"I had my air duct system cleaned by Air blue. What a great experience. The technician was on time, very polite and answered any questions I had with an extreme amount of knowledge. The equipment they used looked very new and was quite impressive. I felt I paid a very good price for the service I was given."

~Stephanie C.

"Carl and Tye provided great service. They literally showed me all the debris that was sucked out of the ducts. Another HUGE plus was that they were very considerate in wearing booties so that they wouldn't track debris from my dirty basement to the upper part of the house. Confident that I will be breathing cleaner air."

~Mitt Stewart

"Our breathing is much better after just one day. My whole family was waking up with a cough and I could see we had alot of dust particles in the air when the sunlight came through the windows in the morning, so I called Air Blue Duct Cleaning and now we can hardly see any dust particles when the windows open up in the morning! They were prompt on arriving and billed exactly what they said they would, no upselling. Great Job!"

~Kyle Thomas

"Our vent was clogged and I tried to clean it myself with a brush kit that you attach to a drill. My brush was stuck and I was afraid to pull it out. My husband thought the vent might have been disconnected. I called Air Blue. They were the most affordable. They brought a camera and were able to see that my vent was still in tact and that the brush was stuck. I asked them if they would remove my brush and they did. They cleaned out my vent and all is well. Thank you!"

~Brittany Zobell

"Thank you very much for cleaning out my air ducts and vents. We are so thrilled with the results and appreciate the time taken to make sure it was done correctly. We will definitely be hiring your team the next time we need a cleaning. Extremely pleased!"

~David B. Langley

"I am more than pleased with my experience of working with Air Blue. They were able to come check out my situation around the holidays which I thought was very kind. They quickly discovered that our ducts didnt pose much a problem at our home and walked around with us to see if they could help identify the problem. What class! Thanks fellas!"

~David B. Langley

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