October 11, 2018 5 Chris is THE BEST! He is always thorough and kind! Kenneth, K - Tulsa, OK September 12, 2018 5 As usual, Sears came through for us! Thank you so much! Ron and cinda, E - Tulsa, OK December 07, 2017 5 No. Obviously I am very satisfied with the services because I am a repeat customer. Thank you! Judy, B - Tulsa, OK November 18, 2017 5 Great job! Lamont , T - Tulsa, OK April 08, 2017 5 The technician was super friendly, yet businedd-like. Terri, O - Tulsa, OK March 01, 2017 5 Chris is amazing and very knowledgeable. Would recommend this place to everyone I know Felicia, R - Tulsa, OK August 13, 2016 5 Chris is always prompt and courteous, he does a great job and as a result we would highly recommend Chris and Sears. Helga, H - Tulsa, OK July 19, 2016 5 Chris did a great job! I appreciate how professional he is and how well he cared for my home. Melissa, M - Tulsa, OK April 04, 2016 5 Chris Haggard did a great job Gwendolyn, G - Tulsa, OK November 07, 2015 4.8 Good job! Saundra, C - Tulsa, OK September 23, 2015 4 Good Job Petra m, C - Tulsa, OK August 17, 2015 5 Chris always does an exceptional job! I am highly recommending him to my friends. Kathy, T - Tulsa, OK June 18, 2014 5 Chris always does a great job which I why I keep calling Sears! He's always so friendly and he works hard to make sure I am satisfied. Jessica, F - Tulsa, OK May 23, 2014 5 I was very pleased with the job, price and results... Thanks. Floyd, S - Tulsa, OK May 04, 2014 5 Chris is professional and always does a great job. Nancy, S - Tulsa, OK April 01, 2014 4.5 Thought they were able to clean thoroughly for what would have taken me hours to complete. Melissa, L - Tulsa, OK December 03, 2013 5 I ordered the service online, so the questionabout how the performance of the customer service representative wasis rather mote.The service performed at my home was very satisfactory ans the technician did not leave any tracks. Katrine, H - Tulsa, OK August 05, 2013 5 great work done by Chris Haggard Simply Grand Gwendolyn, G - Tulsa, OK May 17, 2013 5 Although the technician did not arrive during the specified window, he did call shortly thereafter and did an impeccable job. Dianne, L - Tulsa, OK May 17, 2013 5 Chris is experienced and very professional. He did a great job. Nancy, S - Tulsa, OK February 20, 2013 5 Service rep was punctual and professional and did a great job! Thanks Robert, H - Tulsa, OK December 04, 2012 5 He did a great job and very professional! Karen, H - Tulsa, OK October 06, 2012 5 The gentleman that came to are home was AWESOME! We will have him back. Thanks from the Skinner family. David, S - Tulsa, OK October 01, 2012 5 Chris did a great job and I would request him again. Nancy, S - Tulsa, OK August 22, 2012 4.3 Good job Debbie, E - Tulsa, OK June 20, 2012 5 Outstanding service as usual. I use sears about every 3 months and have for some time. Kathy, T - Tulsa, OK June 20, 2012 5 Great job. Thanks Kelly, R - Tulsa, OK May 20, 2012 5 Chris has cleaned for me several times and he always is polite, on time, and thorough. Sears is considerably less in price than other national companies, but does a GREAT job. Thank you! Jessica, F - Tulsa, OK April 19, 2012 5 Love the office staff customer service and the professionalism of the tech! Good work folks! Juli, K - Tulsa, OK December 07, 2011 5 Chris was great. We seem to get Chris every time and we are happy every time he leaves. He does a great job everytime! Joshua, M - Tulsa, OK November 30, 2011 4.8 I was sad to learn there were no coupons valid for this but after the man left...one came in the mail. Patti, C - Tulsa, OK

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