Thank you for the great service. You are both extremely professional, considerate, thorough, and friendly. My dryer vents are like new thanks to you. I appreciate the time, care, preparation, and consideration you put into not only finishing the job but also not leaving any mess behind. I would gladly recommend you both for any vent cleaning and also any chimney work as well. You and Simon were an excellent team and worth the price.

We hired United Air Duct Cleaning to perform duct cleaning for the Ohel Chabad Lubavitch Center, 226-20 Francis Lewis Blvd. The crew was extremely polite. They arrived on time, performed their work without disturbing our activities, and cleaned all the ducts very well. We strongly recommend this company and will only use their services in the future.

Thank you for providing very prompt and professional service on such short notice. The air in our office is noticeably cleaner.

Finance & Administration Director, Sejong/Great Mountains International Music Festival

The employees are very professional. Cleaning the ducts and the chimney is one of the best things I have done in a long time. My living room and my kitchen were always cold. After cleaning the ducts a lot more air is coming through. The smell that I kept complaining about is gone. The air to me and my family seems so much cleaner. I am so happy that I called this company to do this job. By the way I didnt call any other company to clean my ducts. When I saw the name Mike I thought of my brother Michael. He is honest hard worker so I told myself Mikes are good people. That is why I contacted the company. Well just wanted to say thanks again.

As a very satisfied new customer, I wholeheartedly recommend United Air Duct Cleaning. They are professional, knowledgeable, and take meticulous care and pride in accomplishing their work. Not only were my wife and I very pleased, but I also had the air duct quality tested professionally by the home inspector that I regularly use, before and after United Air Duct performed their work. Based on the test results, the home inspector stated that the quality of their job was excellent.

We were very pleased with United Air Duct Cleanings service and pricing. The day the job was scheduled the crew arrived on time, they were well organized and cleaned the vents thoroughly while being careful with the furniture and our personal belongings. Since the visit, the air quality in our house improved and the house smells better. We would only use United Air Duct Cleaning in the future and strongly recommend this company to our family and friends.

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