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    ‘Who doesn’t love a turtle?’ The teenage boys on a mission to rewild Britain with reptiles – The Guardian - January 15, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The new enterprise taking shape on a strip of derelict land beside a garden centre in Staffordshire would be extraordinary at any time. But the large pond, greenhouses, cabins and homemade enclosures that will comprise this particular startup are positively miraculous given that it is driven by two 17-year-olds, both studying for their A-levels in the middle of a pandemic.

    Childhood friends Harvey Tweats and Tom Whitehurst are on a mission to rewild Britain by restoring reptile and amphibian species that are either virtually extinct or have been extinct for centuries in this country. Their company, Celtic Reptile & Amphibian, will soon open what the pair believe will be the countrys largest outdoor breeding facility for reptiles and amphibians. They hope it will be the first step in restoring lost species so that British ponds, lakes and wetlands once more resound to the croak of pool frogs and agile frogs as well as other once-common lizards and frogs. In the long term, Tweats and Whitehurst hope that the European pond turtle (which they source from Moldova) and the Aesculapian snake, already unofficially released in a couple of UK sites, may be embraced as new native species after being absent from the country for thousands of years.

    This may appear wildly ambitious especially for a pair of school pupils but they are knowledgable, passionate environmentalists, and they have secured the financial backing of leading rewilders, such as Ben Goldsmith (brother of the environment minister Zac Goldsmith), who has already supported efforts to reintroduce the beaver, and Charlie Burrell, the owner of the rewilded Knepp estate in West Sussex.

    Its incredible, I enthuse, when Tweats, whose personable self-assurance makes him seem older than his years, and Whitehurst, who is quieter and in charge of the technical aspects of their operation, show me around their back-garden facilities via video. Its not incredible, replies Tweats, laughing drily. Its really hard work.

    That work includes building their new facility which, despite Covid-related delays, they are aiming to open for the spring breeding season. Their current operation is in their parents back gardens. In the sunniest corner of Tweatss small suburban garden is a greenhouse and a tidy patio surrounded by large, open-topped plastic storage boxes. Inside each box grow plants that match the native habitat of the animals they are breeding.

    Tweats dips his hand into a small pond and gently picks out a moor frog. The dun-coloured frog crouches on his fingers, glistening in the sunlight. This species is extinct in Britain but we want to bring it back, he says. Its a male and its hibernating at the bottom of the pond, in a state of torpor.

    In another enclosure, Tweats carefully pulls out a European pond turtle, a gorgeous small reptile which lives across mainland Europe. The turtles colonised Britain after the ice age, but are thought to have disappeared from the country after a period of climatic cooling. Who doesnt love a turtle? says Tweats, beaming. The fact that they can sleep under ice and were once native to Britain Brilliant.

    They may be experts in breeding European species, but the pair are also nurturing less exotic species such as common toads, which have declined by 68% in Britain since the 80s. Conservationists focus so much on the endangered species that we dont actually have a clue how to breed common stuff, says Tweats. You can learn so much from captive breeding that feel for the animal. You can almost telepathically know how that animal is, whether it is sick or injured or in a breeding condition.

    Tweatss interest in frogs and lizards began when he was small. Its almost innate, as if its in your DNA to love nature, he says. My grandad was, and still is, a massive nature nut. Hes taught me all about the countryside, ecology, everything. Tweats collected frogspawn and watched tadpoles become frogs. He reared butterfly and moth caterpillars, but his first captive breeding on quite a large scale was stick insects. The babies would get out and climb all up the walls, he says. He was nine when he got a tortoise, which helped him understand reptiles needs. Later, he kept exotic snakes, such as pythons.

    Every summer, Tweats and his family holidayed close to an area of lowland heathland in east Devon, the Pebblebed Heaths. One year he and his grandad attended an evening looking for nightjars an elusive, nocturnal bird and the wildlife warden, Ed Lagdon, impressed with Tweatss enthusiasm, invited his family on a tour of the heath. Later, they kept in touch and, when a population of beavers was discovered on the nearby River Otter, Lagdon invited Tweats to do work experience on a trial to study the beavers impact in the valley.

    By now a teenager, Tweats had been inspired by George Monbiots book Feral. Working on the beaver project, I had that lightbulb moment, he says. These beavers are creating incredible wetlands for amphibians and reptiles and yet they arent there because they went extinct so long ago.

    During his work experience, Tweats saw how beavers are ecosystem engineers. By building dams, they create new wetlands for amphibians and reptiles but also dragonflies and other insects, and the birds and mammals that eat them. He now believes that many of Britains missing amphibians went extinct in medieval times because the beaver was hunted to extinction.

    Tweats and Whitehurstd had begun breeding amphibians in earnest when they were revising together for their GCSEs. So was Whitehurst dragged along by Tweatss enthusiasm? You could say that, says Whitehurst, laughing. He always enjoyed being outdoors in nature and admired Tweatss passion. When Harvey started keeping European green lizards, that made me go: Hang on, this is something I want to be involved in. They were so stunning. Pythons are cool, but everybodys seen them. When you realise these vibrant green lizards are a European species and you can actually keep them outdoors, that inspired me.

    We suddenly thought: If Harvey got some green lizards and I got some eyed lizards, why dont we start a Facebook page and see what connections we can make? So the friends merged back garden breeding operations and posted pictures online. It started to gain momentum and we eventually transformed it into a company, says Whitehurst.

    One day, on the beaver trial, Tweats had a cup of tea with Derek Gow, an outspoken environmentalist known as Mr Beaver for masterminding beaver releases across Britain and the talk turned to amphibians. I said: I breed them. And boom! There you go, Tweats says. Suddenly, he realised that he could scale-up his hobby and contribute to big rewilding projects.

    Gow now sits on their advisory board and introduced Tweats and Whitehurst to financial backers, including Goldsmith and Burrell. This allowed them to rent a half-acre patch of ground 10 minutes walk from their homes for their new breeding facility.

    The friends are also, of course, in their final year of school, and are having to study from home. Like other students, their interrupted education has left them agonising over their final exams which have now been cancelled for months. Its just been an absolute nightmare, admits Tweats. Well be fine, says Whitehurst. Weve got a lot of work to get on with so it kind of works in our favour.

    The support of influential adults is vital, but what do their peers think? Loving wildlife was once the badge of a teenage nerd. I do think thats changing, says Tweats. Environmentalism is becoming almost sexy. I hate to use the term fashionable, because this isnt just a Gucci handbag, this is something we really need to take seriously as stewards of the Earth. But it has become a bit more of a trend. Friends you wouldve never thought would be environmentally friendly are posting things on social media.

    So fellow pupils never call them newt boy at school? I am a people person and Im very confident in social situations, says Tweats. I will make a joke about it and well have a laugh, but overall its been incredibly positive. Maybe were lucky to be in a year group who are just so nice.

    In fact, friends bribed with bacon butties and beer have dug the pond for their breeding centre. But what do their girlfriends or partners make of their mission? Do they even have time for girlfriends or partners? No, we dont, says Whitehurst. I wouldnt say it gets in the way, but as 17-year-olds wed much rather crack on with this, at least for a year or so, before we start looking for something serious.

    There is still a lot of work to do security fencing should arrive soon and then they will build enclosures with rat-proof mesh and a quarantine area. Biosecurity is vital because of pathogens such as the chytrid fungus [a big cause of global amphibian declines], says Tweats. Their dads help them with the build at weekends. Tweatss father, a deputy head and former business teacher, also sits on their advisory board and guides business matters.

    Tweats and Whitehurst hope to become self-sustaining with revenue from breeding animals for sale to hobbyists and also making money from social media and providing animals for filming and photography. They are already earning sponsorship from their YouTube channel and one of their European pond turtles has appeared on Countryfile on BBC One.

    Ultimately, however, they want to breed thousands of amphibians and reptiles to support conservation programmes and bring back species including the pool frog, moor frog and the agile frog on Britains new beaver-created wetlands. And they are dismayed by the modest attempts made so far, such as returning the pool frog to a couple of pools in Norfolk.

    If thats the imagination were going to have, considering were in the sixth mass extinction, we may as well admit defeat, says Tweats. If we want to get this species back and not just as a tick-box species so we can say weve got the pool frog back it needs to be in every single pond in the UK. End of.

    Releasing 100 pool frogs is not rewilding, admits Tweats, but restoring these amphibians could definitely fit into the jigsaw puzzle of rewilding.

    While wolves or lynx capture the imagination of rewilding purists, the significance of smaller creatures is underestimated, he explains, citing a US study that found the weight of juvenile amphibians on 10 hectares of healthy marshland to be equivalent to a black rhino and 1,400kg of amphibians in a marsh is a lot of food.

    Although we think of amphibians as small, collectively they assemble into a massive superorganism that feeds so many species, says Tweats. People ask why do we want to bring back the pool frog or the moor frog or the agile frog? Its simply food. All these different species inhabit slightly different niches in the ecosystem and open up the availability of food to many other species. If we want to bring back white storks at Knepp, then weve got to think about returning food to the landscape, as well as the inspiration and beauty that comes from these mini-dragons.

    Despite supply-chain delays meaning their big new greenhouse will arrive months late, Tweats says they have encountered so much wonderful support over the past year. The interest in these species has just been insane. They used to be completely vilified toads were once seen as the spawn of witches. Its come full circle and these animals are a symbol of hope and restoration.

    I tell Tweats and Whitehurst they will soon be famous and constantly asked to name their favourite reptile or amphibian. They look pained at the prospect of choosing one. Tweatss favourites include the sand lizard and European pond turtle; Whitehurst loves eyed lizards (they reach 90cm long, the largest mainland lizard in Europe), common lizards (the fact they give live birth, incubating the eggs inside them, is something thats always fascinated me) and tree frogs.

    What about Gallotia goliath? says Tweats. It was a giant species of lizard that lived on the Canary Islands and it went extinct when the Conquistadors arrived. There are still remains, so theres the potential to do a Jurassic Park-style resurrection on them.

    Well be at the forefront of that, says Whitehurst with a gleam in his eye.

    When were famous and weve got enough cash, adds Tweats, laughing.

    Will the next Jurassic Park be found in Staffordshire? I wouldnt bet against it.

    1. Just add water and nature will come back. A pond even a tiny one, from a washing-up bowl will soon attract frogs and newts.

    2. Create hibernaculums (where animals can spend the winter) by leaving piles of logs or twigs underneath hedges or in garden corners.

    3. Leave your lawn to grow wild to boost insects and provide food for amphibians. Frogs live in long grass.

    4. Modern wooden fencing prevents frogs and toads from roaming between gardens. Cut small holes at the fence base, like the increasingly popular hedgehog holes.

    5. Dont use pesticides or slug pellets or other chemicals that destroy insect life.

    6. Collar bells for cats can help frogs evade them. Or consider not having a cat.

    This article was amended on 12 January 2021. Due to an editing error, the European pond turtle was incorrectly described as an amphibian.

    'Who doesn't love a turtle?' The teenage boys on a mission to rewild Britain with reptiles - The Guardian

    Pool & Patio Enclosures | What’s Protecting Your Backyard … - October 13, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Different than an automatic pool cover, a swimming pool enclosureallows you to use the pool while it is protected from the elements. If you have been considering a way to cover the pool area but still be able to use the pool and patio.

    In this post we are taking a closer look into the world of swimming pool enclosures.

    A pool cover is different than a pool enclosure. You cant use the pool when its covered by a conventional cover, and thats what makes a pool enclosure different, and in most cases, better.

    and most of us want all of the above!

    Turns out there are several types of swimming pool and patio covers & pool enclosures on the market that can address all of these concerns in their own way.

    Do you want to enjoy being able to swim at almost any time during the year? A poly-carbonate swimming pool enclosure will allow you to take a warm dip or keep up with your swimming routine even when its 32 degrees outside.


    Do you want a clean pool at all times, even after a storm? A screened pool enclosure will protect your pool from the surrounding trees and dust, reducing your pool maintenance and cleaning to the bare minimum.

    Do you worry about children wondering off into the pool area when youre not around? Both pool covers and pool enclosures provide the peace of mind knowing that your pool is locked up when otherwise accidents can happen.

    Do you want to swim longer without getting sun burned? Both a screened or poly-carbonate pool enclosure will reflect much of the harmful rays and heat from the sun. A pool enclosure offers the maximum amount of shade and protection against the sun.


    We are talking pool enclosures that dont have to be removed before using the pool, these pool enclosures create a protected outdoor pool & patio area worth spending some time within.

    The most popular enclosures that offer these conveniences are:

    Either of which is built upon an aluminum framework around the pool area, and can be adapted to just about any architectural layout, and even built as detached from the main house as free-standing structures.

    Screen enclosures are typically made entirely of aluminum material. Lightweight and durable, swimming pool screen enclosures can have many useful benefits. This usually comes down to the individual homeowners preference since this is not necessarily the best idea forallswimming pools. dengarden article

    Advantages Screened Pool Enclosures

    Disadvantages Screen Pool Enclosures

    The swimming pool and spa enclosures are fitted with 8mm or 10mm thick polycarbonate panels (solid, twin-walled or triple-walled). There are four colors of transparent/translucent polycarbonate panels available: clear, light blue, milky, and brown. Customers often choose 4mm thick solid polycarbonate panels which have clear-glass optical properties. pool spa enclosures

    A glass pool enclosure is actually made from polycarbonate, which is made to look like glass. One of the best advantages to this type of pool enclosure is that it often will not obstruct great views beyond the pool.

    Having the ability to open up your pool enclosure is an extremely convenient feature. When the weather is good open the panels, and if it rains you can keep on swimming just close the panels back again!

    In our opinion, yes, swimming pool enclosures are worth the investment. From the practical sense to the memories you will enjoy it just makes sense to enclose your pool.

    In the long term, you will save money that would have gone into things like chemicals and pool repairs that if you had installed a pool enclosure would not be spending so much on.

    Just being able to use the pool all year long regardless of the temperature (with the polycarbonate version) is totally worth the money.

    If youre ready to take the next step, we can help locate the qualified pool enclosure specialist to help in your area.

    Please complete the below contact form to obtain a pool enclosure quote. Please write as much information as you can to narrow your quote and attach a photo if available.

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    Pool & Patio Enclosures | What's Protecting Your Backyard ...

    See inside dreamy millionaire countryside properties on the market within an hour from Birmingham – Birmingham Live - September 6, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    These are some of the dreamy countryside properties on the market within an hour's drive from the city.

    From historic residences to bespoke designs - these five detached homes have it all.

    The millionaire pads are all within comfortable reach from Birmingham and offer relaxing settings away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    BirminghamLive took a look at some of the homes currently on sale right now.

    The three-bedroomed former gamekeeper's lodge for the Bournville Estate, which dates back to 1760, is up for grabs for a cool 1m.

    It is situated in just under an acre of landscaped gardens in Alvechurch. It has a large welcoming hallway leading to two reception rooms with stunning period features. This can be opened up into one large entertainment space.

    The detached property also has a modern fitted kitchen with integrated appliances with a separate utility room and cloak room.

    The master bedroom has a balcony with amazing views across the garden and open countryside. A large patio area is ideal for alfresco dining.

    This extraordinary home - known as The Tan House - is set in seven-acres of stunning grounds.

    Built in 1691, this Grade II listed residence has seven bedrooms, five bathrooms and six reception rooms.

    It also has seven stables, two paddocks, a stallion barn, store rooms and outbuildings set in its location within the heart of Lapworth village.

    The superb pad also features a tennis court.

    This mindblowing manor house is located in a picturesque village in south Nottinghamshire and just eight-miles from Nottingham itself.

    This 6m-valued property has seven bedrooms over two levels, a striking entrance hall and five individual reception rooms.

    The refined principle period house is described as "immaculately presented and exquisitely appointed to only the high standard." That style is mixed with a contemporary touch which creates a family environment.

    This home also comes with a cinema room, gym, swimming pool and Jacuzzi and steam room.

    Grounds are also billed as "well-maintained," which also has a secret garden.

    This farm house has six-bedrooms and is situated in an "idyllic and private rural setting" near Stratford-upon-Avon.

    It is a bespoke Georgian-style home, which was constructed in 2008, and designed to offer a "blend of period grandeur and modern day refinement."

    Breathtaking features include a hallway with triple height galleried landing spaces.

    Its owners love for equestrian also comes alive here with 25,000 sq ft of buildings, which provide top class facilities for keeping top quality horses.

    Describing these assets, righmove say: "Immaculate heated indoor stabling with Monarch enclosures, solarium and Olympic standard indoor arena are just some the benefits on offer, serviced by undulating enclosed paddocks allowing on site training and hacks within a controlled and secure environment."

    It adds: "A property that truly offers everything a discerning buyer could wish for in one of the counties most prestigious locations."

    This house is built of Cotswold stone under a tiled roof set in an impressive 31.5 acres of land.

    It is situated on the edge of the Cotswold village of Broadwell near the market town of Stow-on the-Wold.

    The drawing room has views out onto Brailes Hill and views towards Chipping Norton, Stow and Bourton. Doors also open out onto the patio area that has spectacular Gloucestershire views.

    A oak staircase leads up the first floor accommodation of a property which has five bedrooms in total. While the master bedroom suite has a balcony with "far-reaching views over the lake, paddocks and Cotswold countryside views.

    It also has an enclosed kitchen garden, orchard and its own paddocks enclosed by mature hedging.

    See inside dreamy millionaire countryside properties on the market within an hour from Birmingham - Birmingham Live

    Pool Screen and Patio Screen Repair Service Since 1975 - October 18, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

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    Pool Screen and Patio Screen Repair Service Since 1975

    Pool And Spa Enclosures – Retractable Pool, Spa And Patio … - October 14, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Pool And Spa Enclosures

    Retractable Pool, Spa And Patio Enclosures, Pool And Spa Domes, Gazebos.Product Information, Photos And Videos

    Loading... Loading... Loading...

    Beautiful Retractable Enclosures For Your Yard!

    Convert your outdoor pool, spa, or patio into an indoor paradise within minutes - with a beautiful, retractable swimming pool, spa or patio enclosure!


    Enjoy Your Pool Or Spa Year Round !

    Adding a pool, spa, or patio enclosure is fast and easy. Now at prices you can afford!

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    Pool And Home 3 Season Retractable Sunrooms And Enclosures

    Pool And Spa Enclosures can be used as Sunrooms, Swimming Pool Enclosures or Hot Tub Rooms in any backyard!

    Pool And Spa Enclosures - Product Photos

    Take a look at these great photos of Pool, Spa and Patio Enclosures from all over the world!

    Pool And Spa Enclosures In The News

    Read some of the most popular News articles about the Pool, Spa and Patio Enclosures you can get for your home

    Pool And Spa Enclosures - Product Videos

    Have some fun by checking out these videos about Pool, Spa and Patio Enclosures that have been installed in backyards all over the country!

    Pool And Spa Enclosures Promo Video Single Click Image To Start Video

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    Pool And Spa Enclosures - Retractable Pool, Spa And Patio ...

    Patio and Pool Enclosures in Arizona – Arizona Enclosures … - November 29, 2018 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Homeowners are debating if to enclose their pool or patio with screen or with glass. Arizona is a unique state that have a hot and dusty desert and also a cool and winter snow in the North. In each part of their state a screen enclosure should be considered only if you need a protection from bugs and mosquitos. Screen enclosure alone will not stop the dust and any flying debris, which are common in the Arizona desert.

    The glass enclosure provides the best of two worlds. It is a screen enclosure when doors andwindows are open. It is also a perfect enclosure, when windows and doors are closed, because it becomes an additional closed living space.A space that can be air condition or heated.

    Additionally, a glass pool or patio enclosure provides the best protection from the harsh elements.

    Retractable pool enclosure in Scottsdale Arizona

    Converted open patio into a beautiful sun room

    Patio screen enclosure in Gilbert Arizona

    AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms, LLC, is committed to listen to your dreams and needs for all your home improvement projects. We will create a product that will fit your specific needs, lifestyles and budget. We specialize in four season patio enclosures, sunrooms, patio roofs, windows, doors, kitchen and bath renovations, pool enclosures and room additions. You always will be consulted and appraised as to the schedule and construction process during the renovation work. AZ Enclosures, patio additions, patio roof covers, sunrooms Arizona, pool enclosures. Let us help you transfer your home into the showplace you have always dreamed it would be. We work in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, Sun City, Sun City West, Peoria, Goodyear, Buckeye, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Fountain Hills, Litchfield Park, Paradise Valley, Queen Creek, City of Maricopa and Avondale.

    Originally posted here:
    Patio and Pool Enclosures in Arizona - Arizona Enclosures ...

    All Weather Pool and Patio Screen and Glass Enclosures - November 21, 2018 by Mr HomeBuilder


    Building Outdoor from our factory to your home!

    Today, building a new Screen Pool Enclosure along the hurricane coastal areas, inland snow and ice areas, or northern heavy snow areas is a challenge. Our Screen Pool Enclosures' strength comes from having the largest beam connecting plates, beams and uprights in the Screen Pool Enclosure industry.

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    Ourcustom built screen pool or patio enclosures allow you and your family to enjoy your

    swimming pool and/or patio for more hours each day! At night, when those pesky bugs come

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    enclosure helps create anbeautiful, comfortable,outdoor entertaining space -to be used day

    or night, literally doubling the time you can spend relaxing and having fun with your family and


    Don't spend your weekends cleaning the pool and patio! Spend your timeenjoyingthe outdoorswith your family and friends! A custom built screen pool or patio enclosure will help keep leaves, grass clippings and other debris out of your pool, keeping your pool and patio areafar cleaner and easier to maintain.

    Keeping your pool and patio area pest free is important, not only for your comfort, but also for your health and safety. According to the CDC,mosquitoes can carry diseases like Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and other viruses.A screen pool or patio enclosure creates a barrier between your family and potentially harmful mosquitoes.

    In addition to drastically limiting pests,a custom screen enclosure will provide security for you, as a homeowner, and neighborhood children, by preventing children from entering the pool without supervision. A screen enclosurealsocreates a boundary for your children toswim and play, within the safety of your home's designated outdoor area. This is wonderful for pets as well.


    In addition to all of the benefits a screen enclosure offers, a glass pool or patio enclosure canprovide the additional benefit of allowing year-round swimmingand outdoor patio enjoyment.Glass enclosures offer protection from the elements - rain, partial sun protection, and cold winter winds. Never have your home outdoorfun rained out again! A glass enclosure can also provide addedprotection from dust and dirt, making your pool and patio maintenance even easier.

    The addition of a glass enclosureoffers youthe opportunitytoturn your pooland/or patio area intoaninvitingretreat, with beautiful furniture and decorative items. A glass enclosure allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors, while you and yourfurniture areprotected from unfavorable weather.

    Adding aglass enclosurecan definitelyincrease the real estate value of your home. In fact, it is an easy way to add an extra room without a full construction project.


    All Northernand Southern Storm Ready Screen Pool and Patio Enclosures are constructed with these standard features:

    3" x 9" or 3" x 7" Uprights and Roof Beams Patent #US0087756900B1

    3/16" Gusset Plates at Roof Beam Connectionsand Roof & Upright Beam Connections

    Color - White or Bronze Aluminum Frame

    Screen is 18/14 Fiber Glass (charcoal color)

    3 Screen Doors, 2 - 36" x 80" and 1 - 48" x 80"

    Fasteners are White or Bronze Ceramic Coated

    Stainless Steel Wire Cables for Wind Loads

    AllGlass Storm Ready Pool and Patio Enclosures are constructed with these standard features:

    3" x 9" or 3" x 7" Uprights and Roof Beams Patent #US0087756900B1

    3/16" Gusset Plates at Roof Beam Connectionsand Roof & Upright Beam Connections

    Color - White or Bronze Aluminum Frame

    2 Aluminum GlassWindow Doors,36" x 80"

    Fasteners are White or Bronze Ceramic Coated

    Corrugated Poly-carbonate Roof

    1/4" Tempered Clear Glass

    Sliding Glass Windows with Screens

    Read more:
    All Weather Pool and Patio Screen and Glass Enclosures

    Absolute Aluminum – Official Site - October 30, 2018 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Enjoying the outdoors is what living in Florida is all about. When you have a comfortable outdoor space at your home, you can kick back and appreciate the beautiful weather while surrounded by natural scenery. At Absolute Aluminum, were in the business of making your outdoor living dreams a reality. We can transform your patio, pool deck, or other outdoor space into a stunning retreat, just as we have for countless other residents of Venice, Sarasota, and surrounding communities in Florida since our founding in 1988. Our custom-built aluminum structures can turn any backyard from ordinary into amazing.

    With Absolute Aluminum, the possibilities for your backyard are virtually endless. Perhaps youd like to shield your outdoor space from intense direct sunlight with an awning, operable pergola, or patio cover. Or, maybe your objective is to block out bugs with a screen room, pool enclosure, or motorized retractable screens. No matter the end result youre looking to achieve, you can count on our team to make your project a resounding success. Everything we do is completely custom we can incorporate travertine, patio pavers, welded railings, and even nebula lighting into your project. We can also build the perfect setup for cooking meals with a custom outdoor kitchen, or expand the living area of your home with a new sunroom or one of our patio enclosures the choice is entirely up to you.

    In addition to serving residential customers, we also manufacture carports for condominiums, walkway covers for schools, and other products for commercial use. Our crews have extensive experience handling these types of large projects. You can rest assured that we can streamline the work to fit your budget and schedule, all while keeping the site clean and the property managers happy.

    At Absolute Aluminum, were in the business of helping homeowners make good buying decisions. While many outdoor living companies simply leave it up to the customer to choose design options while providing them with very little support, we have extensive design capabilities and strive to assist you in any way that you require. Additionally, we go the extra mile with our installation services. As our previous satisfied customers can attest, our installers work with keen attention to detail and will demonstrate the utmost respect for you and your home throughout the installation process.

    Our philosophy is that providing this high level of service begins with hiring the right people. Thats why were extremely selective in who we hire, and why we train all of our employees in house on how to do the job right. Notably, our installers all work in specialized teams based on the work they perform. This means that, if you decide to have a pergola installed, the work will be done by outdoor living experts who have mastered building pergolas. We believe that our expertise shows in the quality of the work that we perform, but, you dont have to take our word for it. Weve received numerous accolades over the years for our installation services and dedicated customer service, including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and being named Best Aluminum Contractor by The Venice Gondolier Sun many years in a row.

    If youre looking for a company that can transform your backyard into a remarkable outdoor living space where family and friends will love to spend time, contact Absolute Aluminum today to schedule a free, in-home consultation and estimate. You can also visit our showroom in Venice, FL, to see many of our products in person.

    Read more:
    Absolute Aluminum - Official Site

    Swimming Pool Enclosures | The Pool Enclosure Company - October 7, 2018 by Mr HomeBuilder


    Welcome to The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC). We provide a large range of premium telescopic / retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures throughout Australia.

    Our Retractable enclosures are the ultimate lifestyle product, allowing year round usage, and when the weather permits your pool or outdoor area can be opened within minutes providing the most versatile, stylish and cost effective solution for enclosing a pool, spa or outdoor area. Reducing maintenance and increasing safety, usage, and also property values.

    We are passionate about delivering a premium product and seamless projects so we partnered with the Worlds leading supplier, IPC. The IPC Team are the most recognised manufacturers of telescopic, retractable swimming pool, spa and terrace enclosures in the industry, World-wide. Our products are available in 40 countries, including the USA, France, Germany, Italy and New Zealand. TPEC are the IPC Team member for Australia.

    We run all of our project start to finish and our retractable enclosures can be installed on existing pools, spas, or terraces or alternatively integrated into new pool or house projects. We often work with leading pool builders, builders, landscapers, and architects to produce premium, high quality integrated enclosure projects.

    TPEC are National members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). In 2013, we were awarded the Gold Sustainability Award with SPASA Victoria, recognising the quality, sustainability and innovation of our telescopic / retractable pool enclosure products and skilled workmanship. In 2014 we were finalists in the SPLASH Environmental Awards for the sustainability product category.

    With TPEC you get the Worlds leading product designed and installed by and experienced professional team.

    Our goal Change the way Australians use/manage their pools and outdoor areas.

    All enclosures are 100% custom designed and have a number of optional design features, including lateral sliding, hinged or lift up doors, as well as ventilating windows and other special features to meet client requirements and site capabilities.

    We have endless design capabilities with low, medium, high and lean-to pool enclosures. Our retractable swimming pool enclosures have huge benefits if you have a swimming pool. You can swim any time of the day/night, year-round and still enjoy an outdoor pool when the weather permits, plus reduce 75% of ongoing maintenance and costs. Our pool enclosures will reduce heating and cleaning requirements, minimised water evaporation and chemical use, and maximise safety through controlled key entry and UV protection.

    Our retractable lean-to pool enclosures and terrace enclosures feature one ground level track and one wall/overhead track ideal for extending an outdoor area for your home or business.

    Our swimming pool enclosures and terrace enclosures are the ideal alternative to a traditional indoor pool / permanent structure, extension, patio, cabana, sail or motorised, automated and multifunctional pool cover systems.

    All of our enclosures are manufactured in Europe to ISO 9001 Quality Management standards and ISO 14001 Sustainability Management standards. Materials used include aluminium, UV protected polycarbonate, glass, stainless steel and rubber. The track system is a patented, low profile, walk-on design.

    Read the original:
    Swimming Pool Enclosures | The Pool Enclosure Company

    Screening for Outdoor Patio & Pool Enclosures | Phifer - September 19, 2018 by Mr HomeBuilder

    One of the best things about being a homeowner is having a plot of land to call your own, where you can enjoy nature in the peace of your own backyard. While enjoying sunshine, fresh air and maybe even a splash in the pool is always welcome, lets face it there are some aspects of outdoor living that even the most ardent nature lover could do without, including insects, pollen, mosquitos, and other nuisances.

    Phifer manufactures outdoor pool and patio screen to block bugs and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. Backed by more than 60 years of manufacturing and innovation expertise, our screening is suitable for use in a variety of screening projects to build the patio screen enclosure of your dreams. Similarly, many of the same screening products we offer are excellent for use in pool cages and enclosures -- keeping bugs out and cool breezes inside when youre enjoying the pool, and keeping your pool free from leaves and other debris when youre not using the pool, too.

    Which Phifer screening product is right for your pool and patio needs? Well walk you through available pool and patio screening options to help you narrow your choices and find a screen that best suits your needs.

    Continue reading here:
    Screening for Outdoor Patio & Pool Enclosures | Phifer

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