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    Basement Remodeling | Geeneral Remodeling Class A Builder - September 22, 2019 by admin

    Gretta Wong

    Cyrus Construction finished our basement in a most professional and timely manner. My wife and I are totally satisfied with the design, multiple revisions due to the many challenges for an unfinished basement, and the execution by the various teams. Thus, we highly recommend Cyrus for your basement finishing or remodeling. I would begin with the initial design. Since I was away, my wife and the manager, Russell Blake, initially surveyed and came up with a very complete plan. We underwent multiple revisions to perfect the design due to the relocation of the bathroom rough-in. The team did an outstanding job! Consequently, the bath was nicely relocated with the basement having an overall open and spacious floor plan. Further, the bathroom, unlike the rest of the bathrooms, was finished with tiles and glass shower. It has become the best modern and my favorite bathroom of the house! The construction processes were well organized, with team members rotating depending on the stage of the project. They were most courteous and on-time. At the end of each working day, the team members left the house in good order. The manager in charge was very responsive and responsible. The passage ways down to the basement was well protected. After 5 short weeks, we are totally delighted with highly quality the finished basement in every way workmanship, paint, carpeting, lighting, and again, the modern bathroom. Again, Russell Blake did an outstanding job! We would probably have Cyrus for our future bathroom and kitchen updates. We highly recommend Cyrus Construction. From two totally satisfied customers!

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    Basement Remodeling | Geeneral Remodeling Class A Builder

    Finished Basement Remodeling Contractors In Livonia, MI - September 22, 2019 by admin

    1. Waterproof

    It's been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and when it comes to keeping your basement dry, that saying is even more true.

    Michigan basements are notorious for flooding during the spring and summer months which can lead to costly mold removal and foundation repairs. The good news is its much less painful on your wallet to bite the bullet and get your basement waterproofed than it is to pay for the after the damage has been done.

    2. Winterize

    As a Livonia based construction company, we know all about the harsh Michigan winters and how to keep the cold air outside where it belongs.

    The key to keeping your house warm throughout the year (and lowering your energy bills) is having good insulation and sealing any air leaks in your basement.

    3. Install Good Lighting

    The right lighting setup can transform your basement from a dark, uninviting room to a place that everybody enjoys (and the kids won't be afraid of).

    We recommend a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to help brighten things up and create a warm atmosphere.

    4. Review Your City's Code Requirements

    Whether you choose to DIY or hire a finished basement remodeling contractor, you want to be clear on your city's code specifications before beginning any construction. If you do hire a contractor, you'll also want to make certain the company has the required licensing and insurance to safely and legally handle your job.

    Otherwise, seemingly minor violations like failing to pull the proper permit or building a room without an egress window can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

    5. Build In Storage

    If you're considering a remodel but still want plenty of storage space, make sure to plan for closets, shelves and room under the stairway. This way, even if your basement becomes a "catch-all" space for unused items, it won't look crowded or unorganized.

    6. Appropriate Flooring

    In Michigan, theres two main concerns to keep in mind for your basement flooring The likelihood of flooding and the side effects from both cold and dry weather.

    For areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms where moisture is more prevalent, it's best to use a tile floor. Whereas, carpet is often an ideal choice fio areas that will be used for playing games or lounging.

    7. Choose The Right Contractor

    Whether you want to completely finish your basement or simply update the existing layout, hiring a qualified remodeling contractor is a necessity.

    At Pachota Construction, we possess the extensive knowledge required to remodel your basement so it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the expertise of our trained contractors, we can transform your unfinished basement into whatever you want, whether its a room for entertaining, working out or a large office.

    If you're interested in scheduling a free in-home consultation with our construction team, call us today at (734) 953-9465 or visit our online form to request a free estimate.

    100% Craftsmanship Guarantee

    We offer a 12-month guarantee on our work. If you believe our labor is unacceptable, you can feel confident knowing we will send a contractor back to make corrections.

    Properly Licensed & Insured

    By hiring Pachota Construction, you get the piece of mind that comes with knowing your contractor has the right credentials to safely and legally complete your job.

    A+ Better Business Rating

    For the past 29 years, we've worked hard to earn respect as an honest and dependable Livonia construction company. We're proud to say we've held an A+ BBB Rating since 1993.

    Detailed Quotes & Proposals

    Before each step in your renovation, we always make time to clearly communicate the scope of work, deliverables, timeframe, cost, materials and suppliers with you.

    Longstanding Reputation

    Because of our customer centered approach, we've established a reputation as one of the most recommended contractors in Livonia and Metro Detroit, Michigan.

    Job Site Cleanup Every Day

    We treat your house with the same care and pride as if it were our own. Each day, your home and yard will be cleared of large debris and dangerous materials by our crew.

    29+ Years Experience

    With nearly three decades of experience, you can rest assured that we know what we're doing and that you'll receive the benefits that only years of expertise can offer.

    On-time & Within Budget

    From start to finish, our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations without cutting corners. This means your project will be delivered on time and within your budget.

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    Finished Basement Remodeling Contractors In Livonia, MI

    Explore Basement Remodeling Ideas with a Best Pick (Part 1 … - September 22, 2019 by admin

    This article was crafted with the help of Bryan Sebring from Sebring Services

    Tackling a basement remodeling project can be a huge undertakingwhether you simply want to make the space more livable or design a more elaborate room that allows your basement to blend in with the rest of your home.

    We enlisted the help of one of our Best Picks, owner Bryan Sebring of Sebring Services, Inc., Residential Remodeling in Naperville, IL, to answer some of the questions you may have concerning the basement renovation process.

    There are many reasons why homeowners may want to transform their basement into a usable space, but Bryan says that one of the most common motivations for a basement remodel lies with having children.

    Parents may have young kids and are sick of tripping over toys in the dining room or family room. For those customers, we typically create a playroom and TV room. Parents with teenagers often want their kids to have a fun basement to hang out ina place where they can watch TV or play games.

    While the majority of Bryans projects are kid-focused, some homeowners want adult areas that may include a bar, pool table, and TV area for football season.

    The basement could also be transformed into an additional bedroom for guests, in-laws, or a live-in nanny. Bryan cautions that if you are adding a bedroom to your basement, you have to make sure that you have an escape window, and most houses built before 2002 dont have the correct egress or escape window.

    Basement windows in older homes usually require you to lift the whole window out to escape during an emergency. To meet current codes, homeowners need normal-use windows that lift or slide open easily.

    To add the right window to an older house, the company has to cut the concrete and dig the window wells out deeper, which will cost the homeowner more.

    Bryan says that exercise rooms are also a popular renovation for the basement. When creating an exercise room, you want to make sure that its not too small because you wont use the room if it is.

    The standard ceiling height in a house is eight feet; in most basements, youll probably have below thatcloser to seven feet. For an exercise room, though, you have to make sure you have good ceiling height, especially with treadmills, says Bryan.

    You want to be able to step on a treadmill and use the incline without touching the ceiling. Bryan recommends adding large double doors to open up the space while working out. Sometimes well add glass panes to the double doors so that you can see through to more space.

    The biggest thing with basements, in general, is to give the illusion that the space is grand, big, and open, not confined.

    As stated before, basements can be a challenging remodel because they often have lower ceilings than the rest of the house and lack natural light. However, a good contractor will be able to overcome the challenges basements present.

    Were really conscious about making the spacein the basement feel bigger. Thats why we use ambient lighting such as track lighting or overhead recessed lightingwe add a lot of ambient lighting, which helps brighten up the basement and points your eye away from the ceiling.

    Lamps that point your eyes up toward the ceiling are best for rooms with cathedral ceilings where you want to show how grand the space is, says Bryan. In basements, you want to point your eyes down. Because the bulb in ambient lighting points down, your eyes are going to naturally look down.

    Another way to distract the eye from a low ceiling is to add wainscoting instead of crown molding. We advise against adding crown molding unless the ceiling is at least eight feet high.

    Crown molding will draw attention to how low the ceilings are, explains Bryan. Instead, well do wainscoting, which is a trim that is about three feet up from the floor; it helps keep you from noticing how low the ceiling is.

    Dark paint can make many rooms feel cozier, but in a basement, it can make everything appear dark and smaller. I always suggest that homeowners paint their doors and trim white over staining them, says Bryan.

    When you stain your wood doors and trim, it gives the basement a darker look. But white paint really helps to keep the space bright.

    As mentioned earlier, egress or escape windows are required for basements that have a bedroom. Egress windows can also help to bring natural light into the basement, but Bryan advises against adding windows if its not required.

    Its great to add a window to your space, but its very expensive, and it can add significant costs to your overall project, he says. If youre on a budget, I wouldnt suggest it. If you dont plan on using the space for sleeping, an egress window is not necessary.

    We will return tomorrow with more basement remodeling tips from Bryan Sebring, owner of Naperville, IL, Best Pick company Sebring Services. He gives advice on how to remodel on a budget, how to remodel an older home, and what other information you should know before hiring a remodeling contractor.

    Click Here to View Your Local Best Pick Basement Remodeling & Additions Contractors

    This spotlight article was crafted by Sebring Services, a Best Pick in Basement Remodeling & Additions in Chicago. While we strive to provide relevant information to all homeowners, some of the material we publish may not pertain to every area. Please contact your local Best Pick companies for any further area-specific advice.

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    Explore Basement Remodeling Ideas with a Best Pick (Part 1 ...

    Basement Remodeling Experts in New Jersey – Free Estimate - September 15, 2019 by admin

    Finishing, renovating, or remodeling a basement is a popularrenovation project, and for good reason. It adds additional living space, therefore improving the quality of life for you and your family. It also substantially increases your resalevalue.Since a basement renovation is less expensive than an addition, its a more cost-effective way to the additional square footage you want.

    At Monks, we can take a completely unfinished and uninviting space, and turn it into a functional extension of your home. If you have a finished basement but it needs a makeover, we can renovate, reconfigure, add a bathroom, bedroom or bar. In either scenario, adding an egress window can also bring in light and provide safety. We offer a variety of services to renovate your basement space as you wish.

    Our customers have many reasons for finishing their basement, such as creating a

    Weve delivered finished basements for all of these needs.Similarly, our team of skilled craftsmen and diligent project managers work closely with you to create the ideal basement space for you.

    The basement below started out as a huge, unfinished space. We created a full kitchen, bathroom, dining room, exercise room, bedroom, and seating area.

    Here are a few additional basement projects completed by Monks.

    This basement project involved a lot of carpentry. We constructed built-ins, put up board-and-batten wainscoting, added crown molding and trimmed the columns.

    This basement project involved adding a new full bathroom, a kitchenette, and separate areas for the parents and kids.

    A completely unfinished basement when we started. We finished the space,as well as added an egress window so the homeowners could market the home with an additional bedroom.

    Whatever your basement renovation plans, Monks is ready to deliver a completed project youll love.

    Contact us today at 973-635-7900 to get started.

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    Basement Remodeling Experts in New Jersey - Free Estimate

    Basement Remodeling Guide Home Remodel Plans - May 25, 2019 by admin

    Basement remodeling is the best way to maximize the comfort and functionality of your New York home. Other than the hefty difference when we compare its cost to a total home addition, it could even prove to be more beneficial. With the ready access to plumbing and other important essentials, an added kitchenette or bathroom to whatever your basement remodeling finish would be is easily possible. This makes up two or more folds to the added home value. And because the area is typically out-of-the-way, you can plan to have an extensive project without having to worry about the inconveniences posed to the household.

    Even with the given benefits and more, you still have to undertake crucial processes to ensure that your basement remodeling finish turns out to be not only beautiful but comfortable and fully functional as well.

    A thorough evaluation of your basement is important to give the proper solution to whatever moisture or water problems. Some of the signs that you should watch out for include: damp spots, wall cracks, peeling paint, existence of white substance on the walls surface, rust on metals, dry rot, and mold and mildew. Depending on the extent of the water and moisture problems, there are various waterproofing techniques to apply into your basement remodeling. The method could be as simple as applying concrete sealers, rerouting downspouts, to needing sump pumps for severe flooding.

    By maintaining the dryness in the area, you are ensuring a luxuriously comfortable basement remodeling finish. Effective insulation is the key to achieving this which also ensures efficient heating and mold control. When properly executed, your insulation could also help cut energy costs. Insulating foundations is a tough job that requires ample experience and know-how. This makes acquiring the services of a qualified local basement remodeling contractor an important consideration in your project.

    As the area is generally made of concrete slabs which are among the greatest sources of moisture, you can also discuss with your hired contractor some preventive measures to implement in the project. A floor heating system would serve this purpose well and can bring about more coziness into the basement remodeling finish. Another helpful step to take is choosing moisture resistant materials to integrate into the project.

    After the essentials in keeping things comfortable for the longest possible time have been secured, it is high time to put the design into form. You can have your basement remodeling result finished to serve whatever purpose. Depending on your personal preference and needs, the available space and your budget, you can choose to have your basement turned into whatever your heart desires. A home theater, playroom, game room, home office, exercise room, personal spa, library are just some of the most common ideas you can pick from.

    Creative thinking could bring you along way in terms of beautification and smart spending. To avoid having to squeeze out unnecessary expenses from bank account, you have to get innovative and make use of what the current features of the basement are. Knowing how to work your way through and around the existing pipe works can be beneficial in your basement remodeling project, instead of relocating things.

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    Basement Remodeling Guide Home Remodel Plans

    Basement Remodeling Done Right – Choose HomeWorks Construction - May 19, 2019 by admin


    We specialize in basement remodeling and renovations in the South Bend, Granger and Mishawaka areas.

    Homeworks Construction knows all the basement remodeling techniques to turn your old basement into the favorite space of your home!

    Nearly any remodel or renovation is possible with a Homeworks Construction basement! Whether your space needs a complete basement remodel or a fresh makeover, the basement design build team at Homeworks Construction has plentyof possibilities for your space. Our designers will guide you through the basement remodeling process and show you how easy it can be to have a beautiful new living space.

    You will not believe what is possible in your old basement. We have taken scary spaces and turned them into amazing new and modern areas.

    Do you have a space that was finished by a handyman or perhaps it was the builders vanilla envelope? Homeworks will transform your current space by strategically adding special design features and finishes. Depending upon the current conditions of your space we can do a complete demolition do-over or leverage the previous build to fuse the best of new and old.

    Check out our dozens of positive reviews from over the last few months on Google, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau.

    What are you waiting for? Call Homeworks at 574.318.WORK orClick Here to have a basement remodeling specialist contact you.

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    Basement Remodeling Done Right - Choose HomeWorks Construction

    Basement Remodeling – - May 19, 2019 by admin

    Kitchen Remodeling

    If you are looking for a Kitchen remodeling contractor that can quote you an estimate cost estimate and work with you from the remodeling design phase until project completion then we are the kitchen remodeling contractors you have been looking for! We look forward to hearing from you soon =)

    Let us turn your bathroom remodeling idea into a reality! No matter if you have a small bathroom or one large enough for 10 people we can work with you (and your budget) to keep the cost friendly and the estimateaccurate. We look forward to talking to you about your bathroom remodeling project soon.

    Remodeling your basement is a fantastic way of getting the most out of wasted space in your home. We can turn your basement into a family room, a man have (or women cave!) or a kids play room. Basements also make great in-law suites. Or if you just want a mud room or extra storage space we can help with that too!

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    Basement Remodeling -

    Boston, MA Basement Waterproofing, Wall Crack Repair … - May 19, 2019 by admin

    If mold, mildew, or indoor air quality is of concern, reach out to our friends at

    . In our opinion, they are one of the best mold remediation companies in New England.

    One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is keeping their basement dry. At Basement Technologies, we can provide all the services you need to ensure a dry basement. We provide a number of services to Boston, Massachusetts, area residents, including foundation piering, basement drainage systems, basement waterproofing, basement wall crack repair, foundation crack repair, and sump pumps.

    When you first build your home or realize your basement isn't where it should be in terms of protection against moisture, we can help you prepare to prevent a tragedy in the future. We specialize in basement drainage systems and basement waterproofing in Boston, Massachusetts, to ensure you don't have to deal with serious moisture issues in the future. We can also install and replace sump pumps to help funnel water away from the foundation of your home and help prevent flooding issues, particularly when larger amounts of rain fall or the snow begins to melt in the winter.

    Sometimes, no matter what you do, your basement may show signs of water damage for a number of reasons. When this happens, you can count on us to get your home back in structurally sound condition. Whether you need foundation piering to improve the overall structure, wall crack repair, or foundation crack repair, our Boston, Massachusetts, contractors are eager to help you implement the solution you need to ensure your home is safe and the issue won't happen again.

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    Boston, MA Basement Waterproofing, Wall Crack Repair ...

    Basement Remodeling in Montgomery & Bucks Counties, PA - May 19, 2019 by admin

    When you first moved into your home, it was easy to overlook the unfinished basement. The dark, cold, cement-walled space quickly became nothing more than a catch-all storage area. But now that youre looking to expand your living space, you have your eye on finishing the basement. Creating high-quality rooms in the basement to entertain or relax could be exactly what you need to get the most out of your homes existing square footage.

    Finishing a basement can add value to a home, for both your resale value as well as your familys enjoyment. From a sports barto a guest room to a movie theater space, the options are nearly endless for you to finish your basement!

    Meridian Construction is here to help you visualize what features to include in your ideal finished basement. Whether youre the go-to party house on the block or you crave a quiet place to unwind with a glass of wine, our job is to understand your needs and design a finished basement to best fit your familys lifestyle. A newly remodeled basement could make all the difference between an ordinary house and your dream home.

    At Meridian Construction, we are a home remodeling company based in Lansdale that services the following areas: Ambler, Blue Bell, Collegeville, Doylestown, Fort Washington, Green Lane, Harleysville, Hatfield, Media, North Wales, Skippack, and Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

    To schedule a consultation for basement remodeling services in the Lansdale area, call our remodelers today at (215) 720-1863! You can also view our basement project gallery for inspiration.

    Compared to other types of home remodels, remodeling your basement is a great option with many benefits:

    Are you considering basement remodeling services? Get started with a basement finishing consultation! Call(215) 720-1863 or contact our remodelers online!

    Are you excited to finally remodel your unfinished basement? Consider all the possible ways you can put your basement to good use for your family:

    If you have an unfinished basement, Meridian Construction can help you see the ways a basement remodel can add value back into your life and lifestyle! To get started, call (215) 720-1863 or contact our remodelers online!

    If you think finishing or remodeling your basement is the right choice for your family, choose Meridian Construction for the job. As your local remodeling contractors, we take pride in transforming ordinary houses into dream homes our clients never want to leave!

    At Meridian Construction, we can handle every step of the process, from designing a space that meets your needs to securing building permits and performing the construction. Framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, carpet, trim, paintwe do it all! Plus, we guarantee a quality experience and on-time completion.

    To schedule an initial basement remodeling consultation in Bucks County or Montgomery County, please contact Meridian Constructiontoday!

    Visit link:
    Basement Remodeling in Montgomery & Bucks Counties, PA

    Basement Design | Basement Remodeling | Matrix Basement Systems - May 19, 2019 by admin

    Matrix Basement Systems is the premier basement remodeling company in Illinois and Michigan. Since 2009, we have remodeled more than 3,000 stunning basements with comprehensive and customizable services that include basement design plans. Whether you are installing a home theater, a basement bar, or youre finally getting your man cave, Matrix Basement Systems is the company to call!

    There are many components that go into creating your ideal basement, from the walls and ceiling to decoration and interior design. Matrix Basement Systems is your one-stop shop for all of your basement remodeling needs.

    As members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, we are committed to providing professional and custom-oriented services. Our variety of wall, ceiling, and flooring choices ensure that youll find a design that you love!

    When it comes tobasement remodel cost, our budget-friendlypricing and eco-friendly options add value to your home and create additional usable space. For every project, we:

    Ready to start designing the basement of your dreams? Contact Matrix Basement Systems today for more information on our products and services. Call us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives, or use our convenient quote form to schedule your free design consultation.

    Basement Design | Basement Remodeling | Matrix Basement Systems

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