days to water the succulent or cactus group to give their roots time to heal and adjust to their new home. You can top the soil with small decorative rock, pebbles, moss or simply let the foliage be the show. Keep plants away from cold windows during the day and night.

    These are for young gardeners and are an excellent activity for the home-bound. Small plants are planted directly in the soil, along with placement of tiny fairy characters and accessories that add to the story you create. Independent garden centers specialize in fairy garden supplies.

    Planting a small, attractive indoor garden under glass can be done on any budget and in a short amount of time. Styles, sizes and plant ideas can fit in decors from traditional to modern. First, choose your look and gather the materials. Use covered glass containers or something with an open top, such as an oversized brandy snifter, chic glass cylinder, fishbowl, fish tank or wide-mouthed jar. Shop craft or thrift stores and garage sales for bargains. There might already be the perfect container on a shelf in your closet or basement.

    Covered glass containers will need less watering: every two weeks or so with regular lid opening to allow ventilation. An open top allows air circulation, so will need watering about every 10 days or when the soil appears dry.

    Materials include drainage items for the bottom of the glass (1 to 2 inches deep) such as glass beads, aquarium gravel or pebbles. Next, sprinkle a handful layer of horticulture charcoal chips (sold in garden centers).

    Depending on the size of the container, place a 2- to 4-inch layer of fresh potting mix over the charcoal chips.

    If quarters are tight in the container, use a small spoon, tongs or chopsticks to nestle and position the plants. A small paintbrush can be used to gently brush off excess soil on the plants.

    Plant choices vary from dwarf, slower-growing houseplants that do well in low light and high humidity. Look for bold colored foliage to add contrast and vary the plant sizes to lend interest.

    The genustillandsia is the ultimate in unique, easy-care indoor plants. No soil is needed, ever. In time, they will even bloom. All they need once a week is a 15- to 30-minute soak in a bucket of water (misting now and then generally isnt enough). Give them bright light, but no more than an hour a day of direct sun from a window. Display tillandsia (one or more) on sand or decorative rocks in a pretty bowl, hanging glass bubbles or a creative sculpture.

    Local, independent garden centers sell terrarium and dish garden plants, air plants, plus cactus, succulents and herbs for making indoor dish gardens. Have fun putting together your own design or sign up for an online class or when in-person classes resume where the supplies and plants may be included in the fee.

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    How to plant an apartment-friendly container garden for the fall - The Know

    Apple iOS 14 hands-on: Testing the Home app and Eufy’s Indoor Cam 2K – CNET - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Apple's new iOS 14 software includes some changes to the Home app.

    Apple's Tuesday event brought new Apple WatchandiPadhardware, theApple One service bundle-- and software updates, includingiOS 14,iPadOS 14,TVOS 14andWatchOS 7. The software updates went live Wednesday, and I, like so many other folks, continually refreshed my phone to get iOS 14 as soon as possible.

    iOS 14 adds a variety of changes to your iPhone, but I'm focusing on the Home app updates here.

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    The Home app is Apple's landing page for its smart home platform, HomeKit. Different from Alexa and Google Assistant's comparatively open platforms, HomeKit has fewer product partners and integrations by choice. That has held HomeKit back in some ways, but others point to its focus on security and privacy as signs of a superior smart home platform.

    iOS 14 added a few updates to the Home app that I decided to test out along with the HomeKit-enabled Eufy Indoor Cam 2K, a $40 indoor home security camera I'm currently reviewing (full review forthcoming).

    When I first opened the Home app after installing iOS 14, a screen popped up listing "what's new in home," including that the app would now recommend smart home automations, automatically adjust any HomeKit-compatible lighting products and use people tagged in your iPhone photos for security camera facial recognition.

    Apple also redesigned the layout of the Home app with iOS 14 and added activity zones to compatible HomeKit cameras. I can't speak to the lighting updates, since I don't currently have any HomeKit-enabled lights at home, but I'll address the other changes using the Eufy camera.

    Inside the automations tab in the Home app.

    Possibly because I currently only have two devices in my Home app -- an Apple TV and the Eufy camera, I don't notice any major design or layout differences. Fortunately, I thought the Home app was relatively straightforward to navigate before iOS 14 and it appears that Apple has continued that trend with this software update.

    I also deleted and then reinstalled the Eufy camera on the app after updating to iOS 14 -- and didn't receive any pop-up messages suggesting potential automations. However, the app does provide automation prompts in the automations tab and in the Eufy camera settings in the Home app, such as, "people arrive/people leave/a time of day occurs" and other suggestions.

    While the layout of the Home app is fairly minimal, it has historically been overly complicated to add new features and settings with HomeKit. Unfortunately, that was also true with the new face recognition and activity zone features.

    In order to get facial recognition to work, click on the home icon on the top left of the home screen, select "home settings," and then "cameras and doorbells." From there you should see a list of your cameras -- in my case, the Eufy cam -- and below that something that says "face recognition." Click on face recognition and toggle it on if you want to enable this feature. You'll need to have iCloud Photos enabled to use face recognition in the Home app. (It sounds easy, but I had to do a lot of digging to find those steps.)

    If you don't see the face recognition option, make sure your Apple TV or HomePod (whatever device you're using as your HomeKit hub) is also up-to-date. I didn't see the face recognition option in the app at first, even after getting iOS 14, but then I installed TVOS 14 on my Apple TV and it immediately appeared.

    I also don't have iCloud Photos enabled on my personal phone and when I tried to enabled it, a pop-up told me I had to pay for an iCloud storage upgrade in order to turn on iCloud Photos (an upgrade costs $1 per month for 50GB storage, $3 per month for 200GB or $10 per month for 2TB). I have about 70GB of saved photos and videos right now (I clearly need to clean out my phone), so that means I'd have to start paying $3 per month for iCloud Photos in order to use (or even try out) the face recognition feature in the Home app. Frustrating.

    It seemed straightforward at first, but devolved from there.

    Activity zones are supposed to appear in your camera's settings in the Home app but it didn't appear in the Eufy settings. In fact, in the Eufy app when I set up the camera (after the iOS 14 update), I got a pop-up that said, "According to the Apple guidelines when HomeKit is enabled: Activity zones will be disabled," along with a list of other Eufy camera features that will not work with HomeKit.

    I've reached out to Apple for clarification on the activity zone issue and will report back when I learn more. Overall, I'm unimpressed with this update since the two most substantial changes -- facial recognition and activity zones -- were either unwieldy and required a fee (and a total overhaul of the photo and video storage on my phone) or didn't appear as options at all in the app.

    Stay tuned for my full review of the Eufy camera; I'll hopefully have more answers on my HomeKit complaints by then.

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    Apple iOS 14 hands-on: Testing the Home app and Eufy's Indoor Cam 2K - CNET

    LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market(Covid-19 Updated) scrutinized in the new analysis – SG Research Sphere - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Reports Intellect offers the latest published report on LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market Analysis and Forecast from 2020 to 2026 delivering key insights and providing a competitive advantage to clients through a detailed report. Additionally, the report focuses on LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product industry key players, to define and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competitive landscape, and recent developments.

    LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market size will grow from XXX in 2019 to XXX by 2026, at an estimated CAGR of XX. The base year considered for the study is 2019, and the market size is projected from 2020 to 2026.

    About LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market

    Firstly, the report offers a basic overview of the industry including, definitions, classifications, applications, and industry chain scenario. The LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product industry analysis is provided for the global market including development history, segment analysis, major regional developments, and a thorough competitors evaluation.

    Secondly, growth policies and plans are reviewed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures. This report also discusses supply and consumption figures, import/export data, cost, price, revenue and gross margins by prime regions such as the U.S. Europe, China, and Japan along with other key regions. Moreover, LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market proposes market trend analysis, drivers, and challenges by consumer behavior, and various marketing channels.

    Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading across the world with a serious impact on the economy and the global market. The report considers and accounts for the impact of COVID-19 on LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market across all the segments, regions, countries, and key players. North America and Europe are worst-hit countries by Coronavirus which are key players in the global economy. The report provides a detailed analysis of the impact on the market, growth strategies, supply china disruption, consumption pattern of the LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market.

    Get Sample Copy of this Report @

    Competitive Glimpse

    Top listed manufacturers for global LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market are:LiantronicsLedmanLeyardUniluminAbsenDaktronicsYahamBarcoSansitechLighthouseAcuity BrandsNVC LightingYankon LightingOsramEatonGE LightingPanasonicOpplePhilipsCreeOLEDWorksSumitomo ChemSharpLG DisplayLG Display (OLED Lighting)LucecoFirst-O-LiteSamsungToshibaJapan DisplayKonica

    With the slowdown in world economic growth, the LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product industry has also suffered a certain impact, but still maintained a relatively optimistic growth, the past four years. The global LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market size to maintain the average annual growth rate of XX.X% from $ XX in 2018 to $ XX by 2026. Our domain experts believe that in next few years, LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market size will be further expanded by the year 2026.

    How has the competitive landscape of this industry been categorized?

    Market Segmentation:

    Reports Intellect offers a crystal clear view of the various sections such as segmental analysis, regional analyst, product portfolios, followed by detailed information about market leaders and their strategies about mergers and acquisitions.

    By Type:LED DisplayOLED DisplayLED Lighting ProductsOLED Lighting Products

    By Applications/End Users:Outdoor Display and LightingIndoor Display and LightingElectronic Consumer GoodsOthers

    Geographically, this report studies the top producers and consumers, focuses on product capacity, production, value, consumption, market share and growth opportunity in these key regions, covering

    Get Discounted Report @

    Reasons to access this report:

    The Questions Answered by LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market Report:

    And Many More

    About Us

    Reports Intellect is your one-stop solution for everything related to market research and market intelligence. We understand the importance of market intelligence and its need in todays competitive world. Our professional team works hard to fetch the most authentic research reports backed with impeccable data figures which guarantee outstanding results every time for you. So, whether it is the latest report from the researchers or a custom requirement, our team is here to help you in the best possible way.

    Contact Us:Reports

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    LED & OLED Displays and Lighting Product Market(Covid-19 Updated) scrutinized in the new analysis - SG Research Sphere

    Its time to bring the houseplants inside – Hamilton Journal News - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Spraying down the plants can help get rid of any pests that may be lurking. CONTRIBUTED



    In addition, I also spray the foliage (soft spray dont blow it away!) in order to knock potential pests from the foliage. This will help with spider mites and aphids, but not scale.

    Check the foliage thoroughly. If leaves are infested, hand pick and remove the leaves. If there is scale on the stem, either use an insecticide or take a cotton swab and dip in alcohol and wipe off. This takes time but will clean up the stems.

    You can also use an insecticidal soap on the foliage (read the label to make sure its safe for the plant) to kill any insects that might be hiding. Make sure the pests are also listed on the label.

    If you have a major problem with soil insects, as mentioned above, you can re-pot the plant, using new potting soil. Or, identify the specific pest, use an insecticide labeled for the pest and the plant, and allow it to dry before bringing indoors. Not all pesticides are labeled for indoors.

    As always, READ the LABEL!

    The other thing to keep in mind is that these plants are slowing down in growth. Shorter day lengths, cooler nights lead to slower growth. Therefore, they wont be using nutrients or water as much as they do during the summer.

    Cut back on watering and dont fertilize until sometime in the late winter unless they need fertilizer.

    Light inside will be lower than what plants had outdoors, even if they were in the shade. Therefore, expect some grumbling from the plants. They may drop foliage or look a little puny until they adapt to the indoor environment.

    Some recommend to slowly expose them to the indoor environment by taking them to a very high light window for a week or 10 days and then moving them to a lower light. This helps them to get used to the lighting.

    I, on the other hand, subject them immediately to their new digs. They dont always like this and drop leaves and droop for a while, but eventually they get used to it.

    Unfortunately for my plants, I dont baby them. If they arent tough enough to take my slight abuse, they wont make it!

    Pamela Corle-Bennett is the state master gardener volunteer coordinator and horticulture educator for Ohio State University Extension. Contact her by email at

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    Its time to bring the houseplants inside - Hamilton Journal News

    Paseo Baseball Stadium gets new lights, DPR projects in the works – The Guam Daily Post - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Between the 12th Festival of the Pacific Arts destroying the Paseo Baseball Stadium field, Typhoons Dolphin and Mangkhut damaging the lights, and the coronavirus pandemic putting a halt to nearly all sporting events, the past four years have been trying times for Guams sluggers.

    In 2015, Typhoon Dolphin hit and damaged Paseos stadium lights. The following year, FestPac events held on the baseball diamond rendered it unplayable for many months. In 2018, Typhoon Mangkhut tore through the island and destroyed more of the arena's operable lights.

    And although the baseball field is overgrown and the island remains in Pandemic Condition of Readiness 1, as brought on by a government-mandated lockdown, newly appointed Department of Parks and Recreation Director Roque Alcantara is busy making sure the field will be playable once restrictions are lifted.

    At a reported cost of $84,000, Triple K Construction is currently replacing the baseball stadiums fixtures, lights and other related electrical hardware.

    Its in progress right now, Alcantara said.

    "Hopefully, within the two weeks, well be done," he added.

    Theyre replacing all the light fixtures and replacing all the lightbulbs, he said. There are about 66 lightbulbs that need to be replaced. There are 54 fixtures that are really bad, they are all corroded and all of that. We have to change all of those.

    Alcantara said that before the contract is signed off as complete, the entire system will be inspected and tested.

    There are some areas there that are dark, said Alcantara, referring to large sections of the field that receive very little illumination because of inadequate and misdirected lighting, citing one reason for repairing the facility. Before we finalize this contract, were going to have a night-vision (test) where were going to set the lights where they are supposed to be.

    In years past, insufficient lighting prompted players to lodge complaints to Alcantara, who is also the commissioner of the Guam Major League.

    The complaint from the players is, its so dark out there, Alcantara recalled.

    Guam greatness that few people saw

    Apart from illuminating a dark playing field, the new lights may lead to additional revenue for DPR, and the players not feeling the heat.

    Nobody wants to play during the daytime because its so hot, Alcantara said. Once we get the lights working, Im pretty sure were going to have a lot of revenue because a lot of teams will be participating in whatever event is going to happen there.

    In January 2019, in two events, Guam showed the region it was a baseball powerhouse when a group of elite teenage athletes won the 15U Oceania Qualifier tournament, and Guams Mens National Baseball Team claimed gold at the 3rd annual Micronesian Baseball Classic.

    By winning the U15 tournament, Team Guam earned its place in the World Baseball Softball Confederation U15 Baseball World Cup.

    The men, after their victory run, climbed to No. 36 in the World Baseball and Softball Confederation world rankings.

    Just a decade ago, these wins may not have happened.

    The players that we have, in Guam, are almost the same caliber of players as the ones in the other countries or in the U.S.," Alcantara said. "I can attest to that because I take the players for regional competition and were always up there.

    "Before, maybe, 10 years back, other countries didnt feel that we were competitive. Now, they look forward to our participation," he added.

    While the two tournaments helped put Guam baseball on the map, because all games had to be played during the day due to a broken lighting system, the mid-week, morning and afternoon games were relatively unattended.

    "They were both affected because there were no lights, they had to play during the daytime, Alcantara said.

    There was hardly any revenue at all because it was all during the day, he added.

    Guam sports get a face-lift

    Alcantara, who has occupied the directors chair for just over 50 days, sees the position at DPR as an opportunity to help revitalize the island. Alcantara, overseeing several construction projects, will help update DPRs assets as it crawls out from under PCOR1.

    There are a lot of renovations that are going on right now, thats really why I am here, Alcantara said. The tennis court in Agana is being renovated right now.

    "The fences are all done. The resurfacing, and all that, were just waiting for the contractor to start. Im trying to also get some funding for the restrooms there.

    In the meantime, the restrooms at the swimming pool will be available, but its kind of far, he said.

    Once I get funding, Ill address the restrooms, he added.

    A sinking situation

    But with no solution to the communitys swimming pool woes, the Hagta pool sinking, the Dededo pool in need of repair, and Southern High Schools Olympic-size disaster made inoperable immediately after it came online in 1999 for the South Pacific Games, the islands water warriors are left without a solution.

    During a Sept. 9 oversight hearing, Joann Camacho, the deputy director for GEDA, who is also a member of the governments new pool task force, said that she may have found a funding source and the task force's findings will soon be reported to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero.

    Alcantara, who confirmed that a decision is close to being made for a new pool, said that Leon Guerrero may announce the plans as soon as later this week.

    Mr. Alcantara has indicated that building a new Olympic-size pool next to the Dededo pool is probably the best and most cost-effective option, said Clayton Duvall, a pool expert with more than 40 years experience. I agree.

    If you are going to spend the money, start new in a location that is not in a swamp, said Duvall, who assessed the Hagta pool and made his recommendation to Camacho.

    Camacho told The Guam Daily Post that Masoud Teimoury, the chief planner at the Department of Public Works, was also on hand for the assessment.

    "The only practical solution to the 50-year-old Hagta pool - built on aswamp - is to fill it with dirt and make a playground out of the area, Duvall said.

    Spending one more penny to try and rehabilitate the pool is a fool's errand, he added.

    Alcantara said the Hagta pool will be filled with dirt and converted into either a beach volleyball facility or a skatepark.

    That will probably be the best thing that happens there, he said.

    I think this would be a great idea, especially now with the addition of the high school beach volleyball leagues. said Chris Shepherd, St. Johns School Knights indoor and beach volleyball coach.

    "Im here to help the sports community," Alcantara said.

    Amid the pandemic, besides juggling multiple projects, Alcantara will also have to report to Sen. Kelly Marsh, chairperson of the Committee on Heritage and the Arts, Parks, Guam Products, Hagta Revitalization, Self-Determination, and Regional Affairs.

    In the Sept. 9 virtual meeting, Marsh asked Alcantara to contact the attorney general's office and look into recouping money from Canton Construction, the contractor that won a two-year covenant to maintain the Hagta and Dededo pools.

    In February 2020, GovGuam terminated the contract but not before it had paid the underperforming contractor $500,000 of the $660,000 deal.

    "The past leadership was very disappointing and Im seeing the outcome of it. I inherited a mess," Alcantara said.

    Read more:
    Paseo Baseball Stadium gets new lights, DPR projects in the works - The Guam Daily Post

    ‘Striking’ cafe pavilion planned next to new Swansea arena – Wales Online - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    A "striking piece of architecture" will form part of the new Swansea arena development, housing a pavilion cafeteria.

    Planning documents submitted by Buckingham Group Contracting, on behalf of Swansea Council, show how the pavilion-style attraction will stand close to Swansea's eagerly anticipated new 3,500 capacity indoor arena.

    And officials say its "curved skin" that will be illuminated by more than 70,000 programmable LED light bulbs.

    The building, with a "timber frame and strong green credentials", will have an area of outdoor seating under canopies so guests can fully enjoy the experience of being in the 1.1-acre coastal park. There will be indoor seating too.

    Its position and height, around 6m above Oystermouth Road on top of a two-deck car park, will allow views of Swansea Bay and the sea in the distance and the Swansea cityscape.

    Plans for the oval and wedge-shaped building include a 94 sq m caf-restaurant, a kitchen plus internal and external toilets.

    The designs feature wood, local stone, stainless steel, aluminium and a solar roof. Natural lighting and ventilation will be used wherever possible. Bosses also promised that lighting will be low-energy and light pollution will be minimised.

    It will be positioned "to allow covered external seating beneath canopies to fully enjoy and be part of the park experience" and the pavilion's position and height will also "allow distant views out to sea, and over the townscape to the north and west", the plans stated.

    Planning documents read: "This is a very large building so the main glazing and views out of the Pavilion will be to the west and south.

    "This will give the best views out over the landscaped roof park, and views out towards the sea.

    "The pavilion cafeteria is designed to act as a striking piece of architecture within the roof top park, without creating a dominant feature vying against the arenas architectural form.

    "It will be fabricated using offsite methods as far as possible, with a sustainable shell structure, renewable energy generation, and green interior climate management, to minimize its environmental footprint."

    A glimpse into Swansea's future...

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    Swansea Council leaderRob Stewartsaid: The pavilion is another striking addition to the citys dramatic 1bn regeneration story. Its designed to be welcoming and will be publicly accessible to all.

    It will add a dramatic focal point to this area, the first major new parkland in Swansea since Victorian times.

    The pavilion will complement the arenas architecture and will benefit from its own renewable energy generation and green interior climate management to minimize its environmental footprint.

    The plans form part of the 135m Swansea Central Phase One scheme, a catalyst for wider development on the citys ongoing 1bn regeneration.

    As well as the parkland, parking for around 1,000 cars and arena, phase one includes a landmark bridge now being constructed on site, homes and commercial units.

    Funding sources include the council, Swansea Bay City Deal and the Welsh Government.

    Read the original here:
    'Striking' cafe pavilion planned next to new Swansea arena - Wales Online

    Why Parents Don’t Need to Buy Into the Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Trend – POPSUGAR - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    My kid's daily screen time has jumped from roughly 20 minutes per day to upward of three or four hours, a frustrating turn of events following years of being told by pediatricians and child-psychology experts to limit my child's exposure to TVs, iPads, laptops, and cell phones like it was akin to hand, foot, and mouth disease.

    There's simply no disputing the fact that, despite schools around the nation using screens to run their classrooms, the medium is a dangerous one for kids of all ages. Nevermind developmental issues that stem from prolonged screen time (researchers report that it is linked to poorer progress in communication skills like expressive speech, problem solving, and social interactions among young children over time), there are the potential physical effects, too. Excessive screen time can cause eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, bad posture, dry eyes, difficulty sleeping . . . the list goes on.

    And to combat many of those problematic side effects, I've noticed a sudden trend of parents buying expensive "computer glasses," otherwise known as blue-light-blocking glasses, to combat the apparent shorter, blue-light wavelengths that are emitted from digital screens.

    I've seen these glasses on the market for years, and I even splurged on a pair for myself a few years ago when I was starting to get midday headaches. They didn't make much of a difference, at least nothing beyond a placebo effect, so I stopped wearing them, and I never considered paying top dollar for kid versions until now.

    Once hard to find, the demand for child-size versions of these specs is exploding. It now takes two clicks on Instagram to order a pair of brightly colored nonprescription frames. But do they really make a difference, and are they worth the expense when parents are already strapped financially thin? Or is this another case of "do what's best for your child" fearmongering? The answer isn't as straightforward as I'd like, but after digging into the research and speaking to several eye experts, including my child's own ophthalmologist, I know whether or not I'll be buying them for my child and what other techniques I can use, free of charge, to help offset the physical strain caused by screens.

    It's easy to see why parents may feel the need to buy blue-light-blocking glasses or fancy screen protection covers. Contradictory advice often drives parents to take the path of extreme caution, and scientific jargon can leave them feeling confused. For instance, research in medical journals alludes to how these shorter light waves pass through the cornea and lens, but what does that really mean?

    Dr. Scott Edmonds, an optometrist, told POPSUGAR that children's "still-developing eyes generally allow for more high-energy blue light to reach and potentially damage their retinas" and that excessive blue-light emissions "may produce oxidative and phytotoxic damage to cells in the cornea and retina of the eye."

    He also noted a study published in BMJ Open Ophthalmology that computer-specific glasses with progressive lenses may help people maintain eye health. But even that study acknowledged a lack of "strong evidence" that what is potential correlation between blue light and eye strain is the same as causation.

    In fact, Edmonds noted that blue light which is said to keep people alert isn't only emitted via screens. Blue light is, frankly, everywhere. It's in LED and fluorescent lighting, and most notably, it's sourced from the sun. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), people get 10 times as much blue light from the sun during any given day as they do from a computer screen.

    "While exposure to blue light from the sun during the day is normal, the heath concern is from increased exposure to digital displays, especially during the evening," Edmonds said.

    According to Dr. Purnima Patel, that very factor the use of screens in the evening hours is the actual source of harm with regard to blue lights, not eye damage. (Patel is the clinical spokesperson for the AAO, and she noted that ophthalmologists are actual medical doctors who specialize in eye and vision care.)

    "Blue light is associated with and contributes to our body's circadian rhythm our natural waking up and sleeping cycle," Patel told POPSUGAR. "Blue light, especially for people looking at their iPads or phones at night in bed, can disrupt their ability to sleep. From a circadian rhythm standpoint, it does have an effect. We do not think it is damaging their eyes."

    She believes this is why there is so much conflicting evidence about the root of blue light's harm.

    "There's no scientific evidence to suggest that blue light from our screens or devices are damaging our eyes or our children's eyes," she said, a statement for which my child's eye doctor adamantly concurred. "That's why the American Academy of Opthalmology does not recommend blue-light-blocking computer glasses."

    So if blue-light exposure isn't an issue, and if we aren't letting our kids watch the iPad at bedtime, why is there still universal concern that screens cause what the ophthalmology community calls "visible eye strain"?

    Patel points to increasing rates of myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness, worldwide.

    "There is a genetic component to nearsightedness, but there is increasing evidence that there's an environmental component as well, and more and more studies are showing fast-rising numbers of myopia in children, especially in Asian countries," she said. "They're linking it to this rise in doing 'near work.' In the evolution of humans, we've transitioned from doing more agrarian work to this industrialized work that all takes place at 'near.' We're looking at computer screens, we're filling out forms. A lot of our work is all done at this level versus centuries ago when people were farmers working more in the distance."

    Further, "far work" is easier on eyes, whereas one's eyes have to work harder to see anything at the near level, which is generally less than arm's length.

    Considering that 80 percent of what children learn is visual versus, say, auditory or tactile and that this past decade has seen an ever-increasing allotment of daily screen time for toddlers and young children, it's not surprising that more and more children are developing the common symptoms associated with myopia, namely blurry vision, dry eyes, and headaches.

    "These are the more common symptoms people experience from just staring at the screen for longer than we're used to, especially our children," Patel said.

    Obviously, limiting screen time is the most effective solution to limit visible eye strain and the risk of developing myopia, but even if I cut my child's school day in half, she's still exceeding the official American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that young children ages 2 to 5 should have no more than one hour of screen time per day.

    What else can parents do? Patel and Edmonds offered a handful of techniques that, if they become habitual, may make a sizable difference in eye health.

    See the article here:
    Why Parents Don't Need to Buy Into the Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Trend - POPSUGAR

    Sony Apologizes for PS5 Pre-Order Mess and Promises That More Consoles Will Be Up for Pre-Order In the Coming Days – Best gaming pro - September 20, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Sony has apologized for the quite messy method it dealt with PS5 Pre-orders over the previous few days and has promised that extra consoles will likely be made obtainable for pre-order within the coming days.

    The PS5 pricing and launch date have been lastly revealed earlier this week throughout Wednesdays PS5 showcase, and whereas pre-order particulars werent shared through the occasion, Sony later confirmed that pre-orders would go reside someday later. A number of main retailers, nonetheless, kicked off pre-orders shortly after the showcase and each the usual and digital mannequin offered out immediately.

    Most Ps 5 Consoles Shipped This Vacation Will Be the Commonplace Version

    The day after, on September 17th, numerous different retailers went reside with their pre-orders. As might need been anticipated, pre-order shares solely lasted for roughly 10 minutes at a number of retailers. Scalpers have already been noticed promoting pre-ordered PS5 consoles for twice the retail worth.

    On Twitter, Sony has now apologized for the best way pre-orders for the PS5 have been rolled out. Along with promising that extra pre-order models will likely be arriving within the coming days, the corporate additionally confirmed that extra PS5 consoles will likely be made obtainable via the tip of the yr.

    Lets be sincere: PS5 preorders might have been rather a lot smoother, Sony writes on Twitter. We really apologize for that.

    Over the subsequent few days, well launch extra PS5 consoles for preorder retailers will share extra particulars.

    Sony added, extra PS5s will likely be obtainable via the tip of the yr.

    PS5 24Okay Gold Version Pre-Orders Open This Week, If You Occur to Have 7999 to Spare

    As coated yesterday, early information means that the overwhelming majority of pre-orders consoles would be the customary version.

    My guess is well see much more digital consoles available on the market finally I doubt it is a long run factor, impartial business analyst Benji Gross sales wrote on Twitter. However yeah, [for] these wanting a Digital Solely PS5 it is likely to be way more tough to get ahold of than the Disc over the subsequent a number of months.

    Did you handle to get your pre-order in? Hit the feedback down under.

    Read the original here:
    Sony Apologizes for PS5 Pre-Order Mess and Promises That More Consoles Will Be Up for Pre-Order In the Coming Days - Best gaming pro

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