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    1.500 Kitchen Designs (2) Best Interior Photos Images Collection – Video - April 16, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    1.500 Kitchen Designs (2) Best Interior Photos Images Collection,, marifetim, kitchen accessories ideas, kitchen ideas design, kitchen island designs, kitchen island, kitchen islands, ki...


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    1.500 Kitchen Designs (2) Best Interior Photos Images Collection - Video

    Jabs Construction Inc. Announces Their New Website to Better Connect with Customers - April 16, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

    Jabs Construction Inc. announced their new website to better connect with their customers and to show more about their services online. Customers can now visit their website at and view their services online, the areas that they cover and testimonials from long time customers as proof of their excellent service.

    Jabs Construction Inc. is a full-service design/build residential remodeling company and is classified as a Virginia Class A licensed contractor. Jabs Construction provides complete contracting services for projects ranging from small trim repairs to whole-house remodeling with an emphasis on house additions, kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels. Many of their projects have been recognized with various design awards.

    The company was started in 1978 as a small family business and maintains that structure today with Jabs Construction still being owned, operated and managed by members of the Jabs Family.

    Their office staff, master carpenters and experienced crew follow through on all aspects of the project to provide their clients with the attention they deserve by delivering them a timely, quality constructed finished product.

    In addition to their complete remodeling services, Jabs Construction maintains an Architectural Department and an Electrical Division. Their Architectural Department enables them to provide a seamless transition from initial design concept, through final design, to constructed project. The in-house design/build team provides clients with the full-service remodeling experience to include 3-D modeling and virtual design. Their Electrical Division, lead by their licensed master electrician, completes all the electrical work necessary for the remodeling projects Jabs Construction completes. Jabs' Electrical Division is also available to complete any and all electrical service calls their clients may need.

    Jabs Construction Inc. serves the following areas: Prince William County; to include Lake Ridge, Montclair, Ashland, Woodbridge; Stafford County and Fairfax County; to include Mt. Vernon, Gunstan Hall, Springfield.

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    Jabs Construction Inc. Announces Their New Website to Better Connect with Customers

    (5) Kitchen Designs 1.500 Photos Images Cool Interior Models – Video - April 15, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    (5) Kitchen Designs 1.500 Photos Images Cool Interior Models
    zahmetr, kitchen island design, small kitchen islands, kitchen island cabinets, large kitchen island, large kitchen islands, kitchen designs with islands, pb...

    By: ZahMeTR

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    (5) Kitchen Designs 1.500 Photos Images Cool Interior Models - Video

    Outdoor kitchen? Second-floor laundry? How to easily achieve summer's hottest home improvements - April 15, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    (BPT) - Whether youre staying in place or planning to take advantage of an improving real estate market to sell your home, spring and summer are upgrade seasons. From adding a bathroom to creating an outdoor kitchen, certain improvements pay off for both homeowners who are selling and those who are staying. And while plumbing challenges, such as breaking through concrete or opening walls, may discourage some people, savvy homeowners know a tried-and-true option solves such problems.

    Above-floor plumbing can make it easy and cost-effective to achieve a number of plumbing-related improvements that add both value and enjoyment to a home, says Chris Peterson, Western regional sales director of SFA Saniflo Inc., a manufacturer of above-floor plumbing products. Plumbing is integral to some of todays trendiest improvements, like outdoor kitchens and second-floor laundry rooms. Choosing above-floor plumbing for these and other improvements means homeowners can make the alterations quickly, too.

    Above-floor plumbing encompasses both macerating systems for toilets (also known as up-flush plumbing) and drain pumps for kitchens and sinks. While traditional plumbing may require homeowners to take the risk of cutting into a concrete foundation or endure the inconvenience of opening walls, above-floor plumbing eliminates those concerns.

    Here are five hot summer home improvements that you can complete faster, easier and with less cost using above-floor plumbing:

    Create an outdoor kitchen

    Outdoor cooking areas, complete with sinks and wet bars, are in-demand improvements that boost home value. Often, the improvement starts with an existing concrete or brick patio, or wooden or composite deck. Traditional plumbing would require a contractor to break up patio material or cut into decking to accommodate pipes. Saniflos drain pumps make it possible to easily and efficiently install a fully functional sink without the need to disturb existing outdoor structures. When adding a new structure, above-floor plumbing can help reduce costs and construction time for sink installation.

    Add a wet bar

    What man cave or media room would be complete without a wet bar for entertaining? These rooms are not usually plumbed, and they are often in basements or on the first level of a slab-on-grade home where adding traditional plumbing would mean cutting into a concrete floor, which comes with a host of risks and inconveniences. Above-floor plumbing makes it possible to add a wet bar on a first level or in a basement entertaining area without having to cut concrete, and in upper-level rooms without having to rearrange the room to tie into existing pipes behind walls.

    Second-floor laundry room

    While many older homes have laundry facilities in basements or on the ground floor, demand is rising for laundry rooms that are on the same floor as bedrooms. Second-floor laundry rooms are a hot trend in new construction, but its also possible to renovate an older home and move the laundry upstairs. Traditional plumbing might require a homeowner to locate a second-floor laundry room adjacent to or even within an existing bathroom to take advantage of proximity to pipes. Above-floor plumbing makes it possible to locate laundry facilities where homeowners most need them.

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    Outdoor kitchen? Second-floor laundry? How to easily achieve summer's hottest home improvements

    Basement Remodel Finishing Minneapolis – Iron River Construction – Video - April 13, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Basement Remodel Finishing Minneapolis - Iron River Construction
    This is a basement remodel project Iron River Construction did recently. To find out more about our professional remodeling services including basement finis...

    By: Iron River

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    Basement Remodel Finishing Minneapolis - Iron River Construction - Video

    Sals Handyman – Video - April 10, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Sals Handyman b3236453 For over 15 years, Sals Handyman has offered quality services to the Atlanta area. We offer...

    By: dexknowsvideo10

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    Sals Handyman - Video

    About Utah: A local app developer is remodeling the language barrier - April 8, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Curtis and Donell Pons have the solution to your language problems at their fingertips.

    Lee Benson

    SALT LAKE CITY Curtis Pons was trying to figure out how to remodel a kitchen when he had his Thomas Edison moment.

    Wait, thats not quite accurate.

    He was trying to figure out how to tell someone else how to remodel a kitchen.

    Curtis, 50, is the founder and owner of Yalecrest Building & Design, the company he started 20 years ago when he got into the construction business. Full-home remodels are his specialty. He typically runs a crew of six or seven guys, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the job.

    His workers are good workers, which is great, but almost all of them speak Spanish, which is sometimes not so great.

    When youre building things, communicating properly is important. Otherwise, the toilet might wind up in the den and the microwave might end up in the bathroom.

    For years, Curtis has battled the language barrier. Hes used every tactic he could think of to get his point across. Sign language, hand signals, charades, mimicry, talking louder, talking slower. When the Internet got sophisticated enough to use algorithms, allowing computers to talk to other computers and take a calculated guess at what people were trying to say to each other, he tried any number of language apps, with varying degrees of success.

    Then one day last summer it hit him:

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    About Utah: A local app developer is remodeling the language barrier

    Stirn Contracting, Cincinnati, Specializing in Empty-Nest Kitchen, Bath and Home Remodels - April 1, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

    Stirn Contracting has been remodeling homes, baths and kitchens for the last eight years. Specializing in the latest and most efficient items for kitchens and baths has allowed them to realize the needs of Empty-Nesters when it comes to staying in their homes longer while keeping safety and convenience on the top of the list.

    One thing many home owners appreciate is sliding drawers in their base cabinets around the kitchen. We can provide sliding units for pantries and bath vanities as well. Enlarged pantry doors make it easier to get their groceries and supplies in and out. Extra lighting under the cabinets and additional electrical outlets are also helpful, said Rick Stirnkorb, co-owner of Stirn Contracting.

    Older homeowners are keeping their homes longer and as they age, convenience and safety are of the utmost importance.Stirn Contracting can move laundry rooms from the basement to the first floor or even to the second floor where the bedrooms are located. This eliminates transporting laundry up and down stairs, reducing the possibility of falling with an arm or basket full of clothes. Garages can be adapted and organized with shelves at lower levels and tools which are easily reached without standing on ladders or step stools.

    When replacing windows, tilt-in windows are easy to wash from the inside of the house. Adding handrails or installing new ones and bringing older homes up to code is also important. They have added wheelchair ramps for some clients and make sure the steps coming into the home are stable and secure.

    Rick started in the home construction business with his father in 1971. After the housing slump in the early 1980s, he switched his focus to commercial construction, but when his sons decided they wanted to learn the business, Stirn Contracting began focusing once again on residential homes. Now Rick and his son Eric provide a service for their customers which goes far beyond the normal remodel job. They remodel baths, kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, as well as building additions and complete remodeling jobs of whole houses.

    For more information on Stirn Contracting, visit their web site at

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    Stirn Contracting, Cincinnati, Specializing in Empty-Nest Kitchen, Bath and Home Remodels

    DavidR Youtube – Video - March 24, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    DavidR Youtube
    Testimonial from David R. on behalf the Handyman Guys in Columbus OH. Handyman Guys is a home remodeling company specializing in Bathroom Remodels, Kitchen R...

    By: Handyman Guys, Inc.

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    DavidR Youtube - Video

    Businessman remodels Dell Curry's former home - March 24, 2014 by Mr HomeBuilder

    by ANJANETTE FLOWERS / NBC Charlotte

    Posted on March 24, 2014 at 4:58 PM

    Updated today at 5:00 PM

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's a mansion we've seen before, but nowadays it looks a lot different. Its the mansion former NBA player Dell Curry built for his family in 1996.

    Years later, Gerald Wallace bought it and NBC Charlotte got an exclusive look inside after he put it on the market. Then, we got another look inside when a Charlotte businessman bought it.

    Fast forward to today and it looks very different.

    The basketball court remainsfor now. But everything else has pretty much changed, starting with the grand entrance.

    "We created this large foyer that we have now, which is 15-feet by 25-feet, and that became the two-story foyer that we've got with that groin vault ceiling," said James Benham, president of Benham Builders.

    He added, "Those are 11-foot doors, and they probably weigh about 400 pounds apiece."

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    Businessman remodels Dell Curry's former home

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