Carpet cleaning companies will try to trick you by claiming to use the "best" method available. Unfortunately! There is no such thing. What works best for your carpet depends on its age, material, pile and the amount of carpetcleaning it requires. However most carpet manufacturers recommend that their products be cleaned using the hot water extraction method often referred to as "Steam Cleaning."

The primary difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning is the temperature of the water used. For a carpet to be steam cleaned, it must actually use steam. I knowwho would have guessed? The water must reach a temperature high enough to transform into a gas.However, applying pure steam to carpet will not be effective in rinsing.

Natural fibers are cleaned with hot water extraction to prevent shrinkage, so is upholstery. It can be used to treat stains as well, unlike steam cleaning, which is avoided because it can actually set stains permanently. Hot water extraction, only requires hot water. How hot? Hot enough that it cleans deeply and effectively, but not so hot that it changes into another state of matter.

We provide a personal carpet cleaning assessment to ensure that your home or business carpeting is treated exactly as it should be for the type and condition of the flooring. We take pride in our services, and are ready to show you the difference professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can make. Schedule your cleaning appointment today!

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