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Indoor Air Quality

The Market Leader in

The Indoor Air Quality market has been in a boom in the last few years, as more people are aware of the germs and allergens that persist in their homes. What most contractors do not know is the massive potential to tap into an open market and opportunity to generate more revenue or start a new division of their existing hvac or carpet cleaning enterprise.

Air-Care is the worlds leading manufacturer of air duct cleaning equipment, supplies and provider of air duct cleaning training. We also manufacture electrostatic air filters that are designed to replace disposable furnace filters. Air-Cares full line of air duct cleaning products includes negative air machines, contact cleaning machines, foggers, chemicals, duct inspection systems and a lot more. We also offer certified air duct cleaning training for all our customers!

Electrostatic Air Filters

Air Duct Cleaning Accessories

Air Duct CleaningChemicals

Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

Air Duct Cleaning Training

Please take a moment and watch some of our product videos below, and to view the entire video catalog.

Our entry level negative air machine useful for all residential and light commercial jobs.

A standard by which duct containment carts are measured in the healthcare and clean room industries.

The TruckMaster cleans air ducts in conjunction with a truck-mount carpet cleaning machine.

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The Leader in Air Duct Cleaning Equipment & Tools - Air-Care

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