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    Exhibition: Visualizing the Climate Crisis – London News Online - December 1, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    An exhibition highlighting the climate crisis opened this week with a focus on the worlds vanishing glaciers.

    Created by climate crisis charity Project Pressure, the exhibition at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill will feature 63 artworks ranging from vintage postcards and lightboxes to large-scale photographic installations.

    The exhibition explores shifting glacial landscapes across the globe, and the devastating impact and consequences of the climate crisis for billions of people.

    Since 2008, Project Pressure have been commissioning international artists to undertake expeditions documenting changes to the worlds vanishing glaciers.

    Unlike wildfires or flooding, the melting of glaciers takes place outside of weather patterns and can be attributed directly to global warming, making them a key indicator of the impact of climate change.

    Highlight works include Adam Hintons film Himalayas showing the impact of unstable weather patterns on farming communities in India, Broomberg and Chanarins photographs showing perfectly preserved artefacts revealed by shrinking glaciers and Nomie Goudals gradually disintegrating installation showing the changing landscape of the Swiss Alps.

    The exhibition finishes with a touchscreen carbon footprint calculator which asks visitors to estimate the carbon-intensity of their lifestyle, and track their impact over the longer term online.

    Nick Merriman, chief executive of the Horniman Museum and Gardens said: The Horniman has long been concerned with environmental issues and the impact of human activity on our world and in July 2019 we declared an ecological and climate emergency, pledging to place carbon reduction and environmental issues at the heart of our work.

    As the only museum in London that combines the human and the natural world we are constantly looking to engage and inform our audiences about the environmental issues that affect us all.

    We hope that through this superb series of powerful and thought-provoking artworks visitors will be reminded of the beauty and vulnerability of our planet and be empowered to take action to protect its future.

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    Exhibition: Visualizing the Climate Crisis - London News Online

    10 Places of fun gone from Barbados’ landscape – Loop News Barbados - December 1, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Having fun in Barbados is easy, butnot as easy as it used to be year-round in the not too distant past.

    Today, during Crop Over, Independence, Christmas and New Year's there is no shortage of events, but for the rest of the yearit's a lull except when Festivals occur.

    In this article, we're not throwing it way back with the Baby Boomersto the Plaza and the Empire Theatre, but we are throwing back to some spots that GenX and millennials will understand orlearn about today.

    Here are 10 fun spots gone from the Barbados experience according to Bajans:

    1. Three Houses Park

    Every school had a tour that ended at this park. Sometimes as a child, you used to pray to get a venture to Farley Hill. But despite Three Houses being overworked, no one ever wanted a tour that ended at Barclays Park.

    2. Sheraton Mall Park

    When the food court had red and black lattice chairs and there was a homemade ice cream parlor, then there was also a theme park. It had a huge inflated slide and a spinning barrel. This little park could tilt your world and make you regret your earlier stop in the food court next door.

    3. Chefette Holetown

    Beachfront dining for under $20; where in the world does that happen? It used to happen along Barbados' platinum West coast.

    4. Globe Cinema vs Vista

    Cheap movies or expensive seats? The Globe Cinema used to own a corner of the market as Bajans in their numbers flocked to Weymouth when a new movie dropped. Do you remember when Titanic came out? Meanwhile, over on the South coast where Cave Shepherd is now located beside Esso Rendezvous, that was the location of The Vista. You could sit in the regular seats orthe balcony. These movies were more expensive but some people preferred this liming spot.

    5. Coney Island

    Coney Island theme park used to come to Barbados and shake things up. The Pirate's Boat rocked the stuffings out of some, and whatever was left the bumper cars knocked out the rest. It used to be situated near the Flour Mill along Spring Garden Highway, now the Mighty Grynner Highway.

    6. The Circus

    Lions, tigers, no bears!When the Circus came to Bridgetown, sometimes the big tent was setup on Deacons pasture alongSpring Garden Highway, now the Mighty Grynner Highway.

    7. Ziplining

    Aerial Trek Barbados is no longer open, but when it was, it was located at Walkes Spring Plantation and persons used to get hooked up and zip across the lines above theJack-in-the-Box Gully in the parish of St. Thomas.

    8. Ocean Park

    Have you ever seen a real, real, shark? According to Bajans, Ocean Park had real, real sharks, not the ones that sell in the fish markets.

    9. Super X by Pizza House

    Before virtual reality and 3D movies were a big thing, Barbadians had the Super X. This simulator used to shake and rock and take viewers on a great escape away from reality as they waited for their pizza to come out of the oven.

    10 After Dark/Pent house/Club 360/Club Xtreme

    The clubbing landscape is much smaller now in Barbados. Before, almost every night of the week Bajans and visitors to the island could find a party to attend.Gone are the nights of foam fetes.

    What was your favourite chill spot or fun place out of those gone now?

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    10 Places of fun gone from Barbados' landscape - Loop News Barbados

    Red is the colour – Times of Malta - December 1, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    A bold new solo exhibition at the Ta Mena Experience in Xewkija presents local landscapes as theyve never been painted before. Artist Christopher Saliba talks about the works hanging in this intimate space and explains how the energy of the colour red reflects the passion with which he paints

    Red is a colour full of vitality, warmth and passion, either rarely used or relatively unexpected in landscape paintings. It is therefore a daring, challenging and surprising choice for the dominant colour in a series of Gozitan panoramas. The impact of red however is illustrated in a legendary story of two famous 19th century painters and rivals, Turner and Constable, whose paintings were hung alongside one another for the high profile Summer Exhibition 1832 in London. Turner realised that his cool-toned seascape Helvoetsluys was overshadowed by the neighbouring Thames scene The Opening of Waterloo Bridge which Constable had flecked with scarlet. The night before the exhibition opened, he took his brush and added an extra daub of red on to his seascape as a buoy bobbing in the choppy seas. This single accent of red, so the story goes, transformed Turners fortune: it was Helvoetsluys which stole the show.

    Saliba understands the ways colours interact with one another and boost each others brightness and impact when placed adjacent: this is what most captivates and inspires him in his art. Influenced by Gauguin, Czanne and the impressionist movement, and describing himself as a colourist, he begins each painting with only essential lines to show the form of the land. To this he adds sweeping layers of colour intuitively to build atmosphere and capture the emotions he feels as he paints. The apparent spontaneity belies a careful composition that draws on Salibas years of art training in Italy. The result is expressive, evocative, and defies expectations. Colours blend like the flavours of life and each painting is a feast of colour with the zest and tang of a fruit salad.

    The unexpected nature of the background red challenges expectations and suggests, perhaps, deep secrets of the landscape

    Salibas work is always strong and striking, squares and terraces of bold hues that have an innate joy: his colours might have been inspired by the bright illustrations in a childs storybook or the rainbow jewels of a pirates treasure chest emeralds nestled alongside sapphire and amethyst seas.

    The colour of love and fire, the ruby is perhaps the most prized of all gemstones. Perfect for the festive season, Saliba has singled it out for special attention in this exhibition. Using a soft warm red as a primer for each canvas like the life-force of the earth beneath our feet, over the top of which he layers other colours harmoniously. The warm under-layer adds a depth to the paintings: the contrast adds radiance, throwing the greens forward and making the yellows sing out.

    The unexpected nature of the background red challenges expectations and suggests, perhaps, deep secrets of the landscape. The panoramas themselves are timeless, a tribute to the glory of nature, and the beauty of the island. Although the paintings have a flow that suggests movement, the lack of people and development gives a sense of the age-old nature of the landscape and invites contemplation. The scenes could be a place from the past some are reminiscent of the Holy Land and hold in them a prayer of appreciation and respect. The church appears frequently adding a focal point to the skyline in Salibas pictures, as in View from Garb, the crimson church roof is the only red accent on the canvas yet with an impact comparable to Turners buoy.

    With burnt orange hay bales and fields in rich sienna as if the sunset was resting on the ground, to the warm pinks and purples of cliffs and terraces, the collection focuses mainly on country views of Gozos villages and the fertile valleys between. A dramatic depiction of Tas-Salvatur hill hangs as if awash in wine. The Redeemer stands tall against plum skies, rich red-brown zigzags at his feet, the field edged with dark fir green. Marr Harbour also makes an appearance alongside an unusual interpretation with reds and golds of the view over the salt pans to Xwejnis striking rock formation.

    The richness of the colours are a celebration of life and its wonders, the golds celebratory, the reds warming as the winter chill sets in ahead of Christmas.Saliba is like a composer, bringing elements together harmoniously, each painting a heart-warming Christmas carol!

    Christmas is a happy time that brings people together whoever you are, whatever your background and wherever youre from, says Saliba. And thats the beauty of life. Its a time of generosity, goodwill and warmth to all men and its that feeling, and of sitting with family and friends holding a glass of Shiraz, that I have tried to capture in this exhibition!

    Red is The Colour by Christopher Saliba is open at the TaMena Experience, in Xewkija until December 31, 10-8pm.

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    Red is the colour - Times of Malta

    Landscaping a Steep Hill | GARDENS NURSERY - October 15, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    When we talk about landscaping a steep hill, we think in the first place at plants that help preventing erosion or some other problem that might appear in this context. But what kinds of plants can we use on a slope?

    The best option is the planting of ground-hugging shrubslikeBlue Rug junipers, these plants being that type of groundcover evergreens that prevent erosion. The most important idea in the domain of the landscaping a steep hill is that the closer the shrubs are to the ground, the better. If the shrubs are high, then they will not fix the erosion problems from your propriety.

    There are also other issues that are to be discussed as concerning the landscaping of steep hills. For instance, many people encounter the situation in which the pebbles from theirpatiosare washed away. The best alternative is to use larger stones that will also help preventing erosion because they settle better on the ground.

    But the issues that I described above refer almost exclusively to the functional part of the landscaping of steep hills. There are nonetheless numerous people who want to have beautiful view surrounding their house or a luxurious environment. This can be achieved by using a large variety of plants and natural elements.

    The landscaping of steep hills is, in fact, a landscape design project that involves, besides the aesthetic resultant, scientific research. This refers to the fact that the landscape design is also a science that implies the knowledge on the environment around your house and the selection of the plants that can live well in that environment. Furthermore, a beautiful landscape design brings more value to your propriety.

    A well-done landscape increases thus the economic value of your propriety. Moreover, the trees can also reduce the speed of the wind thus creating a more comfortable atmosphere in your garden even in the winter time.

    The visual beauty of your propriety is enhanced by the creative landscape that soothes your senses and makes you relax while feeling the breeze that rustles the leaves in the trees.

    Landscaping of steep hills has also a functional value in the sense that the groundcover shrubs can help you avoid all the worries that the lawn maintenance may involve.

    All these considered, landscaping a steep hill involves the creation of a design meant to increase the economic, aesthetic, functional and environmental values of your property. This landscaping design involves thorough learning on how trees, shrubs, and natural elements can combine in order to create a unique, relaxing habitat. The most frequent materials used in the designing of a steep hill, for instance, are the plants that can moderate the environment around your home, or they can simply stimulate your senses like smell, touch or view.

    The plants express the principles of design through their form, texture, and color. A plant can be used to complement the house, such as the case of a ground plant used under a low window. Another example is that of the fine-textured foliage that creates a more uniform shade model. As concerning the colors of the plants, they should be used to draw the attention on a particular spot or to complement your house. Use similar colors because colors too have to complement one with another.

    In the landscaping of steep hills, you have to take into consideration some important aspects as concerning the environmental and maintenance requirements of the plants. Before you intend to use a certain plant in your landscape you should take into consideration the plants, cold or heat tolerance, their light requirement, the moisture requirement, the soil drainage needs, the pest susceptibility, and the plants, rate of growth and mature size.

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    Landscaping a Steep Hill | GARDENS NURSERY

    Luxury Home of Week: Pill Hill mansion with Olmsted landscape - October 13, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Caroline Anders Staff

    September 9, 2019 1:39 pm

    Many creatives have called this Brookline mansion home.

    Its library was originally a petite stage, designed for the owners Shakespeare club meetings and complete with wings and even a mirrored panel over the windows to block out the sun during performances.

    Famed storyteller Jay OCallahan grew up at 112 High St. on Pill Hill, a neighborhood named for its abundance of medical professionals. OCallahan has written extensively about his childhood on Pill Hill.

    Cabot and Chandler, hailed by writer Bainbridge Bunting in Houses of Bostons Back Bay as the Back Bays most competent designers in the Queen Anne tradition, designed the home for Charles Storrow, son of the prominent civil engineer and industrialist. It was built in 1884, and has been masterfully restored, listing agent Alan Cohen of Hammond Residential Real Estate said. The roof was replaced in 2006, and the entire exterior was re-shingled in 2008. The wood trim and front columns have also been replaced.

    The house features reading nooks aplenty: a window seat on a staircase landing, an alcove, and a gleaming glass conservatory, which was rebuilt from the ground up in 2013.

    Cohen called the current owners extraordinary stewards of the house, and said they went to great lengths to restore it to its original glory.

    For example, the home features stained-glass windows by celebrated artist John La Farge, but one oval piece was sold by a previous owner. Cohen said the current owners tracked it down to California and bought it to reinstall in the home.

    The state-of-the-art kitchen includes custom, lighted mahogany cabinetry, an upright freezer, a granite island, flooring with radiant heat, and a wine cellar. Many of the bathrooms feature touches such as marble-topped counters or claw-foot bathtubs.

    The home also has an apartment with a separate entrance on its lower level, in addition to an au pair suite. The lower level opens to the homes sweeping bluestone patio.

    Famed landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted designed the estates grounds, which feature a stone bridge, ravine, and the original rhododendron grove imported from England.

    The 8,437-square-foot estate has seven bedrooms, not including the apartment on the lower level; 6.5 baths, and a detached two-car garage. It sits on half an acre.

    The property is scheduled to hit the market Tuesday for $4,200,000.

    See more photos of the home below:

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    Luxury Home of Week: Pill Hill mansion with Olmsted landscape

    Home [] - February 10, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder


    Dunn + Moran aims to provide design excellence by creating great people places through our collaboration with our clients. We aim to achieve this by creating an environment of mutual respect both with our clients and within our office.


    Each project has an individually tailored service plan depending on our clients requirements and the nature of the project. We aim to design outdoor environments which are functional and beautiful landscapes for any scale.

    Dunn + Moran has an experienced, energetic team that can facilitate successful project delivery. We employ a logical design process and are proud of our teams professionalism. We provide our clients with direct access to our senior personnel for the duration of each project. Our experience and hands-on approach enables us to make prompt and efficient decisions in short time frames. Dunn + Moran delivers a high quality of service encompassing innovative outcomes and successful integration of the built form with its environment. We take pride in delivering great people places and demonstrate a passion for life between buildings.


    Dunn + Moran is led by two directors with complementary strengths of design and documentation. Our experience ranges from small scale site planning, to complete design and documentation of a variety of local and international projects which include open space, residential, retirement, health, commercial, education and infrastructure. Our design team draws on their experience to balance requirements across client, stakeholder and discipline specific needs.

    We provide Master Planning, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Construction Services, Design Development, Contract Documentation, 3D Visualisation, Urban Design, Planting Design, Vegetation Management to our many and varied client base.

    Home []

    Scottish Landscape Art – Keith Salmons Personal Blog - January 30, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Autumn update September / November 2018

    Well then, its a fair time since I updated this homepage and a lot has been happening. Ive spent much of the time since the Painting with Sound exhibition at the Barony Centre, simply painting and trying to catch up with all the paperwork that needed to be done! Over this period a number of exhibition opportunities have arisen and so the main focus of this new blog is to tell you about these shows.

    The Biscuit Factory Autumn Exhibition September 8th October 28th

    As you may know, I have over the past few years, shown some of my paintings at the fabulous Biscuit Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne. Back in the spring the gallery once again contacted me and asked if Id like to show some more work with them, this time in their Autumn 2018 exhibition. I of course accepted and during the summer have been working on several new pieces specifically for this show. One of them is this new 80 x 80cm acrylic and pastel painting based on a walk we did in Sutherland back in May. The hill, Meallan a Chuail, is quite rugged and although only 750m, is a far more interesting summit than its slightly bigger neighbour, Beinn Leoid .which was originally our target.

    It really was an enjoyable and quite exhilarating day and we had the hill to ourselves. Even as we made our way up the ridge, I was thinking about how I might make a painting and I had started it within a few weeks of returning home to Irvine. As an aside, the folk at the Biscuit Factory have also asked me to give a short talk about my work and in particular, about how I have in recent years, started to use sound alongside paint. Sound engineers, Graham Byron and Drew Kirkland who I have been working with now for several years, will be travelling with me to Newcastle to set up and exhibit the Kylesku Project, our first audio painting, so that people who attend the talk will also get the opportunity to experience this new more immersive form of landscape. This event is planned for Sunday October 14th at 2pm. For further information and to book a ticket, please contact the Biscuit Factory.

    Moray Arts Centre, Findhorn September 4th September 23rd

    Earlier in the summer I was also asked whether I would like to put half a dozen small paintings into a group exhibition at the Moray Arts Centre, for a few weeks in September. Its a long way to travel but I kind of figured that we could make the trips to deliver and collect the work, into wee short walking trips ..taking the gear and the tent with us and then heading for the Cairngorms. That was the plan anyway, but just three weeks ago I heard that the three other people taking part in the show, had pulled out for various reasons .and I was asked if Id put a small solo exhibition on instead. After a short time thinking about this and checking what work I had available, I agreed. Nita and I did a flying visit about ten days ago to see the centre and to get an idea of the space and after a mad week sorting and wrapping the work, we went back on Monday to hang the show. We were very lucky in this as Graham and Tracy Byron kindly offered to drive up and help is with the installation. This made for a very enjoyable and stress free few hours. The show looks good I think and hopefully well get a good few visitors during the course of the exhibition. Of course, with a car full of paintings, there was no room for the rucksacks and so no walking but hey, you cant have everything!

    The Seagull Gallery, Gourock September October

    I was also recently invited to show a couple of small paintings in the Seagull Gallery in Gourock. The gallery has a rolling and constantly changing exhibition and there is a wonderful variety of work on display. For us living here in Irvine, it is just under an hour long drive up the coast and so made a very pleasant wee trip out when we went to deliver the paintings.

    Courtyard Studios Group Exhibition Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine September 21st November 4th

    We are once again holding a group exhibition of work created by the artists working at the Courtyard Studios in Irvine. The exhibition which will contain work by 17 artists, will include paintings, drawings, prints, jewellery, hand bookbinding, ceramics, leatherwork, photography and textilesso something for everyone to enjoy. Things have been such a rush for me recently that Im still not entirely sure which pieces Ill be showing in this show! I have a new 80 x 80cm painting completed and another on the go .so maybe one of these. Im also working on a new large graphite drawing and so this might be a candidate if I get it finished in time.

    Courtyard Studios Open Weekend Saturday / Sunday 6 / 7th October, 12 noon 5pm both days.

    Entry free, all welcome:

    This will, I think, be the 14th year running that weve held this event and its proved quite a success over the years. Its a great opportunity to catch everyone in their studios at the same time and to see all the new work that has been done over the preceding 12 months. Many of us have been working at the Courtyard for a good number of years, but artists come and go and this year we have three new tenants and so there will be completely new work to see in their studios. As usual, everyone is welcome and of course, being right on the Harbourside, there are many and varied places to eat and drink during your visit. As well as a big selection of paintings and drawings on show in my studio, I will also be exhibiting and playing the Kylesku audio painting again .so if you missed seeing and hearing it at the Barony Centre back in March, youll be able to catch it as part of this event.

    Well, thats about it for now. I do hope that you can get along to one or other of these events.

    If you enjoy my blog posts then please share them!

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    Scottish Landscape Art - Keith Salmons Personal Blog

    Bishop Hill Illinois | Welcome to Bishop Hill, Illinois - January 30, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    In 1846, a group of Swedish immigrants seeking religious freedom left their native land under the guidance of their charismatic spiritual leader, Erik Jansson. The site for their new utopia, later called Bishop Hill, was described to them as a land of plenty, brimming with milk and honey, and they struggled to make it so. These Janssonists built a successful communal society based on economic and religious principles. Many of the structures erected during this building campaign still exist. The colony grew and flourished for fifteen years before disbanding in 1861.

    Today Bishop Hill is a quiet country village where the charm and character of the original colony have survived the test of time. Bishop Hill is a National Landmark Village, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and it is an Illinois State Historic Site. Join us! We invite you to taste the historyof this once-bustling 19th century settlement. Sample our fascinating museums, quaint eateries, unique gift shops, and art galleries. Peek into the past at our seasonal festivals and holiday celebrations. Spend hours or days here with family and friends.

    Search Illinois Periodicals Onlinefor more ofBishop Hills remarkable history.

    Renew your spirit in this peaceful place.Discover why Bishop Hill remainsa utopia on the prairie today!

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    Bishop Hill Illinois | Welcome to Bishop Hill, Illinois

    Olmsted Brothers – Wikipedia - January 30, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The Olmsted Brothers company was an influential landscape architectural firm in the United States, established in 1898 by brothers John Charles Olmsted (18521920) and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. (18701957), sons of the eminent landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.[1]

    The Olmsted Brothers inherited the nation's first landscape architecture business from their father Frederick Law Olmsted.[2] This firm was a successor to the earlier firm of Olmsted, Olmsted and Eliot after the death of their partner Charles Eliot in 1897. The two brothers were among the founding members of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and played an influential role in creating the National Park Service. Prior to their takeover of the firm, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. had worked as an apprentice under his father, helping to design projects such as Biltmore Estate and the World's Columbian Exposition before graduating from Harvard University. The firm employed nearly 60 staff at its peak in the early 1930s. Notable landscape architects in the firm included James Frederick Dawson and Percival Gallagher.[3][4] The last Olmsted family member in the firm, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., retired in 1949.[5] The firm itself remained in operation, moving from Brookline in 1980 and continuing in Fremont, NH until 2000. This created one continuous firm from 1858-2000.[6]

    "Fairsted" -- the firm's 100-year-old business headquarters and design office -- has been carefully preserved as the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, located on 7 acres (2.833ha) of landscaped grounds at 99 Warren St., Brookline, Massachusetts.[7] It offers excellent insights into the practice of large-scale landscape design and engineering. The site also houses an archive (access by appointment only) of the firm's designs, plant lists, and photos for hundreds of projects.

    The Olmsted Brothers completed numerous high-profile projects, many of which remain popular to this day, including park systems, universities, exposition grounds, libraries, hospitals, residential neighborhoods and state capitols. Notable commissions include the roadways in the Great Smoky Mountains and Acadia National Parks, Yosemite Valley, Atlanta's Piedmont Park, a residential neighborhood in Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada: Uplands; entire park systems in cities such as Cleveland, Portland, Seattle,[8] and Washington state's Northern State Hospital. The Olmsted Brothers also co-authored, with Harland Bartholomew, a 1930 report for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce entitled "Parks, Playgrounds, and Beaches for the Los Angeles Region" encouraging the preservation of outdoor public space in southern California.[9] The report was largely ignored by the city, but became an important urban planning reference.

    Excerpt from:
    Olmsted Brothers - Wikipedia

    Durham Hill – Landscape Services for Homes and Business in … - January 25, 2019 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Landscape Design and Architecture Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

    When you look at your backyard, what do you see? Grass and a few trees, maybe some flowers if you were proactive in your gardening this spring. Now for the tough question - What do you want to see? A uniquely shaped in-ground pool, complimented by a stone patio, steps, a grill station and bar? Whether this is your landscaping dream, or something else entirely, Durham Hill will make it a reality.

    Our award winning landscape architect, Thomas Earl, and his team of landscaping professionals have over 30 years of experience designing and constructing beautiful outdoor areas. From small projects like a patio or gazebo, to full outdoor living areas with a kitchen or waterfall, Durham Hill will create a design that is beautiful, maintainable, and perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests.

    Homeowners and businesses alike frequently choose Durham Hill for their hardscaping needs. Our residentialhardscape services include designing and constructing stone and brick patios, walls, decks, walkways, steps, stone water features, pergolas, and much more. Whether your hardscape features are part of an outdoor room design, or you simply need a retaining wall installed to manage water problems, well ensure the job is done right from start to finish.

    Our hardscaping services are perfect for commercial properties too! If youre looking to expand your restaurant with an outdoor sitting area, call on Durham. We can design and install a stone or brick patio meeting your exact space and budget demands. We can also incorporate water features like awaterfall or fountain for the addition of natural sound and movement.

    Have a parking lot or driveway with frequently standing water? We can solve that problem too! Our permeable paver services will add a creative touch to your commercial property while eliminating water retention issues.

    While Durham Hill specializes in designing outdoor living areas and hardscapes, were passionate about everything landscape including small landscaping projects and maintenance contracts. Not looking for an extravagant outdoor room, just something simple to relax in? Well build you agarden and reflection space instead! We use our planting expertise, cultivated while we operated as a nursery as well as landscaper, to build the most beautiful gardens. From color pallets to season of bloom, when you choose Durham Hill, youll enjoy a cascade of color and fragrance when lounging in your backyard spring, summer, and fall. You can also incorporate a small pond, patio, or stepping path for added visual appeal and leisure.

    Is your lawndead? Are your bushes overgrown, or existing hardscape features falling apart? Durham Hill is here for those needs too. We provide the best in hardscape repair and replacement including cracked patios, bulging retaining walls, and uneven pavers. Well also come in andrevitalize your property if its been neglected for too long. And you can always count on Durham for general lawn care services, including spring and fall clean up, grass cutting, tree trimming and more.

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    Durham Hill - Landscape Services for Homes and Business in ...

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