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    What you don’t know about air duct cleaning can hurt you … - September 19, 2019 by admin

    If its been a while since your last air duct cleaning, youre probably tempted to make that call and get someone in your home to sanitize those ducts that promise to deliver cool air throughout your home this spring and summer.

    But before you do, youve got to arm yourself with some knowledge to avoid falling prey to an air duct cleaning scam!

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    We consulted an expert to learn about the warning signs and caveats you need to know

    Heres a classic upsell from carpet cleaners: They get in your home to work on your carpets and then offer to clean your air ducts, too, for a rock-bottom price.

    Dont take the bait!

    This is maybe one of the biggest scams carpet cleaning companies that say they can clean your air ducts for $49.99, then they remove and vacuum your registers, stick their vacuums into the duct at the register, then re-attach your registers, Dave Baker of WSBs Home Fix-It Show tells

    A thorough duct cleaning shouldnt be treated as add-on service to a carpet cleaning. Expect to pay several hundred dollars up to somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 and be ready for the job to take at least two to four hours to complete.

    If you want to find reputable companies for duct cleaning, check with the industry organization National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

    Baker recommends an immediate duct cleaning when you move into a newly built home.

    Theres lots of construction debris. Saw dust, dry wall scraps [and even] Doritos bags can end up in the duct work of a newly built home, he says.

    After that, Baker says a duct cleaning should be done every 7-10 years unless you have someone in the house with breathing problems.

    If thats the case, then Baker advises a different route. You should get your HVAC provider out to your house to upgrade your furnace filtration situation. That is money better spent than on a yearly or every two year duct cleaning scam.

    A quality duct cleaning isnt, in my opinion, complete without your HVAC system cleaned at the same time, Baker says.

    But heres the thing: Duct cleaners arent legally allowed to touch your HVAC unless they have a current HVAC license.

    The company must provide you with the license number upon request. If they cant or wont, thats not a good sign.

    While were on the topic of HVACs and dust, most HVAC maintenance plans include regular changes of the furnace filter. But changing the filter between visits yourself usually every three months will help keep your system running at peak efficiency and cut down on dust.

    Not sure how to change your HVAC furnace filter? The first thing to do is remove the existing filter from your furnace and make a note of the size that will be printed on the sides of the filter. It will be something like 14x25x1 or something similar. Remember to put the filter back when youre done.

    Next, head to the store or look online for a replacement filter. You can get a good one for anywhere from $5 to $20 at a big-box store like Walmart or Target or at the home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. Your local supermarket may even carry filters in limited sizes, but the prices will often be higher here than at other places.

    If youre noticing a lot of dust or other allergens in your home, it may well be worth it to pay the few extra bucks to get a filter with a higherMinimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. MERV ratings are on a scale from 1 to 16 for most residential uses.

    Once youve got your new filter, youre ready to take out the old one and put in the new one. Weve got a DIY video here to guide you through the simple process.

    A quality duct cleaning company will and should clean your dryer vents too, Baker says. They are also ducts!

    Heres how this one works: A company calls you and says that they will be in your neighborhood next week and can clean your ducts for $25 or some other outlandishly low price.

    Baker isnt buying it. This has so many issues with it just on the surface you cant even get a pizza delivered to your house for $25 for one thing that it screams SCAM!

    The home fix-it expert has received these calls himself and heres what he discovered after trying to set up an appointment:

    I pressed the lady [on the phone] the last time [they called] and told her I was interested. I agreed to set up an appointment, [then] asked for a number to call and after much back and forth she gave me [a bogus] 555 number. We never did hook up.

    Companies that put a mold test kit in your house and hope the test results will prove that you need your ducts cleaned are likely just scaring you.

    If youre told you have a mold problem by a duct-cleaning company, Baker recommends buying your own test kit at a home improvement store to independently verify what theyre saying.

    But there is an additional caveat here.

    Every decent mold test kit will detect mold in every house every time because there is mold in the air everywhere, unless you live in a hospital. So you cant just go by the findings of a store-bought mold test to determine if your house has a serious mold problem, Baker notes.

    Mold isnt the only reason to clean your duct work though. [Ducts] do get dirty over time and can lead to having more dust in your home. Dust is just a fact of life, as everything emits dust.

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    What you don't know about air duct cleaning can hurt you ...

    Residential Duct Cleaning Services – Air Duct Cleaning … - April 2, 2019 by admin

    Residential Air Duct Cleaning in New Jersey

    DRX Duct is committed to providing superior residential services for duct cleaning in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ. Our trained technicians take great care in keeping our customers homes protected while conducting a job that is clean and as professional as possible. We use the most advanced equipment available. Call today at 908.755.2950 for a free estimate on residential services for a duct cleaning in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ.

    We recently have been awarded 2012, 2013, 2014 Super Service Award by Angies List. Additionally, we were issued a rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. DRX Duct strives to go the extra mile, so you will be pleased with our residential services and the quality of our work for customers who need duct cleaning. We place a huge emphasis on professionalism, ensuring our workforce is highly trained. You can feel rest assured that every work site is clean, secure, and free of drugs and alcohol. We are capable of handling any job by using state-of-the-art machinery, tools, equipment, and procedures that our employees are trained and equipped with. We also offervent cleaning services, so we are able to thoroughly clean your entire HVAC system.Feel free to contact us at 908.755.2950 for any of our referrals with your questions about duct cleaning in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ.

    If you need a duct cleaning in North Plainfield and Bridgewater, NJ,call our professionals today at 908.755.2950.

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    Residential Duct Cleaning Services - Air Duct Cleaning ...

    Air Duct Cleaning | Air of America - March 28, 2019 by admin


    1.*Clean The Supply and Return Registers and Grills.

    2.*Duct System Deep Cleaning:During cleaning, the entire HVAC system is placed under continuous negative pressure (a vacuum) to prevent the spread of contaminants. It is combined with a rotating brush to make sure all pollen and other particles are removed from all the ducts.

    3.*Furnace and Connection Box Cleaning:We use a HEPA-filtered vaccum to systematically clean the furnace and connection box.

    4.*Sanitizing The Ducts:Air Duct Sanitizing isminimizes microbial growth such as bacteria in your duct system. Often used when people have allergies and also quite effective in eliminating odors from within the duct work.

    5.*Before and After Pictures.

    Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.

    Air of Americatechnicians use HEPA machine one of the most powerful and effective air duct cleaning systems on the market today. This allows us to clean all types of duct work and air duct systems.Our service will remove all the dirt and dust, leaving your home clean as a whistle. Air of Americais your best choice for all air ducts cleaning services. Duct cleaning can actually improve the energy efficiency of your home. The household dust and other contaminants that are attracted into the air ducts can easily find their way into the HVAC system within your home.

    Industry standards recommend that you have your air ducts inspected every 2 years for cleanliness. By having your air ducts cleaned regularly, youll help improve the indoor air quality in your home, eliminate allergens and bad odors , and also enhance the efficiency of your heating/cooling system, which may reduce energy bills.

    There are several factors that affect cost and time estimates:

    The amount of time it takes to clean a residential HVAC system depends on the size of the home, the number of systems, the extent of the contamination and the number of HVAC cleaners performing the job.

    Beware of advertisements that have very low prices. Upon arrival, many of these companies will up-charge your cost to excessive amounts.

    Contact us for a FREE estimate 770-800-3152.

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    Air Duct Cleaning | Air of America

    Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services | Air Vent Cleaning - March 28, 2019 by admin

    If you run any type of commercial business or facility, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system probably consumes more energy than any other unit or appliance on your property. Studies show that commercial HVAC systems are responsible for 39% of the overall energy consumed. This percentage is most likely higher if you dont have your HVAC system and air ducts cleaned on a regular basis.

    Cant remember the last time you had your air ducts inspected and cleaned? Schedule a service with our HVAC restoration specialists today!

    Not only can our HVAC system and air duct cleaning services improve your indoor air quality, it can also reduce the amount of energy you consume significantly reducing the costs on your utility bills.

    Sick Building Syndrome is the term used to describe the situation where a buildings occupants suffer from acute health problems or discomforting symptoms that are directly related to time being spent in the building. Causes include; microbial contaminants, chemical contaminants and poor building ventilation. Symptoms caused as a result of exposure to these contaminants include irritation of the skin, throat, nose, and eyes, headaches, fatigue or dizziness to name a few.

    DUCTZ indoor air professionals can assist with the removing potential causes of SBS by removing contaminants and minimizing microbial growth. By using our expertise and advanced air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration processes, DUCTZ can protect your commercial property and everyone inside of it.

    Turn to our highly trained and certified professionals for your next service! Contact us to request an estimate today!

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    Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services | Air Vent Cleaning

    Air Duct Cleaning Equipment For Sale – Pro Grade - March 28, 2019 by admin

    From vacuums to camera systems, duct trucks, agitation tools and compressors Hypervac has all you need to run your duct cleaning business.

    Upgrade your existing operation to the latest and best equipment available or see one of our New Business Startup Packages to get started. See our Training section for How To videos, industry articles, user manuals and: the Hypervac Marketing System. We aim to make you the best in the business.

    Years of refinement have made the H1 one of the industries most advanced, reliable and economical air duct cleaning systems on the market today.

    The fulcrum of design around the H1 has always been to design an all around platform of Durability. We understand the importance of reliability. With the H1 you will get a system with all the bells and whistles, while at a price thats true value.

    The suction of a duct truck at a fraction of the cost.

    Worlds greatest Duct Cleaning equipment just got better, check out our new High powered Cube Van Vac system designed for Trailers and Box trucks. A vac system that is so powerful it competes in the same league as regular duct cleaning trucks while being far less expensive to buy and operate.

    Years of refinement have made the H2 one of the industries most advanced, reliable and economical air duct cleaning systems on the market today.

    The fulcrum of design around the H2 has always been to design an all around platform of Durability. We understand the importance of reliability. With the H2 you will get a system with all the bells and whistles, while at a price thats true value.

    The Revolution Hybrid, its no ordinary portable duct cleaning vacuum, the power of a Duct Truck with all the benefits of a portable system.

    Yes you will find other vacuum units that cost less, but be careful what you are willing to sacrifice to save a few bucks, after a little investigating youll probably find the cheaper units weigh a lot more meaning you will always need extra labor and have half the suction meaning it will take longer and at the end of the day end up costing you far more.

    Introducing Cobraview duct cleaning inspection camera system, with the airline tools and camera system fused into each device.

    For the first time ever your able to see the cleaning process with the very tools you use. Designed to work alongside your existing tools you will be able to show your customer the cleaning process and prove the quality of your workmanship while at the same time greatly improving your ability to clean.

    The Duct Truck that fits in your Half Ton

    The incredible suction power of a duct truck is now available in a smaller lighter more compact system that fits into the back of a standard half ton truck.The Havac is only 30 wide leaving more than enough room for a gas powered compressor and hose storage.

    The Hurican gas powered vacuum system is powerful enough to simply leave in your van or for the really big jobs is portable enough to use on site.

    The Hurican works great for air duct cleaning, insulation removal, leaf pick up, pretty much anything that can be sucked up. Your choice of a big bag, or our unique filter box system which uses smaller bags. Each system has there own merits and should be decided on by the way you like to work and the space requirements in your vehicle.

    The suction of a duct truck at a fraction of the cost.

    The duct truck shows your customer you mean business. Now you can have that same presence without giving up suction or breaking the bank with our new broken down version of the H1 Duct Truck now in trailer form. This unit includes everything you expect from the H1, but has the advantages of a trailer. Keep your truck for personal use while leaving your work behind you wont have to haul around a large Duct Truck every time you need to make a quick errand.

    Introducing the BIC duct cleaning inspection camera.

    Good all around video camera package , for inspection of ventilation ducts, dryer vents , etc

    The Revolution 360 is designed by people who actually do duct cleaning we know how important factors such as size and weight can be on a job.

    The Revolution 360 is no ordinary portable. The 220 Volt 360 Offers double the suction of most other portables, meaning you will get suction comparable to what many duct trucks are providing at the furnace while getting all the cost saving advantages of a portable duct vacuum. The power of a duct truck in a vac the size of your coffee table.

    Our best selling package, this is the best all around Package for Residential or Light commercial duct cleaninggood basic tools.

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    Air Duct Cleaning Equipment For Sale - Pro Grade

    Indiana Air Duct Cleaning | Home Comfort Experts - March 28, 2019 by admin

    A dirty air duct can cause allergies, colds, and other health problems. If you havent had your air duct cleaned for years, make sure to schedule air duct cleaning in Indiana and Michigan with Home Comfort Experts.

    You can rely on our vent cleaning specialists in Indiana and Michigan to restore more breathable air in your home. We have the knowledge, equipment, and tools needed to clean your vents. When our specialists drop by your home, they will conduct tests to figure out whether your indoor air quality problem is due to a filthy air duct. If they find that the vents are the ones causing the problem, they will clean them and perform necessary repairs. They commit to improving the air quality in your home and making sure that your ducts perform normally.

    We serve the HVAC needs of customers from Mishawaka, South Bend, Elkhart, Plymouth, Columbia City, Warsaw, Fort Wayne, LaPorte and Rochester, Indiana as well as Niles to St. Joseph, Michigan.

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    Indiana Air Duct Cleaning | Home Comfort Experts

    Duct Cleaning – Carolina Air Care - March 28, 2019 by admin

    Air ducts are breeding grounds for dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, mold, and various other allergens and pollutants. As these contaminates circulate through your ventilation system, they can cause allergies, respiratory problems, and other health concerns. Carolina Air Care offers professionalair duct cleaningservices in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and surrounding Upstate SC areas to eliminate these problems and improve the indoor air quality in your home or business.

    As a company with more than 20 years of experience, Carolina Air Care providesair duct cleaningservices that exceed the national standard. We have truck mounted vacuum power, gas powered portable, and/or electric powered portable systems to handle a diverse range of needs. We perform a thorough cleaning of all air ducts and ventilation system components to improve your indoor air quality. This process can also improve the efficiency of your ventilation system.

    To extend the value of our air duct cleaning services, we recommend the use of air purifier systems. After the duct cleaning removes years of allergens from your duct systems, the air purifier unit will continue to keep dust and allergens to a minimum. We offer air filtration systems from some of the industrys top manufacturers, including:

    For more information about our air duct cleaning or air purifier services, pleasecontact us today. We serve Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, SC as well as surrounding areas throughout the Upstate region.

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    Duct Cleaning - Carolina Air Care

    Cost to Clean Air Ducts – Estimates and Prices at Fixr - March 28, 2019 by admin

    How much does it cost to clean air ducts?

    As heating and cooling systems are used in a house, debris and pollutants build up in the air ducts, leading to systems that dont work properly or that add harmful allergens to your homes air. Air duct cleaning is recommended every three to five years to reset the system and keep things safe, clean, and energy efficient. Your air ducts probably need cleaning if the filters or air returns are dusty and dirty or if you remove a vent cover and can see lots of dirt and debris inside the vent.

    The average cost for air duct cleaning service is $300-$500 for a 1500 square foot home.

    Professional air duct cleaners clean and disinfect the vent returns and filters, as well as use high-pressure vacuums to remove dirt and debris from the ducts themselves. Most air duct cleaning or HVAC services charge a flat fee instead of an hourly rate. A 1,500 square foot home typically costs $300-$500 for the standard cleaning, which includes using powerful equipment to vacuum out the dirt and dust and using pressurized air to make things incredibly clean. Larger homes can range from $400-$650.

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    Cost to Clean Air Ducts - Estimates and Prices at Fixr

    The Leader in Air Duct Cleaning Equipment & Tools – Air-Care - March 28, 2019 by admin

    The Leader in Air Duct Cleaning Equipment & Tools - Air-Care '; return html; } }); $('.yith-ajaxsearchform-container106103048 .cat').on('change', function() { $('.yith-ajaxsearchform-container106103048 .yith-s').focus(); });});

    Indoor Air Quality

    The Market Leader in

    The Indoor Air Quality market has been in a boom in the last few years, as more people are aware of the germs and allergens that persist in their homes. What most contractors do not know is the massive potential to tap into an open market and opportunity to generate more revenue or start a new division of their existing hvac or carpet cleaning enterprise.

    Air-Care is the worlds leading manufacturer of air duct cleaning equipment, supplies and provider of air duct cleaning training. We also manufacture electrostatic air filters that are designed to replace disposable furnace filters. Air-Cares full line of air duct cleaning products includes negative air machines, contact cleaning machines, foggers, chemicals, duct inspection systems and a lot more. We also offer certified air duct cleaning training for all our customers!

    Electrostatic Air Filters

    Air Duct Cleaning Accessories

    Air Duct CleaningChemicals

    Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

    Air Duct Cleaning Training

    Please take a moment and watch some of our product videos below, and to view the entire video catalog.

    Our entry level negative air machine useful for all residential and light commercial jobs.

    A standard by which duct containment carts are measured in the healthcare and clean room industries.

    The TruckMaster cleans air ducts in conjunction with a truck-mount carpet cleaning machine.

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    The Leader in Air Duct Cleaning Equipment & Tools - Air-Care

    All Green Carpet Clean | Air Duct Cleaning Bensalem PA - March 28, 2019 by admin

    The air ducts in your home help circulate regulated air to heat and ventilate your home. Dirt that accumulates within the air ducts can lead to several mechanical failures and most possibly contribute to a fire hazard. The air dries the dirt which itself is highly combustible and the slightest spark can ignite the entire house. The Bensalem, PA Fire Department reports that about 5% of house fires are the result of dirty air ducts. These fires could have easily been prevented with proper cleaning and maintenance.

    If you or anyone in your home suffers from chronic allergies then cleaning out the air ducts is a definite must. Ensure this process is completed periodically depending on the size and age of your home. Good indoor air quality will be free of mold, mildew, pet dander, pollen, household chemical residues, and general dust all collect in air ducts.

    When the heat or AC turns on, this potent mixture is blown into the air in your home where it can set off asthma attacks or other breathing difficulties, cause itchy watery eyes or just make life miserable for sensitive members of the household. HVAC cleaning should be performed at least annually in the Bensalem, PA area to prevent the buildup of noxious dust.

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    All Green Carpet Clean | Air Duct Cleaning Bensalem PA

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